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Editor’s Talk Hello, February Because of Valentine’s Day, February is being the month of love. In this month, everywhere will full of the sweet decoration, couple item, chocolate, flower, Valentine gift and romantic sense. So, in this issue we would like to guide you some places where you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your couple, let check it in the highlight column. Moreover, we still give you many interesting articles in this magazine as usual. Well, see you again next issue. Have a good memory in this special month. Good bye.

Lomprayah Team

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Photjanard Kantiwong

Executive Editor Wanitcha Sukchet Tinn Chacalanuwattanapong

Editorial Staff Vorapong Vongvarothai Juntiya Laoniyomthai Areeya Pichittanabordeekul Jiraporn Boonta Saksid Boonrawang Kitthawat Chaisingthong

Art Director Methakritsada Wanngoen

Photjanard Kantiwong


Graphic Designer Seattakit Meunnak Annop Sawatdipol


Romantic Places for a Couple Although Valentine’s Day is not a holiday, but people around the world are waiting for this day for celebrating their relationship with their couples. Instead of taking a dinner at the restaurant only, is it better if you and your couple travel together in the place which has breathtaking view and romantic scene? Well, here are the 14 romantic places around the world which we recommend you to visit on Valentine’s Day.

VeniceItaly Venice seems to rise up out of a mirage, its churches and piazzas and canals shrouded in the ages. And it’s all enhanced by the romantic gondola rides around the city...particularly at sunset. Take a bottle of champagne with you, along with a box of chocolates. Party with the crowds in St. Mark’s Square. Or head out for a private picnic lunch to Guidecca Island, where you’ll have a view across the water toward the Doge’s Palace. If you want to impress your lover then treat yourself to a unique vacation: plan a romantic getaway in Venice, the city of love, where everything is idyllic. The museums, monuments, streets, bridges, the countless works of arts will enchant and make your stay unique and unforgettable. If you wish to celebrate your anniversary, or ask for the hand of your beloved one, do it in a ‘gondola’ by moonlight. It will be a sure success. Carry her or him the Grand Canal at sunset, impress her with a romantic candlelight dinner, take her to look at the stars at night on the Bridge of Sighs or taking a stroll hand in hand in the most unique places in Europe and the whole World. The timeless charm of Venice has no rivals, is sure to captivate you and your significant one. A romantic weekend in Venice for Valentine’s day will be a timeless reminder of your love.

Bali Indonesia The Indonesian island of Bali is an all-time popular place for romantic seekers, offering enchanted and romantic atmosphere completed with superb beach experience, verdant landscape, volcanic lakes, and cultural gems. When it comes to honeymoon or romantic getaway beaches of Bali like Kuta, Legian, and Nusa Dua are always special. A passionate sensation is easily guaranteed, simply lay on beach chairs at a fine sea-side resort with your special person, listening to the wind and balmy rhythmic sound of waves lapping the shore, or have a walk along the beach leaving your footprint on the sand. You can also choose to have the entire afternoon bounded by lush stepped paddy field in one of the cozy resorts of Ubud. Take a brief excursion to local village temples and catch the relaxing ambience which may get close to paradise than ever.

Paris France When you think of romantic cities, Paris always comes up near the top. Take a Valentine’s Day cruise on the Bateaux Mouche down the River Seine as the lights sprinkle on. Cross one of the medieval bridges toward the Left Bank, and wander the bistros there. Have a romantic candlelight dinner in one of the cellar cafes on the Ile D’Orleans. Head to the top of the Eiffel Tower (bundle up first!) for a nighttime view of “The City of Light” in all its glory. What could be more romantic than heading to the top with that special someone and looking down at Paris spread out below? As you can see, Paris really doesn’t need any help being romantic all on its own; however, there are plenty of activities put on especially for the loved-up on Valentine’s Day, ranging from film screenings to cooking classes for two. And don’t forget to load up at one of the exquisite chocolate shops!

Seoul South Korea This modern metropolis offers plenty of shopping opportunity, well-kept tradition, beautiful landscape, and tons of great hotels and resorts for your romantic moment. But if you are here for a loving mission, it is said that you should go to Seoul Tower, where you will enjoy beautiful panorama of the city and surrounding nature, and as you walk toward the top of the tower you will see thousands after thousands of locks hanging at the fence, on the decorations... everywhere. There is a belief if a couple be here and lock their own lock to the fence then throws away the key together, they will belongs forever. Kind of romantic and interesting isn’t it.

Montreal Quebec, Canada Montreal is a fascinating mix of “New World” and “Old France” - especially on Valentine’s Day. If weather permits, you might take a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage (the cozy blankets are complimentary!). You might take in the sunset from Mount Royal, after which Montreal is named, with spectacular views of the city and the St. Lawrence. Pick up a one-of-a-kind gift for your sweetheart at the Marche Bonsecours, an 18th-Century landmark now filled with artists’ studios and wonderful boutiques. And then head for dinner to the cobblestoned streets of Old Montreal, with cozy bistros and fashionable shops and gas-lit streetlamps.

Krabi Thailand Krabi is best known for romanticness and the exquisite panorama of calm turquoise sea dotting on the horizon with hundreds of beautiful islands with clean white sandy strip. For years, this dreamy beach town has drawn countless lovers and romantic seekers from all around to come and weave their unforgettable memory. It is always possible in Krabi to choose and make your own romantic agenda the way you like as there are numerous activities and things that you can indulge with. Tons of beautiful hotels and resorts from budget to luxurious are at service in pristine seaside area where you can relax on the beach or dip into the pool all day long. Get a boat to Koh Phi Phi and other outlying islands, plunge into the sea, sunny sky and white sand (especially at Maya Bay), or enjoy snorkelling into beautiful underwater world and hand-feed colourful fishes. There are ample supplies of adventurous activities at Rai Leh Beach. You can even hire a private yacht for an overnight trip in Phang Nga Bay - anchor in a quiet corner of an island, sipping Champaign under starry sky, and finish the night with romantic fantasy just only two of you.

Santorini Greece Some may think island romance is overrated, but then they’ve probably never been to Santorini. The most visually stunning of all the Greek Cyclades, this beguiling spot has all the trappings of a dream vacation: Postcard-perfect cliffside villages with picturesque whitewashed and royal blue-roofed buildings, exotic black-sand volcanic beaches, transcendent sunsets, luxurious caverock hotels, dramatic striated red-andgray cliffs stretching to the sky, and the Aegean’s finest wineries. Built atop volcanic ashes – on the ruins of what some theorize to be the lost city of Atlantis – the island’s impressive physical characteristics like the jagged cliffs, dark volcanic rock, and crescent shape carved out by the sea, are manifestations of its eruptive history. Roam the hilly streets in Oia, window shop at one of the many local artisan shops, and be sure you don’t miss the world-famous sunset.

Maldives If you’re looking for a romantic setting where it’s just you, your loved one, and the great outdoors, the secluded islands of the Maldives is it. With fabulous weather almost the whole year round and all the palm trees you could wish for, the tiny coral reef islands are a magical place to kick back and relax with your loved one. There’s little to see and do, beyond snorkelling to see the exotic underworld of the Indian Ocean, or a trip to one of the many spa resorts, but with evocative sunsets, dazzling waters and sparkling golden sands in such ample supply, you’ll likely never want to leave. Pristine beaches, crystal clear lagoons, sandy beaches…what’s not to love? You can enjoy your private bungalow, with glass floor above the turquoise water and a candle light dinner on the beach…it sounds like the perfect recipe for your romantic honeymoon in Maldives. Maldives is the perfect place to come and relax, sip cocktails, swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy the company of your loved one.

New York New York is a magical city. The sheer scale of it is awe-inspiring enough, so any spot with a good view of the city is a safe bet for romance. The classic view of New York is from the top of the Empire State Building, or if you’re looking for a particularly special New York dining experience with a view, then nowhere beats the exquisite River Café on One Water Street under the Brooklyn Bridge. Going out into the beautiful garden after dinner with a glass of champagne and taking in the view of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty is one of the most romantic experiences couples can enjoy on a New York break. Of course, no Valentine’s trip to New York would be complete to the iconic lover’s playground of Central Park. Take a horse drawn carriage ride, glide out onto the boating lake or relax over a picnic, all in the shadow of the most famous cityscape in the world.

Hoi An Vietnam Hoi An is probably the most romantic destination in all of Southeast Asia, with quaint streets lined with traditional Vietnamese merchants houses. The enchanting riverside restaurants and unique shops are one of a kind. Ornately decorated with majestic lights and lovely vines, spending quality time at a caf? by the river with the sun setting in the distance is the perfect setting for romance. After dinner, light a couple of candlelit paper boats together and watch them float down the moonlit river. This will provide the perfect special moment for a proposal. Thankfully mopeds are banned from the center of Hoi An so you and your loved one can stroll the streets to the impossibly romantic Japanese Bridge in peace. The bridge is so beautiful that it inspired Monet’s masterpiece, ‘Garden at Giverny: Japanese Bridge’.

The Lake District UK The Lake District, also known as The Lakes or Lakeland, is a rural area in North West England. A popular holiday destination with a great range of holiday accommodation, it is famous for its lakes and its mountains. The Lake District is one of the most naturally beautiful areas of the country, and covered in a thick layer of white gold, February could be even more enchanting. The Lake District romances visitors with its vast natural lakes, sweeping vistas of hillsides and mountains. Pack a delicious picnic of champagne, strawberries and local produce such as Kendal Mint Cake and Grasmere gingerbread and take a boat ride on Lake Windermere, the largest natural lake in England or settle into one of the cozy regional cottages and cuddle up by the fireplace.

Shanghai China Though Shanghai may not look or feel so romantic at first sight, there are some places at some time that will give you a charismatic ambience just the right place for spending time together. When you are in the city, you will likely to discover that after sunset the hustle and bustle metropolis will reveal its romantic side, especially around the riverside promenade of ‘the Bund’. Apart form being the country international financial centre, the Bund is one of Shanghai’s most famous tourist destinations. Surrounded by over 20 Art-deco buildings and a beautiful picture of the Shanghai City, take a visit here and have a romantic stroll at night, you will be guarantee with a unforgettable romantic sensation. There are much more to see and do during a romantic quest in Shanghai. It is recommended to visit the beautiful Yuyuan Garden and catch the beauty of oriental style buildings and the serene garden, go to Fengjing Town for a view of extraordinary Chinese ancient town, and go on Huangpu River Cruise for a romantic cruise with glanderous view of Shanghai city.

Amsterdam The blooming flower markets are all you need to shower your love with. Dining in the canal ride, enjoying a stroll on the star studded bridges will take you to the seventh heaven of romantic bliss. It’s a perfect destination to celebrate your love. Amsterdam is known for its historical attractions, for its collections of great art, his colors, tulips, windmills and bicycles. The city is more than 700 years old. It is a living museum. A romantic image is created by old town houses, the canals that are crossing the center like streets, the houseboats, the windmills, the bicycles, the towers, the churches and the music of carillons and barrel organs. The city is also famous for its countless Chinese and Indonesian restaurants and the red light district, the biggest in Europe.

Kanto Japan

Valentine’s Day comes at a time of the year when the weather is neither too much hot nor too much cold. In such an environment, you would love the view of Mount Fuji situated in Kanto, Japan. Such a climate would relieve you of all the stresses and problems and you can spend your romantic moments here. For your love moments, here is situated a hot spring where you two can bath and enjoy together. The view is awesome, no doubt and if you take your partner to this place, I am sure you would win points. Now, choose your favorite place, go out, spend your time with your love one, and enjoy the special moment.

Agency PR

Talked with

Mr. Samroeng Meesiri The owner of ‘Samui Honey Tara Villa’

The ‘Agency PR’ in this issue, we were allowed to interview Mr.Samroeng Meesiri, the owner of ‘Samui Honey Tara Villa’, a familyrun hotel in Koh Samui, which very pleasant, peaceful and unique. According to the month of love, so this interview is about his viewpoint of love. Q: What make the married life success? A: Love is the main point which makes the married life success. When we are in love and got married, we will have a patient and have a power for working to build up a fortune. Then, after we have a child we will have more power to work, want to success in the working life, for our children.

The power of love is a power of successful, which can lead us to be success in our work in the future. Q: How long have you been married? And how many children do you have? A: I have been married for 25 years, and have three children. They are two daughters and one son. Q: How can you define the love? A: Love is patient. It is a hope and a power which make us being successful in the future. Q: Do you have anything to say with the people who read this Lomprayah magazine for this Valentine’s Day? A: Keep your love and no matter what happens, just remember the first day of your love life. From his interview, we can say that he has a very good perspective about love. He uses it in the positive way, use it for motivating him in working. It clearly shows that he is not only good at working, but also be a good head of family.

Destination Guide

Credit : www.touronthai.com, www.windowonphuket.com, www.thaiticketmajor.com

When tourists visit Phuket, they mainly think of the beaches. However, there are other places to visit on this beautiful island too. An example of this would be Laem Phromthep. Laem Phromthep is the highest point on the island, and is located to the south of Phuket. Literally translate as Brahmas Cape. “Phrom” is Thai for the Hindu term “Brahma”, signifying purity, and “Thep” is Thai for ‘God’. Local villagers used to refer to the cape as “Laem Chao”, or the God’s Cape, and it was an easily recognizable landmark for the early seafarers traveling up the Malay Peninsula from the sub-continent. Laem Phromthep is perhaps one of Phuket’s most important landmarks. There is a saying that you haven’t been to Phuket unless you visit Laem Phromthep. It is here that visitors soak up the sun and savor the breathtaking panoramic view of the Andaman Sea from the islands southern-most tip. The Cape is crowded especially in the evening, as it is a popular observation point at sunset. The area has been developed to offer extensive views over the sea and there are walking paths from the cliffs to the water’s edge for the adventurous. Apart from the scenic sunset view that Laem Phromthep offers, there is also a lighthouse nearby. The lighthouse was built in honor of the 50th year on the throne of HM the King. Inside the lighthouse, you will also have the chance to visit the Thai Navy museum where you can take pictures and buy marine souvenirs. When night arrives, the light is lit that shines a beam that can be seen 39 kilometers away.

LAEM PHROMTHEP How to get there Phromthep Cape is a headland on the extreme southern end of Phuket about 19 kilometers from Phuket City. You can drive there via Chalong Junction along Highway 4024 to Rawai Beach, and then follow the signs for 2 kilometers.

Restaurant Guide

Credit : www.exotissimo.com/travel/thailand/daytrips/ sunset-dinner-cruise-by-june-bahtra-junk-crui

Sunset Dinner Cruise By June Bahtra Junk Cruise - Phuket

services include


- Transfers by private A/C car - Sunset cruise - Buffet dinner on board

Come experience the best dining cruise experience in Phuket with this traditional junk-rigged schooner “June Bahtra”. Depart every Wednesday and Saturday around 16:00, you will be picked up from your hotel at approximately 15:30 and be transferred to the embarkation pier at Yacht Haven Marina. Your crusing experience starts at 17:00 and will take you through Koh Lawa for the spectacular sunset over Phang Nga Bay. A delicious buffet dinner will be served on board. Later, cruise back to the marina pier and transfer back to your hotel.

services do not include - Other meals than mentioned - Other services than mentioned - Gratuities, personal expenses, drinks, and other items

PROGRAM DETAIL In Thai Baht per person (Please contact us for pricing information)

Time 16:00 – 21:30

Departure Wednesdays and Saturdays Note : Transfer without guide Join-in tour only, a minimum of 2 persons is required. Contact : Phone +66 (0)2 6556245-8, +66 (0) 89 069 7968, Email info@asian-oasis.com

Place Guide

Credit : www.tourismthailand.org/See-and-Do/ Sights-and-Attractions-Detail/Raya-Spa--6468

RAYA SPA Drawing inspiration from both Western and Eastern spa techniques with the gentle Asian touch, Raya Spa is a real treat for spa lovers. The wellness are encloses three private treatment rooms and to Thai massage rooms both for couples and individuals. Within the serenity of Raya Spa you will receive stress relief, relaxed tension, stimulation of blood circulation and many other benefits. To ensure each treatment is beneficial, each treatment is tailored to individual health requirements. Raya Spa is a place where a whole journey into the Asian Spa traditions is experienced.

Operating day : Daily Operating time : 10.00 - 21.00 Tel : +66 7791 4333, +66 7791 4349 Website : http://www.sareeraya.com/spa.html Address : 100/1 Moo 2 Chaweng Beach Road, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand How to get there : Raya Spa is set directly opposite Sareeraya Villas & Suites Hotel on the quieter northern end of Chaweng Beach within walking distance of a vast range of shops, restaurants and nightlife and just a short car transfer to the island’s Airport.

Real Story

Credit : www.pathsunwritten.com/2013/02/26/chinese-new-year-in-bangkok

This was the start of the trip with my younger brother.

Railay is a small peninsula at the tip of Krabi, Thailand. It’s only accessible by boat due to the high limestone cliffs cutting it off from the mainland. This part of Thailand has been popular with rock climbers from all over the word because of its quiet atmosphere and beautiful stunning beaches.

There are many accommodations in Railay that ranges from cheap hostels to luxury resorts. However, we decided to stay at Krabi town. There’s a daily boat that goes back and forth from early morning until about 5 in the afternoon.

We left our place at around 9 in the morning and waited at the pier for the boat. When we arrived, there were already 6 people waiting for the boat to leave. They have become impatient because they have been waiting for an hour already. The boat wouldn’t leave until they get about 10 passengers. After about 30 minutes more, they found enough passengers to leave.

The boat ride to Railay was quiet interesting. The view was actually engaging that we didn’t notice that we were already near it.

We got off the boat and slowly walked on the shallow water because it was low tide. The first rock climbing shop we saw was just along the beach. We inquired and got ready for our beginners climb. We were very excited.

We got to the place where some people were climbing. We were then told to wait for our turn. Thankfully, there were only 3 of us in the group so we didn’t have to wait for long. I started the first easy route. It wasn’t too bad. If you’re used to exercising or yoga, you’d easily be able to try rock climbing. Also, if you don’t have a fear of heights, then this will be a breeze for you. The fun part was going down. Just rappelling down was the main highlight for me.

Then we started the second and then third route. I found that even though the route was short, it was actually more difficult. I had a difficult time looking for cracks to hold on to and my fingers were starting to get numb. I even had to hold on longer to a more comfortable position and there was one time that I slipped! I wondered why I was doing it, it wasn’t comfortable at all!

The fourth route was the hardest. I almost gave up, having to hang on to just a small crack, my arms were so numb and my fingers were aching. However, I decided to finish it. The climb was slow and tiring, but when I touched the ring, it was all worth it. Then I turned around, well, Railay was indeed the right place to do it.

Useful Information : • Krabi town to Railay boat trips are everyday from early morning to 5 pm. The fare is 150 baht/person/way • Accommodations and food in Krabi town are cheaper than in Railay. • Our rock climbing shop and owner/ guide’s name is TEX. He was an easy going, professional guide who has been doing it for 20 years. • They offer a half day – 800 baht, full day – 1,600 or a 3 day course for 6000 baht. This includes the equipments, shoes and bottled water. Also, if you want to just try one climb for picture taking purposes, go to the East Railay part and if you can see some people climbing, ask if you can do it once. They charge 200/climb.



14th Thai International Travel Fair 2014 Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA) presents the “14th Thai International Travel Fair 2014� which will be held on February 20 - 23 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre from 10am - 8pm. The fair promises to bring together bargain tour packages from leading local and international tourism industry operators, along with representatives from international tourism boards, hotel packages, resorts, spas, tourism-related equipment, and car rental firms. Also featuring are OTOP products from all Thai regions, offered at over 1,000 booths. All this plus international cultural performances on stage. And for every 1,000 baht spent at the fair, comes a chance to win special prizes.

More information : Call (0) 2 214 6175-78. Period : 20 Feb 2014 to 23 Feb 2014 Service hours : 10:00 am. to 08:00 pm. Address : Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, 60, Ratchadapisek Rd., Khlong Toei, Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand



Predictions for the month of

By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya

Aries: You have great ideas and will work hard,even to the extent of opening new frontiers at work.In the midst of all this you are advised to find time to relax with your loved ones, so that they do not feel neglected. Taurus: The month will see you socialize in a hectic manner.However,you will be moody and some of those moods may not be pleasant. You may take a stand based on principles if you so want to,but you are advised not to criticize others for their beliefs. Gemini: You prosper materially and make spiritual progress too.Romantic contacts are dominated by the need for discretion and a desire for secrecy.Take care as otherwise you may loose the affections of a cherished one. Cancer: You are energized,excited and enthused by life.A fine,lively and even cracking pace will be set up as you delve into new areas of activity.There is a possibility of personal disputes,but nothing which cannot be avoided with a little goodwill. Leo: You are advised to see the world through other people’s eyes.If you fail to alter your attitudes,you may fail to realize that you are being offered some very helpful advise.You could be busy with travels and meetings,communications and correspondence.


There is new intensity in all your endeavors. There is love, The stars indicate that if you team up in a new partnership now,the quality of your life may receive a major boost. Professionally,you are going through a fine phase and social life too will be hectic.


This is a very intense phase romantically and you could have a string of affairs.You are advised,however to exercise some restraint.Do not breach the limits of propriety.


This is a mixed period with many sensitivities and insecurities piling up.At times,your actions and plans may not go as expected,but your strong will power should help you through all the problems.


You make progress at a steady pace.You have an urge to spend,spend and spend.Try to be with in limits.You are advised to turn your attention to the happiness of the younger members of your family.


Several problematic issues are likely to be resolved.You have great mental strength,stamina and wisdom to deal with all that is thrown at you.However,you are advised against being careless.


Money matters begin to loom large now.You are not the best business person in the world,so be sure to take expert advice before making any major purchases.Your interactions with those you love will be warm and cordial.


Expenses pile up and you are on overdraft mode.You need to sort this out.Social life could be hectic.There will be family outings or even a holiday together.Try to remain at peace with yourself.


www.heraldextra.com/momclick/health-and-beauty/the-best-fashion-trend-tips-for/ article_49158211-c566-579c-974a-c5f632998fce.html

The best fashion trend tips for

2014 by Lindsey Shores

Let’s talk about what to be on the lookout for, now that it’s 2014. As you know me by now, I don’t expect everyone or anyone to go out and buy all of my suggestions that I’ve written about in past columns. I only expect you to go out and buy half of it (just kidding). I’m a fashion columnist who enjoys writing about something that’s reflective on who we are, and how we can always be amused by the trends, topics and excitement it brings. For this week’s column, I share with you some of the trends for 2014 that I’m most thrilled for. Some trends have already been around, while others will be breaking news (in my own fashion world mind). Hope you enjoy these influences that, if anything, just help make you feel more educated on the fashion world.

Men’s style lace-up shoes


These shoes, also known as Oxfords, have been around for quite some time, but now for 2014, they’ve come with a spin. Lace ups with a high wedge, platform or fluorescent block color for the sole are what you’ll be seeing more of. Some of my favorites being from Oliver & Clark oliverclarknyc.com, they have shoes and boots made only for the tough-hearted.

Break out your skirt influences from the ‘90s because the “just below the knee” length is back. Make sure to find a skirt with volume and flare so that you don’t look like a pioneer. Lace, sheer, leather or brocade are the ways to go.

Cropped jackets Pair up your jeans or wide trousers with a top and a cropped jacket. Cropped blazers, cropped tweed jackets and even your own makeshift DIY version are great ways to fit in for this fashion.

Crop tops

No, I don’t support showing off the midriff. I think more coverage in that area is more elegant. However, since fashion is always so versatile, you can wear your crop tops with ultra-high-waisted jeans, or my favorite way, with a pencil skirt. It breaks up the lines and gives you some movement and makes for a new style.

Pastels! These are all over for the coming year. Yes, even while it’s still winter! Take advantage of the beautiful lilac, rose or peach textiles when you can, they may not stay here forever.

Statement pieces You may have seen many styles hit the ground running this year like monogrammed sweatshirts from Old Navy or dresses and skirts with novel writings. The most intriguing influences I’ve found have been in “Nylon Magazine.” It’s fun to express your attitude, likes or hobbies written on your body. This may seem a thing of the past, but it’s back in action, so express yourself. This is also a very simple thing you could do to a piece of your current clothing with fabric paint, stencils and your own creative genius.

Lompraya News Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Co., Ltd. add new time schedule of Donsak - Koh Phangan route. Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Co., Ltd. add new time schedule of Donsak - Koh Phangan route. This new schedule began on 14 February 2014; Donsak => Nathon => Koh Phangan => Nathon => Donsak.

Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Co., Ltd. set a booth at the “Thai Tiew Thai #30” Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Co., Ltd. set a booth at the “Thai Tiew Thai #30” on 27 February, 2 March 2014 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in the concept of Free travel, free giveaway, to celebrate the 30th. The purpose of this fair is to support Thailand to be a center of tourism in AEC by informs the attractions in Thailand which is not famous to the tourists. In this fair, booth of Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Co., Ltd. was set at C213.

Valentine’s Day Game Prize Announcement First Prize: Gift Voucher of one day snorkeling package at Koh Tao - Koh Nangyuan for 2 people The winner of this game is @Sopon Samatvitayawait who got “632 likes”. Congratulations. First runner-up: Lomprayah Catamaran T-shirt (Each person will get two T-shirts) The people who win this prize are: @Kowit Daekhuntod, @Siri Liang, @Wiwee Panjan, @ ลินจง หลักเมือง, @Kanyapat Nuch Consolation prizes are: @Haning Land, @Sira Naumann, @อิ่มอุ่น อุ่นไอรัก ไกด์กฤษ จันทร์หุ่น, @Yam Mie For the people who didnít get any prizes, you can keep follow up Lomprayah Catamaran facebook fan page. We will have many another activity.

Global News 4 Thai cities ranked Top 100 City Destinations by Euromonitor International Thailand’s political capital and commercial hub of Bangkok has been ranked third in the latest Euromonitor International’s 100 Top City Destinations Ranking (2013 edition), covering 100 of the world’s leading cities in terms of international tourist arrivals. Three other popular Thai cities, Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai, were respectively ranked 15, 17 and 70 in the same listing.

Chinese head to Europe for annual Spring Festival China’s Tourism Academy predicts that tourists during Spring Festival this year will number up to 225 million. And, as the Chinese increasingly opt for international destinations, it reveals that the number of domestic travellers dropped by 2.5% last year. Kuoni Global Travel Services helps many Chinese enjoy the world’s destinations whether they are travelling independently or as part of a larger group.

New bus route between Loei and Luang Prabang launched

A new bus route between Loei and Luang Prabang was launched early this year ahead of ASEAN Economic Community which brings closer Thailand and Laos, connecting the two historical cities.

Thanks : www.traveldailynews.asia www.breakingtravelnews.com

Tip to Trip


Wine Tasting

Simple Step

Credit : www.streetdirectory.com/food_editorials/beverages/wine/wine_tasting_4_simple_steps.html

Tasting wine is more complex than simply drinking. Wine tasting is about more than hydration. It is a whole different experience than what you may be used to when drinking. It is more like tasting food. You want to enjoy the wine and to experience the wine. Knowing the proper way to taste wine will allow to you appreciate the art that goes into the creation of each bottle. It will also show others that you are serious about wine and that you understand the complexity of wine tasting. It also shows you have respect for the wine and for those who made it because you are doing much more than tasting, but you are taking in every aspect of the wine.

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Look at the wine after pouring it. When the wine is first poured, before you do anything else you have to look at the wine. This is best done against a plain light colored background that will allow you to see the colors and the depth of the wine. You want to look for streaks of color or subtle hints of color variations. Make a note of the coloring you see. Swirl the wine in the glass. Once you have looked at the wine and noted its coloring after pouring, you can swirl it slightly in the glass. Swirl enough to get the wine to coat the glass, but avoid swirling too vehemently. After you swirl you will want to look at the wine again and note the coloring changes. Major changes mean the wine is a more complex wine. No changes means the wine is a simpler wine. Small the wine. After you swirl the wine and note the coloring and look again you will smell the wine. Take in the aroma and look for hints of familiar smells. You want to note the things you smell for the next step. You’ll learn terms to describe each scent as you progress. Taste the wine. Finally you are at the part where you can taste the wine. Do not just drink and swallow, though. You should take a small amount into your mouth and swirl it around. This allows you to get the full flavor of the wine. You should then draw in a bit of air and swirl again. You should note the tastes at this time. Also see if you pick up the hints of flavor that you smelled. Now you can swallow. Be sure to note the aftertaste.

Tasting wine is not simple, that is for sure. With these four steps, though, you can master wine tasting like a pro. You will find that following the four step approach will allow you to enjoy the wine more and also allow you to develop a good taste for the differences between wines. You will soon be on your way to being a wine expert who can recognize a merlot or chardonnay without ever looking at the bottle. It can take time to really learn the art of wine tasting, but practicing is fun. You’ll discover a whole new appreciation of wine, gain new skills and have a fun and interesting hobby.

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