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Issue 4 / November 2011

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Art Director Methakritsada Wanngoen

Editor’s Talk It is known that human being could not live without water. Water is one of nature’s most vital presents to us and it is the source of life for all mankind. All people regardless of national origins or races pay thier respect to water. Most Thais traditionally pay their respect before fishing, leaving the shore and swimming to wish the luck and ensure that it is safe enough to do so. As time goes by, this tradition is ignored by the new generation. The elders who are responsible for correct teaching them, usually overlook its tradition. This belief has led to became as the Goddess Ganga or known as Khongkha. To express apologies and to pay the respect to the Goddess of Water, the famous festival ‘Loy Krathong’ is traditionally celebrated on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month which usually held on November.

Roengchai Tipyosot

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Lompraya News

For those who are interested in or like taking photos, this is a good chance to join with Lomprayah. We will launch a photo contest on the topic of “Hang the cam on your shoulder and Hang out with Lomprayah�. There will be awarded in prize money, trophy, certification card and diving gift voucher on Koh Tao. You can submit your photos from now until 30 November 2011. For further information, visit https://www.facebook.com/lomprayah.

Hat Yai The Color of South International Lantern Festival:



November 2011




February 2012

This festival includes Nine Wonders Happiness Lantern, Ice lanterns made from Harbin from People’s Republic of China, lanterns form the 14 provinces of Southern Thailand under the theme of “the Color of the South”. It includes Traditional Thai lanterns from the four regions of Thailand with topic of “Blessing for Life, Blessed Community”. There is also lantern displays inspiring creative thinking and imagination from around the world such as Children’s World, International Showcase, Animal Planet, Floating Lanterns and Auspicious Mythical Creatures from fairy tales. It includes contemporary lantern contest from various brands with great foods available for sale. This festival will be held at Hat Yai Municipality Park, Songkhla Province. For further information, contact Hat Yai City by dialing 0-7420-0000, Tourism Authority of Thailand in the area of responsibility of Hat Yai by dialing 0-7423-1055, 0-7423-8518 and Tourism Authority of Thailand by dialing 1672.

Little Koh Prab was born in Koh Prab Boat

Little Koh Prab was born in Koh Prab Boat on 13 October 2011 around 10.51 a.m. His mother gave birth while traveled from Koh Tao to hospital. Lomprayah Family blesses his health that be strong and well and be a good boy to his parents and family.


Cover Story Real experience

KRATHONG FESTIVAL Story by : Invisiblesane

Last year, my closed college friend needed to move back to Sukhothai Province, his home residents. The situation brought me a live idea that it would be the best if this year’s Loy Krathong Festival going on at Sukhothai. http://www.pantip.com/cafe/blueplanet/topic/E9982061/E9982061.html

Therefore, I called for my other friends, gathering three members (including me) and then collected necessary information from my closed college friend. Later, we departed from Bangkok Mochit Terminal on 19 November at 2.00 pm. to our first destination, Phitsanulok Province. The reason was also my closed college friend owning many houses, but at that time he stayed with his mother in Phitsanulok Province. We observed that Bangkok Mochit Terminal on 19 November crowding with many people. I thought World Traveler well aware that no country in the world able to celebrate the Loy Krathong Festival as grand as Thailand. We arrived Phitsanulok Province at 01.00 am., that my closed college friend and his mother waiting to welcome. In later morning, after coffee at my closed college friend house, we traveled to Phitsanulok province to worship the sculpture of the Buddha at Wat Phra Sri Rata Mahathat (Wat Yai) where the golden sculpture of the Buddha called Phra Buddha Chinnarat located. This good occasion performed to universal prayer such as blessing, pouring with magic water, dedicating to Buddhist monks in order to enhance the prosperity of life. Almost at noon, we departed

from Wat Yai and journeyed till realized of Sukhothai province. We visited the Si Satchanalai Historical Park, 68 km. from the city. Whenever any visitor driving over 80 km. but not arrived and looking at the Si Satchanalai Historical Park signs, please immediately turn back. This is because both names of the Si Satchanalai historical park and the Si Satchanalai national parks exactly showing the same signs. We had already arrived at the park late afternoon. We paid 20 Baht each to get admission fee.

Visiting the first temple, “Wat Chang Lom” in the Si Satchanalai city walls located nearby foothills plains in the south of Phanom Pleng Mountain. The important historical sites is the great Langka style Chedi (pagoda) in defensive square wall. We attempted to look for surrounded elephants, the meaning of the temple name, but not found. Noticed the supposed broken elephant statues destroyed by time, caused us mistaken that they were lion statues. That day, there were few of both Thai and international tourists. We felt of relief and comfortable.

Departing from Wat Chang Lom, we immediately visited the opposite temple named “Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo.” The temple is praised to be more beautiful than any other temples in Sukhothai province due to several different styles of Chedi, for example: purely Sukhothai style and the combination style of Sri Vichai and Sukhothai style. The important historical site is Lotusbud Chedi behind the Buddha image hall. Historical brief and looking around the structure of the temple, I confused how to count seven rows. We took a more little time at this temple. From Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo, along the road, we found tramcars, that the park managing to service tourists. Anyway, if anyone wants to ride bicycle, the park also arranged as well. (However, most like of driving car).

The later temple was “Wat Suan Kaew Utthayan Yai,” located in the city walls, not far from Wat Chedi Chet Thaeo. The important historical site is Laterite rounded style Chedi. By sight, I thought the architecture of this temple is similar to Wat Chang Lom, the first temple that already visited. “Wat Nang Paya “ is besides to Wat Suan Kaew Utthayan Yai. This temple is very beautiful stucco designs. We would like to advise everybody to see with own eyes to amaze the splendor of the Sukhothai period, tender, beauty of Thai exquisite. On the map, the park seems to be a square pass through with a road. The entire journey is able to be by foot, car, tramcar and other vehicles in order to convenience and do not waste so much time. If you have more time, take to keep pictures of the beautiful monument. However, at that time we hurried as the remaining two measures also need to visit; “Wat Khao Phanom Pleng” on the top of Phanom Pleng Mountain inside the city walls. The important historic is rounded style Chedi and laterite Buddha flèche. The measure is based on two routes. One is in front of Wat Kang Luang and one is the beside laterite stairs. On the way up, there are both sides of the pavilion accommodation. I was most impressed by the Buddha statue as the principle Buddha image face fully of complacency and kindness. The temple has a Chedi behind the principle Buddha image. The strangeness is the surrounded base of the Chedi lined up with tiled flat shape stone. Another measure on this mountain is “Wat Kow Suwankiri “, where I and my friends agreed not to visit because we were very tired.

It was about 5 or 6 pm. we out of the last temple in Si Satchanalai National Park. The last temple in our program was “ Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahatat Woramahawihan “ or “Wat Phra Bharom Mhathat Muang Chalieng “ or the local name is “Wat Phra Prang” which takes about 2 km. from the park located outside the Si Satchanalai old city wall about 3 miles in the west. The architecture is composed of a large monument and admired as Royal Monastry Temple. Many historical sites in this area divided into two parts: one is the group of monuments and one is the area of real temple where the Buddhist monks living. The admission fee only collected from the foreigner is in the rate of 40 Baht. After visiting Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahatat Woramahawihan, we backed to the Sukhothai city nearly 7 pm. So, first of all we had to have dinner. Then taking a bath and dress. It was almost 9 pm. when we again out of accommodation. When going into the light and sound show, it almost finished. However, it is fortunately that the show still displayed grand light and sound spectacular fireworks. But even so, I

want to assure that Loy Krathong Festival at SuKhothai is very attractively decorated and really amazing!!! The festival is arranged at National Park of Sukhothai in Muang district. Take a journey is not difficult, from the Muang district accommodation take not too much time. Moreover, although I arrived just end up of the showing, the light and sound show still also demonstrated color display and a big basket eyestalk presented me a creepy feeling that the province dedicated to this great event. In

the Festival area divided into several zones such as souvenir shops, food, OTOP, iconic voice, Miss Noppamas contest, Loy Krathong, lantern contest, model village culture, and other throughout the park. But, we had the advice that the organizer should give a close to the materials to make count since almost count stands are mainly made of foam and plastic, not environmental friendly. Although not more than 5 minutes after floating, they should be collected by the kids, there were some counts floating

into the middle of the pool and may harmful to the living organisms in the water. In the coming years, I hope the organizer will resolve those issues. Beside of the great light and sound show, works at the Sukhothai Loy Krathong Festival is unlimited. Someone who visits will realize that fireworks are very beautiful and shoot into the air for a very long time. We are sorry to someone who missed this occasion. You are miss a lot. (Retell) In Loy Krathong Festival, if there are not balloon light, it not to be called

Loy Krathong Festival. Here, there is a little number of balloon lights, not so much as Chiang Mai or anywhere else. However, it was time to light, but not me. I afraid that my own light would fall into someone house and make trouble. That is the reason why I appreciated the balloon light, floating line in the sky as aging star studded night where the moon glowing blue decorated prosperous.

I and my friend bought the counts which made of real banana tree, though the price was a bit expensive (100 baht), but worthy for peace that at least we have subsidized natural banana leaf cup. After floating, we took a little way since it was a long night. We had not slept in my college closed friend’s house in Sukhothai, but to go the accommodation nearby adjacent foothills at National Park Ramkhamhaeng in Kiri Mart district instead. That night, we really very impressed with the Sukhothai Loy Krathong. We also consider that the coming years we have certainly come back. For me, Loy Krathong Festival in Sukhothai province is the most greatness and beautiful decorated Thai tradition.

Photo By : Nucksoo Senapint , http://www.phateaw.com/ , http://www.dongmada.go.th/newsdetail.php?id=91&g=1 , http://teppap.rmutl.ac.th/?p=794 , http://ton.packetlove.com/blog/life-style , http://www.gotoknow.org/ media/files/375820 , http://www.pixpros.net/forums/showthread.php?t=11041 , http://www.nbw.ac.th/ kruporn/index.php?name=blog&file=readblog&id=24 , http://www.newviewtour.com

Agency PR

Dare to Step Out


KASEMSRI “The Journey provides me an open world of exploration and learning. Not only we take a rest from travelling but also we will face a whole new world in various aspects.”

She spent her junior high school time in Australia and her senior high school in the History of Art in United Kingdom. And she also graduated the Bachelor of Graphic Design from Mibblesex College in United Kingdom. Due to her ability, she deserves for almost positions. But she finally decided to be an entrepreneur and columnist of online media agency of World Travel Joy.com, an online travel magazine. This is the way she loves to do “ML Kalyakorn Kasemsri”.

ML Kalyakorn Kasemsri She used to be a flight attendance, vice-president secretary, vice-president of Investing Banking, Public Relations Manager, PR director and travel columnist of Post Today Newspaper. In contrast, it’s not just that she did not use her degree for her position. She likes to discover for new interesting things and challenges and do whatever she wants to do. And now she works in field of tourism and travel and export as well.

“I chose to work in tourism as when I was an officer; I always made a trip with my colleagues on every holiday. I also booked flights, hotels and others for everyone. I did it all happily because I love to do so.” “I love to go to the sea. And I love to see their culture and surroundings because I studied the History of Art in secondary school in England. It makes me like to see the ancient buildings, arts, architectures, sculptures and also paintings where I visited. It was embedded in my heart unconsciously.” “About my working time, I work everyday even on Sunday. I usually work outside my office. I have to go for a trip both in Thailand and outside. That causes I have got periodical free-time.” “Many people always ask me that I love to travel or not, I rapidly reply them that I love the most. I love to travel all the time. I cannot stay at home and waste my time. I love to go outside as my favorite even if it’s on my duty or not.”

“About my favorite places, there are many well-known places in Thailand. They also include hidden beauty of nature. They let me want to find it out and gain a lot of knowledge and experiences. Krabi is one of my favorite places in Thailand because there are many things to do there like diving and chilling on the beach. I can explain the definition of the word ‘sea’ as attractiveness. I like to see the great sea view with fantastic rocks. Moreover, I love Thai cuisine that combines the nutrition values and good taste. Besides, Similan is my other favorite places.”

“If I have real authority to develop our society to be better, I would develop in working system of tourism first. I want to see more advanced functional systems going together with nature conservation at the same time. We not only promote our tourism, but we also protect our natural resources and environment. We will eventually run out of its natural resources on some day. We have to preserve our natural resources for the next generation.” “Personally, I think that Thailand have to develop in using our sufficient natural resources with ultimate effectiveness. I went to other developing countries; they can use their resources for tourism with usefulness. Thailand has to learn more how to use and manage our limited resources effectively.” “I think it’s not from public relations. It causes from working system in almost tour ism organizations. For many countries, tourism businesses contribute a lot of benefits to national income. So, they can wisely manage their services and goods. On the contrary, Thailand has rich natural resources, the country’s strength in attracting tourists. But we misuse and disturb the natural resources instead. Therefore, successful tourism has to contribute to cooperation between local populations and organizations both in economically and culturally to protect their natural resources.”

“About my clothes, I dress up depending on that occasion and chance. For example, when I go for a beach holiday, I will wear a dress flying open when the wind blows. Active clothing is the best clothes for casual hiking. For the proper attire, it still depends on the actual and different occasion and place.” “About my free-time, I like other women who appreciate shopping but I prefer to buy kitchenware. I personally do like to cook. I just buy what I want to buy not brand-name goods. It can look good and special not expensive. I sometimes go for shopping because I look for something I like. Moreover I like to go shopping for food, kitchen appliances, tools, kitchenware and even food ingredients in supermarket.”

“About my clothes, I dress up depending on that occasion and chance. For example, when I go for a beach holiday, I will wear a dress flying open when the wind blows. Active clothing is the best clothes for casual hiking. For the proper attire, it still depends on the actual and different occasion and place.” “About my free-time, I like other women who appreciate shopping but I prefer to buy kitchenware. I personally do like to cook. I just buy what I want to buy not brand-name goods. It can look good and special not expensive. I sometimes go for shopping because I look for something I like. Moreover I like to go shopping for food, kitchen appliances, tools, kitchenware and even food ingredients in supermarket.”

“About my title ‘M.L.’, I was taught not to use the term of social class in our society. It is the irresistible status because it never goes away since I was born. Yet I think that every individual has a fair chance and equality in the society where everybody has the same level of wealth and status. I emphasize on the sincere and true friends for my friendship that regardless of their social status. For me, a good friend is about being kind hearted. I never envy what matter happen to others. Being envious of others is the way to make ourselves unhappy. I’m so proud of myself for being now. I don’t necessarily care what I have got or not and do everything to get it. It’s not a big deal. I never look down on another human being and never envy over what someone else has.”

“It’s so hard to be me because I was born into the Thai Royal Family. It is said that the royal family was taught to have knowledge, good manners and proper behaviors in every situations. But I think that it’s just a cross-culture. I never behave like I’m superior to others. I behave the good performance for different occasions. And last you should evaluate focusing on me not my external social status.”



Tip to Trip



s n o i t a applic nd

a l i a h T n i g n i l for trave

Nowadays technology is developed and used as our routine for the better living and more convenient. It makes our life seem to go faster. Moreover, mobile phones are necessary in our lives. It can really help us easier and it is useful as a portable computer. Then, Tip To Trip would like to introduce the new technology on our smart phone which makes our travels more convenient. These applications are available for iOs and Andriod.

https://market.android.com http://itunes.apple.com


Amazing Thailand

This application is developed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). This application includes tourism information, travel guides, destination guides, events & festivals, shopping tips, Thai foods and other basic information for free download. You can enjoy your trip without any worries.



This application provides flight information including flight destination and flight ticket from Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air, Orient Air, Air Asia and Kan Air for the travelers to Thailand. And you can reach Call Center by pressing dial icon on your smart phone. It can really save your time!!



the SpeakThai Application, your personal & portable translator with over 2,500 words for all your needs in Thailand. Communicate with Thai people anywhere, anytime with a few easy touches. Simply install this application on your phone and you’ll have the power to speak Thai at your fingertips.



“Discover events and places in Thailand” helps you to find the right Event to join and the right place to Travel in Thailand by providing local search and recommendation services that help you discover events, fair ,festival and places in Thailand.


DroidSlator Offline Thai Dict

DroidSlator Offline Thai Dict is a combined dictionary and translation program, online/offline search engines and many cool features such as Podcast OCR, Eng-TTS, SMS and etc. This version we bundled dictionary in app that user don’t have to load dictionary from server.


Wikitude World Browser

Wikitude World Browser is can help you discover what’s around you in a completely new way. By using the camera, simply hold up your smartphone and explore your surroundings. Wikitude will overlay the camera’s display and the objects you look at with additional interactive content and information and order features Excam : Find events, Wikipedia articles, ATMs, restaurants, user reviews, explore and identify places and objects near by. Etc.


Thai Airport Flight info

real time Thai airport flight info You can check both passenager arrival and departure in real time.it easy to use and you can even search for the flight you are looking for and send the flight info to emailthe objects you look at with additional interactive content and information and order features Excam : Find events, Wikipedia articles, ATMs, restaurants, user reviews, explore and identify places and objects near by. Etc.

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.