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Issue 13 / August 2012

SCUBA DIVING The bigges Hilight

Eran Matitiahu Exclusive Interview


General Manager of BTC


attraction on KOH TAO


Editor’s Talk Welcome August!

Welcome to August! I recently graduated from the London Olympic. Congratulations to Thailand for two silver medals and one bronze medal in a competition. In this issue would be presented Scuba Diving at Koh Tao, which is describing a place for diving to deep around Koh Tao, and suggest an underwater adventure place, that is The Royal Navy Satakut ship. It sank under the sea as well as waiting for the visit of the diver. Let us follow by inside, please! In this opportunity, a Lomprayah Magazine has talked warm a young agencies that is Mr.Eran, who is General Manager of the Bangkok Tourist Center (BTC). Enjoy the follow up in this story. Moreover, the contents were mentioned. There are more interesting content. As part of the Destination Guide that will take you to see the black of the most beautiful of her claim to the Japanease Garden Koh Nangyuan, Place Guide Suggestions and elegant, but not exclusive. Aloha Resort is the best service on Koh Samui, Restaurant Guide will take you to eat Schnitzel House Restaurant for a great, inexpensive Thai and European charter and a column to many. The weather changes frequently. Please take care of yourself and people around you. From now until the end of the year. A Lomprayah Magazine is organized. “ Lompraya getting actually all the week” via the Facebook Fan Page Lomprayah members enjoy activities every week, no less than 15,000 baht. Easily for member, just share to someone, you will have privilege a winner every week. Fortune, no free charge for travelling. Subscribes activities and news at http://www.facebook.com/lomprayah.

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Editorial Staff

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SCUBA DIVING The bigges attraction on KOH TAO

Scuba diving is still the biggest attraction on Koh Tao. Diving in Koh Tao is easy, fun, and you can see turtles, stingrays, barracudas, lots of small fish, reef sharks, and there is a very small chance of seeing a whale shark. At Chumphon Pinnacle you are likely to see juvenile bull sharks which have, until recently, been misidentified as grey reef sharks. Pay caution, the bulls are curious and very aggressive though for many years thousands of people have dived this site without a single shark related incident.

Nearly any time of the year except November is good diving weather in Koh Tao and visibility can exceed 40 metres. Average visibility is around 15-20 m. In November visibility is reduced to 5m and the seas are choppy. It is possible and perfectly comfortable to swim and dive without a wetsuit year round. However, as with most diving, a wetsuit is recommended to help reduce risk of cuts or injury. Avoid contact with coral reefs. Various dive locations around Koh Tao are: • Chumphon Pinnacles • Southwest Pinnacles • Green Rock • White Rock • Red Rock • Japanese Gardens • Twin Pinnacles • HTMS Sattakut (wreck) • Hin Pee Wee • Mango Bay • Ao Leuk • Shark Island • Hin Wong • Lighthouse Bay • Laem Thien • Anywhere around the Koh Tao coastline

battles between the USA and Japan during World War II. On the 18th June 2011 after cleaning and stripping the vessel of all toxins and hazardous materials, the Thai Department of Marine and Coastal Resources purposesank the ship just off the coast of Koh Tao as a new artificial reef and divesite. This initial sinking did not exactly go as planned, and the unpredictable nature of the weather and ocean caused the wreck to lie flat on its side in the sand – as opposed to the preferred upright position.

At the beginning of August 2011, a salvage team successfully up-righted and moved the wreck to its current resting Experience Scuba diving HTMS place – about 30 meters south of popular Sattakut Wreck (LCI 742) divesite Hin Pee Wee. Koh Tao’s latest shipwreck the HTMS Sattakut (LCI [Landing Craft Infantry] – 742) has quickly become one of our favourite and most visited divesites here at Simple Life Divers. At 48 meters in length, this former US World War II Navy vessel (formerly known as the USS LCI(M)-739) was commissioned into the Royal Thai Navy in 1947 where it served until it was decommissioned in 2007. Previously, as a US Navy ship it most famously participated in The Battle of Iwo Jima – one of the fiercest and most strategic

Just minutes by boat from Sairee Beach and the Simple Life Dive shop, the new position is excellent – with both the HTMS Sattakut and Hin Pee Wee benefiting from the chosen location. An artificial reef is classified as any human-made underwater structure, typically built to promote marine life in its chosen area. The HTMS Sattakut has done exactly that – over the past 11 months we have watched thousands of fish take residence in and around the wreck’s structure as well as a variety of algae and invertebrates.

At this point in time, the Sattakut is home to large schools of Fusilier, a school of juvenile Yellowtail Barracuda, various Snapper, Wrasse, Groupers, Trevally, Rabbitfish, Moray Eels as well as small The pace at which these new fish first Blennies living in the small holes of the arrived was incredible – much faster than I structure. and many others had anticipated. As time goes by these migrations will only increase We have also witnessed a Jenkins – making this wreck dive-site even more Whipray on a number of occasions as diverse and interesting. well as the occasional Grey Reef Shark, Great Barracuda, a large Starry Pufferfish and various Flatworms (Maiazoon orsaki & Pseudobiceros gratus). I also believe I spotted a pair of Robust Ghost Pipefish at the site in late 2011, although this is unconfirmed as I didn’t have my camera with me at the time!

The wreck’s keel or base sits in the sand at a maximum depth of between 27 and 30 meters (depending which end) while the top of the mast protrudes to a depth of approximately 18 meters – making this dive most suitable for divers with the PADI Advanced Open Water equivalent or above.

On the 18th June 2011 after cleaning and stripping the vessel of all toxins and hazardous materials, the Thai Department of Marine and Coastal Resources purposesank the ship just off the coast of Koh Tao as a new artificial reef and divesite.

This initial sinking did not exactly go as planned, and the unpredictable nature of With a large 76mm/50 Mk 22 DP gun the weather and ocean caused the wreck at the Bow and a 40mm/60 Bofors Mk III to lie flat on its side in the sand – as opposed cannon at the Stern, as well as numerous to the preferred upright position. portholes and doorways to explore, the HTMS Sattakut has much to offer. At the beginning of August 2011, a salvage team successfully up-righted and Over the past 11 months, the HTMS moved the wreck to its current resting place Sattakut Wreck-Dive has become a part of – about 30 meters south of popular divesite almost every PADI Advanced Open Water Hin Pee Wee. course, making it one of our most frequently visited divesites. Just minutes by boat from Sairee Beach and the Simple Life Dive shop, the I am really looking forward to watch- new position is excellent – with both the ing this wreck develop and monitoring the HTMS Sattakut and Hin Pee Wee benefiting new creatures that decide to take residence from the chosen location. in and around its structure.battles between the USA and Japan during World War II.

Destination Guide

e s e n a p Ja n e d r a G n a u y g n a Koh N

In the shelter of Koh Nangyuan, Japanese Garden has a sloping nature with large coral formations dotted around a sandy bottom. With depths from 3 meters near the smallest beach of Koh Nangyuan to 23 meters by Nangyuan Pinnacle this dive site also has a small wreck in the form of an old dive boat that was sunk in a storm. Descending the line down to Nangyuan Pinnacle you’ll find a large cut out going the whole way round the pinnacle giving a perfect hiding place for Whip Rays and Blue Spotted Sting Rays. With Stag Horn and Table Coral protruding from the side of the rock and Whip Corals spiralling from the seabed, head west to the long swim throughs and caves near the steep rocky shoreline of Koh Nangyuan. This is the perfect place to find the Banded Sea Crate (Sea Snake). Although very poisonous

these stunning creatures move effortless in the water due to their very timid nature are quickly in the safe confines of the submerged rocks far from harms way. To the south east side of the dive site there are also some small caves, and swim throughs. Around the shallows there are magnificent Pink Anemones, and large table corals. Red Breasted Wrasse and Goat fish are very popular around this site. Along with shoals of Yellow Tail Barracuda, and rarely found in the gulf, a family of Lion Fish, this is a very beautiful dive site for novice and experienced divers alike. If you require any further information on this or any other services we provide please do not hesitate to contact us.

Place Guide

Discover the endless possibilities to exhilarate your senses and creating memories to last a lifetime at Aloha Resort. Surrounded by the rising slopes of Koh Samui island and the expansive azure blue Thai gulf, the unique design of this resort captures and delights the senses.Revel in the tropical splendor of Aloha Resort – a blissful Samui Hotel just steps from the beach. Aloha Resort offers 74 elegantly appointed guest rooms, bungalows and suites. Pamper yourself in a relaxing body treatment or massage. Tee off on one of the Golf courses, stroll along the soft sand beach or just lounge poolside. Gather with your friends and family in our romantic evening setting restaurant. Accommodations Aloha Resort has 74 rooms - the choice is yours Aloha Resort is right on the beach comprising 74 rooms in both bungalow type accommodations and hotel rooms in a low rise modern Thai-style building. “bungalow or hotel-room units, featuring ocean, beach and garden view” The three-story hotel building features panoramic views over Lamai Bay, beach and beach-side swimming pool settings. “Each room features a private terrace

Choose your preferred accommodation in either bungalow or hotel-room units, featuring ocean, beach and garden view. Each room features a private terrace or balcony, individually controlled air conditioning, bathroom with hot shower, mini bar, IDD telephone and colour satellite television.

Restaurant Guide


Schnitzel House

Location : 17/11-13 Moo2 Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui,Suratthani, Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui, Surat Thani, Thailand 84320 Food Styles : British, Burgers, German, Pizza Sandwiches, Seafood, Steakhouses, Thai Contact Info : Phone : 077 230 971 Email : snz_kohsamui@hotmail.com Facebook : Schnitzel House Koh Samui

Real Story



i u m a S h o K Island of Smiles

We had arrived in Koh Samui in the dark late at night and so next morning it was a lovely surprise to emerge into the gorgeous fragrant tropical gardens of our hotel, with the heavenly scents of frangipani and the colourful hibiscus and lotus flowers in the ponds. Then to wander through to the beach and see the classic sweeping bay of perfect white sand, fringed palms leaning towards the waves.

Koh Samui is a typical tropical island blanketed in palms. It ships huge numbers of coconuts to Bangkok. The island is mostly uninhabited and pretty mountainous in the interior; most buildings are around the coastal fringe. There are many western style hotels, mostly well camouflaged, in our strip of coast anyway at Choeng Mon, one of the smaller beaches on the island. The local ‘samui folk’ have very poor houses on wooden stilts, or corrugated iron, but even so, one we were invited into still showed the occupants had a flat screen TV and the daughter in the house with a laptop merrily messaging friends on FaceBook! They all seem to have the latest mobile phones too. We saw some nice waterfalls such as at Namuang, where the water cold and the mosquitoes rife! The beaches are beautiful, but we did feel a few stingers in the water. We stayed in a beautiful hotel paradise, The Imperil Boathouse Hotel, which has rooms made in Chinese teak barges. Forty of these boats were towed to Koh Samui from China, hauled on to the land and carpenters then turned them into rooms with ensuite and lounge. The island cuisine is very dominated by the coconut and fish and I attended a Thai cookery lesson with the hotel chef. I was lucky enough to visit the kitchen garden of the hotel in which we stayed – as I enjoy my allotment so much it was great to see the equivalent here with galangal, limes, papaya, lemon grass and some familiars like mint and basil. Having picked the ingredients fresh it was so much more enjoyable to prepare the food, and I was happy to find that the way we cook thai food at home was just as I was shown today, but the quality of the ingredients so much fresher and better - the smells were fabulous. But fresh seafood is what this island does best and so seafood fanatic it was a dream for me. I even got to have lobster on my birthday (actually what we call crayfish) sitting at a candle-lit table on the beach with

sand between our toes. Bliss! We had a lovely trip to nearby Ang Thong National Marine Park, a string of 40 tiny islands in azure blue water just west of Koh Samui. They are the typical karst limestone islands with sheer cliffs and smothered in dense vegetation – the beautiful views prompted Ellen to describe it as ‘screen saver land’ as it was so picture perfect. We had a short sharp steep climb to the summit of one island which provided spectacular views of the other islands and of the Emerald Lake, a fully enclosed lake in the centre of the island. We explored some islands by kayak, myself Ellen, & Adam in one and Michelle in one with the guide as she was unable to hold a paddle due to her plaster cast. My boat was first in the water and apparently we made it look very easy and glided off towards the island from our tour boat. However, we were not followed for some and hung around for agesevidently the next people who tried to enter their boats were promptly capsizing which caused great hilarity! Once the group was finally gathered though, we paddled along the base of steep cliffs and it was so nice to be close to nature and we saw monkeys close up feeding in the trees over hanging the water. They were the sweetest little things, with white panda eyes – called the dusky langur (or spectacled leaf monkey).

The tour guide had been actually diving when the tsunami hit Koh Phi Phi seven years ago. It was amazing to hear him describe first-hand the events of that awful time and how he was tossed around under the sea whilst the waves passed. He said people had noticed earlier that day how animals were silent and missing, such as monkeys and even ants. He had to spend two days in a decompression chamber, but was of course lucky as so many of his friends and family had not survived. He took a liking to Adam as did most Thais and he really made our trip special. For Michelle’s birthday she chose to go elephant trekking and so we all duly joined a bumpity open-top jeep to reach the part of the island those rides were offered in. We seemed to strike lucky as the mahouts we had were very lively and a lot of fun! They larked around and allowed us to take their place and drive the elephant rather than just be a passenger in the seat. We did not get very far but we had a lot of fun! We also saw a variety of other animal shows which were sometimes a bit bizarre – like the snake charmer who put a 12 foot pythons head into his mouth and down his trousers (!) and the crocodile trainer who out his head in the crocs mouth – a bit weird to see. The children all enjoyed cuddling and feeding the baby tiger though. I also treated myself to a couple of Thai massages – goodness, these were incredible! I was twisted and turned, stretched and deeply massaged, kneaded and pummelled and despite the occasional pain it was amazing. They pulled my ears, cracked my knuckles and stretched me backwards arching me into the ‘cobra’ position. It gave me a new revived feeling and the knots which I have had for years in my back and shoulders have gone. All for £8. Thai

massage is a traditional form of medicinal healing – I am definitely going to look out for it at home if possible. But somehow it won’t be the same as on the beach, with the rain gently falling and the waves rhythmically lapping up the beach.As a keen scuba diver BC (before children), I had wanted to show my children some of the joys of the coral reef and after a disappointing session at Ang Thong where the water was too cloudy I had to find somewhere else. So we drove down to the southern tip of Koh Samui where I’d heard there was some good snorkelling/diving to be had on a small uninhabited island close off shore. All we had to do was to convince a local fisherman to take us, which we did without problem. It was fun to blitz across the short stretch of sea in a genuine long boat and plunge over board with E, M & A – sure enough there were plenty of brightly coloured tropical fish although the corals were disappointing. But it was a little adventure we all enjoyed very much – despite Ellen feeling slightly hysterical when the fish

were nibbling at her! I later found out that Koh Tao island, to the north, is the best place to go and so I have pencilled that in for our next visit. We met quite a few frustrated young travellers who were expecting to go the notorious full moon party on Koh Phangan, only to find that the date of the party had been changed! Huh? How can the date of the full moon be changed? Turns out that it clashed with Buddha’s birthday and so was deferred for a day! All in all we enjoyed a very relaxing week on this small Thai island which has the friendliest, smiliest people you could hope to meet, in perfect weather, mostly just relaxing and swimming together. A gorgeous end to a wonderful trip.

Agency PR

Exclusive Interview

Eran Matitiahu Mr.

General Manager of BTC

Hello! Welcome to see you again at this issue in August. Today, we are nice to meet Mr.Eran Matitiahu who is the general manager of BTC. He works for travel agency. How is business and lifestyle? Let’s go to follow his story inside magazine now! How long have you been in Thailand I have been in Thailand for seven years. I came to Thailand in 2005. Why did you should Thailand as your destination or for your working Previously, my brother came to Thailand for many years ago. I have the opportunity to follow him. Then, I was falling in love Thai women. I want to live her in Thailand. In my opinion, Thailand is the marvelous country and Thai people are very nice. They are welcoming warmness and kindness. I like Thai food. It is superb! Would you introduce us the history of BTC Certainly, my brother, my cousin and I establish BTC. It is a business family. First, we stared a travel agency business, and then we joined to open a restaurant. A few years later we opened internet shop and expanded other business. BTC is the number one at Khao San Road. Who is your target group

Our target group is mostly Israeli.For European have to reserve everything before travel. The 99 percentages of customers are Israeli. We sell packages for flight tickets, hotel, and buses. We have services them website. They can send us an email. There are 25,000 people to visit the website our company. In your work time, Do you have free time for relaxing No, I don’t. I always take care of customers. My time relaxation is hanged out another place. Here the music is loudly and most people shout when they talking together. Do you like a journey Yes, of course. My journey is a great time! I also gain experiences to adapt my job is better. I usually travel for every four or five months.

Where is a place do you perfer I prefer Koh Samui. There is the quite beach. I am going there with my girlfriend on holiday. Sometime, my friends come to join with us. They work travel agencies and they live in Samui. We love the tasty seafood. We usually have seafood party at our luxury resort. We are happy so much at this moment! It is the best time for us. I think that Samui is the attraction place would be recommended to tourists. How often do you go to Samui I go to Samui for every four months, or three times a year Because the flight tickets are very expensive. Where is a nice place anything else The one of memorable place in Thailand is Pata Pinklao, Bangkok Noi. There are many interesting shop and good restaurant, as well as I like go to Hong Kong and Macau. Most people buy goods no charge and VAT. Therefore, it is cheaper than Thailand. Nevertheless, I don’t like Chinese food. I love Thai food, Thai people and Thai polite. I am very impressive. Thailand is amazing!

For the last question, could you please introduce BTS to Lomphraya magazine fans Our BTS serves customers as they are our family. We are generous and friendly. Our service includes hotels, buses, tour buses, and 24hr online service. Should you decide to travel with us, a smile will be on your face every single second you spend with our service.


Thailand is the marvelous country and Thai people are very nice. They are welcoming warmness and kindness. I like Thai food. It is superb!


- Mr. Eran Matitiahu -


August Come the month of

By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya

Come the month of August or more appropriately the month of the egoistic ‘LEO’ (never mind if I myself am one).Sitting at my desk i was wondering about what i shoud tell my readers this month.And suddenly it struck me like a bolt from the blue.Why not write about ‘His Majesty Leo’.After all, what else could a Leo think of but himself.So here we go. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is a fixed fire sign.It is symbolised by the lion.By Western Astroogy Sun enters Leo on July 23rd and Leaves it on the 22nd August. Thus the period from 23rd July to 22nd August is considered to be the period of Sunsign Leo in Western Astrology.The planetary ruler Leo is the Sun. During the period of Leo the Sun pours down its heat to give strength to the growing year,urging the baby creatures of nature,the plants which had begun to push up through the ground in spring to grow more and more on their own.Leo thus symbolises the teenager of the zodiac,neither child nor adult. As majestic ,impressive and kingly as the lion that represents their sign, Leos are the natural leaders of the zodiac. Radiantly enthusiastic, magnanimous with their charm and fiercely proud and confident,Leos love and live life to the fullest. Like kings they expect to be at the helm always,whether at home,work or play.They are dramatic and creative. They hate pettiness and small mindedness and are

nobility personified.Being generous to the point of a fault is another kingly Leo trait. Leo craves for fame and could achieve it too if he makes sufficient effort.Though affectionate by nature at times,Leo could spoil it all by being too autocratic.Leo likes to entertain lavishly whether he can afford it or not.A peculiar trait of Leo is that he is the best father in the world,though he may himself have suffered a difficult father.However,inspite of being the great fathers that they are,Leos are not found to be very fortunate in the matters of their own children.Leos are always outgoing and impulsive.They are also expansive and never refuse to give up.You can never see a Leo still or quiet.The chances are that he will die with his boots on. The positive side of Leo is thus like the confident and kind big brother never giving up hope and urging others onward and upward.The negative side of Leo however is having a big ego and being self centred,unaware of everything but his own impulses.Leo can also be a showoff, a ham,acting to the point that he loses sight of his own self.Another failing of Leo is his being prone to flattery. The negative Leo can thus be boastful,arrogant and domineering.Loss of face and dignity are typical Leonine worries. Leos like their homes to look palatial.They prefer furniture that is massive,opulent and regal. They also like to decorate their homes with good works of art.

The Leo nature being royal,the Leo person fits in very well as heads of large organisations like say the president or senior executives of a corporation,in the civi services or in the army.Being dramatic by nature,many Leos are found in the profession of acting.They do well in other creative fields too like dancing,astrology etc.Leos being good fathers,they can make excellent teachers of school children. In friendship Leo is most loyal.The Leo friend will be a source of inspiration when courage is needed and being very generous by nature will always be there to help in more realistic ways.However,in order to keep your Leo friend you need to constantly admire him and boost his ego.In love the Leo is very intense.However as Leo is full of vanity,he always needs and demands attention in love.

In health,Leo governs the heart and the spine.So,it is these organs which need care as Leo advances in age.In order to protect his heart Leo is advised to abstain from fatty food,cigarettes and coffee.He is also advised to curb his tendency of eating fast.The ruler of Leo being Sun,it is always good for Leos to spend some time of the day in Sunshine.Such sunbaths will give strength to his spinal cord.On the whole Leo has great vitality and recuperative powers and if proper health precautions are taken, can keep an excellent general health.The cell salt for Leo is Magnesium Phosphate.The herbs and foods which suit a Leo are apple,coconut,lemo n,honey,saffron,almonds,eggs,sunflower seeds etc. The colours which harmonise with the Leo personality are white,yellow,gold,orange,saffron and red.The lucky gems for Leo are amber,diamond,ruby and topaz.



Trends for Winter 2012

Getting ahead of the Fashion trends with Trendy style. The latest trends for winter 2012 2013 are already known. We bow down again on the last season of the year: winter. The winter season is traditionally ideal for your own personal style to develop. Jackets and coats are more important than ever winter 2012 2013. With a maxi coat you always look good and it’s really not so important what you are wearing underneath. But we also see tiny little jackets, often double breasted and in bright colors. Color keeps this winter: mostly orange, aubergine, burgundy, purple, teal blue and indigo are doing well. In addition, we also calibrated the winter colors including many gray. The 70s continued their mark on the fashion press and that is mainly expressed in flared trousers and chic blouses, with or without a scarf or ribbon. The design of dresses and coats is sleek, elegant and feminine. And at our feet this winter we wear high heels and wide ankle straps or high (over knee) boots. Knitwear is also well represented and often trimmed or enlivened with pieces of leather. About doctrine: leather jackets, leather dresses, skirts, pants and blouses are even. Punk rock influences and adding a spicy touch to. A trend that will continue this winter, the maxi dresses and maxi skirts in transparent fabrics. Getting ahead and let the fashion trends for winter 2012 2013 considered when you buy for the coming season.


Maxi coats. Long jackets to on the ground

The jackets are again long, very long. Afkledende slim coats with a super chic touch are all in this winter.


High-waisted trousers

The trousers are wider and the waists are higher. The designers try to get it back to us. Who knows if this season we finally go en masse to the high waistline car!


Transparent maxi dresses and maxi skirts

We think this is a great trend! We saw him last summer already sown and the trend continues. Under the skirts and dresses you wear (of course) a ‘granny’s underpants.


Minimalist dresses

Minimalist dresses with elegant lines and sophisticated colors are a welcome starting point for winter fashion. Of course you make the look with a maxi coat and fashionable accessories.

5.Bright colors The bright colors we saw last summer, keep the coming winter season in fashion. Yellow, orange, cobalt blue, teal, purple ‌ Combine these colors with gray or black or go for an outfit in a single, bright color.

6.Snake Prints This trend, we take note of last summer (but then we saw above accessories in snake prints). For winter 2011 2012, we literally see everything in snake: maxi skirts to coats, from bags to boots.

High boots 7. and shoes with ankle straps

Over knee boots this winter we see a lot. Also remain the platform sandals and high heels with platforms in fashion. Many shoes have wide ankle this winter. Sterile pumpjes and slingbacks are still as out of fashion.



aubergine, purple

Colors like burgundy, eggplant purple and chocolate brown winter 2011 2012, we again see a lot. It’s especially nice when you combining.


Bows and scarves

Super Feminine blouses with bows or scarves are hot impressive. Some scarves even reaching to the knee. The materials must be light and chic.

Leather 10.

leather and leather again

Leather is a hit this winter. Of sturdy black leather skirts, trousers and jackets to leather in elegant colors for skirts and dresses.

Lompraya News Thailand remains one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations

Tourism numbers to Thailand are up. From January to May 2012 the number of international tourists to Thailand increased by 7.27% despite the global economic slow down. Visits from Britons increased by 12% in May 2012 compared to the same time in 2011. This strong performance cements Thailand’s position as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, currently ranked 11th by the UN World Tourism Organisation. Phuket is the most famous Thai isle. It is a mountainous island surrounded by golden sand beaches that are lapped by the warm waters of the Andaman Sea. Holidays in Phuket can include Thai cooking classes, a sunset dinner onboard a traditional Thai boat and a cruise in a long tail boat to Phang Nga Bay Marine Park. Phuket holidays offer exceptional value for the money. Koh Samui off the east coast of Thailand offers a more relaxed pace of life than Phuket. There are temples and waterfalls to discover inland and a breathtakingly beautiful coast to explore. Koh Samui comes to life at night with a range of restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs offering a welcoming blend of Thai and international cultures. After the 2004 tsunami Koh Phi Phi has rebuilt itself to be even more beautiful and tourist friendly.

Top table sell and night party at Koh Phangan.

The purpose of the event. - To arrange a meeting as agency in the South of region such as Phuket, Krabi, Phatthalung, Satun, Hat Yai and Malaysia, with entrepreneur hotel &accommodations as well as the tour company in the area Koh Phangan. - To open markets, Koh Phangan, is increasingly recognized. We has been honored by the Deputy Governor of the province is principal opening ceremony. The boots held to exchange business cards and the company / hotel. In the evening has a welcome party and appreciation of local agents and operators that are taking the time.

Lompraya News Agents ahead in first half BANGKOK, 12 July 2012: Association of Thai Travel Agents’ member companies handled 1,607,232 international tourists at Suvarnabhumi Airport during the first six months of 2012 representing an increase of 6.78% from 1,505,115 visits during the same period last year. ATTA released its data, Wednesday, based on fees member agencies pay to the airport to provide a meet-and-greet service for international clients. It is considered an accurate barometer for the tourism industry, but is limited to travel through Bangkok. For January to June this year, China continued to be Thailand strongest market with an improvement of 41.84% supplying 444,340 trips compared to 313,268 during the same period last year. Russia also remained the second top supplier although there was a slight decline of 2.12% to 245,727 trips from 251,054 during the same period last year

Global News London 2012 Olympics close with spectacular ceremony The London 2012 Olympics have ended with a spectacular musical closing ceremony and the official handover to the next host city, Rio de Janeiro. The three-hour show featured some of the biggest names of British pop from decades past, including the Spice Girls, George Michael and Elbow. Games chief Lord Coe said: “When our time came - Britain, we did it right.” The official Games flag was handed to the mayor of Rio before the flame at the Olympic Stadium was extinguished. President of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, who declared the Games of the 30th Olympiad closed just before midnight, said: “We will never forget the smiles, the kindness and the support of the wonderful volunteers, the much-needed heroes of these Games. “You, the spectators and the public, provided the soundtrack for these Games. “Your enthusiastic cheers energised its competitors and brought a festive spirit to every Olympic venue.”

Peninsula Bangkok named Number 1 City Hotel in Asia for The Peninsula Bangkok has been named “Best City Hotel in Asia for Service” in Travel + Leisure magazine’s 2012 World’s Best Service Awards. Rising 37 stories alongside the Chao Phraya River, the luxury riverside hotel was ranked number one in Asia by Travel + Leisure readers, who gave it an impressive score of 96.53. Every year Travel + Leisure readers vote on thousands of resorts, airlines, and cruise lines in the annual World’s Best Awards survey. “Hotels in Asia are recognised as some of the best in the world when it comes to the service they offer guests,” said The Peninsula Bangkok’s General Manager Nicolas Beliard. “Outstanding service can set a hotel apart from the rest. Our recognition by the well-travelled readers of Travel + Leisure as the ‘best of the best’ is an immense honour.” The Peninsula Bangkok is a luxury hotel located at the end of the Charoennakon Road directly beside the Chao Phraya River. The hotel is part of The Peninsula Hotels Group based in Hong Kong who are owned by Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Limited

Emirates open flights to Spain

Emirates Airline will start its non-stop direct flights from Dubai and Madrid from August 1 to create the first air services between United Arab Emirates and the popular southern European country. With this, Emirates Airlines will fill the gap in its European network and underlines growing trade and traffic between the both nations. It will be the fourth new route for Emirates in 2010, after Tokyo, Amsterdam and Prague. While talking to media, the travel manager at Sharaf Travel in Dubai, Premjit Bangara (ck) said, “Traffic to and from Spain has been small in the past. But now the market is definitely growing slowly but steadily.” Meanwhile, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the chairman and chief executive of Emirates said, “If there is one route that we have been repeatedly asked about in recent years, it is Spain, so I believe we will make a lot of people very happy with this announcement.” Spain is the world’s second biggest tourism place with 60 million tourists in 2007, until now only Qatar Airways has operated a direct flight from the Gulf starting in 2006. UAE exports into Spain contain textiles, electronics, consumer goods and fish and Spain exports like finished garments, manufactured goods and spare parts for the car business. According to the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Spain was the second export of haute couture shoes on account of brands like Manolo Blahnik. Emirates will use an Airbus 330-200 on the route, with 12 first-class seats, 42 in business and 183 economy-class seats.

In South Korea, mud season is a cause for celebration

Hailed for its natural cosmetic benefits in such places as Israel’s Dead Sea region, mud has become a cause for celebration among residents and tourists in Boryeong, South Korea. An annual week-long mud festival at the end of July draws 3 million visitors who cast off their inhibitions to wrestle, slide, paint, and swim in pools of mud. After a prolonged rainy season this year, with three times more rain than normal, participants said the entire city of Boryeong felt like one giant mudslide. Boryeong’s focus on mud began in 1996, when local scientists declared the mineral content of the area’s highly enriched mud resembled that of costly, mud-based foreign cosmetic products. A domestic cosmetic line, Boryeong Mud, was soon introduced, followed by the first mud festival in 1998 to promote the products. Some of the festival features include three-story-high mudslides, obstacle courses, and inflatable arenas all filled with sludge trucked in from around the Boryeong area, located about 125 miles south of the capital, Seoul. It is fringed by a strip of white sand stretching just over two miles, and fronted by the Yellow Sea. Koo Ji-hae, from the south of the country, said she enjoyed the chance to mix with foreign visitors and sample the lauded cosmetic benefits of applying the mud to her skin. A boon for local business, organizers hope the festival will continue to draw international tourists to become a globally recognized event. For now, the rains have ended, the mud has dried, and tourists have swapped

Tip to Trip

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Travel on the boat or Speed Boat will take time less than others, but Speed Boat is contained some oil more than each other’s travel. Normally, the size of the boat where passengers can sit it will range from 10-15, 20-25, or 30-35, depending on the size of the boat. Distance of time, or speed on the trip are also depending on the size of the boat. Normally, Boats have an engine, which are more quickly power as well as the weather. If the wind getting up, it will be lowed for safe. Precautions for traveling by speedboat. Speed Boat ​​ is a boat which is powered by an engine. Don’t walk in off the boats and ships. The weight should be evenly balanced between the left and the right a ship. Don’t sit on the same side because it’s make the ship tilted and taking a long time. If you have seasick, you should be prepared some medicines or wearing black sunglasses to reduce sickness. Try to avoid sitting in front of the bow. The surface area will have most impact. The best way of sitting in the middle or end of the boat. The aft section of the engine is exposed to water at all times. Don’t forget to wear a life jacket while on board at all times and lock properly. The advantages of traveling by speedboat. Use the full speed. It is not a very big ship. Boat or Speed ​​Boat access to the beach. On the other hand, near the beach has a large fleet. Moreover, can be parked in the sand.

If you cannot get many 15 aircraft, you can travel a group for privacy. Number of people who travel a lot. Make no noise. The people are very busy. You can see the atmosphere. In addition, the scenery during the trip. Disadvantages of traveling by speedboat. Cannot do it well, especially if the wind or rain. The vessel is not large. Not suitable for ocean waves. Speed ​​Boat to the Islands is no toilets inside the boat. Should be prepared before you go. Because the ship will run along the shock surface is not suitable for the elderly and young children or pregnant women. In addition, you have problem a bone.