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Issue 16 / November 2012

Korean Tourists

Visiting Thailand

Exclusive Interview

Khun Kae

General Manager of Milky Bay Resort



Editor’s Talk Welcome to the month of November!

the month of Loy Krathong Festival of Thailand. It is on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month. Hi-Light column for this issue will focus on Korean tourists to Thailand, which has a tendency to increase steadily, and favorite tourist attractions among Korean tourists. Inside of this issue of Lomprayah Magazine, there are also other interesting topics such as the interview of Khun Kae who gave some perspectives of Koh Phangan still undisclosed for many people. We invite you to follow us. Besides, there are a lot of other interesting contents for you inside this issue. In Destination Guide, we introduce you to Haad Rin, a beautiful and quiet beach on Koh Phangan. But you may not believe that on the full moon night, it turns into a joyful and entertaining places with hilarious Full Moon Party. In Place Guide, you will discover the first and foremost sacred places which are the centers of faith of all Thai people. After enjoying tourist locations, in Restaurant Guide, you are guided to favorite Korean restaurants in Koh Samui, which have been admired by Korean tourists who visited Koh Samui. In this month, in Thailand, there is Loy Krathong Festival, a tradition inherited since long time ago, which we would like you to enjoy all activities in the night of Loy Krathong day. Well, it is already winter time, please take care of your health. Lomprayah has initiated an activity, named “Lomprayah Weekly Lucky Draw”, through its Facebook FanPage, in which members can have a chance to win various prizes each week, worth at least 5,000 baht. The only rule is to apply for membership and share the page to your friends, enabling you to have opportunity to win free prize every week or win a free trip. Follow us at http://www.facebook.com/lomprayah to find out more about our activities and information.

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Korean Tourists Visiting Thailand

In 2012, the number of Korean tourists who visit Thailand is estimated at 1.22 million, an increase of 20% from last year, earning 40,000 million baht revenue for the country, an increase of 25%. The large increase in Korean tourist market for Thailand is attributed to the aggressive marketing approaches adopted by the tourist business entrepreneurs and the government agencies, aiming at expanding the market by focusing on quality Korean tourist groups including the lovers, wedding couples, golf enthusiasms, and those who travels as a reward. This year is the year of Great Snake, which is believed by Korean that it is the year of fortune. So, it is possible that this is a factor that makes Korean couples to enter into marriage this year. Most wedding couples prefer to have a honey moon period in a foreign country. So, it is greatly beneficial for Thailand to expand the market to these lovers and honey moon couples from Korea. “From the statistic, 85% of Korean wedding couples or 250,000-260,000 couples each year would travel to overseas for honey moon purpose. The preferred destinations for these wedding couples are seaside tourist sources and various islands. To meet this requirement, Thailand has Phuket, Krabi, and Samui as top-rated honey-moon destinations favored by Koreans because of their outstanding beauty of the seaside, and wide range of activities available.”

Top Best Places to Go in Thailand by korea Bangkok The caapital of Thailand, Bangkok is a first place you can explore once you arrive in Thailand. The city is restless, has nice places you cannot miss, such as Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Po. Wat Arun is one of the oldest and most famous Bangkok landmarks. In Wat Po you can see a huge reclining Buddha. Don’t miss the backpacker’s road Khao San if you are adventurous, bazaars and alleyways of Chinatown and also Patpong Night Market which is located in the city’s red light district.

Koh Samui and Koh Phangan Many knows it that Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are both beautiful places to not miss in Thailand. Both are located on the east Thailand, a very popular destination for backpackers. The palm-tree lined islands are famous for its white sandy beaches, and clear turquoise waters as well as its spectacular views. Koh Phangan features plenty of bohemian style cafes and bars. You can also take part in the world-famous full moon parties. When you’re done with poarties and need some time to relax, then head to nearby islands of Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan. Both are much less touristy since they are more isolated. These islands are famous as well for its snorkelling and diving experience.



Ayutthaya Reachable withi one hour only from Bangkok, Ayutthaya was an important Siamese kingdom from 1351 to 1767. Now this ancient city is ruined but you can still see the remains of this UNESCO World Heritage site. To enjoy the best of the trip, spend a full day just to visit Ayutthaya.

Activities Do not miss in Thailand


Snorkeling on Koh Tao Koh Tao has many great spots for snorkeling. Some of these places can be reached by walking/taxi/motorbike, but for some you need to hire a taxi boat. Hiring the snorkel equipment can be done from many of the beaches, from dive schools (if you are also diving with them), or some of the taxi boats will supply them. Please watch out for taxi boats when snorkeling or swimming as they can be very dangerous if they get too close. Another thing to remember when snorkeling on Koh Tao is that many places will not supply fins for snorkel trips. This is because snorkelers who wear fins are more likely to kick and damage the reef, so please do not wear fins when snorkeling




Snorkeling on Koh Tao Wat Phra Kaew also spelled Wat Phra Kaeo and commonly known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is located on the ground of the Royal Palace in Bangkok. It is the most revered Buddhist shrine in Thailand. Central to the temple is the Emerald Buddha, a dark green statue standing about 2 feet tall. No one is allowed near the statue except the Thai king, who conducts rituals at the temple throughout the year.

Go to the sea at Chaweng Beach Chaweng Beach, located on Koh Samui’s east coast, is the most developed area on the island. It attracts many young travelers and families alike, and remains good value for the money. The beach is approximately 7 Km long, with powdery white sand. It is bordered by dreamy, emerald-blue waters and a coral reef where waves break, leaving the bay quite peaceful. Two small islands are close to the reef -- the nearest one can easily be accessed by walking through the shallow waters. The second island, further out and larger, provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy snorkeling and kayaking. Bring shoes if you plan to walk around the islands, as they are made of sharp coral sands.

The central part of the beach is a bit more crowded than the quieter north. Many vendors pass by offering beverages, fruit, ice cream and local Thai food for the more daring. A variety of local crafts and Thai souvenirs are also available.d cocktail bars, Chaweng’s nightlife is streets ahead of anywhere else on Samui in terms of choice.

Songkran Festival Every April, Thailand shuts down and gears up for–the ultimate in youthful fantasies—a nationwide water fight spanning 3 days. Shelves are stocked with themed weapons, some serious enough to put super soakers to shame, all just a fill away from becoming your biggest asset for the next few days. People of all ages and nationalities congregate into city centers throughout Thailand, and load up buckets, squirt guns, water balloons, coolers, and even water tanks in preparation for the fight. Songkran is wild and indiscriminate fun, as strangers sneak up and blast each other in the ear with sea water. Walk the streets at your own risk as, gun or no gun, you’re a prime target. Sit in a songtaew and literally get hosed by every bypasser.

Leave the iPhone in the hotel, invest in some good artillery, and join in on one the most entertaining endeavors into Thai culture. To read more about Songkran in Thailand, check out Bring Your Dry Bag ‘Cause You’re Gonna Get Soaked! If water fights are not your thing, then midApril in Thailand is not your thing. However, here are a couple other messy festivals you might enjoy around the world!

Tom Yam Kung

Top Thai

Dishes Loved by

Phat Thai

Tom Kha Kai

korea Do you want to try something exotic and spicy? Thai food is recommended to you. Eating Thai food, you will not only enjoy its delicious tastes, but you will also get benefit from the medicinal herbs used as ingredients in each dish. To acquaint you with herbal Thai dishes, let Thaiways present to you the recipes for top ten Thai dishes best loved by foreigners with the medicinal properties of herbs used in each dish. Tom yam kung if you ask any foreigners who have ever visited Thailand about their favourite Thai food, their answers, almost without exception, will be tom yam kung. Tom yam kung, or spicy shrimp soup, is the number one of the top ten Thai dishes loved by foreigners, according to a recent investigation. And in fact, it is one of the most favourite dishes for Thai people as well. It is simply because it is so delicious for its unique sour and spicy taste that you will certainly need it more and more if you try it just once. Phat Thai The dish of Phat Thai or fried noodles of Thai style is a “quick dish� that is easily prepared and takes just a short time to cook. Tom Kha Kai Tom Kha Kai or chicken in coconut soup is not too hard to prepare by yourself.

Destination Guide

Haad Rin Koh Phangan

Haad Rin Haad Rin is the home of the world famous Full Moon party - an extravaganza that attracts 30,000 revellers each month to rave, dance and boogie to their hearts content. It is also the scene of incredible beauty as the beach and bay span out with white sand and sparkling water. Haad Rin is also famous as the place where Leonardo Di Caprio did not make the Hollywood film “The Beach”. You can buy souvenir t-shirts in Haad Rin with “Leonardo was not here” stamped on the front. Haad Rin is the night entertainment centre of Koh Phangan with bars and restaurants all over the peninsula. Haad Rin is usually full most of the year and so even when accommodation is not available tourists stay elsewhere and are taxied in for full moon and the general revellry.

Place Guide

Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok

Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (officially known as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram) is regarded as the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand. Located in the historic centre of Bangkok, within the grounds of the Grand Palace, it enshrines Phra Kaew Morakot (the Emerald Buddha), the highly revered Buddha image meticulously carved from a single block of jade. Raised high on a series of platforms, no one is allowed near the Emerald Buddha except HM the King. A seasonal cloak, changed three times a year to correspond to the summer, winter, and rainy season covers the statue. A very important ritual, the changing of the robes is performed only by the King to bring good fortune to the country during each season. The temple of Emerald Buddha is beautifully decorated and has a great sense of peace about it.

Restaurant Guide

Kimchi House Samui

Cuisines: Korean Sub-Type: Restaurant, Korean Cuisine Address: Mae Nam, Ko Samui, Surat Thani Area: Mae Nam Hour: Daily 12:00-24:00 TEL: 077-332-366

Real Story

Go to Koh Samui

Our taxi to the ferry dock arrived at 10:30am and we were shuttled through Chaweng beach to the Lomprayah ferry dock. I decided to take Lomprayah instead of Seatran because apparently Lomprayah was faster and more tourist-oriented. At the Lomprayah dock (which was on the other side of the island from the tourist dock) there’s a floating dock which is shifting back and forth gently in the calm, yet rolling surf. The ferry eventually appears around a point in the bay and heads for the dock. Now, unloading backpackers from a boat that is rolling against a floating dock is no easy task, and 1/2 hour later, people are still getting ‘carried’ off. They have to wait until the boat crests a wave and runs into the dock so that the gap is closed before they can jump, bags and all, to the dock.

By this time, I can see off in the distance an odd colour on the horizon, on the other side of the point across the bay. Sure enough, seconds later, the point disappears behind a sheet of rain that is completely white. About 5 minutes later, the rain hits. By then, I had taken my bags to shelter, but everyone else is milling around outside and gets soaked by the sudden tropical downpour! People are still getting off the boat, and as the rain came, the wind changed direction and the waves are now quite large and choppy. The boat is rocking more than ever, so the dock workers are throwing the bags to the dock and then throwing the people after them!

Everyone gets unloaded, but then the Lomprayah people decide it’s smart to wait out the rain before boarding. only it doesn’t stop raining. I can sense that they can’t wait forever, so I strap on my big bag, and put the little one in the front with a used grocery bag over the top of it to protect the valueables. A minute later my hunch is right and they call for boarding, just as the rain kicks back into high gear! I high tail it for the gate so I can get on before everyone else. After the shore gate, you have to head over the sandy beach to where a catwalk is suspended a few Beautiful.inches above the sand, and completely moving plusminus 6 feet, digging into the sand here, up 2 feet in the air there, so I time my jump and make it onto the moving catwalk first try. They’ve set up another catwalk at the back of the boat, instead of the jumping strategy of the unloaders. The walk to the end of the dock is interesting (the back of the boat being towards the sea). Every time the 30 foot tall catamaran slams into the dock, everything and everyone tends to fall 2 or 3 feet to either side, a lot considering the dock is 6 feet wide, and especially given that my bags each weight about 15 kg. After some stumbling, I made it to the catwalk and quickly time my run across, while the boat and the dock are moving relatively together.

About 3 more people get on that way before the crew abandons that option, maybe someone almost fell in?

People start doing the jumping at the front of the boat again, and 10 more people (out of 300) get on board with some difficulty. Eventually, one person can be seen waving their hands, as if they don’t want to jump out of a plane while skydiving. The crew gives up the jump-boarding approach, at about the same time the waves get bigger and the boat very noticibly starts to hit bottom between waves.

Suddenly the crew is yelling and untying and the boat revvs into reverse and we’re out on the open ocean, in whiteout rain and about 5m waves. I’d say the catamaran is about 50m long and about 10-20m wide, so I’m not TOO concerned about overturning, but the boat goes through several 30 degree rollers and the people who got on the boat with me are thoroughly screaming as we crash over the waves. Im not sure what they’re going to do with the other 300 at this point, who we left on shore. About 45 minutes later of crashing and tipping and generally chaos, we drive out of the rain and can see and island! We’re already on Koh Phangan? “KOH SAMUI!” Says one of the crew. But we were just on Samui? I thought we left?!

So we drove to the other side of the island where the water would be calmer for the other 300 passengers. The boat company bussed everyone across the island to the other side and they’re waiting on the dock.

On our way out of the dock, an hour later, I warn another couple who got on behind me to ‘prepare yourself’. We go over a couple of relatively small waves and they’re laughing and having a great time. Suddenly we round the point at the end of the island and our view of the sky dissapears as a giant wave slamms into us. Or, more like, we slam into the wave, the boat goes almost horizontal, then flies through the air and rotates downwards. This continues, sky, sea, sky, sea, sideways, up, down, motor struggling, motor revving, people screaming, crew holding on for dear life yet reassuring passengers that it’s fine. Definite pandimonium.

Then the waves get EVEN BIGGER, which in a way is better, because the boat actually has to go up one side and down the other, there’s no jumping or running into them. Much like going up and down small hills. Eventually we get to Koh Phangan 1/2 hour later. Trung looks at me and tells me he’s getting off. It’s another hour to Koh Tao. I already paid a downpayment for a scuba course there, so I’ve got to stay on the boat, plus, I didn’t think it was that bad, pretty exciting, but not that bad. He simply gets up and leaves the boat. I yell to him that maybe I’ll come back after my scuba lesson is over. Whatever, see you later. There’s really no accommodation on Koh Phangan around this time of month, as its a huge hedonistic full moon party in two days where everyone maintains intoxication from any number of substances for a full two days before and two days after the full moon. What accommodation there is, I hear you have to book for 4 days minimum. I met a great english lady on the boat during the 1st half and we’re going to ride out the next 1/2 together in solidarity. She has to ride with a mask over her face, so I’ll keep a watch out for her ;) The boat is not allowed to leave the dock. The government says the weather is too bad to leave. Perfect. 1/2 hour later the boat pulls out. Apparently it’s better. Koh Tao is further into the gulf of Thailand, so I’m ready for more pandimonium!

Horoscope Predictions for the month of

November 2012 Mr. Rup Krishen Baqaya By

Aries: You are happy and turn to prayer,spirituality and meditation.You are in a contemplative mood,thinking and looking within. It is a unique phase where you will feel the merging of your lower and higher selves, when material and spiritual progress will be linked. Gemini: A tremendous surge in confidence,enthusiasm and energy comes to you now. The theme/trend is definitely huge efforts and matching results. There is international travel and new love in your life. Leo: The focus is on profession. Some of you may receive an inheritance. There is progress as well as competition during the month. The health of parents or parents in law may cause concern as you remain more busy than usual.

Taurus: Ties, attachments, bonding, love, affection, marriage and partnership is what this month is all about. Romance and love will be both rewarding and pleasing. Cancer: You are able to rise above petty squabbles, gossip and bickering. Finances are on the upswing and you will enjoy all comforts of life. The interactions with people will be your primary focus. You will be communicating with all types of people and reaching out in different ways. Virgo: The focus is on family matters, children’s health and education, relations with the spouse and the health of elders. Domestic issues will keep you very busy.

Libra: There is more work and a lot of love; in all probability there will be many loves to contend with. The primary focus this month will be on relationships, bonds, ties of love and affection. It is a great time,but do not go overboard.

Scorpio: A truly wonderful month,packed with fun, frolic and pleasure. There is spiritual growth, emotional balance and the sweet fragrance of success permeating your life.

Sagittarius: The influence of Mercury during this month will keep you busy with matters relating to communication and expansion. You display a tremendous ability to make friends, socialize, give and receive love. Success is yours.

Capricorn: There will be laughter, love, recreation, functions, parties as you wine and dine with friends and loved one’s. There will even be a new relationship. You will also do well financially.

Aquarius: This month is a period of spiritual and emotional growth for you. There is a new purpose to your life now.You are brimming with ideas. Your performance on all fronts is scintillating.

Pisces: A truly spectacular month. The trends of the preceding weeks culminate,come to fruition and reach the best possible conclusion.


Loy Kra thong Day

The full moon night of November is “Loy Krathong Day”. Loy is “to float” and Krathong is a “leaf cup” usually made of banana leaf as one often sees in the market. The leaf cup is used to hold something. Loy Krathong is, therefore, the floating of lights in a leaf cup. During October and November, all the rivers and canals in the lowlands are flooded and the waters in some places overflow their banks. The rainy season is now in a sense over. It is the time of rejoicing for the weather is fair after the rains. The sky becomes bright and clear, but without its dampness. After the strenuous labour of ploughing and planting rice for the last three months at a stretch from dawn till dusk, for the country-folk the heavy work is now over. The peasants have only to wait a month or more for the time of reaping. During this interval they have nothing much economically to do, but to spend a comparative time of leisure with feasts and festivals, of which there are many in these two months of October and November. If you go into a market just a few days before the full moon of November, you will see in some stalls or shops a number of krathong or leaf cups specially made for sale in this season. Usually in a krathong, apart from a candle and one or more incense sticks, a small coin, say a one or five satang piece, is also put in. In the evening when the full moon begins to rise on November, the people, carry one or two krathongs to the edge of brimful running water. After the candle and incense sticks in the krathong are lighted, they let it go gently on the surface of the placid waters. A few folk will sometimes raise their hands in worship to the floating krathong. They watch the krathong as they float sluggishly along the water for sometime until they float far away or out of sight. The children to while away the time play with water fire-works. The fireworks, apart from amusement, are a part of any celebration secularly and religiously. We light fireworks sometimes in the same spirit as we light candles as an act of worship.

Agency PR

Exclusive Interview

Khun Kae General Manager of Milky Bay Resort

In this issue, we would like to introduce to you a new perspective of Kho Phangan, where many people thought it has only festival of fun, namely “Full Moon Party”. In fact, Koh Phangan has other views that few people have known about. Today, we would talk about such perspective via Khun Kae, GM of Milky Bay Resort, in Koh Phangan. Please follow us to find out about new things in Koh Phangan still unknown to many people. What is so enticing in Kho Phangan that makes you decide to work here First of all, I would like to inform you that I was a native of Nakhon Sawan. Before arriving here, I had been worked in Koh Samui for five years. But I found that what made a difference between Koh Phangan and Koh Samui was that Koh Phangan maintained its natural conditions. So, Milky Bay Resort is created in a natural style, being a shady and pleasant places; a green area. Bamboo trees are the symbol of this place. So, working here is always pleasant and making you energetic to work. That is one of the reasons why I want to work here in Koh Phangan. So, Khun Kae, is the nature your style of travelling In fact, I love to travel in every style from nature to shopping, in Thailand or overseas, depending on timing and opportunities. Besides the nature, is there any other difference between Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Koh Samui has more facilities. For example, there is an air field in Koh Samui. But, traveling to Koh Phangan is not difficult at all. Now we have Lomprayah boat service that allows you to travel to and from Koh Phangan conveniently. Basically, Koh Samui has more complete facilities so that living there might be more comfortable. There are water and electricity, and 7-Eleven shops. Still, I am fascinated by Koh Phangan’s nature. I love its serenity, which corresponds to my preference.

At what part of Koh Phangan is Milky Bay Resort situated? Is it true that for accommodation on Koh Phangan one normally could not reserve for only one night. Milky Bay Resort is situated between Haad Rin beach and Tha Sala. So it is on the midway between both of them, and the distance is not too far. It is true that mostly you cannot reserve for one night accommodation. During Full Moon, you have to reserve for at least three nights. It depends on each resort. But overall, during Full Moon, every resort has the same policy. Before the start of Full Moon Party, how is the atmosphere in the resort like. Before the start of Full Moon Party, we have a warm-up for customers. We do the warm-up by setting an activity or playing some easy listening music to wake up the feeling of tourists to have some fun. But this is limited to a certain part of the resort only, because there are still some guests who intend to visit Koh Phangan to indulge in the pure nature of this place. Have you ever joined Full Moon Party. I used to join once, just did it lately. But, personally, I don’t like this kind of party. I prefer to be in a quiet and tranquil place. In your view, Khun Kae, what is your opinion about the image of Full Moon Party which was dubbed as the “drug party” or “sex party” If you are actually there inside the party, it is not as bad as you think. If we look from the outside,

we might think it is so. But if we really go there, it is not such that we have thought. When going to Koh Phangan, there is no formality, you can go crazy. It’s rather in the type that no one takes attention of others. The people who visit there might seem to indulge in something, but it is not drug, it’s rather be alcohol. Still, it is just for fun, for releasing themselves. There are color paintings. It is like a kind of logo of the event already that everyone has to get painted. Our resort provides painting service for our guests before going to the party. Apart from Full Moon Party, are there any other attractions. Yes, there are. But few people know this. Once in a while, there are some guests who seek something different. They must really like that way. In fact, there is a place for performing Dhamma (Buddhist religious practice). Only those who are really determined to practice that way will know where they have to go. There are two kinds of people who visit Koh Phangan. The first kind is those who love the natural things, real nature, being vegetarian, and love calm. The other kind is those who wants a party. So, it is the first kind of people who would seek a place for performing Dhamma. They want to clean out the poisonous things. There is such place, but there is no promotion for this kind of place. And it is foreigners who require to visit these place. Thai people didn’t want to. Could you please say something to tourists, both Thai and foreigner. Most visitors are quite cute. They already know that this place is a natural one. So, they will not misbehave when they get drunk. I can say that this place is safe. I need not say anything to foreign visitors, because they are already well-mannered. On the other hand, I would rather ask Thai people

please help making this place safe enough for foreign guests. Sometime, we take advantage over them when they are drunk, deceiving them. It is not good. Thai hosts should not hurt them because tourists visit here solely for pleasure and never hurt anybody. Thank you very much, Khun Kae, for advising us new perspective. My pleasure! Please visit us at Koh Phangan to get the pleasure of calmness here.



of r e g a n a M l a r e n e G Milky Bay Resort


The Best

Spring 2012 Trends

All the best trends, from all the Spring 2012 collections. Mid-century silhouettes, sherbet hues, and a dash of deco thrown in for good measure

1 Pleats

Pleats in every form — especially accordion and delicate plissé — were prominent.

2 Rounded Shoulders

The classic ‘50s and ‘60s couture silhouettes of Balenciaga and Dior were out in full force — especially in the form of round-shouldered jackets.

and White 3 Black White looked super-crisp, especially when accented with bold black lines.

Bra Tops 4 Many designers showed retro-style bras worn as tops, often paired with a pencil or flared skirt.

Lace 5 Doily Cut-out floral patterns and large-scale lace was everywhere.

Zigzags and Chevrons 6 Whether bold, graphic, or subtle; Missoni-style lines are the new stripes.

Shoes 7 Clear Transparent vinyl was the material of choice for everything from Western-tinged booties to high-heeled oxfords.

Roaring ‘20s 8

The spirit of the jazz age, captured in drop-waist dresses and deco detailing.

Trousers 9 Track Tuxedo trousers, meet track pants: dressed down styles, wide-legs, and high-contrast stripes.

One Shoulder 10 Asymmetric draping added interest to eveningwear.

Lompraya News Lomprayah’s new branches at Krabi and Phuket Lomprayah’s customers get ready for our new branches at Krabi and Phuket. Lomprayah Krabi would start its service on the first of December, 2012, and Lomprayah Phuket would follow on the 15th of December, 2012, so that customer services can be provided thoroughly both in Krabi and Phuket. We also have several promotion packages for our customers, so please follow us on www.lomprayah.com.

Lomprayah offers high-speed boat to Fullmoon Party Special deal! Lomprayah offers high-speed boat services for passengers from Koh Samui to Haad Rin, the Full Moon Party beach, officially available since the 28th of November, 2012, for our customers’ convenience and time saving to join the Full Moon Party. For further details. please visit www.lomprayah.com and www.lomlahk.com.

Nok Air connects Bangkok Don Mueang and Chumphon in southern Thailand Nok Air , the budget carrier with minority shareholding by Thai Airways, launched a new domestic route on 1 October, and it now offers daily flights from Bangkok Don Mueang , which used to be the country’s main airport before the opening of Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2006, to Chumphon in southern Thailand. -Departure every day from Bangkok at 8: 30, arriving in Chumphon at 9: 40 -Departure every day from Chumphon at 10: 00, arrived in Bangkok at 11: 10 Side Bangkok, Nok Air part of the national airport Don Mueangnot to be confused with the Suvarnabhumi international airport.

Global News Dreamliner enters service in Middle East with Qatar Airways Qatar Airways has begun commercial services of its brand new Boeing 787 aircraft with Doha–Dubai becoming the debut route for the Dreamliner. The state-of-the-art aircraft is being deployed on four daily rotations between the two cities marking a new era for Middle East aviation as Qatar Airways is the Boeing 787 launch customer in the region. Flight QR 106 took off from Doha International Airport at 08:00 hrs for the one hour journey to Dubai. Qatar Airways’ newest addition to its fleet heralds the start of an exciting new era for travellers worldwide with unparalled levels of comfort and luxury onboard Boeing’s next generation aircraft. The 787 services to and from the UAE will target peak travel times in a combination of morning, afternoon and night flights to Dubai. The new operation comes less than a week after the aircraft’s delivery flight from Seattle to Doha, , where it has since spent a few days positioned at Doha International Airport giving staff an opportunity to tour the aircraft before it enters commercial service. Qatar Airways has orders for 60 Dreamliners. The next four 787s are due to join the fleet by the end of December.

WAYN launches campaign with London & Partners Under the terms of the partnership, WAYN will drive people through targeted placements to visitlondon.com as well as creating a supporting website. The partnership is one element of London &Partners, ‘London, Now see it for yourself’ campaign which aims to capitalise on the huge success of the Olympic Games and promote London as a destination for people of all demographics and nationalities and inspire people to book a trip. Featuring on WAYN.com will be the face of the campaign, Rufus the Corgi, which will help lead users to a specially designed digital map and microsite on the new visitlondon.com. The map shows key attractions across the capital and acts as a guide to key points of interest and things to do in London. As part of the campaign London & Partners will be able to utilise WAYN’s substantial user base to encourage members to enter a competition to win an amazing trip to London between January and June 2013.

Trinidad and Tobago’s annual Carnival festival 2013 The biggest and best in the Caribbean, and one of the top public celebrations in the world -- varies from year to year depending upon the Lenten calendar. Here are the 2012-2020 dates for Trinidad’s Carnival - or at least Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the “official” celebration days, although the party always starts at least the previous Friday 2013 By the way, while it may seem to be absurd to be thinking about Carnival 2020, it is far from ridiculous to start planning your visit to Trinidad Carnival a year or more in advance. The party is extremely popular with locals, Trini expatriates, and tourists alike, so you need to get an early start if you want to get a good hotel or guesthouse room, join a Carnival mas band, and a seat on a Carnival-season flight!

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first time travelers to thailand When to come to Thailand Thailand’s tourism high season is from October to April, when the weather is generally at its coolest and driest. Accommodation is at its most expensive, and tourist destinations are most crowded of any time of year. Starting in May or June through about September is the rainy “monsoon” season, but don’t let that name scare you off. Rain comes in heavy downpours, but most days, it will only last for maybe an hour or so in the afternoon, and the rains are rather warm. If you’re not put off by a bit of a drizzle, they’re actually quite refreshing. Monsoon season is also typically the low season when the fewest tourists come out here, prices are at their lowest, and it’s easiest to get around.

So, in other words, NOW is the time to come to Thailand if you want cheap prices! It’s the best time of year to spend weeks or months with friends down at the beaches on the Andaman Sea, for example. Check out this video to see some of the great adventures I had with friends down south and look for the stunning hotel room I got for just $18 US per night during low season: What to pack for your trip Thailand

Pack light! You don’t need much. I have dozens of friends who have lived out of one backpack for 6 months, and keep in mind that I moved to Asia for a year and a half trip with only two bags. Keep in mind that Thailand is a tropical country where you rarely need any cold-weather clothing or jackets. Laundry is very cheap and you can purchase anything you need over here, so pack less than you think you will need. If you want to visit Thai temples (wats) you should bring one pair of lightweight long pants (and women need to cover their shoulders and arms). There are 7/11′s on every street corner where you can get snacks, basic toiletries and household items. Tesco Lotus is a good chain to find cheap food and household items, and there are plenty of inexpensive, fairly good-quality clothes to be found among the street vendors at Khao San Road, Chatuchak weekend market, and the innumerable street markets that crop up all over Bangkok. Don’t forget to barter! It’s a way of life in Thailand. This won’t work for food most of the time, or in nicer hotels, department stores, etc. But if you’re buying goods on the street, ask their price and then start your counter offer at half what they A word on the thai lanuage

Thankfully for English speaking travelers, Thailand and most of Southeast Asia are actually very easy to get around with little or none of the local language. Many people in Bangkok and other cities speak at least some English. With that said, the more you know coming in, the better, so be prepared.

There will be loads of confusion. There are a few important pleasantries I’d recommend learning before you come here that will make life a little easier. In Thai, you almost always end every sentence with a polite word. For men, you end everything with “kup”; for women, you end your sentences with “ka”. See below: “Sawadee kup”(male)/”Sawadee ka” (female) – “Hello” “Sabai dee mai kup/ka” – “How are you?” “Korp khun kup/ka” – “Thank you” “Tao rai kup/ka” – “How much is it?” “Mai pen lai kup/ka” – “No worries” or “It doesn’t matter” — that’s the attitude out here. As I said above, don’t take anything too seriously. Thai is a tonal language, with five different tones—all five can give a word different meanings. But don’t worry too much—just be willing to try speaking and laugh it off when you make mistakes. Subscribe to the awesome, free Learn Thai Podcast, listen to the first few episodes on your flight over here, and you’ll already be ahead of most tourists who come out here. Get the Lonely Planet Thai phrase book from the iTunes store if you carry an iPhone or iPod with you, which you can consult if you get stuck and need to communicate with someone (it has audio). If you’re staying in Thailand for a while, find a Thai friend to teach you or search online for inexpensive courses you can attend.

Thai Food

Eat the food from street stalls! It’s cheap and delicious, and there’s nothing wrong with eating at a sidewalk or alleyway vendor in this country. A lot of places, you can find incredible edibles on the street 24-hours a day. And don’t just stick to Pad Thai! Mark Wiens, the king of foods, has an excellent list of 100 Foods You Must Eat in Bangkok Thailand. Try the curries, the soups, the duck, look for Chinese and Korean food, Indian and Arab food. Take the BTS (the mass transit skytrain in Bangkok) to Nana Station and visit Sukhumvit Soi 3/1, where you’ll find rows of Middle Eastern restaurants with incredible naan bread, hummus, shwarma wraps, lamb kebabs, and shisha pipes. For the most comprehensive & thorough education on Thai food you’ll ever see, check out Mark’s exceptional Eating Thai Food Guide, which will give you the complete menu of Thai street food you’ll find around the country, including photos, recipes, ratings, phonetic instructions on how to order in Thai (and how to write them in the Thai language), and even recommended restaurants.quoted you. important Thailand travel Visas

If you arrive to Thailand without arranging a visa in advance, most Western passport-holders will automatically receive a 30-day stamp upon arrival at the airport. This can be extended for an additional 7 days at an immigration office in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand for 1900 baht. Any time you arrive in Thailand by air you can get this 30-day stay, but technically speaking, you are only allowed to do this twice in any 6 months. If you cross the Thai border overland from somewhere like Laos or Cambodia, you will be given ony a 15-day stamp by default.

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