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Issue 11 / June 2012

areethip V Exclusive Interview


Owner of Salad Buri Resort & Spa



Editor’s Talk Welcome to June in Lomphraya Magazine presents the BITE (Beijing International Tourism Expo 2012) which is actively promoting tourism market of The People’s Republic of China. It was held during 15 - 17 June 2555 that there are including Entrepreneurs from Thailand to join more than 100. We come let’s go talking to Provincial governor (Pinich Chareonpanich) that will be also discussing about “The festival of Mu Koh Chumphon” There are more interesting stories, such as the Thailand Tourism Festival 2012 “IMPACT Muang Thong TTF 2012, the highlight of the low season, Rainy fashionista 2012 and your horoscopes. Interesting news is TAT has outflank China - Russia straight to Thailand. The Prime Minister is expected tourism making for 2 billion per year, The seminar viewed a new modern tourism as well as more news be wait for you. in this magazins. The time is past for a half year ago. If you have not done what you want to do, let’s go start right now! Don’t leave the time waste. The weather is into the low season. Break a time to travel with your family. Don’t missing us when you feel alone. We are appreciating to services you. You can keep up and enjoy the activities. http://www. facebook.com/lomprayah

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Cover Story

BEIJING Asia’s leading annual travel and tourism event

International Tourism Expo 2012 15-17 June 2012, China National Convention Center

Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) is China’s leading exposition, which caters to the business and leisure tourism sectors. Over the years, the BITE series has successfully positioned itself as a one-stop networking hub for key international exhibitors and buyers to establish strategic partnerships; explore new and exciting business opportunities and to expand business contacts! Committed to presenting the highest quality of exhibitors, buyers and visitors across the region, BITE 2012 packs in an enormous showcase of tourism destinations, attractions and travel-related goods and services to set you at full throttle in the Chinese tourism market! Scheduled to be held at China National Convention Centre (CNCC) on 15 - 17 June, the three-day mega tourism event will unveil its international showcase of destinations, tourism attractions, travel packages, products and services. The first day is corporate only (see the online registration form on the BITE website), but the following two days are open to the public.

Why China?

China is.. • The most populous country in the world (with an estimated population of 1.3 billion in the world). • The world’s fastest growing economy (with an average growth rate of 10% for the past 30 years). • The 2nd largest economy in the world after the United States (with a Purchasing Power Parity of 8.77 trillion in 2009). • Per capita income, as at 2009 was $6,567. • Second largest trading nation and importer of goods in the world.

Why exhibit @ BITE 2012?

Organized since 2003, Beijing International Tourism Expo is one of the fastest growing in the industry, attaining a quality ranking in Asia, and becoming an important and influential platform for tourism networking and business transactions. 1. Optimize your time and investment with the upgraded Pre-Scheduled Appointment (PSA) Program. 2. Expand business contacts and interact with the widest cross-section of international and domestic buyers and industry professionals face-to-face. 3. Keep abreast of the latest industry developments via our comprehensive line-up of activities and seminars to further enhance your participation value and efforts.


Destinations’ Presentation Sessions Showcase of the latest travel products and services, tourism destinations and attractions. Pre-Schedule Appointment (PSA) Program Pre-Scheduled Appointment (PSA) Program is a program intended to schedule one-on-one meetings between exhibitors and qualified buyers on the show floor during the exhibition. Through the PSA Program, both exhibitors and qualified buyers will be able to utilize, manage their time more efficiently and allow them to make appointments before they arrived at the event. Business Networking Portal (Tourism-Gateway) Visit www.tourism-gateway.com for more information Tourism Gateway provides regional business contacts, industry professionals and alike with a key channel to interact, network as well as to be kept abreast of the latest industry news. It also serves as a news portal where industry people can share and discuss the trends and developments of the travel and tourism industry. BITE 2012 Exhibitors Profile Airlines, Art & Heritage Centre, Tourism Destinations & Attractions, Car and Limousine Services, Credit Cards and Facilities Providers, Cultural Venues, Cruise / Ferry Services, Golf Courses, Hotels & Restaurants, National Tourist Organizations, Tourist Associations, Pubs and Entertainment Outlets, Health Spas and Beach Resorts, Travel Agencies, Reservation Systems, Technology & Facilities Suppliers, Embassies BITE 2012 Visitors Profile. A committed Visitorship of-Travel Trade Members, Corporate and Business Travel Decision Makers, Leisure and Holiday Travellers (FIT & Groups).

Real Experience

Thailand Tourism Festival


The Thailand Tourism Festival at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani (TTF 2012) The festival is same as every year. The highlights of this event are stimulating inter-regional tourism, promote high-quality tourism products and disseminate knowledge about tourism. Let’s go! to see schedule 2012 what are they interesting at booths. (Information from The Tourism Authority of Thailand, 6-10 June, 2012 at Challenger Hall 1 – 3, Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani.) The central region activities Theme “A Variety journey of the central region Styles”. This slogan is “A Variety journey of the central region Styles” to present the uniqueness of living in Thai traditional marketing and mix of the old central market and the diversity of the 19 provinces. There are six zones including: 1. Charming Wang sea 2. A Western Paradise 3. Journey into community 4. Travelling the old city talking history. 5. The adventures by green heart. 6. Funny Bangkok.

A nice shot that everyone don’t missed at Phranakon Sri Ayutthaya among streams. (Flooding at the past) / / Sunflower season @ Lopburi/ / White Elephant Mountainat @Kanchanaburi / / Huahin Station @ Prachuabkirikhun / / Bangkok Station @ Hua Lampong / / The sea of mist @ Kaeng Krachan National Park, Petchaburi, and “15Land Market 16 Floating Market “ including a good quality OTOP 19 provinces to select for exhibition.

The northern region activities Theme “Cultural treasures Beauty of natural forests “.

Tourism Authority of Thailand has been taking the concept for the design of the Northern Hemisphere. The traditional way of life offers a unique beauty and attraction natural tourism. This is the charm of Lanna. Under the concept of “ Cultural treasures Beauty of natural forests “, a kind of magic in the northern region. It has been accepted and selected as the scene in the Movie Theater and movies that is popular. To encourage an interest in travel continued throughout the year.

To “take the track at the theater”. New home for Buri province.New model home locations. In the film room. For movie theater ads with the beauty of the northern city was the scene of the shooting.Follow his path.North County has been chosen as the filming location for TV and movies have been popular. Route to the theater. I really like the atmosphere at home, how Simon Wong Chiang Rai Phu over tea. Pedestrian activity. Food products, crafts and field performance, “Gad Gong Tar”. The spectacular cultural performances at the stage of the North Parade is a tradition that represents the unique Lanna culture.

The north east region activities.

Theme “learning knowledge of civilization”. Concepts in the design area of North East. By offering unique features of the East. The best culture and way of life, the charm of the Mekong region. Lifestyle and learn things. The beauty and variety of flowers are available throughout the year under the theme “East Resources cradle of civilization” and the miracle that only one of the Northeast. As a catalyst for interest in travel continued throughout the year. Activities, arts and crafts demonstrations. East, along with the story and is an attractive way of learning communities. Arts and cultural value. Experience the unique lifestyle and culture of the East. The beauty of a fine up close. Stage cultural performances. Discover the beautiful art and culture of the East, and its folk music and a grand parade. Activity over the Eastern region.

The east region activities

Theme “Oriental colorful�. Orchard - To bring fruits from the East of orchard. And sell popular fruits in special price such as kaew koon gardens, suk jai garden, Tho Thong garden, and Yai Da garden. A Wonderful the east market. It collect products from the East Region. - A stone mortar, seafood processing, Lam, a snack stand, shells babble- Oil, yellow, green papaya salad, shrimp paste, fish sauce. - Product of the shell, processed fruit products. Agarwood incense sticks, bamboo carving. Learning communities, waterfront homes Chantaboon. The learning community model home waterfront Chantaboon located at No. 69 Road opposite the Shrine of the market, the sanitary district, Chanthaburi. By the kindness from Khun Bunnprim Tiroopanusorn is allowed in this house for learning communities, waterfront homes Chantaboon a collection of images and knowledge of history for other interested persons.

The southern region activities

Theme “Beautiful forests, Crystal sea and diversity culture�.. Touching a gift from nature - Join together a charm of the South. The famous attractions is Koh Hin Son, Satun Tha Pom Klong Song Sri, Krabi, that are used to simulate in this event. Cultural Tourism. - Shrine in the Tek Seng (hit the grandfather), Phuket, the architecture, the art of grace and of faith.With respect to the tradition of the red turtle. - Hall of the Giant Swing and Shiva. The notion of Brahmanism developed in conjunction with the settlement of the world. - A picture with a statue of a mermaid as a symbol of Songkhla. - Demonstrate an admirable job. Art in the South. Taste the delicious food.

- Participants are involved with food and shopping. Each store has put the food in the area of the South.Who is the beautiful wild beach culture. - To appreciate the ecology of water in two colors, Tha Pom Klong Mon Beach is modeled after the event. Landlocked and island nest Mon stool has a realistic simulation.Who is the beautiful wild beach culture. - To appreciate the ecology of water in two colors, Tha Pom Klong Mon Beach is modeled after the event. Landlocked and island nest Mon stool has a realistic simulation.

Agency PR

areethip V iriyasathit Exclusive Interview


Owner of Salad Buri Resort & Spa

Hello! Everyone. In this issue we are so proud to present Khun Vareethip Piriyasathit which is a strong female of Koh Pa-Ngan. She lived here when she was born. At the present she was held in the position of Executive Salad Beach Resort and Spa that it is a famous resort of Koh Pa-Ngan. She has an interesting biography. In the past she also was appointed District Administrator of Koh Pa-Ngan. She is a great woman!

What do you work about Salad Beach Resort & Salad Buri Resort and Spa? I’m GM of the resort to take care of the entire department and almost the general work such as general staff as well as maintain order in the resort. I assets my daughter as an administrator for marketing and accounting. How long did you open Salad Beach Resort & Salad Buri Resort and Spa? How are the history. Salad Buri Resort and Spa opened three years ago and the Salad Beach Resort is 9 years ago. Before this I worked in Bangkok. It started out as a surprise that the tourist attractions. I went back to work in Koh Pa-Ngan. In other business, the first of several non-business resort.

When I first started doing taxi business. I develop to come up Vegetable shop. I adapted myself ing a supermarket in the both of wholesalers and retailers. After a week it was beautiful, I came to do business for the resort. I also continued work when the economy is quite good. In year of 2000 I came to surprise a lot of customer flows. I try to open a resort on Long Beach. It was named by the Long Bay Resort for 5 years. I collect some money to purchase of over 8 million 4 acres for Salad Beach. I have a good chance to succeed Salad Beach have left some income. I brought to build the Salad Buri Resort. Otherwise the business housing. How about tour? Tour ticket sales with a complete set that will include tours of the sea, a land tour. There are also parts of you. I own a boat tour that is a long tail.

From the listening of the experience story. Do you live here when you was born? My hometown is Koh Pha Nganan. I lived here since I was born in 2505 and study in the high school. After that I continued study in Surat Thani. Then I went to study in Bangkok. After graduation, I worked in Bangkok for two years. I have the opportunity to return to Koh Pha Nganan in 2531 until now. You are work hard. Do you have time to relax! Leisure time trying to keep time If my husband got up early in the morning, I will get up late. Sometime I have to responsible the restaurant at night. Almost in the morning my husband helps taking care of the staff. My daughter who works in the accounting and marketing. She follows us lately. Do you prefer travelling? Personally, I like travel. I come here since 2531 to the present. I had to, but not often because it’s not just because of new business and my children are younger. But now I was going to do it. I have managed to help my oldest daughter has three daughters and two people who are studying marketing at Mahidol University. I have time with my husband outside hang out. Are you planning for your daughters to help in the future? I have finished planning for my daughters. My husband works about system and the gardener. I will take care of all employees, restaurant, and kitchen. The older daughter respond in marketing and household. The second daughter planned to be help an older sister, and youngest daughter will help the marketing. I feel I know what do I planned for them.

kok. We also prefer natural. Almost we take time on Koh Pa-Ngan. When we are together,we will go to the Kao Tum Temple, Pang waterfall as well as Chinese temple, but we should going family to be a fun. What are there the memories place of you and your family? There are the memories place is KohPa-Ngan. We can stay here all trips to anywhere we would been a coral at Koh Ma. We have driven a boat around the island to see some corals in the shallow and walk in the areas. We had had meal other restaurants in the resort and along the beach for development of our business further. Where would you like recommend an attraction place on Koh Pa-Ngan? Koh Pa-Ngan has more beautiful such as Koh Ma and the beach is peaceful suitable for tourists. The beach is a popular relaxation. It has a quiet nature. It is the source of Dharma. We are going to meditate, it’s the same worldclass.

What are your styles of journey?

What are tourists come from?

I usually go with my family. Because it’s important to establish a warm relationship in family. We would just like familiar. We know where we go shopping at Bang-

Most of all is the European. In the August is the high season for the tourist. Revenue will be the peak for most tourists goes to the same family.

Most of all tourists will be think of Koh Pa-Ngan about Full Moon Party. How do you think the article?

Do you have an opinion about the tourism marketing in the future?

I think its ok because it is a way to motive them comes here. I request all sectors to help cut the Full Moon Party is in the positive. Actually a Full Moon Party is not bad for tourists. But it was a double-edged sword. Most travelers think of this Full Moon Party in a way that is not good, the drug. But it’s not just that. I hope everyone has opinion the Full Moon in more positive image.

I think it will get better of tourism marketing in the future, If all people and all sectors to help maintain and replenish attractions. As well as public or a part of person. This section will help you develop and maintain a good host for those who visit every year. taxi or a boat also helping. I appreciate Lomprayah welcome visitor is the best service. The staff will take care of customers have seasick. This is to be proud that they are very surprise. I think that if all sectors are doing well. Koh Pa-Ngan are going on to be success.

Are there tourists flowing into the Full Moon Party? There are a lot of people. The resort is in the Full Moon Party’s visitors is the second resort, not a full one so overloaded it with, but also tourists, some from Bangkok to the Full Moon Party like it and it will return to Island. Koh Tao.

In the occasion, would you please invite tourists at Koh Pa-Ngan I appreciate to invite both of Thai and foreigners visit the beautiful natural place on Koh Pa-Ngan. This is the ultrasonic properties of Thailand. The product has been in New Phangan Full Moon Party which is the purpose of nature, then we can get in learning goals of lunar. The full moon is shining on the island, many of which are pretty much at a Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan was not successful. I agree that the full moon at Koh Pa-Ngan is really beautiful.





For anyone that the rainy season now. Difficult to find clothes. The authors argue that it is not true. Because fashion is fashion, it is also not safe. I also have the option to make the same. No matter how the season. I was able to wear the same clothing.

1. Type

A shirt with HUD or a simple call. I have that hat.

This will tell them that we do not forget that this is a hot to very hot, so when it should not be wearing clothes that are too thick. Because it will make it possible for the season, I have this hat. It will be pretty fast. It also has the advantage that it can rain as well. We just picked up his hat and coat to wear. I can not help the rain. Coat with Hood for the Mix & Match can be easily put on a skirt that would make it look sweet. I put on shorts, women athletes had to be put on long pants, it would be cool to make a go anyway.

2. Type

Skirts and short shorts.

I just put it on a t-shirt paired with a smooth, it does look cool, it will just make it look sweet as it looks to me Tamadtaแmg. If there was a frame roof pants to shorts and pants, then took three of the four or five of the skirts are short. It is best to put it. It’s because it will not affect the state’s rainy season is here.

3. Type


For shoes in the rain. It must be easy to wear. And it will be dry. Not too damp for the best option now would be inevitable plastic shoes. Or a pair of semi-open bathroom can make it look good and easy to wear.

4. Type


Request that it should be a pattern to make a fashion that is compatible with the redevelopment it anyway.

Horoscope PART 1

Spot Your Mate By Mr.

Rup Krishen Baqaya


Aries is a rash, impetuous,headstrong sign, impulsive in love affairs and marriage as in everything else. It is also passionate. Aries tends to seek someone of a weaker nature whom it can impress and protect. Primarily Aries strives for leadership, whether it is man or woman. Unless the other partner is content to be led friction is likely to develop in the marriage.


Taurus has a very strong sex nature, though chiefly physical. At heart, Taurus is faithful, good natured, easily satisfied and patient. One of the chief characteristics of both men and women of the sign is obstinacy. Thus Taurus cannot be driven; it could rather be led by affection. Another peculiarity of Taurus is that it is not a very demonstrative sign. There is also this inclination in Taurus to be possessive.


Cancer is extremely imaginative and emotional. Its sex outlook is romantic, sentimental, protective and very largely maternal. It is subject to rapidly fluctuating moods but capable of great tenacity and faithfulness. There are two characteristics that are of great importance, one being fear of ridicule, the other hatred of criticism, both of which and more so the latter affect married life.


Leo is an intensely loyal, generous and magnanimous sign. The people born under this sign tend to adopt a protective role and like to be looked up to and admired when it comes to sex matters. The manner is often lordly and could be dominating too. Leo always likes to have the ordering and management of affairs. However not a fickle one but capable of great faith and loyalty when the feelings are fully aroused.



The general outlook of a Gemini in life is purely mental, sex interests being quite secondary. Gemini is essentially a cold blooded sign. It is a kind of living question mark, always seeking to know the reason for everything, analysing its own and other people’s thoughts, speech, actions and reactions. The attitude of Gemini to sex matters is thus not only experimental, but very cool, calculating and selfish.

Virgo is the natural sign of virginity and therefore does not favour marriage. Virgo is very discriminative and critical and is not at all easily satisfied. It is fastidious, dislikes being touched – the characteristics play an important part in its sex outlook. In marriage Virgo is dutiful, may be much more affectionate than appears on the surface, for the extreme shyness of the sign prevents any exhibition of affection.

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Lompraya News The topic of this seminar is update their knowledge of tourism trends as

Today’s travelers are shifting to more tailor-made options that meet lifestyle needs such as Hybrid Culture or the occurrence of a particular group. These are relevant to significant tourism. The seminar is open to view sharing for everyone. Topics to be covered are: 1. Social features – Location based – mobile applications (SoLoMo) by Google Thailand manager Ariya Banomyong; Ponthip Kong Khun Head of Marketing, Google Thailand. 2. Sports tourism: Winner takes all by Nantakwang Sirasoontorn; Let’s listen to how the marketing game. 3. Tourism made to order, designed by you by Panumas Thongthanakul. 4. Pop culture and its influence on tourism: Occupied Walking Street by Wasinburi Supanichworapath. 5. Reset Thai performance art by Manop Meejamras; Cultural presentation is handled under the new faith, and offers a variety of experiments. 6. Lifestyle marketing: the Old Normal & the New Normal by Wan Sing Prasertkul and Wuthichai Krishnaprakorkit. For understanding the changes in the modern world. 7. Love ... designed, Something special about marrying (wedding market) by Naddapen Thummanon; a view of the potential business opportunities in the promotion of marriage, honeymoon travel. 8. Hospital: Modern medical by Chatree Prakitnontakarn; the perspective of the architect on the medical tourism business.

The Prime Minister is expected Thai Tourism making 2 billion per year.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and Mr.Chumpon Silpa-archa, Deputy Prime Minister of The Tourism and Sports Ministry is joined opening THAILAND TOURISM FESTIVAL : TTF 2012 The Tourism Authority of Thailand will hold the Thailand Tourism Festival (TTF 2012) during Jun 6-10, from Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and Mr.Chumpon Silpa-archa, Deputy Prime Minister of The Tourism and Sports Ministry is joined opening THAILAND TOURISM FESTIVAL : TTF 2012 The Tourism Authority of Thailand will hold the Thailand Tourism Festival (TTF 2012) during Jun 6-10, from 10am-9pm at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani. There is also an exhibition on the evolution of tourism in Thailand, eco-tourism, adventure tourism, health tourism and the use of modern technologies in promoting Thai tourism. Thai and foreigner are known the magic and wonderful of Thailand. It’s seem as traveling around the country.This is a best gift for Thai people after a big flood situation and hard working. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said the tourism division is held on the industry generating revenue into the country each year at seven hundred and overflowing bath, it is expected that up to 2 billion by the government to create a transportation to motivate Tourism economy for Thailand is a middle of the region. Royal Thai Police and Tourist Police has the strengthen and the security for tourist relaxing and calming in Thailand. “Let all the parties together to make this year a year to complete, and to develop tourism. in the community. The beginning is develop cultural identity and intellectual. It is lso Thai tourism to the community known as the Unseen Thailand and the permanency of the country. “ Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said.

TAT penetration - China, Russia, the Thai. TAT is 55 years, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, a rising market. With expected revenue growth of 2 million visitors to the touch. MR.SURAPOL Svetasreni, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said that 55 tourists in the region is also a key target. The rising market also came from Indonesia, India, Russia and China, the Authority will focus on the qualitative review. The revenue from domestic and international market for about a million million, and a 2-digit growth. For a strategic framework in 2555 will focus on promoting tourism to the balance in various dimensions. Particular environment. Management. Increase sustainable revenue growth, brand building “in” a strong and clear. Tourism development by the creative economy. Focus on network development cooperation. Optimize the management of the organization. Also in the budget for the year 2555 will initially placed at 5,527 million, an increase from the year 2554 of 5.41% share of the budget to promote the international market, 3,133 million baht budget to promote the domestic market, 1,461 million baht budget for marketing 932. million baht “This is a strategy of growth. In which the proportions were different from years past. 2-digit number is expected to grow, “Mr. Surapol said. Mr.Sansern Ngao Rangsi Deputy Asia-Pacific market, said participants of the Beijing International Tourism Expo 2011 (BITE 2011) in Beijing, China, 18-21 June, this was by trade. is also active. Bright market prospects. Booked into Thailand during July-August number. It is expected that this year will amount to 1.4 million tourists from China after the election if the political climate is normal.


The Interview

part 2


Pinit Charoenpanit Governor of Chumphon

Journey by the governor Pinit Charoenpanich, a tour guide who seem not to be tired or bored of leading us to visit his (home) town. But what we can see is his eyes expression would like to invite us to visit his beloved hometown named “Chumphon”.

When we follow the father of Chumphon, who serves as host bring us take a tour in the territory since we have arrived. We have been told of the history as well as the knowledge and information of different places. The same as the destination on his fingertip now.

Looking over there, you will see Koh Pak Nam Tako (Pak Nam Tako Island), which the similar attraction to Koh Nang Yuan. That is, when the seawater goes down, the visitors can walk across to the other side of the island. Besides, the another feature of this Pak Nam Tako Island is it has a lot of little oysters along the path we tread. And if we keep walking on (without tiredness!), we will soon arrive Khao Matsi (Matsi Hill). On the hill is located the sacred goddess, which people in this area pay their respect to. There are also many beautiful scenic spots and does not want anyone visiting here miss them. You will just feel.. sorry for it!

small town, but it has a great natural. This is one of the wonderful places of Thailand that should be recommended everyone come to enjoy by themselves. In addition of the perfect nature, Chumphon people is also out of the ordinary. They are very good cook, like it is the talent of them here. The governor said because maybe they are so lucky having completely oysters, shrimps, crabs and fish. So that restaurants along the beaches are “Virtually all delicious”. And not only seafood is famous. Before our team come here, we have heard that this province is also famous about fruits. And who will provide the best answers is none other than the homeowner, our governor himself.

Walking through a bit, you will meet the place where His Majesty the fifth King made another trip in the reign of Phra Chao Luang (The reign of the King’s death, or out of the throne but still alive). He would stay here in every time he visited the south. The majority of those people visiting here are already interested in Thailand’s history. So that is more increasing the impression, that they have a chance to come to the place of their former the Thai King who freed slaves to be free as the other ordinary people.

“That’s right, our Chumphon is also well-known as the great power of fruits like rambutan and durian. It’s a perfect place to buy for a souvenir. Our fruits are fresh and crisp. We guarantee of the taste!” When we hear the guarantee of the governor, our doubt has definitely ended.

The next destination, the Coconut Island. In the front of the island are beaches. The mainland side will be Kao Chao Muang (Chao Muang Mount). It’s a high top of the mountain. This appearing scene is very hard to find “a tourist who doesn’t press the shutter!”. It will be a little selfish if you keep this for your memory alone, because this good stuff is worth to share.. isn’t it? After already satisfy those impressive pictures. Then keep walking to the Chumphon Islands National Park. You will see various creatures living on the mangrove forest areas. There is available to assist travelers with a very beautiful stretch of pavement, wooden bridges for walking to learn a real life of those living things. “It is a good place that offers visitors the knowledge and fun!” Said the governor. From which we has obtained knowledge of the attractions of Chumphon moderately well. We feel like this is just a

Before ending this conversation, our team has asked the governor to say all about Chumphon again for your readers both who have visited and have never stepped onto this small happiness city. If they would like to come to prove the beauty of this natural themselves. “Overall, I would say that Chumphon is worth visiting. It has many attractions to visit. Some people may not even know that Chumphon has “Hot springs”. It is just incredible, isn’t it? That makes this county has both sea and hot springs. Plus, you can do rafting, because we have waterfalls. Or if you just want to retreat, there are also some religious places, relatively quiet.. Everything that I have recommended, are all waiting to welcome you to visit willingly. If you never come, I want you to take a visit to see it. Then I’m just worried that.. you’ll fall in love with Chumphon without withdrawal ! “.

Pinit Charoenpanit Governor of Chumphon

Tip to Trip

Travel in the What about



There is a very distinct high season in Thailand from November to February, when prices in the tourism sector skyrocket. Hotel rates triple, airfares, even motorbike rental prices are hiked. It’s obviously also the period you’ll find crowds.

So what about travel in the low season? Thailand is a year round destination. Even during the rainy season, it’s still possible to enjoy warm weather and blue skies. In fact, a spell of rain clears the air and cools things down. The countryside is greener. Many beaches are almost empty. There are even more local fruits coming into season during this time of year.

Low Season Pros Greatly reduced prices, particularly in the traditional tourist areas. Many people claim their holiday was more relaxed, thanks to quieter hotels and less people. (This is why so many expatriates prefer low season). Easier scheduling i.e. hotels are very likely to have rooms when you want them and it’ll be much easier to get tickets on buses and book seats on domestic airlines. A number of annual festivals and events occur during low season, such as Songkran, or Buddhist Lent. River trips can be more enjoyable because of the higher water levels. The daily rains make the countryside lush and green.

Photo : Nangyuan Island

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