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It is the existential question for your business. Ignore it at your peril. EQUIPMENT ISSUE INSIDE: Chris Gerber with G3 Quality 2023 Equipment Guide Fall Conference highlights HOW do you KNOW?
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Publisher’s Letter

Working together to ensure successful outcomes

As a new member of the Board of Directors representing CalAPA associate members I’m pleased to introduce this issue of CalAPA’s association magazine, “California Asphalt.” In addition to our annual guide on new equipment, association news and other features, this issue also features an in-depth article on the importance of having quality information to drive successful outcomes. Or, as the article puts it, “How do you know how you’re doing?”

As a construction materials testing company, we sit squarely at the intersection of customer needs and expectations as set forth in construction standards, test methods and schedules. We must stay on top of the best practices of today while also preparing for the changes of tomorrow. If we’re managing change effectively, we will continue to provide outstanding service, contribute to successful projects, and also give the project owner confidence that they are getting what they’re paying for.

Our processes help ensure that we deliver on our commitments every day. This requires a skilled and knowledgeable staff, and the proper equipment and technology. If equipment breaks down, it could delay our ability to deliver the timely test results, which ultimately could be very disruptive to the project. Similarly, if there are bottlenecks in the efficient processing and communicating of test results, frustrating delays can result.

Just when you think you have a handle on the latest and greatest, new innovations emerge on the scene with the potential to upend how we do things. Ultimately, the end-goal may have merit, but transitioning from where we are now to the desired state can be painful. Our understanding and deployment of “Intelligent Compaction” technologies is just one example that comes to mind. Another is eTicketing.

Still, it is essential that we stay on top of new innovations and exploit them where appropriate to be more efficient and, ultimately, deliver outstanding products and services to our customers. Or, in the words of famed NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz (made famous in the movie “Apollo 13”): “Failure is not an option.”

CalAPA’s leadership recently updated its Strategic Plan for 2023-25, and a draft was distributed to all members. A commitment to innovation appears throughout the document. In promoting the asphalt pavement industry in California, the association will continue to gather and disseminate valuable information on best practices, emerging technologies, new standards and procedures. Members can be assured that, armed with that information, they can operate profitably today and also be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Working together, I’m confident that we’ll always have a good answer for the question, “How are you doing?”

California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue 4


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GUEST PUBLISHER: Chris Gerber, G3 Quality PUBLISHED BY: Construction Marketing Services, LLC •
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GRAPHIC DESIGN: Aldo Myftari CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Russell W. Snyder, CAE, CalAPA ADVERTISING SALES: Kerry Hoover, CMS, (909) 772-3121 Copyright © 2022 – All Rights Reserved. No portion of this publication may be reused in any form without prior permission of the California Asphalt Pavement Association. California Asphalt is the official publication of the California Asphalt Pavement Association. This bimonthly magazine distributes to members of the California Asphalt Pavement Association; contractors; construction material producers; Federal, State and Local Government Officials; and others interested in asphalt pavements in California and gaining exclusive insight about the issues, trends and people that are shaping the future of the industry. Volume 25, Issue 6 Page 28 Page 16 Page 8 Publisher’s Letter How Do You Know? It is the existential question for your business. Ignore it at your peril. Member Services Get the full value of your membership 2023 Equipment Guide CalAPA equipment distributor member listings Association News New Caltrans Director, rich program, Women of Asphalt power Fall Asphalt Pavement Conference in Sacramento 4 8 20 16 On the Cover: Cover illustration by Aldo Myftari, Construction Marketing Services, LLC. 28 6 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue
W. Snyder, CAE,
Brandon M. Milar, P.E.,
(909) 772-3121
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As regular readers of this publication may know, my first career was in journalism. Later, I worked as a communications professional and spokesman for the California Department of Transportation. During my time at Caltrans I developed and deployed training statewide for Caltrans executives and managers on effective media relations training. Some of the key takeaways from that training was featured in this magazine in 2020 during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In helping managers understand the media, I started out the training with some fundamental building blocks of how news professionals put together a story, including answering the “Five W’s plus H.” This of course is, Who, What, When, Where and Why, plus How. All of these questions are important and journalist seek to make sure all are answered in a story. During this discussion I often asked participants to cite the most important question of the six (to stimulate some engagement and debate), and it was always interesting to hear the various answers, and justification for each. As the “sage on the stage,” I would weigh in at the end on my opinion of the most important question: “Why?” I would explain that reporters should always be seeking to answer the question “Why should I care?” in the story. A standard rule of thumb in newsrooms was that this question should be answered no lower than the fourth paragraph of any story. This is sometimes referred to as

the “nut graf.” In other words, the first paragraph, or "lede," may start off with the breaking news, and the second or third paragraph may contain some attribution or a quote from a key source of information for the news story. But at some point, and soon, editors will be looking for a sentence or two to tell the reader why this news is worth their time and attention. Often this involves putting the breaking news in some sort of context. Good editors will either insert the context, or to drive home the lesson to lazy reporters, kick the story back to them to fix.

But if you are a business, or even an organization, which of these Five W’s Plus H questions is the most important? Certainly, the why question clamors for attention. For example, your company should have a clear sense of purpose, often reflected in your strategic plan, and you can use this as a communication tool to make sure everyone in your company understands the mission and is doing their part to support it. This is what helps define the culture of a company. The CalAPA Board of Directors recently reviewed and updated our organization’s strategic plan for the next three years, and there were lively discussions on this topic by our board leadership.

Unfortunately, for many companies or organizations, culture is frequently overlooked or even dismissed. One of my favorite quotes is from one of the most influential business thinkers of modern times, Peter Drucker,

who famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” For companies that have a clear sense of purpose, and strong culture, any employee from the CEO to the front-line staff can answer the “why” question, and explain how they are contributing to the mission (this presumes, of course, that the mission is the right one. More on that later.).

Every company executive says the company has a strong culture, but reality may be quite different. Management consultants have a simple way of testing this. During a management audit, they will select random employees and put the following questions to them: “What is the mission of the company? Tell me what you do, and how it supports the mission of the company?” In highperforming organizations, everyone knows the mission and sees their contribution to success. In lesserperforming organizations, not so much. It’s my experience, by the way, that the best management consultants don’t tell you what to do. They ask probing questions, and in the process what needs to be done is revealed.

Still, in my career leading organizations large and small, and studying many others, another question continuously rises to the top in my mind. That question is, How? As in, “How do you know?” For the purposes of this article we will assume that everyone in your company or organization can answer the “Why” question. Now it is up to you as leaders of your

8 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue
It is the existential question for your business. Ignore it at your peril.

company or organization to be able to answer the “How” question or questions. Warning: This can lead to some uncomfortable conversations among your leadership team (if your culture allows for honest self-assessment instead of shooting the messenger).

Let’s start off with a simple example. If, say, you are a paving contractor, are you good at what you do? I suppose you could respond with a resounding “yes” because your proud of what you do, have been doing it for years, and you’re still in business. But that’s not a real answer. The focus question is, “How do you know?” Is saying your company is good at what you do more than a slogan or an opinion? What objective criteria do you base that statement on? Customer satisfaction numbers? Social media reviews? Benchmarking? (Comparing yourself to similar companies). What about growth or profitability? And are short-term profits grabbed at the expense of long-term success? The fact is, if you can’t answer the “How do you know?” question with an authoritative answer, backed up by verifiable facts or data, then you don’t know. Your claim is empty.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with the asphalt pavement industry? Everything. Companies large and small that cannot answer the “How do you know?” question, in the asphalt business or any other line of work, are at risk for underperforming, getting clobbered by the competition or even getting whipsawed by changing market dynamics. A quote often attributed to Warren Buffett put it this way when discussing what happens in an economic downturn, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” With most economists predicting an economic downturn around the corner, or perhaps already upon us, is your company prepared to withstand it?

By now you’re thinking, “We’re doing good because our financials are strong.” Yes, financial performance is an important yardstick to success. After all, companies that lose money go out of business every day. Even in the association world, as CalAPA Treasurer Scott Bottomley with Sully-Miller wrote in this magazine in 2020, “There’s an old saying in the association circles, ‘Non-profit is a tax status, not a business strategy.’”

But if you are operating a profitable business, how do you know if it is as profitable as it could be? Are you leaving money on the table? In an economic downturn that cushion could quickly turn into a millstone. And, as mentioned earlier, are you grabbing short-term profits at the expense of long-term and sustainable success? Having a definitive answer to that “How” question is the difference between operating a successful business and one that can be argued is best-in-class. If you’ve ever attended a CalAPA class, you know this question is the common thread that we put front-and-center of all our offerings. Our marketing puts it bluntly, “What you don’t know can cost you!” In this era of cutthroat competition and consolidation, you can’t afford to be leaving money on the table. Similarly, you can’t afford to be part of a company that is not built for long-term success.

Figuring out what you don’t know is critical in this area. CalAPA recognizes that and builds all of our products and services around that concept. For example, we ask attendees of all CalAPA classes, conferences and other knowledgesharing activities to evaluate our deliverables (which is not an uncommon practice in the training field). But learning from that feedback and taking action on it is essential, otherwise it is just an empty exercise. We tabulate the results of all evaluations, report it to our association leadership, and

also share it with our presenters so they can benefit from the feedback and improve for the next time. Several years back we added a question to the evaluation sheets, “What was the single most important thing you learned today?” The answers to this question have been fascinating, and very diverse. People take away different things from a class, say, based on their own experience and skill level, but the goal is that everyone can take away something valuable that they can put to work right away. Usually that one thing can pay for the cost of the training many times over. This gets back to the essential question, “How do you know you know everything you need to know?” We also ask all of our customers (members, nonmembers and agency personnel) what other topics or classes we should offer in the future, and then fold that information into our future planning. With so much changing in the world of asphalt, our business model relies on the following premise: no one person can possibly stay on top of everything. Our offerings are constantly evolving to adapt to changing customer needs and expectations, new standards and innovations. In short, we always want to be providing valuable information to members in many different forms to help them work smarter, safer and more profitably. And we must have a robust process in place to continuously evaluate and update those products and services.

CalAPA, of course, is known for being an authority on all things asphalt, and that is reflected in our broad array of technical knowledge-sharing activities. Our most popular training class, “Asphalt Pavement 101,” is always well-attended because it is not only a good overview of all things asphalt, but also updated constantly, which makes it an ideal refresher course for experienced

9 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue

personnel. Another popular class offered by CalAPA is geared for experienced plant personnel, “Principles & Best Practices for Asphalt Plant Production.” Sure, the person in the control room may understand how all the buttons and levers work, and the Quality Control manager may understand about mix design, but can they optimize their plant operations to squeeze every last drop of profit

out of it? Everyone who walks out of this class carries with them a list of tweaks they can make to equipment or procedures to make their employer more money. In a case like this, the “How” question could be, “How do you know you are operating your plant as efficiently and profitably as you can?” This class helps attendees answer that question. In some areas, they can answer “yes” and

in other areas “no.” And, invariably, the answer is different for each participant based on their own operations.

Circling back to our earlier example of a paving contractor, answering the question of where you stand compared to the competition in an authoritative way is essential to winning new customers and keeping established ones. That was part of the motivation for the association to create the “Quality Paving Certificate” program. I can tell you I know how to drive, but I have a card in my wallet (a driver’s license) that proves I have met widely accepted standards in that regard, and at some point have had to prove it to an independent entity. The Quality Paving Certificate is a rigorous process whereby companies must demonstrate to an independent entity (in this case, CalAPA) that they have met the industryrecognized criteria for excellence for asphalt paving, which includes participating in technical training courses, doing a 200-question self-evaluation and passing a written exam with a score of 80% or better. How do we know we are good at what we do? We have the piece of paper to prove it.

There is another key question for companies to answer: How am I doing compared to others? This can get complicated, but certainly with a little effort gaining insight in this area can be obtained. One way is to join an association of peers, like CalAPA. Interacting with other like-minded companies in your industry will give you a sense of how you are doing compared to others. Then there is market intelligence, which, to borrow a term from the military, provides “situational awareness,” or understanding the world around you that is influencing your operations. Again, CalAPA has listened to its members in this regard and developed important

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products, such as our member-only “Member Alerts,” comprehensive Asphalt Market Forecast for California and other publications, including this magazine.

Answering “How” questions is nothing new, but it is hard. This applies to a CEO on a quarterly earnings call, or an executive reporting to a board of directors. It even comes into play for a manager answering to higher-ups. If there is no clear understanding of the “How” questions that apply to your situation (and a way to measure them), the message being conveyed is you don’t know, and therefore cannot possibly have a plan to move forward. Here’s another way to look at it: When the cost-cutters come around in the next recession, how can you demonstrate your value to the company or organization, and prove that your position is worth preserving? Look to your left and to your right. Does everyone have an answer to that question? Those that don’t may not be around long.

As I mentioned earlier, these concepts are not new, but they can sometimes be forgotten. GE was once the richest and most respected company on Earth, and spawned many imitators. But over time the company drifted from what had made it great, and today is a shadow of its former self (and a cautionary tale that has spawned a current best-selling business book.) The Walt Disney Co. is another recent example. The company experienced dizzying growth under CEO Robert Iger, only to drift the past two years under his successor, Bob Chapek. After a widely panned earnings call where Chapek underwhelmed investors about his own “How” question, namely how he would turn things around, he was unceremoniously dumped by his board over a weekend in

November and Iger was brought back as interim CEO. Ignore the “how” question at your peril indeed.

One of the most important roadmaps for answering the “How” question is, in my opinion, the Presidential Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which has an interesting asphalt connection. First, full disclosure: I’m a previous senior examiner of the California version of the Baldrige Award for organizational performance excellence, which afforded me the opportunity to study the award criteria (which is more than 50 pages) and evaluate companies that apply for the award by answering scores of difficult “how” questions. The Baldrige Award is developed by the National Institute for Standards and Technology, part of the U.S. Commerce Department (created by Congress and named after a former U.S. Commerce Secretary). This is no “everyone gets a trophy” exercise. Only top-performing companies or organizations are recognized, and only the finalists merited a site visit by a group of judges (known as “examiners”) to verify

Scan to view the 2012 California Asphalt magazine profile of Bruce Woolpert and the Graniterock Baldrige Award journey.

what is presented in the application is true and matched by reality (which often involves interviews with random employees). The asphalt connection to the Baldrige is that CalAPA member Graniterock, based in Watsonville, was the first company in the construction sector to be awarded a Baldrige Award, and it was presented to then company CEO Bruce Woolpert by then President George H.W. Bush in 1992. I wrote about Wolpert and the company’s Baldrige journey in this magazine back in 2012. A QR Code accompanying this article will link directly to an on-line version of that article. It’s a good case study of a company that answered all the “how” questions.

Speaking of the Baldrige criteria, I thumbed through the most current version in doing research for this article. In the beginning, a “how” question puts it rather succinctly: “How do I know how I’m doing?” It goes on to offer a few more specific “how” questions that are designed to cut through hubris and management double-speak. “With the Baldrige framework, you

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Above: In 1992, President George H.W. Bush presented a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award to Bruce Woolpert, then-CEO of Graniterock. To win the award, the company successfully answered the difficult “how” questions.
12 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue

assess and improve your processes along these dimensions” it states, and goes on to enumerate the key areas thusly:

• Approach: How do you accomplish your organization’s work? How systematic and effective are your key approaches?

• Deployment: How consistently are your key approaches used in relevant parts of your organization?

• Learning: How well have you evaluated and improved your key approaches? How well have improvements been shared within your organization? Has new knowledge led to innovation?

• Integration: How well do your approaches reflect your current and future organizational needs? How well are processes and operations harmonized across your organization to achieve key organization-wide goals?

The framework also offers some non-how questions that are just as important to consider:

• Levels: What is your current performance on a meaningful measurement scale?

• Trends: Are the results improving, staying the same or getting worse?

• Comparisons: How does your performance compare with that of competitors, or with benchmarks or industry leaders?

• Integration: Are you tracking results that are important to your organization? Are you using the results in decision-making?

The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence has seven sections, by the way, filled with many more focus questions like the ones above. The seven categories

are: Leadership; Strategy; Customers; Measurement, Analysis & Knowledge Management; Workforce; Operations; and Results. It is constantly calling out companies to “show” their results with data, and that requires measurement. Like the old management saying goes, “what gets measured, gets done.”

Many companies never apply for an award, but rather use the criteria as a management selfassessment. Others go through the process of answering the questions (or identifying areas where they have gaps in deployment), fix the problems, and then apply for the award later. As the criteria booklet states, “As you respond to the Criteria questions and assess your responses, you will begin to identify strengths and gaps – first within the Criteria categories, and then among them. The coordination of key processes, and feedback between your processes and your results, will lead to cycles of improvement. As you continue to use the framework, you will learn more and more about your organization and begin to define the best ways to build on your strengths, close gaps, and innovate.”

To bring this back to an asphalt example, and the generic paving contractor mentioned earlier, the CalAPA Quality Asphalt Paving Certificate self-assessment, by design, reinforces many of these themes. For example, everyone understands that customers are important. No customers, no business. But, in the Quality Asphalt Paving Certificate self-assessment, there are a series of questions under the heading of “Customer & Employee Satisfaction,” including: “The company has a process in place to promptly and effectively address customer complaints” and “The company regularly reviews customer feedback to identify ways to improve, and implements those improvements.”

And then there is, “The company routinely conducts after-project reviews to ensure customersowners are satisfied with the final product and to identify opportunities for improvement.” A paving company that does not have these types of best-practices in place will score low on the self-assessment portion of the Quality Asphalt Paving Certificate application process. As you can see, the Baldrige DNA is embedded in this criteria for performance excellence in the asphalt paving industry.

All of which brings us back to the central theme for this article, posed in the form of a question by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria: “How do I know how I’m doing?” If you don’t have a ready answer to that question, then you’re probably not doing as well as you think (or hope) you are. And now, armed with this information, I’ll pose one final question: What are you going to do about it? CA

Russell W. Snyder, CAE, is executive director of the California Asphalt Pavement Association.


“Excellence Framework” (2020-21), Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (Managed by the National Institute for Standards and Technology).

Snyder, R. (2020) “Communicating effectively in a crisis,” California Asphalt, Journal of the California Asphalt Pavement Association, Vol. 24, Issue 2, PP 8-12.

Snyder, R. (2020) “An Appreciation: Bruce W. Woolpert.” California Asphalt, Journal of the California Asphalt Pavement Association, Vol. 15, Issue 5, PP 8-12.

Cohan, W.D. (2022) Power Failure: The Rise and Fall of An American Icon. Portfolio.

13 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue
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Equipment offered: Atlas Copco (Dynapac) double smooth drum rollers, rubber tired rollers, single drum rollers, tampers, vibra plates. Gorman-Rupp pumps and pumping systems. Finn Corp. hydroseeders, bark, mulch and straw blowers. Komatsu excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, compact multi-purpose loaders, backhoes, skip loaders, skid steer loaders. Komatsu forklifts. JLG lifts. Yanmar diesel engines.


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20 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue

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skip loaders, excavators, backhoes, skid steers, motor graders, wheel loaders, crawler loaders, Hitachi excavators & rigid frame trucks, Hamm compaction equipment and Doosan air compressors, Trail King trailers and Kent hydraulic breakers.
Equipment Offered: Since
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offered: Bomag Cedarapids asphalt pavers and pick-up machines, Bomag double drum and
and profilers and stabilizers,
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cold planers, asphalt pavers, road reclaimers, soil stabilizers, asphalt compactors, soil compactors, pneumatic compactors, vibratory asphalt compactors, vibratory soil compactors. Weiler Paving Product Line: asphalt windrow elevators, commercial pavers, remixing transfer vehicles, road wideners. Roseville,
pneumatic rollers
Astec/ Roadtec
and stabilizers, Astec/Carlson paving
Etnyre oil spreaders

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Material Transfer Vehicles: Tungsten carbide augers, hopper protection, floors. Pavers: floors, screeds, augers, curb machine parts.

Parts and solutions for: Asphalt Plants: flights, liners, mixer tips, silo liners, slat floors, and more. We can ARMOR your Loader/Excavator Buckets: cutting edges, corner protectors, heel plates, modular bucket floors, side protectors etc. Crushers: Kenco’s Black Gold RAP crusher, HSI apron and wall liners, Jaw cheek plates and RAP crusher liners. Miscellaneous Wear: Kenco Wear Patch: Highly effective wear solution in many sizes and shapes. Wear Plates: Kenco Alloy-K wear plates from .375” to 1” thick in 550 and 700 Brinell and unlimited range of Tungsten Carbide impregnated parts and plates.

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Main Office Jurupa Valley, CA (951) 682-1091

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Ontario, CA (909) 930-1822 Tracy, CA (209) 830-8600

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PAPÉ MACHINERY (916) 922-7181

concrete, intelligent compaction rollers, micro-mills, micro-planers, rumble strip machines, asphalt pulverizers and smoothness solutions. PAVEMENT RECYCLING SYSTEMS, INC (800) 966-7774 Fortuna, CA (707) 725-1888 Chico, CA (530) 343-1911 Redding, CA (530) 243-5410 San Leandro, CA (510) 357-6200 San Martin, CA (408) 686-1195 Santa Rosa, CA (707) 576-1616 Ukiah, CA (844) 349-4353 PETERSON CAT Equipment Offered: Caterpillar: cold planers, asphalt pavers, road reclaimers, soil stabilizers, asphalt compactors, soil compactors, pneumatic compactors, vibratory asphalt compactors, vibratory soil compactors. Weiler Paving Product Line: asphalt windrow elevators, commercial pavers, remixing transfer vehicles, road wideners. 22 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue
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Caterpillar: cold planers, soil compactors, vibratory soil compactors, vibratory asphalt compactors, pneumatic tire compactors, wheel and track asphalt pavers, screeds, and road reclaimers.

Weiler Paving Product Line: elevators, road wideners, remixing transfer vehicles and commercial pavers.

is northern California, Oregon, and southwest Washington’s

dealer, service

training facility

a complete portfolio of construction technology systems to the civil engineering, construction, heavy highway, aggregate, and waste management industries. We service our customers from locations in San Leandro, CA as well as Aurora, OR. Our product lines include: machine control systems, GPS systems, surveying equipment, engineering software, UAV (drone) solutions, optical instruments, construction lasers, UAV (drone) solutions, and accessories. As an independent factory dealer, we also sell and service Loadrite™, Spectra Precision, Seco, and Crain products.

Equipment Offered: Doosan
4 wheeled excavators,
4 crawler excavators, articulated dump trucks and attachments. New Holland compact excavators, compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and track loaders. Kobelco conventional excavators, demolition machines, SR series and mini excavators. Full line Mecalac dealer and Merlo Telehandler. San Leandro, CA 888-4-A-LASER Aurora, OR (503) 280-1505 SITECH NORCAL
Equipment Offered: SITECH NorCal
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provider, and certified
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Equipment/Services Offered: SITECH Pacific serves the construction market technology needs from our Inland Empire Office in Riverside, California. As an Authorized Trimble Dealer, we offer Trimble Machine Control and Site Positioning products, solutions, consultation and training to support our customers’ success in the field.




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Equipment/Services Offered:

SITECH West is your one-stop source for high-tech solutions for construction equipment in California’s Central and North Valley. As an authorized, independent Trimble dealer located in Sacramento, we’re able to offer a wide selection of new, used and rental Trimble products that will help you maximize performance and productivity on every project. We also provide complete sales and service for Seco, Apache, Laserline and Crain equipment. Our technology product offerings include:


Bakersfield, CA (661) 387-6090 Corona, CA (951) 277-7620 Fresno, CA (559) 834-4420

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VOLVO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT & SERVICES Providing a full line of Volvo Heavy equipment along the state of California. Seven locations with sales, service, parts & rentals. Equipment Offered: Heavy construction equipment, compact construction equipment, road machinery, compaction equipment and portable power and demolition attachments. Being a CalAPA member has its benefits! For more details visit: or Call: 916.791.5044 25 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue

T b W k M 3D s h b d d with a e o o te W th e m upda e o an om ew m p ma h nes e s e e a d he h a o fi e ev yon a see mo ol e mo e n wo mo fi n y h n e e b o WOR SMANAGER COM with Trimble® WorksManager
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Equipment offered: TransTech
John Lamond – Sales Manager ELECTRONIC LABORATORIES,
Systems, established in 1994, is an innovative engineering company that produces the Pavement Quality Indicator (PQI). The PQI, our flagship product, is the original nonnuclear asphalt density gauge with over 25 years in the industry. The PQI 380 conforms to ASTM D7113 and AASHTO T343. Additionally, we produce the Notched Wedge Joint Maker (centerline joint) and the Shoulder Wedge Maker (meets FHWA safety edge requirements). Although TransTech Systems is an independent company in Upstate
NY, our influence is worldwide with our products used in over 87 countries.
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Trimble® WorksManager gives you a 3D site picture of everything being done, or not done, with any asset on your site. With real-time updates to and from site crews, multiple machines, the site trailer, and the head office, everyone can see more, solve more, and work more efficiently than ever before.

Trimble WorksManager ensures you’re always connected and up to date with automatic data transferring to and from devices to and from the field.


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with Trimble WorksManager

New Caltrans Director, rich program, Women of Asphalt power Fall Asphalt Pavement Conference in Sacramento

Newly appointed Caltrans Director Tony Tavares was a featured speaker. He spoke about his new appointment, various initiatives and his approach to partnering and future funding projections.

The 13th annual Fall Asphalt Pavement Conference was held Oct. 26-28 in Sacramento. The event was filled nearly to capacity in both content and attendees, with a rich and diverse program that proved popular with CalAPA members and agency personnel alike.

Newly appointed Caltrans Director Tony Tavares, a well-known and respected leader fluent in all things asphalt, kicked off the Oct. 27 General Session by highlighting the foundational principles guiding the department as it works to convert record high levels of funding for infrastructure into projects that will protect and enhance the transportation system, communities and the environment.

"The transportation sector has a direct impact on whether people thrive in California or don't thrive in California," Tavares said. He then proceeded to tick off the direct connection of investments to jobs, the economy and our state's quality of life made by Senate Bill 1, the $50 billion Road Repair & Accountability Act of 2017, and the first influx of

funds to California from last year's $1.2 trillion federal Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act. "It is the largest transportation infrastructure bill I have seen in my 32-year career," he said, "and probably the largest since the Interstate Highway System was built in the 1950s and 1960s."

Tavares took the opportunity to provide a report card on SB1, now marking its fifth anniversary. He said the department estimated that more than 4,000 SB1-funded projects have been delivered, valued at over $16 billion, and that all the activity contributed to creating or preserving more than 200,000 jobs. He thanked CalAPA and others for supporting the passage of SB1 in the California Legislature, and also campaigning to preserve it in 2018 when it was threatened by a repeal at the ballot box. CalAPA and its member companies contributed more than $7 million to defeat the gas-tax repeal, which appeared as Prop. 6 on the Nov. 6, 2018 ballot.

Tavares said Caltrans delivered about $3.1 billion worth of projects

during the last fiscal year that ended June 30, and that this year the department's goal is to deliver $5.4 billion worth of projects. He said that figure should increase to about $7 billion next year and continue at that level for several years. Noting the contributions of the construction industry to advocate for prudent infrastructure investments, and to build those improvements, Tavares said, "Everything starts and ends with partnerships. What we do at Caltrans cannot be done without all of you."

The CalAPA Board of Directors presented Tavares with a framed copy of the cover of most recent issue of California Asphalt, the Journal of the California Asphalt Pavement Association, which recognizes the department for its award-winning work on deploying the Long-life Asphalt Pavement design strategy across California.

The Fall Asphalt Pavement Conference kicked off Oct. 26 with a special "Balanced Mix Design Symposium" led by Randy West, Director and Research Professor

Russell Snyder, CalAPA Executive Director (left), Steve Ward, PRS, Tony Tavares, Caltrans, Jordan Reed, VSSI, Scott Fraser, RJ Noble Co. and Jeff Benedict, Valero.
28 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue

CalAPA Executive Director Russell Snyder (right) presented Tony Tavares, Director – Caltrans with a poster of the cover of California Asphalt magazine, that issue celebrated and recognized Caltrans’ efforts on longlife asphalt pavements.

of the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University. He was joined by Fan Yin, Assistant Director and Assistant Research Professor at NCAT.

The other General Session keynote address was delivered by Sam Hassoun, a civil engineer and founder of Global Leadership Alliance, who gave a compelling talk on the return on investment of partnering activities. Chu Wei, representing the Federal Highway Administration, provided a federal update, and Cathrina Barros, Chief of the Caltrans Office of Asphalt Pavement was joined by Ashley Batson representing Ingevity to give an update on the "Women of Asphalt" initiative nationally and in California. CalAPA is supporting the local branch of the Women of Asphalt effort. CalAPA's Director of Technical Services, Brandon Milar, P.E., gave an overview of "The Road Forward," the national asphalt industry "Net Zero" climate initiative. Numerous breakout sessions allowed attendees to customize their conference experience. DingXin Cheng, Director of the California Pavement Preservation Center at Chico State University, presented on best practices in asphalt pavement compaction, and Batson, of Ingevity, presented on the latest research and developments with regard to Warm Mix Asphalt technology. John

DingXin Cheng, PHD, Director California Pavement Preservation Center (CP2) gave a presentation on compaction of asphalt pavements.

Jeremy Peterson-Self, P.E., Chief Materials Management and Independent Assurance – Caltrans METS (left) and Dominika Ercolini P.E., Chief, Statewide Materials Support Branch – Caltrans METS gave a presentation on EPDs.

The Women of Asphalt – California branch met in person for the first time at the CalAPA Fall Asphalt Pavement Conference.
29 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue
Pictured from left to right: Patrick Sendegeya, Gary Houston, Kat Crownover, Valero, Steve Krause, CRM, Parrish Bowes, Nick Fisher, VSSI, Jeff Reed, George Reed Inc. and Jordan Reed, VSSI at the CalAPA “Selfie Station.”

Harvey, Director of the University of California Pavement Research Center and also the City & County Pavement Improvement Center, presented on the topic of pavement program management. Kevin McNeil with Graniterock gave a presentation on proper sample preparation, Jackie Wong and Guadalupe Magana from Caltrans gave an update on recent changes to the department's test methods, and Maurice Arbelaez with InstroTek presented on the technology behind pavement density measurement.

Other presentations included the latest on Environmental Product Declarations, by Jeremy PetersonSelf and Dominika Ercolini with Caltrans' Materials Engineering & Testing Services (METS), and Barros providing an update on Caltrans Long-life Asphalt Pavement design

strategy. Todd Mansell with Caterpillar delved into the use of new and existing technologies to improve paving quality and efficiency, and Doug Ford, president of Paving Coatings, presented on the use of recycled materials in seal-coat systems.

A popular breakout session was titled, "Using Existing Roadway Materials for Pavement Rehabilitation," and was co-presented by Allen King with Caltrans, Frank Farshidi with the City of San Jose, Marco Estrada with Pavement Recycling Systems and Dennis McElroy with Graniterock.

In conjunction with the conference, a popular social event was held the evening of Oct. 26 at the Topgolf Sports and Entertainment Complex in Roseville. In addition to the many vendor booths and displays, the

debut of a "selfie station" also made for some epic photos by conferencegoers and were trending on social media. More than 150 industry and agency personnel attended the conference, and about 60 participated in the Topgolf networking event. Both represented welcome in-person relationship-building activities after more than two years of COVID-19 disruption.

One of the most popular attendees at the conference was Andrew Onoja, a civil engineer employed with the Federal Roads Agency of Nigeria, who was attending his second CalAPA asphalt conference. He also attended the Spring Asphalt Pavement Conference in Ontario in 2014. He received special recognition from CalAPA for traveling the greatest distance to attend the conference. He said

Chu Wei P.E., Asset Management/ Pavements Engineer – FHWA California Division shared the current technical focus of the FHWA and various initiatives and resources available for deployment in California.

Enjoying the evening reception were Sarah Sisson, InstroTek, Inc. (left), Sydney Johnson, Earth Systems Pacific and Anthony Silva, Graniterock.

Sam Hassoun, President & CEO of Global Leadership Alliance gave a presentation on ROI and the future of partnering in the construction industry. Doug Ford, President, Pavement Coatings gave a presentation on the use of recycled materials in seal coat systems. Cathrina Barros P.E., Chief of Asphalt Pavements, Caltrans Pavement Program gave a presentation on Long Life Asphalt pavements in California. Dennis McElroy, FMG Division Manager – Graniterock gave a presentation on using existing roadway materials for pavement rehabilitation.
30 California Asphalt Magazine • 2023 Equipment Issue

the stresses to the pavement assets in urban areas like Los Angeles "drew my attention to California" and he was keenly interested in the presentations on Balanced Mix Design and other technical topics "so I can learn more to be useful to society and make an impact."

Graduate engineering students from the University of California Davis also attended the conference complements of the CalAPA event sponsors and supporting CalAPA's workforce development mission.

The event could not be put on without the generous support of the event sponsors and exhibitors. CA

Kevin McNeil, Research & Technical Services Asphalt Products Manager, Graniterock gave a presentation on the importance of sampling materials and preparation of samples in achieving representative test results. Victoria Martinez (front), Amy Biagi and Keely McCoy, Pavement Coatings. Frank Farshidi P.E., Division Manager City of San Jose (left), Allen King P.E., Senior Transportation Engineer, Caltrans, Dennis McElroy, FMG Division Manager – Graniterock and Marco Estrada, Division Manager, PRS.
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UC Davis PhD students; Ali Zarei (left), Mostofa Haider, Souvik Roy, Hanyu Deng, Mohammed Rahman and Fabian Paniagua.

Sun Valley Plants 11462 Penrose St. Sun Valley, Ca 91352

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