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ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015



ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

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ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Published by: Cake Masters Limited Telephone: 0208 432 6051

Contributors: The Hobby Baker Couture Cakes & Confections I Love Fondant Toque d’ Açúcar Monique Roeton Les Gâteaux de Gilles CakeyCake Flappergasted Cakes Sugar & Spice Gourmandise Gifts Cake Expressions by Lisa Morningside Bakes Elmswell Cake Design The Handcrafted Cake Co Sweet Madness Cake Designs Little Hunnys Cakery A Piece of Cake (Corona) A Baked Creation Art2Eat Cakes Peggy Porschen Dawn Butler Wednesday Night Bake Club Fancy a Nibble Cake Club Girls Bake Club Artisan Cake Company Kara’s Couture Cakes Three Tiers For Cake Just a Little Dessert Co Slice - Couture Cake Design Stacked Dolce-Arte Sweet As Sugar Karen Portaleo Cake and Chocolate Art The Cake Decorating Company Fernanda Abarca Cakes Tattooed Bakers Colette Peters - Colette’s Crooked Cakes Little Cherry Cake Company

Front Cover Star

Lisa Grech-Staehr Sweet Disposition Cakes

Editorial Team Emily Gussin Daisy Haque Rhona Lavis Laura Loukaides

Afternoon Tea Expert

Jennifer Rolfe - Jen’s Just Desserts


Emily Gussin E: Tel: 07939 562567

Cake Masters Magazine Awards 2015 Sponsorship

© COPYRIGHT Cake Masters Limited 2015 No part of this magazine nor any supplement may be copied or reproduced, nor stored in a retrieval system by any means without prior specific written authorisation given by the publisher.

Novelty Cakes! Welcome to the June issue of Cake Masters Magazine.

I have been looking forward to this issue ALL YEAR. It is the issue where you can get really creative and make a cake that is anything but round or square. Granted they all start life that shape, but this issue is all about transforming them into amazing novelty cakes!

I must start by saying how excited I am to interview Karen Portaleo - the most requested interview and cake hero to the masses. Karen has a conversation with us about her cake world and shares with us a fabulous insight into her work and thoughts on everything cake. Karen also shares with us the horrors of her first ever order and goes on to give us top tips to help you create amazing cakes. Tutorial wise, we have some great projects for you to have a go at. Suitable for all skill ranges, we have a cute octopus cake tutorial from Alina at Dolce-Arte and a beautiful beehive from Lisa at Sweet Disposition Cakes. Lisa shows us how to give your fondant great texture and colour which you must try!

My favourite two tutorials are the slightly more challenging ones. A hanging - yes a HANGING - birdcage cake from Dawn Bulter, the inventor behind CakeFrame. Dawn takes us through this project step by step, showing us some great tips and how easy it is to use CakeFrame! The last tutorial is a fabulous car cake from Les Gâteaux de Gilles. Now, I have a thing for car cakes, and Gilles was our man to show us that with the right tools and research, you can make an amazing 3D novelty car cake. Right through from stacking, filling, carving to detailing, Gilles passes on some really helpful tips. We have a great article on copyright for cake decorators. We let you know what you need to consider, and have insights from two brilliant cake artists. Both have been commissioned to make licensed cakes by companies that own copyright, and we find out about their experiences. A new feature we have in the magazine is our Out & About pages, covering a few recent and upcoming cake events. With so many people catching the cake decorating bug, if you have any events, please let us know, we would love to spread the word!

Lastly, I must mention the rather special Cinderella afternoon tea at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in London. A must have for anyone planning a trip into London!

Editor’s Top Picks!

Cinderella Afternoon Tea page 30

Out & About page 28

Interview with Karen Portaleo page 50

Car Tutorial page 76

SUBSCRIBE NOW Don’t miss an issue! page 48

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Rosie Editor MAGAZINE


ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Carved Car Cake Tutorial

by Les G창teaux de Gilles



Octopus Cake Tutorial

by Dolce-Arte

Love Birds Cage Hanging Cake Tutorial

by Dinkydoodle Designs


Spotlight Crooked Cakes

Colette Peters

40 Karen Portaleo





ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

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6 8 21 28 30 40 43 48 70 74

Baking Wish List Edible Images Competition in association with Icing Images: Winner & Runners Up Collaboration: Sugar Myths and Fantasies Out & About Cinderella Afternoon Tea: Jumeirah Carlton Tower Cake Spotlight - Colette Peters, Colette’s Crooked Cakes Copyright for Cake Decorators Save Money - Dont Miss an Issue - Subscribe to Cake Masters Magazine Elevenses - Ask the Expert, Competitions, Book Reviews, Bake Clubs + More! Novelty Cake Cutting Guide

15 23 56 61 76

Beehive Cake Tutorial by Lisa Grech-Staehr, Sweet Disposition Cakes Octopus Cake Tutorial by Alina Vaganova, Dolce-Arte Mad Hatter’s Checkerboard Cake by Peggy Porschen Love Birds Cage Cake Tutorial by Dawn Butler, Dinkydoodle Designs Carved Car Cake Tutorial by Gilles Leblanc, Les Gâteaux de Gilles

32 33 34 35 36 37 37 38 39

Gâteau Marocain Citrus and Browned Butter Madeleines with Burnt Honey Cream Strawberry Shortcut Cake with Basil Whipped Cream Tarte Ganache aux Framboises Fraiches Caramel Genoise with Salted Caramel Frosting Blackberry-Thyme Cake with Honey–Goat Cheese Frosting Dark Sweet Cherry Upside-Down Cake Fondant au chocolat et aux noix Cantaloupe Mousse Cake


Interview with Karen Portaleo, Karen Portaleo Cake and Chocolate Art


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Page 8

Page 15


Page 70




ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

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Pac Man Cookie Cutters

Green Non-Stick Rolling Board

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Celebration Ready

Musical Notes Designer

Nordic Ware Piñata Cake Pan

McDougall’s Flour Tin

to Roll Icing, 250g

Cake Stencil





Sugar Shapers

Jane Asher Assorted Cake Tin

Joseph Joseph Foldable

FMM Picket Fence Cutter

Circles – 40 Pack







Baking Wish List

ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Rainbow Dust ProGel Purple

Patchwork Cutters

Perfect Cake Steamer

Mason Cash Good Things Come to

Make a Shed Set

Those Who Bake Mixing Bowl





Dexam Jelly Baby

PME Electric Sugarcraft Roller

Small Buckle Mould

Mason Cash Stainless

Cake Moulds – Set of 3

Steel Bench Scraper



Price: £9.95


Set of 4 Paintbrushes

Serrated Cake and Pastry

Bright Green Vanilla Satin Ice

Sugarcraft Tongs

Knife, 30cm

Rolled Fondant





Prices correct at point of printing


ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015


We have been overwhelmed with the response to our edible images competition in association with Icing Images. With over 300 entries, the competition has been extremely popular! Editor of Cake Masters Magazine, Rosie, and owner of Icing Images, Debbie, had their work cut out trying to choose the winners with such an amazing array of cakes entered. Printed, edible images can be used to make personal cakes that mean the world to the recipient and also contribute to some fabulous designs. The entrants have used printed, edible images to include everything from family photos to exquisite patterns on their cakes. We recommend you look through the competition album on our Facebook page, if you haven’t already, to see all the fabulous cakes entered. Featured here are the top four cakes as decided by our judges, and a few extra that we couldn’t resist including! Congratulations to our winner and runners up. 8



Samantha Smith The Hobby Baker Photo credit: Alison Greenwood Photography

ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015


Andrew & Kimberly Beattie Couture Cakes & Confections

Gina Antunez I Love Fondant

Raquel Ribeiro ~ Toque d’ Açúcar Photo credit: Dizforme

“I have loved this competition so much and it has been fantastic to see the creative use of edible images used on entries. Congratulations to our winner and runners up, really amazing work!” ~ Rosie, Judge and Editor of Cake Masters Magazine

“I want to thank everyone for all of their entries. Icing Images’ foundation is built upon helping decorators achieve higher levels in edible printing. I am so impressed with all the "out of the box" designs that contestants had. It was an honour to judge and sponsor such an amazing group of decorators.” ~ Debbie, Judge and Owner of Icing Images MAGAZINE


ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015





Cake Slicer

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Have you ever wished after putting hours of hard work in baking, decorating and delivering your cake, that it was sliced into promised number of servings? Now cutting cakes in the correct way is just a tap away. Download Cake Slicer and start sharing cutting guides with your customers for their cake orders!

364 Total 364 cake cutting guides

Guides for 10 cake shapes

Cutting guides from 4” to 18” sizes

Straight & 1”x1”, 1”x2” Concentric 1.5”x2”,2”x2” portion sizes cutting guides

Save upto 25 Email guides favourite guides with cake orders


{ }


ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015



ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Beehive Cake Tutorial

by Lisa Grech-Staehr, Sweet Disposition Cakes


ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015



ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Octopus Novelty Cake Tutorial by Alina Vaganova, Dolce-Arte MAGAZINE 23

ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Cake Spotlight

Colette Peters - Colette’s Crooked Cakes

Colette Peters is an icon in the cake decorating industry and we are honoured to have her in this issue talking to us about her classic crooked cake design. Colette tells us about the cakes from her Craftsy class, taking us through her inspiration, design process and top tips! Tell us about yourself I made my first cake when I was eight years old. I always wanted to be a painter and live in New York City, so when I finished art school, I moved to New York and began painting. On the side though, I kept baking. After I received my Master’s Degree in painting, I started working for Tiffany & Co as a designer. I continued to make cakes for people in the office for special occasions and one day, the Vice President of Tiffany asked me to make a “whimsical” cake for a magazine article.



I made a crooked cake and he liked it so much that he decided to put it in his new book, called “Tiffany Taste”. It would become the first crooked cake. This was 1984. People really didn’t react much to the fact that the cake was crooked, but I did start to get a lot of attention and publicity. And I got a publisher who wanted me to write a book. The crooked cake took a long time to become the “norm”. I am flattered and feel very humbled that a lot of designers say I am their inspiration.

Tell us about your inspiration My inspiration comes from all over: other cakes I have made, cakes other artists have made, fashion, art, crafts, nature, architecture, travel. Tell us about your design process My design process is to sit down with pencil and paper and to begin sketching.

I have literally thousands of sketches of cakes, and I’ll work on a design until it is the one that I like the best. Then I will draw it in colour, to scale, and see if I still like it. I will even tweak a design as I am making the real cake, if I think it will look better. How long did it take you to make? I don’t know exactly how long the cake took to make but my guess would be two days. I was making design decisions while I was doing it, so if I did it again, it would be much faster.

Tell us about the key elements of the piece you have made The key elements of the cake are inspiration, colour, and scale. I like to get ideas from other types of crafts, so that is how I was inspired to use paper quilling as a new method. If you can make it with paper, you can make it with sugar.

ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015


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ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015



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ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

A Celebration of... CAKE





Cakemaker for the Queen!

RON BEN-ISRAEL The King Of Cakes!


Presented by 40 of the Greatest Cake Artists in the World!



Pastry Chef to The White House!

Over 75 Hands-On Classes and Demonstrations!


Cake Board


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Cake Competitions • Live Global Cake Challenge Theater Presentations • Sugar Art Fashion Show Chocolate Zone • Wedding Zone • Kids Zone Sugar Art Zone ...and so much more!






September 18-20, 2015

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Visit for cake decorating tutorials & inspiration!

ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015


Karen Portaleo Karen Portaleo Cake and Chocolate Art

Cake Masters Magazine is honoured to interview cake sculpting goddess Karen Portaleo in this month’s issue. Cake hero to the masses, Karen’s ability to create incredible sculpted cakes leaves us in awe! We are excited to step into Karen’s world of cake to discover more about her background, inspirations and top tips for you. Tell us about you and your family I grew up in bakeries in South Florida; my maternal grandfather was a pastry chef. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of running around with my sister and cousins in some bakery, playing with piles of flour and eating warm sesame rolls late at night, hot out of the oven. I, however, was not born with the baking gene, and don’t do my own baking. I inherited my mother’s artistic drive, and my father’s ability to delegate! The bakeries where I grew up are the full extent of my culinary background.

I went to art school, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. I’ve had a crazy and winding career path, ranging from teaching ballroom dancing at 16, designing jewellery for a large design house, doing clay sculpture, to creating and maintaining my own prop and set company, which I ran for 17 years. Now I teach cake art all over the world, a career which has come as a complete and wonderful surprise!

My daughter, Juno, is 14, and is incredibly creative. Her talent lies both in the visual arts and writing. She has absolutely ZERO interest in cake! Making OR eating it! I think she spent too many nights as a small child sleeping under a table at the bakery while Mama worked through the night, and does not see cake decorating as a sane career choice. Sometimes I agree with her. When did you start your baking career? I started decorating when my daughter was around four. I 50


e ric e ic seuine p Pr omaniy gen Pr ch

e W

at m ill w

ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

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ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

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Š Rainbow Dust Colours Ltd 2015

ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Hanging Love Birds Cage Cake by Dawn Butler, Dinkydoodle Designs


ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Royal Garden NEW




Co l l e c t i o

n No


. I n s p i r e d Flo r a l De s i g n . O v e r- t h e- t o p De t a i l . U n s u r p a ss e d Ele g a n ce






p the





Cake By: Sugar Realm

w w w. M a r v e l o u s M o l d s. c o m MAGAZINE 69

ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Elevenses Advice ~ Competitions ~ Bake Clubs ~ Reviews

Ask the Expert Cake Conundrums and Decorating Dilemmas!

Avalon Yarnes Known worldwide for her gravity defying sculpted cakes, Avalon’s passion lies in turning the cake decorator into the cake artist. She continuously challenges herself to go above and beyond to create unique and creative cakes and innovative techniques. Avalon Cakes was named Best Novelty Cake Artist for the Cake Masters Magazine Awards 2014.

Newbie Nerves Q: I am scared to build my first ever novelty cake, what three tips can you give to a beginner? A:1) Take it slow. Step back constantly and take a look at the cake as a whole. Look from every angle. 2) Reference material! I always have lots of pictures of my subject, with lots of different angles. 3) Give yourself enough time. Often we think we are super-human and don’t allow ourselves enough time to complete the project. No one wants to see the tired, raccoon eyed cake decorator with ratty hair and mismatched socks delivering their cake! Sleep is not overrated.

Cakes for Carving Q: What is the best kind of cake to carve? A: Cakes high in fat are usually the best for carving, as they usually hold a tight crumb and are sturdy enough to withhold a good amount of carving. These include: mud cakes, butter cakes, buttermilk cakes and pound cakes. The best way to avoid the cake crumbling is to chill the cake first, but sometimes, it’s just the wrong recipe for cake carving. Starter Sketch Q: Is it important to sketch first? A: Sketches can help immensely with the planning process and keeping you on track. Sketch, then break down your sketch into a plan: the colours you need to make, the sequence of processes and other details. This will set your cake up for success. I should probably take my own advice (I’m a horrible sketcher)! Building Materials Q: Can any materials be used to make cake structures? A: No. You want to stick with materials that are either food safe or can be easily sealed to be made food safe. Be sure to fully seal your 70


supports with plastic wrap and/or white chocolate as a food safe barrier between your cake and the base materials not meant for food contact. When in doubt, do your research. Stable Structure Q: When building a cake structure that will support my cake, how will I know how much weight it can hold? A: Always overbuild within the limitations of your design. Use your best judgement. If you’re creating an average sized cake, you can feel safe with common support structures. If you’re creating an enormous cake, use metal supports and wood bases. When in doubt, build it and put weight on it (bags of sugar paste, rice, flour, whatever you have around). Look for trouble signs, such as over-swaying, leaning, etc and adjust accordingly.

Cake Delivery Q: What is the best way to travel with a novelty cake? A: With your fingers and toes crossed! Just kiddin’! If you’ve created a sound structure, you should have no problems transporting your cake. I put mine in a box that fits snuggly to the base board. Pump up that air conditioning! I also tape some ice packs around the inside of the box if it’s an extra hot day.

Short cuts! Q: Are there any really good short cuts when it comes to novelty cakes? A: One of my favourite tricks is to use a ball of sugar paste to smooth the sugar paste on the cake. A ball of sugar paste allows you to move with the curves and indentions of the cake, rather than trying to smooth with something flat and hard. Serving Solutions Q: When cutting and serving a novelty cake should I start from the top or bottom? A: Always start from the top! Starting from the bottom can cause the entire top of the cake to collapse. There is never a good reason to sacrifice good cake! Odd Cakes Q: How do you cover weird shaped sponge? A: It’s best to always plan out your seams ahead of time. Go in with a plan of attack. Find your back or your underside, declare that the “seam” and wrap accordingly. Join your seams as clean as possible, and smooth.

Dowel Decisions Q: What are the best kind of dowels to use? A: I prefer bubble tea straws. They have a large surface area, allowing for better support than regular drinking straws. When I go really large, I will use poly dowels. I usually stay away from wood dowels; I find they are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Cost Calculations Q: What is the best way of charging for a novelty cake? A: Do your homework. Figure out how much your recipes, supplies and overheads are costing you. Then add your time to that (be sure to pay yourself what you are worth!). I have a rule of thumb: however long I think something is going to take me, double that. I always go longer then I expect.

Dirty Icing Q: What is dirty icing? A: “Dirty Icing” is another name for crumb coating. However, that has adopted different definitions through different bakeries. My definition of a “crumb coat” is a thin layer of icing that is applied to the cake to lock in the crumbs. You then follow with a “perfect” final coat of icing. Then finish it off with your rolled sugar paste.

ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

ANAGRAMS Win fabulous prizes by unscrambling these words. Some of the anagrams could be two separate words...


Blog Spotlight



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Placing the spotlight on a blog that has caught our eye!

Blog : A Ba k Blog ger: ed Creatio Sy n Profi le: Co lvia Chan ordin in Tor at o trave nto, Cana or for a ch d lling. Has e a. Likes te ildren’s bo bake ate stin ok rie Start s and atte n her way g recipe publisher s ed: A m t and h pted roug ug Frequ ency ust 2008 many bak h numero : u ing p Cont rojec s ent: D As often a ts. s First e Post: sserts + B I can! ooks Choc deco + ola ra after ted with c te cupca Travel kes w watch hoco la ith va in Favo te sha gaC nil ur ghos ite Post: irque du S pes, which la frosting O ts o we at Most for Hallow ne of my e leil show! e Popu arlier een, g lar Po Desc o h n o e sts sf ri s abake bed in th t:: Dinos of cupcak eaturing li aur B r l d irthda es past! Faceb creation.c ee words y Cup : Swe om ook.c et, Sim @aba o ca kedcr m/abaked ple, S kes eatio creat tories n ion


ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

Carved Car Cake Tutorial by Gilles Leblanc, Les G창teaux de Gilles



ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

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ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015





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ISSUE 33 | JUNE 2015

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June 2015 Cake Masters Magazine  
June 2015 Cake Masters Magazine