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Editor’s Talk Hello, September It’s nice to see you again. How are you doing? After long summer, the rainy season begins now. So don’t get wet and take care of yourself. In this issue, we will talk about coffee shop as our highlight. The reason we choose this topic is nowadays, there are many coffee shops and you can find them in almost every corner of streets. So we would like to share you the origin of coffee shop, coffee shop trends in each place and interesting coffee shops around the world. Except the story about coffee shop, we also have many interesting topic in another column such as the breathtaking beach in Trang, the outstanding restaurant on Koh Samui and tips to enjoy during rainy season. Thank you for every supporting. See you next issue.

Lomprayah Team Editor in Chief Photjanard Kantiwong

Executive Editor Wanitcha Sukchet Tinn Chacalanuwattanapong

Editorial Staff Vorapong Vongvarothai Juntiya Laoniyomthai Areeya Pichittanabordeekul Jiraporn Boonta Kitthawat Chaisingthong

Art Director Methakritsada Wanngoen

Photjanard Kantiwong


Graphic Designer Seattakit Meunnak Annop Sawatdipol



Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. The world consumes over 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day, and it has become one of the world’s most important commodities. Nowadays, most of people drink a cup of coffee at least once a day. Coffee shops are spread all over the world, and it also tends to be increasing everyday.

HISTORY OF THE COFFEE SHOP Ref: http://www.matteocoffea.com/coffee-history.html http://blog.evenues.com/2012/02/07/a-brief-history-of-coffee-houses-as-meeting-places/

Throughout history, coffee houses (another

name of Coffee Shop) have served as meeting places for the world’s politicians, poets, authors and intellectuals. The world’s first coffee shop, Kiva Han, opened in Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey in nowadays) in 1475. Ever since the first coffee houses sprung up in the Middle East, coffee has always been associated not only with meetings, but the exchange and flowering of new ideas.



Ref: http://www.europeword.com/blog/europe/european-coffee-shops/ http://adeliaco.com/industry-analysis-and-industry-trends-of-coffee-in-australia/ http://chugginmccoffee.hubpages.com/hub/Coffee-Drinking-is-On-the-Rise-in-Asia http://colombiareports.co/asias-thirst-for-coffee-to-boost-industry/

Trend of coffee shop

COFFEE SHOP : EUROPE European countries have had their own coffee culture and their own European coffee shops that came before it was ever big in the US. In Europe there have many own smaller cafes which normally have outdoors seating and are very popular thanks to the laid back lifestyle that many of these continental countries enjoy. In Paris particularly their cafes (they are generally known as cafes rather than as European coffee shops) are very popular and walking down any street you are likely to find lots of forward facing seats with locals drinking coffee and tea and watching the world go by. In Eastern Europe the coffee culture is not quite the same and European coffee shops are rarer to find. There are many coffee shops in Europe. There are particularly popular among students who meet there to socialize during the day to work, and also among the self-employed. Many busy professionals will also use European coffee shops for a boost during their work break.

Trend of coffee shop

COFFEE SHOP : AMERICA At least 75 percent of U.S. adults drink coffee and 58 percent drink it daily, according to a 2012 study by the National Coffee Association. The report also shows a significant increase in coffee consumption in the 18-to-39 age group. The U.S. coffee shop industry topped $10 billion in revenues in 2011, with 70 percent of industry revenues coming from the top 50 coffee shops out of approximately 20,000 coffee shop businesses. Although the coffee shop industry is expanding, difficult economic times in the 2008-2010 periods resulted in more coffee drinkers buying specialty coffee to brew at home rather than buy their morning coffee at a shop. This has prompted the rise of small specialty roasters to fill the retail demand for gourmet coffee beans.

Trend of coffee shop

COFFEE SHOP : AUSTRALIA In Australia, there is an increasing trend of experimenting and preparing different kinds of coffee. Number of coffee shop is opening in this region, for Australian’s great love with coffee. This love for coffee among Australians supported industry demand through global economic downturn and has very positively fuelled growth just in past five years. The coffee culture of Australians and prevalence of small specialty coffee shops and café has caused the level of competition to grow. Coffee industry in Australia is in a typical growth phase, with increasing number of coffee businesses rushing into the market with new products every day. This causes the rapid increase of coffee shops and cafés almost in every region and is the strongest indication of growth life cycle phase.

Trend of coffee shop

COFFEE SHOP : ASIA The amount of coffee shop in Asia is increasing everyday. Right now currently, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines are actually some of the biggest coffee drinkers in all of Asia. China and India have seen a boom in coffee shops opening up. In South Korea where the total number of coffee shops has gone from 1,600 in 2006 to 12,000 in 2011, a shift from instant to fresh-roasted has occurred as consumers begin to be concerned about coffee quality. However, it seems that most Asian coffee drinkers are actually partial to corporate chains like Starbucks than the other local coffee houses that have sprung up. The motivation behind the Asian coffee culture movement is similar to that of the US in that most individuals are looking to spend time drinking coffee as a social interaction with their groups of friends.

Ref: http://www.bangkokpost.com/print/388172/


TREND OF COFFEE SHOP IN THAILAND In the past, traditional coffee and instant coffee were widely consumed and were an integral part of Thai culture. The turning point toward a more modern coffee drinking style occurred 20 years ago when the Black Canyon chain emerged, followed by Starbucks in 1998. These coffee shop chains changed consumer behaviour, making coffee the beverage of choice in the morning hours. This behavioral change toward a more westernized lifestyle can be witnessed from the expansion of coffee stalls and coffee stores chains nationwide. In 2007 alone, four new foreign players, namely McCafe, Segafredo, Gloria Jean’s and Caffe Ritazza entered the market to reap the benefits of the growth in coffee consumption. After that, different types of coffee shops were opened, including boutique coffee shops along Sukhumvit road, local coffee shops chains such as True coffee and Cafe Amazon, and street-side coffee kiosks. The growth within the chain segment has been stronger than growth for independent shops and will continue to grow well. However, like a double-edged sword, as coffee shop chains grow and build a strong coffee culture in Thailand, they must bear in mind that consumers will be increasingly demanding. To be precise, consumers will become more sop.



THE FIRST COFFEE SHOP IN THAILAND CAFE DE NORASINGHA This is the first coffee shop in Siam (formerly Thailand’s name). Built in the reign of King Rama VI. It unfortunately closed during the reign of King Rama 7, due to the World War II. However, it is now re-opened again at the Phayathai Palace. Although the shop has been closed and reopened, Cafe de Norasingha still remains the first coffee shop in Thailand. The shop is decorated with custom-made replicas of furniture during the reign of King Rama 6. What make the furniture unique is the engravings on the wooden chairs. Aside from the great coffee and stunning old world decor, the cafe also charms you with a range of traditional Thai desserts made to authentic royal recipes.




Ref: http://www.therichest.com/business/companies-business/the-five-largest-coffee-shop-chains-on-earth/ http://moco-choco.com/2013/01/24/the-most-beautiful-coffee-shops-in-the-world/ http://www.oddee.com/item_98745.aspx http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/11/5600376/dreamy-camera-cafe-in-south-korea http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/d-espresso-coffeeshop

Interesting coffee shops in the world



The mega giant of the coffee world is undoubtedly Starbucks. It has over 20,000 stores and resellers in over 61 countries. Today, Starbucks serves 40 million customers per week and sells over four billion coffees a year. The reasons that make Starbucks be the largest coffee shop chain is the customers swear by the taste and the service of the employees. Although Starbucks offers reselling licenses, it has never sold a franchise and never plans to.

Interesting coffee shops in the world

Destination Guide



There’s no better place to experience the rich history of Italian coffee than Caffè Florian, the oldest coffee house in the world. Caffè Florian is a coffee house situated in Venice. It was established in 1720, and is a contender for the title of the oldest coffee house in continuous operation. In the 19th Century it was the heart of Venice’s cultural life, with regular patronage from Goethe, Dickens, Proust, Lord Byron, and Casanova himself. Caffè Florian also has a considerable collection of Italian art, both painted on its walls and in its private collection.

Interesting coffee shops in the world

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CAFE NEW YORK BUDAPEST This Budapest legend, in the early 20th century, was a meeting place of artists, writers, musicians and poets. Recently renovated by designer Adam Tihany, it maintains a dazzling gilded interior featuring ornate lamps and paintings on the ceiling mixed with contemporary furnishings. Here you can sip a cup of coffee while admiring the ornate lamps and numerous paintings on the ceiling.

Interesting coffee shops in the world

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In South Carolina, there’s a cafe where everyone pays for everyone else’s drink. It all started in 2010 at Corner Perk, when a customer paid her bill and left $100 extra, saying that she wanted to pay for everyone who ordered after her until the money ran out. The staff fulfilled her request, and the woman has returned to leave other large donations every two to three months. It took a while, but word has started to spread around the tiny coastal town. Now, more and more customers have been leaving money to pay for others’ food and drinks. Cooke says that some people don’t even buy anything when they come in; they just stop to donate and head right back out.

Interesting coffee shops in the world

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HAMMOCK CAFÉ Who needs chairs when you can just relax and have a cup of coffee or tea in a comfortable hammock, right? That was probably the idea behind “Mahika Mano”, a popular Tokyo venue that allows diners, coffee sippers, and tipplers to do their thing in swaying satisfaction. As soon as you walk in, the first thing that hits you is the absence of chairs, but as soon as you lay down in one of the hanging nets you start to wonder who ever got the crazy idea of using chairs when hammocks are so much more comfortable.

Interesting coffee shops in the world

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Located in a suburb not far from Seoul is the Dreamy Camera Cafe, a coffee shop built to resemble a vintage Rolleiflex twin lens camera. It is also is a mini museum that houses both classic and modern cameras. For the owners, their success isn’t defined by how much money they make, but it’s about when someone walks through the door and talks about their dream, because here is a space for dreamers. Inside the coffee shop, visitors can sip on a cup of joe while enjoying the views of the scenic countryside outside the twin round windows. It’s a must-see destination for any quirky traveler or photographer.

Interesting coffee shops in the world

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D’Espresso is a tiny coffee bar in New York and it has a very fun interior design by Manhattan-based Nemaworkshop. It’s a coffee shop that looks like a library. But the concept is a little different here. The ceiling and floors are lined with books. Of course, it’s just an image printed on custom tiles. Another interesting detail is that the pendant lights don’t hang from the ceiling but are sticking out from the walls. A clever concept, it’ll make anyone feel like they’ve just stepped into Wonderland.

Destination Guide

Ref: http://www.naturethai.net/National-Park-in-Southern-Thailand/Hat-Chao-Mai-National-Park.html http://greenglobaltravel.com/2013/07/31/top-5-thailand-national-parks/

This large national park covers the coast and several offshore islands in Trang province. This national park is divided into 2 parts, the first part is the coast land including Muk island, Kra Dan island, Wan island, Cheaung island, Pring island and Meng island. This area consists of a steeply high limestone mountain where the northern part of the eastern side has Chong Chan mountain, Kwan Med Chune mountain, Kwan Dang mountain, etc. where are the source of many streams which joins together at Bang Sak canal and drains to the Trang river. In addition, this national park also consists of grass field, rainforest, mangrave forest, beach forest and sand beach whereas sea area has the deep sea widely covered with coral reef along the steeply high shoulder of mountain. This coral reef would be found in the Waen Island, Cheaung Island and Kradan Island. If you prefer your nature experience to be more of the bird- and sea-based variety, here, the environmental conditions (which include vast expanses of sea grass and tidal mudflats) are perfect for both birds and aquatic animals, including the increasingly rare dugong. Beyond the national park, this area is also superb for enjoying empty beaches, gorgeous sunsets, and spicy southern Thai food, whilst hopping in between some of Thailand’s least well-known and most beautiful islands.


Place Guide



Kleaw Kleun coffee shop is now has two branches, which are located at Chumphon and Koh Samui. The shop at Chumphon has been opened already, while another shop on Koh Samui is going to be opened next month. Kleaw Kleun coffee shop is the place where the customers can enjoy themselves with fascinating scenery. Not only the beautiful view, but the various beverages and delicious bakery are also the things that you should not miss.

Restaurant Guide

Eat Sense Restaurant Chaweng

Ref: http://www.bangkokpost.com/lifestyle/23132_info_eat-sense-beach-restaurant.html

Eat Sense Beach Restaurant is located at

Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui. Eat Sense is a tropical oasis of beautiful beachside dining in the centre of Chaweng. This restaurant offers tasty, authentic and healthy Thai cuisine. Using only natural organic vegetables, fresh seafood and indigenous tropical fruits.

It has six distinct dining areas including two that are fully air-conditioned and four areas that are non-smoking. They also have an array of special menus suitable for celebrations, anniversaries, weddings and parties which can be booked here.

OPEN DAYS: Monday - Sunday SERVICE HOURS: 11:00 to 00:00 ADDRESS:

Chaweng Beach Rd., Bo Phut, Koh Samui, Suratthanee 84140 Thailand

TEL: +66 (0) 7741 4242 EMAIL: info@eatsensesamui.com

Event The exclusive tour operators will be there ready to make your travel dreams come true with an amazing array of tourism-related products and services, including hotels, resorts , airlines, tour packages, spas and travel equipment, all offered with special discount. DATE: 04 SEP -07 SEP 2014 TIME: 10.00 - 20.00 LOCATION:

Plenary Hall 1-3, Zone C1-2, Atrium, Plaza at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

WEBSITE: www.thaiteawthaiplaza.com/





Ref: http://www.qsncc.co.th/en/visitor/event-calendar/item/1369-32nd-thai-tiew-thai.html

Real Story




Ref: http://www.i-escape.com/blog/2014/04/25/just-back-from-thailand/

After enduring the soggy winter (remember the storms!?), Bookings Consultant Ben thought it was definitely time to dust off the flip flops and get some tropical sunshine and vitamin D in his life. In his search for good value, excellent food and tropical beaches, he decided Thailand was guaranteed to hit the spot. Here he shares his discoveries.

The plan was for a couple of weeks lazing on a tropical beach, preferably with a hammock, and definitely including mango shakes and pineapple on a stick – sandwiched in between the chaos and energy of Bangkok. After touching down in a very steamy Bangkok (don’t come here in March/April if you fear the heat – the air is as thick as soup), we headed straight for my favourite area, Chinatown, and the beautiful Shanghai Mansions.

Having visited Bangkok on numerous occasions in the past, we’d ticked off all the main tourist sights, so our stay was dedicated to one thing – food. The sheer abundance and variety of food on offer in this city is mindblowing, and you could spend years crawling the streets and sampling a mix of dishes from all over Asia. Heaven.

Chinatown offers up some of the best, and the streets come alive after dark with food stalls spilling out into the roads and mini plastic seats covering the pavements. I only wish I had put in some training to stretch the stomach more. Chinatown also has backstreets packed with stalls selling everything you could ever need (and lots that you really don’t).

To escape the intensity of Bangkok for a day, we visited the floating market at Amphawa. This really was one of the highlights of the holiday. Take away your pre-conceptions of busloads of tourists descending on the usual well-touted floating markets; this is the real deal. It’s a bit of a trek to get to (about an hour and a half each way), but well worth the effort. It’s less of a floating market than a grid of canals lined by beautiful teak shops with bags of old-world charm. The main draw is the outlying islands dotted about the national park, which are easily explored on day trips in longtail boats. If you’re into snorkelling – this is for you. Uninhabited tropical islands cloaked in dense rainforest fringe whiter than white beaches, leading straight onto shallow reefs which start about 10 meters off the beach and stretch as far as you can swim. After seeing so many of SE Asia’s reefs being destroyed, the number of fish and live colourful coral was really heart-warming. Our last few days on the beach were spent on Raleigh beach in Krabi. The karst limestone cliffs framing the beaches here really do take your breath away – it’s well and truly on the tourist trail and the amount of day trippers is a little overwhelming, but they come with good reason. You get jaw ache from gaping at all those amazing cliffs. On our return to Bangkok we stayed at the atmospheric and regal Chakrabongse Villas, a collection of beautiful suites and rooms on the verdant riverfront.

It’s a popular weekend day out for Thais coming from Bangkok, and it was packed (but only a handful of westerners). And the food – oh did I mention the food? The creativity in producing such an array of different snacks and dishes is unbelievable. My new favourite place.

Top of the World




Ref: http://www.thaiembassy.org/chennai/th/news/4113/49330-Thailand-Named-One-of-the-Most-Popular-Nations-for.html http://www.expatfinder.com/blog/2014/08/top-10-countries-for-expat-retirement/

According to the article “The world’s 7 Most Retiree-Friendly Nations”, Thailand has been named one of the most popular countries in the world for retirees. Thailand is regarded as a welcoming country for people wanting to retire on a longterm basis, and the retirement visa does not stipulate an annual minimum stay. In addition, retirees are eligible for visas at the relatively young age of 50 and there are no additional financial requirements for their dependents. Retirement visas are issued when applicants offer proof of income, which currently stands at around 65,000 baht per month, or about 2,100 US dollars. Thailand is one of the cheapest costs of living in the world, where the pensioners can live very comfortably and enjoy many best things that this country has to offer. The country also has an expanding expat community with very friendly locals and a beautiful relaxing environment. Most retired residents come to enjoy the warm weather, as well as the blend of traditional culture and modern luxuries. Starting a new life in Thailand can easily be a dream comes true.

Lists of the World’s 7 Most Retiree - Friendly Countries

1. Thailand 2. Panama 3. Nicaragua 4. Malaysia 5. Ecuador 6. Colombia 7. Belize




The Mid-Autumn Festival is, arguably, the second most important festival after Chinese New Year and was originally a harvest festival. This festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month every year, and in this year, 2014, it’s on 8th September. The name of the festival refers to the fact that it always falls in the middle of autumn. It is also known as the Moon Festival, because the moon is fullest and brightest at this time of the year. In Chinese culture, the moon is a symbol of unity and harmony.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family and friends to reunite. Each year, people will travel home to meet and to have dinner with their loved ones, and to appreciate the beautiful full moon together while eating moon cakes.

Moon cakes are a very important part of this festival. They are small, baked cakes and are only eaten around the Mid-Autumn Festival. The cakes are round and symbolize the full moon, peace and the reunion of families. Moon cakes come in various flavors according to the region. Fillings include lotus beans, duck eggs and red bean paste, but in recent years, modern variants with chocolate and ice cream have appeared. Moon cakes are given to relatives and friends as presents before and during the Mid-Autumn Festival, with wishes of a long and joyful life. Besides that, lantern shows are normally a big part of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, and it is a time to decorate with lanterns of all kinds.

Horoscope Predictions for the month of

September By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya


This is a time of opportunities for success. So, try to seize them with both hands. This will add warmth and a new dimension to your life. Financial matters will keep you busy.


The focus is on finances. You can make some good investments at this time. However, do everything after proper planning only. Do not forget to relax in the midst of all this.


How you relate to people around will decide many aspects of your life. Avoid losing temper and try to be at your pleasant best when dealing with other people.


Responsibilities will weigh heavily on your head, as you need to tie loose ends at work. At home too you are busy as elders in the family may face health problems. Try to relax by meeting people who make you happy.


Things will fall into place and soon there will be much to celebrate. Love life and relationships will be sweetly fulfilling. A month of gains all around. All this will increase your confidence very much.


This is a crucial month which may change the course of your thinking. It is time to make fresh evaluations and assessments, especially of your goals and orientations. Whatever you decide on will thus be very important.


It is now time to see the results of hard work done by you in the past. You may even get a promotion at work. You may find love with a foreigner or with a complete stranger.


You must exercise some caution and restraint to work your way towards success. Do not try to be all knowing and wise all the time, otherwise there could be controversies and conflicts around.


You will spend a lot of time with friends and loved ones. However, keep a check on expenses. You are approaching a very busy time soon, so try to enjoy whenever you can. Your stars also show good travel prospects.


This is going to be a busy month what with both the work and home front demanding your special attention. The stars indicate that you do have the self discipline to make things work out well.


You will experience a sudden slow down this month, a kind of lull in which nothing seems to move. You will therefore need to perk up your problem solving techniques. The stars are improving very much in the next month.


Your financial stars are very good at this time. So time to reap the rewards of all your efforts now. Trips and ties will work out, since you have the capacity to reach out to people. However, try not to be very rigid in your dealings.





Ref: http://traveltips.usatoday.com/dress-up-international-flights-105709.html

STEP 1 Choose comfortable and supportive undergarments. Pick underwear without scratchy tags or any uncomfortable seams. A thong and strapless bra might not be the best choice for a woman, since you can’t easily adjust these garments mid-flight if they start to irritate you.

Wear a pair of breathable clean socks. Pull on a pair of slip-on shoes so you can discreetly slide them off once you’re in your seat. Pick a stylish pair; suede boat shoes will look chic if you’re headed to a glamorous destination like Europe.


Pull on a pair of slightly loose dress pants. Pick a pair of black or navy pants over khaki, since dark colors won’t show wrinkles as much. Wear a pair that doesn’t require a belt, since it can bunch up and feel uncomfortable on the plane. But make sure that the waistband isn’t so tight it will dig into your skin. A woman might opt for a pair of flowing pants that tie with a drawstring, which can be adjusted as necessary.


STEP 3 Wear layers on top, starting with a tank top or T-shirt closest to your skin and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt on top. Pull on, or carry with you, a cardigan sweater or sports jacket. Leave sweatshirts at home, since they’ll just look sloppy. Pick tops made of natural fibers like cotton.

Pack a big, soft scarf in your carry-on so you can warm up on the plane or at your destination, if necessary. Add a satin eye mask for sleeping on the plane to your bag, along with a pair of oversized sunglasses so you’ll fit right in with the fashionable locals when you land.



For a woman, a long dress is a convenient alternative to a pants-and-top combo. Pick a loose sundress that hits at the ankle or top of the foot and top it with a light cardigan. You can take off the cardigan and pull the skirt up around your knees if you’re hot on the plane, and you’ll look effortlessly chic in this type of ensemble from the moment you step off the plane. Avoid jewelry beyond a few basics like stud earrings or a few rings. Anything more can make it difficult to get comfortable and sleep on the plane, and may make it a hassle to get through airport security. Stow some bracelets and dangle earrings in your carry-on and you can pull them on as soon as you land.

Lompraya News Lomprayah set a booth at NATAS 2014 On 29-31 August 2014 Lomprayah joined a NATAS Holidays 2014, by set a booth in this event. This is the largest travel fair in Singapore and a large number of people who love travelling came to join this fair, so Lomprayah not just offer tour promotions only, but this was a chance to publicize the tourism and outstanding destinations in Thailand also.

The new route will be launched on 15 October this year Lomprayah Catamaran will launch a new route. To offer the tourists with many travelling choices, Lomprayah Catamaran provides a new route from Koh Samui, Bangrak pier, to Koh Phangan. The new route will be launched on 15 October this year.

Global News Thailand’s visitor insurance cover scheme off to a good start Thailand’s independently-launched insurance coverage policy for visitors (Thailand Travel Shield) has received 219 applicants from 44 countries in the first month after its formal launch, with a total premium value of 493,100 Baht. The largest number of applicants received in the period 24 July – 21 August, 2014 are from Italy (72), followed by Australia (18) and Canada (16).

Thai AirAsia X launches Japanese routes

The new long-haul low-cost carrier took off from Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport at 01.00 on Monday morning, for the inaugural service to Tokyo Narita Airport. Flights will now operate daily using a 377-seat, two-class Airbus A330-300 aircraft. And at 1625 the same afternoon, Thai AirAsia X will commence a new five-times-a-week service between Bangkok and Osaka. Following the launch, flights will operate every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Qatar Airways to Fly Dreamliner to Cape Town Qatar Airways has announced plans to launch direct flights to Cape Town using its Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which features 22 seats in business class and 232 in economy, all with modern in-flight entertainment systems. Commencing on 3 November 2014, the new route will run five times a week between Doha and the South African city.

Thanks : http://www.traveldailynews.asia/news/article/56505/thailand-rsquo-s-visitor-insurance-cover-schemehttp://www.traveldailymedia.com/211595/thai-airasia-x-launches-japanese-routes/ http://www.traveldailymedia.com/211718/qatar-airways-to-fly-dreamliner-to-cape-town/

Tip to Trip


Ref: http://www.manillenials.com/tips-survive-travels-during-rainy-season/

Travel during the rainy season doesn’t always disappoint you. The trip doesn’t have to be as gloomy as a sunrise being obscured by clouds and unforgiving rain. The following is the tips that will make you have a great trip, even you are travelling during the rainy.


CREATE AN ESCAPE PLAN Part of your planning should include access to basic comforts when the rain becomes difficult to handle. A hot meal and dry comfortable room are among those. However, in case of a destructive LPA or typhoon, which I have experienced in the past, on an island no less, it is important to understand the safety details of your location beforehand.

Since that day my friends and I arrived at a signal-number-threestricken Bolinao four years ago because none of us watched TV, I never passed on the chance to check the weather before my trip again. Not that it had been less fun. It was just, you know, catastrophic outside. Most of us rely on weather forecast to know if our trip’s going to be cancelled or ruined. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear it until the day itself or the night before. Good news. Weather forecasting tools are available online and you can check the weather in any locality five days ahead. I use Accuweather, though based on my experience, it has only been accurate 60% of the time.


BRING LIFE-SAVERS Being stuck in your hotel room when it’s pouring outside wouldn’t be as uninteresting if you brought, say, a deck of cards or board games if you still play them, your iPad loaded with e-books or movies, or anything else portable that can save you from boredom. A pack of hot choco would be a nice addition to that.

BRING YOUR SUNNY PERSONALITY Remember that it’s just the rain. In a tropical country like ours, it’s unpredictable even if the sun rose beautifully when you woke up. It’s your sunny disposition that’s going to save your trip from total ruin.

The happiest of travelers are those who react positively to random situations. Dealing with rain shouldn’t be stressful if you embrace the possibility and prepare for it ahead. For one, you can make your things rain-proof, as in placing your things, camera, and other electronics inside a large plastic bag before putting it inside your bag if it doesn’t have a rain cover. You can always count on your umbrella and poncho or rain coat to keep you dry so don’t forget to pack them as well. Also, rainy days serve as a cue to take those pretty rain boots or cardigan out of the closet. Camping out? Rain cover or fly sheet should be the second on the list, after your tent.

MAKE PLANS A AND B Okay, some forecasts are not even close. If it means a lot that it doesn’t rain on your trip, seek an alternative. Create a plan that can be adjusted the moment you decide rain’s going to be part of your trip after all.

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