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Dear Cal Family, There is so much to be excited about as the Golden Bears continue to distinguish themselves athletically, academically and in the community. Thanks to the terrific support of Chancellor Carol Christ, athletics plays an important part in the current $6 billion campaign to build a stronger Berkeley. We will need your help if we are to achieve our vision of becoming the model of comprehensive excellence in intercollegiate athletics. Can we count on you during this exciting and transformative time for Cal Athletics? To excel as ambassadors of the No. 1 public university in the world, we need the collective support of the Cal family. Athletics’ vision focuses on three priorities: the student-athlete experience, competitive success, and attracting and retaining the best people to our department. Each goal offers unique opportunities to impact our student-athletes’ overall development and to position the Golden Bears to compete for national and conference championships. The renewed commitment from the university, an unparalleled academic reputation, and a storied athletic history will help move us forward in powerful ways. The guiding principle for our department is to build an enriching and nurturing environment that allows student-athletes to receive a world-class education in a discipline of their choice, maximize their potential in the sport they love, and evolve as individuals empowered to thrive after graduation. To create that environment and to be exceptional academically and athletically requires the best coaches, practice facilities, weight rooms, nutrition programs, academic support, career counselors, and so much more. By supporting our three priorities, you will enhance our student-athletes’ time in Berkeley, prepare them for their lives as alumni, and deepen your connections to Cal Athletics in the process. Cal Athletics and the university are aligned regarding the importance of dedicating resources and support to create exceptional student-athlete experiences. With your partnership, we can impact future generations of Golden Bears and make the Cal community proud for years to come. We appreciate your consideration of a leadership gift towards the Campaign for Cal Athletics Excellence and for your loyal support. Go Bears! Jim Knowlton Director of Athletics 1

THREE BOLD GOALS “Intercollegiate athletics is an integral part of who we are and an important contributor to the quality and unique character of our University. The core of our commitment to Athletics must be the student-athlete experience — to provide our future leaders opportunities to thrive in the classroom and on the field of play, to grow as individuals, and to excel in their professional lives as alumni.” — Carol T. Christ Chancellor, UC Berkeley





Exceptional studentathlete experiences

Team and individual competitive success

Attract and retain the best people

Cal strives to be the first-choice destination for studentathletes who value the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence, and who will passionately pursue their professional aspirations. To attract these elite studentathletes, we must strive to be exceptional in everything we do to support the young men and women who juggle rigorous course loads, and balance intense training and competitive demands while they represent the university. Cal’s long history of winning national and conference championships attracts the best and brightest studentathletes in the United States and abroad. The Bears have won at least one national championship for 46 straight years and have been more successful than many countries at the Olympics, garnering 207 total medals (117 gold). Cal is committed to enhance the ways our programs support our student-athletes to provide premier opportunities to achieve on the national level. Cal aims to hire elite coaches, staff and administrators to lead our student-athletes while demonstrating an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Coaches and staff should be exemplary representatives of the university and value the role Cal Athletics plays in the overall campus experience. We look to surround our student-athletes with people who will help them maximize their full athletic and academic potential, while growing as individuals prepared for post-graduation success.

SUPPORTING THE VISION Cal Athletics’ Campaign Goal To raise $350 million in resources as an integral part of the UC Berkeley campus-wide campaign — Light the Way Exceptional Student-Athlete Experiences • • • •

The Cameron Institute..............................................................................................$25 million Cal Athletics Fund: Scholarship Support............................................................$25 million Scholarship Endowments........................................................................................$25 million Athletics Director’s Excellence Fund...................................................................... $5 million

Team and Individual Competitive Success • Capital Projects..........................................................................................................$120 million • Annual Giving: Immediate Impact.....................................................................$100 million • Program Endowments: Long-term Support.....................................................$20 million

Attract and Retain the Best People • Coaching Endowments............................................................................................$25 million • Athletics Leadership Endowments........................................................................ $5 million

Gifts and pledges are requested by December 31, 2023.




Enhance exceptional student-athlete experiences by supporting the Cameron Institute, the Cal Athletics Fund, scholarship endowments, and the Athletics Director’s Excellence Fund.

The Cameron Institute The Cameron Institute, an innovative program to prepare the University of California’s student-athletes for life after graduation by supporting their overall growth and development as undergraduates, is expected to be operational by the 2020-21 academic year. The institute was created with an eight-figure lead gift from C. Bryan Cameron. Director Marissa Nichols, Ph.D., one of the national leaders in intercollegiate student-athlete development, is focused on creating programming, hiring a diverse staff and building infrastructure. Your generosity will help us leverage the important skills and experiences that student-athletes already acquire by participating in athletics and translate those strengths into successful careers. As the Cameron Institute develops and thrives, future studentathletes will choose Cal not only because of its unique blend of athletics and academics, but also because of the exceptional opportunities for career preparation available to them through this game-changing venture. The institute will strive to have a transformational impact through three pillars: •

Leadership and Personal Development — provide instruction and training designed for student-athletes to aspire to act as leaders in the workplace and the world

Career Development — through interest assessments, help student-athletes with their choice of career paths and majors, laying the groundwork for success after graduation

Community Engagement — encourage student-athletes to build an understanding of the benefits of public service and demonstrate that success is achieved through longterm commitment, preparing participants to become strong university ambassadors


“A key pillar of the campus strategic plan is to create a student experience that rivals the academic one available at Cal. This gift and the Cameron Institute will move this effort forward in a significant way.” — Carol T. Christ Chancellor, UC Berkeley



Cal Athletics Fund: Scholarship Support The primary mission of the fund is to ensure that our studentathletes’ scholarship needs are met. Gifts to this unrestricted fund directly impact the financial aid packages and academic support services crucial to our student-athletes’ success.

Scholarship Endowments Each year, Cal Athletics positively impacts our student-athletes through more than $16 million in scholarship support. A portion of these scholarships is endowed through the generosity of our loyal supporters. Investing in a scholarship endowment cements your legacy with Cal Athletics and offers immeasurable returns by providing a lasting stream of annual income to benefit educational and athletic support for our student-athletes. Unique opportunities exist during the Campaign for Cal Athletics Excellence to add to the scholarship total for sports which don’t maintain the full NCAA allotment. The list includes men’s and women’s gymnastics, lacrosse, field hockey and beach volleyball. ​

“The opportunity to add to our scholarship total will transform our program and provide a monumental lift for us to compete for conference championships.” — Brooke Eubanks Head Coach Cal Lacrosse

Athletics Director’s Excellence Fund

As we aim for high levels of achievement in academics and athletics, the Athletics Director’s Excellence Fund will play a critical role in supporting Director of Athletics Jim Knowlton’s top priorities. These may include the Cameron Institute, increased nutritional offerings, staff retention and capital projects. The flexibility to provide enhanced funding to different areas will positively impact world-class student-athlete experiences.

Class of 2019 Class of 2019 Cal Student-Athletes 5



Cal strives to make its alumni proud by competing for team and individual national and conference championships. While national titles are the pinnacle of athletic excellence, we look to empower our student-athletes to reach their individual athletic potential. The most impactful ways to provide our 30 teams and our 850 student-athletes opportunities for competitive success are by supporting capital projects and sports-specific funding opportunities.

Capital Projects There are many factors that fuel a championship culture and provide our student-athletes with a well-rounded experience to maximize their athletic, academic and personal growth while in Berkeley. One of the key components is state-of-the-art facilities to train and compete. When we strive for exceptional student-athlete experiences, our facilities should be a symbol of that vision. Three capital projects have been slated as high priorities to help the Golden Bears thrive on the national stage.

Gender Equity Project Driven by the leadership of co-chairs Lynda Brothers ’68, Brad Brian ’74 and Bill Ausfahl ’61, Cal will provide new facilities for the softball and beach volleyball programs. Your support will guarantee equitable training and competition spaces while affording you the opportunity to forever impact and associate your name with the Cal softball and beach volleyball programs. The improvements will create an upgraded softball field and beach volleyball courts that meet current standards and provide practice and competition space to allow these programs to compete at the elite level. The new softball facility will give Cal softball, which earned our first women’s team national championship in 2002, the amenities they need to maximize their potential, and opportunities to host postseason games and better serve its dedicated spectators. Beach volleyball, the newest intercollegiate sport at Cal, will benefit from a new facility that features four sand courts, as well as permanent spectator seating, restrooms and a scoreboard. 6

“Through your help, you have allowed me to find and discover the person that I am. There are not enough thank yous that I could say that would cover the possibilities I am given through your generosity.” — Madeline Haynes ’20 Cal Volleyball



Basketball Practice Facility (details pending) A dedicated practice space for the men’s and women’s basketball teams will help Cal compete for championships, attract elite student-athletes and retain marquee coaches. Cal is one of only two schools in a Power 5 conference and the only one in the Pac-12 that doesn’t have a dedicated basketball practice facility. Half of our student-athletes — those who spend most of their time training and competing on the west side of campus — will also benefit from an enhanced student-athlete experience. The signature facility will feature a more spacious and upgraded weight room, a cafeteria to enhance the nutrition program, new locker rooms with improved amenities, and upgraded sports medicine and mental health and wellness spaces. This multi-purpose site will decrease the burden of athletics use of other campus facilities and provide student-athletes more flexibility with class schedules due to more available practice times.

“Since Cal is serious about competing for championships and elite recruits, we must also be serious about providing elite facilities that are on par with our peer institutions in the Pac-12 and around the country.” — Charmin Smith Head Coach Cal Women’s Basketball

In addition, the new facility is expected to be the headquarters for the Cameron Institute, which will provide student-athletes with the tools and support they need to flourish during their time at Cal and as leaders after graduation.

Sports-Specific Funding Opportunities Annual Giving: Immediate Impact Gifts to an annual sports fund provide equipment, team travel, performance nutrition and academic necessities for our studentathletes. By supporting one of our 30 athletics programs, you will have a direct impact on our student-athletes and the annual needs in the year the gift is given.

Program Endowments: Long-term Support Program endowments help to ensure a sport’s continued success at Cal and impact our student-athletes’ experiences as they compete at the highest academic and athletic levels. A pledge of $100,000 or more will establish a program endowment for one of our 30 teams. Endowments are phenomenal opportunities to watch your gift inspire, encourage and create excellence today, with the assurance that your investment will create a lasting legacy, fortify a program and touch countless future generations of Golden Bears. 7



The best way to attract and retain nationally regarded head coaches, as well as assistant coaches, is by endowing as many positions as possible. These types of endowments communicate that Cal is serious about its programs’ overall success and place in the Cal community. Additionally, Cal looks to endow key athletic administration positions.

Coaching Endowments As we look to build the next generation of global leaders, we want to ensure consistency and sustainability within our programs by endowing our athletics coaching positions. While we strive to be a destination for the most exceptional studentathletes, we must also recruit and retain the best coaches to lead these promising individuals as they compete for championships and earn their Berkeley degrees. Our long-term goal is to endow all our head coach positions and pursue assistant coach endowments. Currently, three head coach positions are endowed through the generosity of our loyal supporters.

Walter Chun The Alex and Marie Shipman Director of Men’s Golf Shellie Onstead The Donna Fong Director of Field Hockey Peter Wright The Director of Men’s Tennis (anonymous gift)

Athletics Leadership Endowments There are opportunities to endow leadership positions for Cal Athletics. To provide our student-athletes with a world-class education and to compete nationally, it is essential that we pursue endowments for key members of our administration, such as the Director of Athletics and positions within the Cameron Institute. To stay competitive with our peers, we must look to capitalize on this national trend. Photos (from top): Walter Chun, Shellie Onstead and Peter Wright 8

2019 NCAA Men’s Swimming and Diving Champions

“It is critical that we enhance the ways our teams support our student-athletes to help them maximize their full potential in academics, athletics and personal development.”

— Jim Knowlton Director of Athletics 9

Together, we will reimagine comprehensive excellence.



97 team national championships

207 Olympic medals (117 gold)

312 combined: individual (188), rowing (57),

46 straight years at least 1 national champion

swimming relay (50), tennis doubles (14)

85 of last 100 years with a national champion

and track relay (3) national champions

1920 won first national title (football)

Spring 2019: highest Cal Athletics combined GPA in 5 years

Profile for Cal Athletics Fund

Campaign For Cal Athletics Excellence  

Information guide outlining the Campaign for Cal Athletics Excellence.

Campaign For Cal Athletics Excellence  

Information guide outlining the Campaign for Cal Athletics Excellence.


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