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Letter from the Chair Five-Year Outlook Message from the President and CEO Strategic Context The Year in Review Corporate Governance Authority Employees

Letter from the Chair of the Board of Directors, Mike Casey Each and every year, we celebrate new milestones and accomplishments that have been reached at YYC Calgary International Airport, and 2017 was no different. In addition to continued passenger growth, The Calgary Airport Authority marked 25 years of growing and developing YYC as an aviation hub of choice. Our nearly 300 employees had a busy year honouring the organization’s 25-year anniversary by volunteering and generating their own initiatives in order to give back to the community we serve. They worked together to create “25 moments for 25 years of service”, resulting in over 990 volunteer hours. Once again, these dedicated individuals showcased their passion for where they work and live by giving back to our community.

The executive team spent much of the year working with their teams to create a new five-year strategic plan focused on evolving the airport towards a new vision for the future. A “North Star” has been identified to act as an aspirational goal in our journey to becoming a truly customer-centric place of business. This new vision is one that puts our millions of guests at the centre of our business decision-making.

Our record passenger growth was, in part, thanks to the successful opening of our new International Terminal, which celebrated its first full year of operation in late 2017. Given this increased capacity, the airport welcomed new flights and destinations leading to yearover-year increases in passenger volumes. In 2017, U.S.-destined traffic increased over six per cent, while international traffic also saw a significant increase of 8.5 per cent. By the end of the year, we had welcomed nearly 16.3 million passengers.

The coming year promises to be productive as Authority team members take on a number of projects related to delivering on our new plans and commitments. The path we are taking is going to be rewarding and we look forward to sharing it with you as you embark on your own journeys through YYC in 2018 and beyond.

Looking forward, our arms are open to embrace all of the exciting changes that are awaiting us as one of the best connected airports in Canada. Guided by our five-year business plan and North Star, we remain committed to maintaining our mandate of managing YYC in a safe, secure and efficient manner.

1 YYC 2017 Annual Report

Five-Year Outlook

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

Total Revenue

407 420 433 444 457

Operating Expenses

165 166 170 174 178

Transport Canada Rent






Capital Expenditures 105 81 77 72 65 *in millions of dollars




Direct Operating Expenses

Federal Rent Payment

2017 – $166 million 2016 – $134 million

2017 – $41 million 2016 – $39 million

2017 Operations Capital $36 million



2017 Expansion $95 million


2017 Total Capital Investment $131 million

2017 2013

Total Passengers * in millions

2 Millions of Memories





Total Air Carrier Movements

2018 Capital Budget $105 million

Cargo tonnage


2017 – 147,000 tonnes 2016 – 137,000 tonnes

* in thousands

3 YYC 2017 Annual Report

Message from the President and CEO, Bob Sartor

The Calgary Airport Authority is evolving and with it comes an exciting next chapter. While some may think of the terminals, the bags, the runways and the planes that fly in and out of an airport, we are also focused on the memorable moments that can be created in every part of the airport journey. We succeeded in building the hub, we enhanced our cargo capabilities, and now the future involves a focus which will lead to a more inspired traveller experience and showcase our region’s unique beauty and charm.

Our North Star We create effortless and memorable airport experiences that reflect Calgary’s legendary hospitality and our region’s natural beauty.

Over the years, YYC has grown substantially. We built a new runway, opened a new terminal and more planes came and went than ever before. Those successes have been dependent on the collective passion of our talented employees and volunteers who helped us deliver on our promises. We continued to see recordbreaking passenger and cargo growth despite a period of economic challenges in the city, and our carefully curated infrastructure has allowed us to continue to welcome more guests from international and U.S. destinations. In 2017, our teams worked together to develop a vision for an airport that builds on our previous success of “growing the hub” and is now focused on elevating experiences. Years of developing our facility has allowed us to send Albertans to places around the globe, and has also given us the opportunity to share the wonder and awe of our province to many international visitors. Our superior cargo facilities have helped Calgary’s businesses flourish and ensure goods from global markets reach the homes of Albertans. And, as we continue to grow, we will work to create the most memorable and enjoyable experiences for the millions of guests that travel through YYC. Our vision statement, or North Star as we call it, will help guide all of our decision making.

4 Millions of Memories

As we set out for our North Star, we aim to understand our customers and will endeavour to meet their diverse needs. Primary security lines continue to be a focus area for us as we are aware of the challenges this brings to creating a positive airport experience. With our customer focus at the forefront, we will continue to work with our valued partners at Transport Canada and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority to make improvements to this process for our guests. We will also focus on enhancements to our Domestic Terminal. Built in the 1970’s, the facility needs some extra care and attention as we welcome over 11 million domestic travellers using this terminal each year. This means bringing in more retail and service options, along with improving the look and feel of the facility to reflect the city and region we serve.

With a new focus and continued investment into YYC, our teams are looking forward to delivering elevated experiences. From investments in technology, retail, and services, to renewed spaces that exhibit our region’s inspiring and legendary beauty. We hope that the people of Calgary are as excited as we are for what’s on the horizon. As we continue on this journey, the next five years will bring forward a wealth of new experiences to every single one of our passengers. Thank you.

As the entry way to Calgary in each flyer’s journey, we will work with our economic development and tourism partners to ensure the airport provides a lasting impression that makes them want to return to Calgary, whether they are simply passing through or visiting some of the beautiful destinations in and around our city.

5 YYC 2017 Annual Report

Our Strategic Planks and Focus Areas In order to deliver on our ambitious North Star, we need to set strategic objectives that support our vision for the future. We have identified four key strategic planks that we will focus on in order to be successful and so that we can deliver on our promise to provide elevated experiences to our guests.

1. Develop Our People u u

Cultivate employee engagement and culture Create a learning organization with the right skills and capabilities


Built our talent pipeline


Enable the future of work

2. Deliver a Remarkable Customer Experience

3. Drive Value to Airline Partners u u


Make it easy for airlines to operate here Improve financial flexibility, strength and competitiveness Drive exceptional airline/client relationships

4. Diversify and Grow Our Revenue Streams


Put the customer at the heart of every decision


Maximize existing revenue streams


Create a seamless customer experience


Seek new revenue opportunities


Measure success in exceeding expectations

Our Values At YYC, we are committed to a customer-focused environment, aiming to create a positive experience for our guests and partners; we are creative, ensuring that our approach is proactive and innovative; collaborative, welcoming all ideas at the table; we are accountable, taking ownership for our actions; and passionate, bringing our dedication and energy to all of our work.

Our Enablers In 2017, teams across the organization worked with the executive and board to develop a new five-year strategic business plan. This plan will guide the future development and operation of the airport and puts forward a vision that is focused on putting the customer at the forefront of everything we do. Similar to a vision statement, the North Star serves as our compass and guiding principle. It captures the shift in our priority from being a transportation infrastructure organization to being a hospitality-focused organization. The statement clearly articulates our desire to deliver excellent customer service while serving as ambassadors for our region.

6 Millions of Memories


We have four key enablers at YYC, which are our foundational operating principles. These foundational elements are a priority for any major airport, and must be done well before branching out into additional strategies.

Our mandate is defined by the governing legislation of the Regional Airports Authorities Act of Alberta. Our mandate defines who we are and describes why we exist. We will:

Safety – Working with our airline partners, agencies and emergency responders, the safety of our guests and employees is a top priority.



Manage and operate the airports for which we are responsible in a safe, secure and efficient manner Advance economic and community development by means that include promoting and encouraging improved airline and transportation service and an expanded aviation industry

Security – Ensuring the security of everyone who interacts with YYC is of the utmost importance.

Enterprise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Establishing measurement within our organization is a critical enabler of successful operations. At YYC, we have a robust set of enterprise-wide KPIs to measure our performance. Environment – Taking a responsible approach to the environment is paramount.

For the general benefit of the public in our region.

7 YYC 2017 Annual Report

2017 highlights

The Year in Review

240 flights landed and departed every day YYC Calgary International Airport continued to grow and evolve to serve a record-breaking 16.3 million passengers in 2017. The increased capacity and opening of our International Terminal, helped us offer even more choices to Albertans as they looked to experience the world. As the fourth busiest airport in Canada, there was a lot of activity throughout the year. u


Over 147,000 tonnes of cargo moved through YYC - that’s 75 per cent of Alberta’s total air cargo The new International Terminal alone welcomed 5 million international and U.S. passengers along with their 4.8 million bags spread out across more than 21,000 flights

Growing our Network for Albertans Our airline partners are important to our growth at YYC. Welcoming new services and destinations each year, our airline partnerships allow us to offer an extensive route network to Albertans. With a new terminal and more capacity to grow, 2017 featured exciting new additions to our network. u




• Mesa, Arizona with WestJet

• Nashville, Tennessee with WestJet

• Belize City, Belize with WestJet

• Denver, Colorado with WestJet (announced: for service in March 2018)


• Mexico City, Mexico with WestJet (announced: for service in March 2018)


• Huatulco, Mexico with Air Canada Rouge (seasonal)


Millions of Memories

New destinations and services added:



Denver, Colorado with Frontier (announced: for service in May 2018) WestJet began construction of a new wide-body hangar at YYC to welcome their wide-body fleet that will arrive in 2019 YYC celebrated the one-year anniversary of its Calgary to Beijing, China route with Hainan Airlines Air Canada continued to invest in its network out of YYC, with additional seats and frequencies added to a number of popular destinations in the U.S. and on international routes KLM and Delta Air Lines increased capacity on their routes out of YYC De Beers and Suncor moved their charter flights to YYC’s Domestic Terminal

Chicago, Illinois with American Airlines (announced: for seasonal service in June 2018)

9 YYC 2017 Annual Report

2017 highlights

Driving the Economy Forward

Making the Experience Memorable and Effortless

We offered Albertans more choice and continued to be one of Canada’s busiest and best-connected airports for air service with over 80 non-stop destinations globally. All of this activity ensures we can be a key driver for business and tourism sectors in Alberta.

We are dedicated to making sure every touchpoint at YYC is effortless, whether it’s connecting passengers with their bags, exploring new and exciting retail and service options that meet the needs of our guests, or improving existing services. We want our customers to enjoy every trip through our airport whether they are starting or ending at YYC. A few examples of this include:


24,000 jobs on airport land, including 12,000 within the Airport Terminal Building


Nearly 50,000 full-time jobs directly in the region


$8 billion in Gross Domestic Product






Faster free public Wi-Fi – now considered one of the best airport Wi-Fi systems in North America; A new indoor pet relief station in Concourse B, improving the experience for guests with furry travel companions and/or working dogs;




According to an Ipsos Reid Survey, residents from southern Alberta have an almost universallypositive impression of YYC (96 per cent)


The Calgary Airport Authority was named a Top Employer for the ninth time Awarded the Inspiring Partner Award from VECOVA for 20 years of partnership and collaboration to hire individuals with disabilities Earned the Ella Anderson Accessible Transportation Award for its work in developing the YYC LINK, a fully-accessible passenger shuttle service


Received first place in the Airport Council International-North America’s Communications and Marketing Contest for Community Education and Outreach as well as for its Public Relations campaign in executing the International Terminal pre-opening trials program Earned a score of 95 per cent for the annual Certificate of Recognition (COR) which evaluates the Authority’s heath and safety programs

Assistance of 3,500 passengers each day with the YYC LINK passenger shuttle. In order to increase capacity and enable the seamless connection of baggage, YYC started the construction and installation of two phases of the baggage system in the Domestic Terminal • This state-of-the-art system will connect to the new system used in the International Terminal

• The commissioning is currently underway and will be operational by Q3 2018 with the final project delivered in 2019 Several pop-up shops and new additions to YYC’s retail program were added in the terminal, including:

• Yakima at the Calgary Marriott In-Terminal Hotel expanded with a new patio;

• Hudson News opened a new location at gate 25;

• The Local opened at gate 70;

• Made in Calgary pop-up shop made a stop in the Domestic Terminal; and,

• Desigual pop-up began operating in the Domestic Terminal.



The first in-terminal Pet Patio at the Vin Room restaurant; and,


Our Successes and Achievements

More hotel options at YYC: The first phase of the $18.5 million Hyatt Hotel at Deerfoot North began which includes 127 rooms on 2.25 acres of land YYC’s Pre-Board Pals includes 50 furry friends that work alongside their volunteer sidekicks.

10 Millions of Memories

11 YYC 2017 Annual Report

2017 highlights

YYC’s completed baggage system will include nearly 20 kilometres of track and conveyors – that’s the same distance as a round trip to CrossIron Mills shopping centre from YYC.

A Focus on Community The Calgary Airport Authority and its nearly 300 employees continue to show their passion in giving back to the community. To mark the organization’s 25-year anniversary, employees developed a “25 Years, 25 Moments” initiative, which resulted in 30 initiatives and 990 volunteer hours, giving back to the community. Among the initiatives, the team helped build a community garden in Renfrew, helped build houses with Habitat for Humanity, assisted FedEx with a plane pull, and organized a Mustard Seed donation drive, to name a few. It was a busy year, and collectively our employees: Volunteered over 1,380 hours to community initiatives; u

Dedicated approximately 500 hours to volunteering and preparing dinners at the Mustard Seed; u

Keeping Sustainability at the Forefront Every year, we work with our partners to reduce the airport’s environmental footprint, with a focus on making our operations more efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Last year, we saw many new projects and achievements that reflect YYC’s commitment to sustainable airport practices, including: u

The design of YYC’s International Terminal was certified LEED Gold

• Geothermal energy is used to heat and cool the building

YBW is an important general aviation and flight training facility that had over 142,000 aircraft movements in 2017 u


YBW is one of Canada’s busiest training facilities

The biennial Wings Over Springbank airshow attracted an estimated 17,000 people u

The annual Fall Fair held at the Springbank ‘Park For All Seasons’ showcased the airport’s operations and future development plans u

Worked with our long-term partner, Dreams Take Flight, to give children that are medically, mentally, physically, socially or emotionally challenged the trip of a lifetime to Disneyland; u

YYC and its airport partners invested in an industry-leading Glycol Recycling Facility u


Nearly 10,000 Required Navigation Performance approaches were flown at YYC. The new operation allows for continuous descent on arrival and resulted in a reduction of 1,523 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases

• The state-of-the-art baggage system is 60 per cent more efficient than a traditional baggage system • Co-generation power will save 4,900 tonnes of C02 per year

Springbank Airport (YBW)

Formalized a committee focused on ensuring the airport is accessible for all; and, u

Participated in the Calgary Corporate Challenge, raising funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and for KidSport. u

Team YYC makes up our entire airport community, who work together with our teams to deliver exceptional experiences for our passengers and customers at our airport. Examples of this commitment include: Our White Hat Volunteers “white hatted” over a thousand airport guests, and volunteered 98,310 hours helping passengers; u

YYC welcomed resident bees onto airport property with four hives, which are expected to begin producing honey in 2018

The new Customer Care and Curbside Ambassador program celebrated its one-year anniversary of helping guests through a variety of airport processes; u

The Pre-Board Pals program celebrated its first anniversary in April 2017 after clocking in over 2,291 volunteer dog and cat hours, putting YYC passengers at ease; and, u

YYC Navigators, a program designed to help familiarize people with Autism Spectrum Disorder with the air-travel experience, welcomed the largest group in the program yet, with 90 participants. u

12 Millions of Memories

13 YYC 2017 Annual Report

Corporate Governance Board Composition Board Governance and Accountability The Board of Directors of the Authority have a corporate governance framework that aligns with best practices for effective corporate governance. The framework provides a structure of authority and accountability to enable the Board and Management to make timely decisions, with the aim of fulfilling the stated purposes of the Authority, as set forth under the Regional Airports Authorities Act (Alberta). The Board is responsible for fostering the long-term success of the Authority, including compliance with applicable laws and for promoting ethical conduct, integrity and transparency. All members of the Board are independent Directors. The Directors exercise sound judgement relevant to the Authority’s activities, understand their fiduciary responsibilities, have advocacy and consensus-building skills and are willing to devote sufficient time to the work of the Board and its committees. Directors regularly meet in camera at both Committee and Board meetings. The Board also oversees management, who are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the business, with the fundamental objective of ensuring that the Airport Authority meets its obligations and operates in a safe, secure and efficient manner. Each new Director receives a comprehensive orientation, which includes a meeting with corporate counsel, facility tours, information regarding Board and corporate operations, and ongoing education on relevant topics.

Corporate Governance Practices 1. The Authority has a number of systems in place to identify, manage and mitigate various risks, including: An organizational structure with dedicated safety, security, and emergency planning and response personnel;




14 Millions of Memories

Corporate policies and plans covering key governance, strategic, operational and financial issues; Environmental protection, including air and water quality, solid waste and hazardous materials management, natural resources and endangered species;

Ethics and Code of Business Conduct for Directors u



Incident reporting, including response and remedial procedures; Comprehensive Safety Management System policies, processes and procedures; and Comprehensive insurance, audit and compliance programs.

2. The Board appoints the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and sets and reviews the annual goals for the CEO. Succession planning, including the appointment, training and evaluation of senior management, is regularly monitored by the Governance and Compensation Committee. 3. The Authority has a communications and stakeholder relations program, which includes communication processes associated with the general public, industry stakeholders, all levels of government, appointing organizations and Authority employees. 4. The Authority has a comprehensive management information and reporting system in place, which includes regular reporting to the Board on key financial and operational results. 5. A Role Statement has been developed for the Board of Directors, and position descriptions have been developed for the Board Chair and the President and CEO. An Authorities Framework Document, approved by the Board, defines management authorities. The Authority’s corporate objectives are approved by the Board, and the CEO is assessed by the Board against these objectives on an annual basis.

Long-term Strategic Objectives The Board has adopted a strategic planning process that includes the long-term enhancements of the terminal and the overall airport experience, ensuring that people development, innovation and strategic partnerships are the core values of the airport’s success. Critical elements of these plans are reviewed by the Board on an annual basis in conjunction with the establishment of annual goals and budgets.

The Board is composed exclusively of unrelated, nonmanagement Directors who are expected to carry out their duties honestly and with integrity. In their roles, they are expected to demonstrate the highest ethical standards and to be accountable for their decisions. Each Director also signs the Authority’s Code of Business Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy on an annual basis and follows the procedures with respect to disclosure of any potential conflict of interest. The Board provides the nominating entities with an

annual conflict of interest disclosure listing. When a potential conflict of interest arises, the Director does not participate in any Board activities related to such potential conflict. All applicable rules concerning Code of Business Conduct and Conflict of Interest, can be found online at

Board Composition

Corporate Service Providers

Board Of Directors (As of December 31, 2017)

The Toronto-Dominion Bank Corporate Bank

Michael F. Casey, Board Chair

Alberta Capital Finance Authority Corporate Financing

Terry L. Allen Larry M. Benke David C. Blom Donald G. Cormack Kristine L. Delkus Wendelin A. Fraser Matthew R. Heffernan Richard J. Hotchkiss Heather E. Kennedy Ken M. King Grant B. MacEachern James M. Midwinter Andrea J. Robertson Laura M. Safran Murray Sigler

Carscallen LLP Corporate Legal Walsh LLP Corporate Legal PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Corporate Auditor Willis Towers Watson Corporate Pension Actuary

Corporate Officers (As of December 31, 2017) Bob Sartor President & Chief Executive Officer Michael Hayward Vice President, Marketing & Guest Experience Bernie R. Humphries Vice President, Operations Mike P. Maxwell Vice President & Chief Information Officer Marco A. Mejia Vice President, Planning & Engineering Robert J. Palmer Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer Cynthia M. Tremblay Vice President, Human Resources 15 YYC 2017 Annual Report


The YYC Link passenger shuttles assists thousands of travellers each day.



Committees of the Board

Pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation, The Calgary Airport Authority (the Authority) is governed by a Board that embodies a full spectrum of skills, attributes and experience. The Directors are appointed by four organizations: the Long-Range Planning Committee of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce (10), the City of Calgary (3), the Federal Government (2) and Rocky View County (1). These diverse business, community, and government stakeholders ensure the Authority’s success while advancing community development and the region’s economic outcomes.

Our Board believes that its composition reflects the diversity of the communities we serve, in addition to the experience identified in the Skills and Experience Matrix.

The Board meets as often as is required to carry out its responsibilities in addition to maintaining five standing committees, which are ultimately accountable to the Board. The committees and their respective chairs as of December 31, 2017 were:

Board Skills and Experience Matrix With overall responsibility for the stewardship of the Authority, which includes governance and strategic direction, our Board consists of significant leaders in finance, business, and aviation from both local and global for-profit and non-profit businesses. The Board strives to ensure that it collectively has the skills and experience needed to maintain the health of the organization and to guide its long-term success. Our Board Skills and Experience Matrix allows us to identify the needs for both mandated and strategic skills, and to assist our Appointing Entities in making their appointments. The Board of Directors are expected to have crossfunctional skills appropriate to the governance of the Airport Authority and, as a whole, we seek a diverse Board reflective of the communities where we operate and serve.

16 Millions of Memories

Term Limits Our Directors are appointed to a four-year term and are eligible for re-appointment for one additional term for a maximum of eight years.

Board Changes in 2017 The following Board member changes occurred in 2017: u

Mel F. Belich, term ended August 2017


Michael F. Casey, Board Chair appointed August 2017


Donald R. Ingram, term ended August 2017


Andrea Robertson, appointed August 2017

Committee Chair Audit and Finance Committee

Terry Allen

Governance and Compensation Committee

Grant MacEachern

Nominating Committee

Richard Hotchkiss

Business Development Committee

Matthew Heffernan

Operations, Safety, Health and Environment Committee

Murray Sigler

Each of the five committees has a Board-approved terms of reference, an annual due diligence work plan and a chair who reports back to the Board on the committee’s activities. The Board’s Chair and Governance and Compensation Committee ensure the Board’s independence is respected and preserved.

The purpose of each committee is as follows: Audit and Finance Committee All members of the Authority’s Audit and Finance Committee are independent Directors. The Authority’s Audit and Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing financial management policies and issues, including: annual budgets, banking arrangements, accounting systems and procedures, internal financial controls, fraud-risk programs (including the Whistleblower Program), airport fees, changes to legislation and accounting standards, insurance policies, statutory remittances, pension plan policies and performance, quarterly financial status reports, oversight of litigation claims, and corporate-level financial risks and issues. The committee’s other responsibilities include: monitoring the external audit program, preparation of the annual financial statements, and recommending the annual appointment of the external auditor.

Business Development Committee The Business Development Committee assists the Board in providing oversight in the review of corporate plans and strategies with respect to legislation regarding major commercial plans and activities including land development, air service development, retail, and other business development opportunities. In addition, the committee reviews and makes recommendations for prospective revenue contracts that require Board of Directors’ approval.

Governance and Compensation Committee The Authority’s Governance and Compensation Committee is responsible for the monitoring of corporate governance issues and ensuring the most current applicable governance standards are recommended for Board approval. The committee’s other responsibilities include: the continuing assessment of the Authority’s compensation policies and related practices, providing oversight and guidance with respect to the Authority’s communication and public relations programs, government affairs programs, and succession planning; including the appointment, training and evaluation of senior management. This committee also reviews the remuneration of Directors periodically, taking into account time commitments, the scope of responsibilities and Directors’ fees at comparable airports and/or other relevant businesses (See Note insert in the Annual Report Financials for Directors’ remuneration).

Nominating Committee The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to review and maintain the Board Skills & Experience Matrix, which outlines the required skills and experience for Authority Board Director appointees. The Committee also establishes, pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation, a list of qualified nominees for submission to the Long Range Planning Committee of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce for their decision and appointment and to make recommendations in respect of appointments by other appointing bodies.

17 YYC 2017 Annual Report


Operations, Safety, Health and Environment Committee

The Board has a self-evaluation process in place to review the performance of the Board and Board committees. The Board Chair and individual Directors’ self-evaluation runs on a two-year cycle, rotating between a larger in-depth and a smaller concentrated survey each year. Board committees have the ability to retain advisors and consultants as they deem necessary to carry out their responsibilities.

The Operations, Safety, Health and Environment (OSHE) Committee assists the Board in providing oversight in corporate plans and strategies relating to major occupational health and safety plans, activities and audits, major environmental plans, information and technology plans, major infrastructure investment plans, offsite construction or transportation plans, and periodic updates to the Authority’s Master Plans for YYC Calgary International Airport and Springbank Airport.

For the period of January 1 to December 31, 2017, committee and board meeting attendance by Board members averaged 96 per cent. See the chart below that reflects this attendance.

Board & Committee Attendance 2017 All Members

Board of Directors

Audit & Finance

Infrastructure Governance Development*

Allen, Terry









Belich, Mel









Benke, Larry









Blom, David









Casey, Mike









Cormack, Don









Delkus, Kristine









Fraser, Wendelin









Heffernan, Matthew









Hotchkiss, Richard









Ingram, Don**









Kennedy, Heather









King, Ken









MacEachern, Grant









Midwinter, James









Robertson, Andrea***









Safran, Laura









Sigler, Murray









* Committee stood down in September 2017 ** Retired from Board August 2017 *** Joined Board in August 2017

18 Millions of Memories

OSH & Business Nominating Environment Development

Meeting Attendance

Total 95.6%

Public and Stakeholder Accountability The Authority strives to achieve an optimal level of public and stakeholder accountability through a communications and stakeholder relations program, which includes processes associated with communicating to the general public, industry stakeholders, governments, appointing organizations, and Authority employees. The processes involved in achieving this level of accountability include: u u



A public Annual General Meeting; A published Annual Report, including audited financial statements; An independent review of management operations and financial performance every five years, including a published report; Annual meetings with all Appointer organizations which are attended by the Board of Directors, senior management and external auditors;


Compliance with the Canada Lease;


Regulatory compliance;


Meetings with key stakeholders;


Public notice of fee changes;


A community consultative committee;


An accessibility advisory council;


Meetings with airport operators and tenants; and


Meetings with civic officials and community organizations.


The Calgary Airport Authority Thanks its Employees The Authority reports on contracts in excess of $130,000 that were not awarded on the basis of a competitive bid process. In 2017, the following contracts met these criteria: Contract Description


Contract Values

Consulting on a variety CULT collective $380,000 of facility and creative elements Maintenance plan for lighting services

20 Millions of Memories

Eaton’s Cooper $189,960 Lighting company

Reason Specialized consulting services – Facility of the Future

Proprietary Service and Equipment Provider

Nedine Ackerman

Dionne Crutchley

Bernie Humphries

Jona Montilla

Doug Sharp

Blaine Adams

Jesse Culshaw

Craig Hutchinson

Jody Moseley

Ravjeet Sidhu

Christopher Adams

Suzanne Davis-Hall

Raymond Hutchinson

Evelyn Munn

Robyn Sitter

Merilee Adamson

Neil Day

Kalen Ingebrigtson

Ryan Murray

Amanda Smith

Ashley Adelantar

Justin De Vlieg

Brad Ingram

Joanne Myers

Bart Smith

Kent Ahern

Christopher Deang

Kash Jaswal

Jordan Nattress

Chris Smoliak

Michael Ahmed

Kevin Delorme

Darin Jensen

Colin Nelson

Lisa Snow

Bobbi Allen

Stacy Demers

Doug Jones

Sarah Nelson

Chris Spindler

Jonathan Amos-Terpstra

Mike Den Boer

Michael Jones

Quoc Nguyen

Debbie Stahl

Murray Anderson

Pratic Deo

Claudia Jordan

Shannon Olmstead

Colette Stamp

Billie-Jo Arnott

Mark Dueck

Kulwant Kadwal

Devon Oshiro

Logan Stanfield

Garnette Arsenault

CJ Dushinski

Moe Kaleem

Krista Ouellette

Kevin Stevenson

Sean Ashlee

Peter Easton

Gary Kindrat

Adam Owoc

Larry Stock

Byron Aucoin

Jarrod Edwards

Bernadette Kirk

Dean Paddock

Dwight Stockall

Cameron Barnes

Sahar Elkadri

Darcy Kirk

Ola Pajak

Paul Stolz

Jessica Barnes

Robin Eng

Meagen Knoop

Rob Palmer

James Stone

Tim Barnes

Patti Evaskevich

Cliff Kornelson

Dennis Papp

Jenna Stothers

Greg Baxter

Gord Falk

Natasha Koshowski

Brian Partington

Laura Sturtevant

Sherry Beard

Allen Fang

Stefan Kutac

Seth Pavlich

Eddie Su

Michael Bellamy

Shannon Farguson

Teresa Labey

Devan Pelletier

Harris Switzman

Chad Berger

Dale Flette

Denis Lachance

Joiner Perez Gonzalez

Edwin Tai

Amanda Bierkos

Doug Francoeur

Emily Lassaline

Cesar Perez

Bryan Tchir

Peggy Blacklock

Kari Friend

Steve Latimer

Matheus Pessanha

Mammen Tharakan

Derek Blayney

Ashvin Gadhoke

Len Lavigne

Candace Pezzetta

Levi Todd

Natascha Bliss-Richer

Brad Gaida

Alan Lawn

Alex Pickett

Rick Toews

Micheal Bloch

David Galambos

Shauna Leduke

James Praestegaard

Peter Tosh

Terry Bobyk

Ivonne Gamboa

Simon Leedham

Greg Price

Cynthia Tremblay

Zuller Botero

Chris Gayle

Ruth Leroux

Christopher Procyk

Melyssa Trnavskis

Nathalie Boyd

Karina Gayle

William Leung

Gerry Quinton

Sarah Urbanowski

Kirsten Bremer

Emily Gerrard

Irina Liakhar

Robbie Ralph

Reid Van Drecht

Matthew Broadley

Jim Grant

Jim Lightfoot

Tharshi Rasathurai

Luna Velez

Cindy Brown

Cathy Gray

Bryan Liska

Nicole Raven

Amanda Wakeford

Jason Brown

Becky Green

John Liu

Matthew Read

Michael Wald

Brittany Bruce

George Green

Rebecca Lockyer

Meghan Reid

Raheel Wani

Shelley Bruce

Justin Grove

Darren Machalek

Thomas Reid

Amy Ward

Michael Canas

Rob Guzzwell

Diogo Mafra

Mike Rigg

Deb Ward

Melissa Chan

Kerri Hanlon

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Mandeep Serown 21 YYC 2017 Annual Report

The Calgary Airport Authority 2000 Airport Road NE Calgary, AB T2E 6W5 Tel 403 735 1200

YYC 2017 Annual Report  

Millions of Memories

YYC 2017 Annual Report  

Millions of Memories