Page 1 Established in 1967, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association is the trade body for companies engaged in the rental and leasing of cars and commercial vehicles. Through its 500 member companies and their customers, the BVRLA represents the interests of more than two million people who drive at work, as well as the millions of people who use a rental vehicle each year. BVRLA River Lodge, Badminton Court Amersham Buckinghamshire HP7 0DD T 01494 434747 F 01494 434499 E W Honorary Life President Freddie Aldous Chairman Neil Cunningham Vice Chairman Kevin McNally Honorary Treasurer Brian Back Chief Executive John Lewis


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Our industry The vehicle rental and leasing industry makes a major contribution to the UK economy, bringing safe, sustainable and affordable mobility to millions of consumers and businesses.

Automotive market


BVRLA members spend around £16bn each year on buying new vehicles. Responsible for over 40% of all new cars, vans and trucks registered each year, they provide a vital boost to manufacturers hit by the slump in retail sales. They also play a key role in the aftermarket, spending around £4bn annually on ancillary products, including parts, servicing, insurance, telematics and remarketing.

With UK banks continuing to put a squeeze on credit, BVRLA Leasing and Leasing Broker members provide businesses with a vital source of additional funding, enabling them to free-up valuable capital to invest elsewhere in their operations or to pay-down debts.

Mobility BVRLA members operate a combined fleet of more than 2.5 million vehicles, including 44-tonne trucks, tippers, vans, minibuses and every type of car and drivetrain. With branches in more than 1,600 locations across the UK, they offer flexible, affordable transport by the hour, day, week, month or year to millions of customers.

Employment The vehicle rental and leasing sector employs an estimated 46,000 people and supports a further 200,000 jobs across the UK automotive industry.

Environment Our sector leads the way when it comes to reducing motoring CO2 emissions. BVRLA leasing members have average CO2 emissions of 130g/km for cars ordered in 2011, compared to the average of 138.5g/km for all new cars registered in 2011.


In 2010, average emissions from UK rental cars were 146g/km CO2 – more than 12% lower than the average for the total UK car fleet.

Used market

Each year BVRLA members contribute an estimated £470m in vehicle excise duty and registration fees alone. Their customers pay around £4bn in fuel duty and £1.4bn in benefitin-kind tax.

BVRLA members dispose of more than a million high-quality, well-maintained vehicles into the used market each year. The association’s vehicle mileage database contains more than 18 million mileage records for ex-fleet vehicles, and is used by a number of data providers to help protect consumers from fraud and harm.


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

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our objectives for 2012

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how the vehicle rental and leasing industry is coming to terms with economic uncertainty and new technology


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the BVRLA’s activities in 2011 and plans for 2012


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consumers, age discrimination, sustainability and airports


enforcement, licensing, testing and the London Low Emission Zone


Sector report – leasing and fleet management

Sector report – commercial vehicle

continuous insurance, electric vehicles, and fair wear and tear


Sector report – leasing broker

standard quotations and contracts, and guidance for credit brokers


how vehicle rental and leasing was reported in 2011


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highlights from the BVRLA member survey 2011


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BVRLA Annual Review 2011

2011 in numbers Member Services

Member Representation


18,775,870 entries in the BVRLA vehicle mileage database


members attending BVRLA forums

people undertook BVRLA training



guests at the BVRLA Annual Dinner


member representatives on BVRLA committees

rental branches using the RISC database

Voice of the Industry

warnings given to users of the RISC database


Advice and Information



members of BVRLA LinkedIn groups

average number of BVRLA web pages viewed each month



government consultations responded to


pieces of media coverage

Status and Credibility average number of different people visiting the BVRLA website each month


delegates at the BVRLA Industry Conference


New and updated guides and fact sheets

member enquiries dealt with

30 5


number of quality assessment checks on BVRLA members

disputes handled by the BVRLA Conciliation Service


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Achievements During 2011 your association has… Funding

Cutting red tape

…set up a Funding Steering Group and worked with a range of financial institutions to improve the supply and cost of funding to the independent vehicle rental and leasing sector.

…seen chief executive John Lewis appointed as one of the government’s Red Tape Challenge ‘sector champions’, where he is helping to eliminate or amend bad regulations affecting the fleet industry.

Protection of Freedoms Bill

Consumer Rights Directive

…gained an amendment to the bill to ensure that rental companies can transfer liability for fines they receive from landowners and their agents when a vehicle has breached a private parking arrangement.

…secured the vehicle rental industry an exemption from the 14-day ‘cooling-off’ period introduced as part of the new Consumer Rights Directive, saving members an estimated £218m per year.

Rental research

Electronic access to annual test data

…published a major new independent report that demonstrates the role car rental can play in providing a more integrated, sustainable transport system in the UK.

…convinced the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) to pilot a scheme which allows fleet owners electronic access to annual test results for goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

Rental customer service …gained official European Commission approval for its attempts to improve car rental customer service and established a new consumer stakeholder group to ensure continued progress.

Olympics …produced comprehensive guidance for members to ensure they are sufficiently prepared for the logistical challenge of the London 2012 Olympics.

Electric vehicles

Licence checking

…held two seminars on electric vehicles and published a Business Guide to Electric Vehicles.

…introduced a new driver licence checking system, bringing us one step closer to the ultimate goal of providing members with real-time access to the data of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Vehicle recall …partnered with Ebbon-Dacs and vehicle manufacturers to provide a free online safety recall system.


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Challenges Over the next year your association will… Age Discrimination and Equality Act

Electronic access to annual test data

… continue to push for vehicle rental to be specifically excluded from the Equality Act so that members can add a supplement or charge a different rental rate connected to the age of a customer.

…continue to lobby for car and van fleet owners to be able to access annual test data electronically.


…work with members, insurance brokers and representatives from the insurance industry to understand the key issues causing recordhigh insurance premiums and identify what the association can do to assist.

…encourage government agencies, including the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), to recognise the compliance standards which are already being enforced by the association’s code of conduct, so that targeted enforcement of rogue operators can prevail.

Road traffic legislation

Low emission zones

…continue to lobby for the harmonisation of road traffic legislation so that members can transfer liability for fines consistently, regardless of the type of offence or the area in which it was committed.

…call for harmonised standards to be applied throughout the emerging low emission zones and lobby government for a national framework to be implemented.


Red tape

Motoring taxation

…continue to lobby for further reductions in government red tape and bureaucracy, for example by removing the need to display a tax disc and enabling road tax to be purchased on a multi-year basis, which would save businesses £3.5m and £10m respectively.

…try to convince the government that it needs to provide a technology-neutral taxation regime that rewards the users of all low-carbon vehicle technologies and keeps up with the pace of change.

Must try harder! We didn’t manage it this year, but we are determined to… …keep on lobbying for vehicle rental to be exempt from the London congestion charge – in recognition of it being a sustainable mode of transport (see Achievements). …review the training and accreditation needs of our rental members, with the aim of delivering a new qualification for frontline counter staff.


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Working for you Service to members 1



Key benefits

Training Certificate in Fleet Consultancy

Designed to align the rental / leasing sales function much more closely with the role, responsibilities and requirements of a typical fleet manager, successful participants gain a professional qualification accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

ATA Accreditation, Technical Customer Services

This Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) assessment programme, regulated by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), measures individual performance against a set of key industry skills, providing proof of competence and a desire to work to a high professional standard and code of conduct.

Fair Wear and Tear Standard Training – for the contract hire and leasing industry

Delegates will gain an understanding of the key principles influencing vehicle resale and will be able to demonstrate practical knowledge of the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear condition standard when talking to customers.

Selling Contract Hire

Delegates will achieve a greater understanding of areas such as finance, taxation, competitive contracts, margins and underwriting considerations. Sales people will be more confident, more knowledgeable and more effective.

Forums Technical & Operational Management (TOM)

This forum encompasses many of the operational aspects of a rental and leasing company’s business, such as vehicle ordering, purchasing, specification, licensing, recalls, congestion and fixed penalty notice re-charges. The remit of the forum also includes vehicle safety, service, maintenance and repair. The forum meets three times a year.

Residual Values & Remarketing (RVR)

A meeting point where all aspects of vehicle remarketing and residual value forecasting, including pre-procurement, whole-life costs and matters relating to the resale of vehicles, are debated and discussed. The forums are interactive sessions which give members the opportunity to hear first-hand expert commentary, news and views on market conditions. The forum meets three times a year.

Products & Publications RISC

Grants access to a convenient, easy-to-use database of high-risk customers, enabling you to proactively protect yourselves from fraud, theft, late payments and other potentially damaging activities.

Data Survey

Allows members to easily compare industry average predicted residual price and servicing, maintenance and repair costs of every UK car and van model.

Vehicle Mileage Database

Purchasing 1 million new vehicles a year means that BVRLA members put many thousands of used vehicles into the marketplace. The BVRLA Vehicle Mileage Database aims to reduce vehicle clocking crime and protect consumers by providing them with an indicated mileage as a measure of condition and safety.

Business Support

The BVRLA offers business support and legal advice, as well as mediation in consumer disputes. More than 40 fact sheets and a range of guides give practical assistance.

Fair Wear and Tear Guides

The guides, available for contract hire and leased cars, LCVs and HGVs, are designed to assist consumers (through BVRLA member companies) to help reduce or eliminate de-hire charges at the end of a vehicle contract. The BVRLA has an electronic version of the Fair Wear and Tear Guide, available to corporate and leasing broker members.

BVRLA/ACPO Stolen Vehicle Reporting Pack

The BVRLA/ACPO Stolen Vehicle Reporting pack aims to raise the industry’s standard of initial investigation so that reports of vehicle thefts are more likely to be accepted for action by the police.


We offer members FREE recruitment advertising on our website for up to two months per vacancy. You can also advertise your vacancy in the association’s newsletter, BVRLA News, for a small fee.

Vehicle Rental Publications

The BVRLA produces a number of legally certified documents, including rental agreements and pre-rental inspection forms.

Vehicle on Hire Certificate (VE103B)

The VE103 is the only legal substitute for the registration document (V5C) for any leased or rented vehicle that is taken abroad.

Driver Licence Checking

An easy-to-access, low-cost, overnight driver licence checking service. Costs just £2.10 per licence check, plus an annual £250 fee to cover the expense of setting up, running and managing a secure link with the DVLA.


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

The BVRLA provides a wide range of information, services and products specifically developed for vehicle rental and leasing companies and their customers. Here are some more details of what is available. Further information can be found at or call us on 01494 545702 Who benefits?

How can I find out more?

Account managers, business development executives and other sales professionals in contract hire, leasing and fleet management.

Maintenance controllers, technical customer service advisors.

Contact Fran Hampson Email: Tel: 01494 545703

Remarketing executives and those who regularly deal with end-of-contract charges.

Sales professionals in contract hire, leasing and fleet management.

People who work within operations, service, maintenance and repair departments. The TOM Forum qualifies for continuous professional development credits for members of the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and ATA Technical Services.

Contact Fran Hampson Email:

People who work within remarketing departments and those who set residual values for vehicles. The RVR Forum qualifies for continuous professional development credits for members of the Institute of the Motor Industry.

Tel: 01494 545703

Commercial vehicle and car rental members.

Contact Rob Burford All rental and leasing members.

Email: Tel: 01494 545702

All members, the reputation of the industry and consumers. Also, contributors have the opportunity to earn rebates on their BVRLA membership fees.

All members.

All rental and leasing members. Hard copies: Rob Burford,, 01494 545702 Electronic version: Fran Hampson,, 01494 545703

All rental and leasing members.

Contact Rob Burford,, 01494 545702

All members.

Contact Fran Hampson,, 01494 545703

Rental members.

Contact member services administrator Rob Burford Email:

All rental and leasing members.


For members wishing to verify licences against DVLA data, either for their own employees or as part of their fleet management service.

Contact Nora Leggett,, 01494 545713


01494 545702

BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Chairman’s comment One of the great ironies of doing business in the current climate is that economic uncertainty has become something you can rely on. Our industry has had to learn to handle a great deal of uncertainty since 2008, and this has become a core skill for all our managers.

new blue-chip investors as well as helping others to expand their presence. Our industry’s funding environment is now looking more secure than it has been for a number of years. Now the industry needs to use the same powers of persuasion with insurers. The cost of all types of motor insurance has soared this year, with insurers complaining that they have been losing money for years due to a big increase in bodily injury claims. Self-drive hire insurance premiums have doubled for many members and others are finding it hard to get insured at all.

There is no use in me trying to set the macroeconomic scene for 2012, because, quite frankly, even the most informed of technocrats have got it wrong. So I will refrain from taking out my own crystal ball. Events of the last few months have shown us that anything can happen.

While we all have to accept that the insurance environment has changed, the BVRLA is also addressing the issue directly, working with the industry to help it tackle fraud and identifying ways that its members can lower their risk profile.

Instead I am going to focus on what I can talk about with some certainty – our industry. Top of many agendas as we came into 2011 was the issue of funding. A dearth of lenders meant that it was already in short supply and there was the added prospect of the industry’s largest funder abandoning the sector altogether. A number of vehicle rental and leasing companies were facing an uncertain future, with finance both difficult to find and expensive to secure.

In contrast to the wider economy, the used vehicle market enjoyed a healthy start to the year with reliably solid prices. It doesn’t help when some pessimistic ‘experts’ continue to predict downward trajectories for the market because, just like the economic forecasters, they simply cannot know. Any attempt by these market commentators to influence market pricings is misguided. The open market will decide based on the basic rules of supply and demand. The fact is that BVRLA members continue to benefit from strong demand for quality ex-fleet and daily rental stock as consumers shy away from new cars to focus on buying value-for-money used vehicles and dealers react accordingly.

Thankfully the BVRLA Funding Steering Group, with representatives drawn from across the association’s membership, has made tremendous strides in attracting new funders to the vehicle rental and leasing sector. In less than a year they have helped bring in several


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

As 2011 draws to a close, we have a new vehicle market that is being propped up by business registrations and this state of affairs is not going to change any time soon. The traditional car market consists of a sustainable blend of fleet and retail customers, with the rental sector available to take up any excess production when the retail market slumps.

Electric motoring is not a panacea for our road transport emissions targets, which is why the BVRLA has been urging the government to take a technology-neutral stance to carbon reduction when it sets taxes. As well as reducing carbon, our industry is also striving to cut the number of unhappy customers, especially in the car rental arena. In addition to publishing a range of easy-toread guidance for customers, the BVRLA now runs dispute resolution services for both UK and European customers. It has held a series of meetings with UK consumer bodies, including Which?, the Office of Fair Trading and the European Consumer Centre.

The prospect of all these manufacturers competing for the fleet market is great news for the vehicle rental and leasing industry. Fleet managers have never had such a variety of safe, reliable, fuel-efficient and stylish vehicles to choose from. Many of the more traditional fleet-suppliers have discovered that to their cost this year as they watched customers go elsewhere when confronted with unacceptably extended lead times or inflexible pricing.

The BVRLA is working more closely than ever with officials at the European Commission and is also steering the rental agenda within Leaseurope, the European umbrella group for national vehicle rental associations.

Pricing is definitely hindering the move to electric vehicles. Take-up of the government’s £5,000 Plug-in Car Grant has been woeful, mainly because manufacturers seem determined to make a profit from every vehicle from day one. While they can rely on a small group of enthusiastic early adopters – me included – who are attracted by the direct benefits, fleet buyers can do their sums, and most will walk away until prices are more realistic.

Communicating and working more closely with customers, suppliers and government is going to be more essential than ever in the turbulent business environment that beckons in 2012. It is also important that we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. By taking an ever-increasing share of the new vehicle market and providing affordable finance and mobility to cashstrapped businesses – our industry has helped sustain what growth there is in the UK.

Having said that, some fleets are prepared to ignore the maths and blaze a trail. A large number of BVRLA members have already ordered or taken delivery of i-MiEVs, LEAFs, C-Zeros, Kangoo ZEs and Transit Connect EVs. The next 12 months will see them continuing to work with their customers, testing out this exciting new technology and establishing the most relevant transport application.

Large or small, we can all be proud of our support for the economy. Neil Cunningham BVRLA chairman and general manager of Hertz UK


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Chief executive’s comment Unlike most developedworld economies, the BVRLA managed to operate within its budget in 2011. We have no plans to implement any austerity measures. Although we will continue to focus on internal cost controls in our normal way, we will be looking to increase both the level of support we provide to members and the value of the products and services we offer.

of the best kind. The 2011 member survey saw the BVRLA given a record ‘value for money’ rating, with 94% of respondents describing it as good or very good. Once again your survey responses told us what you value most about the BVRLA. Providing status and credibility is seen as a core benefit and this has been a key focus for the association in 2011, particularly in the area of car rental. The industry has been plagued by a small, but nonetheless damaging trickle of negative press stories in recent years, focusing on customer service issues. These usually feature one of the major car rental companies, but they damage the reputation of the whole industry.

The challenging economic circumstances and the long-term trend for mergers and acquisitions at the upper end of the industry have continued to put pressure on membership numbers. However, a concerted recruitment drive in the second half of 2011 means that we will end the year with more members than we began. We look forward to working with these new members in the months ahead, giving them excellent value for their membership fee and hopefully seeing them take an active role in the association.

We realise that we are never going to persuade the consumer press to write about happy car rental customers. However, we can try and stop these stories at source by helping consumers to make better-informed purchases and making it easier for them to settle any dispute that arises. 2010 saw us introduce a series of guides and fact sheets for rental customers and set up a pan-European conciliation service. This year was spent building relations with consumer stakeholders, including the European Consumer Centre, Which? and the Office of Fair Trading. Our aim is to work with them to develop a simple, consistent message for customers and use them as a channel to deliver it.

I’m glad to report lots of member activity in 2011. Both of our flagship events, the Annual Dinner and Industry Conference, were sellouts, which I believe is a good sign of a strong, well-supported association. On that note, thanks are again due to the hundreds of members who responded to our latest member survey. There were a small number of negative comments and we will be working hard to remedy these as soon as possible. Overall, however, the feedback was

Hopefully this will result in fewer unhappy car rental customers and less bad press.


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

The association’s electronic fair wear and tear guide has also gone from strength to strength, with the number of leasing members using this product doubling during 2011. The feedback we are getting is also very positive – members tell us that it is really helping to improve the end-of-contract process, thereby reinforcing the industry’s professional image and reducing the number of disputes.

to electric vehicles, minibuses and consumer credit or one of our numerous forums, seminars, newsletters and update emails. Members will have noticed a dearth of communication on the planned shake-up in the way leases are accounted for. It remains a key project for standard setters, but the speed of progress makes glaciers look fast. I am beginning to come to terms with the fact that I may not see new lease accounting standards introduced before I retire!

Another major role of the association is as a voice for the industry. Part of this involves us ensuring that any new tax, legislation or regulation affecting our members is fair and doesn’t stifle competition.

New standards will undoubtedly mean some changes for our industry, but we have managed to survive for many years without them. When they do arrive I am sure that members will be able to adjust and, more importantly, guide their customers through the adjustments.

The coalition government came into power promising to cut through red tape and the good news is that the BVRLA has been asked to help the Department for Transport deliver its share. We have already given it a long list, including suggestions that it do away with the need to display a tax disc and allow our members to purchase multi-year vehicle excise duty. We remain optimistic, but it is going to be a long process. Changing the mind-set of government departments is like steering an oil tanker!

Finally, I would like to thank all members for their continued contribution to the association and our industry, by continuing to pay your annual subscription, using our products and services or taking an active role in our events and working groups. In difficult economic times it is often easier to keep your head down and focus solely on what is on your own agenda.

Elsewhere, our voice is being heard louder than ever through our lobbying and PR activities and our presence on key government working groups, including The Motorist’s Forum, The Road Haulage Forum and the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership.

Rest assured that, here at the BVRLA, we will continue to focus on the wider needs of the vehicle rental and leasing industry, while also striving to meet any individual needs your company may have.

As well as talking on behalf of members, we also try to communicate with them, fulfilling our key remit of providing information and advice. Hopefully you will have come across some of this material this year, whether it is one of our 22 revised or updated fact sheets, our guides

It’s going to be another very busy year in 2012 and I hope we can support you through some of the many challenges that lie ahead. John Lewis Chief executive, BVRLA


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Rental A review of 2011 starts very much like that of 2010. The worst winter weather of recent times brought opportunities for replacement car rental but also problems as flights were delayed and cancelled. Vehicles were in the wrong locations and plans changed.

The UK rental market has moved forward in significant ways during 2011. Short-term hire continues to be an attractive product for organisations unable or unwilling to commit to longer-term transport arrangements, and those who look for fixed transport costs rather than individual mileage reimbursement. For consumers, particularly in the major cities, rental is seen increasingly as a proper alternative to ownership.

The Japanese tsunami had far-reaching effects – not just for Japanese car manufacturers and their customers, but for a worldwide market in components. Delays to the supply of new vehicles and replacement parts created issues for a large part of the year.

The work of the BVRLA and individual companies in promoting rental as part of a wider sustainable transport solution is having a real impact. Increasingly recognised as both providers of environmentally cleaner vehicles and as a way of easing road congestion, we receive ever more invitations to comment on and help shape government transport policy.

Current concerns over the Eurozone debt crisis and its subsequent impact on UK and worldwide economies continue to bring uncertainty to our industry. However, new finance institutions entering the market have signalled a renewed confidence and eased concerns over future funding for some companies.

Alison Chadwick Chair of the BVRLA Rental Committee and director, regional operations of Thrifty Car Rental

Consumers To better understand the customer service issues affecting the car rental industry, the BVRLA has developed a closer relationship with leading consumer bodies this year, hosting two customer service workshops with rental members and representatives from Which?, the Office of Fair Trading, the European Consumer Centre and credit card companies.

In conjunction with Leaseurope, the umbrella organisation for the European rental and leasing industry, the BVRLA has also developed a close working relationship with the European Commission. It has now recognised both the BVRLA Conciliation Service and the European Car Rental Conciliation Service as ‘exemplary’ models of industry self-regulation.


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Age discrimination


The BVRLA continues to campaign against the government’s proposals to outlaw working practices that treat customers differently because of their age. The association argues that young drivers, particularly males, are more likely to be involved in a road accident.

Airports are vital transport hubs and the BVRLA continues to work with them to try and promote the use of car rental as a means of onward travel and to improve the experience of customers. For example, Heathrow Airport has now agreed to work with members in promoting the use of car rental for transporting passengers instead of taxi cabs or family and friends for pick-ups and drop-offs. This followed BVRLA research that showed an increase of just 1% in car rental would eliminate 225,000 unnecessary car journeys to and from the airport.

Forcing the vehicle rental sector to rent to young drivers is likely to cost an estimated £19m per year in extra insurance and repair costs, which could end up increasing prices for all customers by up to 30%. The BVRLA’s call for the industry to be excluded from the proposed anti-age discrimination law would therefore help to ensure that responsible rental customers do not end up paying for the costs imposed by younger drivers.

The BVRLA’s Rental Committee provides an opportunity for members to hear the views of colleagues, review and formulate constructive responses to impending legislation, and help develop new ideas of benefit to the industry. If you would like to participate in the work of the association, please contact Jay Parmar, the BVRLA’s legal and policy director, at

Sustainability The BVRLA Rental Committee commissioned transport researchers at TRL to investigate the sustainability credentials of car rental. The report concluded that car hire contributes positively to the government’s integrated transport policy objectives because the average rental car is cleaner and more fuel-efficient than the average privately-owned vehicle and helps users connect with other forms of transport.

Chair Alison Chadwick

Thrifty Car Rental

Vice Chair David Alexander

Europcar UK

Ian Feast

Avis Rent a Car

David Cooper

Arnold Clark

Raymond Goldsmith Argyle Garage Hire

The association will use the findings to ensure that central and local government policymakers fully recognise the positive role the car rental sector can play in to helping them to meet their targets for improving air quality and reducing emissions and congestion.


Richard Davies

Hertz Rent a Car

Ben Lawson

Enterprise Rent a Car

Andrew Strathdee

Isle of Man Rent a Car

Helen Sylvester

Miles and Miles

Lorraine Farnon

Adapted Vehicle Hire

Richard Lowden

Green Motion

BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Commercial Vehicle As reflected in rising new van and truck registrations during 2011, we have seen some improvement in the commercial vehicle rental and leasing market. The recovery is patchy, but van rental utilisation has been excellent and we have heard reports of larger companies increasing their leased fleets.

standard and the associated costs could lead to many companies rushing to register Euro V trucks during 2012. On a more positive note, the widening scope of the London Low Emission Zone in 2012 could encourage thousands of owners of more polluting vans and trucks to rent compliant vehicles for those odd trips into Greater London. We are also likely to see similar schemes emerging in greater numbers across the UK, but it will be vital that all UK LEZs are fully harmonised.

With such uncertainty surrounding the Eurozone, operators will be taking a cautious approach to next year. Many will have one eye on the used vehicle market, but persistent supply shortages should continue to support used van prices into the new year.

As an industry, we hope we can continue to work in close cooperation with the government and its motoring agencies to reduce or eliminate red tape and streamline inefficient processes.

The burden of red tape and regulation will continue to have a major impact on the industry. On the one hand, 2013’s switch from the Euro V to the Euro VI emissions

Jay Parmar BVRLA Legal and policy director and secretary to the Commercial Vehicle Committee

Enforcement and training

In doing so, it would enable VOSA to identify and target its resources at tackling organisations who do not take vehicle roadworthiness and maintenance seriously.

The committee has been working with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) to find ways in which it can work smarter with industry to raise compliance and road safety standards. One proposal being investigated is for VOSA to formally recognise that members of the BVRLA are audited to ensure their vehicles are maintained to a high standard in accordance with the industry code of conduct.

The BVRLA is also exploring how industry could assist VOSA with its educational role. One aspect being put forward is for VOSA to accredit training provided by the BVRLA and formally recognise existing schemes such as the Automotive Technician Accreditation.


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

London Low Emission Zone

Authorised testing facilities

The BVRLA has persuaded Transport for London (TfL) to promote rental and leased vehicles as a cost-effective way of complying with the London Low Emission Zone when new standards are applied from 2012. As well as tightening up the threshold for trucks, thousands of vans and minibuses will be brought into scope for the first time. We have sent out a marketing pack to all commercial vehicle members with suggestions on how to target local non-LEZ-compliant operators to offer them a compliant leased or rented vehicle.

The BVRLA has warned VOSA not to close its testing stations before authorised testing facilities (ATFs) are fully established in the catchment area. VOSA’s plan to move the location of the vehicle test closer to the point of inspection has been welcomed. However, VOSA should allow testing to be delivered by independent, accredited testers, given the cost saving and flexibility this will deliver. VOSA has an ambitious target for 85% of all annual tests to take place at ATFs by 2013.

Changes to O licence

Annual tests

The rules on applying for, and holding, standard goods and public service vehicle (PSV) operator’s licences and rules for transport managers changed on 4 December 2011. These changes aim to secure a uniform, modern and effective set of rules across Europe to promote fair competition. Within the proposal, applicants are required to demonstrate that they either own or have formal arrangements in place to use vehicle(s) that fall into the scope of their application.

Following a five-year campaign, the BVRLA has secured members’ access to their goods vehicles’ annual test results. A new service will provide improved visibility on first-time pass rates, informing maintenance decisions. The BVRLA now hopes to secure electronic access to MOT results for cars and vans.

Van and minibus guide The BVRLA has produced a Guide to Operating a Van and Minibus, designed to assist the driver and the employer. Covering current legislation and best practice, it will be published shortly as a handbook that can be supplied to the driver with the vehicle.

The BVRLA has asked the Traffic Commissioner to provide clarity that access to hire or lease vehicles from BVRLA members will satisfy these requirements.

The BVRLA’s Commercial Vehicle Committee provides an opportunity for members to hear the views of colleagues, review and formulate constructive responses to impending legislation, and help develop new ideas of benefit to the industry. If you would like to participate in the work of the association, please contact Jay Parmar, the BVRLA’s legal and policy director, at


Vice Chair Nigel Martin


Margaret Clark Adam Fairbotham Victoria Kerr Jon Lawes Andrew Morley Steve Martin Chris Sharp Geoff Tyler Duncan Webb Grahame Neagus Laura Moran

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BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Leasing & Fleet Management As usual, the focus for leasing customers in 2011 was on having a ‘lowest cost’, greener and safer fleet that also keeps drivers happy. This is never simple at the best of times, but this particular balancing act has been even more challenging due to a number of factors.

some new entrants. The team at the BVRLA have played a pivotal role in encouraging funders to support our sector. With consumer and business confidence low and the UK destined for a protracted climb out of recession, 2012 is likely to be another challenging year and our customers will be relying on us more than ever to help them get through this difficult period. This is where our fleet expertise, wide range of added value services and the ability to be flexible will come to the fore.

These include rising fuel costs, everincreasing government red tape and the poor state of Britain’s roads. Euro-driven vehicle price increases, extended lead times and a supply chain hampered by the effects of the Japanese tsunami tragedy have added to the burden. The emergence of pure electric vehicles on fleet choice lists means additional complexity.

We all have this as our day job, but as committee members we will also continue to work in the greater interests of the fleet community by helping to raise standards, positively influencing government policy and fighting legislation that places undue constraints on our industry

Thankfully, despite tougher conditions in the latter part of the year, used car and van values have performed better than forecast. The shortage of funding for the independent leasing sector seems to be easing as old players re-emerge alongside

Simon Oliphant Chairman of the BVRLA Leasing and Fleet Management Committee and chief executive of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions

Continuous insurance enforcement The committee worked with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and leasing customers to ensure that the new offence of being the keeper of an uninsured vehicle was implemented effectively. This included an audit of data held on the DVLA and MIB databases and a trial of how the enforcement process

would work. The process helped to ensure that insured fleet vehicles appeared correctly on the insurance database and it enabled members to promote the changes to their customers. The BVRLA is continuing to call for the DVLA to issue its pre-enforcement warning letters electronically in order to reduce costs and


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

enhance compliance. The association will also be meeting with members, the DVLA and the MIB to carry out a post-implementation review of the new regime to see if there are any improvements that can be made.

systems. Manufacturers using the agreed template can be assured that their support terms are reflected in pricing systems without any delay, which will help to ensure their products remain competitive.

Electric vehicles

Electronic service history

The BVRLA held a joint forum with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) to examine the issues surrounding fleet adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This event led to the association producing a Business Guide to Electric Vehicles, addressing some of the key operational and financial issues involved with running EVs.

To keep pace with current methods of recording a vehicle’s service history, the BVRLA has called on motor manufacturers to furnish this information to the fleet owner electronically. A number of members are currently working with manufacturers to pilot a new electronic data feed. The BVRLA hopes that these key benefits will soon be offered by all motor manufacturers, especially where the manufacturer provides an inclusive servicing programme.

Manufacturer support terms In response to the array of complex support terms being offered by car and van makers, the committee supported the association’s development of a generic electronic template that manufacturers can use when communicating with members.

Fair wear and tear A committee working party has spent much of 2011 revising the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide for cars, which is due to be launched in January 2012. A number of changes have been made to make the standard more appropriate for modern vehicles and usage patterns. The new guide will also be available in a licensed, member-branded electronic version for easier distribution to customers.

It is hoped that the e-template will be readily adopted by all motor manufacturers and in doing so it will help support greater efficiency and accuracy by ensuring the terms are correctly imported into members’ pricing

The BVRLA’s Leasing & Fleet Management Committee provides an opportunity for members to hear the views of colleagues, review and formulate constructive responses to impending legislation, and help develop new ideas of benefit to the industry. If you would like to participate in the work of the association, please contact Jay Parmar, the BVRLA’s legal and policy director, at


Chairman Simon Oliphant

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions

Vice Chair David Brennan


Keith Allen Mark Biggs Mark Chessman Peter Cakebread Andrew Cope Andrew Mann Con Mclaughlin Richard Schooling Ian Tilbrook

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BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Leasing Broker 2011 has been a very good year for the leasing broker market, with many members reporting strong performances. To do so in a period of slow economic growth, I think, speaks volumes for the quality and strength of this sector.

than ever before – and are clear on their objectives in what is a mutually beneficial partnership. Whilst the economic outlook for 2012 is not great, I see no reason why leasing brokers should not continue to form a vital and growing part of the UK fleet sector. Martin Brown Chairman of the BVRLA Leasing Broker Committee and managing director of Fleet Alliance

The work of the BVRLA Leasing Broker Committee has ensured that funders and brokers are working closer together

Key facts document As part of its ongoing programme to deliver excellent customer service, the committee has developed an easy-to-read ‘key facts’ template that brokers can use to explain leasing

quotations to their customers. The one-page document can be used at the quotation stage to help customers understand what they are committing to.

the BVRLA guide to standard quotations and contracts for leasing brokers Promoting responsible road transport


Standard quotations and contracts document The committee also got the association to update its guide to standard contracts and quotations, including advice and sample clauses that can be used when drafting the terms and conditions for a standard broker quote or contract. The guide also provides some practical tips aimed at ensuring the terms of the contract are enforceable.

BVRLA Annual Review 2011

OFT draft guidance for credit brokers and intermediaries

Promoting the benefits of using leasing broker members

The BVRLA is fighting the Office of Fair Trading’s plans to force leasing brokers and other credit intermediaries to disclose the commission they receive to consumers. Under the direction of the committee, the association clearly outlined the market distortions and consumer harm which could occur if the measures are implemented.

Having worked effectively to ensure the standards maintained by BVRLA leasing broker members remain high, the committee has been exploring ways of promoting the benefits of using only a BVRLA member to customers, funders and motor manufacturers. This work has led to some funders deciding that they will only appoint BVRLA-accredited brokers and caused a number of motor manufacturers to review how they can best promote the use of BVRLA members to their dealer networks.

The BVRLA’s Leasing Broker Committee provides an opportunity for members to hear the views of colleagues, review and formulate constructive responses to impending legislation, and help develop new ideas of benefit to the industry.

Chairman Martin Brown

Fleet Alliance

Vice Chair Mike Lloyd

Central Contracts

If you would like to participate in the work of the association, please contact Jay Parmar, the BVRLA’s legal and policy director, at

Steve Cocks

Nigel Brain Mike Curtis Jo Elms

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Paul Huxford


Michael Moylan


Croydon Contract Leasing

Neva Consultants

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Compass Contract Hire

Gordon Stephen

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Michael Potter

Fleetdrive Management

BVRLA Annual Review 2011

In the media Some highlights of BVRLA press coverage in 2011… January 4 – BVRLA predicts leasing will become easier

14 Daily Mirror – BVRLA warning over fake rental companies

February 3

Fleet News – BVRLA calls for fairer taxes and less red tape

8 – VOSA and industry to work side-by-side


23 BBC Online – Overhaul of fuel duty system 23 Fleet World – At last, a Budget for road users, says the BVRLA

April 1

Fleet News – BVRLA meets with transport minister

13 Business Car – BVRLA warns of electric vehicle knowledge gap

May 6

Business Car Manager – Business leads demand for new cars

11 Irish Times : Hire market makes for higher sales

June 6

Business Car – BVRLA slams Equality Act red tape

26 Sunday Times – Car hire firms back down on waivers

July 6

Daily Mail - How to avoid car hire potholes that can easily spoil your summer holiday


BBC Radio 4 You & Yours – BVRLA defends excess waiver cover

August 1

Director (IOD magazine) – Fleet Management Guide

14 Sunday Times – ‘A Question of Money’ – European Car Rental Conciliation Service

September 5

AM Online – Lead times add to market challenge


BBC Online – Electric vehicles are too expensive


24 Business Car – Remarketing – damage limitation 25 Fleet News – Safety recall scheme on track for delivery

November 4

Fleet World – How to improve low-emission vehicle take-up

15 Guardian – Who is really behind the campaign to cut fuel duty?


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

How are we doing? According to the results of the BVRLA member survey 2011… 94% of members say that belonging to the BVRLA represents good or very good value for money.

11% of members said we don’t send them enough information on regulatory and legislative changes.

92% of members read BVRLA News and Weekly Update on a regular basis, making them the most popular of the association’s services.

76% of members said that the LinkedIn social media platform was a good way of communicating with them – have you tried joining our ‘Rental and Leasing Industry Issues’ group?

97% of members said they were ‘very satisfied or satisfied’ with the way the BVRLA delivers its products and services – up from 85% in 2010.

How can we improve? Here is what you told us… Make all members more aware of the work done by the various BVRLA committees Continue to improve your presence and influence with government

More interaction with brokers

Try to get more press coverage

Improve the navigation on your website More webinars

Cheaper training courses


BVRLA Annual Review 2011

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BVRLA Annual Review 2011

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BVRLA Annual Review 2011

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BVRLA Annual Review 2011

Who we are Chief Executive’s Office


We provide accounting and administrative support to the chief executive and have responsibility for facilities management and health and safety.

We maintain membership records, manage the BVRLA quality assurance programme and take bookings for BVRLA events.

John Lewis, chief executive 01494 545712

David Hanson, membership manager 01494 545705

Kate McLaren, PA/secretary 01494 545709

June Dyer, membership administrator 01494 545714

Jane Davis, assistant PA 01494 545707

Legal Services We lobby on issues affecting the industry, advise members and manage the BVRLA conciliation service.

Bharti Ladwa management accountant 01494 545708

Jay Parmar, legal and policy director 01494 545706 Emma Fox legal services executive 01494 545711

Member Services

Sallie Catchpole legal services administrator 01494 545715

We manage a range of data services (including the Vehicle Mileage Database, the Industry Residual Values Survey and RISC Online), publications, training, seminars and forums.


Nora Leggett head of member services 01494 545713

We keep members informed and ensure that the association and industry are presented in a positive way. We oversee the BVRLA website and publications.

Fran Hampson member services sales administrator 01494 545703

Toby Poston head of communications 01494 545700

Robert Burford member services administrator 01494 545702

Steven Prizeman production manager 01494 545710


British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association Ltd River Lodge, Badminton Court, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 0DD Tel: 01494 434747 Fax: 01494 434499 Email: Web:

BVRLA Annual Review 2011  

The vehicle rental and leasing industry makes a major contribution to the UK economy, bringing safe, sustainable and affordable mobility to...

BVRLA Annual Review 2011  

The vehicle rental and leasing industry makes a major contribution to the UK economy, bringing safe, sustainable and affordable mobility to...