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Issue 1 / July 2011

Chilling with Khun Kitt Steven Tharaputi Marketing Manager of Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Company Limited

Blacktip Reef Shark



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Editor’s Talk Doing tourism’s business and inform tourism’s news is necessary and very important for stimulating. It uses many strategies to spread recognition and awareness. So, online marketing is a way to reach the clients efficiently. We are pleased to introduce our new Lomprayah Magazine Online which is about our history and tourism information. Our success in this magazine is as we expected following our vision” in-trend fast safe and care”

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Cover Story Real experience


Ultimate Happiness at


Ning went to travel at Koh Nang yuan, Surat Thani province on May 29-31, 2009. After she searched for travelling information from her friends for a month, she decided to catch the bus at Banglumpoo near Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Company, Bangkok Branch to there on 28th at 9 p.m. The Company is located on the entrance to the side street of Swensen’s ice-cream shop. It’s easy to find. We gave the tickets that company faxed to us after booked and paid for 3 days and 2 nights package (this package includes accommodation fee, transportation fee, catamaran fee, and 6 meals fee). We had to pay for room key deposit only 1,000 Bath. The bus left around 9 p.m. but we were there around 8 p.m. to confirm and to be set the seats on the bus. The seat is upon on who summit the voucher first. We’re very excited where we would sit on. But the bus is more comfortable as we expected.

When we submitted voucher1, we got 2 stickers to attached our shirt and bag. These stickers have different color in different destination. We walked to get on the bus in front of TMB ,Bank banglumpoo branch nearly the company. After bus left for a long while, we stopped at Tub Sakae about 2 a.m. Then the bus stopped again at Thung Makham Noi, Chumphon province. Thung Makham

Noi have seats and canvas beds available around there. Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent. This area has convenience store for everyone while we waited the boat for 2 hours. We arrived to pier at 5 a.m. but the ferryboat left at 7 a.m. She can do only wait again and again meanwhile her boyfriend ate all the time they waited. For everyone who like to send postcard, this shop has

many beautiful postcard of Koh Nang yuan only 10 bath per 1 postcard. While the sun rose up (but had more clouds and rain was coming) the boat started to leave from pier, they confirmed ticket before leave. When staff confirmed their ticket, they got on the boat. We could select the seat on High Speed Catamaran. Suddenly,the rain began to fall heavily.  Before she had read review about Koh Nang yaun from a member in pantip’s web board. They should bring medicine because somebody has seasick. She should take care herself for safety.

While the rain, strong winds and high waves happened, I felt bad. Staffs began to give free plastics in case of vomit. Many people got seasick but it didn’t hurt her because medicine made her fell asleep. As she opened her eyes, she saw a lot of people walk to behind boat to vomit.

Finally, High Speed Catamaran arrived to Koh Nang yuan. From Thung Makham Noi pier to Kho Nang yuan takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes long. Then the rain stopped but the sky had still more cloud. I saw others still in seasick about 20% of traveler.

Koh Nang yuan has strong wave. The bridge from the pier has a sign “Do not bring cans and plastic bottles to Koh Nang yuan”. When we reached the reception they provided Roselle cool drink as a welcome drink. They had to submit their information of Voucher 2 and ticket from Lomprayah Company to get the room key. But they cannot select the room. They had to deposit 1,000 Baht for key room and they could refund this fee when we return the key. Ning selected zone “K”(chose from booking) stayed on the top of small mountain, which it’s good because they didn’t walk pass the sea before breakfast and after dinner. So big mountain zone A and F must walk pass it.

Zone K rooms are accommodated with air-conditioning room with twin beds (2 small beds). Zone A is the same as Zone K but different in single bed in Zone A. Zone F is fan cooled room (seen from another review in web board). Electricity on Koh Nang yuan could not use during 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Ning stayed in room K3 on Zone K which like a home and also has balcony with a good view but there were a lot of mosquitoes.

The surrounding around the hotel and pier, the sea is crystal clear green water, fine sand under their feet, a lot of debris coral. On Koh Nang yuan is full of natural richness. I enjoy taking photo all the time. Next day, I prepared to dive around Kho Tao, scheduled 8 o’clock, but I was walking along the beach before. Beach in the morning is very quiet and calm.

There was only her and her boyfriend. They enjoy walking and taking photos with the blue sky. Suddenly I saw something weird in the sea but I don’t know what it is. It swam straight into people like it want to greetings. Then she could see theirs black fin out of water that made her know these were black fin shark. They didn’t fear people but don’t talk out loud here, they would be panic. She knew those are the shark because of the review she had read in pantip’s web board. She was very excited.

Greeted with the sharks until she satisfied, they got on the boat went to the place where we could dive. In the water, fish came around them and wait them to feed it. This place has a lot of fish and beautiful color.

We took a dive from 8.30 a.m. and came back to Kho Nang yuan at 2 p.m. After taking a shower, she took a photo with the wood bridge around that small mountain for a good impression and memory before they left there at 9.30 a.m. This trip she think there is a lot of fun, good atmosphere, feeling peace, calm, happiness and excitement. This is called “the ultimate happiness”. Sources of information: http:// marunma.bloggang.com.

Agency PR

Chilling with

Khun Kitt Steven Tharaputi

Marketing Manager of Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Company Limited

As we know “ Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Company Limited� has grown up at its very best. But nobody knows that Khun Kitt Steven Tharaputi or also called khun Kitti, the Marketing Manager, drives this business success in short time. It makes others wonder and want to know he is judicious or not after he is out office.

When we started our interview and asked him about his free time, he suddenly gasped out. Because of his duties, he has almost no free time to waste. Then he turned to be the paralyzed man for a while. So, we have to change our interview’s topic to the present project which it is under control by him.

Tourism Nowadays

In my opinion, I think that we are obsolete than other countries as technology, service and facilities in tourist places. These things are the inferior point. But nowadays there are many technologies which have no effects on our environment or even earth. Technology is developing more and more rapidly and efficiently. So, we have to wash our brain and open our mind to utilize new technology.

For example, when we travel to the national park there is the narrow, small and inconvenient path along the way. I felt that we are behind other countries. However, there are facilities available there; it cannot make the tourists feel more comfortable. As comparing when we go aboard, they use artistic works decorating that place. They also apply architecture to be familiar with that place. It is not simple as our sign which has only its name. I don’t mean there is no such a good place. I am very impressed the Emerald Pool of Krabi. They decorated by using wood path along the way and dome roof. It’s an unforgettable place for me.

The future of tourism

However, we can say that our tourism in Thailand is quiet obsolete which caused by some circumstances and surroundings. It doesn’t mean our place is not good enough. Due to the economic crisis, present politic chaos, and even natural disaster are the main factors for their hesitation. Even though, I absolutely make sure that we can recover our tourism soon.

Appreciated Place in Thailand

Similan Island, I spent all 2 weeks around the coast. I love all kind of water sports. You do not miss diving when you go to the sea. You can go for a walk along the beach or swim around the coast or take a sunbath for those who cannot dive instead. It’s a great fun. It has sandy white beach, clear blue sea, and also sea fish.

Freestyle on Free Time

I always work out by riding a bicycle to the office in every morning and evening. I can release unwanted thing along the way. It also loses my sweat. It makes me happy and feels comfort. About my hobby, I like to ride a motorcycle around the island or travel somewhere with my family. This is my truly happiness. My image as others knows me that I always concentrate on

my works. That is all my style and myself all the time. When I’m not on duty, I like to wear casual clothes such as T-shirt and shorts that I can go everywhere. The important thing that drives me success is just do not to feel tired when we work. Feel tired can let us more down. However it’s hard to solve, but we just think that it’s not over our ability. That’s it!! I always tell my colleagues not to feel tired and they follow my advice. It really works.

“just do not to feel tired, we just think that it’s not over our ability. That’s it!!” - Khun Kitt Steven Tharaputi -

Lompraya News

Miss Netherland 2011 joined conserving environment and tourism at Hua-Hin

On 27th June, 2011 Mr. Apinun Juntarungsri, the Prachuapkhirikhan’s vice-provincial governor, Mr.Suvit Lienrungruang, the Hua-Hin Vice-Mayor,

, Mrs.Pinnath Jaroenpol, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Director of Prachuapkhirikhan, Mr.Chanyuth Sawedsuwan, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s ViceDirector of Prachuapkhirikhun, Dr.Rungroad Sriluesawas, the Hun-Hin and Cha-Am Tourism Business Association President, and Mr.Chadchawan Samonwech, the the Hun-Hin and Cha-Am Tourism Business Association Vice-President welcomed 12 contestants of Miss Netherland 2011 to join conserving our environment which emphasis on tourism, culture, natural resources and environment. Mr.Prakid Saiporn, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Paris officer took 12 contestants

to Hua-Hin, Prachuapkhirikhun province for preparing for the contest until 30th of June. And RTL TV correspondents from Netherland came together to publish the news of Miss Netherland 2011 for 45-minitue long broadcasting in primetime from 08.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. on every Wednesday in July 2011. There are 6 episodes named “Environment Category” which mainly shot in Netherland and Thailand. Also, Netherland Television Station drew more 15-20 million viewers from its country and other countries that encourage our Thailand’s image and reputation and also stimulate tourism in Hua-Hin.

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