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Editor’s Talk Life is journey!! Nice to meet you all. How about your latest long vaca-

tion in last month? Did you go somewhere for relaxing? Since now, there are no more long vacations until the end of the year, so keep healthy for facing with your work.

Everyone knows that in 2015 the ASEAN and AEC will begin, but how many of them know the effects which will happen with

Thailand. In this issue, except the general information, we provide you the details and the situation of tourism industry in Thailand after

join with AEC. Moreover, our magazine shows some strategies which may lead Thailand to be the center of tourism in ASEAN. In addition, to prepare for ASEAN and AEC, we give you the tips for travelling in Southeast Asia in the column of Tips to Trip, which show you ten things important about travel there. As another issues, our magazine still has variety columns and knowledge for

your various interests.

Then, turn the page, looking for your favorite columns and enjoy our magazine together. Photjanard Kantiwong


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The ASEAN Economic Community or AEC is an assembly of ASEAN nations for Economic opportunities. AEC aims to increase its competitiveness and to prepare ASEAN as a regional center against powerful nations like China and India.

In this regards, ASEAN decides to move towards

free trade on 11 priority sectors of goods and services, earlier than originally planned, for

demonstration purposes and promotion of

outsourcing or manufacturing products that utilize raw materials and parts produced within ASEAN member countries. This is consistent with the plan to move towards AEC.

To achieve this, each member country has

been assigned as a Country Coordinator as follows: Myanmar for agro-based products and fisheries; Malaysia for rubber-based products and textiles and apparels; Indonesia for automotive

Association (Pata), where more than 100 travel

industry executives discussed the tourism potential, government’s spending to upgrade facilities both for leisure attractions like museums; and also MICE facilities such as convention centers, reported the

newspaper. MICE tourism opportunities are

particularly large and hopefully countries that have the most experience in this area such as Thailand and Singapore will render their assistance to those with weak MICE experience - recent examples of this are Thailand with Vietnam and also some talk in Thailand about rendering assistance in Laos and possibly Cambodia.

ics; Singapore for e-ASEAN and healthcare; and

AEC and the benefits tourism and hospitality industry in Thailand

Focused on the tourism, Asians travels more in the region and there are more travelers from other countries that have begun to reach out to Asia as new visitors. The trends were evident at the recent Hub City Forum, held by the Pacific Asia Tourism

Thailand was awarded from many organizations about the tourism and always be in the top of tourism ranking, for example, according to The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI), Thailand was ranked on the 3rd of it after Singapore and Malaysia.

and wood-based products; Philippines for electronThailand for tourism and air travel.

There are many reasons why Thailand was chosen, the following are some examples

• • • • •• • • •

A famously service-minded culture Full of breathtaking location and unique culture A strong reputation of being able to take care of international and regional visitors A visitor experience that is exotic, welcoming, relaxing and fun. Great value with excellent return on investment An already liberalized trade economy Continued investment in infrastructure projects Unique blend of traditional and modern elements that have become synonymous with the country A quintessentially Thai experience which guests to the country expect and enjoy

Moreover, Thailand is located in the center of the region, with most of its borders connected to neighboring ASEAN countries, so except making Thailand be the center of transportation, this can be the one thing which make the people travelling in Thailand. In addition, natural disaster risks are also relatively low compared to neighboring countries. Though Thailand faced a critical flood situation, this disaster could be predicted and defended in advance. Then Thailand is quite safe if the tourists travel here.

hen, AEC will significantly open opportunity and make a big challenge to Thai tourism industry which will definitely benefit the dislocation of product, service, quality labor and fund. In addition to tourism

industry aims to have the number of ASEAN tourists visiting Thailand up to 4 million tourist or 26% of overall tourists in Thailand. This will create over 150,000 million baht of income.

AEC will bring increasing levels of high quality overseas competition to market, so firms with an advanced market position have to ensure that their

operations support the maintenance of their position as regional leaders in this regard. For this

reason, industries in Thailand need to offer a unilaterally high standard of service, a more sophisticated product offering and the ability to fulfill the demands of international and regional business and leisure customers, without losing the uniquely charming Thai approach to business, leisure and tourism in Thailand.


Here are some hospitality strategies by Center for International Trade Studies UTCC

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


Plan the policies for promoting the tourism clearly by categorize and specify the target of the tourists. Focus on both of domestic and inbound marketing. Provide the educational curriculum which supports the hospitality industry. Set up the organization which cooperates between government and private company in the section of tourism. Making the database for tourism service. Improve the law about intellectual properties of Thais for increasing Thai tourism capability to compete with another country. Tour guide job should available only Thai people. Support Single visa for promoting and facilitating the tourism in Asean.

The AEC is definitely a work in progress. Some efforts will go faster and bear quicker fruit than others; others will face more challenges and may be less crisply implemented. Still, we believe the future is clearly in favor of the AEC and that it offers clear opportunities and challenges that all businesses need to be thinking about and preparing for. Those who fail to do so, have no one to blame but themselves for missing out on a wonderful new opportunity for sales, investment and engagement with Asia.

Destination Guide

That you sit looking the wide sea under the atmosphere of calmness and relax in the style of homestays is one of your alternatives to refresh your body from fatigue. Also, Pitak Island is another tourist place to be the answer for anyone wanting to break off his or her confusing time to increase energy for life. The homestays of Pitak Island is very popular in the matter of the homestays for protecting conservation by abiding by the principle of Sufficiency Economy, emphasizing on calmness and simplicity, together with the villagers, cooperation and help until the strong community that is without both of narcotic drugs and gambling is set up, so this place is the genuine destination that you should not miss seeing. More importantly, if you stay at this homestays, you will be served with the fresh seafood of which taste is so delicious that your stomach will be full everyday. This is because of the hospitality of the owners of the Pitak Island homestays. That you have a chance to sleep listening to the sound of waves striking against the bank of the sea, get up to see the sun in the morning, sipping coffee with its fragrance as well as the flavored book in a quiet corner, together with see-breeze or chose to go to touch the lives of the fisherman who catch cuttlefish, fish and make crab seines of dive to see the corals and the tridacna squamosal is a good thing. Also at night time that you have an opportunity to sit and rest in front of the balcony and look at a lot of stars shining glittering and profusely around the sky is your real happiness. Owing on spend this lives calmly and simply people of Pitak Island are loved by the tourists and the Pitak Island is in their minds until they want to go back to visit it again. Pitak Island is located at Bang Nam Jeud sub-district in Lang Suan District and about 20 kilometers far from Lang Suan District. For going to Pitak Island, you have to take a long boat with a long shafted outboard motor from Krok Bay about 10 minutes only. If any tourists wish to take part in the activity in the style of the homestays, please contact Village Headman Amphol Thanikruth or Village Headman Rung Tel. 081-093-1143, 089-0180644

Place Guide

The House that was the Talk of the Town “ ” The Jim Thompson House Museum is the former home of James H.W. Thompson, a self-made American entrepreneur who was the founder of the world renowned Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. Arriving in Bangkok at the end of World War II, Jim Thompson became passionately interested in Southeast Asian art and antiques. He purchased several old teak houses to create his own unique home in Bangkok in order to house his growing collection. The original Jim Thompson house and outbuildings were re-constructed from all or sections of six separate old houses that were brought from various parts of the country. After Jim Thompson’s mysterious disappearance in Malaysia in 1967, his nephew Henry B Thompson III generously donated the house and its collection to the people of Thailand. Open daily to the public for guided tours in English, Japanese, French and Thai, the museum is operated by The James H W Thompson

Foundation. Generally the museum remains the way it looked when Jim Thompson lived there, however the Foundation has slightly rearranged certain displays in the interest of security. Two small buildings, formerly used by household staff, have been turned into additional museum display space.

The Jim Thompson Art Center, a large gallery purpose-built to house special exhibitions is located in the same compound. Exhibitions in the Art Center

generally focus on Asian topics or textiles, and

range from traditional to modern in theme. In addition

to exhibitions, the Art Center conducts educational and outreach programs, pr oduces publications and collaborates with local and international cultural institutions. The Art Center also includes in a separate

building, the William Warren Library.


The Jim Thompson House is located on Soi Kasemsan (2) Song, opposite the National Stadium on Rama I Rd. Opening Hours : 09.00 to 17.00 Guided Tour at : 17.00 Admission : Adult 100 ฿; Students 50 ฿ Compulsory guided tours around the house. Contact information: Jim Thompson House 6 Soi Kasemsan 2, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok Tel : (662) 216-7368 Fax: (662) 612-3744 website : www.jimthompsonhouse.com

Restaurant Guide

KhiangLe Seafood Restaurant

Khiang Le, a fresh seafood restaurant in Surat Thani. This restaurant will make you touch of the nature, because it is located near the mangrove forest, and in the evening, you can see the beautiful sunset at here also. Location: 124 Mu 7 Tambon Kadae, Amphoe Kanchanadit, Surat Thani

Open hours: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

Tel : 077-255-243 08 1370 3455, 08 4839 7603

Real Story

Thai Massage Monday My love for Thailand runs deep and wide, meaning I would be hard pressed to narrow down a list of my favorite things about it. But there is one thing I know without hesitation Thai massages would make the top five. From 120 baht cheapies in a room full of people to beachside pummelings with the sea breeze on my back to indulgent treatments at my favorite spa in Koh Tao, there’s nothing like a Thai massage to make me feel grateful to be exactly where I am in that moment. When I lived in Koh Tao last year I often found myself getting caught up in work and day-to-day drudgery (it exists even in paradise!) and forgetting to enjoy the beautiful country I was living in. To combat that, I came up with Massage Mondays a holiday I never missed.

by Alex

A year later in Chiang Mai, I quickly fell in love with NAMO Yoga studio, conveniently located around the corner from my go-to smoothie shop. NAMO also offers massage training, and after a particularly excellent rubdown across town, I decided

I’d like to learn a little bit more about what was going on the other side of the mat.

For those that have never had one, a Thai massage is completely different from the typical oil massages we are used to in the West. Typically, they involve slipping into a little set of pajamas, lying on a mat on the floor (only truly posh places will use a massage table) and turning yourself into a ragdoll while the masseuse prods, pulls, stretches and folds you. They’ll sit, walk and crawl all over you and at the end of it, you’ll feel like a new person.

Best of all? They usually range from $5-15USD. Per hour. Go ahead book your plane tickets now. I’ll wait here. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to invest in a longer course, so I tried to sign up for a one day workshop. Unfortunately none were available, so I had to settle for a half day workshop, I wasn’t overly enthused about though my wallet was thankful (a one day course is 1,600 baht while a half day course is 990). On the morning of the course, I was pleased to see there was just one other student practically a private lesson! Our instructor assured us that by the time we left, we’d be in hot demand among

friends and family for our new found back massaging skills. She wasn’t kidding my Facebook status that morning had already elicited several selfless volunteers

willing to let me practice on them. Strange I did not get the same offers when I announced I had signed up for a cooking class.

The format of the class was simple: following along with our cute little course books, we watched the instructor demonstrate on one of us (well placed mirrors meant even the person being worked on could watch), and then we would each take a turn mimicking her moves on each other. We worked slowly from the feet all the way up to the head and neck. It was really interesting process to watch a certain move performed, try it myself on someone else, and then finally feel the results on myself. Three hours flew by. I was surprised how much we had learned in just half a day and also how physically tired I was! A big focus of the course was how to give a massage in a way that would cause yourself, the masseuse, the least pain and discomfort. It’s exhausting! I had a new respect for the tiny masseuse ladies that I already loved so much. I loved my little one day course, and should I find myself in Chiang Mai again for a week, I know exactly how I’ll be spending it on a full, five-day Thai Massage course at NAMO. At least I know I’ll have plenty of practice volunteers.


World Red Cross Day The World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated on the 8th of May each year to emphasize the role of its members and volunteers in saving lives and aiding the defenseless communities around the world. This date is the anniversary of the birth of Henry Dunant (born 8 May 1828), the founder of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a private institution founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. International Committee of the Red Cross consists of 25 members and Red Cross committee authorized and empowered to protect the life and dignity of the victims of national and international war or conflicts, under international human rights law. Red Crescent Societies works in collaboration with World Red Cross today to coordinates activities within the Movement.

National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies exist in almost every country of the world today. Presently, there are 186 National Societies, recognized by the ICRC. Most of these societies are using the Red Cross as their official organization emblem. Presently, the world Red Cross is working with other Red Cross societies to improve miserable conditions in developing nations. They are reconnecting families

separated by emergencies. Today Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have the world’s largest humanitarian network to provide relief. It is carrying out its activities and is present in more than 170

countries. So it is the world’s largest force of unpaid assistants helping some 233 million recipients

every year. The total no. of members of National Societies

of the Red Cross and Red Crescent comprises approximately 97 million members and volunteers. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement was originated as a result of aspiration to provide the first aid as wells as all the possible assistance to

the victim on the battlefield thus alleviating the human suffering

Horoscope Predictions for the month of

May 2013

By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya

Aries: Your work is solid and steady and perhaps you could win at games of chance. Now you are looking firmly ahead, planning strategies and implementing them too.

Taurus: You face a fresh new challenge from within yourself, wishing to excel in what you do .An excellent time to move out of your usual orbit. You seek diversion in the things that give you pleasure and gain from them too

Gemini: Two strong trends will be parallel. It will be up to you not only to reconcile them but also balance them harmoniously. All this balancing will need a lot of give and take, but it will yield wonderful results.

Cancer: Yourself confidence gets a great boost, as you make good moves professionally. Decisions taken now will have long range repercussions.

Leo: The focus shifts now to money concerns. Investment and speculation are favored as is creativity, entertainment, amusement and pleasure. There may be some chaos and confusion but some tact and patience will help.


Libra: This could be an argumentative period, not something that you would relish. However, valuable

support, help and good advice pour in and some of it from sources least expected.

Scorpio: You are involved in higher pursuits and the social whirl. Hectic as it may seem, it is a fun filled and fulfilling period. Planetary alignments favor you.

Sagittarius: This is an excellent time to take decisions, attend interviews, suggest proposals and sell your ideas. You could secure a partner’s support for an ambitious new plan.

Capricorn: Inspire of all your caution and conservatism, you will push yourself to the front of the queue and lay your ambitions on the line. Socially a very active period awaits you.


Pisces: Your love life will pick up and you will be happy. Finances are also likely to improve. A month of great activity.,

Pay more attention to your career and worldly

ambitions. Monetary issues and responsibilities will be discussed and thrashed out. You may take interest in spiritual matters.

There will be hectic activity this month

centered around the house and home on the one hand and finances on the other. Your skillful organization will help events to work out in your favor.


Everyone has figure flaws, but it doesn’t mean you can’t hide them! When shopping for a new dress this season, be sure to keep your body type in mind. By following these simple tips, you can accentuate the positive and downplay the areas of your body that... well, aren’t so perfect. credit : http://www.plus-size-magazine.com/marks-spencer..


Big bust Dresses with halter tops and deep V’s are very attractive for women who want to accentuate their big bust. Select fabrics that skim your body rather than bind, which can make your breasts look too big. To draw some attention away from your bust and balance out a smaller lower body, choose a dress with an A-line skirt that falls one or two inches above your knees. Thick waist If you are apple-shaped with a thick middle, you need to elongate the appearance of your torso and draw the attention away from your waist. Select a dress with an empire or drop waist to re-define your waist line. Avoid thick belts cinched around your midsection and instead choose a chain or sash belt slung low on your hips.

Full hips and thighs For pear-shaped women with full hips and thighs, the dress should shouldn’t be shorter than an inch or two above the knee. Select a dress with an A-line skirt but not something too full. A short, super fuller dress will look like a tu-tu. To draw the attention away from your

Small bust If you weren’t endowed with ample breasts, avoid deep plunging necklines. Instead, select dresses with a scoop or bandeau neck and sequins or other adornments to add a little dimension up top. Layered necklaces are very popular right now and they can add some dimension and depth to your bust.

Heavy arms Sleeveless and cap sleeve dresses aren’t for you. Instead, select billowy, bell sleeves that are 3/4 or even full-length to hide flabby arms.

lower body, select a dress with a plunging

V-neck, halter top or embellished neckline.

Plus size Don’t pack on layers of baggy clothes to try to cover-up your body. Contrary to what you may believe, baggy dresses will just make you look bigger. Select fabrics that don’t cling to your body, but drape nicely.

A wrap dress is particularly flattering to full-figured women. Don’t avoid color and prints. A collection of dresses at avenue.com offer a variety of styles for full figured women including bold print and sexy silhouettes.

THE SHIFT DRESS The shift is a dress, flattering on almost everyone that hangs straight down from the shoulder. It skims your body nicely, but doesn’t cling. For summer, you can find shifts in cool cotton, linen and light knits. When fall arrives, wool and heavier knit shifts will continue to be popular. Though the typical shift dress has a straight skirt, some fashion designers have created shifts with a slightly A-line cut this season. Too thin Sweater or knit dresses are terrific options for thin women. Add layers to your dress, such as a cardigan or fitted jacket to give you some

bulk. If you have extremely thin legs, avoid mini-skirts and choose longer, flowing dresses instead. Thin women can add a thick belt to give their waist more definition. Bubble dresses are very trendy right now and can also give the appearance

of a larger lower body.

Agency PR

Ms. Sirikorn Boonyasiri is the PRESIDENT of Thai Travel Agent Association (TTAA) - UPPER SOUTH CHAPTER. She was graduated from Prince of Songkla University. At the beginning, she had her own restaurant at Patong, but there were many tourists always asked her about the tour information, so she has begun her small agency, Sweetland Travel & Tours Co.,Ltd ( Since 1985 ), and then her business become an authorize agent of Thai Airways. She had been a committee before turning to be the president of TTAA – Upper South Chapter. Her responsibility is to take care of the TTAA – Upper South Chapter members, which are Phuket, Phang Nga, Kiabi, Surat Thani, Ranong and Chumphon. Provide the knowledge to the tourism entrepreneurs who are the members of this association for developing their business, and also work as a coordinator between government, organizations and the entrepreneurs. Now, let’s talk with her about her view point in the topic of AEC and Thailand tourism. What are the effects of AEC which will happen with the tourism of southern of Thailand? I think the tourist industry of this region will be better. The tourists can travel through our region easily, because in the future it will not have a visa limitation. However, there also has a disadvantage for our country. That is Thailand is weak in law, and Thai people is easygoing style, so if we are not improve our capability, we may lost the job opportunity. Especially, in the part of English which is the international language. If we do not improve our English skills, we will not compete with another. Moreover, in the future we will have a Single Aviation Market in ASEAN, which make us has more freedom. So, the government must find the way to protect the country, and don’t let another country exploit us. While we also have to improve ourselves, we and the government have to help together.

In your opinion, what is the weakness of our country, and how can we improve it? As I know, in Thailand it’s very easy to get the Travel Agency Business License. The owners do not have to take any tourism training, but in another country is not. For example, in Malaysia, it’s quite difficult to get it. The owners have to pass many training, have to be a member in the tourism associations, and there are many terms for getting the license. Because it’s easy to get the license, so it’s also easy to cheat the customers, as always happen. So, it make our tourism look down. Then I think the entrepreneurs should join and help together by invite the expert to give them the knowledge about tourism or English.

How can the government help and push forward Thailand to be the center of tourism? They should develop the tourist attractions and make the transportation more comfortable, including focus on the tourists security. Finally, does your association have any campaigns to promote the tourism in the southern of Thailand? We usually organize the fair every year, which is Thai International Travel Fair (TITF). There are many organization has join with our association, such as Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and many airlines. This fair was organized twice a year, February and August at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok.

Lompraya News Lomprayah will join with TTA 2013 Lomprayah will set up a booth to join with Thailand Travel Mart 2013 Plus on 5-7 June 2013 at Impact Muang Thong Thani. To provide tour information for people who are interesting. Click http://www.thailandtravelmartplus. com/ for more details.

New booths of Lomprayah at Chumphon and Surat Thani airport. Lomprayah booth at Chumphon and Surat Thani Airport will available on the beginning of this June. Moreover, Lomprayah also prepare the special room for the customers at Chumphon Airport, for make them feel comfortable.

Happy Air will open the new route. Happy Air is going to open the Bangkok – Chumphon flight on this June, for making the tourist feel happy in travelling. Because after their flight are landing, they can travel to Ko Tao or Ko Pangan immediately by coordinate with Lomprayah.

Lomprayah Customer Care is available now. Lomprayah Customer Care is now providing. If you have any question about Lomprayah time table or anything, you can contact to the call center, 0-2629-0011.

Global News Tourism Thailand wins award for “warm welcome” Published : Thursday, May 2, 2013 Location : Thailand

The hit Thailand promotional video “Warm Welcome” picked up yet another award at the International Festival of Tourism Film “On the East Coast of Europe” in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria a very popular competition among filmmakers and producers. Submitted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand Balkan Representative Office, the video was declared a winner in the category of ‘Advertising Film of up to 3 Minutes’ The video was judged as “enticing and interesting a beautiful combination of expression and rhythm presenting many of Thailand’s tourism attractions united by the key phase “Always amazing you!”

Sri Lanka named as one of the

top 5 best value summer holiday destinations by Travelbite website Published : Thursday, May 2, 2013 Location : Sri Lanka

In what will be a great boost for Sri Lanka tourism industry, the Asian country has been dubbed as as one of the top 5 best value summer holiday destinations by

Travelbite website. After all the famous explorer Marco

Polo of the 12th century considered Sri Lanka as the finest

island in the whole world. For centuries, it had been a

great tourism destination particularly for European Travellers.

Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE), Asia’s leading annual travel and tourism event to be held in June Published : Wednesday, May 1, 2013 Location : Beijing

One of the fastest growing platforms in the tourism industry, Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) is back bigger and grander. Scheduled to be held at China National Convention Centre (CNCC) on 21 – 23

June, the three-day mega tourism event will unveil its international showcase of destinations, tourism attractions,

travel packages, products and services. BITE is Asia’s leading annual travel a nd tourism event.

Tip to Trip

credit : http://mark-map.com/top-tens/top-ten-tips-for-travel-in-southeast-asia/

l l o R g n u D A arry Nobody ever warned me about this, C but I will take the time to spell it out for you as bluntly

as I can… work out those thighs, practice your balance, and get ready to poo in a hole. Southeast Asia is the land of the squat toilet. Love it or hate it, you will have no choice but to frequent it. If you are unacquainted with hosing off your bum with a squirt gun, make sure to carry toilet paper at all times for those unexpected urges.

s a s i V r u o Y h o r a R ese

The first thing you want to do before heading to Southeast Asia is research your visas. Most countries

provide visas on arrival, but some (like Vietnam) do not. Know what you should expect to pay, how many days you are permitted to stay, if it’s a multiple or single entry visa, and where foreigners are allowed to cross the border if you are traveling by land. Always

y t e f a S d o o F r Youof toilets, if you want to spend K nowSpeaking

less time in squat position, be extra vigilant with what you eat. Buffets are best avoided, and any fruit or vegetables that have been washed in dirty water should be monitored. Meat is a hard call, but when eating on the street, have a peek at the ingredients before you make your order. Always drink filtered or bottled water and be careful with ice cubes in certain countries. Traveler’s diarrhea is inevitable, but following these steps you may just nip it in the bud.

carry with you a photocopy of both your passport and the visa for the country you are traveling in. Also, bring a baggie of passport-sized photos for each crossing.

s d r o W c i s a B n r Leain Each Language In general, you can get by with rudimentary English most places in Southeast Asia. However, knowing a bit of the language opens up so many doors. Stumbling your way through “xin chau” or “kop kun ka” always brings a laugh to the locals, beginning a friendly dialogue that could get you a sweet bargain in the end. It’s also just plain polite to make the effort!

y l e t a i r p o r p p A D ress

Travelers complain about this, but understand

a i s A r i A h t i B ookNo,Wthis is not an advertisement. No, they

that you are visiting another country with a different culture than your own. You should act accordingly. At temples, mosques, and other religious buildings, it is not appropriate to show your knees or your shoulders. Pack a shawl or some pants in your day bag if you plan on visiting these sites. Many Asians are too modest to say anything, so take the initiative yourself.

are not paying me to write this (although I wish they would). Air Asia’s prices speak for themselves. It’s

the cheapest way in and out of the region and

everywhere in-between. Book your ticket to Asia from Europe, the Middle East, or Oceania. The world’s top budget airline for the past two years and running, Malaysia’s AirAsia is the Queen of the Orient.

s r a l l o D n a c i r e m B rinYoug A will need American Dollars to enter most

countries in Southeast Asian. I always thought this was old-fashioned, but it’s true. They won’t accept any other currency – not even their own! Also, it’s good to keep some extra greenbacks around in case you need to change money or find yourself in a sticky situation. In Vietnam, most rooms are quoted in US Dollars and if you run out, the ATMs in Cambodia actually dispense them instead of Riels.

h c u M o o T n a l P Don’t

Sure, make a to do list of all the sites that you can’t miss, but leave the rest up to serendipity. There is nothing worse than planning too much and finding out that your perfect, internet-researched plan of pre-booked destinations is an epic fail. Do your groundwork, but leave the day-to-day decisions for when you’re on the ground. You may find that your ideal beach getaway is actually a dump but the Dutchman you met in Saigon knows the perfect island

ientto throw a hissy fit when your B e PIt’sasottempting

off the coast of Malaysia. Talk to fellow traveler on the road and heed their advice.

bus is running five hours late and the driver is chatting

on the side of the road with his new friends over a cup of tea. And, when you’re the fourth person crammed into a three-person seat in the minivan with you your luggage on your lap, you may just want to slap the driver with your sweat-soaked

hand. Stay cool. This is not your country. Remember

that you are sacrificing efficiency for budget travel. Outbursts only make many Asians loose face and when you crack their smiley front, things get ugly.

e l b a n i a t s u S ort Tourism S uppTraveling in foreign lands is not a rite; it’s a

privilege. We have an obligation to minimize our footprints and maximize our positive contributions. When booking trips to rural communities, make sure a portion of the money goes to supporting the villagers. When you buy items at the market, try and purchase local handicrafts and not shipped-in souvenirs from China. A good way to save some money and give back is to volunteer. There are several opportunities for English teachers, aids at orphanages, environmental protection and more. Make your presence a positive one, both for you and the people you meet along the way.

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