October 2020 California Cattleman

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WHAT ARE THE IMPACTS OF PROP 15? #1 ENDs prop 13 protections The ballot measure has a staggering price tag of $11.5 billion per year in property tax increases, repealing Prop 13’s protections for commercial and industrial properties that have provided California ranchers with economic certainty and stability.


TAXES skyrocketing


rangelands vanishing

Property taxes will increase on agricultural buildings and improvements, and nearly everything needed to move food from farm to fork. Structures like barns and feedlots will be heavily taxed; even fruit trees and vines will be subject to higher property taxes.

The very landscape of California is on the line. Prop 15 gives counties a tax incentive to zone land away from agriculture, and Prop 15’s increased tax liability will force some ranchers and farmers to sell their land to developers, eliminating open spaces and California’s breathtaking vistas.



How You Can Help defeat it • Visit DefeatProp15.com to get more information to share with friends! • Add the CCA “Protect Family Ranches, Defeat Prop 15” Facebook frame to your profile picture to publicly share that you oppose Prop 15. • Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper about the measure. Download a guide to writing one at www.noonprop15.org/take-action. • Explain why Prop 15 would threaten your ranch or family’s small business at www.noonprop15.org/share-your-story.

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