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September/October 2015

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VW’s crisis puts the focus on air quality As the owners and operators of over three million cars and vans, most of them with diesel engines, the VW emissions testing crisis will have major ramifications for our industry, says BVRLA News editor Toby Poston. These consequences will take time to reveal themselves as numerous investigations and legal actions run their course. In the meantime, the fleet industry will have to get used to working under increased air quality-related scrutiny from government, the media and environmental groups. Diesel’s market share is going to continue falling, as it has been for some time. We can already see that more fleets and private motorists are opting for the latest generation of highly efficient petrol engine cars as well as increasing numbers of pure electric and hybrid vehicles. It is the speed of this market shift that will be most interesting. Hopefully, common sense and solid business judgement will prevail. We must remember that diesel engines are the most energy-efficient internal combustion engines, and diesel vehicles remain a vital part of the fleet mix. Diesel is often Air quality and emissions will be the main theme of the 2015 BVRLA Industry Conference in Solihull on 3 December – although, with its usual attention to key operational and strategic issues, the event will also help delegates prepare for 2016. For further information and to book tickets, see

the most appropriate powertrain for longdistance journeys and non-urban freight transportation, and the latest Euro 6 engines have made some major gains in reducing harmful NOx emissions. For some time now, the BVRLA has been calling for the swift introduction of more accurate and reliable real-world testing regimes for both CO2 and NOx. Recent events may represent a significant step backwards in the journey towards lower emissions, but the leasing industry has already demonstrated its ability to drive major changes in fleet market demographics. We look forward to working with policymakers and vehicle manufacturers in refocusing efforts to improve overall road transport CO2 and NOx emissions. Until then, our members will continue to offer impartial, knowledgeable advice and guidance to help steer their fleet clients through this period of emissions-based uncertainty. By doing this, they will be able to maintain their hard-won customer confidence and credibility. u Toby Poston is the BVRLA's Director of Communications & External Relations

Plug-in Car Grant will last until 2016 Continuing demand for electric vehicles has led to an extension of this incentive scheme for hybrid buyers. page 4 DVSA pushes ‘remote enforcement’ The motoring agency moves away from roadside checks in favour of IT and ‘compliant operators’. page 5 Golf Day Special Relive the swings, pins and putts with our birdie’s eye view of the BVRLA’s favourite sporting fixture. page 6 Compliance reminder! Have you got to grips with the new compliance regime for 2016 set out in the BVRLA’s revised Codes of Conduct? page 7 Research update Highlights from the BVRLA’s latest Leasing Broker survey and HMRC statistics on benefit-in-kind tax. page 9 Lex recommends BVRLA training Member’s high praise for the BVRLA’s Automotive Technician Accreditation as more than a dozen individuals make the grade. page 10

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Comment By Gerry Keaney, BVRLA Chief Executive

Motoring agencies: first the shake-up, now for the shakedown It has been a momentous few years for the government’s motoring agencies. They have undergone a radical reorganisation that has seen them merge operations, shed jobs, close offices and finally get to grips with their archaic IT systems. The elimination of the tax disc and the driver licence counterpart were very high profile, but they were just two results from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA’s) plans to replace paperwork and bureaucracy with efficient digital services. In many cases, these changes are bringing huge administrative cost savings to fleets. But not always. Some of the changes have been rushed through and poorly communicated, with too little

attention paid to the needs of the vehicle rental and leasing sector and its customers. So we are pleased to see that the government will be launching a consultation focusing on its motoring agencies later this Autumn, seeking views on their structure and objectives We think it is the right time to take stock of where the DVLA and the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) are, how they are meeting the requirements of their customers and how they can best be organised to meet motorists’ needs in a rapidly changing automotive environment. Once we know more about the scope of the consultation we will be in touch with members to make sure that we can provide the government with some detailed and up-to-date feedback. u

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BVRLA News | September/October 2015



Plug-in Car Grant extended to 2016 as demand for EVs continues to rise The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has confirmed that the Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) will continue until at least February 2016. To qualify for the grant, vehicles must fit into one of three categories. Category 1 cars must have a CO2 rating below 50g/km and a zeroemissions range of 70 miles or more. Category 2 plug-in cars must also fall below 50g/km but can provide a ZE range of between 10 and 69 miles. Cars with emissions between 50 and 75g/km and a ZE range of at least 20 miles fall into Category 3.

OLEV had been expected to set out its plans to differentiate between these categories this autumn, but has instead chosen to extend the grant until February. Officials have also confirmed that the Plug-in Van Grant will continue indefinitely. The news comes as the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed that ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) registrations for the first six months of 2015 have already passed the full-year total for 2014, with a significant shift towards plug-in hybrids. In the period between January and the end of June, 14,586 PiCG-eligible

vehicles were registered in the UK – equivalent to one every 18 minutes. In comparison, 14,498 were registered in the whole of 2014. It is estimated that by 2020 some 100,000 new vehicles registered in the UK that year will be ULEVs (5% of the total). BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “It is great that the government has provided more certainty about the lifespan of the grant. Demand for ultra-low-emission vehicles is growing rapidly, but we would urge the government to continue supporting this nascent market by extending the PiCG beyond next February.” u

ESOS ‘energy audit’ deadline is approaching for large firms Large firms have less than two months to complete their first energy audit. Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid: most popular ULEV on UK roads

Report reveals travellers’ needs The government has published highlights of an in-depth ‘Traveller Needs’ survey of more than 10,000 UK citizens. Produced by the Transport Systems Catapult, the research assessed a range of different requirements, attitudes and ‘pain-points’ related to their journeys. Using such traveller categories as ‘Petrol Heads’, ‘Car Dependents’ and ‘Default Motorists’, it assesses business opportunities for improving the transport experience.


BVRLA Director of Communications & External Relations Toby Poston said: “This new database of traveller needs and profiles could be hugely valuable for an industry like ours that is looking to innovate and develop a range of new mobility services.” u To find out how to access the survey, contact Toby Poston. Contact Toby Poston 01494 545700

Under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), companies with more than 250 employees or an annual turnover of more than £35m must now undertake an audit of their businessrelated travel every four years. This audit covers company car usage – including ‘grey fleet’ vehicles. Failure to submit an audit to the Environment Agency by the 5 December deadline could lead to financial penalties of up to £5,000. The BVRLA contributed to the government’s consultation on the creation of ESOS, and successfully argued for Grey Fleet usage to be included in the audits. u A fact sheet on ESOS can be downloaded from

September/October 2015 | BVRLA News

DVSA rolls out remote enforcement nationwide The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is set to roll out its remote enforcement approach across the UK after a successful 18-month trial in the South West. The method will see the DVSA checking on the compliance of heavy goods vehicle operators remotely using desk-based assessments and data collection. Feedback from the trial was overwhelmingly positive, hence the decision to expand the scheme nationwide indefinitely. The Remote Enforcement Office is part of the agency’s move away from a culture of enforcement towards one with a clearer focus on compliance. The next phase of this is ‘Earned Recognition’ – a voluntary scheme which will help the DVSA identify ‘compliant operators’. Those who sign up to trial the scheme, making their online records available to the DVSA, will gain a level of recognition from the agency that should remove

the need for roadside checks on their fleets. The DVSA says this will enable it to concentrate its resources on tackling bad operators. The BVRLA is working with the DVSA to ensure that recognition is given to its members, who already meet the high compliance standards set out in the Code of Conduct they adhere to. u For more information on the BVRLA’s work with the DVSA, contact Legal & Policy Executive Amanda Brandon. Contact Amanda Brandon 01494 545701

On 10 September, the BVRLA announced that the upgraded system was fully operational. In less than a fortnight, more than half a dozen members registered for the service, and enquiries were still coming in as BVRLA News went to press. Visibility of RISC has also increased, as analysis of the BVRLA’s website traffic reveals a 132% growth in the number of visits to the RISC information webpage.

September’s Frankfurt Motor Show saw many new vehicles unveiled: Alfa Romeo Guilia (On sale: Q3 2016) Long-awaited successor to the 159 was unveiled in sporty Quadrifoglio Verde trim – the rest of the range will be revealed in March. Audi A4 Avant (Q4 2015) A4 saloon has just gone on sale, but estate version features a 505-litre boot and 104g/km CO2 Ultra variant. Ford Edge (Q1 2016) Mondeo-based large SUV will join Kuga and EcoSport as a rival to Audi’s Q5. Probably under £30,000, emitting less than 150g/km CO2. Infiniti Q30 (Q4 2015) Posh hatchback could establish Infiniti as a key fleet player. Jaguar F-PACE (Q2 2016) First-ever off-roader from the brand promises emissions as low as 129g/ km CO2 and prices from £34,170.

DVSA: wants ‘compliant operators’

RISC relaunch sees service users surge More BVRLA members are using the association’s risk management software – RISC – following a comprehensive update to the service.

Frankfurt in five minutes

The BVRLA’s Director of Member Services, Nora Leggett, said: “The revisions to RISC have increased the size of our community, and the additional users have made the database an even more powerful loss prevention tool for rental and leasing companies.” u To find out more about the new system visit or, to sign up to the service, contact the RISC Administrator. Contact RISC Administrator 01494 545704

BVRLA News | September/October 2015

Kia Sportage (Q1 2016) The Sportage has been given more assertive styling and lower weight to emit just 117g/km CO2. MINI Clubman (Q3 2015) Asymmetric look has been banished, making this MINI a six-door estate, thanks to the split rear hatch. Nissan Leaf (Q1 2016) New 30kW battery takes the allelectric Leaf hatchback 155 miles on a full charge, up from 124 miles. Renault Megane (Q2 2016) The sharper-looking five-door’s emissions start at just 86g/km CO2. Toyota Prius (Q1 2016) Fourth generation petrol-electric hybrid is claimed to have an 18% reduction in CO2 emissions. Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer (Q1 2016) 200kg lighter and more spacious than its predecessor. VW Tiguan (Q4 2015) GTE plug-in hybrid capable of 149mpg and 42g/km CO2.



Fairways facilitate fierce fight for fame Green party: September wouldn’t be September without the BVRLA Golf Day and its chequer-trousered lust for glory

The BVRLA’s 12th annual Golf Day – held at Frilford Heath in Oxfordshire on Thursday 3 September – bore witness to some fascinating battles for top honours, with the top three teams eventually separated by just three points. Once again, the day saw individual and team Stableford competitions, with electronic scoring – sponsored by Hertz – keeping track and factoring in the golfers’ handicaps.

Tee time! (Actually lunch, back at the clubhouse)

Refreshments were provided at a halfway house – sponsored by Complete IT – and, after completing the 18 holes, participants enjoyed a three-course lunch in the club house before the prize giving ceremony. The individual event was won by Dan Maisey (Clifford Thames), while Stuart Russell (Europcar) and Nigel Button (VW) rounded out the podium.




Hertz won the overall prize for the team competition, with a score of 92. In second place was Europcar with 91 points, while Clifford Thames came third with 90. Graham Moss (Autoclenz) took home the trophy for Nearest to the Pin, while Dan Maisey (Clifford Thames) struck the longest drive of the day with a spectacular 260-yard shot. u


Hertz: 2015’s top team, after a hard-fought contest

Proper golf! The BVRLA ensured standards were upheld

September/October 2015 | BVRLA News


Compliance regime set to change in 2016 Following the successful introduction of the BVRLA’s revised Codes of Conduct, members are reminded that a new governance regime will be implemented in the New Year. The updated Commercial Vehicle Code of Conduct – the fifth and final sector-specific code to be launched – was published in July, and all Codes will come into force on 1 January 2016. As the new codes are more prescriptive and customer facing, they will provide even more of a quality benchmark for BVRLA members. They were designed with the input of key industry regulators, including the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The codes are available on the BVRLA website, and members are advised to review those relevant

to their sector(s) and ensure their businesses meet the new standards. Members with questions about either the codes or the governance regime will have the opportunity to put them to BVRLA staff at the association’s next Regional Member Forum, set to take place in Leeds on 12 November. u The BVRLA’s revised codes of conduct may be found at For more information on the BVRLA’s compliance regime, contact Compliance Officer Natasha Howard. To book places at the Leeds Regional Member Forum, contact Event Executive Felisha Weekes. Contacts Natasha Howard 01494 545718, Felisha Weekes 01494 545703,

Key issues: have your say The BVRLA has arranged a series of roundtable events to focus its policy positions on Vehicle Safety, Intelligent Mobility, Air Quality and Business Vehicle Taxation.

BVRLA’s position on all four issues from a member perspective. After the roundtables, the BVRLA will produce policy papers setting out the association’s positions.

The four roundtables will be attended by BVRLA members, experts, vehicle manufacturers and senior representatives from government departments, including HM Treasury, HMRC, the Department for Transport, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

A Christmas reception event in the House of Commons is also being planned, which will give members an opportunity to discuss policy recommendations with the Transport Minister and MPs. u

The primary objective of the roundtables is to develop the Vehicle Safety 19 October Berkshire

Intelligent Mobility 30 October Milton Keynes

To attend the events, contact Senior Policy Advisor Patrick Cusworth. Contact Patrick Cusworth 01494 545712, Air Quality 13 November London

BVRLA News | September/October 2015

Business Car Taxation 4 December, London

Member Survey out now The BVRLA would like to hear members’ opinions on its work and the services it offers to help determine what activities to conduct in the coming year.

The 2015 BVRLA Member Survey has been sent to all members via email, and will only take a few minutes to complete. Responses will be treated in confidence, and one respondent will be selected at random to win a £100 Amazon voucher. To complete the survey, visit

Conciliation Service receives ADR approval

The BVRLA’s Conciliation Service has been approved as a Consumer ADR body under the new Alternative Dispute Resolution regulation. Since 1 October 2015, traders have been legally required to give customers with unresolved disputes information about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services checked and certified by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI). BVRLA guidance on this new legislation can be found at

Data Group meets

Representatives from the rental and leasing sector met to discuss the data access and protection issues surrounding connected vehicles at the first meeting of the Vehicle Data and Telematics Working Group on 26 August 2015. The BVRLA is noting members’ requirements and liaising with vehicle manufacturers to see if they are available or will be introduced. It will also seek guidance on best practice from the Information Commissioner’s Office. For more information, contact Legal & Policy Executive Karl Shadenbury. Contact Karl Shadenbury 01494 545701,



Research update Company Company car car tax tax – – latest latest HMRC HMRC statistics statistics The number of benefit-in-kind tax-paying company car Company car tax – latest HMRC statistics The number of company car drivers paying benefit-in-

To ensure your company’s figures are included in BVRLA reports, contact Research & Insights Manager, Hazel Collier: Tel 01494 545717 Email

Company car tax – latest HMRC statistics The number of benefit-in-kind tax-paying company car drivers stabilised at 940,000 in 2012-13, although the

drivers stabilised at 940,000 intax-paying 2012-13, although The number of fleets benefit-in-kind company car kind tax stabilised at 940,000 in 2012-13, although the the BVRLA members’ continue their impressive growth overall revenue from them rose to £3.7bn. overall revenue from them rose to £3.7bn. overall revenue from at them rose toin£3.7bn. drivers stabilised 940,000 2012-13, the while cutting average emissions, reveals although Hazel Collier overall revenue from them rose The average tax paid per driver rosetoby£3.7bn. 2.4% in the same

The average tax per driver by 2.4% in the same The average taxtax paidpaid perthe driver rose rose byHMRC 2.4% in the same Company car – statistics year – the first time since latest 2009 that the percentage increase year – the first time since 2009 that the percentage increase – the first time since 2009 that £40k the percentage increase The average tax paid per driver rose by 2.4% in the same Theyear number of company car a year, with 73% of total has been higher than the consumer price index. Four out of tax has been higher than the consumer price index. Four out of has been higher than the consumer price index. Four out of drivers paying benefit-in-kind tax income coming from those earning year – the first time since 2009 that the percentage increase drivers have incomes of less than £40k a with year,73% with 73% tenten drivers have incomes of less thanover £40k a year, ten drivers have incomes of less than £40k a year, with 73% stabilised at 940,000 in 2012-13, £40k. has been higher than the consumer price index. Four out of total income coming earning over £40k. of of total taxtax income coming fromfrom thosethose earning over £40k. of total tax income coming from those earning over £40k. although the overall revenue ten drivers have incomes of less than £40k a year, with 73%

Highlights Highlights from from the the Q2 2015 leasing survey Highlights from the Q2 2015 leasing survey

Further information can be found at

[‘Overall, the leasing fleet continues to

Highlights from Highlights from the thesurvey from them rose £3.7bn. The number of company car drivers, Q2 2015 leasing of total tax to income coming those earning over £40k. The number of company carfrom drivers, van drivers and van The BVRLA’s business leasing fleet The number of company car drivers, van drivers and van van drivers and van fuel recipientsQ2 2015 Q2BVRLA’s 2015 leasing survey The number of company car drivers, van drivers and van The business leasing fleet leasing survey fuel recipients also stabilised in 2012-13, although HMRC although stands at 1.26 million at the end of recipients alsoper stabilised in 2012-13, HMRC The fuel average tax paid driver rose also although stabilised in 2012-13, fuel recipients also stabilised in 2012-13, although HMRC stands at 1.26 million at the end of The number carvan drivers, and van The BVRLA’s business leasing fleet anticipates rise ofcompany 10,000 in van 2013-14. u a rise business leasing fleet anticipates a of rise of– 10,000 drivers indrivers 2013-14. Q2, quarterly growth at 1.5%. u of 10,000 The BVRLA’s by 2.4% in the a same year thevan firstdrivers HMRC anticipates Thewith BVRLA’s business leasing anticipates a rise of 10,000 van drivers in 2013-14. Q2, with quarterly growth at 1.5%. u fuel recipients also stabilised in 2012-13, although HMRC at 1.26 at million at of the end of standsstands at 1.26 million the end time since 2009 that the percentage van drivers in 2013-14. u fleet stood at 1.26 million at anticipates a rise of 10,000 van drivers in 2013-14. Q2, with quarterly growth at 1.5%. u Q2, with quarterly growth 1.5%. Further can be the found at [‘Overall, theQ2, leasing fleet continues to Further information can be found at increase hasinformation been higher than the end of withat quarterly grow: 7%atfor cars and 11% for vans consumer price index. Four out of Further information can be found at growth 1.5%. grow: 7% the for cars and 11% for vans to [‘Overall, leasing fleet continues Further information can be found at 970k Overall, the leasing fleet continues to ten 970k drivers have incomes of less than over the year Q2-2014 to Q2 2015.’] 970k over the year Q2-2014 to Q2 2015.’] grow: 7% for cars and 11%and for vans grow: 7%the for cars 11% for vans Overall, leasing fleet continues 940,000 company cars 940,000 company cars over the year Q2-2014 to Q2 2015. 970k over the year Q2-2014 to Q2 2015.’] to grow: contracts 7% for cars and 11% for 940,000 company cars Personal are propelling Personal contracts are propelling vans over thethe period from of Q2-2014 growth, with number personal 940,000 company cars growth, with number of personal Personal contracts arethe propelling 950k 950k 940k Personal contracts are propelling to Q2 2015. contract hire vehicles on fleet growing 950k 950k 940k with thewith number of personal hire vehicles on fleet growing 950k 950k 940k growth,contract growth, number of personal 940k over thethe quarter. contract10% hire vehicles on fleet growing 10% over the quarter. 940k Personalhire contracts are on propelling contract vehicles fleet growing 950k 950k 940k 940k 10% over thegrowth, quarter.with the number of this

2009-10 2009-10 2009-10


28% 28%


2010-11 2010-11


2011-12 2011-12



2012-13 2012-13

2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 200,000 receive car fuel benefit

200,000 receive car car fuel fuel benefit benefit 26% 200,000 receive 25% 23%

200,000 receive car fuel benefit 26% 25% 23% 26% 25% 23%

10% over the quarter. The BVRLA leasing fleet continues The BVRLA leasinghire fleet continues personal contract vehicles on to drive down emissions (see table, The BVRLA leasing fleet continues fleet growing 10% over the quarter. to drive down emissions (see table, (est) 2013-14 The BVRLA leasing fleet increase continues 2013-14 Despite a slight in to drivebelow). down emissions (see table, below). Despite a slight increase in (est) to drive down emissions (see table, (est) below). average Despite a slight increase in emissions for new deliveries, 2013-14 The BVRLA leasing for fleetnew continues average emissions deliveries, Despite a slight increase in1.2g/ emissions for new deliveries, overall fleet emissions (est) averagebelow). to driveBVRLA down emissions (see fell overall BVRLA fleetfor emissions fell 1.2g/ average emissions new deliveries, overall BVRLA fleet emissions fell km to 118.3g/km. [Shouldn’t chart, below). Despite a slight there km to 118.3g/km. [Shouldn’t there BVRLA fleet emissions fell 1.2g/ 1.2g/kmoverall CO to 118.3g/km CO . VW scandal/ 21% 2 2 be at least a nod to the increase in average emissions be at least a nod to the VW scandal/ km 118.3g/km. [Shouldn’t there for to new deliveries, overall BVRLA data reliability?] 21% emission data reliability?] 21% Averageemission emissions for BVRLA be at least a nod to the VW scandal/


and proportion of all company car drivers 28% Fall in number 26% 25% 23% Fall in number and proportion Fall in number and proportion of of all all company company car car drivers drivers


2009-10 2009-10

average emissions (g/km) CO2





fleet emissions fell 1.2g/km CO2 to

members’ new deliveries data 21% leasing emission 118.3g/km CO2reliability?] . Average emissions for BVRLA

emissions for BVRLA remain Average 9.1g/km CO the 2 lower than [‘members’’] new deliveries remain new deliveries national[‘members’’] average. u Average emissions for BVRLA Average emissions for BVRLAremain


Fall in number and proportion of all company car drivers (est) 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2010-11

(est) (est) (est)

2011-12fleet CO 2012-13 2013-14 Leasing 2 emission trends

9.1g/km lower than the national 9.1g/km lowernew than thedeliveries national leasing members’ new [‘members’’] deliveries remain average. u average. u emit 9.1g/km the 2 less 9.1g/km lowerCO than thethan national national average. u average. u

Leasing fleet CO2 emission trends

BVRLA News | September/October 2015 British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association

photos : © :depositphotos .com ./com sergeynivens photo © depositphotos / apriori , apriori


122.1 118.3


122.1 122.1 118.3 122.1 118.3 118.3



Training receives stamp of approval Fleet management specialist Lex Autolease has praised the BVRLA’s Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) training for its professionalism and relevance. Some 16 Lex Autolease employees gained their Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) ATA accreditation recently, with eight qualifying as Level 2 advisors and eight gaining Level 3 accreditation. Dave Tanner, Technical Services Manager for Lex Autolease, said: “The BVRLA IMI Assessment days were a huge success and helped to reinforce our commitment to employee development. I was very proud and pleased to see all our team pass this very challenging test.”

Gursh Gill, the BVRLA’s Learning & Development Specialist, said: “This is great feedback, and we’re pleased to offer this training to all our members. People who work as customer service advisors and technical co-ordinators deserve to be recognised for their professional and technical competence. Supporting the standard gives a clear message to customers about Lex’s commitment to excellence.” u The BVRLA holds IMI accreditations on demand, at times to suit the needs of individual members. For more information about this and other BVRLA training, visit, or contact Gursh Gill. Contact Gursh Gill 01494 545719,

I was a nervous

wreck going into the day of assessment, not having done anything like this for an age, but I was soon put at ease by the guys from BVRLA… I really enjoyed the day – and I’ll encourage anyone else going for this. I enjoyed the experience and the exercises, particularly the role play. I thank everybody involved for the opportunity.

The Lex Autolease team: successful recipients of the BVRLA IMI Automotive Technician Accreditation

Industry Heroes wanted for BVRLA’s Annual Dinner as tickets go on sale With just five months to go until the BVRLA’s Annual Dinner, the association is once again on the hunt for impressive staff. The Industry Hero Awards recognise the outstanding contributions of employees in the vehicle rental and leasing sector. Nominations are now invited from all BVRLA rental, leasing and broker members. Award winners will be invited to attend the association’s Annual


Dinner at London’s Hilton on Park Lane on 3 March 2016 as guests of the BVRLA. To nominate a colleague for an Industry Hero award, simply tell us why they deserve to win. Nominations should be approved by a senior manager and submitted by 31 December 2015. The association is now accepting bookings for the Annual Dinner. Tickets cost £240+VAT, while

tables of ten are available for £2,400+VAT. The BVRLA also has a number of sponsorship opportunities available for interested members. u To nominate an Industry Hero, book your place at the Annual Dinner, or discuss sponsorship options, contact BVRLA Director of Member Services Nora Leggett. Contact Nora Leggett 01494 545713,

September/October 2015 | BVRLA News


Conciliation Service names Training Sallie as its new manager

City & Guilds Rental Operator Examination 4 November 2015. Amersham, Glasgow & Wolverhampton Members who have attended BVRLA ‘Introduction to Daily Rental’ training can sit their City & Guilds Rental Operator exam at three locations.

Sallie Catchpole has been named Conciliation Service Manager at the BVRLA. Having operated the BVRLA’s complaints and conciliation service successfully for a number of years, Sallie’s role now incorporates new responsibilities for the BVRLA’s alternative dispute resolution service. Conciliation Service Officers Stephen Dix and Sarah Philp will continue to assist in this vital work. Elsewhere in the BVRLA, Amanda Brandon has returned to the role of Legal & Policy Executive, having taken maternity leave one year ago. u Contacts Sallie Catchpole 01494 545715,

Introduction to the Fleet Industry 19 November 2015. BVRLA, Amersham, Bucks An in-depth journey into the complexities of the fleet industry.

Sallie Catchpole: new manager

Amanda Brandon 01494 545701,

Selling Contract Hire 20-21 January 2016. BVRLA, Amersham, Bucks The knowledge-based competencies required to sell contract hire. Contact Gursh Gill 01494 545719,

New associates

New members Rental Abacus (Wimborne) Acrobat Vehicle Rental Ltd (Newbury) Applegate Van Hire (St Neots) City Mini Ltd (Mayfair) Cocoon Vehicle Ltd (Derby) Fast Rack Vehicle Rental (Witham)

FYNA Vehicle Hire (Northampton) Manchettes Car Truck & Van Centre (Cambridge) Nationwide Vehicle Rental (Milton Keynes) Premier Supercars (Preston) West Berks Van Hire Ltd (Newbury)

Leasing Broker Bluepoppy Vehicle Solutions (Bristol) Car Leasing Solutions Ltd (Penn)

Dart Solutions (Lancing)

Fleximobilty (Northmoor)

Commercial Vehicle

Smart Hire Vehicle Rental (Thatcham)

RGI Solutions

BVRLA Events Asset Management & Risk Control Forum


15 October

Technical & Operational Management Forum


5 November

Residual Value & Remarketing Forum BVRLA Industry Conference

Leeds 12 November Leicester 18 November Solihull

3 December

For enquiries about events, contact Felisha Weekes: Full details of all BVRLA events can be found online:

BVRLA News | September/October 2015

Daniels Silverman is a familyowned debt recovery firm with over 20 years’ experience. It has a hand-picked team of specialists and promises members a swift, tailored approach to debt collection.

Leasing/Contract Hire

BVRLA Regional Member Forum

Daniels Silverman

RGI Solutions is one of the country’s leading independent insurance investigation specialists. Established in 1990, it aims to provide members with a full range of clear, fixed-price investigation services.


BVRLA News, September/October 2015  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for September/October 2015.

BVRLA News, September/October 2015  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for September/October 2015.