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REAL HOUSEWIVES Vicki Gunvalson $45 MN

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Flora Field, Nick-San, Deckman’s, Solomon’s Bistro Garden’s

The First


of Los Cabos San José del Cabo Historic Art District in San José del Cabo (next to Baan Thai). Reservations: 624.146.9995 | Keg Sales: 624.142.1292

Cabo San Lucas On the rooftop of Cabo Villas Resort at MĂŠdano Beach. Reservations: 624.143.9199 ext. 2026

The First

Local Bottle of Los Cabos

WE NOW EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS IN OUR FRANCHISES! C A B O S A N LU C A S , B. C . S . Blv. Marina, lote 10 local 2 Plaza de la Danza (624) 143 2491 S A N J O S É D E L C A B O, B. C . S . Las Tiendas de Palmilla, local 116 (624) 144 6264 M É X I CO D. F. Plaza carso Lago Zurich # 245 N U E VO VA L L A R TA , N AYA R I T Paseo Cocoteros Nº 53 (322) 297 2464

Some of Cabo Social’s team answer reader’s most frequently asked questions about Los Cabos and Baja Sur, Mexico.

about los cabos Every week, our U.S. phone and email inboxes are flooded with a variety of questions about Cabo. The people writing and calling are different, but the questions are usually the same. The following are the majority of those questions, answered by some of our local Cabo Social staff.









08. Do I need a different plug or converter to plug in my laptop or iPhone? Answer by Kevin Dennis (Photographer): No. Electricity is the same here in Mexico as it is in the U.S. Is the time the same as southern CA? No. Cabo and Baja Sur are actually on Mountain Time, one hour ahead of California.


MAY 2011

01. How do I get cash while in Cabo? Answer by Danny Ramirez (Photographer): Most banks have ATM machines, which primarily dispense Mexican pesos. When using your foreign credit or debit cards, the total on your statements will reflect whatever the exchange rate was the day of the transaction. 02. How do I get out to Lovers Beach? Answer by Ana Limas (Mexico Account Executive): Lover’s Beach and the Cabo Arch, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean is a very unique place in the world. Easiest way to get there is to catch a water taxi from Medano Beach or the marina. Wear something you can get wet in up to your waist. And be careful with camera equipment –You can never be too sure of exactly how wet you might get. 03. What if “something” happens? Who can I call? Answer by Crissty Santana (Mexico Account Executive): Be safe and stay healthy and out of trouble. But, just in case, here are the details. In an emergency, it’s NOT 911, from a cell phone or landline, dial 066. Other important numbers: American Consulate: (624) 143-3566, Canadian Consulate: (624) 142-4262, Federal Highway Patrol: (624) 146-0573 and (624) 146-1240, Cabo San Lucas Fire Department: (624) 143-2466, San José del Cabo Fire Department: (624) 142-2466, Red Cross: (624) 143-3300, Airport: (624) 122-1486, Medical assistance is available at AmeriMed: (624) 143-9670 or Northwest Medical: (624) 143-5404.


How many people live in Cabo? Population of Los Cabos is estimated to be slightly over 200,000 people.

04. What is the difference between Cabo, Los Cabos, San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas? Answer by Edel Muñoz (Web Department): In English, Los Cabos means “The Capes”, and refers to the combined townships of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, the Tourist Corridor and the East Cape. San José del Cabo is north of San Lucas, and is home to the area’s international airport (SJD). Cabo San Lucas is at the very tip of the Baja Sur peninsula, where you can find the famous Cabo Arch. 05. How do I make phone calls? Answer by Juan Bernardo Mejía (Graphic Designer): That is a loaded question. Here is a breakdown: Hotels may impose a surcharge on calls made from the room. Try calling collect or use a calling card. Not all foreign cell phones receive service here. Caution, your mobile may be roaming and your roaming fees may be very expensive. Consider consulting your mobile phone provider before placing or receiving calls while in Mexico. Many cafes, internet cafes, restaurants and businesses offer complimentary or inexpensive phone call services to the U.S., and Canada. How to dial: 1.) Call U.S. from U.S. cell phone: dial 00 + 1 + area code + telephone number. 2.) Call local land line from another land line, or your cell phone: dial the seven-digit number. 3.) Call a local cell phone from a landline: dial 044 + area code + telephone number.

06. Can I drink the water? Answer by Roberto García (Mexico Account Executive): Groundwater, from surrounding mountains and filtered through the earth’s natural gravel and sand, is the original source for most of Los Cabos’ water. Major hotels, commercial properties and restaurants have purified water. Many resorts desalinate and purify their own water. But buying bottled water is always a safe bet. 07. How do I get around? Answer by Pilar Jiménez (Art Production Manager): By foot is a great option, but a car is a must if you want to experience both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, or take a side trip (such as on page 32). Car Rental Tips: Minimum age to rent is 24, a valid driver’s license and a major credit card are required, mileage is usually free, gas prices are about the same as in the U.S. –return the car with the same amount of gas. Your own insurance company may not cover you in Mexico, so opt for full coverage insurance. Taxis: From San Lucas to San José, expect to pay about $36 usd each way. Public buses run as shuttles between San Lucas and San José. The ride takes about an hour with highway stops at major hotels along the Corridor. Cost is less than $5 usd each way. Buses also run to the Pacific coast towns of El Pescadero, Todos Santos and even to Baja Sur’s capital city of La Paz.

In harmony with t h e c e l e s t i a l r h y t h m o f t h e u n i v e r s e A u r i g a S p a a t C a p e l l a Pe d r e g a l o f f e r s f o u r s i g n a t u r e t r e a t m e n t s t h a t t a p i n t o t h e e n e r g i e s o f t h e l u n a r c y c l e t o h e l p a ch i e v e e q u i l i b r i u m o f b o d y, m i n d a n d s p i r i t . We f o c u s o n h o l i s t i c a p p r o a ch t o health and wellness by using natural organic products and treatments administered by a caring staff. Auriga is also home to a Julien Farel Salon where world-class hair styling, nail and makeup services ensure that you look your absolute best. E n j o y a l a v i s h s e r i e s o f h e a l i n g t r e a t m e n t s a n d s a l o n s e r v i c e s c o m p l e t e w i t h a g o u r m e t s p a l u n ch .

For an appointment, call toll free: 52.624.163.43 00

contents ISSUE #18, MAY 2011


28 50 About Los Cabos From The Co-Founders From The Desk of Burchard Made for Cabo Celebrities Love Cabo 5 Years & Counting The Buzz Winners —Best of Cabo 2010

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DINING FEATURES Flora Field Kitchen Nick-San Deckman's Bistro Gardens Restaurant Solomon's Landing

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SHUTTERBUG Best of Cabo Awards Liga MAC Jazz Fest Paws & Claws Amigos de Los Niños & Tequila’s Anniversary S.O.S. Cabo Extreme Combat & Carolina’s Birthday Bash Pabellon Cultural Grand Opening Champagne World Tour & Staci Snider’s Grand Opening Motocross Competition San Jose Half Marathon


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MAY 2011




from the Co-Founders

Co-Founder and Publisher Derrick R Grahn Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief Anastasia Lee Grahn CFO Gerry Burchard

This 5-Year Anniversary issue of Cabo Social Magazine marks an important milestone for all of us here at Cabo Social Magazine. We normally take a humble approach when discussing our publication, but five years is something worth boasting about. Creating a Los Cabos start-up, then successfully evolving for five continuous years is a true accomplishment, especially in recent economic times. Skip to page 26 to read about how it all started and what we have been up to for the last five years. As if a lustrum of success is not enough, we have decided to reinvent Baja’s most contemporary magazine once again. Starting with this May 2011 issue, Cabo Social Magazine will now be published every month. In addition to going monthly, you will notice some wonderful design and content improvements, along with the presence of many new advertisers too.

Cultural Liaison Ivan Baez

A new and equally significant sign of growth can also be found in our administration department. It is a great honor to announce that Gerry Burchard (Founder of Villas de Oro and the Palmilla Tennis Club) has joined our team as Chief Financial Officer. Burchard bring years of experience, tremendous stewardship, and unparalleled commitment not only to Cabo Social Magazine, but also to the community of Los Cabos. Save the date: We are excited to invite all of you to attend this year’s Cabo Masquerade Charity Ball, our official 5-Year Anniversary celebration and charity fundraiser. The event will take place on Saturday, May 28th at Nikki Beach in Me Cabo and will feature incredible music, performances, hors d’oeuvres, prizes, a silent auction and more. And the best part is, proceeds benefit the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation. For more information, see page 25 or visit www.cabo-social. com/masquerade-2011

Subscription Inquiries

–Derrick and Anastasia Grahn

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Graphic Design Pilar Jiménez Molgado Juan Bernardo Mejía Sales Executives Crissty Santana Ana Limas Roberto García Juan Bernardo Mejía Johnathan Carmona US Sales Associate Carla Froude Photographers Danny Ramirez Kevin Dennis Distribution Edel Muñoz Combs Web Development Kyle Jaebker Mexico Sales (624) 172-0205 US Sales (310) 878 4809 Cabo.Social.Magazine cabosocialmag


MAY 2011


Years os


e in  nc

s Cab Lo


xperie E

Experience you can trust for all of your audio and video needs.

· Theater Design · Lighting Control · Whole House Audio · Phone Systems · · Computer Networks · Satellite · Security & Camera Systems ·

Serving Los Cabos and Beyond

24 Hours, 7 Day a Week 044 (624) 182 4214 |

from the desk of Burchard


When you see a good thing jump on it! First hand, I watched the explosive growth and maturation of Cabo Social Magazine over the past five years and was keen to get on board. Having been an advertiser with Palmilla Tennis Club and Villas de Oro as well as a personal friend of the founders, it is with great pleasure to announce I have joined Cabo Social Magazine as Chief Financial Officer. As the new CFO, I am excited about the future growth of a product in which I think was ahead of its time at its conception, but through great and steady perseverance is now ripe with opportunity. Cabo Social is a massive multimedia product, with far more readers than some may realize. The print magazine is

exceptional, but its online version has evolved into one of Los Cabos’ most significant marketing portholes. Not only does Cabo Social Magazine reach more readers than any other magazine of its kind in Los Cabos, but its massive database of thousands of optin email subscribers is mind boggling—and growing larger every day. Additionally Cabo Social Magazine is well known for hosting the best-attended events in Los Cabos. When Cabo Social gets behind an event or charity, or aligns itself with an advertiser, it gets serious attention. This means advertisers in Los Cabos and even those beyond Baja and outside of Mexico have a real solution to getting strong exposure. It’s been a great five years and the future is now. I am thrilled to be part of it. –Gerry Burchard

The cover photo of Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney, from Bravo’s reality TV series “The Real Housewives of Orange County” was taken at Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa at Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Social Magazine extends a special thank you to Casa Dorada, Victor Gomez and John Zaring for their hospitality and assistance with this photo shoot. More about Vicky and Tamra on page 22.

Photographed by Marcel Kaiser Lighting assistant Rosalia Gonzalez

Hair and Makeup by by Neysa Berman

ADDITIONAL contributors Photography Sabrina Lear writers Suzanne Jones Vic Vertigo


MAY 2011


made for cabo Aquariva by Gucci The all new Aquariva by Gucci is the exclusive made to order yacht tender collaboratively designed by Gucci and Riva. This unique collaboration between two of Italy’s most renowned design houses celebrates the era of La Dolce Vita, when elegance defined an attitude and a lifestyle. Founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921, Gucci won great attention and acclaim for the exquisite craftsmanship and eternal appeal of its products. Now, 90 years on, under the creative direction of Frida Giannini, Gucci continues to infuse its remarkable heritage with a contemporary fashion vision providing a unique combination of past and present. Riva was born in 1842 on Lake Iseo in northern Italy. Tradition and innovation is the fuel behing Riva’s 170-year success of creating some of the world’s most authentic maritime gems, known for showcasing pure Italian elegance and allure, thanks to artisan workmanship and strong attention to detail. Frida Giannini, Gucci Creative Director, said, “Over the decades the iconic Riva boat has become without doubt one of the most evocative images of Italian style, sophistication and elegance. It is a symbol of a glamorous lifestyle that sparks fond memories of La Dolce Vita – a golden age when both Gucci and Riva attracted an enthusiastic following among the international jet set. It is therefore especially meaningful in Gucci’s 90th anniversary year to be able to recognize and celebrate the great traditions and values of both Gucci and Riva through the Aquariva by Gucci.”


MAY 2011


Specs: 33 feet Two 380-horsepower Yanmar engines. Maximum speed of 41 knots. 150-mile range at cruising speed.

made for cabo

U-Boat U-51 Gold Crown Arrow The idea behind the iconic UBoat was a design concept from 1942 when the Officine Fontana watch making laboratory was asked to produce a professional watch for officers of the italian navy’s U-Boats. The proposed watches were never made, however the original sketches, color samples and designs were well preserved and kept for over 60 years. It wasn’t until 2000 when Italo Fontana, a cousin of one of the Offine Fontana founders decided to proceed with the original idea and finally launched the collection of U-Boat watches. U-Boat watches have become notorious in the industry, featuring bold and oversized designs with prominent dial markers and somewhat aggressive styles –perfect for those who like their watches overstated! What is also unique about U-Boat watches is that the crown on each model is positioned on the left side of the case, which is highly unusual in watches but actually tends to be more comfortable. With the U-Boat U-51 Gold Crown Arrow, Fontana plays with colors using small gold details over the colossal 51mm in diameter black case, not to mention the impressive crown cap and pushers. From the inside he changes mechanisms, turning the watch into a Chrono for a limited edition of only 99 items in perfect U-BOAT style.

Specs: Case is AISI 316 plus stainless steel. Measures 51mm x 20mm. Waterproof to 50 meters. Movement is the Swiss automatic ETA Caliber ETA Valjoux 7750 with 25 jewels 28,800 vph and a power reserve of 40 hours. SRP: $20,000 USD


MAY 2011


Above Cabo, experience Paradise in La Paz

Hotel + 52 (612) 123-6000 Mexico toll free + 01 800 0123 4444 Worldwide toll free (877) 392-5525

made for cabo

Be A True Alpha Male


MAY 2011

Prodigy® 3-Series Media Controller


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Control your home without compromise.

By Michael Koellsted Owner of Solaris Audio Video, serving Los Cabos and beyond. 044 (624) 182 4214

celebrities love cabo

Cabo Social: What brings you to Cabo? Tamra Barney: Vicki and I filmed at Casa Dorada over the summer. We loved it so much that we went back with a group of friends for Vicki and my boyfriend Eddie’s birthday. CS: What do you think of Los Cabos? Vicki Gunvalsen: I love Cabo. It’s one of my favorite Mexican resort towns. TB: I love it here. For me it is only a two-hour plane ride and I’m in paradise. The weather is usually great, the beaches are pretty and you can’t beat the nightlife.

“I love it here. [Cabo] is only a two-hour plane ride and I’m in paradise”

“I love Cabo. It is one of my favorite Mexican resort towns.”

—Tamra Barney

—Vicki Gunvalsen

From Bravo’s reality TV series, “The Real Housewives of Orange County”

During the cover shoot, cabo social asked:

Recent sightings 01. Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn 02. Cedric the Entertainer 03. Kari and Sammy Hagar, holding last issue of Cabo Social 04. Juliette Lewis 05. Antonio Margarito 06. Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney’s girlfriend 01


MAY 2011



CS: Where are you staying? VG: Casa Dorada of course! TB: In the most amazing ocean view suite. CS: How many times have you been to Cabo? VG: Four times. TB: Three times. CS: When will you visit us again? VG: As soon as I can get here, hopefully this summer. TB: With talks of getting married



soon, we are thinking about getting married at Casa Dorada. CS: What do you think about Cabo Social Magazine? VG: I love Cabo Social Magazine. It’s such a great honor to be on the cover this month. TB: It is an absolutely beautiful magazine with loads of information. CS: Favorite nightclub in Cabo? VG: I love going to Pink Kitty and Baja Junkie. CS: Favorite thing to do in Los Cabos? VG: Relax. TB: There are so many great things to do in Cabo. This trip we took jet skis out for the first time and that was a lot of fun. I haven’t gone parasailing yet, so that will happen next trip. CS: What do you say to people who “think” Mexico is dangerous? VG: I think people have some insecurities of coming to Mexico because of what they have seen on the news. The fact of the matter is LA is probably more dangerous than Mexico.



celebrities love cabo

Cirque du Soleil’s

Felix Cane Loves Cabo By John Gault Photography by Marcel Kaiser

It’s a cool Februray (2011) morning. I arrived at 3:30am to oversee a team of workers in charge of digging a 6-foot deep hole in the wet sand of Misiones Beach. SPECIAL THANKS TO GIANMARCO AT SUNSET DA MONA LISA FOR ALLOWING US CONVENIENT ACCESS TO THE BEACH.


MAY 2011

The hole would eventually accommodate an 18-foot pole, packed firmly upright as the hole was refilled. The end result was 12 feet of vertical 3-inch pipe strong enough to support Felix Cane, World Champion athlete, pole dance artist, professionally trained dancer, master instructor, industry leader and former Cirque du Soleil performer. At sunrise, with photographer Marcel Kaiser in place and ready to shoot, Felix arrived and quickly shed her warm clothing to begin the shoot. Cane had not yet slept –she had been out all night long to enjoy Cabo’s inviting nightlife.The air was chilly and damp. But like a true professional, Felix was up on that pole making all our jaws drop within moments. Defying gravity, Felix immediately begins floating her entire body off and out of the pole at a 90-degree angle, supporting all of her weight at only two points, her hands. Instantly, I had to ask...


Cabo Social: How do you do that? Felix Cane: I have been pefecting the art of pole dancing for 6 years now. It is a combination of flexibility, strength and dedication.

beautiful places I have ever been. I love it!

CS: What is the hardest part of what you do? FC: The soreness, muscle aches and fatigue. The hardest part for me is constantly traveling—can be stressful on relationships.

CS: So far, what are some of your favorite things to do here? FC: Pole dancing here on the beach for Cabo Social Magazine. And later, a margarita while watching the sunset.

CS: What is your favorite part? FC: I love to be on stage and amazing people and hopefully opening their eyes to something beautiful that they may never have known existed.

CS: What’s your favorite Los Cabos Restaurant? FC: I love the restauant next to our hotel but can’t remember what it was called... it has great pizza!

CS: How often do you train? FC: For a new show I will train five days a week. If I am maintaining myself I will train three times a week. CS: Are you enjoying Cabo? FC: Cabo is one of the most

CS: Where are you staying? FC: At Casa Dorada, it’s beautiful.

CS: Bar Esquina? FC: Yes! CS: Will you ever revisit Cabo? FC: YES! I hope I can come back to Cabo every year. For more about Felix Cane, visit

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2011

MASKS REQUIRED A mask is required to enter. Limited masks will be available for sale at entrance.


SILENT AUCTION Bid on incredible golf, resort, spa and dining packages from Cabo’s best brands.


RAFFLE PRIZES One raffle ticket will be given to all who attend, and you can also buy more in order to WIN!

GIFT BAGS TO ALL Special gift bags (each valued at $50 usd) will be given to first 300 people who attend event!

7:30pm - 11pm at

*Consumo mínimo

$50 USD


Includes two premium drinks, one raffle ticket and a gift bag. Attendees will enjoy hors d'oeuvres, music, performances and a special cake cutting ceremony in honor of Cabo Social magazine’s 5-Year Anniversary. Plus, prizes will be awarded to the evenings best masks. RESERVE NOW!



Provide medical, educational and humanitarian assistance to the children, their families and supportive organizations of the Los Cabos area.


Create a world-class model for what caring, committed people can do, changing the world "one child at a time."


LCCF GOALS • Assist in providing medical treatment both in Mexico and the U.S. for the children of the Los Cabos area. • Assist in providing follow-up medical care for recipients. • Assist in obtaining medical, educational and humanitarian equipment, technology and supplies for the children of the Los Cabos area. • Engage both the non-Mexican community members as well as the Mexican community members in building supportive relationships for the well-being of the children, families and communities of Los Cabos.

5 years & counting Issue 2

April 2006 Noche (night in Spanish), the original name of this publication was borne—featuring 40 pages and measuring only 5.5 by 4 inches in size. Noche Magazine was the brainchild of Derrick and wife Anastasia (nee Snider) Grahn. Ana and Derrick created the magazine for two primary reasons: 1.) Both Derrick and Ana were from large American cities and before moving to Cabo were accustom to a multitude of fun things to do. But in 2006, if you were new to Los Cabos, it was hard to discover what was hip and new in Cabo, and even harder to plug into the Cabo’s social scenes. Derrick and Anastasia created Noche Magazine to publicize and organize everything hip

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 and new in Cabo, including the area’s emerging social scenes. 2.) One year prior, Derrick opened a restaurant, Hangout Cafe. After a full year of unsuccessfully advertising his restaurant in local media, Derrick and Anastasia took a chance in publishing Noche as a better way of reaching potential clientele of Hangout. It worked! After two weeks of distributing the first issue of Noche Magazine, retail sales at Hangout Cafe had doubled.

October 2006 By the the 5th issue of Noche Magazine, the publication had grown to 100+ pages, and a new vertical format was created. Noche was regarded by many as Cabo's most contemporary magazine.

Issue 5

January 2010

Issue 17

Continuing to evolve, the once Noche, then Cabo Noche publication reinvented itself again. The 14th issue featured an all new full size (same as this current issue) along with an the all new name of Cabo Social, successfully branding the magazine's niche. At this point, Cabo Noche was published three times annually.

Issue 14

Issue 18

May 2011 Five years later, Cabo Social has done it again. Due to popular demand, Cabo Social Magazine will be published each and every month, starting with this issue.

Issue 16


MAY 2011


Issue 15

Issue 13

Issue 7

April 2007 Issue number 7 marked the first year of business for Noche Magazine. To celebrate, Anastasia and Derrick promoted and produced Cabo’s very first Masquerade Ball, a charity event featuring world famous deejay Mark Farina. The upscale event was so well received that Masquerade was turned into an annually reoccurring ball. The 5th Annual Cabo Masquerade Charity Ball will take place this May 28th—see page 25 or visit for more details.

Issue 6

Issue 8



Issue 9

Honda Line

March 2008 Evolving, Noche Magazine changed its name to Cabo Noche. This change came about due to the magazine’s content being less about night (noche) and more about Cabo as a whole; such as activities, dining, resorts, fashion and celebrities.




On the Transpeninsular highway (at KM 29.5) San José del Cabo Ph: (624) 173 9191

Issue 10

Issue 12

Issue 11


the buzz Food & Drinks

For the love of food AT Flora Field Kitchen

By Vic Vertigo and Derrick Grahn

Versión en español en:

Husband and wife Patrick and Gloria Greene grow over ninety varieties of organic fruits and vegetables on Flora Farm, the supplier and location of their new Flora Field Kitchen—a restaurant literally wedged into a vibrant and ecologically balanced organic field in San Jose del Cabo. And lest you think a field is no place for fine dining, Flora Field Kitchen provides an absolutely charming al fresco experience, from flawlessly prepared dishes and delicious drinks to stellar first-class service. Flora Farm also raise their own free-range chicken and pigs. Everything in Los Cabos, and are designed is made fresh here at Flora Field Kitchen, and the ingredients on your to personify the farm-to- table plate were likely picked just scant hours before. Flora Farms also does lifestyle, with prices starting in the all of their own butchering and charcuterie, meaning the disconnect that neighborhood of 550,000 USD. often occurs between what people eat and where it comes from is never Flora’s divine fruits, vegetables, present here. poultry, and pork are also available Flora Field Kitchen offers dinner six nights a week, with each night featuring a different family style meal. This week, “I remember one of our clients Tuesday’s menu is highlighted by farm-style fried chicken, saying “nobody is going to mashed potatoes, biscuits, greens, salad, and dessert. On drive out here,” and he is here Wednesday, one can enjoy several varieties of handmade about three times a week now.” pasta, while Thursday offers an opportunity to feast on their Read the full interview: authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas. Friday and Saturday showcase “Elegant Pig,” a selection of farm-raised roast and at their market, along with a chops served with salad, sides, and dessert. An alternative a la carte menu selection of wood-fire baked is also available nightly, as are breakfast and lunch menus. breads. Whether marketing or Although off the beaten tourist track, Flora Field Kitchen is well dining out, the food experience worth the trip. In addition to their farming and restaurant operations, does not get more authentic they are also offering ten exclusive Culinary Cottages placed around the than this. For that reason, visits organic fields. These two bedroom residences are the first of their kind


MAY 2011


to Flora’s can be a moving experience. It is not unusual to see couples and families roaming the lush grounds and grass lanes after a hearty and healthy repast. This bucolic and organic lifestyle exercises a strong pull, and it comes as no surprise that Gloria has already sold two of their ten Culinary Cottages. Flora Field Kitchen is located in the Las Animas area of San Jose del Cabo, just past Puerto Los Cabos when headed east. They are open Tuesday through Sunday for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. Reservations are recommended. 044 (624) 3554564.

Alexander’s - With a beautiful marina front location, Alexander’s offers a fine dining experience from a menu that includes French favorites and fresh local seafood. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also feature a selection of desserts, coffee cocktails, an extensive wine list, and food options for children. (624) 143 2022

Baja Brewing Company - The Baja Brewing company opened four years ago in San Jose del Cabo, and quickly established themselves as the gold standard among Los Cabos beer lovers. They have since opened a second location in Cabo San Lucas, on the rooftop terrace of Cabo Villas, where patrons can enjoy the stunning views of the Sea of Cortes, Land’s End, and Bahia San Lucas from the elevated VIP deck. But however good the views are, the focus at Baja Brewing Company remains on the beer. There are five bottled options on the menu, ranging in fullness from cream ale to oatmeal stout. Draft beers can change according to the season, but Baja Blond, Cactus Wheat, Peliroja, and Escorpion Negro are available year round. The Peyote IPA will please hops lovers, particularly those who like Northern California style ales. A flight of draft beers is available for those who wish to sample the full range of offerings. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with the food as accomplished as the beers. Start your morning with fruit, danish, omelets, eggs benedict, french toast, pancakes, and maple bacon. If you’ve spent the morning on Medano Beach, come up for a lunch of one of their delicious soups and salads. Sunset dinners are also popular here. The evening menu contains high-end pub fare like fish and chips, burgers, and pizzas, as well as New York strip and a superb coffee dusted filet mignon that is an excellent accompaniment to the Escorpion Negro, a malty schwarzbier in the traditional Germany style. If you are a feeling casual, try their basil bleu cheeseburger with the Peyote IPA, or one of their great mesquite fired pizzas with a glass of Peliroja red ale. The atmosphere is comfortable, with the occasional touches of elegance. Depending on the season, it can be a little chilly here at night, so curl up on one of the couches by the fire pit, or ask the friendly staff for one of their Mexican blankets. Live flamenco on Friday nights. Their original location, situated in the historic art district of San Jose del Cabo, provides similarly stellar fare in a more traditionally pub-like atmosphere. csl (624) 146 9995 / SJC (624) 142 1292


Phone 143 3797 US 011 52 (624) 143 3797


Dinner Cruise!

)Berrylicious - Recently opened downtown frozen yogurt emporium offering a delicious array of low fat, low calorie yogurts with a large selection of toppings, including fruits and cereals. This is one of the best places in town for a cool treat on a hot day. (624) 183 1459

Casa Dorada’s 12 Tribes - Located at the luxurious Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort and Spa, this is one of only two restaurants in all of Mexico mentioned in the Centurion’s members only publication Black Ink. Twelve Tribes offers spectacular ocean views in chic and elegant surroundings, with a menu that is an intoxicating mix of international cuisines inspired by the Biblical twelve tribes, and features fine dining staples like prime steak and lobster. Delicious seafood highlights include tuna, salmon, and sea scallop carpaccios with soya and serranito pepper sauce; oysters Rockefeller on a bed of salt under cozy blankets of spinach

Departing from Dock MO located behind the Tesoro Hotel. R E S E R VAT I O N S R E Q U I R E D

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Phone 143 3797 US 011 52 (624) 143 3797

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A Cabo culinary Custom By Suzanne Jones

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Mention the word sushi in Los Cabos and the first name offered in return is likely to be the consistently popular Nick-San restaurant.


MAY 2011


Executive Chefs and owners Angel Carbajal and Masayuki Niikura have without doubt distinguished themselves as true artists in the arena of culinary tourism. The union of these two highly skilled and creative chefs resulted in the 1994 birth of Nick-San, which quickly became an internationally recognized culinary experience. Their unique and

exquisite menu is comprised of fine Japanese cuisine cleverly blended and combined with delightfully contrasting, traditional Mexican flavor. While it’s true that NickSan features perhaps one of the most creative menus you’re likely to find anywhere when it comes to Japanese cuisine, the special touches influenced by Chef Angel’s devotion to tradi-

tional Mexican cooking is what widely appreciated by even the makes Nick-San a truly unique most discerning palates. Nick-San’s Cabo San Lucas sushi experience. With a careful location is set within a minimerging of fresh Mexican fare malistic decor and (a variety of pepdesign creates a pers, tropical fruits, winner of sophisticated, yet coriander and other cabo social casual ambiance, fine herbs) and even high quality magazine’s best with a warm, rich, dark mahogany bar ingredients brought of cabo 2010 alongside a comstraight from Japan award for best fortably open din(eel, hamachi, ocsushi ing area. Touches topus, squid, rice, of color and local oils, sakes, beers, photography adorn the walls etc.), the menu is deliciously and create an inviting and updifferent. beat atmosphere. Since the foSearching to innovate and cal point of most traditional make visual and tasteful works Japanese restaurants is the suof art out of every dish, Chef shi bar, Nick-San’s long and Angel’s experimental and cremeticulously kept sushi bar ative mix of Japanese and Mexireinforces that part of sushi’s can cuisines has set his seafood allure is the art of its preparation. masterpieces apart. Nick-San has turned Japanese cuisine continueD on page 64 >> into an interesting fusion that is

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A New and Regional

Epicurean Delight By Vic Vertigo

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Deckman’s is located on the site of

What has changed is the menu, and it continues to change since chef Drew Deckthe old Havana Supper Club in San man likes to turn over about 75 percent of the menu on a nightly basis. This is done to take Jose del Cabo, and the restaurant advantage of the freshest of local ingredients, retains the warm wood furnishings but also, one supposes, because it provides the chef with creative challenges. Deckman is an and cool jazz atmosphere of its artist, and it is a little disconcerting to discover predecessor. world-class food in such a comfortable atmosphere. Where are all the haughty waiters? For 10 years, Deckman mentored under famed chefs Paul Bocuse and Jacques Maximin in Europe, and was the executive chef at the


MAY 2011


Four Seasons in Germany. In 2000, Drew received a coveted Michelin Star, during his tenure at Restaurant Vitus in Hamburg, Germany. This wealth of experience and achievements is apparent in his cuisine. Deckman’s offers diners a choice between small plates or those with larger portions. The small plates are recommended, since it gives diners the opportunity to try a variety of options. This is the kind of place where you can have an exquisite seven course meal, or ask the chef to make you something off the menu. This is not common, by the way. For those who want to experience several courses, the oysters San Carlos with olive oil, continueD on page 63 >>

Aboard Cabo’s most luxurious super-catamaran

Deckman’s offers diners a choice between small plates or those with larger portions. The small plates are recommended, since it gives diners the opportunity to try a variety of options.

Reservations a must! Phone: 143.3797 US: 011.52 (624) 143.3797

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From Sweet to Chic! By Vic Vertigo

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Señor Sweets, Cabo’s king of sweets, has launched their Bistro Garden Restaurant, an allnew dinner service catering to budget conscious families with epicurean tastes.


MAY 2011


sented dishes, with an array of With a privileged location options allowing patrons a host overlooking the sleek yachts of of pairing possibilities from the marina and the boutique their internationally representaatmosphere of Luxury Avenue, tive wine list. the new Bistro Garden Restaurant is perched in the sizeable veranda the new Bistro Garden directly in front of Señor Sweets. Currently Restaurant is perched open for dinner only, in the sizeable veranda the Bistro Garden Restaurant offers elegant directly in front of Señor appointments, im- Sweets. peccable service, and The first course consists of a commitment to delivering appetizers such as bruschetta, gourmet dining at family pricspinach dip, caprese salad, Itales. Chef Estephanie Pelaez has ian prosciutto, and fried ravioli. crafted a creative four course And although all are excellent, dinner menu of artfully pre-

there are two true standouts. One is the gorgonzola, pear, and pecan delicately held by a homemade cookie molded in the shape of a spoon. The other is a chicken caesar salad wrapped in rice paper sushi style, arranged in three off-set towers, and drizzled with a delicious caesar dressing. Both are superb, with the former richly complemented by a glass of Moet & Chandon Non-Vintage Nectar Imperial, the latter by El Danzante’s Alto Adige Pinot Grigio. Alto Adige, located in the northeast corner of Italy, is considered by oenophiles to be one of the great white wine

districts in Euope, as El Danzante’s well-structured PG amply illustrates. The second course is salad, with options including a wonderful combination of strawberries, goat cheese, and almonds over mixed greens. It is best enjoyed with their two house breads, baked with sea salt and parmesan cheese, respectively, as well as a glass of Carmen Chardonnay from the Maipo Valley in Chile. The Carmen is one of eight wines currently available by the glass at Senor Sweets, five of which are white. continueD on page 62 >>

PM to 10:00 5 M P 0 om 4:0 160-595 ) 4 Open fr 2 6 ( : s/n, tions Reserva jo a San Jose CLUB Vie TY Camino from CI xico k c lo b Me the , C.S.L., around o n a d e M Col. El ic r a .l w w w 30% DISCOUNT APPLIES TO FOOD ONLY. NOT VALID WITH OTHER COUPONS OR OFFERS.

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Cabo-Style Dining on the Marina By Vic Vertigo

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Long a favorite of both locals and tourists, Solomon’s Landing has a well-deserved reputation for comfortable surroundings, friendly service, an excellent marina front location overlooking foot traffic along the marina boardwalk, and, under the helm of owner and chef Brian Solomon, some of the best and affordably priced seafood dishes available anywhere in Los Cabos. In addition to their great dinner menu and terrific happy hour drink specials, Solomon’s Landing is being increasingly acclaimed as one of the best breakfast spots in San Lucas. With fresh juices, and a large menu featuring a wide variety of yogurts, fruits, cereals, omelets, waffles, pancakes, and burritos de desayuno, Solomon’s has been seeing larger than usual crowds coming out in the morning for standout selections like their strawberry pancakes with fresh strawberries and real whipping cream, and the delicious Solomon’s Landing house waffles with mixed berries compote, semi-sweet chocolate chips, Canadian maple syrup, and whipping cream. It is billed as “the waffle of your dreams,” and few seem inclined to argue, particularly when an exquisitely chilled mimosa accompanies it. Despite the breakfast renaissance going on at Solomon’s, the focus of this restaurant has always been, and will continue to be, their fan-


MAY 2011


tastic seafood dishes. Not only is the on-site sushi bar a hit with patrons, lunch time visitors can enjoy the Solomon’s seafood combo platter, an awe inspiring collection of tender twenty ounce lobster steamed and then seared in butter, with jumbo shrimp two ways, fish two ways, and scallops and calamari. Needless to say, this is a dish that is often shared. When you order fish from Solomon’s you have your choice of a number of styles, including Veracruz (stuffed with tomato, onions, and olives), Rockefeller, garlic, crispy, crispy coconut, blackened, capers and wine cream, cilantro sauce, barbecue, and northern Italian vodka sauce. If there is a way that has been invented to cook fish, Solomon’s offers it on the menu. Those who disagree can pass on any contrary information to the chef, and let him tailor the meal to your satisfaction. If you

come in after a day of fishing, they will also cook your catch any way you like it. Happy hour deals are a Solomon’s staple, and include lowpriced deals on draft beer, tequila reposado, and well drinks. If you’re not hungry, but would like to hang out at the bar, there are several bar only specials that provide opportunities not only for affordable drinks, but cheap pub fare items like stuffed mushrooms, chicken fingers, buffalo wings, french fries, and baby back pork ribs. Solomon’s is committed not only to taking care of their regulars, but building their ranks. As such, they have also strived to provide affordable fare outside of happy hours, and have crafted a menu that has one of the best quality to affordability ratios in all of Los Cabos. The dinner menu has many of the same seafood options as the lunch menu, but also has fine dining specialties like Sonora filet mignon. And, since the chef is from New Orleans and well versed in Cajun and Creole cooking, his New Orleans style BBQ mesquite grilled baby back ribs are a must for first time visitors. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Located on the marina behind Wyndham Los Cabos, (624) 143-3050.

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and parmesan, baked with sour cream, garlic, and Pernod; octopus, tuna, shrimp, and sea scallop ceviches prepared in lime, tomato, red onions, avocado, black olives, cilantro, and jalapeno peppers; and sea scallops and clams St. Jacques sauteed with yellow onion, garlic, white wine, and olive oil. Dine on the outdoor terrace overlooking Land’s End and the Sea of Cortes, enjoy world-class service and exquisite cuisine as you connect with the deepest roots of human heritage through their refurbished menu of ethnic favorites, followed by a midnight stroll along Medano Beach. (624) 163 5700

Hacienda Cocina y Cantina.

DOC Wine Bar - Dowtown restaurant and wine bar located across from the town square, with chef Emanuele Oliviero offering traditional Italian cuisine and a wine list that includes both Mexican and Italian regional offerings, including a large selection of wines by the glass. Closed on Sundays. (624) 143 8500

Don Sanchez – This supper club in San Jose del Cabo is helmed by renowned local chef Tadd Chapman and provides a true Mexican dining experience, with specialties like BBQ pulled goat tostadas, jumbo clams, braised lamb shank mixiote, volcanic stone bowl fajitas, Pibil pork huarache, and chile Wellington. They are open for lunch and dinner, with a menu that includes regional Mexican cuisine as well as a large selection of fresh local seafood. The lunch menu offers delicious soups and salads, burgers, tacos, and sandwiches. The dinner menu has a large array of entrees, and is anchored by a rich collection of desserts like mocha mint mud pie, marzipan creme brulee, and traditional cinnamon buñuelos. Enjoy their delicious mojitos while an eight piece Cuban orchestra provides the soundtrack. Latin music daily, with the orchestra playing from Thursday through Saturday, and free salsa lessons included with ever dinner. Other special events are Martini Monday and Tequila Tuesday, with two for one specials, and Wine-o Wednesday with 25 percent off on all bottle purchases. (624) 142 2444

Greenberg’s – Greenberg’s has been a popular spot among both tourists and locals since they opened in 1997. With a scenic location on


MAY 2011


the marina at Puerto Paraiso Mall, they offer excellent menu options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy their new tapas menu and their nice selection of wines by the glass, or stop by for one of their special events like two for one beers on Monday, Tapas Tuesday, Ladies Night on Wednesday, live music with Chaplin on Friday evenings, or the always popular Mimosa Sunday. (624) 144 3805

Habaneros – Habaneros Gastro Grill and Tequila Bar offers a rich selection of sumptuous cuisine and exceptional beverages for one of San Jose del Cabo’s most unforgettable fine dining experiences. Breakfast on fresh fruit and bagels, traditional Mexican favorites, or their unsurpassed menu of eggs benedict dishes; try lunch menu standouts like their shrimp, sundried tomato, and basil quesadillas, or the chipotle tequila BBQ baby back ribs; or bring that special someone to dinner for surf and turf for two, roasted pork loin, or filet mignon. With an international wine list featuring premium selections by the glass or bottle and an unbeatable array of tequilas, margaritas and other handcrafted cocktails, Habaneros is one of the benchmarks of the Los Cabos dining scene. Tequila Lounge favorites include fresh mint mojitos, Habanero’s bloody caesar, the aptly named paralyser, or trying one of their tequila tasting flights. Flights highlight premium producers like Don Julio, 7 Leguas, Maestro Tequilero, Chinaca, and Arette. Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (624) 142 2626

Hacienda Cocina y Cantina – The signature restaurant of Hacienda Beach Club and Residences, Hacienda Cocina y Cantina fuses traditional Mexican architecture and appointments with elegant beachfront atmosphere for one of the premier dining experiences in all of Los Cabos. Have cocktails at the palapa bar or feast on exquisitely prepared Mexican favorites and fresh local seafood as you look out at Land’s End from one of their fabled “tables in the sand.” Offering a premier selection of tequilas, beers, and handcrafted cocktails, as well as authentic regional Mexican cuisine set amidst stunning surroundings. (624) 163 3144

La Mexicana – With a central downtown location just four short blocks from Puerto Paraiso, La Mexicana specializes in 100 percent authentic Mexican cuisine. Forget the tourist imitations and experience the authentic tastes of Mexico. Visit the restaurant to explore their delicious menu, or call for their timely delivery service. (624) 122 5810

La Ricazon – Experience everybody’s favorite hole in the wall, and stop by Marty’s La Ricazon Restaurant and Bar. Stop in for a lunch of Mexican favorites like quesadillas, tacos, tostadas, or veggie, chicken, hamburger, or fish wraps accompanied by their world famous jicama salads. Or come in for dinner entrees that include delicious mesquite grilled options like chicken breast, pork chops, arrachera, short ribs, and rib-eye and t-bone steaks. La Ricazon offers much more than a lunch or dinner menu, they offer a culinary adventure, a Cabo-style fusion that showcases a diversity of tastes and textures. (624) 160 5955

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Local Eight – Local Eight is committed to establishing a new standard of fine dining excellence in San Jose del Cabo. With an innovative menu incorporates international ingredients in creative and original dishes, and a luxurious garden terrace setting, Local Eight has quickly become a premier stop on the Los Cabos dining circuit. Chef Erick Lazo has fashioned global influences into a unique fusion, with menu highlights like eggplant Tojo, stuffed dorada, and macademia sea bass. Local Eight also offers an international wine list, featuring an array of quality vintages from some of the world’s best wineries. (624) 142 6655

Medano Beach Club – Casually elegant beach front dining with a great selection of fresh local seafood and innovative Mexican dishes, as well as an excellent array of beers, wines, and cocktails. Dig your toes in the sand and enjoy their fine fare as you watch the waves roll in. (624) 143 6554

Mi Cocina – Chef Loic Tenoux fuses Mexican and European cuisines in this standout restaurant located at Casa Natalia in San Jose del Cabo. (624) 146 7100

Rin Rin Pizza – Rin Rin offers great pizza at affordable family-oriented prices. Try one of their popular local specials, like a two topping family pizza and two liter soda for only 109 pesos, or two medium pizzas with two liter soda for only 179 pesos. Unbelievable pizza, unbeatable price, free delivery. (624) 144 3212

Sushimaniaz – Dine on traditional Japanese sushis with Mexican accents at Sushimaniaz. Located across from the town square in Cabo San Lucas, with sleek modern decor and a menu rich in rolls, sashimis, and Japanese favorites. Open Wednesday through Monday from one to eleven. Closed on Tuesdays. (624) 43 1055

Teo Divine Burger – Discover why Teo Bar and Grill was awarded the 2010 Cabo Social Reader’s Choice award for best hamburger in Los Cabos. While you’re there, try one of their excellent salads, and catch up on the latest sporting events on their big screen televisions. (624) 157 5913

The Cabo Coffee Company - The home of internet cafe society in Cabo San Lucas, they serve excellent coffee drinks, and also have a selection of delicious ice creams. (624) 105 1130


MAY 2011


sup cabo.

Cabo Mar – Sail aboard a beautiful catamaran and enjoy Mexican food and tropical cocktails while cruising around Land’s End and Bahia San Lucas. (624) 143 3797

Pez Gato – Party boat offering catamaran tours of the bay, including snorkeling and whale watching packages, as well as a booze cruise with an open bar. (624) 143 3797

Sup Cabo – Stand up paddle surfing is one of the hottest new water activities. Use long paddles to navigate the waves off Medano Beach. (624) 183 362

Tropicat – Sail into the sunset aboard this luxurious 65’ catamaran, and experience the brisk winds and stunning views as you enjoy their signature jazz and wine cruise. This elegant tour features cool jazz, a feast of delicious cheeses and hors d’oeuvers from their full-sized kitchen, and an extraordinary selection of wines and premium liquors from their wrap-around bar, all of which can be enjoyed as you watch the sun sink into the Pacific. This is the exprience of a lifetime, and should not be missed. Snorkeling cruises and private charters are also available. (624) 143 3797

the buzz Health & Beauty Angel’s Touch – Visit Rosy Pena in San Jose del Cabo for quality dental work at a fraction of the prices you would pay in the US or Canada. (624) 157 1712

Auriga Spa – Capella Pedregal’s Auriga Spa provides a relaxing and restorative environment in which clients can rejuvenate themselves by tapping into the power of celestial rhythms. Auriga believes that the various phases of the moon impact the body in different and specific

ways, with the new moon providing an opportunity for renewal and introspection, the waxing moon signifying a time to refocus, the full moon a period when one’s full potential can be reached, and the waning moon a perfect time to cleanse. Spa treatments at Auriga are designed to harness and harmonize the energies of the lunar phases to enhance the well-being of their clients. There are nine treatment rooms, two of which are couples suites, and a traditional Asian therapies suite that includes a private outdoor garden. The luxe on-site spa facilities include vitality pools that overlook a beautiful garden, invigorating herbal baths, and aromatherapy showers. Guests are also invited to try the sound wave lounge chairs in the Relaxation Lounge, and try the unique beverages that are designed to harmonize with the current phase of the moon. (624) 163 4300

auriga spa.

AVALON Salon – Chic beauty salon offering haircuts for men, women, and children, as well as manicures and pedicures. (624) 143 4443

Cabo Look – Cabo Look provides deluxe unisex salon and spa services. Whatever your needs, Cabo Look provides friendly and professional service with optimal results. Choose from a variety of salon and spa treatments that include hair styling, coloring, manicures and pedicures, facials, waxings, and soothing massages. They also offer salon services for children, including haircuts, stylings, artistic makeup, and fantasy extensions. And, if you run out of your vacation supply of cosmetic and hair products, they offer a variety of options from Paul Mitchell, Kerastase and Redken. (624) 147 7659

Cabo Pilates by Zoe Chakiris – Improve your strength, agility, concentration, balance, skin tone, posture and circulation by working with Zoe at her Cabo San Lucas studio. (624) 117 7261

Casa Dorada’s saltwaterspa – Experience the healing power of water at Casa Dorada’s sumptuous and soothing Saltwater Spa. The waters of the Sea of Cortes are legendary for their rich mineral content and healing powers, as Saltwater Spa proves with their restorative and revitalizing body treatments. The rich array of treatments and services includes purifying facials, mud wraps, relaxing massages, pampering manicures and pedicures, and access to the cold plunge pools and gym. They also carry a complete line of elite Pevonia Botanica spa care products. Reserve your total body treatment package, and enjoy the curative powers of the sea. (624) 163 5739

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Setting a New Standard For Fine Dining In San José del Cabo Situated in a lush garden terrace atmosphere with a sampling of fine art by local artisans local eight's innovative menu will tantalize the most discerning palate. the highest quality ingredients, flawless preparation, and unobstrusive yet knowledgeable staff combine to make the dining experience memorable.

Dr. Romero Plastic Surgery – Divine proportions are available to anyone with Dr. Romero’s innovative Rinofast system at Los Cabos Facial Surgery, specialists in facial surgery, nose surgery, and aesthetic medicine. The Rinofast system is a fusion of science and plastic arts, and provides incredible results in a very short amount of time. With this exclusive method, aesthetic and functional problems can be corrected with only a local anesthetic in the span of three hours, with 24 hours recovery time. Los Cabos Facial Surgery originated as a branch of Rinofast Mexico and uses their unique system, which is specifically designed to eliminate the conventional costs and complications of surgery. With a local anesthetic equivalent to a dental visit, patients can experience the results of conventional plastic surgery with minimal bleeding, minimal bruising, minimal swelling, minimal complications, and a very short stay. Contact Los Cabos Facial Surgery about this revolutionary new system, and let Dr. Romero provide divine results within hours, without the complications of conventional surgery. (624) 164 1122

Green Apple Fitness – The most complete health and fitness studio in Los Cabos, with over 23 years of experience offering activities such as Pilates, yoga, reductive gymnastics, step resistance, martial arts and weight loss dancing, as well as programs for children like ballet, preballet, Arabic dance and taekwando. (624) 110 0328



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Cosmopolitan Dining in Paradise Blvd. Mijares Plaza Misión, San José del Cabo Reservations: (624) 142-6655 OPEN DAILY: 5:30 to 10:30 SUMMER SPECIAL!!! 30% OFF

30% discount applies to food only. Not valid with other coupons or offers.

Galeria Ida Victoria – Located in the historic art district of San Jose del Cabo, this gallery has an enviable roster of artists, and features original paintings, sculptures and photography, as well as hosting exhibitions and maintaining an in-house custom framing studio. An excellent venue for private events. (624) 142 5772


MAY 2011


Moreliart – With galleries in Michoacan and Los Cabos, Moreliart offers traditional Mexican folk art treasures like wooden masks, pottery, ceramics, oil paintings, copper vases, wooden furniture, and clay Catrinas (figures representing death or El Dia de Los Muertos) from some of the country’s master craftsmen. (624) 105 2805

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Casa Natalia – Intimate European-style boutique hotel in San Jose del Cabo, offering tropical atmosphere, stylish guest rooms and the excellent Mi Cocina restaurant. (624) 146 7100

Costabaja – The first five star resort in La Paz, CostaBaja Resort & Spa offers luxury vacation villas and condominiums, as well as excellent amenities and recreational activities that include a Gary Player designed golf course and an on-site marina. Spacious hillside condos are set just off the golf course, while vacation villas feature views of the marina, mountains and the Sea of Cortes. Relax amidst rich appointments and amenities like outdoor swimming pools and 24 hour room service as you are taken care of by their multilingual staff. Comprehensive spa and wellness services are also available. Nurture your mental, physical, and emotional well-being with treatments that include Swedish, deeptissue, hot stone and couples massages, as well as pedicures, facials and waxings. Dine on the world-class fare at Steinbeck’s, or relax over cocktails at the Marina Bar. Then head to downtown La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur and home to historic architecture and a festive nightlife scene. Walk the seaside boardwalk with its bronze sculptures by famed Mexican artists, or take a trip to Isla Espiritu Santo, all part of your unique CostaBaja experience. (612) 123 6000

Hotel California –Visit the charming and legendary Hotel California in Todos Santos, home to eleven sumptuously appointed rooms and suites, beautiful gardens surrounding the swimming pool, as well as La Coronela Restaurant & Bar. Helmed by executive Chef Dany Lamote, La Coronela focuses on locally grown and organic ingredients to create a menu of unconventional and exotic dishes, as well as traditional Mexican specialties, and casual favorites like omelets and hamburgers. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy live music and a lively bar scene, or check out their Emporeo bazaar, featuring charms, garments, jewels, trinkets and curios from around the world. Terrace views of the ocean and luxurious appointments can be found in their

Cabo's premier catering and private chef service. Cell: (624) 160.4480






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finer suites, with all rooms individually and impeccably decorated with art and furniture from around the world. Choose from standard and deluxe corner rooms, standard, junior, two-bedroom and penthouse suites, with amenities like free high speed internet cervice, air conditioning and ceiling fan, terry cloth bathrobe and slippers, private and shared patios, high thread count Egyptian cotton bedding, and complimentary toiletries and bottled water. (624) 145 0525

ME Cabo – Everything is possible at the opulent ME Cabo Hotel on beautiful Medano Beach. With 155 rooms and suites furnished in modern appointments with stunning balcony views terraced around the free form pools and gardens, ME Cabo is the ultimate expression of Cabo San Lucas style. Featuring over 7000 square feet of spa facilities that offer an extensive range of treatments derived from Mayan and Aztec rituals, treat yourself to a banquet of soothing facials, massages, hydrotherapy and sexy couples suites. Dine at one of their excellent on-site restaurants, or relax late night in the VIP room at the Passion Club. The poolside Nikki Beach provides the hippest and most cosmopolitan poolside atmosphere in all of Los Cabos, with the superb resident DJs making this a mandatory stop on the local nightlife circuit. ME Cabo is also a premier location for destination wedding services and offers perfect venues for private events of business meetings. Let the 24 hour concierge team custom tailor your Cabo vacation for an experience you will never forget. Visit this superlative resort and discover why it feels good to be ME. (624) 145 7800

the buzz Real Estate

Open Monday to Sunday

El Cielito – Situated on the beautiful Chileno Bay, Villa Cielito offers Mexican Riviera style and stunning views of the Sea of Cortes. Experience luxe appointments like a gourmet kitchen, rich contemporary furnishings, marble bath fixtures and flagstone floors. Enjoy posh amenities like private beach access, Infinity pool, sauna, jacuzzi and palapa shaded hammocks on the expansive outdoor deck areas. Take moonlight walks along the beach, or dive into the azure waters of one of the best snorkeling locations in all of Los Cabos. Conveniently located between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.. (624) 143 1588

8am to Midnight RSVP (624) 144 3805 Puerto Paraiso Mall, Cabo San Lucas

Janet Jensen – With over fifteen years of real estate experience, including twelve years in the Los Cabos market, Janet Jensen of Snell Real Estate provides professional service and a commitment to work-


MAY 2011


ing with the Snell team to offer clients quality investments from the best local listings available. (624) 142 4873

Jodi Asher – Real estate agent Jody Asher has been specializing in vacation properties and fractionals for over thirty years, with extensive knowledge of the Los Cabos market. (624) 143 5957

When you’re ready for the best


All Day, All Night

Joni Ross – Joni Ross of Cabo Linda Real Estate provides professional and personalized service, and is committed to assisting clients in finding the property that most perfectly fits their needs at the best price available, as well as walking them through every step of buying and owning property in a foreign country. (624) 168 3715

the buzz Services Aliancis Smart Litigation – With expertise in corporate law, real estate law and litigation, Aliancis Legal Counselors provide assistance for all of your legal needs. Make an appointment today and let their experienced and professional counselors assist you in achieve your best possible results in the least amount of time.

RESERVE TODAY! 624 143 2022 | Mon - Sun 8am - Midnight  | Visa and Mastercard accepted At the Marina - inside Plaza Bonita, Downtown C.S.L

Baja Baby Gear – It isn’t easy to travel with strollers, car seats and other baby supplies, so pick up what you need for your vacation from Baja Baby Gear. 01 (800) 681 9391

Benver Catering – Cabo’s premier catering and private chef service, providing signature food and beverage, as well as impeccable service, for all your private events needs. (624) 160 4480

Cabo Solutions – Find the perfect solution for all of your maintenance and cleaning needs, with house improvement, landscaping, pool maintenance and window cleaning services available. (624) 193 0260

Capture Cabo – Professional video service to capture and commemorate the highlights and memories of your adventures in Los Cabos, from sports and activities to weddings. (624) 144 6562

Ciudad Canina – For all your canine needs, providing doggy day care, K9 camps, a doggy hotel, and excellent training that relies on positive rather than negative reinforcements. Pet sitting and dog walking services are also available. See the online store for the latest in furry fashions. (624) 143 4511



Premier Dental Vacation Clinic in Mexico, as featured on ABC’s Good Morning America!

MX (624) 142 6192 - (624) 142 2459 | Mobile (624) 157 1712 USA 1 866 331 3996 |

Voted Cabos’ Best Coffee!

The Cabo Coffee Company Shade Grown Organic Coffee Fresh Roasted Daily Open 7 days a week 6:00am to 10:00pm

Corner of Madero & Hildago Across from Amelia Wilkes Plaza Center of Cabo San Lucas


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by Oscar Carrasco

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Grace – Visit the palace of your dreams and prepare for celebrations and special events by renting or buying from a selection of suits, gowns, and accessories. (624) 146 3305


na ’s House


624 143 1055 Cabo San Lucas 624 105 2909 San José del Cabo Dine In • Casual Ambiance • Wine • Delivery Across Plaza Amelia Wilkes, C.S.L. | Plaza El Cardón (next to Banamex) S.J.C.

Imiesa – Imiesa Aduanal provides direct import and export customs service without having to go through intermediary custom agents. They also provide legal assistance in interpreting changes that have occurred in external trade provisions applicable to customs laws, tax treaties, transportation, tarriff classifications, regulations and restrictions, as well as expert logistical consultations. With offices in Cabo San Lucas, Tijuana, and San Diego, Imiesa helps clients move goods into and out of Mexico without having to deal with the red tape. With over seventeen years of experience in Los Cabos, contact Imiesa Aduanal for all of your customs service needs. (624) 1436172

the buzz Auto Honda – Shop for the latest Honda and Acura cars, trucks, and SUVs, including the current model Civics, Accords, Elements, Insights, Pilots, Ridgelines and Odysseys. (624) 173 9191

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2 Medium Pizzas with 2 ingredients

+ 2-liter soda






Corner of Morelos and Camino al Faro (1 block away from the Hospital of Especialidades)

the buzz Special Discounts the Cabo Store – is the go to site for discounted prepaid vouchers designed to break the common habits of every day consumers. The Cabo Store is Cabo’s slightly different version of the über popular Groupon concept. “Consumers tend to buy products and services they are comfortable with,” said Edel Combs of The Cabo Store. “For example, a person may have a favorite Italian restaurant that he or she has grown accustom to eating at. What we do at The Cabo Store, is offer such deep discounts, that people simply cannot refuse to try something new. For example, if a consumer sees that he or she can save 50% at a different Italian Restaurant, perhaps a venue they have not yet tried, it is likely that they would step outside their comfort zone and give that new Italian restaurant a chance for the very first time.” So, how about it? Is there a specific restaurant, service or activity in Los Cabos


MAY 2011


that you have heard about but not yet experienced? Well here is your chance to not only check it out but at a discount of anywhere from 35 to 70 percent off. Vouchers are available online and can be delivered to your home, villa or resort at your convenience.You also have the option picking up your own vouchers and paying C.O.D. To start experiencing the best of Cabo at fantastic savings, visit or call (624) 172 0205

Where healthy meets delicious! Make Your Own Yogurt

Over 25 different toppings! Look for us in Facebook!

the buzz Party

Cash only. Open daily from 11am to 10 pm. Madero St, in front of Plaza Alamar Between Guerrero and Hidalgo Downtown Cabo San Lucas












Ph. (624)183 1459

nikki beach.

Baja Junkie – Located in the heart of the Cabo nightlife scene, Baja Junkie offers a large and varied menu of pub-style food, beers, and tropical drinks, and is famed locally for their great DJs and live music, and a boisterous party atmosphere that extends well into the night. This is the unoffical “after midnight” capital of San Lucas, with a hip and friendly crowd that has made Baja Junkie a mandatory stop on the club circuit for locals and visitors alike. The menu features casual fare appetizers such as quesadillas, nachos, chicken wings and French fries, as well as more ample options like burgers and sandwiches with your choice of side. The half baked dessert consists of a half pound of chocolate chip cookie dough baked and topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Like dessert, drinks here are exceedingly generous, with a large selection of margaritas and frozen drinks, and 32 oz. carafes of cocktail favorites like pain killers, mai tais, mojitios and Long Islands. Bring your friends. Happy Hour extends from three to seven on weekdays, with 50 percent off on drinks and appetizers. Home to the best souvenir shirts in Los Cabos. (624) 191 2311

Nikki Beach –Located at the luxurious ME Cabo Hotel on Medano Beach, the Nikki Beach Club provides a plush poolside atmosphere with elegant canopied lounge beds and VIP service from their artful menu of delicious cuisine and thirst-quenching cocktails. A favorite of celebrities, socialites and jet-setters, Nikki Beach offers sun-drenched days and moonlight views of the Sea of Cortes in the most sought-after party location in Los Cabos. The resident DJs provide hip evening entertainment, thrilling the crowds with a steady stream of dance and deep house beats. (624) 145.7800


Cabo Social Magazine’s

BEST OF CABO 2010 Winners Categories Reader’s choice Editor’s choice

Categories Reader’s choice Editor’s choice

Best Food & Drinks Beach Restaurant The Office P.2 Baja Brewing Company Beer Selection Breakfast Mama’s Royal Café Ceviche Restaurant Flavor Chef Tadd Chapman P.45 Cabo Coffee Company Coffee Curbside Dining Alcaravea P.6 Señor Sweets Dessert Drinks Beyond Cabo Art & Beer Drinks On The Beach Mango Deck Fish Tacos Las Gardenias P.43 Teo’s Divine Hamburger Hot Wings Wing’s Army Margarita The Office Marina Bar The Nowhere Bar Marina Restaurant Ruth’s Chris Mexican Restaurant La Fonda New Restaurant Flavor Restaurant Inside A Resort La Frida Restaurant Reinvented Deckman’s At Havana P.11 Baja Brewing Company Restaurant View P.2 Mariscos Mazatlan Seafood Restaurant

Real Estate Property Managenet Elite Destinations P.56 Joni Ross Real Estate Agent Real Estate Company Snell Real Estate Villas & Resorts P.38 Casa Dorada Best Beachfront Hotel P.61 Casa Natalia Boutique Hotel Customer Service Capella Pedregal Luxury Resort Capella Pedregal Villa Casa Fryzer Health & Beauty P.59 Green Apple Dance Studio Dentist Martha Cruz Gym Cabo Fitness P.59 Leann Harris Hair Stylist Health Coach Isabelle Gagnon Make-Up Artist Neysa Berman Pilates Instructor Eva Ullmann P.58 Senza Hair And Body Salon Spa P.9 Auriga Spa Weddings & Shopping Art Gallery Pez Gordo Jewelry Ed Feinstein Souvenirs Arte De Origen Wedding Cakes The Dessert Diva Wedding Location Sunset Da Monalisa Wedding Photographer Manuel Burgoin Weddings Terramar

Best Italian Atmosphere Food Most Unexpected Service Value Pizza

P.55 P.55


Il Forno Di Gio Doc Wine Bar Doc Wine Bar Salvatore’s Salvatore’s Baja Brewing Company

BEST Sushi P.6 Nick San Sushi P.15 Nikki Beach Atmosphere Most Unexpected Arts & Sushi P.6 Nick San Service Value Koi Sushi Taco Stand El Gordo Lele Tapas P.44 Greenberg’s Wine List P.55 Doc Wine Bar Activities P.47 Medano Beach Beach Extreme Adventure Wild Canyon Family Activity Cabo Dolphins Fishing Charter Redrum Golf Course Cabo Del Sol Off Road Tour Baja Outback Scuba Diving Tour Manta P.29 Pez Gato Snorkeling Tour Sunset Tour P.33 Tropicat Surf Lessons Cabo Surf Hotel Town Beyond Cabo Todos Santos Whale Watching Tour Cabo Expeditions Yacht Rental Pisces


MAY 2011


P.1 P.51

P.1 P.47 P.17 P.15 P.1 P.1 P.1





Baja Cantina Beach Pub De La Chapu Habanero’s Gastro Grill & Tequila Bar Hacienda Beach Cocina Enrique Diaz Señor Sweets Habanero’s Gastro Grill & Tequila Bar Berrylicious Hotel California Nikki Beach Rossy’s Habanero’s Gastro Grill & Tequila Bar Don Sanchez Cantina Restaurante Don Sanchez Cantina Restaurante Baja Cantina Marina Restaurant Solomon’s Landing Restaurant Mi Casa Hacienda Beach Cocina Don Manuel’s Greenberg’s Sunset Da Monalisa Mariscos Mocambo

Sunset Point Salvatore’s That’s Amore Doc Wine Bar That’s Amore Bar Esquina

Koi Sushi Arts & Sushi Koi Sushi Arts & Sushi Tiki Bar Asi y Asado Flavor Market At Palmilla

Chileno Bay Cabo Adventures Baja Outback Picante Palmilla Cabo Adventures Andromeda Divers Baja Outback Cabo Rey Costa Azul La Paz Ocean Riders Cabo Sailing


Capella Pedregal Cabo Surf Hotel Lifestyle Managnent One & Onlly Palmilla


P.59 P.59


For Locals P.27 Honda Auto Dealer Bank Bancomer Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Mccaled Daycare Rompers Farmer’s Market San Jose Organic Market Grocery Store Walmart Men’s Store Hugo Boss Women’s Boutique Pepita Most Charitable Giver Gay Thatcher Most Dedicated Volunteer Aida Trujillo Bars & Nightlife Bottle Service Pink Kitty Happy Hour Mango Deck Host Crissty Santana Hotel Bar Agua Bar P.37 Baja Junkie Ladies Night Live Music Cabo Wabo Local Dj “Antares, Dj” Lounge Barómetro New Nightclub Pink Kitty Nightclub El Squid Roe Pool Bar P.15 Nikki Beach P.37 Baja Junkie Sports Bar Most Menorable Nightlife Event Cabo Pimp N Ho

Lifestyle Managnent Janet Jensen Coldwell Bankers

Sirocco Belly Dance Angel’s Touch Pueblo Bonito Rosé Erasmo Rivera Modu Seye Suzanne Morel Cabo Pilates Avalon Desert Spa

Ida Victoria Arte Iraca Artesano’s Plaza Sweet Dreams Cabo Capella Pedregal Alec & T Wedding Planner Sunset

Nancy Rogers Lyndi Lammerding

P.15 P.1


Mandala Baja Cantina Beach Juan & Only Nikki Beach The Nowhere Bar Don Sanchez Cantina Restaurante Dj Moss Flavor Baja Junkie Cabo Wabo Sky Pool (Pueblo Bonito Sunset) Desperados Dressed To K9’S

What is Best of Cabo? Every year, Cabo Social Magazine presents prestigious Best Of Cabo Awards to the winners of the year's most popular categories. The Editor's Choice Award winners are selected by Cabo Social Magazine, while thousands of our loyal readers choose the Reader's Choice winners by voting for them. The left page is a list of all 2010 winners.

This is your chance to vote for your favorite Los Cabos businesses, artists, personalities and more. To vote, visit: vote-best-of-cabo

Win Free Cabo Vacation Plus, all that vote are automatically entered for a chance to win a free Cabo vacation. More details of this contest will be relieved in upcoming editions of Cabo Social Magazine.

¿Qué es Best of Cabo?

office: (624) 105.2805 cell: (624) 183.8612 · Hidalgo s/n · Between Zaragoza y Manuel Doblado San José del Cabo, B.C.S.

Ask about our Custom Copper & Wood Workshop

La Mexicana

2010. Esta es tu oportunidad de votar por tu negocio, artista, personalidad,

Cada año, Cabo Social Magazine, hace

etc., favorito en Los Cabos. Para votar,

entrega del prestigioso premio Best of


Cabo a los ganadores del las diferentes


categorías del año previo. Los ganadores del premio Editor’s Choice son

¡Gana unas vacaciones en Cabo!

seleccionados por Cabo Social Maga-

Además, todos los votantes partici-

zine, mientras que nuestros miles de

parán automáticamente en la rifa de

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unas vacaciones gratis en Cabo. Más

premio Reader’s Choice mediante una

detalles acerca de este concurso

votación. La página de la izquierda

serán publicados en las siguientes

contiene una lista de los ganadores del

ediciones de Cabo Social Magazine.

Just 4 blocks up from Puerto Paraiso Leona Vicario St.

between Venustiano Carranza and Alvaro Obrego St. downtown Cabo San Lucas, BCS

DELIVERY SERVICE (624) 122 5810


Best of Cabo

Awards The exclusive event that everyone is still talking about—Cabo Social Magazine’s Best of Cabo 2010 Awards was a glamorous and private affair honoring Los Cabos’ favorite local businesses and their owners. The Awards Ceremony, hosted by Heidi von der Rosen (of Cabo Mil), and cocktail party were held at Casa Fryzer, a magnificent private villa in Palmilla’s coveted Villas Del Mar community. Cocktails and appetizers were provided by Baja Junkie, Baja Brewing Company and Deckman’s. DJ Antares set the audio mood as elegantly dressed A-List gala-goers danced and socialized the night away.

Mariana Melendez and Max Montoya

DJ Antares

Date: 02.19.2011 Location: Casa Fryzer Kathy and Peter Bowling


MAY 2011


Crissty Santana, Heidi Von Der Rosen (with her mother)

“So good we went twice. Awesome food, great prices & amazing view” -Trip Advisor WINNER


Leon Robles and wife Cristina Ortiz

Blanca Buckley

At Hacienda Beach Club & Residences Local 624-163-3144, USA 415-259-4170


Annie Cashiola and friends

Liga Mac

Jazz Fest A full moon enticed more than 350 jazz lovers to Club Campestre San Jose Beach Club for Liga MAC’s 7th Annual JazzFest fundraiser. This year’s JazzFest, “Music Under the Stars” showcased local and international jazz greats performing under a magical starlit setting. The spectacular line up of talent, included The Todd Clouser Trio, The Daline Jones Trio, plus Grammy nominated percussionist Pete Escovedo and his 10 piece Latin Jazz Orchestra who topped off the memorable evening. Thanks to all involved, Liga MAC successfully met it’s JazzFest 2011 fundraising goal.

Date: 03.18.2011 Location: Club Campestre San José Beach Club

Larry Hendrickson and wife Barbara

Gunter and wife Kaisha Richter

Daline Jones and Sharley Fisher


MAY 2011


Bringing the most delicious food to cabo for the last 15 years!

BREAKFAST · LUNCH · DINNER (ask for our catering services) at The Wyndham Hotel (Tesoro) Blvd. Marina S/N Phone: 011 (52) 624 143 7606 US Phone 209 390 4382 WINNER



Paws &


Starting with of a round of golf at the beautiful Puerto Los Cabos golf course and continuing with an evening gala dinner at the Club Campestre Beach Club, the recent Paws and Claws event was not only thoroughly enjoyable but also a huge success. The 2011 Paws and Claws event raised money for the Los Cabos Humane Society and “gave back� a wonderful evening of laughs, entertainment and prizes.

Mike Miller, Chris Snell, Greg Filardi and Andy Lemke

Monica Diaz Rivera and Ted Kruttschnitt

Lionel and Karin Alvarez

Date: 04.03.2011 Location: Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club


MAY 2011


Juliette and husband Ed Jonna

Amigos de los Niños Date: 03.17.2011 Location: No Worrys


Jon Buehler, Krissy Perkins, Lulu Kennedy and Enrique Silva

Tequila’s Anniversary Date: 03.11.2011 Location: Tequila Restaurant

Services: Doggy day care Hotel for dogs Training (positive reinforcement) Pet sitting & dog walking services Online store ( Tel: (624)143.4511 Open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM Narciso Mendoza e/Carranza y Obregón mz. 48 L-1 Col. Juárez Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.


“Two of the best decisions I’ve ever made, buying Real Estate in Cabo and having Joni represent me...” —H. Pendly

Joni Ross Realtor


S.O.S. Protest

CABO LINDA Real Estate Sales



Introducing our new Dinner Service from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Protesting for an end to the plans for toxic, open-pit mining, 8,500 people from Los Cabos and surrounding areas all dressed in green and peacefully assembled to form a human SOS in an effort to call international attention to their cause. Beginning at 7:00 AM, thousands of vehicles arrived at El Tule Beach arriving with signs and banners to participate in the the peaceful protest. The event exceeded expectations and has

Date: 01.16.2011 Location: El Tule Beach

Gourmet dining with family friendly prices. (624) 105.0102 · · Puerto Paraíso Mall, Marina Level, Cabo San Lucas


MAY 2011


Alejandra Tapia and husband Enrique Canales

added fuel to the local movement to fight and hopefully stop open pit mining in the state of Baja California Sur.


Tony Rodriguez and Brittany Kirk

Cabo Extreme Combat Date: 03.26.2011 Location: Casa Dorada


Only a short drive from Cabo San Lucas and at the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, sits a group of small communities on the Pacific side of the Baja California Peninsula. Just 10 minutes south of Todos Santos, the village of Pescadero is one of them and is also home to this stunning view. You are looking at just one of the many views from Pirate’s Watch, a beautiful lot (#746) nestled nearly 300 feet high, on the ocean side of a small peak just one mile from the beach.

ONLY $75,000 USD MOTIVATED SELLER Carolina’s Birthday Bash Date: 03.02.2011 Location: Private Location

Pirate’s Watch is over 20,000 square feet in size and features a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Cerritos Beach, numerous mountain ranges and Pescadero’s beautiful organic farms. An access road has already been cut to the lot and electricity is in plain view. With its high altitude and position at the upper pitch of the hill, this stunning view will not be obstructed.

Contact: Gerry Burchard 044(624) 355 4149


¡Redescubre el placer de sentir! Rediscover the pleasure of feeling!

Governor Narciso Agundez (center) and Los Cabos Mayor Mirna Xibillé de la Puente

Pabellon Cultural Grand Opening Dentro de nuestro ser existe una energía que se enriquece cada vez que hacemos actividades relajantes que mejoran nuestra calidad de vida... Salón de Belleza Maquillaje Tratamientos Faciales Masaje Envolturas Corporales Exfoliaciones

The recent grand opening of the Cabo San Lucas Pabellon Cultural (Cultural Pavilion in English) was attended by Governor Narcisco Agundoz and 600 exclusively invited guests.

Hidroterapias Depilación Láser Manicure y Pedicure Uñas Acrílicas Reductivos Cámara de Bronceado

Deep inside our being, an energy exists that enrichens every time we do relaxing activities that improve our quality of life... Beauty Salon Make Up Facial Treatments Masage Body Wrap Exfoliating

Lula Porras and Mariana Idirin Sobera

Hidrotherapy Laser Hair Removal Manicure & Pedicure Acrilic Nails Reductives Tanning Bed

Appointments & House Calls (624) 104 3600 | On the Fourlane km 6.2, Cabo Bello Plaza del Rey, Local C-1 Across Home Depot Date: 03.31.2011 Location: Pabellon Cultural


MAY 2011





M. Matamoros w/Lazaro Cardenas Local #2, Downtown, C.S.L Appointments: (624)143.4443 | From US: (831) 420.8227



MX: 624.1177.261 US: 619.488.3511 Email: Camino de Colegio at Spa Mar Adentro Cabo San Lucas

Reformer Cadillac Wunda Chair Ladder Barrel

Champagne World Tour Date: 03.12.2011 Location: Nikki Beach

Staci Snider’s Grand Opening Date: 03.10.2011 Location: Staci Snider, Fashion Boutique Crissty santana, Staci Snider and Charlotte Sault. WINNER











Cabo’s most complete fitness studio with more than 23 years of experience! CLASSES INCLUDE:

Nickie Jarvies

Ashley Armstrong

••Yoga ••Ballet ••Pilates ••Arab Dance ••Zumba ••African Dance ••Body Sculpt ••Kick boxing ••Reductive Step ••Zumba Fitness ••Aerobics ••Hip-Hop   and more...




We specialize in: Conferences Conventions Weddings Cocktails

Motocross State Championship

We have the Solution for your Events!

The third race of the Baja Sur State Motocross Championship took place at Mesa Colorada race track. The event was organize by Cabo Club Motocross MX and ATV.

We also provide: Import & Export Services Customs Broker Freight & Fordwarding Transportation San Diego–Cabo Pick-up at origin–destination Warehousing Packing and Handling Technical and legal support Customs clearance Conventions' Logistic Solutions Budget and special rate



Date: 03.27.2011 Location: Mesa Colorada Track

San Lucas (624) 143 5282 Tijuana (664) 647 56662

San Diego (619) 690 9185


MAY 2011


Rent your baby gear for a truly relaxing vacation. We rent strollers, car seats, toys, basics and more… all delivered to your resort, hotel or villa at your convenience.

US Toll Free: 855 369 BABY MX Toll Free: 01 800 681 9391 *ITEMS MAY VARY FROM PHOTO

San Jose 21K Cabo Deportes organized the first half marathon race in San Jose del Cabo. They also had a 10K and 5K run race, a 2.5K march and an infant walk.

Novias · XV Años · Bautizos Primera Comunión · Presentación Renta de Trajes y Venta de Accesorios Tel: 146.3305 Plaza Sendero, segundo piso. Frente a Cinépolis. Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. SÍGUENOS EN FACEBOOK: Grace El Palacio.

Date: 03.20.2011 Location: San José del Cabo

It is as easy as breathing!

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"I am Claudio Solano and if you can breathe, then you can do my classes! Looking and feeling great is as easy as breathing with me three times a week."

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IK Breathing & Fitness Unleashing your Power from within

Group and private classes available! Rates start at only $200 pesos.

Start breathing today!

MX Cell: 044 (624) 166-2159       US Office: + (262) 488-0318 ik breathing

“Capture The Sights and Sounds of Your Cabo Experience” Sports and Lifestyle Audio/Video Services Water Sports • Golfing • Weddings • Real Estate Profiles • Hotel Promotions • Corporate • Special Events DJ Entertainment Weddings • Private Events • Corporate • Fashion Restaurant • Lounge

Mx Cell: 044 (624) 156.6156

Real Estate · Rentals & Retreats · Sailing Charters

Baja Selections Real Estate & Rentals

Jodi A. Asher Broker

Cabo Cell: 044 (624) 128 5663 Office: 011 52 (624) 143 5957

Entrees fall into either the pasta or beef category. Pastas include homemade lasagna, gnocchi stuffed with ricotta, gnocchi stuffed with red pepper, and an incredibly mouthwatering portobello ravioli with porcini mushroom cream sauce. Beef options include a Kobe Beef petite filet with asparagus and hollandaise sauce, and a Kobe beef French dip sandwich served au jus with potato croquettes. The mushroom ravioli is ably enhanced by a chardonnay from New Zealand benchmark producer Kim Crawford, while the petite filet goes wonderfully with an Enzo Noir, a blend of Nebbiolo and Petit Syrah (a cross between the Rhone varietals Syrah and Peloursin) from Valle de Guadalupe in Baja. Nebbiolo is the noble grape that powers the legendary Barolos and Barbarescos of Piemonte, and has enough tannic backbone to balance a rich cut of a filet and a creamy hollandaise sauce, and enough ripe fruit to leave a long lingering finish. No dinner at Senor Sweets is complete without one of their deliciously decadent desserts. Known for their cakes and rich chocolate confections, passing up dessert here is unthinkable. One of the current staff favorites


MAY 2011

is a blend of mango, passion fruit, pineapple, and chocolate, layered so that each spoonful contains a bit of all four marvelous flavors. You’ll need time to rest after this succulent meal capper, so finish your repast with coffee, one of their fine coffee cocktails, or a glass of sweet moscato. Service at Senor Sweets Bistro Garden Restaurant is attentive but unhurried. The meals are excellently paced, with diners given an opportunity to catch their breath between courses. It is a relaxed affair, and the leisurely inclined can spend the better part of an evening here. The wait staff is friendly and courteous, well-trained, and makes sure everything is to your satisfaction without ever becoming obtrusive. This quality of service, combined with the delightful food, makes this one of the premier stops on the Cabo San Lucas dinner circuit. Afterwards a moonlight stroll around the marina provides a perfect ending, and is de rigeur among the Haut set. Breakfast and Lunch are also available at Señor Sweets. Puerto Paraiso Mall, (624) 105-0102,,



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Best Views in Cabo from $499 k!

tobiko, and radish are a good starter, and pair very well with a non-vintage sparkler from Queretaro producer Vina Dona Dolores, made by the traditional Method Champenoise using a blend of Chardonnay and Macabeo grapes. This sparkler is also a terrific match for the yellow tail tataki and gooseneck barnacles with passion fruit vinaigrette. Gooseneck barnacles don’t sound like most people’s idea of fine dining, I’m guessing, but at Deckman’s they are delicious. Unlikely and unique dishes are a part of Deckman’s charm. There is nothing generic or run-of-themill here, and it is impossible to convey the experience of dining here through comparison. Like the jazz musicians who perform here nightly, the chef has a bit offthe-jazz aesthetic in his cooking too. He may play the occasional old standard, but one gets the impression that what he really wants to do is explore his own creativity and originality. Guests at Deckman’s can explore the ever-changing menu, with options like quail with black beans and tomato puree, rib-eye cut Sonoran beef with eggplant and eggplant puree, and Pacific red snapper with risotto, beets, and Meyer lemon foam. The only item that has stayed on the

menu consistently at Deckman’s is a pairing of octopus and pork belly that is a feast for the palate, and well complemented by a 2010 Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes, an Argentinean wine with lovely peach notes and wonderful minerality. The wines here aren’t flashy, they are food friendly and terroir driven. As much as possible, Deckman likes to keep things local. This isn’t always possible with the wines, but there are many Mexican wines on the menu, along with a few entries from Spain and Argentina. Like the food, the wines are honest and affordable. They are also first-class, and a good example of the genius of Deckman’s. It has no pretension. The wait staff is friendly and welcoming without being overly formal and obtrusive, the food is incredible and artfully presented without being show-offy, and the atmosphere is not one of exclusion, the calling card of most restaurants with this quality of food, but inclusion. Everyone is welcome at Deckman’s, and you don’t have to be a celebrity or captain of industry to enjoy one of the truly special dining experiences in Los Cabos. Complimentary valet parking. Km 29 Highway 1 Costa Azul, San Jose del Cabo, (624) 1726269,

· Only 20 Villas · · Chic Modern Mexican Village · · 14 different Floorplans · · Financing Available · El Cielito Villas Cell Phone: (624) 151 5400 | Cabo: (624) 143 1588 From USA y Canada: 011521 (619) 819 5123 |

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Appointments: 144.4943 Cell: (624) 147.7659

Appointments: 193.0817 Cell: (624) 164.0655

Appointments: 143.6548 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mon - Sat 9:00AM to 8:00PM Sun 9:00AM to 3:00PM

Peer into the immaculate open kitchen and you will be awed by the Japanese cutting techniques and Nick-San’s ease of uniting a multitude of flavors and ingredients. Impressively, dishes dance through the cocina while skilfully and exquisitely coming to life right in front of your very eyes. Showcased in the center of The Shoppes in Palmilla, NickSan’s second Los Cabos location possesses an elegant and luxurious atmosphere in San Jose del Cabo’s legendary Palmilla community. With favourite appetizers such as Tuna Tostada, Tomato and Arugula Salad with fresh Wasabi, Hamachi Curry Sashimi, Maguro Lime Roll or Black and White Tuna Sashimi to choose from, the options are simply beyond compare. The Clear Lobster Roll is also one of Nick-San’s renowned and unique creations. For the main course try grilled fish with Miyosaki sauce or even the Miso Black Cod. Pair any of these dishes with a selection of wines, or even better, with one of Nick-San’s sakes and follow up with an original dessert such as the Five Spice ice Cream.Yum. The undisputed winner of Cabo Social Magazine’s Best of Cabo 2010 Award for best


MAY 2011

sushi, Nick-San has become a culinary custom, as one of the most sought out and delectable places to dine in all of Los Cabos. Many familiar faces have enjoyed the award winning, exquisite menu that Nick-San has offered over the years. It is not unusual to find yourself dining amongst internationally known celebrities, notorious personalities and famous business magnates while visiting this exclusive sushi dojo. Satisfy your craving for delicious world class sushi and visit Nick-San today. Open for lunch and dinner—reservations are highly recommended. Cabo San Lucas: Boulevard Marina, Local 2 in Plaza de la Danza, next to Wyndham Hotel Open every day from 11:30am to 10:30pm. Tel: (624) 143-2491, email: San Jose del Cabo: The Shoppes at Palmilla, Local 116. Open Monday from 5:00pm to 10:30pm and Tuesday through Sunday from 12:30pm to 10:30pm. Tel: (624) 144-6262, email: Nick-San can also be found in Mexico City and Nuevo Vallarta. For more information,



U-BOAT MAIN OFFICE | Via Vecchia Romana, 685 | 55100 Lucca Italy | t. +39 0583 469288

Profile for Haut Group

Cabo Social Magazine #18 - May 2011  

Los Cabos most contemporary magazine. May 2011 Issue featuring The Real Housewives of the OC. Best photos of Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos.

Cabo Social Magazine #18 - May 2011  

Los Cabos most contemporary magazine. May 2011 Issue featuring The Real Housewives of the OC. Best photos of Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos.