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June 24, 2022

Mossman to the Cassowary Coast


A growing number of women in Far North Queensland are pursuing trade careers, with regional female apprenticeship enrolments at TAFE Queensland increasing by 60% since 2018.

Women in Trade Image supplied by TAFE Queensland



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Algae can protect coral reefs – BUT IT’S ALL IN THE TIMING

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SCIENTISTS have found macroalgae (seaweed) can help protect some corals from bleaching, and the removal of the canopyforming seaweed should be carefully timed to help coral reefs thrive. James Cook University research officer Hillary Smith was part of a team that examined what happened when they removed macroalgae at a site near Townsville before a severe bleaching event in early 2020. “When algae become too abundant, it can be bad for corals, as algae compete for space and can directly harm both juvenile and adult corals,” Ms Smith said. “However, algae is not all bad, as the canopy provided by upright macroalgae might reduce direct sunlight and provide refuge for corals during heat events. We wanted to see if this was true.”

She said the scientists found no overall difference in bleaching prevalence in plots where macroalgae had been removed and control plots where it had not been removed. “However, bleaching prevalence varied with corals’ different morphology (shape and form). Mounding corals (such as brain corals) were more likely to experience bleaching in removal plots compared to controls, indicating that these corals do get some degree of protection from the macroalgae canopy,” Ms Smith said. She said a follow-up survey months after the bleaching event had ended found that corals in plots where the macroalgae had been removed had recovered to a greater extent than those where macroalgae had been left to grow. “The greater recovery of coral communities in removal

plots might result from reduced competition with macroalgae,” Ms Smith said. Associate Professor Scott Heron, a co-author of the study, said such findings were becoming increasingly important. “With the escalating frequency and intensity of anomalously-high temperature events, climate-driven coral bleaching and mortality are now occurring in the world every year,” Professor Heron said. “This is the biggest risk to reef ecosystems over the coming decades. “It’s in no way a theoretical problem – broad-scale coral bleaching events already had major effects on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016, 2017, 2020, and again this year in 2022,” he said. “When corals die, macroalgae can proliferate quickly, so it’s important to understand how

these two groups interact on reefs,” Ms Smith said. She said environmental managers were looking at more and more novel options to boost coral reef resilience and the team’s work pointed to a nuanced approach to macroalgae removal being helpful. “Our study suggests that the timing of removing macroalgae on the Great Barrier Reef may maximise benefits,” Ms Smith said. “Algae removal before the annual mass spawning period in September/October will reduce competition for space between algae and baby corals. “Conversely, it seems that allowing some regrowth of the algae canopy before the maximum summer heat in February and March will give some protection to mounding corals.”

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Sea Algae

Funding for Cape York First Nations TO P R O T E C T A R E A S O F C U LT U R A L, N AT U R A L S I G N I F I C A N C E


HE Palaszczuk Government has announced the inaugural round of a new grant program providing funding to Cape York Traditional Owner groups to protect areas of cultural and natural significance on their Country. Off the back of major announcements including the acquisition of Bramwell and Richardson stations as well as the $38.5 million extension of the Cape York Tenure Resolution Program, Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon said the Palaszczuk Government would provide grants of between $30,000 and $50,000 to

fund cultural heritage assessments and prepare submissions for places to achieve national heritage listing. “Since the Goss government, we’ve united more than one million hectares of protected areas and Aboriginal land,” Minister Scanlon said. “This initiative supports Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples in that next step to have areas of cultural and natural significance on their Country progress to national heritage listing and ultimately towards world heritage recognition. “Aboriginal and Torres Strait

Islander culture is the oldest living culture in the world – and it’s important that we protect it, so we can continue to on the path towards reconciliation and recognise its unique significance.” Member for Cook Cynthia Lui said First Nations communities have played a central and powerful role in caring for environment, culture and heritage for tens of thousands of years, and encouraged groups to apply for funding. “First Nations cultural heritage is one that’s rich and diverse in its

history, and it’s one that must be protected,” Ms Lui said. “The Palaszczuk Government’s funding enables our Traditional Owner groups to lead the way, to seize new opportunities and make sure our history that has been passed down for generations continues into the future.” Australia’s National Heritage List documents places of outstanding heritage importance to Australia as a nation, and is managed by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Applications for funding under the 2022 Cape York Heritage Assessment Grant Program will close at midnight Friday, July 29, 2022. Information on the grant program and the guidelines for applying are available at More information on Australia’s National Heritage List is available at:


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WOMEN thriving in Trades A

growing number of women in Far North Queensland are pursuing trade careers, with regional female apprenticeship enrolments at TAFE Queensland increasing by 60% since 2018. Men typically dominate trade apprenticeships, but women seeking broader working opportunities, stable employment and hands-on careers are coming into the fold. One such individual is Tinaroo woman Leah O’Connor, 28, who had worked in several fields from mustering to tourism before enrolling in training to become an electrician. A second-year electrical apprentice, Ms O’Connor, attends block training at the TAFE Queensland Cairns campus. “After each training block, I developed more confidence going back into my workplace because I was able to use what I learned on job sites,” she said. Ms O’Connor, who works at Mareeba Electrical Services, said being a mature-age apprentice wasn’t as daunting as people might think. “People think there’s stigma around it and that you’re always at the bottom,” she said. “But you’ve got to start somewhere, and your employer and teachers are there to build you up.” Another woman making her mark in a male-dominated industry is Cairns-based MAE Refrigeration technician Jennah Halley. The mum-of-four began her apprenticeship in her 30s and said her work was gratifying. “I love fixing things and making things work, whether it be a brand new install or a breakdown,” Ms Halley said. “There is always problemsolving and fault finding involved in my job, which means that I never stop learning. “Learning a trade takes hard work and dedication, but you’re gaining a lifelong career. I am lucky that I found something I love and get paid to do it.” Tarzali woman Brittney Bellingham, 23, has also benefited from an apprenticeship. As a child, an interest in hobby welding drew Ms Bellingham to enrol in boil-

ermaking training when she completed Year 12. Ms Bellingham finished her apprenticeship in four years and works at Norweld in Cairns. “My TAFE Queensland training helped me because when I started, I had no experience; all I did was welding,” Ms Bellingham said. “At TAFE, they showed me how to cut everything, mark it all out, and weld properly. “My skill set isn’t just for work; I can also use it at home,” she said. The three women are at the centre of a TAFE Queensland push to encourage more girls to chase their trade dreams as they grow up and to remind women that it’s never too late to pursue a career change. It is hoped their training success will help inspire a new generation of tradeswomen and increase female representation in workshops and on job sites. Women represent 2% or less of the national workforce in many trade areas. Mrs Halley, 38, said she is passionate about breaking down stereotypes and encouraging more girls and women to take on a trade. “There’s nothing that I can’t do that the guys can do at work, and probably my biggest supporters are my workmates,” Ms Halley said. “So if you can find that crew and that support, go and pursue a trade because it’s rewarding and empowering as a female and as a woman and a mum.” National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Queensland President Sheree Taylor agrees and said the organisation is committed to empowering women in the construction and related industries to reach their full potential. “Having a strong network and community is imperative to building a successful, sustainable and enjoyable career – especially as a female in the construction industry,” Ms Taylor said. “There is plenty of money to be made in trades, with ten occupational groups earning significantly more than the median Australian salary.

FROM > PAG “These include electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, and joiners. “One of NAWIC’s chief goals is education – particularly around career pathways for girls, and we look forward to seeing more and more females enter the construction industry,” she said. TAFE Queensland (north region) Building and Infrastructure Faculty Manager Tracy Turner said there had never been a better time for women to enrol in trade training. “There are a number of skills shortages in regional and metro areas, and women with a desire to pursue a trade could fill those gaps,” Ms Turner said. “For the most part, trade workers enjoy secure employment, and during COVID-19, trade work remained in demand, with some areas growing rapidly. “It’s really great that apprentices earn money from day one, and their training can be completed in the same time or less when compared to a university degree,” she said. To find out more about funded trade training, contact TAFE Queensland on 1300 308 233 or visit

Leah O’Connor




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G8 Education’s early learning centres in Far North Queensland reached a major milestone on Friday, June 17 – educating 1,000 local children in important personal safety lessons through a partnership with Bravehearts. The milestone was reached at Pelican’s in the City One Centre, as the team and children welcomed Bravehearts’ Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show. The interactive show helps empower children to identify uncomfortable feelings like anxiety, to know what to do if they feel unsafe, and the difference between small and big secrets and which ones are okay to keep. Bravehearts’ National Education Operations Manager, Emma Petherick, said the ongoing work in G8 Education centres is vital to improve the safety of Australian children. “Approximately 1 in 5 children will experience child sexual abuse,” Ms Petherick said. “Due to confidentiality reasons, it is difficult to say exactly how many disclosures are made as a direct result of children seeing this show; however, it’s safe to say that we have current or future survivors in every audience we see.” It is estimated that 1,000

Kay Smith from ‘Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show’ at Pelicans in the City One

children in G8 Education early learning centres in Cairns have participated in Bravehearts’ Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure show since it first took to Australian stages. “Bravehearts continues to provide consultation to support educators to have only positive interactions with our children and the knowledge to pick up on any signs of abuse or neglect which may be occurring,” Ms Petherick said.

G8 Education Chief Operating Officer, Malcolm Ashcroft, said child safety is the company’s highest priority. “We prioritise creating child-friendly environments where all children are respected, valued and encouraged to reach their potential,” Mr Ashcroft said. “Our purpose is to create the foundations for learning for life, which extends to the classroom and daily life.”

CAIRNS Distributors of Toyo-Cooper-Nitto & Falken tyres! FIRST FOR SERVICE, ADVICE AND THE RIGHT PRICE! 136 SPENCE ST, CAIRNS

PAGE 4 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

4051 0033

Every G8 Education centre also has a Child Protection Champion who works to embed practices into centres by supporting and educating team members and promoting a child-safe culture. The Pelicans in the City One Child Protection Champion, Mayara Rocha, said she leads her team’s participation in ongoing training and monthly focused discussions to ensure everyone is aware of their obligations. “It is important for us as educators to take the time to reflect and recognise what we are being asked to do about reporting and supporting,” she said. “I also like to make sure everyone understands why the training is so essential and how it impacts not just children’s safety but also benefits families and the whole community. “Our educators must be educated and empowered before we can educate our children.” For more information on Pelicans in the City One, visit, If you have been affected by child sexual abuse and need support, Bravehearts can help - 1800 272 831 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm AEST) or


JUST under two weeks remain for Queenslanders to get their free influenza shot and protect themselves against the risk of serious illness. The Palaszczuk Government’s free flu vaccination campaign, held in partnership with GPs and Pharmacies, ends on Thursday, June 30. Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Yvette D’Ath urged people not yet vaccinated against the flu to take advantage of the program. “This campaign has been very successful since we launched it just over three weeks ago,” Minister D’Ath said. “We have now vaccinated more than 500,000 Queenslanders against the flu since starting the program. “The rollout has had an excellent response, lifting the state’s flu vaccination rate by around 10%, taking it to just above 33%. “But we want to protect more Queenslanders, especially those vulnerable to influenza. “If you haven’t yet had your vaccination, I urge you to take up our offer of a free shot for the sake of yourself, your family, and the community.”

Minister D’Ath said more than 20,000 people in Queensland had tested positive for flu so far this year, resulting in over 2,250 hospitalisations. “This is already a harsh flu season, one that is on track to mirror the 2019 season when 66,135 cases were recorded,” she said. “We’re only early in the season – Queensland’s flu season typically peaks in August. “This year, Influenza A is the dominant strain. It’s a highly contagious disease and can be life-threatening. Even for young, healthy people, flu can be debilitating. “In addition to the vaccination, you can protect yourself and others by staying home to rest if you are infected. “Flu spreads really easily, so if you’re sick, don’t go to school or university, don’t go to work – stay home, and be sure to wash your hands regularly and cough into a tissue,” said Ms D’Ath. The flu vaccine is recommended annually for anyone over six months of age. For more information about vaccinations or to book a vaccination appointment, visit:

After hours GP clinic • Respected local GPs available by appointment on evenings and weekend afternoons • Private billing, with reduced rate for pensioners To book, call 4052 5305 after 12pm weekdays and after 10am weekends Learn more at Clinic inside Cairns Private Hospital 1 Upward Street, Cairns


TOURISM BUYERS (L-R) Past president Bill Gane, Daniel Giagnori, Rowland Percy, Incoming President Liz Derricks, Norma Robson, Rita Zappulla, Peter Bailey, Michael Schramm and Margaret Milutinovic

Destiny Rescue Fundraising Project


Cairns Harbour

CAIRNS is the place for tourism leaders and decision-makers this November for the nation’s inbound international tourism industry flagship business event, the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) Meeting Place. Member for Cairns and Assistant Tourism Minister Michael Healy said the ATEC Meeting Place was estimated to generate $1.5 million for the Far North’s visitor economy. “I can’t think of a better place than the tropical paradise of Cairns to bring together more than 300 tourism industry leaders and decision-makers,” Mr Healy said. “Backing the ATEC Meeting Place brings business visitors to FNQ who fill hotel rooms, restaurants and sample tour experiences you can only find in Queensland. “We’re seeing the green shoots of recovery in our business events industry with the three-day Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference that started on June 16 at the Pullman International. “The ATEC Meeting Place is another win for the Cairns Convention and Exhibition Centre. “Inbound tour operators and

business managers are an essential connection for restarting international tourism to Cairns after COVID-19. “Hosting the ATEC Meeting Place in Cairns is a great opportunity to remind decision-makers of the amazing world-class tourism experiences in the Far North. “We know there is pent-up demand for inbound international travel to Australia. “The ATEC Meeting Place is an important opportunity to put Queensland visitor experiences at the top of international buyers’ lists.” Held from November 21 to 23, 2022, the ATEC Meeting Place conference event has been secured for Cairns in partnership between Tourism and Events Queensland, the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) and Tourism Tropical North Queensland. Tourism Tropical North Queensland Chief Executive Officer Mark Olsen said hosting ATEC Meeting Place 2022 would be an excellent opportunity to showcase the destination to inbound tour operators. “We have more than 30 new experiences in Cairns and the

Great Barrier Reef, including city walks, reef tours, Indigenous operators and rainforest experiences,” he said. “The inbound tour operators will be wowed by the transformation of Cairns with the stunning Esplanade dining precinct, new

ON Sunday, the Rotary Club of Cairns Sunrise held its annual change over lunch function. The event allows the current president to hand over the baton to the incoming president, Liz Derricks. In his closing speech, past president Bill Gane said he would like to finish his year with a big bang by announcing an excellent fundraising project in conjunction with Australian notfor-profit Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue was founded in 2001 by former Cairns resident Tony Irwin, who recognised a need overseas to rescue young children from prostitution and child slavery.

Since 2011 the organisation has been successful in undertaking 345 raids and rescuing 802 children. Statistics say that over a million children are trafficked each year; 70% of them are trafficked from the Asia/Pacific region. On average, every 26 seconds, a child is being trafficked, and yearly $99 billion is generated from sex trafficking. One of the methods that Destiny Rescue uses to help children in conditions of exploitation is raids, which require identifying child sex trafficking victims and gathering evidence to build a legal case against the traffickers. According to Destiny Rescue,

it costs $10,000 to conduct a raid. The Rotary Club of Cairns Sunrise would like to support Destiny Rescue and provide funding for raids that could change many kids’ lives. So they are launching a fundraiser for the cause, asking 100 businesses in Cairns to join them by donating $100 so they can sponsor a raid and help make a difference in these children’s lives. To support this cause, visit: or contact the Rotary Club of Cairns Sunrise on Facebook.

city hotels and vibrant bar and food scene. “Having them experience the region first-hand will be integral to rebuilding our key international markets and reclaiming our $1 billion export industry annually for this region.”

ABN: 26 265 464 589

The ATEC Meeting Place will include:


% OFFs

• Business-to-business workshops. • An entire day conference. • Pre- and post- familiarisation programs for buyers and networking opportunities. Tourism businesses can register for the event through

176 Robert Road, BENTLEY PARK, 4869 Phone: 4045 3382 | Mobile: 0407 691 837 Email: p r i n t @ c a i r n s p r i n t s h o p . c o m Web:

on thi t to i t n e M emen is advert ve 20% oeff receirmal pric no

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A tougher Mongrel all round IT’S WHAT’S INSIDE THAT COUNTS

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quality workboots 4-6 Clifford Road PAGE 6 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

PH: 4061 4917 02.07.2019 13:41

News Corp Australia Proof ©



QUEENSLAND families are being urged to get ready, get set, and get their house fire prepped this winter. This week, a new digital advertising campaign is reminding Queenslanders of the importance of having a fire escape plan and working well-maintained smoke alarms. Winter marks the peak season for house fires state-wide, with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews responding to approximately 40 incidents each week during cooler months since 2015. Fire and Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan said just 23% of young families felt well-prepared for a serious house fire, and 38% did not have a fire escape plan, so targeting this demographic with the new campaign was essential. “House fires can impact

anyone, in any type of home and can move quickly, but we know that families with young children have the added consideration of making sure very small children get out safely too,” Mr Ryan said. “Having a clear, simple and well-practised fire escape plan and working smoke alarms will save lives because it gives you the earliest warning of a fire and a clear plan to get out quickly. “Everyone, especially young families, should plan what they will do in an emergency.” Mr Ryan said creating a fire escape plan was quick and easy. “Young children are particularly vulnerable to smoke inhalation and toxic fumes, should the unthinkable happen,” he said. “Making and practising a plan is quick, easy and can even make something scary, fun for children. “QFES even has a fire education program specifically designed for teachers and their Year 1 students. “I urge all Queenslanders to get ready, get set and get house fire prepped this winter.” QFES Commissioner Greg Leach said almost half of house fires started in the kitchen. “It’s important to remember never to leave cooking unattended, keep flammable items

like tea towels and oven mitts away from cooking areas and keep the saucepan lid handy as it could be used to smother a fire,” Mr Leach said. “Common household items used during the winter months such as heaters and electric blankets can also be a fire hazard if not used or maintained correctly. “Our firefighters are ready to respond to house fires, but families need to be prepared, have a fire escape plan in place and remember to be vigilant when using cooking equipment, heaters or electrical items.” Mr Leach also reminded residents to switch to interconnected smoke alarms before the state-wide deadline in 2027. “When one alarm goes off, they all go off, and every second counts in a house fire, so the earlier you are warned, the better your chances are to get out safely,” he said. • Fire education resource for teachers: FireEdHome fire safety tips and to prepare your fire escape plan: • Information about smoke alarms:





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New job seeker

SUPPORT FOR CAIRNS AS part of changes to the Australian Government’s job seeker system, APM Employment Services is bringing new Workforce Australia Services to Cardwell, Tully, Malanda and Wongaling Beach. The new program will begin when APM opens its doors to job seekers on July 1 in all four locations and will support the area’s growing need for employment support services, with the unemployment rate currently at 4.6%. Ashley Schmearl from APM Cairns said it was essential to ensure Cairns residents have access to job opportunities. “We’re delighted to be supporting job seekers and eligible unemployed people across Cairns in their quest to find fulfilling careers,” Ms Schmearl said. “At APM, we’re passionate about ensuring that all Australians have access to equal employment opportunities and

support services, regardless of their background. “We aim to level the playing field and support those most in need, empowering them to feel confident in the workplace and invest in themselves and their career.” APM is Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services (DES), another government employment program. In 2021 they supported 227,000 individuals through job seeker support programs. The Workforce Australia system will replace the jobactive program, which APM delivers in 18 out of 51 employment regions nationwide. The new Workforce Australia system will see APM deliver multiple employment programs to help job seekers in 27 regions. The new Workforce Australia system includes tailored programs such as Enhanced Services, Career Transition Services,

Employability Skills Training and Transition to Work. Support provided across the programs will vary depending on each individual’s circumstances and eligibility. Most programs include assistance with identifying types of work a job seeker would be suitable for, help with resumes, job applications and performing in job interviews. The programs also give job seekers advice on local labour markets and insights on potentially suitable employers. APM will also provide specialist consultants to support Indigenous Australians, those culturally and linguistically diverse, self-employed, transitioning careers or needing to enhance employability skills and training. For more information about APM and Workforce Australia, visit

Employees at APM Cairns (L-R) Back row, Raechel Bolton, Nikki Tranter, Elizabeth Garrigan, Lisa Livingston and Libby Molloy. Front row, Lauren Kerr, Terrena Anziliero

Drug & alcohol relapse prevention Our Relapse prevention drug and alcohol group therapy day program is designed to provide a supportive therapeutic environment for people wishing to maintain and enhance changes they have made to their substance-using behaviour. It offers help to understand substance misuse, triggers and cravings, and develop new and effective skills to independently manage use. The program provides support to help prevent lapses from escalating into relapses, and to enhance and maintain motivation for change. Drawing on a variety of evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, the program runs on Tuesdays 9:00am to 12:30pm.



Let Ramsay Clinic Cairns help you maximise your potential. Talk to your GP about a referral.

Grant Woolcock - BMW Sales Manager - 0488 794 030 Glen Farley - BMW Sales Executive - 0408 728 341

Westco BMW | (07) 4044 4122 | 207/209 Newell Street, Cairns City 4870

Private health insurance Self-funded Workers Compensation Veteran Affairs

T 07 4050 7000 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022 PAGE 7


Get Creative


for the Comfiest Day of the Year

Want to be heard? Send a text to the Editor 0438 195 408 I wonder how we are going to stop the flow of people from all types of organisations asking for money. The federal government is already giving heaps to anyone who asks for it. I do have a remedy but alas I would be shot if I even said how. Paddy, Mt Sheridan

Re:TB South Cairns SMS: I agree the feral pigs have a lot to answer for they cause a lot of destruction in our rainforests, however nature does take its own natural causes, however ALL things need to be taken into consideration. Ben, Babinda


for keeping independent news alive

I picked up a copy of Cairns Local News at the Central Shopping Centre this afternoon and would like to congratulate you and your team for keeping local media alive in what can be considered often challenging times. I have spent many years working in the advertising and media industries (now retired), including a stint as a director of an independent suburban newspaper in Sydney and know first hand its challenges, but also its importance to a local area. In my opinion, there is still room for a community-based print/digital newspaper that does not try to replicate the ‘dailies’ but provides an easy read centred on stories of interest to local readers. Advertisers can still benefit from the inherent strengths of permeance, visual, colour and portability that is available via the print medium and its digital equivalent. This is particularly true if enough space is available

to include a strong headline eg SALE, 50% OFF, BEST IN CAIRNS etc, backed by strong visuals and body copy. It is interesting to note that the Major Retailers of the world still have print as an important part of their media mix. It also appears to me, whilst trying to avoid being an instant expert from down south, deep in Blues territory, that the local economy in Cairns seems to be improving with tourists, like myself, starting to once again include Cairns as a holiday destination. It will take time, but I am confident that the local economy will go from strength to strength. I wish you and your team all the best for the future and look forward to picking up copies of the Cairns Local News on our future visits to Cairns when escaping the cold winters down south. Peter, Sydney PS. GO THE BLUES

The Pyjama Foundation are calling on Australians to register to don their PJs and create change this National Pyjama Day. July 22 officially marks The Pyjama Foundation’s vital fundraiser, National Pyjama Day. National Pyjama Day is all about helping The Pyjama Foundation raise much-needed awareness and funds for children in foster care. Supporters from across Australia are getting ready to rock their PJs at work, school and everywhere in between. The Pyjama Foundation Founder and CEO, Bronwyn Sheehan OAM, said she was proud to see the Australian community back the fundraiser to support so many vulnerable children in our community. “With one month to go, I am calling on the Australian community to register and support the 49,000 children in care in Australia. “Sign up today and get ready to rock your PJs this July for kids in care.” Bronwyn said the impact of the Love of Learning Program over the last 19 years has had a massive impact on the lives of so many. “When I first considered bringing The Pyjama Foundation to life more than 18 years ago, never did I realise the potential impact that would be made,” she said. “Our volunteer Pyjama Angels support children in building their learning, life skills and confidence to ultimately improve the trajectory of their lives.” National Pyjama Day is vital to the success of the Love of Learning Program which is offered to children in foster care - Australia’s lowest performing educational group. Register or find out more about National Pyjama Day, please visit, nationalpyjamaday. com. For more information on The Pyjama Foundation, please visit,

COUNCIL NEWS ... Closures for maintenance

HMAS Cairns

Public access to Crystal Cascades will also be closed on Tuesday 28 June and Wednesday 29 June to allow for replacement of ageing pipes and flowmeter infrastructure.

Saturday 25 June

The Freshwater Creek pathway from the Rocks Rd causeway to the Goomboora Park T-intersection at the cane fields will be closed for five days, between Friday 24 June and Wednesday 29 June, while cane harvesting takes place in the area.


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and what they

PAGE 8 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022


need to surviv

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ary, perfect fo

Stratford Libr

CAIRNS REGIONAL COUNCIL is hosting a range of magical, creative and mindful activities in the region’s libraries and gallery spaces to keep the kids occupied these school holidays. From tessellation art t-shirt printing at the Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre, to magic shows or Yoga and Mindful Craft sessions at Cairns Libraries, there is something to suit every child’s interest. Cairns Libraries is hosting a variety of activities across its seven locations from Monday to Saturday each week of the school holidays including: • Harry Potter Magic Show with the White Wizard • Fairy Poppilina • Yoga and Mindful Craft • Makerspace - Design your own library bag • Natura STEAM Workshop • LEGO Mania & Story Writing • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) Explorer Stations. For creative types, Cairns

March starting at 8..30am from Lagoon Plaza to Shields St, Abbott St, Florence St and the Esplanade. Formal ceremony in front of City Library at the intersection of Abbott and Aplin streets. Rolling road closures from 8am to 9.45am along the marching route. Full details available on Council’s website

eir lives

ay they live th

all about the w

Come witness this spectacular symbolic ceremony

le learning

the water whi

with bugs from


A portion of Brinsmead Rd near Freshwater Christian College will be closed from 27 June to 9 July to allow for private construction works for the Freshwater Pocket Stage 1 development as well as upgrades to the local network for all residents. Both ends of Brinsmead Rd will remain open allowing access to properties, including the school and Redlynch Cyclones Football Club, however the road will be closed to through traffic.

Path closed for harvest

this school holidays

Botanic Gardens Visitors’ Centre will host a printmaking workshop for children where they will learn about tessellation then create their own wearable ‘Tessell-art’ t-shirt or tote bag. The activity is suitable for children five years and over, and children are invited to return for a fashion show at the end of the school holidays to show off the design they created. Registration is essential. Workshop session times are: • Tuesday June 28 – Session 1, 10am to midday; Session 2, 1pm-3pm • Thursday June 30 – Session 1, 10am to midday; Session 2, 1pm-3pm Visit, the MyCairns app or the What’s on page of Council’s website or Cairns Libraries website to find all the workshop details. As well as workshops and activities, there are plenty of free and fun things to do in and around the region these holidays. Try these ideas: • While away the day at

1300 69 22 47


New pound opening Council’s new Animal Care and Education Centre will open on Monday 27 June, replacing the current Council pound on McCoombe St. Located at 55-57 Links Dr, Woree, the facility has double the capacity of the current facility to meet future demands of the growing community and corresponding increase in the number of pets in the city. The Animal Care and Education Centre is open to the public for pet collection at the following times:  Weekdays from 4.30pm to 5.30pm  Weekends and public holidays from 12.30pm to 1pm.

Cairns Esplanade and the Esplanade dining precinct. Swim at the Lagoon, play at Muddy’s Playground, go for a stroll or a bike ride, play at the fun ship, grab an ice cream or have a barbeque. (Please note: The Lagoon is closed every Wednesday from 6am to midday for regular cleaning and maintenance.) • Explore the natural environment and tropical plant life at Cairns Botanic Gardens and Cattana Wetlands. Children will also love the Nature Playground, located at Freshwater Lake on Greenslopes St (near the Zhanjiang Friendship Garden). Get active along the many cycling and walking tracks in Cairns. Challenge yourself on the popular Arrow tracks through Mt Whitfield Conservation Park, behind the Cairns Botanic Gardens in Edge Hill, or try the Ivan Evans Trail in Bayview Heights, or the Earl Hill track in Trinity Beach.

Improvement works Hideaway Cl, Palm Cove: Works to start construction of a new water pump station. Poolwood Rd, Kewarra Beach: Water main works at Miami Rd intersection. Expect temporary road closures. Danbulan St, Smithfield: Linemarking, signage installation and parkland bollard relocations for one-way traffic arrangements. Windarra St, Woree: Road upgrade and traffic light installation at the Rigg St intersection. Intersection closed during school holidays, from Monday 27 June to Monday 11 July. Upham Rd, Mirriwinni: Pugh Creek Bridge repair works from Monday 27 June. For a full list of works see our website.

Gazza’s Gossip

It’s Plain Sailing In Port F

OR some, the term WAGS may possibly be an acronym that refers to ‘wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportsmen’. In Port Douglas, it may well mean something different, as I will explain. Owning and running a yacht is not the cheapest past time, so I’ve always said the next best option is to have a good friend who’s got one. That said, there is another option, with midweek sailing kicking off again at the Port Douglas Yacht Club. It’s known as WAGS, but in this case it refers to ‘Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing’. Every Wednesday afternoon the club’s very generous members volunteer their time and their yachts to take the public out sunset sailing. Available to anyone over 18, all you have to do is arrive at the club at 4pm, write your name down, sign the WAGS insurance disclaimer and make yourself comfortable. The skippers will then choose their own crew by personally asking you to join them on their private yacht for a sail. If you are asked to go sailing, the yachts generally set sail around 4.30 pm and return to the club for an affordable dinner and drinks at around 6.30 pm. Availability may vary due to the number of yachts,

skippers, crew and the good old weather. If the wind does get up, then for safety reasons the sailing is restricted to Dickson Inlet and Packers Creek, which, trust me, is still an extremely pleasurable experience. Occasionally the event may be cancelled entirely at the discretion of participating skippers. Although WAGS is a free activity, it is an expectation that all people who get chosen to go sailing stay for dinner and drinks after sailing. Apart from being a great opportunity to enjoy a fantastic meal at this superbly scenic location, it also goes a long way to

supporting the Port Douglas Yacht Club. Keep in mind that places are only allocated by the skippers to visitors present at the club on Wednesday night from 4.00pm and cannot be booked in advance. At this stage, the yacht club has 5 Yachts involved which means they are able to take approximately 30 passengers out for a sail. If you’re keen, Google Port Douglas Yacht Club for details and get involved. I’m off to splice the mainbrace myself, so for now it’s Gazza signing out. Send your stories to

FAB FM 90.9


PHOTO PROJECT Captures history of Port Douglas

A walk down memory lane at five well-known locations in Port Douglas has been captured thanks to a Douglas Shire Council grant. The Douglas Shire Historical Society (DSHS) continues to share local history with the community and visitors through five new photo posts installed earlier this year. The additional posts are located at Sugar Wharf, St Mary’s Church, Faugh-a-Ballagh train, Clink Theatre and Port Douglas Cemetery. Douglas Shire Historical Society (DSHS) spokesperson Pam Willis Burden said the group extended the town’s historic walk to 22 photo posts. “As a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers, the Society did not have the funds to have these made,” she said. “Filling in the application form was challenging, and thankfully great help was kindly provided by the Council’s Grants Officer.” “Applying for a grant is worth the trouble because if successful, a dream project can be completed.”

Council is encouraging the community to start considering applying to the Council’s Grants Program, which will open in August this year. The grants program consists of micro-grants worth up to $1000 and major grants of up to $10,000. People are encouraged to start researching information about Council grants at Council’s website at: Douglas Shire Council

Mayor Michael Kerr said anyone with an idea for a community project or initiative should read the guidelines and consider applying for a grant. “Our grants program provides a great opportunity for community members to get funding for projects that make a difference,” Cr Kerr said. “Projects such as the historical society’s new photo posts are a wonderful example of a community-driven initiative made possible by a Council grant.”

Historical society member taking a trip around Port Douglas

Come and get the best coffee in town!!! Volunteers Sought - Interested persons please visit:

See the Captain and the Crew next to Barrier Tavern Bottleshop Open 6 am-2 pm, Monday-Saturday 54 M A C R O S S A N S T R E E T, P O R T D O U G L A S

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Cassowary The Cape to

and everywhere in between

Same GREAT business publication online and on page. Same GREAT business content, local places and local faces. EXTRA distribution, readership and audiences. Now covering all things business from Cassowary to the Cape.

www. co nne c t f nq .c om .au

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HOLIDAY PROGRAM for kids aged 8-16 years of age GETTING GROMS ON THE WATER



Sponsored by Surfing Australia




To book, scan the QR code or jump onto our facebook page

Shop 204-205, DFO, 274 Mulgrave Road 4249 3333

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Let’s bond over nature. Come and play at the waterfalls with Cairns Canyoning, we will empower you, push boundaries, overcome fear as we take you over waterfalls, abseiling, rock scrambling, jumps, slides and so much more… Behana Canyon with experienced leaders offers a fun, friendly, active outdoor nature playground for those aged 8 years and older. Surrounded by lush green rainforest, breath in the fresh air, feel the adrenaline and explore your backyard with us! After something a little more relaxed? Then come join Barefoot Tours on a road trip to the Tablelands (we promise not to make you drive!) The Atherton Tablelands Region offers plenty of variety of the nature scenes, with a full day to explore multiple freshwater swim holes, a Volcanic Crater Lake, Fig Trees, World Heritage Rainforest and more. With lunch included, the tour is subject to a max of 14 guests in their 20seater bus and best of all, this tour isn’t subject to time restrictions. The Meeting point for these tours is Allbout Cairns, which is a nonprofit Tourism Hub supporting Tour Operators and their guests, to provide local, quality, travel advice and experiences. We’d love to meet you, so come and tell us what you love most about Cairns!

Find the best day tours & adventure activities in Cairns



AVE with the Cinebuzz Family Saver Sessions these school holidays at Event and BCC Cinemas. Embark on an intergalactic adventure with Buzz in Lightyear or see the loveable yellow characters in Minions: The Rise of Gru. If action and adventure are for you, see the final instalment Jurassic World: Dominion or Thor: Love and Thunder. Enjoy the latest releases and save with the Cinebuzz Family Saver Sessions at Event and BCC Cinemas.


Cairns Local News and Event Cinemas have joined forces to giveaway 2 FAMILY PASSES

for the school holidays. To enter, comment on our post to tell us what movie you want to see, and share our post. Entries close at 5 pm, Wednesday, June 29, 2022, with the winner drawn at 9 am, Thursday, June 30, 2022. Winners will be notified by Facebook message – so make sure you’re following us to be able receive messages from us.

A Kuku Yalanji Traditional Custodian will meet with visitors to their traditional homeland on Cooya Beach, where they continue to practice their cultural activities and maintain their cultural heritage. After explaining the cultural importance of this country, guides will introduce guests to their traditional fishing activity of spear throwing and handling as it is still practiced here today. Visitors will then follow their cultural guide with a spear each along Cooya Beach observing cultural medicine and food plants. The guides will then take guests along with them as they continue their daily spear fishing and gathering for their families into the mangroves and onto the mudflats. After about 2 hours of cultural activities and coastal walking, guests will return with the guides to see Kuku Yalanji artefacts and share rare stories from their traditional land, while they prepare their daily food for their families.


call us on

4098 3437 or go online to book a tour

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By Maria Larkins CHILDREN in the Cairns region didn’t have far to go for some seaside holiday fun. The northern beaches offered plenty of everything – sandy beaches on which to build castles, safe beaches to paddle in, and good fishing spots to catch some dinner. In the 1930s there was even “cheap” fuel to transport the family there. Cane farmers could buy Shellkol petrol from the Mulgrave Mill at 2/- and a half penny. Shellkol was an admixture of 15% alcohol produced from molasses and 85% petrol. In addition to buying fuel from the Mill, local farmers could also try their luck and dream of winning the local sweep. Once such lucky farmer was William McGuigan who won £30. McGuigan invested his winnings in some land at Trinity Beach after seeing an advertisement in the local newspaper. He bought three quarter acre blocks for £40. The Cairns Brewery had built

a holiday cottage for its employees on one of the allotments, and this became the McGuigan “weekender”. Although the McGuigans would usually to travel from their farm at Saw-mill Pocket by horse and sulky sometimes they would pack up the car and motor there. Kewarra was considered a safer beach for children to swim in than Trinity Beach as the water gradually became deeper. It was also a good fishing spot. The water at Trinity Beach got deep very quickly but the sandy shore was quite suitable for strolling along and collecting shells. Yorkeys Knob and San Remo beaches were the “surf” beaches and probably not the safest for youngsters to paddle in - although the crashing waves and foamy white water were bound to generate shrill screams of excitement. Sources: Photographs and reference notes courtesy the McGuigan family and Mulgrave Shire Historical Society, State Library of Queensland, and TROVE.

Seaside holidays McGuigan

’s beach

house at

Trinity Bea


Bay. off Chinaman’s Sharks caught x Anderson, Ale t): lef om (fr Roy Pictured n, Ian McGuigan, Patricia McGuiga ret McGuigan. rga Ma d an n, Anderso

Children playing in the surf in the Cairns district, ca. 1914. Although the surf looks to be quite menacing, the children were very well protected from the sun with their hats. Courtesy State Library of Queensland

Ian McGuigan with his twin sisters, enjoying a walk along the sand at Trinity Beach, c. 1937.

g n o

ted by C ath W


1-9 July 2022

Dire c



r W

Wri tte



Presented by Cairns Little Theatre Inc

WANTED Stamps & Coins


* A Division of I. S. Wright Are seeking Stamps, Coins, Banknotes, Postcards, Militaria, Deceased Estates for their Public Auctions or outright purchase.

VISITING CAIRNS MONDAY, JUNE 27TH, 2022 Please phone for an appointment on

(02) 9267 4525

Email: | Web:

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Sunday, July 03, 2022 The St John’s Greek Festival is back and bigger than ever for 2022!

s t j o h n s co m m u n i t yc a re. o rg

o r

P H :

( 0 7 )

4 0 3 9

9 7 0 0

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A dvertising


About us Our Organisation

St John’s Community Care is committed to caring for our community by enhancing the independence and quality of life of the frail, elderly and people with disability. We achieve this by providing a flexible, responsive, planned and individualised package of services to enable them to remain living at home.

Our Services

Our programs, activities and services in aged care, disability care, community services, supported accommodation and early learning are all built around our system of values. Empowering quality of life and enabling independence stands foremost in the hierarchy of what matters most at St John’s Community Care.

Early Learning

Catering to children aged six weeks to school entry age and based in the heart of Redlynch, our world-class daycare facility celebrated 25 years of service in 2020-21. The year capped our centre’s record of excellence in en-

suring the children in our care smile, stay safe, and thrive developmentally through the provision of industry-leading opportunities.

Community & Partnerships Our bonds with the communities we serve and the organisations we work with are key to our success in providing meaningful support to clients in the aged care, disability care and other key priority spaces. We value our relationships with our stakeholders and 2020-21 saw us move from strength to strength while delivering on key initiatives with our key partners. St John’s Community Care remains forever focused on the values that inspire and drive us. We will continue to provide individualised support and care for clients and communities in our mission to meaningfully contribute to health outcomes and quality of life.

PAGE 14 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

ST JOHN’S GREEK FESTIVAL A d v e r t i s i n g

F e a t u re

The St John’s Greek Festival is back and bigger than ever for 2022!

If you’re looking for a day of Greek-style fun, Redlynch is the place to be. Every year, the local St John’s Greek Festival brings delicious food, lively music and dancing, and plenty of laughs to Cairns. There’s something for everyone at the festival, from mouth-watering baklava and souvlaki to exciting plate-smashing demonstrations. And of course, no Greek festival would be complete without bouzouki music and non-stop dancing. So come on down to Redlynch and join in the fun! Who knows, you might even learn a few steps of the syrtaki by the end. The annual St John’s Greek Festival Returning Sunday 3rd July 10:30am – 4:30pm The perfect way to travel to Greece without leaving the Far North! Head on over to the St John's Greek Festival! This annual event is a great way to experience traditional Greek culture, music and cuisine. So come on out and enjoy a taste of Greece right here in Australia! One of the highlights of the festival is the Greek cooking demonstrations, where you can learn how to make some of your favourite dishes. There will also be tours of the church, traditional plate-smashing, and interactive dancing. And of course, no Greek festival would be complete without delicious food! The Greek Festival is the perfect place to get your Greek food fix. With stalls selling all of your favourite dishes, you'll be in food heaven. And if you're looking for something to keep the kids entertained, there's plenty on offer too. From jumping castles to treasure hunts, they'll be spoilt for choice. The Cyprus Dance Group from Brisbane is performing live! Come and learn traditional Cyp-

riot dances and enjoy the music and culture of this beautiful day. The Cypriot Youth of Brisbane Dance Group have been performing traditional Cypriot dances across Queensland for over 40 years. Formed in the late 1970s by a group of passionate Cypriot community members, the group continues to provide youths with an opportunity to learn and showcase Cypriot folk dances to the wider community. Many of the dances performed draw on stories and themes reflecting the traditional village culture of Cyprus. Guest Appearance from Costa Georgiadis Costa Georgiadis is a landscape architect who has an all-consuming passion for plants and people - he knows how to bring out the best in both of them, and takes great pleasure in bringing them together. Costa believes in embracing and celebrating mother nature's cycles and seasons and nurturing her balance, beauty and bounty organically. His holistic approach is all about gardening the soil and the soul.

Many a lamb souvlaki will be consumed, when the sounds, sights and tastes of Greece come to Redlynch for the annual St John’s Greek Festival.

Ausnorth Building & Construction

Home Modifications for Disability & Home Care Ausnorth actively engage with Occupational Therapists, Care organisations & Disability Service Providers in the delivery of high-quality Home Modification works.




Cassowary Coast

Contact us: 1300 287 667 Respectful Courteous Consultative | Proud supporters of SJCC

w w w. a u s n o r t h . n e t . a u

QBCC 1245121 NDIS: 4050038061

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Welcome to Country


Blessing the event

Father Menelaos


Redlynch Day Care



Welcoming the Officials LAUNCH OF THE FESTIVAL

Theo Bacalakis Officials Flip the Magician/Clown


Cypriot Dance Group



Costa Georgiadis

ABC Gardening Australia Church Tours


Edelweiss Dance Group



Tango Dance Group

Alan Moore


Zorba Time and Plate Smash

DJ Chris


Cypriot Dance Group



Costa Georgiadis

ABC Gardening Australia


Tribal Bellydance Cairns



Zorba Time and Plate smashing

DJ Chris Cooking Lesson Church Tours @ 1:15



Rachel Fulston


Cypriot Dance Group



Costa Georgiadis

ABC Gardening Australia


Zorba Time and Plate Smash

DJ Chris


Honey puff eating competition

5 competitors


Olive Spitting Competition

Bico and Michael


Zorba Time/Greek Dancing

DJ Chris


Multi Raffle



Redlynch Central Shopping Centre Larsen Road, Redlynch QLD 4870 PAGE 16 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

ST JOHN’S GREEK FESTIVAL A d v e r t i s i n g

F e a t u re

Thank you to our Sponsors

BUY A RAFFLE TICKET TO GO INTO THE DRAW An exciting opportunity for someone to get to visit one of the world’s truly great cities. Athens has so much to offer and lies historically in the very heart of Greece and is known as the birthplace of democracy. It is home to famous sites such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon. PRIZE VALUE IS $2000 AND IS FOR A RETURN TICKET TO ATHENS FOR ONE PERSON.

Commercial, Estate and Conveyancing Law

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A dvertising


Special guest Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia

Costa Georgiadis was born in North Bondi, Sydney, Australia on 1 January 1964. By nationality, he is an Australian, but he is of Greek descent. His grandfather’s market garden was where he had developed a love of nature. He once visited Greece, at the age of 15 for about 8 weeks and he was very thankful to his parents for letting him learn Greek. Costa established his community verge garden in his street in Bondi. The verge is now home to a street library, compost system, bathtub worm farm as well as indigenous plants and vegies. He attended Rose Bay Primary School and his first performing role was in a Grade 3 play. Not surprisingly Costa was the king in the play but was deposed by none other than TV star Larry Emdur (who currently co-hosts the Morning Show). Costa: “It was a pivotal experience. I was taken down! I have

been trying to get back ever since.”

Costa took a turn on the Red Faces talent quest on Hey Hey it’s Saturday around 1989 as a member of the Hellenic Rebirth Brothers. Around the same time he was on the Ray Martin Show competing in a Bathroom Baritone competition, which required singing in the bathtub. He also sings in a band, the More Please Orchestra. They do one gig a year as part of the annual Beardstock festival in Bondi. Costa’s Pappou (grandfather) was a market gardener and that’s where Costa learnt about growing food. His grandmothers were the ones that taught him the importance of cooking and eating. His Pappou was obsessed with composting and building up the soil. We welcome Costa to The St John’s Greek Festival 2022!


PAGE 18 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

ST JOHN’S GREEK FESTIVAL A d v e r t i s i n g

F e a t u re

The Tradition Lives on This annual event celebrates the vibrant Greek culture that

has been such an important part of Australia for many years. Some of the earliest Greek migrants to Australia arrived in the late 1800s, finding work as cane cutters or in mines. Over the next century, more than 350,000 Greeks would come to Australia. Today, their descendants are proud to carry on the progressive, independent attitude of their ancestors. The Greek Festival is a celebration of this spirit and commitment to community. All proceeds raised at the festival goes towards supporting the vital services that St John’s provides to the local community. So come along and have a great time while helping to make a difference!


Where: Cnr Kamerunga and Fairweather roads, Redlynch When: 10.30am to 4.30pm, next Sunday, July 03 How much: Entry via gold coin donation More details: Visit or PH: (07) 4039 9700

Brisbane’s Cypriot Dance Group was one of many multicultural performances that featured at a previous festival.

The annual Greek festival has traditional food, dancing and plenty of activites for the kids.

Your Local Community Newspaper servicing the region, proudly supports St John’s Greek Festival.


FREE Paper with all our local stories, available Online and in Print every Friday from over 100 local outlets from Mossman to Cardwell


CAIRNS SPIT ROAST CATERING 0414 768 859 INFO@CAIRNSSPITROAST.COM.AU Auspower Electrical is a Cairns based electrical contracting company, catering to all your electrical, air-conditioning and refrigeration needs in all residential, commercial and industrial applications. We provide design, installation and service for a wide range of electrical work from installing a fan or power outlet to complete wiring of new homes, rewiring old ones, general maintenance and repairs for commercial, government and domestic clients.

Auspower Electrical is a locally owned and operated business since 2010. Glen, our Managing Director, actively supports local business, schools, government agencies and the local community. Glen and his team are particularly known for their caring approach to clients.

Contac t Us: Phone 0439 790 733 Email: glen@auspowerelec tric | Business Hours: 8am to 5pm | Monday to Friday S aturday by appointment onl y

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World-Class Daycare, In the Heart of Redlynch

Redlynch Daycare Centre is a not-forprofit organisation that caters for children from 6 weeks to school entry age. The Centre first opened in 1996 as an activity of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Australia to offer childcare services to the families of Redlynch and surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on our friendly educators with genuine warmth and commitment to children in our care. Our Centre provides a safe and secure environment as an extension of each child’s family setting. We aim to ensure that your child feels happy, safe and secure in our environment. We believe in an open-door policy that encourages families to spend time at our centre. Parents and family members are welcome to visit our centre and your child’s class to observe them through the day, play with the children, read stories, join group time or spend time participating in activities with the children. We also hold events throughout the year and at-

tend local initiatives that celebrate the families and individuals in our community. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive childcare service that goes above and beyond standard care. We provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack to all children. All meals are nutritious and prepared fresh on premises each day by our wonderful chef, allowing for most special dietary requirements. If your child uses nappies, we provide quality disposable nappies and wipes throughout each day of care. This is included in your child’s fees. Once your child is toilet trained and no longer requires the use of centre nappies, your fees will be altered accordingly. We also offer a great range of activities throughout the year for our families and children. Some of these may include: Cheeky Monkey visits; Zoo to You; Bike-a-thon; Centre Fair; BBQ Breakfast; Farm Animals; Excursions and our Annual Christmas Concert.

For more information, phone the centre on (07) 4055 2020 or visit

Staff at Redlynch Daycare Centre have a genuine warmth and commitment to creating an environment which is an extension of each child’s family setting.

World-class Daycare in the heart of Redlynch Redlynch Daycare Centre is a notfor-profit organisation that caters for children from 6 weeks to school entry age. The Centre first opened in 1996 as an activity of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Australia to offer childcare services to the families of Redlynch and surrounding communities.

We pride ourselves on our friendly educators with genuine warmth and commitment to children in our care. Our Centre provides a safe and secure environment as an extension of each child’s family setting. We aim to ensure that your child feels happy, safe and secure in our environmen

Call us on 4055 2020 or visit our website | Situated Cnr Kamerunga and Fairweather Rds, Redlynch PAGE 20 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

ST JOHN’S GREEK FESTIVAL A d v e r t i s i n g

F e a t u re

Growing alongside the community Founded in 1994, the not-for-profit organisation provides a range of services to people living in the Far North, including aged care, disability support and respite care. St John’s Community Care provides tailored community services that empower quality of life and independence. This overarching goal sees us providing a wide range of community services to individual clients from different walks of life, from the elderly to those living with a disability. Personal care, social support and in-home assistance are just a few of the ways we’ve been proud to help over the last year. Today, St John’s employs over 300 staff and volunteers and provides services to over 6,000 clients each year. As awareness has grown, our Home Assist Services continue to be in strong. demand, such that in 2020/21, we have been able to provide 22,100 hours of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios

household maintenance and repairs for those jobs that do not require a qualified tradesperson. Some of these repairs related to increasing safety and mobility, and thus contributed directly to assisting clients to remain independent. Our continued work providing Home Care Packages to empower seniors to continue living independently saw us deliver 120,000 hours of specialized, tailored solutions to our wide-ranging clientele. Courtesy of Commonwealth Government funding, we have been able to provide this service. We are continually refining our offering, as reflected in high levels of client satisfaction, and recognition of our ability to work across cultures and languages. The organisation has come a long way in 22 years, but its mission remains the same – to improve the quality of life for those in need in our community.

For further information on St John’s Community Care, please call (07) 4039 9700 or visit

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Parish Cairns is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the one, Holy and Catholic and Apostolic Church y bus is A courtes le for b availa vice to er u S nday S ase call le p book laos on Fr Mene 6 689 0415 93


• Embracing the Spiritual Life of the Orthodox Church through regular prayer, worship and frequent participation in the sacraments. • Supporting the Church through stewardship of time and talent and sacrificial giving. • Providing a welcoming, caring, loving environment. • Having its members exemplify Orthodox Christian character and morals. • Supporting ministries that facilitate the overall mission of the Church. • Exemplifying commitment to community service and charitable outreach. • Creating an environment which encourages members to grow in their faith. May God Bless you and give you strength!

Fr Parish Priest - Rev. Fr. Menelaos Hatzoglou Church: (07) 4058 1116 | Mobile: 0415 936 609 Philoptohos Society Ph: (07) 4058 1116 | Theo Bacalakis Mobile: 0488 083 266 |

Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022 PAGE 21


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What Disability Care Services and Programs do we offer? In Australia, there are more than 4 million people living with a disability. This can include people with an intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive, neurological, or psychiatric disability. We believe that every Australian has the right to live a full and accomplished life, which is why we choose to work with these vulnerable groups in our community. St John’s Community Care is committed to delivering a range of services to the community, including disability care services. Our team of specialist disability carers are passionate about the work they do, and love supporting fellow Australians to lead fulfilling lives. Disability care requires specialty knowledge, and not only does our team have this expertise, but they also have the desire to create positive change. Everything we do aims to enhance and enrich the lives of others. Some of our key disability care services include a young lifestyle care facility, in-home lifestyle support, learning and life skills development, transport, and social respite. We’re proud to offer care that is responsive, inclusive and flexible. Types of disability care No two individuals are the same, which means no two types of care should be the same either. St John’s Disability Care respects the right for people with a disability to choose who they live with and where they live, meaning we can provide comprehensive support in one of our 24-hour care housing accommodations, in supported independent living accommodation, or in your own home of choice. If you are researching types of care, it’s important that you consider every option and weigh up what may be the best solu-

tion for you. Chat with loved ones and professionals to understand how care services can positively impact your life. The team at St John’s Community Care are always available to discuss what particular programs, services and facilities may be suited to you. How we operate with the NDIS The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to provide support to eligible people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disability. As Australia’s first national scheme for people with a disability, its core function is to provide funding directly to individuals. As a provider for both the NDIS and other disability services, St John’s Disability Care is committed to delivering outstanding care to those requiring support in our community. Our organisation is dedicated to a mantra of staying connected with customers and ensuring they are able to access greater choice, control and freedom in their lives. Why is quality care important for people living with a disability? A disability support worker can provide both practical care and support for people living with disabilities. Quality care services are important to assist everyone to live a life with choice, control and freedom. Support and care services can be empowering, enriching and life-changing. If you would like to learn more about St John’s Community Care and discuss options suited to your needs, you can contact our team today. We have experienced community services volunteers who would love to assist you on your journey to an enriched lifestyle.

For more information, visit or phone (07) 4039 9700.


GREEKFESTIVAL GREEK FESTIVAL d by is pr ou dl y su pp or te

DOMESTIC & GENERAL STEEL FABRICATIONS Charles & Sue Lazarus 8A Redden Street. PORTSMITH Phone: 4035 5211 or 4035 5433 Mobile: 0407 163 682 | Fax: 4035 5233 Email:

Looking for an agent? FIVE RIVERS SALES & RENTALS


• New Homes • Triplex/Duplex • Townhouses • House and Land Packages

2.2% Sales 7% Management Fee


Jomcy 0459 783 983 SALES MANAGER PAGE 22 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

Ram 0474 826 546 SALES DIRECTOR

Yuvi 0433 066 102 SALES MANAGER

ST JOHN’S GREEK FESTIVAL A d v e r t i s i n g

F e a t u re

The Benefits of Staying Mentally and Physically Active as we age Ageing individuals can face a number of challenges. Changes to our physical health as our body ages, vulnerability to social isolation, and impacts on mental health, are just a few of the common difficulties faced as we age. Staying mentally and physically active is important for delaying the onset or reducing the severity of health conditions for elderly persons. There are many ways to engage the mind and body. Physical activity is essential for maintaining good overall health. Many physiotherapists and trainers would agree that, for ageing persons, light exercise (that isn’t rigorous on joints) is the best form of physical activity. This could include swimming, yoga, walking or stretching. These types of activities help to keep muscles strong, maintain coordination skills and sustain cardiovascular fitness. Exercise can also reduce the likelihood of some diseases and health conditions. Some exercise can be done at home, but it can be safer and more effective if done with supervision in a controlled environment. If you are looking for programs that promote physical activity for the elderly, you can reach out to a local community care services provider who may be able to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, a local gymnasium may offer classes that are specific to ageing individuals. Interestingly, being physically active can also contribute to good mental health. Engaging in regular exercise has been proven to increase wellbeing and reduce the likelihood of developing mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. There are many ways to stay mentally active and engage the brain. In fact, everyone’s brain is engaged throughout their everyday as they go about routine tasks. Ageing persons may benefit from additional mental activities to stimulate their brain throughout the week, such as completing a puzzle, reading a book, or playing a

game. It is also extremely beneficial and important for elderly persons to maintain a social life. This is an important part of keeping the brain active. Taking care of mental health in these ways can support a better memory and delay the symptoms of some conditions which affect the mind, such as dementia. Thankfully, activities that engage our mental and physical health tend to also encourage a positive social lifestyle. For example, to stay physically active someone may join a regular walking group – which would subsequently encourage socialisation while undertaking activities with the walking group. The importance of socialisation for ageing individuals cannot be denied. Particularly throughout the pandemic while restrictions and lockdowns have been common, it has been especially difficult for ageing individuals to stay social. Getting online and having regular phone calls has been vital throughout this challenging period. It is important to look out for one another and always reach out to ageing individuals who may be struggling. Community care services through a provider such as St John’s Community Care are an important part of caring for our ageing community, but everyone has a part to play in encouraging both mental and physical wellness in the elderly.

For more information, visit or phone (07) 4039 9700.

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C C T R A V E L . C O M . A U Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022 PAGE 23

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PAGE 24 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022


CONFIDENT snorkellers can join conservationists assessing reef health on the Great Barrier Reef with a new tour launched in Cairns by Passions of Paradise. Passions of Paradise Environmental Manager and Master Reef Guide Russell Hosp said the citizen science tours had previously only been available to experienced divers. “Our passengers have been choosing to visit the Great Barrier Reef with Passions of Paradise so they can indirectly support our reef stewardship activities,” Mr Hosp said. “Many have been wanting to go

that step further and actively participate in an activity to help the reef’s health. “We have expanded our Marine Biologist for a Day program to offer an option for snorkellers to participate in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Eye on the Reef Rapid Monitoring. “People who can snorkel confidently will join one of our qualified staff on two guided snorkelling tours where they will use an underwater slate to record what they see. “Participants get an unparalleled snorkelling experience in the company

of a Master Reef Guide or marine biologist who helps them identify the various species of coral and fish they see. “One of the strengths of the Rapid Monitoring Survey is it can be used to monitor the same site regularly and get an idea of changes to that site over time. “It can also be used to get a basic snapshot of reef health at less frequently visited sites. “Certified divers join a Master Reef Guide or marine biologist for two scuba dives to observe coral planting on the reef or at an underwater nursery

undertaken through the University of Technology Sydney’s Coral Nurture Program. “The Coral Nurture Program is a unique partnership between researchers and tour operators to develop stewardship-based management of economically high-value Great Barrier Reef locations. “Through the program, dive masters employed by Great Barrier Reef tour vessels collect, propagate, grow and plant coral to replenish reef sites and enhance the reef’s resilience. “Passions of Paradise is one of five Cairns and Port Douglas operators

participating in the Coral Nurture Program with our staff working alongside University of Technology Sydney researchers. “Over the past two years, Passions of Paradise has planted more than 5500 pieces of coral on Hastings Reef.” The fully-inclusive Passions of Paradise Great Barrier Reef tour and Marine Biologist for a Day program is $350 for snorkellers and $450 for divers, including two dives. For more information, go to Eco Tour on

The Beach House it’s the place to be on the Northern Beaches

The Beach House at Trinity Beach Brings you a variety of beers on tap, and a wide selection of wines, cocktails and spirits. This is complemented by our very own smokehouse, BBQ, Steaks, woodfired

pizzas, seafood and pastas. A new place for locals to unwind. Open for Breakfast Lunch And Dinner join us and take in the great ocean views and we take care of all your needs.

Relax and Enjoy your weekend with Live Music every Saturday from 4-7pm Sundays 2-6pm Shop 1 ,2-8 Trinity Beach Road Trinity Beach P: 07 4055 6684 Open from 6.30am for Breakfast Amazing Steaks, Seafood and Service

Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022 PAGE 25



Grab your tickets then head down to the racetrack on Thomson Road Edmonton and get set for a great night out!! Bar and canteen available on site for all your refreshment needs. Pack the blanket and mozzy repellent.Gates open 3:30 / Racing scheduled for 5:30 start.

Fri June 24, 2022 @ 5:00pm - 11:30pm (German) Beer & (Local) Gin Festival It will be amazing. We have organised amazing food and better bar options! It’s sausage night with Swiss Bratwurst made just for us by local ‘Fleischer’ Byrnes Quality Meats. We have traditional Currywurst, wunderbare Zigeunerwurst and the Klassik Bratty – all with chips and Sauerkraut because it’s the German Club! (Veggo option is the Spinach and Ricotta lasagne) – and then there is the nicest Apfelstrudel served up with Vanillesosse and Sahne! FREE entry!

Sat June 25, 2022 @ 10:00am - 4:00pm JUTE Actors Studio Open Day at Bulmba-ja Arts Centre Event by JUTE Theatre. JUTE Theatre Company offers a range of professionallyfocused training programs for emerging actors aged 9 to 27 years. Come along and enjoy our Open Day from 10am on June 25 at Bulmba-ja Arts Centre: • You can ask questions • Join free acting classes • See a play reading showcase • Sign up for semester 2 For more information visit JUTE Theatre.




Fri June 24, 2022 @ 3:30pm - 10:30pm Catch two nights of non-stop racing entertainment featuring a big line up of sprint cars heading north from southern QLD to take on North Queensland’s toughest competitors.


Sat June 25, 2022 @ 9:00am - 4:00pm

Sun June 26, 2022 @ 10:00am - 3:00pm

Mossman Quilt & Craft Expo – Airing of the Quilts 2022 Event by Mossman District Branch – Leukaemia Foundation. Display of quilt and craft items created from all over North Queensland. Delicious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea available. Craft stalls with gifts and all of your quilt/crafting needs.

Discover Sailing at Cairns Yacht Club

*Please checkcheck with the regarding any cancellations or *Please withVenues the Venues regarding any cancellations or entry entry requirements due todue COVID-19 requirements to COVID-19

GIG GIGGuide Guide

All proceeds to Leukaemia Foundation.


“Our Discover Sailing Hosts can answer any questions about sailing and our volunteers will ensure you have an enjoyable day at the club,” Commodore John Pool said. “We recommend people book in advance to ensure they can get out on the water. You can register for a FREE sailing experience at Cairns Yacht Club.

FRIDAY Art Simone & Etcetera Etcetera Beauty School Cazalys Cairns, 2:00pm FRIDAY Katie Richards - Lunico, Trinity Beach, Art Simone & Etcetera Etcetera Beauty5:00pm School Wind andCairns, Wood 2:00pm - Ten06, 5:30pm Cazalys Anais Richards Campbell- -Lunico, The Beach Shack, Kewarra Katie Trinity Beach, 5:00pmBeach Resort, 5:30pm Wind and Wood - Ten06, 5:30pm Anais Beach Shack, Kewarra Beach Janna Campbell Mercedes- -The O’Donnell’s Irish Bar Palm Cove, Resort, 6:00pm 5:30pm Janna Mercedes - O’Donnell’s Irish Bar Cove, Nick Atherton - Mission Beach Blues BarPalm and Café, 6:00pm 6:00pm Nick Mission Beach Blues BarCourt and Café, Miss Atherton Tee, Djun- Djun Jarra, R.3.B. - The 6:00pm House, 6:00pm Miss Tee, Djun Djun Jarra, R.3.B. - The Court Groove Therapy - The Benson Hotel, 6:30pm House, Kickstart6:00pm - Cazalys Cairns, 6:30pm Groove Therapy - The Benson Hotel, 6:30pm Art Simone & Etcetera Etcetera Live Show - Cazalys Kickstart - Cazalys Cairns, 6:30pm Cairns, 7:00pm Art Simone & Etcetera Etcetera Live Show - Cazalys Tommy See Poy Quartet - The Jazz Sanctuary, Cairns, 7:00pm 8:00pm Tommy See Poy Quartet - The Jazz Sanctuary, FunHouse - Bar36 @ The Reef Hotel Casino, 8:00pm 9:00pm FunHouse - Bar36 @ The Reef Hotel Casino,

Mon June 27, 2022 @ 9:00am - 3:00pm Under the Microscope Sessions: Take a closer look at some of RESTA’s weird and wonderful creepy crawlies with a free Under the Microscope session. There are several insect slides to explore using a special digital microscope – or you can bring your own insect or flower find to have a look at.Under the Microscope sessions are at 9.00am, 10.00am, 11.00am and 12 noon.

BOOK your FREE Under the Microscope Session tickets through Mt Sheridan Plaza.

SATURDAY Glacier Rock - Strait on the Beach, 3:00pm Nick Atherton - Mission Beach Blues Bar and Café, SATURDAY 6:00pm Rock - Strait on the Beach, 3:00pm Glacier Harmonique Island Resort, Nick Atherton- -Fitzroy Mission Beach Blues6:00pm Bar and Café, Big Jim - Cazalys Cairns, 6:15pm 6:00pm Jeanette Wormald - Yungaburra Hotel, 7:00pm Harmonique - Fitzroy Island Resort, 6:00pm Big - Cazalys Cairns, 6:15pm BlissJim n Eso - Gilligans, 7:00pm Jeanette Wormald - Yungaburra 7:00pm Whoodafunkit - Elixir Music Bar, Hotel, 7:00pm Bliss n Eso - Gilligans, 7:00pm Goanna - Tanks Arts Centre, 7:30pm Whoodafunkit - Elixir Music Bar,8:00pm 7:00pm Carinda Christie - Dunwoody’s, Goanna Tanks Arts Hotel, Centre, 7:30pm Area 13 -- Red Beret 8:00pm Carinda Christie - Dunwoody’s, Fingerprint - Bar36 @ The Reef8:00pm Hotel Casino, Area 13 Red Beret Hotel, 8:00pm 9:00pm Fingerprint - Bar36 @ The Reef Hotel Casino, 9:00pm


Tue 28 June 2022 @ 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Performing smash hits and songs from his acclaimed new album, T.R.U.T.H. this will be his greatest tour yet! With big songs, big ballads, amazing musicianship, heartfelt stories and of course, lots of dancing, joy and charismatic charm that is this singer – songwriter Guy Sebastian – this tour is not be missed! Book your tickets through Ticketek.

SUNDAY DjGlennW - Dundees at the Cairns Aquarium, 11:30am SUNDAY Harmonique - Fitzroy Island Resort,Aquarium, 12:00pm DjGlennW - Dundees at the Cairns Dazz & the Boyzz - The Celt, 2:00pm 11:30am Lexi, Fraser and Al - The Beach House at Trinity Harmonique - Fitzroy Island Resort, 12:00pm Beach, Dazz & 2:00pm the Boyzz - The Celt, 2:00pm Lexi, Al - The Beach House at Trinity Terry Fraser Doyle -and Dunwoody’s, 2:00pm Beach, 2:00pm Big Pups - Garradunga Hotel, 2:00pm Terry - Dunwoody’s, 2:00pm Katie Doyle Richards - Hemingway’s Brewery Cairns Big Pups - Garradunga Hotel, 2:00pm Wharf, 2:00pm Katie Richards - Hemingway’s Brewery Cairns Andrea - Hidden@Yorkeys, 3:00pm Wharf, 2:00pm SAX MAN Troy Stevens - Sea Temple Palm Cove, Andrea 3:00pm - Hidden@Yorkeys, 3:00pm SAX Troy Stevens - Sea Temple Palm Cove, Liam MAN Sciacca - North Cairns Tigers, 3:00pm 3:00pm Russell Harris - Edge Hill Memorial Bowls Club, Liam Sciacca - North Cairns Tigers, 3:00pm 3:00pm Russell Harris - Edge Hill Memorial Bowls Club, Carinda Christie - Sauce Brewing Co, 3:30pm 3:00pm Barbary Coasters - The Beach Shack, Kewarra Carinda Christie - Sauce Brewing Co, 3:30pm Beach Resort, 4:30pm Barbary Coasters - The Beach Shack, Kewarra The Jezabels Tanks Arts Centre, 7:30pm Beach Resort,-4:30pm Justin Wellington - Bar36 The Reef Hotel Casino, The Jezabels - Tanks Arts@ Centre, 7:30pm 7:30pm Justin Wellington - Bar36 @ The Reef Hotel Casino, 7:30pm

Are you a venue or an artist that wants to be listed in the Gig Guide? Complete the form on Are you a venue or an artist that wants to be listed Gigweek Guide? Complete form on to submit your in gigthe each to be listed inthe Friday’s paper. to submit your gig each week to be listed in Friday’s paper.

This project is supported by Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund - an Australian Government initiative - and by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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Aftermath Australian Dance Collective

CIAF WTC Art Fair, Kerry Trapnell

CAIRNS Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) has formed a new collaboration with Welcome to Country, the not-for-profit online marketplace of First Nations experiences and products, to introduce two behind-the-scenes tours for visitors attending next month’s event, July 6 to 10, 2022. Offering exclusive, behindthe-scenes tours of CIAF’s Art Fair and Fashion Performance, Welcome to Country’s VIP tours are led by Indigenous artist Jack Wilkie-Jans and model Benita Williams. Both Jack and Benita have long affiliations with CIAF and, from their participatory point of view, will impart valuable Cairns insider knowledge to visitors. Welcome to Country’s exclusive CIAF experiences include: • CIAF VIP Art Fair Tour – July 7 and 8 at 3pm (90 minutes), Cairns Convention Centre. • CIAF VIP Fashion Showcase Experience – July 7 at 5pm (120 minutes), Tanks Arts Centre. Welcome to Country’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Tim Sculthorpe, said this was one of a kind opportunity for visitors. “With such privileged access

to this celebrated event, these unique and inspiring experiences are sure to impress and resonate with visitors long after they return home,” Mr Sculthorpe said. “Welcome to Country is all about providing insights and experiences that money cannot usually buy. “We always strive to ‘go beyond the ordinary’, something we share with CIAF. “The organisation’s commitment to championing and creating a platform for emerging and established Indigenous artists is something to be celebrated, and we are privileged and delighted to offer visitors front row access to this incredible event.” CIAF General Manager Darrell Harris said the event’s inclusion in Welcome to Country’s platform of experiences realises a long-held dream to strategically position and profile the event to a wider, albeit targeted tourism market. “CIAF has proved time and again its wide appeal - not just to collectors of Indigenous art - but visitors who want to experience the destination at a deeper, cultural level,” Mr Harris said. “For CIAF, this is the beginning of something big, and we

are grateful for the opportunity to work with Welcome to Country to deliver something truly special at this year’s event.” Member for Cairns and Assistant Tourism Minister Michael Healy said the Indigenous Art Fair was an iconic Cairns cultural event. “Tens of thousands of visitors yearly are enthralled by the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and the unique opportunity it presents to connect with Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage,” Mr Healy said. “The Queensland Government is an enthusiastic supporter of the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, which supports local jobs and generates $5.5 million for the Far North’s visitor economy.” CIAF 2022 will be held from Wednesday, July 6 to Sunday, July 10, 2022, at Cairns Convention Centre and key arts and cultural hubs throughout the city. For more information, visit:

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Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022 PAGE 27

State Budget announced: What it means for Cairns By Isabella Guzman Gonzalez


N Tuesday, the Palaszczuk Government released the 2022-23 State budget. Cairns businesses, industries and residents were eager to find out how the budget would benefit the region and what urgent needs would be addressed in it. Here is an overview of the State’s Government investment in Cairns that will impact some of the region’s primary concerns.

HEALTH The Palaszczuk Government will invest $9.78 billion in hospitals and beds across Queensland. For Cairns, this means: • $250 million for the Cairns Hospital Expansion to establish 96 new beds by 2026; and • Forty-five extra beds through a leasing arrangement to expand sub-acute services in Cairns next year. THE REGION WILL ALSO BENEFIT FROM: • A record $23.6 billion health and ambulance services budget • $229.7 million funding over two years allocated for the Accelerated Infrastructure Delivery Program, which will deliver around 289 additional beds from 2023 to 2024 across seven projects in West Moreton, Gold Coast, Metro South and Cairns • $1.1 billion in 2022-23 for the Queensland Ambulance Service, up 11 per cent on last year • $1.64 billion in additional funding over five years for mental health, alcohol and other drug services. The budget will also provide $6.78 billion in additional operating funding over the next four years to support the growth of the health workforce as part of the State’s commitment to employ an extra 9,745 staff in this term of government.

ENVIRONMENT AND WATER SECURITY The Palaszczuk Government have committed $262.5 million to expand the state’s network of protected areas. • The investment will go to create new national parks and support 17,000 jobs that rely on tourism in protected areas like the Great Barrier Reef • $291 million has been allocated as part of the 10-year Recycling and Jobs Fund • $672 million will be provided to councils to ensure no direct cost to households from the waste levy • The Government will allocate an additional $32 million toward community-focused climate action. In terms of water infrastructure, the State has committed over $510 million for water infrastructure across Queensland. In addition, the Far North will see $107.5 million over the next two years for the Cairns Water Security Project – Stage 1. TO SECURE WATER SUPPLY IN THE COMING YEARS, THE STATE ALSO ALLOCATED: • $7.1 million over four years to enhance water modelling capacity to support water planning, water security and infrastructure assessments • $5.5 million over four years to develop a Queensland bulk water infrastructure assessment plan, a strategic framework to inform future water infrastructure investment decisions • $4.9 million over four years for a Queensland rural water compliance system to develop improved systems and capability, which will support the department’s compliance and enforcement of the Water Act 2000 • $3.4 million over four years to address recommendations from the Queensland Audit Office report into dam safety regulations including recruiting specialist regulation, compliance and engineering staff and further developing information communication technology capability.

PAGE 28 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

HOUSING Housing has been an ongoing issue in the region since the beginning of the pandemic, and the community has constantly mentioned housing as one of their biggest concerns. • The 2022-23 State budget includes $441.3 million for capital purchases and capital grants through the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative to deliver new social homes and upgrade existing dwellings for vulnerable Queenslanders • An additional $125.6 million, over four years, for the 127 government-funded centres to increase the delivery of services for Queenslanders in need • The Queensland Government will expand the 12 Community Connect Workers program to 20 workers in select neighbourhoods and community centres across the state. This will mean an additional $9.33 million over four years. These workers will provide assistance to people at risk of homelessness or fleeing domestic violence by connecting them to specialised local services • Investment of $39 million to deliver new neighbourhood centres and significantly improve existing centres • Investment of $29.8 million over four years to support initiatives to specifically assist young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Queensland.


The 2022-23 budget will see an investment of over $74 million for First Nation’s people to strengthen culture and help Indigenous communities thrive.

• There will be increased funding of $3.1 million over four years to implement initiatives agreed under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap • $1.5 million funding boost to support First Nations communities with Alcohol Management Plans through grants focused on addressing sly grog and homebrew and local programs and services • Investment of $16.7 million over four years to address land administration requirements and infrastructure planning in remote and regional communities, including more homeownership opportunities • An investment in employment and economic development in remote First Nations communities of $1.9 million over two years to support locally-led development plans.

PLAN FOR TOURISM RECOVERY • $15 million over two years for the Tourism Experience Development Fund • A two-year, $22 million investment in the budget will support priority ecotourism and cultural attractions • The Act Eco initiative will receive $5 million to activate low-impact ecotourism infrastructure near state forests, timber reserves and national parks.

• $186.1 million over four years for Stadium Queensland’s day-to-day operations and ongoing maintenance expenses, and $68.1 million to maintain its $2.9 billion facilities portfolio ahead of Brisbane 2032 • $3.5 million over three years for the highly successful Great Barrier Reef Education Experience for Queensland school students.


Overall the 2022-23 State budget covers an array of areas and needs across Queensland that are impossible to address all at once. This overview covers some of the main concerns for the Far North, including the water shortage, housing crisis, tourism recovery and health staff shortage. To find out more about the State budget and how it will impact other areas like small businesses, employment, education and more, visit

Cairns Regional Council bets on a sustainable budget By Isabella Guzman Gonzalez


HE COVID-19 pandemic presented a big hit to the Cairns community and its economy. As a city that relies mainly on tourism and small businesses, closing borders and the isolation from the rest of the country took its toll on residents and businesses alike. As industries slowly recover, the biggest challenge for Council is to deliver a budget that will minimise the impact on the ratepayers’ pockets. On Wednesday, Council released their budget for 2022-23, announcing where they will be allocating the money and how much rates will be increasing for Cairns residents. Cairns Mayor Bob Manning said it was the most challenging financial plan Council had formulated in the past decade. “Council’s first post-COVID Budget is financially responsible and has a focus on fiscal sustainability, growth and an emphasis on looking after our community,” Cr Manning said. “We are moving to a post-pandemic position that has new and increasingly difficult challenges. “This Council has a longstanding commitment to keeping rate rises as low as possible while being realistic about the funds needed to maintain service delivery standards and the maintenance of assets.” Council agreed on a rate increase of 3.1% or less for three-quarters of ratepayers. “We acknowledge that ratepayers and residents are coping with the increased cost of living pressures, which is why Council has worked hard to deliver a general rate rise that is well below CPI, to ease some of that burden,” Cr Manning said.



HE land valuations released earlier this year also impacted the rate increase. “Due to the variations associated with those land valuations, threequarters of ratepayers will receive an increase of 3.1% or less in their general rates,” Cr Manning said. “As part of this process, Council has taken steps to remove discrepancies between rates applied to properties under a strata title and multiple dwellings on a single land title,” he said. “Flats, townhouses and duplexes which are on one property title will now be charged per residence, bringing them in line with strata titles. “We have also removed residential bands B and C, which means high-value properties no longer receive a discount.” Another change flagged for the 2023/24 financial year is the introduction of a new rating category for non-principal places of residence. With new rates in place, many challenges and changes come for Cairns residents, but what will Council be investing in for this budget?

KEY POINTS COUNCIL HAS DELIVERED A BUDGET WITH A TOTAL OPERATING EXPENDITURE OF $351.6 MILLION RATE RISE General rate increase of 3.1% or less for 75% of ratepayers Utility access charges increase by 3.1% Fees and charges increase of 5% with some exceptions. BROAD CAPITAL WORKS PROGRAM Total Capital Works Program worth $144.6 million $34.1 million on roads, bridges, drainage, kerb and channel, shoulder sealing, and bus stops $28.1 million on improving the wastewater network $32 million on water infrastructure $27.8 million on community, sport, cultural and tourism projects STIMULATING THE ECONOMY $393 million will be spent in the community on resources, materials and services $4.8 million in grants, subsidies and contributions for events, arts and cultural initiatives activities, marketing and economic development activities $3.4 million for Tourism Tropical North Queensland $1.5 million to support and develop major sporting, entertainment and cultural events.

LOCAL BUDGET OVERVIEW For the 2022-23 period Council has delivered a budget of $393 million. Cr Manning said the purpose of this budget was to stimulate the local economy and provide for the community. Being the first budget postCOVID, Council aimed for a conservative approach with a focus on fiscal sustainability, growth and an emphasis on looking after community and natural assets. “While delivering a significant capital works program, we will also continue to maintain our vital assets to a standard that we are all proud of, from our roads, bridges and footpaths to our buildings, public amenities, bins and recreational areas,” Cr Manning said. “Across the next 12 months, Council will spend almost $393 million in the community through materials and services associated with delivering capital works, maintenance, renewals and other services. “Additionally, $49.5 million will be spent on

maintaining 630 parks and nature areas, 625 kilometres of sealed footpaths, more than 200 connecting footbridges, 830 litter bins, and 70 toilet blocks.” Tourism has again been recognised as the driving force behind Cairns’ economy, and Council will support this with $3.4 million toward marketing the region as a premier tourist destination. A further $1.5 million will support major sporting, entertainment and cultural events that will deliver an economic benefit to the region, including the Cairns Ironman, Great Barrier Reef Masters Games and the Red Hot Summer Tour. There is also a $5.8 million commitment to progress the Cairns Water Security – Stage 1 project. Council welcomed the State’s Budget commitment to the Cairns Water Security Project Stage 1 as it eased significant financial pressure off Cairns residents.

WE WANT Y OUR FEED BACK At Cairns Local News, we want to know what you think about this year’s budget and how it will impact you. What will the rates increase mean for your property? What do you think the State and Council should have prioritised in the budget? What did they get right?

Let us know by texting the editor at 0438 195 408. For more information on the local budget, visit: Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022 PAGE 29

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PAGE 30 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

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Realm Royal Serf Shield Sword Unicorn Wall Watchtower

21. relating to or affecting apes or monkeys (6) 23. a rare, highly contagious bacterial disease causing inflammation of the mucous membranes, which hinders breathing and swallowing (10) 24. just or appropriate in the circumstances (4) 25. a modernist art movement, originating around the beginning of the 20th century (13) DOWN

ACROSS 1. a long sewing needle with a large eye (7,6) 8. a hairstyle in which naturally tightly curled hair stands out all around the head (4) 9. relating to language or linguistics (10) 10. a toolwith a long curved blade at the end of a long pole used for cutting crops such as grass or corn (6) 11. women’s underwear and nightclothes (8) 12. causing hatred or disgust; repulsive (9) 14. an island or peninsula, especially a small one (4) 15. a group of countries with common interests who have formed an alliance (4) 16. difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious (9) 20. a metrical foot consisting of two short or unstressed syllables followed by one long or stressed syllable (8)

1. existing or holding a specified position in fact but not necessarily by legal right (2,5) 2. to settle or congregate for rest or sleep (5) 3. a disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind (7) 4. one of the bodyguards of the British monarch on ceremonial occasions (9-2-4) 5. relating to or affecting horses (6) 6. indigestion (9) 7. a large, imposing building (7) 13. a ship designed or used for transporting troops (9) 15. a large open-air fire used for burning rubbish or as part of a celebration (7) 17. the political police of Nazi Germany (7) 18. a movement in early-20th-century AngloAmerican poetry that favored precision of imagery and clear, sharp language (7) 19. informal word for a person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technologyg (6) 22. a Muslim legal expert who is empowered to give rulings on religious matters (5)

REAL ESTATE Wholesale plant nursery, home, buildings, equipment and stock


OCATED in the Mission Beach hinterland this very private wholesale plant nursery specialises in the supply of shrubs, foliage and other tropical plants to landscaping markets throughout Queensland. Situated on a quiet no-through road only 9.5 km from beautiful Mission Beach village this 10.86 ha (26.8 acre) property has all the required buildings and infrastructure to operate a successful wholesale plant nursery. The 3-bedroom home has plenty of room for a family.

The nursery infrastructure comprising several sheds, propagation facility, shade houses and tunnel houses, grow out areas, irrigation and internal roads has been well designed for ease of use. A large part of the property is rainforest which provides privacy and natural protection. There is a permanent internal sandy creek in parts of the property and bordering the rear of the property is another permanent creek. Live in paradise and be your own boss as the prop-

erty includes all the required infrastructure, plant and equipment, farm inventory, nursery stock and expendables. With an established client base and forward orders this property is ready for you to buy now and start making money, and yet live the lifestyle that the Mission Beach area is renowned for with beautiful beaches, great fishing and restaurants. Phone Jim Cooper on 0417 736 935 to arramge your inspection of this unique property





210.64 ha (520.5 acres) 64.7 ha (160 acres)

JARRA CREEK, QLD 4854 WARRAMI, QLD 4854 Operational Banana Farm, Crop, 900 ML Water Licence

Cane Farm, Crop, 180 ML Water Licence For Sale(Ex-Banana) by Expressions of Interest (EOI) Closing Tuesday For Sale by at Expressions of Interest (EOI) 28/06/2022 5 pm. Closing Friday 29/04/2022quality at 5 pm. This large fully operational banana farm on four adjoining This highLots tonnage with a internal large machinery with freehold has acane long farm permanent creek withshed a 900 ML3 phase Licence power and other sheds is being soldshed as awith Going Concern sale Water for irrigation. Large packing mains and solar meaning the sheds 2022 cane crop, machinery & equipment included. power, other and the banana crop, machinery andare equipment are The approx. area bananas/fallow is 115.06 Theincluded. 180 ML Water Licence for under irrigation from the Murray Riverha (284.3 acres). would be ideal for irrigated crops including small crops, fruit trees or bananas, if required.


Land Area 791 sqm




Land Area 1,012 sqm

Standing proudly in one of Innisfails sought after subdivisions is this beautifully built double storey home. Constructed of brick veneer and block the home features three bedrooms upstairs, kitchen/dining combined and a separate loungeroom leading out to the alfresco front patio. There is a bathroom and seperate toilet, large upstairs laundry complete with a landing to accomodate a clothes hoist, all so convenient. Fans and air conditioning also. Downstairs there are two more rooms, shower and separate toilet.A spacious garage completes this package. So close to everything. A must see.

This property is reasonably priced for what it has to offer. The living area is open plan, has a well presented kitchen with a sizeable breakfast bar, dishwasher and display cabinet. There are three good sized bedrooms upstairs and a fourth bedroom/teenagers pad below. Bathroom which features a shower as well as a bathtub. Downstairs there is a large laundry plus rumpus area. Beautiful open backyard with side access and a small cement slab for a garden shed. Partially fenced. Security screens, air conditioning and ceiling fans. So much potential and will not last. Presently returning $340 per week in rent. Have a look today as you won’t be disappointed.

Contact Fran on 0401 191 258

Contact Fran on 0401 191 258

$429,000 Neg



Instant Cash Flow - Land Area 46.73 ha • Approx. 70 acres fenced for cattle • 46.73ha – (approx. 115 acres) • Approx. 30 acres of Bananas • Bore and Dam • House pad ready for your dream home with amazing views

$1,100,000 List #1525

Jim Cooper Jim Cooper M 0417 737 935 M 0417 736 935 Nutrien Harcourts Tully Nutrien Harcourts Tully





Land Area 809 sqm

• Polished timber floors • Air conditioned bedrooms and living area • Breezy patio • Lockup storage area downstairs • On bus route This immaculate property is the perfect first home or investment for the astute buyer. Solidly built and well maintained, all the hard work has been done for you! Arrange to inspect this very well priced property today.

$279,000 List#1474

Contact Louise on 0448 751 963





Land Area 7,759 sqm

Once you arrive at this idyllic secluded property, hidden away from the world, you won’t want to leave. The very spacious 3 bedroom, air conditioned home has a large living area, formal and casual dining, 2 outdoor entertaining/bar-b-que areas with superb views of the surrounding manicured gardens. Add to that, 2 large farm equipment sheds, bore, 10,000ltr water tank, solar hot water and your own little creek and you have a retreat from the world. Arrange an inspection of this rare property today. You will not be disappointed.

$550,000 List # 1476

Contact Kylie on 0428 944 563

View by appointment View by appointment LHY3266 LHY3566

Contact Louise on 0448 751 963

Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022 PAGE 31


Edmonton Flowers Delivery from Palm Cove to Babinda Specializing in floral arrangements and baskets of all kinds. Individualize with Chocolates, Balloons, Wine, or make your special request




Ph: 07 4045 2111 to speak to the florist directly


Autobarn Cairns | (07) 4054 1633 Autobarn Smithfield | (07) 4038 3370

• Specialising in underground leak detection and blocked drains. • Mini excavator available for hire.



from tax compliance to business advisory services, we’re your active accountants


 Bookkeeping  BAS & Compliance tax & business advisors  Online Cloud Accounting  Tax Planning,  Cashflow Forecasting  Business Advisory Active Accountants Cairns | | 4222 1650


After Hours: 07 4059 1000

• Logo Design • Brochure design • Packaging • Illustrations • Signage Design • Flyers • Menus • Shirt Design • Merchandising design and more!


0434 192 737

Call: 0408 222 921



Call Darren now: 0423 793 558

You will see the difference that I make!




Need your confidential documents destroyed? • • • •

Documents and archive boxes Tailored recycling solutions AAA accreditation 240lt bins to your business - weekly, fortnightly or monthly pick-up 1800 112 112

First Aid Courses

Smithfield, Port Douglas, Malanda CPR, First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation, Child care first aid, Pool lifeguard, Pain management & LVR. Bookings can be made through our website Call 0412 046 588


Shop Local and enjoy your own Home Brewed Beverages without the costly travel time!

RTO 45723

Great Barrier Roof

So local, they are right on your doorstep. No one lays a roof like us!  DOMESTIC  COMMERCIAL  INDUSTRIAL

The re-roofing experts | Phone Scott 0418 843 096

Call us today for ALL your Home Brew Supplies

Collins Catering and Chemical Supplies

Drink Differently

P 07 4061 1800

Now at 38 Ernest St, Innisfail facebook@collinscordials


• Aluminium Windows • Doors • Mirrors • Shop Fronts • Shower Screens • Built in Robes • Security Screens Invisigard • 24 hour emergency glass replacement





Mossman Mareeba

Cape Tribulation Port Douglas Cairns

Atherton Babinda Innisfail

P: 4038 2198 MOB: 0418 631 288 5 / 3 - 5 S A LVA D O D R S M I T H F I E L D QSBA: 1150719

COXEN CLEANING SUPPLIES Custom made spill kits Safety storage showers and eyewashes Workshop cleaning products Cleaning machinery Sales and Service

38 Years, we must be doing it right!


PAGE 32 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

Get your yard under control with our Green Waste & Rubbish collections... with our easy-as walk-in skips!



Situation Update Far North QLD Sales / Client Manager

Cadet Journalist Cairns Local News has an opportunity for a dedicated local to take up a position as a Cadet Journalist in our Cairns office. The successful applicant will need to commit to a three-year term as they complete the Deakin University Journalism degree fully paid for by Cairns Local News. The applicant will receive on the job training while completing their tertiary studies via correspondence with the university. Industry award wages apply.

Full time or Part time

A great opportunity to be part of an expanding sales team in the Cairns region. We are expanding our team, and looking for an individual who can service existing clients and build a client base. This person must be results driven, capable of working alone, enthusiastic, self driven, and willing to get out and build relationships.

If you’re interested in a career in journalism and newspapers, we urge you to apply.

The product range is across digital and Newspaper advertising, selling to a wide range of businesses across the region.

Computer skills are a necessity as well as a dedicated attitude and willingness to learn.

Full training is provided along with mobile phone, computer and laptop, you will be required to have a reliable vehicle.

Position hours are negotiable for the right person.

Submit your cover letter, resume, and academic achievements to: Applications close June 30th 2022

If you feel that this is for you forward your resume to

Grab the attention of our 30,000+ readers every week. Book your classified today! 07 4031 7678 every week of publication

Across five properties in the Tully Valley since March 2015 to 15 June 2022 200







HAVE an AGM coming up? Email or call Lisa on 07 4031 7678

? . . w o n k did you

DON'T ENTER BANANA FARMS Panama TR4 is a devastating disease of bananas that is spread by contaminated soil. This soil could be on your shoes or the tyres of your vehicle. Hear from banana growers why it's so important that nobody enters banana farms without the grower's permission by scanning here:




Sep 2021

Nov 2021

Jan 2022

Apr 2022

Jun 2022

Spread the message, not the disease!

For more information visit or call 13 25 23

The Panama TR4 Program is a joint initiative between the Queensland Government and the Australian Banana Growers' Council


Remuneration will be based on experience and includes a fair commission structure, which means your package can be as big as you make it.

Further information can be obtained by calling the Managing Editor Carl Portella on 0408 924 312

Classifieds Deadlines 4pm Wednesday



Wish your partner Happy Anniversary in

Cairns Local News collects personal information to assist us in providing goods and services which you have requested to process competition entries, giveaways and to improve our products and services to you. We may be in touch by phone, mail, fax or internet to inform you of any services and promotions which may be of interest. If you would prefer us not to do so, please write to us at: Cairns Local News, 2/185 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns, Qld 4870 Access to your personal information can be obtained by calling (07) 4031 7678.


Should you need to cancel an existing advertisement please call the office on (07) 4031 7678 before the deadline: Display Ads: 3.00pm Tuesdays Classifieds: 3.00pm Wednesdays Cancellations will only be accepted by the person who booked the ad, and will need to be confirmed in writing.

Prices start from $80 Ph: 07 4031 7678 E: ADVERTISE today! Call Lisa on 07 4031 7678.

we have an online Business Directory

FNQ Markets

Friday June 24th

Saturday June 25th

Sunday June 26th

Cairns Night Markets: 54-60 Abbott St, 16:30-23:00 Kuranda Heritage Markets: Rob Vievers Dr, 10:00-15:00 Kuranda Rainforest Markets: 7 Therwine St, 09:30-15:00 Rusty’s Markets: Grafton St, Cairns, 05:00-18:00

Cairns Night Markets: 54-60 Abbott St, 16:30-23:00 Kuranda Heritage Markets: Rob Vievers Dr, 10:00-15:00 Kuranda Rainforest Markets: 7 Therwine St, 09:30-15:00 Mossman: St David’s Church, 07:00-13:00 Rusty’s Markets: Grafton St, Cairns, 05:00-18:00 Tully: Main St, 07:00-12:00 Yungaburra: Bruce Jones Park, Main St, 07:00-12:00

Cairns Night Markets: 54-60 Abbott St, 16:30-23:00 Kuranda Heritage Markets: Rob Vievers Dr, 10:00-15:00 Kuranda Rainforest Markets: 7 Therwine St, 09:30-15:00 Mission Beach Monster: Mission Beach, 07:30-12:00 Port Douglas: by St Mary’s Church, 07:30-14:00 Rusty’s Markets: Grafton St, Cairns, 05:00-18:00 Tanks: 46 Collins St, Edge Hill, 09:00-14:00 Tumoulin: Tumoulin Railway Station, 08:00-12:00

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SPORT MOSSMAN LADIES’ BOWLS June 16th: Raffle winner: Jan White; Social winners: Christine Rowbury and Denise Hyland; R/ up: Jan White, Barbara Watts, and Joan Day. Championships 4’s: Best of 3: Round 1: Maree Crees, Pam Widdows, Barbara Withers and Robin Petrus def Carole Maxted, Honey C, Margaret Heffernan and Trish Arnold. Reminder: Our Christmas in July: any ladies interested in coming, please put your name in to either the Mossman Bowls Club, 4098 1434 or Carole Maxted, 0400 954 537. Love to see you. Any ladies interested in learning to play, there is free coaching available. Names in by 12:00pm Thursday, play at 1:00pm, Bowls attire. Mixed Social bowls play on the Wednesday and Sunday afternoon. Names in by 12:00pm, and play at 1:00pm, Casual attire. Contact Mossman Bowls Club, 4098 1434. MOSSMAN MEN’S BOWLS Thursday June 16th: 22 bowlers for night social bowls. Unfortunately, no bowls results available. The next social bowls will be held on Thursday July 7th from 5:30pm. Saturday June 18th: A great afternoon of bowls with 40 bowlers for jackpot bowls: Jim Harris, Peter Worley, Gordon Henderson def Terry Richards, Daryl Hoskins, Nathan King 18-16; Col Johnson, Bernie Savage, Nev Tesch def Andy Harris, Peter Gorsuch, Daniel Harris 18-12; Malachy McTaggart, Gary Watts, Tony Brlyack def Col Widdows, David White, Joe Girgenti 22-16; in the Club Championship Fours, Charlie Toohey, SAS, Billy Smith, Steve Cue def Bernie Wolland, John Fleming, George Wilmot, Peter Fairchild 24-17; Steve Heffernan, Doug Pitt, Bill Allison def Eric Smith, Wayne Parkes, Steve Hudson 20-11; and the winners for the day and also playing in the Club Championship Fours, John Cochrane, David Blain, Ted Holmes, Nev Fletcher def Peter Busch, Mick Frese, Chris Payne, Dick Pitt 25-14. Sunday June 19th: Club Championship A Grade Singles semi-final: Mick Frese def Chris

Payne 27-9. Scheduled Club Championship games this weekend: Saturday June 25th: the Fours final will be played from 1:00pm, Charlie Toohey, SAS, Bruce Lester, Steve Cue vs John Cochrane, David Blain, Ted Holmes, Nev Fletcher. Sunday June 26th: A Grade Singles final from 9:00am: Mick Frese vs John Cochrane. Welcome to our new members, Steve Hudson and Malachy McTaggart. Jackpot Bowls this Saturday names in by 12:00pm with card call at 12:45pm for a 1:00pm start. Anyone interested in playing bowls, contact David White on 0407 630 759. To follow us on Facebook search Mossman Bowls Club Men’s Section. MARLIN COAST BOWLS CLUB Tuesday Afternoon Men’s triples: Winner: Peter, Trevor, Ross; R/up: Hugh, Chris, Danny. Tuesday Night Bowls: Spider: Ian, Paper, Rick, Deb, Tom, Peter. Wednesday Mixed Bowls: Winners: J Young, Y Best, R Lamb; R/up: A Jacobs, R Westmar, B Clarkson. Thursday Men’s Triples: Winners: B Andreatta, J Smith, G Andreatta; R/up: J Russell, G Midson, B O’Connor. Saturday Afternoon Walking Pairs: Winners of Winners: Terry, Marie, Dean; Winners of Losers: J & D Russell. Bob Smith’s Day June 12th: Winner: D Smith, J Russell, B Drewitt; R/up: J Bartie, D Russell, C Flanagan; 3rd: M Born, K Oglesby, P Hamilton; 4th: L Blythe, B Andreatta, C Twigger. Club Championships: Ladies A Grade Singles: Y Best def A Lim 25-16; C Scott def J Smith 25-14. Special Events: Mr E’s sponsored day July 3rd, Sheet out Ladies AGM July 20th 11:00am, nomination sheets out. MAREEBA BOWLS CLUB Wednesday June 15th: Club Selected Triples/Fours: Winner: Bob Pitson, Lorenzo Cadorin, Kathrine Wiltshire, Betty Dal-

gety. Thursday June 16th: 4 bowl Jackpot Pairs Self-Selected: Winner: Mario Battistin’s team; R/ up: Wally Fergerson’s team. Best second game Liz Plowman’s team. Jackpot remains. Sunday June 19th: Club Selected Triples/Fours: Players endured the cold and windy conditions to play 2 lots of 12 ends. Winners: Rob Brown, Peter Stevens, Sue Soda. Monday June 20th: Ladies Pennant Mareeba v Atherton played at Atherton with Mareeba winning overall. Tuesday June 21st: Barefoot Bowls: 6:00pm, club bowls available for use, bar will be open. Good bowling everyone. Play under the shade on our carpet green for perfect bowling conditions. For information and nominations ph 4092 5288. WEST CAIRNS MEN’S BOWLS CLUB Friday Scroungers: No cards submitted. Tuesday Comp: Winners: Richo, T Mawer and John Wilcox 22pts; R/up: B Butt, T Johnson and Mal Taylor on 17pts. Thirsty Thursday: the best players were Arthur, Ian Tindal and, Slippery. Sunday Morning: the winning team was T Moulds, D Kennedy and J Sach 20pts; R/ up: (on count back) was Fred Clark, Chris Ballantyne and Phil Buntain on 20pts; Jackpot was not won. Club Championship: A singles: Eddie Czarnecki 25pts def Ken Vivan 21 points; M Lynch 25pts def P Buntain 20pts. Pennants Div 1: Innisfail 74 pts def West Cairns 58 pts; Div 2: West Cairns 52 pts def Edmonton 27pts. Please check the board for team names and the Venues for this coming weekend games. GORDONVALE BOWLS Wednesday: Social Bowls Names by 12:30pm for 1:00pm start. Thursday: Club Selected 3 Bowl Pairs Names by 12:30pm for 1:00pm start. Results last week: Thursday Winners: G Morton & Santo; R/Up: M Butler & A Q. Raffle Winner: V Black. Saturday: Div 1 Gordonvale/Cairns Pennant team def Marlin Coast.

KI AIKIDO CLASSES  WEDNESDAY, 6.30 pm-8.00 pm  SATURDAY, 3.00 pm-5.00 pm

PAGE 34 Cairns Local News, Friday, June 24, 2022

WEST CAIRNS TPI MEMORIAL BOWLS CLUB Seventeen players attended the West Cairns Bowls Club last Monday playing mixed social bowls under the covered green. Winner: team Leigh Harrison supported by Norma Wright and Ken Broughton. To play on Mondays, please contact our selector Rosemary on mobile 0409 624 623. Cards called at 1:15pm, and a raffle drawn with the game commencing at 1:30pm. The green is carpet covered and can be electrically lit if needed. The club can provide bowls for visiting bowlers. We can assure you of an enjoyable experience. SILKWOOD BOWLS CLUB The ladies’ pennant with a combined team of bowlers from Sth Johnstone, Tully & Silkwood had played another round in the pennants defeating Innisfail ladies last Monday 20th June. On Saturday June 18th: Men’s Pennants: South Johnstone def Silkwood at South Johnstone Bowls Club by 1 point. Sunday June 19th: 12 bowlers with 2 games of triples: Winners: Delmo Tarditi, Tony Cates & Preston; R/up: Rex Williams, Mirella Berryman & Ann Hollingsworth, 19 to 17. Ron Given, Anna Della Bella & Shirley def Brian Brooks, Jean Messina & Rob Newell, 32 to 10. Wednesday Triples: team Ron Given, Tim Wallis & Mirella Berryman, Tony Cates def team Alan Hudson, Anna Della Bella & Preston 23 to 21. Pairs: Brian Brooks & Delmo Tarditi def Denise Charman & Lee-ann Mayell, 20 to 17. No Social Bowls on Sunday June 26th due to the Daveson Shield. Wednesday June 29th will be our next social day with sign in at 1:00pm for a 1:30pm start. NO Friday Night Barefoot bowls or BBQ. Watch this space for the next Friday Night Barefoot Bowls night. All locals & visitors welcome. For all enquires contact the club

on 0475 759 808 or follow on our facebook page. EDGE HILL MEMORIAL BOWLS CLUB Ladies Social Bowls Thursday June 16th Social Bowls winners: Beth Gray, Pat Elliott and Elaine Whitehead. Friday June 17th Club Triples: Yvonne Bolton, Karina Homer and Cornelia Smith def Lou Pomroy, Elaine Whitehead and Jeannie Wild, 16-8. Put your names for Social Bowls in for a 1:30pm start for Thursday June 23rd. Monday June 20th Ladies Pennants: Yungaburra def Edge Hill at Yungaburra, 41-63; with J Wild def S Hemensley 14-13; K Anderson def J AlexanderSasche 16-21; and V Weiland def C Smith 11-31. Men’s Mixed Social Bowls: Tuesday 14th June: Social Bowls Triples: Winners: Neil Worsley, Ian Stafford and Kim Mitchell; R/up: Russell Lamb, Meredith Kennon and Valerie Still. No winners for the Tuesday Jackpot now $240. Tuesday night social bowls winners: Ronald, Ash and Jennie. Wednesday 15th June Night Winners: Frank, Lou and Greg; R/up: George, Jill and Brenton. Men’s Pennant: Saturday June 18th: South Johnstone def Edge Hill Division 1 at South Johnstone, 58-66; Div 2: Edge Hill def Gordonvale/ Cairns at Edge Hill, 49-36; Div 3: Edge Hill 3 defeated Edmonton at Edmonton, 52-22. Edge Hill have won the section and will now play off for the Pennant when the other section is completed. At this time Innisfail is leading that section. Social bowls will continue with Tuesday (Day at 1:00pm and Night at 7:00pm) and Wednesday night Triples. Saturday Social Bowls for June 25th will be played with limited numbers, due to Pennant Game: Div 1 to play Gordonvale/Cairns. You can contact Ray Webster 0402 182 230 for social bowls assistance if the club is closed or ring the Club 07 4053 1036. Club Championships: The “A” Singles Semi Final match had Steve Henson def Darren Curry 25-16. Final will be Steve Henson vs Kim Mitch-

ell, date & time to be advised. “B” Singles Final between Ian Stafford and Peter Whitehead will be played in conjunction with the “A” Singles Final if possible. Club Pairs Semi Final games to be played are L Braggins vs S Henson; and B Cribbin vs F Obah. Club Fours games played saw Frank Obah, Phil Lee, Lyle Braggins and Ben Cribbin def Alan Henson, Steve Bragger, Chris Henson and Steve Henson 30-5 to move into the Final. Club Fours Semi Final game will have Team Colin Kelly vs Ashley Hammond’s team to be played ASAP. BROTHERS EDMONTON LADIES & MEN’S BOWLS CLUB Ladies Section: Results: Sunday June 19th: Ladies Classic: Winners: Team Bev Drewitt; R/up: Team Lee Mikic; 3rd: Team Lisa Mitchell. Monday June 20th: Pennants Edmonton d Marlin Coast. Coming Events: Monday June 27th: Pennants Yungaburra vs Edmonton at Edmonton commencing at 9:00am. Thursday June 30th: Social Bowls with names in by 12:00pm and paid up by 12:30pm. Visitors are most welcome. We wish all bowlers playing in the District Singles at Silkwood Tuesday June 28th best of luck and good bowling. Men’s Section: Wednesday June 15th: Winners: Bruce Penny, Alan Del Favero, Kevin Holden; R/up: Mick Bucklar, John Populin, Allan Quinn. Saturday June 18th: Maree Daffy, Allen Begg, Terry Vinton; R/up: Sam Finocchiaro, Maureen Girardi, Susane Rowe. Pennants: Div2 West Cairns d Edmonton. Div 3 Edge Hill d Edmonton. Coming Events: Saturday June 25th: Mixed Mufti 3 Bowl Triples, club select Skips pick a card, cash prizes plus jackpot. Nominations close 11:30am for play at 12:30pm, phone office on 4055 5344 and leave a message. Pennants Div 2 Edmonton Team 1 vs Edmonton Team 2 at Edmonton, play commences at 1:00pm. Monday June 27th: Social Bowls under lights all welcome, please be at Edmonton by 6:00pm for play at


Wattle St,


Club Members appreciate those hard-working volunteers keeping the green in tip-top condition with many hours of hard Yakka New players are very welcome we have bowls for your use.

• Repairs • Sales • Accessories Shop 2 /5 Front Street, MOSSMAN

Tel: 4010 8422

SPORT 6:30pm. Wednesday June 29th: Men’s Self Select 3 Bowl triples, cash prizes plus Jackpot, visitors welcome. Nominations close 11:30am for play at 12:30pm, contact Don Stewart on 0427 816 894. MILLAA MILLAA GOLF CLUB Second round of the Club Championship sponsored by 4AM/4KZ was contested by 26 members and two visitors despite the chilly conditions. Winner: Ross Ellen on nett 62; R/up: Gary Sinclair on nett 63; 3rd: Shane Soper (on countback) nett 66; and 4th: David Welch (nett 66). Nearest to pin: Ross Ellen on 1/10. Honourable mention to Kelvin Groves for his first Eagle. Five draws in the raffle: Winners: Ross Heike, David Welch, Trevor Warrener and Ross Ellen won twice, jammy sod. The members draw will jackpot to $40 next week. The final round of the Club Championship will be played next week and is sponsored by Williams Graham and Carman. Groups and times will be emailed out with the first off at 8:30am, there will be some fine tuning on the day, so check your emails, but if you are not sure just be there at 8.30am. Thanks also to our maintenance team, and our neighbour for their efforts to clear a large fallen tree at the back of the second tee. ATHERTON GOLF CLUB Club Championships: Round 3 Saturday 18th June (Harold Nasser Memorial Shield): A-Grade Gross: John Dyer 74, Dan Ardley 76. A-Grade Nett: Kerry Duck 66, Ray Faulkner 67, Robert Stoward 68 (Div 1 winners). Div 2 and Overall winner: Tom Vigor 65 nett from Roy Murray-Prior and Graham Blaney on 66 nett. NTPs: 3 Paul Pensini, 9 Kerry Duck, 11 Dan Ardley, 18 Rod O’Neill. A-Grade Gross: Amber Barker 75, Alicia English 87, Sam Duck 89. A-Grade Nett: Amber Barker 72, Robyn Beck, 77, Sam Duck 77.

B-Grade Gross: Abby McEwen 93, Lisa Lowres 98, Heather Beaven 99. B-Grade Nett: Abby McEwen 74, Lisa Lowres 74, Dee Jierasak 76. C-Grade Gross: Liz Brown 97, Debbie Peressini 108, Marea Mead 112. C-Grade Nett: Liz Brown 70, Kerry McKay 73, Debbie Peressini 79. Club Championships: Round 4: Sunday June 19th: A-Grade Gross: Kenleigh Mather 73, Dave Morrison 75, Justin Cifuentes 75. A-Grade Nett: Dave Morrison 69, Kenleigh Mather 69, Peter Steventon 80. B-Grade Gross: Chris McClarty 80, Rod O’Neill 82, Robert Close 82. B-Grade Nett: Chris McClarty 67, Rod O’Neill 68, Robert Close 68. C-Grade Gross: Tom McEwen, 89, Paul Cannan 89. C-Grade Nett: Clint Cifuentes 68, Tom McEwen 68, Graham Blaney 68. A-Grade Gross: Amber Barker 75, Sam Duck 85, Alicia English 86. A-Grade Nett: Amber Barker 72, Sam Duck 73, Michelle Pearsall 75. B-Grade Gross: Patsy McMahon 86, Abby McEwen 89, Gail Gard 93. B-Grade Nett: Patsy McMahon 67, Abby McEwen 70, Gail Gard 73. C-Grade Gross: Liz Brown 103, Debbie Peressini 106, Marea Mead 106. C-Grade Nett: Kerry McKay 75, Liz Brown 76, Marea Mead 76. Ladies Club Champion: Amber Barker 307. Mens Club Champion: Kenleigh Mather 306. Congratulations to everyone! The Navy is coming to Royal Atherton. Ten players will play against the Navy Team on Friday June 24th starting at 8:30am. We will also have players in a Stableford competition run by the Navy with plenty of prizes to play for.

Three out of the four spots in the #FNGLeagueCup Senior Finals have been confirmed. In the Women’s, Leichhardt Lions Football Club edged out Mareeba United Football Club in a 1-0 nail biter, while Edge Hill United advanced due to Redlynch forfeiting. In the Men’s, Southside Comets Football Club continued their fine form as they overcame Leichhardt Football Club in a

7-goal thriller. The Comets will be joined in the Final by either Edge Hill United Football Club or Marlin Coast Rangers Football Club who face each other on Wednesday night. Come and join the fun at the games, current form gives the feel for the possabiity of a real nail biter for either game.

GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY Bet with your head, not over it.

You will be bowled over by our Bistro Affordable dining with a mouth watering menu!

 Air Conditioned  Visitors Welcome  Function Hall available for all functions at reasonable rates  Winner of Best Club Far North Queensland 2019  Mouth Watering Menu  Affordable dining

O P E N 7 D AY S F O R L U N C H A N D D I N N E R

GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY Bet with your head, not over it.

6-8 Johnston Road, Mossman Club Ph: 4098 1434

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Cairns author Regina Petra Meyer released her first memoir Change of Course

Regina sailing in Antigua

By Isabella Guzman Gonzalez CAIRNS resident Regina Petra Meyer has always loved sailing and travelling since she was a little girl, a love introduced by her father. This passion would lead her on an adventure of self-discovery and love across the Caribbean Sea and inspire her memoir Change of Course. On Friday, June 17, Regina officially launched her memoir, Change of Course, at the Yorkeys

Knob Boating Club. Change of Course tells the story of Regina looking for a purpose in her life and how this led her to a life-changing trip sailing through the Caribbean. “In 2007, I was at the tail end of a relationship, and I was really yearning for an adventure,” she said. “And I’d been harbouring a dream of sailing the ocean for a long time. “My then-partner and I

decided we needed a break; we agreed that I could go and have my adventure and take the time for us to figure out how our life would continue. “I travelled to the Caribbean, and my sailing trip fell apart; at the same time, I met a local man and fell head over heels in love. “This led to the ending of my relationship, and I ended up living in the Caribbean as the only white woman in a very small community,” Regina said.


“For me, the book is not so much about sailing as it is about the challenges of really immersing yourself in a different culture,” she said. “To be the minority for once was very eye-opening and thought-provoking for me; it prompted a lot of questions around race and my own privilege. “What I would like for the readers to take away from the story is, first of all, we don’t need

The name of the book, Change of Course, has an intentional double meaning; it can be seen as a nautical change of direction or as Change, of course! “In my life, whenever I have plans, they changed, and I had to adapt, and I wanted the title to reflect that.” Regina said this story wants to relay a message to readers on finding purpose and taking a ‘Change of Course’.

to know the outcome of a project that we start; we can just take it one step at a time and have the courage to start a life as an adventurer. “Sometimes things turn out, and sometimes they don’t, and we just adapt and go with whatever we have in our hands.” Change of Course is available through Regina’s website at and as an e-book on most platforms.

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