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October 31, 2011


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October 31, 2011

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3 Le%er  from  the  Editor   4  High  School  Drama  in  Europe’s  Poli=cal  High   League  -­‐  Rebecca  Reuter 5  For  Lack  of  Inspira=on  -­‐  Zac  Berry 6  Diwali:  the  story  behind  the  Fes=val  of  Lights  -­‐   Priya  Goyal 7  Chocolate  Brownie  Recipe 8  Refugee  -­‐  Sachin  Krishnamoorthy 9  ECC  Championship  -­‐  Photos  by  Omar  Akileh   and  ar=cle  by  Sara  Mousa


October 31, 2011

Editor’s Note Alas, it’s another issue of Cadence. This one was quite challenging since I almost didn’t have enough articles to make an issue! In the Halloween issue, we cover stories on a wide range from Berlusconi’s Italy to a recipe for Brownies to a coverage of the ECC Championships. The next issue will be Spooky Contest Extravaganza and I’m hoping we’ll receive a lot of submissions. The prize will be an entire issue dedicated to YOU...and another surprise gift :) With the Fall Festival coming, Halloween really is approaching. I know it does not feel like it here in a country that scarcely acknowledges the holiday, the fact is it’s almost upon us! And with it herald the Eid Holidays and a break! Before I go, I would like this opportunity to give a shout out to Mr. Khanna whose birthday is on the 31st: the very day of Halloween! If anyone sees him, make sure to shout out ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ in the loudest voice you can muster! Your, Priya

This Week’s Photos are brought to you by: - Omar Akileh - Melissa Grieve - The Post Gazette - Priya Goyal


October 31, 2011


Highschool drama in Europe’s Political High League By Rebecca Reuter Let me introduce you to two of the most powerful politicians in Europe right now: Mrs Angela Merkel, Germany's current Federal Chancellor and Mr Silvio Berlusconi Italy's current prime minister. These two politicians have gotten along well for the past few years, just as far someone can get along with Berlusconi anyways. He's famous for his heroic speeches a la 'Cavaliere Italiano', his on and off stories with Italy's high class strippers, prostitutes including underage girls and of course his bright smile, his way of ignoring the immense crisis in the country that he's supposed to be leading. People don't find jobs anymore, the crime rate is constantly increasing, immigrants from North Africa keep in coming in, not to mention the economic crisis that is smashing Southern Europe and the world in general. You'd think that Berlusconi would be kissing up to Germany, considering it being one of the few countries that isn't completely hopeless and is helping out Greece and others to prevent their economy to crash forever. Italy needs Germany. You'd hope Berlusconi would act like a responsible prime minister. But no. This time, according to "Il Fatto Quotidiano", Berlusconi started drama over a phone call, to a certain someone that is unknown yet, but the statement on the minister's behalf is just as clear as Italy's bank account. Merkel was according to him a "cuolona inchiavabile", which means very nicely translated "a useless, fat behind". It also means that Berlusconi really doesn't care if Italy crashes into economic inferno and won't have anyone to help out.

Few other Italian politicians have stated that they are hoping that this story will make Berlusconi want to retire once and for all, but considering that the position as prime minister is saving him from jail, it's not a very realistic thing to hope. Merkel hasn't given a statement about the whole story just yet, if that is a good or a really bad sign is open for discussion, one can only hope that she ignores Berlusconi's comment. On the minister's behalf you could say that no one would expect the world to listen to their personal phone calls and it is in fact definite violation of privacy, on the other hand you shouldn't be calling anyone "a useless, fat behind" whoever you are. Either way this man might have had just had a bad day and forgot over a intimate phone call that he's prime minister of a country. Maybe it was just one of those days. One thing is for sure though. Someone needs to clear out the Italian parliament for good so this High school drama can end, followed by graduation and then Italy can finally move on, grow and become the power that it's always been.

October 31, 2011

For Lack of Inspiration It’s Sunday again and I find myself at a complete impasse as to what to write. The hardest part about being a regular freelance is coming up with that quirky line or with that insight that you feel is unbelievable in its genius.

Disconnected. Lately though it feels as though matters are slowly sliding themselves into place. It all really depends on the type of people you have around you and the right combination of events happening at the same time under the perfect conditions. I can’t help but feeling that I should write Small gestures or happenings such as sipping something about Halloween but I find myself coffee while reading a delightful tome or receiving unable to conjure up any positive feelings around a hug from a person you hadn’t seen in a while. the subject. The holiday itself has never featured as Even having a person that is so happy that others a main event in my life. Rather, it has been more look at them they become happy too. like an appetiser. I think of these little happenings as tokens that add up to form this state of giddiness called Lately, I’ve been considering the true reason HAPPINESS. behind my deciding to write under a false name and Some bask in the feeling, savouring it as one a part of it is about being granted to anonymity of savours the warm rays of the morning some. Others writing what I may. A way to have full artistic still shy away from this concept, unused to its license in everything I do. Although, I must admit trappings. Face it, we’re all looking for happiness. a small part of it may also be a bit of cowardice on We just have different ways of finding it and my part. It takes a lot to step up and take full different ways of reacting to it when it happens. responsibility for your writing. To accept your work for all its strengths and shortcomings and Happy-ly yours, realise that there are people who will snicker, they are people who will criticise but then there are also Zac Berry those who will be inspired. And I guess that is what I’m going for. I would be happy to inspire even a small portion of ACS’ population into a mindset of free thinking. Having this feeling of accomplishment is truly one of a kind. Often I find myself feeling out of sorts.

Who am I really? Zac Berry is an anonymous contributer to Cadence. He wishes to remain such for the sake of anonymity and simply because it looks mysterious. You could try guessing who I am but it shall remain a secret until the day when all shall be revealed! For more visit:

October 31, 2011

Diwali: the story behind the Festival of Lights By Priya Goyal

Rama and Lakshmana were inseparable and grew to be very strong warriors that learned the power of the gods through a sage, Vishvamitra. Through one particular journey to the kingdom of Janaka, he was challenged to lift an enchanted bow of the God Shiva. This bow was so heavy that no one had been able to even budge it. Rama effortlessly lifted this bow and in doing so won the King’s daughter, Sita, as his bride. When Dasaratha knew it was his time to die, having a special place in his heart for Rama, he decreed that Sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it? Yet with all Rama would take his place as king. Making use of the festivals it has its share of monsters and villains alike. two boons that Dasaratha had granted her when she The story behind Diwali lies in the epic of the saved his life, she asked that her son be made king and Ramayana. Hinduism has two ancient texts called the Rama should be exiled for no less than 14 years. Ramayana and the Mahabharata which help instill Lakshmana and Sita joined him on his exile and during virtues into Hindus as well as teach valuable lessons this, Ravana heard about the beautiful Sita and about morality. determined to have her, kidnapped her by luring the two men away. Thus began the long journey to find her with The Ramayana is a long saga that talks of the the two gaining help from the monkey kingdom and one kingdom of Ayodhya. The King, Dasaratha was of their followers Hanuman. The monkey army and the growing old and had no sons to succeed him as king. two men began their march on Lanka and to cut an He prayed that one of his three wives would give amazing story short, they slayed Ravana in a long battle birth to an heir. Meanwhile, in the region called that employed their godly powers. Lanka, a demon Ravana was growing more and more powerful and wreaking havoc on India. He had been Diwali celebrates the day that everyone returns to granted a boon that meant that no Gods or demons Ayodhya and it said that this night was the “new moon” could harm him. Vishnu, the preserver realised that or the darkest night of the year. Determined to celebrate he must be born in human form to be able to destroy his return, the people of Ayodhya lit “diya’s” or small Ravana. Sending a messenger with a drink laced with candles to welcome their prince home. This has become a special potion, the drink was given to Dasaratha a tradition since then. Today Diwali is a day of with the promise that if given to his wives, it would fireworks, celebration and feasting. To some Hindus, it borne him sons. Soon, four sons were born: Rama, also marks the beginning of the Hindu new year and is Lakshmana, Bharata and Satrughna. greatly anticipated throughout India. It seems that there is an onslaught of festivals in the winter season with a line up of Halloween, Diwali, Eid, Thanksgiving and finally: Christmas. Of all these festivals, it seems that in Abu Dhabi, the one that is least known of is Diwali. Diwali or “Deepavali” is the festival of lights and is a celebration in all sense of the words of a prince returning home from exile.

Each year, I yearn for the opportunity to personally light fireworks or sparklers or to feel connected to my heritage and culture in a way that isn’t possible on other days of the year. The short summary that I have shared today is but a small part of the story that all Hindus hold Each year, I yearn for the opportunity to personally light fireworks or sparklers or to feel connected to my heritage and culture in a way that isn’t possible on other days of the year. The short summary that I have shared today is but a small part of the story that all Hindus hold as dear as the Bible or the Koran.

October 31, 2011

A Recipe for Divine Chocolate Brownies With Halloween approaching, there is plenty of opportunity for a bunch of baking. This is the recipe I always use and have perfected over the years. Follow it to the dot and you will get amazing brownies. Enjoy :) - Priy Ingredients * 3/4 cup unsalted butter * 170g semisweet chocolate (I know it sounds like a lot but it needs it) * 3 large eggs * 1/2 tsp. salt * 1 cup sugar (I always use a little more) * 1/2 cup light brown sugar * 1 tsp. vanilla essence * 3/4 cup flour Instructions 1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Grease and flour an 8×8 baking pan. 3. Melt together the butter and the chocolate around 2-2.5 minutes on high (but try it 30 seconds at a time. We don’t want the chocolate the burn!). Stir the chocolate and butter together until it's smooth. 4. Whisk 3 large eggs in a large bowl. 5. Add the salt, sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla, and combine until smooth. 6. Stir in the chocolate and butter mixture 7. Fold in the flour. Mix only until the flour is combined; don't overmix. There should still be a couple of lumps 8. Pour the batter into the pan and bake for 30-40 minutes *Brownie is baked when a toothpick stuck 5 cm from the edge comes out clean **Cut with a plastic knife for better results Serving Suggestion: For a richer brownie mix in 1/2 a cup chocolate chips

October 31, 2011

Refugee By Sachin Krishnamoorthy Kisheb slowly crawled forward. He was lying flat on the ground in the prickly shrubbery, inching forward trying to make as little noise as possible. He placed one hand in front of the other and lifted his legs a little, not too much as his legs would otherwise penetrate the thin film of plants that hid him. Finally Kisheb reached the edge of the shrubs and squinted off the side of a small ledge. It was dark with almost no light except that of the moon. The fact that the night winds were picking up and the sands were being lifted, so it took some time for Kisheb to see what was ahead of them. He was rewarded and punished with what he saw. In front of him was the border, a single fence with a ditch. It wouldn’t be that difficult to get over, him and his group could easily burrow under the fence or even climb if they had to. Although climbing was out of the question, as Kisheb’s eyes glared at the small but well armed border patrol moving parallel to the fence. That patrol was a problem, if they spotted him trying to cross the border they would undoubtedly kill or capture him. The rest of the group caught up to him, his friend’s family and his own. They were all tired, exhausted. All of them were coated in dry mud that they had used to camouflage themselves from a patrol that had nearly caught them by the river. A couple had dried blood stains over them while a few had dirty and torn bandages. One of them, his mother, was in very bad shape. She had been shot in her left shoulder and it had been bleeding profusely. They had put pressure on the They whispered to each other as they came into close contact. There were more soldiers coming from behind them, they were far away, but they had sniffer dogs. Kisheb looked forward, thinking.

If they turned back now they would probably be able to find a place to hide from the dog patrol, a cave in the mountains, or some tall grass would hide them. But… Kisheb looked longingly at the border. That fence and a small patrol were the only things standing in the way of freedom. He weighed the options in his head, and came to the conclusion. They would cross. The patrol was slowly moving across the fence, their flashlights illuminating the way. They could make it, if they hurried. He waved the group forward, making sure they all moved slowly and silently. After a quick jog through open ground they reached the fence and started digging. Kisheb glanced up. The guards were getting closer, and he thought he heard dog barks in the distance. They were running out of time. Finally their small tunnel was complete, and the first of the group vanished through the whole and reached the other side. The injured went through next, his mother first, followed by the rest. Sweat ran down Kisheb’s face. The border patrol was almost here. He watched the last person slide through the tunnel and was just about to swing through himself when the passage collapsed. He was stranded on this side. There was no time to waste; Kisheb did what he had learned what to never do when running away. He started to climb. He moved quickly, placing and moving his feet and hands up the fence with marvelous speed. Kisheb’s eyes were glued to the top of the fence. He was almost there! Almost! And a gunshot filled the air.

Photos by Omar Akileh

October 31, 2011

ECC Championship

October 31, 2011

ACS ECC Volleyball Championship By Sara Mousa What a spectacular way to start a Friday morning. ACS varsity boys and girls were on fire in their games today against ASD, DAA and more. The boys spiked the ball on the court so fast and with such strength you’d think it was a meteor falling from space. The girls had such great hustle that it looked as if they were just a blur of green with a high ball. But why take my word for it? Take a look at the pictures below and see for yourself what great effort was displayed. The boys had some fantastic moments, what with their game against DAA a whirlwind of spikes, drops, and amazing saves: Majed was either down low on the floor saving a ball or his hands high in the air spiking a ball that was untouchable by the opposing team; Vanja had the strongest and more concise spikes that blew the audience away; Alex’s spikes were so powerful the court would shake as well as his saves putting the game back in action; Sina’s sets to the other team players were very accurate and succeeded almost every time- he would trick the opposing team by tipping when they assumed he would set the ball to another viper; Alnour’s spikes and tips were the most unexpected because of his height by the net; Sean’s block shots from another spike were legendary, not to mention his subtle tips that would win another point; Youssef’s serves blew the court away and finally, Sam’s tips and spikes would save the team from losing the point. All in all, the boys played with great effort and prevailed despite the scoreboard

reading 24-24 in the second game and when DAA won the next point we all prepared for the third game; but these boys wouldn’t let that happen as they worked together for a few more points and won a position in the finals. The ACS sand vipers aren’t complete without their breath taking girls team; the first game was a great success but we lost the advantage in the second game to DAA. But this didn’t bring the team down: on the contrary, the girls fought back harder than before. It started off in the third game with Tasha’s dives to save the ball and win a point; Jade’s superior spikes and serves smashing the other side; Abby’s spikes over the net; Natalie’s fantastic dives; Jaleyah’s spikes and sets with a sprained thumb; and finally, Lucy’s serves saved the day winning the girls another place in the finals. In the end, the vipers represented ACS well in their non-stop effort to win the points and keep going till the finish. Watching the games, it was hard not to scream out the viper songs or cheer the players on, but the teams proved themselves spirited within their own teams to keep everyone on their toes during the last few points. For anyone who didn’t see the championships, I recommend you attend any games against other schools because these games aren’t just passing a ball and getting it over the other side: it’s about skill, coordination, team work, and most important, the ACS sand viper school spirit.

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