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Yosemite National Park, California, USA

May 10, 2011


Issue #8

Yosemite National Park by Roshni Karadia



Cry Wolf By Jocelyn Wiley

Becky tells me, “ My daughter’ s been doing education programs for Parks Canada at Kootenay Crossing – there’ s a wolf that the tourists are feeding. Lemme know if you see it.” I leave Invermere too late, too close to dusk. The last light’s ebbing by the time I pass the sign saying, accusingly, “You are entering Kootenay National Park.” Violets and pinks are smeared across the sky but the forest on either side of me is fairy-tale dark, the kind of black that swallowed up Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks.

It was nice of us humans to clear out those ditches, allowing the sweetest grasses to grow, providing an all-u-can-eat, right beside the highway. Kootenay Crossing is deserted and the dark trees have closed in on me. The tourists are all embedded in town for the night. The Subaru’ s headlights are the only source of light on the road. The engine is the only sound I can hear.

A few kilometers later, as promised, he’ s there, on my left, starting across. Why did the wolf cross the road? I brake and rake the tires I am driving a borrowed Subaru, a modest onto the gravel shoulder. three tons of steel, plastic and dashboard, a It makes so much noise. little slower than the speed limit, trying hard not to kill anything. He stops, his paws straddling the yellow line, and regards my brake lights with an almost The valley widens, the floor flattened out by academic curiosity. I gaze at him like a the spread of the river. I’ m relieved to be able miracle in my rear view mirror. He observes to eke out a little more light. Everything’ s out the backwards red glare of the monster I tonight -- the raccoons, the coyotes, the deer – barely control, but he is unafraid. This is his oh! turf, after all. I have come around a curve at a cautious 80 and there’ s a rack staring down my headlights. It belongs to an elk. Behind him, oblivious, the rest of the tribe is munching in the ditch, observing the rules of nature.


By the time I crank my arm over the seat back and turn my head, he’ s gone. I give the thing some gas, and speed home, faster than the river, the elk, the wolf.



Cheating Death By Donghun Kim

Looking back at death is quite scary. The fact that you just missed the train to eternity. A lone figure looking back at the cloaked figure who was staring at him as he progressed back to the world of living. He was dead.. or supposed to be. The gate that stood in front of him stood there, menacingly, and mysteriously. The gate itself seemed to be made of shadows. Few gleaming red eyes were seen near the gate, but none ever got close enough. The boy's name was Yui. He had cheated death, although there will not be a second chance. He had been left on the street as he bled to death. By the time they got to the hospital, he was dead. Then he was on the shadowy field with the Grim Reaper guiding him onwards. He was going to die. But he proposed a challenge to Death. Death accepted the challenge more easily than Yui expected, but no matter. Death probably knew he might win... A fair game was proposed, simple rule, simple chance, and simple strategy was all that was required. As Yui walked towards the gate, he could hear the shouts of people outside. Then he remembered his life; all the painful things done to him as he was bullied and isolated from the society himself. His parents were too busy to look at him. He had everything, he was rich. But he didn't have friends. Loneliness was one way to die. Yui looked up at the tall menacing gate again. On the top of the gate, a rusty sign held a phrase. "Death is but a door. Time is but a window." He turned his back on the gate, and stared at Death again. Behind the mass of black cloak, he knew that Death was smiling at him. He sighed as he stepped towards the opening of the gate, and reviving himself into the world of living. Death looked at the closing gate of living. The rust on the sign hid another sentence. "You will be back." Death smiled beneath his dark cloak. It was good to have a companion once in a while, to play a game with, to cheat him. He looked at the ground, at the X and the O. Next time, he swore that he will never play tic-tac-toe to wager life again.









Poetry by Melissa Grieve Untitled The clock ticks by life is moving so fast but today is going to slow Happiness -- to far in the future I think I will look forward, to content An achievable goal only four hours to go what feats are in store? The rhythmic tock slows reality fades into reverie I relax in my dreams Desolation Its a sad little disease only for those egotistical, self-conscious, Insane the diagnosis -- sympathetic the address -- a public show Up on the pedestal, they think your seeking attention but They will never feel this far down past Dante's layers -- the blazing Hell no agony, pain, nothing-- zombie state You cant imagine any other way happiness -- a secluded world only for people who held the Golden ticket Impossible for you to see how they could find so much joy laughter -- but its something you no longer desire When you surface ( a gasp of air) you pass through all the layers of fire, burning that's why no one wants to leave opting out of life- they choose a new one and leave behind their own



Harry Potter Crossword Puzzle

The clues in red are not related to Harry Potter The first person to hand Gabby the completed crossword puzzle gets a free sandwich from the Kiosk! GOOD LUCK!

taken from http:// potterxw.html made by Larry and Rachel.


Issue Number 8 Only 3 Issues Left! By Gabriella Mikiewicz

The end of the school year is coming up very, very soon! That means that, after this one, there are only 3 issues until I am not the editor-in-chief of Cadence anymore. I will be passing down the crown to someone else... stay tuned to find out who! (Think you’re editor-in-chief material? Come find me!) Notice my book review? I decided that I’m going to be rereading (and for some, reading for the first time) the classic books. My mom is joining me in this exciting adventure, and I hope that this inspires some of you guys to pick up a book this summer as well! Since there are only three more issues left, you guys had better get your submissions in soon! Don’t wait until next year!

Join Cadence! Tuesdays Room 222 Lunch Bring some food!

Buy Cadence Grams! 5 dhms = a paper rose/poem 10 dhms = rose/poem and candy 15 dhms = rose/poem, candy, baked good


Each Cadence Gram will buy a book for a poor child in Ghana. We will be donating books with a few ACS students this summer, and every cent counts! Donate your own old books or buy a Cadence Gram today!

Issue #8  

Brand new Cadence issue! There's a crossword inside - for a prize! So print it out and make sure to get it!

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