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Editor’s Talk Welcome to everyone in May, 2555. Lomprayah Magazine would be a good story to fulfill all happiness of you . Beginning with a Cover Story in this issue, we have been honored at the Governor of Chumphon’s visual development business; we have the opportunity to interview him for preparing tourists from all the world to “Southern gateway” to head to a beautiful destination. “Moo Koh Chumphon” Come on following the details on the next page. A happiness would not be much. It also will be have a column more fun to spread the love continuing such as; The Interview of JaenBaptiste Richard from agency will coming to It also has a “Chumphon Marine Festival “ and “Koh Tao Marine Festival “ Don’t miss. “Trip for diving”. For someone don’t like the adventure, relaxing along the beach and taking photos take into facebook “The trend of chic sunglasses of 2012,” We have news and more information on magazines. Let’s open to fill happiness and enjoy the activities.

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Cover Story

Is a very unique place caused not far from Bangkok. There are still many opportunities who are love relaxing in the weekend for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. There are more than 40 islands. On some islands, there are diving sites, fine white sand beaches and corals; such as Koh ngam Yai, Koh ngam Noi, Koh Ta-Lu, etc. They have many sea sparrows’ nests. There are perfect coral reefs which are the interesting sites for diving. Some Island has white and beautiful beach. Tourists can hire boats to travel along these islands at the appropriate price not far from Chumphon city.

The interesting island in Chumphon Koh Ngam Noi

is an island with a variety of marine animals. There are small fish swam in the coral grove and sea anemone; such as Moray Eels, grouper, Teira Batfish and butterfly fishes included artificial reef (The defeat ship) to conserve coral reefs.

Koh Ngam Yai

is a high cliff. (Like the palm of the Buddha). In the west of the island is a shallow sea. Drivers will find feather corals, sea anemone and sea fan were blowing in the a wide area. This is the most amazing sea anemone which is a house for anemone fish.

Koh Mattra

is sand beach mixed with gravel and rocks. In front of the island’s coral reefs are considered to be a Giant Clam Park. There are Staghorn coral and colorful sea anemone. On the island has Hairy Leg Crab. (Sound of them like a chicken can climb on the trees).

Koh Lanka Jew

has a wonderful nature and abundance in this area. Besides interesting at the island, it has a long time history since King Rama the fifth that came here for 3 times a week. On Koh Lanka Jew,there are nest swiftlet filled off beautiful corals, cleaned sea and some big fish. It is the most spectacular places for scuba diving.

Koh Lawa

is a small island which is around the rocks and cliffs. The highlights of this island is under the water surface had mountain, sea anemone, anemone fish and corals.


Chumphon has some attraction places for foreigners who are on break. There are deep diving places at the least. Our first places suggestion is really awesome: Koh Ngam Lek- Koh Ngam Ya is the underwater world of the two islands that are close to the sea surface. Perfect for beginners or experts to dive into the amazing underwater world. On the highlights of the second island are hard coral species in the ground Antler. It has many thousands of fish. If you are really lucky to have found a big fish or a turtle, it might be good to see whale sharks, like other travelers here. We can go to see the beauty of stone. The grate diving into the advanced level. This is the underwater kingdom of the wide range of living: such as hips, sea grass, colorful flowers, red clump and various types of fish. Here is the best favorite diving for tourists in Chumphon.

Experience Of Tourists. I hope once time I will going to Chumphon after seeing pictures in magazine. For my trip, homestay has located on Koh Chumphon which is beautiful. They include Koh Mattra, Koh Langa Jew, Koh Lawa, Koh Rad, Koh ngam Yai and Koh Thong Lang. We used time for relaxation two days and a night. We leave on early morning at 05.00 a.m. on Saturday. We have to get on the boat to Koh Chumphon. The journey trip has packages total everything that’s so good and cheap.

Preparing go to dive, This island has no beaches. This island has some beautiful flowers and fish. Enjoy the underwater world together for a long time. It’s time to go back to our accommodation and take a stroll at the beach. I have quite here. I would like to have time.

The beach on the island is not white. The race will be a small rock, thousands of multicolored blocks down to look at the clear waters. The sun began to move down to dinner, we made a meal of this sea shrimp, roasted vermicelli, Grilled squid Mixed seafood salad in three flavor the fish. The great taste of all the five stars.

Chumphon National Park before traveling to Bangkok. They visited the shrine of Krom Luang Chumphon, Father of Thai Navy. Or commonly referred to as the other. He places all of the sailors. And the worship of the general public located on Sairee Beach. In the shrine of Krom Luang Chumphon. As we walk in the Royal Navy warship, the atmosphere is like a battleship with cannons and statues of soldiers guarding the front.And walking time to hear the stirring of the Royal Thai Navy at all times.

The bottom before the Royal Court. The large torpedo boats. The Navy decommissioned and donated them to come to the memorial. Krom Luang Chumphon which visitors can visit the ship and take photographs. The point is that we visit. The view that normal tree. The statue. Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Let us worship. This is the best viewpoint. Another interesting part of London, overlooking the Gulf Beach and the beach community of Ocean Beach


The interview Chumphon Provincial


Pinit Charoenpanit Governor of Chumphon

Gate to the South, Pay respect to the Prince, The coffee field trip, Visit the Ree Beach, Lady Finger bananas, Famous bird nest. Ever wonder why? Chumphon is just a small province which is virtually invisible in the map of Thailand on the elementary school book cover. It has become tourist attractions in both domestic and international. And increase the number growing steadily every year. For what happened, it’s not only from the good of those beautiful beaches, also from the provincial governor, Mr.Pinit Charoenpanit, who has granted to those who would lead Chumphon to move forward steadily from generation to generation.

hurried back to Thailand with a full commitment to the goal he has set. Working in the area of the country. He served as Sheriff of Chumphon. Later he served as Deputy Governor of Chumphon. He currently serves as the governor of Chumphon also this position for two years. We can say he is a local person as he was born in Chumphon, so he committed to develop his home town “The City of Chumphon” along with the progress in various fields. Beginning with the education, he graduated the Bachelor of Arts, degree in Political Science from Chiangmai University. Then he came to continue his study at the University of Kentucky, USA for the Master’s degree in MPA, which was the first step of his commitment.

Before his tenure as leader of this province. He has worked in key positions like many of the sub-committee to study the administration of local government organizations. And Government in the Senate Administration Committee. You have told us that during 36 years at the government. You can help the County a long time ago. He emphasized to us that “Chumphon is like my own. What I do is “just a start of the talks. The men were interested in the heart of this commitment even further. It does not surprise me. You will continue our dialogue with the introduction of “home” for your beloved to us

“This is known as the province of Chumphon. “Gate of the South,” which many people are already well known. I think the weakness of the County will have just one thing. The trek is quite long and time consuming “ “We are very fortunate to have land in abundance. The nature of the County. Terms of foreigners are the “Virgin” that does not come to much, “but whenever tourists arrive at the destination and then back to the perfection of nature’s welcome visitors. Welcome to the impression he wanted to come back again several times.

The beauty that nature has created all the natural elements fused together seamlessly. Clean, white sandy beaches of the traveling distance of 222 kilometers amble toward the white sand with bare feet. Disposable load and they float with the wind and waves. There is a small bay for relaxation. You can go to the another islands total 44 islands! It is the most statistics in the Thailand.

If you do not enjoy the full nature has become the eye candy dishes that the beach then. I want to experience the adventure in the water also. Chumphon province is considered lucky that there is no bleaching of coral reefs. This is called. “Everything is conspire�

He had told us that, he has the opportunity to talk with your doctor to another. The doctor has told you that. “You have to come to Chumphon underwater exploration. Chumphon and the most beautiful sea. It wasn;t disturbed, “it makes you proud to be further multiplied. Before you told us that “The island has 44 beaches, little can be empty, or if one wants Snorkeling Scuba diving is the same. If you have no experience, there are provided for This city has too many tourists. The sea anemones, or even animals. Living under the sea are also very rich. Which the media on this issue with us. “We want to make a second visit is a small market. We want to market your dive. We tried to decorate the sea of tourists to visit a lot. Currently, he found a good diver Scuba diving was

He never even turned off the path of his own career, that is, after he had finished a master’s degree from the United States. He Tourists coming to Chumphon is not a foreign one. Also include many Thai traveller to Chumphon for about 90% came to pay homage to the godfather of Krom Luang Chumphon. The sacredness of the Thai people I respect and honor to wish to help protect themselves and their families. The Krom Luang Por his death. The Gulf County. Which the Governor. Don’t let little things slip through the eye to this. Don’t y try to make a fishing village to become one of the best that tourists can visit the Authority’s guarantee that you will be traveling to Chumphon in the various facilities. Deputy certainly pointing out to us by the end of the Governor with stories that are tirelessly tired or even less. Keep track of all the streets you have to look further in the next month!

lomprayah News

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Government response to open the “Miracle Year of Amazing Thailand 2012” There are the magic 7 zones in the invent including products from different places. We encourage tourist to come Thailand. Suraphon Svetasreni, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said that we have Miracle Year of Amazing Thailand 2012 between March 29 - April 1, 2012 at Exhibition Hall 2, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, for the purpose of the ceremony to celebrate the auspicious. The government and people of the country’s glory, including the Royal Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej who were 84 years and honor the Queen’s Birthday.On 80th Birthday ceremony will also be distributed to foreign participants to recognize the gravity and to encourage tourism in Thailand has increased the number of tourists targeted.

Chumphon Sea World Fair (23-25 March 2012) “The gateway to Southern Respect Sa-dej Nai Krom, Visited coffe garden, looking at Ree Beach, best for PLANTAI, Famous in the nest ” This slogan to heard it when visitors coming. Chumphon province, especially the first visit to his native land as the starting point of getting around the beautiful and magical land of Siam. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the County Administrative Office, Chumphon, Chumphon province business associations, government agencies and the private sector in Chumphon. Project co-hosted the Annual Beach County between 23 - 25 March 2012 at Tung Wuoy Len beach , Saplee, Patew District ,Chumphon to promote tourism in province

Mr. Uthai Worramaskul, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office said that Chumphon Marine Festival 2012 this year there are many intereresting activities such as Bike Rally Car Caravan. Photo contest “Amaziag Chumphon” type of music sung by popular artists, Package Tour to Ocean Beach for a special visitor in the first festival. Restoration natural activity is Big Cleannig Day 2012. Otherwise, Chum

phon is also same the gateway to thesouthern land. We have attractions place such as beach sand, forest ecology and a long time history. For activities on the sea such as rafting and Phato canal house boat, dive boat to the mangrove fishing Squid at Natural Resources, the National History Museum of London, London’s Royal Court to worship.

Koh Samui Takuando Championship Suratthani Province joins together with Koh Samui Taekwondo stadium (An academy of Taekwondo in Koh Samui), Suratthani Provincial Administrative Organization, Muang Koh Samui Municipality and Koh Samui Tourism Authority (Tourism Authority of Suratthani). Arranged the competition “Koh Samui Takwando Championship� 3th /2012. On Saturday 5th May 2012 at Kanjana pisek Stadium, Koh Samui Suratthani to the purposes: 1) To bring this martial art for all the people for the exercises. 2) To put the virtue, discipline, give, rules to develop the social of democracy. 3) To promote Taekwondonist to show their skills and have more experiences from the race. 4) To operate the attractive of Koh Samui District, a city at the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand. 5) To chain relations in family with the sport and trip activities.


Koh Tao Underwater (28-29 Festival April 2012) This weekend sees the staging of the annual Koh Tao Festival Event. The Underwater festival celebrates the life and people of the Island and brings the community together to raise awareness of environmental issues which effectus as an island and have further reaching implications. It could be said that it’s a microcosm of the actions that communities are taking across the world. Opening with a Buddhist Ceremony and Speeches for local dignitaries including the

Mayor of Koh Tao, there will be events to promote cycling and the use of sustainable transportation methods to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage. Parades involving local school children, Department of Marine and Costal Resources and the Regional Environment Office will take place to help deliver key environmental awareness messages. Also this year there will workshops held on the festival site on producing soaps, candles and shampoos from recyclable materials,

A huge part of the festivities is the opportunity for locals and visitors to become involved with the Local Environmental Projects you can easily sign up to participate with local Land, Beach and Underwater Clean Up projects happening all over the weekend, at local dive schools. But what would a celebration be without a party? At the festival site there will bars and food stalls available to keep you sustained throughout the evening as you enjoy entertainments put on by local Dive Schools and businesses, the winning entry from the Koh Tao Film Festival and finally you can dance the night away with live music and DJ’sI ts a great day out for all the family and certainly not one to be missed if your on Koh Tao.

Chumphon Sea World Fair (23-25 March 2012) The annual Chumphon Sea World Fair will be held again at Thung Wua Laen Beach in Pha Thiew district (15km north of Chumphon) in order to promote the province’s various seaside attractions and activities. From its stunning beaches to sports such as rafting and scuba diving, the area has vast tourism potential. The fair will also boast some delicious seafood, a light and sound show, and a photo contest. Other main activities include: - Government and travel-related booths - Booths run by diving schools, diving equipment retailers, and dive tours - Vendors selling OTOP goods from Chumphon - Underwater cleanup activities - Diving with the HTMS Prap Battleship - Specially priced scuba diving and snorkelling packages - Specially priced tour packages around Chumphon - Mangrove planting - Bicycles for tourism - Beach sports competitions, including swimming and beach football - Free pedestrian-only BBQ Street - Concerts and other performances - Singing and song-writing competitions

Real Experience

The interview of Agency

Jaen-Baptiste Richard

Specialist: Asia Tour Operating

After an exchange student in Bangkok, he worked for several years in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in a tour operator in the region. Since his return to Europe in early 2009, it deals logically demands for its continent heart.


“... Every time I have free time after work. I will Escape from the big city. Escape to the small island. To escape to shield others. The island is ... “.This is part of an interview. Mr.JeanBaptiste Richard, former students who have studied in the period of time. And from that day ... he was bound in a type called. Whether he will go over any last he returned to Thailand. The reason that Let’s find it together.

In the year 2009 Jean-Baptiste Richard has returned to work in Europe, home girl. But they claim to be the backbone of the country came to work here again.Thailand is a favorite country because it is the city that never sleeps is the city streets surrounding the cable 10for themselves. I have a casual day at work.from major cities to enjoy the island. The island is small comfort to the living room. We like a night to go to the pretty west in the evening. I try to impress on his experience in it. Thailand is a country rich Europeans who come here. It will be must see and it is a very green.

The first time I visited that country. Jean-Baptiste Richard, on behalf of foreign exchange students from France. But when he graduated, he returned to his country. But just a moment. He has decided to open a business in Thailand. Think of summer in Thailand. He has represented the state of his students became avid Agency. Thailand is a warm city. It is very hot because the forest is green. Euro Jean-Baptiste Richard currently peans like to live with this. I came to this serves as tour manager for Asia. And he event. In September, like Koh Samui, was also a member of the International Koh Phangan, Koh Tao. Personally, I’ve Air Transport Association as well. Pre- come to Chumphon or t.I’ve jusbeen seviously he had worked in Thailand for lected as the Island County. I had to go many years. From the first time in Bang- through just to get my car from Suphan kok and Chiang Mai, and there may be Buri have been frequent.Actually, there a starting point for engagement with this are very few people go to Chumphon. country, where he himself was unaware. The Coral Sea is quite complete but I rarely go to Thailand because it has no beach and a small beach. It was not easy to get it right on the airport,from Bangkok to Chumphon or come from Surat to Chumphon.

Horoscope By

Mr. Rup Krishen Baqaya

It’s Only Namesake You can change your fortune for the better by altering a few letters in your name. By Rup Krishen Baqaya You must have about how numerologists work miracles by changing one or two alphabets in the names of people. The story of Napoleon Bonaparte who was defeated at waterloo, soon after he deleted the ‘u’ from his name is well known, However, there is no miracle in it, It is just about a few simple rules of numerology. Numerology assigns numbers to each alphabet. These are also called the value of the alphabet. These are: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=8, G=3, H=3, I=1, J=1, K=2, L=3, M=4, N=5, O=7, P=8, Q=1, R=2 S=3, T=4, U=6, V=6, W=6, X=5, Y=1, Z=7,

It is believed by numerologists that a person will feel more harmonious with the circumstances in his life if the number evaluation of the name most commonly used by him or her is the same as the birth number or is at least in harmony with the birth number. For example, number one harmonise with 2, 4 and 7. Then there are the numbers 3,6 and 9 which harmonise with each other and such. These Values are used in arriving at the number evaluation of a name by adding the values assigned to each alphabet of the name. To take the example of a smaller name for convenience sake, say Raji, the number evaluation of this name will be: R=2, A=1, J=1, I=1. Adding these numbers up, we arrive at five. Similarly we may take the name Ritu. We have R=2, I=1, T=4, U=6. Adding these up we arrive at the number 13 and consequently adding the numerals of thirteen, that is one and three we arrive at the number 4. Thus the number evaluation of the name Raji is 5 and that of Ritu is 4. People use different names for different purposes. Like let us say my full name is Rup Krihen Baqaya. But the entire name is hardly used anywhere except in property documents. In office they call me Mr Baqaya. On office papers or on cheques I write my name as RK Baqaya. My relatives call me Rup Ji or Rup Krishen, and so on. The question may therefore arise as to which name is to be considered for number evaluation. As per the rules of numerology, the name to be considered for number evaluation is the name which is used most commonly by the person

According to many numerologists, the birth numbers 4 and 8, more particularly 8, are not considered lucky from the worldly point of view. Therefore people with the birth numbers 4 and 8 are advised not to increase the power of these numbers by making the number evaluations of their names the same. These numerologists advise that in such cases the number evaluation of the manes should be some other number which is considered luckier, say 3,6 or 9.

However, another school of thought opines that if a person born with the birth number 4 or 8 want to understand the full meaning of his birth number, it is advisable as the birth number. The choice is of the person concerned. As they say, to each one his own. However it may be made clear that numerologists strictly forbid a birth number 8 person to go for a name number valuation of 4 and vice versa

The number evaluation of Napoleon will of course remain the same, that is 41 or5, but the evaluation of Bonaparte will come to 35 or 8. The total name valuation now came to 5 plus 8 which is13 which when reduced to a single number comes to four. The failure of Napoleon in the battle of waterloo is attributed by numerologists to this change of name, for according to numerologists four and eight are both unlucky numbers and both formed part of the new name evaluation, eight in part and four in the total. Just as in the case of Napoleon, fortunes dwindled by changing the name to an unlucky number evaluation, numerologists believe that a person’s fortunes can be changed for the better if a few letters are changed in the name here and there to a make for a more lucky name number evaluation. Coming to the example of Napoleon Bounaparte, as his name was before he met his Waterloo, we find that his name number evaluation at that time was: Napaleon=5+1+8+7+3+5+7+5=41=4+2=5 Bounapar te=2+7+6+5+1+8+1+2+4+5=41=4+1=5

Thus the name number evaluation comes to 5+5=10, or 1.We know by now that one is the number of the Sun, a number of pioneers and fortunate. More so in this case, since that one emanates so in this case, since the one emanates from a ten and we have already discussed that the zero in the ten increases the power of one considerably. It so happened that just before the battle of Waterloo, the great Napoleon removed U from the Bounaparte and made it Bonaparte.

To take a very simple example, let us take the name RAMA. Its number evaluation is 2+1+4+1=8. We all know that 8 is not a lucky number evaluation. To bring the number evaluation to a more lucky number, let us say we add one more ‘A’ and make it RAAMA. The number evaluation of this name will come to the luckier 9 without changing the name materially. And I our Raama is born on a birth number 9 day that is 9th, 18th or 27th of any month, then this name number evaluation would be all the better. As in the preceding paragraphs we discussed about using number to change the names of people to a more lucky evaluation, we shall now discuss one more aspect of number evaluation. According to numerologists,

numbers can also be used to determine the city or town which would prove lucky for a particular individual. The method to determine that remains essentially the same, as we discussed above: the name number evaluation of the city or town number evaluation of the city or town one chooses to live in should be in harmony with the birth number. Let us conider the city of Ahmedabad. If you add the values assigned to the various letters in its name, you arrive at 1+5+4+5+4+1+2+1+4=27=2+7=9 According to this rule Ahmedabad will prove very lucky for birth number 9 people and to a slighty less extent for birth number 6 and birth number 3 people. So persons with birth numbers 3, 6 and 9, if they have a choice in the matter, live in Ahmedabad Let us take another example of Pune. Its name number evaluation total to 24 or six. So Pune will also be lucky for birth number three, six and nine people. Lastly let us take the example of Jaipur. We find that the name number evaluation of Jaipur adds up to 19 or one. Thus Jaipur will be very lucky for birth number one people and to a lesser extent for birth number 2, 4 and 7 people.


Spring/Summer 2012 Sunglasses Trends

to stay in vogue and look stylish you need all modern trends. Second, you should knowa lot. First of all you should know complexion and facial features. And third you what suits your particular shape, with your unique peculiarities in mind. Diffic have to be able to follow the trend small thing. Read our report on sunglasses ult? Maybe. But let’s start from the trends for Spring/ Summer 2012.


Cat eye sunglasses have


es Sunglasses in quirky shap sign-

are new in vogue but many de ers try hard to popularize them. Heart, oval and even diamondshaped eyewear looks fresh and can be a perfect choice for girls who aren’t afraid to look funny and attract atte


Sporty sunglasses are always

trendy for those people who wear them while doing cycling or running. But in Spring/ Summer 2012 season such style of eyewear will be popular with everyone, not only sportsmen.

1been very trendy for a few seasons already and will remain as hot during Spring/ Summer 2012. Eyewear in this shape comes in different colors and décor and can be very playful or more austere.


Round glasses are classic

and worn by such big names as Elton John and Lady Gaga. But for Spring/ Summer 2012 round sunglasses won’t be that simple. Frames and lens will be in different hues and frames can come with patterns or jewel-encrusting.


Sunglasses with gradient lens are not new to

the industry but from time to time designers tend to love them more than other styles. Spring/ Summer 2012 is just that time.


Love contrasts but feel that color blocking is not the right thing to wear right now? Try contract sunglasses instead. It’s interesting when frame and lens come in different and often quite contrasting colors.

Credit : http://www.millionlooks.com/trends/accessories-trends/sunglasses-trendsspring-summer-2012/

Tip to Trip What You

Need To Know Before You Go Scuba Diving Exotic vacations are really popular these days and doing more adventurous activities with your off time can be really attractive. Not everyone likes the idea of just sitting around by a pool and you might want to spice up your trip with activities at Scuba Diving . It’s really easy to get the basics down if you have an instructor but most people don’t know that it takes a little more preparation than just strapping on a tank and going out and doing it.


First Thing’s First

Many people aren’t aware that before you’re eligible to receive any training, you’ll need to first pass a medical exam performed by your doctor to ensure that you’re “swimming fit.” This is only a precaution so there are no issues that arise once you get in the water. So set up an appointment before you contact a trainer.


Contacting A Trainer

First you should look up any certified scuba instructors in the area. The resort or destination that you’re planning on visiting usually will offer these courses. Before you head out, see what kinds of classes and resources they have available for beginners.


Nailing The Basics

Getting down the basics is important and how much time you spend leaning obviously depends on your comfort level with water. You’ll need to learn how to use a oxygen tank and suit up but if you’re not that familiar with swimming then you defiantly need to go to a local gym or community center and refresh yourself on the basics of swimming.


Knowing Your Health

People of almost any age are allowed to take scuba diving lessons. Age usually isn’t a problem but you should know that certain conditions preclude you from taking course. If you have a heart condition or asthma you might want to rethink doing this. First talk to a scuba diving professional to discuss any health concerns you may have. Usually it’s just a matter of being will and reasonably fit.


Seeking Professional Training

Many people aren’t aware that before you’re eligible to receive any training, you’ll need to first pass a medical exam performed by your doctor to ensure that you’re “swimming fit.” This is only a precaution so there are no issues that arise once you get in the water. So set up an appointment before you contact a trainer.

Taking these basic steps and considerations is essential. Scuba diving is a awesome activity and an amazing experience but you should still take it seriously. Look for professional advice and make sure that you’re prepared. This will make for a better experience and safeguard yourself against anything going wrong.

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