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Edition 65 l MAY 2020


Jeanette Archuleta-Callsen hard at work making masks during this Covid-19 pandemic for our local healthcare workers, family and friends. Her dining room is her “sweat room” she says.

Jeanette ArchuletaCallsen is one special lady. She always has been. But when this Covid-19 pandemic arose, she saw pictures of people using all kinds of ways to mask themselves, using everything from sponges to plastic beverage bottles as masks to protect others and themselves from others. She saw that as their strong desire to live and let live! She wanted to keep people safe so they don’t have to be hospitalized by this bug. That’s when she decided to use God-given talent, her ability to sew ,and she got busy! She made masks of all colors and sizes for adults, children and babies. She made masks using the same fabric for family members large and small so the kids would think that was cool and wear the same masks as mom and dad. She made specialty masks, using fabrics that promoted different teams or sports

The City of Caldwell and The Caldwell Chamber, are working together with Business and Education to provide laptops, computers, and any equipment or services required to help our Caldwell students achieve their education online. If your busi-

like the Cowboys or basketball and others. She made fun masks with jalapeño peppers, birds, flowers and anything else that she had in fabric that she had at home. She even made masks out of Crown Royal bags! She did this for anyone who needed a mask at no charge. After giving masks to one physician’s office, he contributed $100 and yards of material to her cause to help her keep up the good work as she has done all this with her own funds. Fun! When she ran out of fabric, she went and bought more. Eventually she couldn’t find elastic, so she began using par cord, headbands and pony tail elastics and whatever else she could find to get the job done! Her husband even got in the action by cutting out the fabric for the masks for her and he even made a little stand to hold her numerous masks as she

Appreciation award from WVMC for Jeanette’s contribution of over 300 masks to healthcare workers.

made them. Jeanette has put poles outside her house on which she attaches masks in baggies for people to be able to come pick them up as she doesn’t let anyone in her house due to the quarantine. One friend came up to the window so she could throw her a kiss of appreciation which caused Jeanette to “cry and cry”

Help Caldwell High School

ness would like to donate any new or used items listed below please do so. • Tablets/IPads • Desktops (Computer Only) • Desktop (with Screen or all-inone) • Printers

by Leora Summers

submitted photos

One Special Lady–Jeanette Archuleta-Callsen!

• Mice • Keyboards • Webcam • Ethernet Cables • Extra Power Cords • Monitor Cords • Monitor Splitter • Headphones

Jeanette even made this special mask with the WVMC logo on it for Betsy Hunsicker, CEO of West Valley Medical Center, who wears it with immense pride.

she said. She is such a special caring lady! they don’t come any better! Her message to everyone is to be safe for others and yourselves by “masking up.” Care of Masks: After you have worn your mask out in public places, you should sanitize your mask. Don’t leave it on the kitchen counter! Wash your hands

Cuevas, a son of one of Jeanette’s friends wearing one of her special child size masks that she made. You can see his smile through his “happy eyes!”

after using it and wash your mask! You can wash it in your washing machine with detergent and dry and if you would rather or you can hand wash it with soap and water and dry it. You can also hang your mask out for two days before using it again. Google for other options on how to sanitize your mask.

by Theresa Hardin, Caldwell Chamber of Commerce Executive Director • Mouse Pads (new) The Treasure Valley drop off location in Caldwell is the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce. Our address is 1001 Blaine St., Caldwell. Please call 208 459-7493 before you drop off any items.

Once collected Kendall Ford will be picking up these items for sanitizing and clearing data of devices. Thanks for your help with this urgent request.

Our Community

Page 2 CALDWELL PERSPECTIVE Dear Caldwell, Spring is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. This year spring has approached us a bit differently. Though the flowers are still blooming and birds are still singing, we are experiencing these things through a new lens. COVID-19 has changed the way we live. Despite this, President Trump has released his

A Message from Our Mayor, Garret Nancolas

plan to open up the economy in stages, and we are hopeful this will begin happening soon. During this unprecedented time in our nation’s history, we have all faced challenges. My heart goes out to every member of our community who has experienced job loss or furloughs due to the pandemic. I am very concerned about

Hope’s Door Christmas Stockings Kathryn Teichert & boys

bour as thyself” (Matthew 22:39) by providing a platform where you can easily find voluntary opportunities

TEMPORARY HOURS: Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


our small businesses and we are continually working with our congress members and thinking of new ways to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on the economy. For all of those experiencing economic hardships, we have put together a list of resources on our website for both citizens and businesses. I encourage you to visit the

What is JustServe?

Hope’s Door Christmas Stockings Norman-Teichert Family

JustServe is a community initiative to assist us in following the Savior’s admonition to “love thy neigh-

May 2020

208-453-1146 21513 Main St, Greenleaf

4X4 Shop Inc. Dennis Marson 1210 Holman Court Caldwell, ID 83605

Family Owned & Operated since 1993

PH (208) 459-8469 FX (208) 453-1161 Email us:

All Vehicle Maintenance • Full Machine Shop Towing • Diesel Service • Tires Oil Changes • Transmissions • Alignment Timing Belt • Heating & Air Conditioning

Boise Valley Monument Company “Family Owned & Operated Since 1963”

“A Lifetime of Memories...A Single Act of Love” Large Display & Selection, Custom Artwork & Design, Monument Cleaning, Monument Restoration, Signs, Rock Lettering

1115 N. Illinois Avenue, Caldwell, Idaho a 208-454-9532

Garret Nancholas, Mayor

website and make the most out of assistance programs being offered. I am praying for those directly affected by COVID-19 that they recover and continue to lead happy, healthy lives. For the families affected by those with COVID-19, you are at the forefront of our minds and in our prayers daily. Finally, I am praying for our healthcare

and front line workers. We are all incredibly blessed to have such dedicated and brilliant people working to ensure our safety. Thank you, all! Thank you to our community for coming together during this difficult time, loving your neighbor and finding silver linings in each day.

by Kelli G. Jenkins, Caldwell JustServe

Caldwell Salvation Army Troops Dinner

to relieve the suffering, care for the poor, and to love our neighbor. is a FREE community website created to help faith-based, nonprofit, community and government organizations post their needs and find volunteers willing to help. All of us - whoever we are and whatever we believe - have been invited to engage in service beyond the walls of our homes and chapels. As God’s children, we seek to become true disciples of Jesus Christ. Each of us desire to reach out in Christlike service, but sometimes it is hard to know where to start or where to go to lend a hand. JustServe is

Caldwell Salvation Army Sack Dinners

designed as a resource to help individuals, families and groups find opportunities near their homes to help those in need and improve the quality of life in our communities. For Major Robyn Bridgeo, Caldwell Salvation Army, JustServe has been an answer to his prayers. “It’s not about what church you go to or what you believe, it’s about do you want to help people? And when you come to the Salvation Army kids come here with a whole lot of things they need help with. They come here for a safe place and a place where they can get food and get loved on! All you have to do you

know how to cook, do you know how to smile, do you know how to serve? JustServe, that’s all you have to do!” We are surrounded by people who need our encouragement, our kindness, our support, and our resources. We are the Lord’s hands in our community. As we reach out with our neighbors, families and interfaith friends in an effort to lift up people in their time of need, we create a spirit of love and cooperation that transcends differences and connects us as children of God. Visit to get started serving in our community.

West Valley Medical Center Joins Plasma Study for COVID-19 West Valley Medical Center is participating in a national study to determine if plasma from convalescent, or recovered, COVID-19 patients may benefit individuals currently hospitalized with severe or lifethreatening cases of the virus. As part of the effort, West Valley is encouraging eligible volunteers from Idaho to donate plasma to help current patients in need. “I am very excited that through HCA Healthcare our hospital is now participating in a COVID-19 treatment trial. We are asking for the help of our community to spread awareness about plasma donation for patients facing COVID-19 not only here in Idaho, but across the country,” says Betsy Hunsicker, West Valley Medical Center Chief Executive Officer. To date, there is no proven

therapy for individuals who are diagnosed with COVID-19, but there is a long history of successful viral infection treatment using convalescent plasma. After someone is infected with a virus like COVID-19 and recovers, their blood contains antibodies that their immune system produced to help them fight off the virus. By infusing this plasma into patients who are facing severe cases of COVID-19, their immune system might more effectively be able to fight the virus. Recent examples of this approach have occurred during outbreaks of coronaviruses like SARS-1 and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Additional clinical data – and more plasma donations – are needed to determine efficacy in treating COVID-19. The success of the study

hinges on the continued collection of plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients. To learn more about where you can donate, click here or call the American Red Cross Donation Center in Boise at 1(800) 7332767. West Valley Medical Center is one of 172 hospitals participating from the HCA Healthcare network. HCA Healthcare, along with its Sarah Cannon Research Institute, is leveraging its clinical research capabilities and national hospital network to quickly expand collection and testing for this study, which is being led by the Mayo Clinic and supported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is one of several research initiatives involving COVID-19 in which HCA Healthcare and Sarah Cannon are participating.

Our Community

May 2020


Caldwell Fire Department Promotes Ives

by Lisa Richard, CFD Fire Prevention Officer

test, and there is no flame, turn off both the gas tank and the grill. If the leak stops, get the grill serviced by a professional before using it again. If the leak does not stop, call the fire department. If you smell

gas while cooking, immediately get away from the grill and call the fire department. Do not move the grill. If the flame goes out, turn the grill and gas off and wait at least 5 minutes before re-lighting it.

Captain Jake Ives

Hazmat Truck

Webcast hazmat training bring departments throughout the country together to stay current on training amid COVID-19 restrictions.

The past month has seen unprecedented circumstances in our community and the world. At Caldwell Fire, we want you to know we are committed to you! Although it may look a bit different, we continue to serve our community. We have been actively supporting our youth in quarantine by attending special occasions viewing form our engines, con-

necting through social media outlets, and staying up to date with webcast trainings bringing our community together in new ways. Driver Operator Jake Ives promoted to Captain. Captain Ives has been committed to the fire service for 15 years beginning with North Ada County Fire and Rescue, then serving with Eagle fire until joining the Caldwell Fire Department in 2015 as a firefighter. During Ives’ Career with Caldwell Fire, he has managed the department’s hose and nozzle maintenance program. Ives has had numerous achievements throughout this career including Volunteer Firefighter of the year with Eagle Fire Department, and he is a two-time

Webcast hazmat training bring departments throughout the country together to stay current on training amid COVID-19 restrictions.

City of Caldwell Employee of the Month. Six new Firefighters since the beginning of 2020. Recent retirements and new additions to staffing has allotted Caldwell Fire to hire 6 new firefighters. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram were we will be featuring these great guys on social media to introduce them to our community. Safety Tip of the Month: Warmer weather brings increased use of grills at home. For propane grills: Check the gas tank hose for leaks before using it for the first time each year. Apply a light soap and water solution to the hose. A propane leak will release bubbles. If your grill has a gas leak, by smell or the soapy bubble

2019 Idaho Winery of the Year! Taking Online & Phone Orders for Curb Side Pickup! Free Delivery & Shipping For The Treasure Valley 15343 Plum Rd., Caldwell, Idaho • 208-994-6416

Paid Lodge for Senate • Idaho’s Primary Election will be Absentee Voting ONLY Request Your Absentee Ballot To Vote in the May 19, 2020 Republican Primary Chris Yamamoto Canyon County Clerk 111 N 11th Ave Caldwell ID 83605-3522 phone: (208) 454-7337 fax: (208) 454-6899 Please complete the form below and return it to your County Clerk Today!



COUNTY OF_________________________________________________ DATE_______________________________ I, _________________________________________, hereby make application for an absent elector’s ballot to be voted at the election held on May 19, 2020. (PRINT FULL NAME)

My registered address is ___________________________________ in ___________________, and I am duly registered in _________________ County, Idaho. (HOUSE NUMBER AND STREET)

To participate in the Primary Election in 2020, every registered elector must either be affiliated with one of the 4 recognized political parties or have designated themselves as an “Unaffiliated” voter (i.e. no party preference) PARTY AFFILLIATION [X] Republican

[ ] Constitution [ ] Democratic [ ] Libertarian [ ] Unaffiliated (i.e. No party preference)

If you are affiliated with the Republican Party, select the ballot you wish to receive in the 2020 Primary Election.


[X] Republican [ ] Democratic [ ] Non-Partisan Ballot Only


Please mail ballot(s) to me at the following address: ________________________________________________________________






ELECTOR MUST PERSONALLY SIGN APPLICATION Signed:__________________________________________________________

Our Community


Stay Healthy During Social Distancing or Isolation

During this unusual time, we are all being encouraged to stay home and social distance as much as possible to slow and prevent the spread of coronavirus in our communities. As Canyon County has identified community spread of the virus, this recommendation of staying distanced from others outside of our household remains even more to be true. As we are all adjusting to our new “normal,” we must continue to emphasize

the need for prioritizing our own personal health, both physically and mentally, during this time. Here are some tips for staying healthy during social distancing or isolation: Enjoy healthy foods at home, and schedule some “fun” in the kitchen. Maintain a diet that is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Although there are no foods that can “boost” your immune system, there are foods that can support it. Consuming

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2020 Tax Deadlines are June 15th for State and July 15th for Federal

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Michael Hensel, CPA

Erin Gulley, CPA

May 2020 by Jackie Amende, FCS Extension Educator, University of Idaho - Canyon County

a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds can continue to support good health. Also, this could be a perfect time to schedule in opportunities to try new foods and recipes and experiment in the kitchen. Schedule in a time once or twice a week to experiment with food, try something new, and gain new kitchen skills. Maintain daily physical activity. Staying active can help to improve mood and sleep, as well as reduce stress and chronic disease risk. Continue to aim for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. Make your mental health a priority. Prioritize mental health and self-care by focusing on things that make you happy, getting fresh air, limiting time

on social media, and keeping yourself busy. Practice deep breathing and mindfulness, and use free mobile phone apps to help with guiding mindfulness practices. Stay hydrated. Although hydration needs vary per individual, it is recommended to drink at least 8 ounces of water a day to maintain health. Get enough sleep. Maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern is important during this unusual time. Sleep helps keep us at our optimal health, both physically and mentally. Stay up-to-date on coronavirus recommendations by following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.

Mayor’s Invitation: “When I think about our upcoming National Day of Prayer and the trials our country has gone through over the last few months, I think of it as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to rejoice in our blessings, to reflect on the hardships we have faced and to come together to pray to ask for our Father in Heaven’s guidance and protection. It is an opportunity to pray for our neighbors, friends, and loved ones that they should experience God’s blessings through the rebirth of spring. It is an opportunity to pray for our healthcare workers, businesses, education system, military and church. This year’s National Day of Prayer allows us all to connect through the spirit of Christ. In a time when we have physically apart, prayer and faith will keep us together providing guidance, inspiration and protection. I ask that you join me on this National Day of Prayer to come together as a nation and as a community, to celebrate our Savior and to pray His glory over us all.”

Pray for God’s glory to spread across the Earth, our nation and the Caldwell community. Church: God we pray that your church would be saturated with your glory (1 Kings 8:10-11, Colossians 2:6-8, Ephesians 4:11-12). Home suggestions: Pray with more intent, make time to be still, improve your Sabbath worship at home, or invite someone to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Government: Father in Heaven, we pray your glory would break out like the dawn and throughout government (Psalm 102:15, 1 Thess. 2:12, Isaiah 58:6-11, Romans 8:3-9). Home suggestions: write a letter of thanks to government leaders; support a government service project (Blessing Boxes at Police Station or Idaho Department of Corrections); pick-up trash in the downtown area; pray for our Mayor, city leaders, Governor and President. Family: Heavenly Father, we pray that you will extend and expand your glory through

html. Please visit the Canyon County Extension website ( to stay up-to-date on our free, online health programs and resources we are offering during this time. Contact us by calling 208-4596003 or emailing

Caldwell National Day of Prayer – May 7th

our families as we dwell in you (Ephesians 3:14-19, Ephesians 5:22-23, Mark 3:25). Home suggestions: choose and perform an act of service, get to know your neighbors, read scriptures as a family, give a bible to someone, go on a family hike or do an activity together. Healthcare and First Responders: God, we pray that the nurses, medical professionals and first responders who have been the hands and feet of God will have all their physical and spiritual needs met and that God’s love will be poured upon them (Psalms 30-2, Jeremiah 30:17, James 5:13-15, Luke 10:34). Home suggestions: perform an act of kindness for healthcare workers and first responders, write thank you notes, deliver a plate of cookies, find unique ways to express gratitude for their service. Other prayer topics: businesses, education, military, media.

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Our Community

May 2020 Dunlap Hatchery is ready for the hatching season to begin. Four generations of Dunlaps along with their great family of employees will bring you quality chicks again this season. In the beginning, 1918, Oscar Dunlap started the hatchery in Junction City, Oregon. Later the hatchery was moved to Caldwell, Idaho. Since that time they have grown to two locations both still in Caldwell. They are excited to provide you with all your poultry and their supplies. Shortly after starting the business, Oscar and Vida Dunlap moved their operation to Caldwell, Idaho and raised poultry on their farm. The eggs were hatched in redwood incubators, turning the eggs by hand several times a day. Local farmers picked up chicks at their store. Chicks were shipped through the postal service and were also transported by train. Unsold chicks were kept and raised to sell as pullets. The son of Oscar and Vida, Ralph Dunlap moved the hatchery to a larger parcel of land in Caldwell in the 1940’s. Today, this little farm is still used for their retail outlet and 12,000 breeder hens. In the 1950’s, New Jamesway incubators were purchased; these machines were made out of metal and had automatic turners. During this same time, Ralph Dunlap married Faye York and three children were born and raised at the farm. They all learned to work on the farm and take care of the poultry. During the early 1970’s, the Idaho poultry farmers were hit by hard times and Marek’s disease. Dunlap Hatchery was one of the two hatcher-

Dunlap Hatchery Celebrates 102nd Year!


the family is very proud of. They most certainly must be doing something right. They are a family owned business right down to their employees. If you are thinking of rais-

Mother’s Day is May 10th

Jake, Angie, Gregg and Luke Dunlap

ies that survived the devastation. With the closure of so many hatcheries, their facility size grew in size. They began supplying customers, both individuals and farm stores across the west coast states. Many of the chicks were delivered in company transport vans. In 1979, Gregg Dunlap graduated high school and went to college and received a degree in Poultry Science in 1985. Upon returning from school he realized that if they continued growing as a company they would have to make changes. Their product line went from just chickens to include ducks, geese, turkeys and gamebirds. About this same time Gregg met his wife Angie, who many of you have talked to over the years. She is Greggs right hand and takes care of many things in the business besides Gregg. Together Gregg and Angie purchased a second farm to expand their poultry business and to produce crops for their retail store and breeder flocks. The 1990’s brought children into Gregg and Angie’s life, Jake and Luke. Both boys work on the farm. Jake is learning the poultry side of the business, while Luke, since the early age of 5 or 6,


Currently we have an ongoing maintenance project with the purpose of removing and replacing damaged, worn, broken, or dilapidated concrete flatwork sections in the Caldwell Downtown area. It also includes adding/rehabilitating/lifting pavers in locations where the pavers have settled, or where there are outdated stamped concrete pavers or other types of pavers that do not meet the current City standards. Improvements and reparations are also expected to include curb and gutter, ADA ramps, detectable warnings, asphalt patching, thickened concrete driveway sections, etc. The project started mid-February is scheduled to run through June.

the farming side. Both boys have become very skilled and as parents, Gregg and Angie have been so pleased with their responsibility as the boys have grown. Their newer farm now has several poultry houses adding several thousand breeders to their existing breeder farm. Two hatchery buildings have been built adding new incubators, which can incubate in excess of 800,000 eggs. To support this production, a large warehouse was constructed to provide storage for shipping boxes and equipment. What has happened over the last year? Mainly improvements in existing structures. Les Dunlap, Gregg’s brother has made tremendous strides in making the oldest facility look great again. A lot of hard work and some paint really made the difference. “I think even the breeding stock took notice to the changes. They look good and that will mean some nice-looking chicks for 2020. We strive to continue our growth and commitment to you, our customer,” says Gregg Dunlap. For 2020, they have added several chicken breeds and duckling breeds. Dunlap Hatchery is the second oldest hatchery in the US and that is an accomplishment

ing your own chicks, ducks, geese, gamebirds or turkey. They are easy to find, 4703 E. Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell or visit their website

THE LUBE SHOP Service in Minutes!

Truly locally owned and operated for 33 years! Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:30 pm Saturday 8:30 am-3:00 pm

505 Blaine St., Caldwell 208-454-2242


Chuck as a retired Simplot executive has the experience and knowledge to provide cost effective solutions to the “growing pains” still ahead for Canyon County. In this time of rising taxes, his executive management experience with Simplot will serve the residents of the County well. Chuck has the education, knowledge and experience to analyze complex financial accounting, contracts, and most importantly, budgets. Chuck and his wife, Connie, have lived in the City of Caldwell for the past 12 years and in Canyon County for 31 years. Also, his experience as a Caldwell City councilman, has prepared him for managing the business of Canyon County.


CHUCK STADICK for Canyon County Commissioner Dist. 2

“Service you can depend on, Quality you can afford”

Key Positions:



Please show your plumber upon service date and your discount will be applied. (This offer is not to be added with any additional coupons/sales.)





Call Today!


CHUCK STADICK If you have any concerns or suggestions on how the County can service your city better for the future, please contact Chuck, 208-2502410, Twitter: @ChuckStadick To support or for more information contact Treasurer: Dick Ledington, 14924 Hillside Drive, Caldwell, 83607

• Chuck opposes the use of Urban Renewal, because of the property tax burden it shifts to other taxpayers. • Will ensure conservative budgeting. • Through his service with a local Idaho non-profit (5C), Chuck has helped formulate a plan to ensure the affordable construction of the proper jail facilities at the present County Courthouse site . • Prefers Impact fees on new construction to reduce property taxes. • He will advocate open meetings for citizen input. • Supports saving Ag Ground in Canyon County. • Chuck is on the Caldwell Community Volunteer Committee, a member of the Caldwell Veterans’ Memorial Hall Board, the Board of Trustees of Grace Lutheran Church, served on the Purple Sage & Fairview Golf Board, Love Your City and is a member of the (5C) Concerned Citizens of Canyon County Committee.


Our Community Meet the Candidates

May 2020

Editor’s Note: This is our first foray into the political arena. We are not, and have no intention of endorsing any candidate for any office. We were interested in presenting our

readers with an opportunity to read about the candidates and make up their own minds concerning their fitness for office. Each candidate was asked these four questions: 1. Tell

us about yourself: where are you from, what prompted you to enter politics, tell us about your family. 2. What are you going to accomplish should you win election? 3. What are

your long term goals, both personally and politically? 4. What positive impact has the quarantine had on your life? All attempts were made to contact candidates in each of

the contested races in the upcoming primaries. If you are a candidate and believe you were missed, we will publish your response on our website.

Kieran Donahue Canyon County Sheriff 1. I am a native of Idaho, growing up on a cattle ranch in Central Idaho near Mackay. I have lived in Canyon County for the past 28 years, married to my wife Jeanie for over 22 years. We have three daughters, two of whom are married with children. The oldest is a graduate of the University of Idaho the middle daughter is a graduate of the College of Western Idaho. They both live here in the Treasure Valley. The youngest daughter is a graduate of Boise State University with degrees in English and Environmental Studies and she is finishing her first year of Law School at the University of Idaho. We are all avid horse enthusiasts and enjoy working on our family ranch and riding horses in the mountains. In 2012, former Canyon County Sheriff Chris Smith made plans to retire from law enforcement and asked me to enter politics and run for election to the Office of Sheriff. The Sheriff knew I was familiar with our organization and he also knew I would lead from the front, take care of our troops and be relentless on crime in order to protect our citizens. 2. I will continue working with the Board of County Commissioners, Assessor and Clerk for funding additional building space, equipment, and personnel to alleviate long wait times at the county Driver’s License and DMV. I will continue to fight for fair market salary comparison for our employees. We have worked hard as a county over the past 4 years to develop a market salary comparison and dedicate appropriate revenue annually to retain our qualified and experienced staff. Thus, helping with both recruitment and retention. Our employees are the county’s greatest commodity. We must protect that investment. 3. It is important to me personally and professionally to be active and engaged in address-

ing issues of major importance. When I was elected to the Office of Sheriff, I committed to using my position as Sheriff to be engaged and to make a difference in our society. I will continue to pursue these principles as I uphold the Rule of Law. I hope my efforts will create positive change and a better place for my children, grandchildren, and those I serve. 4. Because I work in an essential capacity as a law enforcement officer, the quarantine has had minimal effect on me quarantining personally. However, the seriousness of the threat and the information that I am privy to in my position both locally and nationally, gives me an even greater reflection of how important family is to all of us. The current situation strengthens my resolve to help others and to have empathy for those who are in need, especially the elderly. Overall, it strengthens my conviction to Hold the Line and to Stand our Ground against this threat that has consumed our lives. It has made me even prouder to have been called into the service of law enforcement. To know that I work with and lead some of the finest men and women in the world, who sacrifice of themselves to help and save others, especially in a time of crisis, is one of the greatest personal accomplishments I have had the pleasure to achieve. Jeff Taggart Canyon County Sheriff 1. I was born in Caldwells old hospital and was the last male born there. My family is all from here although most have passed, leaving me only 88 year old Aunt Margaret – I call her my favorite aunt! I graduated the University of Oregon with a BS in Business and am pursuing a second degree from Boise State in Political Science. 2. I’m running for sheriff because I see multiple opportunities to improve the fiscal management putting us in the position of offering raises to

our best deputies, thereby decreasing the drain that occurs when other opportunities arise. The main plank in my platform is NO NEW JAIL. Voters have expressed their dissatisfaction with the idea and should be respected. I will hold bimonthly open forums open to all residents so they may ask questions, raise issues, complain, praise, and exchange ideas. Multiple citizens including attorneys, court clerks, friends and neighbors here in Caldwell have encouraged me to run knowing I will be hands on, will show up everyday, and earn their respect and trust. 3. My long term goals are to give back to the community, increase the effectiveness of law enforcement, and handle the fiscal issues of the department. 4. As for the quarantine, I have been staying home writing posts for Facebook relating to campaign issues. I have also been putting up my campaign signs alone after dark as a few Canyon County deputies on patrol have witnessed. Leslie Van Beek Canyon County Commissioner 1. I was born and raised in the Treasure Valley where I grew up in Nampa and moved to Caldwell almost 25 years ago when I met and married Dale Van Beek. Together we have raised 5 children, four boys and a girl, on a small dairy farm teaching and instilling the value of hard work, integrity and putting in an honest day’s work. I graduated from Nampa High School, attended NNU and Boise State, graduating from Boise State University with a degree in Health and a minor in Biology. I bring integrity, experience, leadership, vision and a desire to continue the journey as a county commissioner. 2. During my second term in office, the budget will continue to be a top priority. Commissioners need to regain control

of the budget as final approval for all expenditures belongs to them by statute. It is the most important operational function for the Board of County Commissioners. Citizens currently have very limited say in how the budget is structured and have been subject to substantial increases without significant representation or input. Also important is the need for relief at the DMV along with finding a long-term solution for public safety. This will require a collaborative effort and longterm vision from a competent and unified Board. I plan to pursue the establishment of a long-term capital projects master plan which identifies what projects should be funded and when. 3. My personal goal is to be a better person at the end of my journey as commissioner than I was at the beginning. My political goal is simple: to be the best, to serve with integrity and to make a positive difference. I hope to leave a legacy of diplomacy, service and leadership and to gain the respect of those I work with and those who elected me to office. 4. The COVID19 crisis has brought several challenges but during this unprecedented time, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work at home again as if self-employed. With kids home from college and displaced from high school, it has been comforting to hear their voices in the house and their rummaging through the refrigerator. Having the freedom to work at home with a walk by the creek thrown in between has been inspiring and rewarding. The ability to work differently, adapt and be flexible will catapult change that leans toward more efficiency, not just in government but in all aspects of society. It’s also important to remember that the safety

precautions for handwashing and hygiene are practices that should have been happening all along. Keri Smith-Sigman Canyon County Commissioner 1. I am from Canyon County, Idaho. I was born in Nampa, raised in Caldwell, graduated high school from Vallivue, graduated from Lewis-Clark State College and have devoted my adult career to public service. I am incredibly proud of my hometown and I’m in love with our County’s beauty and heritage. I’m surrounded by an incredible family. My parents were also born and raised in Canyon County and are still conservative, loving leaders. Many people know my dad, Chris Smith. He was the former elected Sheriff. My mom (Becky) and older sister (Jill) my husband, Greg Sigman is my rock, supporter, and biggest fan. Kaylee and Kinsey (daughters) are the most kind, strong, smart, and hard working teen daughters you might ever meet. 2. I’m going to work hard with other elected officials and department heads to do more with less and find creative ways that we can lead a county by truly being fiscally responsible and conservative. I will help direct and lead the way for an initiative that Canyon County is “open for business” and ensure that we are ripe for opportunities for our youth. Public safety will be a priority that I will take very seriously in partnership with the Sheriff and other agencies and departments working diligently to protect us. 3. I want to ensure that when I leave, I have left the County better than when I found it. I want to have helped develop a plan for agricultural preservation, development to meet our growth demands, successful commercial and industrial growth and a quality of life that is next to none in comparison. I’m not focused on or considering long term political goals at this time. 4. Family time! The window of time with my girls is getting shorter and shorter. So the gift of time I’ve been given with them over the last few weeks has truly been good for the soul. We have sat together on the couch on Sunday mornings listening to Pastor Dave’s sermon. I started teaching them about taxes. We have worked hard and accomplished much around our little farm. We have baked, cooked, bbq’d and sat around the dinner table united in conversation, laughter and appreciation for one another. We have learned about our constitutional rights and about public health and safety together as a family. And most importantly we have shared our thoughts, hopes and frustrations with each other. We have a positive outlook on life and we know that we will get through this trial stronger than we were before.

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A toast to 110 years of family farming! 4th tion ra ne tage e G vin

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May 2020 Chuck Stadick Canyon County Commissioner 1. I and my wife, Connie, have lived in the City of Caldwell for the past 12 years and in Canyon County for 31 years. We have two girls and a boy. I am a retired Simplot executive and have the experience and knowledge to provide cost effective solutions to the “growing pains” still ahead for Canyon County. In this time of rising taxes, my executive management experience with Simplot will serve the residents of the County well. I have the education, knowledge and experience to analyze complex financial accounting, contracts, and most importantly, budgets. Also, my experience as a Caldwell City councilman, has prepared me for managing the business of Canyon County. I am on the Caldwell Community Volunteer Committee, a member of the Caldwell Veterans’ Memorial Hall Board, the Board of Trustees of Grace Lutheran Church, served on the Purple Sage & Fairview Golf Board, Love Your City and am a member of the (5C) Concerned Citizens of Canyon County Committee. 2. I opposes the use of Urban Renewal, because of the property tax burden it shifts to other taxpayers. I will ensure conservative budgeting and prefer impact fees on new construction to reduce property taxes. Through his service with a local Idaho non-profit (5C), I has helped formulate a plan to ensure the affordable construction of the proper jail facilities at the present County Courthouse site I will advocate open meetings for citizen input.I am a strong supporter of preserving Ag ground in Canyon County. 3. My long term goal is to leave this earth better than I found it. I have no political aspirations beyond the county commission. 4. Mostly, my family ties have been strengthened, I’ve been fishing with my grandkids and even have a grandson living with me as he’s between apartments. While I recognize the huge impact on our small businesses and the people that have struggled through no fault of their own, I hope that we come out of this stronger and more together than we went in. Tammy Nichols Idaho Seat 11B 1. I live in Middleton, Idaho. I am a 7th generation Idahoan and grew up in Boise. I have 5 amazing kids 2 adults and 3 in high

Our Community

school and middle school. I have a small property management business. Education was what actually brought me into the political realm. I was concerned with Common Core and started looking into it, that lead to becoming involved in the political process, as well as leading to working on other issues concerning to Idahoans. 2. I ended last session introducing some bills in committee that would help propel the trade industry. There is a huge need for trades in the state. This gives students another great option for a career, that can keep them in the state and save them money. I want to utilize this in our prison population. Statistics show that if prisoners released have a skill, they are less likely to go back into prison. Taxes are an issue, we did pass tax relief in the House, but it failed to make it out of the Senate. The budget will be a big issue for the state as a whole given the current circumstances, so there will be quite a focus on creating a budget that will work both for the local governments, the state and the taxpayers. Lastly, to continue to deregulate, this helps everyone a cross the board in both business and in peoples personal lives. 3. My goals are to do what I can to make the best decisions for the state and the people of Idaho. I am a servant and desire to serve. I currently serve as a State Director for Women in Government, so I am hoping to utilize that platform to highlight the state of Idaho and the amazing people here. 4. Oh wow! I think it has given me the opportunity to really connect with my constituents with questions, concerns, and help they are needing during this trying time. It has also given me an opportunity to involve my own children with various service projects, to show them the good people can do in hard times. It has also given me another perspective of the things that government does right and wrong based on the feedback I hear from you the people, especially those in business; and to take that information so that we can work on making things run better, and be more helpful in times of crisis for everyone. Kirk Adams - Idaho Seat 11B 1. I was adopted in 1963 while my father was working at the Idaho National Engineering Lab in Idaho Falls. His job took us to Western Washington near the Navy bases and that is where I grew up. I attended Washington State University; was part of two National Championship track teams and received my degree in Economics with an Option in Transportation. I moved back to

Idaho in 1989 to start and raise a family. I have been at FedEx for over 33 years managing accounts at the highest level. It has given me perspective that comes with being actively involved in the world’s supply chain. I have been involved in operations, marketing and sales. Sara is not only my wife; she is my best friend. My oldest son remains in the Treasure Valley working in the trades. My youngest is serving in the United States Navy. My father and both my sons served in the Navy. Since I ran track in college instead, I always said I would serve on the backend. That time is now, I believe I have the experience that translates to common-sense, conservative leadership. 2. I will bring that common-sense conservative leadership to the legislature and focus on promoting Canyon County agriculture, protecting Idaho’s water and controlling growth. I believe we should work to actually lower property taxes, not talk about it. I believe in a tax policy that doesn’t penalize people on fixed incomes. Growth is not paying for itself. When elected I will work with my colleagues to deliver solutions. It is time for action, not words. 3. This past year, I have been on Middleton’s school board, now serving as the chair. I have an understanding of school funding which makes up 50% of the Idaho budget but continues to put pressure on local property taxes. Working to fund schools, roads and growth while maintaining fiscal responsibility takes a conservative approach with a collaborative attitude. I wish to serve in the Idaho Legislature for a few years as I transition into an active retirement of elk hunting, whitewater rafting and recreating on Idaho’s public land. 4. After the proper quarantine time, we have been able to have our grandkids for the weekends, so their parents could enjoy a small break. They are three and six. They just join us in our lives, putting up campaign signs, working in the yard and riding horses. We are rebuilding our home after it was lost to a fire last year. The kids have enjoyed playing in the dirt, picking up nails and exploring the building as it goes up. These are forever memories that we will share with them for years and we wouldn’t have them without this opportunity. Julie Yamamoto Idaho Seat 10A 1. I am the daughter of Archie and Marlene Yamamoto. They raised five children on the family farm

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Your Own Home

While we specialize in our clients’ personal needs and safety above all else, we are dedicated to advocate for your enjoyment of life & independence as well. In working with your physicians, therapists, etc., makes it easy for our staff to understand and perform all aspects of care and provide an alternative to a nursing facility. Our caregivers enjoy playing a key role in helping our clients do things they may not have been able to do before.

We are a family-oriented, personable company that strives to employ highly qualified, reliable long-term providers. We do our best to help our clients find stability and peace of mind knowing we are on call to facilitate any concerns they may have.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For details and a free consultation, please contact us by phone today.

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in Canyon County and instilled a sense of stewardship for the land and all creatures, a strong work ethic, and a desire to give back to our community. Leland Sasaki and I have been married for 28 years and shared 30-plus year careers in education. I earned my BA and MA from the College of Idaho and an Ed. Specialist and Doctor of Education from the University of Idaho. It was my pleasure to serve in the Vallivue and Caldwell School Districts. I taught first and seventh graders, was principal at West Canyon Elementary, Assistant Principal at Vallivue High School and helped plan and open three new schools as the principal of Caldwell High School, Thomas Jefferson Charter School, and Ridgevue High School.Education was not just a job, it was my calling for 32 years. 2. The goal is to give back and do what I can to meet the needs of a community that has richly blessed my life. As a Constitutional conservative Republican, I will uphold the US and the Idaho Constitution which protects life, liberty, and property, to make and follow laws that are ethical, not overly burdensome and allow for the common good. The common good is an educated, prosperous, healthy, libertyfocused Idaho. The friendships and working relationships developed over the years will serve as wise counsel and intensifies my commitment to protect the right of every Idahoan to life, liberty and property. This is my personal goal and is why I am running for House Seat 10A.I would not rule anything out, but have no other long-term political goal than to serve as a legislator. 4. The quarantine has reminded me that I cannot control what happened, but I definitely control my response to it. It has allowed me to help my parents stay further away from potential harm, to learn how to Zoom and Hangout, and to continue to trust that God is ultimately in control. Christopher Trakel Idaho Senate Seat 10 1. I was born and raised in the Treasure Valley graduating from Meridian High School. I joined the US Marine Corps and served in both Afganistan and Iraq. My service enabled me to develop and utilize my skills in leadership, communications, and in the resolution of challenging issues. I retired in 2016 and returned home to Idaho. I am married to Nicole Trakel and have 3 children, Lillyaunna, Alyssa, and Damian. 2. I am going to work to reduce the impact of high property taxes on homeowners, improve school funding in order to reduce the current dependency o special levies and to ensure personal and property rights are a priority over special interests,

3. My personal long term goals are to continue to provide for my family. I want my children to have the same experiences I had as a child and enjoy the great outdoors and activities I daho can provide. I want to be a good role model, teaching them to work hard, respect others, and be mindful of others needs. Politically I want to reduce the financial burden on residents by realistically looking at options which will result in lowering all forms of taxes. 4. The quarantine has had no positive or negative impact on my personal life. However, I am aware that many Idaho residents and small business owners have had immediate and lastin negative impacts to their lives. My steadfast commitment to Idahoans has been solidified and I feel their needs and a swift resolution to the many challenges which have surfaced are the top priority the Idaho government needs to have. Patti Anne Lodge Idaho Senate Seat 11 1. I was raised and educated in Caldwell and attended Marylhurst University where I majored in History and Education. I returned home to teach at Notus and Caldwell for 35 years. Ed and I have raised our children on our small ranch in the Sunnyslope area of Canyon County. We raise Registered Herford and Angus cattle and enjoy our horses, German Sheppard and Manx Cat. Our children are all successful, responsible adults. We are proud of their accomplishments. Our five grandchildren bring us joy and keep us aware that our job is to provide the best opportunities for their successful futures. 2. I have a long list of legislative priorities that I keep as we progress into the session. Any legislation that affects Canyon County is a top priority. I have no personal agenda and understand that it takes the consensus of the majority of 105 people from throughout the state to get legislation passed and then the Governor to sign it. 3. Since high school I have kept a list of 20 goals. As one is attained, I mark it off and add another. I have been blessed that I have been given an outstanding husband who has worked hard not only in his career but here on the ranch; children who are responsible, accountable adults and great citizens and the opportunity to not only serve my community as an educator but a community servant. 4. I always look for the positive in everything. I feel people will now take better care of their health, treasure the freedoms we have in the United States, love the associations with their family and friends and appreciate small business more than ever. My hope is that there will be more kindness and civility in associations with others.

1119-21 Airport Avenue, Caldwell

Duplex on the edge of town with a country view. Long time owner is selling the property in it’s “asis” condition with 2 renters in place Rick Sweaney Their leases are on month to month. Both 208-880-2395 baths have been updated, vinyl windows and some flooring..........................$270,000


Page 8 CALDWELL PERSPECTIVE “Michael, let’s take a walk up the back road.” Mum said. I knew it must be spring. Mum always wanted to walk in the spring, After a long and cold

Nova Scotia winter. “OK!” I replied. The “back road” was a dirt road that ripped mufflers from the few cars that attempted to

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New, Used & Rare Reads

“Hidden Treasure”

navigate it. For a young boy, it was a place full of mystery. There were ditches to explore, trees to climb, birds to watch, small animals to admire, and best of all, ponds and swamps with frogs to catch. Once I slipped and fell head-first into a swamp and came out covered in mud and moss. I was afraid my friends would see me and laugh. Mum led me along back paths, so no one would see me. I cried all the way home, while my feet squished inside my mud-caked “Dash” sneakers. Except for that one mud bath, I enjoyed those walks. My mum enjoyed something more. She was in search of Mayflowers. The Mayflower, or ground laurel, is one of the best-loved American wildflowers. It is said to be the first blossom seen on the shores by the Pilgrims. It blooms in early spring. The creeping stems bear clusters of fragrant pink or white flowers that are sometimes hidden by the hairy evergreen leaves. It is difficult to cultivate and is endangered by the zeal of flower pickers. It seems to prefer the acidic soil of pinewoods in the

May 2020 by Michael T. Smith

eastern part of North America. It is the provincial flower of Nova Scotia and the state flower of Massachusetts, where a law protects the plant. Mum led me off the road, into the woods and, taught me the art of finding and picking her precious treasure. With a keen eye, she spotted their green leaves, partially covered by the dead foliage, and dropped to her knees. “Michael,” she instructed, “Sweep away the dead leaves and find the vine. Trace it back to the root, and carefully pinch it off a few inches from the ground. If you pull it up, you’ll kill the plant, and next year there won’t be any flowers.” I did as I was instructed and held the flowers to my nose for the first real scent of spring. We took only a small handful. At home, we put the flowers in a glass of water. The tiny number of flowers was all we needed. They filled our house with their heavenly scent. ********************* I had my own house. I walked into the back yard. In the brush behind our shed, hidden beneath the leaves, was a cluster of Mayflowers. I picked

2020 Prom for Paige and Kellie

1,400 Sweet Sq. ft. of Books, Fine Art Gallery, 100+ Puzzles, Complimentary Wi-Fi

314 S. 6th Avenue, Caldwell, Idaho (208) 899-1988

My heart goes out to our 2020 graduates. My kids attend a charter school and my daughter, Paige’s best friend, Kellie is a senior preparing for her next stage of life to begin. With the quarantine, Kellie has been with our family throughout to give the girls their time together and alleviate additional exposure to Michael as he continues his cancer treatment. Kellie was to have her senior prom on April 18th. So the girls decided they were going to dress up for a dinner at home and pictures at the park. We have begun celebrating the small things as a family. There will be a new photo album added to the shelf labeled our “Covid-19 Vacation”.

a few, wrapped them in a wet paper towel, and took a scent of spring to my first wife Georgia. She was in the hospital, suffering from toxicity with our first child. On doctor’s orders, she was restricted to bed rest until our child was born. Her nurse walked into Georgia’s room, and smelled the flowers. “Mayflowers!” she exclaimed. “They are my favorites too!” Georgia gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Two and a half years later, we had a son. When they were old enough, I taught them to find and pick those tiny treasures of spring. I lamented about my life the other day. Georgia died after nineteen years of marriage. I was alone, but God sent me a new woman to hold and cherish. He sent me Ginny. She’s my Mayflower – my treasure. She was hidden many miles and a border away. Love is like the Mayflower. It’s hidden and hard to find. Look carefully. When you find it, pick it carefully. Be gentle. If you don’t, it may not grow again. Love is a hidden treasure.

by Chantele Hensel, publisher

May 2020


Not so Easy on Easy Street!

This deep hole has been fortified by the big steel walls that have been pounded down in them with a thunderous noise. This is a part of the “small earthquakes” that we feel on Easy Street during the day.

It seems like this has been going on forever. First there was Covid 19, then the earthquake and now this. Things are not so easy on Easy Street. I don’t remember when it even started. Oh yeah, there was that new subdivision going in, so that started all of this. First they closed part of Airport Road, and then it began creeping up around the corner to Easy Street. One morning as I stood in my bedroom, once again “I felt the earth move under my feet!” At first I thought it was another af-

by Leora Summers

Piles of dirt like this build up and are removed daily, which involves more big dump trucks in and out of the subdivision daily. I sure hope this ends soon, but it is all very interesting to watch. It beats watching the grass grow during the “stay at home” order!

tershock from that earlier earthquake that we had a little while ago, but then it kept happening again and again along with big banging noises. I went out to see what was going on and this is what I saw! It is in front of my neighbor’s house today, and in a day or two, it will be directly in front of my house. This will make the “stay at home” edict really easy for me if I don’t move my car out of my garage to another street in my neighborhood. I have already moved it to a side street, as big trucks keep coming and

Book Review by Amy Perry

Vivian Shaw was born in Kenya and spent her early childhood in England before relocating to the US at the age of seven. She has a BA in art history and an MFA in creative writing, and has worked in academic publishing and development while researching everything from the history of spaceflight to supernatural physiology. In her spare time, she writes popular fanfiction for Star Wars, Marvel, Discworld and more under the name of Coldhope. Strange Practice is a mystery with fantasy elements. It misses the “dark” fantasy label because the vampire is cute when he turns into a bat. Humor abounds, characters are well rounded and

going. They are coming to be filled with the dirt that is being dug out down the center of the street and leaving to empty the dirt and then come again for more! The “big wheels keep on turning,” and who knows when this will be over? They are making progress day by day. This is the process to install the sewer pipe for the new incoming subdivision just a little further down my street. The road will be totally destroyed, so I do hope that will be fixed in due time so we can all be “On the Road Again!”

Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw

fun, the mystery is sufficient to carry the story. I enjoyed it so much that I ordered books two and three before I finished book one. Dr. Greta Helsing, physician to the undead, is called to treat a vampire who was attacked by monstrous monks. Instead of healing quickly, as vampires are known to do, there appears to be a poison involved. Who are these monks, how do they know about the undead population and are they connected to the string of murders terrifying London? Dr. Helsing and her friends must solve the mystery. I would recommend this to readers who enjoy Anne Bishop, Patricia Briggs or Louise Penny.

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It is our honor to serve Alan C. Kerrick, CFSP this community by Licensed Mortician, Managing Partner providing all funeral & Funeral Director. service needs with trust and dignity 24-hours a day. 504 S. Kimball Ave. In Caldwell

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Make a Impact:

Brad Holton

Canyon County Commissioner, District 2

• I am geared to be a leader, a researcher, a problem solver, and a collaborator while being fiscally conservative. • I bring more than 43 years in private business experience to the position. • I have 23+ years of experience as a government leader, seeing that our tax dollars are spent wisely. I also lead a nonprofit where donors expect high fiscal accountability.

If elected I will strive to:

• Guide growth in ways that help to maintain and enhance our quality of life and not burden the existing taxpayer. Work towards a fair process that considers the expectations and rights of existing property owners (taxpayers) as well as those of the developers and new property owners. • Protect our agricultural community while at the same time encouraging responsible economic development. • Help Canyon County maintain our unique characteristics as we grow. • Address the need for more jail space. We must step back and find affordable incremental solutions that are achievable.

What I will do for you:


May 2020

Caldwell Rotary Donation

The Caldwell Rotary Club recently donated over three hundred pounds of cleaning supplies to Hopes Door Shelter – Advocates Against Family Violence. Baskets were placed throughout the community during the month of February and March to collect donations of dish soap, laundry soap, garbage bags, chlorine wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, floor cleaner and other household cleaning supplies. Hopes Door is part of the Advocates Against Family Violence organization, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that relies on community partners and individual donors like the Caldwell Rotary Club to meet their mission. “It truly takes the entire community supporting us in our mission which allows us to continue providing the hope, healing, and strength to all seeking services,” said Kim Deugan, Executive Director of AAFV. AAFV works to eliminate violence and abuse from the lives of all individuals. Hopes

Door began serving victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault in Canyon County in 2004 after the tragic death of Angie Leon and has since grown into 14 programs and classes. Hopes Door provides safe shelter and services to those escaping a violent situation. In 2010 AAFV opened HOPE Plaza, a 48-unit apartment complex providing affordable housing to the community of Caldwell. They also serve children in their community through Hope Lane Learning Center. This daycare is dedicated to ensuring that children served through Hopes Door are given the care and guidance so desperately needed in their little lives. HOPE Plaza Phase II, a 30-unit multi-use housing development is currently under construction and set to open by July, 2020. With an average of 25 families living within the shelter at any given time, cleaning supplies are always in demand. With the current pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, the

by Shellye Wilson

L to R: Shellye Wilson, Aaron Buck, Caldwell Rotary Club President.

once daily cleaning routine must be done hourly. Last year, Hopes Door provided shelter to 698 women and children. They are currently accepting donations. Due to the pandemic, they ask if you would like to make a donation, to please call ahead and coordinate with the shelter manager at 208-459-6330.

Rotary Scholarship Application Deadline

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Caldwell Rotary Club has extended accepting applications postmarked by May 15th for the two $1,000 Academic Scholarships (to an Idaho school) and for the $1,000 Technical/Trade Scholarship (to any trade school or associate program in any state) for the 2020-21 school year. • Applications for these scholarships can be found online. • To find it online, Google • Once the Caldwell Rotary Club home page pops up, scroll down the far-right side menu to “Homepage Download Files.” • Click on either the Rotary Academic Scholarship Appli-

cation or the Technical-Trade Scholarship Application. • Download the one you want, fill it out and complete all the requirements requested. • Mail it to: Caldwell Rotary Club, P.O. Box 24, Caldwell, ID 83606 by May 15th. • Incomplete applications will be disqualified. Academic Scholarship Applications are for those who plan to attend an IDAHO 4-year college program that will result in a B.A. or B.S. degree. It is also for those who intend to begin a college degree at a junior college, with plans to transfer to finish a B.A. or B.S. degree at a 4-year IDAHO university or college.

Have you heard of “We the Family?” Caldwell’s organization promotes free resources and (virtual) events for families! Managed by Fiona May and the Youth Master Plan Team, We the Family’s Facebook page promotes free, family-oriented events in Caldwell. During this time of staying home, many resources have been shared such as virtual field trips, story times and activities families can do at home. We the Family frequently links to the Caldwell Public Library website, which offers many resources for families and children including topics ranging from STEM activities, self-care and stress relief.

Currently and for the duration of the pandemic, the library is offering temporary virtual library cards that allow patrons full access to downloadable books and audiobooks. Visitors need only to go to the library website and click on “downloadables” to start getting books. The library is also hosting a spring reading challenge for kids. The challenge is entirely virtual and includes downloadable prizes and games. Children have access to books through the Library’s website and a program called Libraries Linking Idaho, or The database is managed by the Idaho Commission of Libraries, and also has a number

“We the Family”

by Leora Summers Technical/Trade Scholarship Applications are for those who plan to attend a trade school or a 2-year program that will produce an Associate Degree. This can be anything from diesel mechanics, hair, nails, cosmetology, nursing associate, dental hygienist and others not culminating in a B.A or B.S. degree. There are many trades that do not require a 4-year college degree. Students may apply to out-of-state schools for this scholarship. Students should only apply for one or the other and not both! If you have any questions, contact Barry Fujishin by email at: by Caldwell Public Library of learning tools available for teens and adults. One such feature includes a program called “NoveList” where customers can input books they like or something they’re in the mood to read and receive additional book suggestions. Caldwell Public Library has been working harder than ever during the nation’s public health crisis in order to maintain public services. Though the physical building is closed, the digital branch is open 24/7. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of all of the unique resources We the Family and Caldwell Public Library has to offer!

enjoy your home and family while we take an intermission...

I will be careful to listen to the needs of residents, farmers and businesses that contribute to the funding of the county government and do my part in working to rebuild the economic ground we have lost during this pandemic. Paid for by BradHoltonCCC Treasurer Carrie Huggins

Visit for updates


Boy Scout Troop 255 Annual Plant Sale

by Michael Hensel

First 5 Lines ONLY $1 (25¢ Each Additional Line) Add A Graphic or Logo For $1 More



Immediate positions for Dependable, fun, loving caregivers. Experience preferred, but not Required. Training provided. Must pass H&W background check. Call: 463-8777


To place a classified ad please call 208-899-6374 or email


is a low income elderly apartment complex with gov’t subsidy. We provide services in addition to rent, which include: 2 home cooked meals daily, weekly housekeeping and transportation to Caldwell Doctor appts.

Good news for those of us that attend the annual plant sale hosted by Scout Troop 255! While the annual gathering will be missed, the opportunity to buy your plants and support a great cause has been modified for today’s challenges. Read on! Scout Troop 255 is still growing plants this year, but for the protection of our scouts and our community we will not be having our traditional plant sale the day before Mother’s Day at the Middleton United

Methodist Church. Instead, we will be taking orders for our plants, which can then be picked up by appointment at the greenhouse, or delivered to you by a scout family. As usual, we will have a wide variety of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. We will start taking orders from the community on May 8, and hope to have them available within a few days. Call (208) 407-3571 or email


Our building has someone on site as a first responder 24/7. We have security cameras and the outside doors are locked in the evening for your peace of mind. We give preferences to those applicants subscribing to the services. Please phone for an appt. to see an apartment. Now accepting applications!

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Page 12 CALDWELL PERSPECTIVE I get asked this all the time, my neighbors tree drops all their leaves on my side of the fence what can I do? Or something similar. It’s one of the many reasons I moved out into the country, but even there you still have neighbors that may intrude on your space, whether it be human, plant or even livestock, you probably don’t want them taking over what’s yours. So this column is about being a good neighbor. With many new subdivisions popping up and packing houses in like sardines, (an-

other reason I moved out to the country), and with many first time homeowners and transplanted homeowners, it is even more important to understand what you can and can’t and should or shouldn’t do in a neighborhood. If you want a peaceful, even a great neighborhood, all neighbors should be on the same page or else there will be more codes and ordinances placed on you to make you comply. So check with your HOA or your city, county code agencies or be certain. Some are common sense and are

Dave’s Big Back Yard

Glorious spring ushered in by song birds Blue skies, flowers large and small gardens spring forth as ivy pledges her love clinging to rock and wall Lawns turn green as mowing machines emerge from their winter sleep Narcissus tulips and pansies bring color as the ivy creeps Fruit trees in bloom in all their regal glory Will bear sweet fruit this coming Fall to write another story The farmers plow has been replaced by planters sowing seeds Water and sun will be the fuel satisfying consumer needs Onions and beets are in the ground, soon to emerge from warming soil Corn and beans are on the horizon requiring further toil River, lake and reservoir fish have worked up an appetite Pick your favorite fishing hole, your patience will be rewarded by a bite

Local Dirt Perspective rarely discussed until it happens. But remember before chaos is created try to be understanding and work with neighbors before escalating the issue. Water, trees, fencing are common issues with neighbors. I won’t be able to dissect every circumstance but there are basic rules to property boundaries, like your water on your property cannot adversely affect someone else’s property, ie. your sprinklers can’t hit their property, house, car or flood them or even ruin your shared fence. by Dave McCormick

For me bass have always been a favorite in the spring Their fighting style will bring a smile and a good one will make your reel sing Keep the fly rod in mind and Duck Valley as waters temperatures rise Rainbows are aerial specialists to see four or five jumps will be no surprise For the fisherman who loves to wade and cast a dry fly Dams are our friends they make the water cold and clean and not always quite as high The majesty of a dry fly riding the ripples like a tiny cork and a trout sips it in where the ripples fork And as the rod tip raises the fly line gets tight You have a 5x tippet it’s just the beginning of the fight. So be not proud COVID 19 we will all live our life There is no six-foot rule if your fishing with your wife

May 2020 by Pat King

You must adjust and contain all your water on your property or daylight it on a public road that is designed for runoff like the storm water basins in most subdivisions. Your landscape should slope away from your house so water doesn’t get in your crawl space but shouldn’t end up in your neighbors yard either. It’s pretty tricky on these narrow lots. You may have to put drain pipes and a french drain in your yard to handle the excess water even rainfall, but always control run times on sprinklers. Tree limbs hanging over and dropping leaves or trunks crushing your fence. Poor landscaping is no excuse for harming someone’s property. Time and time again people over landscape and cause more problems that usually

occur later. Putting plants to close to more permanent objects eventually causes great harm and even greater expense. You can’t control wind so leaves from one shouldn’t be gathered up and thrown back over from whence they came (although everyone wants to). Nope you work it out by asking the neighbor to limb up the tree so it minimizes the dropping of leaves but you can keep the tree limbed up off your side so it doesn’t scratch your RV parked back there. You’ve heard the saying “ good fences build good neighbors,” I say good neighbors talk to their neighbors. Until next time, Pat

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