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Issue 14 / September 2012

Exclusive Interview

Praphatson Jariya General Manager of Happy Samui Tour

Koh Samui Hilight



Editor’s Talk Welcome September!

Welcome to September, a month after the cold rains began. In this issue we’ve added a Guest column that interviews people about tourism. A highlighted column in this issue is about Koh Samui, in which we will discuss everything about Koh Samui travel, such as what attractions and activities shouldn’t be missed. The Lomprayah Magazine also had an opportunity to have a friendly chat with a young person from Chiang Mai named Khun Praphatson Jariya (Margie), about her current position as General Manager of a Korean tourism company (Happy Samui Tour). In addition to the interesting content, as mentioned, the Magazine also contains content about which the Lomprayah Magazine seems to have the inside track on, regardless of Destination Guide, which will take everyone to places such as NA MUANG WATERFALL, a tourist attraction that’s still not very well known. We recommend shops selling souvenirs from Samui’s Kalamae Thunya shops. A popular product of this shop is Kalamae. Preparation time is more than 14 hours! The Restaurant Guide will be for all of you that lovely atmospheric side of the beach with delicious fresh food. Here you should go to Pier Seafood only; moreover, there are many other interesting columns. A message to everyone who is working: Don’t forget to travel to relax in the last week of your holiday! The Lomprayah Magazine has organized activities, so check out “Lomprayah actual distribution every week” via Facebook Fan Page of the Lomprayah. Members can join and win many awards. Each day of the week there’s at least 15,000 Baht potentially to win, just for members, and you have permission to win every week, and you may unknowingly win something for free. There’s much activities and news at: http://www.facebook.com/lomprayah.

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Koh Samui The beautiful palm-fringed beaches of Koh Samui have meant that the island is on the list of almost every backpacker that visits Thailand, whilst the opening of the delightfully tropical airport has also made it a haven for those with a bigger budget. Whether you want to stay in a beach hut, a luxury hotel or something in between, KohSamui has something to cater for all tastes.

What to See?

Take a day trip out to the stunning Ang Thong National Marine Park, a group of over 40 islands dotted to the west of Koh Samui. On the island itself, the Big Buddha is a popular tourist spot and offers some lovely views. Take a tour of the interior of the island and visit the Na Muang Waterfall where you can also take an elephant ride.

What to Do?

For most tourists, a trip to Samui is all about time on the beach. If you do fancy a break from the sea and sand, take a trip into the Fisherman’s Village at Bophut which is home to some lovely restaurants and quiet bars. If you want nightlife, there are plenty of bars of varying quality in the resort areas of Chaweng and Lamai. You could take a day trip round the island or go to see the elephant, crocodile, monkey or snake shows. Lots of people hire motorbikes to drive round the island, but if you have never ridden a motorcycle before it’s worth remembering that a disproportionate number of foreign tourists are involved in accidents on the island every year.

Where to Stay?

The most popular and developed beaches are Chaweng and Lamai. Both beaches have accommodation ranging from cheap and cheerful beach huts through to top class hotels. An alternative choice for budget and mid-range accommodation are the northern beaches of Maenam, Bophut and Bangrak (Big Buddha Beach). Choeng Mon is a beautiful secluded spot on the north-eastern tip of the island.

Transport in Koh Samui Air

Bangkok Airways fly to Koh Samui from Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya (U-Tapao). Just make sure you get a window seat for glorious views of the surrounding islands as you come in to land at the unique airport where you will soon see why Koh Samui has earned the nickname of ‘Coconut Island’.


Trains depart from Bangkok Hualamphong station where it is possible to purchase a combined train and boat ticket which takes care of all your transfers through to Koh Samui. Trains arrive in Surat Thani from where you will be directed on to transport to take you to the relevant ferry to get you over to Samui. You’re not obliged to buy the combination ticket, but the savings in purchasing separate rail, road and ferry tickets are negligible and probably not worth the extra hassle.

Ferry / Boat

If you’ve chosen not to fly to Koh Samui, then at some stage your journey will involve a sea crossing which can vary between 2.5 hours to over 6 hours depending on the time of travel. The late-night crossing is the slowest.

Getting Around on Koh Samui Songthaew: Road

From whichever direction you come, you will arrive in or near Surat Thani for the appropriate sea crossing to Koh Samui. Taking a bus from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal will involve a backside-numbing 15 hour journey to get to Samui. Levels of comfort vary from the basic to the VIP option (reclining seats and hostess service). Road journeys from Phuket and Krabi to Surat Thani take around 4 hours.

The ubiquitous songthaew is one of the easiest ways of getting around the island. They run fixed routes, but unfortunately don’t have fixed prices. Ask at your accommodation what the approximate prices should be for any given journey to give yourself a guide. Always agree the cost of your journey with the driver before getting on. One day you may get quoted 40 Baht for a journey and the next day another driver quotes you 100 Baht for the same journey. Don’t try and argue the case, just smile and shake your head. The driver will either drop his price or you can catch the next songthaew. Like many things in Thailand, there is a rate for tourists and a rate for locals. Even if you are fluent in Thai, you are unlikely to get the rate that the local Thai people pay. I’ve always found that the drivers in the main town of Na Thon are less likely to try and deliberately overcharge you compared to some of the drivers on the main beaches of Chaweng and Lamai.

Taxi Meter:

Prices are higher for the extra air-conditioned comfort of these taxis. Don’t be surprised if the driver tells you the meter is broken or ‘forgets’ to put it on. Either politely insist on the meter or agree a fixed price before you set off. In theory, from June 2008, taxi meters should always switch on their meters as new rates have been agreed for metered fares.

Car Hire:

This can easily be arranged at most of the beaches and from the airport. To give you an idea of the size of Koh Samui, a drive around the island will take about an hour.


As with car hire, this is easy enough to arrange from any of the beaches. Be advised that Koh Samui has a very high accident rate for motorcycles.

Koh Samui Weather

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is more sheltered than Phuket and Krabi on the Andaman Coast and is affected by a different weather system. January-March tend to be the driest months with the hottest time to visit being March to May. June begins to see an easing off in the temperature, with JulySeptember seeing cooler weather with occasional storms and heavy downpours. There is still plenty of sunshine during these months. November is traditionally the wettest month, but the rain tends to come in short, sharp, heavy downpours rather than days of persistent rain. The seas can be quite rough during this time as storms blow in. By mid-December there is usually little in the way of rain. Like the rest of the country, there can be variations within this broad pattern. Heavy rain can arrive during the dry season, just as the wet season can see weeks of uninterrupted sunshine.

Activities on Samui A two–hour ferry ride from the coast of Sarat Thani will land you on the banks of Samui, one of Thailand’s most popular resort islands which has grown increasingly popular in the past few years. Well–known for its wild parties as well as for its luxurious resorts, stunning coral reef environments and natural landscape, Samui has rightfully earned its place as one of Thailand’s most–loved destinations.

Temple of the Big Buddha

The Temple of the Big Buddha, or Wat Phra Yai, was built in 1972 and is one of Samui’s top attractions. In the past few decades, it has become a beacon of prosperity for the island, a sentiment embodied in the 12 metre Buddha statue that sits in the grounds. There is also a meditation centre on–site that’s open to visitors.

Eating out

Eating out is one of the simplest pleasures in Samui, with fresh seafood served up in every fashion according to international and local recipes. Visitors will find authentic street vendors selling delicious treats at phenomenal prices, along with more upscale establishments that sell gourmet Thai dishes as well as international cuisine. One way to treat yourself is to take your dinner on the beach in the comfortable surroundings of a beachside restaurant.


Chaweng Beach is probably the most popular beach to visit on Samui. Its clear waters and white sand make it very inviting, and the exciting night life and Muay Thai boxing matches are an added bonus. Choeng Mon is more secluded and offers five–star accommodation, while the bay of Ao Tong Takian is named after the silver hue of its sand. Lamai Beach is packed with water sports ranging from jet–skis and banana boats to activities like parasailing.

Full Moon Party

Full Moon parties have become synonymous with the hedonistic side of this region. These high–octane celebrations take place once a month on the nearby Koh Pha Ngan. Thousands of foreign tourists flock to the island for what compares to an outdoor, coastal rave. Music blares, prices soar and controlled substances abound. As the popularity of these parties has risen, savvy locals have added an interim Half Moon Party to add an extra weekend of debauchery and partying.

Partying and nightlife

Big Buddha Beach is a good place to spend an evening for families or perhaps for the faint of heart. Many establishments here are aid–back and lack the pulsing music of the more heated parties found elsewhere on the island. Lamai Beach has a thriving red light district and plenty of go–go bars, while Chaweng Beach hosts a variety of live bands that play a mix of Thai and western covers.

Daytrip down south


For those seeking the less you may consider heading to the south side of the island. There has been less development here, and a daytrip provides insight into what Samui once looked like, as well as offering a glimpse of day to day life for the locals who don’t work directly with tourists. You’ll find several enticing, secluded beaches connected by coconut groves and predominately Muslim fishing villages.

Samui has a firm reputation among snorkellers and divers. Beginners can receive instruction from local gurus that work at one of multiple diving shops. More experienced divers have many options, ranging from the nearby Ang Thong National Marine Park or Sail Rock, out to the farther but highly esteemed Koh Tao, where divers from all over Thailand gather. In any event, the clear waters and stunning coral reefs make diving a wonderful experience


Adventure sports

It’s worthwhile to journey out to one of a few waterfalls on the island. Hin Lat Fall is most conductive to swimming, as there aren’t many boulders or sharp edges underwater. Trekkers and groups of elephant riders regularly journey to the Na Muang Falls system–specifically to the second waterfall, because it’s easily accessed by elephants. The first of the two falls cascades magnificently down a steep cliff.

Samui is an ideal place for those who are full of energy as there are many adrenaline pumping activities and exciting water sports. You can also get up close and personal with Samui’s local elephants. The less energetic will be content with the lovely beaches that offer perfect tropical swimming, or a day spent shopping or at a spa.




Koh Samui’s repertoire of things to do and see is varied and interesting. From mummified monks to the famous grandma and grandpa rocks to attractive waterfalls and more there’s nothing to stop you having a blast on the island. For those interested in religious imagery and architecture the Big Buddha will impress - especially at sunset. The take-with-a-pinch-of-salt ladyboy shows are good for a laugh.

1.Big Buddha (Big Buddha Beach) On the northern coast of Koh Samui is the famous Big Buddha shrine. Probably Samui’s most well known landmark, the 12 metre high golden Buddha can be seen from several kilometres away. Inside the surrounding temple are many different shrines and other smaller ornate Buddhas. There is also a small market selling a wide range of lucky charms and other souvenirs, alongside numerous food stalls

2.Hin Ta and Hin (Yai Lamai Beach) Art often imitates Nature, but less common is Nature imitating Art, especially the art of the ribald. But in Thailand anything is possible including, on Koh Samui, the natural geological formations known as Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks (the Grandpa and Grandma rocks), which look, respectively, like male and female genitalia.

3.Angthong National Marine Park (28 kilometres from Samui) Ang Thong National Marine Park is a pristine archipelago of 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand with towering limestone mountains, thick jungle, white-sand beaches, fertile mangroves, waterfalls and hidden coves and lakes to explore. Within sight of Koh Samui, Ang Thong park is a protected area of more than 100sqkm of land and sea, and home to a rich variety of exotic wildlife and sea creatures.

4.Namuang Waterfall (Nathon) Although Samui has several waterfalls, the two Na Muang waterfalls are probably the most picturesque. The name Na Muang refers to the massive purple rocks at the waterfalls. Rocks and tree roots form a natural staircase that leads to the base of Na Muang 1. A large natural pool sits under the waterfall. A 10-minute walk further up the mountain leads to Samui’s most beautiful waterfall, Na Muang 2.

5.Mummy Monk at Wat Khunaram ( Lamai ) The body of Samui’s most famous mummified monk - there really are several - Luang Pordaeng is on display here. Luang Pordaeng died over 20 years ago and as per his instructions, his body was placed in a specially designed glass case for posterity. It has remained there ever since and has showed few signs of decay.

6.Samui Aquarium with Tiger Show (Hua Tanon) Both the aquarium and the zoo have many of Thailand’s tropical favourites above and below the water. Lots of coral fish, huge catfish and several sharks including Leopard and Black Tips Samui’s local zoo adjacent to the aquarium, house some south-eastern Asian tigers, parrots, hornbills, sea hawks, eagles or even otters who will perform for you .... if they are in the mood.

7.Secret Buddha Garden (Hills of Samui) Secret Buddha Garden is hidden away high in the hills in Koh Samui’s interior, offering majestic views and an unusual collection of statues amid lush jungle surrounds. The gardens are a creation of an old Samui fruit farmer, Nim Thongsuk, who in 1976 began erecting several statues and temples around his

8. (Chaweng Beach) Ladyboy Cabarets might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for fans, Chaweng Beach has plenty to choose from! Thailand’s katoeys or the ‘third sex’ are world famous, partly because there are so many of them and also because they are so feminine. In fact it can be difficult to tell if the beautiful young lady paying you attention was a lady at birth... as many a surprised tourist has discovered

9.Snake Farm ( Baan Taling Ngam) Some of the most famous scary and poisonous snakes in Asia are goaded into action by experienced snake wranglers, who dodge and weave, duck and dive, as the snakes try to grab their attention. A must-see for almost anyone visiting the island. Also includes displays of centipedes and scorpions, as well as demonstrations of Thai Cock Fighting. The programs are both informative and entertaining in typical Thai style.

10.Wat Plai Laem (Big Buddha Beach) Located near the Big Buddha in the north of the island, Wat Plai Laem is a colourful and interesting, newly constructed Buddhist Temple. The temple features very ornate decor and art, an 18-arm image of Guanyin - the Goddess of Mercy - and a large white Chinese Buddha set on the lake. If you donate money for the upkeep of the temple you’ll be given a bag of food to throw to the teeming fish in the lake.

Destination Guide

G N A U M NA L L A F R E T WA i u m a S h Ko Na Muang Waterfalls are set in lush jungle surrounds, easily accessible just off the main ring road Route 4169 about halfway between Nathon and Lamai Beach. Visitors with a reasonable level of fitness will be able to reach the falls on foot. The paths leading to the falls can be steep or slippery in places so be sure to wear some sturdy footwear and take care when walking. Though access to the waterfalls is free there is plenty along the way to spend your money on, including several stalls selling snacks and souvenirs and offers of a guided tour of the area. Between Na Muang 1 and 2 is the Na Muang Safari Park, which features elephant rides as well as monkey shows and other entertainment that kids especially will enjoy. An entire day could be spent at the falls swimming, hiking, exploring, picnicking – a cool and peaceful alternative to the beach. Location: Na Muang Waterfall is off Route 4169 south of Koh Samui’s inland mountains between Nathon and Hua Thanon. Remarks: There is no entry charge to the Na Muang falls, so be aware that some local ‘guides’ try to ask for money for access or assistance but this is not necessary since the route is easy to travel on your own. Bring swimming gear and be sure to wear quality sandals or walking shoes to enjoy the walking trails safely. The best time to go is in the wetter months of September through November when the waterfalls are in their full flowing glory. How to get there: From Nathon, drive along the main road for about 11 kilometres until reaching the signed entrance road to Na Muang falls. The park entrance is about one kilometre up this road. Na Muang 1 is reached by a 100-metre walk from the parking lot, while Na Muang 2 is a further 100 metres away along a more challenging path.

Place Guide

anyea KMaaelaTm hu h samui Address 102 moo5, AngThon, ko suratthani , 84140

Tel 0-7723-6138 081-549-0373 ail.com Email : Kalamaemaesamui@hotm

Restaurant Guide

Tarua Samui

Seafood Bar & Restaurant Address : Samui Ring Road, between Chaweng & Lamai 210/9 Moo 4, Tambon Maret oh Samui, Suratthani, 84310 Thailand Tel: 0 7796 0635 If a visit to Tarua Samui Seafood Bar and Restaurant doesn’t get you into holiday mode, then nothing will! This place is great, in fact so great that it is hard to say what the best thing about Tarua is. For some, the bar and restaurants stunning views is what make Tarua so special. For others, it is the great food and good selection of drinks which is the main attraction. In all honesty, Tarua’s best features are probably a mixture of all of these points. Located high up on the mountainside, the bar and restaurant looks out over a rocky beach and beautiful turquoise waters. The food is also really good and make sure you look out for the large fish tank as you walk in.

Real Story

all day tour for

k r a P e n i r a M l a Angthong Nation

Fortunately for us, the Lompraya ferry from Koh Tao offers a “take you to your hotel” ground service which was great, as I had booked the “Easy Time” on the opposite side of the island from where we arrived. The Easy Time had “pick up service”, but it was the last thing on Massimo’s mind, to pick us up. He was way too busy running the hotel, which he had designed. The restaurant, bar and computer were all open air and outside, no locks on anything. It was a great place and we also enjoyed Massimo, who was half Armenian and half Italian and had two foot long dreadlocks. What a wonderful restaurant. I had lasagne and Dane had a calzone, both meals remarkable. We really did not have enough time to enjoy Samui like we could have. The beaches were wonderful and inviting, miles of long sandy stretches. But we had ISLANDS to see; many of them. Forty three if you count Koh Wua Talub, where we stopped to snorkel. KOH WOW! Although the visibility was not as clear as Koh Tao, due to weather, it was still an excellent experience. We had booked an all day tour for Angthong National Marine Park, and they truly delivered way more than we expected starting at 7a.m. We got to tour (by speedboat) these ruggedly beautiful, pristine, uninhabited islands that take up about 39 sq.miles, mostly water, of course. Each one is unique; some have mica white sand beaches, caves, trails, lakes, lush forests and so on. These islands are submerged peaks of a flooded limestone mountain range. Over time, they have eroded by wind and water into amazing shapes and sizes. Great for exploring, which we had plenty of time to do. Our goal was to do the 1300 ft. climb up Koh Wua Talub to get a panoramic vision of the whole archipelago like I had seen in a travel magazine. It was a steep climb, but totally worth it. The other thing I really wanted to see was the emerald lake...no photo I have seen does it justice; it’s unique and unreal. As usual, again, a wonderful lunch provided for us by sea gypsies on a nearby island not part of the park. Then on to sea kayaking. Not really a kayak, but a canoe. I just dont know how to spell canooeing, okay. Dane is a natural sea kayak captain and did most of the paddling. My paddling is pretty lame and I was lucky I didn’t get fired. The ride home was absolutely a blast. Does anyone reading this remember REAL Coke? The crew kept giving us little 6oz. bottles of real Coke to drink, fresh pineapple or whatever we wanted. Dane and I stayed up on the front topside of the boat, as the water going back was smooth as glass. We have never been

happier, ever. It was just the best time. They even drove us all the way back to the Easy Time. We got up early the next morning and took our little moped we had rented around the nearby towns and to a waterfall. No one gets up early, even though it’s plenty light. We love being out before traffic and tourists, so we really had a good ride and saw plenty before we had to catch the ferry for Surat Thani.

Agency PR

Exclusive Interview

Praphatson Jariya General Manager of Happy Samui Tour

Today, The Lomprayah Magazine has an opportunity to have a friendly chat with a strong woman named Praphatson Jariya (Margie), about her current position as General Manager of a Korean tourism company (Happy Samui Tour), organize honeymoon packages for married couples spend their sweet time at Koh Samui. In addition to the interesting position, as mentioned, she also position as crm of Cosmetics Company. She has an enormous capacity. For her living lifestyle, Margie is from Chiang Mai. She graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in computer engineering, but she prefers photography and tourism in her soul. She is feeling passionate of Koh Samu,i and has started tourism here with love in the atmosphere and culture of Koh Samui. Normally, how is your style for the journey? Personally, I like all kind of journeys. There are the adventure or romance, and enjoy diving so much. I like to dive at Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan, including the Ang Thong Marine Park, because the sea is very clear waters to see the most beautiful coral reefs. Why did you should Thailand as your destination or for your working Previously, my brother came to Thailand for many years ago. I have the opportunity to follow him. Then, I was falling in love Thai women. I want to live her in Thailand. In my opinion, Thailand is the marvelous country and Thai people are very nice. They are welcoming warmness and kindness. I like Thai food. It is superb! How long have you been Samui? What is your reason for moving from Chiang Mai to Samui? I lived here for a year. I decided to live in Samui because I usually take a journey so on and also working. When I had a chance came here, I am feeling impression this place. Therefore, I started looking for a job, and add more knowledge of learning Korean. My great opportunity had worked at the Korean Agency, in the other hand, it turns out that since I worked at that company, and I didn’t use Korean language. Because most tourists speak Thai. In consequently of using Thai to communicate with tourists than Koreans.

Would you please talking about your especially impressed place?

What would you like to leave messages to tourists will visit at Samui?

I love casual atmospheric side of the beach in the evening with sunset near the horizon, and one of the exclusive restaurant, that is impressed CoCo Tam, is located opposite Hunsa Hotel. The features of restaurant is sitting to eat and listening to music, and serve with gently beverage. If I feel tired, I always come here for relaxingIn consequently of using Thai to communicate with tourists than Koreans.

I would like to see tourists help preserve the environment. There are some tourist brought some food, snacks to eat, they left food waste bags made of natural imbalance. When you here, you should be taking care. I think that tourists should be keep the culture experience included bundle. Having of buffalo tradition is the local culture of Samui.

What is a responsibility of your work as the General Manager? I only work for honeymoon service. I accept couples from Korea to the honeymoon at Samui. When they got marriage, they were flying here. However, most couples will spend at the hotel more than hang out, it is seem touch in a good atmosphere of accommodation, but we have activities for married couples to hang out around the island as a diving, safari sightseeing, taking photograph and videos underwater,and pay respect to the Buddha image.

Finally, what do you have some ideas to promote cultural for understanding and foreign tourists. I think that the Government Organization was as one of public relation to help promote. For showing of Samui now, there are many attraction places. The most of tourist come to Samui to be the beginning of a trip to the other islands, and the adjacent to the image of the full moon party. We would like the government to encourage for the festival as the carnival on Samui, and to start promoting it to be known. Promoting through the agency because the Agency already issued outside the country. Samui is display incentive for motivation tourists come to Samui.

How is feedback from customers of the honeymoon? Very well! Here is one of our guides is available only up 3-4. We will take care of guests since we started from the airport to the hotel, and taking activities tour. During of staying, guide will take warm hospitality everything until sent back to Korea. It is considered as a service mind. It has always been a good response from customers. How do you think of Samui is more likely to grow? In my opinion, I don’t think that it has anything more significant. With size of the island, and the population. It is different from the other island,it can expand more areas. But Samui is already saturated. Tourists came to Samui, they are hoping here is starting point for trips to the various islands. Because Samui is seem the hub with convenience for a journey.

This is our good girl interview. Overall, she has ideas that would tourists to visit Samui with heart conservation. She wishes them to be exposed to the atmosphere, and the real of local culture. They will back to Samui for promote Samui to beknown.

Concheast PR Name :


Cashier Information Date (Dara Samui Beach Resort & Spa Villa)

Dara Samui Beach Resort & Spa Villa has been open for three year. Most customers as Israel, Australia, China and Japan. This hotel is located on Chaweng beach. It is conveniently located next to the beach. The hotel has two dining rooms, a Lanna and Sea raise. Lanna cuisine is more popular with foreigners because seafood and Thai food is tasty for foreigners. They enjoy coming here.

I have been in Pattaya before. Pattaya and Koh Samui are very different. There are no activities such as mountain, biking, and snorkeling. Koh Samui has a safari tour, snorkeling, kayak, mountain biking, and waterfalls. I would like to invite everyone to join the activities. Koh Samui’s beaches are its main attraction with clear blue waters because it is remaining natural resources.

Name :


Manager (Samui Island Trip & Tour

This branch (Chaweng Noi) recently opens for a year. The first name is Samui clip.com and later changed its named Samui Island Trip & Tour. Strength of here is close to shopping and the community. We use colors that are prominent logo. The highlights of the colors make the foreigners to see our logo clearly. Koh Samui is a major tourist attraction in Thailand. There is a beautiful tourist attraction. Strength of here is the Hin Ta/Hin Yai (a tale of tragedy tinged with hope, as described on a signboard near the rocks), and Khunaram Temple, which is an important religious place. If you come to Samui, you can take your snorkeling experience one day trip at Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan, two incredibly beautiful islands. On full moon night every month is Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan. For tourists come to join the party, they should be stay at Koh Samui, and then you can easily to get on ferries from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan.

Name :


Manager (Daniel’s Tour & Travel)

We service organized tour for tourists and reserve all tickets in Koh Samui. We have opened for five years but this branch (Chaweng Noi) opened for three years. It is located on habitation. Foreigners have comfort for the trip. There are full of facilities. The highlights of the sign make the foreigners to be noticeable. Most of tourists come to Koh Samui, they prefer go to the Ang Thong Marine Park, and Koh Nang Yuan. In addition, Koh Samui has tour around the island that is also highlighting of here. Moreover, Koh Samui is tourism place, it is also include full of facilities. Our service that its make impression to tourists, and they want to come back again. When they go to Phangan, it does not have an airport and relies heavily on ferries from the mainland and Koh Samui for getting in the plane. Koh Samui is as a port of in the Gulf of Thailand. Let’s invite tourists to relax on Koh Samui. There are full options of services, and the other hands, here, you can go to other islands with convenience.

Name :


Guest Service Agent (Mantra Samui Resort)

Welcome to my hotel, the fourth after the fifth began. We are glad to provide tour services and spacious rooms. 90 percentages of customers are European. The hotel has been open for a long time. Most customers who got service from here, they come back again. Hotel counter tour sales don’t only service package tours. For the first time of guests, they get information with restaurants, hotels, and tourism. In addition, we help to solve problems lost things, including with changed booking tickets. You will obtain all service here. Therefore, we don’t just think of tours sale. We are sincerely service, the customer was impressed us and come again. We are hoping Koh Samui to be a choice of your mind. Because you can come here throughout the year. We have many options for you, such as the Marine National Park. Some people who don’t like going to the sea, you can go to the waterfall, safari, or the temples. Koh Samui is more facilities, don’t be travel only for the sea. I would like to invite the tourists taking a trip at Koh Samui.

Horoscope Predictions for the month of

September By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya

Aries: You fine tune your professional goals and indulge in serious planning to get where you want to be. Your sights are set high and you will need to improve the work environment, streamline office procedures and work on improving inter and intra-personal relationships. Employees and co-workers will all get taken along as you head for goals, success and achievements. They will cooperate, assist and support you. However, you need to be careful that you don’t overdo the work bit as other areas of your work may suffer as a result. The full Moon in your sign towards the end of the month makes it a momentous period. This phase will bring a sense of completion and direction to your growth as an individual .All in all a month of great success.

Taurus: There is good luck coming your way, maybe even a new love affair or greater intimacy with your spouse/partner. This is the month to cultivate a new hobby. The period inspires you, and you will perform some mind-boggling feats. You will be creative and will think out of the box. You will be in full flow and make rapid progress. You could even establish yourself during this period. You may earn repute for your formidable skills. Your approach to your tasks will be disciplined and organized. You will have support of family and friends in all that you do. During the month you will achieve all that you set out to do. There will also be many pleasant moments with the family.

Gemini: There are many new trends during the month. There is a changed attitude, progress and sustained growth in all areas of life. You are receptive to new ideas and this helps a lot. The domestic scene too keeps you occupied, as you will be drawn closer to home and hearth. There will be many demands on the home front and too many expenses. You are advised to keep your head cool and not over-react to stressful situations. As the month progresses you are on the fast track to success. There are joys and achievements. There are certain negative tends too this month hence you are advised to steer very clear of shady deals.

Cancer: There will be many changes on the work front and this will impact your life significantly. This is an excellent month to win friends as well as influence people and bag contracts and assignments and have tons of affection and caring. Travel and correspondence and communication by all possible media will boost your image. In short, trips, ties ,bonds and connectivity are the theme of this month. There will be a hike in your self esteem and self worth.Health safeguards are essential as work pressures mount. The period requires patience but you seem to be in a tearing hurry. You will also need to get some stability in your life.

Leo: Health of loved one’s may cause some concern, though you will progress well on the work front. You could even be looking at entirely new vistas of work and employment. New assignments should fall into your lap, aiding your progress. In the midst of all this work is also love, passion and affection. You will have the energy and enthusiasm to conquer all obstacles.Mid month sees many domestic demands .As the month ends, you look for more freedom in whatever you do. You will reach out to people and taste new areas of life. You could have several varied and rewarding experiences. Libra: The second half of the month sees Mercury passing through your sign helping you to do exceedingly well. However, there could be periods when you suddenly fall prey to depression. You will seek deeper insights or just plain consolation, as you feel there is a certain futility in your life. Material success alone does not fulfil you.. You may get interested in healing or nursing people. You will be looking at genuine, physical and mental expansion. You need a wider horizon and a broader canvas for your ambitions. During the month you will grow financially, emotionally and spiritually. Deals, mergers ,joint finances may prove money - spinners; along with that there will be spiritual pursuits too. Sagittarius: Many things that you had embarked on earlier finally lead to success and fruition. Popularity and publicity, status and honour, hard work and rapid advancement in your profession are indicated. This is a power packed moth and gives a thrust to all that you do. You win applause at work and find recognition. The new Moon after the middle of the month ushers new trends such as hospitality, guests and visitors, developing social interactions .As the month ends you will bask in the limelight. The new, mysterious and the unique will attract you. There will be a new twist and dimension to your life.

Virgo: This is a great period for sure .Your popularity and productivity will be at an all time high. This being your birth month, lot of activity is promised during the period. You will be inventive, assertive, inspirational and ingenious as Mercury your sign lord passes through your sign. You get whatever you set your sights on. As the month advances the new Moon raises your sensitivities to a sharp, cutting edge. You enter a lucky phase where you will be helped by strangers and friends. You make significant gains in your personal and domestic life .This is a lucky phase and you are advised to make the most of it. There will be money and honey for the asking. Scorpio: This is a favourable month for you. You are in a competitive frame of mind and emerge triumphant at work. You will become very ambitious and will have desire for power out of all proportion. This is a period of culmination in your life and you will be tempted to expand beyond reasonable limits. In the pursuit of your ambition ,you could get ruthless and create enemies. Away from the professional confrontations ,you will spent quality time with your family. An elder relative may need medical attention .There could be other domestic demands too. The end of the month will see you coming out of tight situations. Capricorn: There is an upward swing in all your affairs. This is a good month and you will maximize your potential. Your personal and public image will get a boost. You shine at interpersonal relationships and interactions this month. Contracts, deals, assignments and projects almost fall into your lap. You also look at the issues of love, spirituality, new age living and alternative lifestyles. There is sharing, laughter, joy and group activities.

Aquarius: New projects and assignments are bound to materialize during the month.This is a good month for both family and finances.You will feel energetic and full of enthusiasm. Close bonding,warmth and tenderness are also your gains this month.You are advised to deal with your duties and chores with commitment.Towards mid month,many new forces will be at work in your life.You will need to be unemotional,objective and dispassionate.There will be times when you will be severely tested.All this will though make you a better person.By the end of the month your income and wealth will be on the upswing.There is possibility of forging a strong partnership based on loyalty,trust and bonding.

Pisces: There will be domestic issues to sort out. You may have to address the concerns of immediate family and sort out long pending issues.However, your popularity on the social front will grow in leaps and bounds.The health of the elderly and the children in the family may need attention.The focus during the month will be on social activities,children,dependants and pets.On the work front,the progress will continue as the luck of the draw favours you without inhibition.

By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya


Fall / Winter 2012-2013

Makeup Trends

We’ve again on the cusp of a new fashionable season that means nothing more than it is high time to start thinking over your fab Fall/Winter 2012-2013 beauty looks. Thus we’ve picked out all the most fashionable and fab Fall/Winter 2012-2013 makeup trends straight from the runways for you to draw inspiration for your own autumnal beauty transformation. Fab Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Makeup Trend – NUDE MAKEUP Again nude makeup trend steps into the forthcoming Fall/Winter 2012-2013 season. And no wonder actually as nude is never out. Fast, easy, natural and fresh is what never better reflects the concept of this uber trendy and fab Fall/Winter 2012-2013 makeup trend.

VAMPY LIPS The Fall/Winter 2011-2012 season is all about contradiction. On the one hand there is nude or even almost no makeup, while on the other vampy lips of different shades. Everything from our fave orange and red lipstick shades to burgundy and dark purple ones. Fall/ Winter 2011-2012 Fashion Shows were all over studded with vampy lip makeup looks. Such fashion gurus as Diane von Furstenberg and Yves Saint Laurent opted for saturated lip makeup coupled with flawless complexion.

THICK EYEBROWS Naturalness runs through all the Fall/Winter 2011-2012 beauty trends. We can kiss goodbye to thin over-plucked brows as now thick natural sometimes even boyish eyebrow look is ‘in’. Moreover Fall/Winter 2011-2012 makeup trends make us to define eyebrows with black pencil as we saw on the runways of Alexander Wang, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Oscar de la Renta.

VARICOLORED SMOKED EYES Smoky eye makeup is one of the hottest Fall/Winter 2011-2012 makeup trends though as usual. The only thing here that changes about smoky eyes is the eyeshadow shade. Classic version of ‘smokies’ like we saw on the runways of Dolce & Gabbana and Chloe fashion shows is also ‘in’ alongside with a bit more unusual eyeshadow shades like the ones that models sported on the fashion shows of Narciso Rodriguez, Chanel or heavily smoked eyes of Vera Wang and Roberto Cavalli models.

EYELINER Lines, lines and again lines… from thin winged eye lines to weird thick lines covering almost all the lid, fashion shows were stuffed with gorgeous beauty looks created just with an eyeliner. You can go for a classic version like the one that was spotted on the runways of Giorgio Armani or Gianfrance Ferre Fall/Winter 2011-2012 fashion shows. As well as you can opt for more dramatic version a la Dolce & Gabbana or Louis Vuitton models’ eye makeup.

Lompraya News Bangkok Airways holds 3rd Samui Island Marathon HRH Maha Chakri Sirind Bangkok Airways, in collaborations with Athletic Association of Thailand, Samui Municipal and Tourism Association of Koh Samui hold press conference for “Samui Island Marathon HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Cup 2012” with total prize worth over 3 million baht - the highest record in Thai marathon’s history. The Princess Cup will be presented exclusively to the winners of Thai or Asian nationalities. The race will be held at Nathon Pier, Koh Samui, Suratthani on September 23rd 2012.

Lomprayah getting out off to display the boot at Thailand travel expo Day :30 August - 02 September 2555 Time: 10.00 น. - 21.00 น. Location the Queen Sirikit Convention Center The PK Exhibition Management Co., invited to the length “of the 25th Discovery Thailand is the only family to have a” welcome to the end of the rainy season. The program features more than 1,280 households, Thailand booth for a package of spa hotels, resorts, airlines, and travel accessories. Discount prices up. Discounts and promotions to maximize Citibank credit card. Hong Kong Bank, Central Bank of Sri cards. Tesco Lotus, Home Pro AIA’s First Choice in credit cards Simple and Manchester United. And promotion of a variety of tasks not miss! 30 Aug -2 Sep 55 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.

Spa Samui Fair 2012 Spa Samui Fair 2012 will be held at Chaweng Lake from 18 to 22 August. This exhibition is open to public from 17 to 22 hours has been created with the combination of different Spas of Koh Samui as well as creators and natural cosmetics. Various booths will be present as well as various competitions are scheduled during the show. This is a great way to discover natural wellness products herbal and Thai herbal, which are often used by Thai. Beverages and nutritional products will also enjoy and learn the benefits.

The Best Competition in Samui include - Spa therapy competition searching for the best spa therapist on Samui island - And many other spa-related competitions such as arranging floated fragrant spa-flowers. make flower archways, cooking competitions etc. The Thai Spa Exhibition - Discover the miracle of Thai herbs that make Thai people live such a long life You will get to see a wide variety of Thai herbs and how they cure several symptoms without taking other medicines. Plenty of spa-and-health products and service at very special competitive prices - Come to the Food & Drink zone to taste our nutritious health food and refreshing herbal

Global News Airlines offer free access to eBay Instead, fliers on Delta Air Lines and Virgin America can now use the inflight WiFi provided by Gogo to get free access to eBay, the online auction site, any time they’re above 10,000 feet. “(We) recently launched our new multimedia platform that offers passengers access to numerous activities, including online shopping, gaming and (movies), said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s chief marketing officer, via e-mail. “Offering access to eBay definitely fits with this mission.” The service is the latest addition to the growing list of Gogo partnerships that spare airborne Internet users the usual cost of going online, which typically runs $5–$15 per day, depending on the carrier and type of device used. Other retailers offering free inflight access on select airlines include Amazon, Zappos and StubHub, the event ticket-seller. “Broadening the retail offer is good for everyone in the ‘mall,’” said Jay Sorensen, president of IdeaWorks, which tracks airlines’ ancillary revenues. “Every mall seeks anchor tenants and eBay certainly qualifies as that.”

London’s Big Ben clock tower to be renamed after Queen Elizabeth It’s one of the most famous names in the world, up there with the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty. But now London’s Big Ben clock tower is to be renamed Elizabeth Tower to mark the queen’s 60th year on the British throne. The announcement on Tuesday followed four days of celebrations earlier this month to mark 86-year-old Queen’s Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The landmark, part of Britain’s Houses of Parliament, is officially called the Clock Tower but is commonly known as Big Ben, the name of the giant bell in the tower that chimes the famous bongs in the capital. Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the name change. “The renaming of the Clock Tower to the Elizabeth Tower is a fitting recognition of the Queen’s 60 years of service. This is an exceptional tribute to an exceptional monarch,” he said. Reactions among the public were mixed, however. “Big Ben is so old and iconic, what is the sense in changing its name? All over the world people won’t understand what the Elizabeth Tower is,” said Romanian tourist Mara Ciortescu.

World’s craziest waterslides As you speed along the ship’s top-deck raft ride, waves break at the ocean’s surface 150 feet below. It’s an acrophobe’s nightmare—and could be the most thrilling moment of your next cruise vacation. We’ve come a long way in the century since the Titanic, when that ship’s heated swimming pool was a mind-boggling luxury. Now it’s AquaDuck, the cruise industry’s first water coaster, that’s making a splash on board the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. From within the raft ride’s clear acrylic aerial flume (which extends 12 feet over the side of the ship), you’ll experience that heady ocean view.

World’s Messiest Food Festivals Nothing says camaraderie and togetherness and family more than a perfectly prepared, delicious meal. Nothing, perhaps, except skipping the cooking part and taking all that food to the streets to smear it into the hair and eyes and faces of those you love most. Or, better yet, hurling it into the air for the shear thrill of it. This universally human concept can be seen in various forms all over the world, from Spain’s famously epic tomato fight La Tomatina to “Clean Monday” in Greece, which really isn’t clean at all. The messier the better. These festivals celebrate food at its most primal and in its simplest state: as squashed ammunition and as a weapon. But these are weapons of love. Messy food is the food of the common man. Messy food can assuage acrimony between neighbors, as is the case with Spain’s wine battle, Batalla del Vino. It can celebrate the pride a people have in their culture, despite how lowbrow and repugnant others may find it, like West Virginia’s Roadkill Cook-off. And it can even celebrate a people’s faith, like Thailand’s Water Fight.

Tip to Trip

10 Way Money Saving Travel

1. Find a Hot Spot Bring your computer to a hot spot like Starbucks where access to the Internet is free or to restaurants and cafes where you can get free Internet with the purchase of a drink or snack instead of paying $10 to $30 a night that many hotels levy for internet fees. 2. Look for Free Food Find hotels with free food, such as free breakfast or free meals for kids. The money saved really adds up. Diener notes that many Holiday Inns offer free food for children as do Orlando-area hotels. Residence Inns, Courtyard, and Hampton hotels also offer breakfast deals, according to Diener. Get upgraded to the concierge floor and take advantage of free food all day long at many hotels. 3. Stay Longer Many hotels offer a third night free, especially if traveling in California or Florida, so always check rates if you plan to stay an extra night. 4. Skip the Drinks Don’t pay for drinks. Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up after passing security at the airport and save on bottled water throughout the trip as well. 5. Rent a Basic Car Always book the lowest class of car; they often are not available and you get a free upgrade, according to Diener who asks, “Why pay more?” We couldn’t agree more. Use the extra money to eat on the go. 6. Avoid Baggage Fees Never pay for luggage. Fly Southwest, join the right frequent flyer program, or get the credit card that gets you free checked bags, said Diener. The money saved can be used for inflight meals or a nice dinner at your destination.

7. Be an Early Bird Fly early in the morning for the lowest fares.“A 6 a.m. flight is often hundreds of dollars less than a mid-morning flight,” said Diener. The money saved could mean fancier meals, more souvenirs, or an extra day at your destination. 8. Shop Around Find the lowest rate and then always call travel sites, naturally Diener suggests his own getaroom.com but there are plenty of options, for the unpublished rate, which is typically 10-percent to 25-percent less than the lowest online rate. 9. Try vacation rentals Vacation rentals are often the same, or are lower in price compared to a hotel room, and provide much more space. Some even have kitchens so travelers can save by cooking their own meals. 10. Plan Ahead Thousands of hotels offer 14- or 21-day advance purchase rates, which are 10-percent to 30-percent off the rates; just for booking early. The money you save can be used towards food, drinks, or even an extra day of fun.

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