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November 2013




NOTORIETY “Being defined as a winner means something different to everyone.”


FEATURES 04 Notoriety Unstoppable Force De Measure

08 Ajenda Wave Of Shocking, Awesome Sound

10 Strizzo Unstoppable Drive #POW

14 Dreams Not Reality (DNR) Richly, Expressive Blend of Riffs & Melody

16 Matthew Madona Bursting At The Seams With New Sounds

17 Shannen Bamford Talent That Captivates The Heart

18 Ali Spagnola The Most Recognized Of Android Ringtones

REVIEWS 22 The Undivided Unapologetic Display In Creating Songs Of Greatness

COVER STORY 12 Fyrare An Dominating Level Of Perfection

LIFESTYLE 06 5 Tips to an Electronic Press Kit EPK - An Easily Digestible Format

ENTERTAINMENT 23 BWD Records (Sponsor) The Independent Music Label of the South

2 • BWD Magazine •



Having continuously been recognized throughout the music world as a vast movement with an undeniable force we at BWD Radio are now bringing you the best music and individuals within their field in a more easily digestible format; with a dedicated online magazine packed to the rafters with news, reviews, features and phenomenal artists from across the globe.   Synonymous with breaking new ground and talent, our aim isn’t to deliver you an aggregator of articles; more like, the BWD Bible of breaking talent and breath taking bands turning heads and volume dials up to eleven.  In each breaking issue we reveal the winners of the BWD Radio’s Indie Music Featured Artist Competition, a monthly competition where we invite you to Get On The ‘Visual’ Playlist for your chance to become one of the featured BWD Competition Winners. The winners are awarded the opportunity of talent exposure across the globe and throughout the world as part of our aim to prove a good tune isn’t limited to whatever celebrity judge endorsed single is currently riding high in the iTunes download chart. In each issue, we also bring you the newest faces in the world of modeling to watch out for in store windows, on the billboards, and in the high-street, as well as on the catwalks of Paris and Milan. Though that may be enough to fill the covers of most magazines, we’ll be taking things even further with exclusive ‘first-looks’ at the best in indie talent, our unique position

Editor In Chief Veralyn Keach,

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within the world of media affording us the opportunity to bring you the next big hitters

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Robert Baker,

and BWD Magazine into one with the newly launched new BWD website there is twice the promotion to deliver double the impact and even more worldwide exposure to its

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featured artists.

Veralyn Keach,

All the freshest new faces and hottest new talent in one magazine, BWD Magazine in con-

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junction with BWD Radio is committed to setting the standard of what you deserve from a magazine with constant promotion through the BWD network of contacts and promoters. Did someone say BWD Promotions? The BWD Triple Threat Trio! Being in such a unique position affords us the ability to offer our services at ‘considerably less’ than most others, our network allowing us to expose your talent in all the right places

Veralyn Keach,

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without needless expense or additional ‘secret costs’ less scrupulous companies fill their

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small print and help fill their bank balances with.

Veralyn Keach/Robert Baker

promotion) we are able to offer the best when it comes to brand awareness and public


recognition of your name or product, without compromising either your impact or finances.


Covering all aspects of media promotion (from social media sites through to music video

For price and space availability inquiries, please contact us via the contact details to the right where we can discuss your specific requirements to ensure maximum exposure.

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NOTORIETY dreams successfully...without


interference. To Notoriety, that’s

aspirational attention to detail, and unstoppable force de measure of music others will soon find

We’re accomplishing our


rom an early childhood friendship to standing on the brink of worldwide recognition and acknowledgement of their combined musical talents, Vital Silveira ( aka Vydle Sinez) and Charles Monfort ( aka Incredible Chuck) define the very essence of their collaborative name - Notoriety – with a musical output that is quickly becoming notorious for its infectious insurgence of sounds,

themselves being measured against. Sharing the same home town streets together, Notoriety began as individual artists expressing their musical talent through individual expression; beat boxing and rap were a familiar theme amongst their peers, but the two soon found their own talents in the genres out-stripping the competitions with many matching their passion but few coming close to holding court so completely. In 2009, the inevitable happened with the two enjoining their collective talents into the indomitable wave of uncompromising force that is Notoriety. Acclaim has not been short in forthcoming, with the groups five mixtape releases each receiving the attentions and affirmations of both the public and media affections, the Well Rested release produced entirely by GXWay himself. With the Part Deux release hosted by Statik Selektah, and And Herb hosted by CR The Beast word

4 • BWD Magazine •

Being defined as a winner means something different to everyone.”

QUICKLY BECOMING NOTORIOUS FOR THEIR INFECTIOUS SOUNDS... has clearly got out regarding these two and their typhoon of talents, as

groups legend within their collective nomenclature, their reputation and

names and figures seemingly queue up for their turn at working with the

recognition rising at equal haste, and having completed a five state tour


in a staggering five days - Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Bridgeport and New York City – they’re not short of invites to appear on the stages across the

Regular airplay across WERS 88.9FM, UnRegular Radio, and Jam’n 94.5FM


to name but a few has driven the pairs music into the ears and appreciations of an audience being awakened to the reality of how the music they

‘Being defined as a winner means something different to everyone,’ said the

had been listening to is a pale imitation of sound compared to the duo of

group when discussing their BWD Magazine contest win. ‘To you, it may

digital descriptive being discovered, a combined download total amassing

be seeing a person on some sort of pedestal, but to us, it simply means we’re

some fifteen thousand and counting a tangible reflection of the public’s

accomplishing our dreams successfully...without interference. To Notoriety,

eager readiness for the group.

that’s winning.’

Further proof of the demand for Notoriety came when the group took

With a dedicated schedule that sees the group writing daily, recording

second place in Hard Rock Cafe’s “Hard Rock Rising: Global Battle of the

weekly and taking care of all production, recording, mixing and mastering

Bands” contest. No mean feat, to be sure, but to underline just how incred-

in-house and independently, the most popular Notoriety single Let’s Drink

ible an achievement it was consider this; the pair took the award despite

has finally been made available for release to download on iTunes for your

Notoriety being neither rock nor a band.

considered adulations, with the Well Rested EP available for your iPod to stream- or download at AudioMack.

Vydle and Chuck had been close friends, almost like brothers, since the two were children.

Contact/Booking Information:

The group writes daily, records weekly and all production/recording/mix-

ing/mastering and business takes place in-house, independently.

Website: Twitter: @notorietymusic Facebook: notorietymusic

Appearances on BNN Television and cable have further strengthened the

Photo Credits: Notoriety - All Rights Reserved BWD Magazine • • 5

FIVE TIPS TO AN ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT (EPK) EPK A-OK As an artist, singer, musician, singer or simply someone who wants to show their wares in an easily digestible format, an Electronic Press Kit (or EPK) is a one-stop show reel for all pertinent and relevant information you want the world to know.



Your EPK is your own personal Wiki, and should be treated as such. Any and all relevant information someone may wish to know about what it is you do or what you represent should be readily available to any roving eye casting itself about the page.

Rather than filling hours and envelopes and spending money on resources and stamps, an EPK requires nothing more than an Keep it direct and straight to the point; a biography, some pictures, links to listen to email address to send it to and a coffee to buoy your energies and/or download, as well as a brief history of where your work has been played or when pressing that send button gets a bit wearing on the pinkies. you have appeared are what should be heading up your This Is Me. Traditional hard copy press-packs are still a viable option – some media and radio productions still ask for a hard-copy of any music Keep it positive and engaging, putting any notable high-points – such as performing being sent before adding it to their playlists, for example – but at the VMA’s – near the beginning. A hyper-link to a web-page that expands upon such in the modern world of Android and IOS there is simply no excuse moments is sufficient in adding weight to your words for anyone curious to learn for not having yourself an easily consumed slice of personal pro- more without bogging the whole thing down. motional .pdf that is ‘You’ and ‘Your Work’ sitting on your desktop, ready to be fired out across the ‘net and into the Inbox of potential Pictures should look clean and easy to decipher what or whom the eye is looking at, interested parties.

with a few moments invested in their placing to maintain an eye-pleasing flow and reduce the ‘pile of Tetris blocks’ mis-stacking of images.

Whether off-peg online from a professional site or coded by your very own hands and a copy of Adobe for Dummies here are five A few clear, well shot pictures are worth more than a catalogue of your entire career things to bear in mind when composing your ‘puter produced to date, so pick the ones you feel encapsulate the impression you are trying to project press-kit…”

best. It’s better to have one or two really good shots than a dozen live-action ones where the camera chopped off your head.

6 • BWD Magazine •

FRESHNESS FIRST Most of us have at least two social media shar-


ing sites we regularly check in on, and no doubt a few dozen or more we signed up to when the buzz first hit about them being ‘the next platform



Contact is key and clarity of how and where you can be reached is just as important as letting the reader know how they can download your latest earth-shaker.

to launch your career from’ quietly being ignored. So only include such sites and links that contain

You may have a billion different ways of your

the latest or most relevant information about you/your art and the ones you

audience being able to contact you – the more hurdles you can remove

consistently maintain.

between your art and your audience the better, after all. However, nobody is going to send an email to every single one of your Contact links, or wait to be

If you have your best work on an old site or one you don’t regularly update

re-directed to a social media site where they can Message or DM you; time,

then think about uploading that information to the ones you do. It doesn’t

inclination, and the sheer number of other things the person reading has to

mean you have to delete any old accounts – who knows; maybe that YourFace

be getting onto which turns your litany of links into a tirade of tiresomeness.

account will have some use further down the line? But if it isn’t being visited

It looks off-putting and not at all effortless, reduces the overall clean and

much or has out of date content it’s better to steer clear of such detritus and

eye-friendly professional presentation you are looking to project.

focus your energies on polishing and primping and plumping up the ones you consider your ‘This Is Me Now’. Remember; a limiting of links won’t lose you

Keep the ones you regularly check first and foremost, with any other links

any Likes if your audience can find what they want.

or ways to Get In Touch following in order you are likely to check next. It doesn’t have to be listed in a specific ‘E-mail, Other E-Mail, Business E-mail…’


format if you’re more likely to see a message to your social media site before a Tweet to your ‘@’ alter-ego. Whatever it is and what form it may take, make sure your primary contact isn’t listed right at the very end – don’t laugh; it

Press quotes and reviews, interviews and men-


does happen.

tions should all have a link to where they appear or were featured. It adds weight to your words


and worth to your work, as well as looking pretty good on the page.

Not everything you do may be online to bear testimony, of course; so a name of who said what along with the title of the publication or outlet they are associated with underneath any such lines will suffice. You can include hyper-


links or similar to direct to a verifying site, but much like the aforementioned’

Whether it’s getting to cut the ribbon at the grand opening of a new supermarket or getting your latest track played on a podcast, it all counts as announcements, milestones in your career that you can use to show your work has worth and is being recognized as such.

limiting of links’ you don’t want to fill up your EPK with unnecessary noise. Any upcoming appearances or events should have the relevant dates and A review or critique looks great on the page, boosts your promotion and

times listed alongside the Where, as well as a link to where any tickets or

marketability - and massages the ego nicely, of course - but isn’t necessary to

invites may be obtained.

include in its entirety. If it’s a particularly wordy write-up choose the lines of effusive praise that highlight your work best; a two thousand word review

Remember to update your EPK on a regular basis, removing old dates and

detailing the thoughts and emotions of the writer as they experienced your

adding new ones. If you can change the quotes for fresh ones then do so; any

work for the first time can fill out the Media section of your web-presence

new words of accolade pertaining to your latest venture should obviously be

nicely, but if it ends ‘Simply amazing’ then that’s the quote you should be

included when refreshing your ‘Kit, and swapping old pictures where you had

choosing to go on your EPK.

that mop-top and mono-brow for the more recent ones of the buzz-cut and slacks combo you’re currently sporting is an obvious but oft-neglected part

If you have little or none to choose a few lines from then not to worry; you

of keeping your EPK up to fresh and up to date.

could either reach out for a review by submitting your work to magazines, local papers or ‘zines, and or request feedback from those you send your EPK

Overall first impressions count and can last a long time, and a little effort and

to and use that feedback as a basis for your list of notable quotes.

consideration can be the difference in whether that lasting impression is the one you want them to have or the one they won’t forget.

BWD Magazine • • 7



ith the promising intent of appearing every-

BWD: How goes the touring..?

where and anywhere and hailing from Belfast in Northern Ireland, Ajenda are not you’re a-typical

We are heading off for a tour of Slovakia on the 21st of October. We will be

boots-n-beers rock band.

special guests at 3 Rock Me Fest semi-final heats, which is a Slovakian National BOTB Competition. It’s a 6 date stint, so we’re really looking forward to it. We are

With three self-released EP’s to their name this female-fronted band

also working on getting across to the UK mainland early next year to promote

are quickly proving the old adage of ‘good things coming in small

the CD, the response so far to our new material live, has been great.

packages’, vocal power-plant and lyrical mistress Jen fronting the band with her incredibly dynamic range.

BWD: Your debut album UNRECOGNIZABLE has been turning heads across the globe, with your live performances backing up the incredible sounds of

Backed by a band Belfast’s best in the bodies of Jan on bass, Gavin


on guitars, and Peter on drums; Ajenda can already count tours of Finland and appearances at the mighty Hard Rock Hell as part-and-

Thank you very much. To be honest, we’ve been blown away by the feedback

parcel of their legacy. Having started to carve their name deep into

received so far. There’s a lot of good bands out there at the minute, so we knew

the current rock scene, their audience is quickly becoming legion as

we had to deliver a good CD to help lift us and put us out there. We’ve been get-

their sound spreads even further afield.

ting airplay from the US, Europe, and South America, so it’s all good.

Now armed with their debut album, the titled Unrecognizable

BWD: Having already toured Finland, Ajenda are now back off across Europe,

release, Ajenda are ready to deliver an enormous wave of shocking

taking in Slovakia this time out; you certainly seem quite at home on the

awesome sound and songs on their upcoming UK and Slovakia tour.


Taking timeout before the roads call becomes too inviting a cry to

I think it’s the goal for all bands is to get on the road and get their music out

ignore, BWD managed to catch hold of Ajenda to ask them about

to new people, we were signed to a Finnish agency a few years back and got

their cracking new album, the reception fans have been giving them

the opportunity to tour Finland, we played a festival and some shows, as well

throughout the European sojourn, and when it all comes down to it,

as, recorded our EP ‘The Suomi Sessions’. It was a great experience for us and

do they choose Domo or Wilson..?

definitely helped us mature as a band. The acoustic track on our CD, ‘Fragile’ was recorded out there also. The Slovakian tour came about after we supported a top


Slovakian band called ‘Gladiator’ in Dublin, Ireland. They really enjoyed our set and they kept in touch with Pet’o and Jan who both originate from Slovakia. Their

BWD: Hello, Welcome, and if you’d like to introduce us to Ajenda..?

keyboard player Peter Slamenca, arranged the tour for us; which we are very grateful. The response when we’ve played abroad has been awesome. It’s a good

Hi Robert, Thanks for taking the time to check us out, we are Ajenda, A 4 piece female-fronted rock band from Belfast Northern Ireland. We have Jen on vocals, Pet’o on drums, Jan on bass and myself, Gav on guitars. 8 • BWD Magazine •

sign that our music is appealing to people from different cultural backgrounds.

BWD: With three self-released EP’s before your first full length release we

up and carry them with us :) But I’m thinking we would all be up for the idea of

probably shouldn’t be too surprised at Ajenda’s embracing of the ‘get out and

dressing up in the floppy brim hats also. We’re not vain and normally don’t need

gig’ ethos of any successful band?

a life or death situation to dress up and make fools of ourselves :) P.S. I can also categorically state that Jen does not have hairy knuckles :) I know this because

Our first 3 EP’s were all part of us growing as a band. With the costs of recording

she shaves them daily haha.

being very expensive these days, many bands put out an EP as a cheaper way to stay fresh and something to promote when out live. That was the route we chose,

BWD: And finally; where can we expect Ajenda to be next; on tour or in the

but eventually you need the full length CD .The local scene over in Northern


Ireland is vibrant with many bands getting mentioned further afield. The ethos for us all is to get out and play to as many new people as possible. With the new

We will be promoting ‘Unrecognizable’ as much and as far as we can over the

CD getting great feedback, we feel that we are producing music that that people

coming months. We have just touched on some new song ideas, but I wouldn’t

will hopefully want to hear more of.

expect to be in the studio for about another year.

BWD: Having a female at the mic in a rock band is always an open invite for

Contact Information:

criticism before consideration, people ready to condemn the band before experiencing their sound; has this ever been something Ajenda have expe-



Twitter: @ajendamusic Facebook:

To be honest Robert, we have never experienced any, or Jen hasn’t, I should say.

Photo Credits: AJENDA - All Rights Reserved

She has always been accepted over in our rock circles as a top rock singer. She has had nothing but well wishes and praise from people on the CD. I know what you’re saying though, I’m sure there’s always haters out there, but they’re not worth worrying about. :) BWD: Penultimate question time! Being the globe-trotting super-suave band that you are the group are no strangers to the foibles of air-travel and the inevitable delays and associated problems with such. Mid-way to the last gig of your world dominating tour there comes an announcement over the airplane tannoy; it seems during the last stop-over they forgot to re-fuel, meaning there’s only enough fuel for another five minutes of flight before everyone on board gets to see if airplanes can float as well as they can fly. For the other passengers madness and panic ensues; the call for women and children first has gone up but all decorum has been thrown out the window, the emergency kicked off its hinges as people begin to fling female-folk fimble-fans out holding chairs and oxygen masks they’ve been fashioned into hopeful impromptu floatation devices. Just as the call for all sins to be repented goes up one of you remembers the big box of novelty lady-hats and inflatable Domo dinghy you bought at the amusement park during your Japanese leg of the tour, and currently resting above your heads in the bit for carry-on luggage and iPads. Faced with a long drop and sudden stop inside a metal tube quickly filling with the smells of panic your choices are stark and clear; you can either strap on a floppy brim and hope no-one notices the four pairs of hairy knuckles clutching to handfuls of inflatable boats as the five of you bail-out Indiana Jones-style, or you put your faith in the pilots skill and the airplanes integrity and the softness of two miles deep of ocean whilst each searching around for your own personal Wilson; should you wash up on the white sands of an uninhabited island? Lolol, that’s a wild sense of imagination you got there mate! :) We wouldn’t be the type of people to push old grannies out of the way, heck no - we’ll pick them BWD Magazine • • 9



ook City is more than a brand; it is a movement, a force

However, overnight success is not something the real world hands out

of music unstoppable in its drive and unswerving in its

very often, and it was in 1996 Jamal began plotting the route that would

route of heading straight for the top and keeping right

ultimately lead him to scale the heights of the music business; revealing

on going.

himself to be a master behind the decks, Jamal’s talents as a

Setting that movement in motion

DJ brought him into the world

and controlling its direction with

of the music scene, regular

an incredibly capable hand and

engagements building his repu-

unmatched vision stands the

tation and bringing him onto

master of all ceremonies, Jamal

the radar of the major record

Lyles, aka director of the decks

labels. Subsequent invites to

and pinnacle of producers, the

break music in the clubs for

driven DJ Strizzo.

these industry names put Jamal’s finger firmly on the pulse of who

Such well-known hits as Low

and where the best new music

Lowww and Sweat, & Bootlegg

was coming from.

(Burn My S**t) has seen what some critics dubbed as ‘just a

Fast forward a few years and

local’ movement into a wave of

hard work has turned effort into

world drenching tides, slaking

reward, his name burned deep

the thirsts of a buying public

into the minds of any who were

demanding something more from their music, something unique and fresh,

fortunate to catch him in New York, Nashville, Las Vegas, Cleveland, or one

and devastatingly powerful.

of the many other States this artist and producer DJ Strizzo has turned up at and subsequently torn down.

10 • BWD Magazine •

STRIZZO Performing guest DJ duties for Numark (NAMM Show), world famous

2.5 Mixtape in August - featuring the new smash single UP DOWN

Red Bull Pro-Line Skate Detour, and the Mix Show Power Summit sit

with Lil Kee – Strizzo will be accompanying the release with the

beside invites to appear countrywide at locales and events clamour-

#POW 2.5 Club Tour, hosting events and performing guest sets, along-

ing for his deft DJ touch, sharing the stage with some of the biggest

side live dates. As he takes to the road, crosses the States and works

and most respected names in the business as an equal in music.

his way across the pond itself, fans can catch the hugely anticipated UP DOWN official music video release when it’s revealed to the

2006 saw him form ties with future partner-in-business and musi-

world this coming December.

cal collaborator, the Tampa Bay DJ and Uber Producer Lil Kee - of Lil Kee’s Keezone Productions - after both began regularly appearing at


the Tampa Club 112. The ensuing coalition was dubbed Jook City DJ’s and the industry would be forever changed. Contact Information: With the collaborative hit between himself and Lil Kee - the worlddominating chart troubler Buss It Wide Open - ready to bring the DJ’s movement to the masses, and appearances in Cocoa Beach, Satellite


Beach, Tallahassee, and Bradenton and many, many more underlin-

Facebook: theofficialstrizzo

ing the belief of a worldwide audience waiting in the wings for

his auspicious self the DJ, Producer, Artist and Entrepreneur known

Twitter: @Strizzo

as Strizzo is more than a musician leading a movement; he is the

Photo Credits: Strizzo - All Rights Reserved.

movement. Having dropped the much awaited Underground Club release #POW

BWD Magazine • • 11


rom model to musician, amateur to master, the world of hip hop and indeed music itself is on the verge of possibly the most exciting resurgence of a genre since mankind first struck rocks to make sound- and it’s all down to a mind perfectly attuned for seeing the future as he wishes it to be and the drive to make

those dreams a revolution in reality. Born in Brooklyn and raised within the infamy of its streets, Fyrare is an artist whose visions of an apparent quixotic notion have seen his legend not just break through the confining boundaries of his birthplace and out onto a worldwide arena, but take the shattered remains of a genre in danger of becoming forgotten and obsolete and inject it with a much needed shot of inspirational leadership and a dominating level of perfection. A renaissance in rhythm, Fyrare first caught the attentions of the camera and crowds as a model, his god given magnificence emerging from the pages of Ford Models books and onto the covers of the influential Seventeen Magazine and the intellectual Washington Post. To simply take him at face value would be to take his benchmark in beatific beauty as the only string to Fyrare’s bow: A Caravaggio of the chords it was when Fyrare turned his attentions to music and immersed himself in the influence of such artists as Jay-Z, Jimmy Hendrix, and the phenomenal legacy of Michael Jackson; that his true future began to unveil itself to the world. With performances on violin or piano able to evoke a compelling attraction evocative of the artists’ heart-rending


good looks, it’s the low-slung axe-wielder within that the self-taught musician unleashes on the hit single release titled Eye On You, comparisons to Hendrix justified on this wholly self-penned and –produced track.


With over a thousand tracks (and counting) receiving the personal production skills of Fyrare’s flourish, it is his solo career as an artist that’s quickly becoming the stuff of legends; the release of his debut single sparked an explosion of audience attention, instantly catapulting Fyrare’s name into the stratosphere and his social media sites into meltdown as eager new fans clamoured to Follow, Like, Share and Subscribe. Almost overnight Eye On You became third on the ReverbNation charts, and with thousands of downloads from iTunes proving New York is too small a stage for Fyrare’s performance to be constrained, the world awaits on pins for the release of his first full release, the debut album Take Me To Your Leader. Tempering demand whilst tempting his fans a trio of videos to accompany the Take Me To Your Leader album were realized and completed within seventy two hours- and if any lessons have been learned from the reception of his first single, YouTube should be looking to upgrade the amount of traffic their servers can handle. Gearing up for the launch of Take Me To Your Leader and accompanying promotion engagements; BWD Magazine caught up with Fyrare to talk music, modelling, and just how he is managing to single handily resurrect the genre of hip hop… BWD: Before we begin, if you’d like to introduce yourself to our audience; who is Fyrare..? You can say I’m an avid music lover. Also a knowledge magnet. Aside from a rapper/singer/producer and guitarist I’m also a fitness model, I’m very active in the fitness community and may even compete ... I am also a HUGE toy and comic collector... I also cosplay....seriously. Growing up in Brooklyn I guess my heart has always been in music from day one. The whole thing has really just been a blessing and a dream come true so far and this is just the beginning. BWD: You recently released your debut single Eye On You to a rapturous audience; many thousands of sales on iTunes and storming into third place on the ReverbNation charts later, it seems like the world was simply waiting for you to arrive..? Truth be told it was one of those “Let me put this out there and see if I’m wasting my time”. The response till this day I can’t believe. It literally made my career. Tweets pouring in from all over the globe, my name even trended a few times. The response from both male and female was just amazing. That was only a test. 12 • BWD Magazine •

Cover Story

BWD: Penultimate question time! You cite both Hendrix and Slash as musical influences, each legends within their own genres and managing to

The material and overall content for the album far

right hands. I am confident this album will be one transcend into others comfortably. Slash has just

surpasses it and I feel my fans deserve that and so

to remember.

much more.

BWD: You hold a command of talents, the envy of you working together on his next guitar-only solo

popped ‘round your house to discuss the two of

many a musician, being equally at home behind a album. Just as you are bringing the six-slinger a BWD: As an artist your creativity is being proven

guitar, a piano, even a violin as you are behind the drink your mobile goes off; by some twist of his-

to be unheeding; certainly, there’s not many – if

desk as a producer and a mic as a vocalist…

any - other artists who can lay claim to producing three music videos in only three days …

tory Hendrix is still alive today, and has been trying to get hold of you to talk music and possibly

This is because I am never satisfied. I yearn to learn appearing on his first release in years as guest vomore and possess more talents. I’m picky and some- cals. Knowing you’re about to embark on a world

It was beyond hectic and at times a disaster as well.

times even over judgmental with my work. I fell in tour and will only have time to work with one of

My co director and long-time friend Eric Smith sat

love with the guitar the first time I heard one. So I them do you say ‘Sorry, Slash,’ and show him the

there over 72 hours with me; literally stealing sleep.

bought one and started experimenting. I’m proficient door, or hang up on Hendrix?

We shot the video for “Eye On You” with the extended

but nowhere near the calibre I one day aim to be at.

version and guitar solo. Another song called “Grab

As with the guitar, I am self-taught with the piano as I would have to go with Slash. He’s one of the reasons

It”, which is something the ladies and fellas can en-

well. I felt it was almost essential if I was going to be I even touched a guitar. I will never forget the first

joy. It’s one of those “just hit the mall/stores and just

producing. The violin is just so elegant and great for time I heard the lead riff from “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. I

start grabbing things, moneys not an issue, lets live

conveying emotion; I had to learn the basics at least. really hope to actually get something going with him

it up kinda songs. “Finally” and “So Gone” most likely

I aim to sharpen my skills and keep growing no mat- on a future project.

didn’t make the cut for this album... Very dreary and a

ter my success... It will never enough.

bit course for the albums new track listing.

BWD: And finally; what is the one thing you want BWD: Aside from yourself, who do you think is our audience to think of when they hear the name

BWD: Your debut album Take Me To Your Leader is

doing something original and exciting within the Fyrare?

looking to not just resurrect the genre of hip hop

genre; any names or artists worth looking out for?

but redefine the genre itself..?

Inspiration... I want my story to be a lesson that I really like what J. Cole is doing. B.O.B... That guy anything really is possible. I want to continue to

Indeed! I have high hopes for infusing Rock, Hip Hop,

right there is a bloody animal, I love his music. Jay- inspire those around me and my fans to strive to

Pop and R&B. It’s not every day there’s a rapper play-

z can’t do wrong, the man can do this in his sleep. better themselves and those around them.

ing guitar so I know I’m already under a microscope

There’s an artist on the rise named Flows out of

with that. However, I don’t want it to be my thing, just

New Jersey to watch out for. I recently produced two

something I can do. I dug really deep for the tracks

strong singles for him and he’s lyrically astonishing.

on this album. I tried to touch on a lot of subjects

I really can’t wait to see how the public receives him.

without straying too far from what my fans already

Justin Collins is another amazing talent. He’s a singer

expect of me. Change can be a good thing in the

and producer that I have worked with on my album.

Twitter: @Fyrare Facebook: Fyrare Website:

BWD Magazine • • 13

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BWD: First of all Welcome to BWD Magazine; please introduce yourselves

year, through our shows. We are basically influenced by 50% of western music

to our audience…

and 50% of oriental music, because me and Ash (the drummer) we are big fans of the mighty American big rock from the 80’s and 90’s. Kira and Yu are really

ASH: Hey there! We’re DNR (stands for Dreams Not Reality) an Italian visual

in the ‘Visual Kei’ scene taking big influences from the Japanese rock scene!

rock-J-rock oriented band born around 2006. We’re five guyz: Kira (bass player),

Our style is something that’s born natural every time we play together. It’s a

Axia (singer), Sieg (guitar player), Seba (keys and vocals) and Ash (drummer).

music marriage!

Our goal is to offer an original musical product which mixes our two main influences, western rock and eastern j-rock/visual kei... with a solid groove,

The other bands are really often focused on one style only. We believe it’s cool

strong melodies and a special attention to the look/visual side. We toured many

to be different and open minded.

countries playing several cool gigs and we’re finally about to release our first official full-length album!

BWD: Do you feel Japanese bands embrace the visual side of musical performance more so than other countries?

BWD: You recently released a video for the bands hit single Rock Princess, featuring the famous Canadian blogger and respected journalist La

Kira: ‘Visual Kei’ is the perfect combination between music and imagine, a

Carmina; how did this guest appearance come about?

strong Visual impact and cool Music in one shot... what else?! This kind of approach reflects in total our way to do everything: body and soul, all our self

Seba: At the time, La Carmina and I were working on a fashion event in Italy.

in the music! Mixing personal passions with the experiences learned rocking

It was great timing and we thought it would be a fun project to collaborate on.

around, that’s the main feeling in our song writing!

The mix of fashion, visuals and music came together in the video. We are very happy that the fans responded so well to it.

‘Visual Kei’ was born from the traditional Japanese “Kabuki Theatre” a modern interpretation keeping the cultural meaning behind every single make-up and

BWD: Bringing together the romantic appeal of visual, Kei with a European

note. We are truly lovers of this style, it’s not a secret, that’s the reason why

groove and Asiatic melodic lines has given DNR more than ‘a sound’; it

our first video was dedicated to Hide Matsumoto (XJapan) the song was a mix

seems to have created an entire new genre that only becomes more defined

between Hard rock and Jrock, the “yellow hearts guitar” used during the shoot,

with each release..?

and it’s our personal way to pay tribute to his loving memory! This also gave to us the opportunity to be noticed outside of Europe.

Axia: Yes, of course as long as we play together we defined our sound year by 14 • BWD Magazine •

In 2005 the world of music saw the beginnings of a new musical genre; a fusion

In 2011 Beyond This World saw the bands explosive first single release gather

of two seemingly opposite styles-European groove and Asiatic melody – which

momentum and attention worldwide, and with Sebastiano Serafini joining the

would ultimately evolve to become more than just music; it would become

group on keys and vocals, the only thing left to say when trying to convey the


sheer awesomeness DNR represents is summed up in three words;

A richly expressive blend of riffs and melody, creator and composer within this

Welcome to EUROVISUAL.


Avant Garde universe Kira began laying the foundations for the group that would ultimately become DNR, joined by drummer Ash, guitarist Sieg, Mantis on vocals and Delord on keys.


The single Visual Evolution was the world unveiling of the bands musical vision, the single allowing the audience access into the bands own aural other-world, grabbing attention almost as quickly as it did the listener’s ear. Followed up with the EP release Visual Reloaded, 2009 saw the group lose its frontman due to artistic differences. Rather than disband and deny the music scene its own unique sound, the remaining members formed Dreams Not Reality – DNR – bringing in vocalist Axia as the new band’s singer. With the experience of a worldwide stage purveying a confidence that adds a charismatic edge to his performance and vocals honed in the multi-faceted tones of the hard rock genre, Axia gave the band new opportunities and further

Contact Information:

confidence to explore their sound, define the band, and take them one step


closer to legendary status.

Twitter: @DNR_official Facebook: dnrofficialpage Photo Credits: DNR - All Rights Reserved

We got the chance to share the stage with great artists: Alice Nine, Versailles,

be. By taking the influence of it but also connecting several music styles, DNR

Gackt, Daizy Stripper, Royz, Inoran... Japanese musicians have extra oomph!!

might give it a great chance to expand the Visual-Kei horizon and also draw in more people to dive into this hidden Oasis.

BWD: The release Beyond This World saw the band returning to the 5 elements, bringing in keyboardist and vocalist Sebastiano Serafini (aka SEBA)

BWD: DNR bring a much broader appeal to their fan base and audience with

to the fold..?

their style and sound being more accessible, more inclusive of the listener than most other groups in a similar vein.. ?

Seba: I’ve been working quite a few years in Tokyo and became involved in the Jrock scene there. DNR found out about my work and they thought I would be

Yu Phoenix: By mixing a wide pattern of unique tastes we manage to access a

a good addition to the band because I can speak fluent Japanese and from a

far range of audience with DNR. We have no set limits as style or music and we

music perspective I could bring my knowledge of the industry and sound. The

do not desire in doing so, our music shall be for everyone of any gender of any

fact that I am a fashion model also contributes to the evolution of DNR’s style.

age, anyone shall be able to feel it just the way we do!

BWD: Despite gaining popularity and becoming more well-known Visual-Kei

BWD: And finally; a new single release, a new video too, what else lays on

is still not as mainstream in the west as it is in Japan; would you say this is a

the horizon for DNR?

cultural difference, or simply people being unaware through lack of information, marketing, etc..?

ASH: After a couple of previous failed attempts and tons of unlucky episodes, we finally started recording our first album last spring... and we’re sure this one will

Yu Phoenix: Most people nowadays seem to almost be afraid of new things, fear

be the definitive one. It sounds just great! Exactly like we wanted it to sound.

of the unknown you could say.

Deeply melodic and strong!

They want to listen to the things they know and don’t mind recycling them if it

We’re sure our fans will love it as we do. It will surely be out this fall, preceded

means to be in the safe zone.

by a single with its clip, of course. After that, the only thing we expect is to play live as much as possible and to hit all the countries we’ve already visited in the

Visual-Kei is a strong Style in Music as in Fashion and overall Styling, it has

past years and all the others we still gotta visit. So spread the news and stay

enabled a set fan base by now and gaining popularity step by step but I would

tuned, we’re coming! ;)

agree and say it’s also due to cultural differences that it’s not as big as it could BWD Magazine • • 15


rom a single vision of bringing out the artists

As each night bought more artists to the surface of Springfield’s

from the shadows to the world stage into what is

scene, Matthew found himself being in the position of leading

quickly becoming a global phenomenon, Matthew

those discovering new musical talent. Seeing the opportunity

Madona (aka the undisputed King Of Creative

before him, Matthew teamed up with a long-time friend to form

Endeavour) is more than a leader of men; he is

OMASS, an industry giant-slayer dedicated to providing a platform

a visionary with the tenacity and take-charge attitude that will no

for musicians that has seen them delivering only the brightest

doubt see his company OMASS challenging the biggest of names

of new stars and freshest of sounds and ground-breaking game-

within the music industry as the only label worth holding out for.

changers in music.

Born and raised in Springfield, MA., Matthew began his early entre-

‘This opportunity means a lot to me,’ reveals Matthew when speaking

preneurial exploits after taking a good look around at the state of

of his BWD Magazine contest win. ‘I live in a forgotten city, (so) you

the music scene in his home town; the talent was there clearly, and

guys shining light on us is appreciated.’

the amount of musicians and artists vying for their chance to take the stage before a crowd at one of the few venues available made

With the success of OMASS continuing to grow with every new sign-

it a lottery almost whether they’d even get their shot beneath the

ing, threatening to take the carpet right out from under the indus-

spotlight, much less

try’s feet with each new

get their sounds out

release, Matthew Madona

there and find their

is leading the charge in


turning Springfield, MA., from a forgotten city to

With a city bursting at

one where discoveries are

the seams with new


sounds and exciting talent, it was to the

Contact Information:

chagrin of many more

wasn’t being done to

Twitter: @matthewmadona



artists, to showcase

Photo Credits:

Springfield’s musical

Matthew Madona

legacy, the wealth of

All Rights Reserved

talent and pride of its musicians, and the diversity of sounds it held within its ranks. Something had to change. With the ambitions of others setting the impetus in motion, Matthew began formulating a way of turning what was quickly becoming a dead scene into the ground zero for those wanting to discover exciting new music. It wasn’t long before the first stage in what would become his empire was launched; an open mic night, an outlet for any and all to spit lyrics and break beats, came to fruition with a thunderous roar of audience approval. Success saw an avalanche of artists clamouring to attend and stand in line for their chance to shine, the belief and fortitude Matthew held in the music from his home town being borne out with each new face through the door, every returning artist wanting one more turn at the mic.

MATTHEW MADONA 16 • BWD Magazine •

With the release of her debut EP Paper Planes in June 2013, Shannen Bamford has managed to bring her quickly emerging trademark sound into the forefront of the mainstream audience’s attentions. Not for the first time, either, as this 21 year olds talent managed to captivate the hearts and emotions of her hometown in Liverpool, winning the Liverpool Echo song writing

Shannen Bamford

competition at age ten. Being able to count such names as Rebecca Ferguson and Mel C as fans after witnessing her performance at the 2012 Liverpool Music Awards, Shannen is proving herself to be the musicians musician, a talent other talented performers take note and notice of; no mean feat for such an unassuming artist, armed only with a guitar and a voice. Though perhaps it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise; her natural ability to hypnotize the soul of the listener first showed itself when Shannen picked up the guitar at age four and let her innate skills flow. Quickly adding the subtle nuances of dancing across the keys and chords of a piano to her metre, Shannen began writing and performing her own compositions, the writing competition win encouraging the song-smith within and focusing her learning of the craft, perfecting her skills, and waiting for the right time to present itself for her munificence in music to emerge. 2010 proved to be that year, with performances to captivated audiences across the scene buoying her onward and into further performances at venues and festivals, receiving airplay from the mighty British Broadcasting Corporation of BBC Merseyside and the synonymous Juice FM bringing her to the world’s ears and adorations. With a single release being planned for release early next year to accompany Paper Planes on iTunes and Amazon as being the sleeper hit of the year, BWD caught up with Shannen to talk some more about this Liverpudlian lasses life to date, her selfstyled mix of soft, twinkly acoustic tracks and dark atmospheric piano tracks she is making her own, and whether lard is ever a


good substitute for a missing tooth-brush… BWD Magazine • • 17


hances are you’re already familiar with Ali Spagnola,

the Power Hour game of drinking 60 shots of beer in an hour, and

or at least, with the munificence she has afforded

comes pre-loaded with the entire first album to enjoy along with it.

you and many, many thousands more already. A modern-day DaVinci, Ali also commanded a position of considerFrom composing music and art for ‘Disney’ to being

able envy within the world of video-games, that of creating the

the genius behind the Shot Glass USB, creating one of the most

soundtrack as well as the graphics and animation to many projects,

recognized ringtones on Android to being paid to stand perfectly

the most notable work being that of Disney’s Toy Story Midway

still as a mannequin, such is the prolific output and incongruity of


this one-woman industry you’d be forgiven for checking there are still only 24 hours in a single day.

She also maintains an ideal of creating a unique piece of work daily through her project Free Paintings; currently in its fourth year,

Describing herself as a kin to a polymath, Ali Spagnola is an artist

Ali accepts the challenge of painting a 12x12” piece of pop art as

first and foremost, with a body of work that allows her to have a

requested by anyone who takes the time to submit a request for

reference of experience and design for almost every single instance.

her art. Posted online for worldwide appreciation the project cur-

Musically she has already released four albums, her first self-

rently has fulfilled over two thousand requests-and with one and

composed track Robots For Everyone beginning life as a simple

a half thousand people requesting their own unique square foot

additional to accompany her first animated 3D short and ending

of art there is no shortage of people prepared to wait patiently

up being released globally

for their own singu-

as the default ringtone on

larly unique virtuo-

Android devices- a further

sic creation though

ten tracks completed and

(or those with little

collated and Ali was able to


count having a debut album

tion helps expedite

as part of her ever growing

things somewhat).



list of achievements. A legal


Three further albums of

over the rights to the

music have seen Ali’s music

Power Hour trade-

appearing on MTV’s Real


World and Oxygen’s Bad

Victory saw Ali give

Girls Club, the track What’s

up the daily nine to



Your Name off the Ego album pioneering the Google Music Beta

five and embark on the Freedom Victory Tour across the States, her

downloads, and I Want More being played regularly to thousands in

performance as a musician finally given the free reign of bringing

the PNC Park during home games of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

her music, her magnificence (and her mischief) to the masses of eager crowds, providing the atmosphere to everybody’s greatest

During the successes of the Power Hour Album, Ali created the Shot Glass Mini-USB; a portable device, it is to be used to join in

18 • BWD Magazine •

night out.


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BWD: Before we get into things proper, who is Ali Spagnola..?

stand out from the rest.

Ali Spagnola is the coolest. BWD: Your creativity isn’t just limited to amazing music, however, with a hisBWD: You came to the world of music via your single ‘Robots for Everyone’;

tory that includes composing the songs and creating the images on Disney

an amazing track with a left-field, somewhat unconventional history that

World’s Toy Story Midway Mania; how did that come about?

marks the beginning of your musical route..? Before I started being a rock star full time, I was the lead designer at a video Yeah, Robots for Everyone, from my first album, is featured on Android phones

game company. I also wrote our video game music. I loved the job and I still love

as a default ringtone. It’s crazy to think that my voice is on a huge number of

doing design work. I get my fix of visual creativity because I do all the graphics

devices all across the world. I try and play it cool but get me a little tipsy and I’ll

for my music.

shamelessly make strangers take out their phones and open their sound preferences to hear me haha

BWD: Do you feel having so many abilities at your disposal dilutes the focus you are able to afford to any single project, or allows you a tool-box of tal-

BWD: Your music displays your talent for uplifting, passionate music that

ents with which to bring to each new venture?

captures an audience from intro to ending. How do you manage to create such an electrifying atmosphere, what sparks that creativity?

I’m always going back and forth about this. I absolutely love having a really diverse bunch of endeavours but I wonder if I should have put all of my energy

My concert isn’t just something to come and watch. It’s a game where everyone

towards just one specific focus - like only being a painter.Yes. Submit the track

is playing along together. Keeping that interactivity is what helps my show to

and ignore any doubts.

(CONTINUED ON PAGE 21) BWD Magazine • • 19


BWD: Hello, and if you’d like to introduce your-

BWD: From what we’ve seen the reception for

they’re like as a person, their interests, day-to-day

self to our audience..?

your music has been nothing but positive…

activities, it just completes the whole artist-fan

Hello! I’m Shannen Bamford, a 21 year old singer-

I hope so! I’ve had a great response to my music

relationship, which I don’t think you could do with-

songwriter from Liverpool.

in the past couple of years, which lead to some

out social media.

amazing experiences. I was selected to perform at BWD: First things first; how goes the imposed

the Liverpool Music Awards 2012 in front of Mel

BWD: At only twenty one your age belies a

‘time-off’ from the live gigging scene?

C (childhood idol – I so wanted to be a spice girl)

mature, focused and incredibly masterful deliv-

I’m taking time off to re-vamp my live set, change

which was incredible, I felt so honoured. When I


the set-up of my band and introduce some brand

released my EP I was so nervous to how it’d be

I started playing music when I was 4, so I have

new songs. I’ve been playing the same set for so

received; all my years playing music had been

always known this is what I want to do. I grew

long that I think it’s definitely time for a change,

building up to it and I put so much work into it.

up with a musical family so it just felt so natural

there’s so many songs I can’t wait to debut!

I was astounded at the response I got, and my

for me to start playing, it never felt forced. When

EP launch was packed! I love doing what I do, so

you have a genuine passion for something you

BWD: With your June release, the Paper Planes

knowing other people enjoy and appreciate it is

shouldn’t have to try to focus on it, you should be

EP, you’ve managed to bring about the begin-

the best feeling.

automatically dedicated, which is exactly how I

nings of a whole new genre almost, a sublime

feel. It takes a lot of hard work, but knowing I could

mix of vocals, guitar and piano you refer to as

BWD: With the music industry going through

end up a successful musician makes me want to try

twinkly acoustic and dark atmospheric piano..?

such a difficult transition at the moment regard-

my hardest and give it everything I have.

It took me a long time to develop my style and

ing how it reaches people with new artists, how

confidence; I always tried so hard to be unique

integral has self-managed social media sites

BWD: And finally; what plans are on the hori-

and write what I thought people wanted to hear.

such as Facebook and similar been to your suc-

zon? We hear the follow up to your Paper Planes

In the end I stopped trying and just did what felt

cess, do you feel?

EP is currently in the works..?

natural! Playing both guitar and piano gave me

I think social media is absolutely essential to

I am planning a very exciting release in the next

the ability to write and learn different styles. I love

new artists; it’s given me the chance to build a

few months... I’m going to be releasing my first

playing guitar softly in open tunings; there’s so

fan base, connect with other artists, and success-

single! I am so excited about it. I loved every min-

many beautiful chords - that was introduced to me

fully promote my gigs and releases. You don’t

ute of recording and promoting my Paper Planes

by the likes of Ben Howard and Lucy Rose; I love

necessarily need a record deal to create a buzz

EP, so I can’t wait to get back in the studio and do

their styles. Piano wise, I grew up playing pieces by

about yourself - you can build it just on the back

it all over again. The video shoots, photo shoots,

Ludovico Einaudi and Yiruma, two amazing com-

of the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Artists such

interviews, radio... Ahh! So exciting!

posers. They introduced me to this delicate, sweet,

as Gabrielle Aplin and Nina Nesbitt spent years

and at times dark side of the piano, a style that I

promoting themselves online and self-releasing

now play nothing but! I realized that combining

EPs, to the point where record labels were chasing

the two instruments in my two favourite genres

after them. I also think it’s very important to have

Facebook: shannenbamfordmusic

created this new, unique style of music that people

a close affiliation with your audience; when you’re

Twitter: @shannenbamford

have begun to associate with me.

a fan of someone’s music and you get to see what

Photos: Shannen Bamford- All Rights Reserved.

20 • BWD Magazine •

Contact Information:

ALI SPAGNOLA EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW CONT’D BWD: As an artist of such diversity building an already impressive and varied career how do you stop ‘normal life’ from appearing somewhat plain in comparison? I like having normalcy as much as I like answering these questions from the back of an RV headed to a town I’ve never seen; where I’m going to play a show tonight. I’m just as happy sitting in my living room working on my website as I am partying hard. BWD: Penultimate question time! Disney announced the next run of Star Wars movies recently, and having your details in their Rolodex they call you up with a proposition; The most iconic of characters Boba Fett is getting his own ride at the World and they want you to come up with something befitting his character within the canon and also befitting his legendary status amongst fans. Having created what you feel is the best work you have ever produced, you’re halfway up the Disney building in the elevator when you hear what sounds like a muzak version of your new tune filtering out the overhead speakers. Whilst it does prove ‘it’s a small world after all’ it could also prove just how tired you are after all the hard work, focus and being up three days straight, the sleep deprivation and lethargy leaving you imagining you can hear your new track wherever you go. It also leaves you in a quandary; do you submit the track and ignore your doubts as you’re clearly too tired to be sure, or do you ask for an extension, stock up on the coffee, and download the Greatest Muzak Hits album just to be on the safe side? Yes. Submit the track and ignore any doubts. BWD: And finally; with your Freedom Victory Tour an incredible and memorable way for attendees to end the year, which one venue are you looking forward to appearing at most? I seriously can’t pick a favourite city. Sure that sounds boringly diplomatic but it is true! I’m just super psyched to see the whole country and get to party with all my Power Hour fans :)

Contact Information:

Website: Twitter: @AliSpagnola Facebook: AliSpagnola Photo Credits: Ali Spagnola - All Rights Reserved.

BWD Magazine • • 21



In preparation of their forthcoming 2014 album currently being worked on in collaboration with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Kids in Glass Houses, The Blackout, and Funeral for a Friend), the current contenders for holding the reins of rock The Undivided are back with a brand new single release, This New Day. Having established themselves as Abergavennys aural aura of anthems This New Day is another unapologetic display in creating songs of such greatness any other band would consider lucky to have as a magnum opus to their career. Powerfully explosive drums underscore emotionally charged lyrics to a choir of guitars, and it’s incredible to hear how the band have captured the atmosphere and excitement of their arena sized sound into the format of a downloadable single. Not since the Manic Street Preachers has a band from such an unassuming corner of the world managed to express how a passion for music can turn into a tumultuous pursuit to deliver a performance that doesn’t just express sentiments and words, but also wraps you up in the maelstrom of emotion driving the band, bringing you side by side beside them in spirit in a glorious unison of complete understanding and one-ness in notes and chords. This New Day is like a prophetic missive of how The Undivided are going to ensure their 2014 album is going to become the only music providing your soundtrack, and the soundtrack to every festival next year. Contact Information: Website: Twitter: @The_Undivided Facebook: TheUndividedOfficial Photo Credits: The Undivided - All Rights Reserved

BWD Magazine • • 22


BWD Radio IS Your #1 Variety Station Spinning The Hottest Indie Music Artists of Today!! Non-Stop Music 24/7! All Genres! No Commercials! Your ON THE GO Station!

BWD Magazine • • 23

BWD RECORDS, LLC INDEPENDENT MUSIC LABEL OF THE SOUTH Continuing to set the standard for others to follow

Owing to their unique position within the world of

BWD Radio has extended its vast reach in the me-

music BWD were able to snap up and sign Flori-

dia with the launch of its own record label, BWD

da based rapper 5 M.I.C-Z to their label, an artist

Records, LLC ‘The Independent Music Label of the

that brings with himself a level of credibility that


owes everything to musical talent and dedication and nothing to a cynical self-styled back-story and

Taking over a decade’s worth of industry knowledge

whose first release on the label – ‘Head Turna’ – has

and experience BWD Records, LLC - ‘The Indepen-

firmly established the label as serious competition

dent Music Label Of The South’ - is the culmination

to the established status quo.

of BWD’s vast expertise in the field of music and artist promotion; not content with simply waiting

Continuing to set the standard for others to follow

to see what single or artist reaches number one

BWD Radio has proven again the need to change

BWD Radio took their position of being known

and adapt in this never static landscape of media

globally as the leaders in discovering new indie

and music is key to continued growth and success.

acts and on the 26th of October 2012 launched

Pushing where others are content to stagnate is

their own record label, BWD Records. Dedicated to

the secret behind where BWD Radio currently find

finding the best as-yet unknown talent out there

themselves today, and with the launch of their own

BWD doesn’t limit itself to one specific genre; rath-

label in BWD Records it gives you some idea of just

er it extends its horizons to include all genres such

how far BWD Radio are aiming to go.

as rock, metal, hip hop and dance amongst others. A smorgasbord of scintillating new acts are present-

“Don’t just MAKE a Difference, BE the Difference.”

ed under the BWD mantle, representing the best of the best and most unique in their field, such as you

– BWD Records, LLC

have come to expect from one of the industry’s top

‘The Independent Music Label of the South’

media professionals.

Vi s i t w w w. B W D R e c o r d s . c o m o r w w w. Fa c e b o o k . c o m / B W D R e c o r d s . l l c

24 • BWD Magazine •

BWD Magazine - November 2013  
BWD Magazine - November 2013  

From model to musician, amateur to master, the world of hip hop and indeed music itself is on the verge of possibly the most exciting resurg...