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May/June 2014

BVRLA News The bimonthly newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

Code of Conduct review set to strengthen BVRLA The BVRLA is undertaking a wholesale review of its Code of Conduct and the governance surrounding it to enhance industry standards and to help raise the profile of the sector.

sets out. This could include: an increase in checks of member’s branches and vehicles, audits of procedures, websites and complaint data. Further information on this will be provided in due course.

The review aims to produce a set of principles and requirements that will create a single industry code which is clear and concise. The Code will:

The Code reduces burdens imposed on the sector from central government and minimises the risk of legislation impacting the industry. Enhancing the Code reinforces the case for selfregulation and makes it easier for the BVRLA to be transparent when demonstrating the high operating standards of its members. u

• •

provide an authoritative guide to what is expected of members will address concerns raised by regulatory, enforcement and consumer organisations will be developed to help meet the Trading Standards code approval scheme requirements will satisfy the new EU Directive for Alternative Dispute Resolution (see page 6 for full story)

To contribute to the review, contact Amanda Brandon: 01494 545701

Strides made towards intelligent mobility An in-depth look at how the BVRLA is working with the Automotive Council on securing the industry's role in intelligent mobility. page 5 BVRLA committees show their hands We review what the BVRLA's committees have already achieved in the first six months of the year. pages 6 CV fleets grow and confidence increases Highlights from the 2014 edition of CV Informer, which analyses the commercial vehicle rental and leasing sector. page 7

Governance will be enhanced to demonstrate the BVRLA's proactive approach towards monitoring adherence with the Code. The revisions are currently taking place, and the updated Code will be made available to members towards the end of the year. It is predicted that this will give members plenty of time to make any adaptations to business practices that may be necessary.

Showing TfL your role in a CarLite strategy How the BVRLA is feeding into Transport for London's Car Lite and ULEV strategies. page 9

A project team from all sectors of BVRLA membership has been appointed to review the draft text and provide input into the review. Once it has been published, the BVRLA will turn its attention to governance of the Code, giving particular attention to monitoring adherence to the standards it

Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness out The DVSA has updated the HGV operators' bible - and it recognises the BVRLA's Quality Assurance programme. page 3

Valued guide: BVRLA's Code of Conduct is getting a refresh for 2015.

Additions to the BVRLA's membership A wealth of companies have signed up as members - find out who. Plus, key training dates and BVRLA events you won't want to miss. pages 10-11

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Golf Day 2014 Sponsored by Thursday 11 September


Frilford Heath Golf Club, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

The BVRLA is holding its annual Golf Day on Thursday 11 September 2014 at Frilford Heath Golf Club, Oxfordshire. Open to all members of the BVRLA, the event is a wonderful opportunity for networking, with corporate hospitality and friendly rivalry. Just 84 places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets include breakfast, a three-course lunch and on-course refreshments. To book your place or find out more Visit Call 01494 545714 Email electronic scoring sponsored by

BVRLA recognised Comment in key DVSA Guide

Regulation is not a popular subject, but the truth is that it's an essential pre-requisite for creating a fair and competitive business environment and removing risks to the public.

Fortunately, the vehicle rental and leasing industry benefits from a large degree of self-regulation, via the BVRLA’s mandatory code, quality assurance regime and conciliation service. This means that we get fewer rules and regulations imposed by central government. But we need to move with the times. The Code of Conduct review currently being undertaken by the BVRLA is the most important in our history. We hope you will contribute to this vital work, which will ensure that our industry is well-set for the future.

Toby Poston Editor

Toby Poston, 01494 545700

Staff Writer

Jamie Fretwell, 01494 545710


Nora Leggett, 01494 545713


Amanda Brandon and Fran Hampson © Copyright BVRLA 2014 BVRLA News articles may be used copyright free by members provided that an acknowledgement is given.

BVRLA River Lodge, Badminton Court Amersham Buckinghamshire HP7 0DD T 01494 434747 F 01494 434499 E W Honorary Life President Freddie Aldous Chairman

Peter Cakebread

Vice Chairman

Simon Oliphant

Honorary Treasurer Brian Back Chief Executive

Gerry Keaney

BVRLA News | May/June 2014

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has updated its Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness, highlighting the vital role played by the BVRLA. The DVSA launched the guide for HGV operators to an audience of vehicle rental and leasing industry executives at a BVRLA/Motor Transport breakfast event held at the CV Show in April. The guide was drawn up with the help of members and includes clarification on safety inspection intervals, new guidance on brake testing and maintenance facilities, and an update on walkaround checks.

Valued guide: BVRLA features in HGV 'bible'

It also specifically recognises the BVRLA Quality Assurance programme. This provides members with an excellent opportunity to promote the benefits of using a member over a non-member when talking to new and existing customers.

“The BVRLA and its members have a valuable role in improving safety standards through their quality assurance programme which we have referenced in the guide as a source of best practice to ensure operators are meeting their obligations.”

"The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency values the involvement industry partners had in creating a new version of the Guide to Maintaining Road Worthiness,” said Peter Hearn, Head of the Office of the Chief Executive at DVSA.

Speaking at the launch, BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney said: “The BVRLA and its members are working closer than ever with the DVSA. It's great to be acknowledged for the role we play in maintaining and improving HGV operator standards.” u

New faces on BVRLA board The BVRLA made a number of changes at its AGM last month.

• •

Simon Oliphant, Chief Executive of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, has been named as Vice-Chairman and will become Chairman of the association when Peter Cakebread steps down in May 2015.

Former Vice-Chairman Neil Cunningham of Hertz, who served as Chairman of the BVRLA between 2011-2013, will remain on the Committee of Management.

Six new members have been added to the Committee of Management. They are: • • • •

Tim Buchan of Zenith Leasedrive Holdings Ltd Benoit Dilly of Arval UK Victoria Hudson of Eurohire Vehicle Rentals Tim Porter of Lex Autolease

Mark Servodidio of Avis Budget UK Robert Shaw of Europcar Group UK

Elsewhere, two of the BVRLA’s member committees have new Vice-Chairs. David Hosking, Chief Executive of Tusker, has become Vice-Chairman of the Leasing and Fleet Management Committee Meanwhile, Fleetdrive Managing Director Mike Potter has been named as Vice-Chairman of the Leasing Broker Committee. u



Don’t Let Tyre Troubles Wear You Out Almost every rental and leasing fleet you can think of will at some point suffer tyrerelated issues – but an expertly managed tyre policy can help keep these inconveniences to a minimum – meaning not only will your customers benefit, so too will you. ATS Euromaster’s Head of National Fleets, Simon Tattersall, explains more. With more than five decades of experience supporting contract hire, rental and fleet management companies in the UK, as well as running our own fleet of more than 820 vans we know the major impact tyres can have upon a businesses’ running costs. Control these assets correctly and they will deliver maximum safety, uptime and fuel-efficiency for the end user, plus you will extend tyre life and keep replacement bills down. It’s important to be acutely aware of the brand of tyre you are fitting. Obtaining best value is a priority, but don’t automatically presume a budget or mid-range policy for cars and vans or a remould-only policy for trucks will achieve this. Provided a vehicle isn’t about to be taken out of service, a premium brand tyre could well deliver the lowest total cost of ownership, contributing to your margins over the contract duration.

Simon Tattersall: “an expertly managed tyre policy can bring multiple benefits” conditions and cold weather tyres are a great way of fulfilling this. When it comes to service provider selection, we advise briefing your tyre specialist to conduct regular fleet-wide inspections. The payback will make a notable difference, and inspections can highlight over or under-inflation and wheel misalignment, each of which impacts negatively on tyre life. Plus, with our new FleetSure electronic inspection device we are able to measure tyre depths accurate to 0.1mm ensuring optimum usage. For our truck fleets regular inspections also enable technicians to identify opportunities for twinning, turning tyres on the rim and regrooving tyres – essential steps to ensure you extract the maximum life from every asset.

Offering customers a premium replacement policy will also help FleetSure: ATS Euromaster’s reduce downtime, as the best tyres new tool can measure tyre are less likely to fail and shouldn’t depths accurate to 0.1mm need replacing as frequently. That not only reflects well on you as the vehicle Choosing a service provider is an important decision provider, it can also be a key differentiator in a fiercely and it is essential to ensure the one you pick has the competitive market. expertise to handle all aspects involved with managing Bear in mind too that premium tyres with the lowest rolling resistance will deliver tangible environmental and fuel-saving benefits, which can be proven through fuel trials. This can be the difference which lands you a deal, particularly when supplying large fleets with high-profile sustainability targets. If a number of your customers are making time-critical deliveries and having vehicles off the road is simply not an option, ask your service provider about implementing a cold weather tyre policy. Your customers need to be able to serve their customers regardless of the weather

your rubber, takes an honest approach and is easy to do business with. Shop around, but use my company as the benchmark. We pride ourselves on the diversity of the businesses we keep on the move, and the unrivalled 24/7 support we offer. Through our consultative approach we provide solutions based upon each customer’s unique requirements, not simply an ‘off-the-shelf’ package. Plus our customers benefit from the confidence in knowing that they have access to the largest mobile tyre fitting fleet in the industry, coupled with an extensive pan-European service network.

For more information about ATS Euromaster’s services visit

Tax disc Qs answered Market news The BVRLA has produced a BVRLA Guide to Tax Disc Abolition, to help members and their customers prepare for the disappearance of the paper tax disc from 1 October 2014. The guide has been produced in consultation with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), and contains a number of frequently asked questions which the DVLA has answered for members. The guide also highlights how: • •

Vehicle excise duty will still need to be paid Vehicle tax will no longer be transferable when a vehicle is sold or disposed of

Vehicle tax will automatically be refunded to the previous registered keeper on receipt of a SORN notification, a change of registered keeper or notification of disposal into trade

The BVRLA is now working with the DVLA communications department to ensure that members' customers are aware of the changes and that they will know they should no longer expect to receive a tax disc when renting or leasing a vehicle or renewing their vehicle tax. u To download a PDF of the BVRLA's guide, visit: www.bvrla.

Report: 'UK could be world leader in Intelligent Mobility' The BVRLA met with the Automotive Council last month to discuss how the rental and leasing sector can help the UK become a leading developer and adopter of ‘Intelligent Mobility’. Intelligent Mobility is the name given to the range of technologies that enable a better management of roads, using the existing capacity more efficiently while improving safety and reducing congestion. The Government classes Intelligent Mobility as one of its five ‘sticky technologies’ - key areas for focusing UK research and investment. The coalition believes that the UK’s intense dependence on road transport, its automotive pedigree and its reputation for worldclass research into electronics, communications and IT systems make it a potential world leader. The Automotive Council’s Intelligent Mobility working group has launched a driverless cars project that should see 20 semi-autonomous pods operating in Milton Keynes within the next few years.

BVRLA News | May/June 2014

The working group is also looking at ways of integrating different types of transport information online, creating a ‘motion map’ that would enable people to get live details of all travel modes in an area, including price, availability, location, timetables and emissions. Commenting on the meeting, BVRLA Head of Communications Toby Poston said: “BVRLA members own or operate one in ten of all vehicles on UK roads and are responsible for nearly 50% of all new car registrations”. “By helping businesses specify their new fleets, giving drivers access to the latest vehicles and leading in the development of new mobility services, the working group acknowledged that our industry will play a major role in helping to drive the uptake of Intelligent Mobility”. u To contribute to the BVRLA's work with the Automotive Council, contact Toby Poston: Contact Toby Poston 01494 545700

by Jamie Fretwell, BVRLA Media & Communications Officer Throughout 2014, I'll be looking at stories from the wider industry. There's a strong commercial vehicle theme linking all of the stories in this issue's column. Ford's new Transit vans launch The latest generation of Transit vans has helped Ford grow its share of commercial vehicle sales. The introduction of the all-new Transit, Transit Custom and Transit Connect models starting in late 2012 meant Ford had 10.4 percent market share across Europe in the first three months of 2014, while the range has also won a number of industry awards.

Big seller: Ford's Transit Custom New car and CV registrations up Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show that 194,032 cars were registered in May – up 7.7% on 2013. Fleet and business registrations made up the majority, accounting for 53.2%. Commercial vehicle registrations rose 12.6% in May to 27,198. The van sector rose 18.4%, but truck sales were 20% down for the month. Mixed month for used vehicle prices Used fleet car values are rising, according to a report by the National Association of Motor Auctions. Its shows that prices for fleet cars rose 3% from March 2014 to April 2014, while volumes were up 9% on 2013 when the easter break is factored in. Average values for used LCVs at auction fell by 2.3% between March and April 2014, but this is due to average mileage rising to 85,297. Volumes increased by 0.2% .u


Busy start to the year for the BVRLA's four committees The BVRLA's committees represent the different types of companies in its membership leasing and fleet management, rental, commercial vehicle and leasing broker. Mid way through the year, Jamie Fretwell takes a look at what each of the committees has been doing so far.

Leasing Broker Committee: The Broker200 karting race raised £1,600 for

industry charity BEN. The committee has also been working with the BVRLA to develop an action plan to meet the requirements of the new consumer credit regime being introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Elsewhere, it is looking at the Consumer Rights Directive, and whether or not personal contract hire products fall under its remit.

Leasing and Fleet Management Committee

Commercial Vehicle Committee

The Committee has been analysing the business car tax system to work up alternatives to the current capital allowance regime.

The BVRLA's commercial vehicle credentials were recognised in the recently-reviewed Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Guide to Maintaining Road Worthiness (see story on page 3).

The BVRLA has held several meetings with members, and is now collating data on members’ fleets to help provide feedback to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Committee representatives have met with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to ensure the needs of members are taken into account as the agency implements its digital transformation programme. The BVRLA has also consulted with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills on the proposals to implement the European Directive on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by July 2015. The directive requires businesses to offer dissatisfied customers a separate service which will allow their complaint to be reviewed. The committee has obtained an understanding that the BVRLA’s conciliation service will satisfy these new requirements.


The CV committee is also considering how the van scheme is working for type approval, as the application and testing process for individual vehicle approval (IVA) is changing this year. The DVSA is seeking to work with the CV committee as it opens more Approved Testing Facilities (ATFs) in readiness for an expected increase in demand around October 2014 as the final phase of European Whole Vehicle Type Approval is rolled-out. Work is ongoing to ensure that the BVRLA fully understands the impact of these changes on members' businesses. Finally, the CV committee has been working with Road Transport Media in creating the 2014 edition of CV Informer. This key piece of research analyses the CV rental and leasing sector (see story opposite).

Rental Committee The Mayor of London’s proposal to introduce an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) by 2020 has been a hot topic at the committee this year. The committee believes the rental sector can capitalise on providing services in Central London with the introduction of the ULEZ, and the BVRLA will be holding workshops with Transport for London (TfL) to promote rental as an alternative green travel solution. The committee is proactively working with TfL to influence any government policy. Rental members are playing a key role in the project team the BVRLA has established to review the Code of Conduct. This work (see cover story) will be one of the rental committee's main areas of focus for the remainder of 2014. The committee also has its finger on the pulse to ensure that the abolition of the driving licence counterpart doesn't negatively affect rental companies. Work is ongoing with the DVLA's Daily Rental Project Team. u

To suggest an agenda item for a BVRLA committee or find out more about the BVRLA's committees, contact Amanda Brandon: 01494 545701,

BVRLA News | May/June 2014

Detailed research into commercial vehicles shows sector's strength Three quarters of commercial vehicle operators expect the CV rental and leasing sector to grow in 2014 compared to 2013. That's according to the results from the 2014 edition of the CV Informer survey - a publication produced by Motor Transport and the BVRLA. More than 100 commercial vehicle companies responded to the survey, which accounted for the best part of half a million vehicles on UK roads. Some 20% of respondents to the survey expect the sector to perform the same as it did in 2013, while just 3% believe it will decline.

Following the rush to acquire Euro 5 trucks before the end of 2013, HGV operators don't expect to acquire more vehicles in 2014 than they did in the last 12 months. Businesses looking at vans expect to increase their fleet sizes by 16% over the CV operators: Research shows more trucks course of the next year, and vans on fleets, and business confidence up while trailer operators plan to increase their numbers by 21%. its main participants. It is pleasing to see that both fleets and business Commenting on the survey, BVRLA confidence are increasing." chief executive Gerry Keaney said: "CV Informer continues to provide The full CV Informer supplement will a comprehensive and authoritative be published with the 23 June issue annual overview of the sector and of Motor Transport magazine. u

Positive outlook for leasing firms The BVRLA's second Quarterly Leasing Report finds that fleets are growing while emissions are falling. Here are some highlights from the Q1 2014 report. • • •

100% of survey respondents expect fleet size to grow during the next six months, up from 91% in Q4 2013 Sub-100g/km CO2 cars make up the biggest proportion of new member registrations Diesel-engined portion of UK leasing fleets continues to decline


The vehicle leasing sector is united in its positive outlook on the economy and its own prospects. Over the next six months: • • • • •

94% of respondents expect the economy to IMPROVE 89% of respondents expect the UK fleet leasing sector to IMPROVE 100% of respondents expect fleet size to INCREASE 83% of respondents expect residual values to STAY THE SAME 27% of respondents expect margins to REDUCE

The proportion of respondents feeling confident about business conditions for the UK fleet leasing sector rose to 89% in the second quarter of 2014, up from 82% in Q1 2014 and 78% in Q4 2013. BVRLA members are now unanimous in predicting that fleet sizes will increase over the next six months, representing a massive turnaround from just six months ago, when only 39% were expecting a rise.


Total fleet BVRLA

New registrations Q1 2014









ULEV and other

The diesel share of the BVRLA's leasing member fleet fell slightly from Q4 2013 (see table, above). This supports the trend of a decline in diesel's dominance in the fleet sector, which is mainly due to the popularity of small-engined petrol cars. Meanwhile, average emissions for new registrations have dipped under the 118g/km CO2 barrier (below).


New registrations Q4 2013



All UK

Q1 2013




Q2 2013




Q3 2013




Q4 2013




Q1 2014




To find out how to obtain a copy of the full report, please contact Toby Poston: 01494 545700,

BVRLA News | May/June 2014



Business Club You know us for one thing. Now know us for many. Businesses have trusted us to provide market leading breakdown cover for many years. But today, we do so much more. RAC Business Services provide a range of innovative solutions to save you money and drive your business forward.

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Members meet the BVRLA and learn about FCA compliance More than 70 delegates turned out for the BVRLA’s second Regional Members' Forum of the year, which featured a seminar on Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliance. The event was sponsored by Compliancy Services LLP and Consumer Credit Advisory Services, and was supported by Fleet Alliance. The BVRLA explained the practical advice available to members, and highlighted how it is working closely

with the FCA and compliancy firms to offer members the best information. The FCA’s Sam Stoakes explained what companies who have applied for interim permissions should do next, and what needs to be done when applying for full authorisation. Delegates also had a lively debate, in which they discussed whether affordability is the same as credit worthiness, and how the FCA will deal with leasing brokers who offer both regulated and unregulated products.

Following on from this event, the BVRLA is now in the process of producing an FAQ document to provide clear and concise answers for all members. u The BVRLA will hold its next Regional Members' Forum and FCA Compliance seminar on 26th June at Bewleys Hotel, Manchester Airport. To book, contact Fran Hampson: Contact 01494 545703,

Participant feedback “The presentations have given me greater knowledge of what we need to add to our business to ensure that we follow the correct process for new regulations. The day has has made things a lot clearer for me.” Ian Wilson, Benchmark Leasing Ltd Well-attended: More than 70 delegates heard from BVRLA Legal and Policy Director Jay Parmar

“I now have a clear picture of the FCA and the new legislation.” Ian Rockingham, Fleet Alliance

BVRLA demonstrates how rental and leasing can help TfL's Car Lite & ultra-low emission strategy Transport for London (TfL) has ambitious plans to tackle congestion and poor air quality in the capital, and the BVRLA is working with it to ensure that members views are represented. There are more than 2.5 million cars registered in London, and more than 50% of households have access to one or more cars. Some seven million car trips are made to, from and within the capital each day. While levels of car ownership and use are falling, population growth means that London will face an ever-increasing problem with congestion, parking and air quality over the next decades. TfL will shortly be unveiling details of its ‘Car Lite’ strategy. This will look to encourage people to own fewer cars and use them less often, relying on public transport, cycling or walking.

BVRLA News | May/June 2014

The BVRLA believes car sharing, car clubs and car rental can play a major part in giving people the confidence to take a more sustainable approach to their travel planning. The association will be providing TfL with more data on the use of car rental within the capital, and is calling for the local government body to support the industry (see panel, right). To tackle the issue of emissions and air quality, TfL is also consulting on the introduction of a new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) for London from 2020. It plans to introduce this across the current Congestion Charge zone, limiting access to cars that meet the Euro 6 emissions standard for diesel engines and Euro 4 standard for petrol engines. The BVRLA will hold a n expert group with rental members and TfL to provide feedback on the ULEZ plans

and to discuss how the car rental industry can help essential road users adapt to the new regime. u

BVRLA's policy goals for car clubs and car sharing • TfL should promote car clubs and car sharing equally alongside other forms of transport • TfL should help car club and car sharing firms integrate their payment and information systems with other travel modes, via its website and Oystercard scheme • TfL should provide greater incentives for car club and car sharing members, for example giving discounts to people who have given up a parking permit • TfL should encourage developers to make greater provision for car club bays at new sites


BVRLA appoints two new staff The BVRLA's legal and policy team has been strengthened with the addition of two new members of staff.

public affairs consultant for more than eight years, acting as both an external and in-house consultant on a number of projects.

Patrick Cusworth has been employed as Senior Policy Advisor, and will be a key contact for lobbying the government and consultation responses. He has been a policy and

Meanwhile, Stephen Dix has joined as Legal and Policy Administrator, having come from RBS/Natwest, where he worked on customer service. Stephen started in March,

and has been employed on a parttime basis, working with fellow parttime Legal and Policy Administrator Lyn Henderson on the BVRLA's conciliation service. The Legal and Policy team is also in the process of recruiting a graduate for a fixed-term maternity contract to start in August. u

New members Associate Consumer Credit Advisory Services Consumer Credit Advisory Services is a dedicated compliance consultancy with a range of strategic partner relationships across compliance, legal, communications, training and e-learning. It is focused on supporting members with the challenges they face on their journey towards FCA full authorisation and ongoing regulation. Dayinsure is an internet based insurance broker specialising in the delivery of short term motor insurance through bespoke software solutions. Our insurance is underwritten by some of the largest insurers in the UK on a comprehensive basis and our product portfolio is developed entirely in house using the latest technologies. Drive Software Solutions Drive Software Solutions is a is a privately owned UK software company focused on Fleet, Vehicle Management, Contract Management and Leasing solutions. The core product, DRIVE, is an Oracle-based solution applicable to vehicle fleet management and leasing requirements worldwide. DRIVE is a proven product suitable for managing mobility solutions, cars, commercial vehicles and specialist vehicles. PJM Group PJM Group provides valeting and logistics services to globally renowned automotive clients, offering unrivalled services across the UK. It provides valeting services for auction centres as well as collection & delivery to the car rental industry, whilst its logistics centre offers a full range of defleet service and Ride & Drive. The company also has a new lorry park and security service, and as such provides a truly unique nationwide presence in the most dynamic of industries.

BVRLA Events Residual Value and Remarketing Forum Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon

18 June

Regional Member Forum and FCA Seminar Bewleys Hotel, Manchester

26 June

BVRLA Fleet Technology Congress

Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon

1 July

FCA Compliance Webinar


16 July

Regional Member Forum and FCA seminar

South East England

9 Sept

BVRLA Golf Day Frilford Heath Golf Club

11 Sept

For enquiries about BVRLA events, contact Member Services Sales Administrator Fran Hampson: Contact 01494 545703


BVRLA News | May/June 2014

Contact information Patrick Cusworth, Senior Policy Advisor, 01494 545712

New staff: Stephen Dix (left) and Patrick Cusworth (right)

Stephen Dix Legal and Policy Administrator, 01494 545711

Leasing Broker

Alexander Leasing (Peterborough) AMVS (Manchester) AutoProcurement (Ferndown) Camargue (Bridge of Allan) Claris Vehicle Solutions (Sheffield) Crusader Vans (Heathfield) Drivespeed UK (York) Eurofunding (Ashby de la zouch) First Step Leasing (Bolton) Fishergate Leasing (Preston) G F Vehicle Solutions (Bristol) Jigsaw Finance (Stoke-on-Trent) LDF Vehicle Finance (Flintshire) Leasepoint Vehicle Management (Nantwich) Reliance Vehicle Management (Middlewich) Strata Vehicle Solutions (Ellesmere Port) Swiss Vans (Bridgend) Totally Vans (Bricket Wood)

Training and professional development Professional Fleet Consultant Development Programme Dates: 18-19 June & 3-4 September, Location: Amersham Our four-day course, delivered in a pair of two modules, will improve the confidence, knowledge and sales performance of managers focussed on sales, business development and customer relationships.

The programme reinforces the importance of a consultative approach when supplying fleet vehicles, and helps staff understand operators' needs and challenges.

IMI-approved ATA Customer Service Advisor training Date: Your choice Location: Your place of work

Want to gain accreditation for your customer service skills at a time and a place to suit you? The BVRLA can help, as it offers customer service training approved by the ATA (Automotive Technician Accreditation). Successful completion results in individuals being registered as ATA Accredited Advisors on the IMI Awards Professional Register. u


Campervan Tours (Cambridge) Car or Van Specialist Vehicle Hire (Bulphan) iDrive Auto Solutions (Woodford Green) N L Commercials (Batley)

Further information on BVRLA training courses can be found on the BVRLA website: To book places, contact Member Services Administrator Fran Hampson:

Rental Broker

CarTrawler (Dublin)

Contact Fran Hampson, 01494 545703


Fleet Financial (County Antrim)

FCA Compliance Webinar


18 September

Asset Management and Risk Forum


16 October

Technical and Operational Management Forum

Venue TBC

6 November

Residual Value and Remarketing Forum Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon

18 November

BVRLA Industry Conference Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon

4 December

Full details of all BVRLA events can be found on our website:

BVRLA News | May/June 2014


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Fleet Technology Congress 2014 Supported by

The age of connected vehicles and smart mobility is here Tuesday 1st July 2014 • Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire

For more information, visit

BVRLA News, May/June 2014  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for May/June 2014. Read the latest edition of BVRLA News, feat...

BVRLA News, May/June 2014  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for May/June 2014. Read the latest edition of BVRLA News, feat...