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Issue 3 / October 2011

Vegetarian Festival

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Editor’s Talk Vegetarian festival is 10-day observing of vegetarian consumption for the purpose of paying respect to the God and the Goddess of Mercy. From abstaining from eating meat can save creature lives and restore our mental system. Going vegetarian also means mak ing merit in mental, physical and verbal formation in Buddhism.

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Lompraya News

august 2554

18th Year Anniversary of Ban’s Diving and 100000th Customer Celebration Party is held on August 20th at Darawan Resort koKoh Tao with white party theme. The guests mostly came from Kho Tao, Kao Pa-ngan, Kao Samui and other places. This party host is Khun Lumleuk Aussawachin who planned buffet catering from Kao Tao to serve all guests. He also invited ... to give the gift to th 100000th customer.



September to 2nd October 2011

The Feast-Fish-Flock Festival ( Feast on shellfish, Fish to watch the birds and Flock for Squid) There will be a lot of migatory birds passing Thailand from the north, fishing activities with the locals and squid fishing at Kao Nang Phan Thurat Forest Park. Besides, there will also have a seafood fair and dishes from leading hotels and restaurants. Visitors can enjoy selling products from OTOP, music showcase, local tradition, and cutural performances all night long at Cha-Am beach viewpoint,Petchaburi province. • • • •

For more information please contact Cha-Am City Cha-Am Amphur Office TTT of Petchaburi



October 2011

Thailand Raptor Watch Festival in Chumphon province

18th Year Anniversary of Ban’s Diving and 100000th Customer Celebration Party is held on August 20th at Darawan Resort koKoh Tao with white party theme. The guests mostly came from Kho Tao, Kao Pa-ngan, Kao Samui and other places. This party host is Khun Lumleuk Aussawachin who planned buffet catering from Kao Tao to serve all guests. He also invited ... to give the gift to th 100000th customer.

Cover Story Real experience

Vegetarian Festival

Photo by : https://www.facebook.com/kaoneaw.inspire

Background Vegetarian Festival or also known in Thai as Gin Jae Festival is held to pray and celebrate the Nine Emperor Gods of Taoism throughout the 10 days of celebration. The Nine Emperor Gods are believed as 9 people who forbid the rules and were killed to stop their war after that they worshiped as the Nine Emperor Gods of Vegetarian Festival ever since then. This festival is held annually on the 1st to the 9th of the 9th Chinese lunar month of Chinese calendar.

Dress The participants in the festival should avoid from eating meat including animal oil, sauce and product from animalkind and five strong-smelling vegetables as garlic, onion, Chinese leek, shallots, and Chinese chives. The vegetarians can eat all types of fruits. But oyster is allowed to eat according to Buddhist Goddess of Mercy legend or also known as “Guan Yin�. There are many substitute meat with fake-meat products available for cooking during the festival which mostly made from mushrooms, glutens, soy products and tofu. Fake meat has taste and texture like the real. We can enjoy delicious healthy veggie taste easier. And we can assure that restaurants and street stalls selling vegetarian dishes by their yellow flags.

Jae’s Friend We called who participate or join the festival as “Jae Eiw” that including the customers and people who wear white. Religious rites If you want to visit a shrine so you should pay your respect by wearing white. For those who not involved in this ceremony should stay outside of shrines. Participants offer foods and drinks to gods and take part in lighting of incenses and yellow candles to pay respect to the spirits in their local shrines. For those who light the big red candles are making a vow to a god.

Circumbulation They do not walk clockwise with carrying lighted candles in hands around a temple three times as Buddhist. They walk as the Chinese alphabets which each word means blessing. They use different words depending host in every year. Crockery Before the vegetarian festival, some people always clean their house and kitchenware to welcome the ceremony. Many participants in the past cannot use the crockery together mix

with everyday use and share with others not observing the festival. They have a separate set of kitchenware including pots and pans for the vegetarian days. And those kitchen wares have never been used to cook or serve non-vegetarian foods. But now they do not have strict rules anymore. Tortoise Release Tortoise release has been a traditional way of merit making for the Chinese elderly for all occasions. They believe that the turtle is under an obligation to the releaser. When they were released to the pond, they would look back and say Thank you to releaser. So, the tortoise is a symbol of liability and also long lives.

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The 7 commandments for the festival: Wear white dress during the festival No meat eating Use soy sauce in place of fish sauce Use crockery separately from others who do not join the festival No strong-smelling herbs including garlic, onion, Chinese leek, shallots and Chinese chives. No alcohol drinks Perform 5 religious rites

What will you get from going vegetarian? 1. Long Life 2. Healthy Living 3. Peace of Mind 4. Peace of Soul 5. Sleeping Well 6. Nine Gods protect your lives 7. You will go to the heaven when you died 8. Full of kindness 9. God, human being and creature bless you 10. Live our lives in the middle way

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Agency PR

It’s time to introduce “Holly Zimmerman”

It’s not easy to present a woman who love adventure as her life. We have waited her for interview for a long time. But it’s worth waiting. It’s time to introduce “Holly Zimmerman”.

Now she works as the Boss of Stray Asia which operates an organised, reliable transport network through Thailand and Laos, that gets people off the main roads, with the freedom to hop-on and off, the chance to make amazing friends and have the time of their life! She has duty on ensuring everything works well, both on and off the bus. Given that they are still building the brand and our business, She is also focusing on creating great relationships with like-minded, adventurous local operators. Because of her works, she has to come to Thailand many times a year. She said that Thailand is the diverse and exciting country with endless charm and hospitality. Besides Laos is another country that she chose to invest tourism.

She told that there are many attractions in Thailand such as wonderful food, culture, history and beauty. Tourists love the un-touched regions, and the difference between the provinces form the north to the south, east and west and also culture of the people, and also the great food!

From her last visiting on previous October, Thailand has changed in a way of awareness of creating standards in the tourism area, to work a better quality experience for all tourists.

When she is off from her working time, she like to explore the region and find new places. She also enjoy eating and socializing with friends and colleagues. She loves to explore, adventure, experience unique local culture and cuisines. These all can explain how much she loves adventure like her life. She added that Laos – it is great to travel with Stray to remote regions of Laos, and to find unique experiences. Stray allows tourists to get to off the beaten track locations, and to truly experience an untouched region of the world. That’s why she like to wear casual clothes which might wear in everytime and everywhere. Last she also said that she is very interested in different cultures and always enjoy meeting new people. She enjoy learning all the time.

Tip to Trip

Tips for

g n i v i r d

in rainy

n o s a e s

Many people like travelling in rainy season. Because more rain makes more plant growth and green. Thus, rainy season is suitable for natural lovers. But driving in the rain can cause the unpredictable dangers. Here are some important tips to help you reach the destination safely. Thank you for useful information from: http://www.panfantour.com



Drive carefully. The rain can cause a thin sheet of water between the tires and the road surface. This situation can make the driver easily lose his control. And we should check the windscreen wiper blades in good condition and functioning properly.

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We should avoid flooded road and use slow speed when driving on standing or flowing water. Flooding can cause your car engine to stall. And we should keep a longer length from the car in front of you than usual especially a truck or bus. Their extralarge tires can cause enough splashes to reduce your eye sight totally.


Slow down your speed when driving through water near footpath. It’s not appropriate or safe for walkers on footpath.


Don’t brake suddenly. After we drove into a pool, we could risk serious damage to the car’s brake and brake lining. We should apply the brakes smoothly as its solution. And we should also give After rainy season, the driver behind you know the wet water will proper time to hit the brakes get into the brake himself. fluid and it generated a large number of hightemperature water. It will result in brake failure. We should take the vehicle into the garage to change brake fluid for only 100-200 Baht for our safety.


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