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The World Generic Market Report 2012 Published : March 2012

No. of Pages : 552


A complete global analysis of the prospects for markets and companies in this dynamic industry sector Features and benefits of this thoroughly-researched and highly-regarded management report:      

High quality: Original research, novel 5-year market forecasts and informed commentary from our experienced editors are allied with unrivalled primary source data Global coverage: Covers leading economies as well as key emerging markets such as Russia and Brazil Issue driven: Understand the latest company, product, and regulatory developments Company Focus: Who’s working with whom? Who’s suing whom? Who’s up, who’s down? Detailed and frank appraisals of 27 leading companies in the field Flexible formats: Available in pdf or print with Espicom Interactive access included in the price. Costeffective distribution licences can ensure you get the best from your investment Easily understand the threats and opportunities that are shaping this rapidly evolving sector!

Industry consolidation, new market opportunities, the latest on biosimilars plus much, much more! This leading report, now in its 10th year of publication, draws on primary research with companies, statistics offices, health ministries and trade associations worldwide and provides standard, comparative data and discussion on key issues. This extensive data set is interpreted and evaluated by the editors to provide a complete and compelling review of the whole sector. Key facts, issues and questions           

What branded companies are taking an interest in generics – we identify and assess the latest developments What has Teva been up to in Japan in 2011? Biosimilars get ever closer – latest regulatory data update Which Mediterranean country might expect a generic sector average growth rate of 14.8% a year to 2016? The political, regulatory and funding background in key markets What pricing and production issue must generic companies overcome in Brazil? Low market penetration of generics makes Italy an attractive proposition for generic manufacturers but what are the challenges? How generic companies are faring in the recession Who is involved in the latest legal challenges and litigation? The generic sector is fast growing, driven by demand for cost-effective medicines and new availability of high value products World Generics per capita spend (US$) forecast to 2016

Industry Issues If the branded pharmaceutical industry was facing a patent cliff it is now teetering on the edge of it. Ironically, it is the world’s best selling drug, Lipitor, which exemplifies the trend. Despite still having patent protection, Pfizer has been unable to stem the tide of interest and pressure from a number of companies, Ranbaxy being chief amongst them. Despite pressure on prices in many markets, the generic sector continues to thrive with increased sales across the board in 2011. The maturity of the

sector can also be seen in the size of the businesses: there are now 17 generic companies with revenues in excess of US$1 billion, 5 more than in 2008/09. World Generic Market Company Assessments Consolidation and collaboration continues to be the game plan for many in the sector. The rationalisation of the industry continues, but it is driven by different motivations. Certainly Teva’s acquisition of ratiopharm was of the traditional model of adding market and value, but the 2011 acquistion of Cephalon is altogether more interesting as it supports Teva’s long term movement to the development of branded drugs. But adding capability is equally important. Watson’s acquisition of Arrow group also provided a stake in Eden Biodesign which gives the company a platform for the biosimilars market. Market Analysis The generic market is experiencing two opposing trends driven by the global downturn. On one hand, the use of generics is increasing due to their cost-effectiveness and adoption has accelerated in markets where branded prescribing was dominant. On the other hand, the squeeze on government spending has not left generics untouched with many countries lowering generic prices through cuts in reimbursement rates or contract tendering with a resultant squeeze on margins. All customers get the practical power of Espicom Interactive and at no additional cost! The interactive web-based version of The World Generic Market Report will rapidly identify the information you are looking for. Export data and charts for inclusion in presentations   

Address all questions across the product in your library Share access with colleagues near and far with a flexible and cost-effective distribution licence. Please click on the link to contact Victoria McVeigh or telephone +44(0)1243 756027 for more details Espicom’s Generic Drug Business Information; Espicom is the leading provider of business information on the global generic drug and emerging biosimilar markets. Throughout the year we publish a range of titles and reports which bring insight to the trends and developments which are affecting this major pharmaceutical sector. Please click on the title link below for more information.

World Generic Markets A unique twice-monthly business publication which covers the latest company and market developments and reports on ANDA approvals, litigation, company performance and regulatory developments.  

Industry consolidation, new market opportunities, the latest on biosimilars plus much, much more! This leading report, now in its 10th year...

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