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Editor’s Talk Sea Sand and Sun, Summer Holiday

‘Let’s go to the sea’, was one of the lovely songs about the sea. ‘… Let’s go to the sea, Let’s go see the sunshine, We have join and fun. Everybody come on holiday…’ The lyric told about the happy life and invite people to have a great time at the sea when the holidays come. Krabi and Phuket had the great resources of the sea, many types and places. There have many beach, islands and national parks. The resources of the sea was the great value for tourist industry, every year the people around the world come to Krabi and Phuket for had the good time of vacation at the sea. What were their choices, Phi Phi Island, Ao Nang, Railay Beach, Koh Lanta, many and many to choose? Inside of this issue of Lomprayah Magazine, there are also other interesting topics such as UNEXPECTED PARADISE KRABI, In Destination Guide, we introduce you to Railay Beach - Krabi, Thailand. Thailand’s beach paradise on the Andaman Sea. In Place Guide, Tanapa Souvenir Antique - Souvenir & Gift Shops is a shop absolutely bursting with fascinating curios from all over Asia, in Restaurant Guide, is Halal seafood floating restaurant on the fish farm where one beautiful place & peaceful atmosphere for relaxing with Puffle fish and many beautiful fish and enjoy with fresh seafood from the fish farm and sightseeing the perfect mangrove forest view. Finally, this coming year is the Year of the Snake and that means this is the year your Family will not starve. The Snake is a symbol of mediation and self-sacrifice also, seen often as a good Omen. Chinese New Year falls on Sunday, February 10, 2013, so mark your Calendars! Once again, thank you for your support. Join us in our journey – on Lomprayah Magazine and facebook.

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Krabi, a province on southern Thailand’s Andaman coast, is an almost otherworldly region of labyrinthine archipelagos, where islands seem to erupt vertically out of the sea and secluded beaches are only accessible by colorfully adorned long tail boats. Krabi’s myriad of bays and coves have sheltered pirates, merchants, and sea gypsies for thousands of years and archaeological evidence indicates that Krabi was originally inhabited as early as 25,000 - 35,000 years ago! With attractions including hot springs, a wildlife sanctuary, sea caves, flourishing coral reefs and exotic marine life, limestone cliffs that draw rock climbing enthusiasts from around the world, and national parks that include the island paradises of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, one could easily spend weeks in Krabi and leave yearning for more.If that wasn’t enough, Krabi features some of the most photogenic sunsets in Thailand, often accompanied by spectacular displays of cloud to cloud lightning, that are best enjoyed from a beachside bar or restaurant. Meanwhile, with all the tourists spread out among various beaches and islands, life goes on in Krabi Town, the somewhat sleepy provincial capital. Surprisingly few tourists spend time in the charming riverside town, whose hilly streets feature a number of cozy cafes and inexpensive and authentic Thai cuisine is served at an outdoor, riverside evening market. “Town” to most visitors is Ao Nang, a seaside strip of guesthouses, hotels, bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops that continues to grow as tourist arrivals increase, now spreading north into Noppharat Thara, whose quiet, shady beach is part of the national park that includes the Phi Phi Islands. Ao Nang is the major launching point for boat trips to nearby islands and the isolated beaches of Phra Nang Cape, where the famous former hippie enclave of Railey Beach is located.

Krabi Province, which lies along the coast of the Andaman sea in Southern Thailand, is a top tourist destination as a result of its plentiful natural attractions including, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, extensive coral reefs, numerous caves and waterfalls, and over 130 islands, including Koh Lanta and the jewels of the Andaman coast, the six islands of Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. While not the top destination in and of itself, Krabi Town is a charming provincial capital located along the banks of a river that leads to the nearby Andaman Sea. Consequently, Krabi is an important port city for both local fisherman as well as boats ferrying visitors to the nearby attractions, including Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and Railey Beach, one of the premier rock climbing destinations in the world.

Krabi History A southern province on Thailand’s Andaman seaboard with perhaps the country’s oldest history of continued settlement. Krabi has many cliffs and caves where ancient colour paintings, stone tools, beads, pottery and skeletal remains have been found.It is believed that Krabi has been home to homosapiens since the period 25,000- 35,000 B.C. In recorded time,it was called “Ban Thai Samor”,and was one of twelve towns that used, before people were widely literate, the monkey for their standard. At that time, c. 1200 A.D., Krabi was tributary to the Kingdom of Ligor, a city on the Kra Peninsular’s east coast better known today as Nakorn Sri Thammarat. At the start of the Rattanakosin period, about 200 years ago, when the capital was finally settled at Bangkok, and elephant kraal was established in Krabi by order of Jao Praya Nakorn (Noy),the Rajah of Nakorn Sri Thammarat, which was by then a part of the Thai Kingdom. He sent his vizier, the Pra Palad to oversee this task, which was to ensure a regular supply of elephants for the larger town. So many

emigrated in the steps of the Pra Palad that soon Krabi had a large community in three different boroughs : Pakasai, Klong Pon, and Pak Lao. In 1872, King Chulalongkorn graciously elevated these to town status, called Krabi, a word that preserves in its meaning the monkey symbolism of the old standard. The town’s first governor was Luang Tehp Sena, though it continued a while as a dependency of Nakorn Sri Thammarat. This was changed in 1875, when Krabi was raised to a fourth level town in the old system of Thai government. Administrators then reported directly to the central government in Bangkok, and Krabi’s history as a unique entity, separate from the other provinces, had begun. During the present reign, the corps of civil servants, the merchants, and the population generally of Krabi and nearby provinces have tegether organized construction of a royal residence at Laem Hahng Nak Cape for presentation to Her Majesty the Queen. This lies thirty kilometers to the west of Krabi town on the Andaman coast.

The mountainous geography, broken by highlands and plains on the mainland, and 130 big and small islands in the Andaman Sea make Krabi a perfect place for recreation The famous “Phi Phi islands”, named “Paradise on Earth” , has never lessened in its amazing beauty which includes beaches, limestone sea cliffs and . “Lanta islands” which lies to the South of Krabi Town includes stretches of mangrove with breaks of coral rimmed beaches with rugged hills caused in exotic forest. There is lillte development on Lanta Islands. “Ao Nang” and “Rai Ley Bay” are uniquely beautiful by their nice sand beaches and lime-stone steep sided mountains and cliffs that attract rock climbers from around the world. Other Islands and shore beaches are never the same in their beauty.

Getting Around Krabi The town is quite small so most places can easily be reached on foot. Songthaews are available for longer journeys around town or to one of the nearby beaches. Those who prefer to have their own transport can hire small motorcycles by the day. Most of Krabi’s attractions are easily accessed by road, and/or by boat. Long tail boats are readily obtainable from Krabi Town at the Chao Fah Pier and at all major beaches. Tour companies can arrange charter boats, or advise on ferry services between beaches and islands around the area. For those who prefer to go by land, hire a car or motor cycle, or rent a Songtaew (taxi truck) to drive you round for the day. Local buses also shuttle between major areas in the province, from the bus station just outside of Krabi Town at Talaat Kao.

Five Scenic Routes to Discover the Krabi Ao Nang and the Islands in the Andaman Lying 20 kms from Krabi town, Ao Nang is well know among tourists as the starting point for boat trips to the islands. Accommodations range from cheap hotels to Luxury establishments. The 2 km bay is lined with restaurants, car hires, dive shops, souvenir shops and many other shops. The Islands served by boats from Ao Nang include the world-famous Phi Phi island : Phi Phi Don with its fabulous dive sites and the smaller Phi Phi Le which was featured in the movie The Beach. Another island worth visiting is Poda Island whose powdery white beaches slopes down into the clear blue sea. Its shallow reefs are good for skin diving. The phenomenal sand bridge (Thale Weak) emerges each day during ebb tide, connecting tree islets of the Poda Island group. There are other notable islands as well as Railay, Thailand’s premiere rock climbing destination.

Ao Luek Underworld Adventures Ao Luek is Krabi’s northernmost district bordering Phang-nga. Oil palm is the district’s industry. The well preserved mangrove forest is the basis of a community supported ecotourism activities. A well know spot is Than Bokkhorani, a group of emerald pools in the national park of the same name. Muslim Villagers in Ban Bo Tho can take traveler to Phi Hua To cave to see more than 100 prehistoric paintings and to Lot cave where a navigable canal flows under a limestone mountain. Travelers can also opt to explore the coastal mangrove by themselves on kayaks. Caves with beautiful formations are Phet cave in Ban Tham Phet and Khlang cave. Karos gorge – limestone cliff eroded into a face with sinister feature, thus the name “devil of Karos gorge” – is reachable only by boat. Another wonder of Ao Luek is the clapping spring. The spring is a shallow peat forest pond whose visible bottom is lined with fallen leaves. At the sound of clapping a column of water pushes up from the bottom, the more clapping, the more ripples.

Koh Lanta Paradise Island Koh Lanta is a large island with an ethnic Moken settlement. The island’s seclusion has made it a favorite of many travelers. The best recreational beaches are on the western side, the most popular being Ao Khlong Dao, a 2 Km stretch of coconut tree lined sandy beach. Other more tranquil beaches are Ao Phra Ae, Laem Kho Kwang, Hat Khlong Khong, Hat Khlong Nin, Hat Bakantiang and Hat Khlong Chak. Ban Sang Ka U on the southern tip is a Moken village. The sea gypsy has settled down, but they still make their living from the sea. They have also managed to preserve their traditions well. Emerald pond Hot Waterfall and the Beads of Khlong thom Khlong Thom district 40 kms from Krabi town is an important archaeological site where many ancient artifacts have been discovered. See them on display at the museum in Wat Khlong Thom In Khao Pra-Bang Khram wildlife sanctuary there is a large clear pond renowned for its emerald colour, hence the name Sa Morakot.

The hot waterfall is a small hot spring deep in the jungle that flows out to the fringe becoming a moderately warm stream for the people to enjoy. The warm water falls into Saphan Yung canal. Koh Klang Eco-tourism in Krabi Town Koh Klang is an island in Krabi river near Krabi town. The edge of island is all mangrove forest while the centre is a flat ground. The local Muslim community’s livelihoods are rice-growing, fishing and selling handicrafts-miniature vessels, batik textiles. Local tradition is still strong here.

Krabi Festival and Events This Festival takes place in November and celebrates the opening of the tourist season in Krabi. Water sport competitions, cultural shows, and goodnatured fun are the schedule.

- Asanha Puja in July - this festival is on the Full Moon day.

- December 5th is King’s birthday. Thais love their king and the day is celebrated nationally.

- Loi Krathong in November. – One of the most beautiful and moving sights are related to this annual festival. This day marks your venture to cast off all your troubles and tribulations with the hope having a new prosperous future. The good luck for the forthcoming year is wished by discarding some symbols of the badluck such as a piece of your finger nail and some tufts of hair in folded banana leaves and floating them off in the ocean or running water.

- April 13th to 15th – it the festival period for the whole nation. Songkran is the Lunar New Year as per Thai Calendar. Buddha images are washed on the day and great processions are held. Monks and elders are shown special respect by one and all in the community. In very many ways it has got the similarity with Deewali celebrations in India. People move around and as a mark of respect water shall be sprinkled may be even to the extent that coloured water shall be showered in gaiety. - May 15th – Sree Budhdha’s birthday. Candle lit processions are held in local Wats ( Buddhist temples ). 6th and 11th Lunar months – on the full moon day, in Ko Lanta, there is the religious rite of Setting Adrift of Chao Le Boats. The function is worth watching.

- August 12th – Queen’s Birthday. This is celebrated as Thailand’s Mothers’ Day.

- Andaman Sea Festival – this marks the beginning of the tourist season. Water sports and cultural competitions are held on this occasion.

Krabi Activities and Rock Climbing Activities around Krabi are mostly focused on being “natural friendly�. With our natural resources either on land,sea and shore,we have many green but exciting activities for you toparticipate. Rock Climbing in Railay Penisula and Phi Phi Islands People of all ages are welcome to try the most challenging sport with 100% safty record. One of the world top ten rock climbing sites, Rai Leh is a very perfect place with stunning sea view and many wonderful cliffs and caves with quality limestone. You can get great satisfaction using your strength nd skill to gain the heingts Scuba Diving This is the magic area for Scuba diving and snorkelling, with tremendous numbers of gorgeous tropical fish,beautiful live coral and warm and clear turquoise blue water. There are 15 dive sites off Ao Nang,which is reachable within 20-60 minutes by boat. and more Sea Canoeing or Kayaking The crystal water, sea-cliffs,and mangrove-rimmed canals are the charms that make Krabi a wonderful site for kayaking. There are options of rental from hour to half -day or day trips into the spectacular and remote mangrove channels, Ao Tha Lane and Ao Luk, where you can see monkeys, otters and many beautiful birds. Krabi river is another exciting site for kayaking. The Hong Island is further away but an unforgettable experience.

Krabi Entertainment Ao Nang is also home to many bars where the small hour will be accompanied to the sound of music, both live and recorded. Here the long relaxing beach days can be extended over a quiet drink or if that is what you need, finished with an exhausting whirl of energy in the dancing bars and parties. Out at Railay Beach the days are meant to be spent lazing on the beach and with the comfort of the resorts and the beauty of the scenery the mind shouldn’t need to wander into the world of shopping too much. It is possible to buy essential beach items here at the many mini-marts that serve the resorts, along with some food and toiletries. It is even possible to have a suit made at Sunrise Bungalows and buy rock climbing equipment at King Climbers and Hot Rock climbing schools. But it is food that you don’t need to cook yourself that Railay does so well. For a special occasion a visit to Coco’s restaurant on East Railay is a must, the food and atmosphere of this forest restaurant are beyond compare. Equally delicious Thai and Western dishes can be had at equally good prices in the restaurant at Railay Village on West Railay Beach. This restaurant is also famous for its stupidly delicious ice-cream.

Night life moves around the resorts of Railay during the week as each bungalow operation takes it in turns to have a beach party. Don’t miss the special atmosphere of a party at Railay Bay or Tonsai Village where the sand of the beach is covered in people drinking and dancing until the sun comes up. One of the newest bars on East Railay also hosts one of the best parties, Viewpoint Bar, though not on the beach, is a large open bar with big balconies where everyone can easily watch the mesmerizing fire-spinners or wince at the preformers who use large pins and broken glass in an act that no-one should try at home!! The music here is also excellent and suits the moods of the seasoned revellers that wait for the sun to rise before heading home. If it is live music that’s your thing Ya Ya’s bar, also on East Railay, has live bands during the high season, and is a good place to meet people.

Krabi Night Life Krabi does not compare to its westerly neigbor, Phuket, in the entertainment market. There are no all night beer bars, ago-go bars or raging discos. There is more of an open air pub/restaurant feel to the nightlife. Krabi has two night markets. Some stall open on Chao Fan pier, but the real market is just off Thanon Sukhon opposite the city hotel. It’s populated by locals and tourist alike - and so avoids the worst excesses of place like the Patpong night market in Bangkok. We were especially impressed by the range of local produce and cooking. Stalls were displayed with a real sense of pride. By taking a little from a stall you can enjoy a good paradial grazing session.


Destination Guide

Railay Beach & Krabi

Thailand’s beach paradise on the Andaman Sea

New travelers to Thailand seek a tropical paradise getaway, and frequently the only destination you’ve heard about from the magazines and the TV shows is Phuket. But after living in Thailand for two years and experiencing much of the country, I always recommend that my friends spend their precious time instead in Krabi province rather than on Phuket, which has become overdeveloped and overrun with tourists and girlie bars. In particular, in all of my travels to 25+ countries, my favorite (and the most beautiful) place I have found so far is Railay.

Railay Beach—also frequently referred to as Rai Leh or Rai Lay—is a small peninsula just south of the town of Ao Nang, Krabi. It’s attached to Krabi’s mainland, but cut off by towering limestone cliffs from all the roads and towns. This isolation from the mainland, and the complete absence of cars and roads, gives Railay Beach a very island feel. This idyllic beach setting attracts thousands of visitors every year, and Krabi is famous around the world with rock climbers for the stunning limestone rocks on Railay and neighboring Ton Sai Beach. There are three sides to the Railay Beach peninsula. West Railay Beach, also

called Sunset Beach by some, and Phra Nang Beach on the south-facing side of the peninsula, are among the best, most stunning white sand beaches in Thailand, surrounded by beautiful emerald clear water. The resorts and hotels on these two beaches are more expensive, but there are also cheaper hotels and bungalows available on the mangrove-lined East Railay Beach, within around 10-15 minutes’ walk from the main beaches. You can spend a relaxing day lazing by the pool or on the beach. Or if you’re looking for more adventure, you can try rock climbing with some of the best instructors in the world. There are many local climbing schools that can outfit you with climbing shoes and equipment, and lead you on trips for everyone from beginners to advanced climbers. At night Railay is fairly quiet, but with a several cozy little beach bars—some romantic spots to share a cocktail by candle light, some lively, reggae-style bars that stay open late with live music and exciting fire shows on the East Beach. The girlie-bar scene is also completely absent from Railay Beach, since the majority of visitors here are families and younger backpackers, which makes for a nice change of pace from many spots in Thailand.

Place Guide

Tanapa Souvenir Antique Just across the road from the Plaza stands an elegant building at the top of some stairs; this is Tanapa, a shop absolutely bursting with fascinating curios from all over Asia. Run by a fluent English-speaking lady, Tanapa stocks Buddha images, hand-painted parasols, Chinese-style vases, stylish bags, puppets, Lacquerware, wooden artifacts, postcards and even wine. A true treasure chest of interesting and arresting items.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 Location: Opposite Klong Muang shopping plaza

Restaurant Guide

Kanabnam View Seafood Open : Mon - Sun: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Address : Muang Krabi, Krabi, Thailand 81000

Mangrove forest Eco-Tourism at Krabi river tour by Long tail Boat with Kanabnam View Seafood & Fish Farm. The Kanabnam View Seafood & Fish Farm is Halal seafood floating restaurant on the fish farm where one beautiful place & peaceful atmosphere for relaxing with Puffle fish and many beautiful fish and enjoy with fresh seafood from the fish farm and sightseeing the perfect mangrove forest view. At Koh Klang:Eco-Tourism in Krabi Town Koh Klang is an island in Krabi river near Krabi town.The edge of the island is all mangrove forest while the centre is a flat ground. The local Muslim community’s livelihoods are rice-growing,fishing and selling handicrafts-miniature vessels,batik textiles,Kanabnam Cave and Kanabnamview Seafood & Fish Farm restaurant on the fish farm. Local tradition is still strong here.

Real Story


BEACHES AND ELEPHANTS IN PHUKET Thailand by Rachel Sterling & Jeremy Sharff After a whirlwind 48 hours in Singapore last spring, which included a trip to the world-famousSingapore Zoo, Rachel Sterling and Jeremy Sharff were ready for some relaxation. So they flew to the island of Phuket in Thailand to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches. Here, Rachel tells Travelogged where they stayed, where they ate and what it was like to ride an elephant.

Where They Stayed: We stayed at the Katathani Beach Resort, which is located right on Kata Noi Beach at the southernmost part of the island, about an hour’s drive from the airport. The beach itself is public, but the hotel is so big that only people on the beach are guests of the hotel. It felt secluded, which we liked. For a busier beach experience, we could have gone to the very popular Kata Beach next door. We chose this hotel because we wanted to be right on the beach (a lot of hotels are in the hills) and we wanted air conditioning, which not all of the hotels have. It had multiple pools and restaurants (including an outstanding breakfast buffet with dragonfruit) and seemed to cater to a European clientele. The hotel has two wings the Bhuri Wing (or Garden wing) and the Thani Wing ( closer to the beach). We stayed in the Bhuri wing because it was a little more affordable. Our first room was horrible – the view was of the street and a telephone pole. We switched rooms on the second day and had a much better view. When we took a walk over to the Thani Wing we realized we should have upgraded and stayed on the other side of the road (keep in mind the road is super small – its not a highway… but it would have made a big difference to be on the ocean side than the garden side).

Massages and Pedicures: The hotel offered massages by the pool and on the lawn. I don’t remember the pricing exactly but it could have been as low as $10 USD for an hour-long massage. You do not need to go to the hotel spa to schedule a massage the masseuses walk around the pools and offer them then and there. They also give pedicures, which I highly recommend. This is not an American pedicure. They basically loofah off all of your dead skin cells on your feet. My feet have never looked or felt that good in my entire life! You can also get a Thai massage down on the beach. But this massage service is not affiliated with the hotel (as the beach is public). I preferred the hotel massage, but Jeremy preferred the beach massage because they used a cooling ointment on the skin that he really liked.

Favorite Meal: Our first night in Phuket we ate at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale, a nearby boutique hotel overlooking Kata Noi beach, and it was spectacular. The view was amazing and the food was delicious. Overall, we were very impressed by the food on Phuket. We didn’t have a single bad meal for the three days we were there. On Koh Phi Phi we went snorkeling, ate a fantastic lunch on the beach and then visited the monkeys on Monkey Beach. We loved Ko Phi Phi because it was so serene and laid-back. I would consider staying there next time as opposed to Phuket — my friend has raved about the Holiday Inn Resort. Favorite Bar: Well, the name doesn’t lie. TheAfter Beach Bar was the perfect place to go after the beach to have a drink and watch the sunset. It’s a bit of a hike up the hill from Kata Beach to get there, but you’re rewarded with incredible views, great Thai cocktails and music. Day Trip to Koh Phi Phi: We loved our day trip to the nearby island of Ko Phi Phi, which we booked through Offspray Leisure, an Aussie run company that arranged transportation to and from our hotel. We took a high speed boat there that was so fast it felt like we were flying through the ocean – we were airborne every time we hit a wave. I got a bruise on my elbow from where it the hit the boat, but I didn’t get seasick.

Elephant Ride: We knew we had to experience an elephant ride, so we booked one through Kok Chang’s Elephant Safari. We both sat on an elephant and a “driver” led the elephant all around the forest area till we emerged at the top of the hill overlooking Kata Beach. It was a little scary at times! The elephant did what the elephant wanted to do —and then the driver had to whack him with a riding crop. At one point our driver and the elephant sort of got into a fight. But then it was fine. The driver was also fantastic at taking pictures. He would periodically get off the elephant and take pictures of us.

Horoscope Predictions for the month of

January 2013 By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya

First of all here is to wishing all my readers and everyone at Lomprayah a happy New Year 2013.May the almighty fulfil all your desires and grant you love, peace and prosperity throughout 2013. As thenew year has begun, i am giving below the world predictions for the year 2013 in brief before writing my regular monthly column of predictions for different astrological signs for January 2013. A general Astrological analysis for the year 2013 :- The numbers 2013 when added up,total to 6. In numerology the number 6 stands for the planet Venus. And Venus relates to art and artists. Thus during the year 2013, the focus of the world will be on music, dance, painters, poets, beauty contests etc. In brief a great year for show business people, some of whom have a chance to be in the limelight throughout the year.In the corporate sector those in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical and petrochemical industry,cosmetics and other luxury goods industry will do well. During the year Saturn continues its transit in the martian sign Scorpio causing some deceipt and agression in the world,some terrorist attacks etc. However, these negative effects of Saturn will be curbed to a large extent from 25th June 2013 when Jupiter transits from Gemini to Cancer and throws its benign aspect on Saturn. At the beginning of the year Jupiter is in the Mercurial sign Gemini where it brings into focus communications, contacts, business dealings, conveyances including all kinds of transport, such as trains and planes, travels, exploration of space etc. After the transit of Jupiter to its sign of exaltation Cancer on 25th June 2013, the US will play a more predominant role than before in international affairs, generally to the benefit of mankind. This position of Jupiter may cause prices of Gold to rise. It will also bring to limelight those working in the naval, navigational and fishery sectors. And before i conclude let me tell those interested in Chinese Astrology that the Chinese new year begins on February 10 and this year will be the the year of the ‘Water Snake’ or more specifically the year of the ‘Black Water Snake’.

Predictions for the month of January 2013 Aries: With Sun,Mercury and Venus passing through your 10th angle of career for most of the month, career matters will remain at the forefront practically for the entire month.Some of you may even get a promotion. A good month for those in the communication and show business to do well.Avoid getting involved in disputes towards the end of the month. Gemini: A pleasant romance is indicated in the beginning of the month. Health may need attention.The sector of career gets activated after 19th January when you may also be required to undego hectic travels. However, inspite of all the hectic activity your mood will remain confident. Leo: Venus in your 5th angle at the beginning of the month will make you spend your time on romance, entertainment, cinema, hobbies, gambling etc. In busineess the focus will be on loans and the return thereof. Avoid litigations if possible. Avoid arguments with your partner. Be careful while drving towards the end of the month. Libra: Good earnings are indicated in the beginning of the month. Some of you could invest in immovable property. Long travels are indicated and they will be quite pleasant.Your children may behave in a predominant manner and may not listen to well meant parental advice. Sagittarius: There will be earnings and simultaneous heavy expenses during the month. Your partner will be predominant and you wll have no option but to listen.Towards the end of the month you may need to go on many short travels for business. Aquarius: Mars in your sign till the 19th of the month will energize you. Take care to channelise the energy fruitfully.Saturn makes you work very hard in your career while Jupiter and Venus help you to earn well. End of the month could see you spend on luxuries and romance.

Taurus: Health of the partner may need attention in the beginning of the month. Mars in the 10th angle will activate career matters and there could be a spurt in your earnings towards the end of the month. Long journeys are indicated in the second half of the month. Some of you may go on a very pleasant journey abroad and others could go for pilgrimages. Cancer: Your partner may feel neglected on account of your busy scheduled. Do not add fuel to the fire by getting involved with people other than your legal spouse. Children’s matters will need attention. There could be too many expenses, but your strategy of keeping a tight control on the budget will work wonders and you will manage well. Virgo: Children’s matters will need attention. Otherwise, a month full of fun, frolic and romance. Enemies will remain subdued. Career matters will generally look up and some of you can even get a promotion. Scorpio: With Sun and Mercury in your 3rd sector at the beginning of the month, the focus will be on communications, contracts, business dealings and conveyances.Immovable property matters could also need attention during the month. Parents need to be taken care of. Capricorn: With Sun and Mercury passing through your sign till the 19th and Venus joining them after the 9th you will be full of ideas during the month. You could feel very ambitious about your career and make definite plans. While Saturn gives you good earnings, Mars and Sun may cause you to incur sudden heavy expenditure. Pisces: Sun, Mercury and Venus all conspire to see that all your wishes are fulfilled.Friends will be helpful.Parents and immovable property matters may need attention.Avoid getting into disputes with Government authorities in business matters.




New Year 2013

Year of the Water Snake

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

The Lunar New Year dates from 2600 BC, when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Because of cyclical lunar dating, the first day of the year can fall anywhere between late January and the mid-February. On the Western calendar, the start of Chinese New Year this year falls on Sunday, February 10, 2013 — The Year of the Water Snake. If you were born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, you were born under the sign of the Snake. Like the houses of the zodiac in Western astrology, the animals of Chinese astrology are thought by many to dictate personality traits or even to impact world events in any year they rule.Snake and those born under compatible signs benefit from good fortune during a Snake year.

2013 Prediction for Snake Snake can expect good fortune in relationships and look forward to a time when they personally or professionally shine. It will be a year when Snake can easily overcome recent setbacks or obstacles experienced in 2012. Even though Snake may not have the income desired in the first half year, financial fortune comes in the second half year.

Snake Characteristics Self-reliant Snake’s characteristics are complex. Snakes don’t like to ask others for advice and some see them as cold and calculating – not so, they are just being careful.They need to plan every detail before embarking on an objective. Snake has excellent communications skills, but they are creatures of few words. Quiet and unassuming, they prefer to work alone and are more often in the spotlight for real and lasting accomplishments than for attempts at garnering attention. Actually, they can be a lot of fun when they want to be and they exude a charismatic confidence that is quite sexy.They have the ability to shed adversity like a second skin, and their recuperative powers are legendary. The list of famous Snakes includes: Oprah Winfrey, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Pablo Picasso, Bob Dylan, James Joyce, Martha Stewart, Kanye West, Pierce Brosnan, Charlie Sheen, Courtney Love, Howard Stern, and Edgar Allan Poe. Gung Hay Fat Choy! “Best wishes and congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year.”






credit : www.elle.com http://www.elle.com/beauty/health-fitness/Bikini-Body-Challenge-2 Photo by : iStockphoto, Retna, courtesy of ExerciseTV, David Burton, Melanie Galea, [Model: Mark Oliver; Snooki and television: Getty Images], Jason O’Dell



Though it may be tempting to stay up watching the contents of your DVR, studies suggest that getting seven to eight hours of shut-eye a night is necessary to ward off weight gain. Separate research done by the University of Chicago and University of Pennsylvania, for example, revealed that sleep-restricted subjects gained more weight over time than those who were well rested. Culprits behind sleep-deprived weight gain are believed to be leptin and ghrelin, two hormones that affect how full you feel. When you’re short on sleep, levels of leptin (an appetite suppressant) fall and levels of ghrelin (an appetite stimulant) rise—so you feel hungrier than you would otherwise.



DETOX RESPONSIBLY Don’t let the bad rap that certain cleanses have received turn you off to the nutrient-rich benefits of juicing. “Doing a three-day juice fast through a program like Blueprint Cleanse or Organic Avenue is a safe and healthy way to detox,” says Oz Garcia, PhD, nutrition specialist to Heidi Klum and Hilary Swank. For maximum comfort and effects, Eric Helms, cofounder of the new Cooler Cleanse (Salma Hayek is his business partner), stresses the importance of easing your body in and out of the practice. One to three days before and after, consume nutritious, easily digestible foods and avoid anything processed, caffeinated, alcoholic, sugary, or artificially flavored. Red meat, dairy products, and nonorganic peanut butter are also on Helms’ do-not-eat list.



ATTAIN WASHBOARD ABS Crunches are golden, but in his new book David Kirsch’s Abs & Arms, wellness expert Kirsch says less can be more: “Fifteen perfect crunches are better than 50 sloppy ones.” So how do you perfect your form? Lie on a towel or mat with your knees at a 45-degree angle and feet flat. Place hands at the back of your head with fingers locked and lower back flat against the floor, says Kirsch (“Imagine there’s a magnet in your belly button pulling you down”). Fixing eyes on the ceiling, lift from your shoulders—not your neck. Exhale at the top of the movement and inhale on the way back down to the floor. BURN CALORIES WITH COLD WATER Ice-cold water not only tastes better postworkout—it spreads throughout your body quicker than lukewarm H2O, re-energizing you faster and cooling you off from the inside. It also sheds calories: As your body warms the liquid to its temperature, you burn between 17 and 25 calories per glass.





Getting a move on is key to shedding stubborn pounds. To ensure that you stick to a regular exercise routine, enroll in a weekly class or two. Whether you take up yoga (hello, inner peace), cardio kickboxing (goodbye, pent-up stress!), or dance (now you can cha-cha with Maksim from Dancing With the Stars), find a class that fits your personality and pay up front—so you make breaking a sweat nonnegotiable.



Aye, there’s the rub. Body work and massages are “critical,” says Garcia, because they reduce levels of stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline—which have been linked to weight gain—and increase feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine. Getting regular massages can increase relaxation and blood circulation (and decrease bloating).

SQUEEZE IN OUTDOOR EXERCISE Rising temperatures mean even those who abhor the gym have options—power-walking just 20 to 40 minutes a day can make a huge difference, says Kirsch, fitness guru to Liv Tyler, Kerry Washington, and Heidi Klum, who recommends using half your lunchtime at work to take a brisk alfresco stroll. “This is enough to get your endorphins up, improve your mood, and help you regulate your cravings better,” adds Garcia.





Contrary to what you may think, it’s okay (and, in fact, necessary) to have carbs, but they’re not all alike. Select the healthy complex variety—fruits and veggies like cantaloupe, berries, green beans, and cauliflower, which are full of fiber and absorbed slowly into the bloodstream. Though cookies, bread, and pasta are tempting and provide a quick release of “feelgood” serotonin, these simple carbs will catch up with you in the long run. For a similar head rush without the consequences, dietician Carrie Wiatt, RD, says pasta and bread junkies should opt for whole-grain versions. “They have a lot of fiber, which is good for your digestive system.”



WATCH LESS TV Unless you’re jamming to the ELLE Make Better DVD series, watching TV could have a detrimental effect on your weight. A study by Yale University found that TV viewers who saw snack commercials were inspired to eat just about anything (regardless of whether they were actually hungry). The most successful dieters, say experts, watch less than the adult average of four hours per day and weigh in at less than 10 hours per week. And if you do feel compelled to snack—whether tempted by a mouthwatering ad or not—go for vegetables and a yogurt-based dip or low-fat pretzels and hummus .



DON’T FOLLOW THE CROWD We’ve been known to steal a friend’s fries now and then—and who hasn’t thoroughly cleaned her plate over a lingering lunch conversation?—so it comes as no surprise that our own eating habits are influenced by our dining companions. According to a groundbreaking 2007 study by Harvard University social scientist Nicholas Christakis and University of California at San Diego professor James Fowler, weight gain is socially transmissible from one person to another. Since then, further research advocates this claim, suggesting that when dining in large groups, people have a tendency to consume more by way of subconscious imitation—especially if sitting next to a robust eater. When eating with a group of friends or family where sharing large dishes and/ or ordering tons of tapas is commonplace, pay attention to what goes on and off your plate. Also, try starting your meal with a broth-based soup or green salad (minus cheese or croutons): Research supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that beginning with a low-calorie appetizer leads you to eat fewer calories during the actual dinner. More crudités, please!

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Lompraya News Lomprayah getting out off to display the boot at 27th Thai Tiew Thai 2013 Get ready to take a new trip or two with the help of Thai Tiew Thai # 27. Taking “Travel Leaders’ Forum” as its theme, the event is scheduled for February 21-24, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at QSNCC.

Date : 21 - 24 February 2013 Location : the Queen Sirikit Convention Center

REEARTH 2013 Koh Samui The 2013 (22-23 Feb) edition of Reearth will see an interesting mix of old and new friends. The festival area, on the Southern Thai countryside, is unique in many different ways. The 100 year old palm trees, the beach, the lakes and surrounded by jungle. For 2013 we have added more beach- and island activities daytime, so come early.

Date : 22 - 23 February 2013 Location : Koh Samui, Koh Tao

Global News New airport planned in southern Laos

VIENTIANE - A new airport will be built in the southernmost province of Laos, Attapeu, at an estimated cost of US$46 million, to attract tourists and investors to the remote, undeveloped area.

Thai Tourism Arrivals Cross 22 Million Mark in 2012

Thailand has achieved record-breaking visitor arrivals, crossing the 22 million mark for the first time in 2012. Figures tabulated by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports for January – December 2012 show total arrivals by nationality of 22,303,065, up 15.98 percent over 2011.

China approves second Beijing airport 31 December 2012 – 1 January 2013, Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya, Chonburi Province Experience Christmas Day activities along the road which decorated by Christmas lights, Christmas trees, snowman and other Christmas decorations. Enjoy the concert from various famous singers, firework presentations with 2013 shots and countdown celebration.

5 Tip to Trip


Did reading about Rachel and Jeremy’s vacation in Phuket, Thailand, (Real Story) have you ready to pack your bags? As you fantasize about beaches, sunshine and elephant rides, here are Rachel’s five essential travel tips to make your dream vacation a reality.

credit : www.elle.com http://travelogged.com/2011/01/24/travel-tips-phuket/


Book Your Excursions in Advance Book your day trips in advance of your arrival. Because Phuket is such a popular tourist destination, the more popular trips can get booked up weeks in advance. I had heard rave reviews of John Gray Sea Canoe‘s nighttime tour where you canoe through the seaside caves and see phosphorescent sealife. But alas, they didn’t have any spots left when I tried to book the same week I was there.


Don’t Waste Your Time Shopping For the most part, all we saw were counterfeit Ed Hardy and Louis Vuitton items. It seemed like every shop stocks the same thing. You may find a shop or two that sell thai silk scarves, but Phuket is not a shopping destination. Save your baht for Bangkok!


3 5

Wear Sunblock The first day we arrived, we only spent 1.5 hours outside sitting under a beach umbrella. We never emerged from under the umbrella, yet we both got burned to a crisp. And we don’t even typically get sunburns! If possible, bring sunblock from home — the sunblock on the island is crazy expensive.

Finding Great Food Is Easy The reality on Phuket is you can eat anywhere — even the cheapest, grossest-looking place — and the Thai food is still going to be spectacular. We recommend eating primarily seafood-based dishes, like squid, lobster etc. Most of the Thai fisherman fish off Phuket and the seafood is ridiculously fresh.

The Party is in Patong One night, our hotel in Kata Noi arranged a bus for us to the town of Patong. You can walk the streets and see prostitutes, lady boys, sex shows, crazy bars and clubs. It wasn’t our scene at all! We preferred the beach bars by our hotel.

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