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Issue 7 / February 2012

Honeymoon with Meni&Erin A Simple Happiness of “Nakchattri Family” Relationship between the Various Signs By : Mr. Rup Krishen Baqaya

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February is the month of love, so Lomprayah magazine would like to taplease all the lovers with introducing the famous places for lovers, fashion for him and her, and the story of honeymoon by American couple that came to honeymoon in Thailand. More than that Rup KrishenBaqaya has present the astronomy about love and relationship. Last but not least we have activity couple’s photo that you can join for a price “Free 1 night traveling with Lompraya and visit Samui Safari” You can join us at https://www.facebook.com/ lomprayah


Photjanard Kantiwong

Real Story

Sweet Honeymoon with

Meni & Erin

In these issue we would like to give you a lovely story about lovers that comes from Chicago, Illinois; Meni and Erin that we found them by sweet photographs, and webpage that they gather pictures from thier wedding, honeymoon, vendor reviews, a copy of their ceremony and wedding advice after all was said and done. Especially the honeymoon story in Thailand.

Special Thanks: Meni & Erin https://sites.google.com/site/erinsarris/marriedbio.

Thailand was an amazing honeymoon. The dollar is very strong, the people are nice, and the beaches and countryside are so beautiful. Oh did I mention the food is incredibly cheap and delicious and healthy? (I LOST weight on our honeymoon!) We went for two weeks, stayed at five star hotels, ate out and totally indulged every day on food and drinks and spent probably what most people spend going to St. Lucia or Mexico. We wanted to go to an exotic place that was totally different than anywhere either of us had ever been, and Thailand did not disappoint. Highly, highly recommended! I wish we would have had the chance to go to Chang Mai, but we are definitely going to go back and will stop there next time. We started in Bangkok for 3 days and stayed at the Adelphi Suites. This hotel was a great location to really soak in the city. We were right near the SkyTrain, a bunch of street vendors, the mall and a bunch of great restaurants. Bangkok is bustling and crowded, but it was quite the sight to see. The Adelphi staff was very nice, and the rooms were very clean and

with cool modern decorations. The continentalbreakfast was good too, and they had a great balcony area for eating that made for great people watching. We ate dinner at a place called Cabbages and Condoms, which was very good food and gives a portion of their profits to prevent STDs in Bangkok. We also ate at LaGritta one day for lunch, which was good, but just your typical italian place. Go here if you need a break from the noodles. :) Thai people literally serve noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it’s ALWAYS acceptable to drink a beer with your meal. The food in Bangkok is unbelievably cheap. One day we ordered an appetizer, two entrees, and give beers and the total was like $9. Taxi rides were $2-3, and a really far ride was $5. I am the type of person

who can get really cranky on vacation if I feel like I am getting ripped off, and I always felt respected and like I was getting a fair price in Thailand. We also did a cooking class, which was one of the highlights of our trip. We were the first students EVER for Siam Cooking School in Bangkok, so we got a private class and it was such great food! They were also very flexible about food pre-ferences -- I am a vegetarian and DH is allergic to all seafood, and they were totally flexible and were happy to change up the recipe to accommodate us. Most other schools had a pretty inflexible policy about what they were making that day, so we appreciated these two funny, talented men! They also put up some really hilarious pictures of us on their website. LINK

Phuket, the beach area, was the honeymoon we had always dreamed of. We stayed at the Movenpick Resort, which is a Swiss resort and completely lives up to the expectations of Swiss service. We stayed in a private villa suite that had our own little plunge pool on top and we adored it! The villa was so spacious and luxurious, and we got a really great deal off hotels.com or some trip advisor-type Web site. The continental breakfast was like a gourmet feast every morning and the food and drinks were pretty reasonably priced as well. Phuket is an island with many different beach areas, and the first resort was at Karon Beach. I liked it because it was busy, without being TOO too busy, like at Patong Beach (which is pretty much the Las Vegas/New Orleans’s Bourbon Street of Phuket. We went there once, and I’m glad we did it, but I would never want to stay there.) Karon Beach had a bunch of great, scenic restaurants within walking distance, but you could still get some peace and quiet if you wanted it and the beaches weren’t swarming with people.

We spent a week at the Movenpick/Karon Beach and then moved on to a resort called Ayara Hilltop Suites, which was located at Surin Beach. Surin beach was definitely more laid back and swankier than Karon. The resort at Ayara was a bunch of private bungalows with personal hot tubs that were so beautiful and spacious. The staff was so nice -- when I arrived it was my 25th birthday and they brought me a little cake to my

villa at night and sang! Outside the resort, the beaches were very clean, and the water was a gorgeous shade of sparkling turquoise that I had never seen before in my life. And oh yeah, the current was STRONG! We were riding the waves one day and I got my ass kicked so many times by it ... although that may have been due to the beers I consumed all day. The restaurants and resorts in Surin Beach had very diverse and tasty menus, and we had a blast there soaking up the incredible views EVERYWHERE, especially during our dinners

While in Phuket, we took a day trip to PhiPhiisland, which is where the filmed The Beach, and it was unlike anything I had ever seen in my life. My husband LOVED monkey island, and got to play with monkeys and feed them bananas as part of the tour. Speaking of animals,we interacted with them a lot in Phuket! We rode an elephant at an elephant rehabilitation school, which was incredible. After our ride was over, we went to the bar and there were these gibbons (species of monkey!) swinging around and playing with the people. We had so much fun in Phuket..

Before we go in this issue we would like to give bless and best wishes to all lovers that your love will stay strong, and happily ever after.IF you have a chance then come visit Thailand sometimes


Simple Happiness of

Nakchattri Family February is the month of love. Lomprayah in Magazine interview update a family of “Poopae” Ramawadee Sirisukka who is an actress of Channel 3 and “Tik” Worrawee Nakchattri. Although they were married nearly 10 years, but the love they have for each together is not reduced. We would like to present the story of the couple that everyone has the same track.

After breaking from exposition. What are you doing?

Khun Poopae: My daily life involved taking care of my family and children.

I have an eight-year-old child that he starts to school already, and a fouryear-old child is younger. I am taking a full time with responsibility for my children. Khun Tik: My major work is a government official. I also have the others business, property and Market Share. My hobby is event organizer.

It’s quite a lot of work so how to adapt to your family?

Khun Poopae: I believe that we are come together to share our life, at the

first time we have to change something in daily. He works a full time, wake up early and back home evening, which a little difficult to adapt. The most important of a couple understands, if we have problem, we will talk immediately. Khun Tik: We will change your life balance for a long time. But now, I have more free time with my family because it can fade out from a full time. I’m more comfortable because it’s near my house. I also focused on a new business. There is a lot of time at my home. If I was working full time at the department, its take more time to leave for work early and then back home lately, who is everyone, slept so we didn’t see them.

How to manage time for taking yourself? Khun Poopae:

so much.

We arrange a few days to do activities. We love exercise

In point of fact; we always exercise but why don’t we are still a fat (laugh). Because on flooding situation, the weight range up to 4 kg. Khun Tik:

The house was flooded around the waist. I’ve also been flooded. We went out by the boat . After that I and my children moved to Khao Yai. Khun Poopae:

Where do you often to go there in free time?

Khun Poopae: Almost we go to Kho Yai, Pattaya and Hua Hin. It’s not far

from here.

Where are the impressive places?

Koh Nang Yuan. We have gone there for 3 -4 times and we also took our children for 2 times. I heard that is a very beautiful. I have seen it make me known it’s really wonderful island with a sandy beach and the blue sea. It is indicative to me that the beach all day from morning to evening (laughs). Khun Tik: Koh Nang Yuan is high security. It got to the natural phenomena (El Nin Oye) does not have to complete the trip. Some of corals grew up a little each year. If we had seen earlier to see the coral under the sea was very beautiful. Now it is slowly, but still not equal to the first Recover. Khun Poopae:

What do you have ever driving?

Khun Tik: Yes, I went diving at Koh Nang Yuan . Khun Poopae: He studied diving his friends. (at Sasin) at

Easy Drivers. I did not study but I can swimming. I joined at the first time after that I have children I have not driven. I have to safety myself. (laugh) but it really was quite scary.

What do you have planning for the life of two children?

Khun Poopae: I always practice them a good mind and give warm. I hope

them a good people in the future. I let my son choose themselves. My older son is interested in the golf and Taekwondo or whatever. We will be taking them, but they decided what they like.

This February is the month of love. I would like to share your view of love. How is your love?

Khun Tik: It could not fix. Each of couple is defined; it may be different from

the childhood that it may be another one. Each time it is. That it is not the same. They called it Puppy Love is not. When I grew up I started using it a

lot more conscious. Then I came to live together. There is a romance with a Passion; it must be combined with together to a greater understanding. And there is more to the Passion may be reduced, but the understanding that it will need to add more. Khun Poopae: I agree with P’Tik. We should acceptable, whether is a spouse or children or friends. We must acknowledge that I have an identity. Whether it will be like we just need to accept and understand. Because it is the most important thing is understand. What we have seen from both, there is a love for each other then. Understanding and commitment to keep up the sweetness of them. It makes your family happy. We believe that these things are basic to all lifestyle couples and family counting smoothly.


Lomprayah Company is opening new speed boat name Lom Lahk Khirin Lomprayah Company is opening new speed boat name Lom Lahk Khirin under the care of Lompraya group. Lahkkhirin means wind from the mountain. With 3 engines and 50 seats are nice for for 1 day trip to Ang Thong Island.

NakhonNayok Sweet Marian Plum Fair On February - March 2012

At The side lawn of NakhonNayok City Hall, Muang district, NakhNayok province Marian plum and scion contests Beauty and dancing contests Market of sweet Marian plums and NakhonNayok exemplary products (OTOP) Recreational and entertainment activities Sweet Marian plum orchard tour Sales booths from the government and private sectors

Tourism Authority of Thailand, NakhonNayok office Tel.+66 37312282, +66 37311672



trend for


This month is the month of love since Valentine’s Day is coming. We have fashion for lovers like pairing cloths for you and your man. If you still looking for Valentine’s gift then I recommend these clothes…


Credit http://www.globalfashionreport.com

Tip to trip

Famous place for lovers Valentine’s Day is coming, does anyone have any idea where to go, and have a nice date. If you still have no clue, we can help you with 4 famous places that come from most popular review on facebook.

Koh Larn Koh Larn is an island that located near Pattaya. It’s also near Bangkok, so it’s easy to go, and that’s why internation, and Thai tourists love to come here. In Koh Larn there are manhy beautiful beaches like Tawean Beach, Samae Beach, and Tien Beach.Tthe most famous activity that tourists love is snoggling to see the beautiful underwater world. More than that they also have gun shooting field, paraglider, jetski, and scooter for lovers to enjoy these activities.

Pai In these past few years Pai is one of the most famous places for tourists. Especially during winter is the best time to go there. Most tourist will come here and stay in nice guesthouse or resort, and to visit beautiful waterfall, river, and onzen, and old temple.

Suan Pheung: Ratchaburi Suan Pheung is one of a districtin Ratchaburi province. IT’s near Thailand-Mienmar border, so the scenery is conclude mountains, forest, and waterfall. Besides from nice resorts, and wonderful view, lovers can also enjoy riding an off road car with camping, and see the sunrise.

Amphawa Amphawa is very interesting place. You can enjoy Amphawa all day by visiting water market where you can shop souvenir, and find delicious food there. At night you can try to sail along the river and see lots of fireflies with romantic credit: https://www.facebook.com/slowstylepai atmosphere. https://www.facebook.com/amphawa.now https://www.facebook.com/aoffchvspk

Hello friends. Come February the month of love what with the Valentine’s day approaching fast on the 14th of the month. The people at Lomprayah talked me into writing about the relationship between the various signs in this month of love. And i thought, why not. So here

male and Cancer woman. However, they should guard against being too jealous or possessive. Cancer to Sagittarius: A difficult relationship as Cancer would not be able to cope up with the Sagittarian energy. Cancer to Capricorn: A balancing kind of relationship which can work out with effort. Cancer to Aquarius: A very difficult relationship what with the Aquarians erratic ways not going too well with the steady Cancer. Aquarius is too much of a non conformist for the slow but sure Cancer. Cancer to Pisces: A very good relationship with an instinctive and intuitive understanding. However care needs to be taken against too much passivity and moodiness.

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