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WENDING / TURN a duo exhibition by Romee van Oers and Jorieke Rottier

Romee van Oers | working period Jorieke Rottier | reaction May - June 2021

ruimteCAESUUR Lange Noordstraat 67, 4331 CC Middelburg caesuur@zeelandnet.nl www.caesuur.nu | www.caesuur-posethequestion.nl

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In a series of presentations Romee van Oers wanted to explore how she could show different layers between her paintings. ''For me, painting is about placing movements. The works I showed during the final presentation of my working period were all painted on a twodimensional material and after that they were transformed into three-dimensional objects. The cloth was stretched around the panel, the paper was rolled up, and the cheesecloth was hung on a stick which was then placed on two nails. I also see the placement of the works as a movement. The small work I used as a starting point had been given a specific place on the white wall. The rolls of paper, the painting with the red smudge and the red cloth on the floor had kept the place where they had been unconsciously placed during the making process. The canvas on the red wall and the cheesecloth were placed this way because from this placement they had a rhyme with the space and became part of it.'' Romee van Oers invited Jorieke Rottier to respond to her work after the fourth presentation. Jorieke introduced elements from her work process that surround Romee's work with their materiality. This catalog attempts to provide an overview of the entire process.

uitnodiging | uitgangsbeeld

Saturday 01/05/2020 | first presentation

Saturday 08/05/2020 | second presentation

Saturday 15/05/2020 | third presentation

Saturday 22/05/2020 | fourth presentation

after 22/05/2020 | Jorieke Rottier | conversation

26/06/2020 | finissage


Romee: “I'm curious about what it's like when I approach an exhibition space the way I approach a painting. My work develops by noticing specific visual elements in my work that move me. Then I repeat the actions and the use of materials that resulted in these specific visual elements on a human scale. This is to better understand how these elements fit together in form and material and to see what it is like when it takes on a larger, physical size. By observing and recreating closely I start to love these elements more and more. As a starting point for my working period at ruimteCAESUUR I brought one work from my studio. At ruimteCAESUUR I will create new work based on this one work in which visual elements from the exhibition space, such as the red and green walls, also play a role. Jorieke introduced elements from her work process that temporarily surround Romee's work and incorporate them into new compositions based on their materiality Elements in Jorieke's work process often consist of signified or found materials such as ballpoint on paper, pieces of wire and sea glass. These materials are often processed by applying a repetitive action that differs per material. The wrapping, signifying and perforating of these objects introduces her to the surface and gives rhythm to thoughts about time, boundaries and lines.

surface and gives rhythm to thoughts about time, boundaries and lines. Jorieke about her response to Romee's work: “Her presentation consisted of three rolls of tracing paper 1.50 meters high, thinly painted; three stretched canvases of modest size; two pieces of painted cheesecloth. The limitation in materials and method she used and the request to leave these works intact, formed the starting point for my response. The thinness and transparency of Romee's work kept me busy for several weeks and raised questions that led to a more familiar approach to her work and its inclusion as 'found' elements in my work process. The (im)possibility of transparency and the desire for a ground, a weight, played a leading role in this.” The finissage of Romee's working period and Jorieke's response was on June 26, 2021.


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Romee van Oers Jorieke Rottier

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WENDING / TURN a duo exhibition by Romee van Oers and Jorieke Rottier