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A Farewell From the President

Thank you for the memorable, unforgettable year By Erik Nguyen President It has been an honor to serve Southern Section this past year. I hope that everyone reading our last newsletter issue was phenomenally experienced LDI South and Southern Section Conference. The experiences have been one that I will not forget, as they have changed my life in so many dimensions. The things that I have learned, but more importantly the people that I have met, have made such an impact. In fact, you and the rest of our members are what make FBLA so great. Without your continued participation, Southern Section would not be as amazing as it currently is. I encourage each and every one of you to remain active and seek numerous opportunities. While the state and section officer teams have done their best to open opportunities, FBLA is designed to allow you to go and explore options for yourselves.

I used to remember when I was in awe of the State and Section officers, but now as one of them, I realized that we aren’t any different. Try to become acquainted with your section officers next year, because helping members truly is the goal of FBLA officers. Our next event is the amazing State Leadership Conference (SLC). Within this newsletter you will PHOTO BY MONIQUE EDWARDS receive more information about our plans for an Southern Section Memories amazing SLC held within FBLA Southern Section President Erik Nguyen our own section this year leaves a lasting impression, announcing the (Irvine Regional Hyatt). theme during the Southern Section Conference. The conference will definitely be the place to be for anyone in year will be packed with exciting netCalifornia FBLA this year. Good luck working events. Thank you, FBLA, for at State, and we hope to see you at the the memorable year. National Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The rest of the

Saying Goodbye... Interview with your senior Section Officers Compiled By Emily Tian Public Relations Officer 1. What was your most memorable experience working with the Southern Section team? - Judy Park: “Playing games on the car ride to and from the Summer Leadership Summit and before Section Conference.” 2. What attributes did you gain throughout the year?

- Erik Nguyen: “This past year has been a blast, and I’ve learned so much. I’ve become more organized, responsible and confident. 3. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? - Raymond Lee said, “At the Section level, I am proud to have hosted the first Presidents’ and Advisers’ Day.” 4. What do you have to say about each person on the

team? - Sam Yun: “Emily’s long toes (HAHA Emily! Long toes or not, I still love you); Judy’s “secret Mongolian heritage” which Raymond discovered using an old tradition that examines grooves in her arms; C.C.’s reDONKulous squeals during the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince midnight premiere; and Mr. R.’s portrayal of an ethnocentric and

very condescending Korean father.” 5. What are some parting words you have to next year’s team? - Emily Tian: “Good luck to the 2010 Southern Section team! We rest well-assured that next year’s staff will continue the longevity of FBLA here in SoCal. Collaborate, network, develop life-long skills, and have fun!”


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A Year in Photos

From LDI to Southern Section, here is a retrospective look of 2009-2010

OAT Day Bonanza Announcement

New upcoming chapter officers, are you ready to lead? Come to OAT Day to connect with Southern Section By Samuel Yun Parliamentarian Attention all Future Business Leaders of America! One of the biggest, baddest (this isn’t a word), and FUNNEST (definitely not a word) leadership/networking events of the year is here! It’s OAT DAY! And no – for those of you who are unfamiliar with this annual event – OAT day is NOT a convenient occasion where you can fraternize with a bunch of dudes or snack

on the much-loved breakfast item. It’s an acronym f o r … O ff i c e r- A d v i s e r Training Day! In the summer season, at the end of each FBLA year, all sections host this event for both chapter officers (and other student leaders within your school chapter), as well as chapter advisers, to come together and learn from workshops to help prepare them for the upcoming FBLA year The outgoing section officers will team up with the incoming section officers to host awesome activities

for you to participate in! Enjoy delicious food! Participate in fun games and activities! Get a chance to meet and socialize with other FBLA members like yourselves! Learn how to set your FBLA year to a great start! Build your skills as an FBLA leader, and discover what FBLA is truly about! Ok, so am I lavishing a little too much on this event? Not at all! Southern Section is known for hosting the best OAT day each year, EVERY year! And it’s up to you to make

it happen! Last year was a huge success, and this year will be no different! This year, our exciting OAT day will be held at Troy High School tentatively on Saturday, June 13th. Stay updated for more details, and make sure to register before space runs out! This is an awesome networking and leadership-building opportunity, so make sure not to miss it! Join us for one of the best FBLA events of the year!


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Glimpse of 2010 Southern Section Conference March 6th glamor and glory at UCI’s Irvine Barclay Theater By Judy Park Secretary/Treasurer On Saturday, March 6, the Southern Section hosted the annual Section Leadership Conference at the University of California, Irvine. The event started with an exciting opening ceremony, beginning with a video and an introduction of the officers. During the ceremony, the chapters showed their spirit through the chapter roll call, candidates for next year’s positions at-

tempted to convince voters with speeches, and the Section officers gave various announcements about the rest of the day. After the opening ceremony, all the participants walked over to another building for the awaited competitive events. Whether in written tests or performance events such as Creed and Public Speaking, all the participants did their best to show everything that they have prepared. After the testing ses-

sions, a variety of events took place. Although the Scavenger Hunt was canceled due to the rain, the members had the opportunity to take part in the UCI campus tour and a networking event hosted by PBL. Participants also had time to grab lunch at various restaurants on and off-campus, bond with the members from their chapter and meet people from other schools. At the end of the day, the participants returned the auditorium for the Awards Ceremony

in which the competitive event winners, along with the new section officers, were announced. The day came to a close with the announcement of the sweepstake winners and a show of gratitude to the advisers who made the event possible. As part of the Southern Section board, I would like to thank everyone who participated, and congratulations to all the winners. See you at State! southernsectreas@

April Awakening at CA State Leadership Conference Start your engines for the conference of a lifetime!

By Raymond Lee Vice President Frankly, you will leave high school with a handful of memories that will last with you forever--your relationships, teachers, senior year and the FBLA State Conference. In the four short days, you will walk by students of different ages, ethnic origin, gender, race, political affiliation, nationality and social standing, but you will be united under one great organization: FBLA. Socializing will be an absolute

must in this jumble of the brightest future leaders in America. Expect to see the elite-representing team of students who qualified to come. You will walk among the names and faces that will shape the world. You will stand in front of a powerful audience of peers who have still not lost their youthful energy and enthusiasm. You will experience a world that people only realize away from the bindings of their home, in seats full of radiant teenagers and a hotel completely full of students.

In this professional environment, so many come together to learn things that will influence the future’s vital decisions. So don’t take this conference lightly because you’ll be amazed at how meaningful small talk and first impressions can make or break future business connections. Of course, aside from making your mark, this is a time to enjoy and have fun, so loosen up for one of the most engaging and enthusiastic conferences of the year.


Southern Section Memories FBLA Southern Section President Erik Nguyen leaves a lasting impression, announcing the theme during the Southern...