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April 2008

Blue Water takes over Unifeeder’s Forwarding Activities On 28.2.2008, Blue Water Shipping A/S signed an agreement with Unifeeder A/S for the acquisition of the company’s freight forwarding activities as per 1.4.2008. Unifeeder will in future concentrate on its core activities; liner and feeder service in Northern Europe and the Baltic based on a fleet of 40 container vessels. Unifeeder is known as a very strong and qualified forwarding company, specialised in Norwegian traffic and also well-known for general freight forwarding and individual transport solutions. We are certain that the merger of Blue Water’s and Unifeeder’s activities will provide an enormous strength on the Norwegian market, and that the joint market strength will be to the benefit of both present and future customers. Unifeeder has a total turnover of approximately DKK 100 million and the activities are taken care of by a staff of 20, distributed throughout the offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo with 10, 4 and 6 employees respectively. Blue Water has for a long time wished to have its own representation in Norway and Unifeeder, Oslo will now provide the basis for such representation.

On 28.2., Blue Water signed the agreement for the acquisition of Unifeeder’s freight forwarding activities. At the back, left to right: Allan Junge/Blue Water Esbjerg, Svend Erik Ladegaard/Unifeeder, Aarhus, Poul Aarre/Blue Water Aarhus. In front, left to right: Managing Director of Unifeeder Group Jesper Kristensen and Kurt Skov/Blue Water. Director of Blue Water Shipping Carsten Eskildsen, who was heavily involved in the takeover, was in Poland on business when the picture was taken. In Aarhus and Copenhagen, Unifeeder’s staff will move in with Blue Water and in Oslo our new colleagues can be reached at the following temporary address:

Unifeeder Aarhus - left to right: (at the back) Kasper Kristiansen, Mikkel Kruse, Ole Hermansen, Thomas Geilmann, Christian Herms and Svend Erik Ladegaard - (in front) Sebastian von der Wehl Mikkelsen, Stine N. Pedersen, Gitte Viborg Schmidt-Nielsen. Julie N. Pedersen was absent, attending a course when the picture was taken.

The Oslo team - behind from left to right: Trond Vestby, Ben Abdedaiem, Tom Stian Kallekleiv, in front from left to right Laila Finstad og Wenche Tøgersen.

Unifeeder Copenhagen already forms an integral part of Blue Water Copenhagen’s Norwegian department - left to right: Peter Boisen, Sissel Kongstad Nielsen, Leif Carlsen (Blue Water) and Rasmus Thulin.

Blue Water Shipping AS Bekkelagskaia 2 Bekkelaget N-0137 Oslo Norway Tel. +47 2266 2060 Fax. +47 2219 1188 E-mail:


STATUS 2007 At the end of 2006, we established an office in Bremen, Germany headed by Ralf Poppe. From the very start, the office was involved in transport of aluminium from Norway to Poland and the Czech Republic - 100-200 loads per month. The opening of an office in Gothenburg, Sweden was the prelude to the new year 2007. An old acquaintance, Björn Jensen, was at the head of the activities and by the end of the year, the staff reached the number of 4 all-round forwarders, capable of servicing customers with all kinds of transport. At first, however, the main focus was on road traffic between Sweden, Denmark and England. The road traffic between Denmark, England and Ireland made rapid progress. In Ireland, we took over the traffic ourselves again which resulted in a considerable quality improvement.

In Greenland, the activities were also progressing, resulting in the establishment of a new office in Ilulissat, based on ships agency in connection with port calls and stevedoring. Kenneth Birk Jørgensen was appointed day-to-day manager. New agency agreements were made for road activities for Portugal, France and Spain. The new cooperation with Rangel on Portugal was already effective as from late 2006. In connection with France, our new agent is Mory Team and in Spain we changed to Rhenus Logistics. The most important event of the year - for Blue Water - took place on 21.4. at the Tobakken in Esbjerg, where Kurt Skov transferred 75% of the company shares to a commercial foundation “The Blue Water Foundation” to secure Blue Water’s future; its identity, independence and growth. On the same occasion, the future board of directors was introduced including two new members; mayor Johnny

Blue Water Academy The “Best in Town” concept is wellknown to all Blue Water employees. They all know that it means that Blue Water wants to be the best transport supplier in the local area or within a certain niche activity. We wish to be the importers’ and exporters’ first choice of supplier of transport and logistic solutions to and from any destination in the world - no less. To be able to fulfil these demands made by ourselves, we need to have the most competent employees in the business. In addition to correct attitude to service, high level of professional competency and great business talent, our employees need current education - also called competency development. For many years, we have been using the Forwarding School under the Danish Forwarders’ Association, where the students after four subject examinations are called Examined Forwarders. Together with Business Academy West, we now introduce our own academy

education consisting of a large number of interesting management subjects, transport subjects and financial subjects. Hans Mathiasen, Principal of Esbjerg Business College and Board Chairman of Business Academy West and Director of Blue Water Shipping Jørn Bøllund are very pleased with this new co-operation. The education will take place partly in Esbjerg and partly in other centrally located places in Denmark. Long term, we hope to offer the education in English to our employees around the world. Blue Water Academy expects to start its first class in management subjects in August 2008. As early as 2009, many more educational elements will be offered by Blue Water Academy. Should the employees wish a complete Blue Water Academy education, 6 subject modules must be completed, each taking 6 months, i.e. a total of 3 years. Subject modules are from the academy of the official educational system in Denmark thus giving ECTS points valid for further studies in Denmark or abroad at diploma level. For further information please contact: Jørn Bøllund tel: +45 79 13 40 02

Søtrup and the former managing director of DFDS, Ole Frie. Blue Water Odense moved to new facilities at Emil Neckelmanns Vej 20, Tietgenbyen in the southeastern part of Odense on 14.5. The official inaugural reception took place on 2.11. An extra vessel was chartered to the Denmark/Faroe service during the busy summer season to cope with the demand. Furthermore Smyril Blue Water purchased 30 new trailers and BlueWater entered as shareholder in Smyril Line on 29.8. Blue Water France celebrated its silver jubilee, as it was 25 years since the opening of the first small office in Lorient. The event was celebrated with a dinner cruise off Brest for clients, business connections and staff. In Italy, Blue Water took over the agent role in connection with road traffic, with Henrik Sidding Nielsen as head of department.

In the autumn, Blue Water entered into various contracts, e.g. transport of a FSO (special tanker) from Singapore to Baku, Azerbaijan. The job will be carried out during the summer of 2008. Another contract was with Semco Maritime, in connection with construction of power plants in Central America, which will take place in the autumn of 2008. At the turn of the year, Blue Water employed a total of 809 people at 45 offices in 23 countries. 2007 was a financially good year for the Blue Water Group with a turnover of approx. DKK 2.7 billion (EUR 360 million) and a result of approx. DKK 35 million (EUR 4.7 million) before tax. The net capital as of 31.12.2007 was approx. DKK 110 million (EUR 14.8 million) and the budgets for 2008 look promising; approx. DKK 45 million (EUR 6 million) before tax. Kurt Skov

Esbjerg Inhabitant of the Year

Every year, the local paper “Esbjerg Weekly” elects a person who, during the past year in some way, has been of importance to the city of Esbjerg. This year, the choice fell on Kurt Skov. At the award ceremony, which took place during

a tremendous party at the Britannia Hotel in February, the Editor of Esbjerg Weekly, Erik Haldan, said in his tribute speech: “You were elected for the importance of your life’s work to the city today and in the future”. The 37th Inhabitant of the Year found himself in distinguished company among sportsmen, cultural celebrities, business people, artists and other good people who were happy to welcome the new member to the “club”. The evening’s programme included speeches, that could make even the toughest person blush, and entertainment by the local Frank Sinatra - Thomas Lilleøre.

April 4 - 6, the Oil & Energy Managers of Blue Water’s worldwide offices gathered for mutual meetings at the headquarters in Esbjerg.

3 Blue Water Marine & Energy A/S As from 1.1., our port, project and offshore activities in Esbjerg, Denmark have been transferred to a new company in the Blue Water Group: BLUE WATER MARINE & ENERGY A/S. The new division is comprised of the following sections and heads of sections: Terminal & Stevedoring: Per Jensen Ship’s Agency, Chartering & Projects: Søren Stougaard Offshore Transport & Service: Anne Skov Sales & Development : Frank Mouridsen, Thomas Bek Overall Division Director: Kurt Skov In recent years, we have seen con-

siderable development in the Port of Esbjerg, and have built up many interesting activities. Much of our port related business has ties to the oil & gas industry or is project based, and has until now rested with different departments which have contributed a lot to the growth of Blue Water particularly in Esbjerg. Joining these activities in one company and taking advantage of shared synergy enables us to be even stronger in future. In short, we will be better prepared to face future challenges. The activities make heavy demands on resources, including staff, specialist expertise - and not least investments. Therefore we have established this separate division which is responsible for its own economy and liquidity.

The management group of Blue Water Marine & Energy - left to right: Thomas Bek, Kurt Skov, Per Jensen, Søren Stougaard, Frank Mouridsen og Anne Skov.

Blue Water’s On/Offshore Base servicing the Oil, Gas and Wind Industry Since the company’s start in 1972, when the first North Sea oil came to Denmark, Blue Water has offered global transport solutions and other services to oil and service companies involved in the oil and gas industry. We arrange transport of all kinds of oil equipment, from small courier parcels to transport of entire oil rigs, not only between the oil centres around the North Sea, but worldwide. Wind power is the future energy, and Blue Water is deeply involved in transport of windmills in most parts of the world as well as handling of windmills on the quayside of Esbjerg for shipment to faraway destinations or offshore wind farms in North Sea. Next to our head office in Esbjerg, we have large open areas and 25,000 sq.m. warehouse facilities standing on the quayside. The main part of these base facilities is used for activities and clients related to the oil, gas and wind industry - on and offshore.

ETS’ New Service Centre for Drill Pipes at the Blue Water Base In early 2008, a brand-new service centre was ready at the Blue Water Base at Esbjerg Traffic Harbour for Esbjerg Tubular Services (ETS) - offering preparation, inspection and maintenance of drill pipes and

equipment to the North Sea. The growing activity in the North Sea and favourable prospects mean increased demands on production, resources and logistics. With the aim to securing a high level of efficiency, Esbjerg Tubular Services have together with Blue Water outlined the new facilities to achieve the correct flow in production and secure coordination in the handling and transport from start to end of the delivery chain. The new facilities, including 1800 sq.m. under roof, are built on a 10,000 sq.m. paved pipe yard and include offices, wellness area, technical room, washing, inspection and preparation facilities.

DONG’s Pipe Yard at the Blue Water Base Blue Water was awarded the contract in connection with DONG E&P Offshore Base’s invitation to submit tenders for pipe yard in Esbjerg. This means we have established a modern pipe yard (approx. 10,000 sq.m.) for storage of DONG’s pipes on concrete foundations complying with ISO/ API standard (American Petroleum Institute). The pipes will be used in connection with DONG’s drilling operations in the entire North Sea region. DONG’s pipe yard is next to ETS, which gives the 2 companies plenty

of opportunity to co-operate. Several other companies related to the oil, gas and wind industry have their office and terminal facilities at the Blue Water Base, including

the oil company Altinex (owned by Noreco, Norway), Schlumberger, M-I / Swaco, Odfjell Well Services, Tess Global Offshore, SubCPartner and Atlantic Marine Services.

Inspection of the facilities - left to right:. Per Jensen and Frank Mouridsen / Blue Water - and the ETS team: Kim Jensen, Patrick ”Paddy” May and the owner Günther Harms.

Base Manager Peter Skov and Kurt Skov/ Blue Water at the pipe yard.


Seatrade 2008, Miami As in previous years, Blue Water participated with its own stand at the cruise exhibition “Seatrade” in Miami during March. The stand was manned by representatives from Blue Water’s office in Fort Lauderdale, who have the daily contact to the cruise industry, and also Richard Buys/Blue Water Rotterdam, who had crossed the Atlantic to meet his regular contacts of Holland America Line. Furthermore Jesper Damgaard/ Blue Water USA and Amadeu Outeiro and Christina Sanchez/ Blue Water España were present during the exhibition week.

Blue Water’s exhibition department arranged transport of equipment for 13 Danish exhibitors and one Norwegian as well as stand equipment, packed in 2 x 40’ containers, for the collective stand of the Danish Exporters’ Association. In Fort Lauderdale, our local staff took care of the return transport and reforwarding to other exhibitions in the United States.

Fruit Logistica, Berlin 7.-9. february 2008

Poultry Convention in Atlanta At the end of January, Priscilla Souza/Blue Water Sao Paulo and Michelle Minto-Le Dreff / Blue Water Brest joined Victor Sapp / Blue Water New York for the annual Poultry Convention in Atlanta where they met many of our clients. After the convention, they went to New York to visit clients and business relations. Priscilla and Michelle also had time to meet their colleagues at the New York office and to get to know them and further improve the good relationship between the offices.

Visiting Globex - left to right: Victor Sapp, Zara Karapetyan, Joao Neri, Priscilla Souza and Vince McBean.

During the trip, Priscilla and Michelle also met with Birgitte Pedersen of Vestey Group, with whom they negotiated a new contract for their worldwide shipments.

At Blue Water’s New York office left to right: Isabel Piorro, Victor Sapp, Matthew Pavese, Michelle Afonso, Eva Zsubori, Priscilla Souza, Maggie Da Silva and Lasse Petersen.

Dick Heijmen and Johannes Lachi /Exotimex, Waddinxveen, Holland. Both Blue Water France and Holland were represented at the trade fair, Fruit Logistica, in Berlin this year. Robyn Briand from Brest and Dick Heijmen from Rotterdam met with many of their clients and were of course also looking for new business opportunities. Sanlong’s stand: Angel Jia and Kathy Ma.

As Chinese New Year coincided with Fruit Logistica, Dick Heijmen was invited to celebrate the festival with the Sanlong team. Left to right: Kathy Ma, Dick Heijmen, Mike Su, Angel Jia and Abram Kong.

Robyn Briand with Eduard Kristaikin of Sunway Group, St. Petersburg.


New Partner in Belgium This Season’s last Shipment Belgium’s largest family-owned freight forwarding company, Groep H. Essers, with headquarters in Genk in the eastern part of Belgium has chosen Blue Water as business partner for all land-based transports of industrial cargo. Essers has approx. 900 own trucks and controls logistic warehouses covering 625,000 sq.m – making the company a considerable player within the Belgium freight forwarding industry. The success has i.a. been created through the desire to offer high service and a consistent execution of product performance at a high level. The co-operation between Blue Wa-

ter and Essers began on 1.4.2008 and was marked by the start-up of a daily express service between Kolding (DK) and Genk (B) with a transit time between terminals of only 15 hours. This short transit time means that jointly, Blue Water and Essers can offer different express solutions, naturally including connections between all Danish offices and the distribution hub in Kolding (DK). For further information please contact your regular Blue Water liaison or Development Manager Peter Ankersborg on telephone +45 7633 8520, e-mail:

Left to right: Guido van Dessel/Essers, Peter Ankersborg/Blue Water Kolding, Ivo Bloemen and Jos Mullens/Essers.

New Agent in Italy Blue Water’s road traffic from Central Italy has for a long time been making rapid progress - not only part and full loads, but also groupage. To be able to offer our clients an even better service, we have entered into co-operation with Odino Valperga in Ancona for road traffic to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Odino’s greatest strengths are its large flexibility at the terminal, its nationwide network and knowledge of the Scandinavian market in general. Odino operates a large fleet of trucks, making it possible to respond quickly and have a short transit time. It is therefore possible to offer collection Friday with departure the same day to large parts of Central Italy. The company is family-owned and has, in addition to Scandinavia, regular departures to the rest of Europe, warehousing and logistics as well as sea and airfreight expertise. Odino has an annual turnover of

EUR 10 million which makes it one of the leading transport companies in Ancona. Blue Water is loading a large number of trucks from Central Italy every week and expects, with this new partnership, an even further increase in the activity, not to mention an improved service. Blue Water offers groupage from Ancona every Tuesday and Friday and full loads on a daily basis. For further information please call your local Blue Water contact or Henrik S. Nielsen on telephone: +39 334 6830169.

of Seed Potatoes

Loading of m/v “Sierra Loba” the season’s last vessel with seed potatoes. For many years, Danish company Danespo in Give has exported large amounts of potatoes by reefer ships from the Port of Esbjerg to North Africa; Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. Shipping of the potatoes has been handled in close co-operation with Blue Water who is responsible for the transport to Esbjerg, warehouse handling, loading of the ships and ship’s agency. The seed potatoes are stored in the old potato warehouses in the Port of Esbjerg. The warehouses are owned jointly by Danespo and Blue Water. Outside the 3-month potato season, Blue Water uses the warehouses for other purposes. This season, approx. 15,000 tons of seed potatoes were shipped on board 6 reefer ships to North Africa. The last vessel of the season, “Sierra

Loba”, was loaded on 4.1. with the final shipment of seed potatoes to Algeria. Managing Director Steen Bitsch from Danespo explains that already at the time of shipping, Danespo has earmarked agreements to purchase the new potatoes which are grown from Danespo’s own seed potatoes. When last year’s seed potatoes have sprouted into ten times as many new potatoes in North Africa, they are shipped back to Danish dinner tables. From the middle of February, new, North African potatoes can be bought from Danish stores. Further to the export to North Africa, Danespo also sells Danish potatoes to many other countries – both European and overseas countries.

Left to right: Jakob Gaarde Uth, Production Manager / Bjarne Thorup, Logistics Manager / Mette Østergaard Petersen, Key account Coordinator / Steen Bitsch, Managing Director / Kim Madsen, Productions Manager.

Blue Water Billund has moved office Monday 10.3., Blue Water Billund has relocated from its insufficient facilities on Cargo Centervej 70 in Billund to its newly built domicile also in Billund Airport. Blue Water Billund Cargo Centervej 93 7190 Billund Tel. +45 7650 1000 fFx. +45 7650 1030 E-mail:

AN 124 from Billund to Korea Odino Valperga - left to right: Henrik Sidding Nielsen/Blue Water Milan, Marco Ruzziconi, Carlo Casoli and Simone Santarelli.

In January, Blue Water arranged charter of an AN 124 from Billund to Inchoen, Korea for one of our good customers. The aircraft was loaded with 107 tons parts for a drill ship and the transport went according to plan. Aircraft chartering

is not new to Blue Water. It is in fact an increasing activity which includes both small propeller-driven airplanes and now and then a big one, which category the AN 124 being among the world’s biggest air freighters - indeed belongs to.

6 Naming Ceremony of m/v “Safmarine Ngami” Blue Water was invited, by Safmarine and Volkswerft Stralsund GmbH, to the naming ceremony of the ship bearing the provisional title “Hull 466”. The event took place at the shipyard in Stralsund on 15.2. The sun was shining when the ship was named “Safmarine Ngami”

after the lake of the same name in Botswana. It was a very exciting and entertaining weekend in a pleasant atmosphere, explain Blue Water’s representatives from Ireland, France and Denmark. We hereby thank our good friends at Safmarine for a very fine arrangement.

Challenging Assignment in Central America In the autumn of 2007, Blue Water signed a contract with Semco Maritime for transport of two power plants which are to be built in Guatemala and El Salvador. The construction of the plants in Guatemala is close to be completed and in mid-February, the two main engines arrived by charter vessel to Puerto Quetzal. Each engine measures 1230 x 475 x 445 cm and weighs 258 tons. From the port to the site, the engines were transported on special 18-axel trailers. This inland transport was the heaviest ever performed in Guatemala and most challenging. Not only did we have to cross several bridges that needed reinforcement,

we also had to face a mountain incline of 17%. The original route had to be changed as a flood washed away a bridge which we had planned to cross. The challenging inland transport was arranged in co-operation with Blue Water’s partner in Guatemala, Daco Heavy Lift. In February, Frank Madsen and Thomas Bek/Blue Water Esbjerg - who were deeply involved in the planning of the transport - visited Guatemala and El Salvador to personally inspect part of the inland transport, and also to meet Daco Heavy Lift and the local Semco people.

Agreement with Frigorifico Neuland, Paraguay Priscilla Souza of Blue Water Sao Paulo visited Paraguay in December to finalize an agreement between Frigorifico Neuland and Blue Water do Brasil Ltda. Frigorifico Neuland have built a new slaughterhouse in Asuncion, enabling them to store the cargo close to the port of loading and speed up the logistics process for their export shipments.

They used to have a plant in the Chaco region, but with this new plant, their volumes will increase considerably as they expect to slaughter about 250 animals a day - only in Asuncion. Blue Water in Brazil looks forward to the new challenges and will do everything to fulfil the transport needs of Frigorifico Neuland.

Priscilla Souza/Blue Water Sao Paulo at the entrance of Neuland’s new plant.

Sales Manager of Neuland, Fernando Mongelos, showing the new slaughterhouse built last year.

Left to right: Frank Madsen and Thomas Bek/Blue Water Esbjerg, Flemming Daugaard and Jan Clausen/Semco Maritime.

Loading of the first engine on 18-axel trailer.


Salvage off Brest In the early morning of March 4, the towing line between the tug boat “Sun London” and the hull “Northern Wind” broke while passing Brest during a voyage from Setubal, Portugal to Tomrefjord, Norway. Due to very bad weather, the hull drifted towards the shore. At the request of the French Navy, the French rescue and salvage vessel “Abeille Bourbon” came to the rescue and towed “Northern Wind” to Brest, with “Sun London” following the

convoy. Blue Water Brest was appointed agent for the tug boat by her T/C Boa Offshore Trondkeim on behalf of shipyard Solstrand AS, Tondrefjord. Our Brest office was therefore responsible for co-ordinating the fabrication of towing brackets and welding/mounting by the local shipyard. Both tug boat and hull departed from Brest on 24.3.08. During the stay in Brest, our office also assisted the Swedish tug owners Scantug.

Brest has a brand-new airport, Brest Bretagne Airport, and we have taken the opportunity to promote ourselves in the magnificent new facilities.

In September, Blue Water Holland went on their joint annual weekend excursion. This year’ destination was the Ardennes in Belgium, and the activities of the weekend included paint ball game in the forest, mountain biking and trekking. The evening’s party was held at the same hotel they stayed overnight.

New Office and Warehouse Facilities in Rotterdam December 14, 2007 was a wonderful day for our Rotterdam colleagues. They had just signed a 5-year lease with Den Otter Transport for new and larger office (450 sq.m.) and warehouse facilities (1000

sq.m.) with two dock shelters and a loading pit. The facilities are under construction and expected to be completed at the end of the year.

The hull “Northern Wind” leaving the port of Brest assisted by three tug boats with “Sun London” leading the convoy.

Transport of Prototype Cars In early January, Blue Water Gothenburg was contacted by our agent in Korea, Haeyoung, who was entrusted with the airfreight of two prototype cars for testing under arctic conditions, in Lapland north of the Arctic Circle. Blue Water Gothenburg took care of import formalities and arranged on-carriage of the cars by truck, 1400 kilometres through Sweden to Arjeplog. After testing, the cars were to be returned to Korea. The specially designed wooden containers,

which were used for the first transport, had been stripped apart so we had to find another solution. As Gothenburg is an important car shipping port and therefore has the necessary handling expertise, we decided to return the cars by ship from Gothenburg. A specialist garage made the cars ready for the return shipment.

Signing of the lease was celebrated with a Christmas drink at the warehouse of Den Otter Transport. Left to right: Bram de Visser, Serge Geelhoed and Hans Poiesz/Blue Water Rotterdam with Wim Koos and Jan Willem den Otter.

On 7.2., they left Gothenburg in a 40’ container on board m/v “Hanjin Tianjin” destined for Busan, Korea.

Blue Water Baltic offers full service to clients with special requirements. This picture shows reloading of equipment for UAB Inwood, close to Vilnius.

A proud Hans Poiesz cutting the first turf, to start the construction of our new facilities in Holland, under supervision of the local crane operator.


Transport on the Yangtze Jason Goh/Blue Water Singapore has been in China on business numerous times. This time, however, he travelled inland to Jiujiang in the Jiangzi province, a cultural and tourist destination south of the river Yangtze with a 2000-year history and famous for its scenic spots; Mount Lushan, Lake Poyang, the Yangtze etc. The place was in 1992 approved as an “Open City” by the State Council. The purpose of the visit was to witness the transport of 18 large storage tanks, with a length of 13 metres and a diameter of 4.5 me-

tres, for our client, Kepper Fels, in Singapore. Due to the height and weight restrictions, the authorities would not give a road permit for shipment from the usual commercial port. Instead we had to find another solution and use a non-commercial port closer to the tank manufacturer. Consequently the tanks were loaded on to a domestic barge and towed to Shanghai Commercial Breakbulk Port for loading on to a chartered vessel for shipment to Singapore. A challenging and very interesting job.

Transport from South Korea “We were very excited when invited to quote for the transportation of king posts, pedestal cranes and booms for Maersk Contractors’ FPSO Vincent conversion in Singapore”, says Jason Goh/Blue Water Singapore. Due to our competitive price, experience and know-how, Keppel Fels awarded us the contract for transportation of the two cranes from NOV’s factory in Onsan,

South Korea to Singapore (the longest boom measured 52 metres and the highest king post was 8 metres). Bjarke Nielsen from our Singapore office travelled to Ulsan in South Korea in November last year to supervise the loading in co-operation with our local agent USI. Everything went well and the cranes were delivered on time in Singapore

In early January, Franklin Offshore requested a suitable shipping solution for their equipment consisting of several wire reels, polyester ropes, anchors, anchor chains and loose equipment from Singapore to Pointe Noire, Congo. In late January, we arranged loading on board m/v “Paimpol” and the equipment arrived at Pointe Noire on February 16, 2008.

Blue Water Singapore has been involved in overland transport and barge shipment of 8 tanks (length: 11 metres / weight: 22 tons) from Masan port to Geoje Island for Samsung Heavy Industry Projects. A total distance of 100 kilometres from the factory in Masan to destination. Back in February 2007, Blue Water Singapore was invited, by Keppel Fels, to bid for their third party warehousing and transportation for all their steel materials. After long and clarifying negotiations in July 2007, Blue Water won the 2-year contract which will take effect as from 1.8.2008. The project requires an open area of 32,500 sq.m.

Blue Water Singapore’s Company Excursion This year we did it differently. We made a team building event, reports Blue Water Singapore. Our Singapore team went to a small island, called Pulau Ubin (Granite Island), off the north-eastern corner of Singapore. Here our colleagues

Joonie Lee/USI made a trip to Singapore in October. In the picture he is, to the right, together with Jason Goh/Blue Water Singapore.

During the loading operation - left to right: Bjarke R. Nielsen/Blue Water Singapore, Joonie Lee and Kim Sung-Won/USI.

were exposed to a variety of funny, challenging and energy-sapping activities, teaching them to communicate and work in teams to be able to solve problems. We hope the excursion proves to give us value for money in future job situations.

9 Topping-out Ceremony in Aalborg On 27.2, we put up the roof tree at the 1000 sq.m. extension to our terminal in Aalborg. The extra space is ready for use as from 1.4. Next on the programme is an extension of approx. 350 sq.m. office space over two stories which is expected to be completed at the turn of the year.

Blue Water acting New 3-year Freight Agreement with as Lloyds’ Agent Nukissiorfiit (Greenland Energy Supply) When damages happen to vessel and cargo, the extent must be assessed and reports made. See also article on “Nordön”. The world-known Lloyds of London takes care of these matters and has appointed local agents all over the world. Blue Water is officially appointed Lloyds’ agent in both Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and the proof of our status as Cargo Surveyor can be seen below.

During a visit from Purchasing Manager Kent Skidal and Chief Buyer Johnny Leth of Nukissiorfiit in December 2007, we signed a new agreement with Nukissiorfiit for both sea and airfreight. According to the agreement, our new co-operation period runs for

more than 15 years. As there has been a decision for the renewal of water meters, calorimeters and electricity meters in all households, 2008 started with this renewal project - with Kamstrup A/S in Skanderborg as supplier, explains Ole Ulriksen/Blue Water Aalborg.

Visiting Nukissiorfiit - left to right: Ole Ulriksen/Blue Water Aalborg, Purchasing Manager Kent Skildal and Chief Buyer Johnny Leth.

Christmas Vessel to Greenland ran into Bad Weather Blue Water Aalborg’s Annual Skiing Trip According to tradition, Blue Water Aalborg was on a skiing trip to Norway in early March. This time, as often before, the destination was Vrådal. About half the staff

had signed up for the trip, which took place in fairly good weather with plenty of snow - and no broken limbs at all.

Blue Water Aalborg on top of the world in Norway. Michael Taagaard Jensen celebrated his 25th birthday in the grand style in Norway. According to Danish tradition, his colleagues presented him with 2 kilos of cinnamon.

Once more, we experienced that the North Atlantic can be very rough, especially in winter. One day in November 2007, the vessel “Nordön”, chartered from RAL, ran into a heavy storm resulting in several containers and large machinery coming loose. Furthermore the ballast tank sprang a leak and several containers were under water. The damages added up to several million Danish kroner and surveyors travelled to Greenland to form a general view of the situation on behalf of cargo owners and insurance companies. Luckily most parties involved had taken out a goods in transit insurance and were thus indemnified for the loss.

Today Blue Water is very consistent and takes out goods in transit insurance for all cargo between Denmark and Greenland, the Faroes and Iceland - unless the clients have arranged coverage themselves. Ship owner’s liability is limited to SDR 2 per kilo or SDR 667 per package or other unit of goods and in case of general average, the cargo owners may be liable to contribute towards large joint expenses. Our colleagues at Blue Water Greenland have asked us to point out that claims for visible damages, if any, must be reported immediately and claims for invisible damages not later than 3 days after goods receipt.


Far East Cargo Line Konference Healthy Food Wave at Blue Water’s Headquarters in Esbjerg business development etc. and As usual, Blue Water participated, together with our Asian and European partners, in the Far East Cargo Line Conference which took place in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China in February. The conference offers fine opportunities to discuss

again our partner in Hong Kong and China, Cargo Services (Far East) Limited hosted a Chinese New Years celebration for 900 invited employees and guests.

Representatives from the FECL board; Cargo Services/Hong Kong/China, Cargocare/Taiwan, Portocargo/Portugal, Italsempione/Italy, Allport/ England, Terratrans/ Germany, Blue Water/Denmark (Dan Nissen and Stig Egelund) and Far East Cargo Line Management.

Our former kitchen assistant, Mariann Lange, has together with her sister, Elizabeth, established a consultancy - Kost & Kvalitet (Food & Quality) offering healthy food counselling to company canteens. The titles on the sisters’ business cards are “nutritionist and process technologist specialised in nutrition” and “nurse and Bachelor of Nutrition and Health specialised in human nutrition”. It sounds so convincing that, when they offered to test their knowledge on our company, we accepted. Already at the beginning of the year, the process started in close co-operation with our canteen staff - Elisabeth, Susanne and Mirjam. Right from the start, they liked the idea of creating a “Health Wave”

in our canteen and they have all contributed greatly towards the adaptation. It is not that we did not lead a healthy life before, but new inspiration and not least the change in meal composition is a great encouragement. March 3 was the great “E Day” (E stands for energy). Banners were put up in the canteen and distribution of flyers and a visit from the local paper officially launched the Healthy Food Project. With the above initiative, recent stop-smoking courses at several Blue Water offices and a nationwide discount agreement with Fitness-DK, the management has taken steps to secure our staff long and healthy lives.

Forwarders’ Cup, Esbjerg Blue Water was well represented at the actual sporting part of the annual football tournament “Forwarders’ Cup” in Esbjerg. As usual, the large number of spectators and players had a great time during the day. Unfortunately our sporting results lagged a bit behind. Last year, we took home two out of

three first prizes, but this year we only managed to carry off one first prize in the Old Boys series. Our mixed team was, however, close to repeating the success, but was defeated in the final - and our two men’s teams we would rather not mention ...

Introduction Seminar in Esbjerg 26-27 February, 23 new office colleagues assembled for a two-day interesting and intensive introduction seminar. They arrived fit and eager to learn, and the seminar started with each participant introducing him/herself. The programme had changed a bit compared to previous seminars. Blue Water’s company culture was, however, still part of the programme and again the “Blue Water Spirit” was infused into the participants. A “harbour tour” with Søren Stougaard as tour guide constituted a breather in the programme. To round off the first day, we passed by Blue Water Arena and stop-

ped at Restaurant Parken to try the speciality of the region, “Bakskuld”- dried and salted dab. Bodil Troelsgaard of the accounts receivable department expresses her satisfaction with the seminar: “It is fantastic that all division directors, including Kurt and Jørn, take time to give such extensive information. I received information that I could never have found myself - as I might feel that it was none of my business or because I would not know were to find it”. The participants left Esbjerg after two informative days full of relevant information about Blue Water; strategy, economy, IT and marketing.

Healthy lifestyle promotion banners.

Introduction Seminar for Warehouse Staff March 5 was the first of two introduction days held in Esbjerg for our newly employed warehouse people. 9 new colleagues from our terminals in Hanstholm, Kolding, Odense and Esbjerg participated. Christian and Jòrgvan from our Hanstholm terminal have commented on the seminar: “It was very interesting to learn about the organisation and structure of the entire group. We took special notice of how big Blue Water is - both in Denmark and

worldwide. Naturally it was also interesting to see the headquarters - including warehouses - in Esbjerg and get an insight into the activities outside Hanstholm. It was also great to meet the people we have only heard about .....”. The afternoon’s programme centred around safety. Michael Bendix Hansen from WorkLife Partners gave a lecture on warehouse safety rules followed by a first aid course with certificate.


Jubilees 10 Years On 1.5., Lene Dyhrberg Sommer will be celebrating her 10th anniversary with Blue Water Aarhus. Lene has always managed to keep control of our steadily increasing full load import and her great commitment to her job makes heavy demands on her surroundings to keep up with her. Lene has also contributed her share to the staff club, arranging various events and not least parties. Maybe she is in it because she is a real party freak and wants to make sure the party does not end before she is ready to go home. Unfortunately we shall soon say goodbye to Lene as she has chosen to accompany her husband on a stationing under distant skies. We hereby wish Lene every happiness in her future life abroad and look forward to seeing her again. Knud Hansen will be celebrating his 10th jubilee with Blue Water Padborg on 1.6. Knud originally started as casual labourer at our terminal, parallel with his woodman job, and was later employed on a permanent basis at the Euro Terminal and then at Blue Water. Knud is very popular among his colleagues, always happy and wisecracking and ready to help if there is a Christmas party, a bowling tournament or other events on the programme. Even when a Russian driver has to spend Christmas in his truck, Knud brings him breakfast in the morning and roast duck for Christmas Eve. Knud has two grown-up sons and lives in Padborg with his girlfriend, Lotte, and her daughter. Ole Iversen has formed part of our terminal team in Aarhus for 10 years (on 20.6.). He has seen the goods volume multiply over the last 10 years and followed the company through thick and thin. Ole has made a tremendous effort at the warehouse, loaded more goods than anyone can imagine and his memory regarding goods condition, placing at the warehouse etc. is unsurpassed, maybe due to his IT enthusiasm. Furthermore Ole is responsible for the disproportionate dentist bills of the office as he has started parallel import of Haribo (sweets) and soft drinks from Germany On 1.7.1998, Rene Møller Kris-

tensen started as a young, inexperienced forwarding trainee at our Padborg office. As a newly qualified forwarder, Rene moved to the Norwegian department at Blue Water Aarhus which still profits by his Jutland qualifications; business talent, steady temperament and persistence. Rene has, in his own quiet way, acquired a comprehensive knowledge of responsibility, specialisation and division of activities and staff matters and is today manager of our Norwegian department. For those who are a bit confused, we can inform that Rene’s original name was Rene Juel Kristensen. Whether he goes in for numerology or he has changed his middle name due to a recent addition to the family, we shall leave unstated. On 13.7., Rasmus Øllgaard, General Manager of our office in Fort Lauderdale, will be celebrating his 10 anniversary with Blue Water. Rasmus started as a young trainee in our airfreight department in Es-bjerg followed by a 12-month period in the agency department. He then returned to airfreight - this time at our Billund office. In 2002, Rasmus left for Baku to become involved in an in-house assignment for one of our big clients. When the contract came to an end, Rasmus was persuaded to move to Blue Water Rotterdam. Here he took over the responsibility of the further development and handling of our activities in the cruise industry, where mainly our co-operation with Holland America Line (HAL) took up a great deal of his time. When Blue Water, in 2006, made a contract with HAL covering warehousing and logistics in Florida, it was only natural for Rasmus to cross the Atlantic and continue his special line of business there.

20 Years Robert (Bobby) Farrar joined Blue Water Manchester 20 years ago (on 1.6. 88) as a driver. Bob’s truck was on contract to our client, Primo, and the trips kept him away from home all week. Now he is a little older and wiser, he still does some driving, but his main job is warehouse manager. At home, if he is not gardening, Bob is often looking after his granddaughter with his wife, Ra-

mona. Apart from this, he likes nothing better than relaxing with a fine Scotch whisky and a good cigar to ease the stress of watching Liverpool Football Club on television. Jens Ole Wickberg Jensen - one of the “heavy” boys at our terminal - will be celebrating his 20th anniversary with Blue Water on 10.7. Jens Ole started as driver of our small truck for the Germany department which, at that time, was based in Esbjerg. Whether it was the absence of GPS in the trucks that made Jens Ole apply for a job at our warehouse in Esbjerg remains uncertain. Jens Ole was for many years driving our tugmaster - approximately 8000 internal jobs on a yearly basis between the shore bases in the port of Esbjerg. His primary fields of activity have since changed to groupage and most recently to include the pick and pack activity for our client Færch Plast.

Silver Jubilee 25 years ago (on 1.7.), Thomas Jensen/Blue Water Esbjerg - also called TJ - started with Blue Water. TJ is operations manager in our deep sea department, which has been his base since 1987, when he completed his all-round training in other departments of the Esbjerg office. TJ is the driving force in connection with sporting events, even though he is no longer as active as he used to be. However, his intentions are still intact. Today, TJ devotes his time to golf, fitness, ice hockey and the local football club matches. Comparing pictures from now and then, there is no doubt that life has treated TJ well, and we hope to have him as a colleague for many more years. Gyrithe Skov/Blue Water Esbjerg could in fact have celebrated her silver jubilee back in 1997. Ever since the day Kurt founded Blue Water, she has been part of the company, but 25 years back (1.8.83) it was made official. The company - more precisely the reception - benefits by Gyrithe’s teaching background and not least her role as chief editor of our house magazine “Blue Water News”. It is not easy to keep check of Kurt’s calendar, but Gyrithe does

her best. It may have become a bit easier now that they have a little grandson Victor.

30 Years Johnny Madsen, who will be celebrating his 30th jubilee on 1.5., has through the years with Blue Water tried a little of everything. Johnny served his apprenticeship in the deep sea/Lauritzen Reefer department. To facilitate the working procedures, he took an interest in IT and soon BlueWater’s first IT transport program became reality. Due to his flair for and knowledge of many different working routines, Johnny became a permanent member of the IT group and later IT manager with purchasing as a secondary job. Over the years, Johnny and his team have built up a strong and competent IT department which among other things was responsible for the first big implementation of the comprehensive transport system called IRMA. Today this system handles thousands of shipments by road, sea and air. The purchasing activity increased and Johnny has now, as purchasing manager, decided to concentrate on this part. Johnny’s aims include a project to facilitate the purchasing procedures by intensified use of IT. Joan Smith will be celebrating her 30th anniversary with our Manchester office on 5.5. Joan started in the operations department where she was often working late in those days. As Joan’s family increased, she changed field and became involved in administrative matters. Today the accounting activities of Manchester, Ipswich and Aberdeen are her main responsibility and are in very good hands with herself and Allan Bates On the home front, her daughters, Michelle and Victoria, have become old enough to make her a grandmother. Joan loves spending time with her little grandson, Connor - but still she has time for her other hobbies including Cliff Richard, fitness and theatre evenings with her friends - and Joan never lets her colleagues down if they need a helping hand or a piece of good advice.


New Employees - Unifeeder Aarhus Since 1.2.1979, 55-year-old Svend Erik Ladegaard forms part of Unifeeder - since 1991 as manager of their Norwegian department in Aarhus. Svend Erik was previously employed with Samson Transport and Con Way Transport, Aarhus. Ole Hermansen - 45 years old - is responsible for sales and customer service in Jutland and Funen since 1.2.1999. Ole has 2 years of transport experience from Knud Erichsen & Co. and APost pakkedistribution (DHL) before he joined Uniship/Unifeeder and took an active share in building up the ”individual solutions” department. Christian Herms 34 years old - served his apprenticeship with Dan Cargo, Taulov. Before he joined Unifeeder on 1.2.2002, Christian was employed with Frode Laursen, involved in import Benelux and import/ export Scandinavia. 36-year-old Thomas Geilman has taken care of the Norwegian traffic (except Western Norway) since 15.8.2002. Having completed his apprenticeship with Nordisk Express in 1996, Thomas continued his career with Johs. Lunde Transport, Padborg, Frans Maas, Aalborg and Nordisk Express, Oslo. 32-year-old Kasper Kristiansen started as trainee with Unifeeder back in 1998 (1.8). Today Kasper performs the function of manager for special activities and transport on Western Norway.

27-year-old Mikkel Kruse, who served his apprenticeship as forwarder with Schenker, Aarhus involved in export Sweden, joined Unifeeder on 1.3.2007. Mikkel assists in the special transport department. Sebastian von der Wehl Mikkelsen - 24 years old - received his training as a forwarder at ViKa Spedition A/S, Padborg and has also worked for Vi-Ka in Weil am Rhein in Germany. Sebastian joined Unifeeder on 28.8.2006 and is assisting Kasper and Mikkel with Western Norway and individual solutions. Gitte Viborg Schmidt-Nielsen - 37 years old - is employed as forwarding assistant since March 1996. Gitte’s field of activity includes customs documentation and administrative matters - in particular related to IT systems as she is a superuser. 22-year-old Julie Nørgaard Pedersen started as forwarding trainee with Unifeeder on 1.10.2006. 21-year-old Stine Nørgaard Pedersen started as office trainee with Unifeeder on 1.9.2007. Copenhagen Peter Øster Boisen - 33 years old - received his forwarding training at UniData Spedition GmbH in Munich. He has also worked for Scansped/Schenker for one and a half years before he, ten years ago, joined Unifeeder. Peter is also a qualified safety adviser (dangerous goods).

50-year-old Sissel KrogstadNielsen has more than 30 years of forwarding experience - 20 years with Samson Transport and well over 10 years with Unifeeder.

Rasmus Thulin - 22 years old started as trainee with Unifeeder on 1.8.2007.

Oslo Wenche Tøgersen - 36 years old - started with Unifeeder in 1995 and has obtained all-round knowledge of import, export, customs clearance, sales and book-keeping. Wenche, who originally served her apprenticeship with Schenker, has for the last couple of years performed the function of General Manager of the office.

45-year-old Trond Vestby forms part of Unifeeder’s Oslo team since 2002. Trond received his training at the customs service and has furthermore worked for Nordisk Transport & Spedisjon/ Nordisk Expressog DHL (ASGDanzas). 33-year-old Tom Stian Kallekleiv is a qualified forwarder involved in traffic from Norway to Denmark. Tom has worked for Unifeeder for one and a half year and 6 years for Stena Line, Oslo. 27-year-old Laila Finstad started as office clerk on 25.9.2006, taking care of administrative matters and customs matters as well as acting as backup for the traffic to Denmark. Laila is also a qualified truck driver and has in the past been driving in both Norway and the Continent.


New Employees Aalborg 25-year-old Kian Vestergaard Jensen started as trainee in the forwarding department on 1.2. On 1.4., Lasse Reventlov Lauth - 20 old - joined the airfreight department as trainee. As from 1.5., we have taken on 47-year-old Benny Skov as terminal assistant. Benny used to work for Bauhaus in Aalborg. Esbjerg On 1.12.07., 23-year-old Christoffer Hedeager Kirkegaard started as trainee in the department for food transport by road to Eastern Europe. At the turn of the year, Henrik M. Jensen - 41-year-old forwarder - join-ed our Eastern Europe reefer department. Henrik comes from a job with IAT, but used to work for Blue Water back in 2003. Per Nørgaard - 33 years old - forms part of our IT department since 1.1. Per is a familiar face, as he once was employed at Blue Water Aalborg and later Blue Water Nuuk. After his return to Denmark, Per decided to leave Blue Water and worked for a period as consultant for the company TopLogic AB, Denmark. Per’s field of responsibility includes marketing and implementation of Blue Water’s own client solutions, web bookings, file integrations and other client on-line solutions within the Blue Water Group.

24-year-old Esben Lock was engaged as terminal assistant at the turn of the year. Esben is primarily involved in the M-I Swaco activities. Esben used to work as a casual labourer at the harbour and is also a skilled paver. 24-year-old Helena Gustafsson joined our import deep sea department on 2.1. Helena served her apprenticeship with PR Shipping and has also worked for DSV, Esbjerg. Since 2.1., Bodil Troelsgaard - 50 years old - forms part of our debtor department. Bodil’s latest job was as bookkeeper at Holsted Trælast.

Sanne Paulsen.

On 7.1., our Western Europe department welcomed their new trainee, 23-year-old

Rune Ramsland - 35 years old - started as terminal assistant on 14.1. Rune was previously employed at IAT’s cold store in the port of Esbjerg. 19-year-old Mark Ewert Christensen is employed as trainee in the reefer department for Southern Europe as from 16.1. Since 1.2., 27-year-old Dorota Junuchta Christensen has performed the function of assistant in the Polish department. Dorota is Polish and has previously worked in the administrative department of Norlax A/S.

Nils Lønne 49 years old - started as stevedore foreman on 18.2. Nils used to work for Promecon for 21 years, involved in offshore steel constructions.

On 3.3., we welcomed 2 new trainees: 23-year-old Marina F. Høghamar in the UK department.

21-year-old Flemming Sillesen in the Oil & Energy department.

On 1.4., we welcomed 29-year-old Britt L. Clausen as assistant in the project department. Britt comes from a job with C. Breinholt, Esbjerg, but received her training and education at Saga Shipping, the Skaw. Britt has furthermore worked 3 years with Niels Winther, Esbjerg and thus gathered experience in shipbroking and stevedoring and just dipped into chartering.

Lone Willumsen - 39 years old - started as assistant in the personnel department on 1.4. Lone’s previous employments include jobs as education manager at EUC Vest, HR consultant at the postal services and she has moreover lived and studied in England for two years.

Having finished her maternity leave, Mette Thomsen - 31 years old - returned to Blue Water on 21.4. Years back, Mette served her apprenticeship in our accounts department. A couple of years ago, she decided to take up new challenges outside Blue Water and took a job with Seelen. Now Mette is back with Blue Water, mainly concentrating on reminders of payment and debt collecting. Kolding As from 1.2., Allan Bjørnskov Sørensen - 38 years old is employed as terminal coordinator of our logistics warehouse. After a number of years, Allan has returned to his starting point, as he used to work for Blue Water as a truck driver and warehouse manager. Allan is responsible for the day-to-day management of the logistics warehouse as well as co-ordiation with our export terminal. Nicklas Brønd 20 years old - is the new trainee in our forwarding department - and will as such be involved in local forwarding and the Faroe activity. As from 1.03., we have taken on 30-year-old Helle Møller Pedersen as logistics assistant. Helle served her apprenticeship with Aarhus Oliefabrik, where she was also involved in logistics matters. Helle has recently returned to Denmark after 3 years in Australia. Copenhagen Rune Damgaard - 43 years old is employed as domestic forwarder as from 9.10. Rune used to be our haulage contractor for many years.


New Employees 43-year-old Michael Junge is appointed overall Logistics and Terminal Manager as from 7.1. Michael’s primary responsibility is to secure uniform procedures and rules as well as implementation of a joint inventory system including bar coding and scanning. Michael was formerly Managing Director of Skandinavisk Logistik, Sweden and has furthermore performed various jobs for the LEP Group. Michael is based at our Copenhagen (Greve) office. 23-year-old Jesper Espenhain is employed as forwarder in our key accounts department as from 2.1. Jesper served his apprenticeship with Budstikken Mette Damsø 38 years old - is engaged as office clerk in the North Atlantic department as from 2.1. Mette comes from a similar position with Nor-Group. Cecilie Borch - 19 years old - started as trainee in the North Atlantic department on 2.1. Jesper Bjelke - 22 years old also forms part of the North Atlantic department as from 2.1. 25-year-old Jane Kaas joined our reception and administration group as assistant on 15.1. 22-year-oldSabine Levin is employed as assistant in our accounts department as from 1.3. Sabine started in November on a temporary basis, but has now become permanently employed. Sabine’s background is an A level certificate followed by economy and law studies at the Copenhagen University.

As from 1.3., the 35-year-old forwarder, Thomas Kim Møller, is taking care of transport to/from Italy, UK, Spain and Portugal. Thomas completed his apprenticeship with Freja, Skive in 1999 and formed part of the Italian department until he, in 2001, moved to Freja’s office in Hvidovre to build up the Italian department there. Thomas has since been involved in reefer transport to the Baltic states and his latest employment was with GT/Kühne & Nagel in Aalborg, looking after continental traffic. June Helsing - 48 years old joined our reception and administration team as office assistant on 10.3. June has been in the transport business for many years, with Adam Transport and Scan-Trans, Esbjerg among others, but wished to move to Copenhagen to be closer to her daughter who lives in Rødovre. As from 1.4., 29-year-old Christa Landrup performs the function of sales secretary. Christa served her apprenticeship with DSB - traffic planning and environment - followed by 6 years’ employment with Budstikken involved in customer service and sales back-up. Christa’s latest employment was as accounting assistant with HNG. Odense 56-years-old Rie Lippert joined our accounts department as assistant on 2.1., but has since been transferred to the reception. Rie’s past career includes jobs with SAS and DanTransport, but she has also worked as shop assistant in different shops and been self-employed for a number of years.

Mik Nilsson - 27 years old started as warehouseman on 2.1. Mik used to work at Jørgen Kruse’s warehouse, but has an office background from Odense Local Authority as well. Tina Christiansen - 25 years old - is employed as forwarder in the airfreight department as from 2.1. Tina recently completed her apprenticeship specialised in airfreight at Kühne & Nagel, Odense. On 1.2., 21-yearold Sebastian Stackelies started as trainee in the UK/Ireland department. Nadia Abdiche - 23 years old started as trainee in the German/ Benelux department on 2.1. Tina Schaarup Jensen - 37 years old - started as assistant in the accounts department on 1.4. Tina used to work for a major plumbing and heating service as a sort of all-rounder involved in accounting, quality, safety and general administration.

Aarhus Camilla Storgaard - 28 years old - joined the Norwegian department on 1.2. Camilla actually started as replacement, but was soon permanently employed as assistant. Camilla is familiar with Blue Water, as she already a couple of years ago was working as a replacement in her present department. In the meantime, Camilla has formed part of the freight division of Danish Crown. 35-year-old Bethina Skødt Jacobsen started as assistant in the Norwegian department on 1.2. Bethina comes from a similar position with Itella and was a purchaser with Solai before that. 34-year-old Pernille Ovesen is employed as sales and staff secretary as from 1.3. Pernille will assist the sales team with issue of sales material and attend to staff-oriented matters. Pernille’s previous employment was as project assistant with Vestas. Carsten P. Rasmussen - 24 years old - forms part of the deep sea export department as from 1.3. Carsten received his training and education at Niels Winther, Esbjerg where he most recently was involved in sales in the liner division.

Padborg Lars Hansen - 49 years old - forms part of the German department as forwarder since 1.3. Lars came from a job with Mondo Mar, Hanstholm and was previously employed with Frigoscandia and Nissen & Pedersen, Padborg.

On 1.3., we welcomed Dorthe B. Jensen - 32 years old - in the deep sea department in Aarhus, where she will be involved in full load import. Dorthe comes from a similar job with Leman, but she actually received her training and education at Scan Shipping, Aalborg.


New Employees Trine Nielsen - 25 years old - started as assistant in the domestic department on 10.3. Trine served her apprenticeship with Frode Laursen. Dubai As from 2.1., we have employed Sam Jai Moses 38 years old - to do local courier service by motorbike. Sam Jai has gathered experience from similar jobs. Vishal H. Nasta is employed as assistant in the sea freight department as from 1.3. Vishal has gathered experience in both sea and airfreight from his 11-year employment with Peeraj Forwarding, Dubai. 32-year-old Balachanran Chinnappa started as warehouseman on 10.3. Bala has experience from a similar job. Fort Lauderdale Ana Peña - 39 years old - is employed as assistant in the operations department as from 7.4. Ana was previously employed with DFDS, Pamar and most recently Freight-Co Logistics, Miami where she was attending to the cruise industry. Gothenburg On 1.5., we increased our Gothenburg team by employing the 42-yearold salesman Håkon Thell. Håkon used to work for Volvo Logistics, but has during the last four and a half years formed part of Ewalds Cargo’s sales team.

Los Angeles Angela Kimbrough - 29 years old - joined our operations department on 1.12.07. Angela has gathered air and sea freight experience (both import and export) from her previous employments with Expeditors and DHL Danzas among others.

Milan 41-year-old Maria da Luz Goncalves Dos Santos (also called Mariluz) joined our Milan team on 1.12.07. Mariluz’ latest employment was with Armando Vidale where she was responsible for transport to Turkey. Mariluz is looking after export and accounting matters.

On 10.3. we welcomed 53-yearold Ezio Dettoni (also called Amelio) to our team. Amelio comes from a job with ATX International where he was involved in sea and airfreight as well as export to Sweden and import from Denmark. In the past, Amelio has also worked for Armando Vidale and Castelletti among others.

As from 25.3., we have a new accountant for our 3 Greenland offices - 30-yearold Ruth Due Hansen, based at Nuuk. Ruth used to work for Grønlands Naturinstitut. Sisimiut We have taken on a new terminal assistant, 27-year-old Jens Kristian Hendriksen, as from 1.3. Jens Kristian was previously employed with Royal Arctic Line. Tbilisi On 12.1., we welcomed 33-year-old Nino Tsagareli to the operations department. Nino’s latest employment was with Euro Park Ltd., but she has also been in charge of import at Schering AG.


ment on 1.3.

Emanuel M. Jakobsen - 27 years old - started as trainee in the sea freight and trawler depart-

Warszaw As from 1.3., 36-year-old Pawel Arciszewske is appointed operations manager of our road transport department. Pawel has lived in Denmark for more than 10 years, speaks fluent Danish and has worked for DSV in both Denmark and Poland. Pawel’s latest employment was with Jumbo in Warsaw.

Torshavn 21-year-old Mortan Thomsen is employed as airfreight assistant (import) since 20.2 Vatry

Moscow 22-year-old Julija Blokhina has since 8.10.07 been employed as assistant. Julia used to work for Uralsib, Moscow.

Raimonds Savickis - 43 years old - is our sales representative in Latvia. Raimonds, who lives in Riga and reports to our Vilnius branch in Latvia, has wide experience from previous jobs with international companies - since 1994 within the transport business. Raimonds’ former places of employment include MGH Riga, EE Trans, EM Trans and Kühne & Nagel.

team on 9.10.

Having completed his studies, 23-yearold Geoffroy Rinaldi joined our airfreight

Vilnius Raimonda Valatkeviciene 48 years old - is appointed sales manager as from 15.1. Raimonda has a wide sales knowledge from the transport business since 1998. She has for instance been working for the Danish company K.I. Link International, Autostarto Grupe and since 2005 Transekspedicija.

Aleksandra Bogucka - 27 years old - is employed as assistant since 1.3. taking care of various paperwork. Aleksandra comes from a job with Raben Logistics and has further experience from her former employment with Swedeponic.

Death Notice It is with great sadness we inform that our beloved colleague, Tammy Negron, passed away on Saturday 9.2.08. Tammy joined our Houston team in May 2007 after 27 years with company Schenker. Our warmest thoughts and condolences go to Tammy’s family and friends.


Birthday List May Maria Hasager Heick, Billund - 30 years old Farhad Gulmamedov, Baku - 40 years old Mette Trilling Lassen, Aalborg - 30 years old Stig Egelund, Copenhagen - 50 years old Fabrice Rolland, Brest 40 years old Thomas Davidsen, Esbjerg - 40 years old

1.5 4.5 13.5 24.5 30.5 31.5

June Rolant Højsted, Torshavn - 50 years old Erik Pedersen, Esbjerg - 50 years old July Lars Højen Christensen, Herning - 30 years old Hallgrimur Hardarson, Seydisfjordur - 50 years old Per Offersen, Odense - 50 years old

Births On 5.10., Gerben van Giesen/Blue Water Rotterdam and his wife became parents of a little boy, Lars Dirk. Nariman Mamedov/Blue Water Baku and his wife, Meka, increased their little family with a son, Aliheydar (4 kgs/52 cm), on 24.11. The family also includes the very proud big sister, Toma. René B. Jensen/Blue Water Copenhagen became a father of a tiny little girl (1.4 kgs/39 cm). on 5.12. The proud big brother’s name is Marcus. On 8.12., Rikke Jacobsen/Blue Water Copenhagen gave birth to a girl (3.2 kgs/50 cm). The family also includes big brother Mathias. Jette L. Jessen / accounts department, Esbjerg gave birth to a little girl, Camilla, on 22.12. Heins Christensen/IT department, Esbjerg became a father on 31.12 when little Lucas (3.5 kgs/52 cm saw the light of day. The family also includes big brother Marco. On 22.1., René Møller Kristensen’s/Blue Water Aarhus wife, Anne, gave birth to a little girl, Signe (3.8 kgs/52 cm).

Published by: Blue Water Trafikhavnskaj 11 6701 Esbjerg Tel.: +45 79 13 41 44 Fax +45 79 13 46 77

12.6 18.6

3.7 4.7 9.7

Marvin Manolo Meno, Houston - 30 years old Torben Madsen, Hirtshals - 50 years old Erling Nord, Kolding - 40 years old Isabel Piorro, New York - 40 years old

17.7 19.7 21.7 25.7

August Jette Huss, Aarhus - 30 years old 13.8 Nick Pedersen, Esbjerg - 40 years old 22.8 Henrik Olsen, Copenhagen - 40 years old 24.8

Weddings Mads Paugan/Blue Water Billund and his fiancée, Melanie, became parents of a little boy, Noah (3.2 kgs/51 cm), on 1.2. Sussi Jacobsen/accounts department, Esbjerg gave birth to a little girl, Kaya (3.7 kgs/52 cm), on 2.2. Tina Andersen/Blue Water Copenhagen gave birth to a boy (3.7 kgs/52 cm) on 7.2. and made Nicolai a very proud big brother. Christopher Winkel/IT department, Esbjerg and his wife, Hanne, added another daughter to their family as little Naia Christine (3.2 kgs/51 cm) was born at Skejby Hospital on 20.2. Henrik Damgaard/Blue Water Billund and his wife Ulla became parents for the first time on 24.2. of a little boy (3 kgs/51 cm). Marlene Jürgensen/Blue Water Odense gave birth to a girl (3.2 kgs/49 cm) on 7.3. On 14.3., Peter Boisen/Blue Water Copenhagen became a father for the first time of a little boy (2.6 kgs/47 cm). On 30.3., Julie became a proud big sister when her mother, Pernille Skærlund/accounts department, Esbjerg, gave birth to a little boy, Frederik (4.1 kgs/54cm.

Editors: Gyrithe Skov: Jørn Bøllund, Kurt Skov Published in: 7,600 copies E-mail:

On 1.12.07., Susanne Holm Hansen/Blue Water Copenhagen married Thomas, who is also the father of her little son, Oliver who was christened the same day.

Staff Redeployment Susanne Madsen from Blue Water Copenhagen moved to Esbjerg on 1.2. to work as assistant in the IT department.

On 5.4., Trine Brosbøl Hansen/ Blue Water Esbjerg changed her name to Trine Brosbøl Leth Andersen when she married Martin in the Church of Hjerting.

In early March, Lars Hartmann Andersen/Blue Water Esbjerg was transferred to Herning where he will be involved in import from the Baltic states and Ukraine. Mads H. Pedersen completed his apprenticeship in Aalborg on 1.2. and will be transferred to Sisimiut, Greenland for a 2-year period as from 1.6. Marianne Johansen moved from Blue Water Aarhus to the IT department in Esbjerg on 1.4. In March, Maggie da Silva exchanged her job as Director of Operations in New York with the branch manager job at our Houston office. Lay-out: Claus Simony

Carsten Rasmussen/Blue Water Copenhagen and his fiancée, Lisbeth, entered into matrimony on 22.3.

Print: Jørn Thomsen A/S

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