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The number 1 trait for profit! For us Hereford breeders it is vitally important as we love to stress how good the Hereford bull is in the pasture. There are two great ways to evaluate fertility: will your young bulls freeze semen and what is their BMI index? This year Churchill sent 10 young bulls to World West Sires. All 10 froze semen right away. The four young bulls below average in the top 1% of the breed for BMI! Churchill bulls get results!


Sold for $130,000 to Stuber Ranch, Pied Piper Farms, W4 Ranch, Beerys Land & Livestock, Mrnak Herefords, Largent and Sons, Chad Stephenson, Upstream Ranch, Krebs Ranch, Pete Loehr, The Berrys, Hoffman Ranch and Stellpflug Cattle.


Powerful Liberty son out of 7098!

Owned with Rees Bros and Harrell Herefords

Semen: $50/Straw



Fantastic curve bender that sold to Jennings Land & Cattle! Canadian interest owned by Medonte and Glenlees. Australian interest owned by Jock Harbison. Semen: 25 Straws and 15 Certificates for $5,000


Total package homozygous superstar!

Sold to Upstream Ranch

Semen: $35/Straw

1862 YADON RD., MANHATTAN, MT 59741 May/June 2024 | 1

TASTE the tradition

The voice of the American Hereford Association CONTENTS May/June 2024 herd expansion. 8 | Board Action Spring AHA Board Meeting The American Hereford Association Board of Directors met April 2-3 in Kansas City, Mo. ep making gains without Association News and Events Watch for delegate nomination information, new upper Midwest region field representative starts May 1 and 2024 VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) entries due soon. 16 | Member Service MyHerd, Your Animal Search Master the basic Animal Search using the new MyHerd search tools. 18 | CHB Bites CHB Always Satisfies Premium quality and committed partnerships drive CHB. 20 | Youth Movement Saying Goodbye Looking back at three years of service as part of the National Junior Hereford Association board. 34 The Power of Meat Meat continues to be a U.S. consumer mainstay as the marketplace evolves.
2 | May/June 2024 He
Other Features 48 25 Years of History and Many Decades of Support Looking back and moving forward. — by Lauren
54 JNHE Judges Introducing your 2024 JNHE judges. 58 2024 Junior National Hereford Expo Schedule The Grand Daddy of ’Em All. Hereford World (ISSN 1085-9896), Vol. 115, No. 3, published monthly (except June) by Hereford Publications Inc., 11500 N.W. Ambassador Dr., Ste. 410, Kansas City, MO 64153. Periodical postage paid at Kansas City, Mo., and additional entries. Subscription rates, $35 a year. Postmaster: Send address changes to Hereford World, 11500 N.W. Ambassador Dr., Ste. 410, Kansas City, MO 64153. Hereford World agreement #1803689 22 | Foundation’s Focus Get in on The Grand Daddy of ’Em All Participation goes beyond the showring. 24 | Hereford Women Supporting Youth this Summer The National Hereford Women coordinate several fundraisers to provide opportunities for young peole. 5 Contacts 62 Stepping into Sustainability 64 From the Field 66 Sales Digest 86 Advertisers’ Index 87 Calendar of Events DEPARTMENTS 26 30 Food Service Distributor of the Year builds upon the brand’s grassroots. — by Katie Maupin Miller page 48 page 26 page 30 May/June 2024 | 3
photo: “In the Case,” taken by Taylor Belle Matheny at
T’s Discount Foods,
Hennessey, Okla.

World’s Perspective

Art and Stories

Stories are a universal language.

Growing up, I always enjoyed art class the most. I had the same art teacher from kindergarten to my freshman year of high school. He taught me the importance of learning the basics and following the “rules” before trying to break them. It’s a concept I apply to taking photos, writing and life.

It didn’t matter if it was a pinch pot or self-portrait, he was methodical and thorough. The easiest way to get a bad grade was to disregard directions (this applied to everyone, even the kindergarteners). My annual self-portrait sketch was almost always terrible, but I followed directions and adhered to the basics, so my grade was usually OK.

Along with being an artist, he was quite the storyteller. He told stories about a wide variety of topics, like sneaking the family dog his vegetables under the table as a kid or pulling over and getting out of his car to confirm that dashed lines on roads are much longer than they appear. Art and stories go hand-in-hand, and stories are special. The best songs tell stories, the best writers tell stories, the best photographers tell stories. The best things have a spectacular story.

May is Beef Month — and one of the things that makes Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) special is its story. From the stories behind the ranches and feedyards that play a part in getting Certified Hereford Beef on plates to the product’s distributors and retailers, it’s a unique brand.

Along with Certified Hereford Beef’s story, the beef meets high quality standards. The tender, delicious Hereford beef represents a consistent, premium product backed by even better producers.

Whether it’s in a well-loved family recipe, at an Independence Day cookout or sale day lunch, don’t forget to make Certified Hereford Beef part of your story.

In this issue

The May/June Hereford World is all about Certified Hereford Beef. You’ll find the list of 1,282 CHB Sires of Distinction on Page 36. Stories about the CHB Retailer of the Year and Food Service Distributor of the Year are on Page 26 and Page 30.

The next generation of beef producers and storytellers will meet at the VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) on July 6-12, in Grand Island, Neb. The event is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2024, and Lauren Jones, National Junior Hereford Association communications chair, recaps the history of JNHE on Page 48. Moreover, bios for this year’s judges are on Page 54. The “Grand Daddy of ’Em All” is going to be a good one.

It’s worth noting that our editorial designer, Cindy Himmelberg, is retiring after three years of working on the Hereford World and Baldy Advantage May/June 2024 is her last issue. Her smiling face and attention to detail will be missed in the office. We appreciate her so much for playing a part in telling Hereford’s story.

4 | May/June 2024 He
Sydnee Shive is the managing editor of Hereford World. She can be reached at


| American Hereford Association


11500 N. Ambassador Dr., Ste. 410

Kansas City, MO 64153 816-842-3757 • Fax 816-243-1314 •


President Wyatt Agar, Thermopolis, Wyo. Vice president

Chad Breeding, Miami, Texas Directors

Term expires 2024

Jerome Ollerich, Winner, S.D.

Bob Schaffer, Spotsylvania, Va.

Term expires 2025

Lou Ellen Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio

Travis McConnaughy, Wasola, Mo.

Term expires 2026

Jim Coley, Lafayette, Tenn.

Hampton Cornelius, LaSalle, Colo.

Austin Snedden, Maricopa, Calif.

Term expires 2027

Jerry Delaney, Lake Benton, Minn.

Cindy Pribil, Hennessey, Okla.

Scott Sullivan, Grannis, Ark.


Executive vice president

Jack Ward,

Chief operating officer and director of breed improvement

Shane Bedwell,

Chief financial officer

Leslie Mathews,

Director of records department

Stacy Sanders,

Director of youth activities and foundation

Amy Cowan,

National shows coordinator and youth activities assistant

Bailey Clanton,

Associate director of youth marketing and education

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Education and information services coordinator and records supervisor

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Director of communications and digital content

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Audio-visual specialist

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Office assistant and event coordinator

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Commercial marketing partner - Western Region

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Graphic designers

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| Field Staff

Western Region – Emilee Holt Ariz., Calif., Idaho, Nev., Ore., Utah and Wash. 208-965-3130,

Mountain Region – Kevin Murnin Colo., Mont., N.D., Wyo., central and western Canada 406-853-4638,

North Central Region – Aaron Friedt Kan., Minn., Neb. and S.D. 701-590-9597,

Upper Midwest Region – Corbin Cowles Ill., Ind., Ky., Md., Mich., Ohio, Pa., W.Va. and Wis. 270-991-2534,

Southwest Region – Cord Weinheimer Ark., La., N.M., Okla. and Texas 830-456-3749,

Eastern Region – Tommy Coley Ala., Fla., Ga., Miss., N.C., S.C., Tenn. and Va. 815-988-7051,

Central Region – Joe Rickabaugh Iowa, Mo. and eastern Canada 785-633-3188,

Northeast Region – Contact the AHA Conn., Del., D.C., Maine, Mass., N.H., N.J., N.Y., R.I., Vt.

or accepted.

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Beef Reigns Supreme Breed Focus

Hereford can leverage herd expansion.

Primetime grilling season is fast approaching. Depending on the data source, nearly 60% of Americans grill during Memorial Day weekend and nearly 70% grill on Independence Day.

May is also Beef Month, which is a great time to highlight the importance of the beef industry and celebrate the cattlemen and women who work hard every day to raise and care for cattle while preserving the land and environment. The beef industry involves thousands of American farmers, ranchers and processors who help keep our economy strong and food on our tables.

The United States remained the world’s largest beef producer last year and was the second-largest beef consumer with a per capita consumption of just over 57 pounds.

Despite historically high prices, domestic consumer beef demand continues to be extraordinarily resilient. The pandemic forced consumers to cook at home, and many continue to do so to stretch their food dollars and combat inflation.

Strong U.S. demand and consumption are tied to many factors, including safety and nutrition.

The U.S. food safety system is the world’s gold standard. As for nutritional value, eating beef provides essential nutrients, including protein, iron and B vitamins. A single 3-ounce serving supplies 25 grams of protein, about 50% of the recommended daily value. Besides, beef is the first choice for many consumers when it comes to taste and eating satisfaction.

Rebuilding with efficiency

Maintaining U.S. beef production has never been an easy task. Recent prolonged, widespread drought and elevated input costs make it even tougher.

The U.S. beef cow herd began this year 2.5% smaller than a year earlier at 28.2 million head. That was about 11% less than the cyclical peak in 2019

and represented the fewest beef cows since 1961, according to Derrell Peel, Extension livestock marketing specialist at Oklahoma State University. The number of all cattle and calves in the U.S. as of Jan. 1 — 87.15 million head — was the fewest since 1951.

As producers rebuild the nation’s cow herd, genetics will play a vital role as economics and society demand producers to be more efficient while providing a sustainable, dependable beef supply. Moreover, choice of breeding systems plays a pivotal role.

The U.S. beef cow herd needs more maternal heterosis. It needs more crossbreeding with Hereford genetics. Hereford’s unique, inherent genetic advantages, compared to other breeds, offer added breed complementarity for docility, fertility, efficiency, longevity and production efficiency. Plus, Hereford genetics offer more crossbreeding power because they are the least related to other Bos Taurus breeds as documented by the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center.

Research consistently documents the advantage of Hereford-sired heifers and steers, including increased weaning weight and more calves per cow exposed.

Most recently, Charley Martinez, agricultural economist at the University of Tennessee, analyzed and modeled the difference between breeding a Hereford bull or an Angus bull to commercial Angus cows over 10 years. For a cow herd of 30 head, using a Hereford bull returned $76 more net farm income per cow per year and $1,326 more net worth per cow per year. For a cow herd of 500 head, the advantage of using a Hereford bull was $90 more farm income per year and $305 more net worth per cow per year.

Crossbreeding with Hereford is a logical and powerful way for producers to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the U.S. cow herd.

6 | May/June 2024 He
Jack Ward is the executive vice president of the American Hereford Association. He can be reached at
POWERFUL • PRODUCTIVE • PROMISING Walker Herefords ERIC WALKER FAMILY P.O. Box 146 n Morrison, TN 37357 n Eric (931) 607-6356 n Cody (931) 607-0337 n n Conner Jaggers (270) 218-1820 Locke St. John • (615) 427-8979 Watch the sale and bid live online. NEW Sale Date Foundations for the Future ‚24 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2024 At the Walker Hereford Sale Facility n Morrison, Tennessee • 11 AM (Central Time) Selling 100 Lots Featuring These Breed Leading Donors and Their Progeny Walker Lass X51 Y479 333 Selling choice of daughters sired by Churchill Desperado 029H or Bar Star Fresh Prince 018 ET. Investment opportunity is knocking at the door! 0228 A top donor sired by NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET and out of foundation cow 6108. You will fall in love with this goggle-eyed beauty. 9084 Selling a feature heifer calf by national champion Land Slinger 2296 1046 from this full sister to herd sire DCF 628 Promote 824F ET. 21J A feature donor who is a full sister to herd sire Schu-Lar Significant 43H. This moderate, beautifully uddered female is the right kind for today’s world. May/June 2024 | 7

Spring AHA Board Meeting Board Action

The American Hereford Association (AHA) Board of Directors met April 2-3 in Kansas City, Mo.


After reviewing the request for proposals submitted, the Board voted unanimously for KCoe Isom LLP to serve as the 2024 auditors.

UMB portfolio managers, David Kuebelbeck and Brande Anderson, shared American Hereford Association (AHA) portfolio activities, performance and strategy along with marketplace trends and expectations.


The Board voted unanimously to approve the recommended judges list and judges for all 2024-25 national shows (available on the AHA website). The Board also voted unanimously to adopt tiebreaker guidelines for premier breeder/ exhibitor at national shows, as well as tiebreaker guidelines for national and regional point show calculations (details on AHA website).

By unanimous vote, the Board approved the list of judges submitted by the National Junior Hereford Association board of directors for junior shows hosted during AHA national shows.

The Board also approved, by unanimous vote, a request to recognize the Cheyenne Livestock Expo as a regionalpoint Hereford Show.

Hereford Publications Inc. (HPI)

HPI staff shared that Hereford World advertising, catalog and Creative Service revenue was ahead of budget and ahead of the previous year.

The staff also summarized the Hereford World readership survey.


The AHA marketing team recapped the successful Western states regional marketing campaign, which included industry publication inserts and related targeted social media confirming the value of Hereford genetics for commercial producers. The Board requested the staff to budget the same concept for other regions.

The communications staff also shared the impressive growth of AHA social media presence across all platforms, as well as plans to continue gathering resources for promotion.

Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB)

Ty Ragsdale, CHB brand manager, shared his schedule of upcoming food shows to meet with current and prospective customers.

Commercial Programs

Staff shared the significant increase of participation in the AHA feedout and marketing programs. The considerable increase in the number of Hereford-influenced feeder calf sales and commercial Hereford-influenced female sales was also noted.

Member Service

The Board approved the purchase of two storage freezers and trays for TSU samples received from NEOGEN.

The Board unanimously approved developing a task force to review DNA storage and policy.

Breed Improvement

Staff provided the Board results and updates from various AHA research projects at the University of Illinois, Colorado State University, Olsen Ranch and Harris Ranch.

8 | May/June 2024 He May/June 2024 | 9

Proof Positive Performance Matters

Keep making gains without sacrificing essentials.

Recently, I ate one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my life. It was a Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) ribeye at a Hereford House restaurant in Kansas City, Mo. I can still recall the flavor and juiciness, as it was clearly well-marbled and embodied the bold, rich history of the Hereford breed. This dining experience gave me pause to reflect on the impressive National Reference Sire Program (NRSP) results from Olsen Ranches I shared last month. It also made me think about the CHB Sires of Distinction you will find in this issue (starting on Page 36). There are nearly 1,300 sires, which is 16% more than a year ago.

Clearly, Hereford breeders are moving the needle on carcass quality and raising the bar for end-product merit, but is it enough?

Your customers and those they serve provide the easiest answer. If they say yes, then you need to maintain carcass quality improvement and keep pushing the envelope to improve other end-product traits they are lacking. If the answer is no, then I suggest you consider keeping selection pressure on marbling. The competition isn’t slowing down, and you can bet your bottom dollar the consumer’s appetite for highquality beef is here to stay.

Maintain genetic and phenotypic balance

Carcass traits are some of the most highly heritable traits. In laymen’s terms, they are a sharp power saw, effective for a specific job when used properly. Without care they can create catastrophic damage.

In this case, gains in end-product merit cannot come at the expense of reproductive efficiency and maternal strengths. I often hear people say it’s impossible to improve both at the same time. I disagree. The Olsen data serves as a prime example, as most of the sires

used excel in both the Baldy Maternal Profit Index (BMI) and the Certified Hereford Beef Profit Index (CHB$).

I do agree that you can find examples in other breeds where growth and carcass traits were collectively pursued while disregarding maternal traits. Results of this single-focus selection are as negative as you would expect. Whenever you go at something with blinders on, tunnel vision prohibits attention to the broader view.

It makes no sense to produce genetics unable to maintain themselves and breed back without supplemental resources. Either you must feed more or accept more open cows. Neither is a good alternative.

Finding the threshold of optimum performance at the ranch level is crucial. Many Hereford breeders have established this optimum with balanced genetics capable of raising the bar ever higher. They deliver these genetics in a phenotypic package that includes structural soundness.

Further progress demands staying disciplined and unwilling to tolerate any exceptions to fertility, mothering ability or structural correctness.

Breeders, like those with bulls in the NRSP, prove what can be achieved. Their history also demonstrates that such balance is the result of steady progress over years, not the flip of some magical switch.

Head to Knoxville

Everyone is invited to the annual Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Research Symposium and Convention in Knoxville, Tenn. I look forward to seeing you there for what promises to be an outstanding program. Registration is still available at 2024-symposium.

As always, keep them sound.

10 | May/June 2024 He
Shane Bedwell is the chief operating officer and director of breed improvement of the American Hereford Association. He can be reached at
Hey, Hereford Breeders! Get ready for fall sales and download the Sale Day app TODAY! MESSAGES today Download the Sale Day App or visit AGSALEDAY.COM @AGSALEDAY THE PLACE TO BUY & SELL May/June 2024 | 11

What’s New?

Association News and Events

“What’s New?” is a column designed to keep you in the know about Hereford happenings. You can sign up for Hereford Headlines, an electronic newsletter distributed the first Friday of each month by the American Hereford Association (AHA) highlighting Hereford news and events. You can also receive the Bald Faced Bottom Line, a commercially-focused electronic newsletter sent the third Friday of each month. To subscribe to these free newsletters, send an email to Archived issues are posted at


Information for nominating voting delegates will be sent May 1. Replies are due by May 31.

Board announcements

Delegate selection process information

A nominating committee selects a slate of American Hereford Association (AHA) Board nominees. However, all active adult AHA members may provide input to the election process via their selection of state voting delegates. Active adult AHA members should receive information about how to nominate themselves or another active adult AHA member to serve as a voting delegate.

Take part in the Board election process by nominating the active AHA member(s) from your state who will represent you in electing the next AHA Board members.

The process began April 1, when the AHA sent an email to all eligible active adult members to ask them whether they would like to participate in the election of voting delegates electronically or by traditional mail. Eligible members who wish to participate electronically needed to respond to that email by April 22. Eligible members are any adult AHA members who had at least one animal registered in the preceding calendar year where they were identified as the original owner of the animal.

On or before May 1, eligible members will receive information about how to nominate voting delegates. Replies are due by May 31.

Hall of Fame/Hall of Merit nominations due June 1

Nominations for the AHA’s prestigious Hall of Fame and Hall of Merit are due June 1. Deserving recipients for the 2024 induction will be honored at the AHA Annual Meeting and Conference in Kansas City, Mo., in October.

The Hall of Fame honor recognizes Hereford breeders who have dynamically influenced the direction and advancement of the breed. The Hall of Merit commends individuals who have greatly influenced the cattle industry. You can submit your nomination online by going to You will find the nomination forms under the “About” tab. Please contact Emily Wood at or 816-842-3757 for more information about submitting your nomination.

Century and Golden Breeder nominations due June 1

Celebrating generational Hereford breeders is a highlight of the AHA Annual Meeting and Conference. The Century Breeder recognition honors families and operations in the Hereford business for 100 years. Golden Breeders recognizes those raising Herefords for 50 years. You will find the

nomination form at, along with a list of those previously recognized. For questions or more information, contact Emily Wood at

Association news Cowles joins AHA staff Corbin Cowles, Rockfield, Ky., is the new AHA Midwest region field representative.

“Corbin is a talented young man with strong interpersonal skills, seedstock industry knowledge and enthusiasm for the position,” says Joe Rickabaugh, AHA director of seedstock marketing. “He will be a solid asset to the upper Midwest region, working with the many high-quality Hereford operations throughout the territory. We look forward to him joining Team Hereford.”

Cowles, an Oklahoma State University animal science alumnus, attended graduate school at the University of Kentucky. He has worked for Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co. in Columbia City, Ind., as an auction manager and licensed real estate agent since 2022. Cowles additionally worked for The Stockman magazine, providing ring service and herd consulting. He also assists with his family’s Angus and Simmental

continued on page 14...

12 | May/June 2024 He
Corbin Cowles

AHA election process

Each year three American Hereford Association (AHA) Directors retire from the Board and three new Directors are elected to succeed them.

The election procedure is a multi-step process.

1) Nomination of board candidates

The AHA Board of Directors executive committee selects a five-member nominating committee at-large. According to Section 3(a) of Article VI of the AHA Bylaws that were amended Oct. 29, 2015, the nominating committee shall nominate no less than three nor more than six candidates for election as Directors of the Association, each of whom shall be an active member or a representative of an active member at the time of nomination and shall submit the names of those candidates to delegates at the meeting of delegates. In addition, any delegate present in person may nominate any active member (including himself or herself) or any representative of an active member as a candidate for Director at the meeting of delegates.

2) Election of voting delegates

Each state elects voting delegates to attend the AHA Annual Membership Meeting in Kansas City, Mo., to vote on the slate of nominees. Each state is entitled to one delegate for every 750 Hereford registrations recorded from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2023. A state must have a minimum of 375 registrations to be entitled to one delegate. If the number of registrations exceeds 750 or any multiple thereof by 375 or more, the state will be entitled to an additional delegate or delegates. In addition, each state is allocated a delegate for the first 25 members and an additional delegate for every 100 members thereafter.

3) State election of voting delegates

On May 1, delegate nomination postcards are sent to all eligible AHA members. Replies must be postmarked by May 31.

Each active member is asked to nominate one state candidate to be elected to serve as a delegate to the AHA Annual Membership Meeting. An active member is defined as a member that registered at least one animal in the calendar year preceding the year of the election.

A state delegate ballot will be sent to each active member to vote from a list of state nominees. Each active member will vote for the entitled number of state delegates. In states where more nominations are received than voting delegates are allocated, a state delegate ballot will be sent to each active member to vote from a list of state nominees. Each active member will vote for the entitled number of state delegates

Weighted votes

Each AHA member vote for their delegate will be weighted based on the number of registrations from the AHA member, as follows: Number of registrations Weighted votes 1-20 1

Principle place of doing business

Each active member must vote in the state that is his or her principle place of doing Hereford business, i.e. ranch or farm address must be in the same state in which he or she is voting.

Election schedule

May 1 AHA mails delegate nomination postcards.

May 31 Delegate nominations are due.

June Delegate ballot will be sent out to each active member. Each active member will be asked to vote for the corresponding number of delegate candidates allocated to each state.

July 31 All delegate ballots must be returned.

Oct. 1 Elected state delegates are announced.

Oct. 26 Election of Directors by the delegates will take place at the assembly of state delegates during the AHA Annual Membership Meeting in Kansas City, Mo.

101-200 30 More than 200
60 May/June 2024 | 13

seedstock operation, Pleasant Hill Farms. Cowles is involved in his state and county cattlemen’s associations and has a wealth of livestock judging experience.

“I am incredibly honored and excited to represent one of the preeminent breed organizations in the entire beef industry,” Cowles says. “With the leadership of this Association combined with the quality of the cattle, the Hereford breed is positioned for continued success into the future. I’m looking forward to building relationships with breeders, helping operations reach their goals via marketing their genetics and being a representative for AHA to the industry at large.”

Cowles will act as a liaison for AHA members in his region while supporting Hereford breeders and the Association’s initiatives. He will represent the breed at sales and events and help Hereford breeders utilize AHA promotional and marketing programs, as well as Hereford Publications Inc. advertising and marketing services. Cowles also will continue build the breed’s strong ties to commercial producers. He begins his duties May 1.

Cowles’ territory includes Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin. He can be reached at 270-991-2534 or at

Apply for the second annual Hereford Seedstock Academy

The AHA is eager to host the second annual Hereford Seedstock Academy Sept. 2–6. During four intensive days of networking and interactive educational sessions, members of the Seedstock Academy will delve into: the role of Hereford genetics in the current and future commercial cattle sector; adding value to Hereford cattle and

enhancing client experience; value points in the cattle feeding sector; AHA breeder and commercial Hereford user tools and services; and the evolution of Certified Hereford Beef®.

Complete the application on by July 1.

2024 AHA Annual Meeting dates

and hotel information

Make plans to join us for the AHA Annual Membership Meeting and Conference held Oct. 24-27, at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. Registration and a detailed event schedule will be available by late summer. Find more information at annual-meeting.

2024 Headquarter Hotel

Kansas City Marriott Downtown 200 West 12th Street Kansas City, Missouri 64105 816-421-6800

2025 World Hereford Conference

The AHA looks forward to hosting the 2025 World Hereford Conference, associated tours and the Young Breeders Competition Oct. 22-26, 2025. Event details and registration information will be provided as it becomes available at

Industry news

Paying for true value

Buyers procure millions of calves and feeder cattle each year with little or no knowledge of their genetic composition and potential. The Genetic Merit Pricing (GMP) Task Force is looking to change that by encouraging the use of objective measures in price discovery.

“Without objective genetic information on potential growth rate, feed efficiency, marbling

and other key traits, we cannot accurately project how a given group of cattle will perform or how valuable their carcasses will be,” explains Ken Odde, Ph.D., GMP facilitator. He is a former head of Kansas State University’s animal sciences and industry department. “That lack of genetic information creates a big hole in our ability to price cattle according to their true value.”

The GMP is a coalition of 32 producers from all industry segments, representing some of the nation’s brightest and most experienced cattle producers, marketers, backgrounders and feeders.

The AHA is a GMP founder and funding partner. The GMP’s next quarterly meeting is scheduled for May 7-8.

Attend the 56th annual BIF Research Symposium and Convention

The 56th annual Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Symposium and Convention will be June 10-13 in Knoxville, Tenn. Each year the BIF symposium draws a large group of leading seedstock and commercial beef producers, academics and allied industry partners. The attendance list is a “who’s who” of the beef value chain, offering great networking opportunities and conversations about the issues of the day. Program topics focus on how the beef industry can enhance value through genetic improvement across a range of attributes that affect the value chain.

For registration and more symposium details, including hotel information, visit

14 | May/June 2024 He
New? continued from page 12

Register for the 2024 Cattlemen’s Conference

Head to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla., May 22-23 for the Cattlemen’s Conference. Registration is open until May 3 for $200 per attendee. This provides access to all conference events, meals, breaks and social hours.

This year’s focuses are gene editing, breeding systems and heterosis relative to marketing endpoint, and regenerative ranching and sustainability. More event details can be found at


Entries opening for JNHE

Online entries opened in April for the 2024 VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) July 6-12 in Grand Island, Neb. Visit to receive more information and enter online. Please note all entries must be completed online.

To accommodate the growing contests, JNHE participants must pay $5 to participate in showmanship and judging. All showmanship and judging contestants must pre-enter by June 1 and pay the entry fee at that time. JNHE participants must be members of the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA).

JNHE entry deadlines

The early-bird online entry deadline ($20 discount per entry) is May 15, and the final ownership and entry deadline is June 1. If you have questions about the online entry process or anything related to JNHE, contact Bailey Clanton at or Amy Cowan at

“As an exhibitor, participant, breeder and spectator of all 25 JNHEs, it was a no-brainer when it came time to support an event that has impacted myself and my family so much,” says sale consignor Randy Mullinix, Purple Reign Cattle, Toulon, Ill. “Amazing that a kid teaching a calf to lead, can lead to all the incredible opportunities that this great event has come to offer.”

Featured genetics in this year’s Sale of Champions included flushes and embryo lots out of the top five bred-and-owned females selected at the 2023 JNHE.

NJHA board applications open

Twelve outstanding Hereford juniors serve on the NJHA board of directors. Each year, four board members are elected to three-year terms at the annual membership meeting, which is held in conjunction with JNHE. During their term, directors develop and implement programs and events that serve junior Hereford members from across the nation. Candidate applications close June 1. Find more details at NJHA/board.

Record-breaking: Hereford Sale of Champions

Hereford family legacies and champion genetics highlighted the record-setting Hereford Sale of Champions, which raised $100,000 for the 25th JNHE. This year’s JNHE — The Grand Daddy of ‘Em All — will be July 6-12 in Grand Island, Neb.

The Sale of Champions features valuable genetics from previous JNHE winners. It also serves as a platform for JNHE members and their families to give back to the association.

A flush out of GCC ML Cruella 800K topped the sale genetics at $21,250, going to Hurricane Hefty Ranch of Oklahoma City. The flush by the KLD RW Marksman D87 ET daughter was consigned by Ella Weldon Cattle Co., Piedmont, Okla. “Cruella” earned grand champion junior female honors at the 2023 North American International Livestock Exposition and was reserve grand champion during the 2023 American Royal junior show.

Among other top purchases, Bar One Ranch, George and Karen Sprague, Eugene, Ore., gave $25,000 for a lifetime membership to the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) Club. Sprague is a HYFA board member and longtime supporter of HFYA’s pillars of education, scholarship, leadership and research, and the junior membership as a whole.

With the purchase, Sprague joins the “Grand Drive to 25 Campaign” created to support this year’s JNHE and help sustain this flagship event for the next 25 years.

Find more about the “Grand Drive to 25” campaign and the 25th JNHE, at May/June 2024 | 15



MyHerd, Your Animal Search

It has been a little over a year since the American Hereford Association (AHA) first launched the MyHerd search tools, so we thought it would be a good time to review one of the most used search features. Here is a review of a basic Animal Search and how to save that search.

First, hover over the Search Tools and click “Animal Search.” You can expand or collapse a category by clicking the arrow to the right of the category title. Click the “Registration Number” field to search by a registration number. A box will open where you can type the registration number(s) for which animal(s) you’re searching or copy a list of registration numbers saved in a different document and then paste that list of registration numbers into the box.

Once you enter your registration number(s), click “Save.” To add more search criteria or to turn on the specific information you want to see on your search results, scroll up and down through the different categories on the left-hand side of the webpage. Click the arrow to the right of the category heading to open that category. If you want to see that specific piece of information included with your search results, click on the “eye” icon, so it displays blue. If the eye icon is blue, that information will be included with your Animal Search results. If the eye

icon is displayed in black, the information will not be shown in your results.

You can also search by specific expected progeny difference (EPD) ranges. Click on the arrow to the left of the particular EPD, and boxes will populate below to search by entering a minimum and maximum EPD figure.

Once you select all of your specific search criteria, scroll back to the top and click “Search.” Your results will appear to the right. To see more of the results (widthwise), click the red arrow bar to the left of your results. This will collapse the search criteria boxes, allowing more screen space to view the results. Once your results have populated, you can download these results by clicking the button that reads “Download CSV.”

Save your search

If you often use these criteria to search, you can save the search criteria you’ve created as a “Saved Search.” Once you have all your search criteria entered, click the drop-down arrow for “Saved Searches” (at the top of your search section). Then, click “Save New.” A box will pop up where you can name the search and add a short description. For example, maybe this is how you search for popular AI bulls so that the description could be “AI Bulls.”

Once you’re finished, click “Save.” Now, that search is saved. To view your saved searches, hover over the “Search Tools” menu and select “Saved Animal Searches.” You will see all saved searches, and you can then click on the search you want to view. You’ll see the list of animals last searched with your saved search criteria, including what data points you want to display.

Help with a click or call Look for future Hereford World articles featuring more details on the new search features and how they can benefit you and your buyers. Also, check out step-by-step tutorials, recorded webinars, educational videos and more on the AHA resources page, educational-videos/myherd-searchtools. As always, feel free to call or email the customer service department to have them walk you through these new features.

Laura Kouba is the records supervisor and education and information services coordinator of the American Hereford Association. She can be reached at

16 | May/June 2024 He
Sale catalog will be with September HEREFORD WORLD! DALE STITH Auctioneer 5239 Old Sardis Pike Mays Lick, KY 41055 918-760-1550 3100 Sportsman Park Rd. LAUREL, MT 59044
406-633-2600 Terry cell 406-670-8529
cell 330-231-0710
They all sell over 100 lots P44024034 Co-owned with McDonald Farm, Michigan Mohican Rose 96G ET P44151315 NJW 76S 10WStardust 344G ET P44132664 Boyd 135U Diamond Vaca 0103 ET M W M ohican West M ohican West Complete Dispersal Sale Make it a Montana weekend: Churchill
Co. . . . . . Sept. 20
Herefords ........ Sept.
Mohican West May/June 2024 | 17
Sunday, September 22, 2024 12:30 (MT) •
Herd Bulls Entire Cow herd Bred and Open Heifers ET Calves Semen
Sept. 22

CHB Bites

CHB Always Satisfies

“CHB Bites” is a column designed to keep you in-the-know about the Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) program. To get involved with CHB on social media, search Certified Hereford Beef on Facebook and Pinterest, or @certifiedherefordbeef on Instagram.

Rolling Promotion

Cruise around Salt Lake City, Utah, and you might see one of these delivery trucks wrapped by the Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) brand. They’re owned by CHB partner Main Street Quality Meats, a fourth-generation, family-owned business that highlights quality and freshness. Main Street Quality Meats also offers CHB online through its 56 Cutz meat business. Check out their offering at

For more information about Certified Hereford Beef, visit

Grilled steak and fresh mozzarella flatbread

A Certified Hereford Beef steak melds with fresh mozzarella atop a perfect piece of pita bread to create an easy and delicious lunch.


1 to 1 1/4 pounds Certified Hereford Beef top sirloin filets, cut 1-inch thick

1 1/2 teaspoons lemon pepper

2 cups packed, fresh baby spinach

3/4 cup fresh mozzarella cheese, cut into ½-inch pieces

2 tablespoons chopped, fresh basil

1 1/2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar

4 pitas


• Press lemon pepper evenly onto steaks. Place steaks on the grill over medium, ash-covered coals. Grill, covered, for 12 to 17 minutes (over medium heat on preheated gas grill, 12 to 16 minutes) for medium rare (145°F) to medium (160°F) doneness, turning occasionally.

• Meanwhile, combine spinach, cheese and basil in large bowl. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar; toss to coat and set aside.

• Remove steak from grill and let it rest for 5 minutes. Place pita bread on the grill; grill, covered, 1 to 3 minutes or until lightly browned, turning once.

• Carve steaks into slices. Top pita evenly with spinach mixture and steak slices.

Helpful hint: preheat your grill 15 to 25 minutes before you begin grilling to make sure it reaches the right temperature. Recipe from:

18 | May/June 2024 He • 1-800-641-2343 Works Seamlessly with the American Hereford Association - Import Herd Inventory - Manage TPR - Register Cattle - Update EPDs DOWNLOAD YOUR RECORDS FROM AHA & START YOUR FREE CATTLEMAX® TRIAL TODAY! 21 DAYFREE TRIAL FREE TRIAL
software program.
home May/June 2024 | 19
When it comes to ranch record keeping, more Hereford breeders use CattleMax than any other
That’s because, not only does CattleMax let you organize every bit of
you need, it lets you do so
whether you’re at
or in the field.

Saying Goodbye Youth Movement

The Greatest Life

“If you want any one thing too badly, it’s likely to turn out to be a disappointment. The only healthy way to live life is to learn to like all the little everyday things.”

- Gus McCrae, “Lonesome Dove”

If you’ve watched “Lonesome Dove” or read the book, you know that Gus loves to live life to the fullest by making the most of any situation. I’ve loved this movie from the first time I saw it. The movie’s message helped form my outlook on life. Like Gus, I try to always find enjoyment in the little things. Reflecting on my time on the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) board

of directors, the little things made this one of my greatest life experiences, from the small conversations that turned into lifelong connections, to special details and all the small things.

Small talk turns into big connections

I’m an introvert. When I was a kid, I would stay at the stall with my cattle and avoid most social gatherings. Being alone is how I keep my battery charged. During my time on the board, I began to appreciate the fact that it seems to take a little longer after each show or conference to recharge my battery.


Tar Tut,

Vice chairman

Wesley Denton,

Communications chair

Lauren Jones,

Membership chair

Logan McFatridge,

Fundraising chair

Haley Mouser,

Leadership chair

Hannah Pearson,


Sam Birdsall,

Lauren Gatz,

Kaylee McInvale,

Isaac Rhode,

Salem Sifford,

Harlee Watson,

Director of youth activities

Amy Cowan


When I ran for the board, I set a goal to get out of my comfort zone and make more connections. Those little conversations I had while campaigning led to lifelong connections. It might have been the longest week in my life with all the small talk, but I learned and met more juniors that week than ever before. Little did I know when I decided to show a Hereford heifer, like it or not, this introvert would be making connections.

The devil is in the details

We all know the saying, “The devil is in the details,” but did you know it comes from an earlier saying of “God is in the details?” This saying means that everything you do should be done thoroughly and that the details matter.

During my time on the board, I have seen the importance of doing things thoroughly and focusing on the details. This attention to details makes NJHA stand out among other junior livestock associations. The Faces of Leadership in Ohio cemented the value of minute details. When we visited our gracious hosts Rick Malir and Bonnie Coley-Malir at

boards with hundreds of thank-you notes covering them. You could find notes from past NJHA board members and many more from different organizations, like FFA. It hit me hard that Rick and Bonnie treasured a detail as small as a thank-you note.

From the little things that Amy Cowan, Bailey Clanton and Chloé Durian have taught us about working in the showring to the hours they dedicate to helping us plan leadership workshops, it’s about ensuring the details are right for the juniors to have their best experience. As I begin to start my journey into adulthood and a career, I will always try my best to work on those little details.

It’s the little things

I’m just a girl from central Nebraska that really loves Hereford cows, old Westerns and art. As I learn my place in the “real world,” I try to make more time to focus on the little things in my day that make it better. For example, a good coffee or something to give me a laugh. These little things grow into a happy life. The little things build into great things.

Hannah Pearson, retiring NJHA leadership chair
20 | May/June 2024 He

I cannot thank the Hereford family enough for all the little and big things they have done for me. I truly can’t thank everyone enough for giving a ranch girl from Nebraska a chance to serve the best breed.

Hereford juniors, I challenge you to focus on the little things to make a big connection, focus on the details and live a great life. The NJHA’s little things have made my time a truly once-in-alifetime experience.

Connection. Leadership. Involvement.

As I reflect on the end of my term with the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) board, I keep coming back to the primary pillars I established at the beginning of this journey: the importance of building connections, fostering leadership and encouraging involvement. This journey has never been about personal recognition, but rather inspiring the next generation of juniors and providing unwavering support to current members. My journey as a second-generation Hereford breeder has been shaped by the opportunities presented to me by my family, state association, community and the remarkable individuals I’ve met along the way. Over the last three years, I have had the opportunity to refine and develop my guiding principles. I hope I have lived them every day and can leave the NJHA members with some words of encouragement.

Connect with others

Building connections is not just about networking; it’s about creating a community of support and encouragement. From the moment I decided to run for the NJHA board, connecting with fellow juniors has been a priority. As I look back at the memories captured from the 2021 VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) when I campaigned and my following three years of

service, I am reminded of the power of friendship and the joy that comes from caring for one another. My hope is that by setting an example of reaching out and building relationships, I have inspired other juniors to step out of their comfort zones, embrace new opportunities and cultivate lasting friendships that will enrich their lives. While meeting individuals is relatively easy, the challenge lies in nurturing those connections.

Seize every opportunity

If you’ve ever found yourself hesitating at the threshold of a new opportunity or contemplating stepping out of your comfort zone, I urge you to seize the moment. Embrace every chance that presents itself, for each new experience has the potential to lead you down paths you never imagined. Remember, the worst that can happen is a simple “no,” so why not take that leap of faith and see where it takes you?

embody unwavering determination to overcome any hurdle. These leaders not only navigate obstacles, but also inspire others with their resilience and strength.

Thank you, NJHA

Be positive and persevere

The way we speak to ourselves holds immense power. I firmly believe that with confidence, anything is achievable. I remember the hesitation I felt when I presented at my first Faces of Leadership and Hereford Homeroom. When we have faith, we can accomplish anything. Stay optimistic, as positivity is contagious.

Be a lifelong learner

Growth is a lifelong journey with a perpetual learning curve, with opportunities for knowledge at every turn. No matter where you are in life, staying open-minded and hungry for learning is crucial for personal and leadership development. Embrace every chance to broaden your horizons, challenge your beliefs and explore perspectives. Stay curious, keep seeking knowledge and never waver in your quest for learning.

Be a gritty leader

Grit is one of my favorite words. I think of it as determination, courage and strength all in one. I believe it is instrumental in accomplishing your goals. Gritty leaders will bend but not break in the face of challenges. They

I truly do not know where I would be today without the NJHA and the people in the Hereford breed. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to drape the maroon jacket over my shoulders and providing me with a platform to serve the “Hereford family” I love so dearly. I have gained lifelong friendships, one-of-a-kind experiences and personal growth. Most of all, I hope I was able to accomplish my goal of inspiring others and fostering connection, leadership and involvement among our association, so that we can continue to grow a pipeline of leaders to keep our breed strong for years to come. Although the end of my time on the board feels very bittersweet, I know this is not the end of my journey in the Hereford breed, and I look forward to staying around for a long time.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Bailey Clanton, Amy Cowan and Chloé Durian for their leadership, the 2021 delegates who placed their trust in me to guide the NJHA, all of my fellow board members past and present, my family for their unwavering support and guidance and all those who have played a part in this remarkable journey.

Lauren Jones, retiring NJHA communications chair May/June 2024 | 21

Get in on The Grand Daddy of ’Em All Foundation’s Focus

The VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) is one of the largest beef breed shows in the U.S., with exhibitors from across the country competing in the showring. Since it’s one of the largest national junior cattle shows in the world, some might think exhibitors have nothing else to do but show cattle; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Throughout the week, JNHE hosts 12 different contests for participants of all ages as well as events and opportunities which encourage juniors to make friends, learn new skills and have fun.

Exhibitors can find descriptions, qualifications, rules and regulations for these JNHE contests and events at There is a contest for everyone, such as the Certified Hereford Beef® Cook-Off, Hereford bowl, photography, speech, sales and promotional poster contests. Even though these contests don’t involve live cattle, they provide fun and educational experiences for attendees to learn more about the Hereford breed and the beef industry.

Other events do include handson cattle experience, such as the livestock judging, team fitting and showmanship contests. Hundreds of junior members mark cards and sharpen their cattle evaluation skills during the judging contest.

The team fitting contest fosters teamwork among state association members. The National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) hosts one of the most elite showmanship competitions in the country, where the top 10 exhibitors in each age division are selected after multiple rounds of competition.

Along with contests at JNHE, there are programs designed by the NJHA to help develop leadership and professional skills in young people to prepare them for whatever their next step may be. The first program for all ages is the Pen-to-Pen program. Pen-to-Pen is a mentorship program where younger members are paired with older ones who will mentor them during JNHE and exchange letters throughout the year. Pen-to-Pen participation encourages young people to make friends and network with the “Hereford family.”

Bridging the Gap, an NJHAsponsored career fair style event, allows industry professionals and college representatives to network and mingle with young people. As an event attendee last year, the number of potential careers the agricultural industry has to offer was eye-opening. Anyone in attendance can meet new people — and may even discover a new career path. Don’t forget to bring some resumes!

While most of these JNHE events and competitions are scheduled for the middle of the week, NJHA will kick-off the week with lots of excitement. Opening ceremonies showcases all of the JNHE exhibitors in the showring and builds energy for the coming week. Following opening ceremonies is food and fun night and Cornhole for a Cause. These events allow everyone to get in on

President Ray Ramsey 317-462-7122,

Vice President

George Sprague 541-465-2188,


Steve Folkman 920-474-7403,

Nancy Keilty 231-228-6578,

Jill Bielema 616-292-7476,

Katie Colyer 208-599-2962,

Bill King 505-220-9909,

Kathy Buchholz 214-537-1306,

Bruce Everhart 317-407-3618,

Director of youth activities

Amy Cowan 816-842-3757,

the action and enjoy the company of fellow Hereford enthusiasts. On top of all that, there will be a little friendly competition in the annual 5K race to see who is the fastest in the barns.

JNHE is so much more than a cattle show; it’s an opportunity to get to know fellow exhibitors and Hereford breeders. The NJHA strives to put on the best show possible while providing its members with opportunities to learn and create lifelong connections. Take advantage of the excitement and prepare for The Grand Daddy of ’Em All.

Logan McFatridge serves as the membership chair on the NJHA board of directors.

22 | May/June 2024 He

Introducing KCF BENNETTDominion

• Homozygous Polled

• Heavily pigmented, short marked, dark red.

• Dominion was the standout of his calf crop, earning an 83# BW, 118 WWR, 116 YWR, 118 RER, 6.1 FS, 36 cm SC.

• No bull in the breed comes close to matching his combination of CED, BW, WW, YW, SC, SCF, Udder EPDs, CW, REA and Marbling.

• His prototype dam is arguably the most ideal cow at Knoll Crest, with a nearly perfect udder.

• Dominion froze high quality semen at 13 months of age and bred 24 cows natural service in December and January, just prior to this photo being taken.

$60 Straw // $60 Certificate Contact Knoll Crest High quality semen available for immediate shipment. Paul S. Bennett (434) 941-8245 Dalton G. Bennett (434) 664-7946 Jim G. Bennett (434) 664-7935 Brian R. Bennett (434) 664-8309 Scott R. Bennett (434) 660-7268 P.O. Box 117 | Red House, VA 23963 | Martha Johnson, Office Manager | (434) 376-3567 | Serving the beef industry since 1944
CED BW WW YW SCSCF MMM&GMCEUDDRTEATCWREAMARBBMI$BII$CHB$ +5.9+1.6+77+129+1.7+21.2+30 +69 +3.1+1.60+1.60+106+1.12+0.29 +474 +580+177 27%25%1%1%4%13%29%5% 37% 1%1%1%1%13%4%3%2% SHF
Sire Dam REG: P44405363
// DOB: 9/23/2022
K510 May/June 2024 | 23



Supporting Youth this Summer

National Hereford Women (NHW) welcomes all Hereford enthusiasts and encourages participation in Hereford programs, scholarships and activities, according to the group’s mission. Last summer, the NHW provided 11 National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) members with scholarships to attend the Faces of Leadership Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Currently, major NHW fundraising efforts focus on raising the money to fully fund an account, which would send at least 10 NJHA youth to the Faces of Leadership Conference each year. With that said, the NHW has several events and activities happening this summer to support that effort.

NHW will once again attend Tennessee River Music Inc.’s Dixieland Delight Red, White & Black Production Sale May 3-4. The Hereford women will kick

Queen’s Tea will be one of many NHW sponsored events held at this year’s JNHE. Join the Hereford women in Grand Island, Neb., for Queen’s Tea, the NHW membership meeting and a new, fun fundraiser planned for Sunday evening.

off the Cinco De Mayo fundraiser Friday evening during the cattle preview. The group appreciates Tennessee River Music allowing NHW to host this fundraiser at their facility.


President: Sally Wingler, Christiana, Tenn.

Vice president: Abbygail Pitstick, South Solon, Ohio

President-elect: Beth Mansfield, Liberty, Tenn.

Secretary: Marlena Ballinger, Bluffton, Ohio

Treasurer: Melinda Watson, Flemingsburg, Ky. 6196 Mt. Sterling Rd., Flemingsburg, KY 41041

Ex Officio: Briley Miller, Newcastle, Wyo.


Nikki Crumm, Anadarko, Okla.

Melanie Fishel, Barnardsville, N.C.

Cameron Kolinski, Patrick Springs, Va.

Brandi Murphree, Hamilton, Texas

Bellana Putz, Otley, Iowa

Watch for new NHW/Hereford items available at the NHW booth during the VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) in Grand Island, Neb. When planning your JNHE trip, don’t forget about the Queen’s Tea and the NHW membership meeting on Monday, July 8. Stay tuned for an exciting fundraiser the NHW is planning during “The Grand Daddy of ’Em All” Food & Fun Night and Cornhole for a Cause on Sunday evening, July 7.

Currently, NHW is also gathering consignments for a couple of online fundraising sales. For more information about consigning a show prospect to the Queen’s Court Sale or donating a unique Hereford item, vacation, hunting trip, etc., to the Hereford

women please contact an NHW board member.

The NHW board of directors appreciates the support they receive from members and the Hereford family. With such generous support, the group is able to fund activities such as the National Hereford Queen program, Queen’s Scholarship, Ostgaard-Breiner Educational Scholarship and various JNHE awards. NJHA members are the future of the Hereford breed, and the NHW is committed to supporting the youth now and in the future.

Check out the NHW website or Facebook page to stay up to date on current NHW events, activities and merchandise.

To join and to learn more about the NHW, visit or email

24 | May/June 2024 He May/June 2024 | 25

Committed to Excellence CHB RETAILER OF THE YEAR

Rgrocery business inside-out when she took the massive risk of establishing the first Rancho Markets store in 2006, as a young single mother. Today, she and her husband, Roberto, own nine Rancho Market stores, all in the Salt Lake City area.

Community focused

Our objective as a company has always been and will continue to be to offer our valued customers fresh and quality products at the best market prices available.
— Eli Madrigal, Rancho Markets

“Our objective as a company has always been and will continue to be to offer our valued customers fresh and quality products at the best market prices available,” Eli says. “Rancho Markets is not only about being a leader in the supermarket industry; it’s also about giving back to the community and being there for them.”

Eli built the stores around providing the Salt Lake City area with quality products at the best value possible.

“We care about our community around us. We are not here to make a profit, we are here to serve our community,” Eli explained in a article. “I cannot compete with larger chains — some of them they have much better deals than we do — but having the opportunity to sell to our community, wherever we

26 | May/June 2024 He
Eli Madrigal demonstrates the electronic advertisement kiosk at one of the Rancho Markets stores. She and her team are always innovating to better serve customers.

are, the lowest we can, and helping them to put food on their tables is the most rewarding thing for us.”

This commitment to offering customers value and quality are reasons Eli added Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) to Rancho Markets in March of 2023.

“We chose CHB for its quality and reputation. Both the service and quality are exceptional, and we are honored to have Hereford beef in our stores,” she says. “We have had an increase in our volumes and customers that are returning with new

The company has grown its beef sales by 27% and expanded its customer base since adding Certified Hereford Beef. Rancho Markets was also recently named Utah’s Hispanic Business of the Year.

“Rancho Markets are among the most immaculate stores I have ever seen,” says Brenyn Burkholder, field marketing manager for National Beef, the exclusive CHB beef packer. “They are a wonderful CHB partner, and they have a great marketing team that promotes the brand.”

“Rancho Markets are a true partner with us,” explains Ty Ragsdale, CHB brand manager. “They are a big believer in quality and serving their community. They do an excellent job of merchandising CHB across all of their stores and are always open to new ideas and promotions.”

Eli, her family and Rancho Markets team are proud to be named Certified Hereford Beef Retailer of the Year.

“The introduction of the Certified Hereford Beef program was the best thing to happen to Rancho Markets. We are so thankful for the quality of the program and how it has strengthened our meat department,” Eli says. “We are proud

Rancho Markets was recently named Utah’s Hispanic Business of the Year. May/June 2024 | 27
Rancho Markets stores are immaculate and dynamic.


10/16/23 • AHA P44531848 • Homozygous Polled JW 1857 Merit 21134 x NJW 1A 173D Rita 157F

CED +11.2 / BW +1.5 / WW +92 / YW +150 / MILK +32 / UDDR +1.3 / TEAT +1.3 / REA +1.00 / MARB +.45 / CHB +202 Breed leading EPD profile in this donor prospect out of Rita 157F.

BLZ GEMINI 7233 229G L042ET 8/10/23 • AHA P44509081 • Homozygous Polled Green JCS Makers Mark x EXR Gemini 7233 ET

+8.4 / BW +0.2 / WW +63 / YW +101 / MILK +21 / UDDR +1.5 / TEAT +1.5 / REA +.63 / MARB +.27 / CHB +166 Big spread with eye appeal.


10/11/23 • AHA P44530211 • Polled

RST Final Print 0016 x BF 4013 Posh 12H ET

CED +7.9 / BW +0.9 / WW +80 / YW +121 / MILK +33 / UDDR +1.4 / TEAT +1.4 / REA +.92 / MARB +.39 / CHB +182 Excellent numerical profile with style out of Posh 12H.


9/26/23 • AHA 44542753 • Horned


Burns Farms
12 noon CDT SATURDAY, MAY 11 Pikeville, TN 113 Head of Elite Herefords sell as 70 Lots! Herd Bull Prospect • Fall Show Heifer and Donor Prospects • Fall Bred Heifers Spring Cow/Calf Pairs • Fall Cow/Calf Splits and 3-in-1 Pairs 4 DAVID BURNS (615) 477-5668 E-mail: Zach Day, Herdsman (859) 588-6271 Pikeville, Tennessee You Dream. We Deliver. Dustin N. Layton • (405) 464-2455 Chisolm Kinder • (405) 747-4683 TAL #6690 TFL #5818 BF 157F RITA 59L ET 11/7/23 • AHA P44531869 • Polled RST Final Print 0016 x NJW 1A 173D Rita 157F CED +1.8 / BW +3.6 / WW +91 / YW +149 / MILK +30 / UDDR +1.2 / TEAT +1.1 / REA +.91 / MARB +.22 / CHB +187 Goggle-eyed donor prospect out of Rita 157F.
Annual Female Event
Roll The Dice 1326 x BF Novel 5502 ET CED –1.4 / BW +3.9 / WW +68 / YW +109 / MILK +31 / UDDR +1.2 / TEAT +1.2 / REA +1.00 / MARB +.14 / CHB +152 Elite horned show heifer prospect out of Novel 5502. BF FULL OF LIFE 60L ET 9/9/23 • AHA 44537724 • Horned KJ BJ 58Z Contender D56 ET x BF Full of It 5600 ET CED +3.4 / BW +2.6 / WW +62 / YW +92 / MILK +28 / UDDR +1.1 / TEAT +1.1 / REA +.86 / MARB +.25 / CHB +153
marked and stout horned show heifer prospect. View the sale catalog online now at & layton • Videos at Since 1952 May/June 2024 | 29


Serving the Story

Certified Hereford Beef® Food Service Distributor of the Year builds upon the brand’s grassroots.

Fhe fell in love with animal agriculture and, by proxy, the food it produced. After a stint in culinary school, he donned his chef’s coat and ran the kitchen of a bed and breakfast before shifting into a more traditional familystyle restaurant. These experiences, both in the field and in the kitchen, gave him an invaluable perspective when he joined US Foods as a center of the plate (COP) specialist, working one-onone with restaurants and providing product expertise and sales support from tastings to valuable market trends. After joining the US Foods team, Wells quickly rose through the ranks, managing categories and vendors in different regions before landing back in the south in his current vice president role.

with the tools needed to tell the CHB story and help it stand out in one of the most complex and competitive protein sectors — beef.

In his mission to transform his team from salespeople into culinary storytellers offering a quality product, Wells has a wealth of support from the CHB team. As a professional who cut his teeth promoting a very large beef brand, Wells was frankly surprised when the newer and seemingly more grassroots Certified Hereford Beef offered his team powerful resources to help grow the market share in their region.

The story behind the brand Wells’ summers on his family’s farm uniquely positioned him to appreciate the story behind the CHB brand — the only Hereford-branded

“The CHB team has always been there to help with whatever it is we needed. If we wanted to meet with a rancher and train our team, they showed up with all the bells and whistles. If we needed to run a promotion with our team, they always helped me build something impactful that moved the needle,” Wells says. He notes CHB’s publications, reminders and training tidbits not

30 | May/June 2024 He
Jonathan Wells, vice president of merchandising and marketing for US Foods–Atlanta, which was named the CHB Food Service Distributor of the Year.

only keep the brand top-of-mind for his sales staff but also continue to grow demand with end users.

Powerful partnerships

Brands are often only as good as those who stand behind them, and Certified Hereford Beef curates powerful partnerships between the brand and its distributors and the Hereford producers and consumers.

“These partnerships are absolutely vital to the life of the brand, its success and its continuation,” says Ty Ragsdale, CHB brand manager. “CHB has a small sales team, so it is crucial to have those partners, like US Foods–Atlanta, to be the feet on the ground.”

US Foods–Atlanta, with Wells’ leadership, shines even among a list of dedicated licensed CHB distributors. The team garnered the CHB Food Service Distributor of the Year by moving the most volume of branded product during the fiscal year, which is unsurprising to those who have watched their rise. Since US Foods–Atlanta partnered with CHB in 2019, after being introduced to the brand by National Beef’s Terry Thornton, they have grown their sales by 30% each year, according to Ragsdale.

I’ve always kept that in mind, that whatever I’m doing has to help them solve problems daily.”

Back to the roots

Being successful in the culinary world means stacking up days of working hard to provide consistent, quality products until those days become months and then years. In that respect, culinary professionals easily relate to beef producers.

“Anybody who works directly with animals has a whole lot of patience. You’re not just going to do something today and see the results. Oftentimes,

The CHB team has always been there to help with whatever it is we needed. If we wanted to meet with a rancher and train our team, they showed up with all the bells and whistles. If we needed to run a promotion with our team, they always helped me build something impactful that moved the needle.
— Jonathan Wells,

US Foods–Atlanta

This rapid and consistent growth further serves as a testament to the power behind these branddistributor partnerships.

“Jonathan and US Foods have been the most cooperative and best ambassadors for the brand in the history of the brand. He has totally embraced it and has worked so well with CHB management and the National Beef team,” Ragsdale says. “With his culinary background, Jonathan has an incredible understanding of the whole protein category. He is a problem solver for the customers and a master at teaching new salespeople about the beef category. He breaks it down to the basics until his staff is confident in selling these products.”

Wells also views his culinary background and unique understanding of the marketplace as an advantage.

“I understand what our customers are going through on a daily basis and their challenges, such as being short-handed, putting out a consistent, high-quality product and keeping people coming back,” he says. “Those are the challenges that I lived with every day for years. So, in every role,

it’s going to take years of consistent work,” Wells says, recalling his family’s farm. “[The farm] gave me a lot of background going into the world and helped me remember where our food comes from. In today’s society, some people think food comes from a restaurant, a store or a manufacturer, but none of our food starts there. It starts with a family and a farm.”

Wells was reminded of that fact once again when he visited the American Hereford Association. While touring the Kansas City, Mo., office, he had the honor of peeking back into the archives of pedigrees to find his great-grandfather’s herd sire from decades ago.

Wells’ story overlaps many of the Hereford producers that stand behind the Certified Hereford Beef brand because, it too, starts with a family and farm, and Wells and US Foods–Atlanta have the honor of connecting that story with the consumer with every flavorful CHB steak that lands on a plate.

“And that’s a very good story to tell today’s consumers,” Wells concludes. May/June 2024 | 31
32 | May/June 2024 He


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CHB Sires of Distinction 1,282 Bulls Honored

4 4171322 4 4169185 4 4278802 4 4279861 4 4334833 43839091 4 4169408 4 4169412 4 4169416 4 4171323 4 4234507 4 4277701 43839040 43847478 43567160 4 4222602 4 4043786 44089259 4 4095859 43401646 4 4235655 43566255 43578669

/S Revolution 88120 43948467

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43803644 AH
36 | May/June 2024 He

BF Blue Print 0401 ET 4 4220812

BF CSF Target 3209 43367669

BF Cuda 007 4 4171705

BF Cuda 100G ET 44108963

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BG 10Y Hometown 47C 43585374

BG B413 Validated 25J 44256685

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Birdwell Bullnanza 7098 0552ET 4 4254853

Birdwell Dynamic 5022 1673 ET 4 4297680

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Birdwell Redbird 7098 0558ET 44254851

Birdwell Vanguard 5022 9337 4 4021997

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BK 88X Ribeye 0056 4 4184576

Blacktop Aphrodites 7014 43796134

Blacktop Encore 8433 43890778

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BLZ Endure 8200F J010 4 4278964

Boyd 4136 Victor 9203 ET 44 068729

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BRP Revolution 553 105 4 4323467

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BW 139X X51 Revolution 82Z 43317596

C 0201 Ribeye 8335 ET 43966943

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Charlie Lanes Revolution X51 43526083

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Churchill Advance 695D 43703076

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Churchill Broadway 034H 4 4149850

Churchill Broadway 104J 4 4267810

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Churchill Desperado 029H 4 4149846

Churchill Domino 114J 4 4268901

Churchill Domino 134J 4 4268911

Churchill Domino 160J 4 4268917

Churchill Domino 2243Z ET 43343160

Churchill Domino 3179A 43376909

Churchill Domino 344A 43376938

Churchill Domino 8368F ET 43996042

Churchill Dutch S 738T 42796069

Churchill Hometown 5344C ET 43631817

Churchill Hometown 5371C ET 43631842

Churchill Long Haul 1140J 4 4267844

Churchill Long Haul 234K ET 4 4378132

Churchill Mark Dom 691D 43703072

Churchill Mark Dom 697D 43703078

Churchill Mark Dom 8264F 43919905

Churchill Neon 626S 42696418

Churchill Red Baron 0375H ET 44274480

Churchill Red Bull 426B 43474681

Churchill Slugger 800U ET 42884828

Churchill Stud 3134A 43377074

Churchill Yankee ET 42731411

CK Mr Thor P025 43295871

CK Mr Yank L132 43016411

CKF Y02 Roosevelt 32F 43887302




CL 1 Domino 0150X

CL 1 Domino







CL1 Domino 215Z

CL1 Domino 4150B

CL1 Domino 465B

CL1 Domino 496B 1ET

C M BB Advance 5030 ET

CMF 104B Feed Route 462F 43986442

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CMF 123B Database 284D

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4 4138924
1 Domino 001H
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Domino 003H
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CL 1 Domino 0136H
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4 4259272 CL 1
43189532 CL 1 Domino
4 4259321 CL 1 Domino
1ET 4 4259329 CL 1 Domino 120J 1ET 4 4259177 CL 1 Domino
4 4259345 CL 1 Domino
4 4259346
1 Domino 1235J 4 4259367
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1 Domino
1 Domino
1 Domino
1 Domino
Domino 1158Y
1182J 1ET
6128D 1ET
710E 1ET
Domino 7188E 1ET
Domino 754E
Domino 766E 1ET
Domino 802F
CL 1 Domino 8146F 1ET
CL 1 Domino 8169F 1ET
1 Domino 8184F 1ET
Domino 829F
44 010062
4 4011572
4 4011575
Domino 9100G 1ET
CL 1 Domino 9126G
CL 1 Domino 9135G
4 4010113
CL 1 Domino 9184G
4 4011596
CL 1 Domino 9189G
4 4011560
CL 1 Domino 995G
4 4108010 May/June 2024 | 37
continued on page 38...

CMF 20X Eby 351E 43875285

CMF 24Z Hampton 653H 4 4203362

CMF 263D Hudson 639H 4 4203429

CMF 291D Free Range 449F 43986429

CMF 297D Jingle 731J 4 4313656

CMF 29X Doc Holliday 248D 43757657

CMF 31Z Easton 319E 43875283

CMF 333E Hitching Post 648H 4 4203559

CMF 396F Jet 687J 4 4313481

CMF 8A Head Light 620H 4 4203357

CMF Ernst Power Broker 405F 43986389

CMF OHR 250D Holland 625H 44203422

CMF OHR 297D Heavy Weight 628H 4 4203525

CMR 051 Devout 21243 JW ET 4 4260671

CMR 051 Devout 21284 JW ET 4 4260707

CMR 051 Devout 21287 JW ET 4 4260709

Coastal Cattle Buxton 43556833

CRC Domino 19241 4 4107102

CRR 100W Trust 367 ET 43384594

CRR 88X Ribeye 056 4 4184123

CRR 8Y Homegrown 057 4 4184120

CSR 73D Valentino B413 40H 4 4172186

CSU 10Y Ram 7217 43851756

CSU Kid Ram 0218 4 4164181

CSU Trust 167Y Ram 9262 ET 44 088543

CT Lucky 68G 4 4096153

CT Test 116H 4 4280294

DBDJ Validated 105H 4 4161020

Desert Explosion 728 43829144

DHR 215Z Dom 0945 Mark Dom 902 44 034868

DHR 215Z Light Outs Dom 709 43785043

DHR 215Z Yankee Domino 765 43783756

DJF 3027 513T Victorino 0002 43080592

DM All Around 904G ET 4 4015527

DM BR Sooner 42537322

DS 1045 Advance 3575N 42394633

DSB 120W Equitable 416B ET 43561826

DSB 120W Proven 418B ET 43561828

DSB 201Y 10Y Hometown 114D 43665632

DSB R52 Longmire 407B ET 43561805

DTF Beau Royal 4R 3A49 43454713

DTF Prestige 33Z 1J38 ET 4 4310485

DTF Santana C776 8F03 43950989

DTF Tin Cup Z311 6D06 43688243

E 7311 Encore 9013 ET 4 4109422

ECR 173D Endurance 8197 43947885

ECR 173D Endure 8111 43971821

ECR 173D Endure 8125 43975410

ECR 173D Endure 9211 4 4063352

ECR 628 Advance 9428 ET 4 4200938

ECR DM Advance 893 ET 4 4018341

ECR HW 215 Domino 6001 43750256

ECR TSR OBH Standing Ovation 43748450

EF F745 Frank P230 42528669

EF Final Test H04 4 4213184

EFBeef 4R Revolution C644 43629464

EFBeef A215 Fortune D805 43683968

EFBeef A215 Fortune D817 43683956

EFBeef A250 Tested F225 43894683

EFBeef A250 Tested F246 43898293

EFBeef A250 Tested F294 439 04896

EFBeef A250 Tested H627 ET 4 4208622

EFBeef A303 Proficient F233 43958993

EFBeef B20 X51 D827 43673518

EFBeef B20 X51 E022 ET 43777075

EFBeef B413 Primestock E007 ET 43772308

EFBeef B413 Validate F240 43897545

EFBeef B413 Validate F257 43898289

EFBeef BR Validated B413 43558667

EFBeef C609 Resolute E063 43799317

EFBeef C609 Resolute E158 ET 43847198

EFBeef C609 Resolute G473 4 4110216

EFBeef C609 Resolute G487 4 4109959

EFBeef C609 Resolute G488 4 4109958

EFBeef C609 Resolute G496 4 4109970

EFBeef C615 Equity E061 43799318

EFBeef C615 Resolution E008 43772332

EFBeef C615 Resolved H615 4 4208618

EFBeef D817 Fortune H617 4 4208853

EFBeef D817 Fortune H665 4 4208723

EFBeef D817 Fortune H668 4 4253478

EFBeef D817 Fortune H686 44208848

EFBeef D876 Cost Cutter F255 43898290

EFBeef E018 Tested G456 4 4110206

EFBeef E061 Net Merit H611 4 4208630

EFBeef HPB P230 X2 Frank C662 43591936

EFBeef HPB X651 Tested Z020 43286259

EFBeef N093 Proficient Z058 43286295

EFBeef P230 Frank B481 43558684

EFBeef P230 Frank B498 43558678

EFBeef P230 Frank W420 43032117

EFBeef P230 X2 Frank D953 43709224

EFBeef Resolute CEO 43591829

EFBeef TFL U208 Tested X651 ET 43091736

EFBeef U208 Fortune 312A ET 43411684

EFBeef U307 Fellis Z035 43286273

EFBeef X51 Resolute C615 43591846

EFBeef X651 Tested A250 434 40096

EFBeef X651 Tested D885 43707542

EFBeef X651 Tested E116 43849411

EFBeefP230FrankieT099 42819024

ELZE B413 Jordan 6J 4 4224835

EPHR Pathefinder 4G 842B 43491165

EXR 966 10Y Hometown 5141 ET 43592524

EXR Air Express 8135 ET 43899156

EXR Belle Air 9310 ET 4 4063691

EXR Benchmark 8240 ET 43968864

EXR Endure 1206 ET 4 4219691

EXR Genesis 1002 4 4212737

EXR Hometown 7017 43770190

EXR Peerless 9079 44 060927

EXR Trust 5109 ET 43555823

EXR Trust Fund 8112 ET 43888400

EXR Unstoppable 428 ET 43451239

F 215Z Domino 620 43659563

F 215Z Domino 672 43666864

F Final Test 722 43782451

FH 0945 Mark Domino 928 MD 4 4055241

FH 0945 Mark Domino 981 MD 4 4060332

FH 215Z Domino 917 AF 4 4052750

FH L1 Domino 754 ET 43840220

FH L1 Domino 812 MD 43951924

FHF 9279 Deadwood 38Y 43196788

Fields Edge Tested 5J16 43648332

Five J’s Tested 4013 0945 4 4294973

Four L 279R Bennett X0153 ET 43206437

FPH 001 Anodyne 1140 4 4031626

Frenzen Crown Royal C25 43619390

Frenzen Dynamic D44 43761091

Frenzen Final Test J67 ET 4 4323681

Frenzen Mark Domino H42 4 4213265

Frenzen MC Redstone U5 42945090

FS Advance 7053E ET 43868910

FS Advance 8048F 43991698

FS Advance 8055F 43991700

FS Advance 8103F 43991776

858F Shoc 0071

GB L1 Domino 082H 4 4163900

GB L1 Domino 268T 43289492

GB L1 Domino 3194W 43438922

GB L1 Domino 415X 43488836

GB L1 Domino 458X 43488874

GB L1 Domino 762E 43814153

GB L1 Domino 823F 43922937

GB L1 Domino 9120G 44 095888

GB L1 Domino 957G 4 4036549

Genoa 27A Hometown 19263 ET 44 096834

Genoa 3027 Domino 15073 43585147

Genoa 6011 Belle Air 19073 ET 4 4011928

Genoa 6011 Belle Air 19091 4 4011891

Genoa 6011 Belle Aire 19064 ET 4 4011927

Genoa Domino 215Z 17128 43783235

Genoa Foremost 12180 43349446

Gerber Bluechip 002B 43521948

Gerber Canaan 041C 43639075

Gerber Diligence D031 43704293

Gerber Habakkuk H08 4 4189781

Gerber High Time H65 44189906

Gerber Joshua J32 4 4246736

GG AA Certified 017H 4 4135081

...CHB Sires of Distinction continued from page 37
43474691 FSL
Prime Product
43579444 FTF Prime Product 648D 43667140 FTF Prime Product 861F 43911694 FTF Prime Profit 849F 43911680 FTF Revolution
43911678 FTF
Confidence 167Y 8F ET 43909041
Studly 100W 27X 18B
WPM Credence 167Y 16F ET 43915249
Prime Product 226Z 43289496 FTF
Tested 025H
Testimony 828F 43911635 G4G 8371
4 4235614
38 | May/June 2024 He

GG EFBeef Cuda 815F 43927903

GG Historic 009H 4 4135049

GG Trust 167Y 632D 43776025

GH Adams Top Gun ET 516T 42875228

GH Difference Britisher 45L 42407273

GKB EJE 6011 Bellator 8072 ET 43940699

Glengrove 936 Drummin D31 43776697

GO King E33 43796790

GO Outcross X48 43105961

Golden Oak Outcross 18U 42963135

GR Anodize 2568 43929344

GR New York 3129 44 041337

GR New York 3269 4 4041350

Grand 33Z E02 H03 4 4120492

Green 11E Blueprint 102G ET 4 4042071

Green JCS Makers Mark 229G ET 44 042074

GVR Revolution Trust 1173 002G 44 000146

H 8E Embracer 8006 41045158

H B Distinct 4 4184682

H Bell Ringer 8459 ET 43915089

H H Maxium 122 ET 43188149

H Montgomery 7437 ET 43799223

H Solution 657 ET 43750014

H WMS Thomas County 1443 ET 4 4257454

H3L Mr. 0002X Advance 118E 43774050

H5 0945 Domino 0245 1ET 4 4133074

H5 0945 Domino 7167 ET 43792594

H5 0945 Domino 7181 ET 43792609

H5 161 Advance 586 43589508

H5 215 Domino 968 1ET 44 049549

H5 215Z Domino 011 4 4132947

H5 2185 Domino 799 43792538

H5 5019 Advance 781 43792521

H5 5019 Advance 8217 43898487

H5 5019 Advance 891 43898010

H5 5019 Advance 9241 44 042304

H5 5019C Advance 988 4 4039594

H5 6128 Domino 8193 1ET 43901205

H5 6206 Domino 846 43897969

H5 81E Domino 906 4 4025039

H5 8232 Domino 161 4 4237992

H5 9075 Advance 3190 1ET 43375573

H5 9184 Domino 1325 4 4237928

H5 Solution 064 43087867

Haroldson’s Upgrade T100 33D 43879201

Harvie Smoke Stack ET 195B 43711169

HCC Advance 9023 G ET 4 4130358

HCC Arapaho 6037 ET 43740694

HCC Legacy S01 ET 42697758

HCC Sensation 6008 ET 43740709

HH Advance 0022H ET 4 4128602

HH Advance 0025H ET 4 4129518

HH Advance 0031H ET 4 4128609

HH Advance 0074H ET 4 4129522

HH Advance 0159H 4 4128721

HH Advance 1023J 4 4238838

HH Advance 1045L 42151369

HH Advance 1059Y 43173094

HH Advance 1125J ET 4 4238929

HH Advance 3297A ET 43442630

HH Advance 5019C ET 43578975

HH Advance 6007D ET 43688371

HH Advance 6193D ET 43688533

HH Advance 6226D ET 43688561

HH Advance 7008E 43786114

HH Advance 7024E ET 43786128

HH Advance 7049E 43786153

HH Advance 7076E ET 43786179

HH Advance 7088E 43786190

HH Advance 7154E ET 43786248

HH Advance 8008F 43896716

HH Advance 8057F 43896760

HH Advance 8120F ET 43896810

HH Advance 8132F 43896818

HH Advance 8353F 43966155

HH Advance 8392F ET 43966191

HH Advance 9065G 4 4008175

HH Advance 9076G ET 4 4008185

HH Advance 9102G 4 4008211

HH Advance 9156G 44 008262

HHF Zorro W18 Z7 43405820

HHQ 33Z Percy 5E 43776083

Hills Galore 44Z Resolute 128D 43866386

HM Sure Bet 9A 4 4021996

Homestretch X338 10Y CG 33F ET 43916508

HRC Z Dude 7597 43864430

Huth 813 Revolution 4R Y001 43211211

Huth A014 Leader F028 43940511

Huth C019 Victor 33Z G009 4 4087483

Huth Full House N003 42409445

Huth Hometown 10Y E033 ET 43817894

Huth R007 Thor Z021 43294233

Huth X007 General Butch D033 43712727

Huth X007 Revolver A026 43403163

Huth Y011 Foremost C065 43594770

Huth Z011 Tested A250 E049 43849186

Huth Z016 Whitey H014 4 4189439

Hyalite Foremost 436 43480572

Hyalite Foremost 455 43480640

Hyalite Foremost 515ET 43580182

Hyalite Foremost 578ET 43580247

Hyalite Resource 660 43696095

Hyalite Resource 774 43796300

ILR 34X 33Z Parker 806 ET 43925587

ILR Red Bull 423B 43499409

IMR 5025C Domino 8051F 43906184

IMR 710E Domino 0117H ET 4 4131672

IMR 710E Domino 9027G 44 020806

Innisfail 1837 33H 44224463

Innisfail 1837 43H 44224478

Innisfail 209 Z311 6023 ET 43758747

Innisfail 4013 11E 43861945

Innisfail 4021 B413 2004 ET 4 4225207

Innisfail 4021 Endure 2023 ET 44225096

Innisfail 6011 T723 1813 ET 43982742

Innisfail 6011 T723 1819 ET 43982806

Innisfail 66128 42H 4 4224477

Innisfail 723 U208 4007 ET 43541957

Innisfail 871 4013 2046 ET 4 4224513

Innisfail 871 4013 2047 ET 4 4224514

Innisfail C615 32G 4 4097685

Innisfail Enable 4021 1832 ET 43984208

Innisfail Endorse 4021 1838 ET 43984217

Innisfail Energy 4021 1837 ET 43984215

Innisfail Sandman 1580 2156 ET 4 4333791

Innisfail T723 6964 1909 ET 4 4097624

Innisfail T723 B413 1943 ET 4 4097655

Innisfail Trade Secret 14J 4 4333044 Innisfail Trademark 1939 ET 4 4097651 Innisfail Trademark 38J 4 4333564


JDH AH Substance 110F ET

JDH MRD 2Z 33Z Victor 3G ET

JDH MRD 2Z 33Z Victor 6G ET 4 4016617

JDH Victor 719T 33Z ET 43294080

JDH Z311 Insight 30D ET 43693129

JET Domino L617 19587707

JSS Domino 334 43420606

JW B716 Devout 18031 ET 43859652

JW B716 Devout 18051 43859659

JW B716 Devout 20183 4 4102047

JW B716 Domino 1865 ET 43895103

JW X651 Tested 1857 ET 43895110

K Domino Privilege 852F 43972402

K Domino Privilege 903G 44085447 continued on page 40...

43541951 Innisfail
43625120 JAS
44255701 JBB
43792162 JCS 1321 Mark Domino 8341 43934356 JCS 240 Domino 8456 43934305 JDB CEO Z255 Resolute F824 43990878 JDB Lilac Z311 951B Rock 192F 43948330 JDH 11B Stud 3134 63E 43782967 JDH 13Y Mr Victor 33Z 35B ET 43469542 JDH 16B 8G Benton 71J ET 4 4242716 JDH 17A 3373 Trust 80G 4 4025412 JDH 17A 8Y Homegrown 39G ET 44 029404
5D 43677046 JDH
43677078 JDH
43677067 JDH
ET 43905642 JDH
ET 4 4014183
43905467 JDH
4 4014184 JDH
4 4148953
X651/723 4013 ET 43541960
WHR X651/723 4020 ET
Z311 13C
BBH B413 Justified 120J
Boom Town 7019
33Z 73D
48A Trust 3373 54D
AH 34X Hometown 97F
AH 45C 63E Stud 7G
JDH AH 45C Mighty 118G ET
AH 45C Miles 6077 7F ET
AH Benton 8G ET
AH Lincoln 106H ET
JDH AH Miles Ahead 35F ET 43905516
JDH AH Prominent 21G ET 4 4014204 JDH AH Standout 16G ET
4 4016615 May/June 2024 | 39

K King 400 43565031

K&B Sentinel 007X 43110760

K7 215 Domino 2034 4 4124935

K7 4013 Lad 1929 4 4003627

K7 504 Lad 2049 4 4124947

K7 504 Lad 2121 4 4241160

K7 7088 Domino 2120 4 4239285

KACZ P18 Trust 100W 67B ET 43536935

Katherines 3027 Domino 0016 4 4207376

KCF Bennett 10Y B309 ET 43552680

KCF Bennett 10Y C618 43662499

KCF Bennett 10Y C775 ET 43662611

KCF Bennett 2107 B642 43552029

KCF Bennett 2107 C676 43662526

KCF Bennett 33Z F467 43983784

KCF Bennett 504C E685 43936441

KCF Bennett 504C E696 43936489

KCF Bennett 504C F33 43944057

KCF Bennett 504C F343 43982745

KCF Bennett 504C G105 440 44685

KCF Bennett 504C G148 440 44703

KCF Bennett 504C H488 4 4249941

KCF Bennett 504C J194 4 4267574

KCF Bennett 504C J223 4 4267590

KCF Bennett 936 C378 ET 43662656

KCF Bennett Acclaim C442 43661600

KCF Bennett B279 H526 4 4249974

KCF Bennett B284 E377 43935939

KCF Bennett B284 E460 43936118

KCF Bennett B284 E99 43822789

KCF Bennett B413 F102 43943887

KCF Bennett B413 G66 44 044666

KCF Bennett B413 G85 440 44676

KCF Bennett B413 H88 4 4155272

KCF Bennett B716 E626 43936390

KCF Bennett B716 F597 43983894

KCF Bennett Bedford E177 43822847

KCF Bennett Bedrock H642 44250089

KCF Bennett C154 43600852

KCF Bennett C776 F25 43943073

KCF Bennett C776 G448 4 4105183

KCF Bennett C776 G461 4 4105200

KCF Bennett C776 G507 4 4105217

KCF Bennett D367 G317 4 4105074

KCF Bennett D367 G391 4 4105151

KCF Bennett D367 G98 440 44683

KCF Bennett D367 H189 4 4155346

KCF Bennett D367 H21 4 4155246

KCF Bennett D67 G82 440 44673

KCF Bennett D67 H349 4 4249650

KCF Bennett Eagle H550 4 4249999

KCF Bennett Encore Z311 ET 43387256

KCF Bennett F597 J478 4 4320187

KCF Bennett G595 J431 4 4320175

KCF Bennett Gateway F391 43982934

KCF Bennett Grady J79 4 4267434

KCF Bennett Homeward C776 43662613

KCF Bennett Impact B451 43551883

KCF Bennett Impact G325 4 4105078

KCF Bennett Impact H622 4 4250057

KCF Bennett Impact J216 4 4267585

KCF Bennett Kudos J517 4 4320217

KCF Bennett M326 S342 42763176

KCF Bennett M326 U223 42895482

KCF Bennett Nevada H377 4 4249814

KCF Bennett Noble D367 43785095

KCF Bennett Professional B236 43500879

KCF Bennett Proficient Y80 43182293

KCF Bennett Provident B284 43552670

KCF Bennett Redeem A394 43455208

KCF Bennett Redeem Z367 43369980

KCF Bennett Relevant D67 ET 43694844

KCF Bennett Resolve G595 4 4105347

KCF Bennett Revolution W430 ET 43052827

KCF Bennett Revolution X51 43081556

KCF Bennett Revolution X69 43081399

KCF Bennett Reward H85 4 4155269

KCF Bennett Solution 936 D672 ET 43785457

KCF Bennett Strategy Z303 ET 43387250

KCF Bennett X51 A475 43455183

KCF Bennett X51 B20 43500757

KCF Bennett X51 B599 43552001

KCF Bennett X51 C152 43600847

KCF Bennett X51 C558 43662452

KCF Bennett X51 D658 43785412

KCF Bennett X51 Z179 43282627

KCF Bennett X51 Z417 43369933

KCF Bennett X51 Z527 43369994

KCF Bennett X51 Z97 43282583

KCF Bennett York D663 ET 43785472

KCF Bennett Z311 B604 43552002

KCF Bennett Z311 C125 43600813

KCF Bennett Z311 C360 ET 43662621

KCF Bennett Z311 C377 ET 43662623

KCF Bennett Z311 C661 43662520

KCF Bennett Z311 D110 ET 43694853

KCF Bennett Z80 B304 ET 43552468

KCF Bennett Z80 B313 ET 43552697

KCF Z311 Bennett Encore C530 43662436

KEG 121 Domino P411 D642 43718444

KEG Hunker Down Y110 B454 43523701

KF 001A 1077 Anodyne 161G 4 4089162

KF 652D 61D Dante 163G 4 4089170

KJ 152F Benton 343J 44279644

KJ 175F Benton 369J 4 4274689

KJ 175F Leader 941H 4 4137357

KJ 309C Timeline 391J 4 4279635

KJ 328F Benton E43K ET 4440 4635

KJ 364C Departure 247J ET 44235840

KJ 482Y Domino 833A 43418482

KJ BJ 58Z Contender D56 ET 43770756

KJ BJ D06 Leader 123F 43930450

KJ GKB 364C Impact 249J ET 44235838

KJ Nella 835E Major 394J ET 4 4344267

KLS Hometown 9B 43564251

KR QR Endure 18072 44 006046

KSU Land Grant 153 ET 4 4231207

KX York Red Neon 18004 43903483

L III A250 Surefire 1514 43628339

L III NCC E158 2038 4 4224722

L III NCC E158 Resolute 2058 4

1714 43767040 L III TFL X651 Tested 1533

LaGrand Reload 80P ET 42539056

LBH 102T Super Rib 47X

LBH 1321 Mark Domino 67F 4 4152571

LBH 20J Stanmore ET 265Y 43841432 LCI 157K Ribstone

LJS Mark Domino 1321 43394744

LJS Mark Domino 1444 43495365

LJS Mark Domino 1613 43706953

LJS Mark Domino 1718ET 43808663

LJS Mark Domino 1722 43808669

LJS Mark Domino 1954 44 036654

Loewen 4B Garfield B42 G24 ET 43995204

Loewen 6X Anodyne C41 ET 43636638

Loewen All Star 4A 10C 43566748

Loewen CMF Mendel 7G 43998376

Loewen DCF Defiance H49 ET 4 4205419

Loewen Genesis 4G J37 ET 4 4293755

Loewen Genesis 4G J38 ET 4 4293757

Loewen Genesis G16 ET 43987463

Loewen MHF 6X Anodyne D75 ET 43708984

Loewen MHF 6X Anodyne D76 ET 43708985

LW 3006 Advance 730E ET 43826875

LW 6128 Domino 901G ET 4 4052478

LW 7131 Domino 1103J ET 4 4279337

LW 901 Domino 1001J 4 4270636

MAF Mr Encore Y32 D40 43783713

MC 157K Polled Ribstone 1093ET 43133639

MC 1736 D287 Daybreak 2014 4 4225772

MC 1807 D413 Validated 2108 4 4327538

MC 9904 P230 Frank 2076 ET 44195944

MC DHZ5 B413 Validated 2106 ET 4 4327537

MC R415 CEO Resolute 1824ET 43944584

MC Ranger 9615 23895865

McCabe FSL Victor 33Z 42B 24E 43788982

MCM 6964 Varsity 801F 43932440

4224721 L III TFL A004 Anchor 1614 43668586 L III TFL A250 1817 ET 43885265 L III TFL B20 Prime 1721 43782447 L III TFL C609 Impact
107R 42775688 LCX 88X Zoey 14B ET 43517590 LF PMH 78P Victor 4123 ET 43646645 LJ BF Out Of Thin Air 861 ET 44053207 L JR MSU 167Y Fair Banks 48F 43921201 LJR MSU
Bart 380B 43537301 LJR
Bosch 371B 43537292
LJR MSU Z311 Emblazon 392E
LJS Advance 1252
LJS Bogart 0876
LJS Mark Domino 0945 43000470
...CHB Sires of Distinction continued from page 39 40 | May/June 2024 He

MCR Trust Gold Domino 437 ET 43523936

MCR Trust Harland 364 ET 43505413

Mead 10Y Hometown Q925 43789843

Mead Mandate V357 4 4301481

MGM Trust Line 2D 43716241

MH 2239 Advance 4119 43501926

MH 4119 Advance 9261 4 4041059

MJM Cuda 452A 4 4309523

MM Ben 10Y B309 F 935 43961282

MM Ben 936 B402 F 875 43961417

MM Ben Z312 D124 H 541 4 4133852

MM Bennett C878 H 913 4 4188179

MM Bennett D156 H 798 4 4188255

MM Bennett X109 E 410 43787120

MM Bennett Y111 D 138 43681295

MM Bennett Z312 D 124 43680718

MM Bennett Z312 F 388 43904276

MM Bennett Z97 G 949 44 071440

MM EF Beef Z01 F 795 43961391

MM Felton 433 E 271 43787021

MM Gerber 43A F 113 43903748

MM Gerber 43A F113 J 345 4 4240412

MM Gerber X034 F 775 43961284

MM Resolute C609 E 091 43786520

Mohican 4013 14G 4 4023789

MPH Z311 Rampage D1 43696424

MR Francesco 491B 43489325

Nella G03 Victor 284J 4 4317654

Nichols 0945 Domino 6100 ET 43720948

Nichols Ace 5111 ET 43640738

Nichols Spear 343 43404797

NJW 108S 163Z Brewmaster 119C 43589094

NJW 108Y Z311 Encore 237C ET 43669628

NJW 11B 173D Character 178J ET 4 4272817

NJW 129E 173D Endure 296H ET 4 4179181

NJW 135U 173D Endure 360G ET 4 4149149

NJW 160Z 173D Endure 225H ET 44169933

NJW 16C Z115 Spot On 74G ET 44 056457

NJW 202C173DSteadfast 156J ET 4 4276463

NJW 33TB 100W Trust 163Z 43311390

NJW 73S 3304 Taylor 112D ET 43722093

NJW 73S M326 Trust 100W ET 43002897

NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y ET 43214853

NJW 76S 163Z Trusted 86C ET 43589077

NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET 43722088

NJW 91H 100W Trust 123B ET 43483137

NJW PMH 17B Z311 Fair Wind 31D 43721718

NJW PMH Commitment 137J ET 4 4277177

NJW Route 66 4 4280289

O L1 Domino 8116F 4 4102934

OBH Cuda 758H 4 4199893

OBH Daybreak 751J ET 4 4302356

OBH Wrangler 3137D 43673608

OHR Validation 6E 2G 4 4105310

OR 226Z Premier 872C 4 4068612

OR 3575 Advance N359 43473003

OR 3575 Advance N753 43968107

OR 3575 Husker N151 ET 43268575

OR 3575 Husker N162 ET 43268578

OR 3575 Husker N464 ET 43647548

OR L574 Pioneer B990 4 4195289

OR N162 Husker L574 43745946

OR N162 Husker L689 43860082

OR TP Desert Prime 43860063

OR Y90 Sandman 466S 43635825

PCC 3055 49C Ace 7115 43943612

PCC 7009 173D Maverick 0183 ET 4 4183736

PCL 4013 Glitz 1G 4449 0481

PCR 4R Uprising 450B 43472406

PCR 507C Brave Lad 814F 43914229

PCR Redfield 200Z 651D 43723400

PCR X51 Bentley 452B 43472398

PERKS 0003 Easy Money 4003 43501766

PERKS 102W My Town 3060 43406540

PERKS 10W Hometown 4086 43509052

PERKS 3028 Rockford 5020 43608976

PERKS Cato Rummy 8011 ET 43937392

PERKS Home Advantage 4067 ET 43509035

PF 33Z Iceman 8435 43906443

PITT Audacous Anodyne(F013) ET 43896121

PITT Triumph III ET 43896067

PITT Vanguard York II B007 ET 43812932

PITT Wooly Bully ET 4 4052281

Pyramid 3027 Domino 1109 43185506

Pyramid Candor 9139 4 4051883

Pyramid Daybreak 9103 ET 4 4074318

Pyramid Daybreak 9165 44 051992

Pyramid Daybreak 9170 4 4051998

Pyramid Daybreak 9175 44 052009

Pyramid Pilgrim 8128 43940988

R 2nd Revolution 4142 43306381

R 3027 North Star 1Y 43197962

R 4Ever 4569 4 4038156

R Anodize 4058 43927376

R Anodize 4188 43927394

R Anodize 4400 4 4155698

R Anodize 4448 43927428

R Anodize 4648 43927454

R Encore 4017 43814411

R Excitement 4356 43711600

R Landmark 4386 43711605

R New York 4037 43814413

R New York 4079 4 4038104

R New York 4105 43604050

R New York 4488 43927433

R New York 4593 43399338

Rafter K 1321 Mark Dom 1047 4 4246367

Rafter K Domino 5023 ET 43636934

RBR 215Z Advance 910G 4 4072013

RCR 10Y Big City Rev 17615 ET 43858303

RCR 215Z Dollar Stone 19005 44 002448

RCR Distinct Domino 955W 17005 43811756

RCR Distinct Time 18112 43961477

RCR Long Coffee 20021 4 4119843

RCR Long Drink 20022

4 4119796

Reed 002X Tested 1000H ET 4 4122745

Reed 0103 Tested 956G ET 4 4010607

Reed 3A Validated 018H 4 4121615

Remitall Governor 236G 41003249

Remitall Judge 247J ET 42029550

Remitall Online 122L 42254372

Remitall Triplecrown ET 139T 43020035

RF 72E Encore Z311 32H 4 4172533

RHF 33Z Living Legacy 9002G 44109510

RHF 4013 Red River 9021G ET 44 069042

RHF 4R Rumor Has It 6065D ET 43771092

RMB 173D 327F Whitlock 023J 4 4319498

RMB 1838 12G Whitlock 949J 4 4226314

RMB 7Oaks D03 Validate 867HET 4 4191024

RMB G16 7098 Aramis 891HET 4 4201442

RMB G16 7098 Athos 890HET 44201441 RMB G16 7098 Porthos 895HET 44201445


Schu Lar 18A Of 015 22S

Schu Lar 1A Of 113 3027

Schu Lar 26J Value 2F B413

Schu Lar 41G Of 113 A250

Schu Lar 41H Of 26D E158

Schu Lar 907 Of 913 C609 ET

Schu Lar 9R Of 9L P606 ET 42579584

Schu Lar 9U Of 16R M326

Schu Lar Asset 36F

Schu Lar Big Time Converter 6J

Schu Lar EFBeef 18D Of 14A X51 43691610

Schu Lar EFBeef Assurance 46J 4 4256565

Schu Lar EFBeef Converter 40E 43779861 continued on page 42...

43951311 RMB/DKM
44113843 RRH
23703420 RRLCC
Catalyst ET 43956196 RST
Hometown 4047 43501811 RST 167Y Trust 8132 43957310 RST Final Print 0016 4 4178105 RST X51 Revolution 4102 43501834 RST Z311 Encore 6015 43716069 RTF 173D 135U Endurance F73 ET 43981511 RTF 4013
Headliner H38 ET 4 4175653
ET 4 4187770
4 4105423
4 4185510
4921 43504108 RV Cuda 0343 4 4173363 RV Endurance 1480J 44300864 RV Valor 9444G ET 4 4076080 S&S Validated 33G 4 4030380 S+ Krypton ET 42732285 S+ Shooter 42781621 SB
4 4153928
268Z Whitlock 315FET
Audacious 4013 779H
Mr Felt 3008
X651U201 Sir
RV 33Z Victor Lad 0254H
RV 33Z Victor Lad 9344 ET
RV 4013 Tested 0710 ET
RV 4013 Tested 0921
RV 9021W Outlier
Georgia 4013 80H
Schu Lar 13F Of 15C A250
Schu Lar 15D Of 913 X51
4 4061293
4 4159457
4 4256173 May/June 2024 | 41

Schu Lar KS 26G Of 7E D876 4 4061247

Schu Lar Selection 16C 43591689

Schu Lar Significant 43H 4 4159459

Schu Lar Sustainable 101 4 4293703

SH 3027 Domino 607D 43705187

SH 607D Domino 001H 4 4154916

SH Broadway J371 4 4258935

SH Mr Trust 622 43731733

SH/CF Victor One G906 4 4020633

SH/WD Maximus 2296 H131 44146966

SHF Alamo W18 A35 43379391

SHF Albert 42X A200 43379334

SHF All Star 42X A191 43379326

SHF Allegiance Y02 A42 43379398

SHF Alliance Y02 A39 43379395

SHF Apley W18 A280 43414834

SHF Bailey W18 B103 43477358

SHF Barnett Y90 B138 43477390

SHF Carson 001A C169 43587097

SHF Charger A191 C202 43587128

SHF Checkmate 001A C213 43587140

SHF Conqueror Z22 C66 43587232

SHF Dakota A191 D157 43676211

SHF Daybreak Y02 D287 ET 43676330

SHF Decision Z311 D167 43676730

SHF Die Hard A191 D22 43676270

SHF Diesel Y02 D289 ET 43676331

SHF Direct Hit Z311 D84 ET 43676744

SHF Dixieland A191 D241 43678905

SHF Doc 001A D244 43676295

SHF Drumline 001A D256 43676305

SHF Dynamite A191 D203 43676253

SHF Eagle Eye 001A E009 43793428

SHF Eaglewood W18 E027 ET 43793445

SHF Eclipse Z115 E165 43793579

SHF Edgewater 001A E092 ET 43793507

SHF Elk Hunter 001A E134 43793548

SHF Ellcott Z115 E142 43793556

SHF Ellison 167Y E149 43793563

SHF Emporia 001A E189 43793602

SHF Encore Z311 217E 43677531

SHF Engraver Z311 E334 ET 43793743

SHF Everstone Z311 E156 43793570

SHF Eye Candy Z115 E292 43793705

SHF Farmhouse Z115 F011 ET 43894824

SHF Firestone 001A F014 43894827

SHF First Class B413 F156 43894966

SHF First Mate D04 F225 43895033

SHF Foresight B413 F158 43894968

SHF Fuse Box C36 F078 ET 43894891

SHF Gallagher E009 G011 ET 4 4003325

SHF Galvanized D256 G331 ET 4 4003554

SHF Garrison D287 G145 4 4003417

SHF Gauntlet B413 G085 44 005254

SHF Geico E009 G066 ET 44 003366

SHF Genetic Wave B413 G080 4 4005212

SHF Gentry D287 G003 4 4003311

SHF Getaway D256 G328 ET 4 4003552

SHF Geyser D256 G330 ET 4 4003553

SHF Giles B716 G150 4 4005231

SHF Gin Rummy B716 G088 4 4005217

SHF Goddard E009 G045 4 4003350

SHF Goldsmith B413 G095 44 005220

SHF Greensburg Z115 G067 ET 4 4003367

SHF Guage Z426 G310 ET 44 005239

SHF Guber 001A G288 44 003963

SHF Gusty B413 G108 4 4005261

SHF Hackberry F158 H008 4 4123581

SHF Hallmark E149 H009 4 4123582

SHF Handbook E149 H023 ET 4 4123594

SHF Hansel B413 H058 4 4127289

SHF Harvest D287 H033 ET 4 4123604

SHF Hasco B413 H103 4 4123651

SHF Haviland F158 H028 4 4123599

SHF Headstrong D287 H315 ET 4 4123822

SHF Henry D316 H123 4 4123664

SHF Hiawatha E156 H281 4 4123800

SHF Highway F158 H224 4 4123747

SHF Hodgeman F158 H244 4 4123766

SHF Holt B716 H182 4 4127324

SHF Horizon D287 H022 ET 4 4123593

SHF Houston D287 H086 4 4123641

SHF Huckleberry E156 H324 ET 4 4123829

SHF Hutchinson D287 H166 4 4123697

SHF Hydrogen E156 H199 4 4123725

SHF Ian E189 J330 ET 4 4228475

SHF Icebox F158 J030 4 4228205

SHF Imagine F158 J359 ET 4 4228492

SHF Independence G003 J034 ET 4 4228209

SHF Insight F158 J354 ET 44228488

SHF Inspire E149 J056 ET 4 4228231

SHF Isaac E165 J167 4 4228332

SHF Jacksonville G003 J043 ET 4 4228218

SHF Jalapeno G003 J044 ET 4 4228219

SHF Jambul 051 J198 4 4228362

SHF Jameson D287 J046 ET 4 4228221

SHF Jaxx 051 J162 4 4228328

SHF Jesse James E149 J052 ET 4 4228227

SHF JJ G003 J009 ET 4 4228180

SHF Johnny 2E J280 44228443

SHF Jordan F011 J094 4 4228266

SHF Journey F158 J022 4 4228197

SHF Jud 051 J086 4 4228258

SHF Juicer F158 J107 4 4228278

SHF Jumanji 051 J245 44228408

SHF Jupin 051 J229 4 4228393

SHF Kaftan D287 K036 4 4340932

SHF Limelight W18 Y83 43181176

SHF Literal W18 Y90 43181182

SHF Mass R117 Z93 43275549

SHF Master Piece P20 Z18 43275434

SHF Mutual X36 Z67 43275533

SHF Treasure R117 T58 42795823

SHF Wonder M326 W18 ET 42991698

SHF York 19H Y02 43180994

SHF Zane X51 Z115 43276663

Slayton 122 Jubilee Of 544 44262086

Slayton Kuruk 203 4 4358316

SMH Domino Trust 8147J 43968363

SMH Endure Domino 9108J ET 4 4102299

SMN 0509 Bennett 0956 43025988

Snowshoe 19C Outlaw U59 101F 43959074

Snowshoe 20N Spud 64R 42692431

Snowshoe 33Z Conquest F07 54J 4 4301497

Snowshoe X51 Bannack Y27 19C 43573757

Spearhead 22S Corps Commande14 43850912

Spearhead Loewen CT Kasserine 4 4150921

Spearhead R117 Brigadier X16 43101396

Spearhead X51 Dynamite D30 43707884

Spearhead X651 D Day D14 43682118

SPF B413 Guaranteed 11G 44 008772

SR 7151T Hometown 5010 ET 43687117

SR Beef Optiman 1466 43551643

SR Dominate 308F ET 43954712

SR Dominator 261J 44264474

SR Dominator 640H 4 4147423

SR Expedition 619G ET 44 054044

SR Proceed 711J 4 4265680

SR Sierra 959G ET

SR TKC 037X Sensation 7117 ET

SR TKC 2018 Belle Air 8036 ET

SRM 096Y Bentley 147 ET

SRM X51 7115 Herdman 1421 ET

M8028 ET 43988790 Stardance M8050 43988812

Stardance M8086 ET 43989449 Stardance M9000 ET 4 4001016

Stardance M9014 ET 4 4001020

Stardance M9080 ET 4 4001031

Stardance M9082 ET 4 4001033 Stardance M9102 4 4104395

Stardance M9106 ET 4 4001218

Stardance M9108 4 4104399

Stardance M9112 ET 44 001040

Stardance M9122 4 4104411

SULL 0945 Mark Domino 1909 4 4093747

SULL KOLT Sooner 1710 1ET 43880029

SW Paladin 385 21 4 4288741

TDP Cutting Edge 410C ET 43581054

TF Rib Eye X51 043 909B 43540218

TF T Bone 1241 R117 820D 43731662

TH 312A 454B Bentley 510H ET 4 4143287

TH Crown Royal 182H 4 4138557

TH Innovation 105H 4 4138715

TH Masterplan 183F 43920493

SR Saga 1056
4 4052721
4 4271122
43590454 Stardance
4 4223184 Stardance
4 4212780 Stardance
43761559 Stardance
43871840 Stardance
M0163 ET
M6084 ET
M7094 ET
M8008 ET 43988770
...CHB Sires of Distinction continued from page 41 42 | May/June 2024 He

THF Chief 3J 4 4273846

THF Festus 8J 4 4274672

THF Flynn 6J 4 4274359

THF Toby 3H 4 4154108

THM 100W Mead Power 4090 43457426

THM 100W Reliable 3018 ET 43362070

THM Alexander 4084 43456934

THM TLS Richard 4017 43456935

THOM 408 Of 215Z (8018) 43951530

THOM 466 Of 4R (7007) 43798972

THOM 502C Of 4R (8022) 43916878

THOM Billy Page 6003 Of B413 4 4051805

THOM U208 Of 012 6026 43678467

THOM X651 Of P38 6005 ET 43678436

THOM X651 Of P38 6036 ET 43678516

THR Thor 4029 42551314

TKC 2018 5077 FF Magna 0577 4 4208223

TKC 6602 Belleman 9019 ET 4 4171629

TKC Cascade 8048 ET 43961078

Trickys Boy X51 B42 E72 43852675

Trickys Endure Z24 173D H68 4 4213787

TRM 5401 Spirit 2170 42358666

Trust167Y706 43847785

UPS 215Z Domino 7342 ET 43824467

UPS Belle Air 8507 ET 43951459

UPS Domino 3027 42426386

UPS Domino 6162 42749722

UPS Endeavor 9388 ET 4 4058158

UPS Endure 8128 43921729

UPS Endure 8179 43928862

UPS Endure 8474 ET 43950428

UPS Endure 8682 43965619

UPS Endure 9046 440 44392

UPS Endure 9118 4 4045565

UPS Endure 9207 4 4051307

UPS Endure 9359 ET 44 058025

UPS Endure 9361 ET 4 4058027

UPS Endure 9381 ET 4 4058151

UPS Entice 9365 ET 4 4058137

UPS Excel 8768 43997882

UPS Final Test 9011 44 044034

UPS Harvester 9985 4 4136010

UPS He Delivers 0290 ET 4 4186655

UPS Hometown 4335 ET 43508212

UPS Hometown 4386 ET 43508666

UPS Horizon 9055 44199890

UPS JT Neon 7101 1ET 42827391

UPS Navarro 42854992

UPS Outlast ET 43951448

UPS Sensation 2276 ET 43311177

UU Belgrade 1148J 4 4242840

UU Gallatin 7073E 43791582

UU Gallatin 9079G 44 049081

UU Hulett 9206G 4 4049152

UU Husker 9160G 4 4049122

UU Kingsley 7241E 43790215

VCR 173D Hombre 29H 4 4195424

Vin Mar Wildcat 633


VJS “CEO” Captain 1703E 43842456

VJS “CEO” Captain 1717E 43842538

VJS “CEO” Captain 1725E 43842632

VJS “CEO” Captain 1931G 4 4074532

VJS F158 Foreman 2134J 44299963

VSD L1 Domino 001ET 4 4187485

VWH Domino 35F 43981495

W L1 Advance 014H ET 4 4202891

Walker Big League X51 545 441B 43475716

Walker Brighton X51 Y236 423B 43475315

Walker Builder X51 117 426B 43475263

Walker Cadet Z311 W19 C103 ET 43656280

Walker Finale 722 799E 0142H 4 4247619

Walker Hammer 722 417B 055H 4 4125348

Walker Julio 722 728 150J 4 4254212

Walker KRM Dealer X51 140 666D 43688014

Walker Test 4013 B101 7101E ET 43906470

WERK 2296 Sensation 770 ET 43846168

West Star Domino 717E 43856272

West Star Domino 722E 43856275

West Star Domino 723E 43856276

West Star Domino 731E 43856282

West Star Domino 955G 44 008956

WF Long Range 936 5055 43663113

WF Necessity 3009 2169 ET 4 4119776

WF On Target 936 4051 43532022

WFF X651 60C Tested F803 43916781

WFF Z058 C60 Juggernaut 109J 4 4243743

Whitehawk 157K Beefmaker 896U 42884873

Whitehawk 225 Beefmaker 595B 43460363

Whitehawk 2328 Beefmkr 443A ET 43367122

Whitehawk 4013 Rooster 284D 43748304

Whitehawk 4013 Sureness 265D 43732116

Whitehawk 590F Judd 644JET 44214471

Whitehawk 593F Cosmos 672J ET 4 4218460

Whitehawk 659F Balance 776J ET 4 4286554

Whitehawk 659F Harmony 783J ET 4 4286757

Whitehawk 937 Beefmaker 734B 43515143

Whitehawk Arthur 240G ET 4 4053370

Whitehawk Captain 424H ET 4 4107545

Whitehawk Chief 318G ET 44 064233

Whitehawk General 440H ET 4 4111292

Whitehawk Native 490H ET 4 4121895

Whitehawk Natural 290E 43763389

Whitehawk Navigator 339G 44 068423

Whitehawk PR2 Ring Master 396H 4 4109338

Whitehawk R Governor 413H 4 4107527

Whitehawk Rancher 426E 43828245

Whitehawk Warrior 845C ET 43566921

Whitehawk X51 Beefmaker 396Z 43336343

Whitehawk X51 Beefmaker B794ET 43561473

WHR 225Y 4010 Beefmaker 280GET 44 064229

WHR 290E 216Y Beefmaker 575HET 4 4174381

WHR 290E 306E Beefmaker 102G 44 006048

WHR 290E 619B Beefmaker 435HET 4 4110815

WHR 290E 965C Beefmaker 555H 4 4173837

WHR 290E B901 Beefmaker 250GET 4 4064215

WHR 4013 1401 Beefmaker 638F 43890502

WHR 4013 450A Beefmaker 702FET 43890903

WHR 4013 526A Beefmaker 299GET 4 4061968

WHR 4013 5407 Beefmaker 230GET 4 4053324

WHR 4013 5407 Beefmaker 242GET 4 4053373

WHR 4013 685F Beefmaker 460H 4 4116573

WHR 4013 747B Beefmaker 705FET 43890920

WHR 4013 C144 Achiever 846F ET 43944787

WHR 4013 C144 Beedmaker 624FET 43890166

WHR 4013 P38 Impact 839F

FAF Elder C776 A16 7120E 43907795 WLKR JH

36E 810 Long Haul 42H

WMC 4013 20A Tested 142G ET

63A Hometown 81D


WMC B413 61E Validated 212J 4 4318854 WMC X651 Tested 85F 43974355

Travis SCHS


LCR RCR OnStar 23NET 42432350

Time Tested F73 43984181

X51 Ribeye Ben Y39 617

WHR Beefmaker 4020 800C 307E 43765507 WHR RMB Beefmaker 001A E074 43821006 WHR SRM Natural Choice 096G 44 005858 Wirruna Matty M288 4 4189719 Wirthmor 167Y Surefire
Alamo 722 104G 2235 4 4353561 WLKR JH Dignity 3304A A42 6221 43796207 WLKR JH Grade 722 4209 9238 4 4122244 WLKR JH Hugo 722 668 028H 4 4129950 WLKR
ET 4 4247640 WLKR
4 4247618 WLKR
ET 4 4021973 WLKR
4 4123162 WLKR
4 4100075 May/June 2024 | 43
ET 43944778 WHR 4013/771 Beefmaker 212D 43729521
4020 547A Beefmaker 896F 43953624
404/527 Beefmaker 43729299
493E 765F Beefmaker 459H 4 4116571 WHR 5344 4015 Beefmaker 613FET 43890152 WHR 936 B359 Beefmaker 615F 43907518
AFF 4013 Advancer 838F ET 43944777
Beefmaker 4013 191 311E ET 43766635
F902 ET 43981557 WK Mr 72 173D Ragnar 150F ET 43937711 WLKR CRCH Gap 722 427B 962G ET 4 4014786 WLKR
JH Incentive 799E 0423
JH Mainstay 722 7229 0130
JM Guide 722
JM Mandate 333 G94 ET
SF CRCH B413 872F 1137 ET
4355812 WMC 001A 20A Striker 304G ET
4058182 WMC 173D 1B Red Tornado 48H
4139351 WMC 33Z 37X Victor 159G ET
4100872 WMC
4 4135907
43713166 19025
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142 {DLF,HYF,IEF,MSUDF,MDF} P44294774 Owned with Coyote Ridge Ranch
BW 81 lb. – 99%; WW 718 lb. – 109%; YW 1,382 lb. – 116%; Yr. SC 40.4; REA 15.46 – 112%; IMF 3.93 – 115% Sure bet cow producer with undeniable structure and performance. Backed by generations of elite females from Coyote Ridge Ranch.
$50/straw; Certificates $75 Contact owners or Reed Enterprises May/June 2024 | 47
Dam, 8124, one of Coyote Ridge Ranch’s favorites. First calf, bull, sold to GKB Cattle.

25 Years of History and Many Decades of

Looking back and moving forward.

History offers great perspective. It allows us to look back and learn, marvel at how things have changed and compare things that have stayed the same.

The upcoming 25th annual Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE), sponsored by VitaFerm® since 2007, is the pinnacle summer event for more than 900 National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) members from across the United States and Canada. They come together for

a week of family fun, competition and celebration.

However, the junior nationals and the organizations behind them looked quite different 25 years ago before the National Junior Polled Hereford Council (NJPHC) and the American Junior Hereford Association (AJHA) merged to become the NJHA and host the first JNHE in 2000.

The American Polled Hereford Association (APHA) and the American Hereford Association

(AHA) merged in 1995. The five years between 1995-2000 marked a time of connection, change and growth for the Hereford breed. It was in those transitional years that the foundation for the newly branded JNHE was created.

Keep reading to gain a firsthand perspective of how the current JNHE came to be, from three longtime Hereford leaders, breeders and supporters who helped shape the organization in the early days: Bill Doig, 1998-2000 NJPHC director;

48 | May/June 2024 He
The first JNHE was held in Tulsa, Okla., in 2000. The event brought together hundreds of exhibitors from across the country.


Craig Crutcher, 1999 AJHA president; and Chris Stephens, former AHA director of youth activities, 1995 chairman of the NJPHC board and chairman of the first youth merger committee.

Coming together

When the polled and horned associations merged in 1995, discussions began about merging the junior associations, programs and the national junior shows.

Crutcher says a joint event was very important, explaining, “We felt like this could be one of the first big steps that could be made to join the junior associations.”

Leadership from both organizations gathered around the table and began their work toward merging the associations.

“The two junior associations had to really look deep into both associations’ programs to decide what made each association great and how best to bring forward those really strong programs to form the new NJHA,” Stephens says. “The NJPHC and the AJHA had excellent programs in place for their respective associations, so we started with leadership and competition and how both junior organizations worked in terms of leadership and elections.”

No stone was left unturned.

“We worked through every detail, including what the joint board would wear,” Doig explains. “The polled board wore a blue jacket, and the horned board wore a red jacket. That is how we

evolved to having the current board members wearing a maroon jacket.

“At the end of the merger meeting, both boards walked out of that room with our heads held high, and we had an optimism for the future. However, I don’t think any of us could have imagined what this event has turned into now.”

members exhibiting 770 owned females, 227 bred-and-owned females, 37 cow-calf pairs, 72 bred-and-owned bulls and 108 steers — 26% more cattle than the first joint event.

Twenty-five years of growth

The very first JNHE was held in Tulsa, Okla., at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds. Oklahoma was the first state to merge its adult and

Over the past 25 years, the JNHE has grown to be one of the largest single-breed shows in the nation, but it came from humble beginnings.

“The size of the show has changed by leaps and bounds,” Crutcher says. He attended his first junior national Hereford show in the summer of 1987 and remembers the shows used to be held at ranches or county fairgrounds. Recalling the

junior associations, so it was appropriate to host the first joint event in Oklahoma.

“Mr. Bob Call was (the Oklahoma) JNHE chairman,” Stephens says. “The way that Bob structured the committees, delegated, empowered and communicated was a well-oiled machine. A template that was permanently etched in my memory for years to come as I became AHA director of youth activities and with the reorganization of the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA).”

The first show brought together almost 1,000 head of cattle; 589 owned heifers and 372 head from

Since 2000, the September Hereford World has been dedicated to recapping the

facilities of the 1999 event held at the Dawes County Fairgrounds in Chadron, Neb., Crutcher says, “It may not be big enough to host some of today’s state preview shows.”

continued on page 50...

The late Bob and Dolores Call were a driving force behind the success of the first JNHE and the events that followed. Pictured (l to r) are: Dolores and Bob Call and Brian Healey. May/June 2024 | 49
annual JNHE.

Not only has the JNHE grown over the last quarter century, but the NJHA and HYFA have grown with it.

“The amazing growth of HYFA, combined with the growth and organizational structure of the JNHE, are the two biggest changes that have progressed our junior organization and set the JNHE on sound footing for years to come,” Stephens explains. “The re-birth of HYFA and the realignment in the organizational structure of the JNHE was the goal of many avid junior supporters.”

Both Stephens and Crutcher agree the scholarship programs for NJHA members have grown tenfold through the years due to the tremendous support of Hereford breeders and AHA leadership.


exhibiting as a junior, to being on the national junior board, to now having my children participating at the junior nationals, there have been so many memories that will last a lifetime.

The JNHE is so much more than a cow show. The people you meet along the way and the skills you learn will stick with you.
— Bill Doig, 1998-2000 NJPHC director

Stephens describes it as “the front porch of the NJHA” and the “flagship event that brings in the families and junior members.”

“The quality of the cattle at the JNHE has improved so much over the past 25 years,” Doig says. “Many of the top genetics used to be only owned and exhibited by large ranches. Now, we see juniors breed and exhibit cattle that win at the JNHE and many other national shows.”

and grown, there are a few things that have remained constant over the past quarter century. This includes breeder dedication, a continued drive for success and a family atmosphere.

The JNHE has always been the pinnacle event of the summer.

This family atmosphere has crossed over generations, as

nationals, there have been so many memories that will last a lifetime,” Doig says. “The JNHE is so much more than a cow show. The people you meet along the way and the skills you learn will stick with you for your lifetime.”

As we look toward the next 25 years, the Hereford breed and its youth are only expected to grow and continue succeeding.

“The ability to streamline the event from year to year, and to have the foundation serve as a vehicle for funding scholarships, education and research; it’s a very formidable partnership,” Stephens says. “It took a lot of great Hereford breeders and

exhibitors from the very first JNHE now have children in the program.

“From exhibiting as a junior, to being on the national junior board, to now having my children participating at the junior

AHA leaders working together to get to where we are today. It was not easy; it didn’t happen overnight, and we have more goals to achieve.”

The future is bright; here’s to the next 25 years.

...25 Years of History continued from page 49 Tommie Lynn Mead, a first-time exhibitor, sets up her heifer in the showmanship contest during the 2000 JNHE.
50 | May/June 2024 He
The first show brought together almost 1,000 head of cattle; 589 owned heifers and 372 head from the cow-calf pair, bull, steer and bred-and-owned female shows. May/June 2024 | 51
52 | May/June 2024 He May/June 2024 | 53

JNHE Judges

Introducing your 2024 VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) judges.

Dr. Mark Hoge grew up with a diversified livestock background showing cattle, hogs and sheep. Mark pursued his interest in animal science and livestock judging throughout college; he attended Black Hawk East and then the University of Illinois. While at both institutions, he was very active on the livestock judging teams. From there he attended Iowa State University (ISU) to attain his master’s degree in animal breeding. While at ISU, Mark coached the livestock judging team, advised students and taught animal science classes. He found an interest in teaching and research and then decided to pursue his Ph.D. in animal breeding at Michigan State University.

Mark has been an associate professor of agriculture at Western Illinois University for 20 years. He teaches three to four classes a semester, is the faculty manager to the swine and sheep units, coach of the livestock judging team and advisor to the Hoof and Horn Club. Mark has had the opportunity to serve as a judge of all four species for many national shows across the country.

Mark, his wife, Katie, and their kids, Carter, Nolan and Nora, own and operate Hoge Livestock in Good Hope, Ill. They are an active stock show family that live by the motto: Life is better in the barn.

Clayton Boyert

Owned Female Show Associate Clayton Boyert hails from Seville, Ohio, where he owns and operates Boyert Show Cattle with his brothers, Jared and Jake. A progressive operation that’s “committed to the experience,” the business is focused on providing a top-notch experience while helping their customers achieve goals. Boyert Show Cattle runs multiple sales a year, selling many breeds of elite show prospects and genetic packages. Clayton also assists with the family business, Boyert’s Greenhouse, and farm. Through this, he has seen the importance of creating strong partnerships while giving back to the community.

Clayton attended Black Hawk East and Western Illinois University (WIU) where he was a member of the livestock judging team. At WIU, Clayton was mentored by and judged under Mark Hoge, Ph.D., where he learned not only how to evaluate livestock, but also the importance of faith, family, friendship and farming. Clayton was a member of the WIU Hoof and Horn Club and strived to provide opportunities to those that came after.

Kevin Jensen

Bred-and-Owned Females and Cow-Calf Pairs

Past American Hereford

Association director, Kevin Jensen, Courtland, Kan., owns and operates Jensen Bros. Herefords, along with his wife,

Sheila. Today, the couple runs 450 cows. Jensen Bros. holds four sales annually, sells 100 bulls each spring and supports the Hereford Youth Foundation of America’s Foundation 1 Campaign during their spring-born female sale.

Kevin and Sheila have three grown children — Brady, Brooke and Ben — who are all active in Jensen Bros. Herefords. The siblings took part in the state and national associations and participated in the Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) for 21 years, serving in leadership roles and competing in events. Kevin and Sheila served as junior Hereford advisors and look forward to their grandchildren, Kelly, Kirbe and Keaton, participating in JNHE.

The family successfully presents their cattle at the national level, and Kevin’s judging has taken him to Australia, Argentina and Canada on numerous occasions. He has sorted nearly every beef breed junior nationals — some multiple times — as well as Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, American Royal, Louisville and Denver.

Brady Jensen

Bred-and-Owned Females and Cow-Calf Pairs

Brady Jensen resides in Courtland, Kan., with his wife, Allie, and two daughters, Kelly and Kirbe. He currently serves as an STgenetics beef regional manager. Previously, Brady was on faculty at South Dakota State University from 2017-2022, where he served as a lecturer and the livestock judging team coach.

54 | May/June 2024 He

Brady completed his master’s degree at Kansas State University (KSU) in animal sciences and industry, focusing on the genetic component of feet and leg structure in Red Angus cattle. Before graduate school, he attended Butler Community College and KSU where he was awarded AllAmerican status at both levels in livestock judging. In his collegiate coaching career, he was on the coaching staff for three high-point individuals at the national contest in Louisville and coached the 2021 reserve national champion team. Currently, Brady and Allie assist with the family seedstock operation, Jensen Bros. Herefords, in Courtland.

Brigham Stewart Bred-and-Owned Bull and Steer Shows

Brigham Stewart is a sixth-generation stockman from Washington, Kan., where he was born and raised. He attended Butler Community College on a livestock judging scholarship and continued his education at Kansas State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in animal sciences and industry. He was a member of both schools’ livestock judging teams and ended his judging career by winning high-point individual at Louisville.

He now resides on the family farm and ranch. He works alongside his wife, Dr. Megan Collison, and his parents, Gregg and Debbie, on the operation. The family operates a diversified farm and a large cow-calf operation, better known as Mid Continent Farms and Jones Stewart Angus Ranch, which runs 1,000 head of cows and registers cattle in seven different breeds. The Stewarts have produced numerous state fair and major show champions.

Sam and Morgan Wallace

Junior and Peewee Showmanship

Sam and Morgan Wallace reside in Stotts City, Mo., with their son, Beau, and another son on the way. Sam and Morgan met showing Simmental cattle and married in 2018. During their junior careers, the couple topped the National Junior Simmental Show showmanship contest. Sam was involved with the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) and placed third in the 2014 NJAA showmanship contest. Morgan was raised in Maysville, Ky., on her family’s Simmental operation and was an active member of the American Junior Simmental Association (AJSA). She served as AJSA board chair in 2016.

Today, the couple operate Wallace Cattle Co. with Sam’s parents. They focus on selling Angus and Simmental show heifer prospects. Sam serves as an independent contractor through Genex where he operates Wallace AI Service, and Morgan works for Farm Credit as a loan officer. Sam and Morgan are grateful for their involvement in junior programs and plan to raise their sons with the same experiences.

Jake and Kami Scott

Senior and Intermediate Showmanship

Jake and Kami Scott live in Gordon, Neb., and work alongside each other and their two daughters, Payton and Harper, on their family ranching operation, Krebs Ranch. Krebs Ranch is a purebred Angus

of the livestock judging teams. He has judged major breed and jackpot shows across the country and is very grateful to be part of this event.

Melissa Grimmel Schaake Team Fitting, State Groups and Top 10 Senior Showmanship Finals

Melissa Grimmel Schaake owns and operates Grimmel Schaake Cattle Co., Manhattan, Kan. alongside her husband, Shane, where they breed and raise Hereford and Simmental cattle.

Melissa grew up in Maryland on her family’s grain farm as a first-generation cattlewoman and had a successful junior show career. She graduated from Kansas State University with dual degrees in agricultural communications and animal sciences and industry.

Melissa and Shane built their herd, focusing on reputable cow families, structural integrity and maternal characteristics.

They’ve been named premier Hereford breeder at both the 2022 and 2023 American Royal and raised division champions at the VitaFerm® Junior National Hereford Expo, American Royal, North American International Livestock Exposition, Cattlemen’s Congress and most notably the reserve grand champion polled female at both the 2020 and 2023 National Western Stock Show. Most recently, Melissa was named the 2024 Hereford Herdsman of the Year.

Melissa also owns a livestock marketing business. With both cattle and creative work, she takes pride in using her talents and experiences to help others succeed. May/June 2024 | 55


Gary and Frances Duvall 1082 Hwy. 97

Lockwood, MO 65682


417-827-2163 cell Herdsman: Miguel Cifuentes 417-793-5082

Matt, Barb, Makayla, Tye & Lauren 1071 C.R. 1231 Huntsville, MO 65259 Cell 660-676-3788 Home 660-277-3679


Jeff and Stephanie Rawie Aaron and Kylie Noble 11768 W. Farm Rd. 34 Walnut Grove, MO 65770 417-209-5538

Rick and Laurie Steinbeck 2322 Drake School Rd. Hermann, MO 65041 573-237-2668 573-680-0954 cell

Polled Herefords and Red Angus Breeding Stock Available

Rusty and Marijane Miller 20500 Sioux Dr. Lebanon, MO 65536 Rusty, cell 317-840-7811

Marijane, cell 317-341-3846

21658 Quarry Ln. Barnett, MO 65011 Alan Mead 573-216-0210 ANNUAL BULL SALES: First Saturday in March Last Saturday in October

BRADSHAW RANCH LaBelle, Missouri Bulls available private treaty! Riley Bradshaw | 217.491.6096 MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THESE UPCOMING SALES APRIL 12, 2025 SEPT. 21, 2024 Interstate Regional Stockyards Cuba, MO For more information contact: Larry Day, Sales Manager Email: centralmissouripolledherefords Call, email, text or just stop by anytime Debbie Wheeler Steve Wheeler 17246 NW County Rd 12001 Drexel, MO 64742 acy’s Red Angus LPolled Herefords YEAR AFTER YEAR DECADE AFTER DECADE Annual Bull & Female Sale October 26th, 2024 Breeding Red Hided Seedstock That Produce In Our Fescue Based Environment Dan & Kelly Lacy (913) 909-1912
Williamson Polled Herefords Monty & Georgia Williamson (417) 247-0782 975 Stillhouse Road Mountain View, MO 65548
Last Sunday in October Success Breeds Success BLUE RIBBON FARMS
AL BONEBRAKE Springfield, MO 417-849-1324 JAMES HENDERSON Herdsman 417-588-4572
56 | May/June 2024 He

Abramovitz and Terry Elwing Logan and Brianne Bishop 6969 Bass Ln. Columbia, MO 65201 57 3-864-6475 Cell 573-441-9951 Home/Fax

MALONE Hereford Farm Alton, Marie, Brian, Dustin and Michelle Malone 1371 Rd. F Emporia, KS 66801 Phone: 620-342-7538 Alton’s Cell: 620-794-2358
Menzies Cattle Co. LLC Josh Menzies 5667 State Hwy. 38 Marshfield, MO 65706 417-425-5659 Mark
Jim and Linda Reed P.O. Box 126, Green Ridge, MO 65332 660-527-3507 • Fax 660-527-3379 • Brian, Samara and Terrell Reed 416 North Dr. Abernathy, TX 79311 Craig, Natalie, Macy, Mallory and Maggie Reed P.O. Box 124 Green Ridge, MO 65332 McMillen’s Toothacre Ranch Trent, Mary and Family 9128
Farm Rd. 30 Walnut
MO 65770 417-788-2787 Cell
Fax 417-863-6884 SHOENBERGER POLLED HEREFORDS Eric and Kami –417-737-0055 Eric Jr. –417-860-7151 SPHHEREFORDS@OUTLOOK.COM Marty Lueck, Manager Rt. 1, Box 85G Mountain Grove, MO 65711 417-948-2669 or 417-838-1482
Fax 417-948-0509
Gary and Debbie Doss 6200 N.E. 142nd St. Smithville, MO 64089 816-699-8831 STORIE FARMS REGISTERED HEREFORDS Bulls & Heifers Skyler Storie 4534 State Hwy. 22 Conway, MO 65632 417-839-8401 DIVISION CHAMPION AT NAILE & RESERVE DIVISION AT OKLAHOMA CITY! REG: P44458531 POLLED $30/Straw • $60/Certificate UPS SENSATION 2296 ET KLD RW MARKSMAN D87 ET RW MINDY 3078 6096 GV CMR X161 TIMES UP A152 WMC A152 9328 DAISEYMAE 2C ET GRANDVIEW CMR MS MATERIAL 9328 BW WW YW MILK CHB$ 4.4 47 81 26 95 TRAVIS, JETT & WATSON MCCONNAUGHY 417-989-0486 WMCCATTLECO.COM WASOLA, MO. WMC D87 2C 507K ET May/June 2024 | 57

the junior national hereford expo 2024 | grand island, neb.

The Grand Daddy of ’Em All

Schedule is subject to change. For the most up to date version of the 2024 JNHE schedule, go to


2 p.m.

6 p.m.

Gates open for tack trailers to arrive and set up in barns

Cattle may arrive into tie-outs through the night Tom Dinsdale Automotive Cattle Barn, Aurora Cooperative Barn, Sheep Barn


7 a.m.

8 a.m.


6 p.m.

6:30 p.m.

7:30 p.m.

NJHA board and candidate orientation breakfast

Tattoo checks begin in each barn

Cattle paper check-in

Hereford bowl check-in & written test

All cattle must be in barns at this time

Advanced & illustrated speech contest finals

Steer weights declared electronically by this time

Queen’s orientation

NEOGEN’s DNA collection stations

Hereford Pen-to-Pen Session #1

Meet the candidate ice cream social & delegate roundtables

State group photos begin

Opening ceremonies

Grand Daddy of ‘Em All Food & Fun Night and Cornhole for a Cause

HYFA’s Grand Drive to 25 5K Race


8 a.m.

9 a.m.

11 a.m.

11 a.m.


1 p.m.

2:30 p.m.

3 p.m.

5 p.m.

6 p.m.

6-8 p.m.

Judging contest check-in & orientation

Judging contest

Individual sales & sales academy finals

NHW’s Catch a Vibe Event, followed by Queen’s Tea

VitaFerm® Prep to Win Workshop

Hereford Pen-to-Pen Session #2

Hereford bowl buzzer round (start with junior division)

Sullivan Supply Stock Show University

Sullivan Supply Fitting Contest

Future professionals contest interviews

Bridging the Gap College & Career Fair social networking


8 a.m.

9 a.m.

State group of three & five classes

Sullivan Supply national showmanship contest

Senior, intermediate & senior finals

Junior & peewee


7 a.m.

9 a.m. NJHA membership update, breakfast & new board election

Bred-and-owned show

Foundation Club, Five Point Bank Arena

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center Quilt Room

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center Contest Rooms

Foundation Club Five Point Bank Arena

Line Up Arena in Sheep Barn

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center Quilt Room

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center

Five Points Bank Arena

Five Points Bank Arena

Aurora Cooperative Pavilion

Aurora Cooperative Pavilion

Five Points Bank Arena

Five Points Bank Arena

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center Contest Rooms

Beef Pit, Pinnacle Bank Expo Center

Five Points Bank Arena

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center Quilt Room

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center Quilt Room

Five Points Bank Arena

Five Points Bank Arena

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center Contest Rooms

Beef Pit, Pinnacle Bank Expo Center

Five Points Bank Arena

Five Points Bank Arena

Ring 1

Ring 2

Pinnacle Bank Expo Center Quilt Room

Five Points Bank Arena

Cow-calf pairs, bred-and-owned females, produce-of-dam groups Steer show followed by bred-and-owned bulls


7:30 a.m.

Ring 1 Ring 2

*Buckle and awards ceremony honoring Certified Hereford Beef® Cook-Off, photo & poster, prior to selection of the bred-and-owned top five

6 p.m. Owned female show HYFA scholarship, awards & maroon jacket ceremony


Five Points Bank Arena

Five Points Bank Arena

*Buckle and awards ceremony honoring future professionals, sales, speech & judging contests will follow the selection of the division III polled females

7:30 a.m. Conclusion of owned female show

Five Points Bank Arena

*Buckle and awards ceremony recognizing Herdsman of the Year, Walter and Joe Lewis High Point Senior, GKB Super States, Golden Pitchfork & the Bob Norton Excellence Award will be held prior to the champion drives ®

Noon 9:30 a.m. 9 a.m. 11 a.m. Noon Noon 12:30
3:30 p.m.
a.m. -
5:30 p.m.
58 | May/June 2024 He

Lisa 440-320-6193

THIS SPACE IS AVAILABLE ! CONTACT 816-218-2290 J&L Cattle Services Jeff, Lou Ellen and Keayla Harr 334 Twp. Rd. 1922 Jeromesville, OH 44840 Cell 419-685-0549 10708 Main Rd. Berlin Heights, OH 44814 Lisa Finnegan Keets, Secretary 440-320-6193 Polled Herefords LLC Jerry and Mary Ann Berg 16821 Withrich Rd. P.O. Box 224 Dalton, OH 44618 330-857-7967 330-465-6185 cell Mohican Farms Conard and Nancy Stitzlein 4551 State Rt. 514 Glenmont, OH 44628 Matt Stitzlein 330-231-0708 Alexis Stitzlein 330-231-9538 Visit us on Facebook Mohican Polled Herefords 46th Annual Sale May 2024 Rick Van Fleet 740-732-4783 21989 Woodsfield Rd. Sarahsville, OH 43779 Polled Hereford Association 8570 Shannon Rd. Dresden, OH 43821 Jeff Jordan 740-704-4807 cell THF Toby 3H Selected in 2022 for the NRSP by Olsen Ranches. TWIN HILLS FARMS Jeff and Andrea Cramer Apple Creek, OH and Fresno, OH 330-464-1810
Brian, Lisa, Jen & Ellie Keets 10708 Main Rd. Berlin Heights, OH 44814 Brian 419-651-0978
Sam, Sarah and Wesley Preston Jake, Alicia, Stella and Quinn Preston 5390 Marion Rd. N.E., Newark, OH 43055 Sam 740-334-8947 Sarah 740-815-2557 Jake 740-334-8953 Follow Clear Fork Farms Registered Herefords on Facebook! BALANCED TRAITS PRODUCE OUTSTANDING PHENOTYPE CE BW WW YW SC MM M&G MCE UDDR TEAT CW REA MARB BMI$ CHB$ EPDS 7.4 1.1 66 109 1.8 37 70 1.0 1.401.40 86 0.53 0.18 379 143 % Rank 18%18% 12% 9% 3% 5%5%65% 10% 15% 8% 32%32% 38% 12% Watch for our consignments in COMBINED EXCELLENCE SALE first Saturday in November! Rippling Rock Hereford Farm Tim, Stephanie, Ashleigh and Andrew Osborn 3537 Second Creek Rd., Blanchester, OH 45107 Tim: 937-655-0644 • Email: Looking for some help with your nutrition program; consulting services, custom designed products from free choice programs for your breeding herd, growing cattle and replacement heifers, bull developer diets, or a complete feedlot ration; give Dr. Tim a call 937-655-0644 Focused on YOUR Bottomline
FOR SALE AVERAGE EPDS AND PERCENT RANK RR 37D 81E Knox 34K 2023 Ohio State Fair Reserve Yearling Division Winner May/June 2024 | 59

Jerry Entwistle and Family 326 St. Rt. 10 New Holland, IL 62671

217-737-7581 Jerry cell

Ronnie 217-430-8705

Randy 217-242-1262

Matt 217-779-0775

Derke 217-617-8443

Tait 217-430-5949

Yale and Abby Young 27297 E 2250 N Rd. Lexington, IL 61753 815-867-7333

Fred and Elaine Nessler


Elizabeth Nessler 217-496-2442

Rick Garnhart Family 6372 E. Edwardsville Rd. German Valley, IL 61039 815-238-2381

Larry Moffett 4075 Mt. Auburn Rd. Decatur, IL 62521


Cell 217-972-2367

Dan Bixler 7115 E. 1000th Ave. Newton, IL 62448 618-544-1842 618-562-3888 cell

618-780-5153 or 618-547-3164

IL 62237

Cattle for sale at all times

Vandeveer 6261 Brubaker Rd. Salem, IL 62881
Entwistle Herefords
Burns 618-521-3199
Andy, Linley, Bryar & Emersyn Fleisher Knoxville, IL 309-582-4633 FFleisher arms Rich in History, Relentless in Performance 60 | May/June 2024 He
& Barb

Jack and Sherry Lowderman Monte, Carrie and Rhett

Brent, Kris, Blake, and Morgan Cody and Abby P.O. Box 488 Macomb, IL 61455 Office 309-833-5543

www.lowderman. com

Lonny, Kim (Carney) and Riley Rhodes

18736 Cross Creek Rd. Carlinville, Il 62626

217-899-4104 Cell

Cattle and Embryos for sale at all times

Kevin and Lauren Bafford 10600 Damery Rd. Blue Mound, IL 62513

Kevin 217-454-5126 Lauren 217-521-8224 Benedict Herefords

Larry and Julie 217-737-5686

Chad, Becky, Noah, Caleb and Faith 605 CR 2300 N Dewey, IL 61840 Chad - 217-246-5099

Floyd and Annette 815-712-5735

Chad, Erin, John and Ella 815-712-5739

1764 U.S. RT. 136

Penfield, IL 61862

Buddy 217-649-0108 Bailey 217-714-4955 Cody 217-871-9708 35073 E. C.R. 1550 N. Mason City, IL 62664 Brent, cell 217-971-5897 Samantha, Todd, Rachel and Zach Parish 618-926-7388

LaSalle, IL 61301

Tuscola, IL 61953

Dave, Marcia & Elise Hackett

Dave: 217-621-1761

Elise: 217-621-6864

THIS SPACE IS AVAILABLE ! CONTACT CARYN VAUGHT 816-218-2290 Lorenzen Farms Chrisman, IL Adam Harms 217-369-3609 Steve Lorenzen Sale Vol. 5 Be on the lookout for information on OUR FALL May/June 2024 | 61

Stepping into Sustainability Emerging Roles and Leadership

Women in agriculture are uniquely positioned to influence sustainability.

Women play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the agriculture and livestock industry. It’s not the first time I’ve written about that in this column. Yet, emerging as a niche of major importance is the role these ag-based women play in the environmental stewardship space. For women in sustainability careers, the journey is not just a professional pursuit; it’s a powerful opportunity to make a lasting impact while serving as advocates for agriculture and the beef industry. As I began thinking about this impact specifically, several pivotal contributions women bring to the sustainability space came to mind.

No. 1 - Community engagement:

Women in sustainability positions uniquely foster community engagement. Sustainability is inherently linked to community well-being, and women are often adept at building connections. Whether leading local environmental initiatives or collaborating with diverse stakeholders, women in sustainability careers can leverage their community-focused approach to drive meaningful change. Besides, women are the primary local representatives for their families — at the store, at the ball game, at the school, etc. We carry our career passions with us wherever we go.

No. 2 - Science and research:

Fueling innovation through science and research is a cornerstone of sustainability, and women are making remarkable strides in

these fields. From climate science and environmental engineering to veterinary medicine, women in sustainability careers are contributing to cutting-edge research that informs sustainable practices. Embracing the scientific aspect of sustainability is happening in a big way as STEM careers, in general, are appealing to women of all ages and backgrounds.

No. 3 - Agriculture’s impact on sustainability:

Women play a crucial role in reshaping the narrative of agriculture’s impact on sustainability. Through sustainable farming practices, conservation efforts and agroecology, women in sustainability careers are actively contributing to the resilience of our food systems. Nowhere is this more evident than the number of women going into veterinary roles. Let’s give a big shout out to the ladies out there in the field! Today, we graduate more women veterinarians and more women with animal science degrees than men.

No. 4 - Impact of entrepreneurial women:

Entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force in sustainability, and women entrepreneurs are making waves. Whether launching eco-friendly startups or driving sustainable practices within existing businesses, women in sustainability careers are demonstrating the power of innovation. Their ventures not only

contribute to the green economy but also inspire a new generation of women to pursue impactful entrepreneurial endeavors.

No. 5 - Chief sustainability officers:

The rise of women as chief sustainability officers (CSOs) signals a shift in corporate leadership towards sustainability. Besides the field and entrepreneurship realm, females are getting the nod for corporate roles at a fast pace. The percentage of women occupying CSO roles is on the rise, reflecting a growing recognition of the unique perspectives and leadership qualities women bring to the table. Greenbiz. com reports that in the U.S. today 54% of corporate CSO roles are held by women. Globally, this number rises to 63%.

The conversation for women in sustainability is growing into something really, really big, and it’s a tremendous opportunity for women that grew up with livestock and have a deep understanding and care for the industry to get involved and lead.

Editor’s Note: Readers of Hereford World know Sarah Beth Aubrey as the long-time author of ACT’s Playbook. She takes on the rapidly evolving arena of sustainability with this new column. As Aubrey explains, “We’ll cover definitions, concepts and ideas. We’ll explore what’s current and what we in the beef industry have known about sustainability all along. We’ll do a little cussing and discussing, too. Bottom line, we know our business and we know we’re the best at what we do. It’s time to step into sustainability and tell our story.”

62 | May/June 2024 He 7007 Sugar and Wine Road Monroe, NC 28110

205-429-4415 Fax 205-429-3553 276-759-1675 Bryson Westbrook 980-230-4868 MATHENY HEREFORDS Andrew, Suzanne, Austin and Taylor Belle Matheny 6706 U.S. Hwy. 68 Mays Lick, KY 41055 Andrew 606-584-5361 Austin 606-375-2167 1095 Charles Smith Rd. • Wadley, GA 30477 Charles E. Smith, Owner 478-252-5622 • Fax 478-252-8754 478-494-7567 cell 2731 River Rd. • Wadley, GA 30477 Kyle and Jennifer Gillooly, Owners 478-625-7664 Home Kyle: 478-494-9593 • Jenn: 478-494-6693 361 Browning Rd., Telford, TN 37690 Cell 423-791-4458 Jason and Emmy, Chelsea, Baileigh, Madison and Rhett Day Herdsman - Jordan Daigle 252-520-3419 815-988-7051 Jim O’Mara 3600 Ludlow Rd. Good Hope Community Lena, MS 39094 601-654-3584 P.O. Box 215 Cross Plains, TN 37049 615-478-4483
66589 Balance 107 {DLF,HYF,IEF,MSUDF,MDF} Hardy Edwards || 505 Lem Edwards Rd., Winterville, GA 30683 Hardy 706-714-9012 || Kim 706-206-6725 CE 8.9 MCW 103 BW -0.5 UDDR 1.30 WW 74 TEAT 1.40 YW 116 CW 90 DMI 1.0 FAT 0.122 SC 1.8 REA 0.70 SCF 25.6 MARB 0.14 MM 39 BMI$ 494 M&G 75 BII$ 593 MCE -1.0 CHB$ 123 P44296384 • Tattoo: BE 107 Semen: $50 / Straw; Non-certificate BALANCE 107 Heifer Calf BALANCE 107 Bull Calf May/June 2024 | 63

From the Field

William “Scott”

Trueblood, 62, Barclay, Kan., passed March 7.

He was born Nov. 15, 1961, in Emporia, Kan., the son of William R. and Shirley Scott Trueblood. Scott attended Osage City High School, Osage City, Kan., and graduated with the Class of 1980.

As a young man in 1976, Scott began traveling with his uncle Paul, showing polled Hereford cattle and continuing through 1984. Their journey took them across the country, showing prize cattle for many owners, which included Kenny Rogers and members of the band Alabama.

Scott spent several years living in Virginia before returning to Kansas, where he worked as a banquet manager at the Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center. His love of cattle and ranching called him back to Osage County five years later, when he began working with his uncle Paul again, custom finishing cattle. Scott always considered Barclay his home and remained there until his death.

Scott held memberships in the American Salers Association and served as president of the Osage City Eagles Club.

He will live on in the hearts and memories of his mother and stepfather, Shirley and Roger Betts, of Thermopolis, Wyo.; son, Andrew (Ashley) Trueblood of Earlysville, Va.; sister, Crystal Trueblood of Lenexa, Kan.; grandchildren, Reagan and Stetson Trueblood; three nephews, Jackson Sixbury and Austin and Blake Trueblood; his devoted companion and best friend of 16 years, Nancy Jones, of Reading, Kan.; and numerous extended family and countless friends.

He was preceded in death by his father, William R. Trueblood; and brother, Brent Trueblood.

In memoriam of Scott’s willingness to always take time to teach and offer advice to young showmen and show women, memorial contributions can be made to the Scott Trueblood Memorial, which will be used to benefit junior national youth scholarships.

Rodney Ogren, 82, Marcus, Iowa, passed March 30.

With sadness, we share the passing of Rod Ogren, a devoted son, brother and uncle, and a cherished friend to many. Rod left behind a legacy of love, kindness and dedication to those he held dear.

of the Tilden Tillers 4-H Club and eventually extended to the Cherokee County Cattlemen’s Association and the Marcus Community Fair Board, where he served faithfully for many years. Over five decades, Rod lent his expertise as a cattleman and livestock judge to countless county, state and regional fairs and stock shows. He was privileged to judge the Iowa State Fair Governor’s Steer Show. While serving on the Board of Directors for the American Hereford Association (AHA), he had the opportunity to travel to New Zealand as an AHA ambassador. As a close friend remembers, it was typical for Rod to kneel down to talk to 4-Hers showing their cattle on the woodchip-covered show barn floor. His dedication to shaping young minds and nurturing their potential was a testament to his generous spirit and enduring legacy.

Rod served several years as the Marcus Main Street Director. In this position he and many others helped support the Marcus community’s revitalization efforts for future generations by advocating to bring new commercial businesses and resources to his hometown.

Rodney Lee Ogren was born June 26, 1941, to Paul and Catherine (Pitts) Ogren, becoming the trusted eldest brother among the five Ogren boys. Rod’s lifelong residence for almost 83 years on the family farm in Tilden Township, south of Marcus, Iowa, was a testament to his steadfastness and connection to his roots. His faith was an important part of his life, having been baptized, confirmed and a member of Grace Methodist Church.

Rod graduated from Marcus High School in 1960 and then went on to Sierra Junior College, located outside Sacramento, Calif. Shortly thereafter, Rod served in the military, stationed in Germany. He was an Army veteran.

Rod’s commitment to his Marcus community started as a member

Rod also found joy in the simple pleasures of friendship and family. He cherished time with his nieces and nephews (and great-nieces and greatnephews) and enjoyed many special travels with his friends. In honoring Rod’s memory, let us strive to embody the values he held dear — honesty, compassion and a sincere love of the things that matter most in life.

He will be lovingly remembered by his brothers; Ken Ogren, Steve (Renea) Ogren and Chuck (Kay) Ogren, all of Marcus; sister-in-law, Sara Ogren of Exeter, Neb.; 10 nieces and nephews; numerous great-nieces and greatnephews; and many cherished friends.

In addition to his beloved parents, he was preceded in death by his brother, Roger Ogren, and sister-in-law, Kate Ogren.

Rod Ogren Scott Trueblood
64 | May/June 2024 He
Wyatt Brooks Kouba

Heading to the Donor Pen

VH MMM 756 Jamie 09J ET Sire: CH High Roller 756 ET MGS: UPS Sensation 2296 ET

2022 Kentucky State Fair Junior Show 5th Overall Supreme Heifer

2022 Kentucky Preview Champion Heifer

2022 Indiana Preview Reserve Champion Heifer

Toby and Debby Dulworth

2492 S. Kirkman Rd. LaCenter, KY 42056


Ben, Jane, Lincoln Clifford Noah and Shelby Wright

3459 KY Hwy. 1284 E. Cynthiana, KY 41031

Ben 859-421-7902

Lincoln 859-954-0102

Clifford Hereford Farms

Jon, Hannah, Quinton, Andrew and Harper Ray

75 Salem Ridge Rd. Brooksville, KY 41004 606-782-1737

Breeding Polled Herefords for more than half a century.

David and Paula Parker

129 Banks Rd. Bradyville, TN 37026 615-765-5359

615-765-7260 Fax

David cell 615-464-7008

Jody Standley 919-291-4212

Kim Prestwood 828-320-7317

84 Austin Farm Lane Clayton, NC 27520

Bobby and Brenda Wells

439 Flatwoods Frozen Camp Rd. Corbin, KY 40701

606-344-0417 cell

Kevin, Angela, Kenlea and Kyler Murray 606-682-8143 cell

Matthew Murphy


3432 Red Bud Rd. N.E. Calhoun, GA 30701

Keene Murphy 770-355-2192

Danny Miller

4850 Caldwell Ridge Rd. Knifley, KY 42753 270-465-6984

101-103 N. Main St. Saluda, SC 29138

Earl B. Forrest 864-445-2387

864-445-7080 Office 864-445-3707 Fax

Brad Forrest 864-445-7633

Herd Certified and Accredited 565 Candy Meadow Farm Rd. Lexington, TN 38351

Rob Helms 731-968-9977

Randy or Steve Helms 731-968-2012

Heath Helms 731-614-3979 Fax 731-967-1445

328 Fowken Farm Rd. Jonesville, SC 29353

Norris Fowler


Rogers Fowler 864-426-3281

Greg Fowler 864-426-7337 Cell

Raising Herefords for the past 62 years


Sales Digest


Express Ranches

Yukon, Okla. | March 1

Auctioneers: Steve Dorran, Matt Sims, Dustin Layton

Reported by: Cord Weinheimer


Gross Average

52 bulls $325,000 $6,250


$11,000 — EXR Genesis 2287 ET

DOB 8/7/2022, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, sold to Felix Wright, Strawn, Texas.

$9,500 — EXR Bankroll 2270 ET

DOB 7/20/2022, by EXR Bankroll 8130 ET, sold to Suttles Cattle Genetics, Hanna City, Ill.

$9,500 — EXR Roughneck 2329 ET

DOB 10/15/2022, by Churchill Roughneck

0280H ET, sold to Keith Anderson, Lone Wolf.

$9,000 — EXR Bankroll 2168

DOB 10/10/2022, by EXR Bankroll 8130 ET, sold to Kenton Fisher, St. John, Kan.

$9,000 — EXR Desperado 2103

DOB 8/25/2022, by Churchill Desperado 029H, sold to Felix Wright.

$9,000 — EXR Long Haul 2122

DOB 8/29/2022, by NJW Long Haul 36E ET, sold to Felix Wright.

$8,500 — EXR Benchmark 2279 ET

DOB 8/1/2022, by EXR Benchmark 8240 ET, sold to Mescalero Apache Cattle Growers, Mescalero, N.M.

$8,500 — EXR Desperado 2137

DOB 9/3/2022, by Churchill Desperado 029H, sold to Felix Wright.

$8,000 — EXR Desperado 3200 ET

DOB 1/1/2023, by Churchill Desperado 029H, sold to Felix Wright.

$7,500 — EXR Genesis 2144

DOB 9/9/2022, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, sold to Ford Group Four, DeLand, Fla.

$7,500 — EXR Platinum 2116

DOB 8/27/2022, by EXR Platinum 9200 ET, sold to Felix Wright.

$7,500 — EXR Genesis 2154

DOB 9/21/2022, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, sold to Rafter M Herefords, Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Kentucky Beef Expo

Louisville, Ky. | March 2

Auctioneer: Dale Stith

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh


$6,000 — CHF 0100 Stardust 3201

DOB 10/3/2023, by Boyd 135U Deliverance 0100 ET, consigned by Cottage Hill Farm, Petersburg, W.Va., sold to P&R Cattle Co., Carthage, Ind.

$4,250 — Grace S Rose

DOB 1/1/2023, by HH Sazerac 6090 ET, consigned by Carroll Farming LLC, Nabb, Ind., sold to Gary King, Zoe.

$4,200 — MCS YB Chanel

DOB 10/16/2023, by YB BA X06 860 ET, consigned by Mary Carter Shirley, Sparta, Tenn., sold to William and Lucy Sexten, Nicholasville.

$3,900 — Beckley 6153 Whitney 3076

DOB 9/27/2023, by Boyd 31Z Blueprint 6153, consigned by Beckleys Herefords, Irvine, sold to Emily Tabor, Garfield.

$3,900 — DRS 4084 Dana 87K

DOB 2/14/2022, by DRS 439 Emmett 67E, consigned by Smith Family Farm, Brandenburg, sold to Gary King.

Wisconsin Hereford Assn.

Fennimore, Wis. | March 2

Auctioneer: Justin Stout Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average 3 bulls $8,500 $2,833 32 females $91,500 $2,859 35 total $100,000 $2,857
Lots Gross Average 11 bulls $43,200 $3,927 29 females $105,250 $3,629 40 total $148,450 $3,711 3 embryos $1,500 $500 SALE TYPE SALES BULLS FEMALES TOTAL Number Lots Average Lots Average Lots Gross Average Consignment 7 78.00$4,071168.00$3,194246.00$854,190$3,472 Production 351,569.00$7,536475.00$6,5622,044.00$14,940,730$7,310 Month Total 421,647.00$7,372643.00$5,6822,290.00$15,794,920$6,897 23/24 YTD 1856,749.46$6,8514,596.16$5,37911,345.62$70,960,498$6,254 SALE SUMMARY (Sales reported in this summary occurred during the 2023-24 fiscal year.)
B&D Herefords 71 Bar Star Cattle and Ernst Herefords 71 Boyd Beef Cattle 68 Bradshaw Ranch 74 Buck Cattle Co. 74 Buckeye Hereford Assn. 70 Candy Meadow Farms 72 Cooper Hereford Ranch 69 Copeland & Sons LLC 73 DaKitch Farms 72 Express Ranches Bull Sale 66 Express Ranches Honor Roll Sale 70 Falling Timber Farm 70 Flying S Herefords 71 Frenzen Polled Herefords 73 GKB Cattle and Barber Ranch 71 Harrell Hereford Ranch 67 Harrison Cattle Co. 73 Harvie Ranching 69 Hennebold Herefords 72 High Desert Cattle Co. 68 Holden Herefords 69 I-29 Bull Run 68 Jensen Bros. 67 K7 Herefords 72 Kentucky Beef Expo 66 Kester Herefords 67 L Bar W Cattle Co. 68 Landgren Ranch 71 NJW Polled Herefords 74 North Carolina Hereford Assn. 72 Northwest Hereford Breeders 68 Partners in Progress 70 Performance Unlimited 74 Ravine Creek Ranch 70 Sandhill Farms 73 Schutte & Sons 67 Sidwell Ranch & Frank Herefords 73 Sleepy Hollow Farm 68 Tennessee Beef Agribition 69 Udy Cattle Co. 70 Wisconsin Hereford Assn. 66 66 | May/June 2024 He


$7,500 — MGM Vanguard Quantum Leap 18K

DOB 8/5/2022, by Birdwell Vanguard 5022 9337, consigned by MGM, Hartford, sold to Quade Farms, Milton.



$9,500 — ESS G060 Caliente E088 K35

DOB 5/22/2022, by Huth A025 Victor 33Z G060, consigned by Emily Schulz, Iron Ridge, sold to C & B Farms LLC, Livingston.

$5,750 — PCH G78 Lady Bug L78

DOB 5/7/2023, by Churchill Big Shot 1136J ET, consigned by Point Creek Herefords, Newton, sold to Mya Bevan, Platteville.

Harrell Hereford Ranch

Baker City, Ore. | March 4

Auctioneers: Butch Booker, Rick Machado

Reported by: Emilee Holt

Lots Gross Average

137 bulls $942,250 $6,878

29 females $92,700 $3,197

166 total $1,034,950 $6,235

77 comm. females $183,725 $2,386


$17,500 — H5 1115J Domino 3160

DOB 2/18/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1115J 1ET, sold to Case Ranch, Texas.

$16,000 — H5 0136H Domino 357

DOB 2/5/2023, by CL 1 Domino 0136H, sold to HME Herefords, Georgia.

$14,500 — H5 1115J Domino 371

DOB 2/7/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1115J 1ET, sold to Stroh Hereford Ranch, North Dakota.

$14,000 — H5 9241 Advance 3239

DOB 3/4/2023, by H5 5019 Advance 9241, sold to Case Ranch.

$14,000 — H5 9241 Advance 3122

DOB 2/14/2023, H5 5019 Advance 9241, sold to Carmichael Ranch, South Dakota.

$13,500 — H5 011 Domino 3198

DOB 2/24/2023, by H5 215Z Domino 011, sold to Salmon Falls Land & Livestock, Idaho.

$12,500 — H5 0136H Domino 3282

DOB 3/10/2023, by CL 1 Domino 0136H, sold to Barney Ranch, California.

$12,000 — H5 011 Domino 360

DOB 2/5/2023, by H5 215Z Domino 011, sold to Shotgun Ranch, Oregon.

$11,500 — H5 9241 Advance 3123

DOB 2/14/2023, by H5 5019 Advance 9241, sold to Friedt Herefords, North Dakota.

$10,750 — H5 1115J Domino 3273 ET

DOB 3/8/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1115J 1ET, sold to Flying W, Idaho.

$10,000 — H5 0136H Domino 3249

DOB 3/5/2023, by CL 1 Domino 0136H, sold to Shotgun Ranch.


$6,000 — H5 Ms 1328 Advance 3213 DOB 2/26/2023, by H5 9241 Advance 1328, sold to Harr Herefords, Oregon.

Kester Herefords

Atkinson, Neb. | March 4

Auctioneer: Justin Stout

Reported by: Aaron Friedt


43 bulls

Gross Average

$248,500 $5,779

87 comm. females $172,525 $1,983



$11,500 — Kest 257H 9359 Color Up 500L DOB 2/26/2023, by UPS Endure 9359 ET, sold to Wyatt Schaack, Wall, S.D.

$9,750 — Kest 88 9359 Donnie 501L DOB 2/26/2023, by UPS Endure 9359 ET, sold to Cody Olson, Clearwater, S.D.

$9,750 — Kest C15 7G Grant 492L ET

DOB 2/24/2023, by Blair’s 358C 15C Iron Will 7G, sold to Dave Frerichs, Atkinson.

$8,500 — Kest 313J 106H Chopper 478L ET

DOB 2/21/2023, by JDH AH Lincoln 106H ET, sold to Scott Hartman, Firth.

$8,000 — Kest 313J 106H Omaha 467L ET

DOB 2/18/2023, by JDH AH Lincoln 106H ET, sold to Dave Frerichs.

$8,000 — Kest E15 106H Link K97

DOB 9/10/2022, by JDH AH Lincoln 106H ET, sold to Steve Wieseder, Crofton.

Schutte & Sons

Guide Rock, Neb. | March 5

Auctioneer: Joel Birdwell

Reported by: Aaron Friedt

Lots Gross Average

35 bulls



33 females $109,900 $3,330

68 total $286,450 $4,213


$10,000 — S&S Cuda 16K

DOB 3/16/2022, by BEHM 100W Cuda 504C, sold to Mark Bartlett, Cozad.

$8,500 — S&S TS Leader 34K

DOB 3/21/2022, by KJ Nella 919E Leader 476G, sold to Mark Bartlett.

$8,000 — S&S Cuda 17K

DOB 3/17/2022, by BEHM 100W Cuda 504C, sold to Vern Griess, Grafton.


$4,800 — S&S Miss Lamp 844K

DOB 3/14/2022, by AH Ramble On 619D, sold to Blue Chip Herefords, Oxford.

$4,700 — S&S Lady Curly 898K

DOB 5/8/2022, by AH Ramble On 619D, sold to Sara Thompson, Lawrence.

Jensen Bros.

Courtland, Kan. | March 7

Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

Reported by: Aaron Friedt


$95,000 — KJ 7603 Element 019L ET

DOB 2/13/2023, by KJ TWJ 907E Liberty 159H ET, sold to Upstream Ranch, Taylor, Neb.; Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch, Ree Heights, S.D.; Harvie Ranching, Olds, Alberta; and Breezewood Hills Farm, Staunton, Va. (3/4 interest).

$18,000 — KJ 039H Harvester 106L

DOB 3/4/2023, by UPS Harvester 9985, sold to Terry Evans, Fall River.

$15,000 — KJ 580G Harvester 093L

DOB 3/1/2023, by UPS Harvester 9985, sold to Robby Gray, Hutchinson.

$15,000 — KJ F31 Impact 062L ET

DOB 2/18/2023, by KJ GKB 364C Impact 249J ET, sold to Terry and Matt Evans.

$12,000 — KJ 998H Liberty 921K

DOB 9/19/2022, by KJ TWJ 907E Liberty 159H ET, sold to Lamb Bros., Wilson, Wis.

$11,500 — KJ 769G Harvester 182L

DOB 3/24/2023, by UPS Harvester 9985, sold to Todd Helm, Indianola, Neb.

$11,000 — KJ 746D Timeline 976L ET

DOB 2/5/2023, by MYO 559 On Time 927 ET, sold to Jimmy Bernard, Grand Ridge, Ill.

$11,000 — KJ F31 Harvester 217L

DOB 4/10/2023, by UPS Harvester 9985, sold to Shockley Ranch Herefords, Poteau, Okla.

$10,000 — KJ IF 45C Leader 904K ET

DOB 9/10/2022, by KJ BJ 309C Leader 182F, sold to Jeff and Meita Lyne, Lincoln.

$10,000 — KJ F31 Harvester 151L ET

DOB 3/13/2023, by UPS Harvester 9985, sold to Baer Bros., Junction City.

$10,000 — KJ 488G Harvester 181L

DOB 3/24/2023, by UPS Harvester 9985, sold to Kevin Bafford, Blue Mound, Ill.

$9,500 — KJ 536C Liberty 888K

DOB 8/28/2022, by KJ TWJ 907E Liberty 159H ET, sold to Brian Pelton, Zurich.

$9,500 — KJ C15 Liberty K90 ET

DOB 9/6/2022, by KJ TWJ 907E Liberty 159H ET, sold to Brian Pelton. continued on page 68...

Lots Gross Average 73 bulls $549,000 $7,521 145 comm. females $248,400 $1,713 May/June 2024 | 67

High Desert Cattle Co.

Pilot Rock, Ore. | March 8

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Emilee Holt

Lots Gross Average

14 bulls $72,996 $5,214


$7,000 — HDCC 8080 Jetson 249

DOB 2/2/2022, by UPS 2296 Sensation 8080, sold to Gander Cattle Operations, Portland.

$7,000 — HDCC 9033 Jasper 237

DOB 1/24/2022, by UPS Endure 9033, sold to Horseshoe Bar Cattle Co., Antelope.

$6,000 — HDCC EM Journey 248

DOB 1/29/2022, by UPS Easy Money 9346 ET, sold to Mark Talcott, Glide.

$6,000 — HDCC 9227 Jackson 227

DOB 1/19/2022, by UPS Endure 9227, sold to Joseph Campbell, Condon.

$5,250 — HDCC 8080 Keystone 307

DOB 1/17/2023, by UPS 2296 Sensation 8080, sold to Next Gen Cattle Co., Echo.

$5,000 — HDCC 8210 Jazz 247

DOB 1/28/2022, by UPS Mighty 8210, sold to Horseshoe Bar Cattle Co.

$5,000 — HDCC 8080 Juniper 270

DOB 4/22/2022, by UPS 2296 Sensation 8080, sold to Hoctor Ranch, Center Lake, Wash.

$5,000 — HDCC 8080 Jacoby 266

DOB 4/1/2022, by UPS 2296 Sensation 8080, sold to Dick Ledgerwood & Son Inc., Clarkston, Wash.

$5,000 — HDCC 9033 Jackpot 243

DOB 1/26/2022, by UPS Endure 9033, sold to Horseshoe Bar Cattle Co.

L Bar W Cattle Co.

Absarokee, Mont. | March 8

Auctioneer: Justin Stout

Reported by: Kevin Murnin

Lots Gross Average

57 bulls $391,500 $6,868


$24,000 — LW 1103 Domino 3076L ET

DOB 1/15/2023, by LW 7131 Domino 1103J ET, sold to Van Newkirk Herefords, Oshkosh, Neb. (1/2 interest).

$15,000 — LW 075 Domino 3075L ET

DOB 1/15/2023, by LW 7131 Domino 075H ET, sold to 3210 Angus, Columbus.

$14,000 — LW 1103 Domino 3053L ET

DOB 1/12/2023, by LW 7131 Domino 1103J ET, sold to Three Hills Ranch, Bernard, Iowa.

$13,500 — LW 901 Domino 3078L ET

DOB 1/15/2023, by LW 6128 Domino 901G ET, sold to Castle Rock Ranch, Volberg.

$13,000 — LW 901 Domino 3013L ET

DOB 1/5/2023, by LW 6128 Domino 901G ET, sold to Ivy Farms LLC, Blackwater, Mo., and Oleen Bros., Dwight, Kan.

$12,500 — LW 901 Domino 3040L ET

DOB 1/10/2023, LW 6128 Domino 901G ET, sold to Van Newkirk Herefords.

$10,500 — LW 1190 Domino 3034L

DOB 1/8/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1190J 1ET, sold to Behms Hereford Ranch, Burlington, N.D.

Sleepy Hollow Farm

Centerville, S.D. | March 8

Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson

Reported by: Aaron Friedt

Lots Gross Average 17 bulls $91,749 $5,397

Boyd Beef Cattle

Mays Lick, Ky. | March 9

Auctioneers: Dale Stith, Eddie Burks

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average 22 bulls $165,050 $7,502


$15,500 — ASM 016H Perspective 310L ET DOB 1/31/2023, by NJW 202C173DSteadfast 156J ET, consigned by Matheny Herefords, Mays Lick, sold to Lee Mayo, Scott City, Kan. (3/4 interest).

$13,500 — ASM 016H 156J Component 305LET

DOB 1/27/2023, by NJW 202C173DSteadfast 156J ET, consigned by Matheny Herefords, sold to Zach Weldon, Piedmont, Okla.

$13,000 — ASM 405B Contact 331L ET DOB 2/27/2023, by NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET, consigned by Matheny Herefords, sold to Holly Becker, Carlisle.

$10,000 — Boyd Destination 3051 DOB 2/2/2023, by SHF Houston D287 H086, sold to Shelby Lager Farms, Maryville, Mo.

$10,000 — ASM 405B Industrial 329L ET DOB 2/26/2023, by NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET, consigned by Matheny Herefords, sold to Dustin Heeter, Clarksburg, Pa., and John Palko, Greensburg, Pa.

$8,750 — Boyd Proactive 2120 ET

DOB 9/14/2022, by SHF Houston D287 H086, sold to Doss Hereford Farms, Smithville, Mo., and Doug Rosencutter, Topeka, Kan.

$8,500 — Boyd Balance 3025

DOB 1/10/2023, by NJW 133A 6589 Manifest 87G ET, sold to Darwin Heard, Morgantown.

$8,250 — ASM TBM 43A Network 302L

DOB 1/23/2023, by TH Masterplan 183F, consigned by Matheny Herefords, sold to Will Hilty, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.

$8,000 — Boyd Right Combination 3010

DOB 1/1/2023, by NJW 133A 6589 Manifest 87G ET, sold to Brookfield Farm, Winchester.

$8,000 — M Liam 320L ET

DOB 2/6/2023, by NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET, consigned by Matheny Herefords, sold to Darwin Heard.

$8,000 — ASM 107J Return 308L

DOB 1/29/2023, TH Masterplan 183F, consigned by Matheny Herefords, sold to Darwin Heard.

I-29 Bull Run

Sioux Falls, S.D. | March 9

Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson

Reported by: Aaron Friedt

Lots Gross Average

25 bulls $105,500 $4,220

10 females $24,500


$8,000 — S16 977 Paramount 461L

DOB 3/5/2023, by Pyramid ILR Paramount 1511 ET, consigned by Section 16 Cattle Co., Canton, sold to a South Dakota buyer.

Northwest Hereford Breeders

Stanfield, Ore. | March 9

Auctioneer: Butch Booker

Reported by: Emilee Holt


$5,500 — Bird 953 Pye 303

DOB 10/18/2022, by Bird 215Z Nelson 953, consigned by Bird Herefords, Halfway, sold to ANW Ranch, Craigmont, Idaho.

$5,000 — MCA Materpiece 102L ET DOB 1/6/2023, by TH Masterplan 183F, consigned by MCA Herefords, Boardman, sold to Doug St. John, Rice, Wash.

$4,500 — SFF High Octane 02L

DOB 2/7/2023, by C 5280 High Cotton 6094 ET, consigned by Silver Fir Farms, Lynden, Wash., sold to Skip Farms, Pendleton.

$4,250 — Bird 62Z Shortridge 311 DOB 11/17/2022, by SR Bakken 62Z, consigned by Bird Herefords, sold to Pat and Anna Sullivan, Hereford.

$4,250 — Bird 953 Wilbur 356

DOB 1/1/2023, by Bird 215Z Nelson 953, consigned by Bird Herefords, sold to ANW Ranch.

$2,450 35 total $130,000 $3,714 21 comm. females $42,000 $2,000
Lots Gross Average 24 bulls $90,240 $3,760 20 comm. females $39,224 $1,961
...Sales Digest continued from page 67 68 | May/June 2024 He

Tennessee Beef Agribition

Lebanon, Tenn. | March 9

Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman

Reported by: Tommy Coley

Lots Gross Average

6 bulls

$33,200 $5,533

33 females $108,250 $3,280

39 total $141,450 $3,627

14 embryos $9,000 $643


$8,000 — WLKR RJB High Time 0133H 2110K

DOB 9/18/2022, by Gerber High Time H65, consigned by Walker Herefords and Ron and Judy Baker, Morrison, sold to Crouch Polled Hereford Farm, McMinnville.


$8,500 — YB Bambi 756 7506 ET

DOB 10/17/2023, by CH High Roller 756 ET, consigned by Young Bros., Springville, sold to Staton and Ryland Bowman, Lancaster, Ky.

$6,500 — RMP 06J Wilma 3G7

DOB 9/15/2023, by EF LF 4106 Timeless 33Z 06J, consigned by Parish Farms, Harrisburg, Ill., sold to Clouse Farms, Quebeck.

$6,100 — Kaitlyns Rose

DOB 5/17/2023, by Beckley 72C Heavy Duty 1031, consigned by Lakeside Farms, Campbellsville, Ky., sold to Caleb and Colin Huelsmann, Raleigh, Ill.

$6,000 — RC Ms Faith 101 314

DOB 4/10/2023, by JCS Makers Mark 1136, consigned by River Circle Farm, Hartsville, sold to Spencer Wright, Lebanon.

$6,000 — JC Houston Lady 208K

DOB 9/14/2022, by SHF Houston D287 H086, consigned by Coley Herefords, Lafayette, sold to Marty Shephard, Beaver Dam, Ky.

Holden Herefords

Valier, Mont. | March 11

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Kevin Murnin

Lots Gross Average

144 bulls

32 females

$1,901,000 $13,201

$249,750 $7,805

176 total $2,150,750 $12,220

24 comm. females $50,250 $2,094


$90,000 — HH Advance 3027L

DOB 1/4/2023, by HH Advance 0159H, sold to Cooper Hereford Ranch, Willow Creek (3/4 interest).

$70,000 — HH Advance 3107L ET

DOB 1/13/2023, by CL 1 Domino 001H, sold to Churchill Cattle Co., Manhattan, and Dan Bixler, Newton, Iowa (3/4 interest).

$67,500 — HH Advance 3096L ET

DOB 1/12/2023, by CL 1 Domino 8232F, sold to DD Investments, San Marcos, Calif. (3/4 interest).

$80,000 — HH Advance 3044L ET

DOB 1/7/2023, by HH Advance 0159H, sold to Coates Ranch Co., Mertzon, Texas.

$60,000 — HH Advance 3007L ET

DOB 1/1/2023, by HH Advance 0011H ET, sold to Baumgarten Cattle Co., Belfield, N.D.

$60,000 — HH Advance 3184L ET

DOB 1/24/2023, by HH Advance 0159H, sold to EF1 Cattle Co., Carpio, N.D.

$30,000 — HH Advance 3037L ET

DOB 1/6/2023, by HH Advance 0159H, sold to Flying S Herefords, Paluxy, Texas (1/2 interest).

$45,000 — HH Advance 3113L ET

DOB 1/14/2023, by HH Advance 0159H, sold to Mrnak Hereford Ranch, Bowman, N.D.

$40,000 — HH Advance 3052L ET

DOB 1/8/2023, by HH Advance 0043H, sold to Van Newkirk Herefords, Oshkosh, Neb., and EF1 Cattle Co.

$25,000 — HH Advance 3004L

DOB 1/1/2023, by HH Advance 0159H, sold to EF1 Cattle Co. (3/4 interest).

$25,000 — HH Advance 3127L ET

DOB 1/16/2023, by HH Advance 0022H ET, sold to Stangle Herefords, Marsland, Neb.


$46,000 — HH Miss Advance 3028L ET

DOB 1/4/2023, by HH Advance 0159H, sold to EF1 Cattle Co.

$30,000 — HH Miss Advance 3053L ET

DOB 1/8/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1115J 1ET, sold to Steve Bodner, Raynesford.

Cooper Hereford Ranch

Willow Creek, Mont. | March 12

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average

89 bulls

$1,066,250 $11,980

30 females $244,500 $8,150

119 total

$1,310,750 $11,015


$40,000 — CL 1 Domino 3142L 1ET

DOB 1/16/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1176J 1ET, sold to Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch, Ree Heights, S.D. (1/2 interest).

$62,500 — CL 1 Domino 394L 1ET

DOB 1/12/2023, by HH Advance 7156E ET, sold to Stroh Hereford Ranch, Killdeer, N.D.

$40,000 — CL 1 Domino 3126L 1ET

DOB 1/15/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1176J 1ET, sold to Van Newkirk Herefords, Oshkosh, Neb.

$32,500 — CL 1 Domino 3262L

DOB 2/25/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1176J 1ET, sold to Holden Herefords, Valier.

$21,500 — CL 1 Domino 3120L 1ET

DOB 1/14/2023, CL 1 Domino 0136H, sold to The Berry’s, Cheyenne, Wyo. (3/4 interest).

$27,500 — CL 1 Domino 381L

DOB 1/11/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1176J 1ET, sold to EF1 Cattle Co., Carpio, N.D., and Van Newkirk Herefords.

$25,000 — CL 1 Domino 348L

DOB 1/9/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1176J 1ET, sold to EF1 Cattle Co., and B&D Herefords, Claflin, Kan.

$24,000 — CL 1 Domino 3113L

DOB 1/14/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1176J 1ET, sold to Brice Carmichael, Meadow, S.D.

$22,000 — CL 1 Domino 3249L

DOB 2/10/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1176J 1ET, sold to Indian Mound Ranch, Canadian, Texas.

$21,000 — CL 1 Domino 3152L 1ET

DOB 1/18/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1195J 1ET, sold to Coates Ranch Co., Mertzon, Texas.

$20,000 — CL 1 Domino 3248L 1ET

DOB 2/9/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1195J 1ET, sold to Gus Gustafson, Junction City, Kan., and Granzow Herefords, Herington, Kan.

$17,000 — CL 1 Domino 365L 1ET

DOB 1/10/2023, by CL 1 Domino 0186H, sold to Ron Struempler, Oconto, Neb.

$17,000 — CL 1 Domino 3189L 1ET

DOB 1/24/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1115J 1ET, sold to Tudahl Herefords, Bigfork.


$28,000 — CL 1 Dominette 379L

DOB 1/11/2023, by CL 1 Domino 1176J 1ET, sold to L Bar W Cattle Co., Absarokee.

$20,000 — CL 1 Dominette 342L

DOB 1/8/2023, by CL 1 Domino 0186H, sold to L Bar W Cattle Co., and EF1 Cattle Co.

Harvie Ranching

Olds, Alberta | March 12

Auctioneer: Ryan Dorran

Reported by: Kevin Murnin

Reported in Canadian Funds

Lots Gross Average 17 bulls $146,250 $8,603


$20,000 — Harvie SCC Velocity 1L

DOB 1/1/2023, by Harvie OVHF Hudson ET 174H, sold to CJV Farms, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; OVHF, Olds; and MC Squared, Swift Current, Saskatchewan. continued on page 70... May/June 2024 | 69

$13,500 — Harvie VLE On The Rocks 9L

DOB 1/19/2023, by NJW 79Z 199B Bourbon 126H ET, sold to Goodine Farm, Bear Island, New Brunswick.

$11,000 — Harvie VLE Law Maker ET 40L

DOB 1/30/23, by Harvie OVHF Hudson ET 174H, sold to CJV Farms.

$10,000 — Harvie Commitment 136L

DOB 2/28/2023, by NJW PMH Commitment 137J ET, sold to Matthew Hughes, Haskell, Okla.

$9,500 — Harvie VF Pursuit 56L

DOB 2/4/2023, by NJW PMH Commitment 137J ET, sold to Simpson Ranching Ltd., Calgary.

$9,500 — Harvie OVHF Campfire 14L

DOB 1/21/2023, by NJW 133A 199B Cowboss 138H ET, sold to Kenny Lees, Melville, Mont.

Ravine Creek Ranch

Huron, S.D. | March 13

Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson

Reported by: Aaron Friedt

Lots Gross Average

45 bulls $220,250 $4,894

16 females $46,800 $2,925

61 total $267,050 $4,378

83 comm. females $169,100 $2,037


$10,500 — RV Validated 301L

DOB 3/4/2023, by EFBeef BR Validated B413, sold to Ollerich Bros. Herefords, Winner, and Tricky’s Herefords, Winfred.

$7,500 — RV Validated 317L

DOB 3/4/2023, by EFBeef BR Validated B413, sold to Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch, Ree Heights.

Udy Cattle Co.

Rockland, Idaho | March 13

Auctioneer: Butch Booker

Reported by: Emilee Holt

Lots Gross Average

31 bulls

11 females

$204,755 $6,605

$29,150 $2,650

42 total $233,905 $5,569

3 comm. females $9,600 $3,200


$11,500 — UCC Blueprint 245

DOB 2/22/2022, by Boyd 31Z Blueprint 6153, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$10,500 — UCC Endure 240

DOB 2/20/2022, by NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$10,000 — UCC Candor 218

DOB 2/17/2022, by Pyramid Candor 9139, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$9,000 — UCC Blueprint 228

DOB 2/18/2022, by Boyd 31Z Blueprint 6153, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$9,000 — UCC Blueprint 252

DOB 2/25/2022, by Boyd 31Z Blueprint 6153, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$9,000 — UCC Candor 212

DOB 2/13/2022, by Pyramid Candor 9139, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$7,500 — UCC Kickstart 268

DOB 3/2/2022, by UCC Kickstart 835, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$7,250 — UCC Endure 266

DOB 3/1/2022, by NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$7,250 — UCC Blueprint 215

DOB 2/15/2022, by Boyd 31Z Blueprint 6153, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$7,250 — UCC Endure 229

DOB 2/18/2022, by NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$7,250 — UCC Endure 256

DOB 2/26/2022, NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET, sold to an Idaho buyer.

$7,250 — UCC Leader 283

DOB 4/1/2022, by UCC Leader 002, sold to a Nevada buyer.

Buckeye Hereford Assn.

Columbus, Ohio | March 16

Auctioneer: Dale Stith

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average

7 bulls $30,200 $4,314

29 females $90,300 $3,114

36 total $120,500 $3,347


$7,700 — PB Leroy Brown ET

DOB 3/3/2022, by Birdwell Vanguard 5022 9337, consigned by Pitt Farms Herefords, Bellville, sold to an Ohio buyer.


$6,700 — Diamond M 254G Kianna 201

DOB 3/9/2022, by NJW 139C 103C Ridge 254G, consigned by Diamond M Herefords, Lake Milton, sold to an Ohio buyer.

Express Ranches

Yukon, Okla. | March 16

Auctioneers: Matt Sims, Dustin Layton

Reported by: Cord Weinheimer

Lots Gross Average

18 females $132,000 $7,333


$32,500 — EXR Addison 3319 ET

DOB 9/17/2023, by EXR Air Express 8135 ET, sold to Kathryn Coleman, Modesto, Calif.

$25,000 — EXR Lexus 3507 ET

DOB 9/1/2023, by EXR Platinum 9200 ET, sold to McKamie Jean, Emerson, Ark.

Falling Timber Farm

Marthasville, Mo. | March 16

Auctioneer: Jesse Bolin

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average

26 bulls $130,450 $5,017

40 females $140,350


$10,000 — FTF Hugh 343L

DOB 1/15/2023, by SHF Houston D287 H086, sold to Wild Horse Hill Ranch, Boynton, Okla.

$9,500 — FTF Muy Bueno 358L

DOB 1/17/2023, by FTF Magnifico 120J, sold to Jordan Herefords, Warrenton.

$7,250 — FTF Unbelievable 3210L

DOB 12/22/2022, by FTF Untouchable 046H, sold to 5-D Herefords, Berryville, Ark., and Rafter T Ranch, Omaha, Ark.

$6,500 — FTF Blazer 3433L

DOB 12/18/2022, by LJR MSU Z311 Emblazon 392E, sold to Mary Schroeter, Owensville.

$6,000 — FTF Magnifico 350L

DOB 1/16/2023, by FTF Magnifico 120J, sold to Nathan Truman, Prescott, Iowa.

Partners in Progress

Wadley, Ga. | March 16

Auctioneer: Eddie Burks

Reported by: Tommy Coley


$8,000 — Destin Sunny 6964 W111 ET

DOB 2/24/2020, by R Leader 6964; and a September heifer calf, by SHF Houston D287 H086, sold to Green Meadow Farms, Jasper, Ind.

$6,500 — CES Julia 174E W28

DOB 9/25/2019, by TH Frontier 174E, sold to Henderson Farms, Manor.

$6,250 — Destin Dixie 174E W114 ET

DOB 2/28/2020, by TH Frontier 174E, sold to Walker Herefords, Morrison, Tenn.; Jernigan Farm, Columbia, Tenn.; and Dirt Road Farms, Franklin, Tenn.

$3,509 66 total $270,800 $4,103 7 comm. females $23,300 $3,329
Lots Gross Average 1 bull $4,500 $4,500 36 females $144,400 $4,011
$148,900 $4,024
37 total
89 comm.
$179,425 $2,016
...Sales Digest continued from page 69 70 | May/June 2024 He

$6,000 — CES Allie Belle H49 A13 ET

DOB 9/14/2023, by Loewen DCF Defiance H49 ET, sold to Diana Gillooly, Wadley.

$5,000 — CES Julia 218 A7 ET

DOB 9/8/2023, by RHF Victor 424 218, sold to Henderson Farms.

B&D Herefords

Odin, Kan. | March 18

Auctioneer: Justin Stout

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average

45 bulls $202,650 $4,503


$6,750 — B&D L1 Domino 2500

DOB 9/12/2022, by VSD L1 Domino 001ET, sold to Ryan Obermueller, Lincoln.

$6,400 — B&D Advance 2556

DOB 10/7/2022, by LW 5044 Advance 815F ET, sold to Schreiber Angus, Beaver.

$6,000 — B&D L1 Domino 2503

DOB 9/13/2022, by CL 1 Domino 8146F 1ET, sold to Mark Deacon, Monte Vista, Colo.

$6,000 — B&D Advance 2478

DOB 8/27/2022, by LW 5044 Advance 815F ET, sold to Ed King, La Junta, Colo.

$6,000 — B&D L1 Domino 2521

DOB 9/19/2022, by B&D L1 Domino 9326 ET, sold to Ed King.

Landgren Ranch

Bartlett, Neb. | March 18

Auctioneer: Online

Reported by: Aaron Friedt

Lots Gross Average

23 bulls $129,000 $5,609

50 comm. females $95,065 $1,901


$40,000 — Land Lincoln 2097

DOB 4/28/2022, by JDH AH Lincoln 106H ET, sold to Kester Herefords, Clearwater, and Upstream Ranch, Taylor.

Flying S Herefords

Paluxy, Texas | March 19

Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

Reported by: Cord Weinheimer

Lots Gross Average

56 bulls $282,950 $5,053

33 females $139,000 $4,212

89 total $421,950 $4,741


$25,000 — FS Advance 3001L

DOB 1/3/2023, by HH Advance 0043H, sold to Oleen Bros., Dwight, Kan.

$13,000 — FS Advance 2074K

DOB 9/15/2022, by HH Advance 0043H, sold to W4 Ranch, Morgan.

$11,000 — FS Advance 2024K ET

DOB 8/19/2022, by HH Advance 0074H ET, sold to Edward Roeder, Yorktown.

$11,000 — FS Advance 2035K ET

DOB 8/25/2022, by HH Advance 0044H ET, sold to Jim Penturf, Ogden, Ark.

$10,000 — FS Advance 3002L

DOB 1/7/2023, by HH Advance 0043H, sold to Curlew Cattle Co., Whitehall, Mont.

$9,750 — FS Advance 2034K ET

DOB 8/25/2022, by HH Advance 8120F ET, sold to Lee Kirby Cattle, Midlothian.

$9,000 — FS Advance 2069K

DOB 9/12/2022, by FS Advance 7053E ET, sold to Lee Kirby Cattle.

$8,000 — FS Advance 2066K

DOB 9/12/2022, by HH Advance 0043H, sold to Blessed Pines LLC, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

$8,000 — FS Advance 2068K

DOB 9/12/2022, by HH Advance 7193E ET, sold to John Eastwood, Boswell, Okla.

$8,000 — FS Advance 2087K

DOB 9/23/2022, by FS Advance 7053E ET, sold to Lee Kirby Cattle.


$9,000 — FS Miss Advance 2022K ET

DOB 8/18/2022, by HH Advance 0074H ET, sold to Holden Herefords, Valier, Mont.

$8,000 — FS Miss Advance 2104K

DOB 10/6/2022, by HH Advance 0124H ET, sold to Holden Herefords.

$7,250 — FS Miss Advance 2053K

DOB 9/1/2022, by HH Advance 7143E ET, sold to Wes Frye, Whitman, Neb.

$7,000 — FS Miss Advance 8021F

DOB 1/21/2018, by HH Advance 6006D ET; and an August heifer calf, by HH Advance 0159H, sold to Anthony Stinson, Castroville.

Bar Star Cattle and Ernst Herefords

Musselshell, Mont. | March 21

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins

Reported by: Kevin Murnin



$16,500 — Bar Star Generate 3061 ET DOB 3/5/2023, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, sold to Bohn Herefords, Miles City.

$11,500 — Bar Star Principal 3044 ET

DOB 3/3/2023, by Bar Star Fresh Prince 018 ET, sold to Ace Herefords, Senlac, Saskatchewan.

$10,500 — Bar Star Substantial 2251 ET

DOB 9/17/2022, by Bar Star Fresh Prince 018 ET, sold to Coan Forder, Highwood.

$10,000 — Bar Star Genre 3057 ET

DOB 3/5/2023, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, sold to River Bank Ranch, Taylor, N.D.

$9,500 — Ernst Divergent 311 DOB 3/12/2023, by CRR 824 Divergent 170, sold to T-Heart Ranch, Del Norte, Colo.

GKB Cattle and Barber Ranch

Desdemona, Texas | March 21

Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

Reported by: Cord Weinheimer

Lots Gross Average

88 bulls $660,650 $7,507


$30,000 — BR Desperado 2146

DOB 9/13/2022, by Churchill Desperado 029H, consigned by Barber Ranch, Channing, sold to Ground Zero Farms, Watts, Okla. (1/2 interest).

$20,000 — GKB Maverick 2923

DOB 10/7/2022, by PCC 7009 173D Maverick 0183 ET, consigned by GKB Cattle, Desdemona, sold to Brannan Woelfel, Campbellton.

$15,000 — GKB Guardian L120 ET

DOB 2/26/2023, by C GKB Guardian 1015 ET, consigned by GKB Cattle, sold to Pérez Cattle Co., New Mexico, and Ryon Cox, Texas.

$14,000 — GKB Copper L109 ET

DOB 2/11/2023, by BR Copper 124Y, consigned by GKB Cattle, sold to Kenedy Schatte, Giddings.

$12,750 — BR Genesis 2329

DOB 10/2/2022, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, consigned by Barber Ranch, sold to Weil Cattle Co., Irene.

$11,500 — BR Genesis 2355

DOB 11/2/2022, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, consigned by Barber Ranch, sold to Smith Oasis Cattle LTD, Amarillo.

$11,500 — BR Genesis 2296

DOB 9/4/2022, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, consigned by Barber Ranch, sold to Clay Cole, Russellville, Ark.

$11,000 — GKB Makers Mark 2829

DOB 10/4/2022, by Green JCS Makers Mark 229G ET, consigned by GKB Cattle, sold to Brannan Woelfel.

$10,500 — GKB Makers Mark 2831

DOB 10/12/2022, by Green JCS Makers Mark 229G ET, consigned by GKB Cattle, sold to Larson’s Polled Herefords, De Soto.

$10,000 — GKB G013 Catapult 2513

DOB 5/23/2022, by BR Catapult G013 ET, consigned by GKB Cattle, sold to Westyn ‘Zeb’ Murphree., Hamilton. continued on page 72...

Gross Average
$349,250 $6,716
52 bulls
33 comm. females
$2,225 May/June 2024 | 71

$10,000 — BR Genesis 2376

DOB 12/4/2022, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, consigned by Barber Ranch, sold to Smith Oasis Cattle LTD.

$9,500 — BR Genesis 2289

DOB 8/21/2022, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, consigned by Barber Ranch, sold to Smith Oasis Cattle LTD.

$9,500 — GKB Genesis 2900

DOB 8/22/2022, by Loewen Genesis G16 ET, consigned by GKB Cattle, sold to Brannan Woelfel.

$9,500 — BR Endure 2338

DOB 11/1/2022, by BR Endure 0159, consigned by Barber Ranch, sold to ML Livestock LLC, Groesbeck.

$9,250 — GKB Makers Mark 2825

DOB 9/30/2022, by Green JCS Makers Mark 229G ET, consigned by GKB Cattle, sold to Brad Giesbrecht, Pilot Point.

K7 Herefords

Lockridge, Iowa | March 21

Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average

14 bulls $52,250 $3,732

20 females $51,250 $2,563

34 total $103,500 $3,044


$5,000 — K7 Valor Lad 2304

DOB 1/24/2023, by RV Valor 9444G ET, sold to Sleepy Hollow Herefords, Bernard.

$5,000 — K7 Venture Lad 2318

DOB 1/28/2023, by KJ 7603 Venture 309J ET, sold to David Klein, Sigourney.

$4,500 — K7 7088 Domino 2209

DOB 1/28/2022, by HH Advance 7088E, sold to Justin Carr, Hillsboro.

$4,500 — K7 801 Lad 2327

DOB 2/1/2023, by MCM 6964 Varsity 801F, sold to Mente Family Herefords, Tipton.

$4,250 — K7 942 Domino 2315

DOB 1/28/2023, by CL 1 Domino 942G, sold to Phillip Gaffney, Milton.


$4,000 — K7 4013 Lass 2321

DOB 1/29/2023, by Innisfail WHR X651/723 4013 ET, sold to Dave McGrath, Des Moines.

Hennebold Herefords

Winner, S.D. | March 22

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery

Reported by: Aaron Friedt

Lots Gross Average

27 bulls $151,000 $5,593

20 comm. females $48,000 $2,400

Candy Meadow Farms

Lexington, Tenn. | March 23

Auctioneer: Eddie Burks

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average

18 bulls



19 females $108,200 $5,695

37 total $251,450 $6,796

6 comm. females $15,300 $2,550


$13,000 — CMF 297D Kaiser 790K ET

DOB 9/10/2022, by RST Final Print 0016, sold to Freddie Ridenhour, Waldron, Ark.

$12,500 — CMF Medicine Man 782K ET

DOB 9/7/2022, by RST Final Print 0016, sold to McGuffee Polled Herefords, Mendenhall, Miss.

$10,000 — CMF 297D Kernel 827K ET

DOB 10/19/2022, by RST Final Print 0016, sold to Clifford Farms, Cynthiana, Ky.

$10,000 — CMF F006 Kosher 801K

DOB 9/15/2022, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to Underwood Hereford Farm, Campbellsville, Ky.

$9,000 — CMF 306D Kingsley 789K

DOB 9/10/2022, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to Patricia Stricklin, Savannah.

$9,000 — CMF Loewen Grady 2040 K33

DOB 9/11/2022, by Loewen Grady B42 G15 ET, sold to Scott Sullivan, Grannis, Ark.

$8,750 — CMF 369E Kolt 783K

DOB 9/7/2022, by CMF 333E Hitching Post 648H, sold to Oak Grove Land Co. Inc., Hattiesburg, Miss.

$8,000 — CMF 282D King 792K

DOB 9/11/2022, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to JWS Land and Cattle, Arab, Ala.; Joe Walls & Sons, Arab, Ala.; and Kevin Perry, Guntersville, Ala.



$9,250 — CMF 59A Ann 733J

DOB 10/10/2021, by Spearhead 22S Corps Commande14; and a September bull calf, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to Triple Z Farm LLC, Benton, Ark.

DaKitch Farms

Ada, Minn. | March 23

Auctioneer: Dustin Carter

Reported by: Kevin Murnin

Lots Gross


$10,000 — DaKitch MDK 125F Mr Karen 10L DOB 1/1/2023, by TH Masterplan 183F, sold to Crazy K Ranch, Minnesota (1/2 interest).

$7,750 — DaKitch MDK 132J Sleep On 64L DOB 1/31/2023, by TH 523F 738C Sleep On 163H, sold to Jeff Russell, Cokato (1/2 interest).

$9,000 — DaKitch MDK F121 JV 68L DOB 2/10/2023, by TH 183F Joint Venture 121J, sold to Jessica Horn, Gonvick.

$7,000 — DaKitch MDK 72C Master 15L DOB 1/5/2023, by TH Masterplan 183F, sold to Greg Hammer, Garretson.

North Carolina Hereford Assn.

Union Grove, N.C. | March 23

Auctioneer: Dale Stith

Reported by: Tommy Coley


$4,500 — GTW 318G Chief 2212

DOB 9/17/2022, by Whitehawk Chief 318G ET, consigned by W & A Hereford Farm LLC, Providence, sold to P&J Farm, Seaboard.


$10,000 — Five J’s New Look 3129

DOB 4/16/2023, by NJW 202C173DSteadfast 156J ET, consigned by Five J’s Cattle Co., Clayton, sold to Chapman Land and Cattle, Nunnelly, Tenn.

$5,200 — GTW 6081 Miss Believer 822

DOB 9/26/2018, by THM Made Believer 6081, consigned by W & A Hereford Farm LLC, sold to Montgomery Farm, Blacksburg, S.C.; and an October heifer calf, by NJW 11B Authorize 79G ET, sold to McCoy Cattle Farms, Cove City.

$4,900 — WLKR JM Beth F52 F103 1141J

DOB 9/24/2021, by DTF Envision 4013 8F52 ET, consigned by Terrace Farms, Lexington, sold to Bryan Simpson, Monroe; and a September heifer calf, by TH Masterplan 183F, sold to Walker Herefords, Morrison, Tenn.

from page 71
Digest continued
Average 13 bulls $79,000 $6,077 9 females $30,900 $3,433 22 total $109,900 $4,995 12 comm. females $28,750 $2,396
Lots Gross Average 2 bulls $6,700 $3,350 35 females $116,850 $3,339 37 total $123,550 $3,339
72 | May/June 2024 He

$4,700 — GTW 508 Miss Homeward 814

DOB 9/15/2018, by KCF Bennett Homeward C776, consigned by W & A Hereford Farm LLC, sold to 4B Farm LLC, Shelby; and an October bull calf, by Whitehawk Chief 318G ET, sold to Mark Moss, Richburg, S.C.

Sandhill Farms

Haviland, Kan. | March 23

Auctioneer: Joel Birdwell

Reported by: Aaron Friedt

Lots Gross Average

130 bulls

$1,167,250 $8,979

30 females $279,250 $9,308

160 total $1,446,500 $9,041

110 comm. females $263,200 $2,393


$58,000 — SHF Legion H315 L060

DOB 1/31/2023, by SHF Headstrong D287 H315 ET, sold to Bill King, Moriarty, N.M.; GKB Cattle, Desdemona, Texas; and Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, Idaho (1/2 interest).

$47,000 — SHF Liberty H028 L356 ET DOB 2/26/2023, by SHF Haviland F158 H028, sold to Van Hook Farms LLC, Cedar Hill, Tenn. (1/2 interest).

$47,000 — SHF Lego 569G L347 ET

DOB 2/10/2023, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to O’Reilly Polled Herefords, San Luis Obispo, Calif. (1/2 interest).

$33,000 — SHF Lucas H028 L118

DOB 2/5/2023, by SHF Haviland F158 H028, sold to Van Hook Farms LLC (1/2 interest).

$22,000 — SHF Leupold 569G L018 ET

DOB 1/26/2023, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to Hoffman Ranch, Thedford, Neb.; Genex, Economy, Ind.; and Frederickson Ranch, Spearfish, S.D. (1/2 interest).

$35,000 — SHF Louisville 619G L099

DOB 2/4/2023, by SR Expedition 619G ET, sold to Schutte & Sons, Guide Rock, Neb.

$25,000 — SHF Lockhart 569G L198

DOB 2/11/2023, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to Bowling Ranch, Newkirk, Okla.

$17,000 — SHF Landscape H033 L119

DOB 2/5/2023, by SHF Harvest D287 H033 ET, sold to Diamond J Farms, Beaver, Okla.

$16,500 — SHF Locker 569G L341 ET

DOB 2/21/2023, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to Bar JZ Ranches, Holabird, S.D.

$16,000 — SHF Largo 569G L345 ET

DOB 2/24/2023, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to Tony Lasseter Farms, Moultrie, Ga.


$33,000 — SHF Lacy D287 G313 ET

DOB 2/22/2019, by SHF Daybreak Y02 D287 ET; and a February heifer calf, by SHF Insight F158 J354 ET, sold to Tony Lasseter Farms.

$25,000 — SHF 30U 167Y G342 ET

DOB 3/1/2019, by NJW 33TB 100W Trust 167Y; and a February heifer calf, by SHF Insight F158 J354 ET, sold to Bowling Ranch.

$21,000 — SHF Vickie B413 G103

DOB 2/11/2019, by EFBeef BR Validated B413; and a February heifer calf, by CMF 1720 Gold Rush 569G ET, sold to Reed Polled Herefords, Clifton.

$18,000 — SHF Time E149 H321 ET

DOB 2/14/2020, by SHF Ellison 167Y E149, sold to Sky Virtu Ranch, Thorsby, Alberta.

$13,000 — SHF Time Z115 G056 ET

DOB 2/5/2019, by SHF Zane X51 Z115; and a February heifer calf, by Birdwell Long Run 36E 7098 1665, sold to Sky Virtu Ranch.

Copeland & Sons LLC

Clayton, N.M. | March 25

Auctioneer: Dustin Layton

Reported by: Cord Weinheimer

Lots Gross Average

43 bulls $234,000 $5,442


$10,000 — JCS Hondo 3576

DOB 2/28/2023, by JCS Hondo 9612, sold to Blaine Wheeler, Tatum.

$10,000 — JCS Hondo 3673

DOB 3/24/2023, by JCS Hondo 9612, sold to Moore Ranch, Raton.

$8,500 — JCS 1107 Domino 3582

DOB 3/11/2023, by H5 906 Domino 1107, sold to Dan Swagerty, Clayton.

$8,500 — JCS Hondo 3627

DOB 4/8/2023, by JCS Hondo 9612, sold to Mike Fuston, Turkey.

$7,750 — JCS 1107 Domino 3578

DOB 3/4/2023, by H5 906 Domino 1107, sold to Chuck Downey, St. Francis, Kan.

Sidwell Ranch & Frank Herefords

Columbus, Mont. | March 25

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Kevin Murnin

Lots Gross Average 41 bulls $220,000 $5,366


$7,000 — SR Harvest 2319

DOB 2/19/2023, by SHF Harvest D287 H033 ET, sold to Ehlke Herefords, Townsend (1/2 interest).

$9,000 — AFH H033 1836 Hunter 2220

DOB 2/13/2022, by SHF Harvest D287 H033 ET, sold to T. Pierson Cattle Co., Kaycee, Wyo.

$8,250 — AFH 195G 1840 Rimrock 2265

DOB 3/4/2022, by NJW 119D 27C Rimrock 195G, sold to Gordon Carlson, Belfry.

$8,000 — SR Harvest 2290

DOB 8/25/2022, by SHF Harvest D287 H033 ET, sold to Dana Williams, Three Forks.

$7,000 — SR Harvest 2297

DOB 9/18/2022, by SHF Harvest D287 H033 ET, sold to Dane Castleberry, Ekalaka.

Frenzen Polled Herefords

Fullerton, Neb. | March 26

Auctioneer: Tracy Harl

Reported by: Aaron Friedt

Lots Gross Average


$50,450 $3,604


$8,000 — Frenzen Final Test L20

DOB 2/23/2023, by Frenzen Final Test J74 ET, sold to Paul Kenny, Amherst.

$7,000 — EF Grizzly K173

DOB 9/3/2022, by Frenzen Grizzly G36, sold to Doug Scholtz.

$7,000 — Frenzen Final Test K162

DOB 8/12/2022, by Frenzen Final Test H05, sold to Edward Graff, Greeley.

Harrison Cattle Co.

Arapaho, Okla. | March 26

Auctioneer: Justin Stout

Reported by: Cord Weinheimer

Lots Gross Average



$9,500 — HCC Kohen 25 K ET

DOB 3/21/2022, by /S Mandate 66589 ET, sold to Bob Haggard, Clinton.

$8,000 — HCC Kubota 85 K ET

DOB 3/17/2022, by HCC Arapaho 6037 ET, sold to Shockley Ranch Herefords, Poteau.

$8,000 — HCC Walk Off 11K ET

DOB 3/22/2022, by 77 Walk-Off 60D 87G, sold to Groendyke Ranch, Enid. continued on page 74...

14 females
41 total $173,950 $4,243 55 comm. females $130,285 $2,369
bulls $123,500
44 bulls
23 females $73,150
67 total $277,150
$204,000 $4,636
$3,180 May/June 2024 | 73


$5,000 — HCC Miss Ellison 2038 K ET

DOB 3/8/2022, by SHF Ellison 167Y E149, sold to Shockley Ranch Herefords.

Bradshaw Ranch

Keosauqua, Iowa | March 27

Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average

15 bulls $80,000 $5,333


$7,500 — B Domino 20089

DOB 4/5/2022, by CL 1 Domino 7131E 1ET, sold to Brandon Jolly, Doniphan, Mo.

$7,000 — B Perfecto 20088

DOB 4/5/2022, by LCX Perfecto 11B ET, sold to Kevin Simon, Excelsior Springs, Mo.

$6,250 — B Dominate 20083

DOB 3/26/2022, by SR Dominate 308F ET, sold to Brandon Jolly.

$6,000 — B Bell Ringer 20063

DOB 3/20/2022, by H Bell Ringer 8459 ET, sold to T-Heart Ranch, Del Norte, Colo.

$5,500 — B Domino 20074

DOB 3/11/2022, by CL 1 Domino 7131E 1ET, sold to Kevin Jones, Greencastle, Mo.

$5,500 — B Bell Ringer 20082

DOB 3/26/2022, by H Bell Ringer 8459 ET, sold to T-Heart Ranch.

NJW Polled Herefords

Sheridan, Wyo. | March 27

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Kevin Murnin

Lots Gross Average

96 bulls $976,000 $10,167

45 females $491,750 $10,928

141 total $1,467,750 $10,410


$75,000 — NJW 119E 142 Proud 35L

DOB 1/29/2023, by CRR 971 Levitate 142, sold to Hoffman Ranch, Thedford, Neb., and Buck Cattle Co., Madill, Okla. (3/4 interest).

$50,000 — NJW 79Z 029H Vista 147L ET DOB 2/20/2023, by Churchill Desperado 029H, sold to Rausch Herefords, Hoven, S.D. (1/2 interest).

$45,000 — NJW 147J 216J Endorsement 94L DOB 2/11/2023, by NJW 119E 87G Endorsement 216J, sold to Andrew Osark, Wallis, Texas (3/4 interest).

$22,000 — NJW 119E 87G Endorsement 216J

DOB 3/7/2021, by NJW 133A 6589 Manifest 87G ET, sold to Krebs Cattle Co., Gordon, Neb. (1/2 interest).

$27,500 — NJW 73E D287 Daybreak 136L ET

DOB 2/18/2023, by SHF Daybreak Y02 D287 ET, sold to Big Gully Farm, Maidstone, Saskatchewan (3/4 interest).

$29,000 — NJW 51G 87G Manifest 255K DOB 8/3/2022, by NJW 133A 6589 Manifest 87G ET, sold to Rees Bros., Morgan, Utah.

$20,000 — NJW 300G 142 Soggy 68L ET DOB 2/7/2023, by CRR 971 Levitate 142, sold to Dvorak Herefords, Lake Andes, S.D. (3/4 interest).


$45,000 — NJW 129E 619D Spiritqueen 17L DOB 1/25/2023, by BCC Dominator 619D, sold to Gustavo Camereno, Guadalajara, Mexico.

$40,000 — NJW 32G 148J Rita 142L DOB 2/19/2023, by NJW 300G 20G Zane 148J, sold to Netherhall Herefords, Kirkby Lonsdale, United Kingdom.

$30,000 — NJW 79Z E149 Rita 2L ET DOB 1/13/2023, by SHF Ellison 167Y E149, sold to Gustavo Camereno.

$26,000 — NJW 79Z 901 Rita 262K ET DOB 9/8/2022, by CSC 701 Bolder 901, sold to Chapman Land and Cattle, Nunnelly, Tenn., and GKB Cattle, Desdemona, Texas.

$25,000 — NJW 60E0016Freespirit 101L ET DOB 2/12/2023, by RST Final Print 0016, sold to Pablo Herrera, Sheridan.

$20,000 — NJW 79Z E149 Rita 177L ET DOB 2/26/2023, by SHF Ellison 167Y E149, sold to River Valley Polled Herefords, Newburgh, Ontario.


$30,000 — Pick of the spring heifer calves Sold to Boyd Beef Cattle, Mays Lick, Ky.

Performance Unlimited

Overbrook, Kan. | March 28

Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman

Reported by: Joe Rickabaugh

Lots Gross Average 34 bulls $170,750 $5,022


$20,000 — Schu-Lar 253 Of 2E A250 ET DOB 9/5/2022, by EFBeef X651 Tested A250, consigned by Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, Lawrence, sold to Stellpflug Catte Co. LLC, Glenrock, Wyo. (2/3 interest).

$10,000 — Schu-Lar 210 Of 30F 8G ET

DOB 8/29/2022, by JDH AH Benton 8G ET, consigned by Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, sold to Ty Schulz, Rifle, Colo.

$9,000 — Schu-Lar 215 Of 30F 8G ET

DOB 8/30/2022, by JDH AH Benton 8G ET, consigned by Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, sold to Dean Zimmerman, Oklahoma.

$8,250 — Schu-Lar 224 Of 2F B413 ET

DOB 9/1/2022, by EFBeef BR Validated B413, consigned by Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, sold to Nickelson Cattle, Waynoka, Okla.

$8,000 — Schu-Lar 254 Of 49F B413 ET

DOB 9/12/2022, by EFBeef BR Validated B413, consigned by Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, sold to Lloyd Schneider, Logan.

$8,000 — Schu-Lar 257 Of 2F B413 ET DOB 9/11/2022, by EFBeef BR Validated B413, consigned by Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, sold to Ty Schulz.

$7,500 — Schu-Lar 19K Of 43F 9764W DOB 9/12/2022, by /S 3027 Domino 9764W, consigned by Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, sold to Dean Zimmerman.

$7,500 — Schu-Lar 9L Of 30F CEO ET DOB 3/3/2023, by EFBeef Resolute CEO, consigned by Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, sold to Ellis Farms, Chrisman, Ill.

$7,500 — Schu-Lar 208 Of 2F B413 ET

DOB 8/28/2022, by EFBeef BR Validated B413, consigned by Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, sold to Alex Mih, Chanute.

Buck Cattle Co.

Madill, Okla. | March 30

Auctioneer: Steve Bonham

Reported by: Cord Weinheimer

Lots Gross Average

37 females $703,550 $19,015


$115,000 — CMCC Liberty Bell 3074L

DOB 9/7/2023, by KJ TWJ 907E Liberty 159H ET, sold to an Oklahoma buyer.

$105,000 — BK Luxury Points 3046L ET

DOB 9/2/2023, by KLD RW Marksman D87 ET, sold to a Texas buyer.

$80,000 — BK PR Loves Good 3053L ET

DOB 9/6/2023, by H The Profit 8426 ET, sold to a Mississippi buyer.

$44,000 — CMCC Lake Kid 3054L ET

DOB 8/24/2023, by H The Profit 8426 ET, sold to an Oklahoma buyer.

$43,000 — CMCC Like Kid 3055L ET

DOB 8/11/2023, by H The Profit 8426 ET, sold to a Tennessee buyer.

...Sales Digest continued from page 73
74 | May/June 2024 He


Glynn Debter, Perry Debter or John Ross Debter 205-429-4415 or 205-429-2040 4134 County Hwy 30 • Horton, AL 35980

Randy & Kelly Owen

John & Randa Starnes

John: 256-996-5545

Roland Starnes: 706-601-0800 553 Randy Owen Dr. NE Fort Payne, AL 35967

Red, White, and Black: Dixieland Delight Angus, Hereford Production Sale 1st Sat. in May High Cotton



Brandon Theising

805 -526-2195 P.O. Box 1019 805-358-2115 cell Simi Valley, CA 93062-1019 br

Steve Lambert Family 2938 Nelson Ave. Oroville, CA 95965 Cell 530-624-5256


Tim, Kara, Tyler and Kathryn Tim 209-968-7232 • Kara 209-613-6062 • P.O. Box 577980, Modesto, CA 95357




P.O. Box 129, Maricopa, CA 93252

Austin and Sarah 805-423-0248

Richard and Susie 805-839-1049

The Mickelson Family P.O. Box 2689 Petaluma, CA 94953 707-481-3440 Jim 707-396-7364 Bobby


CATTLE COMPANY Tom and Cindy Weimer P.O. Box 1197 • Susanville, CA 96130 530-254-6802 • 530-260-0416 mobile


James T. Campbell

Jim McDougald Manager 559-822-2178 McDougald Family 559-822-2289

Registered Herefords 46089 Rd. 208, Friant, CA 93626

The Brand You Can Count On MORRELL RANCHES

Registered Herefords & Angus Barry, Carrie and Bailey Morrell 5640 Co. Rd. 65 Willows, CA 95988

Carrie Cell 530-218-5507 Barry Cell 530-682-5808


High Altitude Registered Horned Herefords Our G Oal is Quality — NOt Qua N tity 850 Meadow Ln. • Guffey, CO 80820 719-689-2047 or Cell 719-650-4929 Clinton Clark 32190 Co. Rd. S • Karval, CO 80823 719-446-5223 • 719-892-0160 Cell

Last Monday in October
Registered Herefords
Annual Sale • Second Wednesday in April Cline Registered Herefords 33111 CO – 196 | McClave, CO 81057 719-829-4425 | 719-688 -5410 Stan Ken and Suzanne Coleman 1271 C.R. 115 Westcliffe, CO 81252-9611 719-783-9324 Fax 719-783-2211 Total Performance Based on a Strong Foundation of Working Mothers Jane Evans Cornelius 970-371-0500 Coyote Ridge Ranch 18300 C.R. 43, LaSalle, CO 80645 Hampton and Kay Cornelius 970-396-2935 Marshall Ernst Family Windsor, CO 80550 970-381-6316 3673 Co. Rd. 14, Del Norte, CO 81132 Mike 719-657-2519 Practical Proven Real World Cattle High Altitude PAP Tested Since 1980 at 8,000 ft. MIKE FUCHS HEREFORDS Annual Sale in December Ranching in the Colorado Mountains for Over 100 Years! Registered Hereford and Angus Bulls • Replacement Heifers Mike, Ann, Laura and Daniel Leroux, Owners 239 Cattail Bay • Windsor, CO 80550 Office 970-686-7231 • Ranch 970-653-4219 • Cell 970-222-6005 • “Profitable Real World Cattle” Tom Robb & Sons POLLED HEREFORDS Registered • Commercial 34125 Rd. 20 N. • McClave, CO 81057-9604 Tom cell 719-688-2334 719-456-1149 • Polled Call Matt 970-712-9753 Loma, CO High Altitude Bryan cell 970-381-0264 Linda cell 970-381-6811 54286 W.C.R. 27 | Carr, CO 80612
and Salers
1975 E. Roosevelt Rd. • El Nido, CA 95317 Gino Pedretti 209-756-1609 Mark St. Pierre 209-233-1406 Gino Pedretti Jr. 209-756-2088 May/June 2024 | 75


Polled Herefords • Brafords

Jonny and Toni Harris 334 K-Ville Rd. Screven, Ga 31560 912-586-6585 • Cell 912-294-2470

Square and Round Bermuda Grass Hay Performance and Quality from Grazing since 1942


Guy and Sherry Colyer – 208-845-2313

Guy cell – 208-599-0340

Kyle cell – 208-250-3924

Katie cell – 208-599-2962 31058 Colyer Rd. Bruneau, ID 83604

Bulls for Sale at Private Treaty Excellent Replacement Heifers


Commitment to Quality since 1915

1350 N. 2100 W. Malad, ID 83252

Dan 208-339-2341 Teresa 208-339-2340 Rex 208-766-2747

Follow us on Facebook DanielsHerefordRanch

Keith Elkington 208-521-1774 Layne 208-681-0765 Eric 208-881-4014

RANGE READY, PERFORMANCE PROVEN Visitors always welcome.

ELKINGTON POLLED HEREFORDS 5080 E. Sunnyside Rd. • Idaho Falls, ID 83406


James and Dawn Anderson / Bev Bryan

Bryan and Charly Anderson / 208-280-1505

1973 S. 1500 E., Gooding, ID 83330

Neal Ward Family 673 N. 825 W. • Blackfoot, ID 83221 Alicia Billman 208-589-0870 • 208-684-5252


Baker Farms

1278 E. 20th Rd. Streator, IL 61364

Fred Debby

Family Agri-Business Since 1933

Sarah Susan John 815-672-3491 Cell 815-257-3491 Fax 815-672-1984


Dan Bixler

7115 E. 1000th Ave., Newton, IL 62448 618-544-1842 • 618-562-3888 cell

Gary and Debbie McConnell Box 253, Kincaid, IL 62540 217-237-2627

Gary’s cell 217-827-2761 Farm is 1.5 miles west of Sharpsburg, Ill.

Bur Ns POlled HerefOrd farm

Kent & Barb Burns 618-521-3199

Cattle for sale at all times 11770 Wilson Rd., Coulterville, IL 62237

Joe and Lauri Ellis 765-366-5390 Matt and Lisa Ellis 217-712-0635 Phil and Joyce Ellis 765-665-3207

26455 N. 2300th St. • Chrisman, IL 61924 •



Shaw Cattle Co. 22993 Howe Rd. Caldwell, ID 83607


Winton and Emily Harris Family
THE BULL BUSINESS Greg: (208) 459-3029 Sam: (208) 880-9044 5540-998 )802( :rekcuT Ron Shurtz: (208)
Private treaty bull and heifer sales Herefords Since 1967
Eubank Eric, Kenin and Kelby Eubank P.O. Box 11 • Oblong, IL 62449 618-562-4211 Cell FARMS FFleisher arms Rich & Michelle Fleisher Knoxville, IL 309-208-8826 Andy, Bryar & Emersyn Fleisher Knoxville, IL 309-582-4633 HAPP HEREFORDS Chris and Janell Happ 23817 Meridian Rd. Mendota, IL 61342 Chris’s cell 815-823-6652 Cattle for sale anytime at the farm, private treaty. Call or stop by to check them out. Enough cattle to have breeding stock for sale at all times! 9235 E. Eagle Pass Rd. • Ellisville, IL 61431 Ruth Knott 309-293-2313 Robert Knott 309-778-2628 Home 309-224-2628 Mobile Kings, IL 61068 Robert 815-562-6391 James 815-562-4946 Malcolm 815-562-5879 Since 1919
11109 N. 50th St. Oblong, IL 62449 Mark Newbold 618-592-4590 • 618-562-3401 Cell
Darrel and Anna Behrends Jim Behrends & Leonda Markee • Kim & Liz 29014 E. C.R. 1000 N. • Mason City, IL 62664 217-482-5470 • PERFORMANCE HEREFORDS • Visitors Always Welcome Prairie Meadow Herefords 11268
Greg 217-725-7095 Randy and
309-995-3013 Randy 309-853-6565 • Jamie 106
Jerome, ID
TIM DOLCINI 208-308-4083 SAYRE HEREFORD FARM Tim and Tracie Sayre Seely, Kendi and Kira Sayre 13188 Virginia Rd. • Arenzville, IL 62611 217-473-5143 76 | May/June 2024 He
Hobbs Rd. Rochester, IL 62563
Jamie Mullinix 997 Twp. Rd. 150E Toulon, IL 61483
309-853-7674 •
W. 500 S.

Eric, Cindie, Cassie and Krista Allscheid 8052 Andy Rd. • Waterloo, IL 62298 Cell 618-593-9642

Rob, Kristie, Kylie and Logan 7477 E. 825 N. • Otterbein, IN 47970 765-491-0258 SHOW STEERS AND HEIFERS FOR SALE!

Mark Stephens Pe te Loehr 704 Virginia Ave. 113 Northgate Rd. Taylorville, IL 62568 Pe oria, IL 61614 217-825-7913 3 09-692-6026

Farm is located at: 1777 N. 1000 East Rd., Taylorville, IL 62568 Visit our website for updates throughout the year

Gene, Lori, Lucas, Logan and Cory Stumpf 473 Gilmore Lake Rd. Columbia, IL 62236 GENE 618-407-8374 LORI 618-407-0429 LUCAS 618-830-0971

West Wind Herefords

Jeff and Kelly Yoder 2356 N 1230 E. Rd. Edinburg, IL 62531 Kyle 217-565-3275 • Brian 217-827-9708 • Adam 217-823-9763


7157 N. C.R. 500 E., Bainbridge, IN 46105

Gene and Alice Beck

765-522-3235 Andy and Betsy Beck

765-522-3396 home • 765-720-1696 Andy cell Cody Beck 765-719-1622 Cody cell •

Douglas E. Gerber 5324 State Rd. 227 S. • Richmond, IN 47374-9425 765-935-5274 Cell • 765-220-1070 •



Rod, Sue, Lisa and Sarah Stream 51590 St. Hwy. 14, Chariton, IA 50049 641-774-8124 • Just north of Chariton on State Hwy. 14

Gus, Deb and Shelbi Gustafson Tava and Koy 7477 Davis Creek Road Junction City, KS 66441 785-238-7306


and Sheila and Family

— Cell 785-243-6397 Sheila — Cell 785-262-1116 Box 197 • Courtland, KS 66939

Dean and Danny 29111 B Keene Rd. • Maple Hill, KS 66507 785-256-4643 • 785-256-4010 Da nny cell 785-383-2493

Located 13 miles west of Topeka on I-70, Keene/Eskridge exit then 3 miles south

Todd’s cell 574-298-4959 LAUDEMAN FAMILY FARM 3629 5th Rd., Bremen, IN 46506 Connie, Todd and Cassie, Jason and Jeni, and Bryan

Curtis, Tobie, Erica and Ethan Kesling 1918 W. Delaware Rd. Logansport, IN 46947 574-753-3193 Cows for sale at all times

Jason’s cell 574-209-6470

Grant and Linda McKay and Family 1226 8th Rd. Marysville, KS 66508 785-619-6086 308-470-1190 cell

Bar-S Bar-S LHF
(712) 653-3678 Bulls • Females • Semen • Embryos 31554 Delta Ave. Manning, IA 51455 P.O. Box 305 Walter, Megan and Chuck Megan 785-332-8575 Chuck 785-332-4034 1805 RS 115 St. Francis, KS 67756 d Out H it d Ow N ey l a N d & C attle ll C Since 1944… A respected cow herd and premier Hereford performance bull breeder 2271 C.R. 74 • Quinter, KS 67752 Gordon Jamison 785-299-0441 Daron Jamison 785-650-9639 Devin Sweitzer 785-299-0663
HERBEL HEREFORDS 20161 Saline Rd. Lucas, KS 67648 Jon and Robin Herbel 785-324-2430 “Straight Station Line Ones” BECK-POWELL
Gustafson Herefords
I-70 exit
South Visitors Always Welcome JENSEN BROS. Kevin
The Chosen Female Sale October, 2024 Annual Bull Sale March 7, 2024 Mill Creek Ranch “The Brand
Works” Alma, KS Chad, Karsten & Kasen Breiner 78
David & Diane Breiner 78
Ryan & Sharon Breiner 78 • Alex & Alison Mih, and Mariam Mih P.O. Box 2, Chanute, KS 66720 620-431-3917 • 620-212-3250 cell Breeding cattle for economically relevant traits
10272 S. Forsse Rd. • Falun, KS 67442 Glenn 785-826-0870 Chuck 785-452-2961 Brandon 785-452-8148 May/June 2024 | 77
303... 7 miles

6706 US Hwy. 68

Mays Lick, KY 41055

Tyler and Hannah Schultz 620-546-1574

2048 280th Ave., Haviland, KS 67059

Annual Production Sale • 4th Saturday in March Stop by for a visit anytime. Kevin and Vera Schultz Cell 620-546-4570

Schu-Lar Herefords, LLC


367 Hwy. 40, Lecompton, KS 66050 • 785-887-6754 LARSON

508 Rockfence Pl., Lawrence, KS 66049 • 785-843-5986

David and Delores Stump

Dan and Kim Schmidt 1128 Hwy. 9

Blue Rapids, KS 66411

Dave 785-556-0124

Dan 785-562-6685 •

Umberger Polled Herefords

Greg Umberger 3018 U Rd. • Rozel, KS 67574 620-527-4472

Cell: 620-923-5120



Andrew, Suzanne, Austin and Taylor Belle Matheny

Andrew 606-584-5361 Austin 606-375-2167


Registered Angus and Polled Herefords


John A. Tucker, II 1790 Hidden Valley Lane Hudson, KY 40145 270-617-0301



Registered Polled Herefords Visitors welcome!

Jay and Shelly Stull 10718-A Liberty Rd. Frederick, MD 21701 301-898-8552

Jerry and Shelly Delaney & Family 2071 C.R. 101 • Lake Benton, MN 56149 507-368-9284 • 507-820-0661 Jerry cell •

Jacob, Michelle and Andrew Wolfrey 3859 Federal Hill Rd. • Jarrettsville, MD 21084 410-692-5029 •

SCH Polled Herefords

Samuel C. and Linda Hunter • 301-824-4771 13651 Newcomers Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21742 HERD SIRES: KCF Bennett York D377, KCF Bennett D367 G391, KCF Bennett 776 G413 and SCH Sensation D503 G4

Robert and Susan Botkin 1999 Walnut Hill Rd. Lexington, KY 40515 859-271-9086 859-533-3790 Cell

Cattle for Sale at All Times

6077 Helena Rd. • Mays Lick, KY 41055

Charlie 606-584-5194 • Blake 606-375-3718

Brad, Carla, Clay, Clint, Caleb and Cooper 1011 Driftwood Lane Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Cell 270-668-7126

Fax 270-735-9922

W7048 C.R. 356 • Stephenson, MI 49887 Glenn Hanson, Sr 90 6-753-4684 Glenn Hanson, Jr 90 6-630-5169

“Cattle made for the North in the North”


David and Lorie Kitchell Family Matthew & Darci, Dawson and Dutton Kitchell 3471 State Hwy. 200 • Ada, MN 56510-9260 701-799-7690 •

Les Krogstad cell 218-289-5685 3348 430th St, Fertile, MN 56540 218-945-6213 •

Darin Krogstad 16765 Welch Shortcut Welch, MN 55089 651-485-0159

2477 N.W. Main St. • Coon Rapids, MN 55448 We welcome your visit!

Doug and JoAnn 763-755-4930

Bryan and Marytina 763-389-0625

Bradley and Brigitte 612-720-1311



Troy Williamson 110 161st St. Garretson, SD 57030 507-597-6221 605-254-7875 Cell

Chad Williamson 339 91st St. Pipestone, MN 56164 507-825-5766 507-215-0817 Cell



and Family

Co. Rd. 994 • Iuka, MS 38852 Cell 662-279-5136 Home 662-423-3317 Joe McGuffee 601-672-0245 Ryan McGuffee 601-668-1000 Tyler Russell 601-331-0409

28 W. • P.O. Box 753 • Hazlehurst, MS 39083 Dayne
Zimmerman 704-906-1571
Typeface — Medici Script Medium 103 Earl McGuffee Rd. New Hebron, MS 39140
Don and Tammy Sims Colton and Brittany Sims Ross and Amber Parker Ranch 662-462-5885 Don 662-284-9410 Colton 662-415-5885 122 Co. Rd. 358 Burnsville, MS 38833 78 | May/June 2024 He



2109 Des Peres Rd., St. Louis, MO 63131 417-827-8482 •

FARM ADDRESS: 3345 Lollar Branch Rd., Sullivan, MO 63080

Owner: Al Bonebrake

James Henderson, Herdsman 417-588-4572 • Springfield, MO

2.4 mi. E of 7 Hwy

ROD FINDLEY 32505 E. 179th St. Pleasant Hill, MO 64080 816-540-3711 • 816-365-9959

Straight Line One Cooper Holden Genetics BULLS AVAILABLE AT PRIVATE TREATY Harding Bros. Herefords

MARVIN AND EVERETT HARDING Rt. 2 • Ridgeway, MO 64481 660-872-6870

Gregg and Denver Alsup 18 Alsup Ln. Fair Grove, MO 65648 417-766-6801 Marty D. Lueck, Manager Rt. 1, Box 85G • Mountain Grove, MO 65711 417-948-2669 • Cell 417-838-1482


and Shirley Bruce and Tammy 406-544-1536 Kurt and Jessica 406-239-5113 P.O. Box 30055, Gold Creek, MT 59733

Mark, Della, Lacey and Jane’a Ehlke P.O. Box 1487 Townsend, MT 59644 406-266-4121 Cell 406-439-4311

Registered bulls and females for sale by private treaty. Proven bloodlines, longevity, performance, functional

Justin and Carmen Wichman 1921 Wichman Rd. 40 6-350-3123 cell Moore,

Valier, MT 59486

• 406-279-3300 Ranch • 406-450-1029 Mobile

Bar E

Arvid and Linda Eggen 406-895-2657 Box 292 • Plentywood, MT 59254

Journagan Ranch AGRICULTURE Eric, Jr. 417-860-7151 Eric
& Kami
CURLEW Cattle Company 26 Years Line 1 Genetics BULLS For Sale in the Spring Howard Moss
Whitetail Rd., Whitehall, MT 59759 406-287-9947 Feddes Herefords 2009 Churchill Road Manhattan, Montana 59741
Dan Tim
Birth Massive Meat
FEMALE PRODUCTION SALE in September • Bulls sell Private Treaty “THE BEST IN LINE 1 BREEDING” Jack
Holden 3139
and Tresha
Valier Dupuyer Rd. •
Ranch Since 1898
Wichman Herefords
MT 59464 40 6-374-6833 home REGISTERED POLLED HEREFORDS Genetics for Certified Hereford Beef® Fred, Doreen and Rebecca McMurry 2027 Iris Ln. Billings, MT 59102 406-697-4040 406-254-1247 Squaw Creek Ranch 20 miles east of Billings McMURRY CATTLE
Quality Cattle That Work Lowell and Carol 402-589-1347 48979 Nordic Rd. Spencer, NE 68777 18 N Fork Road Townsend, MT 59644 (406) 422-6464 HERDSMAN: Dallas Casqueira (406) 461-4698 Frenzen Polled Herefords Galen Frenzen 50802 N. Edgewood Rd. Fullerton, NE 68638 Galen 308-550-0237 Eric 308-550-0238 ANNUAL BULL SALE Fourth Tuesday in March Females and club calves for sale private treaty. Eric 402-239-9838 Eastin 402-587-0333 56095 715 Road • Fairbury, NE 68352 Henkel Polled Herefords Pure Station Polled L1 Dominos Denny and Dixie Hoffman • 406-425-0859 Jason and Kaycee Hoffman • 530-604-5096 Office 308-645-2279 • P.O. Box 287 • Thedford, NE 69166 • Milk, Muscle, Performance and Weight Outcross Pedigrees Bulls and females always for sale. Visitors always welcome! Females that Produce Jack and Bev Beeson Wayne, NE 68787 Prolific Disposition 402-375-3404 Cell 402-375-9027 May/June 2024 | 79

7582 S Engleman Rd

Grand Island, NE 68803


Cattle for sale by Private Treaty and at Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Albert Moeller & Sons

P.O. Box 306 • Hyannis, NE 69350

James 308-458-2406

Oshkosh, NE 69154 • Joe: 308-778-6049 • Kolby: 308-778-6230 Quality Herefords Since 1892


“The Best of Both” Horned and Polled Genetics

Bryan 308-458-2865 • Bob 308-458-2731 1417 Rd. 2100 Guide Rock, NE 68942-8099 Ron 402-756-3462


308-726-2138 • 406-855-8288 cell

MINIATURE - CLASSIC HEREFORDS North Platte, Nebraska 69101

Shaun Brott 308-530-4161

Judy Splitt 308-530-1287


Annual Bull Sale • First Saturday in February 45060 Upstream Rd. • Taylor, NE 68879 Brent and Robin Meeks • 308-942-3195

Don, Skeeter, Kari, Brooke and Bryce P.O. Box 239 • Orovada, NV 89425 775-272-3152 Home • 775-272-3153 Fax 209-479-0287 Cell

Horned and Polled Herefords Bull & Female Sale Sept. 11, 2023

Chris Beck, Mgr. 618-367-5397 Bob Coker, Owner 916-539-1987 640 Genoa Ln. Minden, NV 89423

Mrnak Herefords West

Loren, Terrie, Hunter and Tanner PO Box 2412 • Minden, NV 89423



AJ Stahoski -Herdsman-




Phil Harvey Jr. P.O. Box 40 Mesilla, NM 88046 575-524-9316

Cell: 575-644-6925 Jim Bob Burnett 205 E. Cottonwood

Rd. Lake Arthur, NM 88253 Cell: 575-365-8291
Dr., Ft. Sumner, NM 88119 LaMoyne and Opal Peters Leslie and Glenda Armstrong Kevin and Renee Grant Ephesians 2:20 Bill King 505-220-9909 Tom Spindle 505 -321-8808 Becky Spindle 50 5-252-0228 P.O. Box 2670 Moriarty, NM 87035 9767 Quay Road O Nara Visa, NM 88430 Michael Pérez - 575-403-7970 Kyle Pérez - 575-403-7971 Drew Pérez - 806-640-8340 PREDICTABLE GENETICS Sheldon Wilson 575-451-7469 • cell 580-651-6000 1545 Dry Cimarron Hwy • Folsom, NM 88419 575-355-2803 • 575-355-6621 616 Pecan
HOME OF CHURCHILL BROADWAY 104J Timothy Dennis 315-536-2769 315-856-0183 cell 3550 Old County Rd. Penn Yan, NY 14527
John and Ted Kriese – 4385 Italy Hill Road – Branchport, NY 14418 315-856-0234 BREEDING CATTLE BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP 80 | May/June 2024 He




J. Brent Creech

14926 Taylor’s Mill Rd. Zebulon, NC 27597


C. Porter Claxton Jr. 240 Upper Flat Creek Rd. Weaverville, NC 28787


Sales: Wayne Welch 828-768-3024

Visit our website to see current offering —

Ten miles north of Asheville, N.C., on future I-26 West

T ripleTT polled Herefords

James Triplett

127 Roseman Ln. • Statesville, NC 28625

704-876-3148 (evening) 704-872-7550 (daytime)

VisiT ors Welcome

Bulls and Females For Sale Private Treaty

Will-Via Polled Herefords

Lavette and Brenda Teeter 2075 Landis Hwy. (NC Hwy. 152) Mooresville, NC 28115


Bulls & Females available for sale private treaty




SINCE 1916 22990 E. 2090 Rd., Terral, OK 73569 REGISTERED AND COMMERCIAL HEREFORDS 580-662-9211 • 580-757-2515 • Cell 940-704-9682


Herd Bulls & Donor Females

Don Moler 100 Bonita Dr. Elk City, OK 73644 580-497-6162

P.O. Box 166 • Caddo, OK 74729 Alan Dufur — 580-775-3830

Flying Ranch

Paul Laubach 72251 N 2080 Rd • Leedey, OK 73654 Cell 580-822-5089 •


Herefords George and Karen Sprague 85777 Vilhauer • Eugene, OR 97405 541-465-2188 •

David and Lynda Bird 45863 Crow Rd. • Halfway, OR 97834 541-742-5436 • Cell 541-403-2828 •

14503 91st St. S.W.Bowman, ND 58623 Brent 701-206-0604 Jenna 701-290-7218 Terry 701-523-6368 Andy 701-206-1095


Mike and Lotsee Spradling 918-640-7711 918-245-8854

19402 W. Hwy. 51 P.O. Box 434 Sand Springs, OK 74063

Registered Polled Herefords Pecans

Robbie & Tracie Gipson 918-774-4795

Bulls & Females available for sale private treaty

Ralph & Stephanie Kinder, Owners 790250 S Hwy 177 Carney, OK 74832 (405) 714-3101

42590 Salmon Creek Rd. • Baker City, OR 97814 Bob Harrell Jr. 541-403-2210 Don Schafer 541-403-0008

Registered Hereford Cattle and Quarter Horses Annual Sale First Monday In March

Cattle Co.

“Your Eastern Oregon Range Bull Source” Registered Herefords and Quarter Horses M.T. and Cori Anderson 47295 Izee Paulina Ln. Canyon City, OR 97820 541-477-3816 M.T. 541-377-0030 Cori 541-377-3347

Linda Sims

451 N.W. Quarry Rd. Albany, OR 97321 Cell 541-990-8038 Office 541-926-5640


Mohican Polled Hereford Farm 4551 S.R. 514 Glenmont, OH 44628 Conard and Nancy Stitzlein 330-378-3421 Matt Stitzlein 330-231-0708 Alexis Stitzlein 330-231-9538 Mohican West 3100 Sportsman Park Rd. Laurel, MT 59044 Phone/Fax 406-633-2600 Terry Powlesland 406-670-8529

23731 NS 157 Rd. Laverne, OK 73848 Milton 580-273-9494 Van 580-552-1555

Don and Madeline Hennon Sewickley, PA 15143 412-741-2883 Fax 412-741-2883

Robert Glenn, manager 724-748-4303

For Sale
1 Registered May/June 2024 | 81


P.O. Box 1057 • Seneca, SC 29679 864-882-1890 • Deryl cell 864-324-3268 • Grass Fed Cattle


Bar JZ Ranches

Homozygous Polled Herefords

Don, Peg, Seth and Bridget Zilverberg 18542 326th Ave. Holabird, SD 57540 605-852-2966

75th Annual Production Sale Feb. 20, 2024

Gerald and Janelle Bischoff 20025 399th Ave., Huron, SD 37350

Gerald 605-350-0979

Garret 605-461-1555 Matt 605-350-0980 •

Annual Production Sale - 2nd Wednesday in March


Gordon and Thordys 39462 178th St. Frankfort, SD 57440 605-472-0619

Michael and Becky 605-224-4187 605-870-0052

E ggErs southvi E w Farms

Tim and Philip Eggers 25750 476th Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Tim cell 605-929-6560 Philip cell 605-351-5438 I-29 Bull Run Sale 2nd Saturday in March

Ollerich Brothers Herefords

29188 303 Ave., Clearfield, SD 57580 605-557-3246

Jerome 605-842-5212 •

James 605-359-4006

Rausch Herefords

14831 Hereford Rd., Hoven, SD 57450

Shannon 605-769-0203

Jacob 605-769-0552 Pe ter 605-281–0471 • America’s #1 Dams of Distinction Cow herd • Private Sales Year-round

• Bull and Female Sale Third Monday in February

47229 232 St. Colman, SD 57017

Cody Williams, Cell 605-695-0931 Dave Stenberg 605-997-2594 • Cell 605-530-6002

Mike Rogan 1662 McKinney Chapel Rd. Rogersville, TN 37857 423-272-5018 423-754-1213 Cell

5121 Bedford Creek Rd., Franklin, TN 37064 • Steven Lee 615-799-8085 cell 615-456-6165

Woodard Hereford Farms

Since 1945 – Quality Line 1 Cattle For Sale! Winn Woodard 615-389-2624 • Phil Spicer 615-351-2810 4948 William Woodard R d. S pringfield , TN 37172


Bill and Paula Thorstenson 30491 131st St. • Selby, SD 57472 605-649-7940 • Cell 605-845-6108



Your source for top end bulls and females.  Jimmy, Claudia and Precious Atlas 4920 CR 401 • Grandview, TX 76050 214-202-5178 • 817-456-4691

Bill or Chad Breeding 1301 N. Lions • P.O. Box 186 80 6-868-4661 or 806-570-9554 Miami, TX 79059 br

Keith, Cheryl, Erin and Matt Fawcett • 605-870-0161

Dan, Kyla, Hollis and Ivy Fawcett • 605-870-6172 Weston, Kristin, Falon and Jensen Kusser 21115 344th Ave. Ree Heights, SD 57371

Mark and Mary Kay Frederickson 19975 Bear Ridge Rd. Spearfish, SD 57783


Cell 605-645-4934

PYRAMID BEEF Bull Sale First Saturday in December

Box 215, Cross Plains, TN 37049 615-478-4483 website:

Nate and Jayna Frederickson Cell 605-254-4872

Shawn and Sarah Tatman 307-673-4381

Horned & Polled Herefords 11341 357th Ave. • Leola, SD 57456

Colin 605-216-7506 • Miles 605-277-5048

Terri Barber 817-727-6107

Jason Barber 817-718-5821

Dale Barber 806-673-1965

Justin Barber 806-681-5528

Brett Barber 806-681-2457

Mary Barber 806-930-6917

10175 F.M. 3138 • Channing, TX 79018 •

Pete and Angela Case P.O. Box 240, Mertzon, TX 76941 325-650-6209 •

Hoffman Herefords
Consignment sales
private treaty
Wolles 605-496-2487
Bulls and Females Available Johnny, Tanuja, Jonathan & Justin Dagley Ellis & Lovalene Heidel 314 Letory
Home 423-346-7304
Portland, TN 37148
Morgan Rd., Lafayette, TN 37083 615-804-2221 •
and Kay Coley and Family
Rd. Wartburg,TN 37887
cell 865-803-9947
Jerry Roberson 615-325-1883
Box 492
82 | May/June 2024 He

Jack & Lyn Chastain 3924 Burkett Dr Ft. Worth, TX 76116 817-821-3544

Farm located at Mineral Wells, TX


Box 10, Comanche, TX 76442 • Office 325-356-2284

John Dudley 325-642-0745

Tom Dudley 325-642-0748

Registered Herefords Since 1938

Harry and Cheryl Grett 512-585-2948

P.O. Box 969 Elgin, TX 78621

Lee & Jacqui Haygood 923 Hillside Ave. Canadian, TX 79014 806-323-2906

Maynard and Sandi Warnken

Kevin Warnken, manager P.O. Drawer 29 • Schulenburg, TX 78956 979-561-8846 • 979-561-8867 fax Kevin cell 979-743-0619 •

Seth Koetting, manager 806-584-4922 5749 Rocking Chair Ln. Ft. McKavett, TX 76841

Raising cattle in Texas since 1855

Joey and Susan Skrivanek, owners 407 W. Mustang • Caldwell, TX 77836 Cell 979-224-4698 • Office 979-567-3131

9 miles east of Caldwell

Noack Herefords

116 E. Bell Ave. Rockdale, TX 76567

Cell 979-218-0065 Office 512-446-6200


Scott, Alise, Ilissa, Bethany and Audrey 1950 Skylark Rd. • Gilmer, TX 75645 Res. 903-797-6131 Cell 903-738-5636

Larry Woodson Bonham, TX 214-491-7017


Horned and Polled

Pete Johnson, owner St Hwy 94 • Lufkin, TX 75904 936-465-1672 • p Southeast Texas Bull Sale Headquarters

4609 Airport Freeway Ft.

BULLS OUT OF GOOD MILKING FEMALES FOR SALE AT ALL TIMES. Stop by for a visit. You will not be disappointed!
15 miles west of Bryan-College Station on Hwy. 21
Worth, Texas 76117
UTAH Rod Curtis 435-770-0509
JB Herefords 3847 W. 2200 S. • Wellsville, UT 84339 Billy Jensen 435-764-2422 Kyson Smith 435-421-9032 Jensen Brothers Herefords – Since 1920 Jonathan and Craig Johansen Castle Dale, UT • 435-650-8466 Line One Performance Breeding Since 1979 2235 E. Rees Ln.•Morgan , UT 84050 Jake Rees 801-668-8613 Scott Rees 801-949-8960 Roger Rees, DVM 801-913-5747 Herefords & Angus
Linda Lonas P.O. Box 187 • Purcellville, VA 20134 703-850-5501 Cell • 703-368-5812
of J215 Thistle Tree
WASHINGTON May/June 2024 | 83
Office Featuring Polled Descendants
and Terrilie Cox 688 Pataha St. Pomeroy, WA 99347 509-566-7050 cell

SINCE 1943


SELLING 1,500 HEREFORDS ANNUALLY “The great feedlot performance cattle” The McIrvins Box 99 Laurier, WA 509-684-4380

Winter Headquarters 646 Lake Rd. Burbank, WA 99323 509-545-5676


wE st Fall Poll Ed h Er EFords

Jim Westfall, owner 304-927-2104 • cell 304-377-1247

Lucille Westfall, herdsman 304-532-9351 1109 Triplett Rd. • Spencer, WV 25276

Bulls and Females For Sale


Kevin and Janice Bennett

3752 Ollie Bell Rd. Benton, WI 53803 608-778-8685


Jay and Janice Berry

3049 C.R. 225

Cheyenne, WY 82009

307-634-5178 •


Hereford Cattle Since 1902 P.O. Box 66 • Kaycee, WY 82639 307-738-2443 or 307-267-3229 Cell Sale Date – Nov. 16, 2023

McClun’s Lazy JM Ranch

Polled Herefords and Angus Raising Herefords since 1967

Jim and Jerri McClun and Family 1929 Rd. 60 • Veteran, WY 82243 • 307-837-2524 Cell 307-534-5141 •

Private Treaty Sales and Annual Production Sale in April

Selling Herefords for 80 years

Annual Sale — Fourth Wednesday in October

P.O. Box 15, Ft. Bridger, WY 82933

Dale 307-780-8232 Ron 307-747-3897

ed and Jan Ward 406-757-0600

Ned (c) 307-751-8298 • Jan (c) 307-751-9470

Bell Ward 307-751-6922 • Jake Bare 406-780-0056

North Ranch: 2637 Adsit Rd., Decket, MT 59025

South Ranch: 888 Lower Prairie Dog Rd., Sheridan, WY 82801

Mailing address: PO Box B, Sheridan, WY 82801

Ochsner-Roth Cattle Co.

Blake: 307-532-3282

Steve Roth: 307-575-5258

Rustin Roth: 307-575-2709

BW: 307-575-6772

Rodney: 307-575-2589 10672 Van Tassell Road Torrington, WY 82240

Annually selling over 200 Hereford and


Billy Elmhirst R.R. 1 Indian River,

705-295-2708 Your Source For Success

McAughey Kevin Brown 9 05-625-3151 705-330-4663

Joel Birdwell,

5880 State Hwy. 33 Kingfisher, OK 73750  Home: 405-375-6630 Cell: 405-368-1058 Eddie Burks , Auctioneer 531 Rick Rd. Park City, KY 42160 270-991-6398 Cell 7710 North State Rd 56 Vevay, IN 47043 540-336-2737


• NIR Feed & Forage

C. Scanlon Daniels, DVM PO Box 1150 3216 US Hwy 54 East Dalhart, TX 79022 806-244-7851 office 806-333-2829 mobile

private treaty
Angus Bulls via
K0L 2B0
L4X 2E2 SERVICES 4812 McBreyer Pl. Fort Worth, TX 76244-6083 O: 817-562-8980 • Fax: 817-562-8981
84 | May/June 2024 He
Orillia, Ont. 705-326-6889 Business Office: 3055 Universal Dr., Mississauga, Ont.
• Pregnancy ELISA


wE st Fall


Jim Westfall, owner 304-927-2104 • 304-377-1247 cell

Lucille Westfall, herdsman 304-532-9351 1109 Triplett Rd. Spencer, WV 25276 Bulls and Females For Sale

Cottle Brothers Farm & Litton Livestock

Quality Polled Herefords Since 1960

Certified and Accredited Herd Martin & Joe Cottle-Founders

Neil Litton-Operator 1194 Armstrong Road Summersville, WV 26651

Neil 304-618-7313


Polled Herefords Since 1954

192 Ruger Dr. Harrisville, WV 26362

Butch 304-643-4438

Certified and Accredited

5683 Rocky Step Rd. Winfield, WV 25213

Gary Kale, Owner

Aaron Glascock, General Manager 304-312-7060

Derik Billman, Herdsman 330-432-3267

Quality Hereford Cattle Ken and Chris Scott 2586 Grandview Rd. Beaver, WV 25813

Ken 304-573-0844

Chris 304-228-5524

WV 26554

Dave 304-612-3795

Robert 304-265-0005

HEREFORD SEEDSTOCK SECTION Matt C. Sims Auction, Inc. • P.O. Box 1219 • Edmond, OK 73083 405-641-6081 • • Mark C. Sims
OK 580-595-0901
McDonald Polled Herefords Mike McDonald, DVM and Family 534 Riverbend Road Lost Creek, WV 26385 304-745-3870 Office 304-677-5944 Cell
The R.G. Knotts Family 63 Henderson Ridge Road Fairmont,
Polled Herefords
Grandview Hereford Farm
ghf May/June 2024 | 85

Advertisers’ Index


Debter Hereford Farm 63, 75

Tennessee River Music 75


Lambert Ranch 75

McDougald Herefords 75

Morrell Ranches . . . . . 75

P W Gillibrand Cattle Co 75

Pe dretti Ranches 75

Sierra Ranches 75

Snedden Ranch 75

Sonoma Mountain Herefords 75

Wiemer Cattle Co . . . . . 75


Campbell, James T . . . . 75

Clark Anvil Ranch 75

Cline Registered Herefords 75

Coleman Herefords 75

Coyote Ridge Ranch 75

Ernst Herefords . . . . . 75

Fuchs Herefords, Mike 75

Leroux Land & Cattle 75

Robb & Sons, Tom 75

Shaffer Herefords 75

Sidwell Herefords 75

Strang Herefords . . . . . 75


Barnes Herefords . . . . . . 9

CES Herefords & Angus 63

Greenview Farms Inc 76

HME Herefords 63

Mead Cattle Enterprises BC

MTM Polled Herefords 65

Predestined Cattle Co . . . . 63

White Hawk Ranch IBC


Canyon Gem Livestock 76

Colyer Herefords & Angus 76

Daniels Hereford Ranch 76

Elkington Polled Herefords 76

JBB/AL Herefords . . . . 76

Shaw Cattle Co 76

Wooden Shoe Farms 76


Bafford Farms 60

Baker Farms 76

B ehrends Farms 60

Bene dict Herefords 60

Bix ler Herefords . . . 61, 76

Bob-O-Lou Herefords 76

Burns Polled Hereford Farm 61, 76

Crane Herefords 60

Edenburn Family Farm 60

Ellis Farms 76

Entwistle Herefords . . . . 61

Fancy Creek Farm of the Prairie Cross 61

Fleisher Farms 61, 76

Happ Herefords 76

K nott Farm . . . . . 76

Lorenzen Farms 60

Lowderman Cattle Co 60

McC askill Farms 61

Milligan Herefords . . . 76

Mof fett Farms 61

Mud Creek Farms 61

Nature’s Acres 61

Newbold Farms Inc 76

Oak Hill Farm 76

Parish Farms . . . . . . . 60

Plainview Stock Farm 60

Prairie Cross, The 61

Prairie Meadow Herefords 76

Prairie Rose Cattle Co 61

Purple Reign Cattle Co 76

RGR Cattle Co . . . . . . . . 60

River Ridge Ranch & Cattle Co 76

S ayre Hereford Farm 76

Shingle Oaks Polled Herefords 77

Stephens and Loehr Herefords 77

Stumpf Land & Cattle . . . . 77

We st Wind Herefords 77

Young Cattle Co 61


Able Acres 88

Beck-Powell Polled Herefords 77

Clinkenbeard Farms & Sons 88

Coal Creek Land and Cattle LLC 88

Deatsman Farms . . . . 88

Elzemeyer Polled Herefords 88

Everhart Farms 88

Gerber Land & Cattle 77

Greenwood Family Herefords 88

Hayhurst Farms . . . . 88

Ke sling Polled Herefords . 77

Landrum Family Farms 88

Laudeman Family Farm 77

McFatridge Cattle Co 77


Amos Hereford Farm 88

Deppe Bros C attle Co 88

Goehring Herefords . . . 88

Iowa Hereford Breeders Assn 88

Jackson Hereford Farms 88

K7 Herefords 88

Petersen Herefords 88

Pitt Farms Herefords 88

R&R Cattle Co . . . . . . 88

Sorensen Family, Mike 88

Stream Cattle Co 77

Wiese & Sons 77


Brannan & Reinhardt Polled Herefords 77

Davis Herefords . . . . 77

Douthit Herefords . . . 77

GL M Herefords 77

Gr immel Schaake Cattle Co 77

Gus tafson Herefords 77

Herbel Herefords 77

Jamison Herefords . . . 77

Jensen Bros 77

Malone Hereford Farm 57

Mill Creek Ranch 77

MM Ranch Polled Herefords 77

Oleen Cattle Co . . . . . 77

Sandhill Farms 78

Schu- Lar Herefords LLC 78

Springhill Herefords 78

Umberger Polled Herefords 78

VJS Polled Herefords 78


3R Herefords 65

Botkin Polled Herefords . . . 78

Boyd Beef Cattle 78

Chambliss Hereford Farms 78

Clifford Farms 65

Dog wood Farm 65

JMS Polled Herefords 65

Matheny Herefords . . . 63, 78

Tucker Stock Farms 78

Wells Farm 65


Church View Farm 35

E ast Side Farm 35, 78

Grimmel Girls Show Cattle 78

SCH Polled Herefords . . . . 78


Breasbois Farms . . . . . 33

Cedar Creek Herefords 33

Cottonwood Springs 33

Grand Meadows Farm 33

Hanson’s Double G Herefords 78

MacNaughton, Ron and Jill 33

McDonald Farm


Michigan Hereford Assn 33

Sugar Sweet Ranch 33


DaKitch Hereford Farms 78

Delaney Herefords 78

Krogstad Polled Herefords 78

Lawrence Herefords 78

Springwater Polled Herefords . 78


Broadlawn Farm Polled Herefords 63

Caldwell Hereford Ranch 78

Leaning Cedar Herefords 78

Mc Guffee Polled Herefords 78

S and W Herefords 78


AbraKadabra Cattle Co 57

Bellis Family, Jim D 57

Biglieni Farms . . . . . . 79

Blue Ribbon Farms 56

Bonebrake Herefords 56, 79

Bradshaw Ranch 56

Central Missouri Polled Hereford Assn . . . . . 56

Doss Hereford Farms 57

Duvall Polled Herefords 56

Falling Timber Farm 79

Findley Farms 79

Harding Bros Here fords 79

High Prairie Farm 79

Journagan Ranch/Missouri State University 57, 79

Lacy’s Red Angus & Polled Herefords 56

Mc Millen’s Toothacre Ranch 57

Mead Farms 56

Menzies Cattle Co LLC . . 57

Miller Herefords 56

Ree d Farms 57

Reynolds Herefords 56

Shoenberger Polled Herefords 57, 79

Steinbeck Farms 56

Storie Farms . . . . . 57

WMC Cattle Co 57

WPH Ranch 56


Churchill Cattle Co IFC

Cooper Hereford Ranch 79

Curlew Cattle Co 79

Ehlke Herefords . . . . 79

Feddes Herefords 79

Holden Herefords 79

J Bar E Ranch 79

L Bar W Cattle Co 79

McMurry Cattle 79

Mohican West . . . . . . . 17

Schock Hereford Ranch 79

Thomas Herefords 79

Wichman Herefords 79


Fisher Family, Lowell 79

Frenzen Polled Herefords 79

Henkel Polled Herefords 79

Hoffman Ranch . . . . 79

JB Ranch Polled Herefords 79

Moeller & Sons, Albert 80

Monahan Cattle Co 80

Ridder Hereford Ranch 80

Schutte & Sons . . . . 80

Snowshoe Cattle Co 80

Splitt Creek Ranch 80

Upstream Ranch 80

Valley Creek Ranch 80

Van Newkirk Herefords 80


Brumley Farms 80

Genoa Livestock, LLC . . . . 80

Mrnak Herefords West 80


Grass Pond Farm 35, 80


B&H Herefords 80

Copeland & Sons Herefords LLC 80

Cornerstone Ranch 80

K ing Ranch, Bill 80

Pérez Cattle Co 80

. . . . .
West Star Herefords . . . .
NEW YORK Glade Haven Herefords 80 Spring Pond Farm 80 Stone House Farm 80
CAROLINA Claxton Farm LLC 81 Five J’s Cattle Co . . . . . 65 Four B Farm 63 P& J Farms 63 Rhyneland Farms 35 Taylor’s Mill Farm Herefords 81 Triplett Polled Herefords 81 Will-Via Polled Herefords . . . 81
DAKOTA Mrnak Hereford Ranch . . . 81 OHIO Berg Polled Herefords . . . . 59 Buckeye Hereford Assn 59 Clear Fork Farms 59 J&L Cattle Services 59 Keets Herefords 59 Mohican Polled Hereford Farm 59, 81 Rippling Rock Hereford Farm . . 59 Sunny Side Farm 59 Switzerland of Ohio Polled Hereford Assn 59 Twin Hills Farms 59 OKLAHOMA Dennis Ranch 81 Dufur Herefords . . . . . 81 Flying G Ranch 81 G 4G Cattle Co 81 Headquarters Herefords 81 Loewen Herefords 81 Messner Herefords 81 Moler, Don . . . . . 81 P&R Herefords LLC 81 OREGON Bar One Ranch 81 Bird Herefords 81 Harrell Hereford Ranch 81 High Desert Cattle Co 81 Vollstedt Farms Polled Herefords 81 PENNSYLVANIA Bar-H Farms 81 DeanaJak Farms Inc . . . . 81 Stone Ridge Manor 35 SOUTH CAROLINA Forrest Polled Herefords 65 Fowken Farm 65 Keese Herefords 82 SOUTH DAKOTA Bar JZ Ranches 82 Bischoff’s Ravine Creek Ranch 82 Blume Herefords . . . . . 82 Eggers Southview Farms 82 Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch 82
86 | May/June 2024 He

Frederickson Ranch 82

Hof fman Herefords 82

Ollerich Brothers Herefords 82

Rausch Herefords . . . . . 82

Stenberg Herefords 82

Thorstenson Hereford Ranch 82


Burns Farms 29

Candy Meadow Farms 65

Chapman Land & Cattle 1

Coley Herefords 82

Day Ridge Farm . . . . . 63

Jackson Farms 63, 82

Mud Creek Farms 82

Parker Bros 65

Roberson’s Polled Herefords 82

Rogan Farms Herefords 82

Sale Day . . . . . . . 11

Triple L Ranch 82

Walker Herefords 7

Woodard Hereford Farms 82


Atlas Farms 82

B& C Cattle Co 82

Bar J Bar Hereford Ranch . . . 82

Bar ber Ranch 82

Case Ranch Herefords 82

Chastain Cattle Co 83

Dudley Bros 83

G3 Ranch 83

GKB Cattle 25, 83

Indian Mound Ranch . . . 83

Metch Polled Herefords 83

Noack Herefords 83

Nolan Herefords 83

Powell, James L 83

Redbird Ranch 83

Rockin’ W Polled Herefords . 83

Rocking Chair Ranch 83

Sk rivanek Ranches 83

Still River Ranch 83

Sunny Hill Ranch 83

Te xas Hereford Assn 83

Willis Polled Herefords . . 83


Cache Cattle . . . . . 83

JB Herefords 83

Johansen Herefords 83

Re es Bros 83


Deer Track Farm 35

Fauquier Farm 35

Hereford Hollow Farm . . 63

Knoll Crest Farm 23, 35

Thistle Tree Farm 83


CX Ranch 83

Diamond M Ranch 84

Ot tley Herefords 84


Cottage Hill Farm 85

Cottle Brothers Farm . . . . 85

Grandview Hereford Farm 85

Grassy Run Farms 85

Haught Farms 35

K notts Polled Herefords 85

Law & Sons, David 85

Litton Livestock . . . . . 85

McDonald Polled Herefords 85

Westfall Polled Herefords 84, 85


Bacon Branch Beef 46

Boettcher’s Brookview Acres 47

C&L Hereford Ranch 47

Four Leaf Cattle . . . . . 46

H&H Cattle Farm 46

Huth Polled Herefords 46

Larson Hereford Farms 46

Lietzau Hereford Farm 47

MGM Polled Herefords 47

MKP Cattle Co . . . . 47

Narrows Creek Farm 47

Calendar of Events

Next Generation Genetics 46

Oleson Family Farm 47

O tter Creek Polled Herefords 46

Pierce’s Hereford Haven . . . 47

Plum River Ranch 46

Sandrock Ranch Herefords 84

Spaeth Farms 46

St arck Century Farm 46

St arr Polled Herefords 47

Whiskey Run Farms . . . . 47

Windy Hills Herefords 46


Berry’s, The 84

Largent and Sons 84

Mc Clun’s Lazy JM Ranch 84

Micheli Herefords 84

NJW Polled Herefords 84

Ochsner-Roth Cattle Co . . . 84 Wilhelm Cattle 84


Elmlodge Polled Herefords 84

Medonte Highlands Polled Herefords 84


605 Sires + Donors 28 Allflex 45

B essler Inc , James F . . . . 84

Bioz yme 32

Birdwell, Joel 84

Bock, Aaron 84

Booker, C D . . . . . . . 84

Burks, Eddie 84

Car per, Thomas 84

CattleMax 19

Circle H Headquarters, LLC 84

Conover, Al 84

Drees, Eric . . . . . . . 85

Jensen Livestock Agency 85

July Hereford World 45

L ayton, Dustin N 85

Lowderman, Cody 85

Lowderman, Monte 85

MC S Auction Inc . . . . . 85

Schacher Auction Services 85

Sims Plus LLC 85 Stout, Justin B 85

Sullivan Supply 22, 52-53 T Bar C Cattle Co Ltd . . . . 85

Trans Ova Genetics 44

World Hereford Conference 5

“Calendar of Events” is a listing of Hereford sales and events known to our staff. Italicized dates denote shows and events. Non-italicized dates denote sales. To make the calendar concise we have used the following abbreviations: association, assn.; international, int’l; junior, jr.; mountain, mtn.; national, nat’l; northeast, NE; northwest, NW; performance tested, PT; southeast, SE; southwest, SW; and university, Un.


3 South Carolina Hereford Assn. Annual Meeting, Clemson

4 South Carolina Hereford Assn. Sale, Clemson

4 Tennessee River Music Dixieland Delight Red, White & Black Sale, Ft. Payne, Ala.

5 Innisfail Farm Production Sale, Madison, Ga.

5 Maryland Hereford Assn. Preview Show, Gaithersburg

10 Switzerland of Ohio Polled Hereford Assn. Annual Sale, Old Washington

11 Burns Farms 14th Annual Female Event, Pikeville, Tenn.

11 Mead Farms Bull & Female Sale, Versailles, Mo.

18 Hidden Oaks Ranch The Final Chapter Complete Dispersal Sale, Hamilton, Texas

18 Chapman Land & Cattle Rockin’ in the South Sale, Nunnelly, Tenn.

22-23 Cattlemen’s Conference Part Two, Stillwater, Okla.

24 Ad deadline for July Hereford World

27 Mead Cattle Enterprises & White Hawk Ranch Production Sale, Midville, Ga.


1-2 Indiana Jr. Hereford Assn. Preview Show, Lebanon

1-2 Wisconsin Jr. Hereford Assn./WLBA Preview Show, Jefferson

13-16 SE Regional Jr. Hereford Show, Perry, Ga. 15-16 Illinois Jr. Hereford Assn. Preview Show, Georgetown, Ill.

25 Ad deadline for August Baldy Advantage


6-12 Jr. Nat’l Hereford Expo, Grand Island, Neb.

25 Ad deadline for September Hereford World AUGUST

3 Georgia Hereford Assn. Herefords in the Cove, Rock Springs

18 7 Oaks & Friends Fantastic Female Sale, Senoia, Ga.

24 East Tennessee Polled Hereford Assn. Sale, White Pine

25 Ad deadline for October Baldy Advantage

Get your sale listed in the Hereford World Calendar of Events. If you would like your sale, show or event to be included in this section, please email your information to Sydnee Shive at: Please include the name of your event, date and location, even if it’s online . Thank you . May/June 2024 | 87


Online source for Hereford cattle

• Directory & Membership Listing

Mike Sorensen and Family

Box 221, Greenfield, IA 50849

Mike 641-745-7949

• Classified listings

John and Joell Deppe with boys - Montana, Chance, Austin and Nick 21938 150th St. Maquoketa, IA 52060

home phone: 563-672-3531

John, cell 563-599-5035

Joell, cell 563-599-5038

Charles Rife


Delaney Rife • Kennedy Rife

Jack Rife


Emma Mach


Tyler Mach • Jessica Mach

Family 3388 240th St.

John and Marytha Pitt 515-290-1383

Josiah and Sara Hulbert 419-308-7055

TJ and Allison Coughenour 515-290-8905

Craig and Denise Amos Indianola, Iowa 515-961-5847

515-238-9852 Cell

Terry, Susan, Lillian and Hayley Hayhurst

14477 S. Carlisle St. Terre Haute, IN 47802


Gordon Clinkenbeard 821-881-8988 cell

Bruce, Shoshanna, Blake, Ashley, Jordan and Brian 4072 E. 500 S. Waldron, IN 46182

317-407-3618 cell

Bill and Becky Goehring 2634 Clearwood Ave. Libertyville, IA 52567

Bill’s cell 641-919-9365


Brent, Robin, Dylan and Nicole 2169 290th Ave. DeWitt, IA 52742 563-357-9849



Registered Herefords since 1890 Brian ‑ Brad ‑ Craig ‑ Nicole Craig Jackson 319‑ 48 0 ‑14 36 Follow us on Facebook & Instagram JacksonHerefordFarms/

1412 W. 900 S. Warren, IN 46792

Joe Landrum 260-466-8149

Jane Landrum 260-917-0036

Thatcher Landrum 260-917-0177

812-236-0804 cell Brian, Janelle, Collin and Landon Deatsman 5708 North 200 East Le esburg, Indiana 46538

2261 E. U.S. Hwy. 40 Clayton, IN 46118

Dale 317-752-7523 Dylan 317-752-3267

Lee, Cindy and Matthew Elzemeyer

2538 State Rd. 122 Richmond, IN 47374


Brian Cell: (574) 527-6679 Visit our website!

Duncan Family

1264 N. Mountain Rd. Wingate, IN 47994

David cell 765-366-0295

G ary Greenwood dVM


3013 W. State Rd. 38

1022 Trail Ave. Wilton, IA 52778
Tom and Jo
Lockridge, IA 52635 Cell 608-574-2309
90-Day Bred Recips Registered Hereford Cattle Herd West Terre Haute, IN Matt – 812 870- 6968 Megan – 812-870-3620 Rachel – 812-230-6689 Tanner – 254-485-5080
West Lebanon,
IN 47991
EPH Elzemeyer Polled Herefords
Clinkenbeard Farmsand Sons
W. S.R. 58 Edwardsport, IN 47528
88 | May/June 2024 He
Ranch address: 4765 Hwy. 27 // Buchanan, GA 30113 Gary R. Hedrick (678) 858-0914 // Ben Hedrick (404) 216-4274 Herdsman: Diego Gutierrez (678) 629-1804 // James Atkins (404) 922-6508 WHITE HAWK RANCH WHR 783J 764J BEEFMAKER 414L P44500183 BD: 08/21/2023 Tattoo: 414L CED BW WWYW DMI SCSCFMilkM&GCEM 6.4 2.3 68 108 0.6 1.4 20.7 36 70 4.3 MCW UDDR Teat CW FAT REAMARBBMI$BII$CHB$ 77 1.401.40 77 0.0420.630.47 443 553 157 2 year old fall pairs from our fall replacement herd 25 WHR IS OFFERING WHITE HAWK RANCH IS EXCITED TO BE PART OF THE The MEAD PROGRAM SALE • Midville, Georgia MEMORIAL DAY • MAY 27, 2024 “Georgia’s Big Event” WHR 660J 947J BEEFMAID 402L P44500161 BD: 08/01/2023 Tattoo: 402L CED BW WWYW DMI SCSCFMilkM&GCEM -1.0 4.7 75 123 0.5 1.1 17.7 39 76 2.6 MCW UDDR Teat CW FAT REAMARBBMI$BII$CHB$ 107 1.201.20 75 -0.008 0.84 0.44 412 523 162
“Georgia’s Big Event” The MEAD PROGRAM SALE • Midville, Georgia MEMORIAL DAY • MAY 27, 2024 / Guest Consignor: White Hawk Ranch 1222 REEVES RD. MIDVILLE, GA 30441 WWW.MEADCATTLE.COM TOMMY MEAD AND FAMILY 706-339-0201 CELL TOMMY@MEADCATTLE.COM CATTLE ENTERPRISES Selling 150+ Head • Service Age Bulls • Spring & Fall Pairs • Bred & Open Heifers • ET Calves • Embryos • Semen THM 1077 HANNAH 4064 44509428 THM 0050 DAHLIA 4014 P44518199 THM 156J DAHLIA 4054 ET P44513279 THM 178J ELSA REIN 4013 ET P44534739 THM 0050 BEST GIRL 4035 P44504681 THM 6005 BODACIOUS BEA 4004 P44528485
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