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GEORGE & ELLY OSBORN 63 Years of Fun and Laughter


The Residence of Mary Carolyn Pendleton

VILLAGE NEWCOMERS Getting to know Don and Linda Hayes


Reynolds Razorback Stadium COMPLIMENTARY


From the President/CEO It has been a little over two months since I responded to the President/CEO vacancy at Butterfield Trail Village and started a new journey in my career. I had the luxury of being able to evaluate several job opportunities and determine what was the best fit for both myself and my wife, Barbara.

Ken Cormier President/CEO MARKETING Melinda Silva Director of Marketing Dana Davis Sales Counselor Dave Marks Resident Services PROGRAMS Riki Stamps Director of Programs Michael Burks Asst. Program Director RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION 2012 Council Officers Ray Eitelman, President Ray Culver, Vice President Richard Wharry, Secretary Jo Anne Brown, Secretary Pro Tem Rick Meyer, Past President BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kyle Jenner, President Michael Jones, Vice President Howard Higgins, Secretary Theresa Ewing, Treasurer Nancy McClure, Dr. David Crittenden, Tom Verdery, Jim Webster, Steve Sisco, Jim Foster, Helen McElree, Wes Murtishaw (emeritus)

1923 East Joyce Boulevard Fayetteville, AR 72703 (479) 695-8012 • (800) 441-9996 www.butterfieldtrailvillage.org Butterfield LIFE may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission from the publisher. Butterfield LIFE is published by Butterfield Trail Village. Contents © 2012. All rights reserved. Produced by Vantage Point Communications [www.vpointcommunications.com] Printed in the U.S.A. 2 BUTTERFIELD LIFE SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER 2012

Butterfield Trail Village had many of the elements of what we were looking for, both from a professional and personal standpoint. I can assure you a great deal of prayer went into this decision for us, and we are convinced that our prayers were answered. We are coming to Northwest Arkansas with the intent to call it home and make it the last stop in my career journey. I have been impressed with the history of the organization and the caring ministry that it provides. That does not happen by pure chance, but rather by a strong commitment from sponsors, staff, residents and board. It takes a cohesive effort to succeed in this industry, especially during these last few years of economic turmoil. It is a privilege and honor for Barbara and I to join the Butterfield family, and we look forward to becoming better acquainted with each of you. We are committed to “rooting” for the Razorbacks and becoming faithful fans, despite our strong LSU ties. In closing, I would like to leave you with the following thought: If we want results others can’t get, we must do work others won’t do.

Ken Cormier Opened in 1986, Butterfield Trail Village is a locally governed 501(c)(3) non-profit retirement community. As Northwest Arkansas’ only comprehensive LifeCare Retirement Community, BTV offers active older adults worry-free living that is secure, independent and fulfilling – and the freedom to enjoy plentiful activities both inside and outside the Village.

Contents 4 Resident Profile George and Elly Osborn: 63 Years of Fun and Laughter 6 Village Newcomer Q+A Getting to know Don and Linda Hayes 6 Resident Anniversaries + New Neighbors 7 Resident Living Spaces At Home with Mary Carolyn Pendleton 8 Snapshots 10 Fun & Games Halloween Word Find 10 Readers’ Poll Favorite College Football Rivalries

ON THE COVER Residents George and Elly Osborn Photo by Stephen Ironside


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17 Spotlight Ken Cormier: BTV President/CEO


18 Did You Know? 19 Spirituality Douglas Falknor, Pastor First Baptist Church Fayetteville


Resident Profile

George and Elly Osborn 63 Years of Fun and Laughter

After a few minutes with George and Elly Osborn you can tell this attractive couple goes together like salt and pepper, Yin and Yang, milk and cookies – a husband and wife who are both best friends and sweethearts. George recalls the day he first laid eyes on Elly. “She was in the rotunda on the Emporia (Kansas) State University campus when I heard her beautiful laughter. I still remember that moment to this day and we’ve been laughing ever since.” 4 BUTTERFIELD LIFE SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER 2012

Photos by Stephen Ironside

Elly shared that lilting laughter as she talked about their courtship. “George proposed on our third date! I looked at him like he was crazy and said, ‘I hardly know you.’” But the Osborns wed in 1949, as George was finishing up his senior year in college. They agreed that, although as newlyweds they struggled financially, it didn’t keep them from having a good time. Elly pointed out their beautiful marble coffee table, explaining, “An old drug store was being torn down so we salvaged a piece of marble.” George added, “With Elly’s help I hand-sawed the piece to this size. Then we found two heating grate covers and used those for the legs. It has been with us for the last 63 years.” The Osborns shared more than their home life – they also worked together for 40 years as Raymond James Investment Advisors in Emporia, Kansas. Elly said they have always had fun together. George quipped that Elly is much better at names and went on to say, “Elly has the best business head of anyone I know. She kept five different sets of books and was able to free me up to do what I did best – whatever that was.” George and Elly have two sons, a daughter and two grandchildren – all spread throughout the country. So, when retirement approached, the Osborns set out to find just the right place. They were looking at retirement communities that would give them the freedom to continue the activities they enjoyed, especially travel, and that had good food and a good health care system. Florida, Kansas City, Texas and Virginia were a few locations where they checked out retirement communities, but none felt right. Then their clients, Helen McElree and Mary Cravens, told them about Butterfield Trail Village. The Osborns accepted an invitation to come visit and

fell in love with Butterfield and Northwest Arkansas. “The people were unbelievably nice…a downhome friendliness we hadn’t experienced at the other places we’d visited.” After making the decision to move to Butterfield, George and Elly both raved about how helpful the staff was. Elly said, “This was the easiest move we ever made. I was given measurements and floor plans for the Village Home we’d chosen, which enabled me to decide ahead of time where to place the furniture, pictures and curtains. They even handled having the utilities turned on and the Internet connected.” George and Elly went on to tell about the staff going the extra mile in helping to hang curtains and pictures, and even fit a piece of stained glass that they’d brought with them – plus they planted rose bushes in the front at their request. Three years later, the Osborns are quite at home. George loves to cook, so he especially likes what they call their “two fanny kitchen” that gives ample room for both of them to cook. Avid exercisers, George said their home is precisely 124 steps from the new Fitness & Wellness Center where he exercises for an hour each morning while Elly enjoys water aerobics. The walking trail is just a short half-block away as well, and they try to walk three miles every day. George relishes having the time to enjoy reading and averages three books a week, and he’s very happy he no longer has to wash windows. Elly is involved in Butterfield’s Resident Association and serves as the chair of the Food Committee. The Osborns regularly attend performances at the Walton Arts Center, too. But they said it always comes back to the friendly and interesting people who live at Butterfield. George explained, “There are so many people with unique stories. Listening to them is just like reading a book.”

George and Elly like to entertain their neighbors and enjoy dinners at the Lodge, too. Recently their granddaughter, who is a junior at Valdosta State College in Georgia, spent a week with them. The Osborns said they had a blast. Ironically, the beautiful co-ed has a passion for hunting, and George said she had great fun showing a photo of the wild boar she had killed – telling their friends she’d shot the Razorback.

Traveling continues to be a passion for George and Elly, who have visited more than 60 countries. The couple recently sailed around the world on the Queen Mary II ocean liner, and they plan to continue taking one big trip a year. When asked what their favorite travel destination, they agreed it was South Island, New Zealand. Throughout the Osborns’ home are fascinating mementos from their travels – all with their own entertaining stories. When the Osborns decided to move to Butterfield their children were skeptical at first, but now the family is happy George and Elly made the move. The availability of the Heathcare Center gives them all peace of mind, plus George and Elly made this decision for themselves and their children will not be burdened with that in the future. The Osborns both agree that three years after moving to Butterfield Trail Village and Northwest Arkansas, they absolutely have no regrets.


Village Newcomer Q+A

Anniversaries September Anniversaries C.L. & Evelyn Jordan Kurt & Gene Tweraser Charles & Mary Cotton Harry & Lois Alward Clayton & Hazel Brunson Francis & Shirley Beaty Marion & Bobbie Wasson John & Ruth Jones

3rd 3rd 5th 8th 14th 20th 23rd 25th

October Anniversaries

Getting to know Don and Linda Hayes

Carl & Barbara Krieger Forrest & Jean Dipboye Robert & Marcy Kilgore Harry & Anne Vandergriff Perry & Ruth Greenwood

Where are you from? West Fayetteville

New Neighbors

What did you do before you retired? We were both teachers. Linda taught Special Education from Kindergarten through High School. Don was a teacher of Physics, Calculus and Pre-cal.

Recent Village Move-Ins

How many children do you have, and where do they live? We have a son, Don, who is married and lives in Seattle, and we housed two foreign exchange students whom we consider our children as well – a boy from Thailand and a girl from Germany. Grandchildren? Yes, a dachshund ‘granddog’ named Keba. Why did you choose Butterfield? We’ve known about it for years, and we knew that the time would come when we would need care. We didn’t want to wait until the last minute, and moving here gave us (and our son) some freedoms from worry. What is your favorite Village activity? Don: We both love the dinners at the Lodge…they’re so relaxing and romantic. Linda: The water aerobics are wonderful, and I’m excited for Jennifer to start the Tuesday and Thursday classes. 6 BUTTERFIELD LIFE SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER 2012

12th 13th 18th 25th 28th

Nelda Farthing Jean Lutz Barry and Carol Mason Steven and Jeanine Neuse

Do you all have any hobbies? Our number-one hobby is travel, which is much easier now that we are at Butterfield. Don: I fly on a flight simulator, and collect stamps and rocks. Linda: My three loves are cooking, sewing and reading, and I like to paint and do arts and crafts as well. Village home, apartment, or cottage? A two-bedroom deluxe apartment What’s something about you that may surprise your new friends? Don: I have lived on four different continents. Linda: I am a class-A navigator when traveling – in 30 years I’ve only made two mistakes.

At Home with Mary Carolyn Pendleton

Living Spaces

The light and airy look of Mary Carolyn Pendleton’s Village apartment is a reflection of her gracious Southern manner. A longtime Fayetteville resident, Mary Carolyn moved into her two-bedroom deluxe apartment in March 2010. Loving to travel, she and her late husband, Joe, acquired quite an array of interesting treasures from around the world, which she has artfully displayed in her den. She is still adding to the collection as she continues to travel, having most recently visited Tahiti. Mary Carolyn’s bedroom, decorated in the same charming style, features a gallery of family photographs on the walls. Because she loves to entertain and have her family over, the dining area is arranged so that her table can be extended to accommodate guests. Mary Carolyn’s family assisted with the interior design of her welcoming home.

Photos by Stephen Ironside



Art and Wine Social Featuring Jonathan Story

All Aboard the ArkMo Railroad!

Clarence and Dorothy Young at The Lodge

Jerol and Sally Garrison Aboard the ArkMo Excursion Train

Gib and Mary Jay Participate in the Early-1900’s Period Attire Contest 8 BUTTERFIELD LIFE SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER 2012

Larry and Borgny Hanley

Marion and Bobbie Wasson

The Claudia Burson Trio

Enjoying the Claudia Burson Trio!

Ken Cormier with sisters Millie Wentz, Jean Carrigan and Nell Greenquist

A Very Welcome Summertime Rain Shower!


Fun & Games

Halloween Word Find Black Cat



Jack O Lantern


Trick or Treat














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Readers’ Poll

Go Team! Last month, Village residents were asked about their favorite college football rivalries… We have a tie… Oklahoma v. Texas and Arkansas v. LSU (of course!)

NEW READERS’ POLL QUESTION FOR NEXT ISSUE... Which of the following popular Halloween treats is your favorite? (please circle one) CANDY CORN






OTHER __________________ Your Name: 10 BUTTERFIELD LIFE SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER 2012

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Please fill out this slip and leave at the BTV front desk or email to marketing@btvillage.org by September 28. One lucky reader will win DINNER FOR TWO at The Lodge. Results of the poll will be featured in the next issue of Butterfield LIFE.

Destination: Reynolds Razorback Stadium

Out & About Arts & Entertainment Highlighted Happenings Around Town

Home of the Arkansas Raaaazorbacks! of the pavilion. A parking lot will be added beneath the elevated turf and natural grass fields.

Woo Pig Sooiee! can be heard loud and clear this time of year, as the Arkansas Razorbacks take the field for the 2012 football season. The Razorbacks’ head coach is not the only change you’ll see when making your pilgrimage to Donald W. Reynolds Stadium. An elevated practice field to the south and a bigger and better video board to the north have changed the landscape as the stadium continues to evolve, grow and improve – just like our beloved Hogs. If you got goose bumps before when the pre-game video played, this year promises to top that. Built upon LSI’s SMARTVISION® LED technology, the 16mm video display is one of the biggest in college football. Measuring nearly 38’ x 167’, it nearly doubles the dimensions of the previous video board. The new board will give the stadium a true highdefinition video display area with the actual width exceeding HD resolution. Also included in the project are new state-of-the-art LED stadium identification signs as well as new game clocks and play clocks on the north and south end of the stadium. Practice makes perfect. The two new practice fields, located on the south side of the Walker Indoor Pavilion, are part of a project that will also include a football operations center housing locker rooms, training rooms and coaches’ offices on the north end

Razorback Stadium’s debut came on Sept. 24, 1938. Prior to that, the Razorbacks played in a 300seat stadium built in 1901 on land atop “The Hill,” now occupied by Mullins Library and the Fine Arts Center. Constructed as a Works Progress Administration project with an original capacity of 13,500, the facility was first enlarged upon the arrival of John Barnhill (father of Village resident, Nancy Trumbo) as athletic director in 1947 when an additional 2,500 seats were added to the north end of the east and west grandstands. Expansion and improvements continued over the years and now Reynolds Stadium holds 72,000 fans with future expansion plans already in the works. To learn more about Razorback football history, visit the Jerry Jones-Jim Lindsey Hall of Champions. Located at the north end of Razorback Stadium in the Broyles Complex, the Hall of Champions is home to a state-ofthe-art museum that narrates the 100-year history of Razorback football with elegant displays and videos. Within the stadium you can also learn about (or relive) those Hog memories: The east concourse is “Championship Alley” with displays of conference championships, the 1964 national title and every football letterman. The south end zone concourse is “All-American Alley” and is dedicated to Razorback AllAmericans. The west concourse is “Bowl Alley” with a tribute to each bowl team. Now, lets call those Hogs as we look forward to a memorable 2012 season and perhaps an addition to Championship Alley!

Stomp: International Percussion Sensation Sept. 7-9 (times vary) Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center www.waltonartscenter.org ACO Upcoming Shows The Queen of Bingo (Sept. 7-15), Bunnicula (Sept. 22-23), The Perfect Party (Oct. 26 thru Nov. 3) Arts Center of the Ozarks, Springdale www.artscenteroftheozarks.org RLT Presents: Oliver! Sept. 14-16, 20-23, 27-30 (times vary) Rogers Little Theater, Rogers www.rogerslittletheater.org Symphony of NWA: Masterworks I Sept. 16 at 3pm Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center www.sonamusic.org Plena Libre Ensemble Sept. 20 at 7pm Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center www.waltonartscenter.org Don Williams In Concert Oct. 9 at 7pm Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center www.waltonartscenter.org Caravanserai: West African Ensemble Oct. 18 at 7pm Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center www.waltonartscenter.org Tokyo String Quartet Oct. 19 at 8pm Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center www.waltonartscenter.org L.A. Theater Works: Pride & Prejudice Oct. 26 at 8pm Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center www.waltonartscenter.org Shrek: The Musical Oct. 30 thru Nov 4 (times vary) Baum Walker Hall, Walton Arts Center www.waltonartscenter.org NOTE: This listing of select community A&E events is for informational purposes only; BTV may or may not be providing transportation to these – please refer to the monthly calendar or the BTV bulletin board for transport-provided event listings.


Library News

New Books on the Village Library Shelves The Butterfield Trail Village Library has two purposes – to inform and to entertain. And, sometimes there are books that manage to meet both those purposes. Check out the New Book Shelves for these two titles: The Presidents Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy, and The Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East by Sandy Tolan. The President’s Club takes us “inside the world’s most exclusive fraternity” and describes how U.S. presidents from Hoover through Obama worked with — and sometimes against — each other when they were in and out of power. It is authored by two highly qualified political writers: Nancy Gibbs, Executive Editor of Time magazine, and Washington Bureau Chief Michael Duffy. The Lemon Tree is the result of a program on NPR’s “Fresh Air,” researched and prepared by Sandy Tolan. The subtitle, “An Arab, a Jew and the heart of the Middle East,” accurately describes its contents. A 27-year-old Arab goes back to Israel to visit the house with a lemon tree where he was born and discovers a young Jewish girl whose parents emigrated from Europe to Israel. Tolan brings the Israel-Palestine conflict down to its most human level of hope and reconciliation.

Also check out these entertaining reads… ROMANCE Porch Lights by Dorothea Benton Frank I Couldn’t Love You More by Jillian Medoff Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews A Conspiracy of Friends by Alexander McCall Smith Little Century by Anna Kesey MYSTERY & SUSPENSE 11th Hour by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro Mission to Paris by Alan Furst The Innocent by David Baldacci XO, A Kathryn Dance Novel by Jeffery Deaver

Featured Upcoming Village Events

For a Complete List of Village Events, Offsite Excursions and More, Please Refer to the Monthly Event Calendar or Contact the Program Department for More Info at 695-8003. Let the Good Times Roll! Laissez les bons temps rouler! (pronounced “leh ZEH leh BAWN taw ROO leh”) Thursday, Sept. 20 4:30-7:00pm // Dining & Convocation Rooms To honor and welcome the new village President/CEO, Ken Cormier, born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, you are invited to an evening of Cajun fun! Enjoy Creole flavors that will take you on down to the bayou. The good times will roll as you also enjoy the toe-tapping fun of live Zydeco music. NOTE: Dancing is encouraged, but please leave all pet gators at home! Fulbright Fridays Friday, Sept. 21 3pm // Convocation Room Fulbright Fridays are hosted by

the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences once a month throughout fall and spring to help foster the college’s special relationship with alumni and friends at Butterfield Trail Village. Join us on Sept. 21 for the first scheduled program of the new academic year. Station manager Rick Stockdell and membership director Molly Rawn from KUAF 91.3 FM, the University’s NPR affiliate station for the past 28 years, will discuss the history of KUAF, the way KUAF is funded, and the programming available on all three of its channels. BTV Pit Masters Cook-Off! Thursday, Oct. 18 5-7pm // The Lodge Prepare your palates for our BBQ and Smoked Meat Extravaganza! Our own BTV


Chefs Eric Medrano and Jason Werner will challenge several local celebrity chefs to a culinary competition. You are invited to see who has what it takes to “throw down” the other chefs by creating the most unique, tasty and professionally presented dish to a panel of judges. Chef Case Dighero, Culinary Director for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Food Editor for CitiScapes magazine, will serve as emcee. During judging, BBQ thrill-seekers will enjoy a reasonably priced full-plated dinner following the competition. Live musical entertainment will also be on tap, along with chances to win great door prizes! Reservations required.



LUNCH Soup of the Month Chicken Noodle Sandwiches The Blue Max Sliced Prime Rib with Melted Blue Cheese and Mushrooms on an Onion Roll, served with Au Jus $7 Ham & Swiss Panini Served with Caramelized Onions on Sourdough $7

PRIX FIXE DINNER A special Village event presented by Chefs Eric Medrano and Jason Werner FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 Appetizer Soy, honey, and ginger glazed Shrimp with fried rice noodles. Salad Grilled Shiitake mushroom cap topped with frisee lettuce and bacon vinaigrette garnished with shaved parmesan. Seafood Pan seared Seabass over roasted red pepper polenta topped with tomato basil butter sauce.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap Fried Chicken Tender Tossed in Buffalo Sauce with Jack Cheese and Romaine Lettuce, in a Jalapeno Cheddar Tortilla $7

Intermezzo Wildberry sorbet with citrus ginger zest.

Tuna Melt Tuna Salad Sandwich with Cheddar and Jack Cheeses on Marbled Rye $7

Steak NY Strip topped with chimichurri over slow cooked black beans with onion, garlic, bacon, red and green bell peppers.

1/2 Sandwich & Choice of Two Side Items $7

Dessert Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry whipped cream.

1/2 Sandwich & Choice of One Side Item $5 Other Items Salmon Salad* Served with Mandarin Orange Vinaigrette, Dried Cranberries,Goat Cheese, Red Onions and Walnuts $7

Seating is limited to 25 people. $35 per person. The evening will begin promptly at 6 p.m. Please arrive in time to be seated. Each dish will be presented by the chefs.

*Option available with one side

Please allow at least 2 hours for this event.


Water, tea and coffee will be provided.

Blackberry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream $3.50 All sandwiches are served with your choice of Sweet Potato Fries, French Fries, House Salad, Caesar Salad, Fruit Salad or Cup of Soup

Please feel free to bring your choice of wine or beverage.

Reservations are available through the front desk or by calling (479) 442-7220, Ext. 0

*Additional Side: $1.50 BUTTERFIELD LIFE SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER 2012 13


Fitness & Wellness The Many Benefits of Exercise

By Jennifer Neill, Fitness & Wellness Coordinator The benefits of exercise are numerous! From helping with arthritis and reducing risk of dementia/Alzheimer’s to decreasing risk of falls. But, committing to exercise can be a challenge. One thing that can help you overcome that challenge is having a personal trainer. A personal trainer is great for keeping you motivated while offering accountability, creating personalized workouts specifically for you, making sure your workout is safe, and most of all keeping the workout fun. Starting in September, BTV will offer a new personal training program. Your personal trainer will work with your schedule and meet with you two days per week for three months. You can meet in your residence, or at one of our two fitness centers. This program is great for everyone, and especially beneficial if your doctor/physical therapist has prescribed an exercise

program and you are having a hard time staying consistent. To participate in this program, simply sign up at the front desk or fitness center. Did you do a fitness assessment? It has been six months and now is a great time to get retested and find out what improvements you have made. Call me to schedule an appointment today! One more reason to start an exercise program: Exercise improves skin healing in seniors. A common complaint by senior citizens is how much longer it takes for injuries and wounds to heal as we get older. The body’s ability to heal even small skin wounds is one of those things that slows as we age. A new study, however, finds that regular

exercise by older adults may speed up the wound-healing process by as much as 25 percent. Remember: one secret to living well is not sitting still! Starting in October: 8 Weeks to Brain Health lecture series. During this series, we will discuss all aspects of brain health and work on strategies for implementing the research into your daily life. Details to come!

Laughter… It’s good for your health! By Patricia Poertner, LSW You’ve probably heard that laughter is the best medicine. Well, it’s true! Humor and the laughter it elicits provide many physical, mental and social benefits. According to an article about stress relief published by the Mayo Clinic, there are both short-term and long-term health benefits from physical changes induced by laughter. Laughter can:

• Stimulate many organs by enhancing your intake of oxygenrich air; stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles; and increase the endorphins that are released by your brain. Endorphins are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals that promote an overall


sense of wellbeing and can even temporarily relieve pain. • Activate and relieve your stress response, which affects your heart rate and blood pressure. The result is a good, relaxed feeling.


Water: Providing Hydration for Health By Kay Gay, RD/LD One of the most common substances on earth, water is precious to the human body and is critical for sustaining life. If you wait until you’re thirsty, you may have waited too long to replace lost fluid, as by the time you feel thirsty you’ve probably already lost two or more cups of your total body water. Tips for increasing water intake… It is best to drink fluids throughout the day. Milk, juice and some other beverages can account for part of your daily 8 glasses because of their high water content. • Take water breaks instead of coffee breaks. • Have a glass of water before having any other fluid with meals and snacks to help take the edge off your appetite.

• Soothe tension by stimulating circulation and aiding muscle relaxation, both of which help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress. Laughter is also good for you over the long haul. Laughter may: • Improve your immune system; laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. • Relieve pain by causing the body to produce its own natural

• Drink before, during and after any activity. • Alternate sparkling waters for alcoholic beverages at parties and social gatherings. Tips for buying and storing bottled water… • Read the label carefully. It should say, “Bottled at the source” and specify a location of the source. Unless a location is indicated on the label, “spring water” could be tap water with minerals added to improve the taste. • If buying mineral water, check the mineral content. The ideal water is high in magnesium (at least 90mg/ liter) and calcium (twice the amount of magnesium) and low in sodium (less than 10mg/liter). • Whenever possible, buy refrigerated bottled water and keep it refrigerated. Storage at or above room temperature promotes bacterial growth and increases leeching of plastic contaminants from the container into water. At the September Nutrition Education Class, we will address nourishing the GI tract. Please come and join us on Sept. 21st at 10:30 a.m. in the Villa Room.

painkillers; laughter may also break the pain-spasm cycle common to some muscle disorders. • Increase personal satisfaction by making it easier to cope with difficult situations – it also helps you connect with other people. There is also a link between laughter and mental health. In an article entitled Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter, three particular benefits were mentioned: • Laughter dissolves distressing

emotions – you can’t feel anxious, angry, or sad when you’re laughing. • Laughter helps you relax and recharge; it reduces stress and increases energy, enabling you to stay focused and accomplish more. • Humor shifts perspective, allowing you to see situations in a more realistic, less threatening light; a humorous perspective creates psychological distance, which can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. So, what are you waiting for? Laugh! It’s good for your health!


BUTTERFIELD TRAIL VILLAGE FOUNDATION 1923 EAST JOYCE BLVD., FAYETTEVILLE AR 72703 (479) 695-8068 • foundation@btvillage.org

Gary Sosebee

June Customer Service Award Recipient We are grateful for the following contributions, received between June 19, 2012 and July 31, 2012:

Memorials Ruth Forsythe in memory of Louise Hassel and Victor Greenquist; Janet Roessler in memory of Louise Hassel; Fred and Doreen Vorsanger in memory of Jean Newhouse; Jack and Lorene LeJeune in memory of Louise Hassel, Victor Greenquist and Jean Newhouse

General Fund Delma D. Dunn Jeffrey Williams and Janet Penner-Williams

Moving Made Easy (MME) Shirley Chewning Nelda Farthing Troy L. Ryan Please notify the foundation office if there are omissions, corrections, or family notifications that need forwarding. Your gifts to Butterfield Trail Village Foundation contribute to the sustainability of programs and services of the Village for its residents now and in the future. Please consider a gift to the Foundation. Whether the gift remembers a loved one or pays tribute to a special person, because you love Butterfield and the service it provides our community, or “just because,” you can be sure that your gift will affect hundreds of lives of residents and their families in our community.

Foundation Board of Directors Jeff Williams, President Kathy Ball, Vice-President/Secretary Truman Yancey, Treasurer Walt Eilers, Lyle Gohn, Read Hudson, Joe Mains, Therese Pendelton, Bill Shackelford Maureen Cover-Bryan, Executive Director


Gary Sosebee, Maintenance Supervisor, has worked at the Village for 10 years. He was born in Fort Smith, Ark. and without a doubt confirms the best place to live is Northwest Arkansas. He is married to Teresa who is also a longtime Village employee and works in the Health Care Center dietary kitchen. Gary has two grown children — Jason, age 37, and Angela, 36 — and a stepson, Jeremy, age 32. He also has two grandchildren, with a new grandson on the way! Gary and Teresa’s Yorkie, Theodore, also receives a lot of attention. Gary’s favorite hobby is playing his guitar. In fact, he has been playing for 30 years. (It all started in high school when he was the drummer for his band, “The 7th Calvary,” with his large blue teardropshaped sunglasses and a long puffy-sleeved shirt for his stage costume – Rock legend Bob Seger was one of his favorite artists at the time.) Gary loves Mexican food, and his dream vacation is a trip to Alaska. Gary’s hero is his mom. His pet peeves are bad drivers and bicycles in the middle of his driving lane! Last but not least, the best thing Gary likes about his job is “that it’s never the same with a new challenge everyday!” Congratulations, Gary, on being named June Employee of the Month!

Cathy Houser

July Customer Service Award Recipient Cathy is the Village Health Care Center’s licensed Social Worker. She has worked at Butterfield for a little over two years. Cathy was born in Elwood City, Penn. She attended college at the University of Arkansas where she studied social work. Cathy has two children, James Kent, age 29, and Kelli Ann, age 25. Together they have given Cathy five granddaughters: Kassidy, age 6, Haylee, 6, Kendall, 3, Amoriana, 3, and last but not least Aniya, age 6 months. Cathy also has two cats, Theo and Abby. Her favorite color is blue, she likes all kinds of music, and she loves Italian food. Her hobbies include sewing, reading and traveling. She says Northwest Arkansas is the best place she’s lived so far, but her dream vacation is to go to Scotland. She likes funny movies and Nora Roberts books. Her favorite movie is The Money Pit. One word to describe Cathy is funny. The best thing she likes about her job is “the people” – residents and staff. Please congratulate Cathy when you see her, for being named July Employee of the Month!


Ken Cormier BTV President/CEO

This month’s spotlight is on Butterfield Trail Village’s new President/CEO, Ken Cormier. On his second official day in his new position, we had the opportunity to find out more about our new leader. Q. Where are you from? A. Breaux Bridge, Louisiana – a small suburb of Lafayette that claims to be Crawfish Capitol of the World. Q. Where did you attend college? A. The University of Southwestern Louisiana (now called University of Louisiana at Lafayette). After a brief career stint as a pharmaceutical rep, I went to Tulane to earn a master’s in Health Care Administration. Ironically, growing up my Dad took me to track meets at University of Southwestern Louisiana and I was a huge fan of a track star, John McDonnell, who later became the renowned Razorback track coach. Q. How would you describe yourself? A. Energetic, passionate, and a great sense of humor. Q. What’s your impression of Northwest Arkansas so far? A. Extremely positive. I love the college town atmosphere. This area has everything — cultural opportunities, great schools, outdoor activities — everything you’d want to find in a large city and more but it has a small town feel. The people have been so welcoming, too. Q. What do you like to do in your spare time? A. Sports [yes, he’s a LSU fan], outdoor recreation, and writing.

Q. Is there a particular philosophy you are known for? A. That we always have the freedom to choose our attitude under any given circumstance. How we deal with those circumstances and the outcome is highly reflective of what attitude we choose. Q. What are some of the goals you have for Butterfield? A. To provide optimal care and services to our current residents while planning ahead to accommodate the needs of future residents. I am passionate about community outreach, and I want Butterfield to become known as a strong community partner. We need to strengthen ties with our founding churches and the University and create new partnerships in the community.

Q. What’s your favorite meal? A. Cajun cooking, of course, but my other two favorites would be seafood and pizza.

I envision a synergistic relationship between residents, staff, board and community that will elevate Butterfield to become an innovative provider of services to the Northwest Arkansas region.

Q. What’s your wife’s name and occupation? A. Barbara. For 30 years she has been a surgical nurse, but with this move I think she’s going to retire. Right now she’s at our place in Sea Grove Beach, Florida, but she fell in love with Northwest Arkansas on her first visit and looks forward to moving here.

Q. Butterfield residents and staff would be surprised to know you… A. Worked on offshore oil rigs, and also my friend and I had 700 crawfish traps that we worked daily while going to school…that’s how I learned the value of a college education. BUTTERFIELD LIFE SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER 2012 17

Did You Know?

Village Resident Helping to Eradicate Polio Fayetteville Rotarians joined international club members who journeyed to New Delhi, India in April to administer the Polio vaccine. Village resident Lewis Epley served as leader of the “Polio Challenge Team” from Fayetteville. Join Mr. Epley, who contracted polio his senior year of high school, for an

informative program on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 7pm in the Convocation Room. Learn about Third World countries still stricken by this virus, and plans to continue moving toward eradicating Polio altogether. All too many remember how our own country was changed forever by polio beginning as early as 1916. In preparation for this presentation, check the public library for a copy of Nina Seavey, Jane Smith and Paul Wagner’s book, A Paralyzing Fear: The Triumph Over Polio in America.

Butterfield Health Care Center Receives High Score Butterfield Trail Village Health Care Center scored an overall 4 out of 5 stars on the recent Medicare evaluation. Butterfield scored high in the staffing ratios and will continue to do so since the great staff has very little turnover, especially compared to other health centers. As ongoing improvements are made, the Health Care Center feels a 5-star evaluation is definitely achievable.

Butterfield Recycles! So far this year, through July 2012, Butterfield Trail Village has processed 10,311 pounds of recyclable materials per month. Thanks to the active resident recycling volunteers who handle, organize, collect, cull and deliver these recyclables each month without fail! The heaviest load for July involved newspapers, at 3,740


pounds, with cardboard coming in second at 2,700 pounds. TIP: Not sure what to do with old toasters or telephone equipment since they have wires and metal? Village residents need not worry, and should not throw them in the trash! Just take these types of unused or broken items to the designated trash rooms – your recycling volunteers will disassemble them for the recyclable parts, which you can rest assured will not land in our local landfills.


In a World Full of Transitions, Some Things Remain Constant By Douglas Falknor / Pastor, First Baptist Church Fayetteville

“O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds. So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come.” Psalm 71:17-18

From the moment we were born, life has been filled with transitions. In my own family, we have a daughter entering Middle School, a son entering High School, and a daughter entering college. Everything seems to be changing around us! Yet in the midst of the continual adjustment to life’s changes, there are some things which remain constant. As a follower of Jesus, I have been called to be a witness of the greatness of God and to invite others to become followers of Jesus.

This command to be a witness is clear throughout the Bible and we see it in the prayer of the writer of Psalm 71. This writer was an aged man facing difficult circumstances. He called out to God for help in his day of trouble, confident in the power of God to help him in his struggles. This was not the first time he called out to God, for he had leaned on Him since the days of his youth, even, he says, before he was born.

Throughout his life he praised the Lord; God’s praise was continually on his lips. “Now,” he pleads of the Lord, “let me tell of Your greatness and power to one more generation.” What a powerful and beautiful role model the psalmist is! Living his life to proclaim the greatness of God continued throughout all of life. This purpose of God for His children has not changed and it does not change even as we age. The message we proclaim is specified in the New Testament, including in all four gospels as well as the writings of Luke, Paul, Peter, James, Jude and John Then [Jesus] opened their (that’s everyone!)... minds to understand the As followers of Jesus, Scriptures, and said to we have received a them, “Thus it is written, remarkable privilege that the Christ should and tremendous suffer and on the third opportunity. Our lives day rise from the dead, have been forever and that repentance and blessed by the love of Christ moving us forgiveness of sins should from darkness to be proclaimed in his name light. And it is with to all nations, beginning joy that we embrace from Jerusalem. You are our responsibility witnesses of these things.” to tell other people what Jesus has done Luke 24:45-48 and is doing for us and what God will do for them. Take a few moments right now to consider the greatness of God and to praise His glorious name. Consider God’s love for you and all of the ways He has demonstrated His love. In light of this, proclaim God’s might and power to another generation. Tell the good news that Jesus saves. You are witnesses of these things.

In each issue of Butterfield LIFE, we will feature a guest article related to spirituality and the ongoing connections between Butterfield and its five sponsoring churches: First United Presbyterian, Central United Methodist, First Christian, St. Paul’s Episcopal and First Baptist. BUTTERFIELD LIFE SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER 2012 19


The Lodge, Your Lodge

The Lodge at Butterfield Trail Village bustles with activity. A tastefully furnished 2,000 square foot building with kitchen facilities, comfortable conversation seating, a big screen television and a fireplace along with a light airy atmosphere make The Lodge the perfect venue for socials, game nights, restaurant-style lunches and dinners, meetings and fun events. You can

also share this facility with your friends and family by making arrangements with the staff for parties and meetings. Catering by the BTV culinary staff is also available at a reasonable cost. Check your calendar and join your friends for fun and socializing at The Lodge, Your Lodge.

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