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Cynhyrchwyd gan \ Produced by Sadler’s Wells & Valid Productions Cyd-gynhyrchwyd gyda \ Co-produced with The Movement, Festspielhaus St Pölten & New York City Center


Gydag ymddangosiad arbennig gan Guest starring

David Pugh & Dafydd Rogers present the Old Vic Production of





“Acosta’s new company balances Cuban roots with a sense of adventure” Independent

‘ART’ A comedy by Yasmina Reza Translated by Christopher Hampton


Mehefin 4 June 2018



may 2018



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FYI, the demo section at the end of the music reviews only has two things in instead of its normal three because I absolutely couldn’t find anything else to include in it. Do you live in Wales, make music and fancy having it written about in Buzz? Email the Listings address on the left side of this page


“I got shot at point blank range and it went completely wrong”



Featuring a food guide, with our pick of places to eat and drink from plebby to posho. Continuing on that theme, a bumper interview with telegenic Barry BBQ belles Hang Fire. Deviating immediately after, Derren Brown, Don McLean and a bunch of people appearing at the Hay Festival.


I reviewed the original book version of one of the films featured by Keiron this month – Lean On Pete – back in 2010, and from what I recall it was pretty decent. There are also adaptions of literary works by Ian McEwan and Neil Gaiman in this month’s filmic spread, but I haven’t read those because I think Ian McEwan and Neil Gaiman are melts


The recipe we’ve got in this month, for an asparagus tart, sounds well nice. I think I might actually make one. Now, it says it’s fine to use readymade pastry, because it is, but if you’re some sort of kitchen brain genius who can make their own pastry, that’s allowed too! We would never try and stop you wasting your own time

Newsflash! We are tarting this page up a bit and giving it more purpose, specifically by highlighting purchasable things which are local/indie/ethical/etc. Shout out to Buzz designer Dan for being the driver of this


Three years ago today (as I write these contents) I was on holiday off the west coast of Scotland, necking free samples of whisky and stealing eggs that chickens had hidden. It was great. Er, where was I? Oh yes. Dafydd Haine is on the west coast of Scotland, specifically the Highland village of Glenuig, and it sounds nearly as nice as my holiday


Worst band names in this issue: Jeremy Corbyn’s Musical Menagerie, Jizzy Pearl/Love/Hate, Sykko Dollz, Plush, Fat Wreck, Nirvana Tribute


Exclusive gossip: TV historian Lucy Worsley puts two spaces after a full stop. Will this quaint hangover from the typewriter era feature in her series of kids’ books, which you can win in this issue, or did they get caught at the proofreading stage?


Thanks to clubs editor Kristian, who writes his last set of previews this month before moving on to spend more time on his real job. Why are all the good ones employed? Honour his fire by coming with me to his lead preview choice, the revoltingly hard techno of Ansome, on Fri 18 May




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ART From its original opening in 1996, Art has had audiences in the West End and Broadway besotted. The production went on to win every major theatre award around, solidifying its reputation as one of the most successful plays ever. The razor-sharp comedy written by Yazmina Reza was a triumph when it debuted in Paris, and it proved equally well-received when it moved to London in a translation by Christopher Hampton. The play centres around the complexities of male friendship and the eternal question to which no-one has yet found a definitive answer – what is art? We follow three men – Serge (Nigel Havers, Coronation Street), Marc (Dennis Lawson, New Tricks) and Ivan (Steven Tompkinson, Wild At Heart), as Serge purchases a questionable artwork for an absurd amount of money and hilarity ensues. Lauded on its return to the stage thanks to the chemistry of the leads, this is sure to be an artwork in and of itself. Pic: John Swannell

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay, Mon 28 May-Sat 2 June. Tickets: £14-£35. Info: 029 2063 6464 / www.wmc.org.uk

LEXICON Lexicon, directed by Firenza Guidi, promises to be an inspiring performance. It’s being performed alongside the Volvo Ocean Race in Cardiff Bay, which is making its first ever stop-off in Wales, with a variety of events happening by the water to welcome the competitors. Lexicon’s progenitors, the wonderful circus company NoFit State, live together and travel together in trucks and caravans – it’s this bonding and synergy that translates to the brilliant performances on the stage. NoFit State, founded in 1986, is a large-scale contemporary circus company, blending traditional circus skills and amusements with elements like stage design, live music, dance, and film. NoFit State’s Big Top, Volvo Ocean Race Village, Cardiff Bay, Sat 26 May-Sat 9 June. Tickets: £18/£14. Info: 029 2022 1330 / www.nofitstate.org

AMANDA PALMER IN CARMARTHEN Amanda Palmer founded dark cabaret-rockers the Dresden Dolls in early 00s Boston, MA, and grew from cult appeal to a position of actual fame since embarking on a solo career. Her live shows are both highly interactive, based mainly on requests taken from her notoriously adoring audience, and by necessity held in cavernous halls for the most part. So a visit to west Wales, specifically Carmarthen’s 600-seat Lyric Theatre, is an unlikely turn of events – part of a tour of “old Blighty’s smaller cities,” as the press copy puts it. Inaccurately, as regards Carmarthen’s status, but hey. Comedian Andrew O’Neill supports on all dates. Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen, Thurs 10 May. Tickets: £20. Info: 0845 2263510 / www.theatrausirgar.co.uk BUZZ BUZZ44


In celebration of its 40th birthday, Ffotogallery is curating a new exhibition drawing upon an extensive portfolio of archival and contemporary material. Chronicle will explore the development of Ffotogallery in relation to the rise of digital culture as well as the role of photography in modern society. The event serves to focus upon the gallery’s documentation of the Welsh Valleys over time during a significant transitional period. The early exposure Ffotogallery afforded for now internationally acclaimed artists and photographers such as Martin Parr, Bedwyr Williams and Helen Sear will also be a key part of the exhibition, as the acclaimed gallery now looks towards a future as uncertain as it is exciting. Turner House, Penarth, Fri 4 May-Sat 4 Aug. Admission: free. Info: 029 2034 1667 / www.ffotogallery.org

With more than 400 events, 150 debates and talks, and hundreds of musicians, HowTheLightGetsIn2018 is set to be a cracker. Renowned figures such as philosopher and political activist Noam Chomsky, comedian James Acaster, musician Camille O’Sullivan and many more from different fields are scheduled to appear. Whether you are looking to dive into philosophical debates, break into giggles or groove with mind-blowing music, this event has you covered. HowTheLightGetsIn2018 is labelled “the philosophy and music festival at Hay” – which quite sums things up, but even if you forget everything else, the location itself is enough to lure you. Hay-On-Wye, known as a town of books due to its large number of bookshops, runs along the River Wye with the Black Mountains as the backdrop. The scenic small town is mesmerising by itself. The Globe, Hay-On-Wye, Fri 25-Mon 28 May. Tickets: £148 festival pass; other events vary. Info: 0207 8373000 / hay.htlgi.iai.tv

Pic: André Gelpke, New German Photography exhibition, 1980


WELSH MINING EXPERIENCE An immersive insight into the life of a coal miner, The Welsh Mining Experience, is now open at Rhondda Heritage Park. This new attraction is a cinematic journey, giving guests the opportunity to confront the sounds and sights of what it would have been like working underground. Visitors are taken on an extensive virtual tour along the enigmatic underground rail network. The first wave of participants can take a seat on the virtual simulation, with rumored surprises planned throughout the ride.. Tickets: £6.95-£19. Info: 01443 682036 / www.rctcbc.gov.uk


Pic: Peter Pickford

FROM HELLRAISER T O H E A LT H B O D Matt Pritchard, known for being one quarter of Dirty Sanchez, now runs triathlons and has his own vegan cooking show. “What’s wrong?” Fedor Tot asks. Recently you’ve broken the record for most triathlons completed on consecutive days, you’ve had your vegan cooking show and you’re doing all these healthy things... is something wrong? Ha! There was a bit of a glitch in the matrix I suppose. It was a case of living a bit of a wild lifestyle before and drinking heavily, the kind of stuff you do when you’re young. The realisation that I’m getting a bit older too and that I need to start looking after myself. When I watched Cowspiracy, that opened my eyes to everything else that comes along with being vegan and that’s why I decided to become vegan. With my background – I left school and went to college to train as a chef. I did that for two years. I’m learning a new form of cooking, veganism, and really enjoying it. Are there plans for more vegan cooking on Youtube? Yeah, I think it’s just one of those things that I’ll keep doing. I’m currently in the process of having a new kitchen put in the house, so when that kitchen is up and running I’ll start knocking out some more recipes. I’m not a professional chef or anything – if anyone’s seen the show, they’ll see that half the time I forget to put some of the ingredients in. You’ve been touring with Dirty Sanchez recently; what have you been up to? Me and [Lee] Dainton, along with Matt Stocks who does the Life In The Stocks podcast, put this show together, where we go on the road and do spoken word, just sharing stories of our years together in Dirty Sanchez, rather than going on stage smashing the living shit out of each other. We do a Q&A for the fans and they get to ask the questions they’ve always wanted to know about Dirty Sanchez. The audience really loved it – you couldn’t hear a pin drop when we were talking. More importantly, me and Dain have enjoyed doing it... never trust anyone that doesn’t have any stories! BUZZ 6


Any good ones that you can think of for us now? There’s Sanchez stories that people don’t know about, like where I got shot at point blank range and it went completely wrong. It was fucking terrifying. I blew backwards, it went through the bulletproof vest and damaged my side, one of the bullets went through my arm and then I got told by the camera man that he forgot to press record. The guy who actually shot me went, “no, I’m not doing that again,” and walked off [laughs]. It was just before then that I got married to Pancho, that was a big question on tour – “are you still married to Pancho?” Yes, officially. I thought it was going to be a joke – little did I know Dan got ordained on the internet and I signed legal papers. I’m engaged to my missus and we’re getting married in 2020, so I’ve got to get divorced from Pancho first. I hope he doesn’t kick off and want half my stuff. With Dirty Sanchez and the triathlon activity, do you think you’re addicted to pain? I just like pushing myself. It makes me feel alive. The agony I’m in the day after doing an Ironman – I know I sound weird but I really enjoy that pain. I know, mentally, I did something positive. Rather than nailing my cock to a piece of wood. You’ve got a triathlon coming up in Barry. What are the plans for that? I’ve always wanted to put one on. I’ve teamed up with a guy called Simon Webb, a fellow triathlete. Fair play, he’s put a lot of work in – the course is all mapped out, the sponsors are all in. We’ve got over 200 people entered already and it’s a great way to introduce people to triathlon – it’s an easier distance. SWYD Sprint Triathlon, Barry Island, Sun 3 June. Entry fee: £59. Info: www.allornothingevents.com

“Pekka Kuusisto may be the best thing to happen to classical music in years.” THE GUARDIAN

PEKKA KUUSISTO Photo/Llun: Kaapo Kamu



Friday 18 May | Dydd Gwener 18 Mai 2018 | 7:30pm Conductor | Arweinydd

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Violin | Ffidil

Pekka Kuusisto

Prokofiev Violin Concerto No 1 Prokofiev Cantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution

PLUS Pre concert talk and Pre & Post concert entertainment. GYDA sgwrs cyn y gyngerdd a difyrrwch cyn ac wedi’r gyngerdd. TICKETS FROM £10.00

VLADIMIR ASHKENAZY Photo/Llun: Keith Saunders


Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay Fri 1 June Tickets: £14-£35 Info: 029 2063 6464 www.wmc.org.uk

Pic: John Mitchell


The Valleys town has been undergoing a resurgence, thanks in part to the Merthyr Rising Festival. Fedor Tot speaks to organiser Lyn Williams about its ethos and significance. A place like Merthyr Tydfil is not the most well-off in the UK. How important are festivals like Merthyr Rising for providing an uplift? Economically, we’re attracting people from not only the UK but the States as well – people are to coming to Merthyr Rising not only for the music but for the politics, and that’s had an economic impact on our town. There’s also a cultural impact. Collectively, it’s having a really positive effect on the town and there’s a good vibe here.

If a festival like this can encourage engagement with young people and the arts and politics now, what do you think that means 10-20 years down the line? It can inspire people and give them the energy and the creativity to do things, which paints the town in a different light and can change it, culturally and economically – not just here, but the Valleys as well. The Valleys do have something to offer, and through discussion and ideas we can create a better environment for years to come.

What is Merthyr Rising doing differently? We’re creating a community – we’ve started this as a community, as a grassroots festival. We’ve had support from our sponsors, and this is the first year we’ve had support from the government, but from its launch it was done on a grassroots level by people who actually cared about the history


of our town and what it stood for. Basically, the story that our town has to offer is the story of the Red Flag [the Merthyr Uprising of 1831]. It’s something that hasn’t been told and hasn’t been shared for generations.

Are there any moments that stand out for you as highlights from previous lineups? Last year, we had Alabama 3 taking the stage as the main headline act on the Sunday carrying the Red Flag. The lead singer Larry Love is a Merthyr boy – it was kind of emotional. For me, it made it all worth it.

What do you think is the most exciting about Merthyr Rising this year? Opening with Michael Sheen and closing with The Alarm, I couldn’t think of a better opening for the fit and the ethos of the festival. I also couldn’t think of a better band to close with for the festival either.

If you could recommend one unique place in Wales to a first-time visitor that not many people know about, where would it be and why? Morlais Quarry, just north of Merthyr – it’s a place I go quite regularly with beautiful views, I go there to have a break. It’s a great place to get away, and to shoot band videos actually! Merthyr Rising, Penderyn Square, Merthyr Tydfil, Fri 25-Sun 27 May. Tickets: £40 weekend/£15-£20 per day. Info: www.merthyrrising.uk

BILL BAILEY LARKS IN TRANSIT Motorpoint Arena Cardiff Fri 1 June Tickets: £27.50 Info: 029 2022 4488 motorpointarenacardiff.co.uk


Caerphilly Castle Sat 16 June Tickets: £39.50 Info: 029 2088 3143 orchardentertainment.co.uk

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD Tramshed, Cardiff Thurs 21 June Tickets: £30 Info: 029 2023 5555 www.tramshedcardiff.com


Liberty Stadium, Swansea Sat 23 June Tickets: from £65 Info: 0871 2223224 www.liberty-stadium.com


Tramshed, Cardiff Fri 29 June Tickets: £22 Info: 029 2023 5555 www.tramshedcardiff.com


Hang Fire have gone from a pop-up to a brickand-mortar restaurant to a BBC series, via a cookbook. Buzz caught up with Shauna Guinn to find out more about their rise to success.


n 2012 Samantha Evans and Shauna Guinn decided to quit their jobs and ramble across America, uncovering the best (and the worst) of American BBQ, finding all its secrets, and supposedly, trying to meet Dolly Parton. What led them to want to bring this back to Wales? “The whole idea of slow and low, big hunks of meat that get smoked in a smoker for a really long time at a really low temperature, that was something that we wanted to bring back to Wales,” Shauna Guinn recalls. “The journey really began when we came back in 2013 and we hitched up our smoker in a little boozer [The Canadian] in the back streets of Splott. Bit by bit, through twitter and social media and feeding barflies, it just gathered momentum – it was kind of a cultish following around us. When we sent out one tweet in 2015 saying ‘vote for us’ in the BBC Food And Farming Awards, we won the Street Food category.” “Off the back of that we have a cook book The Hang Fire Cook Book: Recipes And Adventures In American BBQ, and it got to the point where our customers were saying, “Girls we love you, stop dragging us to street food stalls in the rain for a pulled pork sandwich!” When we started our little business, we called ourselves Hang Fire Smokehouse, but when we decided to come to Barry, we called ourselves Hang Fire Southern Kitchen. When we were a smokehouse, the only piece of kitchen equipment we owned was a smoker but now we’ve got a grill and various other pieces of kit. It’s good honest southern hospitality, in the Deep South... of Wales.”


Of course, that classically American style of ‘slow and low’ cooking is unique to the area, so what challenges did Sam and Shauna face in trying to adapt to these islands? “There’s so many dishes in America that wouldn’t translate in this country,” says Guinn, “but the idea of using wood to smoke meat wasn’t going to be difficult for Welsh people to get a hold of, because we love meat in this country. Wood and charcoal is the only thing that touches any of the meat to cook it, and that itself imparts a particular flavour. “We always knew that was going to come with us – however, the farming practices, and the meat, between America and here are very different. For example, the vast majority of brisket is smoked and eaten in Texas, which is a desert, so a lot of those animals are grain-fed and they really bulk up. In Britain the vast majority of our cattle are grass-fed which means they just don’t develop like those animals do. “It’s been a real journey for us to meet suppliers as two of the only women in Wales who specialise in American BBQ. Here we are five years later and that just feels like one tiny piece of the jigsaw that we’ve finally managed to crack. We’ve got awesome, local, Welsh meat.” With their recent expansion to TV with Sam And Shauna’s Big Cookout on BBC 1 Wales, we wondered: what makes this show separate from other TV cooking shows? “When we won the Food And Farming award, that really put us on the BBC’s radar and they were keen to do a show with us, but we didn’t want to do a cooking show just for

the sake of it,” says Guinn. “It took us a couple of years to really iron out and refine what the TV show is about and we really had to look at what it is Sam and I love. We love eating, music and we love bringing people together for big celebrations. “The TV show has more in common in with DIY SOS than anything, because we involve the community in every part of it and we spend a week with them. We do this for real – it’s not like when the camera cuts we go off to our luxurious trailers. We are there with these people for a week. Whether it’s Brecon Mountain Rescue, Barry Town United, the Cefn Hengoed Majestics Marching Band or The Llandysul Paddlers Canoe Club – all four of those communities have a massive impact on the areas in which they are located and they entirely rely on volunteers. BBC 1 Wales have commissioned a second series, which we start very soon. It’s also a really great opportunity for Sam and I to drive around Thelma And Louise-style in a little 1959 Ford Consul.” With veganism and the ethics of eating meat a constant debate, especially as the meat industry is one of the largest contributors to climate change, we asked how Hang Fire’s local and open ethos fits in. “We need to know more about the meat we eat and we should be into eating less meat, but of a higher quality,” Guinn suggests. “It’s also about teaching people about where meat comes from, so in the TV show we do these big cookouts. One of the most economical ways to eat meat is to buy a whole animal and make best use of that whole animal. Meat does not come from cellophane packets in a supermarket, when you buy four burgers for a pound. In the Barry Town cookout, we took a whole pig and buried it in the ground – that pig cost us about £220. We used the entire animal, fed 150 people and there was still meat left over.”

There’s a reason why we’re not very good at BBQing in Britain – we only get three days of sun every year.

MAQUE CHOUX Promounced ‘Mak-shoo’, this Louisiana corn dish is, for us, an essential side dish to our barbecue. Thought to be a marriage of creole (spices) and Native American influence (the corn), it’s vibrant, tasty, sweet very simple and has all those beautiful Creole flavours that go together like a horse and carriage.

INGREDIENTS (Serves 4 as a side dish) • 2 ears of fresh corn on the cob • 1 medium yellow onion, diced • 1 green bell pepper, diced • 3 sticks of celery, diced • 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves • 2tbsp Creole seasoning • 1 teaspoon salt • 100ml single cream • 2tbsps unsalted butter • 1tbsp vegetable oil • 3 spring onions, finely chopped • 2 tomatoes, deseeded and diced • a handful of flat leaf parsley, finely chopped

Few people know as much as Sam and Shauna about BBQing. With the season upon, many of us will be dusting off our tools and getting prepared for our own cook-outs. Most of us have an embarrassing tale of an attempted BBQ gone wrong – burnt chicken, burnt hair, too much beer, not enough charcoal... “There’s a reason why we’re not very good at it in Britain – we only get three days of sun every year. All the Southern states, and all the countries across the world that are prolific in BBQing, have beautiful weather. So top tips for BBQing in the UK: you’re going to need a gazebo and a rain mac, because the only way you’re going to get good is to practice.” What’s the number one mistake that we here in the UK keep making? Guinn: “You buy a BBQ and you panic-buy charcoal from a petrol station, you quickly set it up and you dose all of the charcoal in lighter fluid and then you burn the biggest inferno that you can. Then you put the tiniest bit of chicken on it and wonder why it’s burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. That’s British BBQ. A better way is to buy a whole hunk of meat that you can leave in a smoker or a BBQ for a long time. We need to get away from this hot and fast BBQing, which is more grilling. “The other mission that Sam and I are on is to make people think about the fuel that you use to cook it. Different types of wood for different types of meat, all indigenous and sustainable. The stuff you panic buy from a petrol station is generally full of chemicals and usually doesn’t come from a very ethical or sustainable source. If it’s going to add a flavour profile to the meat it might as well be the best quality that you can afford.” Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, The Pumphouse, Barry Info: www.hangfiresouthernkitchen.com Sam And Shauna’s Big Cook Out is available on BBC iPlayer

• a handful of coriander. finely chopped • sea salt flakes and freshly cracked black pepper to taste

METHOD Add the butter and oil to a heavy-bottomed pan over a medium heat. When that’s melted and starting to foam, add the onion, celery, thyme leaves and peppers. Sauté until soft, around 6-7 minutes or so, keeping the ingredients moving. Now add the Creole seasoning and stir for 1 minute. Run your knife down the ear of the corn, away from you, to cut all the kernels off. Add the corn to the pan and cook on a low heat for a further 8 minutes until soft. Add the cream, salt and pepper and keep stirring for a further minute or two, on a lower heat, until it absorbs into the corn. Taste and adjust the seasoning as required – it may require a pinch more. Finally stir in the parsley, coriander, tomatoes and spring onions. Serve immediately. Please note: Recipe taken from The Hang Fire Cookbook, available on Quadrille: www.hardiegrant.com/uk/quadrille



Festival NO.6

Cowbridge food & drink festival

Fish Cawl - Hare and Hounds

Miso Broth - Pic: Peter Pickford

Green Man

Asador 44

Monmouthshire food festival

The Little Man Coffee Co.

Whether you’re hungry, thirsty, or want to sit back and watch the world go by, here's our favourites in which to eat, drink and be merry. CAFES, BAKERIES AND SWEET-TOOTH SAVIOURS Compiled by Lynda Nash

Bakeries, patisseries, dessert shops and ice-cream parlours – you’re never far away from satisfying that sugar craving. From the humble Welsh cake to the fancy cupcake, Wales has a selection of confectionery to suit every sweet tooth.

The Angel Bakery Lower Castle Street, Abergavenny Brimming with croissants, pain au chocolat, brioches, brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts and tarts, all of which are made onsite with organic flours and grains sourced in the UK, the business is run by experienced chefs Sophie Kumar and Polly Hunter, with a team of staff who take their time to produce pastries and cakes with lightness and depth. The shop is cool and contemporary, with large windows so customers can watch the bakers at work. The Angel Bakery also sells enriched breads, Round Hill Roastery coffee and homemade ice-cream. Info: 01873 736950 www.theangelbakery.com


Simply Steve's Patisserie Clifton Street, Roath, Cardiff A thriving intercontinental patisserie and bakery with a selection of handmade cakes, sweets and treats made fresh on site every day. Whether you prefer traditional home baking – bread and butter pudding, brownies, flapjacks, cereal bars – or something fancier, Simply Steve’s products are gourmet quality and will suit all budgets. They also offer outside catering and their bespoke cakes are freshly made to order. Info: 029 2025 0760 www.simplystevespatisserie.co.uk

Blanche Bakery Mackintosh Place, Cardiff Set up in 2015, this is Cardiff's first vegan bakery and coffee shop. Welsh cakes, cupcakes, ice-cream with chocolate sauce and marshmallow, creme egg donuts – everything is 100% animal and dairy-free and can be made without nut ingredients and gluten for customers with allergies. Blanche Bakery is a welcoming and friendly place to hang out, with a relaxed vibe. Their cupcakes come in a variety of flavours such as cookie dough and lotus biscuit; there’s always something new to try, plus vegan savouries if you’re not in the mood for something sweet. Info: 07426 000528 facebook.com/blanchecardiff

Science Cream Castle Arcade, Cardiff The first and only liquid nitrogen ice-cream parlour in Wales, Science Cream like to experiment by mixing the classic with the unexpected. Along with designated ‘classics’ – brown butter caramel; roasted banana, peanut butter and chocolate; salted caramel and caramelized white chocolate – you’ll find flavours such as bacon and egg, black coconut charcoal, ‘Elvis – The Fat Years’, frankincense and myrrh, and Christmas tree (which it apparently smells and tastes like!). These “ice-creams to try before you die” are homemade and super smooth, with something new to try every week; its reputation is nationwide, and what’s more, it is very reasonably priced. Info: 029 2037 2391 www.sciencecream.co.uk

The Chocolate Kebab House

The Little Man Coffee Co.

Castle Arcade, Castle Street, Swansea The first chocolate kebab house, not just in Wales but the world. Run by husband and wife Simon and Stephanie Mills, who are constantly inventing new sweet concoctions such as Kinder Bueno custard slices, Nutella muffins and – of course – the chocolate kebab, shaved from a special chocolate rotisserie. For pure indulgence, why not try their gravity-defying stacks of waffles, and ice cream wraps and churros – all with an assortment of fruit, sauces and sprinkles that you can choose yourself from the fresh fruit bar or sweet bar. And the gut-busting milkshakes will give anyone a sugar rush.

Cocorico Patisserie Whitchurch Road, Cardiff A very artisan cafe where you can relax and watch your treats being made in the ultramodern open kitchen. The passionate and creative pâtissiers combine flavours to produce desserts with such names as Rumble On The Crumble, Mille Feuille, Pear Of Tarts, Praline Spinner and Paris-Brest. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or anything in between, there is something here to suit all palates – all made with the best ingredients and in a very European setting. Cocorico also serves gourmet savoury dishes. Info: 029 2132 8177 / www.cocoricopatisserie.co.uk

The Little Man Coffee Co. Bridge Street, Cardiff Situated just outside the corporate behemoth that is St. David’s shopping centre, The Little Man Café is a refreshing breeze of humility, independent attitude and cool. With a wide variety of teas and coffees to try out, as well as snacks both savoury and sweet, this is easily one of the best cafes in the city centre, managing to stand apart in the sprawl. Info: www.littlemancoffee.co.uk

Brød Wyndham Crescent, Cardiff For those looking for a more contintental feel to their morning coffee, the Danish bakery Brød is the place to go. Serving a variety of Danish pastry, all cooked in the ‘authentic’ Scandinavian style and situated in the leafier area of Pontcanna, this café sure makes hygge seem a cosy Nordic alternative to the Welsh cwtch. Info: 029 2025 1822 www.thedanishbakery.co.uk

Info: 07519 86397 / facebook.com/ the-chocolate-kebab-house/

Restaurant James Sommerin


Some critics have a tendency to get snobby about Welsh cuisine, but walk outside of Chippy Lane for a second and you’ll find the entirety of Wales is filled with some exquisite restaurants, ranging from country luxury to seaside eloquence.

Restaurant James Sommerin The Esplenade, Penarth With its shiny Michelin star and views across the Severn Estuary, there are many reasons to visit Penarth’s Restaurant James Sommerin – a deserved regular in any list of the best restaurants in Wales. A recent visit there included a piece of beef that cut like warm butter, with service that was attentive but not intrusive and a wine list that offered a tantalising variety of choice. Info: 029 2070 6559 www.jamessommerinrestaurant.co.uk

The Felin Fach Griffin Felinfach, Brecon There are now seven Michelin-starred restaurants across Wales, should you wish to visit one a night for a week; meanwhile, The Felin Fach Griffin has recently retained its Bib Gourmand prize. Nestled near Brecon, a whisper away from the Black Mountains, this one has a perfect combination of scenery, food and a warm cwtch. It’s a hotel too, so rock up and enjoy a glass or more of wine and stay over. The menu varies seasonally, and can include Black Mountain smoked haddock, Welsh beef, Caerphilly cheese and Glamorgan sausages, so whilst you get treated on the taste front, local suppliers are winning too. Info: 01874 620111 www.felinfachgriffin.co.uk


Green Man

Plantagenet House Quay Hill, Tenby Further west, a day at the seaside could be perfectly capped with a trip to Plantagenet House in Tenby. You could gush in twee terms, noting how cosy and quaint and charming and warming it is, but whilst decor and service are doubtless very important, it is the food that is the focus and here it does not disappoint. Fish and seafood take prominence – they serve sewin (Welsh sea trout), which, like strawberries, asparagus and new potatoes, when eaten in season and cooked well, allows one to truly taste and understand the difference between food as fuel and food as elixir, satisfying the soul as well as vital organs. Vegetarians and vegans are well catered for too with something more imaginative on offer here than a veg pasta or pie: you’re more likely to get a crispy oat-coated gluten-free pancake filled with mixed vegetables, spiced tomato and apricot sauce. Info: 01834 842350 www.plantagenettenby.co.uk

Sosban The Pump House, Llanelli Llanelli’s Sosban (saucepan) continues to garner praise. A previous winner of The Good Food Guide Reader’s Restaurant Of The Year for Wales, star chef Andrew Sheridan took over last year. He is delivering a menu full of dishes like torched mackerel with dill ice cream and smoked mackerel jelly, that one suspects to be, in part, a handwave to the Michelin guide. Alongside this, he serves up comforting favourites like fish and chips and shows care about providence and suppliers – for example, in sourcing suckling pig from Huntsham Court Farm, itself a Wye Valley-based producer of rare breed meat and supplier to many top restaurants. Info: 01554 270020 / www.sosban.wales

Asador 44 Quay Street, Cardiff A little piece of the Mediterranean situated right in the heart of Cardiff, Asador 44 specialises in the highest-quality Spanish cuisine, with Segovian suckling pig and Pyrenean lamb on offer. With the regional variety of landscape and climate on offer in Spain, this assures an equally great variety on the menu, not to mention an eye-opening variety of wine and cheese. Info: 029 2002 0039 / www.asador44.co.uk BUZZ 14

Ye Olde Murenger - Pic: Robin Drayton

The Humble Onion Station Road, Dinas Powys Humility is not needed at The Humble Onion in Dinas Powys, a small village set between Barry and Cardiff. Set back from the village green, this small but perfectly-formed restaurant housed in a former coach house will welcome you with changing, seasonal menus, Instagram-worthy plates and tastes that will stay with you long after you have finished counting your social media ‘likes’. Info: 029 2051 4900 www.thehumbleonion.co.uk

Hare & Hounds Maendy Rd, Aberthin Along with The Felin Fach Griffin in Brecon, the Hare & Hounds is one of only two Bib Gourmand restaurants in Wales, awarded for exceptionally good food at a modest price. Nestled near Cowbridge in the Vale, this is a beautiful little country pub. The menu changes daily based on the availability of the freshest ingredients, though with the richness of the Welsh soil to hand, that isn’t much of a problem. Info: 01446 774892 hareandhoundsaberthin.com

The Clink Her Majesty’s Prison, Cardiff Finally, to The Clink, Cardiff’s much-heralded and applauded restaurant which serves diners from within HMP Cardiff. Staffed by prisoners all working towards gaining qualifications with a view to increasing their chances of employment upon release, since opening they have received a raft of prestigious awards and their dishes – spinachinfused pappardelle with wild garlic pesto; confit pork belly and strawberry; mint and coconut panna cotta – ensure there’s a fantastic selection for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike. Info: 029 2092 3130 www.theclinkcharity.org Asador 44

BARS AND PUBS compiled by Elouise Hobbs

There’s a reason Dylan Thomas is synonymous with Wales. For better or worse, this is a nation that likes a tipple, but that’s no reason to head to obliteration. Here’s a guide to some excellent places to unwind quietly.

The Boat Inn Lone Ln, Penallt, Monmouthsire Hidden in the Monmouthshire forest, The Boat Inn is a secret gem, perfect for an early spring pint. Located alongside the River Wye, you can look out at the old railway bridge that, in days gone by, used to carry steam trains to the coast. Inside the pub, you will be greeted by traditional furnishings, stained oak tables and a long wooden bar, reminiscent of how pubs used to be. The Boat Inn has a plentiful stock of local beers from the Wye Valley Brewery and real ales to quench your thirst. There’s also traditional pub food and a music quiz every Thursday. Info: 01600 712615 www.theboatpenallt.co.uk

Ye Olde Murenger House High Street, Newport The oldest pub in Newport, though the current structure replaced an earlier pub built on the same site in the early 19th century. The Grade II-listed building takes its name from the murenger – a person who collected taxes to pay for the upkeep of town defences – but records show that it has been a public house since the 17th century, so it probably hasn’t seen much tax collecting in its recent past, except via beer duty. Now known for its great beers and atmosphere, the pub, situated in the centre of Newport, is a feature that is worth a visit, with two other great bars across the road in Tiny Rebel and Le Public Space. Info: 01633 263977 twitter.com/themurenger  

Sain Ffagan Amgueddfa Werin Cymru St Fagans National Museum of History

Gŵyl Fwyd Sain FFaGan St FaGanS Food FeStival 8~9.09.2018 10am~5pm Dros 80 o stondinau bwyd, diod a chrefft Gwledd o weithgareddau i’r teulu

Over 80 food, drink and craft stalls A feast of family fun



foodfest2018-190x1355.indd 1

18/04/2018 14:32:54

Big Pit Amgueddfa Lofaol Cymru | Big Pit National Coal Museum

Gwledd Sul y Tadau Father’s Day FEASTival Ymunwch â ni yn Big Pit i fwynhau bwyd a diod,adloniant am ddim i’r teulu a paned a phicen am ddim i Dad.

Join us at Big Pit for food and drink stalls, free family entertainment, plus a free cuppa and welsh cake for Dad.

Teithiwch ar Reilffordd Pont-y-pŵl a Blaenafon, sydd am ddim i Dad*

Jump on board the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway where Dads ride free*.

Taith am ddim i Dad drwy Fragdy Rhymni a chyfle i fwynhau hanner peint o gwrw!*

A free Brewery Tour at Rhymney Brewery and a well-deserved free half of ale for Dad!*

*Gyda phlentyn/oedolyn yn talu pris llawn

*With a full paying child/adult

029 2057 3650 www.museum.wales/bigpit

Mehefin 17 June 11am-4pm

Festival NO.6

Hare & Hounds

No Sign Wine Bar

Bar Americanos

Wind St, Swansea

Prince Of Wales Dock, Swansea

A place for poets and drinkers alike, this bar in Swansea is a place of illusion, history and fun.  Although from the outside, it seems like a small bar, once inside it expands to a TARDIS-esque four different bars. These include both an Olde Worlde and Dylan Thomas-themed areas as well as sections for live music and lots of cosy corners for a quiet drink. On that front, there’s a rich choice of cocktails, ales, beers and wines. Info: 01792 465300 www.nosignwinebar.com  

Spring is the time for outside drinking – and what more perfect place to do it than on the Swansea waterside with great views over the town while enjoying tapas and other small plates? Alongside the cocktails and specially-sourced beer, Bar Americanos is a music venue which promotes local and homegrown talent. Outside of the summer months, as the weather cools and the evenings draw in, there is outdoor heating, blankets and hot drinks, so plenty of reason to go throughout the year.  Info: 01792 468230 www.baramericanos.com

The Dead Canary Barrack Lane, Cardiff

Marked not by the usual sign outside the door, you can instead spot this hidden Cardiff bar by the birdcage placed outside. Inside, you will find freshly made cocktails in a Prohibition-style bar. Their new menu was created to evoke memories of the Welsh folklore tales of the Mabinogion. Inspired by the culture and history of the tales, the menu promises to take you to another a place full of magic and dragons. If you fancy learning some of the delicious recipes, they also run masterclasses with their fullytrained mixologists.

The City Arms Quay Street, Cardiff With Dempseys gone, the City Arms is the last oldschool pub left standing on Womanby Street, and as good a place as any to start a night in Cardiff’s famed cultural quarter. Whilst it may lack the hip urban cool of Tiny Rebel across the street, or the musical vitality of the Moon and Clwb Ifor Bach just up the road, it nevertheless has a fine selection of ales and a vibe that’s reminiscent of pubs long past. Info: 029 2064 1913

Info: 029 2023 1263 www.thedeadcanary.co.uk

Small Bar Church Street, Cardiff The selection of beer on offer in Small Bar is anything but. With 32 taps in total, this is a beer-lover’s heaven, showcasing the best microbreweries that Wales and the UK have to offer – just as well we already have some fantastic breweries here in the vicinity already. Thankfully, Small Bar does at the very least pour small, as most of the beers on offer aren’t served in pints but thirds or halves, allowing you to try as many you want. Info: www.smallbar.co.uk/cardiff

No Sign Wine Bar

Hangfire Smokehouse

Welsh Perry and Cider Festival

GOWER CHILLI COOL HEAT FESTIVAL South Gower Sports Club, Port Eynon, Swansea. Sat 27-Sun 29 July A coastally-located celebration of spice with a wealth of chilli-inspired food and drinks: tasty snacks from chocolates to cheeses, and tonguetingling street food. Head to the infamous Chilli Cocktail bar and unwind with chilli-infused spirits and mixers; if this isn't hot enough for you, take part in the newly introduced Chilli Eating Competition or the Great Gower Cookoff. There’s also some surprises lined up for this year’s instalment. You’ll need a quick way to cool off after this. Admission: TBC Info: www.gowerchillis.com

THE BIG CHEESE Owain Glyndwr Playing Fields, Caerphilly Fri 27-Sun 29 July Crumbly white cheese serves as a metaphorical springboard for an eclectic mix of different activities including street entertainers, living history, music, dance, a funfair, folk dancing and fire-eating. Taking place in its established slot of the last July weekend, near to the imposing Caerphilly Castle, over 80,000 people are expected to flock to enjoy The Big Cheese’s different activities.

FOOD FESTIVALS compiled by Tom Owen

Are you both a foodie and a festival goer? We’ve got you covered. Explore some of the best celebrations that Wales has to offer with our comprehensive round up of the food and drink festival season.

CHEESE & CIDER FESTIVAL Gower Heritage Centre, Swansea Sat 5 + Sun 6 May Love cheese? Love cider? Then you’re in luck, because this is the food festival for you! Back for its seventh year with a huge selection of locally produced, award-winning cheeses, ciders and perries,the Cheese & Cider Festival at Gower Heritage Centre is a must for any foodie. Visitors will also be entertained by live music and open mic sessions, demonstrations, Punch & Judy puppet shows, craft workshops and more, making it a fun day out for all the family. Admission: free www.gowerheritagecentre.co.uk

WELSH PERRY & CIDER FESTIVAL Caldicot Castle, Monmouthshire Fri 25-Mon 28 May As with most ideas encompassing cider or beer, this thought was born in a pub, 16 years ago. Since then, the festival has only grown bigger and bigger, making attendees happier and happier. This May, the festival returns to Caldicot Castle, for another awesome celebration. If you haven't been there yet, we suggest you make this the year you visit. The castle grounds look resplendent on a warm summer’s day, and the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly. Along with hundreds of ciders and perries of different strengths for you to try, you can kick back and relax on the castle grounds as you listen to the sounds of musical performers. 2018 is the year for you to experience it yourself. Admission: £5-£12.50/free under-18s Info: welshciderfestival.wordpress.com   BUZZ 18

Admission: free Info: your.caerphilly.gov.uk/bigcheese

COWBRIDGE FOOD AND DRINK FESTIVAL Various locations, Cowbridge Sun 27 + Mon 28 May Over 80 stalls of locally-grown produce and homemade delicacies in the cosy town of Cowbridge, surrounded by beautiful countryside and coastline, and home to generous hospitality. For those who wish to taste more of what Cowbridge has to offer, nearby accommodation is also available. This year’s exhibitors are yet to be finalised at press time, but will include a healthy proportion of the highly impressive crop of 2017. Admission: £5 per day/£8 both days/free under-12s Info: cowbridgefoodanddrink.org  

CARDIFF INTERNATIONAL FOOD & DRINK FESTIVAL Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay Fri 6-Sun 8 July

Soak in the summer sun with a visit to the largest free food festival in Wales. With over 100 national and international stalls, bring out your inner foodie with the Producers’ Fayre – delicious light samples galore – and the Farmer’s Market, where visitors can buy fresh produce including artisan breads and organic cheeses. Another guaranteed crowd-pleaser are the festival’s street snacks, some of the best in Wales, and the opportunity to bask in the (optimistically anticipated) July sun with a glass of bubbly... or jug of farmhouse cider. Info: www.visitcardiff.com / www. mermaidquay.co.uk/events/cardiffinternational-food-drink-festival-2018/

Green Man Courtyard Bar This mini-beer festival pops up at the festival annually, serving over 100 Welsh independently brewed beers and ciders with over 60,000 pints poured each festival! ‘Keeping Green Man green’: • 480,000 disposable cups saved since introducing reusable cups in 2015 • 250,000 straws saved since banning them from bars in 2007 (over 10 years ago!)  • Only biodegradable glitter is allowed on site this year • Bicycle lock ups to encourage cycling to festival  • Teaming up with Help Refugees and Newport to Calais Aid Collective who are going to be collecting unwanted, unbroken camping equipment and food that will go to refugees around the world Green Man Festival, Glanusk Park Estate, Crickhowell, Thurs16-Sun 19 Aug

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01443 682036

Pic: Elisabeth Broekaert


With so much to do and see in its 10-day run, the Hay Literature Festival can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Buzz has asked some Hay old hands about how to cope, and memories of past visits. Dylan Jones, editor of GQ The best thing to do is select who you want to see and book online ASAP, then book a hotel room or hire a cottage, and then pack clothes for every season just in case. Then, simply prepare to be enthralled by the greatest literary festival experience you can imagine. This year, I’m looking forward to Michael Wolff, Tony Parsons, Bear Grylls, Owen Sheers and Chelsea Clinton. As for previous years, one particularly moving event was interviewing Tom Jones about the death of his wife. When he started crying, 1500 other people did too...

The Scummy Mummies, podcasters/comedians Last year was our first time! We enjoyed just wandering about and soaking up the atmosphere. Also photobombing Monty Don during his book signing in our gold catsuits. While waiting backstage just as we were about to start, Ellie was desperate for a wee – but there were no loos. So she ended up peeing in a potty we use as a prop, while Helen protected her modesty by holding up a dressing gown. It was an incredibly glamorous showbiz moment, and super in keeping with the sophisticated highbrow tone of Hay.

Sam Lee, singer-songwriter Book your tickets as much as possible in advance but leave space to be spontaneous; if you can bring a bike to cycle in and out of the festival site, that’s always a good thing to beat the crowds. And make sure you get a walk up Hay Bluff – I am a huge fan of Les Amazones d'Afrique so well worth catching them. I’m hoping to make Jonathan Porritt’s talk too. I have been to Hay Festival most years; for most of my life as I grew up in Craswall, the valley below Hay, and I always love sneaking off from the site and heading to the river and swimming. There are some super secluded spots you can get a good swim in: The Warren is a favourite place for many.

Laia Jufresa, writer and part of Hay Festival’s new Bogota 39 selection of Latin America’s best emerging writers I’d recommend approaching the festival like a library. If you go directly for what you already know you may miss out on discoveries. Follow your instincts and get into any tent, event or workshop that catches your eye. I was very lucky to be writer in residence at the festival two years ago and I interviewed the staff. As a visitor, you hardly notice the vast quantity of people working behind scenes to make it all work. Behind each tent there’s a team of people making it all happen, and behind these people there are enormous pastures full of sheep.

Allie Esiri, writer and author of A Poem For Every Day Of The Year Come early, stay late. Come again another day. Think of it as a holiday for the mind and leave plenty of time for the bookshop. One of my most memorable Hay experiences was not meeting Gary Kasparov. To explain – I was too starstruck to talk to him but just seeing him backstage in the Green Room was up there. Rachael Jolley, editor of Index On Censorship This year, do anything you can to sneak a ticket to see Margaret Atwood. Steal a ticket from a friend. One of the great thinkers of the world. Otherwise, if you have heard about the secret wild swimming, then you have heard correctly. Find it.


Misha Glenny, journalist My advice is don't try to scramble for the tickets which are likely to be oversubscribed. Go for the unusual, for things that you might normally not be interested in. All the authors or performers at Hay have a story to tell and you can be guaranteed that each one will be interesting because otherwise they wouldn't have made it to Hay in the first place. One of my favourite past experiences – there is nothing quite so challenging as trying to keep an audience interested during a thunderstorm. I am praying for decent weather this year. Hay-On-Wye Literature Festival, Thurs 24 May-Sun 3 June Tickets: varies depending on event. Info: www.hayfestival.com

MAI 26 MAY – MEHEFIN 9 JUNE Bae Caerdydd / Cardiff Bay

“a powerful and unique show” STAFFSLIFE


£18 / £14 (digyflog / unwaged) £54 (teulu o 4 / family of 4) ARCHEBWCH / BOOK NOW

02921 321 021 nofitstate.org/lexicon Comisiynwyd gan / Commissioned by New Vic Theatre; Ariannir gan / Funded by Arts Council England & Arts Council of Wales/Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru; Coproduced in association with / Cydgynhyrchwyd mewn partneriaeth â Tombées de la Nuit, Rennes, Marseille Biennale International des Arts du Cirque, and Cirque Jules Verne. Charity No. 1102850 Company No. 3180348

PETE TONG BRINGS IBIZA CLASSICS TO CARDIFF CASTLE I N J U LY Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra Perform Ibiza Classics in the gorgeous grounds of Cardiff Castle on July 28, bringing their Mediterranean dance party to the walled garden in the heart of the capital

The show is a must see for ravers, party animals and everyone who ever saw Ibiza as their Mecca, an irresistible combination of the UK’s most influential DJ with a 65 piece orchestra and a spectacular visual show with lasers. The concept first came to fruition after a lot of hard work and careful curation at the massively successful BBC Proms show at the Royal Albert Hall three years ago.

Pete Tong has been a massively influential figure in dance music over the past 20 years, predominantly as the voice of Radio 1’s prestigious dance programming. The Essential Mix continues to be the standard bearer of mix shows, and his Essential Selection is still the influential place to premiere new records. All Gone Pete Tong a residency brand and cult classic film, as well, of course, as being widely used in rhyming slang.

orchardentertainment.co.uk and Derricks Records tickets are available from Ticketmaster.co.uk, Seetickets.com, Alttickets.com, gigantic.com and Derricks Records. You can also call 0844 844 0444.



A PAIR OF TICKETS Buzz is offering one lucky raver a pair of tickets to this spectacular event.

To win, tell us your best club night story - best one wins:

To enter, go to our facebook and share your club night story. www.facebook.com/buzzmagwales/

Pic: Daniel D. Moses

LUCY WORSLEY “Ha! Education is pretty low down my list,” laughs Lucy Worsley, the BBC’s grand dame of history, talking to Carl Marsh ahead of this year’s Hay Festival. Do you get frustrated when people say that history is boring and one of those subjects at school that really has no real value in the workplace; how can you convince them otherwise? Not at all! If people found it boring at school, then you can't criticise them for it, they just didn't have the right teachers or topics. And truly, it’s utter nonsense to say that it has no value in the workplace. In many of the good jobs out there, you will need at least sometimes to make an argument, analyse evidence, work out when someone is lying to you.    Historical times were often very dark and violent; would you have been able to survive in, say, the Tudor times? I think it depends on which level in society you find yourself lucky or unlucky enough to have been born. The people at the top of the tree in Tudor times had hot and cold running water, sumptuous feasts and wonderful tapestries. The one thing that you couldn't eliminate as a risk would be dying of a disease to which the cure just wasn't yet known: smallpox, for example. But you wouldn't want to be at the very top of the tree, for example: at the court at Henry VIII, if you'd been born with a bit of royal blood, you would have been at risk for political reasons, with the king seeing you as a threat to the throne and deciding to find a reason for sending you to the block.    BUZZ 24

Is there a period of history which you would have loved to have lived through? I’m particularly drawn to the 1920s. I love the hair, the long, loose flapper dresses, the dances like the Charleston. I like the sense of liberation after the long dark period of WWI, and the idea that if I were a youngish woman back then, I might have just won the vote for the first time and had the novel experience of getting a job as the war sucked up all possible labour and pulled women into the world of work. On the other hand, I would probably have lost relatives in the fighting, so there’s a serious downside to my flapper dream. When it comes to your TV work, how much of a challenge is it to condense complex academic historical material for a mass-market audience? It's a big challenge, but one you have to step up to. You simply can't make your television programme ‘just a bit longer’ because you think you've got too much material. Judging how much your audience will already know, building on that, and nudging them a bit further in is a special skill.    Is it always your primary concern when either writing a new book or presenting a new show that you are there to educate your readers or viewers? Ha! Education is pretty low down my list. I see myself as the thin end of the wedge of history. My job is to

coax people over the threshold, and I do that through novels, or dressing up for a programme, or making a silly joke, or whatever it takes. Then, once people are hooked, I hand them over to other more serious historians. I’m not ashamed of this, in fact I’m proud of it, and it’s an honourable and valid way of approaching history. When you approach a historical event or topic that’s been covered a million times, how do you find a fresh approach? Every generation needs to discover history for itself. So, an 11-year-old girl watching my version of the story of the wives of Henry VIII will be coming to it for the first time. I try to do my best by her. She will have a different set of questions and assumptions even from an 11-year-old girl living just 10 years previously. We come back to the old stories partly because of their familiar, ritualistic, incantatory quality, but as the background of our own lives changes, the telling needs to change too. Lucy Worsley: Lady Mary, Oxfam Moot, Hay-On-Wye (as part of the Hay Festival), Sat 2 June. Tickets: £9. Info: 01497 822629 / www.hayfestival.com

DERREN BROWN This month, Derren Brown brings his ‘best show yet’ to the Wales Millennium Centre. He’s made a career of exploring other’s minds, so Stuart Fagg put the shoe on the other foot...


You wrote a book on happiness. What prompted you to search for its meaning? By reading the Stoics [a school of Greek philosophy], which suggests we should stop trying to control uncontrollable things and take responsibility for our emotional reactions to things. It has its limitations, but as I explored it, I realised I should write about it. We’re told the opposite should make us happy: setting goals and believing in ourselves, but that can induce anxiety or a feeling of failure. I wanted to create something more helpful and realistic. “You’re only sad if you tell yourself you’re sad.” What did you mean when you said that? Rhetorically, if we see ourselves as sad or unable to connect with people, we create that reality. Realising

that we live out a self-told story as we explore the infinite possibilities for interpreting the world is, I think, enormously liberating. We sometimes need to step up and consider what our meaning is. What can we expect from Underground? Should the crowds of Cardiff be worried? Ha! I LOVE this one. It’s my best show yet, made up of favourite bits from previous shows, but with its own heart and narrative. Yes, it relies on audience participation but no, you don’t have to get involved if you don’t want to! The reactions have been overwhelming and Cardiff is always a great and very welcoming crowd.  Derren Brown: Underground, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay, Tue 8-Sat 12 May. Tickets: from £25. Info: 029 2063 6464 / www.wmc.org.uk

Pic: MarkDouet

Firstly, how? You’re very busy performing, so where do you find the time to plan out the intricacy of each illusion?  For TV, my little team of two or three talk ideas over a couple of weeks. I find a strong dramatic hook – the end of the world for someone! – with a good reason for doing it – valuing what you already have. coming up with ideas and shaping the show, then another month rehearsing without an audience. We try it out in preview nights and the details just grow in time as the audience shows me what works best.    What’s your method of thought? To leave the likes of Stephen Fry in complete awe, it must be something close to genius... Ha – no genius, sadly. My toolkit is seeing something from another person’s perspective. Once you’ve got your head round doing that properly, the rest is relatively straightforward.    Would you consider your mind to work differently? Is the skill to think so logistically natural or cultivated? Like playing the piano, anyone can do it, but not everyone will. It must ‘click’. When I started, I was insecure and being ‘Mr Impressive’ was important... and grossly misjudged. That gave me the impetus to stick with it.    You’re happy to refer to yourself as being “dishonest in your techniques”. In a world so hostile towards deceit, why would you say you’re so well-received? It’s a theatrical dishonesty. It took a while, but I’ve tried to find ways of using the inherently dishonest world of illusion to say something honest about who we are. Honesty has a lot of value as a performer. Magic has always been about posturing, so I’ve tried to undo all of that. It’s a tricky line to tread, but maybe that’s what keeps it interesting, to me at least.   Describe the buzz of amazing a crowd? It’s difficult to compare. You get to be the most charismatic version of yourself in a well-rehearsed but seemingly effortless way. It would be nice to be like that more often, though there’s only so much ‘character’ we can stomach. I’m quite shy, but when the back and forth between me and the audience is as it should be, I’m relaxed and in control, which is nice for anyone to experience. 


OTHERLIFE THEATRE This month sees the first stage performance of a new theatre company in Wales. The OtherLife Theatre Company’s stated remit is to take some of the most interesting and storied plays going on in London, plays that don’t see much of a life outside of the capital, and giving them a new lease of life for Welsh audiences, keying us into national discussions around theatre. Founder Simon Reeves [left] says, “It’s been in my mind for a while – I felt I couldn’t sit around moaning about the challenges theatre in Wales faces any longer and thought I’d try and contribute to the solution. I connected with the others at just the right time and working with them gave such a surge to my creativity – they made it possible to do something.” The first OtherLife production will be Jack Thornes’ Mydidae, which, according to fellow founder member Matthew Raymond [right], was chosen because “it’s an excellent piece of writing which explores the relationship between two fully realized characters brimming with subtext, humour and pain.” One of the main challenges in producing such work was bound to be to do with the rights to performing the chosen pieces, something that Raymond elaborates on. “One difficulty of starting out as a new company is ensuring literary agents and writers that we will handle the work professionally and produce it to the highest possible standards.” Reeves adds, “We’ve found that [we’ve had most success with] people that like the sound of what we’re trying to do.” With funding secured from the Arts Council Of Wales and the Carne Trust, the tentative beginnings of OtherLife look promising. Where do they see the company in a few years’ time? Matthew is forthright: “Established within Welsh theatre as a respected and collaborative company producing and touring current and provoking work that often only London audiences have access to.” Simon is more relaxed: “I’d like that, but perhaps on a company team building exercise on a beach in the Indian Ocean?” FEDOR TOT Mydidae, The Other Room, Porter’s, Cardiff, Tue 22 May-Sat 2 June Tickets: £10/£12 (previews on Tue 22 + Wed 23 £5). Info: www.otherlifetheatre.org

GYPSY QUEEN Liverpool-born, Manchester-based actor and writer Rob Ward’s 2016 play Gypsy Queen tours Wales this month and explores the unconventional love story of a bare-knuckle fighting traveller and a gay professional boxer. Inspiration, says Ward, came about from an initial short play he wrote four years ago, Champion. “It was around the time Russia was hosting the winter Olympics in Sochi. There was a real conversation in the media and public about some of the laws Putin had brought into Russia – anti-LGBT legislation – so we staged this night called To Russia With Love to raise money for a pro-LGBT charity. “Champion was about two boxers that fell in love. I’d always liked the idea of that because I think boxing is an innately theatrical sport. You think about how many films have been made about boxing – if you then make that also a gay love story.” That theatricality allowed for Gypsy Queen to be born, as it was wrought into being around the drama surrounding boxer Tyson Fury’s shortlisting for BBC Sports Personality Of The Year. “This interview was released where he made some really homophobic, misogynistic comments. There was a real furore about it, [with] petitions to have him removed from the shortlist. The BBC’s response was to almost wash their hands of it. “One of the things I remember Fury saying was that ‘A lot of it is about that rough tradition of how I was brought up and my faith.’ So that then came into the play as well, and it just suddenly went from being a short play about two gay boxers to being a play that still explored sexuality in sport and was a love story between two men, but it then also had this extra world of the traveller community, of faith and sexuality and that feeds into the narrative as well.” A complex play, no doubt, and one that Welsh audiences will be looking to sink their teeth into come the tour this month. RHONDA LEE REALI Gypsy Queen, various venues, Fri 18-Fri 25 May. Tickets: £8-£10 Info: www.gypsyqueentour.com



MEHEFIN 7-17 JUNE 2018



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Pic: KeithPerry

DON MCLEAN Don McLean could just stop. In fact, he could have stopped around 1971 when American Pie was released. That song alone has gone on to be played three million times on US radio. So, some 47 years later, what is this exceptional writer and musician looking for from his new album and tour? “Sales, I hope. And some approval would be nice.” McLean is a little droll and very relaxed on the phone from his home in Maine. For an artist famous for not giving away the meaning to his lyrics, he can’t wait to talk about the song he performs on every night of every tour. “The first part, the ‘long long time ago’ part, right through to ‘the day the music died’, that came to me complete and I just sang it into the tape recorder. And it was almost like some kind of genie came out of the bottle. I said, ‘Wow, what is that? What am I going to do with this?’” The answer is to grab his guitar and hit the road. But McLean wouldn’t tour solo again. “I never liked the solo shows. I did that for about 20 years and I was very lonely in those years.” It’s easy to forget what a huge star McLean was, especially stateside, so it’s odd to think of the lonely man amongst all those crowds. So does he really care about money and praise after having the successes he’s had? More than anything, McLean is aware that his new work isn’t addressing the issues of the day. “At some point I’m going to get into what is going on in the world with both feet and come out with something that’s about all the stuff that’s happening right now,” he offers by way of justification. The need to be relevant, even now, is still there. Until then? “You’re going to see a lot of stuff. You’re going to see a rock’n’roll band that’s going to play American Pie. And quieter things, you know, Empty Chairs, Crossroads. And sometimes I’ll just sit and play two or three songs on my guitar.” Alone, but not lonely. JOHN-PAUL DAVIES Don McLean, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay Sun 6 May. Tickets: £32.50-£42.50 Info 029 2063 6464 / www.wmc.org.uk

BRIDGET CHRISTIE With a critically acclaimed book, an international Netflix special and touring a new standup show What Now?, Bridget Christie is a woman in demand and busier than ever. Her style of comedy never shies away from big issues such as politics, race and equality but she stresses the importance of balancing silliness with seriousness. “You really have to think of a way to make it different otherwise it’s basically a really boring TED talk,” she says. “I’m not here to change the world or make interesting points, people have come out to have a laugh.” Christie loses no sleep over pleasing everyone within her comedy. “I think people enjoy seeing all different types of personalities. I wouldn’t try to be likable. That would be the last thing I’d try to be. If someone said ‘you’re not likable,’ it wouldn’t make any difference.” Although dealing with issues of equality is a regular occurrence in her act, like many Christie is exasperated about continually having to talk about barriers to entry – “The fact that we have to talk about getting more women into comedy is annoying” – and suggests that the real issue is changing the conversation. “The same conversations keep being had over time, because it’s so deeply ingrained and institutionalised. We don’t even have the language yet to talk about it in a way that feels progressive and constructive.” Despite finding her break with A Bic For Her at The Edinburgh Fringe, this year won’t see Christie return (although don’t rule it out in the future). As a result, she has added a number of work-in-progress dates in London to refine her act. In continuing her experimental outlook she also looks forward to writing for the screen and starring in her own Channel 4 sitcom based on her home town of Gloucester. “I’ve been doing standup for so long I’m actually really looking forward to writing in a different sort of way,” she says. “It’s more about stories and characters.” For fans of one of the UK’s most innovative comics, this is surely something to look forward to. MEL LYNCH Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, Thurs 24 May. Tickets: £16-£18 Info: 029 2064 6900 / www.shermantheatre.co.uk Hay Festival, Oxfam Moot, Hay-On-Wye, Sat 2 June Tickets: £15. Info: 01497 822620 / www.hayfestival.com BUZZ 30




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BIG MOOSE COFFEE CO. With homelessness on the rise in the UK, Jeff Smith of the Big Moose Coffee Co. wants to do something about it, and that something is a café. Fedor Tot finds out how the process works. Tell us a little about what Big Moose is. Four years ago, I decided to raise some money for Teenage Cancer Trust in Cardiff. Aged 50, I decided there was something inside me that wanted to help others, and we decided to open Big Moose as a kind of legacy for my best friend, whose nickname was Moose, who we lost to cancer 11 years ago aged 42. Big Moose is a number of things. How does this cafe fit into it? We’ve gotten involved with helping lots of other people. We have worked with disabled children, where we created a triathlon that we called Supertri For Super Kids. We had 100 children with different disabilities that got involved with the triathlon. Going back to the cafe, my daughter and I were doing some work with homeless people in Cardiff, going to down to a project called the Rainbow Run – an amazing organisation who go out all year helping to feed and bring warm clothing to the homeless people of Cardiff. But it kind of felt like we were helping, but not really changing lives. The House Of St Barnabas members’ club in Soho, where my eldest daughter was working part-time, has a scheme where they engage with homeless people from shelters, putting them through a 12-


week programme. And once the trainees get their qualifications, they are transferred to the club where they work as waiters, kitchen staff etc. We saw that working successfully and decided to try and do something in Cardiff – maybe change one person at a time. Is that the ethos, to try and change something rather than just to help out temporarily? We want to leave the world better than we found it. We are working very closely with Llamau, a young persons’ homeless charity in Wales; soon we’ll have the first person coming through their system. So there will be a homeless person working within the cafe, on a living wage, and then we will also mentor the person who comes through the door. We haven’t had anybody through the doors yet – we’re a month into trading, and learning how to run a coffee shop is quite chaotic. We wanted to make sure that the chaos was first removed from the building – because these people often come from chaotic backgrounds, to suddenly come into a kitchen that is chaotic is not a good idea. We’re not trained with mental health or addiction, and just bringing someone into our domain like that will not be a smart thing. We would like to get a win to start with – we don’t want to have somebody come though and really let them down.

It’s ambitious – not to just go about trying to help others, but also to do something completely new, like setting up a café. Some would say mad. Would you say you’re mad? I don’t think so. It’s just that I don’t tend to have fear. I tend to look at things and break them down to bite-sized chunks and ask, “Can we do this?” I couldn’t do this without the help of 650 donors plus my friends, family, associates. It’s not a oneman show. Hopefully, what we have created here proves I’m not mad. About a year and half ago, you may have been able to say that. But mad to dream? Hopefully not. Where does that no-fear attitude come from? I grew up in a very poor background, having to hustle and work hard. I played ice hockey from the age of 10. I ended up playing professionally, which brought me to Cardiff [Devils]. That taught me how to be brave and strong. I think [my lack of fear] is just in my DNA. I’ve dreamt big and gone for it and managed to achieve a few things. Big Moose Coffee Co., 4-5 Frederick St, Cardiff. Info: 029 2079 8999 / www.bigmoosecoffeecompany.co


WELSH NATIONAL OPERA yn cyflwyno | proudly presents









Elena Langer’s



Madeleine Shaw

Mehefin 7 June 7.30pm The Riverfront, Newport newportlive.co.uk/riverfront


Lesley Gar rett

Mehefin 14 June 7.30pm New Theatre, Cardiff newtheatrecardiff.co.uk festivalofvoice.wales

Rhedir Glan yr Afon gan The Riverfront is run by

Cefnogwyd gan Ymddiriedolaeth Nicholas John, er cof am Joan Moody Supported by the Nicholas John Trust, in memory of Joan Moody

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by Keiron Self


Dir: David Leitch (15, 120 mins) Sweary superhero Deadpool turned the Marvel franchise upside down – well, a bit – when his first fourth-wall-breaking, sassy and gorily violent cinematic outing was a surprise megahit two years ago. Deadpool had featured previously in the dreadful Wolverine: Origins film but had been muted to a rote villain. Ryan Reynolds refused to let his favourite merc with a mouth die, however (he’s sort-of invincible anyway), and the first film skewed closely to the irreverence of the comics. This second outing looks to be more of the same. Reynolds returns to foulmouthed quippery, aided and abetted by several new heroes, Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Bedlam (Terry Crews) amongst them, forming X-Force. Deadpool has to defend Julian Dennison’s young boy from Josh Brolin’s big bad Cable for reasons which will become irreverently apparent. If you liked the first film’s mix of violence and smugness you will enjoy this; it’s helmed by ex-stuntman David Leitch, who brought us John Wick and Atomic Blonde, so the action will be top-notch and Reynolds’ blend of sarcastic witticism front and centre. Let’s hope it doesn’t tip over into lazy smugness… but then that would be very Deadpool. Opens May 15


Dir: James McTeigue (15, 90 mins) Payback is a mother, apparently, in this B-movie home invasion thriller as Gabrielle Union turns the tables on the fools who were stupid another to break into her old family home. She’s about to sell her Dad’s house, which is full of burglar-worrying gadgetry, protecting a large amount of cash. Which is what baddy Billy Burke and his crew want. They get inside, leaving Union outside, with her two kids, stroppy teen Ajiona Alexus and clever younger son Seth Carr as hostages. So she has to, ahem, break in. She goes full Bruce Willis on them, trying to outsmart them with her knowledge of the house and its protective systems whilst also opening a can of whup-ass. A straight forward, sassy thriller with some groan inducing lines, sporadic violence and Union capably being an action heroine. Opens May 11


Dir: Abby Kohn/Marc Silverstein (12A, 98 mins) A comedy about body image, self-esteem and learning to love yourself that mostly strikes the right chords and is often very funny, thanks to Amy Schumer and a talented supporting cast. Schumer plays Renee, a thirtysomething with issues about how she looks and how it makes her feel. She compares herself to others and has the wrong job toiling away at a low-level post at a cosmetics company, but lacks the confidence to make a change. Following a hit on the head during a spin class, she suddenly perceives herself as wonderful, confident and beautiful, and she doesn’t care who knows it. A body-swap comedy of sorts that treads awkwardly at times around its central premise, but still musters a feelgood vibe. Michelle Williams adds dramatic heft as the insecure squeaky-voiced head of the cosmetics company, Busy Phillips and Aidy Bryant are supportive friends, whilst Rory Scovel is the man whom Schumer entrances with his own self-confidence issues. The film confronts ideas about self-worth head on for laughs. Schumer redeems herself after Snatched and the breezy 80s-esque vibe proves infectious. Opens May 4


Dir: John Cameron Mitchell (15, 102 mins) A bizarre hybrid of punk-rock, sci-fi, romance comedy and body horror, this latest effort from Hedwig And The Angry Inch director Mitchell, based on a Neil Gaiman short story, is messily told. Alex Sharp plays Enn, a part-time punk and fanzine editor in 1977 Croydon, hanging out with his best mates Vic and John (AJ Lewis and Ethan Lawrence). After an encounter with Nicole Kidman’s eccentric punk Boadicea (off-kilter accent alert), they find themselves at a party where aliens are showing their offspring what humans are like, in every way. Here Enn meets Elle Fanning’s youthful alien, Zan, and the two of them embark on an escapade around London’s punk scene and naturally fall for each other. It supposedly captures the rebelliousness of the punk era, but often irritates rather than engages. Destined to gain cult status (Kidman’s accent alone guarantees that), this punks vs aliens smorgasbord doesn’t quite add up. Opens May 11


Dir: Andrew Haigh (15, 122 mins) British writer/director Andrew Haigh returns after the quiet successes of previous character-led dramas Weekend and 45 Years. His latest film is focused on a boy and his horse, in an adaptation of Willy Vlautin’s 2010 book. Charlie Plummer plays teenager Charley, who works at the stables run by pragmatic Steve Buscemi as a way of escaping his miserable home life. Essentially an orphan, he travels with his adopted family, Buscemi and jockey Chloe Sevigny, competing in races with the horse Pete, but when Pete stops winning, he’s bound for the knacker’s yard. Charley absconds with Pete and gets lost in the American wilderness, blending Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas with miserablist social realism. Buscemi shines as ever and Plummer roots the occasionally obvious with an honest reality. Well acted, but a little cliché-ridden, this is still a horseride worth taking. Opens May 4

ALSO RELEASED MAY 2018: MARY AND THE WITCH’S FLOWER (U) Beguiling animation from the spin-off company of Studio Ghibli, Studio Ponoc, which means midnight in Serbo-Croatian. The BFG’s Ruby Barnhill, Kate Winslet and Jim Broadbent provide voices in this adaptation of kiddie favourite The Little Broomstick. THE YOUNG KARL MARX (15) Biopic dealing with the early life and adventures of political heavyweights Karl and Jenny Marx and Fredrich Engels. LIFE OF THE PARTY (12A) Melissa McCarthy’s latest comedy outing has her going back to college following a messy divorce and ending up in the same class as her daughter. As you’d expect, some laughs a bit stretched. SHERLOCK GNOMES (U) More CGI chicanery as the Holmes and Watson partnership is turned into garden ornamentation. THE CURED (15) Zombie BUZZ 34


Dir: Dominic Cooke (15, 110 mins) Ian McEwan’s superb novella about marriage, sex and inhibition is brought to life with detailed, tender care by theatre director Dominic Cooke. Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle play Florence and Edward, young university graduates who meet and fall in love at a CND meeting in not-very-swinging 1962. The world has yet to change and the pair head to their wedding bed in a rundown seaside hotel in Dorset, both virgins. They are both clever and articulate; Ronan comes from money, Howle from humbler stock. Flashbacks reveal more about their past as their night of wedded bliss unravels with excruciating tragedy. The pressure of sex, the mysteries of lovemaking and the taboos put up around it by previous generations are well captured. Ronan and Howle make an engaging, tragic couple, understandable in all their foibles. Anne Marie Duff shines as Howle’s mother, injured in a shockingly horrific train accident as does Scarborough as the loyal, caring husband struggling on. A sensitive retelling of McEwan’s equally sensitive story, this again shows how good Saoirse Ronan is and how dreadful it must have been living in a frustrated society where emotion was suppressed and lives wasted. Opens May 18


Dir: Wim Wemders (15, 112 mins) Wim Wenders has brought us some classic arthouse movies but Submergence feels like it could be his most mainstream film, and it sits uncomfortably with him. Alicia Vikander is a bio-mathematician heading to the bottom of the ocean, James McAvoy a Scottish spy about to head on an undercover mission to Somalia. A chance meeting and they fall in love, but then go off on their respective missions. Vikander awaits contact from her lover, but unbeknownst to her, he is captured by jihadists as she sits scouring the ocean floor. The scene seems set for an epic romance, but ultimately it becomes about Vikander checking her phone for a text message. The central duo are not helped by a script full of stilted dialogue, and what could have been a poignant tale is swamped with dull repetition. The film looks fantastic but there is not enough dramatic meat to sustain the running time and the premise is initially intriguing, but proves suffocating. Opens May 18



Dir: Ron Howard (12A, 140 mins) The coolest character in the Star Wars universe is back, despite having been heartbreakingly bumped off in The Force Awakens. Harrison Ford’s Corellian smuggler gets his own prequel story in this second standalone Star Wars tale. After Rogue One, the ever-expanding Star Wars universe has gone back to the classic trilogy’s most excellent character, the sarcastic Han Solo. At 76, Ford unfortunately couldn’t provide smirk and sass in leather boots and waistcoat, so Hail Caesar’s Alden Ehrenreich steps into them. Chronicling Han’s first meeting with Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo), Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) and his first delve into the smuggler’s life, complications arose when original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were replaced by Ron Howard, their take apparently too anarchic for Lucasfilm. Empire Strikes Back scribe Lawrence Kasdan has shaped the screenplay, involving a daring heist and a sleek Milennium Falcon, alongside Emilia Clarke as a shady femme fatale and Woody Harrelson as Obi Wan’s mentor. Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge adds caustic wit as droid L3-37 and Paul Bettany is on villainous gangster duties. If it can capture the spirit of the original Han and Chewie this Solo story should make the Kessel Run easily. Opens May 24

Dir: Eric Styles (12A, 92 mins) John Hurt’s final film often has an unbearable poignancy: he plays a man coming to terms with his impending death, whilst he himself was battling terminal cancer. Adapted from the play by NJ Crisp, Hurt plays Ralph, an irascible writer living in a beautifully shot Portugal with his wife (Sofia Helin, from TV’s The Bridge). He has an estranged son, Michael (Max Brown), whom he calls in an attempt at reconciliation before it gets too late. His son and bride-to-be Cassie (Welsh actress Erin Richards) arrive and past family scars are re-opened before Hurt comes to realize that his grumpy ways need to be mended. Charles Dance cameos as an apparent euthanasia facilitator who may be more than he seems in a well-handled drama, that, whilst not quite escaping its stage roots, still moves and engrosses at a languid pace. Welsh director Eric Styles captures Hurt’s swansong with aplomb. Opens May 11


Dir: Johannes Roberts (18, 85 mins) A belated sequel to 2008’s home invasion horror that had some decent chills with its long wide takes and burlap sack wearing nasties. The original was loosely based on the Manson murders – this transplants and retreads the action from suburbia to a quiet lakeside resort. It’s another exercise in grim nihilism as disturbed individuals stalk a family. Christina Hendricks is the mum, Martin Henderson the dad and they have two teen kids, a rebellious daughter Bailee Madison and son Lewis Pullman. Unlike the first film with its slow pace and genuinely disturbing tension, this cuts quickly to the chase, the gore flowing early, with jump scares more frequently employed. There are nods to 80s slasher films, and power ballads are glibly used amidst the violence but ultimately this is a wellstaged but unremarkable and, crucially, unscary movie. Opens May 4

drama as Ellen Page battles a society where the undead virus has been cured but those infected still face discrimination. It’s, like, a metaphor. ALLURE (18) Evan Rachel Wood stars as a cleaner who convinces a teenage girl to run away and live with her in this uncomfortable drama. SHOW DOGS (PG) Partly shot in Cardiff, this broad daft family comedy stars a rottweiller going undercover with Will Arnett at a posh dog show. Woof. THE BREADWINNER (12A) Beautiful animated drama from the makers of The Secret of Kells telling the tale of two girls disguising themselves as boys in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Moving. THE LITTLE VAMPIRE (U) CGI family comedy as boy vampire makes friends with mortal boy – highjinks ensue, vampire voiced by the ever-excellent Rasmus Hardiker. BUZZ 35

PLASTICS AND PESCATARIANISM A country of coastlines, Wales produces some of the finest quality seafood in the world. But how has the rising tide of plastic influenced its quality, asks Varsha Babuji? The increasing accumulation of plastic in the oceans has been a topic of discussion over the past few years. Studies show that about eight million pieces of plastic make their way into the water bodies every day; these plastics take more than 450 years to degrade and cause catastrophic effects upon our ecosystem. Experts say that plastics of all sizes – such as microplastics from skin care products, clothes and even fragments of larger plastics – are consumed by marine creatures and pose a threat to their survival. “These toxic entities have been proven to cause infertility in sea mammals and can even make a mammal’s milk toxic to their young ones. This opens up the possibility of the same occurring to humans,” says Lloyd Nelmes, a marine biologist from the South Wales Sea Trust. Shellfish such as mussels and oysters are among the worst affected animals. It’s been found that a shellfish lover could be consuming up to 11,000 plastic fragments in their seafood each year. Zooplankton, tiny animals at the bottom of the food chain also feed on plastic and are then consumed by larger creatures like the UK’s favourite, sea bass. This has a direct impact on human health and the environment. Communities across Wales have responded to this danger and have come together to fight against the use of plastic. The Welsh village of Aberporth became BUZZ 36

the first community to be recognized as plasticfree. Going back to glass bottles and abandoning non-biodegradable takeaway cups, the village's local businesses along the Welsh coast showed their active participation in the campaign led by Gail Tudor. “I changed my plastic straws to biodegradable ones from Vegware, sauces are now in bottles and not in sachets and the relishes we serve with our burgers are in a paper pot which can be put in the food waste,” says Nicola Jennings, a local café owner in Aberporth. Though most businesses are enthusiastic about the idea, the difficulties of finding cheap biodegradable alternatives has been a subject of concern. “The paper bags were the most expensive things to have changed. While the plastic ones were just a penny, the paper bags were 11p,” said a local shop owner. They believe that pressurising more businesses to give up plastic would cut the cost of other alternatives. Inspired by the documentary series Blue Planet II, Cardiff resident Naomi England, along with Cardiff North MP Anna McMorrin, have also launched a campaign to make the Rhiwbina area of the capital first single-use plastic-free community in Cardiff. “It’s not just the seafood but also water. If our seas are full of plastic, it just goes into our water cycle. I am looking down the line at my children and grandchildren. What will the water quality be like? It makes me think twice about everything,” says

Naomi. Organizations like Surfers Against Sewage and the South Wales Sea Trust also play a major role in educating the public by organizing beach cleaning events and workshops for young people. Raising their hands in support, councillors Mike Jones-Pritchard and John Lancaster put down a proposal before Cardiff council to become a plasticfree city; a report is expected by October. “As a local authority, Cardiff can stop using plastic in its own buildings and can promote other alternatives among its own staff. It works with hundreds of businesses and other organizations and can influence other cities,” says Jones-Pritchard. The positive impact of the growing efforts in Wales to support the green revolution is clearly evident. The ultimate goal is far from being achieved, but through the sustenance and active participation of the people in the fight for a greener future, the light at the end of the tunnel grows closer by the day. Info: seatrust.org.uk facebook.com/plasticfreeaberporth www.sas.org.uk

pic: Russell Ede


With summer on its way, Buzz has got you covered in sun cream to enjoy a selection of places to head outdoors and enjoy a cold one in the Welsh sunshine (fingers crossed).



to its delicate, savoury flavour. It also packs a hell of a nutritional

My favourite country pub, for many reasons: the beer, the food, the location, the people, the music, the Sunday lunches. It’s dog-friendly and has regular beer festivals, is a CAMRA-recognised pub and, of course, has a lovely beer garden with plenty of bird feeders. Perfect to sit and watch the wildlife at work. Off Heol Las, Monknash, Vale Of Glamorgan Info: 01656 890209 / theploughmonknash.com


Priding themselves on their real ale sourced from numerous local breweries, the Pen & Wig is a city pub with a traditional country atmosphere. Their charming beer garden is in use all year round with the kitchen open till 10pm. 1 Park Grove, Cardiff Info: 029 2037 1217 / www.classicinns.co.uk/penandwigcardiff


The tiny bar underneath the Priory Hotel, is small but perfectly formed – positioned in part of what was once the Llanthony Monastery and dating back to the 12th century. Probably best you stay overnight, as the various ciders and ales on offer are particularly strong, and you may well not make it to your car let alone home. An ideal base to explore the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside, and it’s only a couple of fields away from the haunted Skirrid Inn. Llanthony, nr Abergavenny Info: 01873 890487 / www.llanthonyprioryhotel.co.uk


With an enormous beer garden displaying a front row view over Caerleon Bridge, this is a quintessential spot to de-stress in the sunshine. Located along the banks of the River Usk, the pub was a favourite of Lord Tennyson, who wrote some of his poetry there. Uskside, Caerleon, Newport Info: 01633 420361 / www.sabrain.com/hanbury


One of the Vintage Inns in a small chain, which includes The Captains Wife (also a good beer garden next to the sea), the Plymouth fluctuates in its popularity but is often packed outside in the summer months. It nestles on the outskirts of Cardiff and is semi-rural in its location. Opposite St Fagans Museum, it’s a post-historic walk stopoff for a beer and a snack. St Fagans Info: 029 2056 9173 / www.vintageinn.co.uk

Words Alison Powell

British asparagus is in season in May and readily available in supermarkets, so this is perfect for a light lunch or starter thanks punch, so if you’re looking to eat healthy this is perfect.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2) • 1 tbsp olive oil, plus a little extra for brushing the pastry • 1 garlic clove, crushed • 125g asparagus • 1 tbsp grated parmesan • 150g puff pastry (shop-bought works perfectly) • Salt (ideally sea salt) and black pepper • Salad leaves and sliced romano pepper to serve

METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 180˚C (gas mark 4) and pop a piece of baking parchment paper on a baking tray. 2. Chop the asparagus into chunks and mix with the crushed garlic, grated parmesan, olive oil, a grind of black pepper and a good pinch of salt. 3. Cut the pastry into two equal pieces and lay them on the baking tray. Spread the asparagus mixture over each piece of pastry, leaving about a centimetre around the edge. Brush this with a little olive oil. 4. Put the tray in the centre of the oven and check after 15 minutes; the pastry should be golden and risen. 5. Serve with a mix of leaves and a sprinkle of sliced Romano peppers for a sweet, light, springtime lunch.



pic: Jill Shih

MAY FOODIE FOCUS Something beefy, something brewed, something bitter, something cool. Elouise Hobbs is here with your monthly lowdown of some of the most interesting events in the South Wales culinary calendar for the month. Wine & Wagyu, The Meatery and Martini Co, Swansea, Fri 4 May Wagyu is a type of Japanese beef that’s growing in popularity due to its unique texture and juicy flavours. This evening will play host to a series of tasty experiments, playing with the versatility of the meat. And, what better way to enjoy a nice piece of beef than with wines to match? This evening will help you learn about the different tastes and flavours of Wagyu beef. Admission: £39.95. Info: www.meatery-martini.co.uk   Beer Fest Bendigedig, The Boiler House Graffiti Project, Cardiff, Fri 4-Sun 6 May This venue is celebrating Canton’s alternative scene with a beer festival, highlighting the best cask and keg beer that the UK has to offer. Alongside drinks, there will be DJs from across South Wales playing the best hip-hop, funk and soul. On Saturday, Hang Fire Southern Kitchen will be bringing some of their great meat, whilst on Sunday Keralan Karavan will be starting the party with a fabulous Indian feast. Admission: £3.50 per day. Info: www.boilerhousegraffiti.com


Coffee Cupping with Yallah Coffee, Waterloo Tea, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff, Sun 20 May The brewers at Waterloo Tea have just returned from a sourcing trip to Nicaragua, where they were on the lookout for the best coffee beans for that perfect cup. At this special afterhours event, attendees will have the opportunity to taste 10 different coffees whilst learning more about the sourcing process and the sustainability of the coffee industry. This event is a great opportunity to learn more about the nation’s second favourite drink – and to try some new variations on an old tradition.  Admission: free. Info: www.yallahcoffee.co.uk   Rum & Reggae Festival Depot Cardiff, Sat 26 May For those of you who like a tipple and a bit of bit of skanking, The Depot’s Rum & Reggae one-day festival is the ideal place to go to soak up the sun and some chilled vibes. In addition to the titular beverage and the world famous musical style, there will also be traditional Caribbean food available and steel drummers to get the hips shaking. Admission: free. Info: www.depotcardiff.com

LONE STAG SPIRITS Gin has been on the rise in popularity of late, particularly before meals as an aperitif, and here in the UK there are now double the number of gin distilleries as there were in 2012, many towards the higher end of the market. One particular local favourite for this writer is Sloane Home, an artisan brand based just outside Cowbridge with a line of drinks called Lone Stag Spirits. The first one worth trying is Lone Stag Black: an infusion of gin, blackcurrants and Colombian coffee, with the latter being roasted over Welsh oak – 16.1% proof in a tall elegant 20cl bottle. I hate coffee, and yet: oh how the coffee, blackcurrants and gin combine in this drink, the smoothness of the coffee mixed with the aroma of the blackcurrants makes for an excellent experience. Over crushed ice it’s even better. The follow up to that was the Lone Stag Spirit, a raspberry and lime gin infusion. Again, it was improved with the addition of ice, but one should also pour a little in a glass of prosecco – supposedly the done thing these days. The taste of the raspberry and lime added such zestfulness to the prosecco that this writer tried a few glasses to make sure the tastebuds were not being deceitful. The Lone Stag Spirit actually won a Great Taste Award by the Guild of Fine Food in August 2017; judging by this it’s a worthy choice, and you won’t go far wrong with their other spirits. Info: www.sloanehome.co.uk CARL MARSH


68 Eastgate Mews, Cowbridge. 01446 775093 / www.arboreal.uk.com Food **** Atmosphere *** The allure of sampling a new Arboreal menu cooked near-entirely in a woodfired oven was enough to travel to Cowbridge of an evening to try out this latest addition to the restaurant’s kitchen. The oven in question has been in situ for a while, but the emphasis has shifted for dishes to be wood-fired and is now reflected in the new menu created by James Rees, formerly of James Sommerin, to provide a menu that revolves around this oven. For a starting course, we had caprese salad, homemade fishcakes, and a hash of potato, chili and chorizo topped with a crispy fried egg, all generously portioned. Moving on to the main event, and the decision of what to choose to be wood-fired. From the board, diners pick their meat (which changes weekly), chicken or fish, and a rub (hot and spicy, smoky and sticky, or lemon and herbs) with a side – from which we picked roasted new potatoes, roasted romani lettuce with bagnacuda, tenderstem broccoli and green beans. Off it goes to be fired; the kitchen and cooking area is in the dining area so you can both see and hear everything that is going on. Thus, the onglet steak was heard and seen being bashed repeatedly before being rubbed. Hake with capers and the chicken courses escaped a beating, but all arrived smoking and ready to go. The concept and the style Arboreal have moved into is interesting: flavours used are plentiful and the wood-fired oven adds to the whole experience. The food was delivered with care and attention, romani lettuce and pickled vegetables lower-key highlights. Desserts, all made in-house as are the dipping sauces, were subsequently shared: raspberry cheesecake and a warm chocolate brownie with ice-cream, all consumed with a couple of bottles of sauvignon blanc. Delicious, rich and an occasional treat. ANTONIA LEVAY


3-5 Guildford Crescent, Cardiff. 029 2038 7404 / thaihouse.biz Food *** Atmosphere *** Considering that the booking for this restaurant was last minute, and that I arrived with only four out of the table of six that was booked, the waiting staff at Thai House were very really very nice. The last two arrived half an hour late (my fault, for various reasons), by which time our mains had arrived: I shared a pad thai and a gang ped bed yang, aka red curry with duck. It’s quite easy to get pad thai wrong, so it was to my delight that this one was light, aromatic and fresh like it should be. The noodles weren’t stodgy and stuck together like you so often get (tip: don’t order pad thai for a takeaway – it doesn’t travel well), it was both dense with flavour and a dish really worth savouring. The only (and major) drawback to it, was its portion size. However fabulous the food was, I have never seen such small portions. The red curry was the same – tiny. And contained grapes, curiously enough. It wasn’t terrible, but certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for ingredient in a Thai curry. With that said, the food, however sparse, was of superb quality. The atmosphere in Thai House is mixed. It was full, which is always a good sign, and the waiting staff’s traditional Thai clothing added to the atmosphere visually, but the decor and layout was a tad cold, lacking the ‘cosy’ feel that makes a great dining experience that little bit extra special.  RUTH SEAVERS


6 Llanrhian Rd, Porthgain, Haverfordwest. 01348 831518 / www. theshedporthgain.co.uk Food **** Atmosphere ***** Nestled in Porthgain, a tiny port village along the Pembrokeshire coast, The Shed is certainly a spectacular place to put a restaurant. With views of the cliffs either side and the old quarry opening out onto the ocean, the mix of old industrial leftover and natural beauty makes for a beautiful location. Inside, the décor is smart and cosy without trying too hard. The temperamental weather on the day we visited made The Shed a welcoming space, helped by the friendliness and charm of the staff. As for the menu, it’s a mix of seasonal a la carte and a more familiar fish-andchips choice, although overall it is a bit more pricey than your standard chippy – starters average £7, mains £17 or so, and a standard cod‘n’chips takes £13.75 from your wallet – but the quality of produce more than makes up for it. Our shared starters of mussels in tomato sauce were juicy, sweet and exceptionally fresh. My partner was not too hungry, so opted for another starter rather than a main, but the tiger prawns she chose were, again, fresh and succulent. The only downside was my choice of lemon sole, which, though it came with a refreshing salad and beautifully cut chips, was quite bland beyond the taste afforded by those two side dishes, even though sole is not regarded as being the most naturally tasty fish. Nevertheless, the mixture of natural beauty and fresh ingredients combine to make The Shed a must-eat location for anyone journeying to the Pembrokeshire coast. FEDOR TOT


Pic: Eve Arnold / Magnum Photos



National Museum Cardiff Sat 5 May-Sun 11 Nov Recently we’ve seen a great deal more attention brought to the status of women in society, and although this has been partly a result of ugly stories like the Weinstein scandal, or centred on debates about pay inequality, it has at least been a catalyst for a lot of highly visible protests, and hopefully some meaningful change. Ultimately, a key battle in universal suffrage was won a century ago this year, though initially it was only women over 30 who were allowed to vote (the voting age for men then being 21), and we still bear witness to gender inequalities on a daily basis 100 years later. This month sees the start of a yearlong exhibition at the National Museum Cardiff which showcases the role of women within photography as artists and innovators – and from December, an examination of the role that the medium has and does play in the misrepresentation and objectification of women. The first part of this exhibition celebrates all that women brought to the world of photography, with the new installation promising to take visitors on a journey through the 150+-year history of celluloid image capturing. Starting in Wales with 19th century pioneers of the art form, audiences will be able to consider innovators such as Mary Dillwyn, whose photographic studies of flora, fauna, family and friends in the early Victorian period pushed the boundaries of what was being recorded on film. The exhibition then moves up to the present day with photographers including Chloe Dewe Matthews and Clementine Schneidermann. One particular highlight is the work of Bieke Depoorter, a Belgian artist whose intimate works centre on people in a domestic setting, travelling around Russia and the USA to capture slices of home life. The National Museum Cardiff has a track record of hosting quality installations and this exhibition promises to continue the trend. With the second part due to upend expectations in December, Buzz will certainly be heading over to take a look through the lens. MAX HARVEY Admission: free. Info: 0300 1112333 / www.museum.wales

Tim Pugh


Aberystwyth Arts Centre Tue 15 May-Sun 8 July From William Turner to Ringo Starr, the sea has often provided an infinite amount of inspiration to artists of all shapes and sizes. It’s in the simultaneously calm and turbulent spaces where land meets sea that so many of these passions are ignited, whether through a sandy childhood holiday or a day spent watching the coast attacked by a storm surge. What better location, then, for a mixed media immersive exhibition celebrating all that happens At The Edge Of The Sea than Aberystwyth Arts Centre, right by Cardigan Bay. From May to July, this group exhibition will take over the Centre’s main gallery, where artists have submitted works in the forms of textiles, ceramics, paintings, photographs, sculpture and films. This includes Helen Pugh’s exquisite textiles, crafted from found objects on beachcombing trips to the seaside, Paul Butler’s paintings juxtaposing banal seaside imagery with dramatic rock figures, Tim Pugh’s photographs of his site-specific painted rock installations, inspired by fragments of washed up Victorian pottery and Jane Williams’ bold ceramics based on sea debris. You must also look out for the odd divebombing seagull by David Jones. Admission: free. Info: 01970 623232 / www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk (SS) BUZZ 40


Volcano Theatre, Swansea Until Wed 30 May What do memories and experiences look like? Hazy? Concrete? Colourful? Dark? Well, in this sculptural installation exhibition by Alison Lochhead, memories are – on first impression – simply heaps of earth and random materials. But if you look deeper, you will find in them stories of people and their hardships. Alison believes memories are stored in the geology of a land and that the earth not only retains memories, but also hints at the injustices done towards the humans living on that land. By collecting materials and processing them in kiln, Lochhead allows these to reveal the past: scars, marks and burns. The alchemy of the kiln that makes this possible is also fascinating, because you don’t know for sure which materials will fuse together; will they reject one another, what will they eventually transform to? Even though we humans leave our mark on the land, not all of those marks are visible. So, what you have are pieces of memories which, when united, create a collective memory and reflection. Lochhead lets your mind wander: an abandoned shoe, for example, makes you think about who wore it, how far they had travelled, and what conflicts they had seen. Admission: free. Info: 01792 464790 / www.volcanotheatre.co.uk (HM)


Spit & Sawdust, Cardiff Thurs 10 May-Mon 12 Nov With this exhibition, London-based artist Chris Alton is referencing a much older artwork: a woodcut print portraying the flood of the Bristol Channel in 1607. The flood killed at least 2,000 people; Cardiff was very badly affected. The original artwork has St Mary’s Church, near Newport, as the focal point. Crudely Plucking The Strings replaces that with Hinkley Point C, currently being built on the channel’s southern bank, which will be the most expensive power station in the world upon completion. Although nuclear power is a low emitter of greenhouse gases, its long-term role on combating climate change is questionable as a lot depends on economic and safety issues. And by mimicking the original work and replacing the church building with the nuclear power station – thus contemporising the setting – Chris’s artwork warn people of a future flood and urge them to question the usage of nuclear power. The artwork will be put up in a billboard structure in the outdoor yard of Spit & Sawdust. This is the organisation’s first billboard commission, and The Arts Council Of Wales are supporting the first two commissions, curated by Freya Dooley. Admission: free. Info: 029 2049 4741 / facebook.com/spitandsawdust (HM)


g39, Cardiff Until Sat 2 June When the Venice Art Biennale opens its doors to the public every two years, 300,000 visitors flock to see what is widely regarded as one of the leading international events for the visual arts. Like many nations, a team made up of artists, writers and curators from Wales are sent out to the Wales In Venice exhibition for the duration of the show to supervise, monitor and maintain the exhibition, with Wales’ 2017 offering being James Richards: Music For The Gift. This team also takes the opportunity to develop and research new work in the midst of Venice. Sightseers, then, is the result of g39 working with the group to display the results of this extended working trip abroad, born out of a unique type of cultural assimilation that takes place when working abroad – where you rapidly transition from wide-eyed, ambling tourist to another local cursing the slow-moving tourists on your daily commute. Set in a replica of the group’s shared domestic space in Venice, on the Isle Of Certosa, each work interacts with each other to create one overarching experience, and showcases what will likely be a selection of early works by Wales’ next generation of prominent artists. Admission: free. Info: 029 2047 3633 / www.g39.org (SS)

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Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd National Museum Cardiff

Ardda ng am dd osfa im Free exhib ition

Merched a Ffotograffiaeth guarantee your copy every month

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Tu ôl i’r Lens

Women in Focus

Behind the Lens


Marilyn Monroe © Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos


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MAY 2018 just fill out this form and post it, along with a cheque to:

Buzz Publishers Ltd, 220c Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff CF5 1GY

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Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NP www.museum.wales/cardiff



Glee Club, Cardiff Bay Thurs 24 May Brian Limond, more familiarly known as Limmy, is bringing his Vines Tour to Cardiff. The comedian has astonished crowds through stand-up and entertained with online anarchy. For a comic known to explore dark themes in his various sketches, what makes Vines different? “What I like with Vines is that I just do it – I can wake up and take inspiration from fuck all,” Limond says. When I’m walking about a wee character pops into my mind. It’s just off the top of my head really.” The first time Limmy did stand-up, it “broke” something in him, he claims, and changed him overnight. “I never thought I would get into it. I came from this person with low self-esteem coming out of uni, didn’t get a job and no intention of getting one, feeling like a freak. To then have all this responsibility, it changes your brain into thinking that anything is possible within reason, even if you're scared.” After the tour, there’s also a new book – his third – coming out: an autobiography which focuses on mental health. “I was asked to do a book about mental health because I have spoken about it a bit, but didn't know if I could write a whole book as I’m not a self-help type of person. So I thought I could write a bit about me and some of that stuff would be in it.” Was it a challenge going deeper into his own life, or is that something that comes naturally to Limmy as a standup comedian? “I’m fine with being open, it’s just hard to pick out what the reader will like. I want to write about mental health, criminal stuff, self-harm and going through low confidence to having a job. I just don't want it to be boring at the end. All the interesting stuff is when I was drinking and being bad to myself. When you start to sort yourself out everything just gets a bit boring. I don't know what the fuck I’ve done for the last five years. I’m just drawn to the daft stuff.” FFION RIORDAN-JONES Tickets: £15/£12 NUS. Info: 0871 4710400 / www.glee.co.uk

Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff Tue 15-Sat 19 May With the centenary of both women’s right to vote and the foundation of the RAF this year, what better way to acknowledge both at once than with Howard Goodall's musical Girlfriends? Brought to Chapter Arts Centre courtesy of Cardiff's Everyman Theatre and set during the early stages of World War II, the show follows the lives of Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel, their personal and work-related lives interwoven against the backdrop of a world at war and presented in a gutsy musical medium by these courageous and fantastic ladies. Our heroines are just as important to ending the oppressive regime of those blighters overseas as that of the brave pilots above our heads, supporting the Royal Air Force with strength and intelligence in their Bomber Command base – fascism doesn’t stand a chance against the choral melodies and enjoyable pace of this show. Although it may not seem like the easiest or indeed the most fitting of subjects for a musical, it does deliver humour without distracting from the gravity of the situation, and the music provides a light relief to this moving and inspiring portrayal of the WAAF and their sterling efforts during WWII. Tickets: £12/£10. Info: 029 2030 4400 / chapter.org.uk (JP) BUZZ 42


Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay Mon 14-Sat 19 May In Wallsend, in the north-east of England, the Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson shipyard loomed large. Sting – musician, singer, songwriter, activist and the town’s native son – saw mighty vessels being raised while he was growing up. That was partly the inspiration for his musical The Last Ship, sailing into Cardiff this month. It tells the story of Gideon Fletcher, a young man feeling confined by his town and childhood sweetheart. Not wanting a job in the shipyard, he becomes a sailor and travels the world. He returns years later wanting a reconciliation with his former flame amidst family and town tensions as it’s announced the shipyard is closing. The Tony-nominated musical has ballads, anthems, folk music and Broadway-worthy showtunes. It isn’t literally autobiographical, though it recalls aspects of Sting’s own life. The production is the ex-Police man’s first stab at penning a musical. After first docking in Chicago and New York in 2014, it debuted anew in Newcastle where it had a sell-out four-week run. Wallsend shares Cardiff’s coal industry and maritime background, so The Last Ship should resonate along with its story of romance, community, hopes, and dreams of striving for a better life. Tickets: £18-£45. Info: 029 2063 6464 / www.wmc.org.uk (RLR)

Pic: Robert Workman

Pic: Pamela Raith Photography



New Theatre, Cardiff Tue 22-Sat 26 May A rich source of inspiration for all sorts of gothic British literature, Henry James’ much-loved novella The Turn Of The Screw has been adapted and reimagined countless times since its 1898 publication. Having sparked debate through its genre-defining and innovative unreliable narrative, the play is known and loved for its ambiguity and layered plot. Under the guidance of Mercury Theatre’s Artistic Director Daniel Buckroyd (The History Boys, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, Peter Pan) comes a five-day stop at Cardiff’s New Theatre as part of the play’s current UK tour. Set in 1840 soon after the start of Queen Victoria’s reign, over the backdrop of Bly, an outwardly gorgeously peaceful country house, the play tells the story of a young governess portrayed by Carli Norris. After agreeing to look after two young children, it soon becomes apparent that they are not the only residents of the house. With the ghosts of Bly’s turbulent past now haunting her every move, the governess is determined to keep her children safe, even if she must pay the ultimate price and face up to her decisions years later. Admission: £16-£33. Info: 029 2087 8889 / www.newtheatrecardiff.co.uk (CE)


Volcano Theatre, Swansea Sat 19 May Volcano Theatre’s contemporary and energetic passion erupts from all of its productions, and The Unbinding is no different. The artist-led Wrong Shoes Theatre Company bring forth their latest show as part of their national tour, in a drama combining horror, physical theatre and an original score by Gary Bamford. The inspiration for this darkly intense thriller draws on historical accounts of witchcraft from Wiltshire and beyond. Set in the melancholy depths of a smalltown church as four aberrant women await their sentences, the story explores mob mentality and the experiences of countless women who endured the witch trials woven among Europe’s history. Wrong Shoes’ director Luke Marquez has said of the play, “The story seems as relevant today as it would have 400 years ago,” which certainly adds to the play’s gripping and evocative suspense. With a warning that some viewers made find some scenes upsetting, in a way this is a mark of how well the play has stuck to the source materials as it sheds light on an aspect of history often overlooked in the world of theatre and drama. Tickets: £12. Info: 01792 464790 / www.volcanotheatre.co.uk (CE)

TheatrauSirGâr Carmarthenshire Theatres

therLife Theatre Company

Mydidae by Jack Thorne

Ammanford 10 Mai / May 19.30

Two people. One bathroom. Nothing to hide. By BAFTA winning writer of Skins, This is England and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

22 May - 02 June

Carmarthen 12 Mai / May 19.30

Llanelli 27 Mai / May 19:30

Carmarthen 14 Mehefin / June 19:30

0845 226 3510 www.theatrausirgar.co.uk

In association with / at



Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff Fri 4 May Remember MTV2 in the late 90s? The Herbaliser, formed by Londoners Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba, always seemed to be on it. The sort of act which would always be a fixture of your cool older brother or sister’s collection, they made a name for themselves with the sort of languid after-hours listening that would help establish Ninja Tune, the label they started out on and enjoyed a long relationship with, as a major force. Now 11 albums and two DJ mixes into a storied career, the Herbaliser inititally as a sample-obsessed duo the they soon morphed into a full band, and a festival fixture for time immemorial. They’ve also amassed a stellar list of collaborations, including Roots Manuva and, er, Princess Superstar. While very much ‘of their time’ – the pair composed music for Motorola, contributed to Guy Ritchie’s Snatch and their music popped up on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarding 2, all of which are historical signifiers if ever we’ve seen them – Cardiff’s got a bit of a taste for soul and jazz at present, so expect to see plenty of seasoned heads joined by some of the increasingly large population of groove-thirtst younger cats nodding away approvingly. Nice. Tickets: £15. Info: 029 2023 2199 (KD) BUZZ 44


Compound @ Jacobs Market, Cardiff Fri 18 May Jacobs might have come to prominence as a club venue with Teak’s vibes-heavy disco and house selections, but it isn’t bad when it needs to be a dark techno cavern either. Compound, last spotted causing a commotion back in 2016 when it brought techno baron Dave Clarke and DVS1 for two nights of stomping, uncompromising 4/4 rhythms, is re resurfacing after nearly two years will be calling upon its services to become just that. Fittingly, they’ve flying in a headliner of real ‘not messing about’ status. Ansome, a Berlin-via-London modular synth maestro, deals in the sort of abrasive, industrial influenced UK techno which has, through the likes of Perc and Blawan, enjoyed something of a resurgence over the past few years, when it was for many years largely the preserve of frightening squat parties that your mate dragged you to but you hadn’t the heart to ask them to leave because they were having such a lovely time so you just ended up styling it out and talking to a nice anarchist lad with a mohawk from Chichester for the evening. Right? Ansome’s mind-melting modular set-up is in a constant state of flux, but one thing you can certainly count on is this being heavy – British Steel, his last release on Perc Trax, was a typically boisterous affair, with layers of sheet metal noise punctuated by heavy rolling grooves, and dare we say it, something of a wry grin. Just check out the record cover, featuring Ansome himself striking a manly pose in the buff, with just a large sledgehammer and a pair of Doc Martens for modestry. Suffice to say, it’s not one for the faint-hearted. Support here comes from Cardiff veteran Midge as well as well as Sam Burton, Julez Wyl and Sam Burton. If you’re looking for an antidote to the seemingly endless swathe of disco and tech-house events popping up in Cardiff, here’s a big fat slug of something a touch stronger. Tickets: £12-£15. Info: 029 2039 0939 KRISTIAN DANDO


Delusion @ The Attic, Swansea Sun 6 May Picture the scene: it’s a bank holiday weekend and the west coast of Wales is basking in a swathes of glorious sunshine. It’s pushing 20 degrees, but the gentle kiss of a cool breeze sweeping in from the Atlantic keeps you from overheating. A satisfying, but not too heavy, lunch and a disco nap later you slip on your glad rags and a ready to bust a move to town to take in some banging tops-off trance, the sort of which Swansea has always been mad for. Well readers, if that doesn’t sound like your idea of bank holiday bliss you’re probably reading the wrong magazine. In a world of trance dominated by spiky-haired Dutch big guns, Jordan Suckley has held a Radio 1 residency, and his own productions have popped up on all the ususal suspects – Spinnin’, Armada, Vandit – you know the score. His own record label, Damaged, has also been a fixture on the upper echelons of the digital download charts. This represents something of a homecoming for Suckley – while he hails from Liverpool, it was while studying business at Swansea University that he won a competition to land a DJ slot at Cream. Give him the hero’s welcome he merits. Tickets: £12. Info: facebook.com/ theatticswansea (KD)


Platform 11, Pontypridd Sun 6 May Do you live in Pontypridd or the surrounding area? Do you fancy a spot of hearty, no-nonsense tech-house action without the hassle of organising a minibus to spirit you and the squad to down to Cardiff? Then we’ve got some rather good news for you. Platform 11’s regular pumpathons have been godsends for house fanciers from north of Cardiff, bringing increasingly impressive bookings to the club. This month they welcome Leftwing & Kody, whose resume reads like a Yellow Pages of credible tech-house labels, if they had one. Maybe they do? I haven’t seen one for a while. Anyway, they’re all there – Steve Lawler’s Viva, German untz-factory Mobilee, Hot Creations, Knee Deep In Sound, you name ‘em. Their latest release, Snap Back was released on the record label of Loco Dice, perhaps ‘the final boss’ of techhouse, and has been prompting all sorts of frenzied reaction across the globe’s discotheques since dropping in March. With a brisk trade in bookings across the globe – expect to see the pair decamp to Ibiza for the summer and end up on the bill of umpteen festivals this summer – now’s a fine time to catch them on your doorstep. Tickets: £6-£10. Info: www. platform11.co.uk (KD)


Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff Fri 1 June The mid-to-late 00s saw UK dance music mutate into new forms, with a swathe of producers and DJs marrying creaking bass weight and skeletal rhythms together to shape what would become dubstep. Loefah not only still commands hushed reverence, he dodged the bullet of being absolutely bloody massive like Skream and Benga, going about his own bass-heavy club hype thing without the trappings or constraints of megastardom. The Swamp81 label boss has been avidly collecting and obsessing over music since the days of hardcore, and when the dubstep hype train started getting ever more overcrowded, Loefah was already starting to push the envelope beyond the 140bpm spectrum. Joining Loefah will be Pangea, a mainstay of the game-changing Hessle Audio crew: while Ben UFO might be the one with the busiest DJ schedule, Pangea is the one with the production chops. He’s also a deft DJ, and a dab hand at supplying club-levelling, genre-hopping sonic heaviness of the highest order. Clwb Ifor’s strength as a bassy sweatbox should come to the fore here, with a genre-hopping, no-compromise night dripping in the history of decades of underground UK music. Tickets: £10-£15. Info: 029 2023 2199 (KD)

Kayla Painter



Various venues, Womanby Street, Cardiff Fri 25-Sun 27 May If you're looking for some alternative music over the May bank holiday weekend, look no further than Cardiff Psych and Noise fest. Taking place over The Moon, Clwb Ifor Bach and both floors of Tiny Rebel, the festival will bring a host of loud and eclectic acts to the city centre. A descendant of previous Womanby Street festivals Strange Daze and Red Sun, this union boasts a bigger lineup and a more diverse range of sounds. Where Strange Daze focused more on the psychedelic and Red Sun focused more on the heavy side of things, this festival mixes both to keep things fresh, letting you discover a whole new world of sounds in some of the best music venues in Cardiff. On the Saturday get ready for the crushing noiserock of Part Chimp, or if you want to see some of the best alternative acts from Wales, check out the cinematic electropop of HMS Morris or surf instrumentalists Y Niwl. There's also Bristol's Kayla Painter, promising to deliver an immersive audio visual show to go along with her brand of dark ambient electronics, while Farm Hand descends from the hills of mid-Wales to bring us a hypnotic batch of synth compositions. There's also the garage punk of Thee MVPs and the progressive stoner rock of Estuary Blacks, among many more acts – and that's just the first day. Newcastle’s ridiculously named Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and their epic slabs of sludgy distortion close off Sunday night, along with alternative rockers Thought Forms and the Japanese psychedelia of Yama Warashi. The Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat bring their own mix of experimental sounds to an already packed lineup, showcasing the best of heavy, strange and eccentric music that Wales and beyond has to offer. Starting off with a free welcome party at The Moon followed by a weekend of bands for only £20, this is a festival any alternative music fan can't afford to miss. Tickets: £20 weekend/£12 per day Sat 26 + Sun 27/free Fri 25. Info: info@themooncardiff.com MATT LEE

Great Hall, Cardiff University Students Union Sat 5 May The eclectic, always entertaining Jungle will be gracing the stage at Cardiff University Students Union, bringing with them an array of lighting displays, dancers and retro funk-pop bangers. With the follow up to their Mercury Prize-nominated debut album due to be released in the near future, founding members Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson – along with their sevenpiece backing band – are sure to bring the heat with an exciting  mix of new material and old hypnotic groovers such as Platoon and Busy Earnin’. Jungle will come armed and heavy with a range of synthesisers, percussion, bass guitars and drums.  They won’t rest until everybody in their crowd is moving along with them, mentally transported away to some form of kaleidoscopic, tropical paradise where the grooves are funkier and the colours are brighter. Their dreamy, soulful sound is sure to resonate with you, and it will leave you shoulder-shuffling the night away until your heart’s content. It’s also their first Cardiff appearance since 2014, when they were at the considerably smaller Globe. Indeed, this somewhat elusive band haven’t toured the UK for a while, so I shouldn’t need to tell you time and time again to grab tickets whilst you can. Tickets: £22. Info: 029 2078 1458 (TO) BUZZ 46


BBC Hall, Swansea Studios, Swansea. Fri 25 May Since moving to Swansea a couple of years back, experimental harpist Rhodri Davies has more or less single-handedly made the city a plausible destination for avant-garde musicians with his NAWR events. Recent guests have included Evan Parker, Philip Corner and Davies’ sometime collaborator Richard Dawson; this month, he welcomes a band of British musicians under the Modern Ritual umbrella, and everything points to it being captivating. Embarking on a tour of sorts – two days apiece in April, May and June – the Modern Ritual concept was devised by Norfolk musician Laura Cannell [pictured], a brilliant pusher of the folk envelope who creates evocative wonder from fiddle and recorder. It explores the notion of ritualism in music and performance, a vast topic dating back maybe thousands of years; performances will be predominantly solo, with a collaborative set by Cannell and Charles Hayward, drummer of This Heat and general renaissance man. Also featuring: the blurry electronics of Suffolk musician Hoofus; a reading by writer Luke Turner on “the sexualised landscape”; Jennifer Allan’s apparently foghorn-themed talk/performance and a solo set by Davies himself. Tickets: £7/£5. Info: www.rwan.cymru (NG)

Ensemble MidtVest

Laura Cannell



St David’s Hall, Cardiff Tue 8 May A classically-trained cellist from the Royal Academy of Music, Oliver Coates’ contribution to the industry in recent years has not been classical by any reckoning. Chopping and looping his cello playing into mesmerising patterns and distorted sweeps intercut with mintech sensibilities, he released the record Upstepping in 2016 to acclaim. Already a veteran of collaboration with giants of more experimental regions, including Massive Attack, DOOM and Actress, Coates joined forces with Mica Levi on creating the soundtrack to Under The Skin, later producing an album together, Remain Calm. Forming an acquaintance with Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, Coates was brought out to score Philip Thomas Anderson’s The Master and There Will Be Blood, and later asked back to play on Radiohead’s own A Moon Shaped Pool album with the London Contemporary Orchestra – their work on the track Daydreaming “the sound of the album,” according to Thom Yorke. Coates comes to St David’s Hall as part of the Nightmusic series, which looks to bring contemporary British chamber music artists through Cardiff. Alongside pieces by Coates and Levi, Tŷ Cerdd also presents a commission of choice Welsh artists for the concert. Tickets: £10. Info: 029 2087 8444 (JM)


Various venues, Cardiff and Vale Of Glamorgan Wed 9-Wed 16 May Forget the usual litany of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart: this annual celebration is “unique in the UK as the only classical music festival dedicated to the music of living composers.” Featured Welsh composer John Metcalf is the founder and Artistic Director to this day, and both he and the Vale Of Glamorgan Festival are award winners. Having started out in 1969, in 1992 the festival began showcasing more modern works. Composers from/based in Britain such as Ian Clarke, Matthew Jones, John Metcalf, Steph Power, Peter Reynolds, David Roche and Helen Woods are well-represented along with their contemporaries worldwide. In addition to Cardiff-hosting venues, there’s also Bridgend church Ewenny Priory and Penarth Pier Pavilion. These all have fabulous acoustics where you’ll hear divertimentos, concertos, nocturnes, preludes, sonatas, suites, variations and more. There’s only one event each day so you don’t have to choose between Ivan Ilic, Matthew Jones, Alice Neary, Jan Willem Nelleke, Jose Zalba Smith, Annabel Thwaite, Ensemble MidtVest, BBC National Orchestra Of Wales and BBC National Chorus Of Wales. Tickets: £12-£16.50 per event (free-£3 NUS). Info: 0333 666 3366 (RLR)


06 MAY





14 MAY





Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff


Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

MACHINE HEAD Cardiff University


Brangwyn Hall, Swansea


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16 JUN


TONY CHRISTIE The Gate, Cardiff








Recreation Ground, Bath




Recreation Ground, Bath

Caerphilly Castle



NICK HEYWARD The Globe, Cardiff


Caerphilly Castle





Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama


reviews albums ANONYMOUS ICONOCLASTS **** A.I. (Bywyd) You can almost smell the pubs these songs were honed in. At first a seeming tribute to the era of dad-rock, there’s a definite late 70s experimental flavour that creeps into some of the tracks on this surprisingly fun and bright guitar record, like Status Quo had to share a studio space with XTC or a coked-out Bowie. It’s rough, sometimes even corny, but as a surprisingly tight and joyful bit of musicality it would go down great with a pint. JM

BONG **** Thought And Existence (Ritual Productions) With two tracks clocking in at just under 40 minutes, the new album from Newcastle’s doom/noise outfit Bong was never going to be an easy listen. First track The Golden Fields is a crescendo of pure sonic escapism, while Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius with its mystical drone and offkilter tribal drum patterns is positively upbeat in comparison and takes us to realms only the likes of Neurosis and the like have previously taken us. CA

CATRIN FINCH & SECKOU KEITA ***** Soar (Bendigedig) Does what it says on the tin subtly and gracefully: Welsh harpist Finch and Senegalese kora player Keita co-exist and intertwine so perfectly on their magical and ethereal second album. This mostly instrumental work includes celebrating the first Dyfi osprey born in Wales in modern times (Clarach), her journey and that of migrant Keita. Soar tells of warm welcomes, a joyous thank you, a heavenly arrangement of a Bach aria and a remembering of the flooded Tryweryn valley that’s tinged with sadness. RLR

DEAN WEEN * Rock2 (Schnitzel) If you see a reference to Ween, the descriptor ‘cult band’ is never far away. But cults aren’t always renowned for being that much fun – remember Waco? Nominally an alternative rock outfit (yes – alternative to good), Ween also dabbled in lounge and country, as does Dean Ween’s second solo LP. I just don’t get the appeal or the joke, not that the humour is exactly high-brow – the second track’s called Fingerbangin’, for fuck’s sake. The selfsatisfied chuckle at the end of Pussy On My Pillow, after yet more pointless rambling and noodling, says it all. BW




Gate 13 (IOT)

Longest Shadow (Bubblewrap)

Amerikana Arkana (Kailua)

With boom-bap slowly losing its prevalence in modern hip-hop, there’s a still a few MCs and producers holding true to the classics. Del + Amp Live deliver slick humorous lyricism alongside East Coast headbopping production. Tracks like Chilli Sauce and Help are a true testament to the pair’s creativity, whilst others like Gravy Train and Sit Ya Ass Down show why they’re considered devotees of the game. Intermittently bringing in elements of funk and jazzy samples rounds off a cleanly put together piece of work. CP

Ivan Moult is back with his second album and his voice sounds as fragile as ever. The opening haunting vocals on Keep Cautious set the tone of the album immediately, with vocals reminiscent of Nick Drake but always with an individual element. Folk can be tiresome in album form, but this is no monotone trudge, eclectic in its subject matter and delivery – on both Speaking In Tongues and Oh No, for example, the bar is still being raised. JE

Some gothic country/folk from London, following the recent UK trend for the sounds of the American prairies. The Magic City Trio are a solid bunch, with a good ear for a murder ballad. There’s an excellent version of Down In The Willow Garden, but otherwise these are all originals, and opener Black Dog Following Me is a prime slice of swampy goth country, with consistent songwriting on display throughout, with the occasional slip; one is reminded of The Handsome Family, but not quite as literary or vivid. FT

DINOSAUR **** Wonder Trail (Edition) Wonder Trail feels like a fantastic journey through Dinosaur’s farfrom-prehistoric sound world. It’s, almost, bookended by Renewal Pts. 1&2. The point of departure and return is groove-based drums, glacial Rhodes and riffy bass underneath Laura Jurd’s bright and inventive trumpet lines. What comes in between is a range of material that at times could be late Radiohead; at others early Mingus. With only one track over four minutes these excellent, postcard-size pieces invite a return visit. JPD

GAZ COOMBES **** World’s Strongest Man (Hot Fruit) Embracing his falsetto to great effect on his third solo album, Gaz Coombes has taken inspiration for World’s Strongest Man from the same places as many a musician in his early 40s: Frank Ocean, weed and the countryside. The variety of the songs here is akin to Supergrass’ excellent Life on Other Planets and mixes up blues, r’n’r and soul, which have been laid out across the record in such a way that it’s difficult to tire of. BG

IDRIS ACKAMOOR & THE PYRAMIDS *** An Angel Fell (Strut) Hailed as one of the pioneers of the more cosmic, otherworldly realms of jazz, The Pyramids return with a familiar offering, blending elements of dub, rock, folk, jazz and funk in typical 70s style. Melodies and rhythms are strong and plentiful, but they do little to justify the wayward improvisation that gratingly overwhelms this record. Whilst a fervent fanatic of this genre might find a lot to appreciate, many would argue it falls short of being a seminal contribution to modern jazz. CPI

JOHN MAUS ***** Addendum (Ribbon Music) Bookending last year’s long-awaited studio comeback, Addendum revisits a familiar sonically gloom-ridden nethersphere, with the lo-fi maestro continuing to design avantgarde synth pop for a distant dimension. As clandestine Tangerine Dream-esque electronica lurks on Privacy, Maus conjures the oppressive dystopian mystique and miasmic soundscapes that have come to define the core tenor of his work. As an extension to Screen Memories, this serves as a solid reminder of the Minnesotan’s idiosyncratic, often nihilistic art of baroque songcraft. CHP


NAS *** Illmatic: Live from the Kennedy Center (Mass Appeal) An RSD release, with the twist being that the iconic NYC rapper is performing the entirety of his debut with an orchestra in tow. Twenty-plus years down the line, Nas’ MCing is still near-flawless, and writing this good doesn’t age a day. But the orchestra is underused – what could have expanded a limited production on the original into a widescreen scope is mostly used to just add occasional hints of texture, so what you’re left with is just a slightly muddier version of Illmatic. But hey, it’s still Illmatic. FT

Singularity (Domino)

PEACE ****

Album number five from Jon Hopkins splits neatly in two. The first half is buzzy, building banging techno; the second then glides up to the clouds, all pretty electronics, treated piano, and wordless choral singers. And, stretching the clouds metaphor somewhat, certain listeners will see and hear beautiful shapes and wonder in Singularity. Others will simply experience a weightless, ignorable haze. While there’s clearly thought and technique behind this album, nothing lingers or lodges in my mind. SE

Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll (Ignition)


The latest offering from Worcester-born quintet Peace is rocky, poppy and a bit funky, the title track even carrying a scarf-swaying 1970s vibe. Harry Koisser’s vocals are smooth and full of feeling, and the lyrics have a definite message – be nice to each other and be concerned about mental health issues. Choose Love would make a great anthem as would Power; there’s something familiar about this album that makes it easy listening and radio-friendly. LN

Mr Jukebox (Third Man)


Before Joshua Hedley became a teenager he was playing the fiddle in bars in Florida; a visit to Nashville set him on his way to making music. Whilst his contemporaries have added a modern sheen to their country soul, what makes Mr Jukebox stand out is a classic country sound that has not been tampered with. Without any exaggeration, listening to Hedley sing is like listening to prime Johnny Cash or Roy Orbison. Mr Jukebox is faultless. DN

A Short Obsession With Time (AntiFragile) The themes of remembrance and the passing of time stretch throughout this very likeable second album from The People The Poet. The Springsteen obsession may be too much for some – sax fills are shoehorned in at odd places and hook lines are close rewrites (We Were Born Running, anyone?). But that doesn’t spoil the genuine feel in the songwriting or the strength of the performances. There’s no E Street in Cardiff, but that doesn’t stop these guys bringing the New Jersey sound to south Wales. JPD


PS4/XboxOne/PC/Mac/mobile (Epic Games) The ever evolving Fortnite Battle Royale got its latest update recently with the addition of the brilliant Port-AFort feature. The game itself features up to 100 players, gliding down from a flying bus, to a land where they must survive by whatever means. This means finding weapons and resources to help you become the last man standing. The new feature is an instantly enjoyable grenade, which when thrown creates a pop-up base. The game of the moment just keeps getting better, and it’s still free. ****CA



PS4/XboxOne/PC (Ubisoft) Ubisoft have done it again –the perfect mixture of creepiness, contemporary narrative and the usual Far Cry oddness. Set in Hope County, a fictional area of Montana, our main character is tasked with the job of defeating The Cult, a radical religious group. This is a huge leap in history from Far Cry 4 and, in short, a step back in the right direction for the series. A return to conventional Far Cry with a brilliantly strange villain in The Father. ****SF

SAMBA TOURÉ **** Wande (Glitterbeat) Quite the magic trick for Touré here, as Wande is simultaneously easy-going, spooky, bland and moving over the course of 43 minutes. It's the seventh album from the longstanding Malian guitarist and Ali Farka Touré band member, and, bar one disturbingly jaunty number, rolls along nicely on lackadaisical, parched guitar with occasional scrapes of second string instruments. A little dinner party music for sure, but one where you discover you actually love these people around you. WS

SEÁN MCGOWAN ***** Son Of The Smith (Xtra Mile) Seán McGowan, Southampton’s answer to Billy Bragg, sings about cups of tea, tube rides, and his nan. His new album is poetic and raw – McGowan tells it warts and all, and it’s his lyrics that stand out, often pushing the music into the background. There are some nice melodies here though, and a few softer moments such as Oh My Days and the emotional Springhill. LN

STONE BROKEN *** Ain’t Always Easy (Spinefarm) Following a triumphant set at last summer’s Steelhouse Festival, West Midlands quartet Stone Broken return to the mountain this year with a new album. First single Heartbeat Away deals with the pain of domestic abuse, with vocalist Rich Moss exorcising some demons, while Home sees the band expanding into rock ballad territory. Eleven tracks of hard rock in the vein of Nickelback and Stone Sour. CA

JAMES **** Better Than That EP (Infectious) Not gonna lie, I opted to review this EP to release some frustration by slating it mercilessly. Turns out though, that it’s damned good. Channelling Wah Wah-era James, the title track is one of the best tunes they’ve churned out in years and the rest of the ensemble doesn’t fare too badly either. BG


THE KENNETHS ** Ex EP (self-released) If their band name’s not a 30 Rock reference, take one star off. Catchy, cheeky and shinily-produced garage rock is the Kenneths’ thing, notable mostly for squeezing a little Colin Hunt ‘personality’ into the vocals. The last song ups the tempo, panting manically like a Dickies/ Revillos hybrid. It's not brilliant. WS

OMNI **** Sunset Preacher / Confessional (Chunklet) This Atlanta group were heartily recommended to me the other week, spurring my ears into action when this 7” came down the pipe more recently, and it’s all worked out nicely. Omni play bungee rope-tight postpunk coloured by powerpop pep, in the realm of Protomartyr or, more obscurely, early-00s Californians with a Scottish singer Giant Haystacks. NG

YE NUNS *****

Diane Morgan returns for her latest mockumentary outing as the clueless Philomena Cunk. Capturing the style of modern documentaries perfectly, Morgan confounds experts in various fields with her irreverent questions about British history, such as asking Robert Peston what the most political moment in British history is. The series is a continuation of her other shows, Cunk On Christmas and Cunk On Shakespeare. Don’t expect to learn anything from the show, other than that people will still try and answer questions no matter how stupid. ****GE



With warmer weather approaching, we are reminded that sunny days are often our best. And sitting down to an episode of Love on Netflix feels like a stroll through the streets of LA with the sun pelting down. With Judd Apatow at the helm, expect grown-up-gags aplenty, but leads Paul Rust (also co-writer) and Gillian Jacobs navigate the set-ups, the streets and the sex with a genuine innocence and subtle maturity that is often lacking from Apatow’s big screen fare. Whether you’re looking for something to watch with your morning coffee or settling down with a glass of crisp Californian white, you’ll be addicted to the bitesize chunks with one sitting. *****JS

I Don’t Want To Do This Again / Don’t Worry (State)


A curio, but not a novelty, Ye Nuns exist, costumes and all, as an all-female tribute to gonzoid US GI garage rock legends The Monks, and are so good ex-Monk Eddie Shaw can gift them these two original songs. The detail (manic organ stabs, guitar skronk, drum thump) is as present as the spirit, and it works, bangs, destroys. WS


Riverdale is what you put on when the house needs cleaning. There is a brilliance to the writing in its ability to move between maple-sweet Americana and haunting (although family-friendly) death scenes, but the sheer volume of exposition, predictability and dramatic storylines that aren’t really that dramatic leaves little for the older viewer to get their teeth into. And whilst it’s great to see Archie Andrews et al brought to life, it’s clear from the start that the ensemble are little more than archetypal teens to hang the comic character’s names on. Good fun. Great dialogue. Enjoyable rhythm… fire up the vacuum and book the day off. ***JS



African Scream Contest Volume 2 (Analog Africa)



TT ** LoveLaws (Caroline/LoveLeaks) LoveLaws is the debut album from TT, aka Warpaint guitarist/vocalist Theresa Wayman. It features (among others) Jenny Lee Lindberg and Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint. Needless to say, it sounds like Warpaint,/ albeit with programmed beats and a murkier, somethingof-the-night-about-it vibe. Dram bears eloquent testimony to Wayman’s claim to have been influenced by trip-hop, and I’ve Been Fine unfurls in dramatic fashion, but for the most part the record is dreary in its listlessness. BW

A decade on from volume one, this compilation of African funkiness is well worth the tardiness and comes with covert Russian involvement, after compiler Samy Ben Redjeb despatched the headhunter Lokonen Andre to apply his 70s KGB training to locate the Benin musicians to licence their music. The result is an outlandishly varied compilation, from Batman riffs to antique synths and JBs drumbeats, with numbers from Tohon Stan, Antoine Dougbé, Super Bourgou and Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo being the deadliest. CS

singles BASTIEN KEB **** Midnight Nasties EP (+ Fours) Keb, aka Seb Jones, is a multi-instrumentalist/ singer – deep to falsetto – who gives us a piece of ‘the city at night’ with this EP. He’s learned lessons well from past masters and is proficient at experimenting – playing that funky music, along with jazz, nu-soul and electro. RLR

When it comes to song titles, Fallow appear to favour the long, unwieldy, slightly zany sort which many hardcore and emo bands favoured about 15 years ago. Not sure any of the five members are old enough to have been plugged in thus at the time, but whoever they cribbed from, the results are sterling. Moody post-rock tinkling morphs into slashing riffery, muttered spoken vocals into am-dram bellowing anguish; perhaps appropriately, one song is called I’ll Stop Being Hamlet When You Stop Being A Massive Twat. NG

FIOLED facebook.com/fioledband Fallow include a cellist in their lineup, unusually for an old-skool emo band; Fioled, a quartet from Cardiff, boast both violin and keytar. They are a very different proposition though: part polished Celtic folk, thanks mainly to the voice and fiddle of Sioned Maskell, part robust and driving indie which seems to hint at Arcade Fire or the National’s anthemic qualities. Peace On Mars, one of two songs currently on their Soundcloud, stands out by combining a prominent bassline and 70s-style electric folk flourishes. NG



The latest Belgian crime drama to find a home on Channel 4, this is a brutal whodunnit set in the grimy, godforsaken city of Aalst. Detective Peter Devriendt (as drained of life as the city itself) and his new partner Vicky Degreave (demoted from Special Ops because of a dodgy back) lead a team on the trail of Moses, a religious maniac intent on punishing those he deems to have strayed from the paths of righteousness. While heavily indebted to the likes of Se7en and Messiah, director Maarten Moerkerke cleverly wrings every ounce of social commentary possible from a seemingly clichéd script. ****KM


A Netflix reboot of the original 1965 series of the same name, this follows the Robinsons and other families as they try to survive in an unfamiliar and hostile environment after crash landing on an uncharted planet many light years from their destination. Although the setting is unfamiliar, the issues they explore are relatable to everyone, touching on family and societal relationships. The series is gripping and suspenseful, as it pays homage to the original Robinson family whilst still able to attract new sci-fi fans and space enthusiasts. ****TH


music news EXTRA

Gruff Rhys [pictured] releases his sixth solo album Babelsberg on Fri 8 June, on the Rough Trade label. Its 10 songs were recorded with haste in 2016, then embellished over a longer period, with the BBC National Orchestra Of Wales composer Stephen McNeff. More regular sidemen also feature, including Stephen ‘Sweet Baboo’ Black and Cardiff-based drumming American Kliph Scurlock. One track from the LP, Frontier Man, was released in April: a lush country number with a fair hint of Lee Hazlewood is bolstered by a video which opens in Cardiff, specifically a snow-covered Victoria Park, and finds the singer travelling far and wide to dispose of a plastic bottle discarded by litterbug Scurlock Also back with LP number six next month are Bridgend metallers Bullet For My Valentine, who release Gravity through Search And Destroy on Fri 29 June. They’ve got a new drummer, Jason Bowld, and – they reckon – a new sound, with synths and film soundtrack influences bleeding into their groove/thrash melange. Over It, an album track that dropped in early April and is already well past the million-view mark, doesn’t entirely uphold this claim, even if its navelgazing pop-metal sound is larded with keyboards and twinkly Protooled effects. Gareth Williams, formerly a member of Welsh language rap group Tystion, died in March aged 39. Also known as MC Chef, Williams was a Carmarthenshire schoolfriend of Tystion’s founder member Steffan Cravos, but joined

the band for their third and final album, 2000’s Hen Gelwydd Prydain Newydd. Its combination of Public Enemy-influenced rhythms and anti-imperialist, antiNew Labour lyrics proved thrilling, and made Tystion a popular live draw in Wales, before they split in 2002. Sadly, Williams struggled with alcoholism for several years after, succumbing to the disease on 19 Mar Indie label Libertino Records, founded in 2017, is set to release its first vinyl artefact next month: a UK pressing of Alex Dingley’s Beat The Babble. The third album by Welsh songsmith Dingley, its eccentric lo-fi folk-rock came out in 2016 on US imprint Birth, with copies scarce on UK soil. As such, Libertino – who, like Dingley, hail from Carmarthenshire – have taken the plunge and will re-release BTB, with new sleeve art, on Fri 15 June Once, there was a Cardiff band called Die! Chihuahua Die!, who played boisterous garage punk and released one album in 2010 before disbanding. They reformed at the start of 2018, however, playing Pontypridd in April and Cardiff Psych & Noise Fest this month. During their hibernation, a band called Die!Chiwawa!Die formed in Guangzhou, China, playing absurdist prog rockmeets-hardcore. Whether their name is an unfeasible coincidence, or they appropriated it from the Welsh group while they were defunct, is presently mysterious – but not only have the two bands been in touch, there are plans for them to release a split record. Isn’t that nice?


A Cardiff-based duo of Stephen Black and Paul Jones, Group Listening’s debut album Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 1 arrives this month on Prah Recordings, a London label whose catalogue also includes Oliver Coates (see this month’s Music page). Clarinet & Piano are, for these eight pieces, the instruments of choice for Black and Jones respectively – sparse, chamber-ambient arrangements afforded studio overdubs and processing, but allowing a buoyant, pastoral air to dominate. Each track is a reworking of the duo’s favourite musicians, with the clear common factor their expression of both avant-garde and pop sensibilities. Opening with a blissed reading of Wenn Der Südwind Weht, by German electronicist Roedelius, Group Listening pay respect to new age pioneer Steve Roach (an almost chintzy take on Snow Canon), the purportedly baby-sedating 60s exotica of Raymond Scott (Happy Whistler) and – in a three-song run that arguably nails their biggest precedents – Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt and Arthur Russell (Julie With, Maryan and A Little Lost). Black and Jones’ relationship began as music students and goes back 15 years or so on record – both feature on the debut albums by JT Mouse and Spencer McGarry Season. Jones has been a consistent presence on Cardiff’s jazz scene in recent years; Black, as Sweet Baboo, has released several warmly praised odd-indie albums, toured the UK frequently and moonlighted with musicians including, most recently, Gruff Rhys. In that same collaborative spirit, Jones has contributed to the last two Sweet Baboo albums, and Clarinet & Piano is a lovely record testament to both friendship and creativity. grouplistening.bandcamp.com


one louder

THIS isn’t the first time I’ve lamented this, I know, but an music-based opinion column in a monthly magazine carries an inbuilt handicap, now more than ever. At best, there would usually be another week to wait until publication, which, for anything topical, might as well be a year in the present-day news cycle. So in the week that it is while I’m typing this, pop singer Morrissey has been in the news (or featured among news, at least) for uploading an interview on his own website, conducted by a mysterious journalist who grilled the indie icon with tough questions like “Your recent tour was magnificent. You seemed very happy.” Moreover, Morrissey was given carte blanche to lay out his political agenda – which includes the eyepopping assertion, “Halal slaughter requires certification that can only be given by supporters of Isis,” and support for recently-founded fringe party For Britain, who are close enough to being outright fascists that it would only really be worth debating it in the event of a libel suit. Nevertheless, by the time you read this it may have been forgotten about. Until the next time Morrissey does or says something racist, whereupon these quotes will be added to the rap sheet. We could just ignore him, yes, but for many that would be naive: it’s notable that the singer can claim to shun the media while still featuring prominently in it, because scores of websites get a page-impression bonanza every time they write about him being a prick. So what’s my excuse? I mean... I’ve never bought a record by Morrissey or The Smiths, or seen him play live, or thought that his quotable statements (even the less objectionable ones) warrant his canonisation as a Wildean wordsmith. What does interest me is the question of how Morrissey’s racism lines up with that of wider society. Every flashpoint of weary outrage he incites seems to find him slightly more bigoted and reactionary, but does this reflect an actual shifting of his views over time, or a self-assessment of what he can get away with? To this end, you could force an analogy with (white) Britain of 2018, where most people at least have a loose understanding that they can’t be explicitly racist in public. This, you will appreciate, is distinct from ‘Britain is no longer racist’, and ushers in a world of coded bigotry fuelled by inference and ‘not being able to say what [you] really think” and the proverbial dogwhistles. Unlike Morrissey, most people’s bad politics are of interest to virtually noone else. Also unlike Morrissey, most people don’t have the luxury to not really work for a few years, so if they get caught being racist in an actionable way, it might actually put a spanner in their life. This presumed interview also dropped in the same week that it emerged the government had destroyed paperwork relating to post-WWII Caribbean immigrants, leaving them vulnerable to deportation in spite of their confirmed British citizenry. Hard, amidst stiff competition, to think of a more appalling and less arguable case of institutional racism in the last eight years of Conservative government. Yes, there are cheerier counterpoints to this everywhere, even if just seedlings and acorns, but equally it feels like we get both the aging musical icons and the political masters we deserve, bound together in a feedback loop. UNIFORM and THIGHPAULSANDRA (Buffalo, Cardiff, Tue 1 May); ZOLLE, CONQUEROR WORM and ATLAS (Cathays Community Centre, Fri 4); SAMOANS and THE DEATH OF MONEY (Clwb Ifor Bach, Sat 12); BOYTOY and VAN-ILLA (The Moon, Mon 14); FANGCLUB (Le Public Space, Newport, Thurs 17); APOSTILLE and BEAUTY PARLOUR (Undertone, Mon 28) and WUSSY (Moon, Tue 29) are all nice and not racist, probably. NOEL GARDNER


Shakatak 04.05.18



Barbara Dickson

Beverly Craven

07.05.18 & 18.08.18


Fairport Convention 23.05.18





Toyah 02.06.18 Also appearing at Acapela / Hefyd ar lwyfan Acapela Dean Friedman, Nell Bryden, Cara Dillon, Mike Sanchez, Ralph Mctell, Steve Harley, Acoustic Strawbs, Emily Maguire, The Christians and many more. Acapela Studio Heol y Pentre, Pentyrch, Cardiff CF15 9QD 029 2089 0862 info@acapela.co.uk




THE OCCASIONAL VEGAN Sarah Philpott (Seren)

The first 35 pages of this wonderful book are dedicated to a voyage into veganism, healthy cooking tips, practical advice, tools of the trade and why Sarah became a vegan. She talks about her relationship with food from a young age, to her 30s where the option of a cruelty-free lifestyle became her way of life and, from this, her absolute decision to become a vegan. That’s before you even get into the 70 beautifully illustrated recipes inside. The story behind why this was written is equally as inspiring as are the dishes. Her love of food and total admiration for her mother who brought her up as a single parent in Wales is a genuinely heartwarming tale, which makes this book more enjoyable. Divided into four sections – ‘The Working Week’, ‘For The Weekend’, ‘High Days And Holidays’ and ‘Comfort Food And Children’s Favourites’ easily dispels any myths about cooking with plant-based produce and delivers a fun and easy go-to reference book. Veganism as a dietary choice among British people has increased by 350% in the last decade and is still growing, with all ages converting to a healthier and more sustainable way of eating. The Occasional Vegan is a handy guide to help you venture into a meat-free world of cooking while maintaining a tasty and interesting selection of dishes. My personal favourites from the book are Kentucky fried cauliflower with sweet potato fries and the one-pan brunch… delish! Do it, your body will thank you for it. ANTONIA LEVAY Price: £12.99. Info: www.serenbooks.com


Brian Lee (History Press Ltd)

Over the years, Cardiff historian Brian Lee has done a stellar job in documenting the city’s history. Now amended for 2018, Voices of Cardiff is stuffed full of genuinely interesting stories of the people who graced its streets in days gone by, told by the people who were there and further enhanced with fascinating photography. One Cardiffian fondly recalls playing in canals that were plagued with water rats and dead animals in days of yore, while another remembers days spent at the speedway track at Penarth Road Stadium. Just two of the many memories, lovingly collected by Lee in this absolute treasure of a book. And remember: before Ninjah and Toy Mic Trev, there was Hairy Mick and Cough Candy. (CA) Price: £12.99. Info: www.thehistorypress.co.uk


Rebecca Fleet (Doubleday)

On the outside, everything looks fine for Caroline, Francis and baby Eddie. A perfect family. But all is not as it seems. He is a pill junkie, and she is looking for extra-marital excitement which she finds with a coworker 10 years her junior. Fast forward two years and things have changed for the better. Francis is clean and Caroline is happy. When the offer of a house swap is mooted, they leave their city centre flat in Leeds for the leafy inner suburb of Chiswick. When they arrive at the house they find it strangely empty, and, as the days go by it appears that small things they discover seem significant, as if the owner knows who they are, and what they are hiding from both their pasts. The House Swap is a terrific thriller with plenty of dirty deeds done indoors. (MT) Price: £12.99. Info: www.penguin.co.uk


Naomi Kruger (Seren) Naomi Kruger’s debut novel May is a triumph. We follow the contours of dementia through the eyes of our protagonist May over one day in an old-age home. Her chapters form a series of memories that represents the confusion of thought as well as the poetic tragedy of the illness and the human condition. May’s day is interspersed with flashbacks from people relevant to her life. Each character is valuable within their own chapters as well as to May’s story, all working together as pieces of the great puzzle that is Kruger’s narrative. It is done with craft and a clear structure, despite its largely non-linear progression. The plot retains consistent realism without boring; there were points at which the writing was a bit too simple for the depth of the content, but ultimately May is contemporary, funny, relevant and personal. (MTH) Price: £8.99. Info: www.serenbooks.com BUZZ 52






The highlight of May, for me, is International Dylan Thomas Day, which is on 14 May each year – the anniversary of the first reading of Under Milk Wood in New York in 1953. This time there are already, at the time of writing, more than 50 events taking place around the world! The full list of events can be found on the website of Dylan’s own granddaughter, Hannah Ellis, who is at the helm of #DylanDay this year. Go to www. discoverdylanthomas.com to find out more. May is also the month in which the Wales Book Of The Year shortlist is announced. This should be on or around Fri 11 May; please keep an eye on the Literature Wales website for further details of this exciting and prestigious award and event. On Sat 12, there will be an all-day festival for children and families to celebrate books of all kinds, inspire new authors and enjoy reading, writing and storytelling. Pontypridd Children’s Book Festival will take place at the Pontypridd Museum as well as on the banks of the nearby River Taff. It begins at 9am and will include free events such as displays, music and activities, as well as ticketed events with authors, readings, and masterclasses, etc. Contact pontypriddkidsbookfest@gmail.com for further information. Over in Cardigan, then, on Fri 25, we have the regular Cellar Bards night. This time, the feature poet is Menna Elfyn who will be reading from her latest bilingual collection. This will be followed by the usual open mic, if you fancy reading alongside Menna yourself. Tickets are just £3, available on the night, and the evening begins at 8pm at the Cellar. I’ve been to this event several times, and it is awesome, so do, if you can, go along! On Wed 30, finally, we see the launch of a new bilingual collection of poetry, Cuddle Call? by National Poet Of Wales Ifor ap Glyn. Chaired by Professor Damian Walford Davies, this chummy chat and reading takes place at Compass in Hay-On-Wye, and is part of the Hay Festival. With a 7pm start, tickets are £7 and can be booked in advance from the Hay Festival website. And that’s it for this month, friends! Enjoy the good weather, the good company, and the good words. Until next time!

THE SUSTAINABLE FOOD GUIDE In the independent spirit of this month’s food and drink special, here’s an all-Welsh selection of related things. Eat, sip, clean, visit, learn – in sustainable fashion the whole way. A pinch of salt

Not Bad For A Taff

Any chef will tell you to always choose the finest ingredients for your recipes. We're lucky to have Anglesey’s Halen Môn in Wales, and they have a fantastic choice of condiments too. Celebratory Ceramic Jar with 100g Pure White Sea Salt (limited edition) – £13.90 www.halenmon.com

Bryan Webb is a Michelin-starred chef who runs his restaurant in Denbighshire. He shares 24 of his recipes in this book, but if you fancy seeing how it's really done then book a weekend at Tyddyn Llan for pure indulgence and walks in beautiful rural surroundings. Two-bed room + dinner from £350.00 / book from £1.99 www.tyddynllan.co.uk

Bubble Up Soap Dispenser & Dish Brush Set

Nom Nom I've often purchased a Nom Nom bar as a present but they never seem to reach its desired recipient. Amazing flavours, big satisfying bars and locally produced, ethically sourced ingredients. Bars from £4.50 www.nomnom.cymru

An alternative to the manky sponge, this soap dispenser and dish brush set is made from recycled plastic and sustainable bamboo and uses a longlasting ceramic base. £14 www.asliceofgreen.co.uk

Cookery school for various skill levels

Some like it hot Chris Fowler has been perfecting his homegrown chillis for 10 years. He grows, harvests and produces his own chillies and sells sauces at the Riverside Farmers Market. Buzz dares you to try the ‘281’, made from a blend of 281 different chilli strains! Bottles from £5 www.welshdragonchilli.weebly.com www.lightmyfire.com

“The magic is in the fingers” – having all the kit doesn’t mean you can cook. Learn while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Bodnant near Conwy. Courses cover vegetarian cooking to a Welsh black beef masterclass. Yum. Courses from £115 www.bodnant-welshfood.co.uk/learn/ cookery-school

Light your fire

Recycled keep cup

If you’re lacking in woodcraft skills and don’t know how to rub sticks together try these. Made from natural wood shavings and paraffin wax, they are odourless so won’t spoil the flavour of your food. Available in boxes of 24-200. From £2.99 www.certainlywood.co.uk

The world’s first keep cup recycled from single use cups, helping solve the issue of masses of single use cups filling up landfill and our oceans. Various colours – £12 www.rcup.co.uk








1. Mallaig 2. Peanmeanach Bothy at night 3. Loch Moidart 4. Dun Ardtreck Broch, Isle of Skye 5. Peanmeanach Bothy - All photos: Sam Gore

THE WET AND WILD MAGIC OF GLENUIG Dafydd Haine visits the wild west coast of Scotland. I’ve visited Glenuig a number of times over the years – and the rich, mysterious Scottish coastline that it lies upon – and in many ways, I could be anywhere in rural Britain. Greenery and rain clouds, Post Offices and pubs, a warm but weary populace used to the ebbing and flow of the seasonal tourist trade. But somehow, here, as I do in many parts of the old Celtic corners of these islands, I sense something broader, more timeless, and curiously stranger... and it’s not just the place names. Even before arrival, halfway through journeying west from the local hub of Fort William, the A830 passes through the tales of Glenfinnan. Perched at the northern end of the slender Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan these days is famous thanks to two young men: first, the real-life Bonnie Prince Charlie, who kick-started his Jacobite Uprising here in 1745 (but ultimately failed in his quest to seize the British throne); and second, the nearly-real-life figure of one H. Potter, who often crosses the towering Glenfinnan viaduct on his way to Hogwarts. Film fans gather accordingly, and Dumbledore’s final resting place can also be found nearby, on the windswept Eilean na Moine on Loch Eilt. Closer to Glenuig, the organic wonders continue. In the village itself, there is often a chance to hear local, traditional folk music at the Community Hall, or it’s possible to paddle out to Samalaman Island and listen to the waves and gulls slap around you instead. Alternately, where the lane finishes at the western end of the village, a muddy footpath leads over the hills and through the woods to the old crofter’s settlement of Smirisary. Further again, beyond the dwellings that are still cared for, a luscious and mossy descent brings you down to the oasis of White Sands – a small, secluded cove, so clear and quiet that it feels almost sacred.

To the south, en route to the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, the waters and pathways around Loch Moidart and Eilean Shona provide at least a day’s worth of exploring potential. At the mouth of the River Shiel, the rugged and dilapidated Castle Tioram still stands beyond the sandbanks, whilst in the surrounding estuary we canoed alongside wild otters – well, at least one wild otter – that floated alongside us briefly, bobbing amongst the seaweed. Rejoining the A830 north of Glenuig towards the fishing harbour, ferry port and excellent provider of pints that is Mallaig, a non-descript layby conceals the entrance to a wonderful treasure hunt. Taking approximately two hours, a (very) waterlogged footpath weaves via woodlands and ridges – with stunning views in clear weather of the Isles of Eigg and Muck – towards a remote beach. Here, maintained by the Mountain Bothy Association, Peanmeanach Bothy sits proudly on the shoreline, free and available for use by anyone who comes searching. Advised essentials: warm clothes, fire-lighters, scran, whisky. For those with some extra time on their hands, Mallaig is the portal to the Inner Hebrides. We spent two days on the Isle Of Skye, but you could easily wander its highways for weeks. From bold, alien landscapes to Scandi-sounding settlements, ancient clifftop brochs to distant, circling sea-eagles, this land is West again, and then some. Truthfully, I’d need another visit and another whole article to do the Isle real justice, so once again, I’m counting this as the first glance... Oh, and Glenuig? Well, I could tell you how it’s pronounced, but I think that’d spoil the magic.

Info: www.visitscotland.com













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recommended *–u – repeated

THE FRATELLIS / SISTER SLEDGE Depot In The Castle @ Cardiff Castle, Sat 2 June Tickets: £34.50/£15 ages 12-17/free under-12s. Info: www.depotinthecastle.com Cardiff venue the Depot went al fresco last August with an all-day festival, Depot In The Park. It combined party-friendly live music from the Sugar Hill Gang and Hackney Colliery Band, among others, with food trucks from various well-regarded Welsh street scran purveyors. And for 2018? Well, they’re doing it all over again, and have made the short move from the SSE SWALEC to Cardiff Castle. Purchase of a ticket – 60% of which are sold out at press time, so don’t dawdle – gets you two marquee headline acts. Survivors of the mid-tolate-00s indie explosion The Fratellis swoop in from Glasgow to knock out a set of anthems; if they had existed in the 12th century, this castle would have surely played Chelsea Dagger over the PA every time a marksman felled an advancing enemy with an arrow. “Hopefully it's one of those nights where the connection between the crowd and ourselves creates something special,” says frontman Jon Fratelli, looking ahead to this gig. Also on the bill are Philly disco legends Sister Sledge [pictured], the feminine yin to The Fratellis’ mannish yang with their timeless anthem We Are Family, among many other recognisable hits. The Hackney

Colliery Band return for a second year, having been granted leave from their jobs mining coal in Hackney, and Fleetmac Wood – a DJ duo who specialise in Fleetwood Mac disco edits – will make loving fun with an AV set earlier in the day. Food stalls, kid-friendly activities and Depot favourite Bingo Lingo will also feature.

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art clubs events live stage BUZZ 57

* – recommended

art ABERYSTWYTH ARTS CENTRE University Of Wales, Aberystwyth. Free. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. 01970 621903 / www.aber.ac.uk/artscentre Richard Downing ‘The Fractal Clock’ Sculptural installation in which 81 rotating triangles of glass make a delicate journey of shifting patterns towards a moment of resolution, once every sixty minutes. (Until Sat 5 May) Nofio / Swimming Contemporary artists respond to the activity of the title, represented in art as far back as Neolithic cave paintings. (Until Sat 26 May) A'r Lan Y Mor / At The Edge Of The Sea Group exhibition celebrating the sea through the mediums of textiles, ceramics, paintings, photographs sculpture and films. See Art. (From Tue 15 May until Sun 8 July) ALBANY GALLERY 74b Albany Road, Cardiff. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-4pm. Free. 029 2048 7158 / www.albanygallery. com David Barnes, Aled Prichard Jones, Stephen Yardley Three established artists inspired by the atmosphere and natural beauty of the Welsh landscape and coastline. (Until Sat 5 May) Kyffin Williams Centenary Exhibition Retrospective exhibition of this esteemed Welsh painter’s work at the Gallery to include many unseen works, some of which will be for sale. Indeed the gallery is inviting people to sell any Williams paintings they happen to own as part of this show. Bugger! Must

have left mine in another coat. (From Thurs 10 May until Sat 2 June) ANDREW LAMONT GALLERY (THEATR BRYCHEINIOG) Canal Wharf, Brecon. Open Mon-Fri 10am-5pm. Free. 01874 611622 / enquiries@ brycheiniog.co.uk / www. brycheiniog.co.uk Vulgar Earth Artists’ collective who work with paint, sculpture and installation and have a strongly expressed environmental message. (Until Sun 20 May) Genetic Moo ‘Microworld: Brecon’ Lumen Prize-winning artists Genetic Moo will be filling the gallery with computer-driven animations for an innovative digital art exhibition. (From Mon 28 May until Sun 24 June) ARCADECARDIFF Queens Arcade, off Queen Street, Cardiff. Usually open Wed-Sat 12.30-5.30pm. www.arcadecardiff.co.uk Penny D Jones, Gemma Green-Hope & Sally Richmond ‘Teimlo Llais’ Interactive audio work exploring the voices of Welsh women and the Welsh language. (Until Sat 5 May) NOVA Prize Group Show Touring exhibition of the biennial arts prize, featuring emerging Welsh artists under the age of 35. Also showing in sibling venue Three Doors Up. (From Wed 9 until Sat 26 May) Lydia Halcrow & Nicolette McGuire Artists document the changes to an area of beach land in the south of England using found objects, maps, drawing and photography. (From Wed 30 May until Sat 16 June) ART CENTRAL Barry Town Hall, King Square, Barry. Tue-Sat

11am-4pm. Free. 01446 709805. Shiftwork Work by Dr. Daniel Baker, Billy Kerry, Artur Conka, and Shamus McPhee who, through their work, address aesthetic and political issues concerning Gypsy, Roma and Traveller lives and their cultural representation. (From Sat 5 May until Sat 2 June) THE ART SHOP & CHAPEL 8 Cross Street, Abergavenny. Tue-Sat 9.15am-5pm. Free. 01873 852690 / www. artshopandgallery.co.uk William Brown ‘Bogeyman – The Man Of Myth’ A collection of drawings and works on paper, supported by paintings and silkscreen, lino and woodcuts, from this esteemed painter who was born in Canada in 1953 and died in south Wales in 2008. (Until Sat 9 June) ATTIC GALLERY 37 Pocketts Wharf, Maritime Quarter, Swansea. Tue-Fri 10am-5.30pm, Sat 10am4.30pm. Free. 01792 653387 / www.atticgallery.co.uk John Cooper, Wynne Jenkins & Sian McGill Swansea-based Cooper is renowned as a member of the ‘naive realists’ group of Welsh painters. Jenkins is another venerable artist, from the same school as Kyffin Williams and Gwylim Prichard. McGill, from Pontypool and in her mid-40s the youngest of the trio here, is inspired by the coastline and mountains of Wales. (From Sat 5 until Sat 26 May) BARKER GALLERY / TORFAEN GALLERY Pontypool Museum, Park Buildings, Pontypool. MonSat 11am-5pm, Sun 2-5pm. Free Wed/Sun 2-5pm. 01495 752036.

Around the Back by John Cooper

THREE ARTISTS Attic Gallery, Swansea, Sat 5-Sat 26 May Admission: free. Info: 01792 653387 / www.atticgallery.co.uk Attic Gallery’s latest exhibition is very much in their tradition of showcasing credible Welsh art – all painters in this instance – from a position of full independence. This is something the gallery has aimed to do since opening in 1962; at press time, it may in fact prove to be its final show, as current owners Alexandra and David Rowe are retiring this summer and have yet to find a buyer. Whatever the future holds, Three Artists is worthy of your attention, combining two Welsh veterans and a (relatively) younger name. Swansea’s John Cooper, from the ‘naïve realist’ school, has been a significant figure on the South Wales art scene since the 1950s; Wynne Jenkins is a former headmaster and contemporary of Kyffin Williams, while Sian McGill is a landscape painter in her mid-40s. BUZZ 58

Generation Games Play your way through the history of home computer games consoles, following developments in the technology, the programming industry and entertainment in the home. Showing here until the autumn having previously been in Swansea until earlier this month. (Until Sun 28 Oct) CARDIFF METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY Llandaff Campus, Western Avenue, Cardiff. 029 2041 6190 / www.cardiffmet.ac.uk CSAD Fine Art: Degree Show A week-long showing of the work produced by postgrads on this course over the last three years. (From Sat 26 May until Fri 1 June) CARDIFF STORY The Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff. Daily 10am-4pm. Free. 029 2034 6214 / cardiffstory@cardiff.gov.uk Whitchurch Hospital Discover more about this building’s history, which goes back over 110 years, and that of people who worked and were treated there. (Until Sun 3 June) Protest! Objects For Change Discover the stories behind the protest objects in our new display, from badges and banners to T-shirts and embroidery. (Until Sun 30 Sept) CHAPTER GALLERY Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff. Tue, Wed, Sat + Sun 12-6pm; Thurs + Fri 12-8pm. Free. 029 2030 4400 / www. chapter.org James Richards ‘Music For The Gift’ UK premiere of an exhibition commissioned for the Venice Biennale in 2017, these installations incorporate sculpture, sound art and curatorial work (in the sense of using work by other artists). (Until Sat 26 May) CRAFT IN THE BAY The Flourish, Lloyd George Avenue, Cardiff. Mon-Sun 10.30am-5.30pm. Free. 029 2048 4611 / www. makersguildinwales.org.uk Karen Ingham ‘Deluge’ Through film, digital textiles and hybrid craft, Ingham encourages the audience to see and become aware of the incredible miscroscopic imagery and structures of plankton, the behaviour of pollinating insects and the movement of the oceans. (From Sat 5 May until Sun 24 June) CYFARTHFA CASTLE MUSEUM Cyfarthfa Park, Brecon Rd, Merthyr Tydfil. 01685 727371 / museum@ merthyr.gov.uk 100 Years Ago – Merthyr Tydfil And The Great War Exhibition highlighting Merthyr Tydfil’s involvement in WWI, through films, artwork, objects and more all created and donated by the local community. (Until Sun 15 July) DYFFRYN GARDENS Dyffryn Close, St Nicholas, Cardiff. Daily 10am-5pm. £9.90/£4.95 kids. 029 2059 3328 / www.nationaltrust. org.uk/dyffryn-gardens Takumasa Ono ‘Henro’ A display of this Japanese artist’s watercolours, screen

prints and Japanese ink paintings capturing National Trust properties. (From Sat 19 May until Sun 17 June) ELYSIUM GALLERY 16 College Street, Swansea. Wed-Sat 12-5pm. Free. www.elysiumgallery.com Sophie Kumar-Taylor Artist in residence who graduated from Carmarthen School of Art in 2017, and whose work explores geometry, distortion and optical illusions whilst experimenting with abstraction and colour relationships with her site-specific installations.. (Until Sat 14 July) FFOTOGALLERY Turner House, Plymouth Road, Penarth. Tue-Sat 11am-5pm. Free. 029 2070 8870 / turnerhouse@ ffotogallery.org Chronicle Ffotogallery is 40 years old in 2018 and thus is having a retrospective show this summer, highlighting exhibition posters, past projects and event images. See Roundup. (From Thurs 3 May until Sat 4 Aug) FOUNTAIN FINE ART Rhosmaen Street, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. Mon-Sat 10.30am-5pm. Free. www. fountainfineart.com Winter Group Exhibition Mixed and changing exhibition of new work from the gallery artists, plus focus on a newcomer at this gallery, Peter Monaghan. (Until Sat 5 May) Seren Bell & Zoe Taylor Fifty new paintings in which detailed creatures contrast with expressive vistaed landscapes. (From Sat 12 May until Sat 2 June) FUTURES GALLERY / ORIEL GALLERY Pierhead Building / Senedd, Cardiff Bay. Daily 10.30am4pm. Free. 0845 0105500 / www.pierhead.org Protest! Ideas Worth Fighting For Find out what the people of Cardiff have fought for over the past 100 years and discover how they have fought for change. (Until Mon 7 May) Armenian Art Paintings of both Armenian and Welsh landscapes, linking not only cultural but also visual similarities between these two countries. (Until Fri 25 May) G39 Oxford Street, Roath, Cardiff. Saturdays 11am5.30pm. Free. 029 2047 3633 / post@g39.org Sightseers A presentation of new work and research by artists, writers and curators who were involved in the Wales In Venice exhibition by James Richard in May last year. It’s a replica of the artists’ rented house as a framework to combine and assemble the work created there. See Art. (Until Sat 2 June) The Rejoinders Experimental art research group show work by AJ Stockwell, Dhruv Jani, Dr Jonathan Prior, Fern Thomas, Katcona Design Cell, Neasa Terry, Rujuta Rao, andSalik Ansari. (From Fri 11 May until Sat 2 June) Y GALERI, CAERFFILI Lower Ground Floor, The Visit Caerphilly Centre, The Twyn, Caerphilly. Tue-Sat

u – repeated

10am-5pm. Free. 029 2132 2570 / www.ygalericaerffili. co.uk Howard Jones Watercolours depicting moody and often uncompromising Welsh landscapes. (Until Sat 19 May) Bryony Rich Ceramics profile featuring raku fired pots and vases. (Until Sat 19 May) Jeremy Thomas, Rhiannon Roberts & David Chamberlain Exhibition of original paintings & limited edition prints from artists who mix reality with fantasy. Also on display: ceramic and wire sculptural work inspired by the animal kingdom from Jan Beeny, Garry Jones, Helen Higgins & Nina Lazarou. (From Tue 22 May until Sun 17 June) GLYNN VIVIAN ART GALLERY Alexandra Rd, Swansea. Tue-Sun 10am-5pm. Free. 01792 516900 / www. swansea.gov.uk/glynnvivian Käthe Kollwitz Kollwitz (1867-1945) was one of the leading artists of the late 19th/ early 20th centuries, notable for the emotional power of her drawing, printmaking and sculpture. The exhibition is organised in partnership between Ikon and the British Museum. (Until Sun 17 June) GRAND PAVILION The Esplanade, Porthcawl. Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 10am-5pm. Free. 01656 815995 / www. grandpavilion.co.uk Lydia Nicholson & Jan Hoskins Self-taught local artists. (From Tue 24 Apr until Sun 10 June) KING STREET GALLERY 33 King Street, Carmarthen. Free. 01267 220121 / gallery@kingstreetgallery. co.uk Spring Show Members’ show of contemporary fine and applied arts. (Until Fri 4 May) Peter Rossiter ‘100 x 365 Yesterdays’ Spotlight exhibition in which Rossiter considers events and images from 100 years ago, the deadly Spanish flu outbreak of 1918 and a photo of one of his ancestors in German army uniform from the same year. (Throughout May) LLANTARNAM GRANGE ARTS CENTRE St. David’s Rd, Cwmbran, Torfaen. Mon-Sat 10am5pm. Free. 01633 483321 / www.lgac.org.uk Zoe Preece ‘Material Presence: A Domestic Scene’ Porcelain sculpture of domestic mundanity: “the meniscus on a spoon filled to the point of tipping, or the precarious balance of two cups stacked one on top of the other on a kitchen surface”. (Until Sat 19 May) Lisa Krigel ‘Utilarian’ An evolution of sculptural forms created for the series Kitchen Storeys that continue to explore modern and brutalist construction, while questioning the relationship between food and architecture. (Until Sat 19 May) Charlotte Burke Craft showcase exploring the ways everyday objects are perceived and focusing on the relationship of 2D and 3D. (Until Sat 19 May) Anna K Baldwin Jewellery showcase for work inspired by many different sources

including light, texture, and natural and fluid forms. (Until Sat 19 May) Cerys Jackson Screenprints based on the brain scans of people affected by mental health issues – one in four of the general population – as well as those who are not. (Until Sat 19 May) M.A.D.E. GALLERY 41 Lochaber St, Cardiff. Wed-Sat 10am-6pm. Free. 029 2047 3373. Flourish Annual affordable exhibition of works by over 50 local artists, inspired on this occasion by ‘nature’ and ‘growth’. (From Thurs 3 May until Sun 3 June) MARTIN TINNEY GALLERY 18 St Andrew’s Crescent, Cardiff. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm. Free. 029 2064 1411 / mtg@artwales. com Sir Kyffin Williams Centenary Exhibition One of Wales’ best known painters, Williams died in 2006 but would have been 100 this year. MTG are marking this with a selling exhibition of paintings and works on paper. (Until Sat 2 June) MISSION GALLERY Gloucester Place, Swansea. Tue-Sun 11am-5pm. Free. 01792 652016 / www. missiongallery.co.uk Claire Barclay ‘Deep Spoils’ Scottish artist known for creating large-scale installations, often made in situ and in response to the spaces in which they are shown. (Until Sun 3 June) Sketty Primary School Sixty pupils from said school worked with artist Keith Bayliss to produce designs inspired by the work of artist Glenys Cour. A Maker In Focus show. (From Sat 5 May until Sat 9 June) The March: A Collective Pilgrimage Work in the [...] space: students and faculty at Swansea College Of Art reimagine events from 1913, when Welsh women took to the road to petition parliament and demand equal rights. (From Sat 5 May until Sat 9 June) NATIONAL MUSEUM CARDIFF Cathays Park, Cardiff. TueSun 10am-5pm. Free except where noted. 029 2057 3500 / www.museumwales.ac.uk/ cardiff Who Decides? Long-term exhibition from the collections of the Museum and the Derek Williams Trust, curated by service users from The Wallich homelessness charity. This detail seeks to highlight issues around curation and the narrow demographic of those usually involved in it. (Until Sun 2 Sept) Women In Focus: Women Behind The Lens First part of a year-long exhibition that explores the role of women in photography, both as producers and subjects of images, and draws on works from the photographic collections here. Part two of Women In Focus runs from December until June. (From Sat 5 May until Sun 11 Nov) NATIONAL WATERFRONT MUSEUM Oystermouth Road, Maritime Quarter, Swansea. Daily 10am-5pm. Free. 01792 638950 / museum.wales/swansea

Michael Blackmore ‘Portraits Of The Past’ Detailed studies recreating scenes from Wales’s industrial past, bringing back to life canals and ironworks that were centres of activity during the Industrial Revolution. (Until Sun 24 June) Pirates: The Truth Behind The Tales As Wales celebrates its Year Of The Sea, discover the truth behind the legends in an exhibition explaining the history of pirates, privateers and buccaneers throughout the world. (Until Sun 30 Sept) NATIONAL WOOL MUSEUM Dre-fach Felindre, nr Newcastle Emlyn, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire. Daily 10am-5pm. Free. 0300 1112333 / museum.wales/ wool Visions Of Industry Images from this museum’s archive, telling the story of Wales’ industrial past. (Until Sun 27 May) NEWPORT MUSEUM & ART GALLERY John Frost Square, Newport.Tue-Fri 9.30am5.30pm, Sat 9.30am-4pm. Free. 01633 656656 / museum@newport.gov.uk Newport Library, Museum And Art Gallery – 50 Years In John Frost Square Photographic exhibition, plus film footage, of the opening of said building by Princess Margaret, who generously broke off her busy schedule of extramarital affairs to visit Newport on 5 Apr 1968. (Until Sat 15 Dec) Women’s Suffrage Banners Rotating exhibition to mark a century since the Representation Of The Peoples Act was passed. Two banners will be on display at a time, one in the Museum and one in the Art Gallery.. (Until Sat 29 Dec) NORWEGIAN CHURCH ARTS CENTRE Harbour Drive, Cardiff Bay. Daily 11am-4pm. Free. 029 2087 7959 / www. norwegianchurchcardiff.com Dawn Harries & Sally Phillips ‘Two Friends, Two Perspectives’ A selection of artworks and prints, in various styles and all for sale. (From Mon 7 until Sun 13 May) ORIEL CANFAS Glamorgan Street, Canton, Cardiff. Tue-Fri 1-4.30pm, Sat 10.30am-4.30pm. 029 2066 6455 / www. orielcanfas.co.uk Alun Hemming Sculptural work. (Until Sat 19 May) On The Third Day Multimedia exhibition featuring work by Lydia Dier, Catherine Fisher, Chris Griffin and Alun Hemming. (From Sat 26 May until Sat 16 June) ORIEL CRIC Beaufort Street, Crickhowell. Mon-Sat 10am5pm, Sun 10am-1pm. Free. 01873 813669. Spring Exhibition New sseasonal work from artists including Martin Treefit-Baker, Jeremy Thomas and Veronica Gibson. Paintings, prints, ceramics, glass, sculpture, textiles and jewellery are all to feature. (Until Sun 20 May)

ORIEL DAVIES The Park, Newtown, Powys. Mon-Sat 10am-5.30pm. Free. 01686 625041 / enquiries@orieldavies.org Miranda Whall ‘Crossed Paths’ Film installation featuring footage from the Cambrian Mountains last year, where Whall dressed as a sheep, strapped 14 GoPros to herself and crawled around on all fours. The results seek to highlight humanity’s relationship with the environment and the hierarachy of our biped status. (Until Wed 13 June) ORIEL MWLDAN Bath House Rd, Cardigan. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. Free. 01239 621200 / helena@ mwldan.co.uk James Moore ‘Strange Eden’ Paintings with elements of photorealism, abstraction, collage and sampling, and with reference points such as museums dioramas, video games and dreams. (Until Sun 10 June)

his work. (Throughout May) Wexford Crafts Mixed work by members of the Wexford Craft Trail, who were was inspired by a trip to west Wales in 2017. (Throughout May) William Stott ‘Le Passeur (The Ferryman)’ Stott, a leading figure among a group of late-19th century British artists influenced by French naturalism, has his best-known work shown here, alongside works from Amgueddfa Cymru, chosen to explore rural life. (Until Sun 2 Sept) St Davids & Solva Art Group Annual exhibition by local art group, raising funds for local charities. (From Fri 4 until Sat 12 May) Kate Freeman ‘Tide And Time’ Artist In Residence exhibition set to comprise drawings of the marks and textures of rocks in the locale, then using this to create paintings in the studio. (From Sat 26 May until Sat 30 June) ORIEL YR ARDD National Botanic Garden Of Wales, Middleton

The Victoria Fearn Gallery, in Cardiff suburb Rhiwbina, has a month-long show (from Fri 4 May until Sat 2 June) of small (on A6 paper) but exquisite (hand-finished in silver) ink drawings by Jeremy Thomas. ORIEL MYRDDIN Church Lane, Carmarthen. 01267 222775 / www. orielmyrddingallery.co.uk Chair See Art for more on this show, a selection of chairs from the collection of the Design Museum. (Until Sat 7 July) ORIEL Q The Queens Hall, High Street, Narberth. Wed-Sat 10am-5pm. Free. 01834 869454 / www. orielqnarberth.com Sarah Poland ‘Numinous Light, Dazzling Night’ A series of paintings, lithographs and drawings made over five years, including three years living off-grid in an 80-acre Welsh oak woodland. (From Sat 5 May until Sat 16 June) Jess Woodrow ‘The Sound Of Water’ Painter showing work which represents a short period of time where she relocated from the city to a tiny ancient settlement in the Black Mountains. (From Sat 5 May until Sat 16 June) ORIEL Y PARC The Grove, St Davids, Pembrokeshire. Free. 01437 720392 / info@orielyparc.co.uk Deborah Withey Local artist and illustrator Withey will be illustrating a series of stories for young people about saints and their animals. (Until Thurs 24 May) Frans Beerens ‘Material Photographs’ Dutch photographer and artist Beerens takes inspiration from the Pembrokeshire coast, using the imagery he has produced to then create large detailed tapestries of

Hall, Llanarthne, Carmarthenshire. Daily 10am-6pm. £10.50/£8.75 concessions/£4.95 under17s/free under-5s. 01558 667149 / botanicgarden. wales Elizabeth Davis ‘From Geest To Guest’ A collection of objects that chronicle the casting of glass objects from the cocoa pod, from an artist whjo recently graduated from Swansea School Of Art with a first class honours degree in Contemporary Glass. (Until Tue 22 May) PONTYPRIDD MUSEUM Bridge Street, Pontypridd. Mon-Sat 10am-4.30pm. Free. 01443 490748 / www. pontypriddmuseum.cymru Pontypridd’s Coastal Connections Mixed show celebrating Wales’ Year Of The Sea and showcasing the town’s nautical links. (Until Fri 27 July) REDHOUSE Old Town Hall, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. Free. 01685 384111 / info@ redhousecymru.com Roger Tiley Documentary photographer based in Wales, known for his work documenting coal mining regions in south Wales, Yorkshire and the USA. (Until Sat 5 May) SPIT & SAWDUST Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff. Free. 029 2049 4741 / www. spitandsawdust.co.uk Chris Alton ‘Crudely Plucking The Strings’ S&S’ inaugural Billboard Commission, located in the

park’s yard space and depicting/reimagining the flood of the Bristol Channel in 1607. The billboard is accompanied by a film by Alton, screened until Sun 3 June then on occasion until November. (From Thurs 10 May until Mon 12 Nov) THE SUSTAINABLE STUDIO 7 Curran Buildings, Curran Rd, Cardiff. Daily 11am-4pm. Free. 07852 275498 / www. thesustainablestudio.com Aidan Myers ‘Labyrinth’ A selection of large and small scale works which depict Myers' nonlinear and intuitive approach to painting, in both physical and theoretical terms. (From Fri 18 until Fri 25 May) SWANSEA GRAND THEATRE Singleton St, Swansea. MonSat 10am-5pm. Free. 01792 475715 / www. swanseagrand.co.uk UWTSD BA Graphic Design Graduate Exhibition Work by this year’s crop of gradulating Swansea students, as is the case for the show following this one. (From Sat 5 until Sat 12 May) UWTSD BA Illustration Graduate Exhibition (From Sat 19 May until Fri 1 June) TENBY MUSEUM & ART GALLERY Castle Hill, Tenby. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, £4/£3/£2 kids. 01834 842809 / www. tenbymuseum.org.uk Alec Lewis Sales exhibition of works by Tenby artist Lewis featuring images of Augustus John, Dylan Thomas and Leonard Cohen among others. (Until Sun 10 June) THEATR HAFREN Llanidloes Road, Newtown, Powys. Mon-Sat 10am5.30pm. Free. 01686 625007 / thehafren.co.uk Tim Edmunds Local artist who took up art as a means of coping with the onset of a neurological disorder called dystonia. (Until Wed 16 May) THREE DOORS UP Queens Arcade, off Queen Street, Cardiff. Wed-Fri 12.30-5.30pm; Sat + Sun 11am-5.30pm. 07532 772731 / arcadecardiffcic@ gmail.com NOVA Prize Group Show Touring exhibition of the biennial arts prize, featuring emerging Welsh artists under the age of 35. Also showing in sibling venue Arcadecardiff. (From Wed 9 until Sat 26 May) TOWER GALLERY 49 High Street, Crickhowell. Wed-Sat 10am-5pm. Free. 01873 812495 / www. towergallery.co.uk Kay Leverton & Graeme Galvin Joint exhibition from Leverton, a self-taught artist known for her detailed scraperboards of birds, animals and plants; and Galvin, who will be showing a series of works based on the Greek Myths. Also showing work by all members of the Usk Valley Artists’ Co-operative. (Until Sat 5 May) Hannah Firmin & Philippine Sowerby Firmin is an illustrator and printmaker inspired by the countryside; Sowerby is a sculptor in wood whose work reflects on power

and vulnerability. Also showing work by all members of the Usk Valley Artists’ Co-operative. (From Wed 9 May until Sat 7 July) VICTORIA FEARN GALLERY 6B Heol y Deri, Rhiwbina, Cardiff. Mon-Sat 9.30am5.30pm, Sun 10am-3pm. Free. 029 2052 0884. Jeremy Thomas A series of A6 ink drawings produced in very limited quantities, and with key features hand-embellished with silver ink. (From Fri 4 May until Sat 2 June) VOLCANO THEATRE 27-29 High Street, Swansea. Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. Free. 01792 464790 / www. volcanotheatre.co.uk. Alison Lochhead ‘Conflict – Abandonment And Migration’ Sculptural installation which depicts everyday objects – shoes, history books – burned and otherwise damaged as if at the scene of a war. See Art. (Until Wed 30 May) THE WELSH QUILT CENTRE Town Hall, Lampeter. TueSat 11am-4.30pm. Free. 01570 422088 / www. welshquilts.com Nos Da Goodnight! A Panoply Of Historic Welsh Quilts Historic quilts from the early 19th to early 20th centuries. Room one features examples from the Jen Jones collection; room two a glimpse into Welsh Samplers, many of which were made by very young girls in the 19th century. (Until Sat 10 Nov) THE WORKERS 99 Ynyshir Road, Ynyshir, nr Porth. 11am-4.30pm Thurs-Sat and by appointment. Free. 01443 682024 / wood4tt@gmail.com Plein Air & Land Art A celebration of artists working in the landscape via drawings, textile art and paintings, with land art conceptual interventions and video documentation of ‘en plein air’ practice from across the UK. (Until Sat 2 June) WYESIDE ARTS CENTRE Castle Street, Builth Wells. Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm. Free. 01982 552555. PowysArt & The Winifred Francis Art Gallery As well as featuring the works of the late Winifred Francis, abstract pieces by Jack Francis, sculpture from Georgie Fergusson and a combined show by photographers Annette Mills, Phil Davies, Laura Shepherd and David Nesbitt. (Until Thurs 7 June)

clubs THE ANGEL INN 57-59 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. 01970 617878 / facebook.com/ theangelinnaber Fri 11 + Sat 12 JDC & Frisson Presents Enter The Game 11pm-4am, £4. Two charity raves in memory of Mat Evans, and featuring bassline, jungle, d’n’b and UK garage sets from Aries, Ezra, TR-8R, TJ and Neurotok (Fri 11); Sammy Virji, Boundary Hidden Element, Paranoize and K3 (Sat 12). Fri 18 Buzz 11pm-4am, £5/£4 adv. BUZZ 59

* – recommended Drum’n’bass, jungle and bassline from Phibes, Samir, Giorgi G, Paranoize, TR-8R and Cian. ATLANTICA Market Street, Newport. 01633 252611. Sat 19 Core Redemption 2pm-6am. That isn’t a typo, it really does go on for 16 hours and has a lineup composed of hardcore and related genres. Oh and it’s someone called Stylezzy's birthday. I’m scared just thinking about it. Lineup: Ed ET & DTR, Narcotic Smugglers, Reflux, Racy, Ben Manic, Lozzie, Pierce, Stylezzy, Audio Nitrate, Patchy & Vandellio, Boyle, XSIV, Rampage, Dipz, Infexous, Lil Bri, Renstar, Relentless & Energize, Madame Twisted, Pesky & Onyx, Tone-E, Frankie, Hypo Tinx, Ellusive, ADHD, TJ, Mr Hyde, Dean E, and competition finalists Phantom, EV3, Beano, Demonix and OddS-E. MCs: Wingman, Casper, Restless, Skyz, Dream-E, MCV, Automatic, Tupz, Duwkins, Swifty, Venom, Offender, Foxy, Nu-E and a surprise host. THE ATTIC 5-6 Castle Bailey St, Swansea. facebook.com/ theatticswansea Sun 6 Delusion 9.30pm4am, £12 adv. Trance, as per. Main room: Jordan Suckley, Rhys Thomas, Callan Christie, Dan McShane and John Hughes. Room 2: Delusion Deeper with John Hughes and Chris Miller. Fri 11 Noise Makers 21: Ladies Night 10pm-3am, £10/£8 adv. Drum’n’bass from Mollie Collins with MCs Maddy V and Missy G, plus T-Bone, Lubi J, Grown, Wozzi and Teaze. Sat 12 Outlook Festival Swansea Launch Party 10pm-3am, £5-£7 adv. Serious question: what do club promoters actually get out of hitching their brand to that of a festival in Eastern Europe? It it like a Red Bull thing? Anyway, this is headlined by Biome and Black Josh from Manchester’s Levels crew and also features DJ sets from Finwa, Teagle, Clique, Kopex b2b Griffin and host MCs XL, Catfish Bobby and LT. BAMBU BEACH BAR 51-52 Wind Street, Swansea. 01792 651651 / www.bambu-bar.co.uk Fri 18 Con7rol Rooftop 6pm-3am, £5. Local house, techno and tech-house pushers with a lineup currently TBC. BAR COCOA Broad Street, Barry. facebook.com/cocoabarry Thursdays Reggae Nights DJs Gadget and The Candyman (Love & Harmony Sounds) play lovers rock, classic and new reggae jams weekly. Fridays + Saturdays 10pm-3.30am, £3. With DJ James Bourne and sopecial guest appearances/live sets. Sat 12 Regal Nights 10pm3.30am, £5 before 11. Afro B, one of the UK’s top Afrobeats artists, headlines this ewvening, alongside Roman Yasin and Wheatz. DJs Paz, James Bourne, Jiggsa, T and Dot are the local crop. BIG LOVE FESTIVAL Baskerville Hall, nr Hay-OnWye. www.biglovefestival. BUZZ 60

co.uk Fri 4-Sun 6 Big Love Festival Annual Cardifftransplanted-to-Hay weekend of sparkling and spangling, here is the lineup so far: Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club, Joy Orbison, Sian Evans, Oh My God! It's The Church, Xylaroo, Captain Accident & The Disasters, Dana Immanuelle & The Stolen Band, Timbali, Stagga & Magugu, AAA Badboy, Johnny Cage & The Voodoogroove, Bodhi, Vibe Roulette, Billy Momo, Eclectic Mick, Codewalkers, Boston Shakers, The Brwmys, Comfort feat. Benji MC, Jazzy F, Reba, Richie Cordle, Neil Fucking Young, Apollo, Matthew Frederick, Yakul, James Bower Band, The Moonbirds, Grand Tradition, Barracwda, Trin, Sarah Passmore, Dave Morris, Jemma Krysa, Joe Bayliss, Tobias Robertson, Toriah Fontane, Selena In The Chapel, Chris Conroy, Broken Bones Matilda, James ‘Towel’, Bathtime Fire Service, Asha Bray and Jon Bongly. Plus Delete DJs across the whole weekend, including Matt Owen, Marc Parsons, Lee Graves, Jessie Belters, The Organ Grinder, Joey P, Clare James, Tom Bateman, Jake Mercanoglu, Mikey Harisson, Oisin, Murder, Harry Wootten, Paul Blandford, Jack Siddall, Morgan Evans, Sainte Melon, Kye, Mikki Wings, Shaun Edwards, Ben Smith, Dave Llewellyn, Paul Cahill and Alex Taylor. THE BIG TOP / 10 FEET TALL 11a + 12 Church Street, Cardiff. 029 2022 8883 / thisis10feettall@yahoo. co.uk Thursdays Rock hits from DJ Andy Rhys Lewis. Fridays + Saturdays Resident DJs playing soul and funk. Fri 25 That Good Night 10.30pm. Acid house and weird leftfield dance, on here once a month. Saturdays Under A Groove 9pm-3am, £3 after 10. Funk and neo-soul. Sat 5 Manic Street Mania Aftershow 10.30pm-3am, £5 adv. The Manic Street Preachers are playing in Cardiff tonight and these loyal fans are throwing a DJ night to coincide. John Slatex is the DJ and you need to buy a wristband in advance to get in. BLIND TIGER 49 Cambrian Road, Newport. 01633 243500. Wednesdays Wild Wednesdays Cocktails, drink deals and tunes as part of a cross-city midweek session. Fridays Koncept & Friends 11pm, £3-£5. House, techno and bass music with guest DJs, breaking producers and residents from Wales’ freshest nights. Saturdays Re:work 11pm, £5. Underground and cutting edge club music promised. Sat 5 Fixate 2pm-12am, £5. Bank holiday house alldayer on the roof terrace featuring Danish headline duo Anëk, Marco Strous, E-Type, Rhys Bowler, Owen Kilby, Dan Waite and Madame Twisted. Sat 5 NP Clubs Presents £5. This is presumably happening indoors, and later on, so not to be confused with the event above. It’s a hard dance/hard-

core night featuring Hixxy, Fallopn, Thumpa, Leif Boi, Adam Harris, Racy and Barno. BUFFALO 11 Windsor Place, Cardiff. Open Mon-Thurs 11am-3am, Fri + Sat 11am-4am, Sun until 4am. 029 2031 0312 / www.buffalocardiff.com Mondays Bump & Grind 10pm-3am, from £2. R’n’b/hiphop night. Saturdays The Shake Up 10pm-4am, £3. Pop, chart, house, r’n’b funk and soul from residents over two floors. BUFFS 6 Station Road, Brynmawr. 01495 315334. Sat 19 Infinity: 10 Year Anniversary 6pm-2am. House, techno and trance from a couple of headliners TBC plus J-Tek,. Alter:Ego, OrangePeel, Dan Newman, Pipes & Spctrm, Synchronize, Brad Dunk and Joel Jones. CARDIFF SPEAKER HIRE Unit 4 Anchor Industrial Estate Dumballs Road, Cardiff. 029 2009 5590 / www.cardiffspeakerhire. com Sat 5 Robot Monkey Chapter 2 Warehouse Rave 8pm, £10/£7 adv. Studentcentric night featuring, the organisers say, deep house music with live percussion and tribal chanting plus audience participation with interactive instruments, face painting and a bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. CARDIFF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UNION Park Place, Cardiff. All listings apply to term time only. 029 2078 1458 / www. cardiffstudents.com Wednesdays YOLO 9pm2am, £4/£3 adv/free before 11. New midweek club night promising both your favourite tunes and great offers. Good name, really on trend. Fri 4 Hannah Wants 9pm-4am, £22 adv. Brummie bass gal returns to Cardiff Uni with a supporting cast including Sam Divine, Low Steppa, Devstar and Junga. One of a few events rescheduled from early March due to the snow. Saturdays Juice 10pm3am, £5/£4 NUS. Chart, dance and pop. CELLAR SPORTS & MUSIC BAR 39 Broad Street, Blaenavon. 01495 617140. Sat 5 Cinco De Mayo 6pm-1am. House music from Wells and Bradz, plus a special guest – and there’s a Mexican theme to this event, in which the best costumes will win free drinks. This is of course appropriative but are YOU woke enough to travel to Blaenavon and complain? CLUB ICE Broadway, Pontypridd. 07771 920726 / www. clubiceponty.com Fridays Flashback 10pm3am, Retro hits from the 80s, 90s and 00s. Saturdays Gravity 10.30pm-3am, £7/£5 before 11. House, techno and dance every week on the club’s new Void soundsystem. CLUB OXYGEN 1 Northampton Lane,

Swansea. 0844 8849171 / www.globaloxygen.co.uk Fridays Dance Anthems 11pm-6am, free. House and commercial music all night from Big Al, Nicky G, 3 Bird, Jordan Steins, LJ Isaac and Tom Chizzy. Saturdays 11.30pm-5am, £5/free before 1. House, house & bass (what is this?), progressive and big room tunes. CLWB IFOR BACH Womanby St, Cardiff. 029 2023 2199 / www.clwb.net Tue 1 We Gotta Get Theroux This 11pm, £5-£7. I guess the new low-effort easy-money student-targeting thing is generic clubnights themed around some sort of semi-ironic cult figure. There was one with David Attenborough here last month and this is dedicated to Louis Theroux, so they have his picture and some TV clips on the wall while ‘club classics’ are played. Tue 5 June CYNT 10pm-3.30am. Special guest for this one is Mall Grab and it sold out instantly when it went on sale. Wed 2 Soul Jam 11pm, £6-£8. Funk, soul and disco. Thurs 3 XL Invites 10pm, £5-£9. Drum’n’bass from K Motionz, Indo, Bass Phase b2b Lowgli, Beeson, Ransom and host MCs Hazey and XL. Thurs 10 Carnival 11pm, £3-£5. Dancehall, reggae and bashment aimed at students (they note that this will be the last party before the end of term). Thurs 24 Speakeasy 11pm, £7-£10. Manchester’s Chimpo headlines this new night, supported by a big ol’ list: DJs: Gavin Woo, Oni, Krisp, Cod, Zippy, Benny Bootleg and MCs Local, Murkage, EwhyEasy, DBS, Leppy, KeironWright3X6, Big Loaf, Motles, Nico and Sirius. Fridays (bottom) Seventy Times 7 11pm3am, £3-£5. Weekly clubnight offering alt-rock and poppunk. Fri 4 Helium 10pm4am, £7-£9. Big baller house with a headline set from Dirtybird’s Will Clarke, plus Beekay, Half & Half, Wells, Old As Dust, Koncept, Spctrm and Barn-E. Fri 25 Diplomats Of Sound 7pm, £14 adv. Live hip-hop/breaks action from Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 alongside Krafty Kuts. *Fri 1 June Rinse FM 11pm-4am, £10-£15. See Clubs for more on dubstep pioneer Loefah and Hessle Audio panelbeater Pangaea. Local support TBC. Saturdays Dirty Pop 10pm-4am, £5. Three floors of fun: The Vinyl Vendettas’ top floor resident indie shindig; Dirty Pop and Mr Potter’s proper disco. COURTYARD 48 Cambrian Road, Newport. 01633 213161. Wednesdays Wild Wednesdays Upfront dance anthems and “Urban Vibes”. Fridays Spotlight Sessions / The Kickstart 5pm, £3/free before 9. Urban and club anthems and drinks deals. Part of the NPCLUBHOP price deal which also includes entry to Blind Tiger, Meze Lounge and Lambaba. Saturdays Mischief Beat-driven anthems is the ambiguous description for tonight’s music policy. Sundays Good Time Social Club 8pm, free. DJs til late and the weekend’s sports highlights. Sun 13

Eclipse – Adults Special Needs Night 6.30-10.30pm, free. New club night aimed at adults with autism, Downs Syndrome, or a physical or mental inability. THE DUKE Old Market Street, Neath. 01639 643892. Sat 12 Hedone 8pm-2am, £5. This is billed as a ‘past and present’ lineup and features Michael Rutherford, Dale Williams, Con'r, Matt Davies and Hedone Residents. EDDIES

u – repeated

THE GARAGE 47 Uplands Crescent, Swansea. 01792 475147 / www.whitez.co.uk/#garage Fri 4 Polymer 10pm-3am. Newish techno and house night, details on this one TBC right now but the poster has a Star Wars theme, probably just because of the date it falls on though. GLAM Greyfriars Road, Cardiff. 029 2022 9311 / info@ glamnightclub.co.uk

Roll back the years in Cardiff on Sat 19 with a secret warehouse party! It’s all legit, but you’ll find out the venue on the day, and can then rock up for some classic 90s garage/ house from London DJs Ray Hurley, Hermit and Daniel Ward. 4 Quay Street, Haverfordwest. 01437 779595 / www.eddies.co Fri 4 Made With Love 10pm-5am. A night of house classics from DJs Eddie Loco, DJ Escher and Laura Love. Escher’s bio starts, “I have always had a love for electronic music, starting with the early pioneers like Paul Hardcastle, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream,” while Laura is “known for her positive energy and outgoing personality on and off the decks”. Fri 25 Eddie Rocks 10pm5am. Hardstyle from Cally & Juice, who are on what they call a 20th anniversary tour would you believe, plus Ed ET & DTR, MKN, Narcotic Smugglers, Drago, Smith-E, Toby Ellis, Dowsy DJ and host Shocker. FICTION & VINYL The City Gates, Little Wind Street, Swansea. 01792 828777 / www.fictionclub. co.uk/swansea Mondays Quids In 10.45pm-2.30am, £3.50/£2 before 11. Chart, cheese, r’n’b, dance and house. Wednesdays Underground 11pm-3.30am, £3.50/£2 before 1. House, chart, r’n’b and cheese across two rooms. Fridays 11pm-3am, £5/£3 adv. Drinks offers and, uh, music I guess. Saturdays Agenda 10.30pm-3am, £3.50/£2 before 1. Fiction: house, r’n’b, EDM. Vinyl: pop and party. Sun 6 No Tomorrow 11pm-3am, £5/£3 adv. With a guest set by Steel Banglez, who has become a breakout UK rap star despite choosing a name that makes him sound like a band who were tour support for Wolfsbane in 1990. FUEL 5 Womanby Street, Cardiff. 07970 063107 / facebook. com/fuelcardiff Thursdays FUBAR 10pm2am. Rock, metal and alternative clubnight. Fridays + Saturdays Rock and metal anthems each weekend, plus special guests when such types are in town.

Mondays Bed 10pm-3am, £2/free before 11. A mashup of chart, r’n’b, cheese and dance across two floors. Formerly known as The Fest. Saturdays Rumour 9pm-3am, £5-£10. Two rooms of quality music, everyone catered for it is claimed. Formerly known as Vanity. Sat 5 Groove Rooftop Summer Series 2018 Part 1 4-10.30pm, £12-£18. Featuring a headline set from Christoph, looks like it’s sold out though. THE GLOBE 125 Albany Rd, Cardiff. 07590 471888 / www. globecardiffmusic.com Sat 5 Ultimate Power 9pm2am, £4 adv. Power ballads and air guitar night. GWDIHW Guildford Crescent, Cardiff. 029 2039 7933 / www. gwdihw.co.uk Sat 5 Juju Boogie 9pm. House, funk and afro-disco with a guest headliner TBC. Tue 8 Cardiff Electronic Producers 7.30pm, free. In association with Cardiff Ableton User Group, plus an open decks session from 7.309pm. Fri 25 Pleasuredome 9pm, £4/£3 before 11. Electro, synthpop, Italo disco, new wave, funk and more. INKSPOT The Old Church, Newport Road, Cardiff. 029 2049 0254 / www. inkspotartsandcrafts.com Fri 11 Instincts: Spirit Trance Gathering 10pm4am, £5. Psytrance type stuff from The DMT Experiment, Radiostorm, Meskalin and Psychodelicacy. JACOB’S MARKET West Canal Wharf, Cardiff. 029 2039 0939. *Fri 18 Compound 10pm5am, £12 adv. Fantastic booking for lovers of deranged industrial techno such as the writer of these listings: Ansome headlines with a live set, plus there’s Midge, Blap, Julez Wyl and Sam Burton from the local crop. See Clubs. Sun 27 Delete 1-10.30pm, £18-£22. Eighth birthday

party, under a big dome in the car park here, and featuring sets from Craig Richards, Subb-an, Adam Shelton, Matt Owen, Marc Parsons and Lee Graves. *Sat 2 June Teak: Miami Vice 2018 3pm-5am, £26.50/£24. Annual two-venue alldayer from Teak, with Jonny Rock and Paramida in this building’s carpark in the daytime, then Vladimir Ikovic and Teak residents in the basement in the evening. Kongs on St Mary Street will have Lena Wikikens and Studio 89 DJs, also in the evening. JIMMY’S BAR Station Road, Port Talbot. facebook.com/ jimmysbarporttalbot Sun 6 Glitch Sessions 10pm-4am. Bank holiday house and techno spesh with DJs Tom Murray, Luke Armstrong, Owen Prydie, Callum Gillings, Rhys Jenkins, Dean Morgan and Sam Jones, the last two both coming from Neath promo stable Hedone. KARMA 75 St Mary Street, Cardiff. Fri + Sat 8pm-6am. karmaclubcardiff@gmail. com Sat 2 June United Sounds Meets Circle 8 9pm-6am, £5.50-£13.50. Jump-up drum’n’bass and jungle from MC Evil B, Nicky Blackmarket, Hizzleguy, MC Juiceman, Hoodfellas Development, Nick The Greek and MCs Some White Kid and Donzilla. Plus an all-female showcase featuring DJ Lady Y Len, Shanny Shan and MCs Y-Zer and Missy G; Joe Blow and T-Bone with MCs Reeality and Jaydee; a Next Level Takeover with Kallista, Juice and MCs Skamma and C-Za; Pabz, Frenzee and Bason with MC Slim Teng and many more TBC. THE KIRKHOUSE / KOOLERS Dynevor Street, Merthyr Tydfil. 01685 388872.

Fri 18 Cellar Door 8pm3am, £10 adv. House and techno from Cardiff clubbing brand who also go round the valleys now and again. LASER STATION Bridge Wharf, Carmarthen. 01267 235648 / www. laserstationwales.com Fri 4 Bass Elementz & Concur 9pm-3am, £6 adv. Drum’n’bass all night from D-Minus, Freek, Gareth Bruce, Eazydubz, Tubbz, Revit, 2Hotty plus MCs Catfish Bobby, 7 Breaths and a secret headliner TBC. Fri 25 Conspiracy Presents Vibes 9pm-3am. Bass-driven dance music, say the promoters, while giving away little else in the way of info for now. Sat 2 June Fat Soul 8pm-3am, £6-£10. Jungle, hip-hop and dub in various measures, with Bristol DJ Kreed headlining over Skunkadelic & Veto, Miss Mitten, Optimystic, Doc P, Synapse, Jake Radar and MC Shrubz. THE LAST RESORT 207 High Street, Swansea. www.lastresortswansea.com Sat 5 Dead Of Night 10pm3am, £3. Goth/alternative club night, on the first Saturday of every month. Recently moved from the now-closed 8 Bit Bar. There would be one on Sat 2 June too but it looks like Dogruff are on that date. Sun 6 WonkaVision Tropical Bank Holiday Special 3pm-4am, £5-£10. Popular Swansea party throwers of yore, until they moved to Bristol that is, are back for 13 hours of merriment. Lineup: JFB, Benny L, Gardna, Asbo Disco, Fat Stash Soundsystem, Wonka, Syn, Teagle, Survival Soundsystem, Active, DJ Focuz, Lockyer, Matt The Hat, Vandelay radio takeover, Huntu, Noise Makers 21 and Ben Jamin. Sat 2 June Dogruff Open Air Summer Series 3pm-4am. Techno and minimal specialists return

for an alldayer and allnighter, lineup TBC right now. LEGACY Old Works Lane, Pontardawe. 01792 865370 / mamas-paradise.wixsite. com/swansea Sun 6 Club Classics 9pm4am, £5 adv. First in what’s billed as a series of monthly dance events, this one features Juntz & Bounce (with a thrree-hour trance classics set), Matt Jones, Taz Meah, Rob Evans and Michael Connolly. LEVEL 2 @ KONGS 114-116 St Mary Street, Cardiff. info@kongsbars. com / www.kongsbars.com Fri 25 Riddim 10pm-4am, £6-£15 adv. Drum’n’bass from Emperor (who is lauching an EP), Kasra, Mascot, Mowgli, Rous and MC XL. *Sat 2 June Teak: Miami Vice 2018 10pm-4am, £26.50/£24. See the Jacob’s Market listings for the full lineup; this venue’s part of the bonanza will feature sets from Lena Wikikens and Studio 89 DJs. MARY’S 89 St Mary Street, Cardiff. Mon-Thurs 4pm-2am, Fri 4pm-3am, Sat 12pm-3am, Sun 12pm-1am. 029 2066 8647 / www.maryscardiff. co.uk Wednesdays Wednesday Club 8pm-2am. Dance and chart toppers with DJ Chris. Thursdays Mixxet 8pm2am. Fun, games, and cabaret with Amber Dextrous and Alphaa Heart. Fridays Non Stop Party 8pm-2am. DJ Lee plays tunes from the 90s onwards. Saturdays 8pm2am. Dance, pop and chart with DJ Billy Joe. Sundays Service 5pm-2am, free. Bingo with Aunty Ade and Aunty Betty from 5pm, with cash prizes; DJ Mary Golds until 9pm; guest cabaret at 9pm and DJ Billy Joe on the tapes (this is an odd turn of phrase but I like it) until 1am.

WONKA-VISION TROPICAL BANK HOLIDAY SPECIAL The Last Resort, Swansea, Sun 6 May Tickets: £5-£10. Info: www.lastresortswansea.com Time was Wonka-Vision were the most reliably fun club promoters in Swansea, bringing an eclectic array of DJs and live acts to the city’s Monkey venue. Sadly, it didn’t/couldn’t last – Wonka upped sticks to Bristol, where the brand reestablished itself among stiffer competition, and Monkey shut its doors a couple of years ago. For one (day and) night only, though, it’s back and aiming to get on it for 13 hours out the back of groovy new pub The Last Resort. Some sort of ‘tropical’ theme will feature, with palm trees and BBQ and cocktails and that, while the music will be a genre-hopping party soundtrack, including JFB’s so-called ghetto funk, Metalheadz-signed drum’n’bass head Benny L and a dual Bristolian danger in dubwise MC Gardna and the Asbo Disco collective [pictured].

METRO’S Baker’s Row, Cardiff. 029 2039 9942 / www. metroscardiff.com Wednesdays Cheapskates 10pm-4am, £4/free early bird. Hywel plays ‘alternative mayhem’ and old skool cheese. Fridays Havoc 10.30pm-4am, free before 11. Mismatched alternative tunes from Hywel. Saturdays Lose Yourself 10.30pm-4am, free before 11. Stereo Brain playing indie, beats, treats and pop-punk. MINSKYS SHOW BAR Cathedral Walk, St David’s Centre, Cardiff. 029 2023 3128 / www.minskysshowbar.com Fridays & Saturdays 8pm1am. Dancing and cabaret with regular drag acts including Tina Sparkle, Miss Babs and Jolene Dover. MISSOULA 84-86 St Mary Street, Cardiff. 029 2037 1315 / www.missoulabars.co.uk/ missoulacardiff Mondays Mojito Mondays 5pm-12am. Motown classics and mojitos 2-4-1 all night. Thursdays Rock The Night 5pm-12am. Indie classics. Fridays #Friday 5pm-2am. Funky house and half price drinks from 5-10pm. MOCKA LOUNGE Mill Lane, Cardiff. Mon-Sat 11am-late. 029 2022 1295 / www.mockalounge.com Thursdays The Social Affair 9pm-3am. Over-25s night with chart hits through the ages. Fridays Timeless DJ Dan Nicholas plays r’n’b, funk, disco and old skool. Just old skool. Saturdays Decorum Soulful and upfront house, plus funk, disco etc, from Sinky and Styles. Sundays VIP Chris Evans (My Playhouse) plays club classics, funky house and r’n’b. THE MOON Womanby Street, Cardiff. 029 2037 3022 / info@ themooncardiff.com Wed 23 Womanby’s Clubbing 5.30-8pm. Monthly clubbing events for adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health conditions. Run in partnership with Student Volunteering. Fridays Gigantic Until 4am, free. Funk, punk, rock’n’roll, hip-hop, indie, reggae and soul after bands finish playing. Saturdays Five Dollar Shake Until 4am, free. Bebop, funk, soul, Motown, hip-hop, reggae, ska and everything in between, after bands finish playing. NEON LOUNGE Market Street, Newport. 01633 533666 / theneon. co.uk/neon-bar-lounge Fri 4 Old School R’n’B Night 9pm-2am, free. With some old skool hip-hop and reggae too, on the first Friday or every month. Saturdays Urban Dance Night 9pm3am, free. Classic urban, house and r’n’b from DJ Steve C. PENARTH EX-SERIVCEMEN’S CLUB 69 Windsor Road, Penarth. 029 2070 7530 / www. penarthexservicemensclub.

co.uk Sat 19 Penarth Soul Club 7.30pm-12am, £3 adv. An NYE of classic soul, northern soul etc, also on in July, September and November this year. PLATFORM 11 Herbert Street, Ponterdawe. 01792 892555 Sun 6 The Pink Open Air Alldayer 1pm-12am, free. Annual bank holiday house marathon with sets this year from Lewis John, Adam Yudowitz, Matthew Evans, John Evans, Taz Meah, Jamie Morgan and Shan Thomas, plus more TBC. PLATFORM 11 High Street, Pontypridd. Fri-Sun 7.30pm-2am. www. platform11.co.uk Sun 6 012 7pm-3am, £6-£10. This instalment is headlined by Leftwing & Kody, more Ibiza-conquering house jollies ahoy. Sun 27 014 4pm-4am, £7-£10. Epic sesh headlined by UK tech-house producer Tommy Vercetti. POPWORLD 96 St Mary Street, Cardiff. Mon, Tue + Thurs 9pm3am; Wed 8pm-3am; Fri 5pm-3am; Sat 1pm-3am. 029 2023 5825. Mondays Pop Rocks 9pm. A night of what they call alternative pop but their examples (Green Day, Blink, Linkin Park) seem to suggest will be pop-punk and nu-metal. Ah, it’s all just names at the end of the day. Fridays + Saturdays Popworld Party Until 3am. Drinks deals from 5-11pm (Fri) and 3-8pm (Sat). POPWORLD Wind Street, Swansea. MonFri + Sun 8pm-3am; Sat 3pm-3am. 01792 470676. Wednesdays Quids In 8pm-3am. Student night where drinks are £1. Fridays Ain’t No Party Like A Popworld Party 8pm-3am, £2-£4. Saturdays Club Classics 8pm-3am, £2-£4. PRYZM Greyfriars Road, Cardiff. 029 2023 3854 / www. pryzm.co.uk/cardiff Mondays Quids In 10pm4am, £1 adv. Student night. Fridays Smack. 9pm-3am, £4 adv. Weekly student event described by one enthusiast as “lit Friday nights with chilled fam bams and regular bants”. Saturdays Agenda 10pm3am, £5. Three music arenas, VIP booths, other stuff. PULSE 3 Churchill Way, Cardiff. 029 2064 1010 / www. pulsecardiff.com. Gay venue. Wednesdays Kapow! 10pm-4am. Student night with Jolene Dover and DJ Warren. Fridays Full On 10pm-5am, £4/£3. DJ Craig downstairs, Opal upstairs. Saturdays Pop Til You Drop 10pm5am, £5/£4 b4 11. The very best chart remixes and classic hits all night long. THE RAINBOW ROOMS 12 High Street, Gorseinon, Swansea. 07563 111225 / www.the-rainbowrooms.com Sat 12 HDUK Kiddstock Summer Tour 9pm-4am, £12.50 adv. Hard dance bouncy mayhem with three name jocks

– Alex Kidd, Cally and MKN – going b2b2b all night. REMINISCE WAREHOUSE PARTY Venue TBC, Cardiff. www. residentadvisor.net/profile/ reminisce-cardiff Sat 19 Reminisce Cardiff & It’s Not Urban It’s House 4pm-2am, £10-£20. Classic house and garage night featuring three DJs from Sub London Records – Ray Hurley, Hermit and Daniel Ward – plus Blaksonix, Sinky, Gareth Hopkins, Fabian, Precious, Matt Kirke and host MC Delta. REVOLUTION Castle Street, Cardiff. Open from 11am. 029 2023 6689 / www.revolution-bars.co.uk Tuesdays Mode 9pm-3am, £4 adv. Popular student night. Fridays + Saturdays 9pm3am. DJs, drinks offers, free area hire. SIN CITY Dilwyn Street, Swansea. 01792 468892 / www. sincityclub.co.uk Mon 28 We Are House U18s Paint Party 7.3010.30pm, £12/£10 adv. Evening disco for teens which promises to feature 200 litres of paint. Experts are predicting attendees will collectively smuggle in a greater volume of booze than that. Tuesdays Hustle 10pm-3am, £3/£2 before 12. Motown, r’n’b and hip-hop. Thursdays Sin Savers 10pm-3am, £3. Student night. Fridays Monsters Of Rock 10pm-3.30am, £4/£2 before 12.30. Indie in room 1, metal in room 2. Fri 4 Rick And Morty’s House Party 10pm3am. “This is a fan-run event”. That’s one way of putting it, another would be that these guys are using a copyrighted brand for personal profit. Not that I care, I’m just saying. Fri 11 Bassline 10pm-4am, from £10. With drum’n’bass supergroup SaSaSaS, rescheduled from March. It was sold out then and remains so now. Saturdays Sink 10pm-3am. Hip-hop, drum’n’bass, dubstep etc, with special guests plus resident DJs Dubman, Swiss Elf and South. Sat 5 Hustle 10pm-4am, £15/£14. With ragga jungle OG General Levy, Scott Neill and Teagle. Sun 6 20 Years Of UK Garage Pt 1 10pm-4am, £12/£10. Retroactive bangers and bubblers with local faves the V2 Crew, Kele Le Roc, MC Sharky P and Welsh stalwarts Local Fabian Dubz, Chris Bass, DJ E.V.O, Wayne Irie and MC Mello Dee. SODA St Mary Street, Cardiff. 029 2037 3363 / www. sodacardiff.com Wednesdays Replay 9pm4am, £4. Chart, cheese and r’n’b for students. Fridays Fade 10pm-3am, £4/£6 VIP. R’n’b, hip-hop, house and UK garage from Vijay, Jigga, Monique B and Dan Willow. Saturdays Soiree 9pm-4am. Three rooms including the Attic which is “the social playground for the high flyers and social elite, the only place to be seen.” Imagine catching your reflection in the mirror just after writing that. Sundays Soda Sundays 9pm-3am, £4/£8 VIP. Three floors of music for students and industry workers. BUZZ 61

* – recommended TIGER TIGER Friary House, Greyfriars Rd, Cardiff. Open Mon-Fri 12pm-2am, Sat 12pm-3am, Sun 12pm-12.30am. 029 2039 1944 / www.tigertigercardiff.co.uk Every Day Lucky Voice Karaoke From £2.50 per session. The UK's leading private karaoke experience each day of the week. Wednesdays Shotgun Rules 10pm-3am, £5/£3.50. Exclusive midweek student party. You don’t need NUS to get in though. Fridays Tic Toc 10pm-3am, £4. “Forget the DJs who play the stuff you've never heard of, ours will be playing your favourite tracks all night long.” Saturdays Kanaloa Polynesian style area with cocktails, VIP booths, dancers etc. Sun 6 Crunk Bank Holiday 10pm-3am, £4 adv/£1 early bird. Old and nu skool bangers all night from DJs Piddy, Mozafari and Jordan B, plus various drinks deals. TRAMSHED Clare Road, Grangetown, Cardiff. 029 2023 5555 / www.tramshedcardiff.com Fri 11 The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club 7-11pm, £18. Regular visitor to Cardiff, indeed the poster for Lister’s popular touring night notes that all of its past 11 appearances here have sold out (as has this one) – a “recordbreaking” feat, no less. Keen to know whose record this broke. Sun 27 UKG Brunch 12-5pm, £30-£40. A bunch of UK garage DJs/MCs (DJ Luck & MC Neat, Aurie Styla and DJ Cartier) rock up of an afternoon. Ticket price gets you “bottomless fried chicken, rum punch and immersive 90s themed games”. I would pay extra not to have the last of those things. UNDERTONE (BASEMENT OF 10 FEET TALL) 11a + 12 Church Street, Cardiff. 029 2022 8883 / www.undertonecardiff.com Tue 1 Wile Out 10pm, £2-£4. Bassline from Bandit, Mango, Onslaught, Styx and a DJ competition winner TBC. Fri 4 Groove Theory 10.30pm4am. House, disco and funk, with a lineup TBC. Sat 5 Flatline 10pm. Drum’n’bass, 140 and bassline from local DJs and MCs. Fri 11 Beat Cartel 11pm. These guys have a Facebook page with some Keith Haring artwork on but no info at all about what kind of music they play or who they’ve booked. Sat 12 Function:al 10pm-4am. Drum’n’bass with Digital & Spirit, Jet Li, Ransom, Lubi J and host Blackeye MC. Thurs 17 Pressure 10pm. Drum’n’bass. Fri 18 Selecta 11pm, £5/£3 adv. UK garage classics. *Sat 19 Rotary Club 11pm. Disco and house promoters with headliner Nachtbraker, a Dutch house DJ recently found on the Heist label. Supporting cast TBC. Tue 22 Battle Of The Brands 11pm, £5/£3 adv. Featuring Skank Ground, Wile Out, Flatline and Switch Up residents. Fri 25 Synthesis 1st Birthday 10pm. Drum’n’bass. Sat 26 Housewerk v Helium 10pm4am, £5. Sets from Antwon & NTM, Half & Half b2b Beekay, ADR, Wells b2b Old As Dust, BUZZ 62

Pipes and Fat Wills.Sun 27 XL Invites 10pm. Drum’n’bass. These guys also have a night in Clwb Ifor Bach this month so maybe check this is on – Undertone have it listed is all I can tell you. THE VAULTS / PORTLAND HOUSE The Old Natwest Bank, 113116 Bute Street, Cardiff Bay. www.vaultspresents.com Sat 5 Got Bass 1st Birthday 10pm-5am, £17.50 adv. Featuring Cause & Affect, Taiki Nulight, Bushbaby, Sammy Virji, Development, Koncept, Styx, Oni, 10sion, Mango, Chez, B:Wild, Dox, Pedeadstrian, E.R.B, Low and Mowgli, plus host MCs B:Wild and XL and Flatline looking after the second room. Sun 6 Shangri-La Presents The 8th Birthday 9pm-4am, £10 adv early bird. Studentfavouring house and techno night that has’t revealed anyone playing at the time of writing, even though they said they would. WALKABOUT Castle Bailey Street, Swansea. 01792 450850 / www.walkaboutbars.co.uk/ venues/swansea Sun 6 Festival Of Light Party 10pm-4am, £5 adv. Pop, chart, dance and r’n’b, plus hundreds of glowsticks and neon balloons. WAREHOUSE 54 54 Cambrian Road, Newport. 01633 213161. Wednesdays Krazy Wednesdays Cocktails, drink deals and tunes as part of a cross-city midweek session. Fridays Live Forever 12am, £3. Britpop classics. Part of the NPclubhop multi-venue deal. Saturdays The Indie Rock Disco 12am. (Former) Meze Lounge DJs playing indie and rock classics. Also an NPclubhop night. WOW BAR 4 Churchill Way, Cardiff. Gay venue. Free all day Sun-Thurs; before 11pm Fri + Sat. 029 2066 6247 / www.wowbarcardiff.com Wednesdays Get Pounded Free. Hosted by Gypsy Divine, soundtracked by DJ Basil and named in reference to the £1 drinks offers. And nothing else. Thursdays Let’s Have A Kiki Free. DJs Basil and Chris soundtrack non-stop fun and games. Fridays Kitty’s Kabaret Free before 11. With WOW Showgirls Miss Kitty and Marcia, plus special guests every week. Saturdays Hi Energy Free before 11. Pop and party upstairs, chart and dance downstairs. Sundays The Cuckoo Club Free. DJ Krys plays the tunes until late.

events EVERY MONDAY Beat It: Drumming For Dementia Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 10.30am12.30pm, free. Info beatitpercussion@gmail.com. Hosted by Lynn – contact her on the above email. Beginners Belly Dance Conway Road Methodist Church Hall, Cardiff. 6.307.40pm, £7/£30 for 5-week course. Info info@ burlesquecardiff.co.uk. With

Stephanie. Every Monday apart from holiday breaks. Bharatanatyam Dance Classes For Adult Beginners Bayview House, Cardiff Bay. 8.15-9.15pm. Info 029 2075 1158. Book Club Evergreen Hall, Bridgend. 2-3.30pm, £3/£1 members. Info 01656 815757. A group for reading and discussing literature. Brecon Town Band Rehearsals Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. Info 01874 623650. Hosted by Dave Jones – contact him on the above number. Cardiff Inter Varsity Club Meeting The Plum Tree, Canton, Cardiff. 8.30pm, £5 (three-month trial membership). Info 07526 141392. A friendly social group offering the chance to “liven up your social life and meet new friends” through a varied events programme including theatre, live music, walks, badminton, table tennis and pub nights. More info at www. cardiffivc.org.uk. Ceroc The Gate, Cardiff. 7.45-10.45pm, £8/£6 NUS. Info 029 2048 3344. A fusion of salsa, ballroom, tango, hip-hop and jive. Classes are easy and relaxed. Children’s Ballroom Dancing Classes Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 7-9pm. Info 01495 243252. Community Choir Rehearsals Clwb Y Bont, Pontypridd. 7-9pm, free. Info 01443 491424. Community Choir Sessions Cornwall Street Church Hall, Grangetown, Cardiff. 7.30-9.30pm, free. Info 07952 752823. Led by Pauline Down and taking place every Monday during term time. Drop-in Meditation And Mindfulness Classes The Boneyard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 7-8.30pm, £5/£3 unwaged. Info 01792 458245. New weekly class led by Mike Garside, Resident Teacher of Dharmavajra Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Swansea. FAN Group Meeting Grange Pavilion, Grangetown, Cardiff. 11am, free. Info 07512 638792. FAN (Friends And Neighbours) groups offer the chance to meet people, speak about a chosen topic for one hour, and have a chat and a cuppa. More FAN meetings are elsewhere in Cardiff every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. FAN Group Meeting Whitchurch Library, Cardiff. 2pm, free. Info 07512 638792. Freestyle Fitness Yoga Pontcanna Dojo, Cardiff. 7.15-8.15pm, £7.50/£35 for five classes. Info sarasclasses4@ gmail.com. Funkypump Fitness Various venues across south Wales. 6am-8pm. Info www. funkypumpfitness.co.uk. Boxing-based high-intensity workout with a house soundtrack. Today’s lineup looks like this. Ware-house, Swansea: Bootcamp 6-7 + 10-11am; Funkypump 5-6 + 6-7pm; Warehouse ABC 5-7pm. Ware-house, Port Talbot: HIIT 5-5.45pm. Rainbow Rooms, Gorseinon: Funkypump 6-7pm. First Choice Fitness, Llantrisant: Funkypump 6-7 + 7-8pm. Funkypump Fitness, Ammanford: Funkypump 6-7pm. Elympia Fitness, Ely, Cardiff: 6.157.15pm. Funkypump Fitness, Carmarthen: Funkypump 6.15-7.15pm. Health Qigong Glyndwr Community Hall, Penarth.

10.30-11.30am. Info 07772 657692. Little Monkey Club Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 9.30am. Info 01656 649190. 9.30am: Heigh-Ho; 10.25am: Rock’n’Roll; 11.05am: JiggetyJig. Also on Fridays. Musical Theatre The Riverfront, Newport. 5.45-8pm, £6/£5. Info 01633 656757. 7-11 years old: 5.45-6.45pm; 12 and up: 6.45-8pm. Newport Badminton Club Bettws Active Centre, Newport. 7-8.30pm. Info 07789 965285. One of the largest badminton clubs in south-east Wales. Also on Thursdays. NoFit State Circus Classes And Courses Four Elms Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff. £4-£12 per class. Info 029 2022 1330 / www.nofitstate.org. Today’s schedule looks like this. 4.30-6pm: Youth: Wookies (7-9 years); Youth: Padawans (9-11 years). 6-8pm: Aerial Hoop Level 2, Static Trapeze Level 3. 7.45-9.45pm: Aerial Hoop Levels 3 and 4, Static Trapeze Level 4. Pilates-Based Back Care Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 10.30am. Info 01874 625992. With Katy Sinnadurai. Also on Wednesday afternoons. Pilates-Based Body Conditioning Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 11.45am. Info 01874 625992. With Katy Sinnadurai. Also on Wednesday evenings. Qigong Class The Sunhouse, Gwaelod-y-Garth, Cardiff. 6-7.15pm, £5. Info 07779 151916. More at www. bringingbalance.co.uk. Ruff Folk Dance Club St Andrew’s Methodist Church Hall, Birchgrove, Cardiff. 8pm. Info 029 2051 3440. With Ian Lewis. Salsa Classes Horse & Groom, Cowbridge. 8-10pm, £5/£4 NUS. Info 07800 565651. Beginners for the first hour, then improvers/intermediate. St Donats Atlantic Chorale St Donats Arts Centre, Vale Of Glamorgan. 7.30pm. Info 01446 799100. Choir rehearsals. Tango Dancing Argentine Barocco, Cardiff. 8-10.45pm, £3/£1. Info 029 2023 7332. Tang Soo Do Chapter Arts Centre, Canton, Cardiff. 7-9pm. Info 07734 557767. Learn traditional Korean karate; beginners welcome. Up Side Down Circus Classes Cave Venture Workshops, Tremorfa Industrial Estate, Cardiff. Info 029 2048 8854 / info@ upsidedowncircus.co.uk. Today’s schedule: 3-6pm Open training; 6-8pm Intermediate Aerial Hoop And Circus Fitness; 8-10pm Beginners Aerial Hoop. Yoga Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay. 12.301.15pm. Info 029 2087 7959. On tomorrow also. Yoga With Valerie Price St Mary’s Church Hall, Canton, Cardiff. 6.30-9.30pm. Info admin@yoga-works.co.uk. 6.30-8pm: intermediate; 8.109.30pm: beginners. EVERY TUESDAY A Ballroom Dance Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 7-11pm. Info 01495 243252. Adult Give It A Go Climbing Session Boulders, St Catherine's Park, Cardiff. 6.30-7.50pm, £15. Info 029 2048 4880. Every Tuesday to Thursday. Aikido Village Hall, Heol Syr Lewis, Morganstown. 8-10pm. Info 07790 167560. Every

Tuesday and Friday. Beginners Ballet Dance House, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 6.157.30pm, £6. Info 029 2063 5614. Covering key ballet principles including developing core strength, improving posture, basic steps, flexibility and coordination. Hosted by National Dance Company Wales. Beginners Contemporary Dance Dance House, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.30-8.45pm, £6. Info 029 2063 5614. Exploring the basic principles of contemporary dance through a set of exercises. Hosted by National Dance Company Wales. Beijing 24 Step Tai Chi St Mary’s Church Hall, Canton, Cardiff. 6.30-8pm. Info 07772 657692. Funkypump Fitness Various venues across south Wales. 6am-8.15pm. Info www. funkypumpfitness.co.uk. Ware-house, Swansea: TRX & Kettlebell 6-7am; Buggy Blast 10.30-11.30am; HIIT 1.15-1.45pm; Funkypump 5.15-6 + 6-7pm; Funkypump Kidz 5.15-6pm; White Collar Boxing Training 6-7pm; Funky Pump Lite 7-8pm. Ware-house, Port Talbot: HIIT 6.30-7.15pm. Rainbow Rooms, Gorseinon: Bootcamp 6-7am. Funkypump Fitness, Ammanford: Bootcamp 6.15-7.15pm; Bags 7.15-8.15pm. Ufit, Cardiff: Funkypump 6-7pm. Daleon Fitness, Merthyr: Funkypump 6-7pm. Gitananda Yoga St David's Uniting Church, Pontypridd. 7-8.30pm, free. Info 01443 408065. Glam Dram St Donats Arts Centre, Vale Of Glamorgan. 7pm. Info 01446 799100. Amateur theatre company for adults. Jazz Workshops For Beginners Atradius Offices (4th floor), Cardiff Bay. 6.208pm, £10. Info 07806 625717. All instruments and ages welcome. Karate Classes Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.15-8.15pm. Info 029 2087 7959. With Emma Robins. Knap Art Group All Saints Church Hall, The Knap, Barry. 2-4pm. Info glyn@glynpooley. com. Hosted by Glyn Pooley. Get in touch if you are interested in developing your creativity through learning to draw or paint. Laughter Yoga Llandaff North Community Centre, Cardiff. 7.15-8.15pm, £5 (suggested donation). Info www.sparklylaughter.co.uk. “No experience required, no stretching and no mats needed,” promise the organisers. Learn To Rock’n’Roll 50s Style Kenfig Hill Rugby Club, Bridgend. 8-10.30pm, £5. Info 07400 080101. Hosted by Frank. Lessons are from 8.15-9pm; there’s a disco from 9-10.30. First dance lesson free. Life Drawing Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff. 6-8pm, £7.50. Info 07830 381930. Hosted by Cardiff Life Model. Lindy Hop Dance Classes & Social Swing Dancing The Garage, Swansea. 6-10pm. Info 01792 475147. Little Monkey Club Old Church Rooms, Radyr, Cardiff. 9.45am. Info 01656 649190. 9.45 + 11.05am: Rock’n’Roll; 10.25am: Jiggety-Jig. Also on Thursdays. Mid Wales Dance Academy Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. Info 01874 623219.

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With Lesley Walker. Also on Thursdays, Fridays aand Saturdays. Morning Yoga Dance House, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 8-9am, £6. Info 029 2063 5614. A Vinyasa flow class, aimed to develop functional, athletic abilities and maximise strength. Hosted by National Dance Company Wales. Music Tots The Riverfront, Newport. 9.45am-1.45pm, £3 per session. Info 01633 656757. Music and movement class for babies aged eight weeks to five years. NoFit State Circus Classes And Courses Four Elms Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff. £4-£12 per class. Info 029 2022 1330 / www.nofitstate. org. Today’s schedule: 5-6pm: Youth: Ewoks (5-7 years). 6-7pm: Hula Hoop. 6-8pm: Supervised Training. 7.459.45pm: Beginners’ Mixed Aerial. Open Mic Night Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@ porterscardiff.com. Pregnancy Yoga Om Studio, Partridge Lane, Cardiff. 6-7.15pm, £35/£30 (five-week blocks). Info kalavathi@ omstudio.co.uk. Qigong Class Bute Park, Cardiff. 6-7pm, pay by donation. Info 07779 151916. More at www.bringingbalance.co.uk. Salsa Classes Kapu, Cardiff. 7.30-10.30pm, £5/£4 NUS. Info 07800 565651. Beginners’ class starts 7.30pm; improvers 8.30; bachata 9.30. SeeWales Sightseeing Day Tour: Mines & Mountains National Museum Cardiff (pickup point). 9am-5.30pm, £5 off if you present this magazine. Info 029 2022 7227 / www.seewales.com. Every Tuesday and Friday. This one visits Big Pit Mining Museum of Wales and Brecon Beacons National Park (including BBNP visitors centre). Student Night Cardiff City Table Tennis Club, Dominion Way, Cardiff. 7-9pm, £2. Info 01446 412352. Featuring 16 table tennis tables; players of all ages and abilities are welcome. Check in advance on the sessions as the hall is occasionally booked by someone else. Up Side Down Circus Classes Cave Venture Workshops, Tremorfa Industrial Estate, Cardiff. Info 029 2048 8854 / info@ upsidedowncircus.co.uk. Today’s schedule: 10am6pm Open Training; 6-8pm Trapeze For Beginners And Acrobalance; 8-10pm Chinese Pole. Yoga Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay. 5.30-6.30 + 6.45-8pm. Info 029 2087 7959. Yoga Classes Om Studio, Partridge Lane, Cardiff. 7-8.30pm, £9. Info 07727 139379 / www.omstudio.co.uk. With Kalavathi Devi. Yoga Share M.A.D.E. Gallery & Shop, Cardiff. 5-7pm, £4 (suggested donation). Info 029 2047 3373. Led by Ashtanga practitioner Sarah Cleary. Yoga With Tori Boulders, St Catherine's Park, Cardiff. 6-7pm, £6. Info 029 2048 4880. Every Tuesday and Wednesday. Yoga With Valerie Price Llandough Institute, Penarth. 8.30-9.30pm. Info admin@ yoga-works.co.uk. Mixed level class. Zhan Zhuang Qigong Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay. 12.301.30pm, £12/£10 adv. Info 029

2087 7959. ZZQ is an ancient Chinese health system based on a series of static postures. Zumba: Dance Exercise Classes Fairwater Social & Athletic Club, Cardiff. 6-7pm. Info 07891 712344. Led by Irene Davies, as is... Zumba: Dance Exercise Classes St Faith Church Hall, Llanishen, Cardiff. 8-9pm. Info 07891 712344. EVERY WEDNESDAY Adult Give It A Go Climbing Session Boulders, St Catherine's Park, Cardiff. 6.30-7.50pm, £15. Info 029 2048 4880. A Tea Dance Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 2-4pm. Info 01495 243252. Ceramics For Adults The Riverfront, Newport. 6-8pm. Info 01633 656757. Ceroc Dance Class Dockers Club, Swansea. 7.45pm-12am, £6/£8 freestyles. Info cerocsouthwales@gmail.com. Cheer Tots The Riverfront, Newport. 9.30-10.15am, £3. Info 01633 656757. Movement session for babies. Circus Club Carnegie House, Bridgend. 5.30-7pm, £1. Info 01656 815757. Come and learn a range of simple circus skills with Organised Kaos. City Of Cardiff Rotaract Meeting Refectory Cafe, Windsor Place, Cardiff. 6.30pm. Info 07768 108394. An 18-30s community group that integrates young professionals, students and refugees through community projects and social events. Creative Wednesdays Evergreen Hall, Bridgend. 2-4pm, £3/£1 members. Info 01656 815757. Workshops in drawing, painting, ceramics, textiles etc. Djembe Drumming Workshops Ocean Arts Cardiff, Splott, Cardiff. 6.309.30pm, £5/£3. Info oceanartscardiff@gmx. co.uk. 6.30-8pm: beginners (£3); 8.15-9.30pm: intermediate/ advanced (£5). Drop-in classes. Drop-in Exploring Drawing Workshop Workers Gallery, Ynyshir, Rhondda. 7-9pm, £10. Info 01443 682034. With tutor Chris Williams. FAN Group Meeting Canton Library, Cardiff. 5.30pm, free. Info 07512 638792. Make friends and practise English. More info at www. thefancharity.org. FAN Group Meeting Grangetown Hub, Havelock Place, Cardiff. 5.30pm, free. Info 07512 638792. FAN Group Meeting The Gate, Cardiff. 10am, free. Info 07512 638792. Funkypump Fitness Various venues across south Wales. 6am-8pm. Info www. funkypumpfitness.co.uk. Warehouse, Swansea: Bootcamp 6-7 + 10-11am; Bag Circuit 5-6 + 6-7pm; Warehouse ABC 5-7pm; Abs 7-8pm. Ware-house, Port Talbot: HIIT 6.30-7.15pm. Rainbow Rooms, Gorseinon: Bootcamp 6-7pm. First Choice Fitness, Llantrisant: Funkypump 6-7 + 7-8pm. Funkypump Fitness, Ammanford: Funkypump 6-7pm. Funkypump Fitness, Carmarthen: Funkypump 6.157.15pm. Jazz Workshops For Beginners Zion Chapel, Ponthir, Newport. 6.30-8.30pm, £10. Info 07806 625717. All instruments and ages welcome. Little Monkey Club Primo

School Of Music, Insole Court, Cardiff. Info 01656 649190. Newport Youth Dance The Riverfront, Newport. 4.15-6.15pm, £3 per session. Info 01633 656757. 7-10 years old: 4.15-5.15pm; 14-18: 5.156.15pm. NoFit State Circus Classes And Courses Four Elms Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff. £4-£12 per class. Info 029 2022 1330 / www.nofitstate.org. Today’s schedule: 4.15-6pm: Youth: Jedi Acrobatics (11-18 years); 6-8pm: Adult Acrobatics; 8-9.30pm: Handstands; 8-10pm: Physical Theatre & Clown with George (every Wednesday in May only). Pilates The Gate, Cardiff. 10.30am-1.30pm. Info info@ harnisch-lacey.com. 6pm: general; 7pm: advanced; 8pm: beginners. Pilates-Based Back Care Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 5.45pm. Info 01874 625992. With Katy Sinnadurai. Pilates-Based Body Conditioning Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 7pm. Info 01874 625992. With Katy Sinnadurai. Pub Quiz The Pilot, Penarth. 8pm. Info 029 2071 0615. With Hayley. Qigong Class The Hub Community Centre, Llandaff North, Cardiff. 2-3pm. Info 07772 657692. Salsa Classes Rhiwbina Recreational Club, Whitchurch, Cardiff. 8-10pm, £5/£4 NUS. Info 07800 565651. SeeWales Sightseeing Tour: Romans And Ruins National Museum Cardiff (pickup point). 9am-5.30pm, £5 off if you present this magazine. Info 029 2022 7227 / www.seewales.com. Day tours from Cardiff, every Wednesday and Saturday. This one visits Caerleon, Caerwent, Tintern Abbey, the Wye Valley, Abbey Mill Craft Centre and Raglan Castle. Toddler Time Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil. 10-11am. Info 01685 384111. Pre-school stories, rhymes and crafts for toddlers. Up Side Down Circus Classes Cave Venture Workshops, Tremorfa Industrial Estate, Cardiff. Info 029 2048 8854 / info@ upsidedowncircus.co.uk. Today’s schedule: 10am6pm Open Training; 6-8pm Introduction To Aerial (beginners mixed); 8-10pm Aerial Silks Intermediate. Yoga Classes Om Studio, Partridge Lane, Cardiff. 9.3011am, 1-2.15pm + 7-9pm, £9/£8. Info 07727 139379 / www.omstudio.co.uk. Yoga Trwy Gyfrwng Y Gymraeg Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff. 7-8.30pm. Info admin@yoga-works. co.uk. Yoga With Tori Boulders, St Catherine's Park, Cardiff. 6-7pm, £6. Info 029 2048 4880. Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments The Freaks Geeks and Autographs Store, Swansea. 5.30pm, £3.50. Info 07914 683534. EVERY THURSDAY Adult Give It A Go Climbing Session Boulders, St Catherine's Park, Cardiff. 6.30-7.50pm, £10. Info 029 2048 4880. Alexander Technique & Yoga M.A.D.E. Gallery & Shop, Cardiff. 11.30am-1pm, £16/£80 for six sessions. Info 029 2047 3373. Art Club Penarth Pier Pavilion. 4.15-5.15pm, £5. Info 0844 8700887. Creative fun

for 5-11-year-olds with tutor Becky. Ballet Academy Wales Classes – Children 6-11 Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 4-5pm, £4.95. Info 07837 937351. Beijing 24 Step Tai Chi Albert Rd Church & Community Centre, Penarth. 7.45-9pm. Info 07772 657692. Bingo Market Street Club, Barry. 8.30pm. Info 01446 733863. Biodanza Bishop Of Llandaff High School, Cardiff. 7-9pm, £6/£5. Info antoinette@ biodanza4all.com. “A fusion of music, movement and feeling” taught here by Antoinette Lorraine. Breakdance The Riverfront, Newport. 6.30-7.30pm, £3.50 per session. Info 01633 656757. Learn break dancing styles, uprock, freezes and power moves. For ages 8-18. Ceroc Dance Class Lysaght Institute, Newport. 7.3010.45pm, £8/£6 NUS. Info cerocsouthwales@gmail.com. Children’s Latin/Ballroom Classes Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 4.30-8pm. Info 01495 243252. FAN Group Meeting Cardiff Central Library. 5pm, free. Info 07512 638792. Make friends and practise English. More info at www.thefancharity.org. FAN Group Meeting Cardiff MADE Cafe, Roath, Cardiff. 11am, free. Info 07512 638792. FAN Group Meeting Cathays Heritage Library, Cardiff. 2.05pm, free. Info 07512 638792. Fitsteps FAB The Riverfront, Newport. 10-11am, £4. Info 01633 656757. Low intensity dance fitness workout. Funkypump Fitness Various venues across south Wales. 6am-8.15pm. Info www. funkypumpfitness.co.uk. Ware-house, Swansea: TRX & Kettlebells 6-7am; Buggy Blast 10-11.30am; HIIT 1.151.45pm; Funkypump 5-6 + 6-7pm; White Collar Boxing Training 6-7pm; Funkypump Lite 7-8pm. Ware-house, Port Talbot: HIIT 6.30-7.15pm. Rainbow Rooms, Gorseinon: Bootcamp 6-7am. Ufit, Cardiff: Funkypump 6-7 + 7.15-8.15pm. Elympia Fitness, Ely: Funkypump 7.158.15pm. First Choice Fitness, Llantrisant: Funkypump Lite 6-7pm. Funkypump Fitness, Ammanford: Funkypump 6-7pm. Funkypump Fitness, Carmarthen: Funkypump 6.157.15pm. Hand Drumming Group Canton Uniting Church, Cardiff. 6-7pm, £25 (five weeks). Info 07980 742328. Hosted by Ronald Macauley. Hatch Youth Theatre The Riverfront, Newport. 4.306.30pm. Info 01633 656757. Hosted by Tin Shed Theatre. Learn To Roller Skate Cardiff Central Youth Club, Cardiff. 6-7.30pm, £4/£40 for eight weeks at two sessions per week. Info www.brawlers. co.uk. With Cardiff roller derby team Tiger Bay Brawlers. Also on every Sunday. Little Monkey Club Old Church Rooms, Radyr, Cardiff. 9.45am. Info 01656 649190. Mid Wales Dance Academy Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. Info 01874 623219. Newport Badminton Club Pill Millennium Centre, Newport. 8-10pm. Info 07789 965285. Coached by Rhys Pritchard who represented Wales at the Junior Commonwealth Games. Newport Junior

MONSTER JAM Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Sat 19 May Tickets: from £15. Info: monsterjam.co.uk Unquestionably a more significant coup for this stadium than a Beatles reformation gig combined with a World Cup final, this month sees the return of this magnificent, apocalyptically American spectacle: 10 monster trucks, each with tyres taller than an average adult male, thundering around an obstacle course laid over the hallowed turf and propelling themselves to unfeasible heights. Seriously – whoever makes the shock absorbers for these vehicles holds some kind of globe-conquering theoretical power. Some of the general public’s favourite trucks will journey over, including Grave Digger and one of the litter of Monster Mutts – plus new contenders like the shark-bodied Megalodon, which hadn’t even been built when Monster Jam was last here in 2016.

Badminton Club Pill Millennium Centre, Newport. 7-8.30pm. Info 07789 965285. Coached by Rhys Pritchard. NoFit State Circus Classes And Courses Four Elms Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff. £4-£12 per class. Info 029 2022 1330 / www.nofitstate. org. Today’s schedule: 6-8pm: Ropes & Silks Level 2, Static Trapeze Level 2. 7.45-9.45pm: Static Trapeze Level 2, Ropes & Silks Level 3, Ropes & Silks Level 4. Pilates Conway Road Methodist Church Hall, Cardiff. 6.30-7.30pm, £7.50/£35 for five classes. Info sarasclasses4@gmail.com. Pilates Tramshed Studio, Cardiff. 12.30-1.30pm, £10/£8. Info www.tramshedstudio.com. Qigong Albert Rd Church & Community Centre, Penarth. 6.30-7.30pm. Info 07772 657692. Quiz Night NosDa, Cardiff. 8pm, £1. Info 029 2037 8866. With money, beers and pizza to be won. Salsa & Bachata Classes Kapu, Cardiff. 7pm-2am, £4-£7. Info 07800 565651. Beginners 7.30pm; improvers/intermediates 8.30. Free bachata dancing from 9.45pm. Salsa Dancing Classes Revolucion De Cuba, Cardiff. 8-10pm, £6/£5 NUS. Info 029 2023 6689. Salsa, bachata, zouk and kizomba. Samba Band Carnegie House, Bridgend. 6.30-8pm, £1. Info 01656 815757. Re-create the sound of Brazilian Carnaval with Sallie MacLennan. No experience necessary, instruments provided. SeeWales Sightseeing Day Tour: Golden Gower National Museum Cardiff (pickup point). 9am-5.30pm, £5 off if you present this magazine. Info 029 2022 7227 / www. seewales.com. Thursday and Sunday. This one visits the Gower, Swansea Bay, ParcLe-Breos, the Dylan Thomas

Centre and more. Story And Rhyme Time In Welsh For Babies Big Pit National Coal Museum, Blaenafon. 10-11.30am, free. Info 029 2057 3650. Every Thursday during term time; aimed at 0-4 years. The Alexander Technique M.A.D.E. Gallery & Shop, Cardiff. 11am-12pm, £16. Info info@yogaskies.co.uk. Small group class hosted by Mike Young. University Of The 3rd Age Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. Info richard-walker@live. co.uk. Hosted by Richard Walker – contact him on the above email. Up Side Down Circus Classes Cave Venture Workshops, Tremorfa Industrial Estate, Cardiff. Info 029 2048 8854 / info@upsidedowncircus.co.uk. Today’s schedule: 6-8pm Introduction To Aerial; 8-10pm Beginners Aerial Silks. Yarny Army Evergreen Hall, Bridgend. 10am-12pm, £2/£1 members. Info 01656 815757. Knitting and crocheting; beginners welcome. Yoga Classes Cardiff Steiner School, Llandaff North, Cardiff. 6-7 + 7-8pm, £8/£6.50. Info info@yogaskies.co.uk. Hosted by Mike Young. Yoga Classes Om Studio, Partridge Lane, Cardiff. 7-8am + 1-2.30, 6-7.15 + 7.30-8.45pm, £9/£8. Info 07727 139379 / www.omstudio.co.uk. 11am: Mums & Baby yoga; 7.30pm: Pregnancy yoga. EVERY FRIDAY Aikido Village Hall, Heol Syr Lewis, Morganstown. 8-10pm. Info 07790 167560. Bingo Lingo The Depot, Cardiff. 6pm, £5. Info www. depotcardiff.co.uk. Features street food, a wheel of fortune and “rubbish prizes”. Fri 4 has a guest appearance from the Chuckle Brothers. Cardiff Aikikai The Dojo, Roath, Cardiff. 6.30-10pm. Info

mcaluan@cardiffaikikai.co.uk. Bookworm Boogie Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 10-11am, £4.50/£3 for each child thereafter. Info 01874 611622. Babies/ toddlers session with Sarah Kilbride, featuring a mixture of drama, stories, movement and art.. Cardiff Table Tennis Community Club Upper Hall, Sport Wales, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. 7-9pm. Info 01446 412352. Featuring 16 table tennis tables; players of all ages and abilities are welcome. Check in advance on the sessions as the hall is occasionally booked by someone else. Children’s Tap/Ballet Classes Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 10.30-11.30am. Info 01495 243252. Community Choir Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 9.4511.45am, £72/£48 (12 weeks). Info 01446 401209. Dance Tots The Riverfront, Newport. 9.30-10.05am + 10.15-10.50am, £3 per session. Info 01633 656757. Parent/ toddler dance and exercise session. Funkypump Fitness Various venues across south Wales. 6am-7pm. Info www. funkypumpfitness.co.uk. Ware-house, Swansea: Bootcamp 6-7 + 10-11am; ABC 5-7pm; Kettlebell 5.156pm; Bag Circuit 6.15-7pm. Ware-house, Port Talbot: HIIT 6-6.45pm. Funkypump Fitness, Ammanford: Funkypump 6-7pm. Rainbow Rooms, Gorseinon: Bag Circuit 6-7pm. Little Monkey Club Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 9.30am. Info 01656 649190. 9.30am: Heigh-Ho; 10.25am: Rock’n’Roll; 11.05am: JiggetyJig. Little Monkey Club TrrRex Soft Play, Cardiff. Info 01656 649190. Mid Wales Dance Academy Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. Info 01874 623219. Movement And Music For A Fuller Life Bishop Of BUZZ 63

* – recommended

ROOTS ROUND UP MAY 2018 Constantly evolving, roots music has over the past few decades thrown up some incredible combinations of musicians and musical styles and genres. That’s been particularly true since the advent of an information age that’s given musicians access to whole new worlds of music, the influences of which are often woven into their own music. Musical purists may shake their heads in dismay, but if proof were needed that such cross-cultural experiments are a very good thing indeed then Wales is the place to be this coming month as two of the finest exponents of boundary breaking music tour the principality. First up is the extraordinary musical partnership of Welsh harpist Catrin Finch and Senegalese kora player Seckou Keita. The harp is central to the rich musical cultures of both countries; the West African harp, or kora, is constructed from a dried gourd and fishing line while the Welsh harp is an iconic national symbol and both instruments play an important role in the tradition of oral history that both countries share. Following the enormous success of their debut album Cychau Dibon, these remarkable musicians have recently released Soar, the much anticipated follow up, proving once again why they’re regarded as among the finest exponents of their chosen instruments. Catrin and Seckou (with support from Gwyneth Glyn) will be appearing at Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan (Wed 2 May), Cardiff, St. David’s Hall (Thurs 3), Pontio, Bangor (Thurs 17) and Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea (Fri 18). Miss them at your peril. Two of those venues also play host to another musical adventurer, County Clare accordionist Sharon Shannon. Since bursting onto the scene with her eponymous debut album in 1991, Sharon has demonstrated that although her music is firmly rooted in the Irish tradition, she has an adventurous musical spirit that’s led her to include influences from everything from reggae to tango and from Breton music to Americana. Her latest, Justin Adams-produced, album Sacred Earth sees her adding African influences to her musical palette, to once again create something new and exciting. You can experience Sharon’s genre hopping, border defying music at St. David’s Hall on Wed 16 and Theatr Mwldan on Thurs 17. BUZZ ALSO RECOMMENDS: Gigspanner Highly regarded folk combo led by fiddler Peter Knight. Acapela Studio, Pentyrch, Cardiff, Sat 5 May Daoiri Farrell Hotly-tipped Irish singer. Burnett’s Hill Chapel, Martletwy, Wed 16 May DnA Respected mother-and-daughter (Delyth & Angharad Jenkins), harp and fiddle duo. Tŷ Tawe, Abertawe. Fri 25 May Please send your folk and roots listings to listings@buzzmag.co.uk or phone them in to 029 2022 6767


Llandaff High School, Cardiff. 7.45-9.30pm, £5. Info 07726 360584. Biodanza session, on most weeks (ring ahead to check) aiming to help you “discover the joy of living, feel better and happier, benefit from more energy, and be more flexible”. Newport Photographic Club Skip Jennings Hall, Maindee, Newport. 7.30pm. Info 01633 400685. NoFit State Circus Classes And Courses Four Elms Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff. £4-£12 per class. Info 029 2022 1330 / www.nofitstate. org. Today’s schedule: 4.156pm: Youth: Jedi Aerial Skills (11-18 years); 6.30-7.30pm: Hula Disco! Older Adult Dance/ Exercise The Riverfront, Newport. 11am-12pm, £3. Info 01633 656757. Low impact dance and exercise class aimed at the over 50s. Rhiwbina Farmers Market The Butchers Arms, Rhiwbina. 10am-1pm, free. Info 029 2022 7982. SeeWales Sightseeing Day Tour: Mines & Mountains National Museum Cardiff (pickup point). 9am-5.30pm, £5 off if you present this magazine. Info 029 2022 7227 / www.seewales.com. Tango Argentine Chapter Arts Centre, Canton, Cardiff. 7.30-8.45pm, £7/£4. Info 029 2023 7332. No experience or partner required. Up Side Down Circus Classes Cave Venture Workshops, Tremorfa Industrial Estate, Cardiff. Info 029 2048 8854 / info@ upsidedowncircus.co.uk. Today’s schedule: 6-8pm Circus Fit; 6-8pm Supervised training. Zumba: Dance Exercise Classes Sbectrwm Community Centre, Fairwater, Cardiff. 1-2pm. Info 07891 712344. With Irene Davies. EVERY SATURDAY African Drumming Sessions Glyndwr Community Centre, Penarth. 10-11.30am, £7. Info 07974 635502 / dan@ phelpsmusic.com. Ballroom Dancing Class Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil. 10am kids / 11am adults, £4 per class. Info 01685 384111. 10am: kids; 11am: adults; 12pm: private tuition. Family Saturdays Foyer, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. Free. Info 029 2063 6464. Craft workshops for kids and parents. FAN Group Meeting United Reformed Church Cafe, Windsor Place, Cardiff. 11am, free. Info 07512 638792. Make friends and practise English. More info at www. thefancharity.org. Funkypump Fitness Various venues across south Wales. 6am-7pm. Info www. funkypumpfitness.co.uk. Ware-house, Swansea: Abs 8-9am; TRX & Kettlebells 9.15-10.15am; Funkypump Kidz 10.30-11.30am; Bag Circuit 10.30-11.30am. Ware-house, Port Talbot: Bag Circuit 10.30-11.30am. Ufit, Cardiff: Bag Circuit 9.3010.30am. Funkypump Fitness, Ammanford: Bag Circuit 10.30-11.30am. Funkypump Fitness, Carmarthen: Boot Camp 8-9pm. Mid Wales Dance Academy Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. Info 01874 623219. Movement For Children Volcano, Swansea. 10am-12pm, £4. Info www.

volcanotheatre.co.uk. Energetic classes with a focus on creativity, supporting physical development and building confidence. Ages 4-7: 10am; 8-12: 11am. NoFit State Circus Classes And Courses Four Elms Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff. £4-£12 per class. Info 029 2022 1330 / www.nofitstate.org. Today’s schedule: 10-11am: Family: Prewoks (2-4 years, with an adult); 10-11.30am: Youth: Wookies (7-9 years); 11.30am-12.30pm: Youth: Ewoks (5-7 years); Youth: Padawans (9-11 years); 2-4pm: Youth: Jedi Performance Skills (11+); 4-6pm: Youth: Jedi General Skills (11-18 years). Performance Academy Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil. 10am-1pm, £10. Info 01685 384111. Offering professional theatre and performance coaching in dance, acting, musical theatre and singing. Roath Real Food Market Mackintosh Sports Club Car Park, Roath, Cardiff. 9.30am1pm, free. Info 029 2022 7982. SeeWales Sightseeing Tour: Romans And Ruins National Museum Cardiff (pickup point). 9am-5.30pm, £5 off if you present this magazine. Info 029 2022 7227 / www.seewales.com. Sewing Workshops Barnabas Arts House, Newport. 10am-1pm. Info 01633 673739. Hosted by Ellery Design – see www.ellerydesign.com for details of how to book and/or contact them. St Mary Street Cardiff Market St Mary Street, Cardiff. 11am-5pm, free. Info 029 2019 0036. Selling artisan foods, vintage clothing, antique furniture and bric-a-brac. Up Side Down Circus Classes Cave Venture Workshops, Tremorfa Industrial Estate, Cardiff. Info 029 2048 8854 / info@ upsidedowncircus.co.uk. Today’s schedule: 10am-12 pm Introduction to Aerial (beginners mixed); 10am - 12pm Introduction To Chinese Pole; 12-2pm + 2-4pm Drop-in Training. Yoga Classes Om Studio, Partridge Lane, Cardiff. 8-9.30am, £8. Info 07727 139379 / www.omstudio.co.uk. With Kalavathi Devi. EVERY SUNDAY Ballet Academy Wales Classes – Adults Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 12-1pm, £6.50. Info 07837 937351. Bridgend Undercover Car Boot Sale Multistorey Car Park, Bridgend Town Centre. 7am-12pm, free (selling cars £6; selling cars with trailers £10). Info 01656 661338. Cooper’s Quiz Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm, £1 to play. Info info@porterscardiff.com. Hosted by Ben Cooper. Draw Somebody’s Sunday Body Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff. 1.30-3.30pm, £7.50. Info 07830 381930. Hosted by Cardiff Life Model. Hold Up Sunday Social Cardiff Speaker Hire, Cardiff. 2pm, free. Info 029 2009 5590. Pool, table tennis and access to The Hold Up’s jam/rehearsal space. Learn To Roller Skate Cardiff Central Youth Club, Cardiff. 12-1pm, £3/£40 for eight weeks at two sessions per week. Info www.brawlers. co.uk. Lindy Hop Dance Classes & Social Swing Dancing Pontardawe Arts Centre. 6-10pm. Info 01792 863722.

NoFit State Circus Classes And Courses Four Elms Road, Adamsdown, Cardiff. £4-£12 per class. Info 029 2022 1330 / www.nofitstate. org. Today’s schedule: 1-3pm: Flying Trapeze Beginners & Improvers; 3-5pm: Flying Trapeze Level 1; 5-6.30pm: Acrobalance; 5-7pm: Flying Trapeze Intermediate & Advanced. Open Breaking/ Breakdance Training Session Cardiff Speaker Hire, Cardiff. 5-8pm, £3. Info 029 2009 5590. Hosted by Cardiff City Breakers, The Hold Up and Elemental Force. *Riverside Farmers’ Market Fitzhammon Embankment, Cardiff. 10am2pm, free. Info 029 2022 7982. Always worth a trip. SeeWales Sightseeing Day Tour: Golden Gower National Museum Cardiff (pickup point). 9am-5.30pm, £5 off if you present this magazine. Info 029 2022 7227 / www.seewales.com. Sunday Board Games Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 3pm, free. Info 029 2030 4400. Weekly session featuring a mixture of competitive and co-operative games. TUESDAY 1 MAY uAmerican Line Dance The Gate, Cardiff. 2-4pm, £4.50. Info 029 2048 3344. Every Tuesday until 24 July. Arts Society Brecknock Talk Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 2.30pm, £8 nonmembers. Info 01874 611622. ‘Welsh (and a few English) Cathedrals’, with Catherine Oakes. Beginners Burlesque Course: Bad Things Conway Road Methodist Church Hall, Cardiff. 8-9.15pm, £7/£60 for 10-week course.Info info@burlesquecardiff.co.uk. With Stephanie. Every Tuesday until 19 June. uContemporary Conversations Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 1-2pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Session to provide a supportive environment for people with an interest in creating art work and discussing contemporary issues. Also on Wed 15. Book in advance please. uExplore Books National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 10.30am, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Discuss books and authors in a casual setting (no obligation to have read the books in advance). Also on Tue 8, 15 and 22 this month. uExtend The Gate, Cardiff. 10-11am, £4. Info 029 2048 3344. Over-60s exercise, every Tuesday until 24 July. uPainting For Pleasure Carmarthen Community Education Centre. 10am-12pm + 1-3pm, £65 (10 weeks). Info 01550 777933 / sheridanjulieann@gmail. co.uk. With Julie Ann Sheridan. Every Tuesday until 19 June. uPiggy Walking With A ‘Pig-Nic’ Senni Valley, Brecon Beacons. £25/£10 under-16s. Info 01874 749092. Take a pair of friendly Kune Kune pigs (from New Zealand, look a bit like Ewoks) for a walk, then return to the smallholding for refreshments. Also on Mon 7, Tue 8, Sun 13, Tue 15, Mon 21 and Mon 28 this month. uRemember When...? Newport Museum & Art Gallery. 2pm, free. Info 01633 656656. Join museum volunteer Peter Brown and share memories of growing up in

u – repeated

Newport. Every Tuesday this month. uRoath Writers The Gate, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £3. Info 029 2048 3344. A space for writers of all levels to write, develop and share their work in an informal workshop environment. Every first two Tuesdays of the month (also on Tue 8). Rules Of Play The Gate, Cardiff. 6.30-11pm, £3.50. Info 029 2048 3344. Monthly board game evening. uWorldSong Choir Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff. 10-11.30am, £40 (five weeks). Info 07549 526527. Unaccompanied harmony singiong class with Pauline Down. Every Tuesday from this date onwards. uYoung Strings The Gate, Cardiff. 5-6.30pm, £5. Info helen@cardiffyoungstrings. com. A small orchestra for children and young people of all ages and abilities. Every Tuesday until 24 July. WEDNESDAY 2 MAY uBeginners Burlesque Course: Lollipop Talent Shack, Penarth Road, Cardiff. 6.30-7.45pm, £7/£60 for 10-week course. Info www. cardiffcabaretclub.com. With Stephanie. Every Wednesday until 20 June. uChair Dance Talent Shack, Penarth Road, Cardiff. 8-9.15pm, £7/£60 for 10-week course. Info www. cardiffcabaretclub.com. With Stephanie. Every Wednesday until 20 June. Dan Hoyle Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £5-£12. Info 01792 602060. A talk, The Real Americans, about a 100-day trip across the USA where playwright Hoyle talked to people who he considered to fit the description of the title. It does sound a bit more interesting than when John Harris does the same thing in the UK at least. Hoop N Move Cardiff & Vale College, Cardiff. 7-8pm, £7. Info elliecoptor@hotmail.com. Hoop dance/aerobics class, with Elliecoptor Pilott. uMindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff. £95 (eight weeks). Info 07549 526527. With Clare McRobbie. Every Wednesday until 20 June. Reminiscence Monthly Cardiff Story, The Hayes, Cardiff. 11am-1pm, free. Info 029 2034 6214. Come to the museum and share your memories of Cardiff, on the first Wednesday of every month. uScriveners Writers’ Group The Badminton Club, Beaufort, Ebbw Vale. 8pm. Info 01495 753629. Also on Wed 16 and Wed 30 this month. THURSDAY 3 MAY Billy Gunn Exit 7, Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. 6pm, £15-£35. Info 029 2022 4488. Former WWE wrestler meets, greets and takes your questions. uDinky Donkey Walking Venue TBC, Brecon Beacons. £35/£25 under-16s. Info 01874 749092. Spend a couple of hours with a pair of Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys . Also on Sat 5, Sun 6, Wed 9, Sat 12, Sun 13, Sat 19, Sun 20 and Thurs 25-Sun 27 this month. uDrawing Carmarthen Community Education Centre. 2.30-4.30pm, £65 (10 weeks). Info 01550 777933 / sheridanjulieann@gmail. co.uk. With Julie Ann Sheridan. Every Thursday

until 21 June. First Thursday Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £2.50. Info 029 2030 4400. New poetry and fiction, this month with Samantha Wynne Rhydderch, Will Johnson and Claire Williamson. Kemi’s Storytelling Suppers Kemi’s, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 7pm, £14. Info 029 2037 2055. Monthly gathering, this edition featuring guest storytellers Brigitte Kloareg Kalevala (who is in St Fagans tomorrow) and Barzaz Breiz. Price includes food. Ocean Mic Ocean Arts Cardiff, Splott, Cardiff. 7-10pm, £2 corkage fee. Info oceanartscardiff@gmx.co.uk. BYOB open mic night, hosted by Jonathan Powell and on every first Thursday of the month. uPainting For Pleasure Carmarthen Community Education Centre. 10am-12pm + 1-3pm, £65 (10 weeks). Info 01550 777933 / sheridanjulieann@gmail. co.uk. With Julie Ann Sheridan. Every Thursday until 21 June. uWatercolours Carmarthen Community Education Centre. 2.30-4.30pm, £65 (10 weeks). Info 01550 777933 / sheridanjulieann@gmail. co.uk. With Julie Ann Sheridan. Every Thursday until 21 June. Words Art Music Workers Gallery, Ynyshir, Rhondda. 7-9pm. Info 01443 682034. Featuring words from Mark Blayney, art from Jane Walker and music from David Bayliss. FRIDAY 4 MAY Arts & Craft Table Top Sales Ebenezer Chapel, Tonypandy. 10am-1pm, £5 to set up a table. Info ebenezercraftsfair@gmx. co.uk. First Friday of every month. uBeer Fest Bendigedig Boiler House Graffiti Project, Cardiff. 5pm-12am, £3.50 per day. Info 07977 138587. This features food from Hang Fire and Keralan Karavan, plus live music and, on Sun 6, funk and soul DJs. Beer is supplied by Pipes, Crafty Devil and hopefully others given that both of those breweries are within walking distance of this venue. On from 12pm-12am tomorrow and Sun 6. (Until Sun 6) Cardiff Inter Varsity Club Meeting Park Plaza Hotel, Cardiff. 8.30pm, £5 (threemonth trial membership). Info 07526 141392 / www. cardiffivc.org.uk. Meeting here on the first Friday of each month. uCricket: Specsavers County Championship– Glamorgan v Kent SSE SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff. 11am. Info 029 2040 9380. (Until Mon 7) Farmers Market High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. Free. Info 01685 725106. Quality produce from no more than 50 miles away, on the first Friday of each month. Insole Talks: The Brain Benefits For Being Outside Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff. 6.30pm, £5. Info 07549 526527. Talk by science writer Alice Gray. Little Mice Club: Let’s Play Music National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 10.30am-12pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Bilingual playtime for babies/ toddlers. uMundo Dance Fitness

And Choreography Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff. 6.307.30pm. Info 07549 526527. Low impact classes suitable for adults out of condition or recovering from injury. Every Friday this month and in June. uThe Moon Rum Fest The Moon, Cardiff. Free. Info info@themooncardiff. com. Annual celebration of fermented cane sugar. I fancy getting a good dark rum for my drinks cabinet (which is actually a shaky wine rack I bought for £1). Today also features a live band TBC; tomorrow has Welsh reggae soundsystem types Royal Ascension Sound and Sun 6 has live Latin music from Mango Factory. (Until Sun 6) Toddler Days Techniquest, Cardiff Bay. £5.50/free under-4s. Info 029 2047 5475. Monthly term-time events for toddlers and their parents, this month’s theme being ‘fun on the farm’. SATURDAY 5 MAY uArt Trolley Saturday Drop-In Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 12.303.30pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Every Saturday this month. uBoutique Gift Markets

3.30pm, £175. Info 01443 222716 / www.angelagray. co.uk. uFire & Light Techniquest, Cardiff Bay. £1.50 after admission fee. Info 029 2047 5475. The science of fire, fireworks etc. On tomorrow also, plus Sat 12, Sun 13, Sat 19, Sun 20 and Sat 26-Sun 3 June. Hard Lines Brings The Goods! (Arty Market) Hard Lines, Castle Emporium, Cardiff. 11am-5pm, free. Info www.thecastleemporium.co.uk. Prints, ceramics, original artwork. uHoop N Move Ocean Arts Cardiff, Splott, Cardiff. 10-10.45am, £7. Info elliecoptor@hotmail.com. Hoop dance/aerobics class, with Elliecoptor Pilott. Every Saturday this month. Hugh Lupton: The Hanging Of A Mouse Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7pm, £8. Info 029 2030 4400. An evening of storytelling on the theme of Cian Brydydd Mawr, a bard. Indoor Bowls: Open Day Islwyn Indoor Bowls Centre, Pontllanfraith, Blackwood. 10am-4pm, free. Info 01495 221321. Taster sessions for anyone aged nine and over. Krafty Kids Carnegie House, Bridgend. 10am-1pm, free. Info

Barry’s Academy Espresso Bar has street food pop-ups from Brother Thai (Sat 5), Goodfillas (Thurs 10), Murray Mays (Sat 12), Bearded Taco (Thurs 17) and Fritti (Sun 27 and Mon 28). Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay. 10.30am5.30pm. Info 029 2087 7959. On tomorrow also. uBrother Thai Street Food Pop-Up Academy Espresso Bar, Barry. 6-9pm, free. Info 07557 773723. On tomorrow also. uCheese & Cider Weekend Gower Heritage Centre, Swansea. 10am, free. Info 01792 371206. Tasters from a large selection of locally made cider and cheese, plus live music (from Balkaneers, No Obligation, Hashtag Acoustic and Andy Tamlyn Jones) and craft stalls/activities. On tomorrow also. Craft & Gift Fayre St. Peters Civic Hall, Carmarthen. 10am-4pm. Info 01446 792149. Every first Saturday of the month. Craft Fair Coffee Cove Cafe Bar, Barry Island. 10am3.30pm, free/£10 to set up a stall. Info 07948 399111. Every first Saturday of the month. Dewch i Ganu National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 11am, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Join musician Delyth Jenkins and learn Welsh through song. Eclectic Crafters Centenary Hall, Maryport Street, Usk. Info eclectic.crafters@gmail. com. Craft fair held on the first Saturday of each month. Enfys Craft Fair St. Francis Millennium Centre, Barry. 10am-4pm. Info 01446 792149. Every first Saturday of the month. European Bread Classics Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 9.30am-

01656 815757. Arts and craft sessions for children with artist Claire Hiett. Let’s Get Quizzical The Globe At Hay, Hay-On-Wye. 8pm, £2 to enter. Info 01497 821762. Pub quiz. Level 3 Bike Maintenance Cardiff Cycle Workshop, Gabalfa, Cardiff. 9.30am-4pm, £75. Info www. cycletrainingwales.org.uk. Machen Rural Market Machen Church Hall. 10am2pm. Info 07737 630657. Featuring 15-20 stalls selling food, art and craft, also pizza by a company called, in a textbook ‘why didn’t I think of that’ move, Manic Street Pizzas. May Day Celebration National History Museum, St Fagans. 11am-4pm, free. Info 029 2057 3500. Including live music and the traditional raising of the maypole. Mr & Miss Wales 2018 The Riverfront, Newport. 6.30pm, £20/£10 under-14s. Info 01633 656757. Bodybuilding contest presented by Nabba. uNight & Day Techniquest, Cardiff Bay. £1.50 after admission fee. Info 029 2047 5475. Meet lots of interesting nighttime animals in this show aimed at under-7s. On tomorrow also, plus Sat 12, Sun 13, Sat 19 and Sun 20. Notebook & Journal Covers The Boneyard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 11am-1pm, £20. Info twinmadethings@ gmail.com. Twin Made craft workshop. Open Haus The Printhaus / The Boneyard, Canton, Cardiff. 10am-2pm, free. Info 029 2022 0349. Monthly open studios

here, an opportunity to meet the artists and makers in this creative community. On the first Saturday of every month. uPlant Sale Fundraiser M.A.D.E. Gallery & Shop, Cardiff. 11am-5pm, free. Info 029 2047 3373. On tomorrow also. uRoots Street Festival Bridgend town centre. 10am4.30pm, free Info 01656 815757. Family-friendly event with a focus on music and food from around the world. On tomorrow also. uSeed Bombs National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 12.30-3.30pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Make a seed bomb to secretly dispatch. (Until Mon 7) Spring Pride National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 12-4pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. LGBT+ event featuring music, info stands, talks, film screenings, kids’ crafts, glitter face painting and a gallery trail.. Swansea Comic And Gaming Convention 2018 Brangwyn Hall, Swansea. 10am-6pm. Info 01792 475715. Info about this seems a bit thin on the ground but check scgcon.blogspot.co.uk for updates, if there are any. The Gin Ladies Tea Party The Depot, Cardiff. 12-5pm + 6-11pm, £6. Info www.depotcardiff.co.uk. Lots of boutique gins plus drag shows, live music and tasting tips. uThe Search For Life Techniquest, Cardiff Bay. £1.50 after admission fee. Info 029 2047 5475. Find out how life started on this planet, extreme places life has been found on the Earth, and how we search for life elsewhere in the Solar System. On tomorrow also, plus Sat 12, Sun 13, Sat 19 and Sun 20. uVintage Kilo Sale Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff. 10am-6pm, free. Info 029 2037 3144. Designer labels at £15 a kilo they’re saying! On tomorrow also. Weave A Willow Garden Trug Humble By Nature, Penalt, nr Monmouth. 10am, £105. Info 01600 714595. uWelsh History Forum National History Museum, St Fagans. 10am-4pm, free. Info 029 2057 3500. An exhibition and informal talks by various Welsh history groups. (Until Mon 7) uWorkshop Bike Sale Cardiff Cycle Workshop, Gabalfa, Cardiff. 1-5pm. Info www.cycletrainingwales.org.uk. Adult bikes on sale from £60; kids’ bikes from £10. Also on tomorrow, from 10am-12pm, and every Friday this month. SUNDAY 6 MAY Aneurin Leisure Aquathlon Series Ebbw Vale Sports Centre. 8.30am, £12 to enter. Info 01495 368015. Featuring a 400m swim and 5K run, for competitors aged 12+. Bring And Share Supper Ocean Arts Cardiff, Splott, Cardiff. 6.30-9pm, free. Info oceanartscardiff@gmx.co.uk. Community social, every first Sunday of the month. Cardiff 5K Race For Victory 2018 Whitchurch Village, Cardiff. 5.30pm, £15 entry/£13 members. Info raceforvictory@cardiff5k. com. Incorporating the Welsh 5km Road Running Championships, and in aid of Cancer Research Wales. Cardiff Storytelling Circle: Tales For The

Turning Year Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7pm, £4. Info 029 2030 4400. Cwmbran Craft Fayre Our Lady’s School Hall, Cwmbran. 1-4pm. Info cwmbran_crafts@ hotmail.co.uk. Every first Sunday of the month. Dawn Chorus Guided Walk & Breakfast Bryngarw Country Park, Bridgend. 5am, £7. Info 01656 815995. A guided walk around Bryngarw to celebrate the beauty of bird song for International Dawn Chorus Day. uDungarees Dress Making The Boneyard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 2-5pm, £35. Info twinmadethings@ gmail.com. Twin Made craft workshop, also on Sat 19 (from 10am-1pm). Football: Sky Bet Championship – Cardiff City v Reading Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff. 12.30pm. Info 0845 3451400. Friars Walk Market Friars Walk, Newport. 11am-4pm, £24 to set up a table. Info 07954 654220. On the first Sunday of every month, on John Frost Square (in good weather) or inside the Mall (in normal weather). Fuzzy Altar Kongs, Cardiff. 10pm-2am, £4/£3 before 11. Info 029 2064 4114. Described as “a night of low-brow experimental art, music and performance provided by a misfit-laden team of apocalyptic individuals with a penchant to confuse, amuse and stimulate”. Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair Brangwyn Hall, Swansea. 10am-4pm, £2.50/free under12s. Info 01792 475715. uPremium Ghost Tour Cardiff Castle. 9.15pm, £15. Info 07538 878609. Presented by Cardiff History & Hauntings. Also on Sat 9, Fri 18 and Fri 25 (the last two both Midnight Premium Ghost Tours, starting at 10.30pm). Rat Trap Exhibition And Closing Party High Street Arcade, Cardiff. 6pm-12am, £7/£5 adv. Info 07792 684554. Art from Alys Jones, Aled Simons, Elin Meredydd, Gwyn Williams, James Green, Peter Slania, Rhys Aneurin, Sam Whitaker and Thomas Williams. Live music from Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks, Red Telephone, H. Hawkline, Private World, French Alps Tiger and Zac White. uSheep Trekking Crai, Brecon Beacons National Park. £35/£25 under-16s. Info 01874 749092. Take a sheep for a walk on a lead in a 200-acre organic farm. A Good Day Out event. Also on Sat 12, Sun 13, Sat 19, Sun 20, Sat 26, Sun 27 and Wed 30. Swing Dance Sunday Bootlegger, Cardiff. 7pm, £4. Info 07495 657407. Taster classes, every first Sunday of the month, with Anna Rogers from Lindy Hop Cardiff. uWartime Wheels Caldicot Castle & Country Park. 11am4pm, free. Info sewalesmvt@ yahoo.co.uk. A bank holiday weekend of wheeled and tracked classic military vehicles, and living history displays. On tomorrow also Write On! Sundays M.A.D.E. Gallery & Shop, Cardiff. 11.30am-1.30pm, £25/£20. Info 029 2047 3373. Monthly writing workshop hosted by Mab Jones; email mabananajones@gmail.com to book. Further workshops are on Sun 3 June and Sun

1 July. MONDAY 7 MAY Gwd Mondays: Musical Bingo Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2039 7933. Jurassic Dinosaurs In The Park Margam Park, nr Port Talbot. 10am, £7/£5 kids. Info 01639 881635. Meet life-sized T Rexes and so forth. Learn To Play Roller Derby Cardiff Central Youth Club, Cardiff. 6-7.30pm. Info www.brawlers.co.uk. With Cardiff roller derby team Tiger Bay Brawlers. uPilates The Gate, Cardiff. 10.30am-1.30pm. Info info@ harnisch-lacey.com. Gentle fitness for the first hour, general for the second two. Every Monday until 23 July. The Resurrection Of Human Kindness M.A.D.E. Gallery & Shop, Cardiff. 2-4pm, free. Info 029 2047 3373. This is a one-afternoon-only exhibition of a sculpture made from butter, created by artist/chef Ben Collard. I know someone called Patricia who made a sculpture of a Boglin from a huge block of cheese. uWrite On Writers Morganstown Village Hall. 6.308.30pm. Info 07512 235758. An open group of writers who encourage others to write and also critique work. Also on Mon 21; it takes place here every first and third Monday of the month. TUESDAY 8 MAY uArt Babas Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 10.3011.30am, free. Info 01792 516900. Sensory playtime in the gallery for babies and their grownups. Also on Tue 22. Drink & Draw The Gate, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2048 3344. Informal art class led by Rachel Rasmussen. uEssential Ghost Tour Cardiff Castle. 9.30pm, £11.50. Info 07538 878609. Presented by Cardiff History & Hauntings. Also on Sun 13, Tue 15, Sun 20, Wed 23, Mon 28 and Tue 29. Football: Barclays Premier League – Swansea City v Southampton Liberty Stadium, Swansea. 7.45pm. Info 0870 400004. Tea Dance Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 2pm, £5. Info 01656 815995. WEDNESDAY 9 MAY Conservation Surgery Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 1-2pm, free. Info 01792 516900. uGlynn Vivian Young People Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 11am-12pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Anyone aged 16-24 can participate in discussing plans and organising events for other young people in Swansea. Also on Wed 23 this month. Only Fools & Boycie The Riverfront, Newport. 7.30pm, £18. Info 01633 656757. John Challis of Only Fools And Horses fame talks about that and other things. In Neath on Wed 16. THURSDAY 10 MAY Alun Havard The Riverfront, Newport. 7.30pm, £10. Info 01633 656757. Spirit medium. Arts Society Cardiff Lecture Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 2pm, £7. Info 029 2030 4400. Nicholas Watkins on ‘The Horse Modernity and Modern Art’. Crafty Beer Evening BUZZ 65

* – recommended

BAFTA CYMRU MAY 2018 Entries are now closed for the Cymru Awards – mark the diary now for the event which will take place at St David’s Hall on Sun 14 Oct. Nominees will be announced on Tue 4 Sept and tickets go on sale to the public on the same day – a chance to rub shoulders and sip champagne with the best of Welsh film, television and games talent.


In terms of events for the public with an interest in creative media to attend, we are hosting a few great sessions around South Wales this month. If you’re a fan of games, we’ll be hearing from Henry Hoffman (graduate of the University Of South Wales) at our regular Chapter slot on Wed 9 May. Co-founder and current Creative Director of Fiddlesticks Games, Hoffman lead the project, art and development for acclaimed indie game {Hue}, which was published by Curve Digital on Xbox One, PS4, Vita and Steam and winner of over 25 industry awards. We’ll be hosting a special preview of new Wim Wenders film Submergence in Y Galeri, Caernarfon ahead of the summer release, which stars Alicia Vikander, James McAvoy and Angleseyborn actor Celyn Jones. Celyn will also offer a career clever session in Rhyl for young people interested Henry Hoffman in acting, writing and producing films. Both events take place on Mon 14 May. All of these events are open to the public (at a cost) or to our members for free and you can book via our website below. We’re also still accepting membership applications and you are able to join now for 13 months at special rates. Have a look at all the benefits of membership, including free cinema, on our website.

Info: www.bafta.org/wales


NosDa, Cardiff. 6.30pm, £15. Info 029 2037 8866. Do crafts and drink some drinks, with your hosts Twin Made. Price includes one drink and crafting materials/equipment. uGoodfillas Pizza PopUp Academy Espresso Bar, Barry. 6-9pm, free. Info 07557 773723. On tomorrow also. Happy Hour: Helia Phoenix Rabble Studio, Cardiff Bay. 6-8pm, £4/£3. Info hello@rabble.studio. Informal talk with, this month, founder of the We Are Cardiff blog Phoenix. uHedgehog Helper Morning Howey Hedgehog Rescue, Llandrindod Wells. £20. Info 01874 749092. Be a volunteer at a hedgehog rescue for a morning, helping their work to nurse sick and injured hogs and hoglets. Also on Sat 12, Sun 13, Sat 19, Sun 20, Sat 26, Sun 27 and Wed 30 this month. uHowl Mozarts, Swansea. 8pm, free. Info 01792 649984. Poetry open mic, every second and third Thursday of the month (also on Thurs 17 in May). Lovebirds Blue Honey Night Cafe, Cardiff. 7-9.30pm,. £25. Info 07512 247712. Paint party evening where you are given the materials to paint birds. Open Space: Tony Bianchi Central Library Hub, Cardiff. 5pm, free. Info 029 2038 2116. Celebration of the work of author Bianchi, who died last year, with the launch of his final collection of stories. Readings From The Lonely Crowd Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff. 7-9.30pm, free. Info 07933 844234. Featuring Martina Evans, Gareth E. Rees, John Freeman, Kate North, Anna-Marie Young and more TBC. Hosted by John Lavin and Michou Burckett St. Laurent. The Art Of Conservation Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 11am-12pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Go behind the scenes of the Gallery in this guided tour of conservation studios. Book in advance please. The World’s Worst Serial Killers Miners Theatre, Ammanford. 7pm, £12/£10. Info 0845 2263510. Theatr Hosted by Trevor Marriott. The £10 price is for OAPs and kids. Why would you take your children to this? Apart from they’d probably enjoy it. In Llanelli tomorrow . Young Art Force Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 11am-2pm, free. Info 01792 516900. FRIDAY 11 MAY A Matter Of Taste: The Spice Festival The Neon, Newport. 6pm, £5. Info 01633 533666. Street food event with what the venue are calling a world music-inspired soundtrack Dinky Dragons Cardiff Story, The Hayes, Cardiff. 10am-3pm, free. Info 029 2034 6214. Family fun day for 0-5-year-olds on the second Friday of every month. uGerman Bierfest Cardiff Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay. 4pm-12am, £6 adv/£15.50 Bavarian ticket/£35 Oktoberfest package/£45 VIP package. Info info@ cardiff-oktoberfest.co.uk. The Oktoberfest, but in early summer, and in Cardiff. Features live music and big steins and all that. On tomorrow also, from 12-5pm and 6pm-12am Indian Feast Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch

Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 9.30am-3.30pm, £175. Info 01443 222716 / www.angelagray.co.uk. Lundsey Shankland Jac’s, Aberdare. 6pm, £9/£7 adv. Info 01685 879491. Psychic medium. Premium Midnight Llandaff Ghost Walk City Cross, Cathedral Green, Llandaff (meeting point). 10.30pm, £11. Info 07538 878609. Presented by Cardiff History & Hauntings. Twohour tour walking through woodlands, ruins and graveyards. Tea Dance St Donats Art Centre, Vale Of Glamorgan. 2pm, £5. Info 01446 799100. With Alan Taylor. The World’s Worst Serial Killers Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7pm, £12/£10. Info 0845 2263510. Transform A Tote The Boneyard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 6.30-8pm, £20/£15. Info twinmadethings@gmail.com. Twin Made craft workshop. Upcycling For Beginners Carnegie House, Bridgend. 7-9pm, £5. Info 01656 815757. Bring a small piece of wooden furniture you would like to upcycle and learn how to strip it etc. SATURDAY 12 MAY 60 Second Show And Tell National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 2pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Curators are called upon to explain an object without hesitation, repetition or deviation. Annual Gardening Bring & Buy Sale Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff. 10.30am12pm, £1 for parking. Info 07549 526527. BiFest Wales 2018 YMCA Swansea. 12-10.30pm, free. Info 01792 652032. All-day event for bisexual people and/ or anyone supportive of that inclination. The daytime has workshops, craft sessions, games and a raffle; the evening has live music, DJs and, er, another raffle. Caerphilly Food Festival Caerphilly town centre. 9am-5pm, free. Info 029 2988 0011. Annual festival with hot and cold food, myriad local produce, craft stalls, street entertainers and a funfair. Caerwent Craft Fayre Caerwent Village Hall, Monmouthshire. 2.30-4.30pm. Info cwmbran_crafts@ hotmail.co.uk. Every second Saturday of the month. Cardiff Dragon Boat Festival County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff Bay. 9am-5pm, £833.33 + VAT per team of up to 20 (£416.67 + VAT if fundraising). Info 0845 2930897. This is a charity event where companies can organise teams to race dragonboats down the bay, with all training etc provided in the price. uCardiff Film & Comic Con Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. 9am-6pm, £15/£8 after 11am (10am Sun 13). Info 029 2022 4488. Annual event with all manner of comic, film, TV and computer game entities appearing. There is also a cosplay masquerade, which Shakespeare would have surely written into Romeo & Juliet had such a subculture existed at the time. On tomorrow also. Chepstow Farmers’ Market Cormeilles Square, Chepstow. 8.30am-1pm, free. Info 01291 626370. Every second and fourth Saturday of the

month (also on Sat 24). Cyanotype Print Making Humble By Nature, Penalt, nr Monmouth. 10am, £45. Info 01600 714595. Drop-In Knotwork & Beadwork Craft In The Bay, Cardiff Bay. 10.30am-4pm, £5. Info 029 2048 4611. Monthly class, normally on the second Saturday of the month. Eurovision: Live! The Neon, Newport. 7pm, free. Info 01633 533666. Featuring Eurovision itself shown on a big screen, plus a pop party of perceived guilty pleasures. Now you might be thinking, why would a venue run by a former UKIP council candidate throw a Eurovision party? To which I would note that the contest predates Britain’s entry into a unified Europe, and is essentially an exercise in nostalgia. Farmers’ Market Twyn Community Centre, Caerphilly. 9.30am, free. Info 01656 658963. Every second Saturday of the month. Funky Craft Fayre Ostreme Centre, Mumbles, Swansea. 10am-4pm. Info nigel.mason@ ntlworld.com. Taking place here on the second Saturday of each month. Half Day Art Class: Treescapes The Gate, Cardiff. 9.30am, £30. Info 029 2048 3344. Informal art class led by Rachel Rasmussen. John Selway – Life Into Art Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran. 11am-12pm, free. Info 01633 483321. Talk by Jon Gower, who Buzz interviewed a couple of issues back. Book in advance please. Level 1 Bike Maintenance Cardiff Cycle Workshop, Gabalfa, Cardiff. 9.30am-4pm, £65. Info www. cycletrainingwales.org.uk. Local And Family History Fair National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 11am4pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Organised in partnership with the Historical Association, Swansea Branch. Mumbles Produce Market Seafront Car Park, Mumbles. 9am-1pm, free. Info 01792 361012. Every second Saturday of the month. Murray Mays Street Food Pop-Up Academy Espresso Bar, Barry. 6-9pm, free. Info 07557 773723. Charcoal grilled kebabs. Newport Craft Fayre The Gallery, Newport Indoor Market. 9am-4.30pm, free. Info 01633 656656. Every second Saturday of the month. Nimble Fingers Craft Fayre Victoria Hall, Mumbles, Swansea. 10am-4pm, free. Info 07790 298913. On the second Saturday of every month until the end of the year. Pontypridd Children’s Book Festival Pontypridd Museum. 9am-6pm. Info 07780 437125. Featuring authors, readings, masterclasses and Q&As. Entry is free but individual events are ticketed. Pottery: Textures In Clay Craft In The Bay, Cardiff Bay. 10.30am-4.30pm, £85. Info 029 2048 4611. With Paul Taylor. uRoman Weekend Cardiff Castle. 10am-5pm, £2.50-£6.50. Info 029 2087 8100. Chariot racing for children, themed activites and your chance to Have-a-Go at launching siege weapons are all part of the weekend action. In tomorrow also. Saturday Family Workshops Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 10am-1pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Scandinavian Film

u – repeated

Festival Pontardawe Arts Centre. 2pm, £18/£12 members. Info 01792 863722. Featuring screenings of the films The Square and Lukas Moodysson’s Tillsammans / Together, followed by food, indeed a smorgasbord as it is termed here. Scooter Rally Redhouse / Penderyn Square, Merthyr Tydfil. Free. Info 01685 384111. Featuring stalls, a custom scooter display, a ride-out and live music by Jam tribute band The Jam’d (£12/£10 adv – see Music listings). Still Life Drawing Masterclass Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen. 10.30am-4pm, £25. Info 01267 222775. With Julia Griffiths Jones. Succulent & Macrame Plant Hanger The Boneyard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 11am-1pm, £40. Info twinmadethings@ gmail.com. Twin Made craft workshop. T-Shirt Printing The Printhaus, Canton, Cardiff. 12-3pm, £45. Info 029 2022 0349. Monthly course aimed at beginners. Valleys WellFest The Muni, Pontypridd. 10am-3pm, free. Info 01443 490390. First of what’s hoped to be an annual event highlighting the wide range of community projects and activities that are aimed at improving the lives of individuals, groups and communities throughout the region. Vintage Kilo Sale Creature Sound, Swansea. 10am, £3. Info 01792 301178. Selling vintage gear at £15 per kilo. In Swansea tomorrow also, at a diffewrent venue. Young Makers Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 2-4pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Book in advance please. Young Writers Squads Poetry Workshops Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea. Info 01792 463980. Hosted by Jonathan Edwards and aimed at ages 11-16. Related to the annual Dylan Day, which takes place today this year. SUNDAY 13 MAY Barry Island Handmade Market Barry Island train station. 11am-3pm, free. Info facebook.com/ barryislandhandmademarket. Every second Sunday of the month. Dylan Day Drop-In Activities Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea. 10am-4pm, free. Info 01792 463980. Famikly activities include creative writing, puppets, games, reading corner, crafts and dressing up costumes, all inspired by Dylan Thomas. Football: Barclays Premier League – Swansea City v Stoke City Liberty Stadium, Swansea. 3pm. Info 0870 400004. Gourmet Barbecure Course Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 9.30am-3.30pm, £175. Info 01443 222716 / www. angelagray.co.uk. Marina Market National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 10am-3pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Resilience: Film Screening The Neon, Newport. 5pm, free. Info 01633 533666. Grassroots Newport Organisations present a onehour documentary which “questions modern day issues our culture is facing”, and follows it with a Q&A session. The Chepstow Wedding Show Chepstow Racecourse.

11.30am-3.30pm, free. Info 01291 622260. Book in advance please. MONDAY 14 MAY uGwanwyn Festival Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 10am-4pm, free. Info 0845 2263510. Two days of workshops for over50s. Today has two sessions each (10am-12.30pm and 1.304pm) of storytelling and art making; tomorrow, running on the same time scale, is circus and movement & dance. Book in advance please. uJoy Of Living Mindfulness Group Meeting Gaia Yoga Studio, Roath, Cardiff. 7.30-9pm, free (donations welcome). Info 07412 346054. On the second and fourth Monday of every month (also Mon 28 in May). uPint Of Science: Cardiff Various venues, Cardiff. 7-9.30pm, £4 adv per event. Info www.pintofscience.co.uk. Biannual (I think?) touring science festival which hosts lots of informal scientific talks, debates etc in pubs and bars. The Cardiff ones are like so. O’Neills: Same Body, New Tricks! (Mon 14); Bugs Against Humanity (Tue 15); Cardiff’s Next Top Model (Wed 16). Big Top: If Reefs Could Talk, What Stories Would They Tell? (Mon 14); The Shape Of Water: From Rivers To Coasts (Tue 15); From Earth To Worth: The Metals Making Our Future (Wed 16). Old Market Tavern: Civil Engineers: Keeping Pretty Much Everything Going (Tue 15); Love And Madness (Wed 16). Tiny Rebel: When The Brain Comes Undone (Mon 14); Tuning The Brain To The Beat (Tue 15); Adam & Eve: When Sex Matters (Wed 16). The Philharmonic: A Needle In A Cosmic Haystack: On The Hunt For Life And Gravitational Waves (Mon 14); Food And Drugs: The Chemistry Of Everyday Life (Tue 15); Diamonds, Detectors And DNA (Wed 16). (Until Wed 16) uPint Of Science: Swansea Various venues, Swansea. 7-9.30pm, £4 adv per event. Info www.pintofscience.co.uk. Swansea’s PoS lineup goes like this. No Sign Wine Bar: The Aging Brain (Mon 14); You Are What You Eat: Behind The Headlines (Tue 15); Health And Social Interactions (Wed 16). Copper Bar: From Big To Small: Physics For All (Mon 14); Energy And The Environment (Tue 15); When Technology Shapes Nature (Wed 16. BrewStone: Nanomaterials: Does Size Really Matter? (Mon 14); Heart Repair And Regeneration (Tue 15); Me, Myself & I: The Immune System, Bugs And Cancer (Wed 16). (Until Wed 16) uVelotech Gold Cardiff Cycle Workshop, Gabalfa, Cardiff. 9.30am-4pm, £495 (four days). Info www. cycletrainingwales.org.uk. On tomorrow also. Vintage Kilo Sale Patti Pavilion, Swansea. 10am, £3/£1.50 after 12. Info hannah@vintagekilosale. co.uk. Selling vintage gear at £15 per kilo. TUESDAY 15 MAY Juke The Moon, Cardiff. 7-10.30pm, free. Info info@ themooncardiff.com. Writers’ open mic featuring James Dunn and Gareth Twamley this month.

Open University In Wales: Merthyr Open Day Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil. 10am-5pm, free. Info 01685 384111. Script Cafe Pontardawe Arts Centre. 7.30pm, £4.95/£3.30 NUS. Info 01792 863722. A season of workshops with professional scriptwriters and theatre makers. WEDNESDAY 16 MAY Beginners Carpentry Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff. 6.30-9pm, £11. Info hannah@greencityevents.co.uk. Hosted by Green City Events. Currently fully booked though. Only Fools And Boycie Gwyn Hall, Neath. 7.30pm, £18.50. Info 0300 3656677. Nataly Churchill Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil. 7.30pm, £12/£10 adv. Info 01685 384111. Spirit medium. Skill Builder Masterclass: Knife Skills Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 10am-2pm, £120/£500 for five courses. Info 01443 222716 / www. angelagray.co.uk. First of five Skill Builder classes between today and Sun 20. Tea Dance National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 2-4pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. What To Do Now In The Garden: Prep For Summer National History Museum, St Fagans. 10am-1pm, £35/£26. Info 029 2057 3500. Featuring demostrations and hands-on seasonal tasks (does this amount to you paying to work for the museum? Not for me to say). THURSDAY 17 MAY uBearded Taco Street Food Pop-Up Academy Espresso Bar, Barry. 6-9pm, free. Info 07557 773723. On tomorrow also. Open Mic Poetry Night Imperial Hotel, Merthyr Tydfil. 7pm, free. Info 01685 722555. With guest poet Jeremy Hooker. Open Space: Gary Raymond Central Library Hub, Cardiff. 5.45pm, free. Info 029 2038 2116. Author discusses his new literary thriller The Golden Orphans. Skill Builder Masterclass: One Pot Classics Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 10am-2pm, £120/£500 for five courses. Info 01443 222716 / www. angelagray.co.uk. FRIDAY 18 MAY 1950s Rock’n’Roll Dance Workshop Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 6.30pm, £10. Info 01495 243252. uCricket: Royal London One-Day Cup – Glamorgan v Gloucestershire SSE SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff. 11am. Info 029 2040 9380. Fantastic Night @ The Museum National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 6.30pm, £3.50. Info 029 2057 3600. Featuring, in order, a gallery trail; a chance to design a popcorn box; and a screening of Fantastic Beasts Snd Where To Find Them. Friyay Evening Of Craft The Boneyard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 6.30-8.30pm, £15. Info twinmadethings@gmail.com. Twin Made craft workshop. Insole Talks: Cedric Morris & Benton End – Paintings, Plants And Life Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff. 6.30pm, £5. Info 07549 526527.

Talk by Nicholas Thornton of National Museum Wales. Keith Lascelles: A Miscellany Of Dance Llanwrda Hall, nr Llandovery. 7.30pm, £8/£6. Info llanwrda. org.uk. A Llandovery Folk Dancing event. Mindfulness Trail Caerphilly Castle. 10am-4pm, £8.50/free members. Info 0300 0256000. All-day event with individual trails lasting 30 minutes, and gaving an idea of how mindfulness practice works in a setting such as this. Penned On The Bont Carnegie House, Bridgend. 7.30-9.30pm, £5. Info 01656 815757. Hosted by poet Rhian Edwards and featuring guest readers Rufus Mufasa and Gillian Clarke. Skill Builder Masterclass: Pasta, Grains And Rice Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 10am-2pm, £120/£500 for five courses. Info 01443 222716 / www.

Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff. 12.30-2.30pm, £5. Info 029 2037 3144. Do boxercise to the sound of drum’n’bass played through proper speakers (half of the Submerge Soundsystem, in fact). Dry Stone Walling: 2 Day Fundamentals Humble By Nature, Penalt, nr Monmouth. 11am, £195. Info 01600 714595. From Welsh Mam To Modern Woman National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 11am, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Non Thomas on the transformation of the role of women in the South Wales industrial valleys during the 20th century. International Biodiversity Day National History Museum, St Fagans. 10am4pm, free. Info 029 2057 3500. Displays and activities to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity. Kidsmarkets Family Sale Albany Baptist Church Hall, Roath, Cardiff. 3-4.30pm, £1.50/kids free. Info 07760

Pint Of Science, a series of accessible, small-scale science talks and demos held in boozers, returns to Cardiff (in O’Neills, the Big Top, Old Market Tavern, Tiny Rebel and the Philharmonic) and Swansea (in No Sign Wine Bar, Copper Bar and Brewstone) from Mon 14-Wed 16. It’s only four quid to attend each event, which will last about 90 minutes. angelagray.co.uk. So You Think You’re Smart? Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 7pm, free. Info 01495 243252. Quiz night, every third Friday of the month. Specialization: Wheel Building Cardiff Cycle Workshop, Gabalfa, Cardiff. 9.30am-4pm, £95. Info www. cycletrainingwales.org.uk. SATURDAY 19 MAY An Evening With Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne Miners Institute, Blackwood. 7.30pm, £40.50/£75.50 VIP. Info 01495 227206. Presumably the name of this event caters to people who would pay £40 or more to hear Gazza speak but had also forgotten what his real name was. Brecon Craft Fair Market Hall, Brecon. 9am-4.30pm. Info 01495 753782. Every third Saturday of the month. Botanical Art Course Dyffryn Gardens, Vale Of Glamorgan. 10.30am-4pm, £37.50. Info 029 2059 3328. Monthly workshop hosted by Debbie Devauden. Cardiff Mini Con 8 NosDa, Cardiff. 1-6pm. Info 029 2037 8866. Exhibitors will be appearing throughout the day, showcasing the future of Wales’ growing influence within the comic and pop culture scene. Curator’s Cabinet Of Curiosities – Transport National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 12.30-2.30pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Disko Rekah Boxercise 01

802088. Featuring 22 stalls of great quality new and preloved kids’ toys. *Monster Jam Principality Stadium, Cardiff. 4pm, from £15. Info 08442 777888. Monster trucks, the true great American artform, return to Cardiff in a blaze of glory. See Sport (it is a sport). Museums @ Night Quiz Night National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 7pm, £3.50. Info 029 2057 3600. Assemble teams of up to six people and tackle some quirky quiz questions. Penydarren Steam Locomotive National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 12-3.30pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Pig Street Craft Fair The Queens Hall, Narberth. 10am4pm, free. Info enquiries@ pigstreetcrafts.co.uk. Selling original arts and crafts, semiregularly until Christmas. Pimp Ya Jean Jacket The Boneyard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 2-4pm, £20. Info twinmadethings@gmail.com. Twin Made craft workshop, in collaboration with Fizz Goes Pop. Publish Cardiff The Atrium, Cardiff. 11am-7pm, £26/£21. Info facebook.com/ publishcardiff. A day of talks (five in total), networking and celebration of all things publishing, organised by Tori West. Royal Wedding High Tea Party Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 10am-3pm, £7.75£16.50. Info 01656 815995. Have a word with yourselves.

uRoyal Welsh Spring Fair Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells. 9am-8pm, £13 adv/free under16s. Info www.rwas.wales. Hosted by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society. On tomorrow also, from 9am-5pm. Skill Builder Masterclass: Spice Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 10am-2pm, £120/£500 for five courses. Info 01443 222716 / www.angelagray.co.uk. St Fagans Real Food Market National History Museum, St Fagans. 10am3pm, free. Info 029 2057 3500. Swansea Storytelling Club Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7.30pm, £6.50. Info 0845 2263510. With guest Peter Chand. Swansea Zine Fest Volcano, Swansea. 12-5pm, free. Info www.volcanotheatre.co.uk. Featuring a bunch of zines and other self-published material on various subjects to buy or trade, plus craft space to make your own. Talk: Hazel Cardew Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 2.30-3.30pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Current Glynn Vivian Artist In Residence discusses her practice. TEDxCanton St Canna’s Ale House, Canton, Cardiff. 1-6pm, £15 adv. Info 07890 106449. The enduring microlecture format makes its way to the smallest pub in Cardiff [subs check]. Ticket price includes four speakers, two performances, two videos, a goody bag and a snack. Wales On Wheels National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 11am-4pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. Showcase of classic vehicles. uWelsh Vegan Festival Tramshed, Cardiff. 10.30am, £3/£15 VIP. Info 029 2023 5555. Featuring stalls, talks, films, a kids play area, and ios fundraising for Farplace Animal Rescue. On tomorrow also. White Collar Boxing: Heroes For 6 Minutes The Neon, Newport. 6-11pm. Info 01633 533666. Annual charity event, on this occasion raising money for Scotty’s Little Soldiers UK. Young Writers Squads Poetry Workshop Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea. Info 01792 463980. Again related to Dylan Day, this workshop is hosted by Sion Tomos Owen and is aimed at ages 9-11. SUNDAY 20 MAY Angela V. John Melville Centre, Abergavenny. 11.30am, £8 adv. Info 01873 853167. A talk about Welsh, female equality trailblazers. Caerphilly 10K Crescent Road, Caerphilly (start and finish point). 8am, £6.50-£20 to participate. Info 10k@ caerphilly.gov.uk. Annual running event featuring 2,500 runners plus a 2K race for children. Color Dash 2018 Tredegar Park, Newport. 11am-4pm, £15 entry/£10 kids. Info 01633 851051. A fun 5k run (or walk) around the park with the added touch of being pelted with brightly coloured powder paint. Harlem Globetrotters Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. 6pm, £17.50-£45. Info 029 2022 4488. See Sport, I think. Henry Blofeld Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. 7.30pm, £20. Info 01600 772467. New anecdotal show from nowretired cricket commentator.

Sheep For Beginners Humble By Nature, Penalt, nr Monmouth. 10am, £115. Info 01600 714595. Skill Builder Masterclass: Baked To Perfection Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 10am-2pm, £120/£500 for five courses. Info 01443 222716 / www. angelagray.co.uk. Tea Dance Ocean Arts Cardiff, Splott, Cardiff. 4-7pm, £5. Info oceanartscardiff@ gmx.co.uk. Every third Sunday of the month. Wenvoe Spring Craft Fair Wenvoe Community Centre. 10am-4pm, £20 to set up a table. Info 07922 109721. Showcase for local crafters. Wildlife Walks: Dragonflies And Pondlife National History Museum, St Fagans. 2-3pm, free. Info 029 2057 3500. MONDAY 21 MAY uBBC Radio 1’s Academy Grand Theatre, Swansea. 10am, free. Info 01792 475715. Here to coincide with the Biggest Weekend extravaganza, this is four days of live broadcasts, performances, star Q&As and workshops with industry professionals and famous faces. (Until Thurs 24) Gwd Mondays Music Quiz Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2039 7933. TUESDAY 22 MAY Ekphrastic Writing Group The Gate, Cardiff. 7-45-9.30pm, free. Info 029 2048 3344. Readings and discussions. On the fourth Tuesday of every month. Spring Afternoon Racing Chepstow Racecourse. 12.106pm, £18/£15 adv. Info 01291 622260. Featuring seven races. WEDNESDAY 23 MAY uCricket: Royal London One-Day Cup – Glamorgan v Middlese5SSE SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff. 11am. Info 029 2040 9380. How’s Your Welsh? The Gate, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £3. Info 029 2048 3344. Evening class/ session for Welsh learners. Spice Preview Night Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Info 07376 604291. Monthly evening offering a chance for you to go along and see what you might get out of this adventure, activity, sports and social group. Voices On The Bridge CF42, Treherbert, Rhondda. 7pm, free. Info info@thecf42. co.uk. Spoken word and music with Rufus Mufasa & Unity, Mike Jenkins, Cara Gwen, Rhian Elizabeth and Rob Cullen. THURSDAY 24 MAY Company Of Words: May Madness! Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff. 6.30-9pm, £4. Info 07933 844234. Poetry/writing/ music open mic hosted by Alix Edwards. uHay Festival 2018 Various venues, Hay-On-Wye. 11.30am-11pm. Info 01497 822629. The full programme is at www.hayfestival.com, you’ll have to make do with highlights from Buzz I’m afraid. Today this includes Joanna Blythman, Kevin McCloud and Jake Bugg. Fri 25: Helen Pankhurst, Horatio Clare, Robert Webb, Russell Kane and the Hackney Colliery Band. Sat 26: David Walliams, Sarfraz Manzoor, Melvyn Bragg, Bear Grylls, Roddy BUZZ 67

Doyle, Afua Hirsch, Akala, The Last Poets, Laura Mvula and Benjamin Zepheniah. Sun 27: Ehud Barak, Ian McEwan, Michael Morpurgo, Michael Wolff, Ruth Rogers, Goldie, Shazia Mirza and David Baddiel. Mon 28: Allison Pearson, Jaqueline Wilson, Margaret Atwood, Andrew Adonis, William Sieghart and Les Aamzones D’Afrique. Tue 29: Maggie O’Farrell, Salman Rushdie, Ruby Wax, Wendy Cope and Sam Lee. Wed 30: Germaine Greer, Bill Bryson, Ruth Jones, Dara Ó Briain and John Crace. Thurs 31: Jilly Cooper, Peter Snow, Henry Blofeld, Imelda May, James Acaster and Mike Brearley. Fri 1 June: Terry Eagleton, Alexander McCall Smith, Fergal Keane, Adam Kay, Alicia Kopf, Richard Dawkins, Meg Wolitzer, Tony Hawks, Lionel Shriver and Evelyn Glennie. Sat 2 June: David Miliband, Philip Pullman, Rose McGowan, Amy Lamé, Alan Hollinghurst, Lucy Worsley, Chelsea Clinton, Shirley Collins, Joan Bakewell, Chris Bonington, Donna Brazile, Show Of Hands and Bridget Christie. Sun 3 June: AC Grayling, Simon Jenkins, Alex Jones (One Show not Infowars), Kehinde Andrews, Gordon Brown and Colm Tóibín. (Until Sun 3 June) uHowTheLightGetsIn 2018 Riverside Site / Globe Site, Hay-On-Wye. 6.30pm, £148-£188 weekend/£38-£74 per day. Info hay.htlgi.iai.tv. Annual art/culture/philosophy/ etc festival, coinciding with Hay and acting as a de facto fringe of it I suppose. Here

are some highlights – you can get individual tickets to many of these, check the website for full info. Today: Matthew Frederick, Maz O’Connor, Town Of Cats and a documentary, How To Start A Revolution. Fri 25: Spigel Circus, Rowan Williams, Natalie Bennett, Helen Lederer, Yasmin AlibhaiBrown, Noam Chomsky (on a live link by the sounds), Luke Sital-Singh, Keeva, James Acaster, Nerina Pallott, The Turbans and Ana Matronic. Sat 26: Kimberlé Crenshaw, Jack Halberstam, Warren Ellis, Chi Onwurah, Dianne Abbott, Gráinne Maguire, Camille O'Sullivan, Laura Wright, The Orb and Ewan Pearson. Sun 27: Catherine Heymans, David Nutt, Brooke Magnanti, Richard Reeves, Stanley Fish, Blair Dunlop, Jesca Hoop, Ed Aczel and Hot Chip. Mon 28: Leanne Wood, Kwasi Kwarteng, Emma Sulkowicz, Julian Baggini, Blaenavon Male Voice Choir, Emily Barker, Badly Drawn Boy and Femme. FRIDAY 25 MAY Dan & Phil Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. 8pm, £15-£99. Info 029 2022 4488. YouTube duo who were also on Radio 1 for about 18 months. Glittery & Macrame Jewellery The Boneyard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 6.308.30pm, £20. Info twinmadethings@gmail.com. Twin Made craft workshop. Glynn Vivian At Night Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 5-8pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Live music, workshops and performance. Lunch Club Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch

Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 10.30am-2.30pm, £39. Info 01443 222716 / www. angelagray.co.uk. Sing-A-Long Cinema The Neon, Newport. 7pm, £5. Info 01633 533666. Hoot along to songs from iconic musicals, with live choir accompaniment also. The Cellar Bards Cellar Bar, Cardigan. 8pm, £3. Info 07818 056599. Monthly literature event with special guest Menna Elfyn. uWelsh Perry & Cider Festival Caldicot Castle & Country Park. 6-11pm, £8 adv (£25 adv for four days/£50 with camping). Info welshciderfestival.wordpress. com. Over 100 ciders and perries from across Wales (plus a few from outside). Plus live music each day. Running from 12-11pm on Sat 26 and Sun 27; 12-6pm on Mon 28. (Until Mon 28) SATURDAY 26 MAY 3 Cool Things To Make With A Balloon! National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 12.30-3.30pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. uA Weekend With Bowlore Caerphilly Castle. 10am-5pm, £8.50/free members. Info 0300 0256000. Various archery and sword-related demos and activities. (Until Mon 28) Back To Basics Screenprinting Workshop The Printhaus, Canton, Cardiff. 10am-4pm, £60. Info 029 2022 0349. Get to grips with the basics of the screenprinting process. Email info@ theprinthaus.org to book. On once a month until November. Behind The Scenes At The

Museum National Museum Cardiff. 10am-4pm, free. Info 029 2039 7951. Bingo Lingo The Neon, Newport. 6pm, £6.50. Info 01633 533666. Bingo night pitched at millennials, found in various other cities also. Cardiff Rum & Reggae Festival The Depot, Cardiff. 1-11pm. Info www. depotcardiff.co.uk. Boasting “the widest selection of rums and the smoothest selection of reggae music in the UK,” this is sold out weeks in advance. Dungarees The Boneyard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 1-5pm, £40. Info twinmadethings@ gmail.com. Twin Made craft workshop. Dylan’s Travels: Family Self-Led Activities Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea. 10am-4pm, free. Info 01792 463980. Free themed self-led creative writing activities, puzzles, word searches and crafts all inspired by Dylan’s adventures and travels. On from 10am-1pm on Thurs 31 and Fri 1 June. (Until sun 3 June) Half Term Fun: Nature National History Museum, St Fagans. 12-4pm. Info 029 2057 3500. Family-friendly activities inspired by the plants and animals that fill the museum at this time of year. Mostly free but some activities incur a small charge uLearn To Play The Ukelele Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 9am-12pm, £35 (two days). Info 029 2089 0862. Workshop led by John Bassett. Life Drawing Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 2-4pm, £3. Info 01792 516900. uMargam International Kite Festival Margam Park,

nr Port Talbot. 10am, free. Info 01639 881635. Annual weekend event. An entry fee applies for Mon 28. (Until Mon 28) uPawprints In The Summer Sky Techniquest, Cardiff Bay. £1.50 after admission fee. Info 029 2047 5475. Discover the stories of mythical creatures in the stars, like the winged horse Pegasus or Draco the Dragon. Suitable for under-7s. (Until Sun 3 June) Pigs For Beginners Humble By Nature, Penalt, nr Monmouth. 10am, £115. Info 01600 714595. Saturday Adult Art Classes Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 10am-1pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Book in advance please. Saturday Morning Kitchen Angela Gray’s Cookery School At Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol, Vale Of Glamorgan. 10.30am-12.30pm, £17. Info 01443 222716 / www. angelagray.co.uk. Sheepdog Shepherding Morning Venue TBC, nr Crickhowell. £45. Info 01874 749092. Learn how to work with a sheep dog on a Welsh hill farm, and move sheep from field to field. A Good Day Out event. Spring Food Forage Bute Park, Cardiff. 10am-12.30pm, £11/free kids. Info hannah@greencityevents. co.uk. Hosted by Green City Events and with Michelle of Edible Landscaping as your guide. uStar Tours Techniquest, Cardiff Bay. £1.50 after admission fee. Info 029 2047 5475. Find out more about some familiar constellations, the planets, how stars are born and how they die. (Until Sun

3 June) Try Gamelan Workshop St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 1pm, £8/£5. Info 029 2087 8444. Vintage Kilo Sale St Catherine’s Church Hall, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 10am5pm, free. Info 07923 142285. Designer labels at £15 a kilo, on monthly here. SUNDAY 27 MAY Art Car Bootique Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 11am11.30pm, free. Info 029 2030 4400. Annual day of art, stalls, food, music etc, held in Chapter’s car park from 11am6pm and the inside bar from 6-11.30pm. Performers, stalls, other participants include Flossy And Boo, Megan Winstone & James Cocks, the Printhaus, Rachel Helena Walsh, Twin Made, Dylan’s Mobile Book Store, Jemma Roper, Ffwrnes Pizza, Tukka Tuk and Puckin Poutine. uCowbridge Food And Drink Festival 2018 Various locations, Cowbridge. 9.30am-5pm, £5/£8 both days. Info 07875 290428. Annual weekender, going since 2004 and now featuring over 100 food and drink exhibitors, food demonstrations and musical entertainment. Specific venues still TBC but it’s previously been centred around North Road and High Street. On tomorrow also. uFritti Italian Pop-Up Academy Espresso Bar, Barry. 6-9pm, free. Info 07557 773723. On tomorrow also. uGower Good Food Festival Gower Heritage Centre, Swansea. 10am5.30pm, free. Info 01792

live review


St David’s Hall, Cardiff, Sat 21 Apr Beth Hart didn’t stick to the script here, instead keeping audience, band and perhaps even herself guessing what she was going to do next. Bounding between the microphone, the piano, the guitar stool and finally the audience, she created an intimacy St David’s Hall must rarely witness. Born and raised in LA, Beth cuts an imposing figure on the stage, filling up every inch of it with presence and power. Wailing and screeching to hit the high notes like early Bon Scott, when called upon by the rising agony of each track Beth can descend into the depths of hell to reach the low ones. And the result is a rhythmic rollercoaster of sound and emotion; an explosion of lust, passion, anger and joy. One minute the crowd’s feet were pounding along to the booming bassline of Bang Bang, the next, their hearts were melting as her treacle-throated vocals filled up the room during I’ll Take Care Of You. Even the journalists and the door staff could barely stay down as Beth rocked their bums to the edges of their bouncing seats during Saved. But her ability to slip into the darker side of her past, and strip off the ballsy bravado, reveals another captivating side of Beth Hart. A trio of ballads (My California, Tell Her You Belong To Me, Mama This One) at the piano to close the show were dedicated to Mum, Dad and husband Scott, who crept on to the stage to hold her during the finale. The crowd weren’t about to let Beth go home early, though, and for the encore she again joined her audience at the edge of the stage to slow-rock them to tears with her rendition of I’d Rather Go Blind. This is a gig for the ages – all ages, the crowd ranging from 17 to 70. And it’s one for the masses too, part of an extensive world tour. But it’s also one that will keep even the most devout fans trying to work out what happens next. Because, thanks to the powers that be, Beth Hart has spent her entire life refusing to stick to the script. words JONATHAN SUTTON photos RAYMOND BANNISTER



JUNE: STEREOPHONIC S + (Tramshed, Cardiff, Wed 13)


PINS (Clwb

(Cardiff City Stadium, Sat 9) Ifor Bach, Cardiff, Thurs 14)

371206. Welsh artisan fodder galore, demonstrations of blacksmithery and glass blowing plus puppetry workshops. On tomorrow also. Louise Jordan: No Petticoats Here Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard. 3pm, £5 adv. Info judy.whitehouse@ gmail.com. A talk about women in World War I, part of the Fishguard Folk Festival. Pizza & Prosecco Festival The Depot, Cardiff. 12-11pm, £15 per session. Info www. depotcardiff.co.uk. Featuring 20 types of prosecco and various woodfired pizzas. Might be sold out by the time you read this. Pontcanna Brocante Vintage Flea Market Kings Road Yard, Pontcanna, Cardiff. 10am-4pm. Info www. pontcannamarket.co.uk. On the last Sunday of every month until October. uVolvo Ocean Race Cardiff Race Village, Cardiff Bay Barrage. Info 0845 2930897. Two-week event coinciding with the time that this global yacht race spends in Cardiff, the last of 12 cities on its agenda since it started in October 2017. A variety of entertainment (live music, street theatre and a light show) plus Volvo Ocean Racethemed attractions will feature during that time, as well as segments of the race itself. (Until Sun 10 June) Welsh Open Stoneskimming Championships Llanwrtyd Wells. 10am, £5 to enter. Info 01591 610666. Sponsored by the Heart Of Wales Brewery, this is the first Green Events competition of 2018, presaging many more marginal rural challenges (bog snorkelling, man v horse racing etc). There are various categories with ribald titles relating to “tossing”, being “stoned” etc. MONDAY 28 MAY Abergavenny Steam, Veteran & Vintage Rally Bailey Park, Abergavenny. £7/£4 OAP or ages 11-16/free under-11s. Info www. abergavennysteamrally.co.uk. Hope Rescue Fun Dog Show Parc Bryn Bach, Tredegar. 10am-4pm, free/£1 to enter each class. Info 01443 226659. Pirates Of Port Talbot Family Fun Day Margam Park, nr Port Talbot. 10am, £7/£5 kids. Info 01639 881635. Rules Of Play Board Game Night Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm, free (£3 to hire games). Info info@porterscardiff.com. The Gay Men’s Book Club Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2030 4400. This month it’s a discussion of The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. uUrdd National Eisteddfod Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells. 7am, £13.50 per days/£5.50 under-16s and competitors. Info 0345 2571613. Annual youth-oriented festival for/ about/promoting the Welsh language and culture visits Builth Wells this year, with various concerts and other performances across six days; visit www.urdd.cymru for a fuller programme. (Until Sat

2 June) TUESDAY 29 MAY uA Dinosaur Encounter Cardiff Castle. £6. Info 029 2087 8100. Half-term activities including a close look at dinosaur models and eggs, plus a chance to meet a baby T Rex. Or a model of one. Not taking place on Thurs 31. (Until Fri 1 June) uMini Beast Hunting Bute Park Education Centre, Cardiff. 10.30am-12pm + 1.30-3pm. Info www.bute-park. com. Free activity sessions for families; hear stories about these small creatures before looking for them in the park, and get involved in some arts and crafts. Also on Thurs 31. WEDNESDAY 30 MAY uCome And Meet The Dragon Whisperer! Caerphilly Castle. 10am-5pm, £8.50/free members. Info 0300 0256000. Family events. On tomorrow also. Craft At The Museum Cardiff Story, The Hayes, Cardiff. 10am-3pm, £1. Info 029 2034 6214. Drop-in family event for half-term. Hula Hoop Class For All Levels Cardiff & Vale College, Cardiff. 7-8pm, £7. Info elliecoptor@hotmail.com. With Elliecoptor Pilott. May Half Term Art Fest Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 11am-3pm, free. Info 01792 516900. Pond Dipping Bryngarw Country Park, Bridgend. 11am, £4. Info 01656 815995. Family event searching for underwater creatures in Bryngarw’s pond. Science Cafe National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2057 3600. THURSDAY 31 MAY Kraftwerk Listening Party The Parrot, Carmarthen. 4.30pm-12am, free. Info 01267 231012. That’s right pal – come here and listen to all the Kraftwerk studio albums (even their first one when they were called Organisation) and just do whatever. The venue suggests reading a book or playing a board game. Queen Pepiada Pop-Up Academy Espresso Bar, Barry. 6-9pm, free. Info 07557 773723. Venezuelan street food. Sounds relevant to my interests! Taith Iaith National Museum Cardiff. 1.05pm, free. Info 029 2039 7951. Welsh learner tour. Welsh Wrestling Miners Institute, Blackwood. 8pm, £12.50/£11.50 adv. Info 01495 227206.

live TUESDAY 1 MAY Acoustic Tuesday South Riverside Community Development Centre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5. Info 029 2030 4400. Regular event led by pioneering local musicians and singers. Cardiff Male Choir + Koninklijk Kerkraads Mannenkoor St Teilo’s Church, Whitchurch, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £7. Info musicaldirector@cardiffmalechoir.co.uk. Welsh and Dutch choirs join

up on May Day. uCommunity Samba Band – Practise Dates Llanfrynach Village Hall, Brecon. 7-9pm, £4/£2 under16s. Info sambabrecon@ yahoo.co.uk. Every Tuesday. Cornered + Rancour + Last Wishes + Petulance Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 7-10.30pm, £7. Info 07970 063107. Hardcore from the Netherlands, Wales, Ireland and England. Haggard Cat + Le Ham Slappers + Think Pretty Le Public Space, Newport. 7pm, £5 adv. Info sam@lepub. co.uk. Headliners feature members of boisterous UK rockers Heck. Jessica Robinson & William Browne Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 1pm, £5.50. Info 01656 815995. Soprano and guitar duo. Joe Tulloch Dolman Theatre, Newport. 2pm, £7. Info 01633 263670. Lost In Chemistry + Crystalline + Last Girl On Earth The Moon, Cardiff. 7-10pm, £4. Info info@ themooncardiff.com. uOpen Mic The Globe At Hay, Hay-On-Wye. 8pm, free. Info 01497 821762. Every Tuesday. uOpen Mic Night Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@ porterscardiff.com. Every Tuesday. uOpen Jam Session NosDa, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866. Every Tuesday this month. Pete Comor Band Flute & Tankard, Cardiff. 9pm. Info www.thefluteandtankard. com. Jazz. Phil Wall’s Jazz Cardinals Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £4.50/£4/£2 NUS. Info 029 2038 7026. *Rachel Baiman + Molly Tuttle Tiny Rebel, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10. Info 029 2039 9557. Two American bluegrass players, Tuttle having even won Guitarist Of The Year at a bluegrass award ceremony last year. The Waterboys St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 8pm, £41.50/£37. Info 029 2087 8444. *Uniform + Thighpaulsandra Buffalo, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £8 adv. Info 029 2031 0312. Great booking by Swine Language for this NYC industrial punk band who also played Cardiff in 2015, and who are joined on drums here by experimental/metal whiz Greg Fox. Plus there’s UK industrial/ambient legend Thighpaulsandra supporting! Wasuremono + Big Thing + Hehfu Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5/£3 adv. Info 029 2039 7933. WEDNESDAY 2 MAY Adam Parsons The Roath Park, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2047 1961. Playing a new live music night here every Wednesday. uBandaoke Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@ porterscardiff.com. “Sing with a fully rehearsed band and become the Popstar you always dreamed of being.” Also on Fri 18. uBella & Gareth Blues Duo Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm. Info 029 2038 7026. Also on Wed 16 and Wed 30. Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita + Gwyneth Glyn

Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan. 7.30pm, £18/£17. Info 01239 621200. Welsh-Senegalese duo with a new album. In Cardiff tomorrow. Daryl Sherman & Her Band Jazzland, Swansea. 8.30pm, £10. Info 07802 912789. Donnie Joe’s American Swing Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Penarth. 7.30pm, £5/£4.40 adv. Info feelgoodmusicorg@gmail. com. Also featuring swing DJ The Medicine Man. Geraint Watkins + The Red Hot Pokers Earl Haig Memorial Club, Cardiff. 8pm, £8 adv. Info 029 2062 6015. Jack Hopkinson + Alex Lipinski + Ben Tajima Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £4/£3 adv. Info 029 2039 7933. A Folk In The Owl’s Nest night. Newport Jazz & Swing Band Whiteheads Sports & Social Club, Bassaleg, Newport. 8pm, £8. Info malc@ dancebands.plus.com. A South Wales Big Band Society gig. uOpen Jam Session The Andrew Buchan, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2021 2509. Every Wednesday. Expect to hear jazz, blues, rock or ska here. uOpen Mic Market Street Club, Barry. 8pm. Info 01446 733863. Every Wednesday. Open Mic Night NosDa, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866. With a different guest host every week this month; tonight’s is Sam Griffiths. Sadie & Jay Pontyclun Institute Athletic Club. 7.30pm, £8/£5 members. Info 01443 226892. A Llantrisant Folk Club night. Vesta Trio The Riverfront, Newport. 2pm, £6. Info 01633 656757. Classical group play the bi-monthly Concerts & Cakes afternoon here1. Welsh National Opera Summer Opera Classics The Riverfront, Newport. 7.30pm, £19/£16. Info 01633 656757. Works by Rossini, Verdi, Mozart and more. THURSDAY 3 MAY Acoustic Sinners The Pear Tree, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2025 2042. Presented by Nailed It Events. Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita + Gwyneth Glyn St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £19/£14 under-16s. Info 029 2087 8444. CoMA Festival Of Contemporary Music For All Cardiff University Concert Hall. 2-9pm, free. Info 029 2087 4816. Featuring various workshops plus performancers by the Fidelio Trio (2pm) and the Cardiff University Contemporary Music Group (7pm). CSM: Macro Effect Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 6.45pm, free. Info 029 2030 4400. University Of South Wales musicians present an eclecticsounding evening of work. Book in advance please. Emy Lou Robbins + Jack Ellis + The Starling Radicals NosDa, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866. A Live By The River night presented by U&I Radio. uFrankie Weeson Hen & Chickens, Abergavenny. 8pm, free. Info 01873 853613. Presented by Nailed It Events. Every Thursday this month. Glass Jackets + Bryony Sier + Eli South Gwdihw,

The Narberth A Capella Voice Festival returns to the Pembrokeshire town of the title, with a series of performances and workshops themed around unaccompanied singing held in the Queens Hall from Fri 4 until Sun 6. Cardiff. 7.30pm, £4/£3 adv. Info 029 2039 7933. Single launch gig for headliners. Hackensack Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £5-£10. Info 029 2038 7026. Featuring sets by Tuk Tuk and the Bruno Heinen Trio. Pay according to your finances and what you thought the sets were worth. Llyr Williams Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £20-£24. Info 029 2039 1391. Piano recital of three Schubert compositions. Open Mic Night The Dolls House, Abertillery. 7.30pm. Info 01495 213300. Scott Matthews The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £16.50 adv. Info 07590 471888. Earnest singer-songwriter type. The Doublecross + Rough Music + American Graffiti The Big Top, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5. Info 029 2022 8883. The Scruff + The Surrenders + The Rotanas + Hunter From Fremonte The Moon, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £7/£6 adv. Info info@themooncardiff.com. Presented by This Feeling. Woes + Clarity Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £7. Info 029 2023 2199. Presented by Fuelled By Jealous Lovers. FRIDAY 4 MAY Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics + V0iD Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £8. Info 029 2023 2199. Hard rock presented by Pity My Brain. Aubrey Parsons Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@ porterscardiff.com. BBC NOW: Bruch & Bruckner Brangwyn Hall, Swansea. 7.30pm, £15-£20. Info 01792 475715. Conducted by Joseph Swensen. Big Girls Don’t Cry The Riverfront, Newport. 7.30pm, £24. Info 01633 656757. Frankie Valli tribute, one of four (FOUR!) distinct ones performing in this region during May. Who are the people going to all these? Brigitte Kloareg St Fagans Village Hall. 7.30pm, £8/£6/£4 kids/free under-12s. Info 029 2023 2970. A Pentreffest Noz folk night, with a music/dance workshop from 7.30pm and live music from 9.15. Cardiff University Chamber Choir St Augustine’s Church, Penarth. 7-9pm, £5/free NUS and under-18s. Info 029 2087 4816. Performance titled ‘The Glories of Baroque And Classical Rome’, presented by Cardiff University Concert Hall. Counterfeit Ebbw Vale Institute. 7pm, £11. Info 01495 708022. Limp Bizkit tribute band. Crinkle Cuts Gwdihw, Cardiff. 9pm, £6/£4 adv. Info

029 2039 7933. Live reggae/ funk band. Digger + Katy Dear + Second Sons The Dolls House, Abertillery. 6pm, £3. Info 01495 213300. Hard rock. DMA’s Tramshed, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £15. Info 029 2023 5555. Australian rock band with a new album out a week before this date. Eddi Reader Coliseum Theatre, Aberdare. 8pm, £20. Info 0300 0040444. Former Fairground Attraction singer whose vocal style is described as “meltingly true” in the press copy for this gig. Ensemble Cymru: Anniversary Finale Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7pm, £3-£10. Info 029 2030 4400. Performing works by two Welsh composers, Gareth Glyn and Rhian Samuel. uFfli Stock 2018 The Dragonffli, Pontypool. 6pm, £2. Info gigs@thedragonffli.com. Annual three-day live music glut for next to nowt. Today: Reece, Psycho Kiss, Sweet Tooth, Dead At 27, Pearler and Static Fires (maim stage); Jeremy Corbyn's Musical Menagerie, Bryony Sier, Harley Down and Craig Coggy Watkins (Acoustic Corner). Sat 5: The Marks Cartel, Lazarus Moon, Young Black Americans, The Real Kings Of Spain, Beneath The Divine, Papa Jupe’s Taurus Club and Finding Aurora! (main stage); Selena In The Chapel, Ian Lynn Palmer, Peter Pork, Stacey Marie Davis and Bob Rogers (Acoustic Corner). Sun 6: Black Emerald, Lilith And The Knight, Fort, Rhys Davis Band, The Dark Valley, Second Suns and Snakey Buckle (main stage); Crisis Talks, Laura Power, Taffy Was A Thief and Chelsie Smallman (Acoustic Corner). (Until Sun 6). From The Jam The Neon, Newport. 7pm, £20 adv. Info 01633 533666. Bruce Foxton plus ‘others’ run through The Jam’s catalogue. Gengahr The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £13 adv. Info 07590 471888. Swn present a London indie band who named themselves after a Pokemon character, although they added a letter to, perhaps, avoid getting sued. Godsticks Buffalo, Cardiff. 7pm, £9/£7 adv. Info 029 2031 0312. Welsh prog-metal band with a relatively rare local show. Hidden: Hinterland Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. 7.45pm, £15/£12. Info 029 2039 1391. Launch of the Atmospheres 2018 series of musical performances, with the scores from Welsh language TV series Hinterland/Y Gwyll and Hidden/Craith. Plsu Q&A ses-

SPACE (Jac’s, Aberdare, Fri 22) WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM (The Globe, Cardiff, Thurs 28) SHOW OF HANDS (Theatr Br ycheiniog, Brecon, Sat 30) JUST ANNOUNCED FOR JULY: KATE VOEGELE & TYLER HILTON (The Globe, Sun 1) BUZZ 69

* – recommended

DEAN FRIEDMAN Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard, Fri 9 May; The Hyst, Swansea, Thurs 10; Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff, Fri 11 Tickets: £24 (Fishguard) / £25/£20 (Swansea); £27.50 (Cardiff). Info: 01348 873421 (Fishguard) / 01792 654366 (Swansea) / 029 2089 0862 (Cardiff) New Jersey pop-rock smartypants Dean Friedman had his first chart hit in 1977 and shows no sign of slowing down – his UK tour lasts six weeks and incorporates three dates in Buzz’s area of interest alone. On this occasion, he’s toasting the 40th anniversary of his second LP with the awkward to format title, “Well, Well” Said The Rocking Chair, which includes his best known song in the UK, Lucky Stars (the one that goes “...we’re not as smart as we’d like to think we are”). He also crowdfunded an album in 2002, way ahead of the trend, and not only had a song written about him by Half Man Half Biscuit but did an ‘answer’ song over 30 years later. Top man.

sions with both shows’ respective co-creators. Ian Shimmin City Arms, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2064 1913. Presented by Nailed It Events. King King + Steve Hill The Muni, Pontypridd. 7pm, £22 adv. Info 01443 490390. Popular UK blues-rockers. Live Acoustic Night The Pilot, Penarth. Free. Info 029 2071 0615. On the first Friday of each month. Mammothfest Best Band 2018 Semi Final Heat 1 The Duke, Neath. 7pm, free. Info 01639 643892. Featuring guest band Alkymenia plus, competing, Godkilla, Anal Floss Is Boss, Malum Sky and Incursion. Heat 2 is tomorrow. uNarberth A Capella Voice Festival Queens Hall, Narberth. 5pm, £75 (three days). Info 01834 869323. Annual three-day event, this year featuring lives performances from The Bristol Suspensions, Midé, Heather Jones and Narberth A Cappella Youth Collective with Molara (Fri 4); The London Bulgarian Choir, Julie Murphy and Tempus (Sat 5) and Portsmouth Gospel Choir and Côr Pawb Tea Party (Sun 6). There are also workshops from Julie Murphy (contemporary folk), Rob Paton (improvisation), Maya Waldman (bluegrass), London Bulgarian (Eastern European), Laura Bradshaw (Songs Of Africa) and Mide (beatbox). (Until Sun 6) Open Night Glais Rugby Football Club, nr Clydach, Swansea. 8pm, £3. Info 01792 425231. A Valley Folk Club night. Outta Peak + In Which It Burns + We Come From Ashes Creature Sound, Swansea. 7pm. Info 01792 301178. Metal/metalcore bands play a night with the painful title Mosh The 4th Be With You. Owen Money’s Juke Box Heroes II St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £20.50. Info

029 2087 8444. Tribute acts and comedy, went to lots of south Wales venues in March and April. In Aberdare on Fri 11, Newtown on Sat 12, Swansea on Fri 18 and Abertillery on Fri 25 and Sat 26. uParty In The Pub The Patriot, Crumlin. 8pm, £3. Info 01495 247178. Annual bank holiday two-dayer (on tomorrow also), bands TBC at the time of writing. Punchline The Duke Of Wellington, Cowbridge. 9.30pm, free. Info 01446 773592. Presented by Nailed It Events. Revival Congress Theatre, Cwmbran. 7.30pm, £17/£16. Info 01633 868239. Abba tribute band. Right Hand Left Hand + False Hope For The Savage + Target:Ohio Le Public Space, Newport. 7.30pm, £6 adv. Info sam@ lepub.co.uk. Presented by Fuelled By Jealous Lovers, and rescheduled from the snowy opening days of March. Shakatak Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 8pm, £24 adv. Info 029 2089 0862. UK jazz-funk vets. Taylor Rai Ty Newydd, Barry. 9pm, free. Info 01446 407767. Presented by Nailed It Events. The Brocklebank + Sssnakes + Young Garbo + Casual Overload Clwb Y Bont, Pontypridd. 7pm, £4. Info 01443 491424. The Dave Jones Quartet Ffresh, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 8pm, £15. Info 029 2063 6464. Jazz. The Fugitives Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £4/£3. Info 029 2038 7026. Blues. The Herbaliser Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £15. Info 029 2023 2199. Live hip-hop/ funk veterans. See Clubs. The Modul8ors Yard Bar & Kitchen, Cardiff. 10pm, free. Info 029 2022 7577. Mod and ska covers. The New Jersey Boys Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot. 7.30pm, £19.50/£18.50. Info 01639 763214. Frankie

Valli tribute band. In Cwmbran on Thurs 10. Tobias Robertson Academy Espresso Bar, Barry. 7pm, free. Info 07557 773723. uXY&O The Big Top, Cardiff. Info 029 2022 8883. Local electronic pop producers with the second instalment of their residency. Also here on Thurs 17. *Zolle + Conqueror Worm + Atlas Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff. 8.30pm, £5. Info 029 2037 3144. Cosmic Carnage and Lesson No.1 present a combo of doomy prog metal from Italy, proggy grindcore from Bristol and abstract sludge from Cardiff. Yeah! SATURDAY 5 MAY uAcoustic Duos The Plum Tree, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2022 5235. Local acts here every Saturday. Anonymous Iconoclasts The Andrew Buchan, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2021 2509. uAtmospheres 2018 Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. Info 029 2039 1391. Two-day multi-concert showcase of contemporary/ experimental composition etc, featuring the following performances today: Ali Gray, Deer Hunt (1-6pm, free); Andrew Wallace, Snowfall And Mountains | Northwest Echoes / Connor Mclean, Still And Still Moving (2pm, £7/£5); Mark McNamee, In Presence (6.30pm, free); Jack & Charlotte Capstaff, Where Words Fail (7pm, £7/£5). On Sun 6: Sam Williams, Abzû / Thomas Eggensberger, Teithwyr (2pm, £7/£5); Ben Teague, Harmonium (3.56pm and 6pm, free); Daniel Parsons and Luciano Williamson, Flash Contemporarium (4.30pm, £7/£5); Kina Miyamoto, Aquatic Snacks (6.30pm, £7/£5); Nakeja Megan Howell, Gobaith (7.30pm, £7/£5; and a closing DJ set in the foyer from Daniel Soley & Joe Shrimpling (8pm, free). Aubrey & Paul The Mariners, Laugharne. 8.30pm,

free. Info 01994 427688. Playing in sibling venue Browns tomorrow. Blood Red Saints Rhondda Hotel, Porth. 7pm, £5 adv. Info 01443 682388. AOR/hard rock. Chains Of Fleetwood Mac The Dolls House, Abertillery. 6pm, £6/£5 adv. Info 01495 213300. Tribute band. Ciaran Lavery Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £8. Info 029 2023 2199. Ulster singersongwriter. Counterfeit + System Of A Down Tribute Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 8pm, £5. Info 07970 063107. Headliners are a Limp Bizkit tribute band. Not sure if the SOAD guys have a name or what. Cwmbran Baroque Singers St John The Baptist Church, Newport. 7.30pm, £15/£5 NUS. Info 029 2075 6660. Performing works by Bizet, Charles Gounod and Léo Delibes. Fire Fences + The Rotanas + Nick Griffiths Hobo’s, Bridgend. 7-10pm, free. Info www. hobosmusicvenue.com. Holy Diver UK + Excursia Jac’s, Aberdare. 7pm, £5 adv. Info 01685 879491. Dio tribute. Jamie Smith’s Mabon Narth Village Hall, Monmouthshire. Info 01600 860664. Jim Ghedi + Toby Hay The Lost Arc, Rhayader. 7.30pm, £7.50/£5 adv. Info 01743 860246. Two UK folk guitarists, Hay hailing from Rhayader itself. uJon Crespo Quartet Café Jazz, Cardiff. 9pm, £2 after 11. Info 029 2038 7026. Every Saturday this month. Judie Tzuke + CHaz Thorogood The Drill Hall, Chepstow. 7.30-10.30pm, £22.50/£20 adv. Info 01291 627122. UK singer-songwriter. Feel like I list her in these listings often. Jungle Great Hall, Cardiff University Students Union. 7pm, £22 adv. Info 029 2078 1458. See Music. Legend: The Bob Marley Experience The Neon, Newport. 7pm, £15 adv. Info 01633 533666. Tribute show. Longshot Ska Place Festival Earl Haig Memorial Club, Cardiff. 2pm, £20.20 adv. Info 029 2062 6015. Ska alldayer featuring sets from King Hammond, Dakka Skanks, The Underclass, The Navarones and Too Toned. Louise Halliday The Red Dragon, Bridgend. 8.30pm, free. Info 01656 654753. Presented by Nailed It Events. Maddie & The Pandas Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@porterscardiff.com. Mammothfest Best Band 2018 Semi Final Heat 2 The Duke, Neath. 7pm, free. Info 01639 643892. Featuring Blind Divide, Cry Of A Cynic, Agrona and Democratus. Mangata Fontygary Leisure Park, Rhoose. 8pm, free. Info 01446 710386. Presented by Nailed It Events. Manic Street Preachers + The Coral Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. 7pm, £47.50/£36.50. Info 029 2022 4488. Sold out. Mercury Tales Creature Sound, Swansea. 7pm. Info 01792 301178. French postpunk band. Montgomery County Music Festival Theatr Hafren, Newtown. 7.30pm, £12/£6. Info 01686 614555.

THUNDER + HAND OF DIMES (Caerphilly Castle, Sat 14) JUST ANNOUNCED FOR AUGUST: BL AKE (Brangywn Hall, Swansea, BUZZ 70

u – repeated

Patrick Larley conducts the Montgomeryshire Festival Choir in recitals of works by Haydn and Brahms. Oasis Maybe + The Ultimate Stone Roses The Depot, Cardiff. 6pm, £7 adv. Info www.depotcardiff.co.uk. Two tribute bands. “Relive the glory days, when the charts were filled with bands playing instruments.” No they weren’t. “The Ultimate Stone Roses dedicate their sets to the early years, focusing on their seminal first album, second coming...” Don’t even know where to start with this. Pardon Madame The Duke Of Wellington, Cowbridge. 9.30pm, free. Info 01446 773592. Presented by Nailed It Events. Penarth Rocks Paget Rooms, Penarth. 4-11.30pm, £16. Info 029 2070 0721. Tribute band event featuring The Four Kicks (tribute to Kings Of Leon), The Valli Boys (Frankie Valli), 2 Toned (ska) and Dai Faulkner And The Copper Thieves (various pop hits). Plus more local acts TBC and a DJ. Peter Knight’s Gigspanner Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 8pm, £16 adv. Info 029 2089 0862. Folk-rock, Knight being ex-Steeleye Span. Pi & Hash Monthly Music Showcase NosDa, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866.. The Acoustix Rose & Crown, Porthcawl. 9pm, free. Info 01656 784850. Presented by Nailed It Events. The Frank Ifield Show Congress Theatre, Cwmbran. 2pm, £16.50/£15. Info 01633 868239. Frank is an Australian musical/anecdotal entertainer with a 50-year career. The Greatest Hits Of Motown Miners Institute, Blackwood. 7.30pm, £24 adv. Info 01495 227206. The Shakes Black Boy, Swansea. 9pm, free. Info 01792 299469. Presented by Nailed It Events. The VIPs Cockett Inn, Swansea. 8pm, free. Info 01792 588748. Presented by Nailed It Events. Tom Jones: Tribute Crazy Cafe, Penarth. 7pm, £24.95. Info 029 2240 4777. Price includes a three-course meal. Totally Tina St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £21.50£25. Info 029 2087 8444. Tina Turner tribute act. Rescheduled from early March. *UK Subs + Discharge + GBH + The Lurkers + Criminal Mind + Pizzatramp + Drunken Marksman The Muni, Pontypridd. 2pm, £25 adv. Info 01443 490390. This alldayer is calling itself the no Future Festival and has roped in four veteran UK punk bands. I should probably see Discharge before one of us dies. Welsh Musical Theatre Young Singer Of The Year 2018 Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 7pm, £12/£6. Info 01792 602060. Also featuring performances by the Dunvant Male Choir and Ben Thomas, who won this award in 2017. SUNDAY 6 MAY Aubrey & Paul Browns, Laugharne. 3pm, free. Info 01994 427688. Calan Mai National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 12.-4pm, free. Info 029 2057

3600. May Day celebrations with a live twmpath/folk set set from Tawerin Cardiff Sinfonietta St .David’s Hall, Cardiff. 3pm, £10-£26. Info 029 2087 8444. Performing Star Wars music with conductor Jonathan Mann. China Shop Bull + One Eyed God + Brassick + Doghouse The Lost Arc, Rhayader. 7.30pm, £8 adv. Info 01743 860246. Punk, ska, hiphop, crusty palaver. Don McLean Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.30pm, £32.50-£42.50. Info 029 2063 6464. See Upfront. Fedora Chic The Queens Head, Monmouth. 8.45pm, free. Info 01600 712767. Gigspanner Millennium Hall, Laugharne. 7.30pm, £14. Info 07810 106292. Jizzy Pearl/Love/Hate + Doomsday Outlaw + Damn Dice + Saints Of Sin + The Wicked Jackals + Beautiful Strangers Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 3pm, £15 adv. Info 07970 063107. Hard rock alldayer calling itself Seven Sins Sleaze 2018, and headlined by a version of early 90s poodle metal faves. John Wheeler Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 6.30pm, £10. Info 0871 4720400. Solo show from Hayseed Dixie singer. Memory Of Elephants +Codices + Twisted Ankle + Totem Terrors Undertone, Cardiff. 6.30pm, £5. Info 029 2022 8883. Presented by Blowout. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. 7pm, £65/£45. Info 029 2022 4488. Sold out. All the gigs at the Motorpoint are sold out this month, unless an Elvis tribute show counts as a gig. Pwer Festival 2018 Gwdihw, Cardiff. 12pm, £14/£12 NUS. Info 029 2039 7933. Alldayer across two stages with the slogan “Let's bring the power of music to the youth!”. Main stage: False Advertising, Cassels, Bridges, Outta Peak, Sienna UK and Penny Rich. Stage 2: Dream State, IDestroy, Sons, Andy Oliveri & The Mountaineers, Parcs and These Five Years. Rachel B Fontygary Leisure Park, Rhoose. 8pm, free. Info 01446 710386. Presented by Nailed It Events. Spirit Of Boogie + Sam Antonio Freeway Jac’s, Aberdare. 5pm, £5 adv. Info 01685 879491. uSteve Tarner Jazz Hen & Chickens, Abergavenny. 2pm, free. Info 01873 853613. Every Sunday this month. Tales In The Shade The Andrew Buchan, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2021 2509. The Wurzels The Globe, Cardiff. 7pm, £15 adv. Info 07590 471888. Described as a “Bank Holiday cider party,” which does have its charms. Pretty sure they only have generic cider in The Globe though, unless they get some in specially for this. Tupelo Highway Earl Haig Memorial Club, Cardiff. 6pm, free. Info 029 2062 6015. Twrw Trwy’r Dydd Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 4pm, £8. Info 029 2023 2199. Welshlanguage alldayer with live sets from Omaloma, 3 Hwr Doeth, Serol Serol, Marged, Papur

THE FL AMING LIPS (Tramshed, Tue Fri 10) HAYSEED DIXIE (The Globe, Tue

24) 21)

Wal, Lastigband and Y Sybs, plus DJ Pydew and DJ Dilys. MONDAY 7 MAY uBarbara Dickson & Nick Holland + Anthony Toner Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 8pm. Info 029 2089 0862. Also here on Fri 18, but both dates are sold out. Caspian + Cloakroom Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £10. Info 029 2023 2199. Postrock drama llamas. Fister + Chrch + Tides Of Sulfur Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 7pm, £10 adv. Info 07970 063107. Doom and sludge metal bands presented by Eradication J Alexander & The Blues Devils Earl Haig Memorial Club, Cardiff. 6pm, free. Info 029 2062 6015. Like A Lion The Vivian Arms, Swansea. 9pm, free. Info 01792 516194. Presented by Nailed It Events. uLive Jazz Noah’s Yard, Swansea. 8pm. Info 01792 447360. Here every Monday. Movements + Paerish + Muskets Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £8. Info 029 2023 2199. Headliners are from California and are brought here by Fuelled By Jealous Lovers. Tragedy The Globe, Cardiff. 7-10pm, £10 adv. Info 07590 471888. Bee Gees in a metal style tribute band. uUkulele Session The Andrew Buchan, Cardiff. 8.30pm, free. Info 029 2021 2509. Every Monday, with The Plucking Fourstrings. TUESDAY 8 MAY Crowley / Luft / Giles Flute & Tankard, Cardiff. 9pm. Info www.thefluteandtankard.com. Jazz on sax/guitar/drums/ electronics. Hot Strings Cafe Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £4.50/£4/£2 NUS. Info 029 2038 7026. Mavron Quartet St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 1pm, pay by donation. Info 029 2087 8444. Lunchtime pay-what-you-can concert. *Oliver Coates St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 8pm, £10. Info 029 2087 8444. See Music. Tomos Power The Big Top, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5. Info 029 2022 8883. *Weedeater + ASG + Lacertilia + The Necromancers Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 6.30pm, £18/£15 adv. Info 029 2023 2199. Stoner, psych and doom presented by Snuff Lane, Desertfest and Old Empire. Bit odd that three out of town promoters have collectively descended on Cardiff to put this on, but gift horses and mouths and that. WEDNESDAY 9 MAY Alex Merritt / Steve Fishwick Quintet Jazzland, Swansea. 8.30pm, £12.50. Info 07802 912789. uBay Rum Hounds Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm. Info 029 2038 7026. Also on Wed 23. Dean Friedman Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard. 8pm, £24 adv. Info 01348 873421. US singer-songwriter touring to note the 40th anniversary of his LP “Well, Well,” Said The Rocking Chair. In Swansea tomorrow; Cardiff on Fri 11. Open Mic Night NosDa, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866. With a different guest host every week this

month; tonight’s is Tariq Bedgood. Phil Dando Big Band Whiteheads Sports & Social Club, Bassaleg, Newport. 8pm, £8. Info malc@dancebands. plus.com. A South Wales Big Band Society gig. Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama Showcase Flute & Tankard, Cardiff. 9pm. Info www.thefluteandtankard. com. Jazz. Shop Girls The Roath Park, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2047 1961. Swedish Death Candy Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £7 adv. Info 029 2039 7933. London psych band, presented here by Swn and All My Friends. Whitehall Parade + The Human Experience The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £6 adv. Info 07590 471888. WNO Orchestra Aberystwyth Arts Centre. 7.30pm, £18/£16. Info 01970 623232. THURSDAY 10 MAY Amanda Palmer + Andrew O’Neill Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen. 7.30pm, £20. Info 0845 2263510. Crikey, this one flew under the radar a bit didn’t it. Palmer, of Dresden Dolls and bad poems about atrocities fame, is doing a long solo show with a metal-loving comedian as her tour support. BBC NOW: Qigang Chen Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.30pm, £16.50. Info 029 2063 6464. Performing the work of this Chinese composer. A Vale Of Glamorgan Festival event. Dave Jones Quartet Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £6/£5. Info 029 2038 7026. Deadlines + Bedford Falls + Pardon Us + Probably Not Undertone, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5. Info 029 2022 8883. Melodic punk and post-hardcore; headliners are launching an album. Dean Friedman The Hyst, Swansea. 7pm, £25/£20. Info 01792 654366. Duski + Toby Hay Band The Moon, Cardiff. 8pm, £5. Info info@themooncardiff. com. ESP The Pear Tree, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2025 2042. Presented by Nailed It Events. Jane’s Calamity Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@ porterscardiff.com. Monthly singalong around the piano. Mark Purnell The Unicorn, Pontypool. 7.30pm, £3. Info 01495 751304. Folk night. Rend Collective Great Hall, Cardiff University Students Union. 7pm, £18 adv. Info 029 2078 1458. A Christian folk band from Northern Ireland. Waistcoats and bow ties abound in their promo photo. The Magic Numbers The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £14 adv. Info 07590 471888. Harmony-heavy retro indiesters. In their new (I think?) publicity shot they’ve been snapped in black and white, sitting next to some graffiti wearing leather jackets and drinking cans. Bit tryhard. The Marc Davies Band Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 6pm, £9 adv. Info 029 2089 0862. Price includes a pizza. uThe New Jersey Boys Congress Theatre, Cwmbran. 7.30pm, £17. Info 01633 868239. On tomorrow also. Yr Poetry + Stay

Voiceless + THC Dreams + Eva Bartok Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5. Info 029 2039 7933. FRIDAY 11 MAY Alice Neary Ewenny Priory, nr Bridgend. 7.30pm, £15.50/£3 NUS. Info 0333 6663366. Vale Of Glamorgan Festival event. uBen Evans & The Valli Boys The Met, Abertillery. 7.30pm, £14. Info 01495 355945. Frankie Valli tribute. On tomorrow also. Calling Apollo + In Dynamics Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £3. Info 07970 063107. Chris Kelly The Duke Of Wellington, Cowbridge. 9.30pm, free. Info 01446 773592. Presented by Nailed It Events. Dean Friedman Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 8pm, £27.50 adv. Info 029 2089 0862. Fortunate Sons Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £4/£3. Info 029 2038 7026. Hattie Briggs + Frankie Wesson The Globe At Hay, Hay-On-Wye. 8pm, £5. Info 01497 821762. Henry Marten’s Ghost City Arms, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2064 1913. Presented by Nailed It Events. Ink. Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £8. Info 029 2023 2199. This is Dougie from McFly’s new band and while I’ve not listened to any of their music yet, their promo photos and stated influences are some of the most cringey ‘boyband member trying to be taken seriously’ ish I’ve ever seen. Owen Money’s Juke Box Heroes II Coliseum Theatre, Aberdare. 7.30pm, £15. Info 0300 0040444. Paige Kenzie Ty Newydd, Barry. 9pm, free. Info 01446 407767. Presented by Nailed It Events. Paul Ashton Hen & Chickens, Abergavenny. 9pm, free. Info 01873 853613. Presented by Nailed It Events. Reece + Sykko Dollz +

Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@ porterscardiff.com. *This Is Wreckage + Eva Bartok + Atomçk + Mercury Tales The Moon, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info info@themooncardiff. com. Noiserock and grindcore together at last! uTredegar House Folk Festival Tredegar House, Newport. £35 weekend. Info 01633 246241. Folk dance, song and music over three days. Today (8pm start): Huw Williams, Phil Millichip and a ceilidh featuring the Calennig Big Band and caller Pat Smith. Sat 12 (7.30pm): Imar, Sam Kelly Trio, Morfa and The Lloyd Family, plus and a ceilidh featuring Juice and caller Dave Parsons. Sun 13 (2pm): Charlie Dore & Julian Littman, Chris & Wendy Moreton, Daria Kulesh Quartet and the Paul Lloyd Nicholas Band. Day prices: Fri 11 concert £8/£7, ceilidh £6/£5/free under-7s; Sat 12 concert £15/£14/free under-7s; ceilidh £8/£7/free under-7s; Sun 13 concert £10/£9/free under-7s. (Until Sun 13) WNO Orchestra: A Summer’s Evening Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £16.50/£14.50. Info 029 2039 1391. Performing works by Haydn, Mendelssohn and Mozart. SATURDAY 12 MAY 360 Degrees Birchgrove, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2031 1319. Presented by Nailed It Events. An Evening with Michael Bublé & Robbie Williams Queens Hall, Narberth. 7.30pm, £13. Info 01834 869323. With the surnameless Luke playing Mikey B, and William Jack Kinn pretending to be Rob. A Night Like This + Conflicts + I Am Gravity

Singer-songwriter Daniel Wakeford visits Sin City in Swansea on Sat 19. Although he hails from Brighton’s indie underground, his main claim to fame is, apparently, featuring on an episode of The Undateables. Rhys Davis The Patriot, Crumlin. 7.30pm, £5 adv. Info 01495 247178. Sepulchre + In Which It Burns + Cry Of A Cynic The Duke, Neath. 7.30pm, free. Info 01639 643892. Shop Girls The Big Top, Cardiff. 7.30pm. Info 029 2022 8883. Sinfonia Cymru: Birdsong Wyeside Arts Centre, Builth Wells. 7.30pm, £5-£16. Info 01982 552555. Nature-rooted collaboration between the Sinfonia, Gwilym Simcock and Kizzy Crawford. In Cardiff tomorrow; Swansea on Sun 13. The Cuban Brothers The Globe, Cardiff. 8pm, £10 adv. Info 07590 471888. These guys have been going for years, we featured them in Buzz once and I still don’t really know what their deal is. The Skiptones Porter’s,

+ Wolf Culture + String Theory Sin City, Swansea. 7pm, £5/£3 adv. Info 01792 468892. Bedwellty Elvis Festival The Met, Abertillery. 1-8pm, £22.50. Info 01495 353397. Featuring Featuring Dean Mack, Darren Graceland Jones, Mike Nova and Lee Alexander plus the Hi-Tiders Band. Cor Meibion Maesteg a'r Cylch Maesteg Town Hall. 7pm, £10. Info 01656 733269. Dawson Smith Cwmbran RFC, Pontnewydd, Cwmbran. 7.30pm, £8/£6 members. Info 01633 483238. Borough Blues Club gig. Dicky Heart & The Murmurs Hen Dderwen, Swansea. 9pm, free. Info 01792 203631. Presented by Nailed It Events. Epsilon + Malum Sky +

Eclipse + Icantdie Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 7pm, £5/£3 adv. Info 07970 063107. Grant Sharkey The Moon, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info info@ themooncardiff.com. Gypsy Jazz & Swing In The Bay Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.30pm, £12 adv. Info 029 2087 7959. Featuring harpist Ben Crieghton Griffiths, violinist Adrien Chevalier, bassist Don Sweeney and vocalist Tatiana Eva-Marie. Huw Warren Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £12/£10. Info 029 2039 1391. Performing jazz suite Do Not Go Gentle, based on Dylan Thomas’ poetry. In Brecon tomorrow; Swansea on Mon 14. ICS: Soundbites St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 11-11.30am, free. Info 029 2087 8444. Free chamber music performance. Jean Genie Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 8pm, £17 adv. Info 029 2089 0862. Bowie tribute. Johnny Elvis Fontygary Leisure Park, Rhoose. 8pm, free. Info 01446 710386. Presented by Nailed It Events. Jose Zalba Smith & Jan Willem Nelleke Penarth Pier Pavilion. 8pm, £15.50/£3 NUS. Info 0333 6663366. Vale Of Glamorgan Festival event. Jumpin’ Jimmy & The Nice Guys Bootlegger, Cardiff. 10pm, free. Info 07495 657407. Kat Jones The Twelve Knights, Port Talbot. 9pm, free. Info 01639 882381. Presented by Nailed It Events. Larkham & Hall The Globe At Hay, Hay-On-Wye. 8pm, £5. Info 01497 821762. Leading Ladies & West End Men Gwyn Hall, Neath. 7.30pm, £15. Info 0300 3656677. Merge Hobo’s, Bridgend. 7-10pm, free. Info www. hobosmusicvenue.com. Moongazers Cardiff Bus Transport Club. 7.30pm, £7.50 adv. Info 029 2023 3658. Irish band. Bill also features a comedian TBC. Motörlizzy + Cancel The Transmission The Patriot, Crumlin. 8pm, £3. Info 01495 247178. Ortario + Reece + Glass Holes + Lead Coloured River + The Witching Hour + Ollie P Jac’s, Aberdare. 8pm, pay by donation. Info 01685 879491. Charity gig for Cancer Research Wales. Owen Money’s Jukebox Heroes II Theatr Hafren, Newtown. 7.45pm, £15. Info 01686 614555. Priest Unleashed Rhondda Hotel, Porth. 7pm, £5 adv. Info 01443 682388. Judas Priest tribute band. Rachel B The Red Dragon, Bridgend. 8.30pm, free. Info 01656 654753. Presented by Nailed It Events. Rhythm Of The 90s The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £15 adv. Info 07590 471888. Old skool rave/dance hits played by a live band. Ross Leadbeater’s Piano Legends Miners Institute, Blackwood. 2.30 + 7.30pm, £15/£13. Info 01495 227206. Former member of Only Men Aloud. Samoans + The Death Of Money Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £7. Info 029 2023

2199. This is the last ever gig for Cardiff alt-rock types Samoans, and not the last for TDOM but their first Welsh gig in nearly a year. Sinfonia Cymru: Birdsong Tramshed, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5-£16. Info 029 2023 5555. Snowpoet Ffresh, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 9pm, £15. Info 029 2063 6464. Jazz duo on Cardiff label Edition. Soul Lotta Funk Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@ porterscardiff.com. Soul Stripper The Dragonffli, Pontypool. 9pm. Info gigs@ thedragonffli.com. Bon Scottera AC/DC tribute band. Sounds Of Harlowe + Dirty Alex + Mansfield Green Gwdihw, Cardiff. 9pm, £4-£7. Info 029 2039 7933. Live hip-hop and soul presented by Starving Artists. Supersonic 70s Show Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen. 7pm, £18.50. Info 0845 2263510. Sweaty Palms + The Last Ankle Le Public Space, Newport. 7pm, £5 adv. Info sam@lepub.co.uk. The Hindenburgs Earl Haig Memorial Club, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2062 6015. Led Zep tribute. The Jam’d Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil. 7pm, £12/£10 adv. Info 01685 384111. Jam tribute band. Playing as part of the Scooter Rally also here today (see Events listings) The Upbeat Beatles Congress Theatre, Cwmbran. 7pm, £18. Info 01633 868239. Tribute band. Woody Pines Snails Deli, Cardiff. 7pm, £22.50 adv. Info 029 2062 0415. NPrice includes a buffet. SUNDAY 13 MAY BBC NOW: Family Concert St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 3pm, £5-£20. Info 029 2087 8444. Conducted by Duncan Ward. Big Mac’s Wholly Soul Band Paget Rooms, Penarth. 7.30pm, £14. Info 029 2070 0721. Black Honey The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10 adv. Info 07590 471888. Brighton hard rockers who were last in Cardiff opening for Royal Blood and At The Drive-In. Bully + Dude York Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £9. Info 029 2023 2199. Newjack alt-rockers. Car Free Day The Moon, Cardiff. Free. Info info@ themooncardiff.com. Today, all the roads in the city centre are going to be closed to cars (Cardiff Council debuted this environmentally conscious scheme in 2016 by laughably closing one road, which actually made things worse) and some live acts, who are TBC but can presumably carry their gear to the venue, will play here all afternoon. uFolk Music & Song Session Arvon Ale House, Llandrindod Wells. 4pm. Info 07477 627267. Every second and fourth Sunday of the month (also on Sun 27 in May), with an extra acoustic session on the third Sunday (Sun 20) too. Helen Fulthorpe Fontygary Leisure Park, Rhoose. 7pm, free. Info 01446 710386. Presented by Nailed It Events. High Voltage Jac’s, Aberdare. 6.30pm. Info 01685 879491. AC/DC tribute.

PU S S Y R I O T ( Tr a m s h e d , T h u r s 2 3 ) E L E C T R I C S I X ( J a c ’ s , F r i 2 4 ) P R I D E C Y M R U ’ S B I G W E E K E N D ( C i v i c C e n t r e , C a r d i f f , F r i 2 4 - S u n 2 6 ) M E T Z ( T h e G l o b e , Tu e 2 8 ) S A G E F R A N C I S & B D O L A N ( C l w b I f o r B a c h , Tu e 2 8 ) BUZZ 71

* – recommended Hot Club Swing Café Jazz, Cardiff. 6.30pm, £5/£3 NUS. Info 029 2038 7026. Two sets, the first of which is a jam session Huw Warren Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 2pm, £12/£10. Info 01874 611622. Ivan Ilic Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. 11am, £12.50-£16.50. Info 029 2039 1391. Piano recital as part of the Vale Of Glamorgan Festival. Marie Curie Fundraiser Gig The Andrew Buchan, Cardiff. 3.30-11pm, free. Info 029 2021 2509. Featuring The Knock, The Brwmys, Omega Two, KYMO, Vinna Bee, Sophie Crabtree, Sion Dawson and Mind Ya Music. Rare Events Garden Party Buffalo, Cardiff. 2-8pm, £7 adv. Info 029 2031 0312. Featuring sets from Naomi Rae, Or Else, Genevieve Gyseman, Jon Lilygreen, Tobias Robertson and Rosey Cale. Roosevelt Earl Haig Memorial Club, Cardiff. 6-8pm, free. Info 029 2062 6015. Shadow Of Augustine Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 7pm, £6-£8. Info 01495 243252. Metal band from Cardiff. Sinfonia Cymru: Birdsong Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £5-£16. Info 01792 602060. The Zambouley Brothers Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5. Info 029 2039 7933. Debut gig for Cardiff hip-hop/reggae/r’n’b group. Will Killeen The Queens Head, Monmouth. 8.45pm, free. Info 01600 712767. Woolfey Browns, Laugharne. 3pm, free. Info 01994 427688. MONDAY 14 MAY Boytoy + Drunk Tourist + Van-illa The Moon, Cardiff. 7-10pm, £6/£5 adv. Info info@themooncardiff. com. American garage rock gals headline. Huw Warren Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £12/£10. Info 01792 602060. Judas + Al Moses Le Public Space, Newport. 7.30pm, £6 adv. Info sam@ lepub.co.uk. Machine Head Y Plas, Cardiff University Students Union. 7pm, £27.50 adv. Info 029 2078 1458. American metal perennials. Matthew Jones & Annabel Thwaite Penarth Pier Pavilion. 8pm, £15.50/£3 NUS. Info 0333 6663366. Vale Of Glamorgan Festival event. uMusical Theatre Showcase Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. 7.30pm. Info 029 2039 1391. Speeches, duets, songs and company numbers from various musicals. On tomorrow also, at 1.15pm. Sarkom + Stahlsarg + Agrona + Blasfeme Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 7pm, £10. Info 07970 063107. Eradication present a bill of black metal headlined by some Norwegians. Shane Filan Grand Theatre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £29.50-£52. Info 01792 475715. Westlife fella, photographed looking windswept in a big coat and scarf on the tour poster. No one who was’t mature and grownup would look like that. The Rutles Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 7.30pm, £20. Info 01656 815995. Eric Idle’s Beatles parody band. He doesn’t play in it, but Neil Innes might still do. The Shires + Andy Brown & Sinead Burgess St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, BUZZ 72

£25.50-£35.50. Info 029 2087 8444. TUESDAY 15 MAY Adore Delano Tramshed, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £35/£50 VIP. Info 029 2023 5555. American drag queen A-lister back touring the UK – with a live band, hence being in this section. B.A. Johnston + Quiet Marauder + Geoff Berner + Lt. Meat Le Public Space, Newport. 7pm, £6 adv. Info sam@lepub.co.uk. Canadian folk-rock type headlines. Ensemble MidtVest St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 1pm, pay by donation. Info 029 2087 8444. Pay-what-you-can performance. Gary Barlow Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. 7pm, £35-£65. Info 029 2022 4488. Sold out. Port Erin + Perfect Body + Raleigh + Launderette Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £6/£4 adv. Info 029 2039 7933. Skrapz The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10 adv. Info 07590 471888. London MC who started off in grime and shifted over to road rap. Standards Remembered Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £4.50/£4/£2 NUS. Info 029 2038 7026. Students Of Atlantic College St Donats Art Centre, Vale Of Glamorgan. 3pm, £6.50. Info 01446 799100. Concert in the cafe; price includes a drink and cake WEDNESDAY 16 MAY Andrea Valeri Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £14. Info 07549 526527. Italian acoustic guitarist who I guess is in that kind of very mannered fingerstyle-meetsclassical realm. The venue’s blurb lists about 20 “six-string masters” he’s played with and I’ve never heard of any of them, it really is a diffferent world. Daoiri Farrell Burnett’s Hill Chapel, Martletwy, Pembrokeshire. 7.30pm, £10 adv. Info 01646 651725. Irish foikie. In Llandeilo tomorrow. Ensemble MidtVest Penarth Pier Pavilion. 8pm, £15.50/£3 NUS. Info 0333 6663366. The final Vale Of Glamorgan Festival event for 2018. Genesis Legacy Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 7pm, £18. Info 0871 4720400. Tribute act who do songs by the members’ various solo/sideprojects as well as Genesis themselves. Granny’s Attic Pontyclun Institute Athletic Club. 7.30pm, £8/£5 members. Info 01443 226892. A Llantrisant Folk Club night. Jean Guyomarc’h Quartet Jazzland, Swansea. 8.30pm, £10. Info 07802 912789. John Lawe’s Re-Creations Project The Queens Head, Monmouth. 8.45pm, free. Info 01600 712767. Jazz standards plus pop and rock numbers in a jazz style. Kirk Morgan The Gate, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5. Info 029 2048 3344. Folk guitarist who can apparently often be seen busking in Cardiff city centre. Last Girl On Earth The Moon, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £4. Info info@themooncardiff.com. Matthew Crampton & Jeff Warner Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan. 7.30pm, £3-£14. Info 01239 621200. Combo of storytelling on the theme of human migration, from Crampton, and traditional folk from Warner. Monmouth Big Band Whiteheads Sports & Social Club, Bassaleg, Newport. 8pm, £8. Info malc@dancebands.

plus.com. A South Wales Big Band Society gig. Nigel Buckland The Roath Park, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2047 1961. Open Mic Night NosDa, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866. With a different guest host every week this month; tonight’s is Trystan. Sharon Shannon St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 8pm, £5-£23. Info 029 2087 8444. A Roots Unearthed concert. In Cardigan tomorrow. Stella Donnelly Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £7.50. Info 029 2023 2199. Australian singer-songwriter who grew up in Swansea apparently. St Louis Express Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Penarth. 7.30pm, £5/£4.40 adv. Info feelgoodmusicorg@gmail. com. Also featuring swing DJ The Medicine Man. The Beths + Big Thing + Little Brat Le Public Space, Newport. 7.30pm, £6. Info sam@lepub.co.uk. Headliners are from New Zealand and play 90s style fuzzy indie. The Searchers Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 7.30pm, £21.50. Info 01874 611622. THURSDAY 17 MAY Band Of Friends Earl Haig Memorial Club, Cardiff. 7pm, £16 adv. Info 029 2062 6015. Rory Gallagher’s music, played by a group of the late guitarist’s pals who are keen not to have this described as a tribute band. Cousin Kula + Flowers For Freaks Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5 adv. Info 029 2039 7933. Bristolian psych-pop band, no relation to Kula Shaker as far as I know. Daoiri Farrell The Angel, Llandeilo. 7.30pm, £10. Info info@llandeiloacoustic.com. A Llandeilo Acoustic Club night. Dave Jones Quartet Plas Hyfryd Hotel, Narberth. 7.30pm, £5-£11. Info 01834 869323. Spanjazz night. uEradication Festival 2018 Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 4pm, £40 weekend/£30 per day Fri 18-Sun 20. Info 07970 063107. Extreme metal fest back for a fifth time, and its most impressive lineup yet. Today: Raised By Owls, Skinned, Diabolus Incarnate, Moribund Oblivion and Agrona. Fri 18: Extreme Noise Terror, Desecration, Fen, Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With A Musty Carrot (these guys are some comedy goregrind thing), 011011110 11101100110111001101001 (these guys are supposed to be aliens or something), Damim, Gutted, Martyrium, Typhoid, Sabiendas, Serrabulho, Annwn and Ravenage. Sat 19: Dyscarnate, Grá, SCD, Demonic Resurrection, Liquid Graveyard, Warlord UK, PartyCannon, Nahemia, Doomas, Abrupt Demise, Divine Chaos, Wretched Soul and Scuorn. Sun 20: Hecate Enthroned, Wombbath, Engorgement, Mercyless, Cvinger, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Ancient Ascendant, Basement Torture Killings, Forgotten Remains, Panychida, Embryopathia, Bast and Anoxide. (Until Sun 20) Fangclub + Fine Creatures Le Public Space, Newport. 7.30pm, £6 adv. Info sam@lepub.co.uk. Presented by Fuelled By Jealous Lovers. Fastlove Memorial Hall Theatre, Barry. 8pm, £23.50/£21.50. Info 01446 738622. George Michael tribute. Georgia Paterson The Pear

Tree, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2025 2042. Presented by Nailed It Events. Heather Small St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £31.50. Info 029 2087 8444. M People vocalist, was in Cardiff last year at the behest of the Iris Prize. Marti Pellow Brangwyn Hall, Swansea. 7-10pm, £39.50£42.50. Info 01792 475715. Celebrating 30 years in the music industry, although Wikipedia says Wet Wet Wet signed to a major label in 1985. NC Sessions Nolton Corner, Bridgend. 7.30pm, free. Info 01656 655015. Live acoustic acts, every third Thursday of the month. Pi & Hash Showcase The Moon, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info info@themooncardiff.com. Sharon Shannon Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan. 7.30pm, £18. Info 01239 621200. Sienna + Al Moses + Parish NosDa, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866.. Presented by Bywyd Records. Superchoir Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 8pm, £9 adv. Info 029 2089 0862. Price includes a pizza. The Carpenters Story Grand Theatre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £20-£24. Info 01792 475715. Tribute show. The Dragonffli & The Voice Open Mic The Dragonffli, Pontypool. 7pm. Info gigs@thedragonffli.com. “Yes we have teamed up with ITV’s The Voice to bring you this exclusive open mic night featuring The Voice talent scouts,” say the venue, who I’m pretty sure have posted Real Music Dad type stuff in the past about going out to see

u – repeated

Parkview UK + Sweet Ignition The Dragonffli, Pontypool. 7pm, £2. Info gigs@thedragonffli.com. Bouzatina Glais Rugby Football Club, nr Clydach, Swansea. 8pm, £7. Info 01792 425231. A Valley Folk Club night. Capra Mamei Gwdihw, Cardiff. 9pm, £5/£3 adv. Info 029 2039 7933. Folky klezmer jams from a band launching an EP. Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £19/£17.50. Info 01792 602060. Chris Kelly City Arms, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2064 1913. Presented by Nailed It Events. uDevauden Festival Devauden Village Hall, nr Chepstow. 4pm, £18 weekend/£12 kids (£12/£6 kids Fri 18; £14/£8 kids Sat 19). Info devaudenfestival@yahoo. com. Two-day family-friendly fest. Today features Upbeat Sneakers, The Rumble, Folklaw, The Strays, Rock Choir, Swn Celtaidd and Without Alex; tomorrow has Rusty Shackle, The Apple Tree Theory, Ofelia, Neon Mirrors, Morfa, Bottle Kids, Bug Club, Paul Divers, Hadrians Union, Mike Dennis, Plush, Maharaja Blues, Matthew Frederick, Bryony Siers, Garden Party Pills, Panther Lounge and Gwent Music. Dicky Heart & The Murmurs The Vivian Arms, Swansea. 9pm, free. Info 01792 516194. Presented by Nailed It Events. James Kennedy The Duke Of Wellington, Cowbridge.

Held from Thurs 17-Sun 20 in Cardiff’s commendable metal venue Fuel, the Eradication Festival returns with its most impressive edition yet. Extreme Noise Terror, Desecration, Hecate Enthroned and Dyscarnate are marquee names among a few dozen more death/ black/grind metal racketeers. live bands instead of staying in watching talent shows. The Sixteen Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff. 7.309.30pm, £15-£25. Info 029 2056 4554. Sacred and secular works of 16th century composers William Cornysh (a father and son with the same name) and Benjamin Britten. Vicky Langan Swansea Studios, University Of Wales Trinity St David, Swansea. 7pm. Info www.rwan.cymru. NAWR presents the third of seven concerts showcasing Irish avant-garde musicians and seeking to strengthen links between them and their Welsh counterparts. FRIDAY 18 MAY Abba Mania Grand Theatre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £22/£20. Info 01792 475715. Tribute show. Acoustic Sinners Ty Newydd, Barry. 9pm, free. Info 01446 407767. Presented by Nailed It Events. Apathy Avenue +

9.30pm, free. Info 01446 773592. Presented by Nailed It Events. Kris Barras Band The Met, Abertillery. 8pm, £12. Info 01495 355945. Blues. Limehouse Lizzy The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £15 adv. Info 07590 471888. Live At Unit 4 Cardiff Speaker Hire, Cardiff. 8pm2am, £5/£3 before 10. Info 029 2009 5590. Monthly event with local acts TBC. Nevsky Perspective Cardiff Bus Transport Club. 7.30pm, £6/£4 adv. Info 029 2023 3658. Album launch gig for local post-rock type band, rescheduled from last month. Owen Money’s Jukebox Heroes II Grand Theatre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £15.50/£13. Info 01792 475715. Philharmonia Orchestra St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5-£49. Info 029 2087 8444. Vladimir Ashkenazy conducts a programme of three Prokofiev works. Resonators Small World Theatre, Cardigan. 8pm, £10.

Info 01239 615952. UK dub/ roots reggae combo. Maya Mitten DJs tonight also. Rumney Folk Club St Augustine’s Church, Rumney, Cardiff. 7pm, £3.50/£1.50 for performers. Info derek@ rumneyfolkclub.co.uk. Monthly night. Sham 69 Tramshed, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £20. Info 029 2023 5555. Punk herberts who exist in two versions at the moment, I believe; this is the one with Jimmy Pursey singing. Showaddywaddy Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 7.30pm, £20. Info 01656 815995. Stone Broken + The Bad Flowers The Muni, Pontypridd. 7.30pm, £13 adv. Info 01443 490390. UK hard rock, rescheduled from March. The Animals Rhos Y Gilwen, Pembrokeshire. 7.30-10.30pm, £15. Info 01239 841387. Featuring a lineup minus Eric Burdon, yet also touted as original. The Elvis World Tour Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. 7pm, £23-£50. Info 029 2022 4488. Featuring not one but two Elvii, Shawn Klush and Dean Z. The Elvis Years Torch Theatre, Milford Haven. 7.30pm, £22. Info 01646 695267. Tribute show starring Mario Kombou. The Fens + Lost Come Sunday Creature Sound, Swansea. 8pm. Info 01792 301178. The Garrys The Moon, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info info@ themooncardiff.com. Viva Neil Diamond Miners Institute, Blackwood. 7.30pm, £15.50. Info 01495 227206. Tribute show starring bob Drury. WNO Orchestra: Opera Classics Theatr Hafren, Newtown. 7.30pm, £16.50/£15. Info 01686 614555. Zervas & Pepper The Globe At Hay, Hay-On-Wye. 8pm, £6. Info 01497 821762. Soft rockers from Cardiff. Usually costs quite a bit more to see them play, so they’re probably a duo on this occasion. SATURDAY 19 MAY Abergavenny Borough Band Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 7.30pm, £8/£6. Info 01656 815995. Abertillery Rock & Blues Weekend The Met, Abertillery. 3pm, £12. Info 01495 355945. Featuring Melvin Hancock’s Band, Elles Bailey. Back Water Roll Blues Band and Wille And The Bandits. Banjaxed Old Inn, Swansea. 9pm, free. Info 01792 894097. Presented by Nailed It Events.. Bella Collins & Gareth Evans featuring Sophie Crabtree NosDa, Cardiff. 7-11pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866. Beverley Craven Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 8pm, £24. Info 029 2089 0862. Cosmic Ninja + Stay Voiceless + Who Knows Didley + PlastersceneThe Dolls House, Abertillery. 6pm, £3. Info 01495 213300. Dizzy Lizzy + Kill 66 Ebbw Vale Institute. 7pm, £11. Info 01495 708022. Thin Lizzy tribute band headline. Duncan McCorkindale + Adam Thorn + Nobby Wright + Josh Brown The Globe At Hay, Hay-On-Wye. 7pm, £5. Info 01497 821762. Charity gig in aid of Hay, Brecon & Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees. Employed To Serve + Conjurer + God Complex

Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 6.30pm, £8. Info 029 2023 2199. Fuelled By Jealous Lovers with a bill headlined by UK techy hardcore band who seem pretty popular but whom I’ve never listened to. Fireroad Jac’s, Aberdare. 7pm. Info 01685 879491. Musicians Against Homelessness benefit gig. Georgia Patterson The Red Dragon, Bridgend. 8.30pm, free. Info 01656 654753. Presented by Nailed It Events. Henry Marten’s Ghost Cockett Inn, Swansea. 8pm, free. Info 01792 588748. Presented by Nailed It Events. Iconic Eye + New Device + The Loved & Lost + The Boom Sons Creature Sound, Swansea. 7.30pm, £10/£8 adv. Info 01792 301178. James Kennedy Birchgrove, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2031 1319. Presented by Nailed It Events. John Mouse + Simon Love & The Romantics + Adwaith Cardiff Bus Transport Club. 7-11pm, £5. Info 029 2023 3658. Tonight is also the launch of Cardiffbased writer Dan Tyte’s second novel, The Offline Project. Lee Mead The Riverfront, Newport. 7.30pm, £24. Info 01633 656757. Songs from the many musicals this honeybased intoxicant has previously starred in. Llanelli Rotary Club Centenary Gala Concert Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7pm, £9-£15. Info 0845 2263510. Maet Loaf & The Never Neverland Express The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10 adv. Info 07590 471888. Tribute act. ‘Maet Loaf’ is such a lowrent tribute name. Why not call yourself Meatloaf, the mispelling that Meat Loaf hates and would doubtless be glad to let you have? Millie Manders And The Shut Up + 6foot7 + Skacasm District Club, Pontypridd. £10/£7 adv. Info 01443 402550. Live music and DJs in aid of the Specialized Project. Motown Classics Crazy Cafe, Penarth. 7pm, £24.95. Info 029 2240 4777. Price includes a three-course meal. uMusicians Against Homelessness Fundraising Weekender Various venues, Cardiff. 3pm, £16 weekend/£10 per day; £10/£5 per day (ages 12-17)/ free under-12s. Info info@ themooncardiff.com. This is organised by Creative Republic Of Cardiff and is part of a UK-wide drive raising money for the homeless this weekend. Precise schedule is TBC but the venues are The Moon, Tiny Rebel, Clwb Ifor Bach, Undertone and The Big Top. Acts today (more TBC, ditto tomorrow) are: 3DBrass, Carolines, Chuck SJ, Craig & Kent, Craig Thomas, Cymbient, Dan Lambert, The D Teez, Elektric Soup, Excellent Skeleton, Father Murphy, Free Beer & Bacon, Guide Dog, Jack Perrett, Mesange, Mignon, Moc Isaac, My Name Is Ian, Or Else, Parish, Pastel, The Rotanas, Sienna, Windshake, Zac White and The Zinvandels. Tomorrow features Al Moses, Big Thing, The Brwmys, Charlie Says, Chroma, Fallow, The Fflip Fflops, Fioled, French Alps Tiger, Gindrinker, Hippodrone, Holy Dog, Laundrette, Laura Power, Papa Jupe’s Taurus Club, Rifleros, Rhys Davis,. Sandinistas, Shipbuilding, The

Tates and We’re No Heroes. Nilüfer Yanya Buffalo, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £7.50 adv. Info 029 2031 0312. Indie-meetsr’n’b artist, presented by Swn. *R.A. The Rugged Man Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £14. Info 029 2023 2199. Great booking here for fans of non-drippy underground US hip-hop, with a debut Welsh show for this New York state rap icon. Reece + Iolo Edger + John Nicholas Ocean Arts Cardiff, Splott, Cardiff. 7pm, £8. Info oceanartscardiff@ gmx.co.uk. Acoustic acts play in aid of a charity TBC. Smokestack Lightnin’ Clwb Y Bont, Pontypridd. 8pm. Info 01443 491424. Blues-rock band. Sophie Crabtree The Andrew Buchan, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2021 2509. Talking Bird Collective Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@porterscardiff.com. The Crackers Earl Haig Memorial Club, Cardiff. 8.30pm. Info 029 2062 6015. *The Daniel Wakeford Experience + Apathy Avenue + Kayleigh Morgan Sin City, Swansea. 7.30pm, £10 adv. Info 01792 468892. Daniel is a singersongwriter from Brighton who is part of the loosely defined, but laudable, learning disabled UK music scene. He was also on an episode of The Undateables, and so now seems to be promoted to appeal to young people who watch reality TV. If it helps raise his profile, which appears to be the case, it’s OK by me I guess. The Majestic Gwdihw, Cardiff. 9pm, £5/£4 adv. Info 029 2039 7933. London band play this new ska night, also featuring a DJ set by The Reggiments. The Pollen Count Rhondda Hotel, Porth. 7pm, £4 adv. Info 01443 682388. The Ultimate Eagles St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £25. Info 029 2087 8444. Tribute band. Tredegar Band & Palestrina Singers Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff. 7.309.30pm, £12. Info 029 2056 4554. Featuring the world premiere of their performance of world premiere of Spem In Alium by Thomas Tallis. Tree House Fire Pyle Library, nr Bridgend. 8pm, £4.50. Info 01656 733269. White dreads dub reggae band skank out amongst the tomes. Welsh Floyd Gwyn Hall, Neath. 7.30pm, £18 adv. Info 0300 3656677. Pink Floyd tribute. SUNDAY 20 MAY Acoustic Session Arvon Ale House, Llandrindod Wells. 4pm. Info 07477 627267. As It Is + Roam + Parting Gift The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm. Info 07590 471888. US rock band reschedule date from March, postponed due to illness. It’s still sold out however Aubrey Parsons Fontygary Leisure Park, Rhoose. 8pm, free. Info 01446 710386. Presented by Nailed It Events. Big Hut No Cattle The Queens Head, Monmouth. 8.45pm, free. Info 01600 712767. Chapter Four Jazz Quartet Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2030 4400. Jazz in the bar. Fallen From Grace The Patriot, Crumlin. 6pm, free.

Info 01495 247178. Glenn Miller Orchestra St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 3pm, £22.50-£32. Info 029 2087 8444. The Sheek Quartet Melville Theatre, Abergavenny. 7.30pm, £10/£8/£3 NUS. Info 01873 853167. Black Mountain Jazz gig. Wildwood Jack + Jayne Freeman Browns, Laugharne. 3pm, free. Info 01994 427688. MONDAY 21 MAY Easy Street Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm. Info 029 2038 7026. Of The Wand And The Moon + The Dark Red Seed The Moon, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £7/£6 adv. Info info@ themooncardiff.com. Swine Language present some spooky neofolk wouild you believe. TUESDAY 22 MAY Capital City Jazz Orchestra with Gareth Lockrane St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 8pm, £14/£7 under16s. Info 029 2087 8444. Glen Manby The Open Hearth, Pontypool. 8.30pm. Info martin.fisher1944@ hotmail.co.uk. A Jazz At The Open Hearth night with Manby joined by Aidan Thorne, Tom Berge and Martin Fisher. Island Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10. Info 029 2023 2199. London indie band. Marduk + Ragnarok + Infernal War The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £18 adv. Info 07590 471888. Swedish black metallers Marduk play what I think is their second ever Cardiff show. Interestingly (your mileage may vary), they got a gig in the States cancelled last year due to Antifa protests; it looked to be a one-off, likely because their rationale was a bit flimsy, but who knows? Naomi Scott Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £8. Info 029 2023 2199. The Dave Smith Quartet Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £4.50/£4/£2 NUS. Info 029 2038 7026. WEDNESDAY 23 MAY Bonafide Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 7pm, £12.50. Info 07970 063107. Swedish hard rock band whose singer is called Pontus Snibb. Brooke Candy Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 7.30pm, £20. Info 0871 4720400. LA rapper and fashion icon, it says here. Capital City Jazz Orchestra Whiteheads Sports & Social Club, Bassaleg, Newport. 8pm, £8. Info malc@ dancebands.plus.com. A South Wales Big Band Society gig. Charles Watson Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10. Info 029 2023 2199. Fairport Convention Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 8pm, £28. Info 029 2089 0862. Joy Town Gypsies The Roath Park, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2047 1961. Open Mic Night NosDa, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866. With a different guest host every week this month; tonight’s is Alex Davies. Steve Waterman with Dave Cottle Trio Jazzland, Swansea. 8.30pm, £10. Info 07802 912789. THURSDAY 24 MAY Anonymous Iconclasts NosDa, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866.


For keen festival-goers out there, we’ve got a raft of free festival tickets to give away over the coming months. Check online at buzzmag.co.uk as well as our social media (facebook. com/buzzmagwales and twitter.com/Buzz_Magazine) for further details as and when they go online. Below are the festivals we have lined up for you! MERTHYR RISING (WEEKEND PASS) – FRI 25 TO SUN 27 MAY The Valleys town is undergoing something of a cultural renaissance thanks to events like the Merthyr Rising festival. The festival’s not just a place to see great bands, like The Alarm and Dreadzone, but a site for political engagement and activism, at the birthplace of the Red Flag, and we have a weekend pass for it! BILLY BRAGG AT FESTIVAL OF VOICE – THURS 7 JUNE As the internationally-renowned Festival Of Voice returns to Cardiff, the capital will be treated to another series of exquisite performances and talks, celebrating the power of the voice in all its forms. We have three pairs of tickets available for Billy Bragg’s headlining show, with Nadine Shah in support. OPEN AIR THEATRE FESTIVAL – VARIOUS SHOWINGS Running over a month and a bit, the Open Air Theatre Festival aims to bring colour and fun to Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. We have a number of tickets to select events, which are as follows: two tickets each to The Merchant Of Venice (Thurs 21 June), { Dad’s Army (Thurs 5 July) and Fiddler On The Roof (Thurs 19 July), and a family ticket to Seussical (Sat 21 July). STEELHOUSE FESTIVAL (VIP WEEKEND PASS) – SAT 28 + SUN 29 JULY Wales’ premier hard rock and metal festival is guaranteed to get heads banging. Situated high in the valleys near Ebbw Vale, Steelhouse is the highest festival in the UK, altitude-wise. With the bill including Black Star Riders, The Wildhearts and Glenn Hughes’ Deep Purple classics set, we have a special VIP Weekend Pass available to two lucky winners. GLASTONBARRY (WEEKEND PASS) – SAT 28 + SUN 29 JULY A two-day festival dedicated exclusively to the UK’s best tribute acts? You better believe it. A fantastic chance to see some of your favourite bands perform, particularly the ones too dead to play, the pair of winners for our weekend pass are sure to have a great time partying to Queen, Amy Winehouse and The Doors. GREEN MAN (WEEKEND PASS) – THURS 16 TO SUN 19 AUG It’s the biggest music festival in Wales, and one of the biggest in the UK period. Tickets usually sell out in advance for Green Man, and with this year’s lineup looking as cutting-edge as ever, with The War On Drugs, Fleet Foxes and John Grant all appearing, our pair of weekend tickets are sure to have any selfrespecting music fan salivating. TWO TICKETS TO BEYOND THE BORDER FESTIVAL On Sat 9 and Sun 10 June, the Glamorganshire town of St Donats becomes a hub of storytellers from all over the world, thanks to Beyond The Border Festival. The theme of this year’s festival is Stories Of The Sea, and we’ve got two tickets to give away for you and a mate to attend the special 25th anniversary event next month.


* – recommended Bryde + Parcs Le Public Space, Newport. 7.30pm, £8 adv. Info sam@lepub.co.uk. Solo show for headliner, formerly a member of Paper Aeroplanes. In Carmarthen tomorrow. Choralia! Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. 1.15pm, £8/£6 adv. Info 029 2039 1391. Choral music from across the ages, performed by the college's choral ensembles. Chris John The Pear Tree, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2025 2042. Presented by Nailed It Events. Firewoodisland The Moon, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £6/£5 adv. Info info@themooncardiff.com. His Way – The Frank Sinatra Story Congress Theatre, Cwmbran. 7.30pm, £16/£15. Info 01633 868239. Tribute show by Robert Halbermann Jeff Warner Crindau Constitutional Club, Newport. 8pm, £8/£5. Info 01633 858636. A Lyceum Folk Club night. PVMNTS Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 7pm, £7. Info 029 2023 2199. LA indie band. Rhodri Davies + Swansea Laptop Orchestra The Parrot, Carmarthen. 8pm. Info 01267 231012. Welsah avantgarde musicians. Tendons Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 8pm, £9.50. Info 01656 815995. Indie-folk band play Acoustic Club night. The Blood Choir + Garden Party Pills + A Bit Like Nicholas Cage Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm. Info 029 2039 7933. Headliners are an Anglo-Danish duo whose stated stylistic influences sound a very odd combo. Who Saves The Hero? + Seven Stories High + These Five YearsThe Duke, Neath. 7pm, free. Info 01639 643892.. Wildwood Jack Four Seasons Hotel, Aberystwyth. 8pm. Info 01970 612120. A Gwerin Aberystwyth Folk Club night. FRIDAY 25 MAY Abba: Re-Bjorn Crazy Cafe, Penarth. 7pm, £24.95. Info 029 2240 4777. Tribute act. Price includes a three-course meal. ACAB Earl Haig Memorial Club, Cardiff. 7pm. Info 029 2062 6015. Playing as part of a night which also includes a Motown disco. Acoustic Sinners The Duke Of Wellington, Cowbridge. 9.30pm, free. Info 01446 773592. Presented by Nailed It Events. Anthony Nolan Benefit Gig Jac’s, Aberdare. 6pm. Info 01685 879491. A varied bill is promised for this charity evening. Aubrey Parsons The Windsor, Penarth. 9pm, free. Info 029 2070 8675. Presented by Nailed It Events. Bleedin’ Noses The Patriot, Crumlin. 8pm, £5. Info 01495 247178. Bryde + Dan Bettridge The Parrot, Carmarthen. 8pm. Info 01267 231012. Calypso The Twelve Knights, Port Talbot. 9pm, free. Info 01639 882381. Presented by Nailed It Events. uCardiff Psych & Noise Fest Various venues, Cardiff. 6pm, £20 weekend/£12 per day/free today only. Info info@themooncardiff.com. See Music for more on what Listings thinks is the best extensive band lineup to hit Cardiff for some time. Today is in The Moon only, is open BUZZ 74

to all and features Gindrinker, No Spill Blood. Esuna. Fever Dream, Soundwire and Flowers For Freaks. Sat 26 starts at 2pm and looks like this. The Moon: Part Chimp, Thee MVPs, Cattle, King Juss, Ghum, Brosephine, Bo Gritz, Die Chihuahua Die and Deep Hum. Clwb Ifor Bach: Keys, Y Niwl, Kayla Painter, HMS Morris, Accü, Red Telephone and The Dharma Violets, Tiny Rebel (upstairs): Ohhms, Underdark, Perverts, Wallowing, Salt Bath, Vails, Obey Cobra, Chupa Cabra and Glug Glug. Tiny Rebel (downstairs): Pink Grapefruit, Farm Hand, Ian Watson, Lecu, Larch, Little Eris and Mute Group(s). On Sun 27, it starts at 2pm and The Moon has Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Thought Forms, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Meatraffle, Ghold, The Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Band, CVC, Jemma Roper and Hippodrone. Clwb Ifor Bach: Yama Warashi, Quodega, Yo No Se, Perfect Body, Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks, Zac White and Teddy Hunter, Tiny Rebel: Ryan Jordan’s Possession Trance, Limb, Bob Vylan, Soft Issues, Zinc Bukowski, Sunshine, Knifedoutofexistence, Estuary Blacks, Pathogenesis and This Is Wreckage. (Until Sun 27) Desperado Paget Rooms, Penarth. 8pm, £10. Info 029 2070 0721. Digital Criminals + In Air + Fragile Things + Strike The Sons The Dragonffli, Pontypool. 7pm, £3. Info gigs@thedragonffli.com. DnA Ty Tawe, Swansea. 7pm, £16. Info 01792 456856. Eagles tribute band. ESP Hen & Chickens, Abergavenny. 9pm, free. Info 01873 853613. Presented by Nailed It Events. uFishguard Folk Festival Various venues, Fishguard. Free. Info judy.whitehouse@ gmail.com. A series of sessions, live performances and dance showcases, in the following venues (and possibly others): Ffwrn, Town Hall/Library, The Royal Oak, Bennetts, Theatr Gwaun, TS Skirmisher, the Ship Inn, the Yacht Club, Peppers, Mannings and the Gwaun Valley Brewery. (Until Mon 28) Five + S Club Tramshed, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £20-£65. Info 029 2023 5555. A tour billed as the Ultimate Pop Reunion, featuring two truncated lineups: Five would be more truthfully billed as Three, and the erstwhile S Club 7 are now the sole domain of Jo, Bradley and Tina. Top priced ticket is a meet and greet. Fred And Ginger! Miners Institute, Blackwood. 2.30pm, £10-£12.50. Info 01495 227206. Robert Habermann sings songs made famous by Fred Astaire. Healer + Defeatist + When Hope Fails + Giving In To Ghosts Fuel Bar, Cardiff. 7pm, £5/£3 adv. Info 07970 063107. Killer Queen St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £21.50. Info 029 2087 8444. Queen tribute band. La Villa Strangiato The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10 adv. Info 07590 471888. Rush tribute band. uMerthyr Rising Festival Penderyn Square, Merthyr Tydfil. 1pm, £40/£15 Fri 25 only/£20 Sat 26 or Sun 27 only. Info www.merthyrrising.uk. “A music, arts and ideas festival

that celebrates working-class culture and resistance at the birthplace of the red flag.” Sound! Lineup today (most of these are musical acts, but not all of them; you can probably figure it out): Dreadzone, Afro Cluster, Chapel Row, Upbeat Sneakers, Chris King, Carolines, The Pitchforks, Dawn Bowden AM, Public Order and Chew. Sat 26: Roland Gift, The Ruts DC, Captain Ska, The Roughneck Riot, Foreign Legion, Robb Johnson, Local Enemy, Tracy Island, The Red Poets, Kids Rave with DJ Barsi, Jack Mason, AVA, Al Moses, Acid House Therapy, Brendon O'Neill, Mark Drakeford, The Merthyr Rising ‘Little Ravers’ Club’, Piers Corbyn, Kunle Olulonde and Rusty Egan. Sun 27: The Alarm, The Blockheads, Beans On Toast, Eva Lazarus, Florence Black, Regime, Cynthia McKinney, Patrick Henningsen, Joe Kelly, The Moon Birds, The Sunsets, Vanessa Beeley, Ffug, Bryony Sier, Zefur Wolves, Gareth Hopkins (DJ set), The HomeGrown, The Police Rave Unit, Tom Hingley and Dr Bob Gill. (Until Sun 27) *Modern Ritual Swansea Studios, University Of Wales Trinity St David, Swansea. 7pm, £7/£5. Info www.rwan. cymru. A collective of experimental UK musicians (plus a writer and performance artist) who, as Modern Ritual, are offering “new performances exploring ideas of ritual through music and words, evoking real and fictional landscapes”. Features solo sets from Charles Hayward, Laura Cannell and Hoofus, a collab set between the first two of those, plus talks/readings from Jennifer Lucy Allan and Luke Turner. See Music. Nikki Gillis Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. 7.30pm, £16. Info 01600 772467. Performing Carole King’s Tapestry album in full. In Cwmbran tomorrow. Nirvana Tribute The Vault, Swansea. 8pm, £10 adv. Info 01792 465300. Tribute band. That is their actual name. Organ Recital National Museum Cardiff. 1pm, free. Info 029 2039 7951. uOwen Money's Juke Box Heroes II The Met, Abertillery. 7.30pm, £15. Info 01495 355945. On tomorrow also. Peter Jagger City Arms, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2064 1913. Presented by Nailed It Events. Rob Smith Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@porterscardiff. com. Jazz. Sepulchre + In Which It Burns + Cry Of A Cynic The Duke, Neath. 7.30pm, free. Info 01639 643892. uSwansea Alternative Big Weekend Creature Sound, Swansea. 7pm, £4.50 per weekend. Info 01792 301178. This was set up to counter the Radio 1 Biggest Weekend in protest at there not being any local bands on the lineup. Except the BBC are actually inviting promoters to book fringe events as part of it. Anyway, today features (all these are in chronological order) Sepulchre, In Which It Burns and Godkilla. Sat 26: ODM, Red And The Hogweeds, Windshake, World Vs. World, DJ Neuronexus, Strike The Light, 100,000 Bodybags and more TBC. Sun 27: Llinos

Belcher, Cath Elms, Sarah Passmore, Lost Tuesday Society, DJ Neuronexus, Fat Wreck, King Goon and Not The Sex Pistols. If you can donate some food for the homeless that is very appreciated also. (Until Sun 27) The Bella Collins Band Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £4/£3. Info 029 2038 7026. The Bluejays Park & Dare, Treorchy. 7.30pm, £20 adv. Info 0300 0040444. Fifties-style rock’n’roll band. In Barry tomorrow. The Happenings Ty Newydd, Barry. 9pm, free. Info 01446 407767. Presented by Nailed It Events. The Shakes Aubrey Arms, Bonvilston. 8pm, free. Info 01446 781210. Presented by Nailed It Events. SATURDAY 26 MAY A-Heads+ Rita Lynch + Kearney's Jig Le Public Space, Newport. 5-11pm, £6 adv. Info sam@lepub.co.uk. Veteran anarcho punks headline an evening aiming to raise awareness of violence against women, and also featuring a play, Stand By Your Man, presetned by Reality Theatre. Calan Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 7.30pm, £15. Info 01656 815995. Cory Band And The Wallace Collection Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. 7.45pm, £16/£10 under-18s. Info 029 2039 1391. ESP Birchgrove, Cardiff. 9pm, free. Info 029 2031 1319. Presented by Nailed It Events. Granny’s Attic + Ange Hardy Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard. 3pm, £12 adv/£6 under-16s. Info judy. whitehouse@gmail.com. Fishguard Folk Festival event, the first of four specific concerts and a talk between now and Mon 28. Henry’s Funeral Shoe + Dead Shed Jokers + Heavy Flames Jac’s, Aberdare. 7.30pm, £6 adv. Info 01685 879491. Presented by Blowout. Hip Route NosDa, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866. J & The Bullfrogs The Windsor, Penarth. 9pm, free. Info 029 2070 8675. Presented by Nailed It Events. Jagger & Kenzie Fontygary Leisure Park, Rhoose. 8pm, free. Info 01446 710386. Presented by Nailed It Events. Jess Stevens The Red Dragon, Bridgend. 8.30pm, free. Info 01656 654753. Presented by Nailed It Events. Jim Causley + Allan Yn Y Fan Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard. 7.30pm, £12 adv/£6 under-16s. Info judy. whitehouse@gmail.com. Fishguard Folk Festival event. New Disorder The Dragonffli, Pontypool. 7pm, £5. Info gigs@thedragonffli.com. Joy Division and New Order tribute. Nicki Gillis Congress Theatre, Cwmbran. 7pm, £16.50. Info 01633 868239. Off The Record Hen Dderwen, Swansea. 9pm, free. Info 01792 203631. Presented by Nailed It Events. Solitaire Acapela, Pentyrch, Cardiff. 8pm, £15. Info 029 2089 0862. Carpenters tribute band. The Bluejays Memorial Hall Theatre, Barry. 7.30pm, £20/£18. Info 01446 738622. uThe Biggest Weekend Singleton Park, Swansea. 11am, £18 per day. Info 01633

u – repeated

868239. Radio 1-sponsored pop extravaganza. Entirely sold out obviously. Main stage today: Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Craig David, Jess Glynne, George Ezra, Years & Years, Liam Payne, Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie. Other Stage: Bastille, Wolf Alice, Chvrches, Mø, Mabel, Not3s, Sigrid, Jorja Smith and Steel Banglez. Sun 27: Florence + The Machine, Taylor Swift, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Rita Ora, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Niall Horan, Jason Derulo and Demi Lovato. Other Stage: James Bay, Panic! At The Disco, Christine And The Queens, J Hus, Jessie Ware, Stefflon Don, Hailee Steinfeld, Jax Jones and Tom Walker. The Beatles Go On The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £12.50 adv. Info 07590 471888. Tribute band from south Wales. The Big What!? Band Porter’s, Cardiff. 8pm. Info info@porterscardiff.com. The Gambler Grand Theatre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £22. Info 01792 475715. Kenny Rogers tribute act. The Rin Tins Bootlegger, Cardiff. 10pm, free. Info 07495 657407. The Sabbath Years Rhondda Hotel, Porth. 7pm, £5. Info 01443 682388. Black Sabbath tribute band. The Shakes Vale Of Glamorgan Inn, Cowbridge. 8pm, free. Info 01446 772252. Presented by Nailed It Events. Tim Cronin Academy Espresso Bar, Barry. 7pm, free. Info 07557 773723. Tony Christie The Gate, Cardiff. 7pm, £22.50. Info 029 2048 3344. Veteran crooner. SUNDAY 27 MAY Andy Park + Rachel B + Calypso The Duke Of Wellington, Cowbridge. 1pm, free. Info 01446 773592. On at 7pm, 4pm and 1pm respectively. Presented by Nailed It Events. Bad Reputation The Newbridge Hotel, Newbridge. 6-9.30pm. Info 01495 248536. Rock covers. Guilty Pleasure Cockett Inn, Swansea. 8pm, free. Info 01792 588748. Presented by Nailed It Events. Jerron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton Penarth Conservative Club. 7pm, £17.50/£13.50 adv. Info 07561 143114. A Roots N All gig with this pre-WWI-styled blues/jazz musician from LA. Jess Stevens Fontygary Leisure Park, Rhoose. 7pm, free. Info 01446 710386. Presented by Nailed It Events. Modifi Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 7pm, £8/£6 adv. Info 01495 243252. Britpop cover band. Nancy Kerr & James Fagan + The Trials Of Cato Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard. 7.30pm, £12 adv/£6 under-16s. Info judy. whitehouse@gmail.com. Fishguard Folk Festival event. Omega Two Browns, Laugharne. 3pm, free. Info 01994 427688. Payne/Hobday/ Miskimmen The Queens Head, Monmouth. 8.45pm, free. Info 01600 712767. Blues. Quartet 19 Rhos Y Gilwen, Pembrokeshire. 3pm, £5. Info 01239 841387. Scream Blue Murder + A Room Swept White + Aviira + Into The Depths + Icantdie The Parrot, Carmarthen. 7pm, £5. Info 01267 231012. St Louis Express The

Windsor, Penarth. 9pm, free. Info 029 2070 8675. Presented by Nailed It Events. The Clone Roses + Oaceis The Neon, Newport. 6pm, £15 adv. Info 01633 533666. Two tribute bands plus DJs playing Madchester, indie etc until late. The Masterplan Jac’s, Aberdare. 4pm. Info 01685 879491. Oasis/Noel Gallagher tribute. Too Toned The Dolls House, Abertillery. 7pm, £7/£6 adv. Info 01495 213300. Ska covers Urdd National Eisteddfod Opening Concert 2018 Pavilion, Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells. 8pm. Info 0345 2571613. Featuring Lloyd Macey, Swnami, Al Lewis, Greta Isaac, Welsh Whisperer, Cedron Sion and Sophie Jones. MONDAY 28 MAY *Apostille + Beauty Parlour + Romeo Taylor Undertone, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £6. Info 029 2022 8883. Debut Cardiff show for Apostille, a hectic and flamboyant synthpop project from Glasgow. New album is out shortly after this gig and, when played in this office earlier today, was requested to be turned off in favour of something more cheerful. Don’t expect that to happen at this show! Gwd Mondays Open Mic Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2039 7933. Like A Lion + Pardon Madame The Duke Of Wellington, Cowbridge. 1.30pm, free. Info 01446 773592. On at 4pm and 1.30pm respectively. Presented by Nailed It Events. Pilgrims Way + Thje Rumblestrutters Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard. 12pm, £12 adv/£6 under-16s. Info judy. whitehouse@gmail.com. Fishguard Folk Festival closing event. The Hold Up: Inner City Cypher Oner Signs, Cardiff. 1-5pm, free. Info 029 2037 1231. Monthly hip-hop session inviting MCs, beatboxers, DJs etc down to jam. TUESDAY 29 MAY Jazz Cafe The Gate, Cardiff. 7.30pm. Info 029 2048 3344. Jam session with professional jazz trio. Preservation Rhythm Kings Café Jazz, Cardiff. 8pm, £4.50/£4/£2 NUS. Info 029 2038 7026. Wussy + Threatmantics The Moon, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10/£8 adv. Info info@ themooncardiff.com. American indie-rockers headline. WEDNESDAY 30 MAY Adam Pultz, Simon Rose & Paul Stapleton The Queens Head, Monmouth. 8.45pm, free. Info 01600 712767. Blues. Ben Dain-Smith + Tom Crow + Lost & Found The New Crown Inn, Merthyr Tydfil. 9pm, £3. Info 01685 387925. A U&I Radio night. Bridgend Big Band Jazzland, Swansea. 8.30pm, £10. Info 07802 912789. Chepstow Big Band Whiteheads Sports & Social Club, Bassaleg, Newport. 8pm, £8. Info malc@dancebands. plus.com. A South Wales Big Band Society gig. Dream State Sin City, Swansea. 7pm, £6.50 adv. Info 01792 468892. EP launch gig for a band who seem to be doing alright with the Kerrang! crowd. James Hickman & Dan

Cassidy Pontyclun Institute Athletic Club. 7.30pm, £8/£5 members. Info 01443 226892. A Llantrisant Folk Club night. Omega 2 The Roath Park, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2047 1961. Open Mic Night NosDa, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info 029 2037 8866. With a different guest host every week this month; tonight’s is The Sam Antonio Freeway. The Searchers Grand Theatre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £22/£20. Info 01792 475715. The Wired The Moon, Cardiff. 7-10pm, £5. Info info@themooncardiff.com. THURSDAY 31 MAY Ed Dowie + Farm Hand + Smudges Gwdihw, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5 adv. Info 029 2039 7933. Presented by All My Friends and Swn. Ian Poole Quartet The Pear Tree, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2025 2042. Presented by Nailed It Events. Nils Lofgren St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 8pm, £34.50. Info 029 2087 8444. Acoustic set from noted Springsteen sideman, who’s been touring as a pro for 50 years this year. Old Strafford The Brunswick, Swansea. 7.30pm. Info 01792 465676. Rites + Group Of Man ++ Latchstring + Enouement The Big Top, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5. Info 029 2022 8883. Punk bands presented by DIY Cardiff. Ritual King + Regulus The Moon, Cardiff. 7.30pm, free. Info info@ themooncardiff.com. Ron Vincent Maesteg Town Hall. 7.30pm, £18.50. Info 01656 733269. Performing a Cat Stevens tribute set. Spear Of Destiny The Globe, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £16 adv. Info 07590 471888. The Searchers Queens Hall, Narberth. 7.30pm, £25. Info 01834 869323. Water Poets + Fil Ziebicki + Tanglejack Creature Sound, Swansea. 7.30pm. Info 01792 301178.

stage TUESDAY 1 MAY uBelonging Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 2 + 7.30pm, £5. Info 029 2030 4400. Awardwinning play about two families dealing with the effects of dementia. Tickets are £5-£10 after today. On at 7.30pm only on Sat 5. In Milford Haven from Thurs 10-Sat 12; Swansea from Wed 23-Fri 25. (Until Sat 5) uCrazy For You Grand Theatre, Swansea. 8pm, £21.50-£44.50. Info 01792 475715. Romcom starring Claire Sweeney and someone who won Strictly. Also on at 2.30pm tomorrow, Thurs 3 and Sat 5. (Until Sat 5) uEducation, Education, Education Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. 7.45pm, £8-£22. Info 029 2064 6900. Play set in a UK school in the wake of Labour’s 1997 election victory. On tomorrow also. uFleabag Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 8pm, £15. Info 029 2063 6464. Pheobe Waller-Bridge’s grim but good sitcom given a stage remix by DryWrite and Soho Theatre. See Upfront. Also on at 3pm on Sat 5. (Until Sat 5) uThe Effect The Other Room at Porter’s, Cardiff. 7pm, £12/£10. Info info@

otherroomtheatre.com. During a trial for a new pharmaceutical drug, Tristan and Connie fall madly in love, but soon realize that their feelings aren’t necessarily their own. Also on at 2pm on Sat 5 and Sat 12. No performance on Sun 6. (Until Sat 12) uThe Play That Goes Wrong New Theatre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £16-£31. Info 029 2087 8889. Hit West End comedy on the popular ‘play about a play’ tip. Also on at 2.30pm on Thurs 3 (£13-£26) and Sat 5. £18-£35 on Fri 4 and Sat 5 (evening). (Until Sat 5) uTitanic The Musical Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.30pm, £18-£39. Info 029 2063 6464. Broadway musical about the death of 1,517 people. Insensitive? Actually I think you’ll find it’s stunning and stirring. Also it was a long time ago. Also on at 2.30pm on Thurs 3 and Sat 5; £20-£44 on Fri 4 and Sat 5. (Until Sat 5) uTremor Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £16/£8 under-25s. Info 029 2064 6900. Previewed in Stage last month. Also on at 2pm on Thurs 3 and Sat 5. (Until Sat 5) WEDNESDAY 2 MAY uCats The Met, Abertillery. 7pm, £8/£7 kids. Info 01495 355945. Musical presented by AYDMS Juniors. (Until Fri 4) uDisco Inferno Park & Dare, Treorchy. 7.15pm, £13 adv. Info 0300 0040444. Musical set in 1976 and presented by Selsig Amateur Dramatic Society. On at 5pm on Sat 5. (Until Sat 5) Lightspeed From Pembroke Dock Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 7.30pm, £12/£10. Info 01874 611622. Mark Williams’ play, based on a true story about when part of The Empire Strikes Back was produced in his home town. We wrote about it in the March issue. In Milford Haven on Fri 4 and Sat 5. uService! The Hyst, Swansea. 7.30pm. Info 01792 654366. Live sitcom, as the Clock Tower Theatre Company call it, set in a four-star hotel. On tomorrow also. In Cardiff on Fri 4; Treorchy on Sat 12. THURSDAY 3 MAY uAnnie Jr Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen. 7pm, £10. Info 0845 2263510. Musical presented by Mini Players Theatre School. Also on at 2.30pm on Sat 5. (Until Sat 5) Colin Hoult / Anna Mann Cinema & Co, Swansea. 8pm, £8. Info 07982 624959. A comedian, Anna being the alter ego of Colin. Honey Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £12/£10. Info 01792 602060. New play by Tiffany Hosking. Lee Nelson Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 6.45pm, £20. Info 0871 4720400. In Monmouth on Sat 12. Neonliberalism – The Break-Up Tour Centre For Alternative Technology, Machynlleth. 7-9pm, £6. Info 01654 705950. Comedy theatre, described as standup meets game show, by Sarah Woods and Andrew Simms on the topic of economics, austerity etc Oh Carol! Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 7.30pm, £20.50. Info 01656 815995. Neil Sedakathemed musical. One Woman: Sex & The City Torch Theatre, Milford Haven. 7.30pm, £16. Info 01646 695267. The one woman

is called Kerry Ipema and she will be performing highlights from this popular TV series of yore. In Newport on Fri 18. The Time Machine The Riverfront, Newport. 7.30pm, £13. Info 01633 656757. A new interpretation of the HG Wells novel, presented here by Rebecca Vaughan.

Ingrid Dahle, Olga Koch, Lolly Adefope, Tom Allen, Heidi Regan, John Robins, Tessa Coates, Stuart Laws, Nick Helm, Sean McLoughlin, Matt Rees, The Death Hilarious and Adam Scott-Rowley. Sat 5: George Rigden, Luke McQueen, Tom Parry, Louise Reay, Lucy Pearman, James

I Could Have Been An Astronaut, If It Wasn’t For Malachy McAleer – Welsh playwright Anthony Bunko’s play about a boy’s dreams being snuffed out by a joyless education – is at Theatr Soar in Merthyr on Fri 18 and Sat 19. FRIDAY 4 MAY Andrew Pugh + Anna Keirle + Andrew Rutledge The Vault, Swansea. 8pm, £10/£8 adv. Info 01792 465300. Standup night presented by Comedy Vault. uDrones Comedy Club Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 8.30pm, £3.50. Info 029 2030 4400. Also on Fri 18. Dylan Thomas: Clown In The Moon Royal Welsh College Of Music & Drama, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £15/£13. Info 029 2039 1391. Encore Dance: A Third Year Performing Arts Showcase Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 7.30pm, £12/£10. Info 01874 611622. Featuring the Graduate Company from Tring Park School For The Performing Arts. Jayde Adams + Rich Wilson + Wes Packer Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 8pm, £12. Info 0845 2263510. Comedy Club night. uJo Enright + Josh Howie + Paul Tonkinson + Phil Jerrod Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 7pm, £15.95/£8 NUS/£23.95 with food. Info 0871 4720400. On tomorrow also (£17.95/£10 NUS/£27.95 with pizza and a drink). uKeeping Up Appearances Workmen’s Hall, Blaenavon. 7.30pm, £7. Info 01495 792661. Stage version of BBC sitcom, presented by the Ad Hoc Theatre Company. On tomorrow also. uLightspeed From Pembroke Dock Torch Theatre, Milford Haven. 7.30pm, £8.50-£16.50. Info 01646 695267. On tomorrow also. uMachynlleth Comedy Festival Various venues, Machynlleth. 4-11pm, free-£15 per show. Info boxoffice@ machcomedyfest.co.uk. Annual weekender, regarded by many as the ‘comedian’s comedy festival’ or similar. A full programme can be viewed and downloaded on the festival’s website. Here’s today's performers: The Leak, Tom Toal, Lazy Susan, Nish Kumar, Mark Watson, Annie McGrath, John-Luke Roberts, Eleanor Morton, Jayde Adams, Goose, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Rhod Gilbert, Colin Hoult / Anna Mann, Jessica Fostekew, Amy Mason, Sweet Baboo, Liam Williams & Johnny White Really-Really, Jonny & The Baptists, Gráinne Maguire,

Acaster, Tudur Owen, Jamie Wood, Josh Widdecombe, Elf Lyons, My Name Is Ian, Rob Auton, Joel Dommett, Tom Neenan, Sheeps, Ben Target, Sunil Patel, The Delightful Sausage, Pappy’s, Sam & Tom, Bec Hill, Dr Bubble & Milkshake, Justin Teddy Cliffe, Will Duggan, Mike Wozniak, Seazoo, Will Adamsdale & Ed Caughan, Adam Hess, Nathaniel Metcalfe, Joe Lycett, Owen Roberts, Beth Vyse, Rob Auton, Brett Goldstein, Chris Betts, Frank Foucault, Bec Hill & Sarah Bennetto, Nick Mohammed, Aisling Bea, Stuart Goldsmith, Amy Annette & Sophie Duker, Robin Morgan, Kat Bond, Wylderness, Michael J Dolan, Fern Brady, Ed Gamble, Holly Burn, Sindhu Vee, Amir Khoshsokhan, Ed Aczel, Birthday Girls, Charlie Webster, Jack Barry, Molly Naylor, Jen Brister, Sofie Hagen, Amusical, Nick Helm, Sarah Breese, The Spook School, Gein’s Family Giftshop, Stuart Laws, Jordan Brookes, Tim Key, John Kearns & Pat Cahill, Amy Gledhill, Athena Kugblenu, Ross & Josh, Peter Dobbing, Lisa Curry, Laura Lexx, Rob Kemp, James McNicholas, James Rowland, Steffan Evans, Simon Munnery, Laura Davis, Phil Kay, The Glang Show and Colin Hoult. Sun 6: George Egg, Foxdog Studios, Ali Brice, Glenn Moore, Peter Brush, Gavin Osborn & Isy Suttie, Sarah Bennetto, Stuart Goldsmith, Jarred Christmas & Hobbit, Beasts, Emma Sidi, James Acaster, Seymour Mace, Ed Gamble, Dan Cook, Chris Washington, Kriss Foster, Christopher Bliss, Rosie Jones, Funz & Gamez, Pat Cahill, Hariet Dyer, Amy Annette, Toby Hay, Sofie Hagen, Josie Long, Rachel Parris, Arnab Chanda, Garrett Millerick, Owen Niblock, Josh Pugh, Mark Simmons, Simon Munnery, Elis James & John Robins, Rob Oldham, Chris Kent, Gein’s Family Giftshop, Alun Cochrane, Sara Pascoe, Jim Ghedi, Beth Vyse, Steen Raskopoulos, David Trent, Evelyn Mok, Harriet Kemsley, Two Stupids, Henry Paker, Edd Hedges, Jonny Pelham, Do Not Adjust Your Stage, Richard Herring, Tudur Owen, Tony Law, Tez Ilyas, William Andrews, Los

Blancos, Desiree Burch, Stuart Laws & Megan Pugh, Angela Barnes, Matt Winning, Becky Brunning, Phil Ellis, Sean Morley, Tom Wrigglesworth, James Meehan, Ivo Graham, Rhod Gilbert, Johnny White Really-Really, Paul Fott, Dan Thomas, Kiri PritchardMcLean, Great British Mysteries, Partner, Comedy (Translation Provided!), Nish Kumar, Nick Helm, David Elms, Jarred Christmas & Hobbit, Mark Watson, Caroline Mabey, Felicity Ward, Ciarán Dowd, Brian Gittins, Michael Legge, Rose Johnson, Max & Ivan, Bobby Mair, Elf Lyons, Amusical and Sarah Bennetto. (Until Sun 6) uMadagascar St Donats Art Centre, Vale Of Glamorgan. 7pm, £7-£9. Info 01446 799100. Musical based on the cartoon movie, presented by Stage Door 1 Youth Theatre. (Until Sun 6) Murder Mystery Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil. 7-9pm, £18. Info 01685 384111. Interactive theatre by the Chance Encounters Heritage Interpretation Theatre Company, with a two-course meal included in the price. Service! The Gate, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10. Info 029 2048 3344. ‘Stute Comedy Nights Miners Institute, Blackwood. 8pm, £12.50/£11.50 adv. Info 01495 227206. Tea With Oscar Wilde Pencoed Library, nr Bridgend. 7pm, £4.50. Info 01656 733269. Pseudo-chat show in which Wilde interviews other Victorian celebrities There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 1 + 4.30pm, £10. Info 01792 602060. SATURDAY 5 MAY Disney’s Alice In Wonderland Grand Theatre Arts Wing, Swansea. 2 + 7pm, £11.50. Info 01792 475715. Presented by Stage 8 Theatre School Gowerton & Sketty. Hello Cabaret Ffresh, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 8pm, £15. Info 029 2063 6464. Ian Rowland The Small Space, Barry. 7pm, £20. Info info@thesmallspace.co.uk. Notably small (only 20 seats!) magic-centred Vale venue hosts someone known as The Mind Man and whose credentials include training the FBI. Daresay that’s a selling point for many people who think very differently to me. Paul Pirie + Jenny Collier + Steve Hall + Rich Wilson Pryzm, Cardiff. 6.45pm, £14/£7 NUS. Info 0203 7403700. Comedy night, on here every Saturday. The Jongleurs company, which was resident in here before, folded a few months back, but new promoters Just The Tonic do basically do the same thing. Perfect Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 2.30pm, £10/£7. Info 01874 611622. A combo of puppetry, live music and physical theatre in this family-friendly show about a a boy meeting his disabled sister for the first time. Seasons Of Love Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7pm, £12. Info 0845 2263510. Tribute show for Myra Jones founder member of Curtain Up Theatre Company who are presenting tonight. In aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and Bloodwise.

SUNDAY 6 MAY uLive Cabaret Market Street Club, Barry. 8.30pm. Info 01446 733863. Every Sunday. Shappi Khorsandi Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. 8pm, £15. Info 01600 772467. With a show, Mistress And Misfit, which we interviewed her about in the March issue. MONDAY 7 MAY Nick Helm + David Trent Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10. Info 029 2030 4400. Standup set recorded by Gofasterstripe for DVD release. TUESDAY 8 MAY uBill Bailey Grand Theatre, Swansea. 8pm, £28. Info 01792 475715. Interviewed in April’s issue of Buzz. (Until Thurs 10) uDerren Brown Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.30pm, £25-£45.50. Info 029 2063 6464. With his latest show, Underground. See Upfront. Also on at 2.30pm on Sat 12. (Until Sat 12) uDirty Rotten Scoundrels Borough Theatre, Abergavenny. 7pm, £10. Info 01873 850805. Musical comedy presented here by AAODOS. On at 6pm on Sat 12. Tickets are £12 from tomorrow until Sat 12. (Until Sat 12) uStrictly Murder Dolman Theatre, Newport. 7.15pm, £12.50/£8.50 NUS. Info 01633 263670. Mystery set in Provence. Also on at 2.30pm on Sat 12, the ticket price for which is £11. (Until Sat 12) Tom Allen Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. 8pm, £16.50/£14.50. Info 029 2064 6900. Comedian. WEDNESDAY 9 MAY uAwful Auntie New Theatre, Cardiff. 7pm, £13.50£17.50. Info 029 2087 8889. David Walliams, having been given permission to write kids’ books, is further allowed to transfer them to the stage. Here is one. On at 10.30am, 1.45pm and 7pm on Thurs 10 (£14-£24); 10.30am and 7pm Fri 11 (£14-£25.50); 2pm and 7pm Sat 12 and 11am and 3pm Sun 13 (both £14.50-£25.50). (Until Sun 13) Jason Manford Coliseum Theatre, Aberdare. 7.30pm, £27.50. Info 0300 0040444. Comedian who was ‘sliding into your DMs’ before such a phrase existed returns with a show about his personal class mobility. In Port Talbot tomorrow; Cardiff on Fri 11. uMiss Julie Grand Theatre Arts Wing, Swansea. 7.15pm, £11.50. Info 01792 475715. Presented by Fluellen. On tomorrow also, at 1pm and 7.15pm. uOur House – It Must Be Love Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £12. Info 01792 473238. Presented by Blue Bee Productions. “Our House is a musical with music and lyrics by Madness and one song It Must Be Love written by Labi Siffre.” I actually did not know that (re: Labi), thank you grammatically shaky promo copy. Rough As Comedy Mozarts, Swansea. 7pm, free. Info 01792 649984. Monthly standup open mic, hosted by Sarah Bridgeman. uSarah Millican St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 8pm, £29. Info 029 2087 8444. With a show titled Control Enthusiast. On tomorrow also; both might be sold out by the time you see this.


THURSDAY 10 MAY uBelonging Torch Theatre, Milford Haven. 2 + 7.30pm, £5-£10. Info 01646 695267. Karin Diamond’s dementiathemed play. On at 7.30pm only on Sat 12. (Until Sat 12) Howling Women Tramshed Cinema, Cardiff. 7-10pm, £5.50. Info 029 2023 5555. Bi-monthly night of female comedians, plus a panel discussion afterwards. Ivo Graham Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 7pm, £12/£8 NUS. Info 0871 4720400. Jason Manford Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot. 8pm, £30. Info 01639 763214. Nolton Comedy Nolton Corner, Bridgend. 7.30pm, free. Info 01656 655015. With standups TBC, every second Thursday of the month. uOnce Bitten Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7.30pm, £10 adv. Info 0845 2263510. Phoenix Theatre Group presents Reggie Oliver’s French farce. (Until Sat 12) uSteel Magnolias Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan. 7.30pm, £7. Info 01239 621200. Play about a southern American community, made into a film shortly after debuting and better known in that version. (Until Sat 12) Stifyn Parri National History Museum, St Fagans. 7pm, £13. Info 029 2057 3500. Welsh showbiz fella recounts his life in theatrical/comedic fashion. FRIDAY 11 MAY Cinderella The Riverfront, Newport. 7.30pm, £10.50£14.50. Info 01633 656757. Presented by Ballet Cymru. In Blackwood on Wed 23. Count Arthur Strong Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. 8pm, £21. Info 01600 772467. Ernie Sparkles Ffresh, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 8pm, £15. Info 029 2063 6464. Cabaret show whose theme is the sex life of animals. Estron Maenclochog Community Hall, Pembrokeshire. 7.30pm, £5-£10. Info 01834 869323. Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru present a play by Hefin Robinson. In Llanelli tomorrow; Cardiff from Mon 14-Wed 16; Swansea on Thurs 17. Footloose Dance Group Showcase Theatr Hafren, Newtown. 7pm, £5.50. Info 01686 614555. Jason Manford St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £29. Info 029 2087 8444. uLand Of My Fathers Aberystwyth Arts Centre. 7.30pm, £10/£8. Info 01970 623232. Lurking Truth present a drama based around the exploits of three undercover agents. Tonight is sold out but it’s on tomorrow also. Murder In The Library Aberkenfig Library. 7.30pm, £5 adv. Info 01656 733269. Murder mystery drama. Rigoletto Grand Theatre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £15-£33. Info 01792 475715. Verdi’s opera, presented here by Ellen Kent Opera. There’s some kitoff action in this apparently. uSarah Millican Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot. 8pm, £30. Info 01639 763214. On tomorrow also, but both dates are sold out. Studio Comedy Club Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £11/£9 adv. Info 029 2064 6900. With local acts TBC. uThe Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Chapter Arts Centre, BUZZ 76

Cardiff. 7.30pm, £9/£7. Info 029 2030 4400. Welsh premiere of a new musical version of this tale, presented by Junior Actors Workshop. On tomorrow also, at 12pm. uThe Priory Dolman Theatre, Newport. 7.15pm, £10. Info 01633 263670. Michael Wynn’s play, presented by The Little Green Room Company. On tomorrow also. uTom Wrigglesworth + Christian Schulte-Loh + John Fothergill + Phil Pagett Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 7pm, £15.95/£8 NUS/£23.95 with food. Info 0871 4720400. On tomorrow also, with Dave Fulton instead of Phil Pagett (£17.95/£10 NUS/£27.95 with pizza and a drink). uWest Side Story Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £14/£11. Info 01792 602060. Musical presented by Gower College Swansea. On tomorrow also, at 2pm and 7pm. SATURDAY 12 MAY Eddie Brimson + Matt Rees + Joe Sutherland + Pete Otway Pryzm, Cardiff. 6.45pm, £14/£7 NUS. Info 0203 7403700. Estron Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7.30pm, £12/£10. Info 0845 2263510. Gadael Tir Small World Theatre, Cardigan. 7.30pm, £10. Info 01239 615952. Bilingual show telling the story of land rights and protest in Wales over the last millennium. Ignacio Lopez + Kate Lucas + Chris Chopping + Coral Halliwell + Tom Evans Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 8.30pm, £7/£5 adv. Info 029 2030 4400. Also on Fri 20. Touring standup comedy night, in Neath tomorrow, Swansea on Thurs 17, Newport Fri 18 and Carmarthen Sun 20. Lopez is doing a set titled Nine Ig Fails, about going to see Nine Inch Nails in LA. La Traviata Grand Theatre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £15-£33. Info 01792 475715. Another Verdi opera, again presented by Ellen Kent Opera. Lee Nelson Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. 7.30pm, £20. Info 01600 772467. “Tour extended to cover legal fees for Theresa May stunt,” claims the publicity material for this set of dates, although as all charges were dropped the day after the stunt in question this is presumably not true. Service Park & Dare, Treorchy. 7.30pm, £10 adv. Info 0300 0040444. Clock Tower Theatre Company with a play set in a four-star hotel. Westenders Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 7.30pm, £20. Info 01874 611622. Variety night in aid of Orchid Male Cancer Charity. SUNDAY 13 MAY Ignacio Lopez + Kate Lucas + Chris Chopping + Coral Halliwell + Tom Evans The Arch, Neath. 8pm, free. Info 07791 923214. MONDAY 14 MAY Caterpillar Comedy Gwdihw, Cardiff. 8pm, free. Info 029 2039 7933. Open mic standup night hosted by James Dunn. uEstron Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7pm, £12/£10. Info 029 2030 4400. On at 2pm tomorrow; 7pm on Wed 16. (Until Wed 16) The Last Ship Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.30pm, £18-£39. Info 029 2063 6464. Sting’s musical about the shipyards of north-

east England, starring Jimmy Nail. This tanked when it launched in the States, albeit probably because it launched in the States. Also on at 2.30pm on Thurs 17 and Sat 19. £20-£45 on Fri 18 and Sat 19. (Until Sat 19) TUESDAY 15 MAY uDear Zoo Grand Theatre, Swansea. 1 + 3.30pm, £14.50/£10 schools. Info 01792 475715. Classic children’s book adapted for the stage. On tomorrow also, at 11am and 2pm. uGirlfriends Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £12/£10. Info 029 2030 4400. Musical set during the Blitz and focusing on recruits to the WAAF. On tomorrow also, at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. uSon Of A Preacher Man New Theatre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £15.50-£36.50. Info 029 2087 8889. Craig Revel Horwooddirected musical based around Dusty Springfield’s songs. Also on at 2.30pm on Thurs 17 (£12.50-£24.50) and Sat 19. £17.50-£39 on Fri 18 and Sat 19 (evening). (Until Sat 19) uThe Effect Grand Theatre Arts Wing, Swansea. 7.15pm, £15. Info 01792 475715. Play by Lucy Prebble, presented here by Critical Ambition. Also on at 2.15pm on Sat 19. (Until Sat 19) WEDNESDAY 16 MAY Anatomy Of The Piano Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 11am + 1pm, £10.50 adv. Info 0845 2263510. Kids’ theatre about a boy who gets a piano for Christmas. Ed Byrne Theatr Hafren, Newtown. 8pm, £24. Info 01686 614555. Comedian who we interviewed last month. Last Orders At The Dog & Dumplings Miners Institute, Blackwood. 7.30pm, £14.50/£12.50. Info 01495 227206. Musical comedy about a pub threatened with closure. uSpamalot Paget Rooms, Penarth. 7.30pm, £12/£11. Info 029 2070 0721. Presented by Penarth Operatic & Dramatic Society. Tonight is sold out but Thurs 17-Sat 19 aren’t at the time of writing. (Until Sat 19) THURSDAY 17 MAY Estron Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 7.30pm, £12/£10. Info 01792 602060. Dolly Chicken Comedy: Fun At The Flute Flute & Tankard, Cardiff. 7.3010.30pm, £6.50/£5 adv. Info dollychickencomedy@gmail. com. Featuring five standup comedians including headliner Noel James, plus house band Molly Katz. Ignacio Lopez + Kate Lucas + Chris Chopping + Coral Halliwell + Tom Evans The Perch, Swansea. 8pm, £7/£5 adv. Info 01792 462002. uIn The Heights Dolman Theatre, Newport. 7.15pm, £12. Info 01633 263670. Musical set in the Latino neighbourhood of Washington Heights, NYC. (Until Sat 19) Last Resort The Riverfront, Newport. 2 + 7.45pm, £12/£10. Info 01633 656757. 2Magpies Theatre present a play in which Guantanamo Bay has been reclaimed as a holiday destination. Sounds like a Dead Kennedys lyric concept, I’m into it. uOliver! Coliseum Theatre, Aberdare. 7.30pm, £9-£12. Info 0300 0040444. Musical presented by Colstars and Colstars Youth Theatre. Also

THE OTHER ROOM YOUNG ARTISTS FESTIVAL The Other Room, Porters, Cardiff, Mon 4-Sat 9 June Tickets: £tbc. Info: 0333 6663366 / www.otherroomtheatre.com As well as being one of the more inventive theatres in Wales, both in terms of its stage-inside-a-bar setup and the productions it hosts, The Other Room have a public-spirited side which manifests itself especially in their annual Young Artists Festival. This is a week-long event open to anyone 18 or older (“the ‘young’ refers to career,” the venue’s website explains) looking to gain experience of different aspects of the theatre – from acting to stage management to becoming a business. Additionally, five Welsh playwrights contribute scripts for a 10-minute play each, which will be worked on and then performed from Thurs 7-Sat 9. Notable among the names here is Ruth Jones, who cowrote Gavin & Stacey among others but pens her first stage work here. on at 2pm on Sat 19. (Until Sat 19) The Little Mermaid Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 6.30pm, £13.50-£18. Info 01656 815995. Presented by Ballet Theatre UK. In Cardigan tomorrow. FRIDAY 18 MAY Aaron Calvert The Riverfront, Newport. 7.45pm, £13/£11. Info 01633 656757. Stage hypnotist. Chris Chopping + Dylan Jones RTB RFC, Ebbw Vale. 7pm, £10/£5. Info 01495 306232. Comedy night to raise funds for Ebbw Vale’s Christmas lights. Connie Orff Ffresh, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 8pm, £15. Info 029 2063 6464. Bilingual drag comic. Gypsy Queen The Welfare, Ystradgynlais. 7.30pm, £11/£8.50. Info 01639 843163. First of five Welsh venues for touring drama about a gay boxer. See Stage. In Maesteg on Sun 20, Llanelli Mon 21, Milford Haven on Wed 23 and Cardiff on Thurs 24 and Fri 25. uI Could Have Been An Astronaut, If It Wasn’t For Malachy McAleer Theatr Soar, Merthyr Tydfil. 7pm, £10. Info 01685 722126. Gurnwah Productions presents a play by Anthony Bunko about how a young boy’s dream was destroyed during his education. On tomorrow also. Ignacio Lopez + Chris Chopping + Coral Halliwell + Tom Evans Le Public Space, Newport. 8pm, free. Info sam@lepub.co.uk. uJohn Moloney + Scott Capurro + Charlie Baker + Kai Humphries Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 7pm, £15.95/£8 NUS/£23.95 with food. Info 0871 4720400. On tomorrow also (£17.95/£10 NUS/£27.95 with pizza and a drink). Leroy Brito + Rob Hughes The Small Space, Barry. 7pm, £10. Info info@thesmallspace. co.uk. Comedy. Sold out.

Murder She Didn’t Write Maesteg Town Hall. 7.30pm, £13. Info 01656 733269. Improvised murder mystery drama presented by Bristolian company Degrees Of Error. One Woman: Sex & The City The Riverfront, Newport. 7.30pm, £17. Info 01633 656757. uSleeping Beauty Congress Theatre, Cwmbran. 6.30pm, £9/£8. Info 01633 868239. Presented by Children Ballet Wales. On at 2.30pm on Sat 19 and Sun 20. (Until Sun 20) The Little Mermaid Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan. 7.30pm, £15/£14. Info 01239 621200. The Neon Electric Burlesque The Neon, Newport. 7.30pm, £12 adv. Info 01633 533666. Presented by Cardiff Cabaret Club. SATURDAY 19 MAY Dylan Thomas: Clown In The Moon Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7.30pm, £10. Info 0845 2263510. Julian Deane + Georgew Rigden + Nick Dixon + Craig Murray Pryzm, Cardiff. 6.45pm, £14/£7 NUS. Info 0203 7403700. Marc Paul The Small Space, Barry. 7pm, £20. Info info@ thesmallspace.co.uk. Mindreading act from someone voted ‘word’s greatest’ in the form. Sold out already. Mark Watson Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. 8pm, £17. Info 01600 772467. Comedian with a show rescheduled from midMarch. It was snowing I think. Nick Hiscott + Phil Cooper + Sarah Breese + Drew Taylor Memorial Hall, Newbridge. 6.30pm, £6-£8. Info 01495 243252. Standup comedy night. Peacekeeping + The Filmmaker And The Organ Trader Ffresh, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 8pm, £15. Info 029 2063 6464. Two mini-operas presented by Asking4It.

The Magic Of The Musicals Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen. 5.30pm, £12. Info 0845 2263510. Show celebrating 30 years of Stagecoach Performing Arts. The Unbinding Volcano, Swansea. 7.30pm, £12/£6. Info www.volcanotheatre. co.uk. Wrong Shoes Theatre Company with a play about four women accused of witchcraft. SUNDAY 20 MAY Gypsy Queen Maesteg Town Hall. 7.30pm, £10.50. Info 01656 733269. Howl! Comedy Tramshed Cinema, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £8/£6. Info 029 2023 5555. Five standup acts on the third Sunday of each month, names currently TBC. Ignacio Lopez + Kate Lucas + Chris Chopping + Coral Halliwell + Tom Evans The Parrot, Carmarthen. 7.30-10pm, free. Info 01267 231012. MONDAY 21 MAY Gypsy Queen Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7.30pm, £12.50/£10.50. Info 0845 2263510. TUESDAY 22 MAY uAYDMS Annual Summer Concert The Met, Abertillery. 7pm, £6.50. Info 01495 355945. Songs from the musicals. On tomorrow also. uLet’s Not Beat Each Other To Death Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 8pm, £8-£10. Info 029 2030 4400. Theatre performance by Canadian Stewart Legere, a defiant pro-queer celebration billed as equal parts vigil, monologue, manifesto and dance party. On tomorrow also. uMydidae The Other Room at Porter’s, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £5. Info info@otherroomtheatre. com. See Upfront for more on this production from Other Life Theatre. Today and tomorrow are preview prices; it's £10

after. Also on at 3pm on Sat 26 and Sat 2 June. No performance on Thurs 24 or Sun 27. (Until Sat 2 June) uTurn Of The Screw New Theatre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £16-£32. Info 029 2087 8889. Stage version, updated by Tim Luscombe on this occasion, of Henry James’ novel. Also on at 2.30pm on Thurs 24 (£16-£26) and Sat 26. £17-£33 on Fri 25 and Sat 26 (evening). (Until Sat 26) WEDNESDAY 23 MAY uBelonging Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea. 2pm, £5-£10. Info 01792 602060. On at 2pm and 7.30pm on Thurs 24 and Fri 25. (Until Fri 25) Cinderella Miners Institute, Blackwood. 7.30pm, £15/£13. Info 01495 227206. Gypsy Queen Torch Theatre, Milford Haven. 7.30pm, £15/£12. Info 01646 695267. Jeremy Hardy Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 8pm, £14/£5 unwaged. Info 01656 815995. uThe Full Monty The Muni, Pontypridd. 7.30pm, £10 adv. Info 01443 490390. Musical. On tomorrow also. THURSDAY 24 MAY Bridget Christie Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. 8pm, £10/£8. Info 029 2064 6900. On tomorrow also. uCollective Rage: A Play In Five Betties Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £6-£13. Info 029 2030 4400. Jan Silverman’s play about five different women all called Betty, presented here by Collective Rage. On at 2pm on Thurs 31. No performances on Sun 27 or Mon 28. uGypsy Queen Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7pm, £12/£10. Info 029 2030 4400. On at 2pm tomorrow; 7pm on Wed 16. (Until Wed 16) *Limmy Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 6.45pm, £15/£12 NUS. Info 0871 4720400. See Stage. I love Limmy. National Opera Studio Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.30pm, £10. Info 029 2063 6464. Fully-staged excerpts from various classic operas. Scummy Mummies Tramshed, Cardiff. 7pm, £15. Info 029 2023 5555. Two women talk about parenting’s ups and downs in a live show which has evolved from a podcast. How scummy are they exactly? Well, according to the Huffington Post: “‘Yummy mummies give kids quinoa, we give ours fish fingers,’ they said during their live show at Camp Bestival.” So there we are. uSeussical Jr The Musical Gwyn Hall, Neath. 7pm, £10 adv. Info 0300 3656677. Presented by CATS. On at 12pm and 4pm on Sat 26; 10.30am only on Sun 27. (Until Sun 27) Shazia Mirza Aberystwyth Arts Centre. 7.45pm, £15. Info 01970 623232. Standup comedian. Swing With Laughter St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £25-£30. Info 029 2087 8444. Comedy and music from Jimmy Tarbuck (pictured holding a golf club on the poster), Kenny Lynch, Anita Harris, Jessica Martin, The LA Showgirls and compere David Alacey. FRIDAY 25 MAY An Audience With Ian Waite And Oti Mabuse The Riverfront, Newport. 7.30pm,

£24.50-£28. Info 01633 656757. Two people off of Strictly with a dance showcase. In Porthcawl tomorrow. David Baddiel Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 7.30pm, £26. Info 01656 815995. With his latest show, My Family: Not The Sitcom – a title I assume to be a thinly-veiled swipe at its most notable cast member, Buzz film reviewer Keiron Self. Let it go David! uJimmy McGhie + Mark Simmons + Maisie Adam + Robin Morgan Glee Club, Cardiff Bay. 7pm, £15.95/£8 NUS/£23.95 with food. Info 0871 4720400. On tomorrow also, with a comic TBC replacing Robin Morgan (£17.95/£10 NUS/£27.95 with pizza and a drink). Suzi Ruffell + Laura Davis + Chris Washington Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon. 7.30pm, £14. Info 01874 611622. Comedy Club night. uThe Little Mermaid Dolman Theatre, Newport. 7.15pm, £9. Info 01633 263670. Presented by Sharon Higgins Academy's Musical Theatre Group. On tomorrow also. SATURDAY 26 MAY An Audience With Ian Waite And Oti Mabuse Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. 7.30pm, £24.50-£27.50. Info 01656 815995. Cafficadabra Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 8-10pm, free. Info 029 2030 4400. Close-up magic in the bar from Joseff Badman. Craig Campbell Maesteg Town Hall. 7.30pm, £15.50. Info 01656 733269. uD18 Torch Theatre, Milford Haven. 11am-5pm, free. Info 01646 695267. Two-day programme of dance, presented by Arts Care Gofal Celf and the Torch Theatre and on tomorrow also. Leo Kearse + Tom Toal + Noel James + Tim Clark Pryzm, Cardiff. 6.45pm, £14/£7 NUS. Info 0203 7403700. uLexicon Race Village, Cardiff Bay Barrage. 7.30pm, £18/£14 unwaged. Info 0845 2930897. NoFit State presents the Welsh premiere of their new circus production, during the time the Volvo Ocean Race is in Cardiff Bay (see Events listings). On at 3pm tomorrow and Sun 3 June; 2.30pm on Mon 28 May, Thurs 31 May, Sat 2 June and Sat 9 June. (Until Sun 10 June) The Tale Of The Cockatrice Miners Institute, Blackwood. 2pm, £5.50/£4.50 VIP. Info 01495 227206. Storytelling and puppetry. SUNDAY 27 MAY uKevin Bridges Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. 8pm, £17.50. Info 01600 772467. Work in progress show. On tomorrow also, but as is pretty much always the case with these shows they’re both sold out already. Mark Steel Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen. 7.30pm, £15. Info 0845 2263510. Morgan & West Wyeside Arts Centre, Builth Wells. 2 + 7.30pm, £10/£9 (afternoon); £12/£10 (evening). Info 01982 552555. Magician duo with a kids’ show in the day then an adult one later. The Nature Of Forgeting Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7.30pm, £15.50/£13.50. Info 0845 2263510. London company Theatre Re with a play about memory loss and what is left behind.

MONDAY 28 MAY uArt Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. 7.30pm, £14-£31. Info 029 2063 6464. Reprisal of this mid-90s smash hit play, here starring Nigel Havers. Also on at 2.30pm on Thurs 31 and Sat 2 June. £18£35 on Fri 1 and Sat 2 June. (Until Sat 2 June) TUESDAY 29 MAY Courtney Act Tramshed, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £25/£50 VIP. Info 029 2023 5555. Australian drag queen, recent winner of Celebrity Big Brother and strong performer in season six of Drag Race. Speaking of which... RuPaul’s Drag Race St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 9pm, £31-£122. Info 029 2087 8444. Featuring Detox, Kennedy Davenport, Kim Chi, Latrice Royale, Sharon Needles, Valentina, Violet Chachki and host Michelle Visage. WEDNESDAY 30 MAY uChitty Chitty Bang Bang New Theatre, Cardiff. 2+ 7pm, £14-£26. Info 029 2087 8889. Musical based on the classic fmaily film and presented by Orbit Theatre. (Until Sun 3 June) Comedy Club Grand Theatre Arts Wing, Swansea. 8pm, £11. Info 01792 475715. uDisney’s The Little Mermaid Jr Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen. 7.30pm, £12/£10. Info 0845 2263510. Presented by Forge Theatre. On at 2.30pm and 7.30pm on Fri 1 June; 2.30pm on ly on Sat 2 June. (Until Sat 2 June) Doctor Dolittle Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. 1.30pm, £10/£9. Info 01600 772467. Musical presented by Katch 22 Theatre Co. Jethro Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 7pm, £20. Info 0845 2263510. The poster for this tour has a cartoon of Jethro waving a miniature Cornish flag, and fair play to him for that. THURSDAY 31 MAY uA Night On Broadway Congress Theatre, Cwmbran. 7pm, £8.50/£7.50. Info 01633 868239. Presented by the Dance Stars Academy. (Until Sat 2 June) Moonfall Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli. 2pm, £10/£7.50. Info 0845 2263510. Kids’ physical theatre exploring gender stereotypes. People – Power – Picture – Perception Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 7.30pm, £10/£8. Info 029 2030 4400. Theatre/dance performance themed around Welsh hip-hop, and especially Rufus Mufasa’s album Fur Coats From The Lion’s Den. Presented by Avant Cymru. uSarah Millican Grand Theatre, Swansea. 8pm, £28. Info 01792 475715. On tomorrow also, might be sold out by the time you read this however. The Greaterst Showman Live Cinema Experience Bierkeller, Cardiff. 11am + 3pm, £16/£8 under-14s. Info 0845 533 3000. This is a live action screening of the movie about PT Barnum, featuring a cast of live singers and circus acts. Not totally sure this is the right section for it but there definitely seems to be some sort of theatrical element.

Ducks have three pairs of eyelids, including one waterproof pair. Otters hold hands when they sleep in the water so they don’t float away from each other. Throwing a piece of spaghetti against a wall to see if it sticks is a method used to see if it’s ready to eat yet. Chocolate was once used as currency. Honey is the only food that has an eternal shelflife. It will never ever go off or rot as long as you live. Mangos can get sunburnt. Clwb Ifor Bach is named after the 12th century Welsh Lord of Senghenydd, who is said to have attacked Cardiff Castle in 1158 and kidnapped members of the aristocracy. The last public execution in Cardiff took place on 25 July 1857, when John Lewis of Merthyr Tydfil was put to death for murdering his wife. The Godfather is widely regarded as one of the best films ever – as such, it is often referred to as the Citizen Kane of movies. Wearing odd socks can improve your short-term memory. Every 10th European child has been conceived in an Ikea bed. It is illegal to get a fish drunk in Ohio. Despite the commonly held belief, real tequila doesn’t need a worm in it. It’s all a marketing ploy. The twists in pretzels depict arms crossed in prayer. Canned peaches were the first ever fruit to be eaten on the moon. An average person will consume 12 pubic hairs in their fast food every year. In any given year, no month ever begins or ends on the same day of the week as May does. Nowhere in the bible does it specify the number of wise men present at the birth of Jesus. (Disclaimer: some of these may not in fact be true)

Are you the friend everyone wants on their pub quiz team? If you’re a general knowledge general and want to be in with a chance of winning a book, film, or CD, then tweet us (@Buzz_Magazine) with your fact and #DidYouKnow. If your tweet is used in the magazine you win a prize!


COMPETITIONS HOW TO WIN: Unless otherwise stated, our competitions are generally shared on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. To enter a competition, keep an eye on our social media channels and click ‘like’ and ‘share’ when published. Alternatively, email competitions@buzzmag.co.uk with the name of the competition in the subject line and up to two sentences on why you think you should win the competition. The more original you are, the better your chances. TWO TICKETS TO SEE TURN OF THE SCREW AT THE NEW THEATRE A period drama set around a governess and two orphans under her care sounds like a perfect setup for an eerie ghost story, and that’s exactly what this play provides. The story, which was adapted into the classic 1961 film The Innocents is sure to make for a thrilling night at the theatre, and you could win two tickets for the show on Tue 22 May. TWO TICKETS FOR DON MCLEAN AT THE WALES MILLENNIUM CENTRE The legendary singer behind American Pie, is coming to the Wales Millennium Centre. Even at 72 years old, McLean is still performing and writing, and has recently released a new album Botanical Gardens. We’ve got two tickets to give away to one lucky winner for his gig on Sun 6 May. TWO TICKETS TO GYPSY QUEEN AT CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE This play details the romantic tensions between two men who only ever knew how to fight – one is a bare-knuckle brawler with a traveller background, the other a professional boxer. Written by Rob Ward, we have two tickets to a no doubt heartbreaking performance at Cardiff’s Chapter Arts Centre on Thurs 24 May.

THREE BOOKS BY LUCY WORSLEY TV historian Lucy Worsley has entered the world of children’s literature, combining fiction and fact to tell stories of medieval Britain. Eliza Rose follows a young girl living in Tudor times, Lady Mary tells the story of Henry VIII and Catherine Of Aragon through their daughter’s eyes, and My Name Is Victoria is centred around the childhood of Queen Victoria. Win all three! THE OCCASIONAL VEGAN BY SARAH PHILPOTT Sarah Philpott’s no-nonsense new cookbook The Occasional Vegan is dvided into four digestible sections, including quick meals for busy people and lazy weekend brunches. A plantbased bible for those considering taking the plunge into veganism or just after some cooking inspiration. TWO TICKETS TO SEE THE LAST SHIP AT THE WALES MILLENNIUM CENTRE The Last Ship tells the story of a working class community which comes together in the face of hardship, as the local shipyard faces closure. Written by Sting, whose north-east England hometown of Wallsend is the setting for the musical, we have two tickets to give away to one winner for the performance at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay, on Tue 15 May.

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Our Food and Drink Special, featuring a look at the success of Hang Fire Southern Kitchen and our guide to the best places to eat and drink...