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Signs Your Tree Is Healthy A healthy tree has a long life span and can add a special charm to your landscape. Unhealthy trees, on the other hand, are more susceptible to disease and may harbour pests. How do you know with certainty that your tree is healthy?

Watch for these signs to examine a tree’s health:

Brightly-coloured leaves Look at the natural colour of your tree’s leaves. They may be green in spring and summer, and turn red or brown in fall. Certain trees, for example, have red leaves yearround (e.g. some species of maple and beech). Whichever tree you have, the leaves should have a vivid, bright colour appropriate for the season. Take note if the leaves unexpectedly turn brown or yellow. This could be a sign of disease.

Thick foliage Check the size and shape of the leaves. The tree should have ample foliage. Closely inspect any branches that lack a large amount of leaves.

Single leader trunk A single leader trunk makes the tree look upright and more attractive. It keeps the tree stronger and more stable. If your tree develops another trunk, the tree can break. Note, however, some trees naturally have more than one trunk. Consult an arborist if you’re unsure about this.

Tough bark Bark should be sturdy with no signs of peeling from the trunk or branches. Check the tree by trying to scrape off a small portion of the bark; you should feel some resistance. The bark must also be devoid of cracks, fungi, holes and blemishes. Birch or maple trees may exhibit this perceivable issue, but it doesn’t affect them. Consult a tree professional if you have questions.

Prune broken and/or diseased branches. Under the bark’s surface, the branch should be green in colour, and when you bend the branch, it should show some flexibility.

New growth Every year, a healthy tree produces new shoots and buds; existing ones grow more. Look at the growth on both branches and trunk; note any scars to gauge distance between the buds. By checking your tree’s leaves, branches and trunk, you can evaluate its health. If you think your tree may be suffering, consult an arborist or tree expert in your area.

To learn about the type of tree you have, and if it needs extra care, call the experts at Caledon Treeland at (905) 880-1828. We specialize in keeping trees healthy and provide various types for purchase in the GTA.

Signs your tree is healthy Your tree should be checked regularly to evaluate its health and to determine if you're g...

Signs your tree is healthy Your tree should be checked regularly to evaluate its health and to determine if you're g...