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%OFF April 15 through May 31, 2012 from BWI

Was $6912 - now only $5184 per case.

Introducing Sweeney’s ! New Poison Moleworms • 10 Moleworm baits per package • 5 Active Tunnel Locator Flags • Ask for item SE6009 – case of 6

Every weapon you need to eliminate Moles & Gophers! Repellent Spray - SE8002

Repellent Granules - SE7001

• Treats 10,000 square feet • 32 oz. hose-end spray

• Also repels Voles & Armadillos • 4 Lb. Shaker Bag

Sonic Spikes - SE9012

Gopher Traps - SE9013

• Sonic pulses penetrate soil, driving rodents away! • 2 Spikes cover 15,000 sq. ft.

• Kills Gophers inside tunnels without the use of poisons • 2 pincher traps


SE9015 For more information, visit or contact us at 866-738-7920



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September 17, 18, 19 San Antonio, Texas 13

daptation - Additional 3 A Services for Two-Step Stay Ahead of the Curve in

4 Today’s Fast Changing World

in the Good Ol’ 11 Operating Days

18 Am I Missing Something? 21 BWI & Pest Management 23 Sales Staff Training 28 It’s Not Like It Used to Be 31 Argonomics Vs. Economics



36 Buying Habits

Delivery Truck Electronic On-Board Recorders


2011 BWI EXPO Grand Prize Winners

2011 EMPLOYEES of the YEAR APRIL 2012 /



A Heritage of Trust. A Future of Profit. Ortho® B Gon® PRODUCTS have been trusted for years to provide consumers the exact solutions to tackle their toughest lawn and garden problems. Get the full assortment of Ortho® B Gon® products today exclusively at our independent partners. ©2012 The Scotts Company LLC. World rights reserved.


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ne of the most difficult business decisions is to change something in your business that has worked very well in the past. This is one of the primary reasons most of us conduct business historically versus making the adjustments that the market may be demanding. At BWI, we want to keep our successful services and add some additional, non-traditional services to the ‘break bulk’ distributor model. We will be incorporating these additional services into our mix later in 2012 and more into the spring of 2013. As an overview, these services will center around three main topics; education, inventory, and pricing.

Mark Fomby VP Sales

Education • Retailers – assisting in the training of store staff in terms of product knowledge, category knowledge and tie in sales enhancement • End Users – targeting training on subjects prescribed by our customers’ staff and by offering CEUs to the targeted staff members • BWI – increasing the effectiveness of our Customer Service staff allowing a second level of contact to our customer base in addition to the field sales representative Inventory • Retailers – assisting in the selection of the right assortment and right sizing of the assortment. Additionally, focusing on timely product to take advantage of our retailers’ foot traffic • End Users – targeting certain categories with ‘right now’ inventory to allow each party to focus on what they do best Pricing • All customers – the advantage of pricing based on the overall business relationship allowing the efficiencies of each partner to be maximized Your sales representative will be contacting you to explain what this means to you individually. You will also note an increased investment in time by our field staff in helping to understand the specific needs of your business to move it forward. These changes will require an end result mind-set and it will not happen with the snap of a finger. These additional services are being made to reaffirm our commitment to helping you with your business. As we say at BWI, we can only be as successful as our customers. We believe we are better off as a partner by helping you: • With the right products • With the right awareness • At the right time • At the right price • By the right person This may sound hokie or like a cliché but we are making the commitment to ‘change lanes’ to get in the passing lane for the future. We appreciate your patronage and we plan on showing you how much over the next few business cycles. See you in San Antonio in September!

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STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE IN TODAY’S FAST CHANGING WORLD | Jim Bunch ‘Stay ahead of the curve’ is a phrase that is often used in the business world that I personally interpret as ‘change with the times’ and more important, look for innovative ways to keep your company in the forefront. One of the best examples I have seen recently of an iconic company Jim Bunch President/CEO that did not adapt and change is Eastman Kodak Company. A little bit of history on Kodak: Eastman Kodak Company was founded in 1880 by an inventor and entrepreneur named George Eastman. There was no ‘Kodak’ which was a word made up by Mr. Eastman for branding purposes. Eastman built a financial empire and arguably one of the most recognized brand names in the U.S. past century “Kodak” with a sales strategy perfected by razor blade tycoon, Henry Gillette. His strategy was - sell a camera as cheaply as possible and make money on accessories, i.e. film. Eastman’s strategy worked like a charm for many generations and the phrase “Kodak moment” was universally used. For over a hundred years the money rolled in for Eastman Kodak.

In January, Eastman Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Over the past ten years, Kodak has had to terminate more than 45,000 workers, close 13 factories and shut down 130 processing plants. Kodak reported that it was losing 70 million dollars a month and simply ran out of its once endless supply of money. Growing up in a generation filled with “Kodak moments”, it is sad to me to see an iconic United States company of 131 years file bankruptcy. History is a great teacher and the lesson to be learned from Kodak’s demise is that we all need to adapt and change with the times by anticipating what is around the next curve. It seems we are all so busy with fighting fires every day that we seldom take time to plan new strategies, adapt and make strategic changes. We get caught up in dealing with issues of the day and need to carve out some time to look to the future and position our respective businesses to catch the next wave. Let’s make 2012 a great year - one that we looked down the road and stayed ahead of the curves!

In the 1970s Eastman Kodak invented the digital camera, anticipating digital would eventually supplant the film camera. However, Kodak did not foresee what was around the next curve in the digital camera business with competition from overseas and cell phone cameras. When digital chips replaced film, a large part of Kodak’s revenue simply went away. In 1976, Kodak still held over 96 percent market share of film sold and 85 percent of cameras sold in the United States. By 2010, Kodak’s market share had fallen to less than 7 percent. Former employees of Kodak say the company was the Apple or Google of its time. 4

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Wobbler Technology Senninger introduced the Wobbler technology in 1980. The unique off-center rotary action provides outstanding uniformity over a large area at low pressures 10 - 25 psi (0.69 - 1.72 bar). This design delivers a gentle rain-like application employing only one moving part for durability. The Xcel-Wobbler® is ideal for flows from 0.78 - 6.97 gpm (177 - 1583 L/hr). Several models to choose from. The mini-Wobbler® is designed for smaller flows of 0.42 - 2.18 gpm (95 - 495 L/hr). Upright and inverted models available.

Pressure Regulators Maintaining a constant preset outlet pressure regardless of variations in inlet pressure helps assure optimum system performance. Senninger introduced the first inline high quality regulator in 1966. Several models to choose from.

Made In USa •

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Proven Solutions With a Killer New Look.

General Insecticides

Animal Health

Lawn & Garden

Same great products, great new look. As soon as customers spot one of Martin’s new color-coded labels, they can be assured they’ve found the “just right” pest control solution. No question about it. Not only can looks kill – they can sell!

Better Bait. Better Results. Introducing new packaging options from the brands you know and trust

Ramik® Mouser Bait Station • Pre-baited disposable station with 1 oz of Ramik (diaphacinone)

Convenient grab-and-go 4-pack boxes

• No touch, no mess • Two openings for mice to readily enter and feed on bait inside

Available in a 2-pack box or 3-pack poly bag

Resealable pouches to keep bait fresh

944 Nandino Blvd. • Lexington, KY 40511 800/621-8829 • •


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Author | ARTICLE TITLE A natural in the garden since 1929

Green Garden Sweepstakes Join us for a little fun, Espoma Style, with the Green Garden Sweepstakes.




Enter to win a fabulous prize package from Espoma!

HErE’S How to EntEr: • Check out our website at from March 7 — June 5 to register.

the Espoma Green Garden Sweepstakes prize package includes: • an on-site personal consultation and garden plan with a landscape designer • a supply of your favorite Espoma products • a package of gardening books, tools and seeds • a one-year subscription to Organic Gardening NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Void where prohibited. The contest will begin at 12:00 am EST on March 7, 2012 and end at 11:59 pm EST on June 5, 2012. Open only to legal residents of 48 United States and DC (excluding residents of Rhode Island, Arizona, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, and all other US territories and possessions) who are 18 years of age or older. Rodale Inc., 400 South Tenth Street, Emmaus, PA 18098-0099 is the operator of this contest. For a complete list of rules, please visit www. APRIL 2012 /




SPRING SPECIALS Chicken & Critter Hutches

Top Selling Designs!


e have always been proud of the delivery services provided to our customers. This year (2012), we are taking another step by installing Electronic OnLarge Rabbit Hutch Board Recorders (EOBRs) on all our delivery trucks. Item # WA1550 x 28.25” x are: 39”) Master 1 Some of the benefits(42.5” of EOBRs • Quality materials • DOT Compliancy for FMCSA Hours of Service • Fold-down Hop-Way door design Regulations • Galvanized slide-out pan

Large Rabbit Hutch Item # WA1550 (42.5” x 28.25” x 39”) Master 1

• Fold-down Hop-Way door design • Galvanized slide-out pan • Full opening roof top for ‘EZ’ access

• Full opening top for ‘EZ’ accessin 5 • GPS location calculated everyroof second stored • Waterproof shingle roof minute increments

Robert Bunch Co-President/CAO

• Each data entry stored contains critical engine data (fuel, miles, idle time, etc.)

• Online mapping and Google Earth satellite imagery maps to help pinpoint our vehicles or conduct a trip replay • “Real Time” view of all active routes in progress with configurable alerts that are color coded to bring attention to exceptions • Improves overall safety of fleet by monitoring excess speed and sudden start/stop events

Chick-N-Hutch Item # WA1490 (42.5” x 28” x 39”) Master 1

• Comes complete with wind guard design and adjustable perch • Waterproof shingle roof

• In-cab driver scorecard for improving fuel efficiency for drivers • Monitoring driver speed and performance based on posted speed limits • Proactive driver performance measured and accident reconstruction • In-cab messaging center for drivers will reduce cell phone usage and eliminate texting! With the installation of the EOBRs (summer 2012), we will become more efficient thus improving the level of legendary service to all our customers. Other items we are currently upgrading are our trailer fleet by selling older trailers and purchasing longer and lighter new trailers with increased payload capacity. BWI is continually upgrading our trucks with the latest models with improved fuel economy and lower emissions which help protect our environment by ‘Keeping Green’.

Easy access egg door

Chick-N-Rabbit Pen

Item # ZZWA1491 (40” x 60” x 36”) Master 1

• Securely attaches to Large Rabbit Hutch and Chick-N-Hutch • Expands pet’s living space

Most of our Regional Distribution Centers are reviewing and realigning their routes for improved customer service and efficiency. In many cases, this will include adding additional trips to the weekly schedule of deliveries. BWI strives to be the “Best of Industry” by continually updating our services.

to learn more about our products visit us at or call us at 602-257-8803


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Bi B u rd L y ov Pi e n k rs !

Only Extinguish Plus Gives `em Both Barrels. ®

Fast acting. Long lasting. Extinguish Plus is the only dual-action bait that kills adult fire ant workers and sterilizes the queen.


Putting The Power Of Pink Into Bird Feeders Everywhere

Blow away fire ants before they take another bite out of your assets. These little buggers account for nearly $6 billion* of damage annually in the United ® States. Extinguish Plus gives you the double barrel approach to fire ant control with an adulticide to knock `em down and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) for long lasting results.

Wild Delight® Premium Outdoor Pet Food has teamed with the American Cancer Society® to raise breast cancer awareness and save lives. *

Wild Delight® supports the fight! Scan here for more information on how Wild Delight® is supporting the battle against breast cancer.

Unsuspecting workers take the bait back to the mound as food, eat it and die. They also spread it to the queen—effectively eliminating colony ® growth and relocation. Extinguish Plus is fire ant ammo approved for indoor and outdoor use where fire ants are a problem.

Make sure that you have a QR Code reader application installed on your smartphone.

Aim for superior results, reduced costs and dead fire ants. For more information, contact your local distributor, call 1-800-248-7763 or visit

1.800.543.3308 • ©2009 Wellmark International Extinguish is a registered trademark of Wellmark International. Always read and follow label directions. *source: USDA

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* The American Cancer Society® does not endorse any specific product. D & D Commodities Ltd. pays a royalty to the Society for the use of its logo.


The Taste Rats and House Mice Just Die For!™ ©2011 Farnam Companies, Inc.


Farnam, the Farnam design, The Taste Rats and House Mice Just Die For! and Just One Bite are trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc.

B:7.5” T:7.5” S:7.125”

Celsius. ®

Weeds vanish without a trace.

Unlike traditional herbicides, Celsius works with less risk of turf damage, even at high temperatures. Celsius, the newest generation post-emergent herbicide, effectively controls over 100 weeds, including several hard-to-control grasses and broadleaf weeds. Plus, Celsius offers pre-emergent control of germinating weeds – after all, healthy, weed free turf is the best herbicide available on the market. Celsius delivers superior results in balance with consideration for our environment, because we believe in Protecting Tomorrow, Today. And, as always, you’re Backed by Bayer and all the science and technology that support it. Sustainable weed control from a name you trust. To learn more, contact your local BWI representative or visit

Bayer Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Celsius is a registered trademark of Bayer. Not all products are registered in all states. Always read and follow label instructions carefully. ©2011 Bayer CropScience LP


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Celsius. A higher degree of weed control.



hile reading a study of market cycles from 1802 – 1999, I noted two amazing facts. First, there were seven 17 year (average length of cycles) strong cycles with average returns of 14.9%; and there were seven 16 year (average length of cycles) weak cycles with average returns of 0.00%. Second, there was a statement that concluded the article by stating “Past performance does not guarantee future returns.”

Developing a good business plan requires beginning with a financial business plan. A good financial plan begins with knowing where you are financially.

The first step is to prepare a current balance sheet and gather your last three years balance sheets. The second step is to prepare a current profit and loss statement and gather your last three years income statements. Mike Mize Executive VP Then, the third step is figure your cash flow statement for the past three years and project Some businesses unfortunately operate under this erroneous assumption “that future performance your monthly cash flow for the next 12 months. (It is is guaranteed by past performance.” This translates into always a good idea to examine your personal balance sheet “as long as we do what we have always done, things will and cash flow periodically.) Lastly, examine and evaluate be fine.” Many think that what worked yesterday will your monthly expenses for the prior 3 years and estimate continue to work tomorrow. The days of living off past your next year’s expenses by month and also flow the successes and running the business from your shirt pocket same process in estimating your next year’s revenues and came to an abrupt end with the turn of the century or gross profits. There are many software packages and free before. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, noted Russian author templates available on the internet to get you started. Once and lecturer, said numerous times that the deadly seven all of this information is accumulated, develop a strategy words sealing the demise of many are “we never did it that will help you reach certain goals that you would like this way before”. Living in the past, resulting in failure to attain. Next, after analyzing your current business and to change with the times, will only lead you down a dead determining where you are financially, develop a sales plan to reach the specific sales goals. Then, do what needs to end street. Another erroneous assumption that many operate be done to reach these goals each month. Reaching these under is “hard work is enough to insure success”. Not goals will almost assuredly require making some difficult many years ago, we were taught that hard work always decisions, which will lead to adjustments in how you do pays off and we felt that each step of activity will get us business. where we want to be. Again, then came the 21st century and times changed. The landscape changed dramatically and the business models of the past no longer worked. Overnight, many learned the hard way that past performance no longer insures future returns and hard work alone is no longer enough. Business began to learn painfully that success requires that we start thinking, which translates into working smarter and a willingness to change and broaden our perceptions.

Reminiscing about the good ole days is fun and is a good subject of conversation with friends. However, living off past successes and doing what you have always done is no longer a guarantee that you will get what you have gotten in the past. Survival and success now begin with thinking and planning.

One of the most difficult things to do in business is to set aside time to think and plan. Most of us are so busy fighting the fires of day-to-day activities that there is no time to plan. But as Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up some place else.” To stay in business and to grow business, it is imperative that you plan. Otherwise, we might end up some place we don’t want to be. Failing to plan is planning to fail. APRIL 2012 /





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2012 BWI EXPO September 17-19, 2012 San Antonio, TX

Monday, Sept. 17

Tuesday, Sept. 18

Wednesday, Sept. 19

Seminars..........................3 p.m. EXPO Open........ 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Hot Buys............. 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

EXPO Open........ 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Post EXPO Events...........7 p.m.

EXPO Open........ 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Hot Buys............. 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.

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2011 Branch of the


BWI Schulenburg

2011 manager of the


Jeremy Stoever

Transportation Manager, BWI Schulenburg

Jeremy Stoever (right)

2011 corporate employee of the


Ralph Waits

Sales Training Coordinator

Ralph Waits (left)

2011 employee of the


Jeff “Tapp” Matula

Nigh Shift Supervisor, BWI Schulenburg

Jeff “Tap” Matula (right)


APRIL 2012 /


WWW.BWICOMPANIES.COM Visit the BWI website at and discover exciting tools to assist you in your account management. From this site you can search for products using the easy to use navigation or browse the online catalog for retail, turf and grower items. The information available includes product image, description, availability at your shipping location and your price. For access to direct order entry, you may also use www.orders. This takes you directly to a secure site dedicated to making your order entry efficient and easy. The BWI website also has several features that allow you to review your invoices, special programs, marketing tools (e-contacts) and upcoming events. All of your account information is protected with this secure website and is only accessed with your personal sign on and password (your customer number in all capital letters). This website is one of our premier services developed with you, our customer, in mind to help you grow your business.



Premium Quality Spray Pattern Indicators Be effective! Shows application pattern for greater accuracy and coverage. Save money! Helps prevent drift and overlap to reduce wasted product. Be discreet! Blends with natural turf color and fades with sunlight and moisture.

Protect Your Yards & Gardens with

Bird-X® • Protects fruit and berries from thieving birds and other garden pests • 3/4" polypropylene mesh • BN-2

Rotating-Head Owl • Realistic head bobs and turns in gentle breezes to help repel birds and pests • 18" tall; hand painted • RHO-4 Dalen Products, Inc. 700 Dalen Lane, Knoxville, TN 37932 800.747.3256 / Order Fax: 865.671.0720 800-232-5907 ®,™ Trademarks, registered or applied for, of Becker Underwood, Inc., Ames, IA.

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Spot on defense. Spot knows a thing or two about acting fast and protecting others. He does what it takes to keep them out of harm’s way. Like Spot, Bio Spot ® Flea & Tick Control is dedicated to defense.

New! The Bio Spot


Smart Shield™ Applicator • Keeps the liquid off your hands • Makes it easier to part your pet’s fur • Gets the liquid down to your pet’s skin • Easy to load and apply! Bio Spot Defense™ Flea & Tick Spot On® for Dogs rushes to the rescue and starts killing fleas and ticks within 15 minutes. It also contains InfestStop™ IGR, which kills flea eggs and larvae so you can keep your pets free from reinfestation. Bio Spot.® Heroic Protection.

Find out more at ©2012 Farnam Companies, Inc. Bio Spot, Bio Spot Defense, Bio Spot with design, InfestStop, Smart Shield and Smart Shield with design are trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc. Spot On is a registered trademark of Wellmark International. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

APRIL 2012 /


Also available at pet specialty retailers nationwide.




t’s April. The time of year when we have to settle up with Uncle Sam. If you are like me, when preparing your taxes you keep looking over the numbers trying to make sure you remembered every possible deduction available to take. This can be an exhausting Randy Townsend process as the tax code is so Marketing Manager complex I don’t know how the people responsible for making it keep up with all the rules and forms. I usually end up staring at the numbers trying to get that last deduction thinking to myself “am I missing something”. April is also the time when we in the seasonal L&G industry are concerned with sales revenue. We are focused on making sure all of our plans for moving out product are executed. We have lots of time planning and searching out the right product mix and determining how to market, merchandise, and create the pull through for someone to want to take it home with them. This process can sometimes take place up to a year ahead of when we will actually get to ring it up.

the wrong quantity and mix and it could have some red splattered on it. We have all made the latter decision on products or categories and taken a loss to dump the product. But that is what makes us stronger and smarter. We learn what works and what doesn’t. To grow our businesses we have to try new things and take some risks. The old adage “do what you have always done and get what you have always gotten” rings true. We have to try new things based on our past experiences and invest in the opportunity to grow. For BWI, we strive to bring new products and categories to our offering presenting them to our customers as an opportunity for additional growth for both. As you sell through your inventory this spring and summer and start looking forward to your 2013 planning, may we suggest to you, if not already a practice, to review your category offerings and product mix looking for gaps or duplication making notes to include in your planning process going forward? New category opportunities can bring new shoppers to your store and/or capitalize on the ones already there so that you don’t send them elsewhere to finish their shopping list. Reduction of duplication can make available more resources to invest in products that turn faster increasing cash flow. Opportunities for growth and expanded profitability start with planning and review. We all need to step aside and stare at our categories and product offerings and ask ourselves “am I missing something”.

For BWI, this process starts shortly after our fall EXPO. We begin reviewing our product offerings making sure we have complete categories with the right product mix to bring to our customers. Sometimes we notice we have gaps in a category that we need to fill and sometimes we find a category is too broad with duplication abound. Our ultimate goal is to select the right amount of products to bring a category offering to our customers that meets or exceeds the needs and expectations they expect from a supplier. In short, they, to some degree, rely on us to do the research and vetting of products and categories that will be successful in their store.

Best wishes for a good and profitable spring!

One thing I have learned about product offerings is that there is no shortage of products to offer in the market place. I often wonder if there are enough consumers to consume all the products being offered. When you take this into consideration, the task of making the right selection of products and categories to invest your time and resources could mean the difference in the bottom line being black or red. Pick the right quantity and mix and your income statement could be black and white; 18

APRIL 2012 /


Low-Volume. High-Profit.

It’s no secret – the difficult

economy and bad weather made 2011 a very trying year – especially for those of us in the lawn and garden industry. So we’re responding to current decreased buying patterns by offering these new smaller piececount merchandising options.

New low-volume, high-profit displays.

Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granular, Snake Repellent Granular and Yard Net Granular in convenient, self-contained Wing Stack Displays. 18 Pieces of shake-to-apply granular in two pound containers. Also available: New indoor/ outdoor quarter pallets... 72 pieces of Deer & Rabbit Repellent quart RTU spray. 02412-C




Adjust your strategy and make 2012 a great year!



Planet Approved! (800) 923-3623


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Scan this tag with your SmartPhone and go to

3/5/2012 12:18:12 PM


Up to 1 batter y year life

6.0 MEGAPIXELS A good thing just got even better. We’ve redesigned one of our best-selling infrared cameras with the serious hunter in mind by adding new features like FastFire continuous shooting mode and Plot Stalker time-lapse technology. Plus, we’ve reduced its size for easier handling and better concealment.


Up to 1 batter y year life

5.0 MEGAPIXELS Moultrie has added “invisible” to our list of camera features. Our new Black Flash Technology is undetectable. When your trophy walks by, you’re the only one that knows it. No visible LED light for ultimate concealment. Night range up to 50’.

APRIL 2012 /



Festival Windchimes Proudly MADE IN THE USA

GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS FROM A NAME YOU KNOW AND TRUST... Greenhouse Construction New Construction Remodeling Repairs Bench Installation Recovering and Re-glazing

Irrigation Design

Drip Systems Sprinkler Systems Injection Systems Filtration Systems Watering Booms and Basket Systems Total System Design

Automation and Equipment Conveyors Flat Fillers Bale Processors Mixers Potting Machines Seeders Total System Design


APRIL 2012 /




here seems to be two common topics that a conversation that has reached its peak starts heading towards; one is weather and the other is the economy. Since I assume each of you have heard several renditions of how many issues we have in our current economy, I will not Brad Meador trouble you with my version Marketing Manager except for one comment. You have to have diversity to thrive.

With the increased temperatures and extreme drought throughout the south this last year several of our markets were faced with major challenges, which meant decreased demand for some of our high volume products. Without the diversity that BWI has created, 2011 would have been one of those years that we never wanted to speak of again. As we attempt to continue down the path of diversity there are certain markets that stand out to us as a perfect fit. Applying the same successful strategies we have in our current markets, BWI is proud to announce that we will now be servicing the Professional Pest Management Market.

As most of you know, BWI has entered several new This particular category offers a wide range of services markets over the course of our history, all of which have to several different account types. The list below includes contributed to the current success of the company. Were just a few of the manufacturers that we will represent in the changes always easy and smooth? The honest answer this market: is NO! Changes in any business are generally difficult and B&G Sprayers FMC sometimes not easily adopted. Constant focus and long BASF Rockwell Labs term goals are key to implementing new plans and the Bayer Syngenta survival of them. Control Solutions Several of these products have an excellent fit in our current markets and will be a great addition to our customer base. Farm and hardware stores will now have an improved line of DIY insecticides for the homeowners and will serve as a great outlet for the Pest Control Operator’s last minute needs. Lawn Care Operators tend to have several opportunities to control pest in their daily routines and now they will have a full line source for all of their controls. This recent diversity will again allow BWI to service an independent market while offering more product options to our existing customers.

APRIL 2012 /



Regardless of style, a beautiful work of art requires perfectly blended growing media.

A horticultural masterpiece is a product of its environment, that’s why Fafard Technical Services meets with you at your growing operation to help determine your media needs based on multiple factors. We can even create custom blends. Together, we’ll figure out ways to manage input costs, increase yield potential, and help grow your business. We’re not just a growing media company; we’re your partner in creating art. FA F A R D . C O M • 8 0 0 - 7 3 2 - 8 6 6 7 • A S Y NG E N TA G R OU P C O M PA N Y

22 10-FRD-044 Pro Paint tube GMPro.indd 1

APRIL 2012 /




has become as committed to training our veteran sales force as we are to recruiting and training new members of our sales team. BWI’s recruitment and training program began in 2007 and has resulted in a much better equipped sales team. Ralph Waits We recognized that training Corporate Training Coordinator these individuals at the BWI corporate office resulted in an inherent advantage. They are afforded the opportunity to meet and interact with everyone at the corporate office including the Bunch family, the executive team, corporate management and staff. They see that BWI is more than the branch or division that hired them and hopefully more than their own personal zip code. All this led us to recognize there are many outside sales staff that has never been offered these opportunities, even though some have been working with BWI for more than twenty years. In 2009, we embarked on a mission to train our veteran outside sales force who had not previously had the opportunity to visit the corporate office. Of the 125 outside sales people there were in excess of 70 that met the criteria. This training had to be more than just a simple meet and greet. We believe that’s important but it’s not enough reason to take them out of the sales territory for an extended time. Veteran sales training has become roughly a three day affair for the sales people. We try to schedule their arrival the evening before the training begins. A dinner is held the evening of the first day of training with the Bunch family and the managers. The dinner is very informal and gives everyone a chance to get to know each other on a more personal basis and not just as a business associate. The training consists of time with VP Sales, Retail Marketing Manager, Professional Marketing Manager, Purchasing Manager, Human

Resource Director, and Credit Manager. This time is spent describing the vision for the future of BWI and how it will impact the sales force. All of the meetings are informal and questions and discussion are encouraged at all times. Due to the interaction each group has contributed at least 1 idea to the table that has been implemented by BWI. It has become just as important for the corporate office to hear from this group as it is for us to train them. Communication is improving all the time and the gap between the corporate office and the divisions has narrowed. Since the end of 2009 we have had 46 veteran sales people attend training at the corporate office. We are approximately two thirds complete with our veteran sales training initiative. I know this training program has been a win for the corporate staff and I’m sure the sales people would tell you the training was enjoyable and enlightening. These kinds of things continue to show us the more we train the better it makes us as individuals, as a team, and the better we can serve our customers; which after all is the reason we are here.

QUALITY construction for RELIABLE performance. FLEXOGEN® HOSE The only 8-ply hose. Exceptionally rugged, able to withstand the hottest and coldest days. The last hose you’ll ever have to buy.

Gardening made easy and affordable!

LARGE COVERAGE SPRINKLER Water coverage up to 5800 sq. ft. Impulse arm eliminates wasteful side and back splash.

APRIL 2012 /





Visit for point-of-purchase materials and customer communication tools that answer the most common questions about pesticides, fertilizers, and the products’ benefits to lawns and gardens.


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Trusted Trusted for for consistent consistent quality quality and and performance performance for for over over 30 30 years. years. With a stronger, more concentrated formula and With a stronger, more concentrated formula and® 30-minute rainfast warranty, Roundup PROMAX ® 30-minute rainfast warranty, Roundup PROMAX gives you faster, more effective weed control right gives you faster, more effective weed control right down to the roots. down to the roots. To learn more, visit To learn more, visit Roundup Technology® includes Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide technologies. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Roundup PROMAX and Design®, Roundup PROMAX®, and Roundup Technology® are registered trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC. ©2012 Monsanto Company. 29054

The The fastest fastest weed weed control control you you can can get get with with visible visible results results within within 24 24 hours. hours. QuikPRO®®, powered by Roundup Technology®®, QuikPRO , powered by Roundup Technology , gives you fast burndown results with an easy-to-mix, gives you fast granule. burndown an try easy-to-mix, water-soluble Allresults it takeswith is one to see water-soluble granule. All it takes is one try why it’s the choice of lawn pros see why it’s the choice of lawn pros everywhere. To learn more, visit To learn more, visit Roundup Technology® includes Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide technologies. ALWAYS AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. QuikPRO and Design®, RoundupREAD Technology® includesPESTICIDE Monsanto’sLABEL glyphosate-based herbicide technologies. QuikPRO®, Roundup and Roundup Technology® are registered of ALWAYS READ AND PROMAX®, FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. QuikPROtrademarks and Design®, Monsanto LLC. ©2012and Monsanto Company. 29054are registered trademarks of QuikPRO®,Technology Roundup PROMAX®, Roundup Technology® Monsanto Technology LLC. ©2012 Monsanto Company. 29054

26895_PROMAX QuikPRO print ad.indd 1

26895_PROMAX QuikPRO print ad.indd 1

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2/28/2011 11:09:09 AM

2/28/2011 11:09:09 AM

the wAy to Grow your Business

proven results† GerBerA

+73 %

Dry weight increase

†Other results and details are available. Please ask your Premier Tech Horticulture Sales Representative.

solutions • Unique and high performance product alternatives • An expertise at your service

now with more myCorrhizae™

quAlity • 12 of the 14 major production steps are quality-controlled, each by multiple checkpoints • The industry’s most consistent and unique method of peat moss selection innovAtion • Leader in the development of the most advanced bio additives • North American leader in sustainable peatland management

proven results† toMAto

+80 % Growth increase

†Other results and details are available. Please ask your Premier Tech Horticulture Sales Representative.

Customer Service:

visiT Us AT pthorticulture.coM

1 800 667-5366

PRO-MIX® is a registered trademark of Premier Tech Ltd. or its affiliated companies. © Premier Tech Ltd., 2012. All rights reserved.

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2012/02/29 15:29:15 PM

THE POWER OF MORE™ MORE weeds controlled. MORE plants covered. MORE product choices. MORE ways to bring you the total weed control and coverage you need. That’s what you get with pROvEn sOluTiOns from Dow Agrosciences. That’s the power of MORE. Can be used over the top of more than 125 field- and container-grown nursery and landscape ornamentals; and noncrop areas, including roadsides

Controls 125 broadleaf and grassy weeds in landscape ornamentals

Plant tolerance on up to 636 field-grown and 487 containergrown ornamentals

Controls more than 95 broadleaf weed species

Can be used on 714 field-grown plus 562 container-grown ornamentals, nonbearing trees, vines and noncrop areas

New formulation using methylated seed oil, a nonpetroleum-based, plantderived solvent that reduces environmental impact

Trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC. Always read and follow label directions. T38-000-025 (07/11) DAS 010-60741


26T&O BWI fall half pg Ad 07-2011.indd


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7/11/2011 3:25:46 PM

congratulations! 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500

Apple iPad

XRT950 Club Car

Stutzman Greenhouse, Inc. (Hutchinson, KS)

Woodson Wholesale, Inc. (Caldwell, TX)

David’s Nursery (Mineral Wells, TX)

Not Pictured: Green Thumb Nursery, Inc. (Tampa, FL) won a guided fishing trip.


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omething’s going on out there. Just when I thought I knew what to expect the market has changed again. Small is out and big is in. Instant gratification is the new watchword.

As if the change in container size wasn’t enough, we’re also dealing with the changing preferences of the time constrained customer. They don’t have time to care for plants like their parents and grandparents did in the past. Customers are not just looking for Beginning several years ago we began pretty, they’re looking for tough. Hence, look to see a new type container come into at the popularity of the Knock Out Rose. the market. These weren’t the old black Consumers see their neighbors having success pot we were accustomed to but attractive Paul Toler with a plant and it becomes widely accepted decorative containers that actually made our Key Account Manager and sought after. Encore Azaleas, Knock Out already beautiful plants look even better. Busy customers could now go to their favorite plant store Roses, Drift Roses, Fiber Baskets with mixed colors, Sun and purchase beautiful plants in beautiful containers and Impatients and Big Bloom Begonias are but a few of the never even have to dig a hole. Dressing up entrance ways, demand items that drive customers into the stores to buy. making patios look inviting, adding color to apartment balconies are now the norm with more and more offerings available. Who would have thought it would have come to this?

Retail customers are not the only ones to buy into this trend. Look at how the professional landscape market has changed. We’ve always seen larger more mature plants used by professional landscapers but that was more for foundation plantings and focus areas. Now look at the size of the material used in color change outs. Gone are the days of the pack. Now the minimum is the 4” pot and that is quickly moving to the one gallon and larger. It’s not unusual to see a first class LCO installation where 10” hanging baskets were planted directly into the site to provide an instant landscape. Again, the objective is to provide a finished product and increase the perceived value to the end user.

Plant breeders have become aware of this new way of selling plants and have introduced many new varieties to fill the needs created by this move to instant gardens. Growers now have the opportunity to grow annuals and perennials with huge blooms, dark green foliage and compact growth that makes growing plants easier and more enjoyable for even the most challenged gardener. Growers now have not only improved varieties available but even innovations such as multi-variety plugs available which allows them to produce colorful planters that Here are a few more trends that growers have made fill the demand for mixed containers while addressing me aware of over the last couple of months: the demands of selecting plant material with like 1. Can you say drought? Look for increased popularity environmental requirements. and demand for plant material that is considered drought resistant, such as Sages, Lantana, as well as Along with these developments the realization has come other plants that can tolerate long hot dry spells. that customers not only want but demand larger sizes of plants. Today’s customer is not so much looking for the 2. Can you say water restrictions? That’s why many growers are starting to ask about wetting jels and opportunity to baby a small plant to maturity as they are moisture beads to retain moisture in the root zone demanding a ready made garden. With this comes the need both for increased shelf life and to minimize transplant for larger and larger containers to offer the customer the shock. In areas that experienced severe drought last plants they want. One of the by products of this type offering year this could be the difference in who sells plants is the perception of “added value”. It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s and who doesn’t. in an attractive container----it must be worth more. Growers are finding that in a tough competitive market this is one 3. Over most of the BWI service area this has been a mild winter with above average temperatures. That’s way to increase their sales and bottom line. The numbers good news with most growers saying that their energy prove this, trays and packs sales are declining while larger cost are down and prospects are looking good for an container sales are increasing. It’s just a change in the way early spring. On the other hand many growers started customers see things. Big is in, little is out. 28

APRIL 2012 /



Dalton Georgia







Growing is easy. All you have to do is grow the right plants in the right containers that meet the customer’s needs and you’re bound to be successful. Keep a close eye out for the next big trend (or at least don’t ignore it) and respond at the appropriate time. I think everyone agrees that we are seeing a change in the market with regard to what the customer is looking for in plant material. Not only in the plants they want but in the packaging that delivers the plant to the consumer.

trunk mat company RE

several years ago to adjust their crop cycles and even the crops they grow to those plants that require less heat. It’s a roll of the dice but in most cases by just starting a week later a grower can achieve measureable savings on energy. Even more successful have been those growers who moved to more cold resistant varieties thus allowing for lower thermostat settings and lower fuel cost. Sooner or later fuel cost will go up again and energy conservation will again become the number one obstacle to being successful.


Made from Recycled Poly

$300 Off Plates

Custom Trunk Mats - Item F Order By 5-1-12

Personalized & Custom Trunk Mats Spray with Malathion Insect Spray.

Piercing and sucking insects that may need weekly applications for control. Most frequently recommended controls are Malathion Spray or Carbaryl (SEVIN Garden Dust). Leafhoppers feed on blossoms of beans and cause a poor pod set.

Spray or dust appearance and apply weekly as needed. First choice is Carbaryl (SEVIN). Bacillus thuringiensis (Dlpel, Thruicide)- start using when worms are small; worms must ingest the material; very safe to use, no restrictions. Or use Kelthane.

Same controls as Cucumber Beetles. Spray or dust when beetles appear and weekly as needed. Use Carbaryl (SEVIN) dust or Permethrin. Young plants of eggplant are vulnerable to Potato Beetle attack. Look for damage when first leaves unfold.

Spray or dust when beetles appear and weekly as needed. Use 10% Carbaryl (SEVIN) dust or Permethrin.

Dust or Spray in a band along the row with Carbaryl (SEVIN) dust. Or control before planting with a soil application of Carbaryl (SEVIN). This will stop wire worm damage.

Look for appearance after June 15. Dust with Carbaryl (SEVIN) to get nymphs. Apply 3 times at 10-day interval.

First generation shows up in June and July; second generation August. Dust foilage with Carbaryl (SEVIN) for corn borer. For corn earworms dust silks when they emerge and repeat every 2 to 3 days until silks turn brown.

PLANTING MADE EASY Bare Root 1. Remove all packaging material before planting.

2. Check to make sure roots are moist and alive.

3. Dig a hole large enough

BWI will continue to search for ways to help our grower partners improve their offerings and provide the products you need to be successful. Whether it’s the latest crop protection product, an energy efficient heater, or the next popular container you can depend on BWI to bring you choices that grow your business.



This Trunk Mat is reusable and recyclable.

3920 N. LOOP 1604 E. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, 78247 (210) 497-3760

to allow all roots to spread laterally without bending and deep enough to allow planting mix to reach 2 inches above the original soil mark on the plant. Soil will settle to original soil mark with time. 4. Set plant in hole to correct depth and backfill with planting mix - usually a combination of sandy loam and ferti·lome® Potting Mix or peat moss. 5. Form a berm around the hole, using soil mix, to aid in watering. 6. Water slowly and thoroughly with a mixture of water and Root Stimulator and Plant Starter Solution. This not only feeds and waters the plant but also eliminates any air pockets. 7. Prune 1/3 to 1/2 off the top of the plant to help balance top growth and root system.

Balled & Burlapped Container Grown 1. Always carry the plant by *This planting technique is the root-ball, never by the trunk. Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root-ball and deep enough to place the plant at the original growing depth. 2. Leave any burlap or other material around the root-ball, but be sure to remove any wire or nylon cord from around the trunk. 3. Backfill the hole with planting mix, usually a combination of sandy loam and peat moss (or other organic matter). 4. Plunge water hose to the bottom of the hole to soak and settle soil, working out any air pockets. 5. Large trees should be staked and tied with guy wire to prevent wind damage. 6. Using soil mix, form a berm around the hole to aid in watering. 7. Prune 1/3 off topof the plant to help balance top growth and root system. 8. Wet soil around plant with solution of Root Stimulator and Plant Starter Solution.

the most preferred since the root system is fairly large and has never been pruned or cut back. Be careful not to damage the roots when removing the plant from it's container.

1. Dig hole twice the diameter of the root ball and deep enough to place the plant at it's original growing depths. 2. Backfill hole with planting mix, usually a combination of sandy loam and ferti·lome® Potting Mix or peat moss. 3. Form a berm around the hole, using soil mix, to aid in watering. 4. Water slowly and thoroughly with a solution of Root Stimulator and Plant Starter Solution and water. This not only feeds and waters your plant but also helps to settle soil and eliminate air pockets. 5. Prune only to achieve desired shape since root system has never been pruned or cut back.


GARDEN CARE PROGRAM Planting , Watering & Fertilizing Vegetables - When Planting, choose an area that will receive full sun and good air circulation. Vegetables do best when planted in raised beds. The ideal planting mix is sandy loam and organic material (peat moss) in a 50/50 ratio. Good drainage is the foundation for great gardening. Consult your local ferti·lome® dealer for correct varieties, specific planting methods and optimum planting dates in your area. As you are Watering, remember that the roots are very shallow; they will probably require more water than your other plants. Water slowly and thoroughly to saturate the bed area. Frequency of watering will depend upon your local soil conditions and weather. Avoid wetting the foliage as this can promote disease problems. Fertilize your vegetables every three to four weeks during the growing season. Proper fertilization is essential to producing a good harvest.

Insect & Disease - The damage from insects and disease can quickly devastate your garden. To prevent and control common insects and diseases, spray twice a month during the growing season. More frequent applications may be required during rainy periods since the spray can be washed off. For more specific insect problems refer to your ferti·lome® dealer. Areas that have high humidity levels tend to have the worst disease problems. In these parts of the county, you should treat preventively before disease appears. If you live in an arid region, wait until you see the first signs of the disease, and then begin treatment. Two treatments, usually 14-30 days apart, will be required on most problems. Some diseases, like brown patch, may require treatment for up to three years in a row. Try to spray and water your plants in early morning, since plants that stay wet overnight tend to be more susceptible to disease problems.

Weeds - Unique situations will arise from time to time that call for the use of specific weed killers. There are basically two categories; selective & non-selective. Selective weed killers control only certain or types of weeds (grassy or broadleaf). Some are safe for use around desirable plants while others are not. Most non-selective weed killers cannot tell the difference between weeds you want to control and your desirable plants. It is very important to keep non-selective weed killers, as well as certain selective ones, off the foliage of desirable plants. Special weed killers work best on young, tender, actively growing weeds. If the weeds you want to control are large and not growing much anymore, you should cut them off at ground level, wait until 2 to 6 inches of new growth appears and then make your application. Due to the importance of using special weed killers properly, always read the label directions thoroughly or consult with ferti·lome® dealer.


your garden center, logo, specialties......

706-694-8855 Ask your BWI Sales Representative for information on StockTrunk Mats!! APRIL 2012 /




NEW VENDORS, NEW CATEGORIES, NEW OPPORTUNITIES BWI proudly offers these great names in sporting ammunition bringing a rounded offering to the independent RETAILER. A NAME YOU KNOW AND TRUST. Remington prides itself on engineering excellence. Delivering superior products has been their mission since 1816. Everything they offer must first meet the highest standards for manufactured precision and performance.

SINCE 1880. Rifle and handgun ammo. Longstanding experience in ammunition production.




o matter what type of business we are in we are constantly challenged with providing the best results, while working under some type of operating budget. Golf course and landscape maintenance costs are on a continual climb. Many golf courses are being Kolby Keeling operated with budgets far Regional Turf Sales Coordinator below industry standards, while expectations from members and owners are equal or slightly higher than the previous year. Yet these facilities are still expected to save money and improve efficiency. Labor comprises the majority of the maintenance budget and is usually the first target when it comes to budget reductions. Thus the dilemma begins; how to produce the same product, or one even better, with less? Listed below are a few points to take into consideration that will help you to stay at or below your operating budget while still achieving a strong agronomic plan:

watering is less wear and tear, thus less labor repairs. • Plant Growth Regulators – Plant Growth RegulatorsPGR’s are not only beneficial agronomically, but will save on a budget in multiple ways. The labor that would have been used to remove grass clippings and to operate equipment can be redirected to other projects. Also, because there will be reduced seasonal use on equipment, you will see a decrease in fuel cost as well as an increase in equipment life. Proper budgeting and agronomic planning can make a big financial difference for any golf course superintendent, lawn care operator or sports field manager. BWI’s Expo has become a valuable resource for helping our customers manage their budgets not only with product savings, but with a wealth of product knowledge shared by our vendors. We look forward to seeing everyone in September at the EXPO in fabulous San Antonio, Texas!

• Fertility – Utilize soil tests at least on an annual basis to concentrate on the major turfgrass nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Make use of “extended long term release nutrients” that are offered by BWI to help eliminate multiple applications of fertilizers. The additional cost for using the “extended long term release nutrients” will be recouped with the cost savings in labor and equipment usage alone. • Water – A good dependable irrigation system is a top priority. Monitor soil moisture to help with proper amounts of irrigation outputs. Utilizing and implementing the proper type of wetting agent will help reduce the amount of water needed. You will also see a savings on electricity cost from a reduction in run time on your pump station. Another benefit that comes with less APRIL 2012 /







BWI is pleased to welcome Tom Wright, PCO Marketing Coordinator, to the BWI Sales and Marketing Staff in the Corporate Office. In this new role, Tom will assist in the development of the Pest Control Market for BWI as well as working with our new vendor partners in this category.


Prior to joining BWI, Tom was the owner and president of B&G Chemicals & Equipment Company until June 2010. B&G was started by Tom’s family in 1950, just a few years prior to Mr. & Mrs. Bunch starting BWI. B&G sold chemicals and equipment for urban pest control and turf and even had light manufacturing in its business model. Tom has served as President of B&G BYP_GEN_M2_2216_R1.indd since 1992 and brings a wide base of Art Director DEPARTMENT: experience and expertise in the PCO business to BWI. APPROVAL:

Tom has a BA in Addl. Business and Notes: 4c Ad MCD: 03/01/12 Accounting Finance from Southern Methodist University. He is married to Bonnie, his wife of 32 years, and has four grown children (three daughters and one son), ranging in ages from 25 to 31, and two grandsons. Tom is very active in his church, working with young men and supporting a mission in India. In his spare time, Tom and his family enjoy spending time at their cabin in the mountains of Colorado where he enjoys hiking, rock climbing and just hanging out with family and friends.

One application kills all types of weeds and grasses plus prevents new weeds and grasses from emerging for up to 6 months. For use on driveways, sidewalks, patios, along fences and foundations and around walkways and mulch areas. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS. ©2012 Bayer CropScience LP. Bayer Advanced is a business group of Bayer CropScience LP. 2 TW Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Bayer (reg’d), the Bayer Cross (reg’d), Bayer Advanced,™ and DuraZone™ are trademarks of Bayer.

Saved at Copywriter

Studio Artist


Printed At None Traffic


A beautiful lawn starts with the right tools and equipment... 200 LB. COMMERCIAL TOW BEHIND BROADCAST SPREADER Heavy Duty Plastic 1-1/4” powder coated square steel tubing 15” treaded turf tires Single lever control and adjustable spread pattern Hitch pin and rain cover included

Client Media Type Live Trim Bleed Job Title Pubs Advanced Ad Code

Bayer Maga None 4.812 None BWI In Spring None


12 M

• Inse • Prov inclu feeds • No sp

75 LB. PRO BROADCAST SPREADER Heavy Duty Plastic 7/8” powder coated square steel tubing 10” pneumatic tires Finger tip cable control Hitch pin and rain cover included

Tom and his family live in Carrollton and he will office at our BWI Dallas location.


Acct. Manager

2-27-2012 9:55 AM

APRIL 2012 /


Typ inf







Have you noticed coupons by the box stores and wish you had the time and resources to offer something like this to your customer base? Well now you can with help from BWI. We have developed 40 plus ready to go email blast templates for your use. Simply download the e-contact template from the BWI website, modify it and email it to your customer base. If you have not collected your customers email addresses, print out the coupon and use them around your store or include them with monthly invoices. The program is easy to use and best of all FREE. Instructions View/edit the templates using Adobe Reader. Download the latest version from Log into your account at Click on the E-Contacts tab under Marketing Tools. Scroll through the listing of 39 customizeable templates and click the link. A download page will open. Click the attachment link and save to your computer. To edit simply highlight and type over the text you would like to change. Editable areas include: • The month • The dark blue box (type store information here) • Price • The advertised special (no special is necessary; it can be deleted if you choose) • Offer valid XX/XX/XXXX - XX/XX/XXXX (simply type over the Xs) Save the pdf. More information can be found on the BWI website at We are developing more templates that tie in with HOT BUYS to help our customers market and promote the items you purchased at the 2011 BWI EXPO. Our hope is that we can provide a service that allows our customers to buy in at the lowest price of the season and give you the tools to help get it out the door!

new for



Type Mont Type Month h peci

12 Month Tree &

als Ironite Minera

Shrub Protect &


l Supplement, 40 lb

• Insect protec tion for trees • 40 lb treats up to 4,000 sq ft • Provides 12 -month systemi • For lawns, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and trees c protection ag including adelg ainst damagin ids, aphids, lea • Contains g insects iron and nine other minerals essential to lawn health fminers, beetles feeds the root s and bore• rsFor pluasquick and long-lasting green • No spraying, just mix and po • For all soil types ur at plant ba se • Will not burn • Contains no phosphorus

Type store inf orma information yo tion here or any other u feel that is important.


Feed, 40 oz

Type Month $XX.XX

FREE sprinkle r can with purchase!




All Seasons

Type store info information rmation here or any ot you feel that he is important r .

Type Month

Purchase 2 bags and save $5.00!

Greenlawn 2-gallon Tank Spray

Fertilome For


Flex Corn, 37.1 lb


Lawn Food P • Bite-size crunchy attractor clusters lus Crabgrass • The ultimage corn alternative bringing • Apply early & Weed Pre the next era in the Sprin venteattrac based r, 20tion g or Fall; 2 to germination 3 weeks pr•ioAmazingly lb to obtain co r to seed weather resistant through a demanding p ntrol of gras • Apply with sy and broa called rotary or drop dleaf weeHydro spreader ac directions ds -Pel cording to la• All-na bel tural, feeder friendly with the power to pull in • Targets th d e following w similarly to corn while containing higher eeds: Henbi Chickweed, nutritional c t, Oxalis, Po Crabgrass, a help Annua,promote healthier, stronger and more produ Foxtail, Purs Purse, Pros ctiv lane trate Spurge and Knotwee , Shepherd’s d


Type store information here or any other information you feel that is important.


Type Mon Type Month th pe


Type store information here or any other information you feel that is important.


Buy 2 bags 1 bag of we and get ed prevente Redeemable only by email recipien FREE! t • Offerr valid xx/xx/xx XX/XX/X xx X- xx -X

Redeemable only by email recipien only by email In order to qualify for free goods, purchas recipient • Off e mus In order to qu t • Offer valid xxXX /xx/XX er valid XX • Outdoor /xx/XX alify for free xx -- xx In order to qu XX/xx /XX or /XX Redeemable indo /XX only /xx or by /XX app ion ofemail recipient XX - XX/XX/XX goods, purch xx • Limit • Offer valid XX/XX/XXXX alify for free go XX/XX/XXXX - XX/XX/XXXX XX/XX/XXXX cons • Limit 2 coupons ume per household XX • Limitlicat per r month 2 gard as ods, pu•rchCan co e must be on en chemicals upons per ho 2 coupons pe ase mu bestused on us for e be on one deck r household pe ehold per mo invoice (not nts and all year inv etrea sealantsr month cumulative). nth (not tme cumulative the color of your pond or lake • A dependable valueoicfor ). • Pond colorant enhances the

Type Month

user who only sprays occa sionally • Flexible 16” poly wand and 33” hose APRIL 2012 • Translucent tank to chec k fluid level • Thumb control for instant on/off • Wand storage clip

Fogger Bonide Fog Rx Insect e Mosquito When used in conjunction with Bonid g Beater® and /or Fly Beater™ Barn and

Crystal Blue, 1 gallon


to a beautiful royal blue acre, 4-6 ft deep • 1 gallon treats 1 surface rainfall, y 30-60 days depending on • Treatment necessary ever ow fl run-off, turbidity and outember • Apply February through Nov




Farm, Home & Garden

A great way to merchandise and display fencing and hardware cloth. Call your BWI Representative to get pricing and information.

Let BWI help you keep it stocked with our ready-toship supply of the items listed below. This Display Contains: 40-3’ Light Duty U-Channel Posts 40-4’ Light Duty U-Channel Posts 40-5’ Light Duty U-Channel Posts 12-24 x 5-1/4” Hardware Cloth 12-24 X 5-1/2” Hardware Cloth 6-24 x 25 1” Green Vinyl Hex Netting 9-24 x 10 1/2” Hardware Cloth 6-24 x 25 1” Galvanized Hex Netting 6-24 x 50 1” Galvanized Hex Netting 12-36 x 5 1/2” Hardware Cloth 6-36 x 25 1” Galvanized Hex Netting 4-36 x 50 1” Galvanized Hex Netting 4-28 x 50 Galvanized Rabbit Guard 6-30 x 10 1/2” x 1” 16 Ga. Welded Wire 6-24 x 15 1” x 1” 16 Ga. Welded Wire 3-24 x 25 1” x 2” 14 Ga. Welded Wire 3-36x25 1” x 2” 14 Ga. Welded Wire

FIRE ANT BAIT Most effective way to control fire ants...kills the queen and destroys both visible and hidden mounds.

THE PATH TO A GREEN LAWN BEGINS WITH IRONITE! A complete, cost-effective natural fertilizer and soil supplement.


Apply around the perimeter of your home. Kills carpenter ants and 14 other species. Also controls Texas leafcutter ants.


APRIL 2012 /


KILLS NUTSEDGE Controls Southern Summer & Winter Weeds.

We’ve Got You

Covered Trust BioSafe Systems’ complete horticultural line to provide 24/7 protection for greenhouses and nurseries, you can count on us.

Foliar Disease Control • Fungicide/Bactericide • Perfect for Mist Propagation • Kills Pathogens and Spores on Contact • Non-Phytotoxic • Zero-Hour REI

Reservoir & Stored Water Treatment • Algaecide/Fungicide • Stop Disease Before Irrigation • Algae Dies Within Hours of Treatment • No Run-Off Concerns • Safe for Aquatic Life

Recycled Water Treatment • MicroBiocide • Treats Recycled Water Through Irrigation Lines • Chlorine Alternative • Adds Dissolved Oxygen to Water • No irrigation Restrictions

Don’t Chlorinate, SaniDate!

Insect Control on Plants • Insecticide/Nematicide • Controls Over 300 Insects • Use in All Stages of Production Cycle • Safe to Use with Beneficials

Contact Us for Around the Clock Protection! 1.888.273.3088 (toll-free) •

APRIL 2012 /



BUYING HABITS | Rodney Hatridge


hat is a habit? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: “Fixed or established custom; ordinary course of conduct; practice; usage; hence, prominently, the involuntary tendency or aptitude to perform certain actions which is acquired by their frequent Rodney Hatridge repetition;” Purchasing Manager Using the previous definition, how do we relate it to our buying? How do we relate it to our chain of supply? Is our current buying habits best for our business? In years past, manufacturing attempted to keep a substantial amount of inventory on hand which would allow distribution access for their customers on demand. Distribution likewise kept excess inventory for retail stores or end users, such as growers, to have on demand. This process led to very high fill rate percentages but was compounded by extremely low inventory turns for both manufacturing and distribution. As competition grew, manufacturing began to see inflated inventory as a significant contributing factor to margin erosion due to the added carrying costs. The early order programs were created in efforts to forecast inventory needs. This would allow for more efficient scheduling of supply, meeting the demands of the specific growing season or selling season, therefore, reducing the carrying cost for high inventory levels. Distribution did likewise by offering early order programs which would ensure the supply of inventory to the customer. Once again, the goal was to minimize carrying costs which contributed to a decrease in profit margin. Early order programs were designed to incentivize the merchants and growers by booking preseason. By prebooking, the most aggressive pricing for the season is extended. This practice eventually evolved into offering an early take incentive to the growers and retailers so that neither manufacturers nor distributors had to hold the inventory for long periods of time. This is usually accomplished in the form of early shipping discounts or extended pay terms. So where are we now? What are our buying habits? As a whole, it can be summed up with “just in time inventory”. 36

APRIL 2012 /

Growers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers have moved more to the concept of acquiring inventory just in time for the growing season and selling season. While early order programs, or booking programs, are still in place, many do not feel it necessary to book ahead. There are many reasons as to why this philosophy has come to be a part of our business: potentially tying up financial resources that could affect our daily needs or spot business; the inability to forecast our needs due to unforeseen circumstances such as the economy or weather conditions for the coming season; or simply human error for failure to pre-book. So how do we maintain acceptable inventory levels before, during, and even after “peak” seasons? From a distributor perspective we have to rely on two aspects: bookings from our customers and sales history. Our habit is to offer booking promotions just as was done in the past. This allows our customer to plan ahead and inform us of the product, volume, and timeline to ensure successful delivery. So what happens when the industry is dominated by the ‘just in time” concept and product is not projected and booked ahead? How does a distributor make sure that they can fulfill their customers’ needs when they need it? That is where we rely on sales history, a double edged sword. One side of this sword is beneficial to a distributor because a buyer can look at previous year’s sales and forecast needed inventory. For those who do not pre-book, this allows them to purchase the product based on their historical purchase from the prior year. The other side of the sword is that it will not allow the buyer to forecast unexpected or larger quantities than were bought the previous year. Those could be because increased demand from the consumer or larger growing contracts. Another situation where sales history works against a buyer is when a non pre-booking customer changes a product from the prior year. This situation makes it more difficult for a distributor to meet their customer’s needs and timelines, which is always their goal. What are your buying habits? Do you rely on “just in time” all of the time? Do you book ahead as much as possible? Or do you habitually use a combination of both? If your buying habits are working well for you, then there is no need to change. However, if you believe improvements can be made in how you buy, first look at your habits and then discuss with your supplier and break the habit.


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