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Editor’s Talk Hello, June Nice to see you my all reader. In this issue, our magazine full of the useful content and interesting article. First of all, the Hilight column, it is about the Luxury Travel. Although this kind of tourism is now interested by tourists around the world, but many tourists are still don’t know about it. In that column is consisted of the luxury travel destination, restaurant, accommodation, activities and transportation. Moreover, due to the FIFA World Cup, which is organized in this month, so we are providing a story about it in the Special column. Now, it’s time to enjoy our magazine. Good bye.

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Credit : http://thecultureur.com/what-is-luxury-travel


If you ask anyone around you what their definition of luxury travel is, chances are you’d get a whole host of answers that are as individual as the people you have asked. So, what is the Luxury Travel? The following are some ideas from the people within the luxury travel sphere. “Luxury travel is about sanity, time and exceptional experiences. Regardless of destination or location it is the warm, sincere and anticipatory services that differentiate a luxury travel experience.” – by Lindsey Ueberroth, President of Preferred Hotel Group “Luxury travel means experiencing destinations in inspirational, unprecedented ways on your terms. Truly luxurious travel provides experiences tailored to your personalized preferences, including what you desire, how you like it, where and when you want it. We each define, and re-define, luxury distinctly by our own desires, inclinations and impulses. It’s indulgence and pleasure for some, while others seek comfort and ease.” – by Giuseppe Lama, Managing Director at The Resort at Pelican Hill “Luxury is about unique experiences which can’t be easily replicated elsewhere. It’s less about facilities and amenities, more about authenticity of experience.” – by Chris Warren-Gash, Co-Founder of Triptease Luxury travelers want more, spend more, and expect more. More attention, more comfort, more memorable meals, more exciting experiences. The world is full of amazing things that cater to the demanding luxury traveler. In this article, it will show some of luxury travel destinations, accommodations, restaurants, transportation and activities.


Here are some luxury travel destinations which are popular among the tourists.

Paris France Whether it’s a riverside vista that takes in the Seine,

Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Eiffel Tower, or the view of elegant buildings and mansard roofs from a hotel room window, it doesn’t take much to convince anyone that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. The French capital’s embarrassment of riches is unsurpassed. Whether you opt to explore the historic, fashion-conscious, bourgeois, or bohemian and arty sides of Paris, one thing is certain, the City of Light will always enthrall.

Credit : http://designlimitededition.com/10-luxury-travel-destinations-you-shouldexperience-before-you-die/


here is nowhere in the world like Japan. Japan is a perfectly unique country where the juxtaposition of past and future civilization coexists in remarkable peaceful harmony. With such inherent diversity, luxury travel in Japan is boundless.

JAPAN Credit : http://designlimitededition.com/10-luxury-travel-destinations-you-shouldexperience-before-you-die/


If you have the desire to be surrounded by the jet

set along the French Rivi?ra, Monaco might be the place for you. Multi-millionaires show off their fast sports cars and luxury yachts in the harbor, while tourists splurge on fine dining and high-end shopping. Those who want to sunbathe can head for the beach and opt for a cocktail or two at one of the trendy lounge clubs afterwards.

Credit : http://absolutetravel.com/

Bali really is as alluring as everyone says. This

island, only slightly bigger than Delaware, has it all: beaches, volcanoes, terraced rice fields, forests, renowned resorts, surfing, and world-class dive sites. The hundreds of temples, dances, rituals, and crafts linked to their ancient Hindu faith aren’t a show for tourists, but a living, breathing culture in which visitors are warmly received by the Balinese, who cherish their own identities.



Credit : http://designlimitededition.com/10-luxury-travel-destinations-you-shouldexperience-before-you-die/

Venice is called La Serenissima, “the most se-

rene,” a reference to the majesty, wisdom, and impressive power of this city that was for centuries the leader in trade between Europe and the Orient, and a major center of European culture. Built entirely on water by a people who saw the sea as a defense and ally, Venice is unlike any other town. No matter how often you’ve seen it in photos and films, the real thing is more dreamlike than you could ever imagine.


Credit : http://designlimitededition.com/10-luxury-travel-destinations-you-shouldexperience-before-you-die/


With legendary beaches and impossibly ornate

architecture, the Kingdom of Thailand has forever been a Westerner’s exotic dream and a haven for romantic expatriates. Thailand tours seduce travelers with the country’s charm, traditions, cuisine, and the legendary friendliness of its people. Luxury travel in Thailand provides some of the most exquisite accommodations and natural scenery that Asia has to offer, and the abundance of enchanting sights can make choosing an itinerary quite a challenge.

Credit : http://absolutetravel.com/

The options for luxury travel in Australia are di-

verse, but all exude the laidback easiness that Australia tours are known for. You can explore all sides of this South Pacific gem, from heart pounding encounters swimming with whale sharks and romantic evenings at the iconic Sydney Opera House to ultra-luxe adventures in the remote outback.

Australia Credit : http://designlimitededition.com/10-luxury-travel-destinations-you-shouldexperience-before-you-die/

New York

New York City is an iconic city, almost dream-

like; people never sleep, the buildings tower over you, and the streets are filled with throngs of artists, actors, businessmen, doctors, scientists, and other New Yorkers. The vibrant, rich culture of New York is a spectacular place to find the most luxurious of opportunities. People from around the globe visit the world famous Time Square daily. There are many other spectacular sights to visit and see in New York, including some very expensive, high quality ones.

Credit : http://www.luxury-travels.net/destination-new-york/

ACCOMMODATIONS An accommodation is also the important part of the luxury tourism. These are example of the luxurious accommodation.

Burj Al Arab Dubai

The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al

Arab is more than just a stunning hotel. It is a symbol of modern Dubai. Repeatedly voted the world’s most luxurious hotel, this magnificent destination offers you the finest service and facilities throughout – right down to an optional chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce. Burj Al Arab suite-only accommodation offers discreet check-in within your rooms, a private reception on every floor and a host of personal butlers, each a warm messenger of our unparalleled hospitality.

Credit : http://www.jumeirah.com/en/hotels-resorts/dubai/burj-al-arab/

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

The luxury resort’s design draws heavily from the

architectural and cultural influences of the historic Lanna Kingdom. Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai offers some of the world’s most spacious accommodations available in the world. A heartfelt welcome from our gracious and friendly staff welcomes you into this delightful and serene setting, inspired by the region’s rich heritage.

Credit : http://www.dharadhevi.com/EN/About_the_Resort

The Westin Excelsior



ultimate in a luxurious vacation is staying in the penthouse Villa La Cuppola that takes up the 5th and 6th floors of this 108 year-old hotel. It is the largest suite in Italy and has a magnificent painted dome roof, and its own fitness centre with sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi with mosaic floors, above.

Credit : http://www.alistaday.com/most-expensive-hotel-in-the-world/

This grand hotel was built in 1907 and was named

a National Historic Landmark in 1969. The Plaza Hotel offers 282 distinctive guestrooms, including 102 suites, which boast the largest square footage of any luxury hotel in New York City. From the sumptuous dĂŠcor to the impeccable white glove service, The Plaza is an extraordinary hotel that offers every indulgence. For our suite guests, The Plaza is pleased to offer Butler service 24 hours a day.


New York City

Credit : http://www.theplazany.com/


Food is one of the highlights of luxury travel and foodies are increasingly well catered for with holidays that center on gastronomic passions as an integral ingredient. Here are three best luxurious restaurants the traveller should try.

Restaurant Le Meurice Paris


pure cuisine which turns simple into good. Real taste is returned to its truth, without any superfluous ingredient. Preparations are purified to leave room to the strength of taste. Going back to basics is also to respect the rhythm of the seasons, when the product is at its best.

Credit : http://www.aluxurytravelblog.com/2014/01/14/trends-for-luxury-travel-in2014-simple-pleasures-and-gourmet-discoveries/


Borghese� Restaurant, considered one of the best Restaurants in town, an enchanting salon facing into a flowering Italian garden, a haven of serenity in the heart of Rome. An interesting Wine List and a careful selection of the best Italian Olive Oils. The Service is five-star, prompt, courteous, impeccable. The Bounty of Land and Sea served a gastronomical renaissance of Regional Cooking, typical of the Italian cuisine.

PAULINE BORGHESE Italy Credit : http://www.parcodeiprincipi.com/en/best-restaurants-rome-luxury-restaurant-rome.htm

KOZUE Tokyo On a clear day, one can see Mount

Fuji from the hotel’s exquisite contemporary Japanese restaurant, Kozue. The menu features only the finest seasonal ingredients for the hearty, home-style dishes which are uniquely presented on beautiful earthenware, porcelain and lacquerware created by noted Japanese craftsmen. Kozue features an extensive sake list for the perfect accompaniment.

Credit : http://tokyo.park.hyatt.com/en/hotel/dining/Kozue.html


Transportation is one travel expense that can make or break your vacation. Ever get stuck in traffic, missed a turn or got lost in an unfamiliar location? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you know just how important the right transportation can be.

Private aircraft or

first-class service

Travel by private plane doesn’t just

cut out the lines at the airport, the cramped seats and the pre-packaged food, but the passenger can eat meals prepared by chefs on the plane. They often have extra facilities like lounges or bars and the staff to passenger ratio is much higher than commercial flights also. Private jets also can often land at more remote airports that are closer to hard to reach destinations, cutting down transfer time.

Credit : http://www.luxurytravelmag.com.au/Seetheworldbyprivatejet

Limousines Whether the tourists want a transfer from airport to hotel, want a private travelling or want to take a luxury vehicle for the special occasion, the limousine is the best way to fulfill their requirement.

Credit : http://www.miamiandbeaches.com/visitor-resources/transportation/private-and-luxury-transportation


here are many islands are full of fascinating and beautiful destinations that are difficult or impossible to get to overland, or even by plane. Traveling by luxury yacht allows you to visit those remote locations, while staying in ultimate comfort aboard your floating home.

Credit : http://luxurytravel.about.com/od/destinations/u/Luxury-Travel-Passions. htm#s18


Whether it is business or pleasure,

helicopter charter is one of the most stress free, unique, cost effective, safe and stylish methods of air travel available in today’s travel market. With no need for an actual airport, a helicopter can arrange landing sites much closer to both your destinations. It is one of the most unrivaled methods of travelling with minimum fuss.

Credit : http://www.pnsecurity.co.uk/luxury-travel-transportation/helicopter-charteran-unrivaled-choice/


Luxury travel is even more fun when it revolves around an activy that you love. Here are some of the activities the luxury travelers love.


What could be better than dedicate your beloved

hobby even on your holiday and train your tee on spectacular golf courses in the most beautiful places on earth. Top places that are either integrated into the dramatic landscape or directly adjacent to the sea offer optimal climatic conditions. Today, many luxury hotels offer a private golf course where you can play free of charge. We can organize your tee times in advance, training sessions with a professional and, if requested, transfers to the surrounding golf courses.

Credit : http://www.landmark-fine-travel.de/en/Golf-Hotels/

Cruising is the fastest

growing sector of the travel business. Cruise vacations on both oceans and rivers have seen large upswings in popularity in recent years. River cruises, in particular, tend to be more expensive and exclusive, and it’s not just in Europe.

Cruise Travel Credit : http://luxurytravel.about.com/od/destinations/u/Luxury-Travel-Passions. htm#s18

Spa and


A seductive, spice-scented destination spa mul-

tiplies the relaxation quotient of luxury vacations. A stay at a spa hotel can bring a transformation. Everyday stress melts away in the lap of impeccable luxury and service. Add in the excitement of an interesting destination and the combination becomes too hard to resist. To truly immerse oneself in the experience requires a blending of technique, location, and amenities, and these properties fit the bill.

Credit : https://www.credit-suisse.com/th/en/news-and-expertise/news/economy/global-trends. article.html/article/pwp/news-and-expertise/2014/01/en/luxury-tourism-the-top-7-trends.html

Shopping is one of the best parts of traveling.

Some luxury travelers shop to find one meaningful keepsake of their visit, while others are traveling with shopping top of mind: for shoes in Paris, bags in Rome, bespoke garments in Hong Kong, silver jewelry in Mexico, sample sales in New York. Above is just only a little information about the luxury travel. Not everyone can experience the luxury travel so if you have a chance, just try it, you may find the definition of the luxury travel of yours.


Credit : https://www.credit-suisse.com/th/en/news-and-expertise/news/economy/global-trends. article.html/article/pwp/news-and-expertise/2014/01/en/luxury-tourism-the-top-7-trends.html

Destination Guide

Credit : http://www.tourismthailand.org/See-and-Do/Sights-and-Attractions-Detail/Mu-KohSimilan-National-Park--590

Similan is a Yawi or Malay word, which means nine or a group of nine islands. Similan is a small group of islands comprising nine islands stretching from north to south, respectively, namely: Koh Bon, Koh Bayu, Koh Similan, Koh Payu, Koh Miang (two adjoining islands), Koh Payan, Koh Payang, and Koh Huyong. Occupying an area of 32,000 acres, it was declared as a national park on September 1, 1982 and the park office is located on Koh Miang. Similan is highly praised for its beautiful scenery, both onshore and underwater.

Koh Similan or Koh Paet is the largest island of this group. It has a distinctive horseshoeshaped bay and the average depth of the water is 60 feet. Underwater is full of rock formations and coral reefs in several shapes and forms such as deer, leaf, brain, and mushroom. The latter one is the most unspoiled coral found in the country. Its white sand beach is beautifully soft and very stunning. Diving around here is the must as it allows you to touch the real underwater world that full of fish and corals. To the north, lies a striking large rock formation with astonishing shapes such as boot and Donald Ducks head. The upper part of the beach is an ideal lookout point with a rock of a sailing boat shape.


Koh Ba-ngu is the ninth island of the Similan group. Its strange shape can be looked in different ways including a skull. Underwater scene is as beautiful as a coral reefs valley with deep gorges and various sizes of fish. Koh Huyong, the island offers the whitest and longest beach of all the nine islands. During turtles’ egg laying season, from November to February, there would be tracks on the beach made by turtles come onshore to lay eggs, resembling centipede tracks. Koh Miang is the second largest island among the group. It is where the office of the National Park is located. The island offers a scenic beach suitable for camping.

There are several diving spots suited both snorkeling and scuba diving. The famous scuba diving spots including rock formations that lie to the west of Koh Tachai where whale sharks can be seen, Koh Bon, Christmas Point rock formation, Fantasy rock formation, and Ao Kwang En (to the east of Koh Paet), etc. Snorkeling spots are scattered around these islands. The suggesting spots are sailing boat rock, Ao Kwang En, and behind Miang Island.

Place Guide


ADDRESS 45 Chao Far Road, Chalong, Phuket 83130 Thailand Tel: +66 7628 0116 Website: www.siamsafari.com Fax: +66 7628 0107

Siam Safari has over 20 years’ experience of operating nature tours in Southern Thailand. Siam Safari’s goal is to provide a high quality product, while at the same time preserve Thai nature and culture. Siam Safari Nature Tours is an international award winning company that operates nature tours in southern Thailand. With over 20 years’ experience, in eco-tourism, Siam Safari offers superb day tours and outstanding safaris that include elephant trekking, jungle trekking, canoeing, Land Rover tours, high quality accommodation and much more. Multi-day tours go to destinations such as Phang Nga, Krabi, Khao Sok and Takuapa with stops and activities planned to explore the local culture. Ancient temples, cave paintings amongst stalactities and stalamites, cooking lessons, paddling on Cheow Larn Lake in Khao Sok National Park, hiking in a tropical rain forest and more are delights to be held in the expeditions.

Credit : http://www.tourismthailand.org/See-and-Do/Activities-Detail/Siam-Safari-Nature-Tours-Co-Ltd--47 http://www.mydestination.com/phuket/things-to-do/13282/siam-safari-nature-tours#

Restaurant Guide


In this atmospheric two-storey Sino-Portuguese house, set on New Dibuk Road, with its tinted-glass windows, mosaic floors, vintage gramophone and walls hung with ‘30s Shanghai posters and sepia-toned photos, two sisters serve up the best Southern Thai food on the island. A favourite with Thai Royalty, celebrities from Bangkok, and local residents, its always buzzing, so make sure you call in advance. The menu is substantial with plenty to recommend though the standouts are the beautifully caramelised, braised pork belly, the deep-fried sea bass sprinkled with shallots and red chillies in a tamarind and lemongrass sauce, and the signature deep-fried chicken with turmeric. But don’t leave without trying the moreish crabmeat curry with coconut milk and mee hoon noodles, which is also sent as a takeaway all the way to Bangkok. Or, the delightful nam phrik goong siap, ground shrimp and chilli, accompanied by cucumber, snake bean, cashew leaves, snake gourd, garnished with raw white turmeric. Cool any fire that builds up in your mouth with a glass of cold local beer. If there is only one restaurant on Phuket you need to visit, this might be it. Address : 48 New Dibuk Road, Muang, Phuket, Thailand Opening Date : Daily Tel. : +66 (0) 7621 8155 +66 (08) 1376 6958 Email : rayarestaurant@gmail.com

Credit : http://destination.amari.com/en/phuket/eat/raya.aspx#.U5VQ8XaPOOk


Credit : http://www.tourismthailand.org/See-and-Do/Events-and-Festivals/LagunaPhuket-International-Marathon-2014--5305 http://www.worldtravelguide.net/thailand/events

9th Laguna Phuket International Marathon

The 9th Laguna Phuket International Marathon is organized on 8th June 2014. The Laguna Phuket International Marathon is a race in which anyone can participate as it features five different achievable courses for you to choose from. The races include a full marathon (42.195 kms), half marathon (21.097 kms), fun run (10.5 kms), community walk (5 kms), and kids’ run (2 kms). The inaugural marathon took place in 2006 as part of Phuket’s bid to recover after the devastating December 2004 tsunami disaster.

Talked with

The race attracts runners from all over the world and has great support from the local community who turn out en masse to cheer on the runners. The topography of Phuket provides participants with the challenge of running flat sections as well as ones involving rolling hills and, at the same time, runners can enjoy the beautiful scenery as the courses take in villages, rubber plantations, and beaches.

Not only are there the runs but there is also a ‘Pasta Party’ on the eve of the event at which you can stock up on the carbohydrate to provide you with the energy for the race, as well as the opportunity to meet fellow runners.

Real Story

Credit : http://4wornpassports.com/2013/11/24/snorkeling-the-similan-islands/


THE SIMILAN ISLANDS “Jump, Riley!” I closed my eyes and heaved myself off the boat, plunging into the crystal clear water below. I bobbed up to the surface and swam around the edge of the boat. Delaney came around a few seconds after me.

Just minutes earlier I was complaining about the rough 75 minute boat ride. “Ugh, I feel seasick,” I moaned. Then one of the crew members called out, “Land, ho!” I stood up and saw four rocky islands in the distance. I pushed away the feeling of seasickness and asked which island we were going to.

“We will start at the one on your left.”

In twenty or so minutes, we were docked at an one of the nine Similan Islands off the coast of Thailand, but we couldn’t go snorkeling yet. First the people who wanted to get off the boat to swim on the beach got off. Then we got to ride a little farther to island number four. The closer we got, the clearer the water was. It was the prettiest water I’d ever seen, and you could see straight down to the bottom of the ocean. “Okay, you will all have thirty-five minutes to snorkel, so get going!”

Being one of the few people on the front of the boat (there are fewer people because the waves are rougher up front) we could jump from the front. My dad jumped first, and I followed to the tip of the boat. I sat on the edge and put on my fins and my mask. I looked down and saw my reflection in the waves. The water was only eight or so feet below me. “Riley, you’re holding up the line. Just go!” my loving sister told me. I counted down from three in my head, “Three, two, one.” I shut my eyes and into the water I went. It felt amazing after the roasting hot and bumpy boat ride here. I swam towards my dad and waited for Delaney and Mom. They caught up, and my family started to swim away from the big crowd of people, as we weren’t the only boat snorkeling today. I looked down through my goggles and saw a parrot fish. It was green, blue, and purple. It’s eyes had what looked like lime green, sparkly eyelashes and purple eyeshadow. For a second, I thought it looked right at me. Throughout the snorkel, I saw lots of coral and different types of fish. There were striped fish, and neon fish. Before we knew it, it was time to go back to the boat.

Throughout the day, we ate lunch, and snorkeled once more. Our tour boat also went to another island to swim and play on the beach. My dad and I climbed a path up to some boulders with a panoramic view of the ocean. The Similan Islands were really fun, and I loved snorkeling. The only way that the day could’ve been better was if our boat had fewer people on it, and my mom wasn’t sick (read her post). If you are looking for an unusual beach destination, try Khao Lak, Thailand and visit the Similans! It is the perfect combination of flour soft sand, water so blue you can’t believe it’s real, and beautiful, colorful fish. I promise that you’ll enjoy it! Just be sure to take a little Dramamine if you tend to get seasick.

Top of the World

Credit : http://www.businessinsider.com/worlds-best-airport-awards-2014-3?op=1 http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/27/travel/worlds-best-airports-skytrax/ http://www.worldairportawards.com/


BEST AIRPORT Changi Airport in Singapore has been voted the World’s Best Airport by air travellers for the second year in a row at the 2014 World Airport Awards, beat out second-place Incheon International Airport in South Korea and third-place Munich Airport in Germany.

The World’s Top 10 Best Airports 2014 1. Singapore Changi Airport 2. Incheon International Airport (South Korea) 3. Munich Airport (Germany) 4. Hong Kong International Airport 5. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport 6. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) 7. Beijing Capital International Airport 8. Zurich Airport (Switzerland) 9. Vancouver International Airport (Canada) 10. London Heathrow Airport (England)

Changi is designed to alleviate the stress of travel, and it offers passengers the opportunity to enjoy lots of greenery, an outdoor pool, and a butterfly garden. For those who prefer to stay inside, it houses movie theaters, spas, showers, and a four-story slide. The World Airport Awards are based on 12.85 million customer nominations across 110 nationalities of air travellers, and included 410 airports worldwide. The survey evaluates customer satisfaction across 39 key performance indicators for airport service and product - from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration, through to departure at the gate.


Credit : http://www.fifa.com/c


THE FIFA WORLD CUP No other sporting event captures the world’s imagination like the FIFA World Cup. Ever since the first tentative competition in Uruguay in 1930, FIFA’s flagship has constantly grown in popularity and prestige. After another two events in 1934 (Italy) and 1938 (France), there was a 12 year break due to the World War, before recommencing in 1950 in Brazil. The World Cup has been held every four years since then. When it resumed, the FIFA World Cup rapidly advanced to its undisputed status as the greatest single sporting event of the modern world. Held since 1958 alternately in Europe and the Americas, the World Cup broke new ground with the Executive Committee’s decision in May 1996 to select Korea and Japan as co-hosts for the 2002 edition. Today, the FIFA World Cup holds the entire global public under its spell. An accumulated audience of over 37 billion people watched the France 98 tournament, including approximately 1.3 billion for the final alone, while over 2.7 million people flocked to watch the 64 matches in the French stadia. After all these years and so many changes, however, the main focus of the FIFA World Cup remains the same - the glistening golden trophy, which is the embodiment of every footballer’s ambition. This year, the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the 20th FIFA World Cup, and the final tournament is held in Brazil, which previously staged the 1950 edition.

Horoscope Predictions for the month of


By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya


The focus will be on finances.This is also the time for a new beginning to make your work more profitable.You will attract money and possibly see an increase in your personal income though loans,fixed deposits and dividends.


This is a month of daring and enterprise.Money trends are positive.Setting goals,making plans and implementing them will keep up your energy levels.Take care of health as you may overstretch yourself in money making pursuits.


Your creative streak helps you find ingenious solutions to money and relationship problems.Despite that,however there is a feeling of insecurity. Do not let it affect you.Children could be a source of worry,so take care on that front.


You have worked hard to consolidate your position at work and now feel confident that your finances are pretty stable.However,you still tread cautiously at work and force yourself to read the fine print.You share a better rapport with your coworkers and boss.Travel for work is on the cards.


Time to slow down now,though your sights are still fixed on making more money.Family will crave for your attention.Take care of your health;alternative therapies could prove helpful.Visits to places of worship may calm your agitated mind.


The hectic pace of the last month may slow down and there will be a sense of calm.The low key period could propel you to seek out adventures and shake things up a bit.You are ready to try your luck,gamble away money and also seek out new adventures of the heart.


Keep your travel bags ready as you may have trips coming up.Meeting new people and even those you have lost touch with is not ruled out. Check out new technology to raise your communication levels.


It is definitely time for a new relationship.At work,you have the support of your boss and co-workers.People find you pleasant and agreeable as you go out of your way to help others.There may be a windfall by way of an unexpected inheritance.


These are busy times for you.,as everyday chores take up all your time.Despite leaving you exhausted,it will still be an enjoyable month. You also manage to find time for your spiritual aspirations.Apart from work,you are busy in social interactions too and spent quality time with friends and family.


This month represents a chance to make a fresh start.However take care not to be hasty or headstrong in dealing with others.Guard against unexpected expenses.Take care of your loved ones,as they need your attention.


Your hard work bears fruit.It is payback time now as God showers you with rewards;but please do not let it go to your head.This is generally a month of financial gains,both expected and unexpected.


Money will flow in through different avenues and a good bank balance makes you feel secure.You may have to spend a lot of time on negotiations and deals;and buying/selling of assets.Your life is on an upswing and you work to build a new image for yourself.

Trend AND




Umbrellas and raincoats important! Ensure umbrellas and raincoats are already in your briefcase. To keep your work clothes stay neat and the hair is not wet from rain water, use umbrellas and raincoats when it started raining.

Do not be ashamed to wear flip-flops or sneakers Instead of high heels you are a victim, you should go to work or on the move while wearing flip-flops or sneakers, it would be better if you have boots. Besides not be quickly destroyed by the water, this will allow you to move quickly. Arriving at the office you can replace it with high-heeled shoes pet.

Of course you do not want to when it arrives at the office, school, college, and more than a friend or colleague teased with a laugh, ‘Oh my God, how rich kecebur rats got so hell, really limp!’, So see your looks chaotic and wet rain. The rainy season does not mean the appearance of being sober for fear exposed to rain. Need to keep up appearances so that we remain confident in the task. Here are some tips to keep the appearance neat and beautiful remains blocked despite the rain.

Use scarves In addition to warm the body, especially in the neck, it can also enhance your appearance. Choose soft colors or bright, it gives a happy mood even during the rainy season.

Minimalist makeup If you usually have to dress and style the hair from the face at home, it helps during the rainy season, apply makeup minimal. Probably quite a moisturizer, a little powder and lip balm, than when you are perfect and the rain began to fall, it might ruin your appearance. Select beauty products are waterproof and continue to use a skin moisturizer though maybe the sun does not shine. Upon arriving at the office, prior to your desk, you should go to the toilet to change the makeup.

Smile No one can predict exactly when the rain came. It could come at any time, so when you cannot do anything while the sudden rain, the arrival in the office and got the joke, no need to get angry or sullen. Smile, this drug remain potent for good mood and happy even though it rained all day Credit : http://self-madeskirt.blogspot.com/2013/01/beauty-tips-and-stay-fashionable-when. html

Lompraya News Lomprayah explore from Andaman to the Gulf of Thailand

Kleaw Kluen Coffee Shop will open soon at Pralarn Pier - Koh Samui Branch Kleaw Kluen coffee shop will open a new branch soon. Here is the place where the tourists can enjoy the beautiful view and our delicious beverages.

Global News Strong turnout sees TTM+ buzzing with activity The Thailand Travel Mart Plus (TTM+) 2014 was buzzing with activity on the opening day as hundreds of buyers and sellers, mostly from China, the UK, Australia, India, South Africa and Japan, gathered for three days of business discussions at the Impact Muang Thong Thani Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Japan to offer free WiFi for travelers NTT launched a new program to serve foreign tourists, allowing them to register for a WiFi card, for short stays of up to 14 days, by presenting their passports at the airport. The new service provides free WiFi coverage through 45,000 hot spots across Japan.

Air China launches Beijing-Jeju Island service Air China will open this week its new service to Jeju Island in South Korea, an increasingly popular Island for wealthy Chinese due to its proximity to China PRC and a high number of casinos.

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Tip to Trip

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Your bags have been checked, your boarding pass issued... and now you’ve got hours to wait before getting on your plane. What can you do with an airport layover? Plenty, as it turns out. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Exercise

4. People-Watch

Feeling your muscles atrophy from all those flight delays? Hit the gym! Many airport hotels have fitness centers in them with day passes available for the public; some are even open 24 hours. Don’t have a spare set of workout clothes? Get on your feet and take a brisk walk around the terminal, mallwalking-style - but avoid running if you don’t want to risk getting tackled by security.

Feeling your muscles atrophy from all those flight delays? Hit the gym! Many airport hotels have fitness centers in them with day passes available for the public; some are even open 24 hours. Don’t have a spare set of workout clothes? Get on your feet and take a brisk walk around the terminal, mallwalking-style - but avoid running if you don’t want to risk getting tackled by security.

2. Spoil Yourself Airport day spas and massage shops have become ubiquitous at international airports. Have a fear of flying? Melt away your jitters with a muscle-tingling back or foot massage, or treat yourself to a facial treatment and a mani-pedi. Just don’t get so relaxed that you forget your boarding time.

5. Window-Shop

3. Lounge Around Once reserved for the hotshots in First Class, deluxe lounges can now be your home away from home - for a few hours, anyway - for a small fee. At minimum they usually have comfy seating, newspapers and magazines, a food buffet and free Wi-Fi (a real boon in those benighted airports that still charge for Wi-Fi access). Some higher-end ones, such as the Plaza Premium Lounge in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, feature showers, free draught beer, movies and even a putting green. Fore!

Feeling your muscles atrophy from all those flight delays? Hit the gym! Many airport hotels have fitness centers in them with day passes available for the public; some are even open 24 hours. Don’t have a spare set of workout clothes? Get on your feet and take a brisk walk around the terminal, mallwalking-style - but avoid running if you don’t want to risk getting tackled by security.

6. Get back to nature

9. Enjoy some quiet time

If you’re flying through Southeast Asia, you can find a lovely green respite from the normal concrete-and-glass airport experience. Kuala Lumpur International Airport has transplanted a section of Malaysian rainforest inside the airport for visitors to explore, and Singapore’s Changi Airport has half a dozen different gardens throughout the complex, including an orchid garden with koi pond and a tropical habitat filled with butterflies, carnivorous plants and a waterfall grotto.

Most airports have chapels and ‘quiet rooms’ that are good for a little bit of solitary introspection, whether you want to pray, meditate or just contemplate your belly button in silence for a while. For those who feel like they need some pastoral guidance, London’s Heathrow Airport even has Anglican and Catholic chaplains and Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh ‘faith representatives’ on call.

7. Take a day-trip

10. Play

If you’ve got an extra long layover between flights, consider skipping the airport experience altogether and play tourist for a half a day. Many city airports have direct train service downtown, such as Chicago, Sydney and Hong Kong - where you can even check your bags and get a boarding pass at the station. Singapore’s Changi Airport offers free two-hour tours of town to passengers who have a layover of at least five hours.

8. Chow Down If you can’t bear the thought of tucking into a tray of single-serving generica on your flight, treat yourself to a good meal before you board. But forget a plastic-tray meal at the food court: airports these days have started featuring nice restaurants, often with celebrity-chef pedigrees. It can also be a good way to sample a bit of regional cuisine: if you’re a meat-lover transferring through Memphis, for example, try one of their four in-terminal BBQ restaurants.

Singapore’s superstar Changi Airport pulls out all the stops in providing boredom-killers for its passengers. Besides a children’s playground, arts and crafts workshop, three screening rooms with free movies and an entertainment area with free video games and music-listening pods, they’ve recently installed a four-storey-high slide so you can relive your playground salad days, as well as a half-size version for anyone afraid of heights.


KOH SAMUI (Nathon Pier)



11:15 Koh Tao 17:00 11:15 Koh Phangan 13:30 17:00 08:00 Donsak 12:45 15:30 08:00 Surat Thani 12:45 15:30 08:00 NaKorn Si Thommarat 12:45 08:00 Surat Thani 12:45 (Airport) 15:30 NaKorn Si Thommarat 08:00 (Airport) 12:45 08:00 Surat Thani 12:45 (Train Station) 15:30 08:00 Phuket 12:45 08:00 Krabi 12:45 15:30 08:00 Ao Nang / Krabi 12:45 15:30 08:00 Haadyai 12:45 08:00 12:45 Khao Sok 15:30 08:00 Phangnga 12:45 08:00 Khao Lak 08:00 Koh Phi Phi Koh Lanta 08:00 Railay 08:00 From

Arr. 14:00 18:45 11:45 14:00 17:30 08:45 13:30 16:15 10:00 15:00 17:30 11:00 16:00 10:45 15:45 18:00 10:30 15:30 10:30 15:30 18:00 15:00 21:00 12:00 17:00 19:30 12:30 17:10 20:00 15:00 20:00 13:00 18:30 20:00 13:30 19:00 14:00 16:30 17:30 13:00




Koh Samui

10:10 12:30 16:00 10:10 12:30 16:00 10:10 16:00

10:55 13:15 16:45 11:45 14:00 17:30 14:00 18:45


(Nathon Pier)

Koh Phangan Koh Tao



Koh Tao Koh Phangan Koh Samui From


Koh Tao Koh Phangan Koh Samui From


Koh Tao Koh Phangan Koh Samui From


Koh Phangan For Fullmoon

Koh Samui (Nathon Pier)

Koh Samui (Pralarn Pier)

Chumphon Hua Hin Bangkok Donsak




06:00 21:00 06:00 21:00 06:00 21:00

14:45 08:45 16:00 10:30 16:40 11:20



08:30 23:30 08:30 23:30 08:30 23:30

14:45 08:45 16:00 10:30 16:40 11:20

700 300 350





Koh Samui

09:00 11:10 14:30 09:00 11:10 14:30 09:00 14:30

10:55 13:15 16:45 11:45 14:00 17:30 14:00 18:45


(Nathon Pier)

Koh Phangan Koh Tao From

450 550 700 800






(Nathon Pier)

Koh Samui





Koh Phangan Koh Tao

08:30 08:30

11:45 14:00

600 750








Koh Samui (Nathon Pier)


Koh Phangan


Koh Tao

850 700 600 750 750 900 900 900

Price 350



Koh Samui (Nathon Pier)

Koh Phangan Koh Tao From


Koh Samui (Nathon Pier)

Koh Phangan Koh Tao



08:30 10:50 13:30 08:30 10:50 13:30 08:30 13:30

10:55 13:15 16:45 11:45 14:00 17:30 14:00 18:45



07:00 10:00 07:00 10:00 10:00

13:15 16:45 14:00 17:30 18:45



07:00 09:30 13:00 07:00 09:30 13:00 07:00 13:00

10:55 13:15 16:45 11:45 14:00 17:30 14:00 18:45


Price 600 700 850 950

Price 1,300 1,400 1,500

Call Center

0 2629 0011

Price 650 800 1,100

BANGKOK 0 2629 2569 0 2629 2641


0 3253 3739 08 6686 5360 08 7890 7775



600 700


Price 1,100 1,300 1,350 1,400 1,450

Price 1,050 1,300 1,400



07:30 13:00 07:30 13:00 07:30 13:00

08:45 14:45 10:30 16:00 11:20 16:40




06:00 09:30 15:00 17:30

07:00 10:30 16:00 18:30




09:30 15:00 10:15 14:45 10:15 14:45 10:15 14:45 06:00 09:30

11:20 16:40 11:45 16:15 17:00 21:35 20:30 00:30 08:45 13:30


600 1,000 1,100

Price 600 500



Train Station



600 1,100 1,100 800 700




06:00 09:30 NaKorn Si Thommarat 06:00 09:30 Surat Thani 06:00 09:30 (Airport) NaKorn Si Thommarat 06:00 09:30 (Airport) 06:00 Surat Thani 09:30 (Train Station) 06:00 Haadyai 09:30 06:00 Phuket 09:30 06:00 Krabi 09:30 Ao Nang / Krabi 06:00 09:30 06:00 Khao Sok 09:30 06:00 Phangnga 09:30 Khao Lak 06:00 Koh Phi Phi 06:00 Koh Lanta 06:00 Railay 06:00 Surat Thani


Arr. 10:00 15:00 11:00 16:00 10:45 15:45 10:30 15:30 10:30 15:30 15:00 20:00 15:00 21:00 12:00 17:00 12:30 17:30 13:00 18:30 14:00 20:00 14:00 16:30 17:30 13:00




Koh Samui

11:00 16:20 08:30 13:00 17:45 08:30 13:00 08:30 13:00 08:30 13:00 07:15 12:00 14:30 07:15 12:00 14:30

11:20 16:40 09:30 14:00 18:45 11:45 16:15 17:00 21:35 20:30 00:30 07:45 12:30 15:00 08:45 13:30 16:15


(Pralarn Pier)

Koh Tao Chumphon Hua Hin Bangkok Koh Samui (Nathon Pier)


Price 900 800 950 850 1,000 900 950 850 950 850 1,100 1,000 1,100 1,000 1,000 900 1,100 1,000 1,150 1,050 1,100 1,000 1,050 1,300 1,300 1,350

Price 300 500 600 1,000 1,300 1,300 300 450


0 7723 8411-2 0 7723 8262 08 7887 9791

0 7742 7765-6 08 1536 7162

Nathorn Pier

0 7795 1129 08 7888 0769

0 7720 0932-33



0 7737 2144-6



07:15 Surat Thani 12:00 14:30 07:15 NaKorn Si Thommarat 12:00 07:15 Surat Thani 12:00 (Airport) 14:30 NaKorn Si Thommarat 07:15 (Airport) 12:00 07:15 Surat Thani 12:00 (Train Station) 14:30 07:15 Phuket 12:00 07:15 Krabi 12:00 14:30 07:15 Ao Nang / Krabi 12:00 14:30 07:15 Haadyai 12:00 07:15 12:00 Khao Sok 14:30 07:15 Phangnga 12:00 Khao Lak 07:15 Koh Phi Phi 07:15 Koh Lanta 07:15 Railay 07:15 From

KOH SAMUI (Pralarn Pier)


0 7621 6044-5 08 1970 8877 08 1787 2221

Pralarn Pier

0 7742 0121 08 1079 3299


0 7562 2318 08 1767 5412



0 7755 8212 08 1970 4252




Koh Phangan 08:00 12:30 08:00 Koh Tao 12:30 08:00 Chumphon 12:30 08:00 Hua Hin 12:30 08:00 Bangkok 12:30

Arr. 10:00 15:00 17:30 11:00 16:00 10:45 15:45 18:00 10:30 15:30 10:30 15:30 18:00 15:30 21:00 12:30 17:00 19:30 12:30 17:30 20:00 15:00 20:00 13:00 18:30 20:00 14:00 20:00 14:00 16:30 17:30 13:00

Arr. 08:20 12:50 09:30 14:00 11:45 16:15 17:00 21:35 20:30 00:30

Price 550 650 800 650 650 1,000 850 1,050 800 750 750 750 1,150 1,150 1,150

Price 300 600 1,100 1,400 1,400