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Six Brave Steps to

Personal Freedom through


We are blessed to live at a time and in a country where our choices are virtually limitless; each of us has been given the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet many clients tell me that they feel trapped in circumstances in which it seems their choices are very limited, or in situations where they aren’t being heard.


y mentors teach that Courage + Self-Discipline = Freedom, and that rather than a final destination, attaining personal freedom is an ongoing journey of spurts, dips and spirals. Following are six steps to self-leadership you can take to attain freedom in your own life. I have taken them time and time again, and they have had a major impact on my own sense of independence.

1 Decide.&WFSZUIJOHUIBUIBQQFOTUPVTTUBSUTXJUI BDIPJDFWith freedom comes responsibility to lead yourself and create a life by design, not by default. Choose to be the CEO of YOU and create balanced—not toxic—success! What core values will you choose to guide your thoughts, feelings and actions?

2 Intend. 4FUBDMFBSJOUFOUJPOCBTFEPOXIBUIBW JOHNPSFGSFFEPNNFBOTUPZPVPerhaps it’s being released from self-criticism; shadow comforts such as alcohol, food or drug addiction; work that doesn’t fulfill you; financial struggle; fear of criticism; chronic pain; or dysfunctional family dynamics. Maybe you declare “enough is enough� and start speaking to be heard, even if you’re the only one listening.

3 Attend. (JWFZPVSHPBMUIFBUUFOUJPOJUEFTFSWFT BOEQVUJOTQJSFEBDUJPOCFIJOEXIBUZPVTBZ ZPVXBOU First, grab your journal and write down everything that holds you back or ties you down. Your path will become clear. Armed with a plan, you can confidently schedule that tough conversation, ask for support from trusted friends and family, chop up that credit card, find your tribe of like-minded others, or sign up for the class that your new direction requires.

4 Persist. :FT UIJTQBUISFRVJSFTTFMGEJTDJQMJOFAnd if you’re anything like me, you just cringed a little.


healthQuest | Fall 2015

By Christina Kunkle, CTA-CertiďŹ ed Life and Wellness Coach, RN

Look at discipline this way: Consistent small steps create amazing breakthroughs over time. It means staying committed to taking actions based on your definition of freedom, even when you don’t feel like it. It’s so easy to act based on our emotional reaction in the moment, isn’t it? But discipline means we’re creating our life instead of just reacting to it.

5 Deviate. 4FUCBDLTBSFBOFYQFDUFEQBSUPG CSFBLUISPVHITBOEDPNFCBDLT Of course there will be times you go numb and self-sabotage, or veer off course due to circumstances you can’t control. But instead of beating yourself up or giving up altogether, you show grace and get yourself back on track.

6 Re-decide. 4UBSU0WFSAchieving lasting success is a repeated process of positive choices. I encourage you to think more about what freedom means to you. At the heart of my “Synergy Success Manifesto� are the core values I help my clients cultivate as they move away from burnout and toward their potential for balanced success.

Coach challenge: How about writing your own manifesto, or “personal declaration of independence�? đ NBOJGFTUP—a public declaration of intentions, opinions or purposes đ EFDMBSBUJPO—a spoken or written statement that is emphatic and explicit You don’t have to spend one more day feeling stuck or unheard. You’re the one you’ve been waiting for! Be your own hero. As Benjamin Franklin said, “The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.�

4ZOFSHZ4VDDFTT.BOJGFTUP SYNERGY: Core values intentionally cultivated by heart-centered, purpose-driven professionals who strive to create balanced success without burning out.

SVDDFTTGVM—You are purposeful, intentional and collaborative, acting as a team player.

YPVOJRVF—You are “out of the box,� authentic and creative, daring to be different.

NVSUVSJOH—You are heart-centered, compassionate, generous and expanded.

EYDFQUJPOBM—You are high-achieving, extraordinary, dedicated and accountable. RFTJMJFOU—You are courageous, victorious, fierce and focused, taking a no-excuses approach. GSBUFGVM—You are appreciative, looking for the gifts hidden within your struggles.

YPVUIGVM—You are spirited, fun-loving, passionate and inspirational.


SUSPOHJOGBJUI—You have a daily spiritual practice and a foundation of inner peace. UOVTVBMMZPQUJNJTUJD—Your past does not define your worth or dictate your future. CPOÜEFOU—You are perfect regardless of your imperfections, and quick to celebrate progress.

CPNQFUFOU—You are skilled, single-minded and committed to excellence.

ENQPXFSFE—You are energetic, healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit.

SFOTFPGPXOFSTIJQ—You are CEO of your own life and take full responsibility for yourself.

SZTUFNPSJFOUFE—You design and implement a clear blueprint to achieve your desired results.

â– Christina Kunkle, RN, is a CTA-certiďŹ ed life and wellness coach and founder of Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching, LLC. To learn more, visit her website at www.synergylifeandwellnesscoaching.com or call 540-746-5206.



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Six Brave Steps to Personal Freedom through Self-Leadership  

Health Quest Christina Kunkle

Six Brave Steps to Personal Freedom through Self-Leadership  

Health Quest Christina Kunkle

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