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Saturday, June 20, 2009, 1 – 3 pm / workshop Let Your Imagination Race Charles Dickson inspires participants in assembling a race car out of plastic bottles, paper, wood and rubber. RSVP 213-744-2024.

Saturday, April 4, 2009, 1 pm / workshop Motorcycle Superhero Bring your superhero characters and stories to life with local artist Eric Montenegro. After a brief viewing of Black Chrome create your own motorcycle superheroes in this free illustration and storyboard workshop. All supplies provided. Ages 10 and up. To reserve call 213.744.2024

Of Tulips and Shadows: The Visual Metaphors of Dewey Crumpler Through May 17, 2009, Gallery II This show exhibits Dewey Crumpler’s multi-faced symbols used as metaphors to challenge philosophical, emotional, social and political concepts. A Moment in Time: Bingham’s Black Panthers Through June 7, 2009, Theatre Gallery The exhibit reflects Howard Bingham’s 1968 experience interfacing with the Black Panthers alongside journalist Gilbert Moore as they worked to shape an expose for Life Magazine. Kathleen Neal Cleaver. Howard Bingham

In The Courtyard: Contemporary Women Artists March 12 – June 14, 2009, In The Courtyard This new and exciting use of CAAM’s soaring entrance features experimental works specifically designed for the space created by contemporary emerging and mid-career artists rotating every three months. The current artists on exhibit are Loren Holland, Elizabeth Colomba and Nzuji De Magalhaes. Future In The Courtyard projects will range from art and culture to the diverse history of African Americans.

From left: Louis Jackson, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Charles A. Anderson.

Tuskegee: Journey to Flight June 4 – November 1, 2009, Gallery II From pilot to clerk to ordinance men and mechanics, it was the best and brightest of their race who became participants in the great Tuskegee Experiment that led to WWII flight history. This exhibition tells the stories of the heroic men and women who, by overcoming odds — domestic and foreign — forever changed segregation in the military and American history. This look at the Journey to Flight includes paintings by Roy E. LaGrone, retired art director and illustrator who flew with the Tuskegee airmen in World War II, interviews with local subjects regarding their personal experiences, and personal artifacts of Fighter Squadron’s Captain Edward L. Toppins. More on the photograph above: First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was very interested in the work at the Tuskegee Institute, particularly in the aeronautical school. In 1941 she visited Tuskegee Army Air Field and asked to take a flight with one of the Tuskegee pilots. Although the Secret Service was anxious about the ride, flight instructor Charles A. Anderson piloted Mrs. Roosevelt over the skies of Alabama for over an hour. That flight proved for Mrs. Roosevelt that blacks could fly airplanes and she did everything in her power to help them in that endeavor. Mrs. Roosevelt marked the occasion with a photograph of herself and Mr. Anderson which she promptly brought back to her husband, the President of the United States, and successfully urged FDR to utilize the 99th Squadron in combat missions.

The African American Journey West Permanent exhibition continuously on view, Gallery III This exhibition honors the resilience of a people in the journey from Africa’s west coast to America’s west coast through selected artifacts from our permanent collection. Mary in the Hall, 2008, Elizabeth Colomba. Oil on canvas.

Sunday, April 5, 2009, 11 am – 5 pm / event Target Sundays at CAAM: Taking Care of Mother…Earth Celebrating the “Green Generation” Join us for a global experience centered on protecting the earth and improving your health. Performers share their experiences and talents promoting the need for a greener generation.

Saturday, June 27, 2009, 1 - 3 pm / workshop Mean Green Flying Machines Create and decorate your own “green” airplane made from recycled cardboard. Led by Karla Leyva, Gallery Educator. Young children need to be accompanied by adult. RSVP 213-744-2024

Saturday, April 18, 2009, 1 pm / workshop Light In Play CAAM presents a shadow puppet show inspired by Of Tulips and Shadows. Along with the three protagonists, Jess Gudiel takes museum patrons on a journey to discover the inner connectedness between humans and nature. After the show, children and their parents are invited to make their own puppets. RSVP 213-744-2024

Our Target Sundays at CAAM series is very generously supported by Target Corporation. The Conversations at CAAM series is supported in part by Sempra Energy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009, 11 am – 5 pm / event Target Sundays at CAAM - High Tea and Hattitude! Opera in the Galleries, Tea on the Side Hold your head high and highlight your hat and hattitude in the Fifth Annual Hat Showcase. We’ve got opera and contemporary music, tea and tasty treats. Join in to win the special grand prize!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009, 2 - 4 pm / workshop To Honor Our Ancestors Use cigar boxes and recycled materials to create a one-of-a-kind altar guided by artist Cola Smith. RSVP 213-744-2024. Saturday, May 16, 2009, 1 - 2:30 pm / discussion Conversations at CAAM Former Los Angeles City Council member Rita Walters, 1991-2001, represented the 9th Council District. During her tenure on the City Council, she chaired the Arts, Health and Humanities Committee, which reviewed matters related to the Library Department for the City Council. She previously served on the Los Angeles Unified School District's Board of Education from 1979-1991, and was a teacher in the Adult Division of the School District for four years. Ms. Walters has an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School of Management and a BA from Shaw University. The interview will explore her journey to becoming a public servant.

Photos: Asual Aswad

Blues Moods, 1998 Dewey Crumpler Acrylic on canvas

Sunday, June 21, 2009, 12 – 4 pm / screening Celebrating the Legendary Apollo Theater’s 75th Anniversary When “Showtime at the Apollo” went on location, they came to CAAM to shoot four different hour long episodes over several years. Celebrate both Black Music Month and the Apollo Theater's Anniversary by watching musical performances and listening to guest speakers talk about performing at the Apollo.

Sunday, May 17, 2009, 3 - 4:30 pm / event Book Signing – “Barthé: His Life in Art” by Samella Lewis, Ph.D. Noted artist, historian and specialist in African American artists, Dr. Samella Lewis signs her latest book, Barthé: His Life in Art, which is being heralded as the 'definitive' book on the artist Richmond Barthé. Members receive a 20% discount on the purchase of this large table top book. email for advance purchase information.

Above: Ulysses S. Jenkins introduces honorees at Quiet As Kept. From left: Artis Lane, Senga Nengudi, Betye Saar, Maren Hassinger, and Mildred Howard.

Saturday, May 23, 2009, 1 - 3 pm / workshop African Wrap Dolls Make your own African wrap doll with wire, fabrics and other adornments. Instructor: Teresa Tolliver. RSVP 213-744-2024.

“Quiet as Kept” Performance Art In The Courtyard Just under 800 people attended the first performance arts project in the courtyard and were treated to art in progress, dance, video and music.

Saturday, June 6, 2009, 1 – 3 pm / workshop Paper, Scraps and Lots of Fun Join skilled collage artist Jaami Abdul-Khaliq to paste together one of a kind, mixed-media masterpiece. RSVP 213-744-2024.

Ryman Arts: Showcases 2009 Graduates June 16, 2009 – July 12, 2009, Theatre Gallery Ryman Arts teaches teens essential skills for art and life in a rigorous, nurturing studio environment. Courses taught by professional teaching artists, foster students’ artistic development and personal confidence, and provide the knowledge they need to pursue higher education and careers in the arts. Ryman Arts is the only such program in Southern California that is totally free and that selects participants solely on the basis of their ability and commitment. This exhibit showcases the budding talent and best works of the Ryman Arts 2009 graduating class.

Photo: Earl Dotson

Photo: courtesy of the artist.

Inside My Head: Intuitive Artists of African Descent May 7 - September 27, 2009, Gallery I Inside My Head showcases the work of 32 contemporary artists of African descent who have — in an intuitive manner, developed a mature style. The exhibition explores pure artistic creativity and validates the connection to ethnic-specific traditions. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, collages, assemblages, photographs, videos, dolls, garments and jewelry. Artists included in the show are: Jaami Abdul-Khaliq Abdul-Samad, Donna Angers, Floyd Bell, Patricia Boyd, Angela Briggs, Tracy Brown, Yrneh Brown, Ronn Carrington, Chukes, Madi Comfort, Charles Charles Dickson at work, 2009 Dickson, Graham Goddard, Deidre Greene, Mamie Hansberry, Stephen Hardy, Sy Hearn, Elton Henderson, Ronald Jackson, Michael Massenburg, Bridgitte Montgomery, Dominique Moody, Anne Myatt, Elliott Pinkney, Noah Purifoy, Aydeé Rodríguez, Toni Scott, Malik Seneferu, Karen Seneferu, Cola Smith, Dorothy Elliott-Taylor, Teresa Tolliver and Timothy Washington.


Sunday, June 7, 2009, 11 am – 5 pm / event Target Sundays at CAAM: Celebrating Black Music Month From R&B to Broadway! On CAAM’s outdoor stage we highlight past Target Sunday performers that have brought us music from all genres. Get ready to move to your favorites! Sunday, June 7, 2009, 3 pm / event Book Signing – “Black Panthers 1968” by Howard Bingham Noted photographer Howard Bingham is on hand to autograph his book on the Black Panthers.

Channing Cook Holmes tapping it up on Target Sunday, March 2009.

Front cover: Earth Mother,2007, Cola Smith. Acrylic on canvas. Photo: Fae Horowitz. Courtesy of Teddie J. Randall.

Photos: Anthony Davis,

the Rose Garden so it’s a great time to stop by and smell the roses! As you can see, we very much need you to be part of our Creative Change

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Globe that incorporates recycling as its theme. Most of the Cool Globes will be in


Park will host 50 Cool Globes. Artist Angela Briggs from Inside My Head, has a Cool


You will even find art spreading outside as well. Beginning in April, Exposition

Friends, the Foundation of the California African American Museum

American art, history and culture.

A N G E L E S ,

will encompass every aspect of our mission to bring you a full range of African


Courtyard series you can look forward to seeing engaging short-term exhibits that


too. Our Sculpture Court has a new name “The Courtyard.” In our new In The


necessarily bound by formal techniques and training. Art is spreading out at CAAM

April - June 2009


images. Inside My Head is a vibrant showcasing of art intuitively conceived and not



exhibits here that challenge your interests, make you think and offer beautiful


As part of our Creative Change efforts, we are diligently working to bring

Museum Notes


an option!

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ing our energies into making 2009 a year of Creative Change …Retrenchment is not

Friends, the Foundation of the California African American Museum Board

ier. Our California State Budget is mandating deep reductions so we are also turn-

L. Charmayne Mills Rev. Cecil L. Murray Joseph C. Phillips John E. Sweeney, Esq. Stanley P. Wade Stasia Cato Washington Carolyn D. Webb de Macias

effort. Take out a membership, enroll a friend, donate a work of art, or make a special matching gift. In fact, get your boss into the act. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees to 501(c)(3) organizations, such as CAAM’s Friends Foundation. If the company where you work (or from which you or your spouse retired) has a matching gift program, your contribution may be matched, doubled or even tripled! It’s easy to get started. Simply contact your Human Resources department and request a Matching Gift Form. Complete the employee portion of the form and send it and your donation to us. We’ll do the rest. Even in the face of significant budget cuts, we refuse to be held back. Join us in June when we celebrate the personal and local connections that will be on view with the opening of Tuskegee: Journey to Flight. Later this year you can expect additional thought provoking and compelling exhibitions. Whether culturally significant or simply beautiful artistic gems we will have something stimulating for everybody who comes through our doors. Let’s Celebrate Creative Change in 2009. Charmaine Jefferson, Executive Director

The California African American Museum is a State supported institution and a partner with the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Friends, the Foundation of the California African American Museum located in Exposition Park at 600 State Drive in Los Angeles. Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, and Sundays 11am - 5pm. Admission is free. Parking at 39th and Figueroa is $8.00 per vehicle. A California State Museum, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor. Tel (213) 744-7432. Fax (213) 744-2050. Email: Website: Museum Notes is published quarterly by the California African American Museum. Executive Editor, Charmaine Jefferson. Editor/Writer, Ruth Adkins Robinson. Design, The Blue One.

PRESORTED Standard US Postage Paid Permit No. 1619 Los Angeles, CA

Ann Shea can be reached at 213.744.2544 or

air that comes with seasonal change. Other transformations are a little heav-

Eric Lawrence Frazier Kimberly Freeman Ellis Gordon, Jr., Treasurer Sylvia Hart Paula Madison Cynthia McClain-Hill Mattie McFadden-Lawson Charles McLurkin, Esq., VicePresident

There’s a small jewel tucked into the southwest corner of CAAM called the Research Library and on any given day, Librarian Ann Shea is called upon to answer questions, discuss research material, or find an obscure tape or photograph. In doing so, Ann and the public, uncover all kinds of adventures, mysteries and treasures. Ann, who received her M.S. in Library Science from USC, after her BA from Immaculate Heart, is always “fascinated” by the variety of questions from the public. During any given week, inquiries range from asking about an artist or historical figure, narrowing down a date of an event that took place “sometime in the 70s,” looking for documentation of a movement or finding deeper information on a trend of the times. There are people who come armed with specific requests and others who have only the vaguest idea of the area they need researched. Shea laughs, “They will say ‘we need what you have on slavery’ or ‘what do you have on blacks in Los Angeles?’” There are those who burst through the doors in a hurry faced with deadlines and a lack of information. If they narrow the subject somewhat and make an appointment with Shea, by the time they come in, she will have pulled material from the shelves and “I guarantee they will find something useful in it for their research.” Recent inquiries include needed information about the Springfield Riots of 1908, the date the Los Angeles Sentinel was established; a request for biographical material on African American artists, another for African American inventors, especially women, and material was needed on George Washington Carver, a list of Congressional Districts in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and the members of Congress, and some biographical material on Malcolm X. Shea is able to pull material from approximately 20,000 items in the collection including books, periodicals, newspapers, audio visual materials, and catalogs of CAAM exhibitions. “We also have a set of scrapbooks relating to CAAM history, and exhibitions,” she notes. The librarian observes with pride, “We are not the largest collection but we have materials on art, artists, exhibition catalogs, and African American history not readily available in public libraries. Among the rarest items in the collection is Text Book of the Madam C.J. WalkerSchools of Beauty Culture (early 1930s), My Bondage and My Freedom, Frederick Douglass, 1855, catalog from the exhibition Black Angelenos; the Afro-American in Los Angeles, 1850-1950, and the Index to Black Periodicals. Our volumes cover 1960 to 2001.” Right outside the library doors is a rotating display case “to catch the interest of people when they look down the hallway,” she confides. Once lured in, the librarian knows visitors will be as delighted with the Library as she is. It is a Treasure@CAAM.


pring has blossomed in Exposition Park and you can feel the lightness in the

CAAM State Board of Directors

By Ruth A. Robinson


Dr. Leon Banks Kim Curry-Evans Eric Lawrence Frazier, President Kimberly Freeman, Treasurer Rev. Cecil L. Murray, Vice President Joseph C. Phillips Carolyn D. Webb de Macias


From the Director

Dr. Leon Banks Renee C. Bizer Alice Desobry Bowens, President Susan Cole-Hill Lester Crawford Dr. Monet L. Daniels, Secretary Keith A. Drake Shawn Farrar David A. Ford


Author Jacqueline Rhinehart at her booksigning. Gathered to celebrate wth her, front: Ruth Adkins Robinson, Jacqueline Rhinehart, Charmaine Jefferson. Back: Brenda Tyson, and Gwendolyn Quinn.



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CAAM Museum Notes - April-June 2009  

Stay connected to the California African American Museum with Museum Notes, our quarterly print publication. Museum Notes previews exhibitio...

CAAM Museum Notes - April-June 2009  

Stay connected to the California African American Museum with Museum Notes, our quarterly print publication. Museum Notes previews exhibitio...

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