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September/October 2014

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Our five point plan to cut UK's real-world emissions By Gerry Keaney, BVRLA Chief Executive Air pollution is at the top of the government rankings in terms of threats to Public Health, with only smoking seen as a greater problem. Among the most dangerous pollutants, nitrogen oxides (NOx) are a major byproduct of combustion engine vehicles. The UK is currently under threat of huge EU fines for failing to hit reduction targets across the country. Mayor of London Boris Johnson has described a ‘massive failure of public policy’ that has seen the government focus on reducing road transport CO2 emissions while not doing enough to tackle air pollutants. With the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to say that he is right, but the truth is that efforts to clean up road transport have been held back by a system of vehicle emission test cycles that are no longer fit for purpose. The current test procedure for establishing official car CO2 emission figures is out of date and has led to discrepancies of up to 40% between official and real-world figures. Meanwhile, recent research conducted for the Dutch government suggests that the new Euro 6 standard for diesel engine emissions introduced at the start of 2014 has failed to produce any improvements in real-world NOx emissions.

Something clearly has to be done, but it is important to remember that it is these test cycles that are broken, not the tax regime. The vehicle rental and leasing industry has been tremendously successful in working with the government’s CO2-based tax regime to produce a major reduction in ‘official’ emissions. If this regime was harnessed to a robust and accurate test cycle for CO2 and NOx, there is no reason why a similar fall in realworld emissions and pollutants could not be achieved across the UK. u

How the government can get its emissions strategy back on track

BVRLA tackles AdBlue with Volkswagen UK How your association is working to prepare for the increasing number of vehicles requiring AdBlue top-ups. page 3 Praise from HM Treasury officials Submissions to HM Treasury and HMRC have been well-received as the BVRLA lobbies against any tax regime changes. page 4 BVRLA Fleet Industry Manifesto update Politicians urged to tackle data concerns as the industry discusses the impact of new technology on fleets. page 5 Collaboration needed to address rental fraud Insurance claims data analysed by Hill Dickinson highlights annual potential for £22 million of fraud pages 6 BVRLA latest - staff, events and awards Retirements, promotions and new members of staff, plus news on the Industry Conference, Annual Dinner and Industry Hero awards page 9 2014 Golf Day: picture highlights and recap We review the BVRLA's annual Golf Day, which took place in Oxfordshire on 11th September. page 10

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The BVRLA continues to Comment work on AdBlue issues Government policy has focussed the automotive industry’s efforts on CO2 emissions reduction for nearly a decade, and the vehicle rental and leasing industry has led the way. This could soon change, as air quality is rapidly emerging as an urgent priority. While the full implications of CO2-based global warming remain unfelt, the government faces huge fines for missing EU air quality targets and estimates that this pollution causes some 29,000 UK deaths per year. This issue clearly needs to be tackled, and the BVRLA will work with policymakers to ensure that they develop an effective, workable strategy for road users.

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The BVRLA is working with vehicle manufacturers and data providers to ensure that the industry is fully prepared for the increasing number of vehicles requiring regular AdBlue top-ups. From next year, the introduction of the new Euro6 emissions standards will mean that many newly registered cars and vans will adopt Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, which injects AdBlue into exhaust gases to reduce harmful tailpipe emissions. The BVRLA recently held a meeting between members and Volkswagen to give members information about AdBlue and its operational implications for leasing and rental companies. “There is no standard location or capacity for AdBlue tanks on vehicles, and manufacturers are taking different views on how they manage refills,” said BVRLA Head of Member Services, Nora Leggett. Leggett added, “Leasing companies need to decide if they include AdBlue costs in their Servicing, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) budgeting. Meanwhile, rental firms will need to decide their top-up policy. Not only are consumable products such as

fuel not usually included in rental rates, but the storage of Adblue in bulk may not be possible in every rental location due to space." The BVRLA has asked data providers to ensure that their feeds include a definitive list of AdBlue vehicles. The association has also written to the SMMT to ask for a list of 2015 and 2016 vehicles using SCR technology, including details of AdBlue tank capacity and how long a vehicle can go between refills. This work is being carried out as a direct result of concerns raised by a number of members at the BVRLA's last Technical and Operational Management (TOM) Committee, which took place in July this year. Committee Chairman Chris Joyce said: "Rental and leasing companies must help point out which vehicles require top-ups. Adblue is crucial to the running of a vehicle, and is set to become a significant issue for our sector in the coming months.” u For more on the BVRLA's work on AdBlue contact Nora Leggett: Contact Nora Leggett 01494 545713

New electronic member details form for 2015

The BVRLA has updated its member details form for 2015.

Each member should have received a pre-populated form. This will contain information relevant to each individual company, based on data held by the the association. Members are asked to review and update the details sent to them, as appropriate. This form should then be returned to the BVRLA's membership team as soon as possible.

BVRLA News | September/October 2014

The BVRLA's Director of Policy and Membership Jay Parmar said: "Having up-to-date information is vital to the BVRLA as it helps us when campaigning for better and fairer regulation and legislation, promoting our industry to consumers and developing new services for members."

Members who do not wish to renew their membership should provide notice of termination in writing by the end of December 2014.


BVRLA promotes members' work in providing flexible benefits Businesses are increasingly relying on flexible benefits such as company cars. The BVRLA has been working hard to ensure that the taxable status of such benefits – including the provision of salary sacrifice – don't change for the worse. HM Treasury officials have stated that no change in legislation or policy is currently planned. However, contributing to its understanding of key issues related to the industry is likely to be incredibly important, as these consultation responses will be drawn upon in future tax or other financial policy discussions. The BVRLA has made two important submissions to HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs respectively. In its response to a Treasury Call for Evidence on remuneration practices, the BVRLA highlighted the increasing recognition by business of the value of flexible remuneration and benefits packages to attract, reward and retain high-performing employees in a competitive marketplace. In developing employee packages, a company car can be a valuable and much appreciated asset. HM Treasury has also expressed a particular interest in salary sacrifice schemes. With this in mind, the BVRLA outlined the benefits of vehicles leased under salary sacrifice arrangements to employers and employees – noting the

focused on the plans benefit in kind (BIK) tax to be collected in real time. While the BVRLA supported the voluntary nature of this proposal, the association emphasised the importance of flexibility in participation, especially if employers wished to revert back to retrospective payments. Salary Sacrifice: The BVRLA has been in talks with HM Treasury financial advantages of the sale of new cars for UK GDP. The BVRLA has met representatives of the Treasury and HMRC to discuss its submissions further, with Treasury officials commending the BVRLA for producing one of the most detailed papers it had received. Officials were impressed by the estimated tax benefit resulting from new cars driven by employees in low tax bands – cars which would unlikely have been sold in the absence of salary sacrifice. The importance of employers’ flexibility in tax arrangements was also recognised. In its response to the HM Revenue and Customs consultation, the BVRLA

The BVRLA has also highlighted several BIKs for which tax payments could not be made in real time, due to factors either not foreseeable by, or beyond the control of, employers or employees. A further meeting has been arranged to discuss issues arising from these submissions, and the BVRLA continues to engage with the Treasury about a future consultation on taxation issues connected to employers’ Travel and Subsistence. u To find out more about the BVRLA's tax and policy work, contact us: Contact Patrick Cusworth 01494 545712

DVSA works to reduce some of the burdens on operators The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is transforming the way it enforces road safety regulations, and the BVRLA has a vital part to play. The BVRLA has been in workshops run by the agency, helping inform policy and shape enforcement objectives. DVSA officials have also been in contact with BVRLA members, and the DVSA’s Research and Strategy Manager presented at the last BVRLA Commercial Vehicle Committee. The agency is focussing on maintaining standards while


creating more efficient and effective approaches to enforcement. Recently, the agency trialled a Remote Enforcement Office (REO). Rather than focussing on the roadside encounter, the REO recognises the overall compliance culture of the operator. Rather than visiting an operator's premises in person, the REO gets compliance records and data electronically. This new and less intrusive approach means that the DVSA reduces the burden of enforcement on compliant operators, and frees up valuable

Remote enforcement: DVSA is streamlining its compliance work resources to concentrate on the serious and serially non-compliant. The REO trial proved to be successful, and plans are now afoot for a phased national roll-out. u To read more, visit https://

BVRLA News | September/October 2014

Politicians urged to Policy work tackle data concerns

By Patrick Cusworth, Senior Policy Advisor

BVRLA members joined other industry representatives last month to discuss the current and future impact of new technology on fleets. Focussing on the topic of Intelligent Mobility, the latest Fleet Industry Manifesto round-table was hosted by Arup and included attendees from a number of BVRLA members.

Delegates spent more than two hours recognising the main challenges and opportunities presented by new automotive technology. The meeting concluded with a list of key policy recommendations for politicians to take onboard. One major concern was around the use of and access to vehicle data. Delegates called on policymakers

to support the need for vehicle data platforms to be kept open and accessible to allow for competition, and suggested that there needs to be a set of common vehicle data standards. Vehicle owners and drivers would also have to provide consent before their data is used. Another hotly debated topic was the future development of mobility services such as car clubs and car sharing. The group agreed that the government should support the sector by: •

promoting car clubs and car sharing with incentives and marketing support enabling greater integration with public transport booking and information systems providing a national mobility services procurement framework for the public sector. u

For more information on the meeting, visit

FCA gives more guidance on the application process The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued further advice about how leasing companies and brokers apply for authorisation. Following a BVRLA seminar last month – in which delegates from a number of leasing brokers posed questions to FCA representatives – the FCA has sought to reassure members about completing the application process. Members will have been notified of their three month application period by the FCA. It is vital that members submit their application before the end of the FCA's deadline. Failure to do so will result in a member being forced to stop all credit-related regulated activities. Even if a member's allocated period is a while away, now is the time to start preparing for the application. This is

because applying for authorisation will require members to give the FCA far more detail about their business than when they registered with the FCA for interim permission. Although the application form requires a lot of information, the FCA's expectations will be based around the size and complexity of each individual business. The FCA is a risk-based regulator. This means it does not expect a small company which is brokering credit as part of its retail business to have the same systems in place as a large company which would be more likely to cause harm to consumers. u The FCA's advice is available online at To read the BVRLA's updated Guide to FCA Compliance, visit advice/guidance/financial-conductauthority-and-consumer-credit

BVRLA News | September/October 2014

The BVRLA's legal and policy team has been responding to government consultations on a number of legislative and policy matters.

Increased speed limit for HGVs The Department for Transport (DfT) is consulting on whether to allow vehicles over 7.5-tonnes to travel up to 60mph on dual carriageways. The BVRLA feels this move would ease congestion and improve productivity. London Congestion Charge Scheme The BVRLA agrees that Transport for London (TfL) should no longer accept payment via text message, but should develop an app for motorists to pay the Congestion Charge. Safer Lorries The BVRLA told TfL that the Safer Lorries scheme should have a 12 month transition period. Motoring of the Future inquiry The BVRLA informed the Transport Select Committee about the technology that will impact the fleet sector in the next ten years, and suggested how this technology can be addressed. BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney has been called to give evidence to MPs this month. VAT relief on modified vehicles HM Revenue and Customs plans to reform VAT relief on vehicles adapted for disabled drivers. We argued for flexibility so calculations accurately reflect drivers' physical conditions. Tourism in the UK call for evidence The BVRLA supplied the Culture, Media and Sport Committee with evidence showing how better transport links and greater promotion of car hire can benefit the UK's tourism industry. Smaller airports inquiry MPs launched an inquiry on the role and value of smaller airports. The BVRLA highlighted how car hire facilities can help to reduce CO2 emissions u For more on the BVRLA's policy work, visit


Greater collaboration needed to prevent motor insurance fraud • BVRLA calls for rental companies to share insurance claims data • Calls come as Hill Dickinson's Counter Fraud Group reveals the impact of fraud on the rental sector • Netfoil Mass Data Analysis highlighted annual potential for £22 million of fraud A report by BVRLA associate member Hill Dickinson has revealed the cost of organised crime to the rental sector. The Counter Fraud Group analysed data from more than 100,000 selfdrive hire claims and more than 4,000 fraud claims from the Netfoil system, and found the potential for £22million of fraudulent claims every year. Netfoil is Hill Dickinson's counter-fraud claims database, which holds records relating to 10 million insurance claims. Hill Dickinson's Rental Industry Fraud Report highlighted that claims fraud remains attractive to fraudsters, with values reaching record levels this year. The full report will be unveiled at the BVRLA's Asset Management and Risk Control forum this month, and the BVRLA is calling for greater collaboration to tackle the problem.

"Sharing claims data could prevent this type of fraud from occuring in the first place," said Nora Leggett, BVRLA Head of Member Services. The BVRLA believes that the rental sector is attractive to fraudsters, as it gives them access to new vehicles without the outlay. The BVRLA also runs the RISC database which informs rental companies of problem renters. "The rental sector has historical information which could be used to provide a detailed analysis of fraud. Members could then learn how to strengthen their defences," Leggett added. Hill Dickinson's report found that 60 per cent of claimants involved in fraudulent cases had been involved in a previous claim. The BVRLA is optimistic that sharing data and prescreening insurance fraudsters could

Criminals: Targeting car hire have a huge preventative effect, and it will launch the Asset Management and Risk Control Committee in 2015. u For more information Visit to read the report. The BVRLA's guidance is available at: advice/publication/insurance-fraud Contact Nora Leggett 01494 545713



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Confidence tempered by used values BVRLA's Quarterly Leasing Survey for Q2 2014 reveals that fleet sizes are growing and emissions are falling, but there's concerns over used car prices. Concerns over used car prices threaten to take the edge off what remains a very positive year for the industry. While 93% of respondents expect fleet size to grow during the next six months, 71% reckon used car values will fall. This marks a stark contrast from just three months ago, when 83% of respondents were predicting residual values to remain stable. Elsewhere in the report, business confidence remains high. Eight out of ten respondents expect the economy will improve in the second half of 2014, while nearly three quarters feel the UK fleet leasing sector in particular will improve. Looking back at the past six months, year-on-year growth rates for the UK fleet leasing sector have continued to accelerate, up to 10% for vans and just under 6% for cars.

This compares to SMMT figures for the same period showing an 8.4% increase in fleet car registrations, and a 16.8% growth in fleet van registrations.

Total fleet New registrations BVRLA


All UK

Q1 2013




Q2 2013




Q3 2013 126.93 127.6 However, the vehicles being Q4 2013 124.69 119.08 127.4 added remain traditional. Despite Q1 2014 123.92 117.92 126.10 a number of new electric vehicle Q2 2014 123.46 117.79 125.80 (est.) launched in the Getting greener: Average emissions continue to tumble fist half of 2014, there has been no are just 123.5g/km CO2 now, with change in the dominance of vehicles new cars averaging 117.8g/km CO2 powered by combustion engines in - more than 6% below the SMMT's the fleet sector. The diesel share estimated average for all new cars of the BVRLA leasing member fleet registered in the UK during the same held steady at 83%, while dieselperiod. u powered vehicles represented around 78% of all new cars added in To find out how to obtain a copy of the second quarter of 2014. the full report, contact Toby Poston: But while the powertrains may be staying the same, BVRLA members' fleets continue to get greener. Members' fleets average emissions

Contact Toby Poston 01494 545700


MC Rental use Catloc Derek Bourne,

Depot Manager at MC Rental and BVRLA Member says...

With the rise in catalytic converter (CAT) theft being well reported in the news and associates in other rental companies experiencing thefts, we looked around for a solution to protect our vehicles against this problem and immediately found Catloc.

This is anything that has the CAT / Diesel Particulate Filter slung underneath and a reasonable ground clearance and includes; vans, tippers, pickup trucks, 3.5 and 7.5 tonne trucks and we even utilise their Catloc marking & registration system on our people carriers.

We were impressed with their approach to the problem and the relationships they have with vehicle manufacturers, so started fitting their solutions to some of our vehicle fleet. Their solutions were easy to fit and when compared with the cost of a theft, are very well priced.

I have no doubt that having Catloc solutions fitted to our vehicles has saved us thousands in repair bills, off road time and potential embarrassing situations with customers.

In early 2014 we became the victim of CAT theft from a vehicle which unfortunately wasn't protected with Catloc. Since experiencing the hassle and cost of CAT theft, we now fit Catloc to every high risk vehicle.

I would recommend that other vehicle rental companies fit Catloc to their vehicles.


Lombard has dedicated short term rental and contract hire fleet finance specialists. Our vehicle funding solutions can provide you with the resources you need to expand your fleet and take advantage of the growing UK economy. Our offering covers a choice of funding products available across a wide range of cars and commercial vehicles. Security may be required and product fees may apply.

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Awards 2014

Awards 2014 Lines are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Lombard North Central PLC. Registered Office: 135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3UR. Registered in England No. 337004.


Changes at BVRLA as Heroes wanted David Hanson retires for 2015 awards The hard-working employees of rental and leasing companies will once again be honoured in the BVRLA's Industry Hero awards.

The BVRLA has bid a fond farewell to its Membership Development Manager David Hanson, who has retired after 12 years at the association.

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: Changing faces: David (left) retires after 12 years; "David travelled to all Tamsin (centre) and Natasha (right) join the team. four corners of the UK to recruit new members and he new position of Director of played a major role in delivering Communications and External the consistent growth we have seen Relations. This role reflects the extra across all membership categories in duties and responsibilities that Toby recent years." has taken on recently. Toby has also been joined by Tamsin Stuczynska, In addition to his existing who has started as Marketing and responsibilty, BVRLA Director of Communications Administrator. Policy and Membership Jay Parmar has been promoted to take on Meanwhile, Natasha Howard has responsibility for membership been employed as Legal and Policy retention and development. Jay is Executive while Amanda Brandon is also recruiting for David’s successor. on maternity leave. u Elsewhere in the BVRLA, Toby Poston has been promoted to the

For more on the structure of the BVRLA, visit

Industry Conference: JLR to sponsor event The BVRLA is pleased to welcome Jaguar Land Rover as the headline sponsor of its 2014 Annual Industry Conference. Jaguar has just launched its exciting Headline sponsor: Jaguar Land new XE saloon (right), Rover to support Industry Conference and the manufacturer will have a range of vehicles will qualify for the reduced on display at the event. earlybird rate of £220 (excl. VAT). To book, visit The latest speaker to be https://BVRLAconference. confirmed for the event – or email which takes place at the u Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon on 4 December – is To enquire about sponsorship Martyn Briggs, Programme opportunities, please contact Manager for Mobility at Nora Leggett: Frost & Sullivan. Contact Tickets for the event are Nora Leggett on sale now, and members 01494 545713 who book before 17 October

BVRLA News | September/October 2014

Nominations are now open for the fifth annual awards, which highlight some of the sector's most deserving staff. Members should write a 500-word nomination, explaining why they feel a particular member of staff is worthy of the accolade. Submissions should be sent in by 31 December 2014. The winners of the 2015 awards will be announced at the BVRLA Annual Dinner at the London Hilton Hotel on Park Lane on Thursday 5 March 2015. u To nominate a colleague for an award, contact Nora Leggett at the BVRLA: Contact Nora Leggett 01494 545713



2015 THE



Ticket sales: Fran Hampson 01494 545703


Sponsorship enquiries: Toby Poston 01494 545700

Book tickets online: 9

PJM Logistics comes out on top at BVRLA's 11th annual Golf Day The BVRLA's 11th annual Golf Day – held in Oxfordshire on Thursday 11th September – was won by PJM Logistics. Sponsored by SAFO, the event saw a number of regular players return to Frilford Heath Golf Club. As usual, players were greeted by sunshine, coffee and bacon rolls, before a shotgun start on the Championship Red Course. There were individual and team Stableford competitions with the

electronic scoring provided by Hertz. The course was in excellent condition due to the good summer weather, and players reported that the greens were fast. Refreshments were provided mid-morning at a half-way house, and participants enjoyed a three course lunch in the club house after completing the 18 holes. The individual event was won by Rob Rossiter of ALD Automotive, who was playing for PJM Logistics. Second place went to David Heard of PJM Logistics, while Peter Oakes of Hill Dickinson rounded out the podium by coming third.

Winners: PJM Logistics awarded Team Stableford prize by Gerry Keaney (centre).


PJM Logistics trumped Autoclenz and United Rental Group to scoop the overall prize for the team competition, while Anne Gallagher (Gallaghers) repeated her 2013

success and was named Best Lady Golfer. Andy Bartlett (United Rental Group) won the Closest To The Pin trophy, while Steve Cocks' superior swinging led him to record the longest drive of the day. u The BVRLA's next Golf Day has been booked for 3 September 2015. To book your place, contact Membership Administrator June Dyer: Contact June Dyer 01494 545714

BVRLA News | September/October 2014

Praise for Jobco-op Growth in the economy is making it tough for companies to find and recruit high quality staff.

Miles and Miles Commercial Director Helen Sylvester said “We've been extremely pleased with Jobco-op Automotive. Their pro-activity and attention to detail has led to our team being furnished with some exciting new recruits." u

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, roughly two thirds of employers expect to take on more staff in the next three months.

To find out more, contact the Kathy Mathais at Jobco-op Automotive:

While members can advertise their jobs on for free, specialist online recruitment agency Jobco-op Automotive can help members even further with its recruitment services.

Contact Kathy Mathias 0845 5680111

New members

Leasing Broker Greenfleets Ltd (Tring) Glynn Vehicle Contracts (Hove) Leasing EL-GS Leasing (Milton Keynes) RCI Financial Services (Watford) Richmond Vehicle Solutions (Portsmouth) Associate Auto Windscreens

Auto Windscreens is the authority on vehicle glass repairs and replacements, providing services to leading rental and leasing fleets across the UK. Its core focus is to deliver exceptional service and it has a 97 per cent customer satisfaction score. With fleets focussed on minimising vehicle downtime, Auto Windscreens employs accredited technicians, uses quality glass and cutting-edge technology to ensure high standards, and it has the highest first time windscreen fitting rate in the industry. Digital Remarketing Solutions DRS brings together a wealth of operational experience to develop and deliver a range of innovative digital products for the automotive sector. The DRS Board has over 100 years’ experience in the automotive industry, with expertise that spans all sectors. The company's key objective is to develop a wide range of practical, clientcentric digital products and services that enrich clients' existing processes saving time, reducing costs and improving revenues.

BVRLA Events Technical and Operational Management Forum


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Residual Value and Remarketing Forum

Heritage Motor Centre

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BVRLA Industry Conference

Heritage Motor Centre

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5 Mar

BVRLA Annual Dinner

For enquiries about BVRLA events, contact Member Services Administrator Fran Hampson:, 01494 545703 Full details of all BVRLA events can be found on our website:

BVRLA News | September/October 2014

New Business Sales Training Date: 5 November Location: Amersham

Delivered by sales practitioners, this course gives fresh approaches to securing new business and account management. Participants will receive, techniques to improve client retention and practical advice on how to nurture and build a sales pipeline.

Rental Agent Skills Certification Date: 6 November Location: Across the UK

Rental All Vehicle Contracts (Wolverhampton) Drive Car Hire (Hainault) Park Lane Self Drive (Kirkby-in-Ashfield) Wilsons Automobiles and Coachworks (Epsom)

Asset Management and Risk Control Forum

Training & events

Aimed at rental agents, this nationally recognised qualification, accredited by City & Guilds, is awarded to individuals who display knowledge of vehicle operations and best practice via a series of tests.

Professional Fleet Consultant Development Programme Dates: 7-8 January & 3-4 March, Location: Amersham

Are you a Business Development Account Manager? Do you want to grow your business by improving sales performance in the corporate marketplace? Attending this programme will give you the confidence when speaking with customers about their fleet management needs.

ATA Accreditation Date: Your choice Location: Your workplace

Aimed at Customer Service and Technical Advisors, this accreditation, backed by the Institute of the Motor Industry, is awarded to individuals who successfully display competence in their job roles. Skills tested include customer service, understanding of drivers’ needs, risk and accident management. The BVRLA offers a diverse range of events and training for the rental and leasing industry. Further information can be found on the BVRLA website: To book places, contact Fran Hampson. Contact Fran Hampson, 01494 545703


INDUSTRY CONFERENCE Thursday 4th December 2014 Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire


A Risk Management Perspective

Residual values & remarketing What new models and technology should we watch out for in 2015? Should we expect an imminent fall in used vehicle prices?

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Fleet technology update

Connected vehicles, big data and cyber security: what is happening and how can you prepare?

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Hear about the latest development in the fleet industry’s fastest-growing sector the Light Commercial Vehicle market


BVRLA News, September/October 2014  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for September/October 2014. car, cars, lorry, truck, van, lcv,...

BVRLA News, September/October 2014  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for September/October 2014. car, cars, lorry, truck, van, lcv,...