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Editor’s Talk Say hi to September and to you, my readers! Welcome to the rainy season. How have you been? In this issue, we have many various stories to share with you. For the highlight, we will show you the five tourist destinations which Russian tourists love to travel in Thailand. For the special column, we will talk about the service mind, one of the charms in Thailand tourism. And for the people who love to travel by plane, we also provide you some tricks to avoid jet lag. Moreover, we just provide a new column in this issue that is ‘Event’. This column will talk about interesting or special event. We hope that this new issue will be useful for you all. Until we meet again, please take good care of yourself.

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Photjanard Kantiwong



Russi Touris a n t in



Russi Touris a n t in



According to the data from Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and sports, Russian tourist is on the third place of Top 20 Most visiting nationalities which visiting in Thailand.

Visitors from Russia to Thailand have been growing steadily over the past few years. In 2006, Russian visitor arrivals totalled 187,658. By 2012, this number had surged to 1.31 million. Russia is now the largest source market from Europe, and one of the six countries generating more than one million annual visitor arrivals. In January – August 2013, Russian visitor arrivals totalled 1,061,626 up by 36.72 % over the same period in 2012. For the full year of 2013, TAT has projected 1.67 million Russian visitors will visit the country, up 27.8 percent over 2012. Moreover, Thailand is also ranked in top five of the most popular tourist destination for Russian, because the native weather is cold during most of the year, so warm countries naturally appeal to Russian tourists. And because Thailand has many wonderful beaches, so many Russian tourists choose to travel in our country on their vacation. So, here are the tourist destinations in Thailand which is popular among Russian tourists.

Pattaya Pattaya is one of the hottest beach-resort destinations in Thailand, Pattaya may not be idyllic but it certainly makes up for it with a wide variety of activities, accommodation and nightlife venues. It is a popular beach resort on the Gulf of Thailand just 150 km. southeast of Bangkok - a mere two-hour drive. Pattaya’s pulsating nightlife is well known, but local authorities have, in recent years, improved the quality of the beaches and reinvented the resort as a more family-friendly destination. Today, hundreds of thousands of visitors are drawn each year to Pattaya to windsurf, water ski, swim, sunbathe, snorkel, sail, or take trips to nearby islands. Other activities include Bungee jumping, cycling, skydiving, go-Karting, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), and Paintball. Golfers, both novice and expert, are well catered to as well, with a wide selection of golf courses around Pattaya. Another major draw for visitors to Pattaya is the wide selection of restaurants serving some of Thailand’s freshest seafood.

Due to the high number of expatriate foreigners in Pattaya there is also an excellent selection of authentic foreign eateries serving French, Italian, Swiss, German, Hungarian, Scandinavian, English, Indian, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. Drawing such a large number of diverse visitors from across the world, it’s no surprise that Pattaya also boasts an incredible choice of accommodation. Those on a tight budget and those with money to spend are equally able to find rooms to suit their needs. Visitors can always find some peaceful beach time at nearby Jomtien beach, just 3 kilometers south.

Phuket Thailand’s largest island and a province in its own right, PHUKET (pronounced “Pooket”) has been a prosperous region since the nineteenth century, when Chinese merchants got in on its tin-mining and sea-borne trade, before turning to the rubber industry. It remains the wealthiest province in Thailand, with the highest per-capita income, but what mints the money nowadays is tourism: with an annual influx of visitors that tops five million, Phuket ranks second in popularity only to Pattaya, and the package-tour traffic has wrought its usual transformations. Thoughtless tourist developments have scarred much of the island, and the trend is upmarket, with very few budget possibilities (expect to shell out up to twice what you’d pay on the mainland for accommodation and food, and sometimes more than double for transport, which is a particular headache on Phuket). However, many of the beaches are still strikingly handsome, resort facilities are second to none, and the offshore snorkelling and diving is exceptional. Away from the tourist hubs, many inland neighbourhoods are clustered round the local mosque – 35 percent of Phuketians are Muslim, and there are said to be more mosques on the island than Buddhist temples; though the atmosphere is generally as easy-going as elsewhere in Thailand, it’s especially important to dress with some modesty outside the main resorts, and not to sunbathe topless on any of the beaches.

Samui At first glance, Ko Samui could be mistaken for a giant golf course floating in the Gulf of Thailand. The greens are perfectly manicured, sand traps are plentiful, and there’s a water hazard or two thrown in for good measure. Middleaged men strut about donning white polo shirts that contrast with their cherry-red faces, while hired lackeys carry around their stuff. But Samui is far from being an adults-only country club – a closer look reveals steaming street-side food stalls, 2am jetsetter parties, secreted Buddhist temples, and backpacker shanties plunked down on a quiet stretch of sand. Ko Samui is very much a choose-yourown-adventure kinda place that strives, like a genie, to grant every visitor their ultimate holiday wish. You want ocean views, daily massages and personal butlers? Poof – here are the keys to your private poolside villa. It’s a holistic aura-cleansing vacation you’re after? Shazam – take a seat on your yoga mat before your afternoon colonic. Wanna party like a rockstar? Pow – trance your way down the beach with the throngs of whisky-bucket-toting tourists.

Koh Chang The largest island in the Ko Chang Marine Park archipelago, Ko Chang was named for the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island. Best visited outside of the monsoon season -- which runs from about June to September -- the sea is warm and clear, the beaches for the most part white and sandy and the interior is filled with National Park protected forest and craggy, picturesque mountains. Most of the beaches are on the western coast, and each has built up with a distinctive atmosphere based on shopping, activities, partying or chilling out. Accommodation offers a style to suit every type of traveller, from independent low budget backpackers to those wanting a touch of luxury. There are plenty of activities to be organized from almost anywhere on the island: snorkelling and diving trips to nearby coral reefs, jungle treks and elephant rides, not to mention various beach sports.

Bangkok The headlong pace and flawed modernity of Bangkok match few people’s visions of the capital of exotic Siam. Spiked with scores of high-rise buildings of concrete and glass, it’s a vast flatness that holds an estimated population of eleven million, and feels even bigger. Yet under the shadow of the skyscrapers you’ll find a heady mix of chaos and refinement, of frenetic markets, snail’s-pace traffic jams and hushed golden temples, of dispiriting, zombie-like sex shows and early-morning alms-giving ceremonies. Plenty of visitors enjoy the challenge of taking on the “Big Mango”, but one way or another, the place is sure to get under your skin. The district is far from having a monopoly on Bangkok accommodation, but it does have the advantage of being just a short walk from the major things to do in the Ratanakosin area: the dazzling ostentation of the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, lively and grandiose Wat Pho and the National Museum’s hoard of exquisite works of art. Once those cultural essentials have been seen, you can choose from a whole bevy of lesser sights, including Wat Benjamabophit (the “Marble Temple”), especially at festival time, and Jim Thompson’s House, a small, personal museum of Thai design.

For livelier things to do, explore the dark alleys of Chinatown’s bazaars or head for the water: the great Chao Phraya River, which breaks up and adds zest to the city’s landscape, is the backbone of a network of canals that remains fundamentally intact in the west-bank Thonburi district. Shopping varies from touristic outlets pushing silks, handicrafts and counterfeit watches, through home-grown boutiques selling street-wise fashions and stunning contemporary decor, to thronging local markets where half the fun is watching the crowds. A senior Commerce Ministry official on Wednesday called on Thai entrepreneurs to strengthen logistics management given Thailand’s higher logistics cost compared to neighboring Malaysia and Singapore.

One another major reason for the growth is accessibility. As of September 2013, there are 14 direct scheduled flights per week between Bangkok and Phuket and Moscow, operated by 2 airlines – Thai Airways International and Aeroflot Russian Airline. In addition to these direct flights, there are numerous airlines with connecting flights between major cities in Russia and Thailand; such as S7, Transaero, Vladivostok Air, Nord Wind and I Fly Air Company. Alternatively, visitors can fly to Thailand by the Middle East airlines; such as, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Turkish Airlines which provide several connecting flights per week from Russia to Thailand. Furthermore, Russians have been able to receive 30-day visa-free access to Thailand. So Russian can travel in Thailand easier than some another countries. Then this can bring the good opportunity to tourism industry in Thailand.

Destination Guide


Koh Yao Koh Yao is actually a pair of islands in the middle of Phang Nga Bay, almost equidistant from Phuket and Krabi. These are known as Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi (Big Yao Island and Little Yao Island respectively), and are separated by a narrow strait. Koh Yao Noi, the smaller island, is where all the accommodation is located and is also the administrative center. The island is more populated than its larger neighbor, though its by no means crowded. The beaches do not compare with Phuket’s best, but they are clean and have lovely views of the other islands in Phang Nga Bay. From the northeast of Koh Yao Yai you have a fantastic view on the Phangnga bay with its hundreds of small islands and mighty rocks. Especially at sunrise on a clear morning its a must see. Koh Yao is perfectly located to explore the many islands in Phang Nga Bay. You can charter a long-tail boat from one of the piers on the island for snorkeling around the nearby reefs. There are also sea kayak trips to the nearby islands.

Trang - Thailand

Place Guide

Cicada Market HuaHin

Cicada Market is created as a medium of connection to artists, creators, designers, tourists, students and community through integrating culture and arts with lifestyles. As an art market with atmosphere of Hua Hin, Cicada Market is a source of contemporary art in various fields, including the invention of handmade decorative items, fashion clothes, collective secondhand items and SME products with innovative ideas to be displayed and sold in open-style mat and shop. Moreover, open eyes and open mind with creative activities, workshops and exhibitions such as performances, dance, music, fine arts from university, community theatre and various artists. Its ambience is showered in light with sparkling decorations and is surrounded by beautiful garden with many tall trees. The entire location features the abundance of shopping outlets and eateries, as well as a venue for live performances and art exhibitions.

Opened every Friday, Saturday from 16:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs and Sunday 16:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs www.cicadamarket.com

Cicada Market is divided into four venues: Art A La Mode, Cicada Art Factory, Amphitheatre and Cicada Cuisine. • Art A La Mode is where art and craft vendors alongside the paths on the site sell items of clothing, handmade bags, fashion accessories, souvenirs, crafts, used items and cards. • At the center, there are the two white buildings with raised floors serve as a venue for art exhibitions, called Cicada Art Factory. Exhibitions feature young artists with original style of their works, as well as those from further afield. The artists are rotated regularly to show the public the wealth of variety in terms of the artistic content. • An amphitheater-style venue provides a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse visitors. Visitors can enjoy edutainment activities performed by bands, dance troupes, or theater groups. Definitely, these performances are rotated regularly to grab the attention of visitors. • Food zone called Cicada Cuisine where visitors can choose from a wide variety of local and international delights. Also, many choices of drinks are served. Cicada Market is still open to vendors of handicrafts and idea works, while the market is also open to proposals from artists, musicians, or other performers looking for a venue to perform their shows. No admission charge to Cicada Market, performances or exhibitions taking place are free of charge.

Restaurant Guide

Spice House Spice House Restaurant at Central Festival Phuket, offers delicious original Russian recipes and various International cuisine. Try their mouth-watering pork ravioli or blintzes, rolled pancakes with delicious stuffing and eaten with smoked salmon and caviar. They also offer Thai favorites such as pad thai, green curry, and satay.

Location : Lan Lom First Floor, Central Festival Phuket Open daily : 11.00 – 22.00

Tel: 076 307 158

Real Story

Credit : http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/32909/Phang-Nga-Bay-Kayaking-2

Phang Nga Bay Kayaking

The driver picked me up and took me to Bang Rong Pier. I booked a speedboat, because I get too impatient on the slow boat, and because the day was slow they gave me a huge discount. The normal price was 2,600 THB which included transport, speedboat, fruits, lunch, kayaking. I got the price of 1,600, perfect! The other advantage of the speedboat was that we got to see more islands than the slow boat.

The countries represented on the boat included the following: Finland, Sweden, UK, Chile, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India, and USA. So for the tour we visited the following islands: Panak, Hong, Khao Tapu, Tham lod, Panyee. The first island was 35 minutes where we stopped to view natural caves carved by the sea. At one point our entire speed boat was inside the cave.

tide. Also it requires lying down in the kayak to get through the opennings. Very Cool.

Hong Island was really nice and had a cave, a quiet bay (which we made not quiet). We carved an arc into and out of this bay, and I hope we did not piss-off the kayakers in the water. Next we left for Tham Lod for our kayaking. Sea kayaking is excellent and when the scenery is truly amazing, well it’s just perfect. The kayak outfitter operates from a big barge (the ‘mother ship’). Once we were in the kayak we began the tour of caves starting with a large natural cave, so large that even long-tails can transit the cave. It opens from the bay into the sea almost like a tunnel. There are huge mineral formations and as you enter by kayak cool the air is a nice relief. They are dozens of smaller caves that link together a network of quiet pools lit by filtered sunlight. In one of the larger pools was grove of mango’s (my favorite).To pass through the caves, it must be done at low

After the kayaking we returned to the

‘mother ship’ for fruit and drinks and reboarding the speedboat for Panyee Island. Here we took lunch at a restaurant on stilts over the water in the bay. Lunch was a set menu of spicy soup, rice, stir fry vegtables, prawns, and curry chicken. After lunch we left for Khao Ping Kan and Khao Tapu (James Bond Island). This stop was really nice because there were caves, beach and James Bond Island which is very narrow at the base and large at the top. It looks at risk of toppling into the sea. The last top was Naka Island where we swam and chilled on a very private beach.

On this night, I needed to return to Patong to do my shopping. Since I was completely incapable of negotiating with the taxi and tuk tuk drivers, I decided to rent a motorbike. Amazingly, the cost for a Honda Airblade was only 150 THB per day. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Well partly because it is the number one way tourists die on Phuket. But, I have my own motorcycle at home, I’ve ridden for years, how bad can it be? Hahaha well no problems. I think I created amusement for many people with my height 6’3” (more than 1.9) on the tiny Honda. Hahaha, well ok, I can accept that. I was able to pack all the stuff I bought into the storage under the seat and return to Kamala. I was enjoying the freedom of having my own transport so I explored a bit as well. Since I had no desire to visit the hospital, I had zero drinking until I returned to Kamala. Met up with Pierre the Norwegian at a local Thai bar (can’t recall the name) with some of his friends. Overall, Kamala is a great town with very nice people. I would have enjoyed it even more so if I had a motorbike the whole time.

Phang Nga Bay Kayaking


‘Service Minded’ The Charm of Thailand Tourism

Tourism industry in Thailand is very famous, because there are various breathtaking attractions, spectacular natural resources and interesting cultures. The attractions in Thailand can attract every type of tourist. Except the beautiful attractions, service minded is another one which makes Thailand tourism become famous. Most of tourists in all over the world know that Thailand is the land smile, smiling is our characteristic. So many hotels, resorts or any business which relate with tourism industry give precedence on service very much. In Thailand, many resorts and hotels have a training for their employees about take care and service the tourists, for giving them the best services. When having a poll or award about service-minded in tourism industry, Thailand and hotels or resorts in Thailand are always in the good ranks. Because of our beautiful smile, sweet speech, good manner and the way we treat the tourists, it makes the tourists feel good and they also tell to another tourists about this. There are many hotels and resorts that famous among the tourists about having a very good service, for example Santhiya Resort & Spas. Santhiya is a Traditional Thai-Style, which doesn’t have only a scenic environment, but also have a very good service. The hotel officers of this resort are trained very well, for providing the best services for the tourists. They

always greet the tourists with a beautiful smile and “Wai”, service the tourist with sincerely mind, treat them with respect, including remember and attend to every details of the tourists. Due to the gorgeous environment and the excellent service, this resort becomes a famous resort and receives many awards from both of national and international organization. Beside of breathtaking attraction, service is also very important thing which can make the tourists always comeback to travel in Thailand. So, if the owners give precedence to the service process more than now, it will lead the benefit to the hotels or resorts, and also the country. Not only the same groups of tourist come to travel our country again, but it’s possibly that they will tell their friends who love travelling come to travel in Thailand also. If that presume happen, the number of the tourists will be increasing, then it’s easier to push forward Thailand to be the center of tourism among the ASEAN countries as expectation. However, thing that the hotels or resorts owners shouldn’t forget is they have to make sure that their hotel officers have a service minded which is sincerely, and serve the customers with their honest.

‘Service Minded’ The Charm of Thailand Tourism

Horoscope Predictions for the month of


By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya

Aries: People are drawn greatly to you during this month. You entertain, have house guests and are kept busy. You are advised to handle emotional affairs tactfully.

Taurus: The focus is on finances. You will make wise investments. Traders will do good business. Do not ignore those tiny details in whatever you are doing.

Gemini: Spend as much time as possible to consider the practical consequences of your actions. Attend to finances on a priority basis. This is also a time to balance work and home.

Cancer: There will be gains in finances as also your popularity. Your overall image will get a boost. You are also advised to get out and seek further opportunities. News which was mislaid will finally arrive with surprising results.

Leo: The planets are favorable bringing you hope, optimism and the will to create a better future. Make full use of offers and opportunities that come your way.

Virgo: Finances look up tremendously as do your power and prestige. You crave change and seek something different. You may travel abroad. You are advised to settle all family matters and not leave any emotional loose ends lying around.

Libra: Financial prospects will improve. You will be able to think clearly for a change but must realize that facts make no sense when taken out of context. You are advised to see the world through other people’s eyes.

Scorpio: You can expect a series of emotional challenges where your partner will have advantage. There will though, be no point in forcing issues, if there does not seem to be any way that you can win. Cooperation is the key. Sagittarius: You are advised to work hard. However, please do not expect instant results. From the seeds you sow, great things can be expected in the next 6 months.

Capricorn: The tide has turned in your favor and everything is now moving your way. Make sure that others share the benefits, for the more you give now, the more you will receive alter.

Aquarius: You spare no effort to care and provide for those you love. Domestic affairs will now cause fewer problems than in the past. You are advised to keep a cool and clear head at all times.

Pisces: The stars are smiling at you. You could be called away from your normal pastures and new vistas could open up. You will be able to charm others with your poetic words.


Credit : http://mhei.hubpages.com/hub/rainydaysfashion


What NOT to wear on


Number one rule during rainy days: NEVER EVER WEAR SOMETHING IN WHITE. Yes, you want to show off your curves and all that, but, you will look really dumb if mud puddles will be all over your pants like polka dots sticking from your behind. You can still look sexy by wearing darker shade of skin-tight jeans.

LEATHER BOOTS That will be a complete disaster. You might step on a thick puddle and to make things worse, your feet will smell like a dead mouse after removing them. Leather shoes are more of a fashion statement when you go out and party. Stick with the plastic ones or use crocs-it’s really comfy.

SUNDRESS That’s a definitely no-no! That’s why it’s called SUNDRESS; it’s intended to be worn when the sun is bright. That is simply for summer or when you go to church. You don’t want to have your legs full of dirt or mosquito bites.

HEAVY RAINCOATS Raincoats are really good to keep you dry all day, but the heavy ones? You’d feel like you’re carrying a barbell or something, because it the rain falls really hard, it weighs a ton. Settle for the lighter ones or trench coats, you are sheltered from being wet, at the same time, you look fashionable.

HEAVY MAKE UP Most of the ladies out there really wants to look good even on monsoons and make-up serves as the final touch. Make up is really good, but please…don’t put too much. Since the weather isn’t really good, it will just smudge or something if you’re out the whole day and I swear, it will not look very pleasant. Just stick to the natural color blush-on, a tint of pale lipstick and natural looking eye shadow and you will look gorgeous.

LEATHER JACKET, LEATHER SKIRT… ANYTHING LEATHER Leathers won’t look and smell really good when wet. Aside from being way heavy when it gets soak in the rain, it’s gonna be really hard to dry ‘em up. Leather outfits are for those who thinks they can survive the whole day on it and will still look and feel great. Cotton clothes are more comfy and you can choose something that connotes a style.

STILETTO SHOES I love wearing high heeled stiletto-type shoes, don’t get me wrong. But I surely won’t advice you to wear one on seasons like this, especially if you don’t have a car. It really looks so chic but if you accidentally fell flat on your face and landed on a thick mud…need I say more? Uh-huh, not a good sight…If you want to look taller, just do away with wedge shoes that your feet wont hit the floor literally and at the same time, you’re not always cautious if the heels would break or what have you.

CUTE LITTLE UMBRELLA Those umbrellas won’t last a day. You’d look like an idiot if all of a sudden the umbrella got wrecked by a wind, and your hair will be frizzy and wet and all that you swore not to go out again. There are umbrellas that look fashionable, before buying one, check if it will survive a storm.

NEON OUTFITS As in!!!Ouch!! It will blind me to death! I know some would just want to be noticed by wearing bright colors, but seriously, that sucks big time (sorry guys). You can wear red, or blue, but neon green on an endless rainy day, forget it! Tired of bringing home expensive products with mysterious ingredients? Whether you’re looking to go green or save green, take a look through your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Lompraya News Samui - Phangan Tourism Road Show in Kuala Lumpur & Singapor TAT, Ko Samui, Bangkok Airways, Lomprayah catamaran and many companies in Samui set up booths at ‘Samui - Phangan Tourism Road Show in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore’. In Malaysia, it was organized on 23-25 September 2013 and on 26-27 September 2013 for Singapore, to promote Thailand tourism.

Lomprayah joined as a sponsor by offer ‘Lomprayah’s water’ in Samui Car Free Week About 300 of cyclists joined a bike rally in ‘Samui Car Free Week’ on 22-29 September 2013 which organized by Green Island Foundation, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Koh Samui Municipality, Green Leaf Foundation, Tourism association of Koh Samui, Thai Hotel Association, and Koh Samui Cycling Club. Lomprayah joined as a sponsor by offer ‘Lomprayah’s water’ in this event. This event was organized to raise awareness on global warming and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas.

Lomprayah joined in ‘Fest of the Five 2013’ TAT organized ‘Fest of the Five 2013’ at Cha-Am, on 13-22 September 2013. In this fair also has the ‘The Shell Eating, Bird Watching and Squid Catching Festival #15’, which is an interesting event for the tourist. Lomprayah also joined in this fair by set up a booth.

Global News Qatar Airways emphasizes the airline’s commitment to Chinese market Qatar Airways held a press conference in Chengdu to officially announce its scheduled flights to Chengdu, the airline’s sixth destination to China.

TAT hosts Amazing Thailand “ASEAN Media Fam Trip from Bangkok to Siem Riep” on September 6 -11, 2013 A total of 21 prominent online foreign media from East and South Asia have been invited to join the Amazing Thailand “ASEAN Media Fam Trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap” during September 6-11, 2013. The international media joining will be top bloggers and online journalists from Thailand’s main tourist markets in Asia.

AirAsia X ready to move into Thailand More competition is coming to Thai skies with AirAsia X looking to firmly start out of Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok to long-haul destinations. Australia, Japan, Korea or Nepal could be the first destinations selected.

Thanks : www.traveldailynews.asia

Tip to Trip

Credit : http://www.fodors.com/news/story_4457.html

Jet Lag Avoid

TOP with our

Most travelers try to make the most of their limited time overseas, yet fail to take into account the leap in time zones they make in a matter of hours. It can take your body’s internal clock several days to catch up to that leap, and in the meantime you’re likely to experience the disruption of your sleeping and waking cycle known as jet lag. Symptoms of jet lag include sleepiness during the day, insomnia at night, poor concentration, confusion, and hunger at inappropriate times or lack of appetite, and general malaise and irritability. Here are our top tips to fight jet lag.


Adjust your internal clock. Several days (at least four) before departure, gradually shift your sleeping and eating times to coincide with those at your destination. Once you arrive, adopt the local time for your daily routine.

Opt for overnight flights. You’ll have dinner at a normal time and be much more likely to sleep than on an afternoon flight. Depending on the length of the flight and the number of time zones you cross, you’ll arrive at your destination in the morning or afternoon. This is the best way to replicate your normal schedule, and it’ll be easier for you to reset your clock.

Curtail coffee. For 12 hours before, as well as during, your flight, avoid overeating and caffeine. Although caffeine can help keep you awake longer, it makes you wake up more often once you do fall asleep and so reduces total sleep time.

Stay hydrated. Drink at least 8 ounces of water for every hour you’re in the air—even if you don’t feel thirsty. If you wear contact lenses, clean them thoroughly before your flight, use eye drops in the air, and consider removing your lenses if you nap. In your carry-on pack a bottle of moisturizing lotion, lip balm, and a hydrating spray with essential oils (not just water) to spritz your face with occasionally. Just be sure all toiletries are TSA compliant.

Avoid or limit alcohol inflight. Cabin air dehydrates passengers, and altitude changes can quicken the effects of alcohol (the rule of thumb is one drink in the air is the same as two or three on the ground). A cocktail may relax you, but it’s also apt to dry you out, and even worsen symptoms of jet lag.


Try to sleep on the plane. This is especially important when you’re traveling overnight or flying west to east. Travel is extremely tiring, and the more rest your body gets en route the more prepared you’ll be to deal with the stresses of jet lag. If you’re taking a very long flight—United States to Asia, for example— consider saving up enough dollars or frequent-flier miles to fly business or first class, as it’s a lot easier to sleep when your seat reclines all the way back. If you can’t avoid coach, opt for a window seat and bring enough padding (pillows or something that can act as such) to prop yourself up against the wall.

Use sleeping pills wisely. A pill with a short cycle may be helpful on overnight flights. Make sure, however, that you time the dosage correctly or you may be very groggy when you land. Also, an airplane is not the place to try out a pill for the first time, so only take medications you are already familiar with.

See if melatonin is for you. Consider taking the nonprescription drug melatonin. Research suggests that the body uses this hormone to set its time clock. Because melatonin seems to control when we go to sleep and when we wake up, a number of scientists advocate supplements to alleviate jet lag. Some (but not all) studies suggest that taking 3 milligrams of fast-release melatonin prior to bedtime for several days after arrival in a new time zone can ease the transition.

Get outside. After arrival, spend a lot of time out in the sunlight, which will help your body reset its natural time clock to coincide with your new surroundings.

Don’t drift off too early. Unless you arrive at your destination at night, and reasonably close to a normal bedtime, don’t go to sleep as soon as you reach your hotel. Unless you’re used to taking regular short naps at home, you’re better off staying up until bedtime: If you’re really exhausted from travel, a 20-minute nap could easily become a three-hour nap, which will disrupt your sleep schedule even more—you might find yourself wide awake at 4 AM.

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