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Soft Contained Playgrounds & waterslides

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The Playsystems Story At Playsystems by Childworks, a division of Superior International Industries, we are excited to present to you our soft contained playgrounds catalog.



We founded Superior International Industries, Inc. with the focused goal of providing products and services to the playground industry. Our group of professional playground manufacturers has been producing commercial play equipment for over 21 years. Our other related playground products include commercial outdoor playgrounds, safety surfacing, playground components, site furnishings, and shelters.

Our company is a world wide supplier of playgrounds to restaurants, amusement parks, schools, community centers, child care facilities and water parks. In this catalog you will find several playgrounds that provide children ages 2 to 12 years old with a secure and protective environment suitable for challenging and exploring their own capabilities. Our multicolor playgrounds are designed with imagination, technology and experience in mind. Our playgrounds offer a safe haven for children through our top quality materials and our enclosed play structures. Our company is located in Carrollton Georgia, about 30 minutes west of Atlanta. Our in house manufacturing capabilities such as rotomolding, steel fabrication and powder coating, allows us to build playgrounds that offer innovative designs and great value. As with any company that has been in business and successful for many years, we pride ourselves on meeting some of the industry’s strictest safety standards. Let us prepare your playground like the many satisfied playground owners who have entrusted Playsystems by Childworks with their projects.


Churches 4-5

Kid Series


Restaurants 6-7

Custom 11

Family Entertainment


Water Slides

Adventure Series


Other Amentities


Junior Series


General Information


Toddler Series


Noahs Fun Park






ecently churches have added unique and imaginative play areas for their young members. Our playgrounds provide children ages 2 to 12 years old with a secure protective environment suitable challenging and exploring their own capabilities.


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laysystem provides exciting, innovative play structures that can be specifically designed for your quick serve restaurant. Playgrounds increase traffic by changing your location into a destination. Now you can eat and enjoy fun activities in the same location. 6

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Family Entertainment


tep into a fantasy world where kids can get lost in imaginative, educational and healthy play! Playsystems understands that playing is the most natural form of exercise that children can experience.


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Adventure Series ADVENTURE 600 12’6” X 20’6” X 16’7” Toddler Crawl, Deck Climb, Corner Wedge, Tucan Bird, Elelphant Slide

Capacity 30

ADVENTURE 800 12’6” X 20’6” X 18’6” Gyro Panel, TIC TAC TOE Panel, Concentration Panel, Toddler Slide, Deck Climb, Super Ball Room, Horizontal Squeeze, Vertical Squeeze, Tri Plane, Turbo Copter, Space Fighter, Three Level Spiral Slide

ADVENTURE 700 12’6” X 12’6” X 22’7” Toddler Climb and Slide, Deck Climb, Race Car, Space Fighter, Turbo Chopper, Three Level Spiral Slide

Capacity 34

Capacity 50

Junior Series JUNIOR 200 8’6” X 12’6” X 12’6” Octalink Tower, Turbo Copter, Lookout Sphere, Two Level Spiral Slide

Capacity 18

JUNIOR 400 12’6” X 16’6” X 10’6” Ball Turn Panel, TIC TAC TOE Panel, Verticle Squeeze, Punching Bags, Buoy Ball, Observation Crawl, Web Crawl, Two Level Spiral Slide

JUNIOR 300 8’6” X 17’6” X 18’1” Octalink Tower, Turbo Copter, Lookout Sphere, Hook Slide, Two Level Spiral Slide

Capacity 38

Capacity 20


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Toddler & Kid Series KID 600 8’6” X 8’6” X 8’6” Ball Turn Panel, Gear Panel, Turbo Copter, Driving Wedge, Hook Slide

TODDLER 1 6’ X 7’ X 6’ Driving Panel, Sound Spinners, Fun Shapes, Dino Blocks, Open Slide

Capacity 4

Capacity 11

TODDLER 2 8’6”X 8’6” X 8’6” Ball Turn Panel, TIC TAC TOE Panel, Mirror Panel, Open Slide

KID 700

Capacity 7

8’6” X 12’6” X 8’6” Gear Panel, TIC TAC TOE Panel, Turbo Copter, Octalink Tower, Hook Slide

Capacity 14


et us make your dreams a reality with our custom designs.


Unit: #307


Water Slides:

  f you are looking for an affordable means to boost memberships or paid receipts, or simply upgrade your existing pool, add a water slide from Playsystems. These affordable commercial grade water slides provide fun for all ages. Colorful and highly visible, your pool will have a fresh • 25’ Left Hook Slide Actual Size: 27’x27’x28.5’H • 43’ Center Hook Slide Weight: 9,985 lbs. • 48’ Spiral Slide • 65’ Right Spiral Slide


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Unit: #308 Actual Size: 23’x15’x22’H Weight: 4,970 lbs.

Unit: #107

Actual Size: 19’3” X 11’1” X

20’5” Weight: 2300 lbs.

Left Hook Slide 24’ Right Hook Slide 25’



Other Amenities

ur furniture stems from 27 years of experience in developing and manufacturing commercial playground furniture. We also offer a selection of amenities sized just right for kids. We invite you to contact us to find out specifically how we might help you satisfy your furniture needs and desires. 14

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General Information Site Preparation Site preparation, including any necessary permits or licenses, is the responsibility of the purchaser. Your site must be large enough to accommodate the unit and all necessary clearances. If the unit will be indoor, carpeting should be installed prior to unit installation. An outdoor site should be secured and preferably surrounded by a fence. Detailed plans to create a unit proposal by Playsystems must include the following information: 1. Floor plan showing location and dimensions of doors, windows, walls, columns, fences, ceiling height, etc. 2. Play unit height impediments such as signs, ceilings, light fixtures, HVAC structures, etc. 3. Existing or proposed structures such as tables, other play elements, benches, booths, etc. 4. Elevation changes such as steps or ramps. 5. Proposed surface finishing or play system area.

Terms Exact costs will be submitted in your Purchase Agreement. We require a deposit at the time the Purchase Agreement is signed. The remaining balance is due according to the terms remaining unpaid balance with a wire transfer. Playsystems accepts both wire transfers and 100 percent Letters of Credit for international sales. Your Playsystems representative can provide you with specific details

Shipping All freight charges are FOB Carrollton,

Georgia U.S.A. Freight charges are additional and are not included in the selling price of the equipment. Transit time is dependent upon your location.

Installation Installation charges are additional and are not included in the selling price of the equipment. These charges will be included in your unit Proposal presented by Playsystems. Installation of equipment can be provided by Playsystems qualified installation technicians. (Some toddler units may not require certified technicians and will come with instructions, if applicable.) The time necessary for installation will depend on the unit you purchased.

Warranty Products are warranted to the original purchaser against defects in workmanship and material for the time period indicated on your Purchase Agreement. Warranties do not cover units that have been exposed to excessive wear and tear, vandalism or negligence. Our Customer Service Department is available to answer any questions you have regarding replacement parts and product information.

Ordering Process An Overview of Procedures • Contact your Playsystems representative to discuss your site and budget information. • Playsystems will submit to you proposed site plans and pricing. • Review and sign approved site plans and cost estimate. • Sign the Purchase Agreement and pay deposit. • Pay final unit payment. • Installation of your unit.



Noahs Fun Park

ur design team can bring your ideas into reality with the use of hard foam, different shapes and cutting edge concepts. Let us make your dreams a reality.

Playsystems by ChildWorks, a division of SII 1050 Columbia Drive, Carrollton, GA 30117

1-800-327-8774 • 770-832-6660 Fax: 770-214-0747

Website: Email:

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