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Illustration by Carissa Weber

Bend Summer Festival 2012 July 13, 14 and 15 • Downtown Bend

Fine Art | Music | Wine | Microbrews | Gourmet Foods | Conscious Living Showcase | Gospel ‘n Brunch | Kids Activities Presented by The Source Weekly • Hosted by the Downtown Bend Business Association Produced by C3 Events

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Your home for all of Central Oregon’s best events Bend Summer Festival • Munch and Music PEAK Summer Nights Concert Series at the Athletic Club of Bend

HORIZON BROADCASTING GROUP • 541.383.3825 • 854 NE 4th St., Bend

JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival 2012 / 3

Bend Summer Festival 2012 July 13, 14 and 15 • Downtown Bend Presented by The Source Weekly • Hosted by the Downtown Bend Business Association

And the sun would burst! Fine artist, Carissa Weber, created an image of the sun this year, symbolizing the swirling, fluid nature of our most central life force. The beauty of her work graces the cover of this guide, our fine art poster, and our t-shirts. It seems that our relationship to the sun is paradoxical—it can wrap its lovely arms around us, and warm us to the core—nudging us to safety, health, and vitality. It is a creative force. It drives our ambitions, and, someday, will fuel the very fibers of our day-to-day business. The sun, when paired with fine art, creates a most certain, calla phonic, combustion. You should notice this, at the 2012 Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by The Source Weekly, the fine artists, our many vendors, the streets, the musical faire, the dance, the rhythms, the circus arts, the food and the libations, all will be "radiating" color on every corner of downtown Bend. It will be an extraordinary affaire! The other side of the paradox? Knowing that life can heat up, in surprising ways, with unexpected changes—we are reminded of this each time the sun goes down, leaving us only to our wits, and to our greater sense of hope, that it will return again the next morning. These comings and goings of life are without choice, are impermanent, and require a faith and knowingness that all will be okay. Art depicts this paradoxical tension, and Carissa Weber captures the playfulness and levity of its essence so very well, with her 2012 Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by The Source Weekly fine art image. A festival, steeped in the tradition of fine art, fine wines, fine foods, and fine music, is proud to expand again, this year, mostly on the backs of

some innovative wine and gourmet foods programming by Tiffany Clark and Ethel Stratton, the fine work of Jim Kone as he evolves the space known as "Conscious Living." In addition, the musical arts continue to grow in step with the festival, as Horizon Broadcasting Group steps up to combine their Listener Appreciation Concerts with our Summer Festival—this year feature listener appreciation artists include Rickie Lee Jones, Gary Wright, and Al Stewart—all live and free in the Mirror Pond Parking Lot (with the procurement of a ticket from any of the Horizon Broadcasting Group Radio Stations)! Other world-class talent will include free performances by Ruthie Foster, Pat Travers, Fishbone, Pepe and the Bottle Blondes, Todd Haaby, Jeff Kashiwa, Tom Grant, Tony Furtado, Kelly Joe Phelps, and more. The Festival now spans more than 10 complete Downtown blocks, featuring more than 150 artisans and crafters, a variety of commercial booths, more than 40 musical acts between five robust stages, fine craft Deschutes Brewery beers, artisan wines and cocktails inspired by Inspired Leaf Teas, gourmet foods, more than 25 local and regional restaurants and caterers, live demonstrations of art, and fun for families and their children. And so, on behalf of the hundreds of volunteers, staff, sponsors, and patrons who have all contributed to the 2012 Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by The Source Weekly, let us invite you to join us and Live It! And, of course, there is no admission to the festival—largely due to continued generosity of Bank of the Cascades! C3 Events is honored to continue its production of the Bank of the

Cascades Bend Summer Festival, presented by The Source Weekly. Clearly it’s a terrific art, music, food, wine, and microbrew fair. We also believe that this “entry fee-free” event is a tremendous device to bring our community together; to gather and stay connected; to provide support resources in times of need; to be culturally, artfully moved to another place; to pause from our many distractions and to give thanks, honoring our amazing Downtown Bend. So join us, as the sun does burst, to live it, taste it, chew it, view it, and hear it, (got it?) at the Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by The Source Weekly! The sun will rise upon an exceptional Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival. In keeping with our theme, the sun will also fall, and the 2012 festival is dedicated to its greatest fan and patron, Dr. Richard Walter Clark. For some 15 years in a row, Dick Clark got up at 4am to come downtown, greet the artists, assist with their set-up preparations, and to flow traffic so that they could all get in and out in a timely way. His very being set the tone, each year, for the Festival. He was gracious, kind, direct, and helpful­­—calling upon the many life skills he developed as an officer in the marines, as an author, teacher, professor, principal, superintendent, and global education renewal consultant. He was the brightest star up in the sky. He was his children's first call, his grandchildren's first lap; the Summer Festival's moral and literal patron saint. We will forever miss you, dad. Sincerely, Cameron Clark Owner, C3 Events


Days & Times Friday, July 13 5pm-11pm Saturday, July 14 11am-11pm Sunday, July 15 11am-6pm The Peak 104.1 Mainstage pg. 4-5 Friday The Autonomics, Mosely Wotta, Pat Travers Band Saturday Kelly Joe Phelps, Tony Furtado, Boom Chick, The Staxx Brothers, Polyrhythmics, Fishbone

Lite 95.1 Listener Appreciation Concert

pg. 8

Mirror Pond Parking Lot Friday Night Voodoo Highway, Rickie Lee Jones

KQAK 105.7 Listener Appreciation Concert pg. 8 Mirror Pond Parking Lot Saturday Night Soul Benders, Al Stewart, Gary Wright

Amalia’s Jazz, Wine and Gourmet Foods Stage pg. 6-7 Saturday & Sunday Tom Grant Band, Upper Left Trio, Jessie Marquez Latin Quintet, Jeff Kashiwa, Pepe and the Bottle Blondes, Todd Haaby and Sola Via

KPOV Locals Only Stage pg. 9 Saturday & Sunday Franchot Tone, Justin Lavik Band, Subliminal, Boxcar String Band, Necktie Killer, The Pitchfork Revolution, State of Jefferson, Laura Curtis, Bare Roots, Central Oregon Bluegrass Community Jam

Saxon’s Fine Jewelers Gospel ‘n Brunch pg. 12 Sunday Quincy Street Bluegrass, Northwest Community Gospel Choir, Ruthie Foster Band

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The Peak 104.1 Friday, July 13 9pm

The Peak 104.1


Pat Travers Band “ ‘Allo, music lovers…”

Mainstage Schedule

It’s early 1979, and the Pat Travers Band have just been introduced and subsequently recorded for what would become one of the slickest and hottest guitar-rock albums ever committed to vinyl. “Live! Go for What You Know" was a huge success on both sides of the pond, acclaimed by their musical peers, fans, and music critics alike. It was high-energy. It was electric. It was lightning in a bottle. The album, much like the Canadian musician himself, remains an influence for a whole generation of guitar slingers.

Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival Kick-Off Concert

Mosely Wotta


Pat Travers Band

Saturday, July 14th 11am

Kelly Joe Phelps


Tony Furtado


Boom Chick

5:30pm The Staxx Brothers 7:30pm Polyrhythmics 9:30pm Fishbone

Sunday, July 15th Saxon’s Fine Jewelers Gospel ‘n Brunch Gourmet Champagne Brunch tickets available at Saxon’s Fine Jewelers and at the event for $20. Music is FREE! Gourmet Brunch menu created by Barrio Restaurant and Tapas Bar. Brunch opens at 11am See full schedule and ticket information on pg 12.

Friday Night on The Peak 104.1 Mainstage:

Saturday on The Peak 104.1 Mainstage:

The Autonomics

Kelly Joe Phelps

Formed in late 2008 in Bend, Ore., this trio currently resides in the greater Portland area. Although young, the band is known for its well-crafted music and energetic live shows. The Portland Press refers to the group as a "punky bluesy rock and roll" influenced from some of the best indie punk rockers of today. Many others have described the band as "Indie Slam-Pop" or "Progressive Post-Garage Power-Noise Punk-Pop" Whatever you wish to call them, know that they rock hard!

A writer for the San Diego Troubadour described guitarist and songwriter Kelly Joe Phelps as “the Phantom Monk of Folk-Blues,” and rightly so. Throughout his 18 years on the road and eight solo CD releases, Phelps has been talked about as much for his passionate, spirit-driven, solitary musical ways as for the inventiveness of his playing and singing. Cut from America’s Folk and Blues traditions, yet turned modern by his unique ability to improvise on vocal and guitar, Phelps speaks directly to the soul of his audience.


Mosley Wotta 7pm

The moniker MOsley WOtta is a play on the words mostly water, which reflects the belief that we are all made up of the same elements. All living beings are mostly water—that, more than race or species or gender is what truly connects us all to each other. This live Hip Hop band encourages unity through music and the celebration of our commonalities. Front man Jason Graham's background in theatre and poetry are closely woven into every musical performance.


Tony Furtado 1pm

Before Tony Furtado became a highly regarded slide guitarist/ banjo player, he studied art and music at Cal State Hayward. It


a Ott W

was during that time that he went on a whim to Kansas and entered the Grand National Banjo Championship and won. It was then that Furtado's solid musical potential soared into the bluegrass ranks and led him on the road with Laurie Lewis and Grant Street, playing bluegrass and old-time music. This musical trail led him onto great things, including recordings that included some of his favorite artists such as Bela Fleck, Alison Kraus, and David Grier. His eclectic approach in playing swing, jazz style, Celtic-folk, and old-timey music has shaped Furtado's musical maturations to the point that they are compared to Ry Cooder's early '70s recordings. Now, in his most recent release, Golden, Furtado explores the comforts of his hometown of Portland, Ore., weaving his way through the diverse cultural fabric of a city rich with music, art and talent. s mic no to



Today, this Pat Travers Band is also one seriously tight rockin’ unit, and live they always deliver. Pat welcomes longtime sticksman, Sandy Gennaro back into the fold and with Rodney O’Quinn on bass and Kirk McKim on guitar, there is an energy that is tangible, an enjoyment that is infectious, and, quite frankly, you owe it to yourself to catch this band whenever and wherever you can—this time, headlining the Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival Friday Night Kick-Off Concert.

l he eP o J Kelly

d rta Tony Fu


The Autonomics

Th eA u


The band in question - Pat Travers, guitarist Pat Thrall, drummer Tommy Aldridge and bass player Peter “Mars” Cowling - were unarguably one of the most talented rock quartets ever to perform.

MO sl

Friday, July 13

JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival 2012 / 5


At the intersection of Oregon Avenue and Bond Street

Saturday, July 14



Celebrating 25 groundbreaking years, Fishbone has been trailblazing their way through the history of American Ska, Rock Fusion, and (so-called) Black Rock since starting their professional career in the Alternative Rock music scene of the mid-1980s. Their sound has often been imitated, but never duplicated. They have toured worldwide with such bands as the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Les Claypool/Primus, Fela Kuti, The Dead Kennedys,

Their sound has often been imitated, but never duplicated. and many more. Angelo Moore’s ability to combine thoughtprovoking, humorous social commentary with Fishbone’s brethren’s frenzied, up-tempo music and frantic, euphorically entertaining stage show has cultivated their reputation as one of the best live acts in music history.


The Staxx Brothers are a high-energy American band, hailing from Seattle, that has spent the last seven years crafting an incredible new sound they've branded Hard Ass Soul. It's quite simply the most danceable and hip shaking brand of rock & roll to hit US streets since Motown left Detroit. Where


Polyrhythmics is an original afro-funk and worldbeat orchestra from Seattle, Wash. Their music is a fusion of styles from all over the world, featuring unique, forward thinking arrangements, stellar improvisation, heavy grooves, and dynamic interplay. In two short years, Polyrhythmics have quickly gained notoriety playing to packed clubs and festival crowds all over the Northwest. Their self-titled, and now sold-out EP released in May of 2010, charted on radio playlists up and down the west coast. Just one year later, the band recorded their first full-length album, funded by a successful Kickstarter Campaign. The resulting “Labrador” debuted internationally on June 1st


rs othe Br

energy of this 8-piece “funk triceratops” overflows off of the stage and ignites the dance floor at every show. Drawing from modern influences such as the Budos Band and The Whitefield Brothers as well as their original influences, Fela Kuti, and James Brown, “Labrador” is a shining example of the chemistry between these 8 talented performers and why, in a seemingly endless sea of new funk bands, Polyrhythmics is the band everyone is talking about.

ck hi

m ic s

The Staxx Brothers


Th eS ta

Boom Chick is a big hit of surfgarage momentum and rock & roll from Brooklyn, NY. Boom Chick consists of Frank Hoier on guitar & vocals and Moselle Spiller on drums. Formed in September 2009, their sound is a reflection of their ecstatic love for early American rock & roll, surf guitar and country blues. Boom Chick’s amplified “Honky Tonk Surf Rock” brings you back to an era when people spoke their mind, yet delivers on all those things rock n’ roll promised to us so long ago.



2011 to critical acclaim and established a place at the ever-crowded “funk” table for this fast-moving, powerhouse of a band. By combining many styles of polyrhythmic funk music into a cohesive sound, the compositions are sticky and infectious. The solos are scorching and hair raising, and the

modern Rock most often has forgotten its Roll, The Staxx Brothers make it back to the juke joint, and take you back to the black church, dragging modern rock by its collar right back to its birthright - with an epic flare that matches any of the classics.

Bo om

Boom Chick

h yt rh y l Po

6 /

Amalia’s Jazz, Wine Saturday, July 14

Todd Haaby


and Sola Via

By age 15, Todd received his first guitar as a birthday gift, not knowing that it would prove to be a life-changing event. Realizing his newfound passion for this instrument, he dedicated the coming months to constant practice, only showing his face for the occasional PB&J sandwich. Within six months, Todd formed his first band becoming lead guitarist, fulfilling a personal goal. The next three years opened many doors to concerts, clubs, and radio performances. At age 18 Todd was asked to perform live with Grammy Award-Winning artist Phil Driscoll. From riffs he learned as a kid listening to Edward Van Halen, to the explosive sounds of the Gypsy Kings, Todd has combined all of his musical experiences to write and define a flavor of music indicative of Nuevo Flamenco.


Stage Schedule

Saturday, July 14 11am Tom Grant Band 1pm

Upper Left Trio


Jessie Marquez Latin Quintet


Jeff Kashiwa


Pepe & the Bottle Blondes


Todd Haaby and Sola Via

Sunday, July 15th 11am

Chiringa (Shireen Amini Latin Band)




Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta

Pepe & the Bottle Blondes was created in October 1995 to bring back the “Copacabana Style” dinner theater enhanced with the costuming, make-up, percussion and beat of Latin rhythms. Pepe & the Bottle Blondes bring a strong and stimulating visual stage performances not to be missed. Pepe Raphael's piquant pulsations have taken him from Madrid (where he was born) to New York City (where he performed) to Portland (where he now lives). Pepe has performed leading roles in Evita with Music Theatre of Oregon and in West Side Story with the Musical Theatre Company and with The Portland Opera. Pepe has also appeared in several major motion pictures and television movies. Pepe successfully blends dance, opera and musical theatre experience with his original songwriting and comedic wit to deliver a fresh and innovative performance.

Saturday, July 14 Tom Grant Band 11am Tom Grant is a master pianist, accomplished singer and songwriter who makes sophisticated use of the Smooth Jazz he helped to pioneer. He’s been on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and had four Number One albums on Adult Contemporary and Smooth Jazz charts. A polished entertainer, Tom has touched listeners worldwide because his subtle, skillful music is always cheerful and accessible yet deeply resonant. In his voice and touch on piano, we hear the perfect marriage: the improvisational jazz fusion that first propelled him to the top joined with the warm, melodic grooves that have kept him there.

Upper Left Trio 1pm Upper Left Trio plays a unique form of original music that pays homage to the tradition of the jazz piano trio, while looking to the future for inspiration. Incorporating elements both conventional and bold, Upper Left Trio creates a distinctive sound in which the virtuosity of the individual musician serves the song via each player's ability to hear and respond to any and all sonic events. “Upper Left Trio can boast being one of the more articulate and thoughtful new trios to emerge in the mainstream in the 21st century,”
 according to All About Upper Left Trio is composed of Clay Giberson on piano, Jeff Leonard on bass, and Charlie Doggett on drums.

d t Ban an r G

Up pe r


Pepe & the Bottle Blondes

To m

Amalia’s Jazz, Wine and Gourmet Foods

Saturday, July 14

Trio ft e L

JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival 2012 / 7

and Gourmet Foods Stage On Minnesota Avenue near the Oxford Hotel

Jessie Marquez Latin Quintet 3pm Latin songstress Jessie Marquez and her ensemble create an intoxicating blend of Cuban/Brazilian/Jazz/Pop. Expect to enjoy lush harmony, richly textured, sexy, cool and inviting music. Her latest release, All I See is Sky, produced by pianist Clay Giberson (Upper Left Trio, Go By Train) and bassist Phil Baker (Pink Martini, Dianna Ross) features a textured soundscape alongside the singer’s intimate and understated approach.

time he gets on stage, that he’s there to do one thing: Play! From Seattle, Jeff Kashiwa became one of the most dynamic live saxophonists in contemporary jazz during his amazing decade long tenure with The Rippingtons. Performing hundreds of Ripps gigs all over the world, he appeared on many of the band’s classic recordings, including Welcome to the St. James Club, Curves Ahead, Weekend in Monaco, Sahara and Black Diamond, as well as Live in L.A.

The Gourmet Food and Wine Marketplace

Jeff Kashiwa 5pm

Jef fK a

One of the most diverse, in demand sax players in all of contemporary jazz, Jeff Kashiwa finds pure joy at the heart of his increasingly fast-paced touring schedule by reminding himself, every

ue rq a Jessie M


wa i sh

Take a stroll down Minnesota Avenue and visit with food purveyors and vintners featuring some of Oregon's award-winning wines, oils and confections. Our expanded space brings you a bounty of new flavors and ideas! Meet local chefs and purveyors of of fine meats and explore wines, teas and appetizers, pairings for balanced tastes. Pick up your wine-pairing chart from one of our sponsoring wineries as you sample their newest vintages.

You’ll also find salsas, sauces, nuts, cheeses and so much more. And be sure to visit our new and returning wineries to sample their new releases. Just a sampling of those attending: • Gilstrap Brothers • 12th and Maple Wine Co. • Ancient Cellars • Duck Pond • God King Slave Wines

A very special thank you to our 2012 sponsoring wineries: • Capitello Wines

• Lone Oak Vineyards • Macindoe Family Cellars • Methven Family Vineyards

• Noble Estates

• Naked Winery

• Tesoaria Wines

• Quest Cellars

New foods, oils, vinegars and confections will surely be on your table before the weekend is out once you sample items from: • Tres Classique • Justy’s Jelly • Gianni’s Fine Foods • North Staffordshire Oatcakes • Tumalo Lavendar Farms • Navidi's Olive Oils The Bend TechnologyFest at the Oxford Hotel on Saturday, July 14 is where you can see the latest in home technology up close. It is Central Oregon's version of the Consumer Electronics Show. Register for free drink tickets and a chance to win an iPhone 5! There will be special promotions, great giveaways, food & drinks, expert demos of home entertainment devices, security, energy conservation, media control, and 3D TV.

• J Scott Cellars

• Blooms & Sweets, Vegan Truffles • Inspired Leaf Teas • Homemade Confections, 2012 Oregon Chocolate Festival Winner

• Ribera Vineyards • Stangeland Vineyards • Rizzo Winery

River Cooking Workshop Saturday, 1-3pm, on Minnesota Avenue. Join the guys from Fin & Fire and learn how to step up your culinary game while on the river! They’ll be grilling, baking, sautéing and turning a Traeger Grill into a boater’s dream kitchen tool. Great ideas for drifters, fishing folk and river rats alike! All your purchases will be safe in our will-call booth until you are ready to head home. Just ask any vendor.

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Listener Appreciation Concerts

Listen to Lite 95.1 and KQAK 105.7 for free tickets! Located in Mirror Pond Parking Lot

Friday, July 13


Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones is one of the most acclaimed and talented singer-songwriters of our time. Her career spans nearly three decades of incredible musical output spanning many genres: folk, rock, jazz, soul, spoken word and pop. Always fearless, Rickie Lee has consistently pushed her seemingly limitless creative abilities, as well as the music industry's envelope. Arriving on the scene in 1979, her first self-titled album, released that year, received five Grammy nominations. Her nominations included Best Song for "Last Chance Texaco", Best Album, Best Pop Vocal and Best Rock Vocal. As it happened, she won Best New Artist, and her career was launched. Only four months after her debut, Rickie Lee was gracing the cover of Rolling Stone, and 18 months later she was featured on the cover again. Rickie Lee’s voice has a unique and boyish tonality, offering no vibrato, and replete with a 40s-style jazz sensibility, has distinguished her from every other major singer in the modern era. Much imitated but rarely credited, Rickie Lee Jones is an unparalleled artist of great integrity and credibility. Although she is somewhat shy and reclusive in person, Rickie Lee's music has been a major force in for nearly 30 years, a major influence on the music of Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Edie Brickell, Suzanne Vega, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch and many others.

July 14 7:30pm Listener Saturday, Appreciation Al Stewart


Concert Schedule

Friday, July 13 LITE 95.1 Listener Appreciation Concert (free w/ticket) Listen to LITE 95.1 for your free ticket! 5pm

Voodoo Highway


Shireen Amini Band


Rickie Lee Jones

Saturday, July 14th KQAK 105.7 Listener Appreciation Concert (free w/ticket) Listen to KQAK 105.7 for your free ticket! 5pm

Soul Benders

7:30pm Al Stewart 9:30pm Gary Wright

("Year of the Cat", "Times Passages")

Glasgow-born Al Stewart has been an amazingly prolific and successful musician across 40 years and counting, working in a dizzying array of stylistic modes and musical genres—in other words, he's had a real career, and has done it without concerning himself too much about trends and the public taste. He's been influenced by several notables, to be sure, including his fellow Scot (and slightly younger contemporary) Donovan, as well as Ralph McTell, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon—but apart from a passing resemblance to Donovan vocally, he doesn't sound quite like anyone else, and has achieved his greatest success across four decades with songs that are uniquely his and impossible to mistake. “Year of the Cat” and “Time Passages” (1975) turned Al Stewart from an artist with a wide cult following at America's colleges into a fixture on the radio, the title song rising into the Top Ten in the U.S. and, ultimately, around most of the world.

Saturday, July 14


Gary Wright (“Dream Weaver”)

Visionary songwriter, performer and all-around musical pioneer, Gary Wright has spent more than 30 years shattering conventional ideas about how to make chart-topping rock music. Not only have his classic songs “Dream Weaver,” “Love is Alive” and “Really Wanna Know You” proven their genius by achieving hit status in three different decades, Wright’s wizardry has also extended, more than once, to changing the very sound and texture of contemporary pop. Wright continues to make new music and tour the country, in recent years as a member of Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band.

JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival 2012 / 9

KPOV Locals

KPOV Locals Only Stage

Only Stage


Wells Fargo Parking Lot, off of Wall Street

Concert Schedule Saturday, July 14 11am Franchot Tone 12:30pm Justin Lavik Band 2pm Subliminal 3:30pm Boxcar Stringband 5:30pm Necktie Killer 7:30pm The Pitchfork Revolution 9:30pm State of Jefferson

Join the Central Oregon Bluegrass Community Jam

Franchot Tone


It takes a certain, quiet strength to work in the shadows, and an entirely different kind of fortitude to step into the light. Franchot Tone is blessed with all of the above. The singer/songwriter/producer isn't a household name, thanks to his decidedly behind-the-scenes work on some of the coolest musical projects to emerge from the West Coast in recent years. But his sound is unmistakable: take a pitch-perfect pinch of vintage reggae and dub, a sun-fried splash of laid-back SoCal pop-rock, and a heaping helping of Meters-style funk and soul, and you've got Tone's brew. It's a flavor he's added to a bunch of projects that didn't bear his name, choosing creativity and fulfillment over fame.

Justin Lavik Band


Subliminal 2pm

Subliminal is quickly getting the reputation of creating a youthful vibe and sound. The trio feeds on the crowd's energy and works them into a frothing frenzy. This band will make you bounce, groove, dance, skank, mosh and sing!

1. Play an acoustic instrument – no amplification.

Boxcar Stringband


Boxcar Stringband is Joseph Balsamo, Casey Cathcart and Sean Garvin. Upright bass, banjo, delta slide, complex rhythms, and vocal harmonies are what they do. With a feel like something out of a 40's juke joint, these boys will take you back to the roots of it all.

Necktie Killer 5:30pm

Necktie Killer combines refined musical arrangements with a tacky, rude boy persona to field a refreshingly unique act. An independent, 8-piece rock band based in Central Oregon, the band is comprised almost entirely of Redmond high school band program alumni. Every member can play multiple instruments, and the current instrumentation features a three-piece horn section. Despite coming from a similar background, the members of Necktie Killer bring a surprisingly diverse array of musical elements to their nearly all-original set. The discerning listener will hear alternative rock, funk, ska, metal, reggae, dub, punk, hip-hop and more within a few songs.

The Pitchfork Revolution 7:30pm

The revolution has begun in the high desert of Central Oregon and the soundtrack is by The Pitchfork Revolution. Committed to bringing a new sound to the people, this outfit delivers original driving bluegrass and high-

Laura Curtis


Bare Roots


Central Oregon Bluegrass Community Jam

Hope to see (and hear) you there! energy, dark instrumental music guaranteed to get your booty moving. With songs written to speak to modern America, The Pitchfork Revolution delivers a layered and intricately aggressive sound.

State of Jefferson 9:30pm

From Seattle to San Francisco and all points in between, State of Jefferson has really been covering some ground. This Reggae/ Jam Band based out of Williams, Ore. has even been cruisin' off to the Hawaiian Islands for the last six years. They've been soaking up some sun in the winter months, working on their chops, and performing with some of Oahu's premier musicians and artists such as Sashamon, Maacho and the Cool Connection, and Kapono Haines and "King" Isaac Kamaile. Recently the group performed and recorded with Joe Craven, formerly of the David Grisman Quintet.

Sunday on the KPOV Locals Only Stage Laura Curtis 11am At age 20, Laura Curtis from Sisters, Ore. carries on the tradition of emotive song writing rooted deeply in the Folk and Americana music she grew up listening to. With her experience in the Sisters Folk Festival, the Americana Project, and mentorship by women songwriters in the Folk tradition including Meg Hutchinson, Susan Werner and Ruthie Foster, Laura has

grown a great respect for good songwriting, great live performances, and has evolved her own music by sharing these communal experiences each year. As Laura develops as an artist, she will continue to hone her poetic song writing, and is surely an artist to watch, for many years to come.

Bare Roots


Blending Americana, Folk and Bluegrass, Bare Roots features powerful vocal harmonies, sweet twin fiddles, guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo and just the right touch of dobro. This Central Oregon band presents unique arrangements of traditional, contemporary and original compositions. All of this adds up to a whole lot of fun and some great music! The Roots consist of Mark Barringer–guitar/vocals, Natalie Herse – mandolin/vocals, Michael Scott– bass fiddle/vocals, Pat Ewert–banjo/ dobro/guitar/ vocals, and Cat Finney and Amy Stinard–twin fiddles. Re vol utio n

Saturday on the KPOV Locals Only Stage

Participating is easy! You must:


3. Be supportive of everyone’s playing—this is a community jam and all levels are welcome!

rson ffe e J

k for The Pitch

ri ng band

All Jammers welcome! Come join us between 3pm and 5pm at the KPOV Locals Only Stage on Sunday, July 15th for an open bluegrass jam. All are welcome, and only three rules apply. The Central Oregon Bluegrass Community will be leading the way, with traditional

Sunday, July 15th

2. Have a properly tuned instrument.

Sta te of

Sunday, July 15th 3pm

bluegrass etiquette, allowing each jammer the privilege of naming the next song. Whether you're an experienced jammer, a new musician, or a bluegrass enthusiast, come out and join in the fun!

St Boxcar

Franchot Tone

Justin Lavik Band


Necktie Killer

Laura Curtis

Bare Roots

10 /

for a free q uote call:




1269 nw wall street, bend

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JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival 2012 / 11

Proudly sponsoring the “Jazz, Wine & Gourmet Food Street” at the Bend Summer Festival.

See you at Munch and Music all summer long!



Jefe Shrimp (The boss’ favorite) Tiger prawns sautéed with tequila, pineapple, tomatoes, cilantro and scallions served with asparagus and black beans.

9 1 5 N W Wa l l S t r e e t - D o w n t o w n B e n d 541-382-3244

12 /

Gospel n' Brunch Sunday July 15th

On The Peak 104.1 Mainstage at the intersection of Oregon Avenue and Bond Street (Gourmet Champagne Brunch tickets available before the event at Saxon’s Fine Jewelry, and also at the event for $20. Music is FREE!)

Ruthie Foster Band


“Everybody ought to have a stone love.” So says Ruthie Foster on the opening cut of The Truth According to Ruthie Foster. And when Ruthie lays it down, you’d be well advised to listen. This extraordinary songwriter/performer tackles life’s big issues throughout her sizzling new album. On it, Ruthie repeatedly testifies to her core message - that through all of the ups and downs of living, you must stay true to yourself. The pain as well as the joy of love, the strength it takes to weather life’s challenges, the hope that grows from seeds of faith and wisdom: All of this breathes inspiration and celebration into The Truth According to Ruthie Foster. And the music brings it to life. Truth be told, Foster could sing the phone book, jam on a laundry list and send everyone home happy. But the combination on The Truth According to Ruthie Foster of uplifting lyric and electrifying vocals, backed by a band of world-class players bristling with soul, proves impossible to resist. Joined by bassist Tanya Richardson and drummer Samantha Banks, the Ruthie Foster Band is sure to bring this year’s Gospel ‘n Brunch to its knees.

It is much more than good food—a delicious, gourmet meal prepared by Barrio Restaurant & Tapas Bar—it is a celebration of an art form, an

opportunity to be moved to a better place! Join us again this year as we are thrilled to present the Ruthie Foster Band. Two other spectacular gospel acts are presented by Saxon's Fine Jewelers including the Quincy Street Bluegrass Gospel Band at 11am, and the Northwest Community Gospel Choir at 1pm. It all happens on The Peak 104.1 Mainstage on Oregon Avenue. Tickets for the brunch with reserved seating are available at Saxon's Fine Jewelers in advance, or may be purchased by walking up at the event. This year, a percentage of ticket sales will go to support The Justice Conference, an internationally acclaimed conference originating in Bend! The Justice Conference is a two-day annual event to promote dialogue around justice related issues such as human trafficking, slavery, poverty, HIV/AIDS and human rights, featuring internationally acclaimed speakers, hundreds of humanitarian organizations and dozens of

pre-conference workshops. It is a movement of students, teachers, business people, parents, artists, social entrepreneurs, pastors, advocates and academics all of whom are discovering the paradox that true life is found when we give our lives away on behalf of others.

Quincy Street Bluegrass Gospel Band, 11am Northwest Community Gospel Choir, 1pm

ee tB lue grass Gospel Band

After a visit to the prestigious, Bill Cosby hosted, Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl in Southern, California, C3 Events owner Cameron Clark, and Saxon's Fine Jewelers owner Ron Henderson, hatched a scheme to re-create an experience they had been moved by at the nearby House of Blues... together they were inspired, lifted up even, by the spiritual sounds of a Gospel R&B funk band, completed with gourmet champagne brunch. This nearly 10-year tradition now, has featured the best in national and regional gospel acts, including Seattle's award winning, "Total Experience Gospel Choir." Others who have performed include Janice Scroggins and Linda Hornbuckle, the African Gospel Accapella Group, Sonos, the Witherspoons, Max Clark, The Brown Sisters, Marilyn Keller, The Rose City Gospel Ensemble, and many more.

r St y c Quin

JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the cascades Bend summer Festival 2012 / 13

Conscious Living Showcase Presented by Wildhorse Harley-Davidson Wall Street between Franklin Avenue and Louisiana Avenue

The Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by The Source Weekly is pleased to welcome back the Conscious Living Showcase Presented by Wildhorse Harley-Davidson, a wonderfully popular shout out to those businesses who help us live a healthy lifestyle in Central Oregon. This year the showcase will boast more than 50 exhibitors from the areas of Outdoor Sports and Recreation, Home and Nature, Healing and Wellness, and Home Energy Conservation. If you’re interested in being a more whole and conscious you—check out the many exhibitors, activities and demonstrations that will fill the street. Be sure to check out the Wildhorse Harley-Davidson booth and ride a Harley for FREE. Hop on the "Jumpstart" and try one out for size. Also learn some of the ins and outs of Harley-Davidson by attending the Boot Camp which will be all weekend long.

SolarPowered & zero Waste! C3 Events is proud to team up with Abney Solar Electrix to bring solar power to the Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by The Source Weekly. The entire Conscious Living Showcase, the FOX Central Oregon Presents the Bend’s Got Talent Stage, and one area bar will all be completely supported by solar power. Way to go green, Bend! In addition to heightening awareness of what solar energy can mean, C3 Events is also excited to bring another Zero Waste event to the downtown corridor. Look for our “Zero Waste” stations and volunteers throughout the festival space to dispose of your recycling and compost materials.

2012 Conscious Living Exhibitors Include: SYLVAN SPORT WHOLESALE SPORTS


CHIMPS INC, Sponsored by Pheifer & Associates







Sunday, July 22 1pm





















$32 Floor General $38 Upper Concourse General $54 Floor Reserved


SUMMER FEST Saturday & Sunday, July 14th and 15th

Wildhorse Harley-Davidson® Downtown Bend


For more information visit Find us on Facebook at for contests, news and real-time concert updates



Hooker Creek Arena, Deschutes County Fairgrounds

Tickets on sale now in-person or charge-by-phone at Newport Avenue Market 541-382-3940. Limited number of general admission tickets available at Ray’s Foodplace in Redmond, Prineville and Sisters.



HEART OF OREGON CORPS, Sponsored by Sage Builders

An Afternoon with Bill Cosby

BEND ELECTRIC BIKES SIERRA CLUB, Sponsored by Deschutes County Title




14 /

2012 Fine Artist Promenade

Featuring more than 125 fine artists On Wall Street between Oregon Avenue and Franklin Avenue

Best of Jury


stroll through more than 125 fine artists and craftspeople as they fill the street with their handwork, design and artistry. traveling to Bend from all over the state, region and country, these fine artists bring color and life to the Bank of the cascades Bend summer Festival presented by the source weekly. From truly amazing miniature sculptures made from gold and silver to unique methods of pottery, clothing design, painting and photography, it is an ideal place to find that special gift or one-of-kind piece that will bring you (or someone you love) happiness for years to come. Karin Roy, c3 events Artists coordinator has brought all of these fine artists together on wall street in Downtown Bend so that you may revel in their work for two very special days. enjoy!


MiCHAeL SAGe is the Real Leaf man. He uses real skeleton leaves in shadow box collages and also produces a line of jewelry. GRAHAM SMiTH specializes in limited edition canvas prints, framed and gallery wrapped as well as matted and ready to frame images in sizes 5" x 7" to 24"x 30.” MiCHAeL eCTON brings his wine country photography with the intimate images of the vineyards and wine regions, as well as and travel destinations beyond. TiM GiRAUDieR AND HeADWATeRS PHOTOGRAPHiC COLOR brings the natural life of oregon to life with landscapes, birds and wildflowers that showcase the beauty of our great state. JiM HOLMDAHL is a landscape and miniature photographer unlike any other.

DiANe BURNS is a local artist. Her pottery showcases nature through the use of leaves and other organic materials, while her quote bowls are a favorite among local residents.

AUDRey KiRCHNeR is a photographer capturing life from local scenes, wildlife, birds, dogs.


Silversmith and Lapidarist but above all, he is an Artist. His uniqueness lies in the development of a "hand-fabrication" that is seldom seen today. Hand-fabrication requires many detailed steps, immense concentration and a dedication to perfection. Francois works only in Gold and Silver, utilizing precious and semi-precious gemstones. His art is reminiscent of a time when a jeweler was called that only if he was an expert at the art of detailed soldering. From the smallest to the grandest, each of is creations is one-of-a-kind and tells a story through tremendous handwork. You will notice the name "Francois D 'Orleans” on all of his pieces, a small gift of gratitude to his hometown of Orleans, France. Francois immigrated to the United States at the age of 16 and now makes his home in Medford, Ore. “The Schnyder's work is akin to the sophistication of fabrication in classical antiquity, from the Greeks and Romans, through the Renaissance to the present day. They create miniature sculptural pieces with precious metals and stones that really must be seen to be believed,” said Karin Roy, C3 Events Artists Coordinator. Be sure to stop by the Schnyder’s booth to truly experience the incredible handwork and imaginative spirit of this one-of-a-kind artist.

MiCHeLe GWiNUP runs Blue spruce Pottery, a family business that creates functional stoneware and decorative Raku pottery. PeTeR ROUSSeL is a local potter showing functional pottery and alternative firing techniques such as raku, horsehair, saggar, and pit-fired. vases, platters, wall hangings in a variety of glazing techniques. eD AND DiANe SWiCK creates artistic and functional pottery with high-fired, wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware. JOHN KiNDeR has been making functional pottery since 1992. His passion is teaching youth and adult ceramics with Bend Parks and Recreation and more recently, central oregon community college. when John is not in the studio, he loves all things outdoors and dancing his face off to bluegrass with his friends and family. Look for John's latest ceramic advocacy project "the Bend Bicycle Pottery experience." ROBeRT GRAyDONiS a ceramicist specializing in unique light fixtures using pottery forms. BiLL eARHART CHAD FOX

PHOTOGRAPHY TRULA BLize photographs because she can't not photograph. Her pieces are poetic and painterly, a rich visual experience, and intended to be shared and enjoyed. DAViD DUCK FiNe ART PHOTOGRAPHy creates museum-quality fine art photography. DAViD HOWeLL is an international travel photographer who specializes in cultural and landscape art photos. His goal is to create a path to a different place and time so you can enjoy a virtual travel escape whenever you need one. DeBORAH MCGeARy is in constant search for hidden treasures mother earth has to offer Photography is her connection to that mystery. SHARON POTeeT shows us the world through her eyes. enjoy multimedia photos and paintings from all corners of the world.

NOeLLe DASS creates whimsical animal paintings guaranteed to make you smile. new works for 2012! BeTH LyONS works in acrylics on stretched canvas, some matted under glass. LARy MCKee/" FROGieS SPiSH- SLASH" creates giclee designs made with Archival dyes. iAiN STONe is a mechanical pencil illustrator, specializing in highly detailed portraits of iconic figures, pets and family. DeAN CROUSeR

STeVeN PROVeNCe creates handcrafted contemporary functional ceramic pieces.

Francois Schneyder D' Orleans is a Goldsmith,

JOANN BURGeSS is a pastel artist that engages in both plein air and studio painting. Her love of nature is reflected in her works.

ANNA LAWReNCe/ANNA'S HAUTe APRONS are created from upcycled skirts, accent fabrics and a fashionable sense of humor.


NiCOLe FLOOD/FLOOD CLOTHiNG specializes in one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces for women and men using 100% recycled

SALLy GRAVeS JeNNiNGS specializes in unique, handmade, accessories and is focused on using natural fibers, repurposed items and her own artwork to create. eLiTA HiLL/GiNzA GiRLS makes fun, mod skirts for girls and ladies!

CyNTHiA LUCAS/BeLLA SiSTeRS creates one-of-a-kind jackets from recycled materials since 2002. AMANDA WeiSS OF THRee BAD SeeDS creates quirky cushions for the home and modern heirlooms for the young one. each is handcrafted from wool and linen. HOORAy HAROO/A DeLiGTFULLy WONDeRFUL KiDS BOUTiQUe makes handmade children's apparel and accessories. Lizzy MyeRS/SHABBy KNAPSACK makes cozy fashion-forward knitwear using repurposed materials. LiNDA SPRiNG is a fiber artist working with individually hand-painted fabrics using green-label, non-toxic dyes. KiM MiNASiAN/WeST COAST JUJU brings the sassy, comfortable recycled t-skirt. every piece is as unique as you! GeNe NAWRAKi creates hand-tooled leather items. STACi HiLLMAN LOiS ANN SUMMeR

2D FINE ART JACKie AVeRy is a representational painter. Her favorite topics include bicycles, food, lumberjacks and costume parties.

KATie MCCLAiN is an original painter. BARTON DeGRAFF


RyAN BeARD works with both large and small-scale sculpture with a focus on the relationship with the surrounding environment.

FRANCOiS SCHNeyDeR is a Goldsmith, silversmith and Lapidarist but above all, he is an Artist. His uniqueness lies in the development of a "hand-fabrication " that is seldom seen today. Best oF JURY

3D FINE ART - GLASS BeN SiLVeR’S work is my passion, and my passion is life. He makes decorative and whimsical hand-blown glass.


brings unique handcrafted jewelry in sterling silver in combination with 14k and 18k gold.

TAi VAUTieR creates highly unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Hand forged from silver and fine gold, using advanced techniques such as anticlastic forming, reticulating and fusing, giving her designs an organic and sophisticated look. GARCiA ALFARO ART JeWeLeRy is an Artisan silver and Goldsmith. entirely hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces.

HOME AND GARDEN STeVe BANSUND/NORGeBOARDS brings hand-made Land Paddle Boards for alternative "coRe" training. Boards are easy to ride, fun, and a great workout too! DeBBie CHiN produces functional glass art in a whimsical way. Please stop by her booth to say hello and see for yourself how she makes ordinary glass objects fun. LyNN DAViS/zeNVASe creates unique bronze and glass flower vases that showcase 3-5 flowers in a stunning arrangement. JONi KAUHANe urges you to replace unsightly trash holders for your car, truck, boat, Rv, wheelchair or walker with the stylish, hand-crafted G-Bag! Available in a variety of fabrics to suit your style and taste.

JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival 2012 / 15 Dawn Mead/La Petite Savonnerie is a small Sisters company creating European inspired artisan soaps using fresh, plant-based ingredients blended to perfection. R.O. Crouch is rustic industrial and industrial chic home furnishings and art. Utilizing various elements including reclaimed wood, steel, art glass, fabrics and leathers, and strung beads. KarenLynn Robinson/Bliss Pillow creates home-crafted, all-natural therapeutic pillows filled with organic US-grown millet hulls and covered with gorgeous fabric Great for your body, bringing supportive comfort from Mother Earth instead of a factory. Heather Rose/Garden Whimsies Unique twisted copper wire art with marbles and wood. Split River Designs/David Wolters brings new design and style to traditional items. Combining dovetail joinery, lamination and wood-bending techniques, his designs stand apart from the mainstream. Michael Seeley Furniture Rod iron furniture and garden accessories, some with stone accents. Tara & Shannon Townsend/Bantam Lane Naturally nourishing Goat’s Milk Skin Care products, as well as Beer Soaps from Deschutes Brewery and GoodLife Brewing Company. Bend, Ore. Nazare DuFosse

Jon Bortello Hawaiian Sunchair

Donnell Fabrication Interiors and Furniture

Judy Kennedy

Good Smells Soap is wonderfully creamy glycerin soap that lathers up so nice, it makes your bathroom smell great!

Lyle Ang creates wire wrapped and torch fabricated Argentum Sterling Silver and gold-filled Jewelry featuring coins from 250 countries and over 100 varieties of gemstone cabochons.


Sue Hunnel Flame Wrangler creates glass art jewelry.

Natures Treasures creates Ikebana style flower vases using fossils and a variety of stones. The artist is solely involved in every step of this process to fabricate original, functional flower vases. The vases are perfect for simple, elegant arrangements using a minimum of flowers. Rudi Rudolf/Wooden Apple Woodturning strives to arrive at the best use for each piece of wood by striking a balance between color and grain and a pleasing, appropriate form.

Shirley Huycke/Sisters Jewelry Designs creates one-of-a-kind sea glass jewelry using surf tumbled sea glass. Kerin Dimeler-Laurence designs vintage-inspired jewelry for modern wear. Each piece is unique and reflects the influence of the Pacific Northwest.

Beth Larsen Waggletops makes snuggly heartwarming fleece fitted-sheets for dog and cat beds. Curt Norquist/Goldenwood Soap

Jennifer Aylward makes Up-Cycled Copper "Cool Stuff" with salvaged roofing material from the Bend Bulletin building torn down in


Jeffrey Bengstrom Wood Working

Kaylaa Milaine is a wire weaver, creating crochet/knit metal jewelry and accessories including the 'flamenco' earring and 'corsage'

JEWELRY Margaret Aden uses a basket weaving technique to create sculptural jewelry focused on patina and structure. Challenging cultural symbolism by incorporating artifacts and uncut focals, she entraps them in gossamer threads of fine silver thus changing the use, beauty and function ascribed to discarded, forgotten and unfinished items.

MARGARET RITTER & MICHELLE KELLER/UNION STUDIO METALWORKS: A two-lady metalsmithing operation creating an industrial line of chic jewelry. Colleen Rouse Text here.

Kathryn Jones works in hand-cut, one-of-a-kind pieces of natural stone jewelry. JamisonRae Olson makes handcrafted sterling silver and 14k gold filled jewelry. It'll make you feel pretty! Sierra Gwin believes that jewelry is “an object which honors the beauty of the spirit that inspired the piece, as well as the beauty of the woman who wears it." ALENA FISSE-KARR makes assemblage jewelry. Nanette Jordan

Gloria Mooney brings artisan jewelry, many stone bead items, unique wind chimes, and handmade wearables.

Scott Chen Bonsai

Linda Herd creates copper necklaces consisting of fold-formed copper sheet segments with a handmade copper chain and S-clasp closure, finished with a hand-applied patina.

Cherie Smith makes recycled glass jewelry from vintage alcohol bottles vintage. Each piece is shaped and tumbled before being handcrafted into sparkling eco-friendly jewelry. Sheila Walker/She Walks Design creates unique handmade copper jewelry inspired by nature, using a multiple step patina process.

Linda Rusch Brian Smith

ORIGINAL BOOK Patricia Wilson is the author of "I Can't See But I Can Imagine", a delightful children’s book includes 5 children's songs and story on CD "Blind Grandmother Sees The World Through Story & Song.”


Thank you to Franklin Crossing and Billye Turner, art consultant, for providing the comfort space for artists' breaks at Franklin Crossing!

The first four weeks matter.

One out of three people will develop chronic pain from a car accident if not identified and treated effectively within the first four weeks. At Therapy Works Physical Therapy we evaluate your symptoms and design a research based program to help get you better. Our therapists will educate you on proper movement, help you understand your injury and develop a personalized program for strengthening and healing. We have the experience to address your symptoms early on. Let’s make those first four weeks count.

Research based painfree exercises Education in pain, self care and movement Specialized Manual Therapy Techniques

330 NE Marshall Avenue, Bend, OR 97701

We get you. Better.

Addressing related symptoms such as headaches, numbness, arm and leg pain Pool Therapy Massage Therapy

541-383-8179 |

16 /




SMOKIN GARDEN DEALS Every Day - Thru The End Of July!




Full service FTD/ Teleflora Florist

Gift Shop

20202 Powers Road


Garden Art (541) 383-8888

Free Landscape

Consultation Cash & Carry, no guarAntees, all sales final. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the cascades Bend summer Festival 2012 / 17

Bend Summer Festival 2012 Map Lawn Seating VIP

Listener Appreciation Concerts



The KTVZ News Ch.21


"Bends Got Talent" Stage

Conscious Living Showcase

Fine Artists Promenade

Food Court Restrooms

The Peak 104.1 Main Stage


Oxford Hotel


Oregon St.

Minnesota St.

Bond St.

Amalia's Jazz, Wine & Gourmet Food Stage


Info Booth

US Bank

Bond St.

Greenwood Ave.

Wells Fargo


KPOV Locals Only Stage

Jazz & Wine



Wall St.

Franklin Ave.



12 ADA Parking Spaces

Bend Summer Festival 2012 Map Legend Bar

Bank of America


18 /

Group Classes Two Cardio Areas Women-Only Area Personal Training Locker Rooms w/ Showers Mens/Womens Spas & Saunas Heavy-Lifting Area Nautilus Massage and much more!


Located in the Goodwill Plaza, across from the Outlet Stores “Where Your Transformation Begins!”

JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the cascades Bend summer Festival 2012 / 19

Food Court Located in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot

The Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival, presented by The Source Weekly, will feature more than 30 innovative food vendors serving savory and sweet offerings. Get your eat and drink on in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot off of Oregon Avenue—the dining area is a great place to gather with friends and family, and a must-hit spot during the festival.














ABV: 5.6% IBUs: 55 Calories: 182/12 oz Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Unmalted Wheat, Hops: Bravo, Citra, Centennial, Cascade Other: Sweet Orange, Coriander

Black Butte Porter

Ahh, our creamy, contrary flagship, a dark zig to the usual zag. Join us. Outside-the-lines is the very best place to play. An opening volley, this pioneering dark ale heralded Deschutes’ renegade intentions. Its creamy mouthfeel, complex layers, hop edge and chocolate finish personify passion-forward brewing.

Twilight Summer Ale

Grills on. Shoes off. Summer has its own rules. As luck would have it, it also has its own beer. Enjoy. Down goes another brewing dogma. Select malts and a heady dose of bold Amarillo hops deliver full-on flavor and craft nuance in a lighter, summer style. Enjoy chilled as the days linger. Available May - Sep. ABV: 5.0% IBUs: 35 Calories: 162/12 oz Malt: NW Pale, Carastan, Carapils Hops: Northern Brewer, Amarillo, Cascade, Tettnang

Have a little too much fun at the Bend Summer Festival and need a safe ride home? Look for the Sober Dudes—they'll be on-site to help get you home safeley.

ABV: 5.2% IBUs: 30 Calories: 192/12 oz Malt: Pale, Carapils, Chocolate, Crystal, Wheat Hops: Cascade, Bravo, Tettnang




local! LIVE



Locally and independently owned.

When you buy a home with The Garner Group, you are doing business

with second and third generation Central Oregonians. We choose to do business in our own community first and we hope you’ll do the same! Sh


in P









With this feisty White IPA, Deschutes once again veers away from the well-worn path. Chainbreaker fuses smooth wheat and spice low notes with hop highlights. Proof, at last, that crisp and refreshing can still be a thrilling ride.



Chainbreaker White IPA



ngton Dr


Mt. Washi






And throughout the festival space, you will find the Deschutes Brewery Libation Stations. Serving finely crafted microbrews, wines and cocktails inspired by Inspired Leaf Teas!






We sell all of Central Oregon!

Yes, our offices are in NorthWest Crossing, but it isn’t all we do.

ss Our brokers representVision properties across the high desert. So if NW Cro you at the See Sports Bend rs Rd

lin Sky NW


you are ready to sell your home, wherever you live, call us first!

MAUI JIM BOOT H Visit our Sales Office at

(corner of Wall & Oregon)


NorthWest Crossing. Open Mon-Fri 9-5, 10-4 Weekends


541 383 4360

(corner of Bond & Oregon)

20 /

Take Your Family


There’s no Excuse Now! Now is the PERFECT Time To Buy an RV. The Big Country RV promise... • As the highest volume RV dealer in Central Oregon…Big Country RV Receives GREAT Dealer prices and passes them on to our customers.

See the beautiful ARRIVING DAILY!


• Your RV will be ready in 24 hours to take you camping!

Don’t Waste Away Your Great Summer!

Time for fun! Biggest RV Dealer East of the Cascades! We have 3 Locations to serve you! Redmond Service Center 3111 N. Canal Blvd (off Hwy 97 Exit 119)


Redmond Sales 2795 S Highway 97 (Next to Dollar store)


Bend Sales 63500 N Hwy 97(Across from Home Depot)


JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the cascades Bend summer Festival 2012 / 21

Kids Area Wall Street in front of the Bend Public Library

What’s summer without a whole lot of fun for the kids? The Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival is loaded with kids activities for all ages! From bouncy houses that have the added bonus of cool water fun to furry friends and pony rides from DD Ranch and the always adored face painters, to a stomp rocket workshop and launch, and all-star talent competition— you’ll want to hang out in the kids’ end of Wall Street all weekend long. Oh, and be on the lookout for our favorite giant puppets, the zany antics of The Spinsterz! and a certain lovely character—Silly Lilly.

Stage Schedule


LF-7 Kids Rock Band

Stomp Rocket Workshop and Rocket Launch, hosted by 4-H


Sunriver Dance Company Performance

Saturday, July 14 12-2pm Wall Street, directly in front of the Bend Public Library

Join leaders from 4-H to design and build a paper stomp rocket! Using elements of science and technology, presenters will lead kids through an educational and fun workshop that will culminate in a group rocket launch in Troy Field. The workshop will be held on Saturday, July 14 12-2pm. The workshop is first-come, first-serve, limited to 30 kids ages 8 and older.

Presents the “Bend’s Got Talent” Competition Saturday, July 14 12-3pm Held on The KTVZ News Channel 21 "Bend's Got Talent" Stage on the corner of Louisiana and Wall Street.

Calling all performers big and small, ages five and over! Do you have a talent that rocks? Are you a burgeoning vocalist, dancer, musician, comedian or all-around performance rock star? Are you interested in winning amazing prizes from KTVZ News Channel 21? Bring whatever talent you have to the KTVZ News Channel 21 “Bend’s Got Talent” Competition on Saturday, July 14 12-3pm. Held on the stage in the kids area, competition space is limited. Pre-registration is required and acts must be appropriate for all ages. Email for more information. © Jill Rosell Photography

Saturday 11am

Roots Rythym with Shireen Amini


© Jill Rosell Photography

12-3pm The KTVZ News Channel 21 "Bend's Got Talent" Competition, opened with a special performance by Michael Patterson and Hobbs High Desert Belly Dance Guild

3:30pm Terpsichorean Dance Studio, Ballet and Hip-Hop

Sunday 11am

Interactive Magic Show with Bill the Magician





2:30pm TBA 3pm

BEAT Preview Performance of “HONK”

3:30pm Exotic Reptile Show by The Reptile Zone, LLC 4pm

Tribal Moon Bellydance



22 /

Bend Summer Festival—Thank You! The Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival is the cumulative effort of literally hundreds of staff, volunteers and sponsors. This festival is not possible without the support of the Bend Downtown Business Association and the City of Bend, the insanely hard work of C3 Events, the efforts of several very important independent contractors, and phenomenal financial support from Bank of the Cascades.

Title Sponsor Bank of the Cascades

Presenting Sponsor The Source Weekly

Host Sponsor Downtown Bend Business Association

Media Partner Sponsors The Source Weekly KPOV KFXO News The Peak 104.1 Lite 95.1 KQAK 105.7

Beverage Sponsors Deschutes Brewery Inspired Leaf Teas

Activity Ownership Sponsors The Peak 104.1 Mainstage Lite 95.1 Friday Night Listener Appreciation Concert KQAK 105.7 Saturday Night Listener Appreciation Concert Saxon’s Fine Jewelers Gospel ‘n Brunch Sunday Amalia’s Jazz, Wine and Gourmet Foods Stage KPOV Locals Only Stage The KTVZ News Channel 21 "Bend's Got Talent" Stage

Partnering Sponsors Big Country RV The Oxford Hotel Therapy Works Physical Therapy Fusion Fitness All Star Labor & Staffing Cascade Garden Center Sober Dudes C3 Zero Waste sponsored by Lava EdgeOregon Green Products, All Mixed-Up, The Environmental Center, and NorthWest Crossing ZoomTax Tri County Climate Control Bend Distillery Pisano’s Pizza Truck Toyz Sportsvision Moementum Wildhorse Harley-Davidson

Event Staff Cameron Clark, Owner, Producer, Meddler, C3 Events Tiffany Clark, Senior Event Advisor Rebecca Stiehl, Event Manager Kyle O’Brien, Operations Manager Daniel Baumann, Assistant Operations Manager Karin Roy, Fine Artist Coordinator Sarah Daily, Publicity Director and Children’s Area Coordinator Audrey Velez, Stage Management Jim Kone, Conscious Living Showcase Coordinator Robin Rife, Information Booth Monique Charbonneau, Oregon Street Manager Bill Carlton, Listener Appreciation Space Coordination Debbie Patenburg, Onsite Coordinator

Ethel Stratton, Gourmet Food and Wine Vendor Procurement Melissa King, C3 Spirit-Giver Megan Zanetos, Intern Abby Messenger, Intern Alexis Smith, Intern Summer Fang, Intern Megan Davis, Intern Henry Mosier, Operations Nick Suther, Operations Anders Hutlestad, Operations Sam Williams, Operations Keelan O’Brien, Operations All of the above people represent the very best of the best among staffers anywhere—this is a positive, healthy, vivacious, energized, elegant, extraordinary group of folks. Thank you to each and every one of you for giving your being to these events!

Special Acknowledgements Horizon Broadcasting Group Keith Shipman Aaron Switzer Ban Tat Chris Larro Kelli Carter Carrie Ramoz Dale Navish Al Huntley Ernie Greeno Larry McCauly City of Bend The quality team at Premier Printing Max Clark Brett at Dana Signs Bank of the Cascades Terry Zink

Julie Miller Charlene Clevenger Debbie Amerongen Molly Patrick All Bank of the Cascades Volunteers All of our supporters at The Source Weekly Rick Miller, KPOV Bend Police Department Big thanks to Susie Lovisco and Steve Esselstyn Chuck Arnold, Downtown Bend Business Association All Downtown Merchants City of Bend, Jeff Datwyler Alert Safety Scott Reynolds and Tom Wilson at All Star Labor & Staffing Bend Parks and Recreation Ryan Funderburg, All Access Productions Cliff Wyland, Sound Advice Jonah Brindley, Sound Advice Al Stewart and crew of Eye Beam Event Production Services Scott Ramsay Victor Chudowsky Bob Peterson, Oregon Stage and Lighting Tom Leland and Advanced Port-o-potties Mike Riley and Denise Rowcroft, The Environmental Center Bend Garbage and Recycling Cascade Disposal Rockin' Daves Bagels and Thump Coffee, early morning fuel for festival artists Thank you to Franklin Crossing and Billye Turner, art consultant, for providing the comfort space for artists' breaks at Franklin Crossing!

t r u n k s h o w j u n e 21st Old Mill District

JULY 12, 2012 / Bank of the cascades Bend summer Festival 2012 / 23

A Word From the Title Sponsor: “Summer Fest is the perfect match for Bank of the Cascades because it celebrates the people who live and work here,” said Julie Miller, Oregon Regional Manager of Bank of the Cascades. “This year’s sponsorship is particularly exciting for us because we are looking forward to expanding our partnerships with local businesses. It’s exciting to be making loans and finding new ways to reinvest in this community,” she added.

Pull up a cup and meet Inspired Leaf. Located in Central Oregon, we mingle small batches of the finest whole leaf tea with uncommon elements to create combination that are truly inspired. From Raspberry Litchi to Toasted Walnut, each of our 25 flavors will shake up your cup in the most delicious way.

Bank of the Cascades’ sponsorship of the Bend Summer Festival reaches beyond financial support to include active participation from the bank’s team members and their families. Employees volunteer their time behind the scenes to make the event successful and are also out in force to enjoy the fun. “Our team of experts is among the best in the banking industry, but they also have such strong relationships with our customers,” said Miller. “You really see those connections when they are out in the community and enjoying the Bend Summer Festival,” she added.

—Julie Miller, Oregon Regional Manager of Bank of the Cascades

Find us at, Newport Avenue Market, Whole Foods, Rays Food Place in Bend and Prineville, C.E. Lovejoy's, Cafe Sintra in Bend and Sunriver, The Cake Lady, Perfect Perk and FivePine Lodge in Sisters. And, be sure to ask for us at other local retailers and restaurants! 541-419-3480

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If it’s important to the community it’s important to us. At Bank of the Cascades, we understand the power and the potential of local dollars. Your money stays right here and is reinvested in our local economy, providing business and personal credit. As a community bank, that’s exactly what we do, invest in our communities and the people who live here. Please let us know how we might assist you.




Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by The Source Weekly, Guide 2012  

The official guide to the 2012 Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival Presented by The Source Weekly. Published by The Source Weekly on 7...

Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by The Source Weekly, Guide 2012  

The official guide to the 2012 Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival Presented by The Source Weekly. Published by The Source Weekly on 7...