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Issue 3 – March


Bay Breeze 

The Official Newsletter of the Bay Section FBLA Chapter 

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Hello Bay Section,

♦ State Leadership 

Congratulations to all of our chapters and competitors for an excellent job at the Bay Section Leadership Conference! A big thank you to Lynbrook High School, all of our advisers, and all of YOU for making the conference such a success!

Conference April 15‐18, 2010    ♦ National Leadership  Conference  July 14‐17, 2010    ♦ Institute for Leaders  July 13‐14, 2010     

In addition to competitions, this year has been filled with numerous achievements in projects, business development, and communication – our section has truly advanced to the next level. I would also like to send my congratulations to the section officer team for their outstanding leadership throughout this term.

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Looking ahead, the 2010 State Leadership Conference is just

around the corner. I encourage you to continue studying and President’s Corner         1    learning to maximize your achievements in Irvine.   Good Luck! Bay Section Officers’  Alissa Song Message     1      BAY SECTION OFFICERS’ MESSAGE Bay Section Chapter  Updates  2   The Bay Section Leadership team thanks      you for making the 2009-2010 year Cupertino FBLA  unforgettable. Your attendance and Markets Dodgeball  support at OAT Day, LDI, and BSLC allowed the Bay Section to arrive at the G  2       ame   


Write for the  Bay Breeze!         

next stop: success. We have been very fortunate to serve as your Bay Section and State officers and we hope that you enjoyed this FBLA year! Congratulations to all state-qualifiers and to newly elected officers, Angela Gu for Bay President, and Hung-Jen Wu for Bay Vice President. The State Leadership Conference is coming up fast! Prepare for your competitions and be ready to have fun and network! Good luck to all State competitors and candidates for Bay Section office! See you all at SLC! 2009-2010 Bay Section/State Officers


Your Bay Section  Officer Team:   

Alissa Song  President  Homestead High School    Eric Lu  Vice President  Rancho Cotate High School    Angela Gu  Secretary  Monta Vista High School    Roger Sanchez  Treasurer  Live Oak High School    Christine Kyauk  Public Relations Officer  Westmoor High School    Eric Wong  Parliamentarian  Monta Vista High School    Kavya Shankar  State President  Lynbrook High School    Panos Kanellakopoulos  State Secretary‐Treasurer  Monta Vista High School  sec‐     Cathy Xu  State Parliamentarian  Lynbrook High School    Kiki Nakauchi  Bay Section Director  Live Oak High School   

Rancho Cotate Eric Lu

Homestead High School Kathy Sun

Independence High School Debra Pacio Live Oak High School Roger Sanchez

Monta Vista High School Angela Gu Petaluma High School Allison Hall

Evergreen Valley High School Gurpai Kapoor

Westmoor High School Christine Kyauk Cupertino High School Anthony Kao

Rancho Cotate FBLA brought a record number of members to the Bay Section Leadership Conference and had three members place in their respective events. The chapter also took a field trip to DeVry University to learn about career education. Rancho FBLA is looking forward to attending the State Leadership Conference in April. Homestead High School FBLA is wrapping up our first semester initiatives and getting ready to roar into competitions season. Chapter projects have had a glamorous marketing event for NeuroSky, an educational “Game of Life” presentation at Sunnyvale Library, and an exciting healthy living walkathon for their culminations. This year, Independence High School's annual Holocaust Week was hosted by FBLA! From March 1st to March 5th, Holocaust survivors were invited to speak about their experiences with the Holocaust and educate the school about one of history's most catastrophic events. This past month, Live Oak FBLA has conducted a park clean up at Diana Park in Morgan Hill. They raked leaves and picked up garbage that littered the park and the alleyway leading to it. The alleyway is almost never clean, so it looked drastically different after members finished cleaning. On Thursday, March 10 Monta Vista FBLA went to support Lynbrook FBLA and our teachers at the annual Intra-District Dodgeball Tournament. Congratulations to the Monta Vista staff for securing the championship titles for co-ed and women division! Petaluma FBLA has recently attended a tour to a local business called "viva cocolat." The owner talked to the members about the process she took in order to own and operate her own business. Petaluma FBLA has also raised $56 to help Haiti through selling chocolate strawberries and caramel apples. Evergreen Valley FBLA toured a pizzeria, where they were given the opportunity to make their own pizzas! Members are currently working with a charity called Sacred Heart. Also, a field trip to the Ghirardelli Chocolate factory is being planned. Westmoor FBLA raised over $600 for March of Dimes! The Pie-AnOfficer/Intern fundraiser was a huge success and a record amount of donations were collected over the duration of two weeks. In addition, all Bay Section competitors donated $2 for the door prize drawing. Recently, Cupertino FBLA has hosted two screenings of educational environmental videos for the State Goes Green project, educating members about the properties of CO2 and threats to Amazonian biodiversity.


On a cold Thursday morning, the Cupertino FBLA leadership team set out to market and sell tickets for the Fremont Union High School District Intra-district Staff Dodge Ball Game on March 11, 2010. Going classroom to classroom to distribute ticket stubs to buyers and plastering posters all over campus, officers garnered valuable marketing experience while supporting a worthy cause; the game’s revenue was donated to victims of the recent Haitian earthquake. As VP of Conferences Vivek Krishnamurthy said, “we are glad to be supporting the people in Haiti. Besides, we get to see our teachers throw rubber balls at each other.” After traversing the halls of Cupertino HS that Thursday and conducting sales during lunch, FBLA officers managed to sell a bevy of tickets. Though this year’s tournament has passed, next year Cupertino FBLA will be at it again.


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President’s Corner 1 ders I July 13‐14, 2010 The Official Newsletter of the Bay Section FBLA Chapter ship National Leader o...