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AMAZING Sugar Jungle


The Cake & Bake Show Manchester 2014

Exclusive Interviews Afternoon Tea Recipes + much more!

Learn to make these fantastic cake pops!

SPECIAL Fondant Zebra Tutorial by Pretty Witty Cakes

Hidden Leopard Sponge Cake by Rosie Cake Diva

Parrot Tutorial by The Cake Dutchess

Animal Cakes Feature MAGAZINE


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Parrot Tutorial

21 Deep in the Indian Sugar Jungle...

29 Zebra Tutorial

Roland Winbeckler INTERVIEW




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Cake Pop Tutorial

ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

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Baking Wish List Afternoon Tea ~ AC Perch’s Tea Merchants Welcome to the Jungle - Sugar Jungle Feature Cake Spaces - VS Cakes Cake Spotlight - Emma-Jayne Cake Design From Sketch to Cake - Margie Carter COMPETITION: The Cake & Bake Show FEATURE: Animal Showcase

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Hidden Leopard Print Tutorial by Rosie Cake Diva Parrot Tutorial by The Cake Dutchess Zebra Tutorial by Pretty Witty Cakes Jungle Cake Pops by Definitely Cake

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Healthier Victoria Sponge Cake from Streamline Marmalade Brownies by Bonne Maman




Take a walk on the wild side -in this excitingly tropical jungle themed issue of Cake Masters Magazine. We have loads of amazing creations to feast your eyes on in our special Animal Showcase and also a very adorable Cake Spotlight – although more of a purr than a roar! This issue is also packed full of animal inspired tutorials, starting with some cute characters for you to try from The Cake Dutchess and Pretty Witty Cakes. If cake pops are more your thing, our fab step-by-step tutorial from Definitely Cake will help you create some cheeky little jungle creatures using new melts from Renshaw. Or maybe you fancy surprising someone with the fabulous hidden leopard print cake, from the queen of hidden colour, Rosie Cake Diva.

Our interviews this month are truly inspiring; first I had the unbelievable privilege of interviewing the “Father of American Cake Decorating”, Roland Winbeckler – his ground-breaking life-size sculpted cakes are simply awesome and his story is enthralling! Our second interview is with the gorgeous Debbie Goard, from Debbie Does Cakes. Her quirky and artistic style is obscenely impressive! Also packed into this issue are two delicious recipes, our new feature “Cake Spaces” (a totally legitimate way to nosey round someone’s cake decorating space!), and impressive look at the transition “From Sketch to Cake” – Oh and Jen’s been having afternoon tea in Copenhagen! Last, but certainly not least, I am really excited to tell you all about a very special exhibition at The Cake & Bake Show in Manchester next month, which is going to display a sugar jungle by CakeBomb that will literally blow your minds! We interview Francesca, from CakeBomb, to find out more about the ambitious installation! Careful, it’s a jungle out there!!

Rosie Editor

Editorial Assistant Ceri Roberts Front cover: Tiger Made by North Star Cakes Photography © Kerry Ann Duffy. To be featured as part of the Sugar Jungle Exhibition, presented to you by at The Cake & Bake Show, Manchester 4-6 April. Read all about it on page 29

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Danver Palmiano and Elisha Dorado



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Baking Wish List

Wilton Piping Gel Hobbycraft £4.00


Twenty to Make: Chocolate Animals Lakeland £3.99

Orange Candy Melts £3.30

Beau Products 250g Cappuccino coffee flavoured sugarpaste £2.99

Squeeze Icing Bottles x 3 John Lewis £5.75

Cow Sprinkles £2.19

Butterfly and Flower Cake Decorating Mould £11.95

Glitter Ribbon Grass Green 15mm John Lewis £3.00

National History Museum Safari Cookie Cutters x4 £2.99

Assorted Animal Print Cupcake Cases, x100 Tesco £1.30

Dark Chocolate Cigarellos, x50 Chocolate Trading Co. £7.64

Yellow Colour Melts £1.99


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Baking Wish List

Butterflies, Ladybirds and Bees Set £5.50

Twist and Click, Rainbow Dust Edible Metallic Paint £3.55

Cupcake Box: Circus Tent Two Sizes £6.75

Sweetly Does It 60 coloured cake pop sticks £6.00

Paw Print Chocolate Lollipop Mould £3.98

Craft Pliers The Works £1.99

BEAU Products White Chocolate Icing/Food Flavouring £2.95

Karen Davies Dog Mould £12.99

Silicone Bug Mould Dunelm Mill £3.99

Set of 3 Animal Print Stencils £10.99

2 Tier Paw Print Cupcake Stand. £4.99

Chocolate & Vanilla Frostings £2.99



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014






ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014


Roland Winbeckler

Tell us about where you started your career in cake decorating I started my career in cake decorating because I was out of work with a back injury and, being an artist at heart, I wanted to go into the art field upon returning to work. I found the art outlet I was looking for in the “cake decorating” field at a local bakery. I wasn’t looking to do art in the category of food

necessarily, but a local bakery was close by and that provided a place to start.

How did you know that cake was your calling? I really didn’t know if cake decorating was my calling when I started, but I quickly became proficient; one challenge led to the next and that was it! I just stayed with it.

What spurred you to start your own companies “A-J Winbeckler Enterprises” and I started my own company because I wanted to write books on buttercream and decorating, and this was not possible while employed by others. Producing my books and teaching became my first business “Winbeckler Enterprises.” While teaching students, many of them asked if I could direct them to proper supplies; so I began to offer basic supplies and

my books. After I met Marsha, we grew the business to include tools and supplies beyond the basics. We then became “A-J Winbeckler Enterprises.” However, the supply part of our business just kept growing and Marsha, being a computer whizz, designed the website for “A-J Winbeckler Enterprises”, with the domain name of to make it easy to remember. We now sell tools and supplies worldwide, seven days a week! Have you had any specific professional training? I never had any specific professional training. I just learned what I could from the people around me in the bakery and relied on my own artistic views and ideas to go beyond. I studied figure proportion, composition, perspective, rules of colour, how to mix properly to achieve a specific result, as well as all other aspects of art I found pertinent to cake creation. I did this on my own, however, with no formal training.

Most cake decorators have one style of cake that they love to do; your portfolio of cakes is fantastically varied, from life size novelty cakes to very traditional and beautiful lambeth-style cakes. How would you describe your cake style in 3 words? My style of decorating is very eclectic everything from buttercream to fondant, to royal icing, to gum paste, to airbrush etc. If three words could describe my style, they would be - Clean, Realistic, Accurate. If I had 3 more words, they might be “Please The Client.”

Roland with his wife, Marsha

Do you have a preference of what kind of cake you like to make? The type of cakes I prefer to make are sculptured cakes. Weddings and floral cakes are fine, but most are exercises in repetition.

B P w uy t REV w he I w. E ca ful W ke l m IS m a SU as ga E: te zin rs e .co a .u t k

Roland Winbeckler is known to many as the father of American Cake Decorating and was one of the first decorators to dabble in 3D, life-size sculpted cakes. Being one of the most experienced and innovative stars we have interviewed, we really get to delve into Roland’s world of cake in this Cake Masters Magazine exclusive!

by Cake Masters Magazine



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

FROSTING Renshaw Frosting is perfect for filling cakes, topping tray bakes, large cakes and piping cupcakes. Available in chocolate and vanilla with plain too so that you can add your own colour and flavour.

400g pots renshawbaking

@renshawbaking 8



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Afternoon Tea A. C. Perch’s Tea Merchants

Bu P y R w the EVI w. E ca ful W ke l m IS m a SU as ga E: te zin rs e .co a .u t k




ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Patchwork Cutters making cake decorating easy...

ble a l i a v Now A

Subscribe to our free newsletter on our website for Have you all the latest news, information and projects! seen our free tutor ials Unit 12 Arrowe Commercial Park, on our Arrowebrook Road, Upton, Wirral channel? Tel: (0151) 678 5053



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014


TUTORIAL by The Cake Dutchess


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Parrot Tutorial by The Cake Dutchess Equipment • • • • • • • • •

Ball tool Needle scriber tool Toothpicks Knife Red sugarpaste Black sugarpaste White sugarpaste Blue sugarpaste Green sugarpaste

1. Roll a cone shape for the body.

2. Press the end of the cone shape gently with your fingers and lift up the other end. Insert a toothpick for stability. Let it rest to dry for a couple of hours.

3. Roll a ball shape for the head (slightly bigger than the body). 4. When the body is dry enough, place the head on top of the body.

B P w uy t RE w h VI w. e f EW ca ul ke l m IS m a SU as ga E: te zi 12 rs ne .co a .u t k






ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Brand new feature for 2014

Welcome to the Jungle

An edible art adventure like no other brought to you by CakeBomb!

Prebooking required


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014


Kerry Ann Duffy Photography


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE... by Cake Masters Magazine

Tell us about you I’m a married mother of two, who worked in fine art auctioneering for many years before having my two children, now aged four and seven. By the time my youngest child was 18months, I knew I wanted to start my own business. After making lots of cakes for friends and family, starting a cake business seemed to be the obvious job. I started North Star Cakes in 2011, with the idea that by the time my youngest child was full time at school, I could pick up the pace and work everyday - well, that was the plan until I made a snake cake for my daughter in July 2012, and then I found that I was a lot busier than I ever imagined I would be! Having only been up and running for nine months at the time, I struggled to cope with very young children and a suddenly rather time consuming job; which as I’d been

out of full time employment for a few years was a bit of a shock! I now have a very loyal repeat and referral clientele who thankfully keep me busy.

What is CakeBomb? CakeBomb is a collection of talented cake artists, bakers and sugar crafters who come together to work on a single creative idea at an event or venue.

How did you start CakeBomb? CakeBomb came about through talking to some lovely cake friends I have in a small Facebook group I started in 2012. We get together and talk shop, let of steam or just make each other laugh. Working alone, you do miss out on the opportunity to talk to someone who understands, because no matter how much I tried in the past to involve my husband on the debate of ‘macaron or macaroon’, I could see him glaze over - and I knew I wasn’t alone! I’d wanted to be involved in an installation since I first began cake

Planning papers and sketches for the installation

decorating in 2011. I talked to the ladies in the group about it, they really got on board. So CakeBomb came out of that initial group of friends, and we’ve since added a few new friends.

What inspired you to do this? Really, I suppose watching the likes of the wonderful ‘50 Brightest Bakers’ and the ‘Cakenweenie’ projects unfold, made me realise that my installation idea was something I could actually achieve. Coming from a background in the arts, I’d wanted to exhibit a cake installation since I first started professional cake decorating in 2011; but working as a single person, it wasn’t something I could do alone. I had lots of ideas, too many really, but I sounded out a few to my cake friends and they really liked the idea of a physical collaboration. As a group we discussed a couple of other themes, but really the one we settled on seemed to excite everyone.

B P w uy t REV w he I w. E ca ful W ke l m IS m a SU as ga E: te zin rs e .co a .u t k

Set to be one of the most ambitious displays of cake and sugar artistry... step into an incredible exhibition at The Cake & Bake Show and be transported into the depths of an Indian sugar jungle. Like no other collaborative effort, a team of award winning and amazingly talented cake artists have come together to form CakeBomb. CakeBomb have set the bar high in terms of creativity, vision and show-stopping sugar structures. We exclusively interview Francesca Pitcher from North Star Cakes and Creative Director of this spectacular sugarcraft installation to find out more. Prepare to be amazed, when you literally, STEP INSIDE THE JUNGLE at The Cake & Bake Show, April 4-6 - Manchester Central.


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Zachery The Zebra Tutorial By Suzi Witt from Pretty Witty Cakes

B P w uy t RE w h VI w. e f EW ca ul ke l m IS m a SU as ga E: te zi 18 rs ne .co a .u t k


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

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ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Cake Spaces The Cake Shed - VS Cakes A new feature for Cake Masters Magazine is Cake Spaces! This is where we peep through the keyhole and take a look at your baking and cake decorating spaces ...and there are some seriously lovely work spaces which will create a serious amount of cake envy; but also ideas and inspiration for you too! Our first cake space feature is from Michelle Pattinson from VS Cakes, UK.

“I am a full time IT Consultant who needed a hobby, so I booked on a cupcake course at Fair Cake. After that class, I made my first Wedding Cake on a course with Paul Bradford and less than a year later, I entered the Wedding Cake category at Cake International Excel 2013 and was awarded a Sliver Medal!

I mainly make cakes for family and friends, but love spending time in The Cake Shed testing new products. Shane from OverGreen Joinery made The Cake Shed and my ribbon shelf. It took him about four days to complete. He has also been known to make the odd custom cake stand too. Why a Cake Shed? My cake stuff and cake stands were taking over the house! I needed a cake room, but couldn’t afford an extension. The Cake Shed to looks like a cute shed from the outside, but is a fully functioning cake decorating room on the inside. Essentials include a ganache fridge, a kettle and Yorkshire Tea bags.

In order to maximise light and make cleaning easy, the shed is painted with industrial grade washable white paint (the sort they use in hospitals). The idea being that colour would come from the ribbon shelf and the fun plastic coloured storage drawers, which I bought from The Really Useful Box Company. One of my favourite purchases is my Union Jack DAB radio which keeps me company on late cake nights. You may have noticed Crisco on my top shelf, which is something used widely in America, surprisingly I managed to find it in the World Foods isle in Tesco!

My latest cake project is Cake Camp UK, which I am working on with The Cake Decorating Company which is really exciting and the first event of its kind in the UK. We are planning to have some excellent tutors there and I am glad that there will be something finally like this in the UK. 20


For more information visit: &

ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Cake Dummies

Crisco Tesco - World Food Isle

Photography Lamp

Union Jack DAB Radio

Kitchen Aid Food Mixer Selfridges

Colourful storage tower Really Useful Products

Ribbon Shelf Collection from various shops

Typhoon Retro Scales

Michelle Pattinson from VS Cakes MAGAZINE 21

ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Renshaw Colour Melts are perfect for coating cake pops, moulding into sweet treats, flooding cupcakes and traybakes, dipping biscuits... also perfect for the microwave.

200g pots renshawbaking

@renshawbaking 22



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

The world's most popular sugarcraft and cake decorating show!

Thurs 10 – Sat 12 April 2014 ExCeL , London Over ‘A Taste of 100 Sugar’ Workshops exhibitors!

Over 100 exhibitors!

The Cake International Theatre

The world’s most coveted cake competitions! or phone Ticket Hotline 01425 277988 Buy tickets online

Tickets: Adults £12 in advance, £14 on the door Seniors £11 in advance, £13 on the door

A Chocolate Experience




each Adult and Se nior ticket ordered by 5pm Mon 3 Mar 2014

FPC Sugarcraft

- exquisitely detailed silicone moulds -

We are very pleased to announce the launch of, where you can choose from our full selection of over 250 exclusive silicone moulds, for all your cake decorating needs.

Alice in Wonderland

Steampunk Fantasy Steampunk Cogs & Gears

Perfume Bottles

Wedding Cakes

Owl Family

Multi Shoe

Wine Bottle & Glass

Designed and made in the UK

We will be exhibiting at the following shows this spring where we will be pleased to offer practical advice on the use of our moulds: - Manchester Event City ICHF 7/8/9 March - Dublin Sugarcraft Guild Citywest Hotel and Conference Centre 22/23 March - London ExCel Docklands ICHF 10/11/12 April (Thursday – Saturday to avoid London Marathon Sunday)

Tel: 0117 9853249


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014




ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Debbie Does Cakes

Debbie Goard

by Cake Masters Magazine

What is your earliest baking/ decorating memory? Every Saturday night, my Mom would bake a cake for Sunday lunch. I was never as interested in the baking as much as the licking of the beaters. I made it through an entire childhood without contracting salmonella, which was a small miracle given my diet of raw egg/batter! When did you start your business? I had been making cakes professionally since 1989. It was never something that I had ever thought would be a career, so I spent the next decade doing just about everything else, along with cakes. I had a handbag design business. I painted murals or portraits and I worked at 2 sign companies. Finally, my co-worker in my last bakery (an x-rated bakery, btw) suggested that I start my own business doing just the kinds of cakes that I loved. So I set a plan in motion, and in 2005, I launched Debbie Does Cakes. What did you do before you set up your cake business? I crawled around in my crib? Ha ha! I actually only had 2 jobs prior to cakes: I worked in a jewellery factory and I was a veterinary assistant; making things and animals…..I haven’t come that far, have I? Where did you learn to decorate and bake cakes? After high school, I would take on as many odd art jobs as I could get but, like most starving artists, had to get a “job”. I started working in a deli/bakery, just doing

counter work. The manager knew of my art background and asked if I would consider taking over for the retiring cake decorator. I watched her for a week, then made and sold my very first cake. Since then, I have tried to constantly improve. I’m entirely self-taught. Experience and subsequent failures are the best teachers.

Describe your cake style in 3 words Realistic, detailed, imperfect. I find that it’s the imperfections that add personality, character and realism.

What have been the main highlights in your cake career to date? I have been very fortunate to be recognised by many publications. My first magazine appearance in BARK magazine was exciting, because I had taken out an ad a few months prior to getting an email from them and my first thought was, “oh, my credit card must

have been declined!” LOL! Instead, they wanted to feature me and my dog cakes. That was pretty cool! Since then I have been featured in dozens of publications including, the Ripley’s Believe or Not yearbook, National Geographic and my personal favourite, a tabloid rag called “National Examiner”. It’s the kind of magazine that you’d most likely find exposé images of the President shaking hands with a space alien. Being amongst that company gave me a great deal of amusement. Then, of course, having my own book published worldwide was a pretty incredible experience. Writing a book was one of the hardest things I have even done. I learned a lot about the book industry, as well as myself. Where do you get your design inspiration from? It sounds clichéd, but I do literally find inspiration in everything. I catch myself lost in the nuances of the food on my plate, or I see a cute dog and I wonder, “how would I achieve that coat?” Who are your idols in cake/sugar world? When I first started doing cakes, fondant was virtually unknown in this country. I had received a book called “The Icing on the Cake” by Robinson and Schofield. It was full of sculptural, witty cake designs that, in my limited experience here, I had not even realised was possible in sugar. I literally studied that book. Soon after, I heard about Roland Winbeckler. His work with cake structures was revolutionary and demystified gravity defying cakes for me. Is there a type of cake that you don’t like to make? What makes my business unique is my (perhaps ill-advised) business model. I make sculpted cakes exclusively. I don’t do tiered cakes or wedding cakes, no traditional cakes at all.

B P w uy t REV w he I w. E ca ful W ke l m IS m a SU as ga E: te zin rs e .co a .u t k

Author of the awesome book “Twisted Cakes”, Debbie from Debbie Does Cake, creates fantastic sculpted creations with an incredible attention to detail. Cake Masters Magazine interviewed Debbie and got an insight into her world of cake.


ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Jungle Cake Pop Tutorial by Tamsin Aston



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

Making Cake Pops by Tamsin Aston Definitely Cake

You will need:

• Vanilla sponge

• Vanilla frosting

• 80g unsalted butter, softened


• 200g icing sugar

• 40g cream cheese

Step 1 Crumble a 25cm diameter vanilla sponge cake into fine crumbs.


Step 2 Make the vanilla frosting by creaming the butter with the cream cheese. Gradually add the icing sugar and continue to cream until light and fluffy. Refrigerate for 30mins before using.

Step 3 Add the vanilla frosting, a little at a time, mixing with your hands until you have a fudge-like texture. (You may not need all of the frosting, as it depends on how moist your cake is).


Step 4 Wrap this mixture in cling film and refrigerate for 1 hour before rolling your balls.

B P w uy t REV w he I w. E ca ful W ke l m IS m a SU as ga E: te zin rs e .co a .u t k



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014

From Sketch to

Cake !



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014


Images © North Star Cakes, Lou Lou P’s Delights, Izzy’s Cakes courtesy of

ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014



Cake Collection

Art2Eat Cakes

B P w uy t REV w he I w. E ca ful W ke l m IS m a SU as ga E: te zin rs e .co a .u t k

ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014



ISSUE 18 | MARCH 2014


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