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Clinical & Industrial Cleaning Specialists

introduction Founded in Hampshire in 1995, SSH are proudly recognised as one of the leading Clinical & Industrial Cleaning Specialists throughout the South, London and the Home Counties. The purpose of this brochure is to introduce you to the various cleaning services that we offer and to highlight our dedication to our clients and their various requirements.

Our regular staff training programs are fundamental to maintaining our reputation. Our intensive training program covers on-site work, health, safety & environmental issues, SSH guidelines and procedures and most importantly, communication and people skills, which is paramount due to the high number of public, high security & hospital areas that we work in.

We pride ourselves on our unique, tailormade approach and we are constantly looking to exceed our clients’ expectations with our professionalism, commitment, ethics & values and of course, the finished product.

Our good reputation combined with the very real investment that we have made in our people has created a solid platform from which we plan to expand to become the market leader.

As a testament to our success, we have generated many long-term working relationships with our clients. This is directly attributable to the high quality of our work and to the quality of our employees who are both trust-worthy and extremely reliable.

So if you are looking for a reliable Clinical & Industrial Cleaner then do contact us. Equally, if you are unable to find what you are looking for then give us a call and we will do our very best to help you.

Sam West Managing Director

Memberships & Accreditations


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We clinically clean operating theatres, recoveries, ITU’s, mortuaries, TSSU’s etc.

We deep clean all catering equipment, full kitchen structures, extraction units and also offer a filter laundry service.


catering departments

construction industry builders cleans

We carry out builders cleans, site facility cleans, grounds maintenance & road sweeping etc.

10 floor & carpet treatment 12 other cleaning services

We clean all types of hard floors and carpets.

We offer cleaning services from litter picking to window cleaning to swimming pool cleaning.

17 maintenance

We can carry out various maintenance tasks from painting & decorating to small building works.

16 health & safety and the environment

We comply with all Health & Safety legislation and we are also an environmentally conscious company.

“It is very noticeable that the use of correct equipment has provided excellent results. The surgeons have reported how impressed they are with the standard of cleanliness”. St Mary’s Hospital, London

“The professional and efficient service and standard of work from SSH is greatly appreciated and I would recommend them to any other establishment requiring their services”. Southampton General Hospital

Hospitals SSH specialise in the clinical cleaning of Hospitals. We clean to microbiological testing standards and currently work for many NHS Trusts. SSH took on the task of reducing MRSA & Clostridium Difficile across the South and over the last three years our expertise has effectively helped to reduce the infection by 58%, a huge decrease.

Operating Theatres

A&E Departments

Operating theatres are one of the most important areas in a hospital and we therefore believe that these areas should be given the attention they deserve. Accordingly, we have developed a proven system for the clinical deep cleaning of operating theatres helping to reduce the risk of infection.

We recognise the amount of stress and discomfort found in A&E Departments which is why we ensure that we work closely with all staff to ensure the minimum of disruption while cleaning these areas.

Recovery Areas

Once again, attention to detail is essential in these units which is why we are trusted by our clients to consistently provide a thorough cleaning service for these units.

Given that Recovery areas have such a high turnover of patients, SSH provide a proven and regular clinical deep cleaning service designed to cause the minimum disruption possible.

Intensive Care Units SSH understand that Intensive Care Units are very sensitive areas. We clinically clean these units with the upmost professionalism and discretion and we currently carry out this service in fully operational departments with great success.

Sterile & Infectious Disease Units

X-Ray Departments To avoid disruption, we arrange our rotas to clinically clean X-Ray Departments at the most quiet of times and take great care when working around delicate X-Ray/MRI scanning machines.


“We have found SSH to be professional, reliable and discreet, and I have every confidence in giving my recommendation for the quality of workmanship supplied”.

“We have every confidence in SSH when clinically cleaning sterile areas, and we are delighted to have a close working relationship with the company”

Basildon Hospital


Hospitals We work closely with infection control staff to make sure that the most modern techniques, equipment and chemicals are used to target all known viruses and infectious diseases. As more and more of our clients insist on quarterly clinical deep cleans, our results for fighting infections such as MRSA, Clostridium Difficile & D&V speak for themselves. All works are carried out at the most convenient times for the client, helping to minimise disruption to patients & staff. We offer one-off cleans, or fixed term contracts.


Beds, Furniture & Equipment

We provide cleaning for all fixed equipment in mortuaries, as well as the complete structure including drains and gullies.

To ensure a thorough clean of all furniture and equipment used in Hospitals, we erect decontamination tents where our steam cleaning process is implemented.

Pathology Laboratories & Radio Pharmacy Units We clean all laboratories and radio pharmacy units with great care, either as an initial clinical deep clean or with regular clinical cleaning.

TSSU’s & CSSD’s SSH undertake the cleaning of TSSU’s & CSSD’s out of hours, to ensure the minimum of disruption is caused to these important departments and their staff.

Ambulances Many officials believe ambulance cleaning is the “weak link” in infection control. Sometimes there is not enough time between calls for the crew to disinfect the whole ambulance so we work at agreed times to make sure no disruption is caused to the ambulance crew or to the overall running of the Ambulance Service.

Phlebotomy & Haematology Units SSH clinically clean these areas, including the removal of all blood spots and spills.


“SSH provide a very clean and reliable service, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with them” St John’s College, Portsmouth

“We work with SSH in both healthcare and college environments, and they consistently carry out an excellent standard of deep clean” Apollo FM

Catering department CLEANING SSH provide the highest level deep cleaning of kitchens, serveries, dining rooms and all associated equipment. We provide a quality service customised to your working schedule and requirements. Adopting a regular deep cleaning program will reduce the risk of contamination and greatly improve the kitchens overall hygiene. Throughout the duration of the clean, SSH will provide the client with daily inspection/ signature sheets in order for your comments and signature to be recorded. As part of our quality control, we issue a Kitchen Deep Clean Certificate for your records once the work has been completed.

Catering Equipment We can either deep clean single items or all of the kitchen’s appliances. Where possible, appliances are dismantled, deep cleaned, reassembled and then tested prior to kitchen staff usage. As with all our services, we work to your specific needs and will tailor a cleaning regime accordingly.

Structure & High Level Cleaning SSH can eradicate food splashes, spills, grease build up and general kitchen grime from the whole kitchen structure. SSH use health & safety compliant access equipment to enable us to reach the areas your general cleaning staff can’t get to.

Kitchen Extraction Units & Ventilation Systems All major insurers require all extraction units to have deep cleans once a year due to the risk of fire. HVCA recommend that 2-6 hours cooking time a day will require a deep clean annually, 6-12 hours cooking time requires a 6 monthly deep clean, and 12-16 hours a day requires a quarterly deep clean.

Filter Laundry Service SSH clean all types of filters and will replace old for new if needed. As standard we also supply a spare set if required. Our filter laundry service is a continuous cycle, replacing used filters with cleans carried out once a month.


“SSH can be relied on to carry out a comprehensive and professional builders/ sparkle clean, even at very short notice” Brymor

“SSH deliver a first class service using competent and professional operatives” Kier Brazier

“SSH overcome problems by pulling out all the stops to get the jobs completed, with an extremely high standard of finish” Leadbitter

Construction Industry/Builders Cleans SSH clean everything associated with a new build or redevelopment. We currently work for many major construction companies and our vision for the near future is to be the number one cleaning company for the Construction Industry within the UK. No contract is too big or too small for SSH.

Builders Cleans

Window Cleaning

SSH have a dedicated builders cleaning team, trained to the highest standard to meet all Construction Site Regulations. SSH can carry out builders cleans throughout the duration of the project, to eliminate builders debris & dust and to maintain the cleanliness of the site. SSH can then carry out the final builders clean before the snagging process begins, to prepare the site for a sparkle/handover clean.

Due to the amount of dust and dirt thrown up by building works, uncovered windows often take the brunt of construction site debris. To solve this we have a range of specialist window cleaning equipment to deal with the most stubborn building dust and dirt.

Sparkle/Handover Cleans Sparkle/handover cleans are the final clean once a project is completed and this is the most important clean as the Construction Companies clients have an inspection to agree the handover. Being experienced construction site cleaners, SSH understand the amount of work and possible stress a handover can bring. We liaise with site managers and staff to make sure this runs as smoothly as possible.

Portacabin & Site Facilities/ Office Cleaning The cleanliness of portacabins and site offices can often be overlooked or forgotten about during a project, as the main focus is on the job in hand. We offer a very effective service to clean and maintain all offices, cabins, tea rooms & kitchens on a building site.

Grounds Maintenance As an essential part of any construction project, SSH maintain construction site grounds during a new build or re-development. A healthy, debris free site is not only a safer site, but it’s also noticed and appreciated by the site employees and the general public.

Brickwork & Cladding Cleaning We provide a power-wash service for all types of brickwork and cladding for when dirt, grime or stains are visible.

Road Sweeping We have the resources to sweep your site or the surrounding area to eradicate site litter, debris and cigarette ends.


“Once stripped and polished, SSH completely transformed the look and feel of our centre, and we would highly recommend their service”. Sussex Orthopaedic Treatment Centre

“Our office carpets are now exceptionally clean due to the professionalism shown from SSH. We will definitely be using their carpet cleaning service in the future”. Keech Green Interior Design

HARD Floor & Carpet Treatment Hard Floors: Correct floor cleaning is a specialist job. SSH have a wide range of modern equipment & chemicals to clean and restore any type of floor. Regular cleaning will also help prolong the life of your flooring. Carpets: There are many benefits from deep carpet cleaning. Ensuring that a carpet is kept clean will not only make the room look cleaner and tidier but will also eliminate dirt, stains, pests and odours. Keeping a carpet dust free will also generate a healthier environment and cleaner air, especially for people with asthma and eczema. Regular carpet cleaning will also protect and maintain the life of the carpet meaning that they do not have to be replaced as often which in turn creates a saving.



Normal floor cleaning polished floors isn’t always enough to maintain its appearance. SSH can combat dirt and grime build up by ensuring that the stripping agent is compatible with your floor covering and that all old polish is removed.

Busy kitchen floors are particularly susceptible to grease build up. SSH can eradicate this problem with one off deep cleans or regular cleans using our specialist cleaning products.

Polishing Whether you require a high gloss or satin finish, SSH provide a tailored finish to suit your requirements.


Chewing Gum Removal Chewing gum is a renowned problem and very unsightly. Using tried and tested techniques, SSH can remove this problem whether it’s on exterior pathways, walkways or on interior hard floors and carpets.

SSH offer a burnishing service which is guaranteed to bring back the shine to the dullest of floor coverings.


“At the end of tenancy agreements, SSH are our first choice for cleaning, and they provide us with a very professional and impressive service”

“We have used SSH on numerous occasions to carry out all types of specialist cleaning, and the finished product they produce is always to a very high standard”

RGW Properties

Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester

Other Cleaning Services In addition to our mainstream cleaning services, we provide a wide range of complimentary cleaning services, which have proved extremely popular with both large corporates and smaller businesses.

Litter Picking We provide a litter picking service suited to any sized site. Whether that be during or after an event or simply as a means of having a general clean up, SSH are the best in the business.

Vandalism & Squat Cleans In the unfortunate event of vandalism or squatting, SSH can clean most cases and where needed, will repair any defects which may have been caused. We can also dispose of all remaining debris and completely disinfect the area.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Many landlords and agents dread the aftermath of a tenant but by using our services they can feel at complete ease knowing the property will be restored to its original condition.

Graffiti Removal Graffiti is a constant nuisance to many councils, authorities and to the general public. SSH have the most up-to-date equipment and chemicals to completely eradicate all types of graffiti, however large or small.

Patio Cleaning Using our specialist equipment, we can completely transform the look of a patio, removing moss, weeds and dirt.

Pigeon/Bat Guano Cleaning Pigeon guano is one of the most common complaints that councils, authorities, estates departments receive from staff and the public. Guano, especially dry, is extremely hazardous to health and is something the public should never be subjected to. When dry, the excrement organisms travel through the air which, when inhaled, can result in pulmonary infection/ disease. Apart from the obvious health hazards, pigeon guano can cause destructive damage to buildings and structures due to the high acid content. SSH employees are highly trained in both the safe disposal of guano and the post disinfection process.

Ductwork, Air Conditioning & Ventilation System Cleaning This is one of the most important cleaning requirements in places such as hospitals, schools and restaurants as it is the air we breathe day in, day out. If a ductwork system is poorly maintained or neglected, the chances are that the air sent through the whole building will be unclean and contaminated. Vents in the ceiling should be clean and dust free at all times and will confirm whether the system is healthy or not. SSH clean and maintain all types of air-flow systems, whether that be in an office, shop or hospital environment.

Window Cleaning SSH have the most advanced equipment to clean all types of windows. Perfect for buildings of all sizes whether it be a small shop front or a large university building.

High Level Cleaning SSH offer a safe and effective High Level Cleaning service and are able get into the high level areas that most maintenance staff and domestic cleaners can’t reach. All SSH employees carry IPAF & PASMA Certification, and where needed Rope Access can be provided.

High Pressure Cleaning Some cleaning requires high pressure washing, either due to the complexity of dirt or due to the surface that needs cleaning. SSH have the most up-to-date methods and equipment to clean all types of surfaces where a high pressure system is required.

De-Scaling SSH are qualified to use the chemicals needed to de-scale all surfaces where limescale is a problem. Surfaces include sinks, toilets, showers etc.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool is a routine requirement. SSH offer a scheduled cleaning and maintenance service and a deep clean service for pools, changing rooms and surrounding areas.


“The workforce at SSH are very conscientious and have great pride in the quality of the final results. We certainly have no qualms in recommending them to any prospective client” Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

“SSH have successfully completed various maintenance projects for Apollo FM, with a flawless and impeccable finish” Apollo FM

maintenance In addition to our cleaning services, SSH offer a comprehensive maintenance service. We only use skilled craftsmen and no job is too small or too big for SSH. As a testament to these services, we are retained by a wide variety of businesses and individuals to carry out all of their maintenance requirements when needed.

Painting & decorating

Pigeon Control Solutions

SSH have a professional and experienced painting & decorating department to decorate one off rooms or complete departments.

SSH provide and install an effective range of pigeon defence systems ranging from spikes, netting, guards and visual deterrents.

Mastic & sealing

Small building works

We carry out all types of mastic sealing, fire rated silicone sealing and intumescent sealing to enable all buildings and contractors to comply with updated building regulations.

We also provide a small building works service, which includes carpentry, tiling, paving, brickwork, plumbing, electrical, glazing and suspended ceilings.

Landscaping Whether you are a council with the responsibility of maintaining a large park or simply an individual with a garden, SSH provide a landscaping service which includes turfing and lawn care, bark replenishment, weeding, fencing and much more.


“We at SSH are extremely proud of the Health, Safety & Environmental standards we achieve through-out our organisation, and we comply with the ever changing legislations with great success� Sam West, Managing Director

health, safety & the environment SSH are committed to improving the health, safety & environmental performance at every level of the company. SSH have introduced suitable policies for each of these on-going issues, and we strive to be a healthy, safe and an environmentally aware company at all times.

Health & Safety

The Environment

Many cleaning companies overlook the health and safety aspect of the industry, as they only have a vision of completing the job and moving onto the next. SSH believe health and safety is paramount to providing our finished product and unlike some of our competitors, we will not make any compromises in this area.

SSH are constantly looking to make sure that all of our services have as little impact to the environment as possible. We are an environmentally conscious company and are continually working with our clients, staff and local authorities to achieve the highest standards of environmental practice.

Our dedicated health and safety team work closely with our clients and staff, to achieve the highest possible standards. Our procedures and guidelines are updated as required to ensure that we comply with best practice and legislation.

SSH use the latest microfibre technology while working with our clients to reduce the use of chemicals. However, in some cases chemicals are a must but we are constantly researching the most modern, environmentally friendly chemicals in the industry. As part of our employee training, we promote recycling, waste management and correct waste disposal. SSH emphasise that these practices shouldn’t simply be executed at work, but also in day-to-day life, which in turn maintains and protects our planet.


We are your all-purpose all hours cleaner. SSH offer a 24 hour emergency call out cleaning service, 7 days a week. We have an experienced and reliable emergency response team, who will be professional and discrete through out the duration of the clean. Services include: • Waste Water ingression • Fire & flood damage • Body fluid & blood spills

one call and its clean. Ring 023 9263 9999

Call our 24 hour hotline on 023 9263 9999 or visit

Ring 023 9263 9999 one call and its clean.

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SSH always supply an exceptional service in both the quality of work they provide and the speed of response when called Southampton General Hospital

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