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Editor’s Talk Hello, May Hello every one, welcome to May. How have you been? In this issue, our magazine is full of useful content. If you are the one who love to travel in Thailand, the highlight column is suite for you. We guarantee that you will enjoy the “10 Greatest Tours of Thailand” that we’ve provided. Not only the highlight, but also we have many interesting articles, such as The World’s Number 1 Retirement Haven, Tips Before Traveling Internationally and outstanding restaurant in Hat Yai. Finally, we would like to thank you everyone, who always support us. See you again next time. Take care.

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THAILAND With great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture, ancient ruins and excellent beaches, Thailand is a magnet for travelers around the world. With so many thing to see and do there are also a wide range of organized tours on offer and selecting the right one can be a bit daunting. In this list we give an overview of the different kind of tours of Thailand that are available and some of the things that can be experienced on these trips.

RIVER KWAI TOUR On this historical tour, visitors will bear witness to Thailand’s fascinating past, from ancient timeworn temples to the monuments of World War II’s Thai-Burma Death Railway. Leaving Bangkok behind tour members will head to Kanchanaburi in western Thailand. Famed as the location of the Bridge on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi is a beautiful town surrounded by verdant jungle, waterfalls and rivers. This trip is often included as part of the longer Northern Thailand tour (see below).

BANGKOK TO SINGAPORE Colorful capitals, traditional culture and tropical natural wonder, this adventure tour is seasoned with all the spice travelers would expect from these exotic regions. Besides the capitals of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, tour member will also discover Melaka’s colonial past, cool off at a tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands or hike through peaceful rainforest.

THAILAND FAMILY TOUR Want a family getaway that’s a little different? The combination of culture, friendly people, exciting activities, great food and stunning scenery make Thailand an ideal family destination. Families can visit the legendary Bridge on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, explore ancient ruins at Ayuthaya, shop in colorful markets in Bangkok and visit an Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. A family tour is a great way to introduce the kids to a new world and have a great holiday at the same time.

NORTHERN THAILAND COMBINED WITH LAOS Laos is a small country famous for its relaxed atmosphere. A great way to extend a tour of northern Thailand is to combine it with Laos. Most visitors to Laos travel to the capital Vientiane from Bangkok and then head north to enchanting Luang Prabang. This is a truly unique city with beautifully preserved gilded temples, orange-robed monks, traditional wooden Lao houses and grand properties from the French colonial era. From the energy of Bangkok to the calm of Laos, this trip is a study in contrasts.

CULINARY JOURNEY TO CHIANG MAI The food in Thailand alone is reason enough for a trip to this country and a culinary journey is a great way to experience the fresh aromas and heavenly spices that make Thai food a worldwide phenomenon. Food aficionados will explore bustling markets spread out over land and water in Bangkok, and taste exotic fruits and aromatic dishes. They will also learn to prepare a northern Thai dinner themselves in Chiang Mai. A tour like this will show you the secrets of where to eat and how to make this world-famous cuisine and combine this with all the must-see sights of Thailand.

THAILAND ISLAND HOPPING Thailand is famous for its beaches & islands and a great way to go island hopping is aboard a sailing catamaran. With an experienced captain navigating the southern islands, the catamaran will drop anchor at places like Ko Phi Phi, Railay and Koh Khai Nai and secret spots perfect for a swim. Travers can also enjoy snorkeling, dining on Thai cuisine and sleeping moored under the stars.


This trip is similar to a Northern Thailand tour (see below) but after returning to Bangkok the journey continues to the beaches of South Thailand where travelers can enjoy swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing. The beach destinations are often Krabi or the island of Phuket while Phang Nga Bay’s spectacular jagged cliffs could also be included. This is the most complete journey of all the tours of Thailand.

THAILAND COMBINED WITH CAMBODIA Thanks to the stunning temples of Angkor, Cambodia is firmly established on the Southeast Asian tourist trail and a trip to Thailand can easily be extended to its eastern neighbor. Starting from Bangkok, this tour will take travelers to Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor. Rediscovered at the end of the 19th century by French explorers this vast ruined city is one of the most popular sites in Southeast Asia. Highlights of the ancient capital include the magnificent temple of Angkor Wat, the enigmatic Bayon within the walled city of Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm, also known as the ‘Tomb Raider’ temple.

HILL TRIBES IN NORTHERN THAILAND There are approximately 7 main hill tribe groups who migrated from neighboring China, Tibet, and Myanmar to the rural highlands of northern Thailand. Their traditional way of life as farmers in the mountains is a fascination to many travelers in the region. There are hill tribe trekking package tours from 3 to 5 days available, starting in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. This involves walking in the forest, visiting hill tribe villages and may include elephant riding and rafting.

NORTHERN THAILAND TOUR The vibrant cultural and historical tapestry of Northern Thailand makes it one of the most authentic places to visit in Thailand. Starting from Bangkok, a typical tour of Northern Thailand will include the ruins of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, a visit to a hill tribe village near Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai and a ride on an elephant through the jungle. In Bangkok tourist will see the bustling streets of Chinatown, the stunning Grand Palace and its Emerald Buddha, watch a Thai kickboxing match or simply indulge in a Thai massage in preparation for the journey ahead.

Destination Guide



Ref: http://sikao.anantara.com/Exploring-the-Outdoors/

This park includes over 30 islands in southern Trang, as well as mainland coastline and the open waters of the Andaman. Though its biggest islands are Koh Petra and Koh Khao Yai, many of the surrounding islands play host to sea turtles during nesting season on the little beaches surrounded by limestone cliffs that are characteristic of this area. For centuries, these islands have been used as safe havens for local fisherman, while rich coral reefs flourish just offshore.

Place Guide


Ref: http://sikao.anantara.com/Exploring-the-Outdoors/



TEMPLE Not far from Trang the town is a simple temple with a dramatic story. Wat Phra Ngam was originally known for its most prized asset: a Buddha head made of solid gold. Some time back, though, during the Chak Phra festival, some notorious thieves disguised themselves as local villagers and stole the sacred image right from under everyone celebrating the festival. To hide their ill-gotten gains, the thieves covered the head in concrete, which led to the head later being broken. Fortunately, the golden head was eventually recovered and is now back on proud display at the monastery.

Restaurant Guide


Designed with a cool high ceiling, the Palm Court with its gently rotating fans, creates an atmosphere of the elegance of days gone by. Here you may enjoy the finer taste of Thai and international cuisine. In the evening the Palm Court comes alive with singers with live band. The Palm Court has already become a popular evening meeting place. Address: 99 Jootee Anusorn Rd., Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110, Thailand., Songkhla 90110

Ref: http://www.hansajbhotel.com/restaurants.html

Ref: http://www.phuket.com/magazine/boathouse.htm


WEEKDAY SPECIAL TRAVEL FAIR 2015 A great event will offer tons of tour choices at special prices with the aim to boost tourism on weekdays. All this plus lots more fun activities and prizes to be won. Date :14 May -17 May 2015 Time :10.00-20.00 Location : Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Zone C Organizer : N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. (NEO) For more information Please visit : www.wonderfulthailand.net/ Ref: http://www.qsncc.co.th/en/visitor/event-calendar/item/1594-wonderful-thailand-wonderful-world-2015.html

Real Story



Ref: http://www.reubenchng.com/hatyai-trip-experience-19th-june-15/

Not the first time I’ve been to Hatyai, but I thought of writing it this round. Meeting my girlfriend in between (she works in Bangkok & yes she’s Malaysian), so I traveled from Penang with a tour van and she flew from Bangkok. It amuses me how people always think I have a Thai girlfriend whenever I mention it. This post is going to be filled with more photos than me writing. Read on! To and fro tickets only costed RM75 which I thought was dirt cheap but some other more experienced people told me otherwise. Oh wells. It took about 4 hours to get from Penang to Hatyai city. Through the trip there were about 3 mandatory stops to get passports stamps and clearance to enter Thailand. I traveled alone and got the front single seat so nothing to complain here. The back of the van looked quite cramped though.

FIRST DAY – EAT I think the only thing you’ll do there on your first day in Hatyai other than massage is to eat. That’s exactly what I did after settling down at the hotel with the girlfriend. Like any tourist looking for good food to try, we were suckered to go to the restaurants we found featured online. The first stop was at Kan Eng. I’ll be brutally honest, I was a little disappointed with the food. The food didn’t live up to its hype we found online but maybe I’m just being bias. I’ve tasted better Thai food in Malaysia though.I’ve never enjoyed the taste of pineapples, but it all changed after I had Thai pineapples. You have to eat Thai pineapples if you happen to be in Thailand.You most likely will spend your first day walking a lot in Hatyai city, so foot massage is a must, yes? We treated ourselves to a 1-hour foot massage for 200 baht each. Makes me wonder how the masseurs survive running the massage parlor despite charging at such a low rate, not mentioning the fierce competition they have (there are massage parlors in every block in Hatyai. ). More food after the massage. You’ll find lots many stalls and markets to explore in Hatyai City. I didn’t note the specific names of the marketplaces, but they are all mostly within walk reach. It was a fun food-filled day. The thing about shopping in Hatyai though, is that the things you see are often repeated. Walk a block of stalls in Hatyai and you’ll probably cover near 50% of the things you can buy. You’ll find repeats of the same things being put up for sale as you explore around.

SECOND DAY – FLOATING MARKET AT HATYAI Every tuk tuk driver you meet on the road WILL pester you to visit the floating market in Hatyai. The prices the tuk tuk drivers throw out can be negotiated, so make sure you negotiate before hopping on. I left the negotiation part to the girlfriend. Girls make the best negotiators, so make sure to travel with a lady The to & fro ride to the Hatyai floating market costed 400 baht for us.It was at the entrance of the floating market where you’ll find a stall selling some exotic finger food. I’ve never tried food like this before & I was hoping that the seller could mix the different types of insects together. They refuse to mix unfortunately, so I only went with the crickets, which were the smallest insect of the lot.

It was nice to walk around the floating market and eat. Prices of the food are very reasonable and I got myself lots of different snacks. Another highlight at the floating market was the drink stalls (or boats) that sold drinks in cartoon shaped porcelain mugs or bamboo. The floating market is a nice place to visit for food, drinks and some shopping. While not being the biggest floating market you’ll find in Thailand it’s still a must see.

TIME TO GO BACK Hatyai is a nice place for a quick weekend trip. 2-3 days to explore is all you really need when you visit Hatyai. I only learnt about the many other places like the Dragon’s Cave in Songkhla that I could have visited, when I was leaving Hatyai, so perhaps there would be a next round for that.

Top of the World


THE WORLD’S NUMBER 1 RETIREMENT HAVEN From the quaint town of Cotacachi to the vibrant capital, Quito, from Salinas by the sea to the peaks of the Andes, Ecuador’s diversity is a key part of the massive appeal that sees it regain the coveted top spot on this year’s retirement index. Although prices have risen slightly in recent years, Ecuador’s real estate is still the best value you’ll find anywhere. This is bolstered by the generous array of benefits the government has afforded to retirees. Over-65s get discounts on flights originating in Ecuador, as well as up to 50% off entry to movies and sporting events. Discounts are also available on public transport (50%) and utilities, with the option of a free landline if you purchase a property. And the cost of living is low. “You can get a lot more here for your dollar than you could in the U.S. or Canada,” says IL Ecuador Highlands Correspondent Wendy DeChambeau. “A doctor’s visit will set you back around $10, while a main course in a restaurant can be had for as little as $2.50. The bus trip from Cotacachi to Otavalo will cost you 25 cents. For big-ticket items like real estate, you can get a lot more for your dollar here than in the U.S. A couple can live well here on $1,400 a month, including rent.” Ref: hhttp://healthfitnessrevolution.com/10-healthiest-countries-in-the-world/ Ref: http://internationalliving.com/2015/01/the-best-places-to-retire-2015/

You’ll find world-class medical facilities in big cities throughout the country, and you can catch direct flights to and from the States in Quito and Guayaquil. Good Internet is more readily available than ever. Public transportation is so efficient that many expats report not having to even buy a car. And with Ecuador having one of the most robust economies on the continent—its Gross Domestic Product has grown an average of 4.54% a year since 2000—it is likely that this infrastructure is only going to improve over the coming years. The steadily growing expat population makes it easy to integrate, as do the friendly locals. “Many of the locals are somewhat bilingual, and they are very welcoming toward North Americans,” says IL Cuenca Correspondent Edd Staton. “We also have a steadily growing expat community here.” When it comes to entertainment, Ecuador offers a diverse range of options. Biking, fishing, ziplining, hiking, and rock-climbing are all popular and readily available. The country’s location affords it access to a staggering variety of environments, from the vast Pacific Ocean (including the Galapagos Islands, one of the world’s most important ecological sites) and the Amazon to the mighty peaks of the Andes. This diversity ensures you’re guaranteed to find a climate that suits you down to the ground. The country’s heritage is writ large in its culture, fusing indigenous influences with various European and African peoples who have settled there over the centuries. This multitude of cultures inevitably influences Ecuadorian cuisine, which is as varied as it is delicious and affordable, with new and reputable restaurants springing up all the time. As many expats note, Ecuador delivers fresh experiences every day, making it the perfect location for someone in search of a happy and fulfilling life overseas.


Ref: http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/un/world-day-cultural-diversity-dialogue

WORLD DAY FOR CULTURAL DIVERSITY The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, held on May 21, is an occasion for people to deepen their understanding of cultural diversity. Various events are organized to increase the understanding of issues around cultural diversity and development among governments, non-governmental organizations and the public. Many of these include presentations on the progress of implementing the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. EVENTS INCLUDE: Seminars for professionals. Educational programs for children and young adolescents. The launch of collaborations between official agencies and ethnic groups. Exhibitions to help people understand the history of various cultural groups and the influence on their own identities. Celebrations to create greater awareness of cultural values and the need to preserve them. The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development tends to be marked in countries that embraced their varied cultural history and acknowledged the importance of embracing it.





Ref: http://www.realsimple.com/beauty-fashion/clothing/timeless-fashion-trends-00100000108042/ Ref: http://www.kinowear.com/40-common-mens-fashion-mistakes-to-avoid/


CLOTHES THAT DON’T FIT Overly baggy clothes will make you look you’re wearing sloppy hand-me-downs. If your body type makes it hard to find well-fitting clothes off the rack, make your tailor your best friend.



WEARING A SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT WITH A TIE Unless you work for a fast-food joint – where sleeves get dirty making sandwiches – avoid wearing a short sleeve shirt with a tie. They are generally perceived as lower class apparel. If you want to stay looking professional and confident, stick to long-sleeve shirts when wearing ties.

DIRTY SHOES It’s an area that too many guys overlook in terms of cleaning and proper care. A stylish man keeps his shoes clean – free of scratches and dirt.

4 5

WARPED SHOES Keep at least two pairs of dress shoes in the same color so you can let one pair rest for a day from sweat and stretching. Doing this prevents them from warping in unwanted ways. Place shoetrees in your shoes when you’re not wearing them to maintain their best form.

IMPROPER PANTS LENGTH Don’t fold up your jeans or your chinos unless it’s an intentional fashion statement that you’re making. Your pants can come down to the bottom of your shoes but make sure they come just above the floor to avoid any unwanted fraying. Also, you only need a slight break, or crease, in the pants leg. Don’t be the guy who has his feet swimming in a bunch of extra fabric. All it takes is a simple trip to the tailor to get them hemmed.


WRONG SOCKS WITH A SUIT When you’re wearing a suit, match your sock color to your pants, not your shoes (for professional and formal occasions). This is the same as mismatching your suit pants to your jacket. If you’re wearing a navy suit with black shoes, reach for navy socks. And when wearing a light suit, make sure the socks are darker than the suit but a shade or so lighter than the shoes. This rule of course can be broken if done deliberately for your style’s sake.



WRONG BELT COLOR If you’re wearing dress shoes, make sure the color of your belt matches the color of your dress shoes (for professional occasions). Also, the finish of the belt and shoes need to match. In other words, if your shoes are shiny, your belt should be shiny as well. If you’re wearing casual shoes or sneakers, make sure you wear a thicker casual belt to match instead of a thin dress belt.

IMPROPER TIE LENGTH A man’s tie should always end at the center of his belt buckle. A simple touch overlooked by many. Having a tie that’s too short or too long, can make a man look incompetent.



FORGETTING THE NECKTIE DIMPLE It’s the telltale sign of a professional who knows how to wear a tie.

BEING TOO “BUTTONED” UP If a jacket has two buttons, only fasten the top button. If it has three buttons, you can close the top button only, the middle button only, or both the middle and top button. The key is to always leave the bottom button undone. This is a tradition that has been used for decades, and will keep your style looking smart.


SOCKS AND SANDALS Have you seen anyone ever pull this off, and look sexy? Case closed.



CARTOON CLOTHING I love Disney characters, but unless you work for Disney, wearing them on your tie or shirts during the week make you look like you’re stuck in fantasy land. Oh and while we’re on the subject, stay away from those cheesy belt buckles as well. Instead, stick to the classic wardrobe pieces that will keep you looking your best for years to come.

DRESS SOCKS THAT AREN’T LONG ENOUGH When wearing a suit, your socks should come up to your calves, and stay there. When you cross your legs, you shouldn’t be showing any part of your legs. Isn’t it lovely when you see a man’s hairy leg peeking over his socks? But when dressed casual, it’s a great idea to go short on the socks or go completely sockless. So fully covered for professional wear, or try the sockless look if you’re out for a casual occasion.

14 15

WEARING THE WRONG COLORS It’s important to match the color of your clothes to your skin tone. You want the focus to be on you, not the overwhelming color of your shirt. If you have dark skin, you can either wear dark colors or bright colors that match the strength of your skin color. If you have very fair skin, lighter colors are most flattering on you – like soft pastels or icy colors.

WRINKLED CLOTHING Unless you’re going for the “I sleep in these clothes” effect, keep all your clothes pressed and wrinkle-free. It’s a good habit to always hang up all your clothes – never throwing them on the floor of your room after use.



WRONG CASUAL TIE If you’re wearing a tie as part of your casual outfit, go for a slimmer tie instead of the wider ones. Keep the wider ones for the office. You’ll look much more fashionable this way.

WEARING TOO MANY COLORS Limit each of your outfits to a maximum of three colors or shades to maintain a coordinated look. If in doubt find a color wheel online and use it to help you choose your colors. Colors opposite each other on the wheel are “complementary colors.” Colors adjacent to each other are called “analogous colors.” When putting together an outfit, stick to complementary and analogous colors and remember that less is more.


WEARING A BACKPACK WITH A SUIT Whenever I’m walking around the city, I see a lot of professional people wearing nice suits – but carrying backpacks! Okay, a backpack may be easier to carry over your shoulders than a briefcase in your hand, but you can also get a comfortable messenger bag that hangs across your chest to maintain a more professional look.

19 20

UNFLATTERING HAIRSTYLES Hair is one area of your image that you can constantly experiment with and upgrade without paying more than you normally do. Look around and see which hairstyles look flattering to you, and try something new this season.

EXCESS COLOGNE If a woman can smell your cologne only when she’s close, great! She’ll have more reason to stay close. If a woman can smell you from across the room, does she need to come any closer? Depending on the strength of your cologne, use with caution. If your cologne loses it’s scent later in the day, simply reapply. A good rule of thumb is to limit it to two sprays – once on your neck and wrists.

Global News Changi Airport Group celebrates close partnerships with family of airlines in Singapore’s Jubilee Year Changi Airport Group (CAG) honoured its top airline partners on April 23 at the Changi Airline Awards 2015, where a total of 23 awards were presented to airlines whose efforts have contributed to the growth and development of the Singapore air hub. Themed SG50, the awards ceremony, into its 10th year, also featured the pioneer airlines that have been operating in Singapore since the country’s independence, and showcased their contributions to Singapore aviation.

Hilton Thailand joins worldwide Discover Asia Through Discover Asia, Hilton Worldwide aims to inspire holidaymakers to visit Thailand and come away with the happiest memories. Guests may become a city explorer and shop at world-class malls or visit historical sites along Chaophyaya River in Bangkok.

Scoot launches services to Osaka Commencing 8th July 2015, Scoot’s new Boeing 787 Dreamliners will link Osaka and Singapore six times, with three services operating via Bangkok, Thailand and three via Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Thanks : http://www.traveldailynews.asia/news/article/58588/changi-airport-group-celebrates-close http://www.tatnews.org/hilton-thailand-joins-worldwide-discover-asia/ http://www.traveldailynews.asia/news/article/58734/scoot-launches-services-to-osaka

Tip to Trip

Ref: http://www.travelzoo.com/blog/20-tips-before-traveling-internationally/



SECURITY & HEALTH 1. Check-in with your doctor and insurance carrier. Double check and make sure that you have all of the proper vaccinations and that you have renewed all essential prescriptions. Also, ask you medical insurance provider if your policy applies overseas for emergencies. If it doesn’t, and you want to add extra coverage, consider supplemental insurance. 2. Bring copies of your passport. If your passport gets stolen or lost you want to be sure that you can still get back into the country, or be able to prove your citizenship. 3. Leave a copy of your passport. For extra backup, leave a copy of your passport at home or with someone you trust. Consider making an electronic copy you can store in your email account as well. 4. Register with your embassy. If there’s a problem in the country, this will make it easier for your government to contact you and get you to safety.

LOCAL RESEARCH 11. Buy tickets now for places you know you want to visit or see. By buying in advance you’ll be able to skip more lines, and find more deals targeted toward you. 12. Get guidebooks. Guidebooks usually include maps, key words or phrases, and give you enough detail on certain sites that you won’t need to purchase the pamphlet at the venue. And download apps before you travel. Avoid downloading charges from your wireless carrier and get your apps before you leave. 13. Research events going on while you’re there. This will help you make sure that you’re not missing be events going on in the city. Fun things like festivals, ceremonies and natural events. Also be sure to research as a few national dishes to try. You don’t want to leave the country without experiencing what its known for.

MONEY 5. Look up the monetary conversion before you go. Finding out that one Danish Krone is equal to just 19 cents … bad surprise. Make sure you do your math before you travel to get a sense of where the conversion rate is at. 6. Make sure your credit card will work in the country you’re visiting. European banks have switched almost completely to the more secure chip-and-PIN technology, and fewer businesses abroad are accepting the outdated magnetic-strip cards. 7. Go to a bank or ATM in the country you’re visiting. The conversion centers in the airport or around the city tend to be huge rip-offs. You won’t get charged as many fees at the ATM or the bank, and the conversion will be exact. 8. Always have local cash. Not every place takes credit cards. Especially important places like trains or buses. 9. Call your bank or credit card provider. Sometimes banks think that fraud maybe occurring if transactions are suddenly happening in Bali when you’re from Jersey, and they will turn off your card as a security measure. 10. Check the country’s entrance/exit fees. Some countries require travelers to pay in order to enter or leave the country. These fees are not included in the price of your airline ticket, and can range from $25 to $200.

ELECTRONICS 14. Bring a charger adapter. Countries have different size plugs and voltage. So if you want to use your iPod, make sure you can charge it. 15. Check the voltage of your electronics. From my own experience I know that nothing is worse than having an adapter and still not being able to use a blow-dryer or a straightener because the voltage isn’t high enough for that country. 16. Activate your phone’s global capabilities. There’s usually a charge we doing this, but it is much less than the roaming charges you’ll get if you don’t. 17. Download Travelzoo app. The Travelzoo app can help you find great deals in a variety of countries, and has options from local deals to transportation options.

LUGGAGE & PACKING 18. Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag. Don’t be one of those travelers decked out in J’adore Paris apparel because the airline lost your luggage and you have nothing else to wear. 19. To check a bag or not to check bag. Each airline has its own set of guidelines as to how many bags can be checked or carried on for free. Make sure to look up what your airline’s rules are to avoid any incremental fees. 20. Bring snacks. Traveling abroad is fun, but eating in a foreign country can sometimes become a task. Bring small snacks that will tide you over until you find that perfect restaurant or food cart.

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