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MAGAZINE G MU and Pavement Recycling Systems Work to Deliver Sustainable Pavement Engineering Solutions



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Work to Deliver Sustainable Pavement Engineering Solutions


Performing Repair and Overlays on Highway 1 and Highway 101 Simultaneously

Enhances Their Productivity and Performance with Addition of New Volvo P5170B Paver






Is Revolutionizing the Way Contractors Backfill and Spread Construction Materials Out on the Jobsite throughout the Golden State

Now Offers Composite Trench Covers for Driveways and Pedestrian Applications Saving Time and Money

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GMU AND PAVEMENT RECYCLING SYSTEMS Work to Deliver Sustainable Pavement Engineering Solutions

By Brian Hoover, Senior Editor


efore machines begin grinding up the pavement or pavers proceed to laydown new lifts of asphalt, an engineering firm is hard at work evaluating and testing the pavement, and presenting the various practical and cost-effective pavement repair solutions to their clients. GMU Geotechnical, Inc. (GMU) has been offering full-service pavement engineering services throughout Southern California for more than 50 years. The extent of GMU’s pavement engineering services include evaluation of existing pavements, design of new pavements, preparation of pavement management plans, development of pavement mix designs and performing pavement construction observation and testing. GMU provides a full range of geotechnical and related services, including geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, pavement engineering, structural and civil engineering, forensic engineering and expert witness, as well as soils, materials testing and inspection. 6

Roger Schlierkamp, MSc, PE, is the Director of Pavement Engineering for GMU. Schlierkamp received his master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering, with emphasis on pavement engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. “I manage anything that is pavement related for GMU, from preparing proposals to final job walk punch lists,” says Schlierkamp. “Our work for clients on the public side includes a long list of agencies throughout Southern California. On the private end, we work with a diverse client base, ranging from large developers such as Rancho Mission Viejo, The Irvine Company and many of the large builders to numerous HOAs all over Orange County and beyond.” GMU has been involved in many successful and high-profile public works asphalt paving jobs over the past five decades. They have also been an important part of even more small to medium-sized projects. “We begin every new project with a pavement surface condition assessment to consider

ASP H ALT CO NS TRU CT I O N / 2 0 2 0

the pavement distress severity, extent and type,” says Schlierkamp. “Simply looking at a crack in the pavement is subjective, but when we apply our various test methods, they become very objective.” Schlierkamp says that once they have a general feel for the pavement surface condition, they can begin to assess the likely cause for the distress, such as too much traffic traveling over an inferior subgrade. “We use a variety of testing methods, including drilling pavement core samples, performing falling weight deflectometer testing, conducting ground-penetrating radar testing, performing dynamic cone penetrometer testing, and conducting various laboratory tests in our in-house Caltrans certified laboratory. Depending on the results and findings from these various tests, a solution or solutions are determined and presented to our clients.” The rehabilitation or reconstruction of a road surface can be accomplished in many ways. There is the old remove and replace C A LCO N T R AC TO R .CO M

methodology. Then there are the sustainable recycling strategies that have been adopted by Caltrans, cities, counties and many private developers and pavement stakeholders. “We recommend and work alongside companies like Pavement Recycling Systems (PRS) who offer a full range of state-of-the-art recycling solutions to rehabilitate pavement surfaces at any stage of its life,” continues Schlierkamp. “The solutions include but are not limited to full-depth reclamation, cement treatment and soil stabilization, cold-in-place recycling and cold central plant recycling methods. Most recently, we have worked with PRS on several HOA and public works projects. PRS is often a subcontractor to the prime paving contractor on these projects. We work right alongside these contracting firms and support the project

through the design, construction and construction testing phase.” Marco A. Estrada, Director of Business Development at PRS, further states, “In addition to the cost and environmental benefits of recycling, these strategies, which are conventional processes in the public works sector, have made the leap into the private sector because of the reduced construction time and the reduced construction traffic realized through the recycling of the existing pavement.”

HOA PROJECT IN LAGUNA NIGUEL GMU has been providing its engineering services for one particular HOA in Laguna Niguel, dating back to 2010. “Every few years, this community will carry out

a major pavement project to improve certain streets that are due for rehabilitation. We cored the streets that were flagged for improvement this year. We collected subsurface materials and performed analysis to determine the likely cause of the pavement deterioration,” says Schlierkamp. “We presented them with the cost-effective solution of performing a full-depth reclamation with cement treatment. This strategy reused the existing in-place materials, thereby reducing significant export of in-place materials and import of new materials. Mission Paving and Sealing was the prime contractor and PRS was their subcontractor responsible for performing milling and pulverization.” Schlierkamp explains that PRS pulverized the existing pavement surface with addition of cement. “On our projects, we have determined that this

Left: Pavement Recycling Systems spreads cement at rate specified by GMU on a residential community pavement reconstruction project. Below Left: A Dynapac padfoot roller is used for the initial compaction of the cement treated material. Below Right: CAT RM500 reclamation machine mixes cement to the specified depth of the cement treatment.


A S PH A LT CO N S T RUC T I O N / 2 0 2 0


particular pavement reconstruction approach saves our clients 30 to 40% in construction costs when compared to older remove and replace methods,” continues Schlierkamp. Acceptance testing procedures utilized by GMU to verify the competency of the cement treated subgrade included compaction testing using a calibrated nuclear gauge, dynamic cone penetration testing, deflectometer testing and coring through the cement treated section.

PRS’ Wirtgen 240i reclaimer recycles existing pavement materials in-place resulting in reduced costs and community impacts, while preserving natural resources.

MISSION VIEJO HOA PROJECT IN 2019 GMU and PRS worked together on another project in 2019 for a private HOA in Mission Viejo. “The project in Mission Viejo was similar to the job in Laguna Niguel and contracted with prime contractor Mission Paving and Sealing and subcontractor, PRS. Again, we recommended full-depth reclamation with a cement treatment,” says Schlierkamp. “We did some cost comparisons and presented our client with a remove and replace option at a unit cost of roughly $9 per square foot. We then presented them with the estimate for full-depth reclamation combined with cement treatment, and that came in at { Continued on page 10 }

FDR-cement minimizes the impact on the residents by reducing construction time and allowing access through ramping of the driveways.

Below Left: PRS’ fleet of spreader trucks are equipped with vacuum systems to further minimize community impacts. Below Right: The FDR-Cement section is open to traffic at the end of every day allowing residents access to and from their homes.

4-Foot Mills, Full-Lane Mills & Specialized Milling

Stabilize soils in-place with Cement or Lime & Roller Compacted Concrete

Pavement Preservation

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Contractor Support

Smoothness Solutions Project Design & Planning Value Engineering

{ Continued from page 8 }

around $4.50 per square foot. They considered everything and went with the full depth/cement treatment option. Both Mission Paving and PRS did an excellent job, and the client was very satisfied with the final product and cost savings, as well as with the reduced community impacts resulting from the recycling process.”

NEWPORT COAST HOA PROJECT Yet another project that GMU and PRS worked together on was for an HOA in Newport Coast. On this job, GMU was faced with engineering a solution to rehabilitate an access road that had been severely eroded from surface runoff over the years. “There were numerous 6- to 10-inch deep ruts in this access road and after evaluation, we recommended pulverization and cement treatment, followed by engineered compaction procedures,” continues Schlierkamp. “Once again, PRS did an amazing job, as did the prime contractor, Premier Paving.”

Cement is mixed into the soil to increase strength and improve long term performance in correction of the erosion and rutting of the access road.

Adequate compaction of the FDR-cement section further increases strength and enhances the performance of the roadway.

Below: Cement treatment in progress adjacent to custom home construction. Construction time is cut in half as compared to removing and replacing all of the pavement materials.

TRABUCO CANYON WATER DISTRICT ACCESS ROAD REHABILITATION The Trabuco Canyon Water District (TCWD) needed to have their access road rehabilitated. This particular rural road runs through an environmentally sensitive canyon area and was severely deteriorated. “We presented TCWD with both a remove and replace option and a full-depth reclamation option, which eliminated all export while utilizing the existing on-site materials. The remove and replace option was significantly more costly than the sustainable, recycling option,” says Schlierkamp. “PRS’ feedback on constructability of the full-depth reclamation option for this job was critical during the design phase of this project. This strategy ended up saving TCWD money that could then be put toward other pressing projects.” Schlierkamp points out that sustainable pavement repair strategies have been around for many decades. He says they are built into the Caltrans Highway Design Manual, which is utilized by professionals in this field and that there is an abundance of published papers and guidelines on the subject. “These are all tried and proven pavement strategies that I had studied and learned years ago in college,” says Schlierkamp. “Then you begin working within the industry and see that these methods are not always being used as much as you might expect, and you sort of scratch your head and ask, why not?” Schlierkamp emphasizes that the benefits are just so obvious. He points to significant cost savings and the fact that the methods are so much more sustainable. “There are still those who are not aware of the many benefits. In my opinion, these recycling strategies should be the first to be considered when faced with road rehabilitation and CALCON TRAC TOR .CO M

Mixing cement into the soil eliminates costly excavation and export of pavement materials, as well as the subsequent import of virgin aggregates.

GMU is on-site testing and inspecting the cement treatment process to ensure compliance with the Engineer’s recommendations.

reconstruction needs. Recycling checks many boxes, including lower cost and equal or better performance, as well as the sustainability aspect. These strategies are not limited to wide-open freeways. Some clients may not be as familiar with the process and benefits, and we do what we can to educate them. There is a great deal of science involved if you know where to look and how to apply it.” For more information on GMU and their engineering services, please visit their website at or call their Rancho Santa Margarita headquarters at (949) 888-6513. For more information on Pavement Recycling Systems, please visit their website at or call their Jurupa Valley headquarters at (951) 682-1091. Cc

Through sound Engineering and construction, FDR-cement recycles the existing materials in the deteriorated pavement in the construction of the new pavement.

Arizona crossings were constructed at select points of the access road.

A S PH A LT CO N S T RUC T I O N / 2 0 2 0


Left & Below: Graniterock crews performing repair and overlay on Highway 1 near Big Sur while working six feet apart with mandatory face covers as part of the company’s response to Covid-19.



raniterock is in the midst of significant repair and overlay projects on two heavilytraveled California roads: Highway 101 between Salinas and Chualar and Highway 1 from Carmel to Big Sur. Both projects are part of a $1.1 billion allocation for 133 projects recently approved by the California Transportation Commission (Caltrans), and part of the SB 1 12

Road Repair and Accountability Act passed in 2017. Highway 1/Big Sur Overlay Project Highway 1, known as the Pacific Coast Highway, runs 750 miles from Capistrano Beach in Orange County to Leggett in northern Mendocino. Billed as one of the

ASP H ALT CO NS TRU CT I O N / 2 0 2 0

most beautiful drives in America, this epic roadway leads to everything from secret beaches and soaring cliffs to the giant redwood trees and famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. The constant heavy traffic, of course, takes its toll on this highway and one particular 35-mile stretch is now undergoing long overdue repairs. The section under { Continued on page 14 } C A LCO N T R AC TO R .CO M

WE’LL KEEP GOING Our customers support California. We support our customers.

Northern California SITECH West 4221 Northgate Blvd. #7 Sacramento, CA 95834 916-921-0550

Southern California SITECH Pacific 1499 Palmyrita Ave. Riverside, CA 92507 951-300-0400

Left: Graniterock’s crew utilized a Wirtgen milling machine for removing around four-inches of existing material when repairing sections of the asphalt roadway where it has deteriorated on the Highway 1 repair and overlay project.

Below Left & Right: The Highway 1 project includes removing and replacing failed asphalt, resurfacing, repainting and upgrading guardrails.

{ Continued from page 12 }

reconstruction stretches from Torre Canyon in Big Sur to San Luis Avenue in Carmel. Graniterock was contracted by Caltrans to see the $21.9 million project to completion. The work includes removing and replacing failed asphalt, resurfacing, repainting and upgrading guardrails. Chris Sveum, construction manager for the construction division at Graniterock, is overseeing all of the details on this overlay project. The job started in early April and is scheduled for completion by July 2021. “We will have most 14

everything wrapped up later this summer and then just have some miscellaneous work going on into 2021,” says Sveum. “We are essentially removing around fourinches of existing material when repairing sections of the asphalt roadway where it has deteriorated. When that is complete, we will begin overlaying the entire 35-mile section with rubberized hot mix asphalt. So, just over 70 lane miles of paving by job’s end.” Sveum explains the failing asphalt sections are removed and replaced with new asphalt, followed by a 1/16” to

ASP H ALT CO NS TRU CT I O N / 2 0 2 0

a 1/4” smoothness grinding of nearly the entire section. “The asphalt remove and replace portion will utilize approximately 11,000 tons of asphalt from our A.R. Wilson plant in Aromas,” continues Sveum. “We will follow this up by installing 68,300 tons of rubberized hot mix asphalt in a 1.8-inch lift.” Sveum points out weather is always a challenge when working in coastal areas. “A unique aspect of this particular project is that we are now in the middle of working on the asphalt repair portion, and normally we would do this C A LCO N T R AC TO R .CO M

work at night so as not to disrupt traffic patterns. However, due to Covid-19 conditions, traffic is down enough that Caltrans is allowing us to get this work done during the day, and that will mean better quality.” Sveum says other challenges include communication issues with weak or intermittent cell service. “Communication issues on the job site require everyone to plan and coordinate even more than in normal conditions,” says Sveum. “It’s not like paving a freeway system where you can burn through tonnage on each shift. When you consider the logistics, distance and trucking challenges on this Highway 1 project, we estimate that putting down 68,000 tons of overlay should take around two and a half months to complete. Our crews are doing a great job on this overlay project. It is important to recognize every team member, along with our area manager Karl Philipovitch, senior project manager, Dave Olivas, project engineer, Ella Giordano, and job site superintendent, Robert Lauderdale.”

Highway 101/Chualar Repair & Overlay Project California U.S. Route 101 runs nearly 800 miles from San Diego, to the Oregon border. Many travelers consider 101 to be a nice balance between the mundane Interstate 5 and the slow and curvy coastal Highway 1. Because of its popularity, 101 is worn out in many places, including the 14-mile section Graniterock is working on in Monterey County. Graniterock construction crews are performing an asphalt overlay in an area of 101 that runs through the agricultureheavy cities of Salinas, Chualar and Gonzales – known as the salad bowl of the world. The work stretches from ½ mile north of Gonzales to East Market Street in Salinas. The job started in summer 2019 and is scheduled for completion by September 2020. “There are two major components to this project that include some remove and replace repair work, followed by a complete asphalt overlay. The overall pavement section was constructed from both concrete and asphalt,” says Sveum. “There

were around 1,300 individual concrete panels that were removed and replaced with just under 6,000 cubic yards of rapid set concrete.” Subcontractor, Eagle Rock, Inc. performed the concrete construction portion, completing 30 to 40 of the eight-to-nine-inch thick concrete panels every night. “After the concrete sections were repaired, our Graniterock crews began asphalt remove and replace work, similar to what is being done on the Highway 1 project. We are also profiling and preparing the entire 14-mile stretch (56 lane miles) for the rubberized hot mix asphalt overlay. We put down around 14,000 tons of asphalt on the remove and replace sections in 2019,” continues Sveum. “Over the last couple of weeks, we started the overlay work, which consists of around 67,000 tons of rubberized hot mix asphalt. The difference in these two overlay projects comes down to 0.6 of an inch with the Highway 101 project being a bit thicker at 2.4” Sveum says the Highway 101 work is being done at night, making the traffic lighter and conditions

Graniterock construction crews are performing an asphalt overlay in an area of 101 that runs through the agriculture-heavy cities of Salinas, Chualar and Gonzales.

Highway 101 work is being done at night, making the traffic lighter and conditions safer for everyone.

safer for everyone. “We have worked well through all of the challenges on this project. Most every paving project has its material and trucking challenges. We were able to keep things moving smoothly with the addition of our new Weiler remixing transfer vehicle,” says Sveum. “Covid-19 has had an impact on this project as well, as we got creative and rented a 19-passenger van to shuttle three or four team members at a time. We have remained adamant about no carpooling and the passenger van has been a great tool in getting our people back to their cars after completing their shifts. Safety is always our number one concern at Graniterock. I want to thank and recognize our area manager Karl Philipovitch, project manager, Martin Canning, and our project engineer, Rick Guerrero, along with all of the other hardworking crew members.” Graniterock’s construction division is a proven leader in heavy civil infrastructure construction. With 120-years of experience, Graniterock continues to work as a trusted partner with other general contractors and public works agencies. Their team of professionals is proactive in seeking cost-effective solutions to even the most complex projects. For more information on Graniterock, please visit their website at or call their Watsonville headquarters at (831) 768-2000. Cc 16

ASP H ALT CO NS TRU CT I O N / 2 0 2 0

Above & Below: Graniterock employees shown working six feet apart following Covid-19 orders on the Highway 101 project.



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By Ian Hoover, Editor

Photos by: Michael Burrell

Top & Inset: Maiden voyage of RAP Engineering, Inc.’s new Volvo P5170B paving machine purchased from Volvo Construction Equipment & Services.


olvo Construction Equipment recently debuted their new Volvo P5170B 8-foot asphalt paver, and RAP Engineering, Inc. out of San Marcos is the first company to take delivery in North America. Robert Perez is the owner and president of RAP Engineering, and he had been patiently anticipating 18

the release of the all-new 8-foot wheeled paving machine. “We have relied on Volvo pavers and their Blaw-Knox predecessor for more than 20 years. These are top of the line paving machines, and we are very excited about all of the special upgraded features on our new Volvo 5170 (P5170B) paver,” says

ASP H ALT CO NS TRU CT I O N / 2 0 2 0

Perez. “I knew that we had the perfect market for this machine, and I made the decision to buy the 5170 quite a while ago. We were lucky to have Michael Burrell and Jeff Keller (Volvo Construction Equipment and Services) by our side through every aspect of this new purchase. Michael invited C A LCO N T R AC TO R .CO M

us out to Volvo Days at their headquarters in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, where the 5170 is built and we were able to get a closeup look and feel for this new Volvo paver. Not only did everyone have a lot of fun, but I was very impressed with the entire Volvo team and their operation. From top to bottom, this is a great group of people to work with.” Robert Perez purchased the assets of JD Paving, Inc. in 2011, after managing the operations for close to ten years. The company had been around since 1995 and operated as a general engineering firm specializing in grading and paving projects. The owner passed away in 2010, and the family spent the following year putting together a transition plan while deciding whether to close or seek out a buyout scenario. “My wife Angela and I talked and decided to throw all of our poker chips in the middle and just do it,” says Perez. “We purchased the equipment and the work at hand, retained every single employee, and endeavored to move the business model forward under the name, RAP Engineering, Inc.” RAP Engineering, Inc. primarily works on public works contracts for schools, cities, and agencies throughout San Diego county. They also perform private commercial work in the greater San Diego area and up into North County and as far north as Temecula. Their professional staff of 35-plus employees includes two paving crews that operate with four job-specific paving machines. The company’s fleet of other support equipment includes motor graders, skip loaders, skid steers, rollers and mini excavators. According to Perez, these machines include a Volvo 4410 with a Blaw-Knox nameplate, a Blaw-Knox 3172, a Super 700 trench paver, and their new Volvo P5170B 8-foot wheeled paving machine. CALCON TRAC TOR .CO M

Education Day - Volvo’s Jason Pellegrino (seated above right) shows RAP’s equipment operators the incredible technology in the new Volvo P5170B paver with Robert Perez, President of RAP (standing left) and Michael Burrell, VCES (Volvo).

The all-new Volvo P5170B 8-foot paver was designed and manufactured at Volvo’s factory in Pennsylvania to include all of the experience of its Blaw-Knox heritage. This easy-to-maintain machine includes the UltiMat160 screed that ensures the highest quality mat performance with a low cost of ownership. ActiveCare Direct with CareTrack® is Volvo’s telematics system, and it comes free for one year with the purchase of any new Volvo paving machine. “This is truly a top of the line paver with a ton of special features. It is just a beefier full production machine with two operator stations, power assist front wheels and an amazing screed design,” says Perez. “This paver is fully digital and required a bit more training than your average paving machine. Volvo had their people on-site to make sure that everyone was trained properly, and both Michael Burrell and Jason Pellegrino were there to walk us through operations, telematics and diagnostics.”

The Volvo P5170B paver is an agile, high production machine that offers rapid adjustability of paving widths, making those tight curves and obstacles much easier to work around. “We purchased this machine for its versatility. It is perfect for one of our large, heavy commercial projects and equally ideal for a smaller, school parking lot project.” RAP Engineering went right to work with their new Volvo P5170B on both small and large projects. One of these projects was for the City of San Diego on a contract for Water Group 764 and 821 in Point Loma. “We removed a combination of four inches of asphalt and subgrade, recompacted the subgrade and then paved over native on select approved streets. We then placed 3,100 tons of asphalt over four days with our Volvo P5170B wheeled paver and our 4410 track machine for more stability,” says Perez. This is the beauty of having a complete fleet of Volvo and Blaw-Knox pavers that can handle all terrains and any job.”

A S PH A LT CO N S T RUC T I O N / 2 0 2 0


Perez says that they initially utilized their new Volvo P5170B paver on a couple of smaller projects where they put down a couple of hundred tons of base pave. “We used our Volvo 5170 (P5170B) paver at Palomar College, where we installed 220 tons of asphalt on the Comet Circle resurfacing project,” continues Perez. “School district jobs have been accelerated due to the current larger window of work capability. We will be getting most of this work done over the next few months with the use of our new Volvo 8-foot paving machine. We have a great list of customers and are working with exceptional vendors like Volvo Construction Equipment & Services. This gives me great hope for the future, and I look forward to continuing success here in the greater San Diego area.” For more information on RAP Engineering, Inc., please visit or call their San Marcos headquarters at (760) 233-2980. Cc

Above: RAP team members include: Alfredo Hernandez (seated) and Berny Flores (standing top). Pictured standing below are Sal Payan (left), Javier Leon, Jesus Echevarria, Herminio Lopez, Arturo Marquez, John Montville, Phil Colon, Arturo Pineda and Joaquin Mascareno. Below: Paving operator Ruben Luna (top) and screed operators Alfredo Hernandez and Arturo Marquez pave with the new Volvo P5170B in Point Loma.


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California Stone Slingers Is Revolutionizing the Way Contractors Backfill and Spread Construction Materials Out on the Jobsite throughout the Golden State By Brian Hoover, Senior Editor


avid Cruce has been surrounded by all things heavy civil construction for most of his life. His father owned and operated a grading and paving company, and David has spent nearly 30 years in heavy highway construction. Before venturing out on his own, Cruce spent the previous seven years working as an area construction manager for Papich Construction. Cruce formed

California Stone Slinger’s AT7 Stone Slinger with the RL26HD reloader pictured in their Fresno yard.

Heavy Road & Rail, Inc. in 2016 as a general engineering construction firm that specializes in Caltrans emergency work. The company is also heavily involved in site civil construction to include grading, paving, and concrete construction. But this story is not about Heavy Road & Rail; this is about Cruce’s newest exciting endeavor, California Stone Slingers, that is revolutionizing the way contractors backfill and place all sorts of materials on job sites throughout California.

California Stone Slingers was added as a dba to Heavy Road & Rail, Inc. in 2019. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that is precisely how Cruce stumbled across this innovative material handling technology. “During my time at Papich, we had a Caltrans emergency job where we were taking down, stacking and pulverizing hazard trees. We were initially asked to haul the chips so far off-site that transporting one truckload would take an entire day. A fire had torn through this area the year before, so I approached Caltrans

California Stone Slinger’s AT7 on a Flatiron/Skanska/Stacy Witbeck joint venture on the I-15 North Coast Corridor project where they were contracted to backfill with drainage filter material.

and the U.S. Forest Service and suggested that we could perhaps use the chips from the trees as erosion control in the burn areas,” says Cruce. “They loved the idea with Caltrans benefitting from the cost savings and the U.S. Forest Service, gaining the sustainable advantage of recycling their existing materials.” Cruce was now faced with procuring the most proficient method of spreading these wood chips. “I found this piece of equipment called the AT7 Stone Slinger, a remote control, four-wheel-drive all-terrain slinger. It was the perfect machine, but I could not find a unit anywhere to rent, so we ended up using slower, more costly blower trucks,” says Cruce. “Now fast forward a few years into the Spring of 2019 when CALCON TRAC TOR .CO M

I won a bid on a job to remove a grass football field so they could install synthetic turf. We were tasked with installing a perforated drain throughout the field that required a five-inch layer of backfill. Once again, I thought of the AT7 Stone Slinger as the perfect backfilling machine for this application but could not find a rental. This is about the time that I decided to purchase the AT7, creating a new business model.” During this time, Cruce’s daughter, Morgan, had been working for a large construction firm as a project engineer and she was ready for a change. Cruce broached the subject of purchasing the AT7 Stone Slinger and having his daughter run with it. The two agreed on a plan, and Cruce decided to expand his

heavy civil engineering company into the operated equipment rental business. California Stone Slingers was born and began taking on projects large and small throughout the state. “The initial projects included a job out at Lake Isabella for the joint venture Flatiron/ Dragados/Sukut, where we were contracted to backfill with drainage filter material. We went from there to the North Coast Corridor project for Griffith, where we backfilled the highway median with soil and are now going back to place around 5,000 tons of rock and gravel, and then mulch,” says Cruce. “Additionally, we worked for the Flatiron/Skanska/Stacy Witbeck joint venture on the I-15 North Coast Corridor, where we placed base material under the drainage and

A S PH A LT CO N S T RUC T I O N / 2 0 2 0


then performed the backfill for the same structure.” Not every job is for large contractors or joint ventures, California Stone Slingers has also been on smaller projects for big box stores like Costco. They recently completed backfill operations for new gas tank fuel stations for the La Mesa Costco. The company has also completed work for Papich Construction, where they were contracted to backfill irrigation tank installations for a new California theme park. Then there are the many compost spreading jobs that California Stone Slingers has been on, in addition to a long list of smaller tasks and applications. “Since starting the company, my daughter gave birth to her second son and decided to stay home and be there for her children. I think she will eventually be back to continue what we started,” says Cruce. “We currently own one machine and can sling any material up to 3 inches in diameter. We have worked with rock, sand, soil, compost, wood chips and decomposed granite.

These machines are everywhere up in the Pacific Northwest performing just about any backfill or spreading job you can imagine. We are the company that is now exposing California to this available machinery and technology. It is all about education right now, and I can see having five to eight of these units in our fleet very soon.” Cruce points to the significant benefits of having the AT7 Stone Slinger out on a job site. “The time, labor, and cost savings as compared to conventional methods are what drives the demand for our new venture. Let’s just take spreading mulch as an example. You would need a skid steer with multiple piles and four or five laborers spreading with shovels. You might get 100 yards a day in if you are efficient,” continues Cruce. “Our AT7 Stone Slinger can

process more than 800 yards in one day without any laborers. The operations are all done through remote control, so you remain at a safe distance throughout the entire process.” Cruce also points to the commercial landscaping companies and the benefits they will see from a company like California Stone Slingers. “A typical commercial landscaping company will use a skid steer and several laborers to backfill hundreds of islands with soil, compost, or top dressing on a parking lot paving project,” explains Cruce. “We can go in and spread the soil while they follow with the plants and then circle back around with the mulch or top dressing in a fraction of the time. All of this saves time, labor, { Continued on page 26 }

Below: Dump truck filling the RL26HD reloader on Flatiron/Skanska/Stacy Witbeck joint venture on the I-15. Left Inset: John Deere loader filling the RL26HD reloader with compost for a project along Highway 99 in Madera at the Avenue 17 exit.

T R U S T U S ‌W E K N O W R E N TA L ! L O A D E R S

54 Years In Business


RER Top 100 Rental Company



225 Tier 4 Machines


Over 50,000 Rental Transactions



Industry Leaders in Heavy Equipment Rental since 1966

Above & Right: California Stone Slinger’s AT7 Stone Slinger with the RL26HD reloader on a unique project loading shipping containers with aggregates for Graniterock who is shipping them to several Pacific islands for use on construction projects.

{ Continued from page 24 }

fuel costs, and this allows the landscape firm to service more projects each year.” California Stone Slingers also owns and utilizes a RL26HD reloader that can handle four-plus tons of material in the hopper that continually feeds the AT7 Stone Slinger. A skid steer or wheel loader can be used to load the hopper, which can be done by the contractor or California Stone Slingers can provide the equipment and labor. Additionally, the contractor can source their materials or take advantage of the buying power and relationships that Cruce has established for many years and have the entire operation be turnkey. “It all comes down to providing a service that allows a contractor to focus their equipment and labor on other tasks while we take care of the backfilling and spreading duties,” continue Cruce. “I would say that the only caveat would be that the job should have 100 yards of material or more to be cost-effective.” California Stone Slingers works for heavy highway and road building contractors, landscaping firms, 26

bridge contractors, underground utility contractors, shoring companies, as well as masonry and concrete companies that are constructing everything from foundations to retaining walls. “We are currently putting rock down in eight-foot swaths and 3 inches thick on a highway median. Because of access, we will most likely only get around 400 tons done that day, but when we are backfilling for gas station fuel tanks, we can put in 1,400 tons in one day,” says Cruce. “We can throw 3 tons of rock per minute and out to around 140 to 150 feet. There is just not another option that can compete with this type of production. Our competition uses another method, and they charge an hourly fee plus a per ton fee. California Stone Slingers charges a reasonable flat daily rate with the highest production available on the market.” California Stone Slingers is currently on another exciting job right now for Graniterock at their A.R. Wilson Quarry in Aromas. “This is a unique project where we are loading shipping containers with aggregates that Graniterock is

ASP H ALT CO NS TRU CT I O N / 2 0 2 0

shipping to several Pacific islands for use on construction projects. Materials like rock and sand are scarce on these islands, and this unique system is making these materials available in a manageable fashion,” continues Cruce. “In a time when labor is at a premium, and good workers are hard to find, the California Stone Slingers solution is simply a win/win for everyone involved. We are swamped right now with our main company Heavy Road & Rail, Inc., working at three separate Amazon locations performing site development work. We use California Stone Slingers on our jobs and will need to start adding more units to handle the upcoming demand for contractors throughout California. I am very bullish on our future for both companies, and I look forward to our exciting growth and expansion.” For more information on California Stone Slingers, please visit their informative website at or call their Fresno headquarters at (559) 400-0222 for a quote or more information. Cc C A LCO N T R AC TO R .CO M





FONTANA / 909-822-2200







$0 down payment No payments for up to 120 days 110% max advance Titanium & Platinum credit customers only Eligible Units: – 200 Series Skid Steer Loaders – 200 Series Compact Track Loader – Compact Excavators

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TR E NCH SHOR I NG COM PANY NOW OF F E RS COM POSITE TR E NCH COVE RS FOR DR IVEWAYS AN D PE DE STR IAN APPLICATION S SAVI NG TI M E AN D MON E Y The LowPro15/10 Infill reduces trip hazards in a run of trench covers by creating a flat surface between covers.

The LowPro 15/10 is the ideal solution for municipal underground sewer/water/ pipeline repairs.

LOS ANGELES (CA), April, 2020. For almost 50 years, Trench Shoring Company has been a leading supplier of steel trench plates to meet a wide range of heavy load requirements. However not all situations require steel plates. Trench Shoring Company has now added the Oxford® Composite LowPro® 15/10 Trench Covers to its trench plate product line. These 28

covers deliver a light-weight, yet sturdy alternative for driveway and pedestrian trench cover applications. Primarily a pedestrian-and lightvehicle rated product, the LowPro 15/10 trench cover is perfect for sidewalks, driveways and small trenches up to 4 feet long and 36 inches wide. The Oxford LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover takes only seconds to install, requiring just a

ASP H ALT CO NS TRU CT I O N / 2 0 2 0

two- person lift. The covers eliminate the need for heavy machinery, fitting in a pickup truck. Customers are providing positive feedback about how much they appreciate the new Oxford Composite LowPro covers, and are particularly enthusiastic about the ease of transport, simple installation and ability to reuse the cover multiple times. C A LCO N T R AC TO R .CO M

Manufactured with anti-trip beveled edges and an anti-skid textured surface molded into the plate, the covers are long-lasting over multiple uses, unlike single-use plywood. Additionally, gas vents and probe holes are designed into the product, which is also shockresistant for added safety. The Oxford LowPro Covers enable access and mobility for pedestrians and light-weight vehicles, making the covers ideal for both foot traffic and wheelchairs. The Infill Strip connects several covers in line, preventing drifting. The LowPro 15/10 composite cover’s patented Flexi-Edge system eliminates the need to anchor down or cold patch, also reducing trip hazards. The LowPro covers a 36” trench accommodating 7,716 lbs. of vehicle traffic, and 48” for pedestrian traffic up to 882 lbs. Specifications are: length: 59”; width: 39.3”, height: 1.3”; weight: 92.5-105.8 lbs. Customers can use and reuse the covers, easily moving from one site or specific location to another. An additional advantage: the LowPro’s lower cost gives customers an option to purchase or rent the covers. The Oxford LowPro is perfect for satisfying countless other plating applications such as: • Covering holes and small trenches next to a sidewalk CALCON TRAC TOR .CO M

Easy two-person lift; no need for specialized heavy equipment to deliver or install.

• Safe, sturdy surface for sporting events, especially if the ground is muddy • Safe cover for below ground electrical and plumbing work • Safe and easily deployed ground and floor covers for interior work in facilities or warehouses Notes Trench Shoring Company Sales Manager, Barry Corea, “Our customers are constantly showing us additional uses for the LowPro covers. Their flexibility and versatility for small trench applications, ease of use, low weight and ease of transporting is a real advantage for many projects.” Safe, simple and strong, the Oxford® LowPro® trench plates are just the latest unique product offering from Trench Shoring Company. We know every job is different. Our expert consultants are there to help guide your project, train your teams, and ensure your shoring equipment needs are met— starting with offering 13 standard and custom sizes of Trench Tops ™ (trench plates), as well as Trench

Shields™, Hydraulic Shoring, SBH® Slide Rail and additional underground equipment. For decades, the Southern California and Nevada construction industry has counted on Trench Shoring Company for our extensive construction knowledge, complete inventory and same-day service. We know time is money, so we produce same-day service from our 10 locations across Southern California, Bakersfield, Fresno, the San Joaquin Valley and Las Vegas. Additionally, Trench Shoring Company’s “Competent Person Training and Confined Space Entry Training” meet all NUCA guidelines and is an important element of the company’s “Safety and Service” commitment to the industry. Whether it’s for a current project— or your next project—Trench Shoring Company should be your first choice for shoring equipment and service. Trench Shoring Company has consistently handled our customer’s toughest jobs and the most challenging job requirements— with safety, service and customer satisfaction—since our start in 1973. Cc

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The current pandemic has revealed the holes in many employers’ practices and procedures. As employees get desperate to provide for themselves, we are seeing an increase in litigation for alleged wrongful termination, supposed industrial injuries, and wage and hour violations. The State of California can make it challenging for employers to protect themselves. Below I will share some ideas you can utilize to better protect your company. One major area of focus has to be documentation. Information is often passed by word-of-mouth or through informal conversation. This becomes a problem when it comes to disciplinary action or performance issues. The ability to document and provide narrative for termination or disciplinary action is critical in defending against fraudulent cases. With this in mind, any and all issues pertaining to an employee should be documented and included in the employee’s file. Similar to this, we often find that employers do not update or review their policies regularly with their employees. This can become an issue when an employee claims a wrongful action against the employer. A common problem occurs when an employee states that an injury went unreported because they did not know to report it. Regularly updating and educating your employees on your policies can protect you in cases such as this. 30

ASP H ALT CO NS TRU CT I O N / 2 0 2 0

It is also important to keep job descriptions and physical requirements updated and documented. These are both critical in outlining the employee’s responsibilities with the company and providing measurements for injury based on their physical responsibilities for the company. This provides your claims team with direction in investigating claims as well as being able to refute fraudulent claims. With these in mind, the following tips will be helpful in documenting and bulletproofing your policies and procedures. • Maintain detailed documentation of employees for their employee file. • Provide staff written copies of expectations in work responsibilities and physical needs. • Have employees sign off on employment documents with an acknowledgement. • Review all policies/procedures and employment practices regularly to ensure amenability. • Ensure clear and concise direction in policies/procedures for all employment practices.

Steve Cota, CRIS, directs the Construction Program for Patriot Risk & Insurance Services in Irvine, California. For more information regarding the above or any other insurance-related questions, he may be reached at (949) 486-7947 or C A LCO N T R AC TO R .CO M


A S PH A LT CO N S T RUC T I O N / 2 0 2 0


Full-Size Performance, Short-radius Agility and Quiet Operation


Model : SK35SR-6E Program : 0% for 54 months and 90 Day deferral options for qualifying customers WORK SMARTER – NOT HARDER

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Composite Trench Covers


For your toughest jobs you demand experienced professionals, backed by the largest inventory. We deliver “THIS” and more!

Trench Shoring Company was founded in 1973 on our commitment to provide the construction industry with the finest in shoring equipment, including Trench Tops™ (trench plates), Trench Shields™, Hydraulic Shoring, Slide Rail and additional underground equipment. Our Trench Tops come in thirteen standard sizes with special sizes available on request. We also offer same-day service from our ten locations. What’s more, because we know every job is different, your rep will personally consult at your jobsite or office. Our dedication to safety and service are key to our growth and customer satisfaction. Trench Shoring Company will be there to service your most challenging job requirements.



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Need equipment for your road building projects? Sonsray Machinery has the machines for the job. Case’s new vibratory Single drum and Double Drum asphalt rollers deliver 100% tractive effort and reliable compaction performance. Did You Know? The CASE 621F and 721F Wheel Loaders were named 2016 Asphalt Contractor Top 30 Editor's Choice Award Winners.


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