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Digital Transformation within Furniture Sales & Marketing If you’re reading this, it might be because the new marketing demands have caught your attention. The market and customer journeys are changing fast, which puts an entirely new set of demands on sales and marketing. At Cadesign form we have helped 500+ companies switch from traditional photo and film to visual content based on CGI – Computer Generated Imagery.  And let’s be clear – this is not only about images. In many cases though, product images will be the typical 1st step into 3D/CGI/Visualization – whatever we choose to call it. Digital transformation in this context is about choosing the right strategy and a partner, that will enable you to benefit from all of the many digital offerings that appear once you start to 3D-digitize. And this goes way beyond just images. We have created this small teaser, which we hope will catch your attention and illustrate some of the potential.  In case you are curious to know more, please reach out. We will be happy to discuss your options further. Enjoy your reading.  Best regards – Cadesign form


Brand new buying behaviours Today the major part of most shopping experiences happens at home. Online. Even B2B-shopping is mostly done online. In later years we have seen a remarkable transformation in customer behaviour. The shopping experience starts with research at home and continues all the way to the sales counter.

What does that mean? Well, it means that your online presence needs to be perfect. The shift might make the actual sale easier, but the demands on the communication are heavily increased. You need to ensure that your products and services present themselves in the best possible way, without the assistance of salespeople. Furthermore, it means that the value of extraordinary online shopping experiences is multiplied many times. It pays dividends to go the extra mile to set yourself apart from all the decent websites and online shops out there.


81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying

75% of customers use Social Media as part of their buying process

80% of the customer journey happens online with no contact to the business.


It all starts with a high-end 3D-model of your product We create one digital file which works as the connecting link between several stakeholders within sales, production, and business partners. The information we get from you as a client is turned into a high-end digital 3D-model. And once we have that, the possibilities are endless. Literally.





Planner models



A high-end 3D-model gives you endless possibilities and synergies The 3D-model we create will provide you with infinite possibilities and synergies. Digital product data can have a substantial impact on the success of your future sales and interaction with customers and collaborators. Centralization of your data creates synergy across media and platforms. It is cost-saving and brings you a variety of digital benefits when you know how to utilize the synergy.

Assembly animation Product configuration


Online sales - product images (mass production)

Augmented Reality In-store & POS Virtual Reality

High-end Product

Digitalizing Architects Planner programs Other partners / dealers /etc.



Commercials Location shoots SoMe content










Ye ar s




5-step guide for digital transformation using 3D-images To illustrate the process, we have created this simple guide. The five steps are not picked at random, they are based on our 25 years of experience with 3D-digitization as a core competence.  No two clients are alike, which is why all processes are unique based on the situation, challenges and ambitions of the specific client. No matter where you are in your process, we are ready to guide you safely through your transformation.


01 Identifying needs

02 3D-digital strategy

03 First project

04 Evaluation

05 Using the synergies

Focus on the client’s business and an in-depth understanding of important elements such as amount of data and digital models, IT-platform for handling images, assortment, scalability, need for digital files from partners (BIM/Revit and other files for planner tools etc).

Based on a thorough analysis of needs, we will create a brief strategy for your 3D digitization process during the next 1-2 years. This requires a careful selection process of wants and needs, which will help us to really focus our effort.

Focus on ’quick win’. We launch a small first project. We get to test the strategy, and you will see results quickly.

Focus on optimizing our collaboration and the process – to be able to work faster. Working digitally might be quite different from how you usually work, which is why we focus on guiding you safely through the process – and succeeding. Feedback and honesty are essential elements in the collaboration.

Focus on all the options, once we’ve paved the digital highway. This includes film and images for social media, AR, product configurator, In-store tools, VR, virtual showroom etc. Everything as part of the new 3D-digital strategy we initially agreed upon.


Ekornes strives to be a leading supplier of home furniture in domestic and international markets. The invention of the Stressless chair, back in 1971, was a revolution within ergonomic furniture. It was the first recliner designed to meet the body’s need for movement and support when seated. Today, Ekornes is setting new standards within a huge product range with dining furniture, sofas, home theatre seats, side tables, and of course the iconic recliners.


Services delivered

Product Digitalisation / Corporate Visual Identity / Strategy / Website / Print / Images / Film / In-store & Showroom / Sales Tools / Customising / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Collaborative focus

The initiating factor for our long-term business relation with Ekornes was their need for thousands upon thousands of product images for e-commerce. This has led to a broader marketing collaboration.

Line of business

Living / Furniture 11 case

Quantity and Quality Like most customers out there, an Ekornes-customer wants to review all facets of the iconic products; every colour, every type of material, and every style combination. To meet these new demands, Ekornes needs an incalculable amount of images. We introduced them to our proprietary ImageScripting technology. We turn everything into digital 3D images, which gives us the opportunity to create film, social media videos, environment images, website visuals and just about everything, we can come up with.


13 case

ImageScripting Creating millions of product images based on automation 14

15 case

Wonderland’s beds are produced in Åndalsnes, on the west coast of Norway. Wonderland focuses on understanding the human need for sleep and what the body needs to recover well. Wonderland wants to contribute to a world that sleeps better. Their job is simply to produce the perfect bed. 16

Services delivered

Product Digitalisation / Corporate Visual Identity / Strategy / Website / Print / Images / Film / In-store & Showroom / Sales Tools / Customising / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Collaborative focus

Through more than 10 years of collaboration with Wonderland, we have created both product images, lifestyle images and a product configurator. With many of the lifestyle images we have been able to benefit greatly from the synergies following re-using digital elements.Â

Line of business

Living / Furniture 17 case

Re-using scenes With new styling and product change, we can create new images faster

See the SoMe film of this scene right here

19 case

BoConcept is not just another furniture store. They have worked with interior design for more than 60 years, and they have a strong set of beliefs that run through everything they do. One thing that is absolutely essential for BoConcept is quality. Quality products that are suited for daily use and affordable. Quality products deserve quality presentation.


Services delivered

Product Digitalisation / Corporate Visual Identity / Strategy / Website / Print / Images / Film / In-store & Showroom / Sales Tools / Customising / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Collaborative focus

The main task in our work with BoConcept has been to create a visual presentation of their many products and textures online. And above all a visual representation that does justice to the high quality of the products. No room for compromises.

Line of business

Living / Furniture 21 case

What dreams are made of We helped BoConcept go from photography to CGI for their new images. So the first image you see when you visit their website is in fact CGI. The location is a fabulous terrace in a modern townhouse. With one CGI-model you get infinite possibilities. One model of the BoConcept Osaka-sofa makes it possible to create all 115.000 different configurations of the sofa, for customers to browse. We have digitized BoConcepts entire product range and deliver high-quality images of all products for their e-commerce site.


Experience 360° online showroom and VR right here


B2B means increased complexity BoConcept needed a setup to create visual marketing material for their B2B segment. And in general, we see, that B2B clients within the furniture industry pose notably higher demands compared to B2C businesses. Locations are often more complex and require furniture in much larger numbers, which means that smooth logistics and optimized time-to-market are key elements. CGI can work wonders and is a valuable tool to help cope with these challenges. The demands within B2B are increasingly higher and every project requires a substantial delivery of digital files.


All-inclusive CAD packages To accommodate for increasing complexity and higher demands, we deliver all-inclusive CAD packages consisting of a customized variety of digital files to be used with planner programs, sales and in the design process on large-scale projects. As integrated parts of our CAD packages, we supply BIM objects in Revit- and ArchiCAD formats – among other things. This is where we really benefit from the synergies that follow the fundamental digitization we do in the initial 3D visualization of the elements. In this particular case for BoConcept we have pushed the synergy even further by creating video for them to use on product pages and social media. With moving digital images we can easily showcase the vast number of combinations within the products as well as various accessories. All in a sleek, interesting and innovative way.


See the Product film right here


Watch the entire image series right here

Client: VIPP, Denmark 28


Client: Markilux, Germany 30


The team – a force to be reckoned with Being a good full-service marketing partner is all about listening and guiding. We use our knowledge and expertise, to ask the right questions and understand complexity and challenges. Ill-advised guidance is worse than no guidance at all, so through the years, we have been determined to develop and maintain our skill set. We make sure to stay on top of our game to be able to help and support our customers in the best way possible.  As a result, we have 75+ creative and highly skilled minds in-house working together to form your future. Our people are everything from strategists, copywriters, coders, animators, CGI modellers, designers, concept developers, art directors, architects, construction engineers, 3D generalists to project managers, key account managers and a steady service team. All ready to strengthen your visual brand.  Your typical team of Cadesign form allies consists of


A Key Account Manager – your overall responsible contact

A Project Manager

A Stylist

A Lead performing artist


What we need from you Our starting point will be your end point. This means that we can work with anything you have – no matter your situation, market or product range.

Product model & data In best-case scenarios, we receive perfect high-end 3D models of the products. However, that is very rare. Often we receive 3D files that we need to upgrade in terms of the level of details and overall quality. But on the other hand, we also often don’t receive anything at all except photo references and measurements. Based on this information, we create the high-end 3D model on our own.

Styling We have professional stylists and art directors in-house, but we also work for many customers who add their own resources to the team. We are open to any creative constellation and we always aim to set the perfect team for the job.

Fabrics We need physical samples of the fabrics that should be used for 3D-visualization. Based on these we will create a digital twin called a ‘texture’, which ensures that the material will be real-life. In some cases, the fabric supplier will be able to provide final textures. 34

Cadesign form in short

Founded in 1994 +75 experts within visual communication HQ in Aarhus, Denmark Subsidiaries in Karlsruhe (Germany) and Aalborg (Denmark) Sales offices in Sweden, Norway and United Kingdom Customers in most of Europe and the United States +50% export Professional board Ambitious growth strategy, following 25 years of continuous growth AAA (Highest Credit Worthiness), a reliable partner 35

Inspirational images





Curious to take the next step into transforming your sales and marketing digitally? Are you considering taking the next step towards a digital transformation of your sales and marketing? We would be more than happy to help you. Since we started back in 1994, Cadesign form has established a solid work culture with a strong focus on digital transformation as a core strategy.  25 years ago we set out on a journey into 3D-digitization helping clients go from classic photo and film to advanced CGI. And we still strive to be a step ahead. Always.





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Digital Transformation within Furniture Sales & Marketing  

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Digital Transformation within Furniture Sales & Marketing  

For further information, please visit www.cadesignform.com

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