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Come on an adventure with the Activity Explorers!

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by Rob Foster

What activities have you tried? What activities do you like? Which activities do you do with your friends? Follow Joel, Ella and Boo on their adventure to find lots of exciting activities! And can you help spot Boo on every page?

Hi everyone. I’m Joel and this is my sister Ella and baby brother Boo. We’re going on an adventure today to find out what children can do around here.

We’ve heard there are loads of exciting and fun things to do! This is our amazing flying machine that will help us to explore our local town. Do you want to come with us?

Come and fly with us!

Well we’ve not had to travel far and we can already see so many children running in a race in the fields. Some look like they are really enjoying it. Some look quite tired. Oh no! That poor boy is stuck in the mud!

I love running!

Racing isn’t my favourite. Let’s go and see what else there is to do. Come on Boo!

Thankfully he’s got someone helping to pull him out!

We’ve left our amazing flying machine outside because we’ve heard some fantastic music and wanted to find out what was going on!

That’s awesome…and look at the children who are cheerleading. They are all doing the same thing at exactly the same time! How do you do that?

I think you are right. Hold on… where’s Boo?

Everyone is dancing. I love to dance! There are so many different types of dancing and look, those boys and girls are breakdancing! How cool are they?

By practicing! And that’s what the others are doing too. Is that ballet? They all look so good!

He’s over there! Come on Boo!

What’s inside this next room? It’s a lot quieter than the room we’ve just left!

It’s not just languages, children are learning about things that happened ages ago and about the planet earth.

Look at all the colourful flags on the walls. It sounds like those children are learning how to 12 11 1 speak in other languages. Do you know any of 10 2 those flags? 9 3 8

4 7



There’s computers too! There’s loads of things happening in here. And look Ella, there are other boys and girls drawing together…would you like to go and join them?

Yes please! This place is awesome! Time to go and see the last room. Come on Boo!

Follow the gang on the rest of their adventure as they discover music, science, arts and crafts, ball and team sports, sign language and play in the park -

for children of all ages

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Written and Crea ted by Rob Fost


Artwork by Jon



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Created by

Rob Foster


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Jon Wotton


Created by


Rob Foster

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Artwork by

Jon Wotton

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The Fantastic Flying Machine - FREE Taster  

Come on an activity adventure with the Activity Explorers - Ella, Joel and Boo!

The Fantastic Flying Machine - FREE Taster  

Come on an activity adventure with the Activity Explorers - Ella, Joel and Boo!